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by Waves

the gay got over them

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"isaya... i know that you miss her... but we can go back to friends... if you... if you just let me kiss you one last time... please."

isaya nodded. he agreed.

kaien went in for the kiss. his hand going to isaya's head.

his tongue couldnt help it .. it went in his mouth.

he could feel the man almost bite his tongue but stop.

he moved his tongue more in the vampire s mouth. bringing him closer.

" mmm - kai-" he said as he was pulled into another kiss.

he felt himself getting hard.

he went to put his dick down.... he pushed at it hoping it would go down. till kaien noticed.

kaien went to unzip him.. totally obessed with that last kiss.

he grabbed him

"k-kaien... wait- no "

he didnt listen he just pulled on him harder. this made him harder.

he put his fingers over the tip. he tried to jack him off.

"mm kaien!"

he went in pulling on his cock as hard as he could. pulling him forward and backward. isaya moaned.

he wanted to lick it... get it into his mouth...

he went down to suck on it ..

" isaya-sama " he sucked on it. isayas hips went forward.

"kaien! hah! this isnt funny stop- please"

kaien wouldnt listen he wanted more. he wanted to hear him cry out his name he wanted- he wanted sex more then ever- as he sucked him off he felt isaya protest more and more....

he sighed. getting off of him .

"isa-ya.... " he looked at him with puppy eyes.

isaya only stared.

but thought for a second about what he had in his pants now...

" fine. suck me off ... see if i care .. "

"isaya-" he went back to suckign him ..

kaien could feel the excitement in his own pants. he went to touch himself as he sucked on the vampires cock ..

' mmm - isaya ... " he took it out of his pants.

" come here. " he went up and started to hand iob his cock. and put it close to his. as he did he jacked both of them. pushing their tips together and kissing him .

"mmm ha.. more!" isaya moaned.

" i have an idea... lets 69... " he looked at isaya with exitement in his eyes.

" kaien... ok only if you want to"

they got into position on the bed. he looked down at him. then at his cock in front of his face. he sucked on it . and made sure isaya sucked on his .. " mmm kaien! ahhh! " those were jsut some of the sounds isaya was making...

kaien got his hands on isaya's cock. and sucked and jacked him off as hard as he could.

isaya was leaking cum .. after this ... he could tell he wasnt getting exactly the same treatment but that was only because kaien was so good at giving blowjobs..

he kissed at the head of his cock. "isaya... i want more " he thrusted his cock into his mouth.

"kaien... hah... ok ... i want more too.. pls fuck me "

kaien looked down at him.. he began touching his asshole... he moved and stretched it out for him . kaien could only touch him self as he did this .. watching.. .

" isaya- kun... " he licked his hand and got harder .

there was just one other thing he wanted to do...

he grabbed his legs and pulled them up. so that his mouth could get a good position on his ass.

"kaien!? "

"isaya iwant... i want to do more... like this " he licked at his ass hole.


isayas legs went to kaiens back and curled into him .

kaien kept his tongue in and out of it.

till isaya was loose enough for his tongue to go all the way in. he moaned in delight. and his toes were curled.

he thrusted forward. kaien only laughed. "isaya--... let me fuck you "

"k-kaien pls fuck me already"

they got into the missionary position . kaien's cock had never been in someone so tight before... it made him harder.

isaya's ass held tightly onto kaien's dick. " move!"

kaien slowly pulled out . this drove isaya insane..

kaien went back in slowly .

"mmh hnn .. kaien ! " he buckled his hips.he breathed harder and pulled the hunter in for a hug/embrace.

he could feel him the hotness. and how big he was..

" mm kaien... " he pushed forward and made him come in faster .

"isaya holy fuck ... i think this is too much.. "

"what-! no pls .. just hurry up it doesnt matter how long you last just ... Just fuck. me. " isaya kissed kaien.

and there they went . thrusting into isaya he went faster and faster as his moans got louder and louder.

they only changed the pace slowly when out of breath.

isaya held onto kaien keeping him in place

" i love you.. " he baried his head into his shoulder
" i love you too "he kissed him.
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