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karl heisenberg oneshots (for all my heisenberg simps out there)

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i am a MASSIVE simp for heisenberg, so I thought I’d write fanfic for him. this will be a series of karl heisenberg x reader only, reader will always be gender neutral and be referred with they/t...

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You’re Karl Heisenberg’s apprentice. Not totally willingly at first, but the work was interesting and he payed you well. You fix broken machinery, bring in new equipment that arrived, even supervise experiments Heisenberg does on the corpses that come in regularly. It’s not the most pleasant sight to see.
But hey, at least they’re dead, right?

You were assigned to Heisenberg after you were found battered and bruised on the outskirts of town. You were bandaged up before being hauled to a broken down cathedral. Your heart was reeling.

You barely registered that you had indeed arrived, finding your hands chained to the ground. You looked up by mistake.

On your left was a huge lady wearing a white dress perfectly sized for her. She was 8? 9 feet tall? She wore a black dramatic hat. Next to her was a normal sized lady, thank god. She was clad in mourning clothes, a matching veil covering her facial features. In her lap was a doll wearing a beautiful wedding gown.

To your right was a gruff looking man, busy smoking a cigar. He wore a trench coat and a much smaller hat compared to the giantess across him.

Beside him was… someone you didn’t even know how to describe. An abomination seemed like a good place to start. He looked like a giant walking fish, a cloak covering his hunchback. On his head rested a clearly self made, but impressive looking, crown.

You mind was swimming with confusion, but a voice snapped you out of your daze.

In the middle of the room stood another woman wearing intricately woven robes, a bird-like mask covering her face. Ten huge wings stretched proudly behind her.

She spoke, mentioning your presence and why you had been brought her. She talked about which Lord you would go to. She gave her permission for the other four to speak.

The giantess immediately stood and started blabbing about how her castle and daughters would be the best choice.

The man across her with the huge hammer stood and argued how he would have more to offer, how he could put on a show everyone could enjoy.

Really, those two were the only ones that talked. The winged woman stood and demanded silence.

“I’ve heard all your arguments, and have come to a decision.” She paused, “Heisenberg! The mortals fate lies in your hands.”

‘Huh, Heisenberg. An interesting name.’ You thought.

Heisenberg bowed and said his thanks, while the giantess scoffed and walked away, along with the other remaining lords.

Heisenberg turned to you and smirked. “Well, kid. Looks like you’re all mine.”

A shiver ran down your spine.


Ever since then you’ve been working for him, and dodging the occasional Lycan from ripping your limbs off. It’s an experience like no other.

He’s a pretty chill guy, but you do have a lot of disagreements with how you go about installing new parts, or whatever he deemed to be done incorrectly.

The arguments would get heated sometimes, but you never got too physical with each other.

Until now.

You were in his workshop, a table was placed in the middle of the room where a new mechanical project rested. Heisenberg was examining your previous work.

You were standing by the mattress shoved in the corner of the room, for when Heisenberg worked himself so tired he couldn’t trudge his way to where he actually slept.

He shook his head, once again deeming it inadequate.

“You never do this shit right.” He scoffed, grabbing the proper tool to rework what you had previously left off.

You bite your tongue, trying not to let your irritation show visibly. “It’s technically correct, you’re just nit picky.” You bit back.

“It doesn’t work the same if you do it like that, lazy ass.” He grunted as he forced extra bolts and nuts in.

You couldn’t hold it in. “Well, if I’m such a lazy ass, just fire me and be done with it.”

“Kid, I can’t do that. I need your help.”

You crossed your arms. “Yeah, well it sure as hell doesn’t seem that way. I honestly don’t know why I even bother, it’s not like I’m getting paid to do this shit. Let alone willingly.”

He growled and threw the tool in his hand to the ground, marching his way to you. A look of anger splattered on his face.

Your own anger softened immediately to fear, you took several steps back, as he kept stalking forward.

“W-Wait, I-“ You weren’t fast enough to get the words out.

Your back hit the wall, Heisenberg wasn’t far. He gripped the collar of your shirt, pulling you up on your toes. Your eyelids screwed shut, sucking in a breath and holding it. Waiting for verbal abuse to be spat in your face, or worse.

You stayed like that for a few moments. Heisenbergs grip on your collar remained, so did the tenseness of your body. You felt his hot breath fan across your face. You’d never been so close to him before.

You slowly opened your eyes, looking up. He had removed his shades.

His eyes conveyed a state of confusion, he looked like he was fighting between two emotions. Them being irritation and… conflict?

You could clearly see his features from this angle. You never noticed how… attractive he was. Rugged, definitely. But he had his own charm within it.

Sharp jawline, good bone structure. His eyes were absolutely stunning. It made you slightly embarrassed to be so close to someone so hot.

He genuinely looked like he was sculpted by the gods. You let out the breath you forgot you were holding. Your eyes flickered down to his lips.

