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The Revenge of the Demon

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They're are fates worse then death itself. When the Demon comes for you? You WILL experience them all.

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DAY 1.

"Get him!"
"Hey freak! Catch!"
"Here, you don't need balls!"
A group of teenagers were laughing as they surrounded a taller boy and shoved himt he ground before proceeding to beat the silently tearing guy with pipes taken from a nearby fence. The tall guy was grunting in pain as the group laughed at his pain.
"Hey I got a brick!"
A girl came running up with the building stone and there was a deeper grunt as the stone was smashed to pieces over the boy's back before one of the more agile girls started jumping upon his back with a vicious force. The beating last fifteen minutes before the bell for the class rang and they all went inside. The guy groaned as he forced his battered body off the ground and went to class. he was a tall boy at 5 foot 11 inches tall with a bulky 235 pound frame. his hair was brown and his eyes were brown as well. His bruised and cut skin was a pasty white while his attire was a hoodie and jeans with battered workboots. The boy sighed as he walked into his class and the teacher slammed a baseball bat into his belly.
"Hurry up next time, Tyler."
The class laughed at the guy's pain as he dropped to the floor coughing up blood from the cruel blow as the teacher readied for another strike.
"Take your seat. NOW."
Tyler crawled to the chair in question as walking wasn't an option at the moment. he brushed the tacks and needles off the thing and sat on it. Only for the girl behind him to pull it back and he fell again. The teacher gritted his teeth and hit him in the chest this time with the bat.
Tyler got off the floor and sat down as his cracked ribs screamed in pain in the chair. The class laughed at his pain while the boy just put his head on the desk as the teacher went back to the board.
"Alright. the freak got a 100 on the last test so this isn't that hard. We'll go over it again."
Tyler sighed internally as his body throbbed from the pain of his peers. It's calculous 5. I BARELY understood it. They'll never get it. The boy's hands cracked his he clenched his fists with a vicious hatred as the class talked. my GOD I want to kill you all. I wish you'd all die screaming and I was the one wielding the KNIFE! The boy's heart blazed with a vicious hatred for the people around him but he was powerless to actually DO anything since he was seen as a problem by the town. Someday. Someday I will have the power to send you all to hell. MY HELL! His frame trembled fromt he rage coursing through his veins and the longing to hear them scream in agony.
"Boo freak!"
A book was slammed off his back and the boy reacted on pure reflex as his fist slammed into the boy's chest with enough force he dropped to the floor gasping for breath as Tyler rose to his full height cracking knuckles as he reached the daily limit for agony. The boy was coughing up mouthfuls' of blood as the class also rose now smiling wickedly with the teacher tapping his bat.
"Looks like the freak DOES want to play!"
The class lunged an mass as a bright flash of light blinded them for a moment. The next thing they knew they were standing inside a large throneroom surrounded by armoured knights with a red carpet pointing to a set of thrones upon which sat three ladies. Tyler looked at the curiously as the class were stunned by the turn of events. The furthest girl to the right was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes set into a fair skinned and heart shaped face. She was a head shorter then him with a large bust dressed in a flowing robe of gold. Beside her sat a tall woman with the same golden eyes and blue eyes but with a larger chest. Her robe was neon blue and beside HER sat a right beauty of a red head with ice blue eyes and a more modest bust. her skin was fair and she was clad in the same blue robe as the blonde lady. Tyler turned his attention to the class as they recovered and remembered their mass attack. They were about to attack him again whent he teacher whistled.
"Not now. We can hurt it later."
Tyler cracked his knuckles again and looked to the queens with a dark curiosity in his gaze. The blonde frowned.
"YOU unsettle me. Interesting."
The teenager smirked.
His tenor voice inspired one of the girls to turn around and kick him in the balls.
"Shut. UP. Your voice makes me sick!"
The guy grunted but otherwise had no other reaction as the blonde rose now.
"Welcome to Lestic, brave heroes of legend. I am high queen Marrisa Goldencrown. This is my wife Ember Flaremistress and our daughter. the crown Princess Veronica Flarecrown. You are here to aid us in our battle against the legions of monsters that live in our world. The rewards are great. Gold, fame, power, women or men dependning on what you're looking for, anything your heart desires."
Tyler's eyes flashed at the word power and the queen saw it.
"YOU worry me now."
He smirked as his dying heart flared.
"Again. Noted."
Ember noted something in his gaze.
"Boy. How old are you?"
"16 years, your grace."
"Oh by my fire. There is a darkness in you. And it is scaring me."
Tyler chuckled and he got slugged in the stomach by four of his classmates.
"Fuck it! get him! that laugh makes me sick!"
The entire class rushed him en mass and Tyler jumped back a few feet as his teacher swung a baseball bat at him. Tyler sidestepped the next fist and sent a vicious palm to the chest of one of the girls, dropping her like a log as the feral mob of screaming kids swung anything they could get their hands on in his direction. Soem even had grabbed weapons from the knights watching in shock's hands. Marrisa gritted her teeth and was heard.
The attack stopped on a dime at the sound of her shrill scream and Tyler smirked as he had one kid by the throat about to crush it. The teacher tilted his head.
"Is there an issue?"
The blonde queen rubbed her eyes.
"enough dammit. You just got here."
"I suppose that's fair."
The class letoff their attack and took their spot before the queen and so did Tyler. The tall teenager having tossed the one he'd held aside like a ragdoll. He then noted a look of curiousity on Veronica's pretty face as he looked at her. And when he made eyecontact she blushed hard. Cute. He looked back to the queens and Marrisa glared at them.
"You are given 150 gold from the crown to start your adventures. And ONE weapon from the crown per request."
Tyler smiled.
"Two handed greatsword with double edge and straightblade. 6 feet long."
Veronica smiled as he got the sword from a rack pushing servent. Tyler lifted the hulking weapon onto his back with ease and Ember whistled.
"Now THAT an intimidating image."
The teenager smirked.
"I know how to use it too."
A guy in his class turned around with a mace and tried to slam him in the stomach.
"Shut. UP! no one wants to hear you talk!"
Tyler grabbed the head of the mace and delivered a vicious palm strike to the boy's chest and he too dropped. The mace clattered to the floor as the class all got weapons and surrounded the lone teenagr again grinnign wickedly. Tyler smirked as he pulled the clanking greatsword off his back.
"I've longed for this day."
"NOT in my throneroom."
Only for Marrisa's tone to stop them in their tracks. Tyler hung the sword on his back again as the grumbling students put their gear up as well. marrisa sighed.
"You are granted one night in the palace to adjust to your new bodies. Ladies."
Tyler was led to a lavishly decorated room by a nervous maid not even half his size. he smiled.
"I'm not gonna hurt ya."
She smiled at the attempt.
"Your eyes are most unsettling, Lord hero."
"I guess I'm dead inside."
The maid seemed to relax a little at the halfjoke.
"And you DO have a most intimidating aura. As if there's a large wolf following me and it's deciding whether to eat me or rape me."
"wow. That's a new one. You have nothing to fear from me miss."
She smiled with a little relief at this as she opened the door to his room.
"If you have need, use the bell."
"Thanks miss."
Tyler walked in and found the room to be rather large. On one wall was a bed the sizeof his entire old bedroom! on the other was a door that led to the bath which he used to clean the mornings beatings off his body. Then he laid on the couch to doze. Great. I got isekaied. Ah well. I'll just take the fuck off into the wilds and leave the others behind. maybe get my own harem. THAT'D be awesome. The tortured teenager smiled as a fresh excitement went through his cold frame.
"It WOULD be nice to get a fresh start. Maybe."
There was a knock on the door and he lifted his head.
"Umm. Come in?"
The door opened and veronica, the crown princess, came walking in with a smile on her face. The lounging teenager blinked.
"Ummm. Hi."
The blonde princess smiled sweetly as she sat on the other couch.
"Hi. Mothers want me to meet the heroes. see if I like one for my suitor."
The teenager chuckled at that one.
"Wow. Any takers?"
She smiled at the teenager that took up the entire other couch.
"I like you! You're HUGE!"
"Ha. Well. I like you too. You're gorgerous."
She smiled and he noted the happy girl had undone the top knot on her robe to expose moreof her cleavage.
"Thank the gods for sexy blondes."
The princess smiled at that.
"I'm fun! And the marriage rite is a lay. And filling. Since you're a hero I don't have to worry about seeds since it prevents it for a few years."
He looked at her curiously.
"So you give your purity to a man or woman, and that's it? You're married?"
She nodded.
"Yup. At least that's how the law works in Toralia. Our country."
Tyler smiled.
"What'sthe city called?"
He looked at the map behind her and saw it was of the country of Toralia and the star had the Tora name for the capital. She's not lying. weird system. The teenager looked at her.
"So. Me?"
She smiled sweetly.
"Yup! I like bigger men. Oh. woemn are fun too."
"Oh my gods. There is such a thing as TOO adorable."
The princess smiled.
"This will be my first. So be nice."
"I will. It won't be mine. so i know what I'm doing."
"Yay! I'm marrying a hero tonight!"
He chuckled at her joy and settled for a nap.
"Hey. wanna cuddle?"
She blushed.
She laid beside him and he wrapped an arm around her waist. The princess smiled.
"Wow, Tyler. You're warm."
He chuckled ashe moved against the back of the couch.
"I'm from a frozen town in the north. So I run a few degrees warmerthen most."
"Oh that's kinda cool. Toralia is a summer region. We don't really GET cold."
"Well. with warmth liek YOU at it's core. makes sense."
She blushed hard at the eloquent flattery and kissed him.
He kissed her back and they madeout for a few minutes before she giggled.
"In bed tonight! less chance of a walkin!"
"Wow. Devious AND pretty."
The blue eyed girl smiled and they settled in for a nap. Tyler fell asleep with the princess in his arms and she did too. The pair slept for a few hours before he woke with a yawn to see she was still asleep. He smiled and kissed her awake and she squeaked before smiling.
"Romantic. I love it."
He hugged her warmly.
"I do too. I like making my girl feel special any way I can."
"sure. Want a backrub?"
"Oh my god I love you."
She removed her robe to lay naked on the bed and he gotto work massaging her lovely body. The girl groaned while her body clicked and popped from his skilled hands and gentle firmness. He let her foot go and he smiled.
"Would you like your front done too?"
"Sure. You'll getto enjoy it later anyway."
she rolled over and he smiled at the sight of her double ds.
"I love a busty blonde."
The busty blonde smiled as he worked her hands over.
"I love them too. So be nice!"
"Only really. You enjoy the meat."
"OOoh I WILL!"
He kissed her lovingly as the skilled teenager worked her frame over hard. Though she squeaked like a mouse as he kneaded her breasts like bread dough before moving to her belly. She smiled with a blush.
"That felt great."
He smiled as he left her a relaxed marshmellow on the bed and laid beside her. Veronica smiled warmly.
"I loved that. And i feel soooo GOOD!"
He kissed the naked girl.
"we were in the bath, i'd do your hair."
She glared at him.
"You ruin it, you die."
They took a bath and she smiled longingly as she saw his hose.
"I want that. Badly."
He kissed her and she smiled as he sat behind her.
"but I'm patient."
He chuckled as he ran a comb through her golden tresses.
"Buildup is fun."
"it is. and that feels really nice."
"You have wonderful hair, Veronica."
"I take care of it. It's like my other status symbol beyond my crown."
"Wow. A girl with TWO golden crowns."
"Oooh that was clever."
"I got a few here an there."
The princess relaxed in the water as she got her spaday from her soon-to-be husband before he kissed her.
"And done."
She gasped at her new look in a mirror.
"I love it!"
Her golden hair had been combed to a shining straightness that made it seem like the metalitself was coming out of her head and it shimmered in the light. he kissed her as they got dressed again.
"You look beautiful."
"Thanks. I think I'll have YOU do my hair now!"
"Happy to service you."
"Aww! Another one!"
He chuckled as they sat on the couch where a meal had been laid out. Veronica smiled as he poured her tea.
"And a gentlemen too?"
"Only to people I like."
"yay me!"
He kissed her as they enjoyed a good meal together before she looked at the bed with a look of excitement and nerves. The teenager smiled.
"You sure?"
she nodded smiling.
"I am. Just my first."
"I get it."
The blonde smiled as the meal was cleaned away.
"I'm ready."
He kissed her and they stripped for the bed. She laid in the bed as he kissed her again and she opened leg.
"Come to me my love."
He smiled as the teenager slid into his new wife with a slowness that made her moan. He felt her tear and she grunted but went back to moaning as he entered.
"OOoh slower....perfect!"
Then he was fully sheathed and she smiled happily.
"we're married! Yay! I married a hero!"
He kissed her.
"I married a princess. I win here."
She smirked and wrapped her slender legs around her husband.
"Now let's have some fun!"
He chuckled as the thrusting started and she moaned hard at the feelings as he kissed her for her first orgasm of many. The pair played hard for the next several hours with the princess getting flooded many times and climaxing many more times. Then they dropped to the bed. Tyler implanted firmly in the breasts of his wife and she holding his head with both panting frome exertion. Tyler regained his strength first and kissed her as he slid off her.
"I love you, Veronica."
She smiled happily as he pressed her head to his chest.
"It hurts. But I love how it hurts. I love you too, Tyler. We'll work the details out in the morning. Since i get the feeling you're a lure."
He chuckled as he kissed her.
"even if i am. I'm married to you, now, Veri. So. NOpe."
She smiled at this.
"I'll allow it. Since I want to try girls too."
"Wow. Well. if you're sure."
The girl kissed him and he saw no doubt in her blue eyes.
"I am. I want my own harem of beauties too!"
"Ha. Oh this is gonna be fun."
She smiled as he held her tightly.
He kissed her and they got comfy.
"Good night, Veronica. You're amazing. I loveyou."
"Good night, Tyler. Thank you for being so wonderful. I love you too."

DAY 2.
GOLD: 15.

Tyler woke to see Veronica was gone and he smiled. Wow. She's quiet when she wants to be. He got up and cleaned their night off in the tub before getting dressed with the greatsword on his back. He remade the bed and smiled as he found hairs from their night and he knew it hadn't been a dream. We're married. Well. I'll see what i can do to make her happy. He looked around the room as a knock was heard on the door and he smiled.
"Come in."
The door banged open and a group of knights walked in led by a robed mage.
"Tyler the hero. You are hereby placed under arrest for the rape of the Princess veronica."
Tyler's face was the representation of visible confusion as the mage finished speaking. Then his heart sank as he remembered something from his world. Ohhhhh for GODS sake. I FORGOT. He sighed and rubbed his eyes as the knights surrounded him.
"I didn't. But whatever."
He followed the knights without argument and a mildly angry look in his eyes into the throneroom where he spotted veronica sitting on a throne. the blonde wearing nurmerous bruises and had a fatlip from a rather nasty beating. wow. Decent powerplay. whatever. Marrisa and her wife were glaring daggers of hate at the man as he as pushed forward. The blonde queen opened her mouth-
"I didn't do it. She's lying to you with a powerplay. Anda. Hi. Those bruises are MINUTES old. I'd put em at....yeah. An hour tops."
Marrisa and ember looked at each other at his flat rebuttal and logic before looking at Veronica. the blonde had tears in her blue eyes.
"You were my first, and you-"
"Wow. Not a bad lier. Too bad I grew up wid worse. Her left eye twitches when she lies while her lips twitch ever so slightly into a smirk."
Ember glared at HIM now.
"we cast a truth spell. and it came back clean. She is NOT lying."
"really? How's the spell work exactly?"
She flicked it to him and he read the fine print outloud.
"Okay. targets the mind of the accused and makes the color appear as white for a truth, and black for a lie. That's it? That's all it targets? Oh that has so many freakin holes it's not even funny. here I'll prove a point."
he flicked it to marrisa.
"Hit me withit."
"Sacred truth."
"My name is Stone."
The spell flared up black. he smirked.
"My name is Tyler."
Still black."
"I'm a girl."
"I"m a boy."
"I killed god."
"I AM god."
"I am god."
"My name is stone."
Tyler smirked as he looked at the stunned queens.
"A spell like that isn't THAT hard to get around. Since it targets the mind. if YOU believe your lie, WE see the result."
Ember gritted her teeth.
"Doubt has been cast. And I do NOT LIKE THE IMPLICATIONS."
Tyler shrugged.
"It don't really matter. I know how this'll play out. Been here before. Ha. Remember how I said I knew what I was doin? Yeah. The FIRST girl did the exact same thing. Even though she absolutely loved it and the spoil. She sold me out as a rapist the next morning just for pitypoints with the school she was so desperately trying to be popular in."
Marrisa looked at her sobbing daughter now.
"Verionica goldenflare. LOOK me in the eye. And tell your story."
The princess did.
"I went to his room to see about a suitor as you requested and explained the marriage rite. He was mildly shocked it was so easy. We spent a few hours together as I had not yet made my choice. I got a massage, my hair done, and showered in affection. When i told him I was to go see the other heroes for certainty, he became angry. he said he'd done so much for me I owed him the lay. I refused and tried to leave. he then overpowered me and it hurt."
Tyler rubbed his eyes.
"You got that from a book."
ember glared at HIM now.
"I used a different spell. it targets the soul. She is NOT LYING."
"Try me."
Marrisa smirked.
"we have the proof we need."
The teenager blinked. Then sighed as he rubbed his eyes.
"OF course. Sooooo. what? this some kinda pwertrip to make sure the other heroes know we're still held to your laws?"
MArrisa and Ember blinked at that cold assertation and the blonde queen chuckled.
"I see you DO see clearly. Ha. And know oyur marriage IS valid. Too bad you'll never get to enjoy it."
Tyler chuckled as the knights surrounded him with spears.
"So. it's that type of bond?"
Veronica smiled a cruel smile.
"Yup! I'm your wife. It's kinda a goddess' rite."
"Huh. Noted. Well. Waht'll it be? Execution? enslavement? Torture? Castration?"
Marrisa smiled.
"Torture for the until you die."
"Ha. NOw I'm curious."
The boy was knocked unconscious with a spell and the next thinjg he knew he was chained up naked in a dungeon with a group of smirking men and women all holding various sharp instruments.
"So. Never tortured a prince before."
"I have. it's fun. They tend to scream a lot."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at them.
"Well. That's what I get for hope. Ahh well. I'm not going anywhere. Oh. hey jackass number 2. That tonic there. Wanna see a magic trick? Hit me chest with it."
The man in question smirked and did as requested......only for a myriad of lines to appear on the boy's chest. Thousands upon thousand of crisscorssing scars were seen on his flesh and the sheer number stunned event eh royal torturers. Tyler chuckled darkly.
"Not the first time I've been held like this. and it won't be the last. anything you can do to me. I've already had done. But go on. Add more writing to your death certificates."
The torturers laughed at that and the cutting began. Tyler didn't make a sound as the vile people drew thousands of more lines on his flesh and did other countless horrors to him. All the while the remains of the teenager's reviving heart just sputtered.....and died. Above the cell the other heroes were informed of his fate and crime and shrugged with the teacher saying it.
"No big loss. We'll get to work now."
Veronica was hailed as a souled princess and so was freed from having to pick a husband the treacherous blonde got her own harem of beautiful women to play with. using tricks her first had taught her from their single night. Life in the queendom carried on as usual with the summoned heroes making names for themselves as ACTUAL heroes as the years passed and the name of Tyler the rapist was long since forgotten.


