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Second Childhood

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This story contains ABDL elements as well as diaper usage and mental have been warned.

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It was a dreary, gloomy night, overcast with ominous looking clouds that looked as if they were going to burst any moment.

Thunder rumbled angrily in the distance, followed by a few flashes of lightning that illuminated the huge puddles that had formed along the streets.

A blonde, long-haired man carrying a briefcase rushes into a nearby bar, shielding himself from the sudden downpour.

He sighs, thankful to be out of that mess, but upon further inspection, sees that the bar is nearly empty, save for a few people in a booth chatting.

Sitting down in one of the barstools, the man clears his throat, hoping to get some service as he’d been stuck on a crowded bus for the last few hours and was hoping to calm his frayed nerves with a drink or two.

A ginger-haired man approaches him, greeting him with a friendly hello, though he could tell he wasn’t from around there.

“Hey, stranger. It sure is storming out there, isn’t it? We haven’t had a downpour like that in over a year!”

The blonde chuckles, brows raising in surprise. “Wow, a whole year? It must stay pretty hot here, then, huh?”

The ginger shakes his head lightly. “It can be at times, but it never gets too overbearing. My name’s Dave, by the way. It’s nice to meet you.”

The blonde grins, returning Dave’s handshake before shifting his gaze to the menu, stomach growling from hunger.

“Oh, I’m being rude. I’m James. I’m just here on a routine business trip, you know how those are.”

Dave narrows his eyes slightly, but nods, even though he knew there hadn’t been any visitors here for a long time.

He was intent on finding out the true reason for James being there, but knew it would happen in good time, especially seeing he was an expert at finding out that kind of information.

“Oh, can I please get a beer and maybe a burger? I’m starving after that long bus ride.” James says with a soft chuckle.

“Sure. I’ll get right on that.” Dave says, writing a ticket and placing it in the kitchen window.

However, the ticket wasn’t just for a normal burger and the beer wouldn’t just be your average frosty mug, either.

Dave knew that he couldn’t just let James go about his merry way to some hotel and crash after.

He knew the blonde would quickly find out just how this city truly was, and go blab to others.

Then there would probably be an investigation...something the residents have been narrowly avoiding for years.

James clears his throat lightly as he looks around, eyes scanning over all the pictures, knick-knacks, and other memorabilia that was littered amongst the walls.

He furrows his brows, focusing on one image in particular of three men, frowning once he notices what appears to be a collar and very baby-like clothes on the man in the middle, who was happily eating a piece of cake.

Shaking his head, James chuckles, figuring it must’ve been for some sort of fetish night this bar had hosted or possibly a hazing of sorts.

Of course, if it was those guys’ fetish, who was he to judge?

Dave frowns once he notices James staring at that picture, a few beads of sweat beginning to form on his forehead.

“So. I see you like our decor, huh? I was hoping someone would come along who liked it.” Dave says, placing James’ cold mug of beer on the bar.

James turns around, nodding his head as he picks up the mug, gulping down most of it, which Dave was somewhat thankful for as it would get things moving faster.

In order to keep James from leaving the bar, Dave had slipped a very powerful roofie into his beer, one that would ensure James’ stay.

He honestly hates to do this to the blonde, as it’s unethical, but it’s not like he really had a choice in the matter.

It was the law, and there was no way he was going to argue with that, at least, not again.

The sound of a ringing bell notifies Dave that James’ burger has been cooked, and not a second too soon.

Dave heads to the nearby kitchen window, picking up the tray of the freshly cooked burger and fries, doing his best not to drop it as he juggles both it and another mug of beer for a customer down the bar.

“Sorry about the wait, man. Our cook likes to take his time and make sure everything’s nice for the customer.”

James chuckles, a small hiccup escaping his lips as he begins to feel a bit lightheaded.

“That’s okay, I’d rather have a good burger over a shitty one, any day.”

Dave smiles softly, leaving James to his food while he quickly moves down to the other end, delivering the much needed beer to a girl who couldn’t seem to handle her hot wings.

He then dashes back to James, who looked as if he were about to pass out right then and there, lips tugging into a small smirk.

Although Dave wasn’t too keen on drugging people, he wasn’t exactly against it, either and often took pride in his handiwork.

It was his job, after all, not bartending, though it was always fun to play pretend and the ginger had mastered the act of it.

In all honesty, Dave was actually in charge of placing new little ones into their new forever homes.

It was the only way to keep people from revealing the truth about this city, not that anything inherently...evil was happening here.

This city functioned like most others, except everyone living there was assigned certain roles, which they must take on and fulfill unless they wanted to face severe punishment.

