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part 4

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part 4

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Isaya thought the movie was ok. Kaien on the other hand loved it. they went back to his place talking the whole way through. up until kaien held his hand.
“isaya. “ he stopped in his tracks.

Isaya starred at their hands. blushing. he tried to let go but kaien had a firm grab on him.

“Isaya. i like you. “ he said as the snow began to fall. they looked over the town. the lights twinkling on for the nighttime.” Ive liked you along time.”

isaya forwned. he thought of his wife. again and again. should he be feeling so strongly for another again? nothing like this was really given to him after she was gone. he thought life was over. and it was till kaien came around.

his heart skipped a beat. and he held the mans hand harder. and looked him in the eye. They kissed there.

then things went back to normal. they went back holding the others hand. not know what was gonna happen.

but isaya felt warm inside his house. he went to take his outer suit off, only to have his vest and shirt on.

isaya looked really pretty. almost all the time. even when he looked around he looked stoic and wise.

kaien loved staring at the pureblood, he never realized this. till now. that he really did love this man.

“so isaya i- “
“good movie. altough id prefer it if- “ he went on. kaien wasnt listening.

he took his coat off. and removed his scarfs. he only had his dress shirt, which was odd in isayas case.

he went to sit by him on the couch. “isaya.”

he crossed his legs and went to put his arm behind the purebloods.

his hand moved to his shoulder. and pulled him to look at him.

“kaien..” he was simply enjoying the warmth kaien was providing. Kaien moved closer and pulled his head towards him and kissed him. he bagan to unbutton isayas shirt.
“wait a minute kaien”
he was crying.

“i-isaya whats wrong” he took his hands off him.
he sniffed. “ its been too long” kaien remained concerned.

this wasnt a normal fling to isaya. it was true love. he felt so guilty and hated himself for calling his time with his wife as something less. his child wouldnt have liked it. he knew that, but maybe they’d like it if he was happy he thought.

“kaien.” he went into his arms suddenly.
oh… thats what this is about. he held him close “ i know you loved her isaya.”
it was obvious. it would always be obvious. hes never stopped thinking about them for so long. kaien would do the same.

burdened with the enternal life. and loss of his child and wife. it was hell-ish.

and to have another chance at love was.

was enlightening. he wasnt ready tho. to do anything kaien wanted to do.

he sighed and fell asleep in his arms.
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