Ten years. ten long years. Ten long, painful years had passed since the arrival of the heroes in the queendom and the world. The Heroes had adjusted to their world and grownt o be hailed as legends for their monster slaying feats. The queendom had the distinction of housing the brave and powerful beings that now defended them from everything that went bump in the night. Marrisa smiled as the Peoples' Champion, Markus the Brave, the former teacher of the heroes, recieved his boon from the crown.
"I ask for your night, milady Marrisa."
"Granted Markus. it has been too long."
The man was a tall, broadshouldered tank. He had red hair and ice blue eyes set into a tanned face. He wore golden scale armor while wielding a dragonscale sword. The hero smiled as he looked at the still beautiful queen.
"It has, my love. and lady Ember. It is good to see you."
Ember smiled. She was still a flaming beauty of a queen with foot length red hair and pale skin. her eyes had been changed by a spell to a lovely shade of blue while her belly was ballooning from her newest pregnancy.
"It is good to see you too, Markus. was the hunt tough?"
"Not at all, Milady. the dragon fell with minimual effort. How is your child?"
The red queen smiled as she stroked her womb.
"The new princess is doing just fine. And getting impatient. Veronica is excited to be a big sister."
Marrisa smiled asshe kissed her wife. She was still a golden beauty with blue eyes and massive breasts and fair skin.
"She will be as beautiful as her mothers."
Markus smiled as he looked at the blonde queen and she smiled back.
"You know the rules."
"Sadly i do. Long for our own I do."
Marrisa smiled at her lover as they went into a long hallway for their union. The pair passing a maid as she went about her tasks. The maid was a beauty of an elf with long black hair that shimmered like a curtain in her bonnet. her skin was pale and her bust modest in her uniform. She stood at half a head shorter then Markus' 5 foot 5 inch frame. She darted out of the way of the couple.
"My apoligies, Milady, milord."
The pair ignored her soft voice as they kissed on their way to the bedroom. The maid stuck her tongue out at them as she moved down another hall. her name was Sori. And she had come to the palace for ONE purpose and ONE purpose only: To ROB THEM blind! The elven maid was a highly skilled thief that had found the royal palace to be a most remarkable mark as she'd arrived in Tora. She'd seent he red keep as soon as she'd stepped through the gate and her kleptoheart exploded at the thought of robbing the royal family. So, the black haired elf had walked up to the guard and asked for a job as a maid. For who looks at a maid twice? Sori WAS a highly skilled and experienced housekeeper from her years serving her mistress before the manor had been sacked in a bandit raid. The clever elf had escaped the horrors of the bandits by hiding in the sweage drain while the rest were captured, raped, sold or all the above. From there she'd learned over the course of her immortal life how to be one of the very best thieves in the world. the elf smiled as she now prowled the lavish hallways and highly ornate passages of the palace seeking the treasure trove. I wonder what I'll find? Some gems? oh. I'll get a crown! oh i know! I'll steal veronica's crown! ha! THAT'LL make me famous! well. FamousER! Sori walked along a higher hallway looking at the stained glass windows curiously as her black shoes clicked on the marble flooring.
"wow. Never seen those before!"
The windows depicted the tale of the Monster. or the hero that had raped the princess the very first night in the new world. The tale went the princess ahd gone to meet a potential suitor in the heroes and stopped at the room of the Monster. What his name had been no one knew anymore as it had been long forgotten. The princess had been treated with kindness itself by the Monster before she refused to give her marriage to him so soon as she wanted a see what the oher heroes would offer her. The Monster refused to honor such a fair request and had taken the poor princess by force. When it came to light the Monster's evil the next morning, the man had tried to manipulate the court and the Queens with vile cunning and wicked reasoning before the queens saw though the scheming of the vile Monster and justice was served. The Monster was dragged to the lowest dungeon and that was the last time anyone ever saw it. The rumors were it had died of the sessions. Others said it still lived for the amusement of the torturers. Others yet said it COULDN'T die as the underworld had no place for such evil and the upper realms wanted nothing to do with it. Sori shrugged as she looked at the last window of green and red that depicted the Monster getting dragged to the dungeon.
"Serves em right. Bastard."
The elf then moved along the hallway seeking the treasury with a happy smile on her face. How hard can it be to find? Either at the top or in the dungeons. MOOOOOST likely in the dungeon. But. can't hurt to look! the happy elven thief hummed a tune as she bounced along the hall before turning a corner and runnign smack into a beautiful blonde woman.
"Eep! Sorry!"
Sori helped the lady to her feet and going pale as she saw who she'd run into.
"Lady veronica! I'm sorry!"
The princess smiled warmly at the bubbly spirit.
"It's quite alright, miss. You're a happy one."
Veronice had grown over the last ten years into a beautiful woman just like her mother. her blonde hair hung to her feet and was now always combed into a shimmering straightness while her blue eyes had been altered with a spell to a shining emerald green. her skin was sunkissed and her breasts had grown from perky double Ds to triple Ds and still needed no support. She was clad in a light robe and smiled as she eyed the sexy maid.
"If you want to make it up to me, that room there is empty."
Sori smiled widely as the princess was a legendary ladylover.
"Please allow me to grovel milady!"
the princess took the eager elf to the room in question and stripped her down while kissing her. The princess' gown was next and Sori groaned as she saw her .lovely body.
"I am so sorry, milady! Allow me to make you feel better!"
Veronica smiled as she laid on the bed with the elf kissing her.
"Be nice!"
"I will! YOu too."
"Ha. You're funny. I like that."
Sori was quick to dive into the royal girl's slit for a meal and Veronica was instantly moaning as the elf fed well. The blonde spun the purring girl around and shoved her face into her slit.
"I love elven pussy."
"I love ROYAL pussy!"
"Good girl."
The two sated their lust for an hour before Veronica kissed her elven bedmate.
"Next time I'll use a toy on you."
Sori smiled happily at THAT dark warning.
"I might do it again! INTENTIONALLY this time!"
The princess laughed at her eagerness.
"I see you need a more intense lesson. My chambers are open tonight."
"I'll be humble."
"Good girl. And I love your tits."
Sori smiled as she rubbed her Cs.
"They're still growing. Mother says I SHOULD be a full d by the time they stop."
Veronica suckled a little on her chest at that.
"I'd say my size. Lucky girl! They hurt?"
"My back does sometimes."
"roll over. I'll teach oyu a trick."
Sori smiled and complied. The blonde princess smiled as she started rubbing the girl's soft back in the same manner she had been taught. Sori moaned.
"Oh my, Milady. That feels great!"
"I learned this from the Monster that night."
"I'm sorry you suffered."
"I'm not. Girls are more fun!"
"So true! And you don't have to marry now. So win-win!"
Veronica smiled as she kissed the elf's spine, making her shiver.
"Yay US."
"I heard it died. Do you know?"
"I don't actually. Why you asking?"
"My friend and I made a bet. She says it's still alive and i said it's dead."
"Ah. Stakes?"
"I win SHE has to open as the bottom. SHE wins. it's me on my knees."
Veronica chuckled as she rubbed a cream into the elf's firm ass.
"he's dead."
"DAMMIT. She's rough!"
The blonde laughed at her disappointment.
"I'll be nice to it. maybe."
"Now I'm scared!"
"Oh that was adorable."
The elf was massaged into a marshmellow by the skilled princess and they kissed before getting dressed. Veronica smiled.
"My chambers are on the third floor."
"I'll break in!"
"You do and I'll be more forceful. AND invite Mothers."
"Now i AM."
The blonde smiled as they walked out.
"See you tonight, Sori."
The elf sighed longingly as the princess walked away with an added hipsway.
"She is even more amazing than the stories give her credit for."
The thief licked her lips as she returned to her hunt for treasure.
"Tastier too!"
The sated elf hummed as she searched the highest floors for the entrance to the treasury and even the royal chambers. The horngirl elf smirked as she stole a pair of the queens' panites for herself.
"Sexy black tiger! Score!"
And just for the extra evil she stole a toy from Ember's side of the bed that had seen much use.
"And kinky too!"
And with her trophies the elf headed for the dungeons. The black haired elven maid smiling as she passed through the nearly empty throneroom with her trophies in her outfit looing around. Veronica was on her throne while her mothers were out and Sori leered at her. The princess licked her lips and the elf shivered.
"OOooh I love that girl!"
Veronica chuckled as she walked by.
"I will expect you!"
Sori smiled as her pink eyes were full of longing.
"I'll be wet!"
The blonde chuckled as the maid left.
"I'll take THAT out of your ass."\
Sori refocused as the thief found a set of stairs leading downward into the bowels of the castle. The elven girl moved along the steps with a nervousness that she would play up as a lost servant if caught. Sori walked along the torch lit staircase keeping a close eye for any doors or secret levers that would HIDE a door while she moved. The decent took her a good fifteen minutes of straight walking before the elf found herself in the dungeons of Tora. She gulped at the lines of thick doors that housed the city's criminals. The place lit up by torches and lanterns while a few patches of sunlight streamed in from a set of steel grates in the roof that showed the undersidesof toliets. Sori moved along the lines of cells with a nervous courage as she sought the treasury; passing occupied cells with men and women all smirking at the little elf.
"If ya lookin for the treasury, little lady, ha, man are YOU lost."
Sori stopped at the gravely tone of a man in a cell.
"You know where it is?"
"Ha. Five layers down. But. No one but the TORTURERS go there anymore. They handle the deposits nowadays."
The warted man chuckled darkly as he moved into the darker section of his cell.
"You'll see. They should be done for the day. SHOULD BE."
Sori gulped at that and kept moving to the staircase at the far end of the hall that led downwards. As she was lost to sight the man chuckled darkly.
"I wonder if the Monster is still alive? Somethin tells me she'll find out."
Sori decended into ever deeper and ever darker dungeons that held the worst of the worst criminals in the queendom until she reached the indicated layer.
"Five down."
This layer was near pitch black with a single door at the far end of the hall. The hall was made from rotting stone lined by cracks and mold that gave the aarea a foul stink that made the poor elf gag. But her greed drove her onward as she sought to claim her fame. Her black soled shoes clicked on the stone floor while she danced around puddles of muck and grime. Around her rats and other critters squeaked and squealed at her distrubing their lives as the elf approached a steel door set into the far wall. As she reached it the sound of locks being undone was heard and, thinking quickly, the elf dove to the side of the wall the door would open into. she wasn't a moment too soon as the door opened and a set of flushed men and women walked out.
"Always fun."
"Indeed. That thing is strong."
"Hard to believe it's only been ten years. I feel like we've had it for centuries."
"well. it is rare to find such a toy that LASTS as long as it has. And yet it seems to have entered into a death state."
"Nah. it's just hybernating. Like a bear in the winter."
"I think I'll bring the spell tomorrow. Been too long since we made it ACTUALLY scream."
Sori shivered as the 20 or so tortuers left the chamber. Those are the royal torturers. Poor bastard. whoever it is. Then her sharp ears heard something.
"The deposit was made."
"Good. it was ingenious to put the door to the treasury inside hte most secure cell in the queendom. NOTHING can get inside it. OR OUT of it."
The door started to shut and Sori was qucik to dart inside before it creaked closed.
"I will!"
The torturers didn't hear her mousey squeak as they were too far gone from the door. The smugly triumphant elf stuck her tongue out at the now silent hall.
"I'll get out! I AM hte great Nightingale!"
She turned around to inspect the hall, and nearly screamed in shcok at what she saw. And only her greed stopped her from doing so. for hanging before her in a set of chains was an emciated man with foot length, snow white hair and thousands upon thousands of scars crisscrossing his 6 foot tall frame. The elf then noted the man's head was bowed and he didn't seem to be conscious.
"Phew. makes sense. NO ONE stays conscious when the royal torturers visit."
The elf then looked at the man curiously. He stood six feet tall with a skeletal frame and a large hose she was AMAZED hadn't been cut off.
"Oh. They play with it. eh."
The man's skin was pale white from lack of sun and his hair was snow white from years of torture and lack of the same light. His nails had been torn out and seem to have bene regrown again, and he was covered in so many scars it was rather impressive. Sori shrugged and looked around the 10 foot by 10 foot cell when her razor tipped ears caught another sound in the room with her.
The sound of strong, uninterrupted breathing.
She looked in it's direction to see only the hanging man as blood and black liquid dripped from the fresh cuts in his skin and where the manacles cut. The elf whistled.
"Tough bastard."
"Thank you."
She jumped back in horror as the man replied in a hard, deep tone with a rather polite feel. The elf gulped as the man stirred in his chains and lifted his blood red eyes to gaze at the elven girl curiously. Sori's heart was jackhammering in her chest as she gazed into the man's burningly intense red eyes that were full of a dark humor as he looked at her.
"So. YOU'RE new."
She gulped at the distinctly curious tone in the man's hard voice.
"I'm Sori! I'm a thief!"
"Oh. Vaults that way. Look for the third chain."
"Thank you!"
The man chuckled.
"Sure. If ya leave em a copper ya failed."
she smiled at that one as the elf had always loved a good bit of humor.
"No promises!"
"well. I'll be very disappointed."
"What's your name?"
"My name? Huh."
The man tilted his head as he dug into his memory.
"Oh yeah. It's Tyler. That's an odd feeling. haven't had to use it much. Oh. Ya might wanna hurry. The watermage should be here in fifteen minutes."
The man hung his head again and seemed to go back to sleep or dormant or whatever as Sori went to the chains.
"On the left."
She dugged the chain and the wall opened with a grinding of stone and the greedy elf gasped as she saw the masses of gold, silver, gems, magical items, and other such spectacular loot. She looked back to the hanging Tyler.
"I demand ten gold for my help."
She laughed and walked inside.
The man chuckled behind her as she walked into the treasury of the queendom. with a snigger the pink eyed elf dove to fill her enchanted pouch of all manner of goodies from gold by the fistful, to gems the size of watermelons, to even a few pieces of enchanted weapons and armor. The elf counted the timer in her head down before finding a large crown resting on a pedestal. the thing decorated in gleaming diamonds and rubies with a rearing dragon motif upon the crest. Sori grabbed it and stuffed it in her pouch before opening it and dragging it along the top of gold coins and left the vault to leave. Tyler was still hanging in the chains and she went to the door lookignfor the release. She smirked as it was merely a locked door with a crossbolt enchanted to never open.
The thief closed the vault and took a crystal from her pocket and touched the bolt and locked with it. there was a click and the door opened wih a soft creak of hinges. She walked out and shut the door smiling.
"Bye, Tyler! Thanks for the help!"
she smiled at the hard toned response before makign for the stairway. The estatic elf had her pouch hidden under her robe as a good maid should and she'd even hid the queens' loot in it too. I'm FAMOUS! I robbed the queens' vault! Sori was full of euphoric joy as she walked up the stairway heading for the throneroom to go about her usual duties. I'll plow Veronica again tonight and tomorrow I'll head home to brag! I robbed the-oof. the joyous girl had walked around a turn in the staircase leading up from the dungeon and straight into a blue robed mage heading down. The woman blinked as Sori hit the stone.
"what the hell are you doing down here, missie?"
The elf squeaked.
"I got lost! Where the hell am I?"
Thae mage sighed as she looked at the infuriated maid.
"Oh for gods sake. How the hell did you get THIS lost?"
"That's what i want to know! I was LOOKING for the kitchens and Lira said she knew a shortcut. Go down this hallway and just keep following it! What the hell?"
The mage just slumped.
"dammit Lira. That's HILARIOUS. But dammit. Come on. You found the royal dungeons."
"Oh. Awwww COME ON! what the hell Lira?"
sori slumped as she followed the water mage up the stairs muttering darkly.
"damned catgirl. what the hell? lady Mira is going to be PISSED!"
The mage chuckled as she patted the elf.
"Let that be a lesson. lira's an ass."
"Noted. I'm Sori."
"Cindi. And you never thought to stop and turn around?"
"I did that twice. And then everything looked the same."
"Oooh. You should not be left alone."
The elf smiled sheepishly at that as they walked.
"Mother always said I was the type of girl to get lost in a straight hallway. i thought she was being mean."
"Mothers always see the truth of it."
Sori sighed in defeat as they left the stairwell. They were walking and she tripped on a stone.
"Awww come ON! Gimme a break."
Cinid laughed at this klutz of a maid and helped her up.
"You're adorable. we-hm?"
A gleam of gold was seen ont he floor and Sori grumbled as she took the coin.
"Now I'm losing money!"
Sori blinked at Cindi's tone now and looked at her hurt.
"I got paid. And I always carry my pouch on me."
"The coin."
The elf had a look of visible confusion as she passed it over. The coin in question had a king on the front of it with a queen's face on the back. The water mage looked at her darkly and Sori bawled.
"What?! I found it on the stairs! what is it? it's just a gold coin right?"
Cindi smirked.
"Oh you're a clever little thief. THIS is a King coin. Or. A coin that never leaves the royal vault as they be a banned currency in the queendom."
"really? why the hell is a gold coin banned?"
Sori had a look of cute confusion on her face and Cindi smirked thinner.
"when the queens came to power they dethroned Marrisa's father to do so. The king coins are enchanted with a spell to keep track of their whereabouts as they are recycled into Queen coins. Since the father was such a horror they are erasing any memory of the man from history. Coin tracker."
Sori's chest glowed bright blue and she sighed as her cover was blown.
"Dammit. That's a dirty trick. An that's coming form ME."
Cindi chuckled as her staff was lifted.
"Oh it is a dirty trick. THIEF!"
Sori tossed a canister at the woman's feetand a smoek screen exploded from it as an alarm was raised in the palace.
"Dammit. I was SO close!"
The little elf ran from the hallway back thye way they'd came as a pack of royal knights came racing after her. The fleetfooted elf outdistanced them quickly and threw another enchanted canister that released a poison that halted the rushing knights advance with the first few dying from the toxins and tripping their fellow knights in the process. Sori smirked as she ran.
"Bucket headed idiots."
The elf reached the bottom layer and was running when she remembered there was only one place to go.
"Dammit. Oh I think i can find a place to hide."
She raced for Tyler's cell and closed the door with a soft slam. The elf was looking aroudn frantically as Tyler's head lifted.
"well. hello there."
The pink eyed elf looked at him.
"I got caught!"
"enchanted coins?"
"enchanted coins."
"That's a dick move. Original though."
"Not helping. But it is."
"Ha. So how fucked are ya?"
She sighed and slid down the door.
"The usual. Pack of howling knights, angry rulers. You get the idea."
Tyler chuckled in his hard edged chuckle.
"You COULD try hiding in the vault."
"It doesn't open from the inside."
"Ha. You SURE?"
She looked at him suspiciously.
"What do you know?"
"well. HOW many enchanted items did you find?"
"Yeah. No door, make a door."
"You're smart."
She went for the chain and tilted her head. Then looked at him.
"why are you donw here?"
"The princess said I raped her. i didn't. it was a powerplay to get the other heroes to understand they had to follow their new rules."
"Tha Monster?"
Tyler chuckled at her new horror.
"Is THAT what they call me? ha. Lame."
Sori glared daggers of hate at him now.
"You raped the princess-"
"NO. I DIDN'T. The stories are wrong. But whatever. Might wanna hurry."
She snorted and opened the vault.
"Die down here."
"Eh. I won't. YOU might."
The elf glared at him as he hung his head again and went into the vault. So the Monster DOES live. And he denys his crime. Ha. Of COURSE he does. The thief refocused on her current escape and looked for a suitible enchanted item to get her out of her predicerment. She looked at countless wands, staffs, swords, and even a few shields but didn't find anything she could use to escape the vault or the dungoen. The elf was getting desperate as she heard the sounds of knights racing outside and was faced with a choice. either shut the door and go for broke looking for an escape, hide in Tyler's cell and pray they didn't find her, or surrender and play the aspiring thief angle. She gritted her teeth and ran for the vault door and Tyler watched her with a blank expression as she looked for a place to hide.
"Seems you're backed into a corner."
Sori looked at the white haired man in desperation.
"Can YOU get out?"
Tyler shrugged as best he could in the chains.
"maybe. I've only been hanging around however long."
She gritted her teeth.
"If I undo the chains?"
He fixed her with a burning red gaze.
"if you did what?"
The elf thief smirked as she saw the now blazing gaze of the man.
"If I release you? I HAVE the spell. I mean. YOU did see me use it."
"The crystal. Huh. Interesting. If you released me, well, I'm sure I could pull SOMETHING outta my ass to get us out of here."
"And how good is your word, MONSTER?"
Tyler chuckled as he looked at her.
"That's for YOU to decide, little elf. YOU don't have the luxury of time. release me and take a chance. or die for certain. make a choice."
The elf glared at him as she weighed the option in her head. Then sighed.
I've seen this trope so many fucking times it's not even funny. Tyler watched as the elf had her mental debate. The man felt ridiciolously weak and frail. But. He still had strength in his body and his dead heart to stand. So he'd bided his time in a semidead stasis for the last however long he'd been down there. The man had long given up on his loonged for fresh start and so abandoned his ideals. his hair had turned snow white from the tortures he'd suffered while his eyes had turned blood red from the same. He smirked as he looked at the elf.
"So, Sori, what's it gonna be?"
The elf glared at the man in chains.
"Get me out. And we'll go our seperate ways."
"You've made a deal with the Demon."
Tyler watched as she pulled a red crystal from her belt and walked over to the hanging man. Tyler smirked as she reached for his right arm and touched the blackened manacle. There was a click and the thing released his arm to hang limply by his side. Next was his left arm and then his legs. Tyler hit the stone floor with a thud and grunted at the impact. His boy was insanely weak from torture and numerous untreated diseases as he forced his 6 foot frame to stand tall before the girl. He clenched a fist as he felt what remanants of his strength he had left. The he smirked as he looked at her.
"I'mma borrow that crystal a second."
She passedit over glaring.
"Try anything and I'll kill you."
"You're too cute for threats toots."
The elf's hand flew to her dagger at his mocking tone. The man reached up and tapped the chains' bedding in the stone. they released and he took them to seal the cell door from the sindie before looking to the vault.
"Load up."
Sori had hate in her eyes as they walked into the vault. Only to gasp as he slammed the door shut behind them.
"Are oyu insane?"
"Yes. but not the issue. We need time. As much time as we can get."
The weakened man walked into the vault proper and his red eyes were darting aroudn until he smiled widely, and revealed his teeth were now decorated by a pair of razor sharp fangs. Sori blinked.
"You're a vampire?"
"No. I don't know WHAT I am anymore. Somewhere along the line they....changed me. Why my blood's black and not red."
The elf then noticed he WAS still bleeding from numerous wounds and vicious cuts. and that the blood was indeed black.
"You get used to it."
He lifted a scroll from the pile of valuables and she frowned.
"That's just a scroll of restore."
"A grand healign scroll. yeah. I know."
He opened it and read aloud.
"here me oh merciful goddess. I besige you for my mortal vessel has been sorely wounded. Please see fit to restore the strength and vitality I took so for granted."
The man glowed bright blue as the powerful scroll took effect. Sori watched witha tapping foot as his wounds were healed, his diseases purged, and his muscles popped with some needed bulk. Tyler smiled widely as he felt a new strength surge through his body and the layers of throbbing pain receed.
"Better. Next step."
"Hurry up."
"we got ten minutes."
Tyler looked around now and smiled as he spotted another scroll.
"A scroll of fireball explosion. perfect."
"All that does is cause an explosion."
"ever gone mining?"
"You'll learn something. Now. Step three."
He looked at the weaponry on offer in the vault and smirked at a large greatsword hanging on a peg. The thing was 6 feet long with a rippled, foot wide blade and twihn edges that tapered to a vicious tip. the weapon had a golden cloth wrap and Tyler smiled as he lifted it off the rack.
"right where it should be."
He then flicked his long, snow white hair over his back and cut most of it off with the sharper then a razor sword. The result was his foot length hair now being cut to a buzz cut. Happy he took some golden thread to tie the hair into a 2 foot thick tube as Sori glared at him.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Using tricks from MY world."
"Wow. I'm going to regret this."
He then looked at the vault again and spotted another scroll.
"Ooooh. a scroll of Hellish explosion. Another blast. Good. Now I need.....some freakin pants."
Sori smirked at his indignant outburst.
"They stole even your pants."
"That's not cool man."
"Neither is raping the princess."
"I didn't. But whatever."
"I know the story."
"That the QUEENS wrote. That's fine. History is written by the victor."
"Nice line."
Tyler looked at the clothing on off and smirked as he saw another spell.
"Ghost's aspiration. Dyes hair AND eyes. Perfect."
Sroi frowned as he put the spell into his chest.
"Do you even know HOW to cast magic?"
"I wasn't JUST hanging there. Kinda sorta."
He looked at rhe elf.
"Ghost's Aspiration."
She rushed him as the spell took effect and he smirked. The elf stabbed at him with a dagger, only for the tall man to sidestep, grab her wrist, and lift her high into the air as she kicked and flailed.
"All I did was dye your hair and color your eyes."
