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What Just Happened?

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When Harry and Hermione decide to study in the boys common room, things get a bit...not, kid-friendly. Takes place in 6th year.

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Prompt: Harry and Hermione are studying in the boys common room (since Harry isn't allowed in the girls), and when they get into an argument, things suddenly take a turn. Not really sex, but it's worth the rating.

Harry sat on his bed, Hermione seated on the far end of him, her back almost turned against him. She had her nose in a book, as usual. Harry felt as though she was ignoring him. It frustrated him. First Ron, now her. Well, she hadn't exactly left him to die in a tournament, but she was getting angry at him because of a book that helped his grades up considerably. He was already frustrated, with all of these Voldemort problems and a whole mission Dumbledore was planning to give him. He was tired of keeping his emotions in.

"Can you not do that?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"Do what?" Hermione questioned, continuing to look down at her book.

"Ignore me," Harry replied, Hermione still not looking at him.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Hermione mentioned, turning a page. Harry huffed and put the Half Blood Prince book down on the bed.

"You haven't looked at me once since we got here," Harry argued. Hermione looked up at him, and then looked down again.

"There," she muttered. Harry scowled and reached over to pull her book down. He knew that ticked her off more than anything. "What, Harry?!"

"Look at me!" Harry exclaimed, sitting in front of her.

"I am!" Hermione said, though it was more glaring than just looking. But it was better than nothing. "And even if I wasn't, you've never been bothered by that before."

"You're angry at me because of the book, aren't you?" Harry told her, getting straight to the point. "Or are you only here because Ron's too busy snogging Lavender?" Hermione's glare hardened further.

"Both," she muttered.

"Why? Why are you so bothered by the damn book?" Harry asked, frustrated beyond belief. It was so different when Hermione turned against him. He was used to people doing that. But Hermione had ALWAYS been there, and now she wasn't, because of a book.

"I've already told you so many times! We don't know who the Half Blood Prince is, you've learned numerous number of dark spells, one you've already used, on Malfoy! So...oh bugger off, Harry. I'm not repeating everything," Hermione mumbled, standing up and grabbing her things. "I didn't come here to argue with you."

"Well you didn't exactly come here to study either, did you?" Harry snapped, sitting up so he was on the edge of the bed in front of her. "Admit it, you're jealous."

"Not of you," Hermione said, both of them knowing she was jealous of Ron and his snog machine.

"Not that kind of jealous," Harry almost growled. "You know what I mean. Stop pretending like you don't! You're insecure!"

He stood up suddenly, almost bumping into her. Hermione didn't move, standing her ground as she glared up at him. There were a little bit of tears in her eyes, since she wasn't used to arguing with Harry or Harry having a go at her. Harry saw anyways, and his shoulders dropped.

"Hermione, I'm-"

"Don't," she warned, her voice surprisingly stern when she had small tears in her eyes. Harry frowned. She never stopped him from apologizing. He tried to put a hand on her shoulder, but she moved away from that too. That surprised him more. She'd never shrugged off his touch.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"You always are, but then you do it again," Hermione muttered, reaching over for her books to stuff them into her bag. Harry grabbed her bag and put it on the ground, then grabbed her arm to keep her away from it so she wouldn't leave. Hermione gave him another warning look. "Harry, don't."

Harry didn't move, just stared down at her as she continued to glare at him. He then reached for her other arm, pulling both towards him, making her get closer. Hermione's glare faded away to confusion.

What the hell am I doing what the hell am I doing what the hell am I doing, Harry thought.

He suddenly got that feeling he felt when him and Ginny were close. Or that night with Cho under the mistletoe. He wanted to kiss her. Hermione, of all people. friend?

Hermione didn't seem to move, so he leaned forward more, until his lips were pressed against hers. Hermione was still stiff as he continued to move his lips. Then, he felt a small movement from her that appeared to be reciprocating it. He paused, then kissed her again. Her arms stayed at her sides, but her lips were moving with his, and her eyes were closed. Harry paused when he felt the tip of her tongue press against his mouth. She seemed hesitant to do anything more than kiss with only lips. So Harry prodded her with his tongue slowly until she gave in, giving his tongue access. The kiss deepened, but they were still kissing slowly, taking their time. Harry had brought a hand to her face to keep her close, and Hermione had placed a shy hand on his shirt.

Reluctantly, Harry let go of her face and lips, sitting down on the bed again. Hermione still had her eyes closed when he let go. When she opened them, she looked down at Harry, her anger and frustration completely gone. She clearly hadn't been expecting that. And neither had Harry. It just sort of, happened.

Nonetheless, Hermione leaned down to place another kiss on Harry's lips. Harry grabbed onto her waist, and then felt himself being pushed down on the bed. Hermione climbed on top of him, their lips pushing harder together. It was starting to get a bit more heated now. Their kisses were moving faster, and their tongues were a casual mix. Hermione's hands shyly traveled underneath Harry's shirt, and Harry only slightly lifted the sides of her shirt, feeling the soft skin he had access to with his thumbs. Hermione shivered, as the skin on her sides and lower stomach were sensitive. Harry bit on Hermione's lower lip and pulled, slowing the kiss down. Hermione whimpered and accidentally grinded her hips on Harry's, making Harry let her lip go and let out a small groan. Hermione immediately reconnected their lips, their kissing slowly growing more vigorous. Hermione's hands roamed freely on Harry's chest now, and Harry's hands were going underneath her shirt to rub her back. They continued like this until Hermione's hand traveled to his belt, and then she suddenly snapped out of it, realizing what they were doing. She yelped and jumped off of Harry, onto the other side of the bed, freaking out.

