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why cant i

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isaya wishes he had a wife again

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" and im just supposed to believe you!?!?!?! that their gone and you can never find them!?? ? fuck you!" he locked himself into a room.

"isaya-! isaya!!! " he wanted him to come out." pls ... .come out ... of that room. i know its alot to take in ... but i love you -- "

he sighed.... as kaien began to knock and burge at the door....

he sat on the bed.

till kaien had finally broken the door.

"kaien!?? howd you- "

" i broke it ... "

thats fucking scary!! he thought.

"isaya" he looked at him teary eyed.


"pls isaya ...." he grabbed his hands.." knowing you like me back.... is the greatest thing that ever happened to me...i ....i love you ... pls dont leave like this ... dont leave .... me" he held his hand and put his hand to his head as if he was bowing.

" kaien... "

" its just ... you have a wife... and a kid.. if they werent around or dead... it would be different. "

" but i cant find them isaya. even if i did i wouldnt want to go back to her.... you know this dont you?"


WELL WHY CANT I " he screamed.

he broke down ..

kaien went to hug the man.

he was crying now. he couldnt help it..

this brought up so many emotions.

and yet he thought he had no more..

but this .. .this was gonna be the death of him.

he was in love. with a hunter . .

it was forbidden ... for a hunter to love a vamprie .... never mind the other way around ..

and so ...

the lamb fell in love for the lion ..

what stupid lamb.

what a masochistic lion.

// they thought
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