"It's called strategy. Uuugh. and you're supposed to be a thief."
She glared at him and he spun the helpless girl around to point her face at a mirror.
"See? NOw you're a blueberry with green eyes."
the elf frowned.
"How is THAT gonna help us?"
"bait an switch."
"Okay that's clever. YOU?"
He cast the spell again and his snow white hair was dyed a blood red while his eyes were now a piercing shade of blue. the man dropped the girl unceremonisly on the floor to go look at a cloak. He smirked as he drapped the black furred thing over his back. Once he clasped it closed he hung the greatsword on his back before pulling a pair of enchanted boots onto his feet. The result was the man now looking like a shadow with his sword. next he looked at sori.
"Take that maid outfit off."
"Fuck off."
"You wanna escape?"
"HOW is that gonna help us?"
"easy. Another dead elf in a maid outfit. AFTER a massive explosion."
She glared at him with humilation in her eyes and tears as she did indeed strip. Tyler took her clothes and tossed the naked girl a cloak too. he then went over to the vault door and smirked.
"right on schedule. Get ready things are gonna pick up quick."
She glared at him as the nearly naked elf took a spot behind him.
"I hate you."
"Tell me something I don't know."
"I still have my loot."
"Cool. So do I."
Shje noted a pouch on his waist.
"Some a the coins-"
"Are enchanted. i know."
"And you didn't warn me because?"
"Thought you knew."
She groaned as the door to the vault started opening and Tyler read the fireball explosion scroll.
"Here me goddess of fire. lady Ifrit. Show us the power of your almighty flame. FIREBALL EXPLOSION!"
The blast had been aimed at the visible ceiling of the cell and the result was a massive blast that sent a fireball roaring downt he hallway after the door had been blown off it's hinges. No fewer then forty knights and guards died in the intial explosion while no fewer then fifty more were killed by the searing heat. Tyler and Sori had been fine as he'd pinned her against the wall holding her ears as he took the brunt. The elf was helpless as he held her for the moments the blast and chainreaction took effect. Then he smiled as he let her go.
"5 minutes."
She followed him to see a gigantic hole had been blown into the walls of the dungeon. No sky was een, but there was a new 100 feet of open earth around them. She blinked as the wily man got to stripping a man of similar height and build of his armor and clothes.
"explosions in a cramped space are always amplified. it's a miner fear. A fire in a cramped tunnel."
"oh mygods."
"Loot that ranger. You about her size."
the elf obeyed on autopilot as Tyler got dressed in the plunder knight's tunic and chaps with his platearmor further disguising his build. Sori dressed herself in the dead elf's leather tunic and shorts before Tyler redressedthe elf in Sori's discarded maid outfit. Then castthe spell to give the man the same hair color and eyes as he had and the elf Sori's. Then he set his cuthair to burning around the man and he set the elf on fire. Then they were moving to the hallway and the elf blinked.
"Are we gonna walkout the front door?"
"pretty much. Keep quiet and seem shellshocked."
"Umm. Sure."
The man had a wrapping on his greatsword as they walked up the steps with thousand yard stares as a mass of other knights came racing downt he steps, led by noneother then Marrisa. The blonde queen resplentant in a red robe wielding a staff. Tyler knelt before her and Sori copied his posutre.
"Report captian."
"Ma'am. The prisoner got into the vault and set off a fire explosion spell. It killed so many so quick. me and Leaf here were lucky enough to have bene beside the door when the blast went off. We looked, and they were both killed."
"Nonsense. That bastard is wily."
"Ma'am. Not to call you a lier, but the bodies are there in the cell."
The blonde nodded and looked tot he kneeling elf.
"she doesn't speak, ma'am. she followed Aurorua."
"Ah. I see. My apologies. Captain, dismissed. we'll take it from here."
"Of course, Milady."
The man and elf rose and let the procession pass. Then they were walking along the hallway as Sori shivered. She opened her mouth-"
"Not until we are outside."
She closed her mouth at that and they walked along the hallway as more knights were stationed to keep the now rowdy prisoners under control. Sori got close to the confidently striding man as he led the way out of the dungeon and into the throneroom. As they walked another knight came up.
"Captain! Report."
"Go on."
the man banged a fist.
"The princess is secure in her chamber. And lady Ember is attendign her flame."
"Good man. The prisoner is dead. and Lady Marrisa is checking this herself."
"Sir! Your orders?"
"Make sure the southern gates are secure. If that bastard pulled a fastone, we will be ready."
"At once!"
The man left,
"Belay that order."
Marrisa came striding from the stairs with an expressionof relief and Tyler looked at her.
"I apologise for the doubt, Captain. Tghe Monster is extremely crafty."
"Is the corpse his?"
"It is. and the elf is the thief Cindi encountered."
"I ask as i had not seen the Monster with my own eyes, ma'am."
She smiled warmly at her loyal knight.
"Well done Captain. a promotion and a boon is in order."
Tyler smiled.
"You honor me, milady. I looted this off the corpse."
He revealed the greatsword and she nodded.
"You have a good eye, Captain. that is the sword of the Dragon King. it is enchanted with no scabbard as you are aware, it will never dull, never rust, and has the spell dragon slash built into it."
"I am not familar."
"It sends a beam of fire the color of the wielder's soul in a stroke."
"That is indeed impressive, Milady. I ask my boon be the sword."
"Granted. Oddly enoguh I forgot i had that."
"I can see that. Kinda hard to see what the basement holds when you never go down there."
The blonde smiled warmly at this and kissed the handsome knight.
"So true, Captain. what is your name?"
"Jack. I haven't decided on a last name as my familty name is a fell one."
"Ah. Perhaps....Goldencrown?"
Tyler smiled widely at that.
"Perhaps. I fear i need to accomplish many more deeds to prove worthy of such a boon. But. I shall most definitely try."
Marrisa kissed him again and they got into a makeout session right there in the throneroom before she leaned into his ear.
"Impress me tonight, and we'll see."
"Why wait?"
"Oooh eager. There's a room there."
The pair went into the room and Sori smirked as she took a meditating pose by the door.
Marrisa smiled as she stripped out of her robe.
"I love a hero man."
Tyler chuckled as he stripped out oft he armor.
"An honor milady."
she groaned at the hose.
"Oooh. SLAY me with that!"
"with lust!"
He kissed her as she ran a hand over his smoth chest and he slid into her as he tackeld her to the bed. The queen moaned as he rode her well for a few hours and she got flooded many times and climaxed many more. The woman sighed happily as she kissed him.
"That was the best sex I've had in some time, Jack."
"A pleasure to pleasure you, milady."
"Oooh. eloquent. and please call me Marrisa."
"Of couse Marrisa."
she smiled.
"And what IS your family name? I'm curious."
"Captain jack Sparrow. There is a ring to that i love."
"Ha. I may keep it then."
He kissed her again and she moaned.
"Oooh my pussy hurts, my ass hurts and my poor nipples are RAW! I love it! Okay. YOUR new duty is to do this to me again."
A large key appeared in her hand and she passed it to him.
"MY lay key. use it whenever you see fit, My love."
"With lust and longing, my queen."
He kissed her again and she sighed.
"We must return to our duties."
"So true. Leaf needs to visit the forest to pray for her luck."
"I see. She a friend?"
"Partner. i owe her a debt."
"Ah. A guardian. Go on. I need to recover."
He kissed her and got dressed before heading out the door. Sori looked at him and he smiled.
"we'll head to your forest, Leaf. Aurora will hear you."
She nodded esxpressionlessly and they walked out hand in hand. Tyler smiled as they left the palace to be faced with a funnel like city built around the sides of a mountain. The palace was at the top of the funnel and the city decended the sides in distinct tiers. The man smiled as he ran a hand through his red hair.
"Never gets old."
Sori nodded as a lower ranked knight cameup.
"Captain. Report."
"Go on lad."
"The second tier is secure."
"Good man. How's the third?"
"Boringly secure."
"If it gets excitin let me know."
"Will do!"
The man left and the duo headedfor the base of the mountain. Sori was keeping her stone faced mask on as Tyler enjoyed playing captain as he gave orders and restructured the guard to keep them AWAY from the gate leading into the forest. The pair reached the gate and were stopped by a knight.
"Sir. Your business?"
"escorting Leaf here to the trees. Aruora."
"Ah. Queen Ember is a most cautious one. The gates have to ask."
"I understand completely."
The party headed along the 150 foot long tunnel in the city walls that led to the other side. As they walked a hero party was seen walking into the city from the opposite direction. The girl in the lead was a verypretty blonde with blue eyes and massive breasts barely contained in her egyptian chest piece armor. Tyler caughther eye and she went white as a ghost as she recognized his face.
He frowned at her dumbfounded expression.
"My apologies, Milady hero, we've never met. MY name captain jack."
"Mary, come on. That's just a knight captain. the freak's dead, remember?"
The blonde shuddered and looked at the captain.
"Your last name?"
"Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow if ya please. Fare well!"
Tyler took the elf by the arm and walked out the gate as Mary was even MORE dumbfounded by Tyler's mimicry of the line AND speech pattern of the movie line. Sori smirked as she sensed a dark hint had been passed as they walked through the forest. Tyler smiling as his ruse had bluffed their way out of the city and the elf sighed once they were at a afe deistance.
"That. Was a STORYBOOK escape."
Tyler chuckled.
"Be amazed how much a simple hair cut and eye change can do, Sori. And so here you are. i got you out."
She smiled at the tall blonde man.
"I...thank you, Jack. what'll you do now?"
"Go have fun with this."
He twirled the queen's lay key around a finger and she burst out laughing.
"You're the Monster, and you seduced the mother of the girl you're said to have raped?"
"I didn't."
"whatever. Oh I have read that in SO many books it's not even funny! You're gonna again aren't you?"
"Nah. I'll get Ember's key. And try for veronica's. And then leave."
"Oh you're gonna rape the princess again?"
"I didn't the first time. what I'm going for is humilation."
"And the way that hero reacted?"
"It's something from our world."
"Oh that's a classic taunt."
"Ha. what'll you do?"
Sori shrugged and looked to the forest.
"I swapped the king coins for queen coins in the vault. I got enough to last me several thousand years at least. I think I'll go home. retire."
He flipped her a spell.
"Ghost Aspiration. They had two."
"Thanks, Tyler. I still know you're the Monster. The proof is irriefuteble. But. You kept your word. Farewell."
"Was fun Sori. Wanna run together you know where to find me."
She smiled and walekd off into the trees as Tyler turned back to the city. I'll build a reputation in the city as a knight captain. And get my keys before the big reveal. Maybe some ball. Or. when they owe me. BIG time. the man smirked wickedly ashe approached the gate and the guard slauted him.
"Captain jack. Your companion?"
"Leaf's a free one, lad. Likes to just take off when she hears Aurora's call. she'll be fine."
"Lucky lass. Is she your wedded?"
"Ha. Sadly not. She's sworn to her goddess. And any ladies of beauty."
"Poor man! ha. The queens wish your report ont he Monster."
"Got it corperal."
The armoured man headed for the palace. Ghost Aspiration is an unbreakable spell after a set period. After it has to be ME that releases it. and that period ends......NOW. he felt his eyes itch and he looked at his red haired blue eyed look in a window and smirked as he walked.
"I'mma have some fun with this."
The man returned to the palace and found Ember and Marrisa sitting on their thrones with Veronica on her own. Tyler smirked internally as he saw the princess was now a mirror of her blonde mother. I'mma get you again. My WIFE. Marrisa smiled as Tyler approached and knelt.
"Rise Captain. You've earned that much."
"And that much too."
"I like clarity."
veronica tilted her head at his voice, as if she'd heard it before as Tyler rose to look the blonde queen in the eye. ember smiled.
"So you got my WIFE'S key. MOST impressive."
"Shall I start running, Milady ember?"
"GOOD man. No. YOU are to be tested."
The red haired queen rose to her heeled feet to kiss the man.
"YOU. MY pussy. NOW."
"Yes ma'am!"
Marrisa laughed as Ember all but dragged the captain to the room.
"she's an eager one."
Tyler smiled as he kissed the passionate queen while undressing her. Ember groaned as he unsheathed his sword.
"OOoh DAMN. I want it all."
The blonde man smiled as he slid into her with a kiss.
"Happy to fill you."
"My name is ember."
"Now FUCK me!"
Oooh he did! the man plowed the red haired queen well for a few hours until she moaned through her last orgasm.
"DAMMIT. UUugh. My key."
she slapped her key into his hand and he kissed her.
"You dirty sonuvabitch. YES!"
"well. Go get her."
"Fuckin hell. Marry us."
She poked her hand out the door and Marrisa appeared the next instant.
"Wow. A bold man."
Tyler smiled as he attacked them both.
"I believe in standards."
They laughed and a light knock was heard.
"Oh do come in Veronica!"
The princess walked in.
"I'm horny. the elf i was GOING to play with died."
Tyler chuckled as she stripped.
"well. Lucky me. Okay I need to go visit a temple after."
The ladies laughed as they all attacked the still armed man en mass. The horny red haired man replied with his own assualt on their asses, pussies, and tits as they had a miniorgy with HIM being the last one standing and the ladies all laid out panting. Tyler smiled as he finished his last shot off inside Veronica's tight pussy.
"Damn, Veronica. You're amazing!"
She smiled as she kissed him.
"You're the first man I've had since my rape."
"I'm sorry he was such a bastard."
"Me too. But. Here."
She slapped a THIRD key into his hand.
"I think I can tolerate you. So long as you fuck me like that every time."
"I can do you."
"Good. And it's always fun, Mothers."
Tyler kissed Ember's bulging womb and she smiled.
"Oh dear. You'll have be patient for HER."
"Oh I am MOST patient. And i kinda got a new dream."
Marrisa smirked as he kissed her.
"And thatis?"
He twirled the three keys.
"A full set."
They laughed at this cocky man and veronica just kissed him.
"Oh you're hilarious. Fuck me often!"
"Oh I intend to."
ember smiled as he kissed her and then Marrisa.
"We should clean up."
Marrisa smiled as they took a bath in ahot tub nearby and Tyler did their hair for them.
"Wow, jack."
"I like to make my lover feel as special as I can."
Veronica chuckled as she took her spot.
"Now his brings me back. The Monster did this too. As a ploy you see."
"wow. well. he might have a been a bastard. but i can respect the spoil."
The ladies chuckled as Ember sighed.
"Oh we find commonground in the weirdest things. Saw two guys get into a fistfight over a sports team once.....only to somehow wind up discussing the finer points of blacksmithing. Annnnd then they were back to fistfighting."
Veronica laughed at the image presented.
"I can see a few people doing that."
Tyler smiled as he kissedher spine and she shivered.
"Oioiih you evil sonuvabitch."
"I try."
Ember took her spot and he got to work on her flaming tresses. Marrisa smiled as she looked at her daughter's shimmering hair.
"You look beautiful, Veri."
The princess smiled as she looked in a mirror.
"It hasn't looked THIS good since the Monster."
Marrisa blinked at that one.
"Are you sure? Doesn't seem any different to me?"
Veronica shrugged as she got into the water.
"Eh. It's how it looked that night. BEFORE the bed."
She blinked at what she'd just said and the blondes looked to where Tyler was kissing Ember wih the comb in her hair. The pair looked at their looks of horror curiously.
Marrisa pointed a trembling finger to the man with the blonde hair and blue eyes.
Tyler smirked as a dagger appeared over Ember's womg.
"Ghostly Aspiration."
The women froze in terrified horror as his snow white hair and blood red eyes were seen. Veronica and Marrisa were trembling as Ember was trapped with the knife over her full womb.
"Don't. please."
Tyler chuckled darkly as he leaned over her shoulder.
"Why shouldn't I? I don't know how long I was down there."
"Ten years."
"Oh really? Huh. Seemed shorter for some odd reason."
Marrisa gulped.
"name your demands."
Tyler smiled wickedly as he kissed the red haired queen.
"They're simple. I want to know WHY. Veronica. WHY me? We'll start there."
The blonde girl slumped in the water.
"YOU were a scapegoat."
"You do release there's easier ways to prove a point? Right? Liiiike saaaay using a convicted killer as the goat? Kill him, and SAY he was a hero. Seriously. WHO would argue? Not like we'd KNOW."
Marrisa looked at her daughter in utter horror.
"Oh my gods. Oh my gods."
Ember was tremblin as the powerful man caressed her belly. Tyler chuckled as the blonde queen loked at him.
"Your next demand?"
"Veronica HONOR her marriage vow. TO ME."
The princess had a fresh look of horror as marrisa had tears fall.
"You....WILL rape her."
"I could just kill all four of you. I mean. I WOULD get away scott free. Since ya know. I did it already."
The women shuddered as they remembered. Veronica just looked at him with pleading in her bl;ue eyes.
"Please, Tyler. I'm sorry!"
"No you're not. I learned many things in that pit. And you LIED to me. YOU did it to get out of the marriage rite you as a princess had to go through. SHE played along once she saw the ploy. While red head here just backed you up. So. since i spent ten years in YOUR hell. SHE spends ten in MINE. I think that's a fair trade."
Veronica slumped in despair as marrisa had no choice. Ember had a tear fall.
"Veronica is henceforth your lawfully bedded wife. You may kiss the bride."
"Come here."
The princess had no choice and kissed the man holding her pregnant mother hostage. As she did she glowed and Tyler glowed. She sat back sobbing in despair at her new role and Tyler chuckled as he felt a new draw towardsher.
"So THAT'S how it works. Cool. YOU two as well."
They looked at him in horror and ember did it first. She glowed and Marrisa followed suit right after. Tyler chuckled as he looked at them.
"Wel;l isn't this nice. A FAMILY bath. Next."
He rubbed Ember's belly and she sobbed.
"Please. Not her. She wasn't here when you were cast down!"
"True. Hmmm. I'll think about it."
He looked at Veronica.
"YOU are coming with ME. ON MY adventures."
She looked to her mother.
"Just kill me. Don't let me go with him! Please!"
Marrisa shuddered.
"I'll keep her insurence."
Veronica just looked at her husband.
"I'm sorry Tyler! Please! I just wanted to escape a living hell!"
"And yet. YOU chose to betray me. When I'd done nothing ut try to make YOU smile. I was and AM far stronger then you are Veronica. YOU felt it the second you touched my arm. and yet. How did I treat you?"
She had tears of helpless rage on her face.
"I had no choice!"
"Oh you had a choice toots. YOU just made the wrong one. Oh. You WILL honor duites. ALL three of you."
The queens nodded in despair in the face of their new captor. Marrisa had tears of regret and helplessness in her face.
"And a pardon?"
"Oh no. THAT Tyler is dead. YOU already confirmed it. I just share his name. And his looks. be amazed how many get captured in a war. Speaking of."
He hit his chest with some water and Ember shuddered at the lines now pressed into her body. Marrisa looked ather.
"His body. it's COVERED in scars. MILLIONS of them."
Veronica frowned.
"But he was only down there for ten years."
Tyler stood with a scroll in hand.
"I'll show you. Do NOT move. or boom. I'll live."
The women gasped in horror as they saw his scarred body and he smiled.
"You really thought they were heroes? ha. Ah well."
Veronica shuddered.
"So THAT'S how you survived."
"I'd been through worse. MUCH worse. Oh."
He sat down and kissed the tremblign Ember.
"Free access to and from the city. And YOU."
Marrisa nodded.
"And immunity from the guards?"
"I AM your husbands."
She passed him a golden card.
"for you my......king."
"Oh I'm not interested in being king. Just your husbands. Yeah ruling's never been something I was interested in."
Veronica frowned.
"So...WHY us?"
"Prove a point. And fun on the road. We're gonna be walking a lot. YOU cannot leave my side without asking or it will hurt."
Marrisa nodded.
"A chain will be provided."
"I got one."
He slapped a golden circlet from his armor on Veronica's wrist. She looked at it in horror.
"A bound band. Where?"
"YOUR vault. I love chess."
He slapped the other on his neck and in a place it would be hidden. ember just looked at him.
"I'm sorry, Tyler. Spare my unborn duaghter."
"I'll add the right to make MORE demands as i see fit."
The queens nodded and he smiled.
"Well. Looks like we're done here for now. YOU have a journey to prepare for, my WIFE. The last thing, for this session, I'll demand, is the highest quality camping gear for two. tents, bedroll for two people, you get the idea."
Veronica slumped as Marrisa nodded.
"All demands are granted. You win."
"And to think. All you had to do, Veronica. Was tell me. if you had ASKED for help instead of framing me, you'd have had a hero and a demon on your side. But. NOW look at you."
The victor rose from the water.
"Now. I am NOT a monster. So I'll offer you this."
The ladies looked at him in hope as he pulled his shirt on.
"I said ten years."
He looked at them.
"I am STILL a hero. Summoned only but you get the idea. And since I am better then you, I keep my word. I am going to take her and YOU many times. Since we're married an all. I said ten years. So it will be for ten years."
Veronica shivered at the takings.
"Ten years of rape."
"ha. No worse an what i went through. And I WILL keep you safe. The only thing you'll really need to fear? is ME."
The princess had more tears fall.
"Be gentle. All I ask."
"Sure. Like i was back when. And an hour ago. Ya loved it then."
ember had a look of shame on her face now.
"And we cannot rebuke that. That was the best sex I'd had in years."
"Like i said. I like to make my girl feel special, Ember."
Marrisa glared at him now as he buckled his armor on.
"I didn't have a choice. YOU guessed."
She blinked.
"What the hell were you going to do?"
"Live. Go on adventures. Get my full set. my plan was to get your keys and take off. maybe reveal it at some ball after I killed a dragon or some other bullshit. i just got my freedom back. NO way letting it get away this time."
Veronica looked at him.
"And bedmate."
"And....ten years?"
"You've been sealed away ten years. HOw do we know you'll keep your word?"
"That maid listened."
Marrisa burst out laughing inspite of the situation.
"Oh I see how you did it you bastard! Impersonating a captain and using a disguise spell? I have read that in books!"
"And me the rescued prisoner?"
Veronica smiled herself now.
"I've read this story too. The prisoner and the princess fall in love despite the way they met. All the prisoner wanted was for the princess that betrayed him to see the life SHE'D taken from him. EITH him."
Ember smiled.
"He tore this right from that story."
Tyler smirked as he hung his greatsword on his back.
"Only I'M not that easily pleased. OR merciful."
Veroinica got dressed with a look of resolvedhope on her face.
"All i have to do; is endure ten years of you. and you'll release me."
"Yup. Your mothers will have the same timeframe."
Marssia and Ember got out to dress as well.
"As evil as this is; it is fair. We accept your terms of surrender. and...the bounty will not be placed."
Tyler kissed the red haired queen and she didn't recoil as she kissed him back.
"We're leaving anyway."
Veroica nodded as she pulled her gown on.
"And the terms for the Bonded Chain? Since YOU hold the lead."
He smirked.
"You cannot go further then 10 meters from me. You-huh."
He looked at the golden thing on her neck and the princess slumped.
"You don't even know how to work it, do you?"
"I do. They used it one me a lot. Just digging. ah. If you seek a release it has to be by MY hand or dick. NO girls without asking ME."
She shivered as the slave spell took effect.
Tyler smirked.
"And if I give an order, you obey."
The man then looked at the queens as they stood there nervously.
"And you WILL be pleasing in the bed. AND active."
"Agreed. Just...remember."
"I do."
He kissed the princess andshe shivered as she returned it. The man smiled.
"Alright. Oh. You can explain I hid my name and identity in the queendom due to being an escaped soldier of Analif."
Marrisa sighed.
"And the queendom would buy your appearnce and odd name. The supplies are waiting."
He took the crown off his wife's head.
"You won't be needing THAT anymore! Now. Wait here."
She sat on the bed as he walked out with the queens.
"Oh. And you are forbidden from killing yourself or trying to kill me."
The princess had a fresh sob as she stopped reaching for a knife. The court was shock by Tyler's white haired and red eyed appearnece as the queens explained his origins. The man retrieved the two packs and spent a few minutes looking them over for trackers and smioled as he tossed no fewer then fifteen gems enchanted with tracker spells into a blazing brazier. Ember had despair in her eyes at this as Tyler walked into the room where Veronica was sobbing into her hands. he shut the door and kissed her while putting the pack beside her.
"Your new clothes are in there, HONEY."
she shuddered and he let her get dressed with a turned back as he looked the gear over.
"Hmm. Wow. Okay. I LOVE that freakin bedroll."
"I'm ready."
He looked over and whistled as he saw her new look. her gown had been ditched for a tight fitting tube top that supported her massive triple D breasts and left a large portion of her belly open. her pants were a miniskirt while on her feet were a pair of hiking boots.
"Damn. I like it. and I already found the trackers."
She nodded as her long blonde hair shimmered in the air.
"I figured you would."
He smirked at her spiritbrokenly small voice.
"We'll get going. Oh. Your pack."
She swung it into place and he passed her a diamond tipped staff.
"I guess you're a healer."
"I am. I prefer healing magics."
"You are to support me as a good healer should."
She nodded.
"My name is Tyler, Veri."
The pair walked out and the court smiled as the princess took his arm. a noblemen was heard.
"Safe travels, Princess!"
"enjoy your adventures! we'll look for news!"
Veronica smiled and put on her show of a princess leaving with her warrior husband for a journey. Tyler smiled as he got to swap his heavy platemail for a shirt of just as strong captain's chainmail he hid under his plundered vest. A few ladies whistled at the handsome man and he just chuckled as they walked out the palace door. Veronica sniffed and he kissed her.
"You'll be fine."
"I'm a slave to my rapist husband."
"Could be worse."
She looked at him with thunder in her green eyes.
"YOu could be atthe mercy of royal torturers."
"I hate you."
He kissed her again and she shuddered with shame in her eyes.
"That's fine. You don't need to like me. I like you just enough!"
She shivered at his words as they left the city. Tyler smirked as they headed into the forest.
"Step FOUR."
He swept the princess into a cradle and took off running through the trees.
"Be silent until I say otherwise."
She has no choice but to go silent as the man moved through the trees like a wraith. And for the next two days he ran like that. with the mothers of the princess heartbroken behind closed doors as they learned their tracker party had lost their precious daughter. And that she was now utterly att he mercy of one they had sentenced to a living hell for no justifible reason.