Dave had seen the end result of those who fought against those roles and it wasn’t very pretty to think about.

He never wanted anyone to be hurt, nor did he want to be hurt himself, so he just did the job that was assigned to him without question, despite how bad it could make him feel.

Besides, it’s not like anyone asked to become someone’s forever baby, toddler or even caregiver.

Those weren’t all they were painted to be in the various books, magazines and other media the city produced.

Being a caregiver was tiring and being a little one was extremely restricting, but in the end, it often proved to be very rewarding for both.

Shaking his head, Dave snaps out of his thoughts, turning his attention back to James, who was now completely out of it, head resting against the tray, where his half-eaten burger sat.

Leaning forward, he shakes James a few times, ensuring he’s fully out before springing into action.

Tossing off his nametag, Dave ends his shift for the night, clocking out and moving to tend to James.

Standing in front of the blonde, he frowns slightly, hoping all those days at the gym paid off, seeing how he would be the biggest baby he’s had to lift yet.

Snaking his arms beneath the drugged-up businessman, Dave gives a grunt of effort as he hoists him into his arms, being careful not to drop him on the way to his car.

Opening the back door, Dave places James into his toddler Marty's carseat, buckling him in snugly and securely before making the short drive to his house.

However, on the way there, a faint hissing sound can be heard as James’ bladder gives way, a stream of urine soaking through his pants and collecting in a puddle.

The ginger sighs softly at that, now hating the fact that he’ll have to scrub Marty’s carseat clean before taking him to daycare tomorrow morning.

“You just couldn’t hold your beer, could you, big guy? Don’t worry, I’ll have you all sorted out soon enough.” Dave smiles.

About 15 more minutes of driving pass until Dave finally reaches his house, pulling into the driveway and parking.

He quickly moves to unbuckle James, balancing the man on his hip as he carries him inside, where he is greeted by Marty, who was up WAY past his bedtime and his babysitter, Nick.

“Oh. Got another one, I see. Bet you’ll have lots of fun with him tonight.” Nick chuckles.

Dave scoffs lightly, turning his attention to Marty, who was clad in his favorite Sesame Street pajamas.

“Hey, bud. Were you a good boy for Nick while Daddy was away tonight?”

Marty nods, eyes falling on the blonde-haired man Daddy was holding, wondering if he was going to become his new friend.

“Yes, Daddy. I vewy good boy.” Marty replies, standing from his spot on the couch and making his way to Dave, stuffed tiger tucked beneath one arm.

Nick nods in agreement. “He was a good boy, as usual. I only had a little bit of trouble getting him to eat his vegetables, but other than that, there were no issues.”

Dave smiles. “Good. Well...I guess I’ll let you head home now. I’m sure you’re tired and I’ve gotta get sleeping beauty here taken care of before he wakes up.”

“Okay. If you need me to babysit again, you know where to find me. I hope everything goes well for you, man.”

With that, Nick leaves, and Dave is left with the task of preparing another little one for their forever home.

“Okay, kiddo, Daddy’s gotta get this big boy all ready for his new home. Would you like to be my special helper?”

Marty’s eyes widen and he grins, nodding his head eagerly, though this wasn’t his first time helping Dave with something like this.

He knew all about his Daddy’s job, about how important it was to him to not fuck things up.

“Otay, Daddy! I be da best helper ever! I knows what to do!” Marty announced.

Dave chuckles, ruffling Marty’s long, curly hair with his free hand before they made their way to the bathroom.

“Can you run a bath while Daddy takes off big guy’s clothes? He had a little accident on the way here.”

Marty nods, sitting on his knees and humming softly as he begins to run a warm bath, playing with some of his toys while he waits for the tub to become full enough.

“Sorry we won’t have time to play with him in the bath, bud. We need to do this as fast as possible.” Dave says.

He grunts as he tugs off James’ clothes, placing his wallet atop the nearby countertop to look through later.

Once the water is full enough, Dave places the blonde into the tub, making quick work of cleaning and washing his hair before prepping him to be shaved.

He allows Marty to rub the shaving cream onto his legs and chest while he gets his more...intimate areas, deciding to shave them first.

“His peepee have lotsa hair, Daddy! I don’t gots hairs on my peepee.” Marty says.

“I know you don’t, kiddo. You’re not supposed to. Only the grown-up’s can.” Dave says, lifting James’ cock to shave his balls after finishing with the top.

Once that’s over, he makes quick work of shaving his legs, chest, armpits and even a bit of his beard.