He noticed, and did the same. He shifted his footing, stepping impossibly closer to you.

His hand left your collar, the heels of your feet coming down to rest on the ground. He towered over you even more. His hand came to on the side of your face.

You exhaled. “Heisenberg… please.” You needed his attention.

“Fuck…” He sighed, before leaning in and smothering your lips with his. His remaining hand cradling the other side of your face.

Your hands came to rest on his waist. You sighed blissfully into the kiss. He pulled you to him, closing the remaining space between you two.

He turned you around, still lip locked. He walked you to the makeshift bed, shoving you forward.

You yelped, stumbling as you fell into the plush bed. Regaining your senses, you found Heisenberg situating himself on your hips.

Your face heated up. No one had exactly ever been this intimate with you. Though you liked his weight on you. You felt grounded.

He leaned over you, eyes taking over you to take you in. You looked gorgeous.

Hair slightly messy, eyes glazed, face flushed, lips bruised. You looked perfect to him.

His thumb swiped over your lips, wiping the saliva you shared together mere moments ago.

He made eye contact, sucking his thumb clean before capturing your lips again, this time much more hungrier. His tongue grazed over your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You allowed him permission immediately.

As the kiss deepened, he shifted your legs to rest at his sides. Your hips flush against each other. A hand remained on your waist, the other still cupping your face to keep you where he wanted.

The kiss continued to get more and more heated as your tongues wrestled. His hips ground against yours instinctively.

You couldn’t help but let out a moan at that. It was all so much. His kisses, his touch. And you still needed more. You sat up, hands going to his shirt, undoing the buttons. You had to see more.

He chuckled, “That desperate to get me out of these rags, huh?”

You bucked your hips up in response, feeling his shaft through his pants rub delightfully against your crotch.

His eyes fluttered shut at the movement, “I guess that’s a yes.” He said, a groan leaving his lips.

His chest was now exposed, and you dove in to worship his strong torso. Leaving kisses all over with occasional nipping and sucking. You were determined to leave some marks on him. His head fell back in pure bliss.

He ground his and your hips together again. This interrupted your kisses, you rested your forehead against his chest. A shaky sigh leaving you.

A gentle hand pushed you back down. “Lemme do the work, baby.” You whined, for once you actually wanted to please him. He snickered and pecked your lips, before nipping at your jaw, working his way down.

He sucked and kissed and bit on your neck, for sure to leave dozens of hickeys. He sucked on your pulse, making you squirm. Hips colliding together, you both grunted.

“Heisen, please, I need more than this.”
He stopped, enough foreplay.

His hands rested at the front of your pants, looking to you for permission to keep going.

You bit your lip and nodded.

He didn’t need to be told twice, he unzipped and shucked your pants off in a second.

He unbuckled his belt, not bothering to slide it off. He unzipped his pants, only sliding them down slightly below his hips so his size wasn’t confined in them.

Your groins reconnected, you could feel the size of him much better with only the thin fabric of both your underwear.

You experimentally rolled his hips. God, that felt amazing. Your head fell back, a whimper falling from your lips.

“Shit! Heisen…” You panted out, his hands held your squirming hips in place, he continued to grind. He chuckled as you writhed.

Though it was only dry humping, the pleasure built up fast. Heisenberg was panting heavily, his eyes were fixated on your grinding sexes. So focused on getting both of you to come.

You couldn’t help the noises coming from you, you’d never felt this good with anyone before. His shaft rubbed perfectly against your sex.

He shifted slightly, thrusting against you just the right angle.

You begged, “Fuck! Please, please, please, right there…!”

Your toes were curling. He didn’t dare let up, his pace quickened. He kept you in place, a hand splayed out on your stomach.

“C’mon, baby.” He growled, thrusting feverishly. You gripped onto the sheets, trying to ground yourself. His thrusts shook your body forward.

Your orgasm came quick, he rode you through it as you quivered and shook. One of your hands came to your mouth, muffling the whimpers that fell out of you.

“Good, so fucking good for me.” He praised, a sly grin falling onto his lips. It fell within seconds, his own pleasure finally coming to a head.

Karl’s own orgasm hit hard moments later, wracking his body. He moaned, eyes rolling to the back of his head. He gripped your hips tight, slowing his pace.

Though you were blissed out of your fucking mind, you managed to praise him as well. “That’s it, that’s perfect.” Your hand came to pet his cheekbone. He was still shaking, trying to recover from his orgasm. One of his hands let go of your hip to cradle the hand on his face. Turning slightly to kiss your palm.

After cooling down some, he finally decided to roll off you. Still partly splayed out on you, however. You both lied there, catching your breath. Enjoying the afterglow.

You were the first to speak, “Fuck. You’re good at that.” You turned to face him.

He laughed. “I’ve been told I used to be a real machine back in the day.”

He pecked your cheek. “Aight, let’s go get cleaned up. We still have work to do.”

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