DAY 1.
GOLD: 2500.
KILLS: 50.

Tyler ran with the silently sobbing princess for two full days into the dense forest. at the mornign of the third day the man stopped beside a riverbank and set the terrified princess on the sand.
"You are allowed to speak again."
She nodded with huge green eyes as he looked around. The spot they'd stopped was beside a large river lined by soft brown snad that gently sloped into the slowly lapping current. the forest was rustling softly in the breeze and the trees hung over the river in a rather idyllic scene. He nodded and looked at the scared princess.
"We'll rest here for a bit. Not even a spell can track ME though that type of forest."
Veronica shuddered as he said this.
"Will you rape me?"
"I'll have you tonight. I love a good bedtime ride."
"Sure. Have you ever slept outside?"
she nodded with despair in her green eyes
"I've gone camping before."
"Well. If you want to, you can clean up in the river."
The blonde princess stripped naked and got into the water as the tall man pitched their two person tent. he heard her soft sobs as she cleaned her lovely bodyin the cold water. I'mma ENJOY this. He smiled when he lit a fire and found the queens had loaded their food supplies with high grade turkey and beef. he set some good cow to frying on a grate in the fire as the redressed princess came back and sat by the fire with her long legs drawn up to her chest and tears streaming down her face. He chuckled as she sniffed.
"Day 1."
"I'm sorry."
"WHY Veronica?"
She hid her face in her legs.
"I TOLD you why."
"In front of the queens. NOW we're alone. I COULD order you to tell me."
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Lady. I bullshit my way ouyt of YOUR dungeon with a simple hair cut and hair duye with different eyes. Okay? i then bullshit my way into the beds of te queens AND you before you figured it out. TRY ME."
She looked at him with hate in her green eyes.
"I did it to be free."
he looked at her curiously.
"Of WHAT?"
"The expectations my mothers put on me. THEY knew i was lying. and when you were dragged away I was forced to explain. So yeah. THAT'S why you were down there."
"Huh. And eloping with your hero husband never occured to you?"
"I wanted to keep my princess lifestyle."
"Huh. So you're just a heartless bitch that would rather screw over someone that had been nothing but kind to you, rather thne say your heart."
"Fuck off. Mothers tormented ME the same way."
She had thunder on her face.
"I was raped by them. MANY, MANY TIMES for that. They would use a spell to grow a penis and ride me until I bled."
"And what did you learn?"
The angry princess had hate on her face.
"That disobeying mothers hurts."
"Nice lie."
The girl slumped.
"HOW are you seeing through me?"
"Fuck it. I order you to tell me WHY."
She fought the spell and it's compulsion and he smirked as the girl had tears of pain o0n her face.
"I did it to escape my OTHER marraige!"
She had tears of helpless rage on her face as her voice answered.
"I was ordered to by Mothers. YOU unsettled them and so they ordered me to give you my first and say you raped me."
He frowned.
"WHY? i had done nothing to them. at that point."
Veronica sobbed.
"Because the look in your eye scared and intimidated them. That's why. That's all it was."
"Just a pair of scared women. Did you WANT to?"
"I didn't. No. You were so kind to me. So warm. I.....didn't want to, Tyler. I had no choice."
He sighed as she was telling the truth now.
"I expected as much. Why didn't you just TELL me?"
"You had just arrived. What could YOU do? A hero with no training, no experience, and had JUSRT gotten that sword."
He chuckled darkly.
"Did you not see how I handled the other heroes as they attacked me?"
She hung her head.
"I'm sorry, Tyler. I really am."
"How do ya feel?"
She frowned at that odd question.
"I feel......disgusted and ashamed."
"But don't you feel lighter?"
The girl blinked and looked at him.
"Good. THAT is called the truth. So what are you gonna do about it?"
"I hate you."
"That's fine. You're still openinj leg tonight my WIFE."
She shuddered and he kissed her lovingly.
"And it'll be fun."
He made her a sandwich from the meat and some bread washed down with good riverwater and she fed mindlessly.
"What the?"
Only for the flavor to catch her off guard. Tyler chuckled as he devoured his.
"I'm a good cook too."
The princess devoured her sandwich in seconds.
"Okay. I can relax about the food. That was delicious."
"It's called a burger. Sadly it was rather bland."
"How can it get better?"
He tilted his head at her sudden excitement.
"well. Onions would add a watery taste, I make a needle I can add melted cheese to the center, toppings help too. Seriously go crazy."
She had a look of excitement now on her face and he chuckled.
"Food you can relax on. I don't torment people with food."
"I will hold you to that."
He kissed her and she shuddered. The man took his own bath in the river before laying barechested on the sand. Veronica had stopped crying and was just sitting by the fire with a sad expression on her face and he smiled.
"So if you didn't WANT to betray me, did you mean anything you said?"
She looked at him.
"I did. i meant all of it."
"evne the part you told me you loved me?"
"I wasn't too sure on that end. I was CLOSE though. One more night, and yes I would have loved you. I know you meant everything you said. Your eyes were kinda shining."
"I thought I got my wish."
"A hot blonde princess?"
"That was one of em I won't deny. My wish was a fresh start in a new world. A chance to actually LIVE for fuckin once. Go on adventures and make a legend for myself."
She shivered with a fresh wave of sadness at his own saddened tone.
"I'm sorry."
"Make it up to me."
That made her jump.
"Make it up to you? HOW?"
He looked at her.
"I'm going on adventures now. YOU can take part. As my wife. Partner in hell. And maybe friend. Weird how I ordered that, but you get the idea."
The blonde princess crawled over to look him in the eye.
"All you want, is to go on adventures? With me?"
"Yeah. I'mma tell ya something. The slavery thing? I LIED. It's not for ten years. It's till we're far enough away I can release you and NOT get hunted into the dirt."
"And the rape?"
"Oh I'mma abuse that. Never you doubt. But i'll be gentle like you like."
She slumped.
"You were backed into a corner."
"With the only way out THROUGH you."
"It was an act."
"I meant everything i said, Veronica."
"The keys."
"Were to be my trophies."
She looked at him and he smiled at her.
"I'm not your enemy. I stopped being your enemy when i saw Marrisa react the way she did in the throneroom."
"YOU knew that long?"
"I did. I just wanted YOU to say it to my face."
She had fresh tears on her face as he patted her face.
"I said i'd keep you safe. I'll keep that promise."
The princess dropped into a hug andhe held her as she sobbed heartbrokenly into the chest of the one that had never TRULY blamed her for her mistake. Tyler smiled as he stroked her soft blonde hair.
"Let's try this again, Veronica. Okay?"
She looked up smiling. A new light of hope and joy in her green eyes.
"Yeah! The time we went to sleep."
He kissed her and she kissed him back with a will. The man smiled as she straddled his waist and got deeper into the kiss.
"The band's not coming off till we're far enough away."
"I know. I kinda like the band."
He smiled as she got comfy.
"Gold DOES suit you. Sooo why the emeralds?"
"Dunno. Kinda wanted to try it. How'd you get the hair and eyes?"
"I'm not entirely sure. All I know is one day after the torturers left i had white hair, red eyes and fangs. I had a new voice inside my chest and it said it would keep me alive until the day I could escape."
The princess looked at him curiously.
"The voice give a name?"
"None. it was female and had an odd two tone effect. I THINK it was a demon."
"Maybe. It makes sense since we have to purge demons from the dungeon every year."
"makes sense."
He kissed her and she smiled.
"Sooo.....ARE you that evil now?"
"Yup. I was going to fuck you whether you wanted it or not. Since yoiu're my wife, kinda comes with the territory."
She kissed him more intensely then and pulled back with a plop.
"But the warmth is still there?"
He smirked.
"I can bring the cold out if you like?"
"No this is fine."
He chuckled at her quick shutdown.
"Well. Come on."
They went into the tent and she stripped down first before opening her long legs with a leer.
"It's wet!"
He stripped as well and she smiled as he kissed her.
"Fuck me."
He kissed her deeper and looked deep into her eyes as he slid into her shaft slowly as she moaned. he smirked as he saw nothing but lust and longing in her green gaze. and they he was thrusting away into her pussy as she bucked to meet him. The bonde moaning hard as he took her hands like that night int eh palace before she flipped over to get rammed from behind. The lovers played hard for a few hours before she dropped to the floor panting from good sex. He smiled as he kissed his wife and she smiled.
"I loved it. AGAIN."
He smiled and held her tightly.
"I loved it too. For the THIRD time."
She rested her head on his chest as he held a key up.
"I won't need this anymore."
She laughed at that and the satisfied princess returned it to her heart.
"You didn't know how to use it!"
"Ha. You point it at the fire and say the name of the one that gave it to you."
He smiled wickedly and kissed her.
"I still got a few shots left."
She blinked. Then sighed with a smirk.
"Go on."
He pulled EMBER'S key and pointed it at the fire.
The pregnant queen appeared trembling int eh fire and he smirked.
"YOUR turn."
Veronica moved aside as her red haired mother laid on the bedroll as Tyler kissed the shaking woman.
"Be gentle."
He fed a little on her nipples and her slit before sliding into her tight slit for a ride as she bucked with tears falling down her face. She got her flood and orgasmed on his still ridgid hose. She gulped.
"Please love. it might pop."
"I got my one."
she left with a flooded canal as Veronica smiled.
He pointed MARRISA'S key.
She appeared naked and also trembling.
"Veronica! areyou okay?"
"I am, Mother. He's kept his word."
"Marrisa. On your belly."
"Yes love."
The blonde queen did as requested and he slid into her slit from behind. He smiled and tok her clenched hands in his as the thrusting started.
"Veronica's got the tighter slit."
The woman had tears of shame on her face as the man rode her hard yet gentle like she loved and she orgasmed no fewer then five times and got flooded that many times as her daughter watched. marrisa sobbed as he fell outof her leaking slit.
"That was fun, love. See ya tomorrow!"
She faded out and Veronica kissed him.
"I loved it. Seeing mothers getting raped."
"Like they did you?"
She blinked. Then nodded.
"I wasn't lying about that. They came into my room and raped me with those spells for WEEKS at a time for a solid four months."
"ember has your girl inside her?"
"No. That's Marrisa's. I was just the catalyst for the pregnancy as I was forced into that pile."
"ARE you a ladylover?"
"I love women. YOUR hose too. Mothers just don't ask first."
He was looking into her eyes as she talked and he kissed her.
"I dove into my darkness, Veronica. why don't you?"
The blonde laid on her back at that one.
"Dive into my darkness. I...want to."
He kissed her and pulled the blanket on their forms.
"Why be a good girl in this world, Veronica? Look where that got you?"
She smiled.
"You're right. A dark heart."
"In a dark world."
The girl looked at him.
"With you right there in the dark with me."
"I would. YOU'D join ME in the dark. But. Ya know."
The princess smiled at that and kissed her husband.
"I'll think it over tonight and see how I feel at tomorrow's camp."
"Sure. We're not going anywhere. we're about a week's trip from society and the queens won't be able to walk tomorrow."
Veronica nodded and settled her head on her husband's chest.
"Yeah. Okay. Good night, Tyler."
"Good night, Veronica. I broke that tracker spell they had on you."
"I know."

DAY 2.
GOLD: 2500.
KILLS: 50.