If it was up to him, he’d have it completely shaved off, but he decided to leave it in case his new caregivers liked that look.

Quickly rinsing off the offending hair, Dave sighs, wiping some sweat from his brow.

“Okay, buddy. I think we’re ready to get him out. Daddy needs a towel to dry him off with, please.”

Marty, being the ever obedient boy he was, opens the nearby closet, grabbing a soft, fluffy towel and giving it to Dave with a smile.

“Thank you. You’re being such a good helper! Daddy doesn’t know what he’d do without you.” Dave smiles, draining the water and hoisting James into his arms.

He gives him a quick dry off before they head to the spare nursery he had installed just for situations like this.

Turning on the light, Dave hums softly as he deposits James onto the padded changing table, grabbing a bottle of baby lotion and working it into his hands before massaging it into the blonde’s freshly shaved skin.

He then goes about the diapering and chastity process, locking James’ cock away in a silicone purple chastity cage, thinking the color suited him well.

“Oh...he gets a peepee cage too, Daddy? Is he gonna be a wittle baby? I notta baby...I two years old.” Marty says as he watches Dave intently.

Dave frowns slightly. “I don’t know, buddy. I’ll have to look at his ID to find out how old he is...Daddy’s gonna need to do some digging on him.”

Marty tilts his head, this part of Daddy’s job always confused him as it was much too complicated for a little boy like him to figure out.

“I know you don’t understand, kiddo. Why don’t you go get his wallet for me, huh? We left it on the bathroom counter.”

Marty nods, doing as Daddy asks without question.

Taping the diaper snugly around the blonde’s waist, Dave yawns softly, all this work, coupled with bartending was beginning to make him tired and he longed for sleep.

However, it would be a while before he was able to rest, as this wasn't just a drugging, bathing and diapering situation..he still had to place James into his forever home.

Returning to Dave, Marty grins, shoving the wallet into his hands before moving to play with some of the toys in the nearby toybox.

Unfolding the wallet, Dave quickly pulled out James’ ID, skimming over it with a nod.

“Hmm...okay, Jamie, looks like you’re the perfect candidate to become someone’s new bouncing baby boy. I almost feel kinda sad that I’m gonna have to let you’ll be so cute.”

Dave places the cards aside, grabbing a soft, fleece onesie from the nearby closet and maneuvering it onto the sleeping blonde, as well as some locking booties and mittens.

He knew how some little ones tended to be aggressive toward their new caregivers, and he didn’t want that to be the case, so the mittens and booties were just a safety precaution.

Finishing up the outfit was a purple pacifier gag, along with a matching leather collar, though it was no mere collar.

Every little one was required to wear one, and each one came equipped with a special device that can be used if they become too fussy, unruly or need some downtime.

It was similar to a dog’s shock collar, delivering a small shock to the wearer, which inherently causes them to regress...without the use of drugs.

However, drugs have been used in a last ditch effort to calm the most unruly of little ones, regressing them for much longer periods of time.

Dave hoped it never had to come to the for this little one, though judging by his actions at the bar, he’d most likely be a sweet and docile baby.

Oh how wrong he was going to be.

“Okay, bud. Daddy’s all finished. Let’s put him in the crib for the night. No messing with him, okay?” Dave asks, transferring James to the nearby crib and securing his restraints.

Marty nodded, only giving James the slightest pat on the head before the two left the room.

“Where’s he gonna go, Daddy? He needs a home!” Marty exclaimed, brows furrowing in worry.

Dave frowned, running a hand through his hair.

This was always the hardest part, though as he made his way to the nearby phone, the perfect couple came to his thoughts.

Looking through the phone book, Dave smiles as he dials his friend Lars’ number, hoping he wasn’t interrupting anything with his call.

After a few rings, the sound of a Danish man can be heard on the other line, greeting Dave with a tired voice.

“Hey, Lars. Sorry to call you this late, but I wanted to tell you that I have a new baby here. He needs a good home and I know your little guy could use a baby brother.”

“Oh really? Well, I tell you what, Kirk, Jason and I will come right over to check him out in the morning.”

Dave grins. “Great! I’ll make sure he’s all nice and presentable for you three. I think you’re really gonna like him. He’s a big one, that’s for sure.”

Their conversation continues until both get too tired to keep it up, with Dave nearly falling asleep at the phone, only to be awakened by Marty’s snoring.

Hanging up the phone, Dave smiles at seeing Marty asleep on the couch, deciding to join him.

Snuggling beneath his little boy, another yawn escapes him, and he smiles, pressing a kiss to Marty’s cheek before succumbing to sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting...
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