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part 5

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part 5

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2020-01-03 - 158 words

“Isayaaaa” he stroked his head, he was on his knees by the couch near his head. they kissed. they were in fact together. but he needed time.

“its time to wake up”
“kaien- “
he kissed him. “you cried yourself to sleep… i… i left you here “
“thank you. “ he kissed his hand. isaya was so mature. he’d always say thank you when kaien did something good for him.

“Would you like some eggs? “ he combed through the mans hair.
“sure.. “ he went back to enjoying this petting session they had going on.

after that they got up and ate at the table
“so… what brought on all those emotions yesterday ?”
“i … i dont know honestly. \” he played with his food.
“isaya. you can tell me. Remember? “
“ i know. but its been so long since i talked about them”
“ill tell you about my wife and kid. “

isaya was shocked. what ? since WHEN

“elizabeth and my wife”
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