Tyler woke to find Veronica was gone. He sighed at his.
He sat up and felt for the drawing feeling only to find it was pulling towards the river. Curious he walked out and found the naked blonde rubbing some river water into her leg as she bathed. The girl looked over at the sound of sand crunching and smiled.
"Morning Tyler. I wake early."
He smiled as he saw the light in her eyes.
He sat beside her in the water, and noted a set of bare footprints leading into the trees AWAY from camp.
She blushed and kissed him.
He kissed her again and she smiled.
"I'm not going to bolt."
"OR rig a signal pointing to us?"
she blinked and he walked over to look. he chuckled att he small pile of rocks pointing at the trees. The OPPOSITE direction to camp. He looked at her curiously and she smiled.
"Sorry. Wanted to surprise you."
"Huh. have you made a choice?"
"I have. But. I need tonight to make it official....and the keys."
she smiled wickedly and he noted a dark light in her green eyes.
"Yup! I'm going to rape my moms!"
"The spell they used?"
"I have it myself actually. It's called stallion mimic. I grow a penis as long as I want with it. Thick too."
"Pop her water."
"Oooooh you're EVIL! I will."
He walked over and kissed her lovingly. She was there to kiss him back before smiling.
"I'd like to dye my hair please."
"eyes red!"
"Ghostly Aspiration."
Veronica's hair glowed before turning snow white like Tyler's own while her gren eyes went blood red like his own. She tackeld her husband into the river and shoved the hose into her pussy.
"I love you, Tyler! I'm sorry!"
He rolled and she was pinned in the shallow river as they comsumated their REAL marriage.
"I love you too, veronica! I accept your apology!"
The lovers played hard for a few hours before getting out of the river. Veronica laughed as her back had been cut by some rocks beneath the water and Tyler was bruised.
"I like this. NOT often. But I do."
He kissed her and she noted his blood was black as he bled from a cut on his side.
"Black blood?"
"It happened in the pit."
"Wow. I guess you DID get mergedwith a demon. Cool."
He kissed her as he rubbed some of his black blood into her own cut. She shuddered as it burned her before the princess glowed bright red. She screamed in agony as the blood merged with her own. She dropped to the ground screaming in utter torture as the blood alteredher body. with a sound of snapping bones and tearing ligments, the princess grew an extra four inches to stand at Tyler's chin in height. her long snow white hair grew to hang by her feet and it became even more pure white. Her skin bacame paler to match Tyler's own pasty skin while her breasts hardened and became FIVE times perkier while in her mouth a set of razor sharp fangs grew in. The girl's eyes glowed as they became a darker red like Tyler's and she passed out from the sheer hellish pain she was enduring. Tyler blinked as he watched this process.
"So THAT'S how it happened. Yeesh."
The blood stopped flowing out of her back and he smiled as he saw it too was pitch black. He kissed her and laid the changed princess into the tent before laying beside her. The loving husband stroking her softer skin and suckling her bust as she recovered from the hell she'd just endured. Veronica was unconsicous for a few hours and she groaned as she came to.
"What rhe HELL was that?"
Her voice was harder like his was. with a warm purry aspect to it that sent a shiver down Tyler's spine ashe kissed her.
"No clue, Veronica. How are you feeling?"
She sat up with a look of curiosity on her face.
"Taller. And my boobs feel better."
He chuckled as he kissed her while she felt her new assets. The white haired princess examined her new body curiously before looked at him.
"I love it! I look like a vampire!"
"You're beautiful."
she smiled and kissed him before touching her pussy inquistiviely.
"Oooh. it's tighter! And pure too. odd."
"Full circle."
"I give you my purity tonight."
"AFTER you defile your mothers?"
"Yup! You too?"
"We'll rape them together!"
they sealed the evil pact with a kiss and she smiled as they laid down.
"So what'll we do? Going forward I mean?"
"Hmm. Go adventuring like i said."
"Have our way with the world?"
"Let's just set it on fire."
"We'll take it over."
"Yup. it's not the monsters you'll have to fear."
"It'll bhe US!"
"The Demon Lovers!"
She smiled and he stroked her new wild mane of snow white hair.
"I love the improvement."
"So do I. and...will we rape others?"
"I don't see why not."
Veronica smirked evilly.
"I'll see how I feel after mothers. if i like it, well, we'll see."
"Sure. I'm thinking bandits or people like em."
"Me too. we'll seduce anyone we fancy."
"No more men for you."
"Or you. And we'll share the beauties."
"Between us?"
"Most of the time. Sometimes i wanna be greedy!"
"Love you too."
The lovers kissedand he fed on her slit for a bit, loving her pure taste as she orgasmed a few times before sighing.
"I'm hungry."
"Comin right up dear!"
She laughed at that as he made them more burgers on the grate. The snow haired beauty sat beside him as he worked enjoying the fire on her naked skin before looking at the star filled sky and smiled.
"Sorry. Hell's better."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the sky himself.
"a saying from my world?"
"Go to heaven for the climate. Hell for the company."
"I love the. And where the hell the name Jack come from?"
"It's a reference from my world. Captain jack Sparrow is a legendary pirate from some stories. And he is known for extremely wily and convoluted schemes that ALWAYS work out. And you're left wondering. Does he really plan it all out, or makes it up as he goes along?"
"Like how you walked out the front gate of my palace from it's vault?"
"And fucked youin the same manner?"
"YOU are GOING to teachme how to think like that."
"I'll try to at least. NO promises."
She smirked and rested her head on his shoulder.
"We got forever. Since I married a hro i got the same lifespan. So did Mothers."
"Lucky. we can rape them nightly."
"We will."
They fed on good meat and once done Veronica went into the tent as a surprise as Tyler took Ember's key.
The red head appeared sobbing.
"I'm close to term! Please! have mercy!"
She sobbed pitifully as he led her to the tent. Then she had a look of new horror on her face as she saw Veronica and her new appearnce.
"Veri! What happened to you?"
The princess smirked evilly.
"I embraced my own evil, Ember. YOU are for ME tonight! Stallion Mimic."
A 9 inch fleshy penis grew from between the snow haired beauty's thighs and Tyler whistled.
"Just to have it said. NOT into that."
Ember had a look of horror on her face as the girl crawlled towards her.
"No! Get back you monster! it'll pop something! i could lose your sister!"
"I know. i WANT you to."
Tyler held the screaming for help woman down as Veronica got between her flailing legs.
"So Mother, brings back memories? Like how YOU did this to ME?"
Veronica slammed all nine inches of her new dick into her sobbing heartbrokenly mother as she started fuckign her viciously. Tyler smiled as he forced his own hose into the red head's mouth,
"You know what to do. There's a good girl."
Ember had no option but accept the penis and suck as her daughter fucked her pussy with a vicious meaness as she sobbed in heartbroken horror as Tyler madeout with the riding girl. Ember was flooded hard from both sides before the spots were swpped and Tyler was slamming into her slit and Veronica got the soul sucked out of her. Then the pregnant woman was flipped over and her ass was rammed by the snow haired girl. Tyler smiled.
"We're getting crystals love. some hot shit here."
Veronica smiled as she flooded Embher's bleeding ass.
"I love you too. And she's done. Oh. and the kid will be here soon. Soooo NOT in the tent."
She was returned to the fire as she went into a sex induced labor. Tyler smiled as he lifted a key.
The frantic blonde appeared int he fire.
"No! She's going into labor! please let me go!"
The vile pair dove on the terrified blonde and dragged her screaming into the tent as Tyler tore the robe from her body and Veronica made her penis a full 12 inches and 2 thick. Marrisa screamed for help that would not hear as her daughter bit her large nipple.
"Hurts Marrisa, don't it? DON'T IT? it hurt too. when you fucked ME like this!"
The snow haired girl forced her penis into the blonde with a vile force and Marrisa sobbed asshe felty it tear.
"I'm sorry! Stop! please! It huuuuurts! Stoooop! I'm begging you!"
Tyler smiled as he forced his hose into the blonde's mouth.
"Suck it."
The queen was helpless as the pair got to riding her lovely body with the former princess creaming her horriffically ruined pussy.
"Oh. I'm using THAT spell, mother. You'll be pregnant by morning."
Tyler whistled as he flooded the blonde's throat.
"Nice. I love you veronica."
Thye snowhiared girl smiled wickedly as she creamed Marrisa's bleeding pussy again.
"I forsake my name of Veronica Goldncrown. My name now is Sybil Demonswife."
Tyler kissed his wife as they flooded the sobbing queen together.
"I love you, my evil wife."
"I love you too, my vile husband."
The queen was flipped over for her next ride as the duo tormented her for a few hours until they were spent on seed and energy. Tyler smiled as Marrisa was forced to swallow her latest mouthful of girlcream.
"See you tomorrow. HONEY."
She was returned sobbing to her room and Sybil smiled with such validation he kissed her.
"Feel better?"
She hugged him hard as the magical penis faded away and her lovely pussy returned.
"Much. I needed that."
"I have one more for you."
"So do I."
He kissed her as he fit into her still pure pussy with a loving slowness and she moaned as it tore.
"I swear my heart to you."
"I release the bond chain."
The golden bands clicked as they fell off their bodies and she smiled.
"I love you too."
They made sweet love for the next hour until they blew at the same time and he held his wife tightly.
"Good night, my love."
"Good night my love. And we're having them again tomorrow night."

DAY 3.
GOLD: 2500.
KILLS: 50.

Tyler woke to see his lovely snow haired wife asleep in his arms. Much better. he kissed her awake and she smiled.
"Good morning my love."
"Good morning my love. Last night was great."
She intertwined fingers as they cuddled.
"It was. I feel weak though. So need to rest before we fuck again."
"Sure thing Veri-Sorry. Sybil."
"It'll take some getting used to. I like how it sounds."
"I'm keeping my name."
"It's more insulting to those we conquer."
"True. I kinda wanna get moving."
She kissed him.
"Then let's go."
He smiled and they took a bath in the river. The evil man admiring his lovely wife as they cleaned up in the river first thing in the morning. Sybil was a tall, slender beauty of a woman. She stood at just under his chin in height with foot length snow white hair of incredible volume and fluff. her skin was pasty white while her eyes were blood red. her breasts were massive triple ds and were incredibly perky and needed no support on her chest. her waist was narrow and her hips shapely. She had a well cut body with defined muscles on her armsand legs while her ass was heart shaped and firm. The woman smiled as she caught her husband leering.
"Love you too."
He kissed her as they relit the fire and he looked at his own reflection int he water. He stood at an even six feet tall with rounded shoulders and an extremely wiry build. his hair was snow white was rather shaggy long. his eyes were blood red and burned with a blazing intensity while his skin was pasty white. His body was crisscrossed in hundreds of thousands of scars from his tortured life. He had defined muscles and a six pack on his belly. He smiled as the man caught his wife ogling.
"I'll rape YOU you keep looking at me like that."
"Please do!"
So he tackled her to the ground and fit into her ass asshe moaned.
"I loved Marrisa and Ember's screams last night."
He smiled as he pounded his loving wife.
"So did I. More?"
"Sure. We'll try it out on bandits."
He kissed her.
"Let's see if we can't get hooked up to an evil goddess. Be kinda cool to earn boons."
"Hmm. I don't really KNOW any evil gods."
He floodedher ass and she groaned as he tore an orgasm from her.
"Ooooh I needed that."
They had breakfast and got dressed. Sybil smirked as her clothes no longer fit her new form.
Tyler took her shorts and croptop with a knife. Sybil watched curiously as he made a few adjustments before passing them over. she pulled her shorts on and found they fither well now. But left no room for panties. That made her laugh.
"Love you too."
Her croptop had been reworked into a mere tubetop made to cover her massive breasts and nothing else. And her boots still fit. he kissed her as she shouldered her pack.
"You look gorgerous."
She smiled and hefted her diamond tipped staff.
"You look handsome."
He smiled as he pulled his black open front vest over his chainmail made from silverite. His pants were black leather and were rather comfy while his boots were also black.
"We're addicts."
"Sick ones."
He hung his greatsword on his back and shouldered his own pack before they hopped across the 15 foot river. Tyler had his wife's hand as they walked.
"So, you're 26 now, Tyler?"
"I was 16 at school....yup. You?"
"I'm actually 65. we live longer by default here."
"Sexy. I love a hot MILF."
"Mother I'd Like to Fuck."
"Ah. ha. we did that last night."
"I wonder if the kid survived?"
"She did. ember is extremely tough. and since she was so close she had healers waiting on her hand and foot."
"Ha. we're not letting her rest."
He kissed her as they walked through the forest.
"Makin sure. Marrisa's pregnant?"
"Oh absolutely. She won't be able to cure the child either since she'd reveal it was ME thatgot her pregnant in the first place. It'd humilate the crown."
"Knock up Ember."
"Ooooh i'm gonna! You don't want to?"
"I got poisoned in my old world actually."
"Ah. Well. A temple. If I want it."
"Enjoy the drinks."
"Love you too."
He smiled as they walked along the forest floor miles from any roads or villages.
She looked at him curiously as he pulled a dagger.
"You okay?"
"Hair's too long."
"Ah. I can give you a haircut at camp."
"Thanks Sybil."
He put the blade away while she smiled warmly.
"I regret betraying you. But. I'll make it up to you."
"You already did."
He kissed her and she snuggled under his arm as they walked. The lovers listening to the sounds of the forest and the calls of animals as they walked. Tyler's razor sharp eyes spotted movement to their right as they walked and she smirked.
"I saw them too. Orcs."
"They take captives?"
"one per camp. You gonna?"
"Sure. She'll owe us a lay."
A group of four foot creatures with grey fur and monkey heads came surging from the trees. Tyler smiled as his greatsword cleared his back in a vicious arc as Sybil lifted her staff.
"Blinding Light!"
Her diamond glowed a vivid white and the orcs were indeed blinded as Tyle'rs greatsword sliced clean through fifteen of them in one arc before he impaled the last through the middle. Sybil clapped as he swung the blade clean.
"That was easy!"
The lovers fell to looting the creatures and were rewarded with 300 gold. Sybil looked in the direction they came from and smiled.
We can follow their trail easily enough."
Tyler nodded as they got moving.
"I guess orcs are lowball."
"The other adventurers say the same. Goblins are the weaker."
He kissed her as they walked.
"Love you too. When we're done with the captive?"
"we'll walk her to the next road. Sell her to the nearest village."
The vile pair found the camp after a half hour's walk and Tyler smiled wickedly as they saw a red haired woman hanging on a rack. The woman was naked and Sybil smiled as she lifted her staff.
"divine healing."
the woman deflated from relief as her wounds were healed.
"Oh THANK YOU heroes! I-what are you doing?"
Tyler smiled as he kissedher.
"Your payment will be one shot from each of us."
The woman had a new look of despair as her legs were opened WITHOUT her being cut down fromt eh tree.
"Please. Be gentle. all I ask."
"We'll do THAT much."
Sybil kissedthe trembling lady.
Tyler fit into her slit and started thrusting as she moaned at the feelings while Sybil cut her down. The woman was melwing in pleasure as the snow hairedbeauty grew her magic penis to fit into her ass.
"Oh my. This is MUCH more fun then i feared! More please!"
The pair smiled as they swapped spoted and creamings before they were sated on the red haired woman. she was a beauty too. Halfa head shorter then Sybil with long red hair and bright yellow eyes. her skin was fiar and her breasts large. Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
"Was fun. We'll get you to the next village. I'm Tyler. She's Sybil."
"I'm Seia. Thank you for the gentleness."
Sybil smirked as they looted the camp.
"We'da had you either way."
Seia shivered with a smile.
"I...saw that. Why I figured willing is better then rape. and it was fun!"
Tyler chuckled as he gave her a cloak.
"You'll be just fine."
Seia smiled nervously.
"My fate?"
"We'll sell you at the next village."
"As a....prostitute?"
"One time payment."
Sybil smirked as she felt the woman's pussy from behind with a wellplaced hand, making her groan.
"We'll play withyou until we get there."
She smiled fearfully.
"You'll be fine."
Tyler smiled as he added the looted coin to the pouch.
"1500 gold on the nose."
"Not bad for a buncha monkeys. Oh. Kill the kids."
"Already did."
The trio headed out and Tyler looekd at his map.
"Next village is two hours that way."
Sybil smirked.
"Will we stay?"
"Hmmm. Depends how we feel when we get there."
"Sure. I wanna seduce a barmaid."
"Oh we can do that."
Seia smiled nervously as the pair walked.
"Will you be nice?"
"Like we were with you."
"Phew. I was afraid you were monsters."
"We're demons."
"Married demons."
Seia shuddered at the matter-of-fact reply from the lovers and their kiss.
"May the Light purify me."
Tyler smiled at her and she shuddered.
"It's full."
They chuckled as they walked. The trio found the road after an hour and headed along it to the village. Tyler whistling as he held Sybil's hand and Seia's hand in his other as they approached the wooden fencing of the town. The place being rather simplistic with maybe thirty buildings inside a small wooden fence. A town guard spotted the red haired woman and gasped.
"Lady Seia! You're safe!"
The red head smiled as Tyler looked at her.
"I'm the chief's wife. She'll be happy."
"Cool. YOU have value."
The woman gulped! Sybil smiled as a tall purple haired woman came running as the news spread like wildfire.
"You do the talking love."
The purple haired girl approached and Tyler smirked as he took a step between them. she glared at him.
"Nothins for free."
"Uuugh. Honorless-NO!"
A dagger appeared on Seia's throat like magic in Sybil's hand. Tyler smiled.
"Wanna finish that5 thought?"
The trembling lady shook her head.
"My apologies. Don't hurt her. Please. I'm Telia."
Telia was a beauty as well. She was a head shorter then Tyler with back length purple hair and sparkling blue eyes. her skin was pale and her bust modest. she wore a tight fitting tunic and pants and he smirked.
"So. OUR reward?"
Telia shuddered as she'd seen the lookover.
"My body is yours to play with."
"BOTH of you. For BOTH of us."
Sybil smiled and Telia smirked.
"Oh is that how it is? Deal."
The white haired girl flicked her dagger into her belt.
"We'll attack you now."
The laides blinked ans they were picked up, and carried into the forest without further warning. Telia and Seia gulped in fear at the strong pair as they were laid in the grass.
"Be kind?"
The pair stripped their toys and each other before diving onto them with renewed lust and hunger. The air was filled with low moans and mild screams as the duo plowed the married couple with lust, gentleness, and above all, a primal force that made the ladies orgasm hard many times before they were sated. Tyler smiled.
"And we're even."
Telia smiled weakly from her raw face.
"I'dda done THAT for free!"
Seia smiled as well from her spot on the forest floor.
"Me too. we'll KEEP doing it too."
Sybil smiled asshe pulled her shorts up.
"We'll be back for you soon."
Tyler smiled as he hung his sword on his back.
"We'll go have some fun with your town."
The ladies shuddered at the dark look in his eye at that. The pair walked away and left the ladies to recover and reunite in peace. Sorta. Tyler smiled as they walked through the gate.
"That was fun, love."
"It was. But i want screams."
"we'll go find a bandit band then."
"Where are we for coin?"
"Hmmm. 4300."
"Didn't steal more?"
"I coulda, but was on a schedule."
"Ah. Sori was her name, right?"
"I had her. She's fun."
"Wow. Atta girl."
"Right? we gonna go after her?"
"Nah. We see her sure we'll have her."
Sybil smiled as they walked along the village.
"I'd like to see about some seasonings for the burgers. And maybe some cards."
"sure. we'll visit the store."
They found the town store easily enough by the large windows and porch wrapping around it. The pair walked in and were met by a elven woman in a red tunic and blue skirt. her hair was neon green and her eyes red while her bust was large in her tunic.
"Welcome travelers-demons?"
The woman was instantly backed against the wall in terror as the pair approached her counter. The elven lady was trembling as they looked at her curiously.
"Please! take whatever you want! or be gantle! Just please don't kill me!"
Tyler smirked.
"What do your elf eyes see?"
"I see a pair of demons with horns and wings outstretched standing before me wondering if it's worth killing me or raping me."
"really? Cool. I'm Tyler. This is Sybil."
The elf shivered as she sensed they were not hostile.
"I'm Tia. How....can I help?"
"Need seasionings for meat on the road and some games. same reason."
The elf smiled nervously.
Sybil smiled.
"We'll say...50 gold."
"The good stuff. I'll be back."
She left and Tyler looked at his wife.
"I guess we're that kinda badass."
"Love you too."
He held her tightly as another door opened and another girl walked out.
"Mommy, we're out of-oh."
A smaller elf girl came bopping out of the room. she barely reached Tyler's knee in height with the same neon green hair and red eyes as Tia. her outfit was an adorable little maid outfit and she started trembling as her elven eyes beheld the pair in the shop. Tyler smiled.
"Hi. I'm Tyler. This is Sybil. YOU'RE cute."
The elven girl blushed around her smile.
"I'm Tio! You're scary mister! YOU'RE beautiful!"
Tyler chuckled as he patted her bonneted hair fondly.
"Sybil's gorgerous."
Tio smiled nervously as the tall man swept her up into a hug.
"You're so warm1"
"Coming from the tinderbox."
he passed the tiny girl to Sybil for her hug and the small girl giggled.
"I .like being tall!"
"Ha. C'mere."
Tyler sat her on his shoulderand she gasped at her new perspective.
"Woooow! I'm so tall!"
"Hold the swordhilt."
Sybil smiled at the adorable scene.
"Now that's cute, Tyler."
"I kinda like the little sister gimmick."
Tio was loving her new height advantage as her mother came back.
"Mommy! Up here!"
Tia gulped with a smile as she saw her cute daughter ont he shoulders of the demon beside the wings in her elven eyes.
"Be careful, Tyler. She's like the size of your arm."
He smiled as he sat the small girl on the counter.
"Boo. I LIKED being tall."
He patted her bonnet again.
"I know how strong I am, Tia. She's got nothing to fear from me."
The elven mother smiled at that as Tio got another hug.
"She's a good girl."
"Oh! Mommy, we're out of vinegar."
"I know sweetie. i ordered it this morning."
Tia passed Tyler a large bundle.
"There's a few pounds of seasonings and spices for the camp in there, and a few trail games too."
"Thanks Tia. 50 gold?"
"45. i was able to keep under budget."
Sybil paid her as Tyler slipped Tio 5.
"Cuteness tip."
She giggled.
Tia laughed at the image.
"Appreciated. And now my heart hurts."
Tyler smiled as they headed for the door.
"Kids have nothing to fear from the Demons."
Tio gasped as she saw with her elven eyes the Demons' wings flutter at her.
"Wow. Mommy, i met DEMONS! And they think I'm CUTE!"
Tyler chuckled as he and Sybil walked out.
"She's fun."
The snow haired demon smiled.
The pair walked along the road headed for the tavern for a hot meal. The place was a two floor saloon with swinging doors. Tyler pushed through and Sybil was right behind him. The pair got a few looks of shock at their intimidating appearnce but the beer was cold. The pair took an empty table by a window looking out at the town as a pretty blonde haired waitress came over smiling.
"What can i get you?"
sybil leered at her bust and the waitress smirked.
"I'm 50gold."
The pair slapped her 50 per and she shivered.
"Oh come on."
The trio went up to a room and the lady smiled.
"I'm Sally."
She nodded and they went inside.
"No pregnancy and be nice."
The busty blonde was stripped, lifted up, and shafted from both sides as the honry pair got to work. Sally moaned as she was bounced like a kid in a rocker on the spears.
"Ooooh this feels GREAT!"
The lovers toyed with her for a few blasts before they set her to her wobbling feet. Sally smiled.
"Best sex in YEARS."
Tyler smiled as Sybil stole her panties.
"We'll be back sooner or larter."
"You better. And keep the panties. They're not an option right now."
Sybil smiled sweetly.
"Was gonna."
They laughed and got dressed. And returned to the table where they got a meal of grilled cheese and some minor alefor 15 gold. Sally left and Tyler smirked at his wife.
"Yup. we'll steal the queens' too."
"Make a point?"
"Love you too."
He kissed her and they looked at their map and she pointed to a city.
"This one. Merica. Four days on foot. Set against a lake and her leader is a supporter of the queens. She had me too."
"it was rough. Mothers had me sell out to may leaders after my first and I never wanted any of it. if I got to choose my lay, it was a rare thing."
"And we'll take the payment out of their asses."
"And pussies. some were gorgerous."
He kissed her.
"You're better."
"I know."
the lovers smiled at each other as Sally brought their meal. The pair stole a kiss off her and she grumbled.
"Romantic bastards."
The duo chuckled as they ate. Tyler keeping an eye on the road for some odd reason as they did and once fed tey paid Sallyan extra 50 gold.
"For next time."
she laughed.
"it be FREE next time!”
Tyler chuckled as they walked out of the saloon and along the road heading for the gate. He looked through the window to Tia’s shop just in time to see a cloaked figure come busting out of the place with a silent Tio in his arms. The pair exploded into motion. Sybil went for Tia as Tyler wason the kidnapper’s heels with a frightening speed. The runner was run down in secodns and Tyler had him on the ground the next second with a driugged Tio in his hands. The small elven girl was unharmed as she slumbered in his arms while he glared at the trembling man in the cloak.
“WHERE were YOU going?”
The man replied out of sheer fear.
“A bandit camp two hours from town! They buy elves!”
Tyler smiledand the man shuddered as Telia and Seia came running, albiet unsteadily, with town guard.
He passed the sleeping elf to Seia as Sybil came overwith a trembling in relief Tia.
“Sleep spell.”
Tyler looked at the man on the ground.
“WHERE is the camp?”
“That way!”
The demon stomped on his head and looked at sybil.
“Let’s go play with some bandits!”
“I love random dates!”
The pair headed out as the guard shuddered. The demons were hand in hand as they walked and Sybil smiled.
“we’ll take the ladies?”
“Oh absolutely. And we’ll make the men regret getting our eyes.”
“I looted the man’s spells. Sleep, willing Lust, and paralyze.”
“Willign Lust?”
“Makes you fuck like you never fucked before. even if you DON’T want to.”
“I’ll take it.”
“I’d ask it. Justice.”
“Ha. Paralyze?”
He took the spell and slotted it into his arm.
“we’ll head for the next river.”
“Kay! the village was fun. But too many people.”
The pair found the camp without issue and Tyler smirked as Sybil cast the potent sleep spell on the ten or so people.
“No captives. Must of JUST sold their latest batch.”
The white haired girl shrugged as they got to work tying their latest toys up to hang from trees.
Tyler nodded as he strung his last up.
She releasedher spell and the captvies woke blustering.
“What the fuck is this? Untie me this instant!”
The ten bandits, 6 women, four men, were unable to move as the vile pair pulled knives and cut their clothes off. Sybil looked at him as the pleading started.
“I’m not that good at torture.”
“Here. I’ll teach ya.”
The demon took his wife by the hand as he instructed her on hurting people.
“See here? Cut lightly. Like that. hear that? it’s a soft spot. Anymorepressure and he’ll bleed to death. Another method is using their own failures to make their minds tear at them.”
“Like how you did us in the tub?”
“Exactly. more you know about them, more you can hurt them.”
“And see here?”
The loving husband taught his lovely wife everything he knew on torture with the four men the unwilling and very vocal training dummies until they died of blood loss. Then Sybil smiled wickedly and grew her 12 inch penis again as she approached the sobbing piteously bandit women.
“Now THIS I know how to do well!”
Tyler was already slamming a woman on his hose as he replied.
“This is just pure fun. So easier.”
Sybil nodded sagely as she forced her rod into her toy with force.
“Oh she was pure! enjoy! I like this one better honestly.”
“It DOES have it’s own flare. Plus we don’t really have to hold back.”
“So true.”
The pair fucked their toys hard for a few hours until they died from the experiences and they looted the camp. That resulted in an extra 15,536 gold for the pair as they got moving, leaving their tearstained and bloodsoaked toys behind on their ropes.
“That was fun love.”
“it was. we got 19,621 gold now.”
“I think the next town I’d like to buy some more sex spells.”
“Sure. Creams and lotions for your massages?”
“Oooh PLEASE! Can i get one tonight after we plow the queens?”
she kissed her loving husband as they walked. the pair walked until they found another river and set camp. the riverbank was stone this time and had the same gentle slope into the water and trees around them. Tyler cast a fishing line into the water as Sybil lit the fire. The skilled man had four good sized bass frying on the fire as Sybil relaxed naked by the flames. Tyler smiled as he rubbed her belly and she smiled as well.
“To think. we lost ten years we could have been doing this.”
“So true. But. Now we have eternity.”
He kissed her and she smiled.
“I’m like you tomorrow. ALL of it.”
“And are you going to recruit?”
“Not sure anymore. Fuck every beauty I want to, yes. Yes we are. but add to our family? No clue.”
“we’ll see in the moment?”
“exactly. oh. Fish is ready.”
The red eyed beauty was fingerfed by her doting lover and she smiled at the spoil. Once fed the pair smiled wickedly as he pulled the key.
The woman appeared sobbing with a far deflated belly that had returned to her former slender waist.
“She lived. And is fine thank the gods.”
Sybil dragged her screaming to the tent and Tyler held her down as the beauty was spread by her former daugfhter.
“Now I gfet to seed you, MOTHER.”
“no! Please, Veronica, forgive me, please! Don’t do this!”
“MY name.”
The demoness slid into the red haired queen withy her 12 incher.
“IS Sybil. The Demon’s Wife. and marrisa has her own seed. MY seed. and now YOU get one.”
Tyler smiled as Ember sobbed tears of heartbreak as the daughter she’d helped rape raped her her in return.
“Full circle. And damn Sybil.”
The snow haired beauty was going hard as she sough to split the woman in half. ember was mewlingin agony as her trench was replowed and redug before getting flooded to capacity by Sybil’s warm girlcream. She sobbed in despair.
“I’m sorry, Veronica. WE did this to you. Please, I want my smiling, sweet, happy girl back. Please, forgive me! I’m sorry!”
Tyler smiled as he fit into her for his ride as Sybil forced her rod down her mother’s throat.
“Sorry, MOTHER. Any forgiveness in me died when you made me betray Tyler. Or when you made me fuck that visiting queen and her harem of sadists. THAT was a hell. Actually. Maybe it died when YOU shot YOUR cream into MY ass!”
The pair railed the sobbing queen for a few hours before Tyler snet her back still swallowing.
The blonde queen appeared and tried to run from the evil duo, but was grabbed by Tyler as he reacted like a fingersnap. Marrisa was dragged sobbing to the tent for her torment and rides before Tyler smiled at her
“Ten years. Ten years and every night of them. Enjoy!”
The blonde sobbed miserably.
“I’m sorry, Tyler, Veronica. we were cruel. Please. Spare us this nightly agony! we need spells to even get out of bed! I’m pregnant and ember JUST had a baby! Please! I’m begging you!”
Sybil tore a ksis off her lips.
“How much did I beg for it to stop? DID IT? No! it just picked RIGHT back up the next night. For MONTHS at a time. Strap in, bitch. YOU’RE getting reamed JUST as hard as I was.”
Marrisa collapsed inward as her daughter fit itno her ass this time for another violent ride. Tyler smirked and slid into Sybil’s ass for HIS ride and she moaned.
“Loveyou too, love.”
He smiled as they railed the blonde queen until they were staed and sent her back a broken woman. Then he pushed his wife tothe bedroll and fit into her as they played for their love. Sybil smiled asshe got her own flood.
“I love you too.”
He kissed her as tey went and laid naked by the fire.
“I love you, Sybil.”
She smiled and rested her head on his scarred chest to look at the sky.
“This is nice.”
“Laying naked under the stars with you.”
“Same to you.”
He held her by the waist and she kissed him lovingly. The pair settled for a rest as a sound of footsteps on water was heard. The pair looked over to see a tall woman ina black robe with foot length black hair and glowing red eyes approaching them while walking on the surface ofthe river on soft, bare feet. The woman was half a head shorter then Tyler with jet black hair that shimmered like the nightsky and had pale white skin. her breasts were massive in her strapless and shoulderless gown that flowed like the water she stepped on. Her face wore a smirk of approval as she approached the lounging pair.
Her voice a seductive purr of raw power and lust.
“It would seem two new Devils were born into the world.”
Tyler smiled as he looked at the lady.
“Hiya! evil goddess?”
The lady chuckled as her gown vanished and she laid naked beside the duo with her head on Tyler’s chest. The woman’s pussy bald and her nipples large as she replied.
“Indeed. My name is Chos. the Goddess of vengence, vile retribution, and malicious intent. YOU, Tyler the Devilking, got my attention in the pit 2 years prior. and I gifted you my lay. Your memory.”
He smiled as the memory of him plowing the goddess in his cell returned.
“You purged it to keep it a surprise.”
“I did. And you gifted MY blood to that beautiful princess. and she accepted it. i came to give you my blessing sweetie. eat from me.”
“with hunger.”
Sybil was all too eager to feast on the goddess’ heavenly slit and Tyler smiled as her slurping was heard.
“Love you too, Sybil.”
Chos smiled as she kissed him.
“I claim you, and her, as my mortal lovers. Husband and wife and wife. and take you into my sect.”
Tyler smiled as Chos orgasmed with a moan and squirt that Sybil was all too happy to lick up. Then the snow haired beauty laid on his chest again.
“You’re delicious lady Chos.”
“Thanks you love. MY key.”
She passed the pair a black shadow key.
“Use it to play with me.”
Sybil smiled happly.
“I’ll abuse it.”
“As will I.”
Tyler chuckled as he kissed his goddess wife.
“The fine print?”
Chos shrugged.
“Keep living like you have. Vile deeds, retribution, evil punishments, raping hose queens. Those types of things. I’m an evil goddess as my retributions have no line. So go crazy.”
“Mine are earned with levels of depravity.”
Sybil smiled.
“I forced my pregnant mother to give birth eary after a rough rape.”
“Oooh vile! One boon is granrted.”
Tyler smirked.
“I fucked her mother till she bleed aqnd made her swallow the stream.”
“YOU have a boon for the enslavement. And one more for the act.”
Tyler smiled as his wife got two more for impregnating her mothers by7 rape. The demon looked at the goddess.
“I have three?”
“I would ask for the ability to TAKE lay keys without the holder giving them to me.”
He glowedand Chos smiled.
“The spell is Key Steal. Does what you ask.”
Sybil grumbled.
“dammit. I wanted that one. We’ll SHARE but dammit. Hmm. I would ask for a spell that increases pleasure for me from forced sex.”
“That’s too easy. One more.”
Tyler smiled as his wife got the spell.
“Ask for increased stamina for sex when forcing it.”
“Oooh good one! What he said.”
Chos kissed the beauty.
“You BOTH have enhanced sexual stamina and reserves. Akin to a demon of lust. enjoy.”
Tyler smiled.
“I would ask for a silence spell for the pair of us and the ability to duplicate spells we find.”
“I can give tyou the silence, but the other I’m afraid is beyond me. su8ch an ability would ruin the world.”
“Ah. Oh. How about command over your subjects?”
“I rule devilkin and a few demonkin. Use them as you see fit.”
Sybil smiled.
“A spell that forces the lust of a target to it’s boiling point with a single glance. Forthe both of us.”
They got their spells and Chos smiled.
“And that’s the last. I will return. and we’ll play soon, loves.”
Sybil smirked and pinned hr.
“Oh no you don’t. Get her.”
Chos laughed as Tyler shoved his hose down her throat.
“Love you too, loves.”
Sybil slid her own hose in and Tyler kissed her,
“Knock her up.”
“I am./”
Chos blinked at this as she sucked his soul out through his hose before getting her mouth back.
“Love you too, sybil!”
Tyler smiled as they tormented the goddess until they were sated and she was seeded. Then the pair were recovering by the fire. Chos left Sybil her gown as she returned toher relam.
“It feels amazing to sleep in.”
The devilgirl smiled as she put the gown in her pack.
“Love you too.”
And the night fell silent again. Tyler smiled.
“So we’re devils. makes sense.”
She kissed him.
“Yup. Let’sclean up.”
The pair washed their night off their skin before laying naked in their tent. Tyler smiled as his wife laid her head on his chest.
“Good night, Sybil. I love you.”
“Good night, Tyler. I love you too.”

