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Time for another one LMAO

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How they fell in love

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I- im gay” kaien said seriously.

isaya was shocked. but remained calm. he simply remained a friend in this situation.

“ive been Gay for a long time. But i never really told anyone. or acted on it” he wanted to tell him all about it since they were friends now. “I think when it came to juri… I just wanted her. as something. i dont know yet. i wanted her thats all i can say but “ i wanted you more-

the words wouldnt come out. he didnt want come out then confess his love yet. he simply wanted to tell him.

“but shes gone now.”
“that she is.. “

“why now? why did you choose to keep this secret for so long. “

“ I-i simply had no interest in anyone else” but him.

“no need for the sex part or the love aspect. “ Kaien was almost asexual all those years. but he knew he was gay for a long time.

“ Im glad we’re close enough you felt the need to tell me” Isaya smiled genuinely.

“ I think this is our first time being close like this”
“Yes. “
“I have to tell you something too. Ive been Bisexual all my life.” he wasnt like other purebloods who just had sex with anyone. well sure he did but, he knew he was bi. Even while with his wife. he was still bisexual. “ I knew it for awhile. I never really tell that many people. I like to keep it to myself. Its simply no ones business. “
“I - oh .. “
“I never felt the need to tell you that id rather you stick to seeing me as a womanizer” he winked.

“In ever thought that. “ he said bluntly
“Oh.” he sat defeated.

Kaien was glad he told him, But now he was in a new situation. Telling him he liked him. Alot.

“I think i can go for some wine” the pureblood said and broke the silence kaien was having.

“ok- “
“Mari. Can you grab us two glasses.”
“Yes sir”
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