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part 2

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part 2

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2020-01-03 - 230 words

Not much had changed, Their friendship grew alot over the past month. isaya was laughing and making jokes every now and then. kaien was over the moon happy about this.

now that they were openly out to each other they got closer. only occasionally touching the other.

“kaien tell me more about how youre times with yuki were”
“well there was this one time- “ he told him about how she wore her clothes backwards. this ended in a laugh or two between them.
“ahaha. “ The pureblood laughed. and went to hold his hand over the table. “ kaien im so happy those past few days. You have no idea. “
kaien blushed. but didnt let isaya see it.
“i- i am too “ he held his hand too.

“i.. “ he stared at the hunter. his hand felt warmer then before. Kaiens thumb was caressing his fingers.
maybe he felt the same way? he thought till isaya pulled his hand away

“ so …” he mused” we can hold hands now… “ he laughed. “ I never thought you’d get this comfortable with me”
“I didnt either. “
they moved closer to each other.

“honestly i thought… i thought you loved her”
“ i didnt. “ he said seriously.
kaien went to grab his hand again. but isaya pulled away again. he was surprised.
acting like a teen he thought.

now he wouldnt look at him.

maybe he was wrong..?
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