DAY 4.
GOLD: 19,621.
KILLS: 150.

TYler woke to find he was holding Sybil tightly around her shoulders like a drowning man desperately clinging to a lifering. he smiled and leaned into her ear.
“I love you.”
She woke with a shiver.
“I love you too.”
He kissed her and they madeout for a few minutes before they mounted up for a mornign ride that saw the snwo haired devilgirl getting flooded and a morning orgasm.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
They cleaned up in the river and he smiled as she rubbed a cream into her slit.
“Getting loose?”
“Yup. Tia slipped it in back a the village.”
“I love you tight.”
“I love BEING tight.”
“I’ll give you a massage on the sand.”
“Love you too.”
The pair laid bey the fire and she groaned as the busty girl was on her belly.
“It huts laying on the tits.”
“Dig a small trench.”
“Oh my Chos I love you.”
She dug a small trench in the sand for her triple Es and he slid into her pussy for her morning massage. She moaned at the feelings as he rubbed her back.
“I MISSED these. YOU’RE still the best.”
“I love you too.”
She smiled as he flooded her pussy while massaging her before she rolled over and he was inside her again for her front.he left her a marshmellow on the sand and laid on to of her still inside her as they made out. She bucked a few times to get her own climax and he smiled.
“we’re not going anywhere today.”
“And having the queens for dinner.”
They laid in the sand and he ran a hand along her belly as they relaxed. the sexy devilgirl smiling as her husband kissed her frequently and caressed her the more. Sybil smiled as they held hands in the face of the sun beating down on their bodies.
“So how were the heroes?”
“Eh. A few died. But most are still bopping around. They’re regarded as living legends now.”
“And yet I can still kick their asses.”
“Oh most likely. marKus the brave is their strongest hero. And he’s just an ass.”
“Ha. The queens will send him after us soon enough.”
“We’ll torment him.”
“So true.”
He kissed her andshe smiled.
“Love you too.”
They laid on the sand like that looking at the sky; with nowhere to be and nothing better to do by lay there naked. Tyler held his wife tightly as they relaxed and she fell asleep from the peace of the moment. he fell asleep as well and they slumbered for a while. Tyler woke first and smiled as he saw Sybil had rolled onto her side to snuggle into his sideand he’d wrapped her in a protective arm. He held her warmly and she kissed him as she woke and they madeout for a few minutes before mounting up for another ride. The lovers getting into eachotherwith fresh lust and they returned to the tent where they went wild for each otther. And the riverbank was full of moans, screams, and the sounds of loving sex as the pair just couldn’t get enough of each other. They dropped from sheer exhaustion as the sun went down and Sybile smiled as he lover was on top of her again.
“I want more.”
He kissed her.
“I have more to give.”
They cast their sex spells and away they went with renewed stamina and endurance. The pair loved hard until the sun went down and rose the next morning. And they were still going for the next two days, so desperate were they for their lover’s love.

DAY 7.
GOLD: 19,621.
KILLS: 150.

