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kaien tells isaya about his wife

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2021-05-02 - 226 words

honestly. hearing that he had a wife and kids was SHOCKING.

he never told him ? or said anything at all about having a wife and kids. wait maybe he did. that is a long time ago.

"isaya.... i cant find them. i feel like ill never find them. " she told me that she would leave and take her child with her. never to be seen again. it wasnt a failed marriage. she simply had to get away. otherwise all of them would have died.

he cried while he sat at isaya's home around where he slept his life away.

That's what he was talking about ?

"Ill never find her. its fine. isaya" this was the present. " we dont have a chance of finding her.... ive tried"

" how. .. why .. "

"the president is a powerful person.... they ... they threated my kid and me "

"Its all behind me now. All i know is that they could be safe somewhere with out me... " its been years. his daughter would be 19 now ...

" even if they did come back i dont think i could go back to her. because.. i have you . isaya"

he blinked.

if his wife and kid were alive hed do whatever it took.

but this was kaien. he couldnt judge. he simply couldnt. not when hes done all that he can.

And they had fallen for each other.
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