"What the...FUCK is happening?!" she yelled to herself. Harry's confused thoughts to why she stopped were taken away when she had cursed. Hermione Granger never cursed.

"Woah," Harry laughed, sitting up. "I've never heard you curse before." Hermione looked at him, and then it came rushing back. "Oh, yeah..."

The room quickly grew awkward while they tried to figure out why the hell they did that.

"Why did you...Why did..." Hermione muttered, running a hand through her hair.

Harry sighed.

Congrats, another friendship ruined. Nice going. It was your fault this time.

"Sorry," he muttered, standing up to go get her bag. "I'll just, walk you ou-"

"No no no, sit down, sit down," Hermione said, grabbing his arm so he couldn't walk anywhere. Harry sat down, though he kept his eyes glued to the ground. He felt pathetic to feel so...rejected. He should have known. Hermione had been crying on his shoulder a few days ago over Ron and Lavender.

Hermione seemed to read his emotions, since her face dropped as well as she looked at him. She felt horrible for just jumping off of him like that, and then literally cursing out loud to the fact that she didn't know what they were doing. Well...she did. They were snogging the living hell out of each other. And it wasn't bad. In fact, it was the best snog she's ever had. Not that she had much to judge. But...Merlin that was, really good. She hated that it had ended.

Or...maybe it doesn't have to?

Hermione wrapped her hand around her hand around his sleeve, slightly inching closer. She wasn't very good at initiating kisses, but she could try. Harry looked at her again, and she knew that maybe she was doing good, since he immediately looked down at her lips again. She placed a hand on his face, gently guiding him so he was turned towards her, which he complied easily. She leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, and pulled away, nervous. Harry looked at her, surprised. She reached up to take off his glasses, placing them near his bed before turning back to him. Harry knew what that meant. With the glasses off, it would be a lot easier to kiss her. He could still see her, everything else far away was blurry. So, he could focus on only her. Hermione placed her hands on his face again, and then kissed him. Harry closed his eyes, feeling relieved as he let his hands find her hips. Hermione was making the kiss deeper surprisingly fast, but Harry eventually got it. His hands slid down to her thighs, making Hermione squirm in her spot, but she never removed them. Nor did she give him any sign to do so. They were snogging heavily now, almost like Ron and Lavender themselves. They both seemed to underestimate kissing.

Harry leaned into her further, until she fell on her back on the bed. He took his place on top of her and went straight back to kissing. Her lips were soft, and she didn't wear heavy lip gloss or lipstick like the other girls did. Hermione's hands traveled underneath Harry's shirt, feeling his toned stomach. Harry shivered and then sat up, grabbing the edge of his shirt and looking at Hermione. He didn't know how far she wanted to go, and removing clothing was a pretty heavy thing. But Hermione reached forward and rolled up his shirt more, signaling that she wanted it off. Harry pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his upper body to his bushy-haired friend, who immediately began to feel around the new skin. Years of Quidditch had paid off. Harry's body was muscled and toned.

Hermione pulled him back in by his waistband, kissing him more aggressively. Harry caught himself with his arms on both sides of her head, accidentally grinding into her hips. Hermione moaned into his mouth and bucked herself up into him, grinding against him. Harry groaned and continued moving his hips into hers, applying wonderful pressure to his obvious erection while pleasuring Hermione at the same time. Harry let go of her lips to move down to her neck. He kissed, nibbled, licked, whatever skin he had access to. Hermione quickly became a moaning mess beneath him, stuck between the sensation of Harry kissing her neck and Harry grinding against her. She dug her fingers into his back, making his back arch, but that only caused him to push into Hermione harder. Hermione moaned louder and tugged at his hair, then bit her lip to keep quiet. The sight made Harry move forward to kiss her again, now grinding into her as hard as he could. He felt himself reaching his breaking point, and couldn't believe he could get off just by grinding on Hermione. Hermione seemed to be reaching hers too, moaning into his mouth over and over again as her nails dug into his back, creating marks he knew would stay for days.

Harry slowed down, making Hermione almost whine, but then he suddenly pressed harder into a specific spot, and it came out of nowhere. He felt Hermione shudder, and then felt her private area get warm suddenly as she threw her head back and moaned louder than before. He put two and two together and knew that she'd came right then and there. The thought was extremely erotic to him, and he suddenly exploded in his jeans, panting on Hermione's neck as his arms shook next to her. Every part of him shook from his orgasm, better than anything he's ever felt. When it was over, his arms gave in, and he laid himself on Hermione, digging his head into her neck. Hermione held him close, not letting him off yet. Both were breathing hard, just now remembering what they did, what they were supposed to be doing, and what their relationship status was before this.


They weren't friends who snogged before this. But...damn did they kind of want to now.

Harry kissed Hermione's neck a few times, making a smile spread through Hermione's face. He could hear her smile, and he leaned up to press a kiss to her lips this time, relieved to feel her return it. After a few seconds, he broke apart and laid beside her, both of them trying to catch their breath.

"Well that was unexpected," Harry said, looking up at the ceiling.

"How romantic," Hermione replied sarcastically. A few second silence went by until they started laughing, moving over to hug each other. They were idiots.

But...they still didn't know what just happened.

Author's note: So there it is! I didn't think they'd have sex just like that, so I didn't put it that way. This is my first story on here so idk.
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