Tyler and Sybil came to the morning of the third day and he smiled as his body throbbed.
“we’re hopeless.”
She smiled as she kissed him with swollen lips.
“But I love you!”
“I love you too. We’ll have to be careful or we really WILL fuck ourselves to death.”
“We’ll clean up and head out.”
“Yes Sybil.”
She kissed him and they took a deep cleansing bath in the river before feeding on some fried fish. Tyler smirked.
“The queens?”
“Do it.”
He pulled the key.
The blonde queen appeared with a look of despair onj her face in a red gown.
“Please, Tyler, Veronica, we’re in the throneroom.Just this once, be nice. I’m...pregnant.”
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
“We’llbe nice.....r.”
Sybil smirked as she tripped the blonde into the tent.
“And I’m keeping your panties.”
Marrisa had fresh tears as her gown was removed and the devil was inside her slit.
“It JUST stopped throbbing from the last one. Please, have mercy!”
He kissed her as Sybil didn’t grow her penis and merely shoved her slitin her face.
“eat it.”
The blodne fed on her dauhter hard as the pair had their way with her for a few hours. Marrisa deflated from relief as they got off her at that point.
“Thank you for being nice.”
Sybil kissed her as she held her tiger print panties up.
“I’m keeping these. ember’s next.”
“Now that’s funny, Veronica.”
Marrisa sighed sadly as her daughter kissed her tender pussy.
“I am sorry Sybil. we...are monsters.”
“I know. Why we’re gonna fuck it out of you. Until it bleeds.”
Tyler smirked as he kissed the queen.
“We’re recovering form our own fuckfest or we WOULD have roughfucked you again. And we are tonight. Until you prove to HER you’ve learned your lesson.”
She faded out and ember appeared int eh fire withm despair on her face.
“Please, be kind this time. It....hurts. It always hurts now.”
She was tripped onto her belly and her gown removed as Tyler fit intoher ass and Sybil was under her.
ember did as she was ridden from behind by the eager devil. she got a few creamings and orgasms before being dismounted. Sybil smiled as she held the red queen’s velvet panties up.
ember smiled with relief.
“Thank you, Veri-Sybil. sorry for my evil. I regret it with all I am.”
The snow haired beauty whistled as she looked her in the eye.
“wow, Tyler. She means it.”
Tyler looked deeper into her gaze and she repeated the words. He smiled.
“I guess she’s got a better heart then Marrisa. And ME?”
The red queen smiled.
“I am proud she picked you, Tyler. For real. You didn’t rape her. WE did. And she only screamed your name when we did. And...I am sorry for the evil.”
He smiled and kissed her.
“Alright, Ember. we’ll be nice to you so long as you never tell Marrisa.”
“I won’t. and...Sybil? You should meet your new sister. her nameis Silia.”
“After you have MY girl.”
The red head smiled and patted her refilled womb.
“I will. it is...fitting for me to repent with your girl inside me.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“No boys?”
“Not the way the spell works.”
“Huh. Cool.”
ember smiled.
“No defects or issues either. The spell uses our bloodto make a fresh version.”
“Huh. So a snowy red head. Different.”
Sybil smiled as she kissed the red head.
“I’ll forgive you if you be better.”
“I will, Sybil. I promise. And I love your new look.”
“I do too. I’m a devil.”
“A lover of Chos? That is so fitting it is incredible.”
Tyler smiled as he kissed the red queen.
“And you’ll be here again tonight.”
“I won’t wear pantiesto bed then. I’ll lose em!”
They laughed and Sybil smirked.
“I like my trophies.”
“Ha. That’s my girl. And I see the fur needs a cleaning.”
He smiled sheepishly.
“We’re recovering ourselves. Three days. Nonstop.”
She whistled.
“I’m impressed.”
Sybil smiled.
“we’re addicted to each other. it’s nice.”
Ember smiled as she got a warm kiss from the pair.
“I’ll go home now, please. i have to work today.”
She faded out and the pair cleaned up. Sybil smiled.
“Ember always was the more tender lover when she had me. I’d long for her most as she’d at least fuck me softer and more lovingly.”
He kissed her.
“And now we’ll get to play.”
“Yup. She learned her lesson.”
“Marrisa won’t.”
“Nope. But. I like her ass a lot.”
“So do I!”
The pair cleaned up and broke camp to get moving. Tyler smiling as he held her hand while they walked.
"We should see about getting those furs cleaned. And added to."
Sybil smiled at that one as she kissed him.
"Yeah. it's only one layer of bear king fur."
"Get four. love you."
she smiled and they looked ahead. The devils enjoying the peace of the forest they walked through while also keeping an eye out for fresh prey. Tyler would kiss her every few minutes and she'd kiss him every few others. The pair walked for several hours and stopped inside a small clearing surrounded by tall trees and on one side was a rock wall that kept drawing Tyler's eye to it. Sybil noticed.
"Something wrong?"
"That wall is bothering me."
The snow haired beauy looked atthe 10 feet of stone curiously.
"How so?"
Tyler walked over to tap a knuckle on it.
"Like the vault door. I knew it was there before i ever saw them use it. huh. Kinda wanna go rob them again."
"Love you too."
The tall man shrugged as he took the pickaxe from his pack.
"Fuck it. I'll poke it."
Sybil took her staff as he slammed the pickaxe at the wall. Only for the needlelike tip to go right through.
"Oh hello. WE got a hidden chamber. Sick."
The demon wife smiled as he set his hand to the hole.
"We'll be fine."
He tore the wall off the hill with a ferocious yank and the pair were faced by a coffin set within a stone chamber. Tyler whistled.
"We got a tomb. Cool."
The warrior drew his greatsword and they walked inside. The coffin's lid was thrown by a skeletal hand and the thing sat up. The thing had no flesh to speak of and wasmerely bones wrapped in a mouldering cloak as Tyler swung his greatsword with all his strength behind it and hit the creature in the neck. t6he force knoced it against the side of the coffin with a rattle of bones and held it there,
Sybil lifted her staff.
"Holy purge."
The skeleton screamed in agony as the antiundead spell engulfed it. the thing glowed pure white as Tyler swung his sword again and it split the skull clean in half before Sybil cast the spell again. The result was the creature disintigrating to a pile of dust and the lovers kissed to celebrate their easy victory.
"We're awesome."
"Love you too."
The pair put the dust into a jar and looted the coffin. The pair whistled as they counted it.
"Wow. we got close to 54,650 gold off this. I love that opal, Sybil."
"And it's sword is made from rune too. It's a longsword. I'll take it."
"How strong is rune?"
"Hm? Your sword's dragonscale. it's stronger. Rune's a more magical metal that draws extra strength from high magic."
The tomb looted the pair had a lunch of some preserved meats on the walk. Tyler noted their food supply.
"we'll do some hunting. Kinda running low on food."
Sybil smiled.
"Sure. There's tracks everywhere."
Tyler looked around and had his bow up as they moved like wraiths. The pair found a good sized turkey clan walking around and a few arrows netted the pair a couple toms. Tyler taught Sybil how to clean a turkey before they moved on looking for something bigger.
"Merica is three days away?"
"Yup. We'll reach it soon enough if we keep our pace."
"Cool. We'll steal that leader's key and fuck the life out of her ass."
He kissed his excited wife as they came out of the forest out of nowhere to stand atthe edge of a great plain that stretched into the distance. Sybil smiled.
"The Flowing Plains of Toralia. Merica's out there."
"Nice to have a change of scenery."
The pair walked hand in hand under the open sky and Tyler smirked as he saw a long line of brown in the distance from the top of a hill.
"I kinda wanna try my hand at banditry."
Sybil chuckled.
"We can. 150 gold?"
"And a pretty's fuck?"
"Why not?"
The evil pair walked across the plains towards the road hand in hand as they did so. The pair reached the road after fifteen minutes walking and headed along towards the city of mercia. Tyler with his arm around his wife's shoulders and she smiling happily.
"I love you, Sybil."
She kissed him.
"I love you too, Tyler."
A sound of horses was heard ahead and the pair smirked wickedly as the prey approached. A set of four riders appeared from around the bend and Tyler smiled wider.
"I know her. She's from My class. name's Ashley. Liked breaking things over me. She's mine."
"I like that elf."
"You and your elves."
She smiled sweetly as the pair took spots in the cnter of the road and the hero party stopped with looks of boredom on their faces. Ashley was in the lead. She was a pretty enough girl with long chocolate brown hair and green eyes. Her skin was freckled white and her bust modest. Her equipment was a suit of glittering scalemail with shield and sword. She sighed in a tired tone to the white haired would-be bandits.
"Look can we just hurry this up? I-"
"Hi Ashley!"
The girl was stunned by the sudden callout from the white haired man and Tyler smirked.
Two of the party, including Ashely, dropped tot he ground off their swaying horses as the vile pair attacked. Tyler had the third woman on the ground as Sybil had hers too. The devil smiled wickedly as he hit a spot in the strugglign elf's spine, rendering her motionless.
"Lay there. We'll get to you in a bit."
"Neat trick, love."
"Poke the spot in the spine I used for your massage."
"Oh she FROZE!"
"They won't be able to move for a few hours."
The pair dragged their now ranting toys off the road to a spot out of sight of thje road and Tyler smiled as he recast paralyze on Ashley as she smirked.
"You won'tbe able to hold me. Now WHO are you?"
The man smiled as he shoved his tongue into her horrified mouth.
"YOUR lover for the time being."
Sybil was tonue deep inside a sobbing elf as Tyler removed Ashley's gear and cut her clothesoff as she started trembling.
"I'm a hero! You'll die for this!"
"No we won't. And I've LONGED to do this to you."
She had fears of terror on her face as he dropped his pants.
"I'm warning you! Let us go or else!"
"we like or else, right Sybil?"
The snow haired beauty smiled asshe grew her 12 inch penis.
"Very much, Tyler."
"TYLER?! No. Please, Loka, no! Don't let him to this to me! Help me!"
Tyler smiled as he spread her paralyzed thighs grinning wickedly.
"Go on, Ashley, beg. Scream. BEG. NO ONE si going to help you. we'd just kill them."
He slid into the screaming girl and groaned.
"Damn, Ashely. She's tight as hell."
Sybil was grunting as she fucked her wailing elf.
"She is too! Like DAMN."
"well. wegota hefty payday too."
"Heroes always carry a good amount a coin and stuff."
"I'm taking that chainmail."
"It's more rune. I'd make the better use."
"Huh. Love you too."
Ashely was blank in the face as he fucked her viciously and he smirked.
"Oh yeah. Purify."
She glowed and sobbed as the spell prevented her from escaping into her mind as the man fucked her pussy until it bled.
"My turn."
The man swapped with his wife and Sybil moaned as she forced the rod into the again screaming Ashely.
"wow. She IS tight."
"She was pure, love."
"Score. Elven purity is incredible."
"Talking from experience?"
"I've defiled my share of elven purities in my time, love."
"Atta girl."
The pair had their way with the four woman party for a few hours before being sated. Tyler smiled as he finished the last shot in Ashley's throat.
"Ahhh I feel better!"
Syble smiled as her girldick went limp inside Ashley's bleeding ass.
"I do too. we'll have mothers too."
"So true. ember's fun."
The lovers kissed and Sybil smirked.
"Oh yeah. they're seeded."
"Oh my god you're evil. I love it."
Ashely had a mindshattered look on her face as she curled into a ball trembling on the ground and the elves mirrored her posture as Tyler smiled.
"Enjoy having my wife's girls. And Ashely? keep it warm. We'll have ya again sometime."
The girl sobbed heartbrokenly as the pair left with ALL their equipment, leaving them naked on the side of the road. The pair went up to the horses and Sybil tilted her head.
"I know a little horsecare. Tyler?"
"Not a clue."
"Walking's more fun anyway."
He chuckled while taking the pack off Ashley's horse.
"she's got some high grade food in here. Coolio."
The pair walked along the road whistling with satisfied flushes on their faces as the four women they had just violated sobbed at the pain and blood now flowing from their ruined holes.
Tyler and Sybil left their ambush point behind with a fresh spring in their step and by nightfall had found a rather deep crater to make camp in. Tyler smiled as he pitched the tent and added the plundered bedrolls from the party to their own. Sybil was naked beside the fire.
"That's tiger king and panther fur. Not bad. It'll feel like a fresh bed."
He kissed her and she took his hose out for a drink. He smiled as his ever eager wife blew him just for fun.
"Love you too."
She smiled as she swallowed.
"Still the best."
He chuckled as he stripped naked to sit beside her. Then they pulled their loot over and he whistled.
"They had a fortune. 3,455,654 gold."
"Ashley's a known goblin and orc hunter. So makes sense."
"Ha. And yet devils were too much."
"I stole her panties."
Sybil held up her four new trophies and he kissed her.
"You're hilarious. And did you really seed her?"
"I did. ALL of them. The elves will have the girl as NOT having her is seen as a crime in elven eyes."
"Lucky them. I'd seed them, but I'd want it to be youor Chos."
"Love you too."
He looked at the party's collection of potions and smiled.
"Well. we're set on healing and magic for a while. Food too."
"Their gear was all rune or adamant or a few bits of dragon."
"Anything worth selling?"
"A few pieces. We only need the two bows."
He kissed her and picked her up, slotted the hose into herand bounced her like a child on it as she moaned.
"I love you too."
She got her orgasm and he sat her on it while lifting the key.
The blonde queen appeared trembling and the pair dragged her to the tent where they forced themselves inside the sobbing woman for their session. Sybil having her 12 inch and was thrusting with a wicked force as the queen had the man's hose forced down her throat. The woman's tears of agonized shame mixed with the pools of other liquids coming from her session before the pair were sated. They returned her and Ember appeared. Sybil put the 12 inch away and Ember smiled as they kissed her tenderly.
"I was looking forward to you."
Sybil tripped her mother and she fell face first into her breasts.
"So was I."
Tyler ift into Ember from behind and rode her into his wife's body as the agile devil spun around to feed her mother some good puss. The three played hard for a few hours before laying together. Embersmiled asshe saw the new fur.
"I see you upgraded."
Tyler kissed her.
"More ran into an old enemy."
Sybil ran a soft hand along the now nervous lady's womb.
"Her and her party were fun. And are seeded. So if you see Ashley the orchunter, tell her I love her panties!"
ember had a look of horror on her face and Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
The red queen shuddered at the veiled warning.
"None. The elves. We'll raise the girls as princesses."
"Ashley's too."
"She's forbidden from curing the girl."
The red head now saw the depths of evil the pair had sunk to and felt even MORE self-loathing for what she had done to her once sweet, gentle, loving daughter. Sybil smiled as she kissed her womb.
"Who knows?"
Tyler chuckled.
"Could be interesting."
Ember shuddered as she now saw the evil that was loose in the world. The queen just laid there as the pair toyed with her and Tyler smiled as he kissed her large nipple.
"Alright. was fun Ember. see ya tomorrow."
She faded out and he attacked Sybil now.
"Now the best act!"
The red eyed beauty smiled as her husband slid into her.
"I love you too!"
The pair played hard for a few more hours before their bellies rumbled. The pair laughed and made a meal of some bear burgers and soda from the plundered canteens before laying together in the tent. Tyler smiled as he held his wife.
"I love how these feel."
"The fur or my tits?"
"Both. The tits I adore."
"Love you too. We'll pick up some more cream in merica. I'm nearly out."
"Good night, Sybil. I loveyou."
"Good night, Tyler. I love you too."

DAY 8.
GOLD: 3,529,925.
KILLS: 151.

Tyler woke to his wife bouncing on his hose first thing in the morning with a look of intense longing on her face. he smirked and pinned her to the fur to pound her the RIGHT way and she screamed as she orgasmed.
"Oh my CHOS I needed that!"
He chuckled as he kissed her.
"Another fuckfest?"
"I'm okay now. I just reaaalllllly needed it this morning."
"ha. Sexaddict."
"Oi! I'm addicted to you!"
"So am I!"
They laughed and madeout for a few minutes before relighting the fire. Tyler smiled as he fried some pig bacon on the grate as Sybil ran a soothing hand along her naked body.
"Yeah. we need a break, Love. It's starting to hurt."
"Sure. we'll reach Mercia and take it out on the leader and the girls."
"ha. we'll load up on creams too. THOSE make the difference between agonized sex, and blissful pleasure."
He kissed her and they fed well before breaking camp and heading out. Tyler whistling a tune while they walked on the road.
"No banditry today love?"
"My pussy hurts. So no.It SUCKS because I WANT to. but I ran out of cream this morning."
"We'll hurry up."
"Sure. and we'll let Marrisa and Ember recover for now."
"Sure. You're the better everything."
She smiled as they walked and looked at her clohes.
"I'll get a new outfit too. This is kinda tight on the puss."
"Go naked."
"I could. But only you are worthy."
"Love you too. Kinda mad we didn't steal their pants."
"We did. But they don't fit. Too small you see."
"Love your ass."
"Love you too."
The pair walked along the road at a decent pace for a few hours and Tyler smiled as he saw a hump in the distance.
"That Mercia?"
Sybil looked.
"Yup. It's built onto the largest hill in the region."
A low humming was heard and the pair looked up to see a plane flying overhead. Tyler smiled.
"Yup. Mercia is a tradehub."
"Huh. Now I kinda wanna pick up a sex slave."
"Slaves are sold in Mercia. The queens try, but the markets pop back up every year."
"Eh. Oh. I still have those bands."
"Pick our OWN?"
"sure. We find a hero or someone else we liek we'll take her."
"Love you too."
The pair walked along the road and the devilman smiled.
He got a sniper scope view of the city and nodded.
"We'd reach it by dark if we hurry."
"well. Let's hurry."
The pair took off at a light run. Sybil's long snow hair flying out behind her like a weaving tail while her long legs gave her the impression of an elegant gazaelle buncing along the road. Beside her Tyler's taller, more muscular frame made the snow haired man seem like he was a lion on the chase. The devils smiled as they ran together for the rest of the way. Then they arrived at the city and Tyler smiled as he saw they weren't even breathing hard.
"I guess our hardcore sex is a harsher exercise."
Sybil laughed.
"well. we CAN fuck for three days straight. Makes sense."
He chuckled at that fact. The pair walked to the line leading into the city and Tyler noticed a woman with a long foxtail behind her and he smirked while looking at Sybil.
"An animal girl."
She smiled wickedly.
"Oh we'll find a good one. Get a cat or wolfgirl. Soft fur, tight pussy, and PLENTY of stamina for a long one."
"THEY make for the best after sex cuddle. Fun too."
"Why not all three?"
"So true. We'll need more bands."
"I can find the guy we're lookin for."
"Love you too."
He kissed her and they madeout for a minute before moving with the line. The guard blinked as two people with snow white hair and blood red eyes approached.
"Tyler and Sybil."
The man waved them along with a distinct fear in his eyes as Tyler looked at him. The tall man chuckled as they walked.
"Oh he pissed himself."
Sybil nodded.
"And knew who we were on sight. I guess word's gotten around."
"Well. when we rape the queens nightly, makes sense."
The pair walked along the main street of the turtle shell style city. Sybil smiled.
"The leader's name is Marli. And she's got blue hair and red eyes."
"Ghost Aspiration?"
"And get her into her bedchamber?"
The man cast the spell to restore Sybil's blonde hair and green eyes. The girl smiled as they walked.
"I feel unclean. But. I do like the change of color."
"Snow is better."
"So true."
He kissed her as they walked to the keep. The thing was made in the style of a trident and the middle tower housed the leader. Tyler used the spell to don the red haired and blued eyed Jack Sparrow persona and Sybil smirked.
"That is awesome."
The pair walked into the keep and the court were smiling as the royal cople approached. Tyler's keen eyes spotted the leader easily enough. she was a tall beauty with foot length blue hair and red eyes. her skin was a light blue too for some reason while her bust was massive. Double Ds. And she wore a long white gown that hung to her bare feet. The woman smiled widely ass he saw the blonde princess.
"Veronica! You came to visit! andyou brought your new husband? Lucky girl!"
Tyler smiled at the excited lady's breathy voice.
"A pleasure, ma'am. Veri raves about you and your city. So. I got curious."
The woman smirked at the coded ask.
"Oooh a bold man. Veri?"
The blonde smiled.
"We're a VERY active couple. Right jack?"
"Our record is three days. NONSTOP."
That got a round of applause from the room and even the woman was impressed as Sybil blushed sheepishly.
"I am impressed veri! You've grown into such a beautiful woman. And where will I fit in with your family?"
"Between us."
"what she said."
The woman decended her throne now with a hungry smirk.
"Oh is THAT the type of journey you're on? Good girl. Iam Marli. Let's go have a chat."
The trio left the now jealous court and Tyler smiled as the blue haired woman kissed his wife in the lift.
"It's been too long Veri."
"It has, marli. But. we'll be in town for a few days. I ran out of cream!"
"I have plenty."
Tyler kissed his lovely wife smiling.
"We're addictedto each other."
Marli kissed him now.
"Good for you. I can feel it from here."
The trio traded kisses on their way to her bedchamber and once the doors shut the blue haired woman smirked.
"The room is soundproof. AND scryproof. Oh. There's a crystal on the bed."
Tyler smirked as he walked over.
"Veri needs a cream first. Siad it hurts."
"Oh dear. Sure. There, by the bed."
Sybil made out with the woman as Tyler got the sex easing cream and the golden bands from his pocket. he clasped the first around his neck out of sight of most before walking up behind the occupied woman and clasping it inthe same spot.
"You are NOT to call for the guards. EVER."
Marli froze as she felt the slave spell take effect.
"Agreed. NO!"
Tyler walked around the now trembling in terror woman grinnign wickedly.
"So. YOU got to rape my wife."
Sybil smirked wickedly as he passed her the jar.
"Thank you love. Oh. It's made from fire slime. The best stuff."
"Ha. We'll keep an ehye out."
The man then looked at marli.
"even after the collar is removed, you are NEVER to reveal our true intentions or appearences. EVER."
"Agreed. what are you going to do to me?"
"Ghost aspiration."
The spell ended and Marli fell to the floor as her legs went limp at the sight of the snow hair and red eyes.
"Mercy. Please."
Her formerly strong, imperious tone was reduced to a mere whisper at the face of the two devils. Sybil smiled.
"Did I beg like that, Mari? For hours? Did you grant it? I bled for a week after that."
The woman had despair in her eyes as Tylerliftedher up and laid her on the bed.
"You are to engae in your own rape and seeding."
"Agreed. Gentle. Please. I'm begging you. I'm fragile!"
Sybil was rubbing the cream into her pussy and moaned at the feeling.
"MUCH better."
"we'll be careful."
"So true."
The pair stripped and Sybil grew her 12 inch as mari started praying for mercy and rescue as Tyler locked the doors. Sybil removed the scared woman's gown.
"She's a nymph. So has one of the best bodies for sex of the races."
"You're still better love."
"So true."
Sybil then shafted her dry shaft into the screaming woman with a single, viciopus thrust. The sobbing in pain woman was then pinned against the man as he fit into her assfor a vicious ride.
"Key steal."
She sobbed spiritbrokenly as he lay key appeared in Tyler's hand.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Veri! have mercy! stop, please! IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH!"
"YOU did this to me! Now FUCK me!"
"Do it."
She sobbed as the pair had her for many hours before being sated on her feels and screams. Sybil smiled asshe kissed her.
"enjoy the seed. She'll be a girl."
Marli sobbed.
"Please don't Veri. If you seed me, we're married!"
Sybil smiled asshe shot her girlcream into the woman's pussy with her last orgasm and she glowed.
"I guess we're married. LOVE."
marli just dropped to the bed sobbing as her new wife kissed her to seal the ritual.
"I'm sorry, Veri. end the marriage, please. I don't want tobe your wife!"
"Deal with it."
"And you will NEVER cure the children she gives you. even after the collar is removed."
Now trapped in her new living hell the woman sobbed in heartbreak as Sybil smiled as her 12 incher went limp.
"I feel so much better, loves."
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.|
"Loot the place?"
"she's gota large selection of sex spells and creams. We'll take em. All she's worth really."
"I got the crystal."
"I got the pouch of blanks."
The pair walked around the bedroom of the violated woman taking various items to enhance their sexual experience.
"I got more creams."
"I found the lotions."
"Sure. we'll get a high tier room with a hot tub."
"Love you too. Think we earned another boon?"
"Probably. we walked in, enslaved her, raped her,and seeded her. Chos seems to love those."
Marli lifted her tear stained face in horror and Sybil smirked.
"We're married to the retribution goddess. So enjoy. YOU brought this upon yourself."
The blue haired woman just dropped into a ball as the news she DESERVED her hell hit her like a truck. Tyler smiled as he kissed his wife before getting back to the robbery. Sybil smirked as she took the nymph's discarded panties.
"They're still warm!"
"We'll get you a trophy pouch."
They laughed as marli just cried quietly. Tyler smirked.
"round two!"
"I'm in!"
The pair dove onto the spiritbroken woman for another round and she was slammed into the pillow as the snow haired beauty shafted her with a 13 incher this time while her husband pounded her from the rear. Another two hours later and they were spent. marli was sobbing in a large puddle of blood, spew, and girlcream on her bed as the pair kissed.
"You good, love?"
"Yup. I've had my fill. THIS time."
"key steal."
He passed her the second stolen lay key and the pair poured a healing potion onto the woman's ruined ass and pussy; healing her enough to return to work. Tyler smiled.
"NEVER A WORD after the collar is removed."
He removed the collar and marli sobbed as she STILL felt all the complusions to oey. Tyler smiled as he and Sybil redonned their personas and left the woman to her new misery. They rode the lift down and Sybil smiled.
"That was fun."
"We'll add her to Marrisa's pile."
"We will. And we're set on creams, lotions and sex spells."
"I REALLY want to try the Lover's Warmth on you."
"I want to hit you with the Stallion's wind."
"And are we agreed we're using Lustful endurance on Marrisa?"
"So long as you fuck me first with it."
"We MIGHT be able to beat our record!"
She kissed him smiling.
"we will."
He smiled as they walked out of the lift along the applauding court and a man spoek up.
"She alive?"
"Barely. She won't be moving for a while."
They laughed as Sybil blushed sweetly and he kissed her as they walked out the door.
"You do the cute airheaded princess really well, love."
She chuckled as they dropped their disguises once out of view of the keep.
"I WAS an airheaded princess."
"I thought it kinda cute not gonna lie."
The pair headed to a rather lavish inn Sybil knew of by a large lookout over the city. the snow haired beauty smiled.
"The place has a few rooms with hot tubs."
They walked in and were met by a tall woman with black hair and a pair of blood red eyes. She blinked as the pair walked in.
"Lord and Mistress of Chos?"
Tyler blinked ather shock.
"umm. We're married to her, miss?"
She smiled warmly.
"I am called Fear, milord an lady. I am a devil like yourselves. Only YOU are pure devils. Created from her blood directly. Please use me as you please."
"Will do."
"A lot. A room for two. One bed, hot tub. Top tier."
Fear smiled.
"That is 50,000 gold a night."
Tyler paid her for 3 nights and Sybil smiled.
"Four nights."
Fear chuckled as the pair looked her over. she was a tall woman with long waist length black hair and blood red eyes. her skin was white and her bust large in her blue dress. The woman passed them a key and they headed to their room. Sybil smiled.
"I like her."
They found their room onthe top floor at the end of a long hallway. Behind the door was a large four poster bed with curtain set against the far wall. On the left wall was a hot tub bath with a gentle ramp into the water for many activities. Sybil smiled as she hit a button.
"Sound proofed."
The pair stripped and dropped their clothes, tent, and fur into a magical hamper for a VERY thorough deep clean. Then Tyler tackled his squealing wife into the 7 foot deep hot tub pool and fit into her refreshed pussy for their first ride. the snow haired woman laughed as she bucked.
"I love you too."
The pair played in the hiot water for a bit before she laid in the shallower end for her lotioned massage. Tyler smiling as he was inside her the enitre time. She'd buck a bit every now and then as he massaged her skin and be rewardedwith a thrust that'd make her moan. She smiled as her body felt amazing after.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
There was a light knoc on the door,
"Milord, milady, may I asist?"
Sybil smirked and licked her lips.
A young woman in a maid outfit walked in. she was Sybil's height with long flowing red hair and blue eyes with a large bulge in her chest that denoted a massive bust. She smiled warmly as the naked pair leered at her.
"I am called Coal. And I'm afraid my goddess won't allow a random lay."
Sybil smirked as she walked over to the now nervous gilr with all the feel of a striding panther.
"We're not random, pretty one."
She kissed the maid and she groaned as the snow haired woman slipped her good tongue.
"Please, miss, I'd have to marry you."
"Nothing wrong with that. we're just playing."
she kissed her again and slid a soft, questing hand up the girl's skirt. Coal was desperately fighting her mounting lust as the seductive Sybil's hand found her pussy.
"wow, Coal. So soft."
"Please, stop, miss."
"But you're wet already. I've no issue marrying you."
She kissed her again before moving to the girl's ties to her dress as Coal moaned at the soft hand gently massaging her.
"Please, don't. I...don't want to."
Sybil smiled warmly as she purred into the quivering girl's ear.
"Yes you do. Don't fight the lust. I feel it in your wetness."
The red eyed seductress tugged a string and Coal's dress hit the floor,leaving her standing there in a white bra and thin white panty set. Sybil smiled.
"So sexy, Coal. I like you."
Cola had a tear fall as the woman unclasped her strap.
"Stop. Please stop. I want to give it to who i choose."
"So choose me.I want it."
"Stop, please. I'm begging you-oooohhh."
Sybil merely touched a softer spot and Coal moaned at theinstant orgasm as her bra hit the floor and her surprisingly large bust swung free.
"I love a busty girl, Coal. Nothing to be ashamed of."
Coal was panting as her fight with her lust was being lost fast as the naked woman kissed her again. The red head shivered as the girl then took one of her massive breasts into her mouth fora suckle.
"Okay. I'll marryyou."
"Yay. Come here."
Coal gave in and her panties were next to be lost as the sedutctress took her to the hot tub where the man was waiting with a iron rod. Coal had a tear fall as she was kissed.
"Will you be nice?"
"Of course."
"We like beauties. And like to make them feel the best they can."
Coal moaned as the snow haired girl licked her puss.
"Okay. I choose the two of you."
Tler smiled as he slid slowly into the girl's shaft, and felt it tear. she grunted but moaned atthe feeling as the pair successfully seduced their maid out of her purity and into their bed. the duo played with the redheadedmaid for a few hours before they laid tired on the bed with her betwene them. Tyler smiled as he kissed her they glowed, before Sybil kissed her and they glowed. Coal had a tear fall.
"You have me. I didn't want to. and you didn't listen. Why?"
Sybil smiled as she added Coal's panties to her trophies.
"we're more fun. and we love a busty maid."
Tyler chuckled as he kissed their newest wife.
"And weike to spoil."
Coal had more tears fall.
"My purity is gone and my goddess has forsaken me. I felt her shame and disappointment. I don't love you. Now I'm trapped."
Sybil smirked as she kissed her.
"Is that really such a bad thing? You loved the sex."
"You did. And we did too."
Coal had shame on her face as her new lovers held her.
"I did love it. it was all I hoped for in a first. But i didn't want it."
"we did."
"And we made it special for you. Imagine what ELSE we can make special for you."
"My goddess."
"We'rewith Chos."
She gasped and looked at them shaking with a new fear in her eyes.
"The retribution goddess? Please, i didn't deserve this! I've never hurt anyone!"
Tyler chuckled as he kissed her.
"I know. She's also a goddess of truth."
"Yup. She is the goddess of vile retribution and evil revenge, but she is also the goddess of the untainted truth. You cannot hide anything about yourself before her unclouded eyes. And since WE see throuh her eyes we saw the lust and longing you were fighting."
Sybil smiled.
"And we released it. Now oyu're free to be who you truly are, Coal. A wildhearted sex addict. Just liek us."
Coal shivered at that as they both kissed her.
"You seduced me....for that?"
"Why lie to yourself, Coal? Admit you loved the play and the seduction. Admit you loved us attacking you like that. Admit you loved us takingyou even though you said not to. You want to."
The red head had a new tear fall.
"I....loved the play and the sex. I loved just getting taken even though I didn't want to be. the seduction was my secret fantasy. And it was better then i ever could have dreamed. I....loved it. ALL of it."
Sybil smiled.
"feel that?"
The naked girl shivered.
"I feel...lighter."
"THAT is truth. And now you are free."
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
"You are free to be who you truly are, Coal."
The maid looked at the ceiling.
"Who I truly am?"
Sybil slid down to suckle on the maid's exposed pussy. Coal moaned as Tyler attached to her nipple as the ever horny couple wentin for seconds as the maid reveled in the loss of control and pleasure from that loss. She orgasmed again and the pair laid beside her again. She smiled weakly.
"I loved that too. I'm a sex addict and a masochist. I like being taken by you and give myself to you."
The girl passed them a pair of keys.
"Take me. A lot. Are you adventurers, loves?"
"We are."
"Then I will stay here with lady Fear. She is also of Chos. you."
The maid glowed and her eyes turned blood red as she accepted the pact with Chos' lovers. Tyler smiled as her red hair turned blood red to match her eyes to perfection.
"welcome to hell, Coal. we'll use you well."
she jkissed him happily.
"Thank you, Tyler, Sybil, I love you too. I feelso light and free!"
"when you recover, go take Fear."
"Oh I WILL. and can I have my panties back, mistress?"
"Nope. MY trophy!"
"Ha. of course, mistress. master, your trophy?"
"I got your key."
"I love you too. Please it often."
"we will."
"Nightly. or not if we're recovering."
Coal smiled as she cleaned up in the hot tub.
"I have my duties to see do, Mistress, Master. But, do take me again soon."
The pair kissed their new wife as she pulled her dress on.
"Oh. i like not wearing panties! I'll keep doing it."
She walked out humming and the pair kissed on the bed as the door shut.
"Oh she NEEDED that."
Sybil chuckled.
"She did. And it was far too easy to seduce her out of her panties. But. we got her."
"That tent is going to be SOOO abused."
"Oh absolutely. Her pussy is great."
"Her ass too."
"I loved it too. I didn't seed her this time. She's just that good a fuck."
"You're that much better."
"Love you too."
The pair laid in the bed cuddling as tey recovered from their day of sexual conquest. Tyler smiling as he gently stroked his wife's soft skin around her belly and her toying absentmindedly with his hose, the pair just enjoyed the feel of a real mattress under them.
"Oh. we have that dust from the undead."
"We'll get it made intop cream. Speaking of. Could you get it love?"
"Sure Sybil."
The loving husband applied a liberal amount to his wife's sore pussy and she sighed as it wentto work.
"Oooh much better. We'll take a break tomorrow love."
"We'll TRY to at least."
He kissed her as Coal came in again with their dinner.
"Mistress Fear is delicious. And loved my attack so she sent this up as a thank you."
Tyler smiled as the red haired maid put the tray on the table.
"Thanks Coal. More? Sybil's resting."
"Of course, love."
She stripped and he rode her while the snow haired beauty relaxed to the show. Coal was flooded a few times before gettign thrown into the pool like a laughing beachball. The lovers had a hotmeal together with their maid before Tyler pushed her into the pool again for an underwater ride that left her gasping for air. the masochist loved it immensely and was all smiles as they laid in the bed together.
"I love you two so much."
"We love our wives too."
"So do I."
"Night loves."
"Good night my loves.
"Night lovers!"

