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part 3

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part 3

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2020-01-03 - 157 words


This was their first time going to a movie together. He was cold. He waited outside the theater. till kaien showed up.
“Isaya-” He looked concerning at the vampires dress. He wore a light jacket. No scarf till kaien took off his own. “ Its cold out” he put it on him. “here.”

“oh .. “ he looked at it. he could smell kaien on it.
kaien moved to hug isaya. his arm coming around his waist. Kaien got taller over the years. to isaya’s surprise. he held him close for awhile.

“ahh.. isaya i missed you- “ he put his hands on his shoulders.
“I did too”

then they both noticed everyone staring at them. two beautiful men in a hug like that. brought some eyes to them.

“uh.. lets go inside” he put his hand to his back and started leading him to the front of the theater.

“please dress warmer next time “ he whispered into his ear
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