DAY 9.
GOLD: 3,329,925.
KILLS: 151.

Tyler woke to see Coal on her belly between him and Sybil with her lovely ass invitingly high in the air. He smiled wickedly as he mounted her with all the force of a ghost before shoving his hose into her ass with force. She woke moaning at the painful experience.
"Yes! harder! More, master, please hurt me more!"
"Buck harder, bitch! Harder! I want to see you BLEED!"
The maid was destroyed first thing in the morning and Sybil smiled as she watched her husband rape their maid. Coal's ass was flooded to capcity and Tyler smiled as she moaned from the throbbing pain.
"do NOT clean up. And no panties."
"Yes Master. it hurts so good master. Thank you for using me."
"Sybil's restign today. So. I'll use you again."
"I'll be eager."
She got dressed and left with a leaking ass. Tyler smiled as he kissed his wife.
"Morning Sybil."
"Morning, Tyler. That was fun. Do it to me."
"I'll rape you like they say I did."
"Ha. full circle indeed. Ember and Marrisa?"
He lifted a key.
The blonde appeared with fear in her eyes.
Tyler attacked her and dragged her onto the bed.
"Sybil's resting. So I get to hurt you."
Marrisa sobbed as he daughter kissedher while Tyler forcefucked her.
"We're rough even on each other. So. Once it's healed, we'll attack you properly."
The blonde queen was left a bleeding mess and returned naked. Tyler smiled as he passed her gown over. Sybil kissed him.
"I love this one. it's actually a favorite of mine she had."
The red queen appeared from the floor and smiled as Tyler kissed her.
"She's resting today."
"I see even SHE has a limit! marrisa had to be taken to a healer."
The red headed queen was laid on the bed as the white haired girl kissed her lovingly.
"we'll play together soon, Ember."
She smiled as the man rode her from behind.
"I prefer you to Marrisa, love. Him too. You're the better fuck."
Tyler smiled as he creamed her ass before switching to her pussy.
"Ashley get found?"
"She did. A bit faster please....yes. she and her elven party are pregnant as we speak. And are mindbroken ladies. we healed their minds and they told us they were attacked by devils on the road that raped them for hours. Ashley is with a temple for her term as she has to have the child due to devilspew being immune to the cure spell. The elves are with their fellow Ears for theirs. And somethingyou should know?"
Sybil smirked.
"A bounty?"
"No. One of the elves? That beauty with the teal eyes? Her eyes turned blood red and her hair went snow white. Seems she loved the evil lay and accepted that fact."
Tyler whistled as he creamed her.
"Wow. You had her, Sybil, right?"
"I seeded her before you made her ass bleed. Wow. Looks like she was a secret masochist. Good for her."
"She asked me to tell you her key is yours. And her name was Oak."
"Key steal: Oak."
A key appeared in Tyler's hand and Ember blinked.
Sybil took the key.
"I'll keep this one, love."
"Sure. we share so much, it'd be nice for you to have your own."
"I like elves."
"They're fun. I'd like to sample a few of the animal girls."
Ember smiled at that as the ride continued.
"Can you go easy on my ass? it's been hurting recently. And not from the sex."
"Sure, ember. Your pussy's better."
"I put cream on it every few hours."
"It feels like it."
He kissedher and she rolled onto her back to and pressed his head to her breasts smiling.
"And I look forward to these now."
The snowhaired man smiled as he rode her faster and creamed her many times. Sybil kissed her.
"We're adding trphies."
"Anyone I know?"
Sybil showed the black bear fur panties and Ember chuckled.
"She WAS raped yesterday. Guess we know by who."
"How'd you find out?"
"She was seeded. Her religion is to never get a seed. As it ruins the woman. so since she's pregnant, rape."
"Huh. Any cuplrits?"
"Bastards hit her with a slavery spell and it's unbreakable. so she's forced to have the child and never reveal her attacker. I see you kept them."
"It's a neat trick."
ember shivered at Sybil's matter-of-fact reply. Tyler went limp inside her and smiled.
"Alright. You're full. See ya next time, Ember."
She was kissed and faded away. Sybil smiled as they cleaned up in the hot tub and he applied more cream to her.
"What'll we do today?"
"Go poke around in the underbelly."
"Sounds like fun. Slave?"
"If we see one we like."
The pair kissed and got dressed.
"I'll get a new outfit."
"sure. i don't really want anything right now. Besides you."
"Love you too. I'll be ready tomorrow."
He hung his greatsword on his back and theyad breakfast with a limping Coal. the blood haired maid happily glowing as she got kissed goodbye.
"I'll be waiting, Mistress, master!"
The lovers chuckled as they walked out.
"I like her."
"I do too."
They left the inn and walked along the street looking for a deadend alley. Tyler kissed his wife-
The pair looked around and so did the crowded street atthe hate filled yell. A tall man with hate in his eyes shoved his way through the crowd and confronted the curious snowhaired couple.
"YOU raped Coal!"
Tyler tilted his head at the angry man. he stood the same height as he did with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a suit of red scale armor and had a greatsword on his back.
"Who the fuck are you?"
The man pulled his greatsword.
"I am a guardian to Lora. The love goddess. Coal was found to be a lost dove last night and YOU HAVE HER TEARS!"
Sybil explained with a bored sigh.
"It means she didn't want to give us her purity. That first tear?"
"Ah. Ha. she loves us now."
The man charged with a righteous wrath and swung his 7 foot greatsword at the smugly smirking man with the white hair. Tyler lifted a hand and caught the blade with two fingers, stoppin the attack dead in it's tracks. Sybil smiled as she watched her husband be a badass. The guardian tried to tear his blade free but foudn he couldn't move it from the two finger grip of the devil. TYler smiled and the man went white.
"Demon! it's a demon!"
"I'm a devil."
The sword was flicked back and the manw as taken to the ground by the force of the flick.
"I am Chos' DEVIL HUSBAND. SHE is her devil WIFE. Love. He is for you."
The man screamed in terror as the golden greatsword howled and took his head clean off. Sybil fell to looting as the crowd watched with nervously quick breaths. Tyler smirked as he swung the blood off his sword.
"Anyone else?"
The people kept moving then as Sybil smiled.
"Didn't think so."
The pair took the man's everything bu his clothes which they left in a pile beside his headless body. The devil tilted his head at the red sword.
"It's drakesteel. of the scales of a red fire drake."
"Oh. I liek the color."
"We can get it repurposed into something cool. Same with the platemail."
"I'm thinking blood red guantlets that fire grapples."
"Oooh. I love you. I'll get some better boots and clothes."
"You already look gorgerous."
"I want to look even BETTER!"
"That's ma wife."
She kissed him as they walked into an alley with a blind turn. the lovers smirked as they found a large amount of tracks stopping at the wall betwen two houses.
"I think we found our in."
"we did. Best guess is this is a smuggler den."
"Most likely."
The man looked at the wall and smiled as he saw an out of line brick.
"Got the doorbell."
Sybil flicked it into place and the wall opened to reveal a robed man backed by a group of cloaked figures standing just inside the door. The man smirked as he saw the face of Sybil.
"I love your new look, Veronica Goldencrown."
"My name is Sybil Demonswife."
"Interesting. and you?"
"Tyler. Devil's husband. We're of Chos."
That made the man blink.
"The goddess of retribution? Here?"
"We're bored. So looking to see what ya got for sale."
"Ah. My aplogies, lord and lady. I see you're customers. and it be an honor to cater to the Monster himself."
"Ha. It's DEVIL."
Sybil smiled as she took her husband's arm as they walked through the door.
"And I'm his wife."
The group of cloaked men vanished and the robed man smiled. He was a portly man with balding red hair and grey eyes. His robe waxs purple and clean while his boots were dirty from the dirt of the alley floor. he smirked.
"I am Tor. Now. As you are new here, what manner of goods are you seeking?"
Tyler chuckled as the alley closed behind them.
"More seeing what catches our eye."
"Ah. A discerning buyer indeed. the ratway is what you seek. Follow me."
The pair followed the lookout through the narrow backalley and Tyler smiled.
"Now this kinda feels like home."
Sybil chuckled as she kissed him.
"The pit or your world?"
"Either or."
"Love you too."
Their guide led the pair to a basement bulkhead beside a house. He bowed as he presented them with two blackened coins.
"These beauties permit access to our lovely markets in every city. present them to the door and enjoy."
"Thanks Tor."
The pair walked into the bulkhead and were faced by a long single hallway 8 feet wide and lined by doors that led to individual shops. Sybil smirked as she tucked her long hair into a ponytail to keep it from dragging.
"I'll get a spell for that."
"Love you too."
The pair walked along the hall among other patrons of the market. Some were clad in fine robes, silks, armor, or were in lesser clean threads that denoted poorer buyersor workers. Tyler smiled as he looked at names.
"Ore's rare weapons, Hela's potions and poisons, rare animals, huh."
Sybil smiled as she kissed him.
"Anything interesting yet?"
"Besides you, not really. I-oh."
They stopped at one door and Tyler read the name.
"Helia's wanted people. Looks like we found our slavedealer."
The man opened the door for his wife and they walked inside to find a large hollowed out section of underground realestate. the room was maybe 6000 square feet and had a stairwell from the door that dropped 10 feet to a dirt floor. The entire room was decorated in acges holding every variety of person you could imagine. Human, elf, dwarf, animal person, crossbreeds, men, women, adults, teenagers, children, all loaded into single or double cages naked on full display with plaques detailing their skills, purity, age, race, racial abilities, and the like. TYlerand Sybil strolled among the wailing cages looking at various offerings.
"Oh look there love. I love her hair."
"Huh. Haven't see a strawberry blonde in some time. Oh that's cool. Says here it's natural and she's pure too. In her late 80sand still looks liek she's merely twenty. entended lifespans are intense."
"ember will look like she does until she's 5500 years old and then she'll start aging again."
"Like I said. oh hello. Catgirl. Pure and is a very timid soul. Love the tabby on her."
"Breed of cat. And color pattern."
"Oh I see cats are your animal."
"House cats yes."
"You're odd."
"Love you too."
The lovers kissed and walked among the cages seeking someone that tickled their fancy.
"Helluva place for a date."
The pair looked over at the sultry voice to see a tall woman in a black gown approaching. She was Tyler's height with long flowing blue hair and sparkling green eyes. her bust was massive and her skin pale. She smiled and he smirked at the sight of fangs in her mouth.
"A vampire?"
The woman smiled wider and licked her red stained lips alluringly.
"How perceptive. I am Moss. I own these shop you see. And I am indeed a vampire, young devils."
Tyler looked at Sybil and she shrugged.
"I've never had a vampire. No clue."
Moss smirked.
"Oh really? Well. Pleasure before business."
"How much?"
"I do so love Chos' toys. Free. follow me please."
The pair followed the vampire into another door that had a clean bed and stone floor. Tyler smirked as he tackled her onto the bed as Sybil shut the door. The stronger devil pinned the laughing vampire to the bed as Sybil got her clothes.
"So aggressive! I love a good demonfuck!"
The man smirked as he sank his own fangs into her neck to drimnk her blood as Sybil released his hose. He tehn forced it into the vampire's exposed pussy as his wife readied her own 12 inch. Moss moaned as she was fed and roughfucked by the devil before Sybil was ready and they swapped spots. he bit into her large nipple to keep drinking and she moaned atthe feeling.
"Oh I love your rape. More. give me more!"
The pair fucked her until she was bleeding her blue blood from both ass and pussy before they both sang fangs into her nipples to drink. Moss was groaning as she orgasmed from the feelings and the pain before Sybil offered her own tit.
"Yes Mistress."
She bit into Sybil's triple d nipple and fed onher black blood as Tylerr smiled.
"Sexy, Sybil."
"I'm doing this to Marrisa now."
Moss drank deeply of the devil's delicious titblood before letting her go with a satisfed smile.
"Such vile cruelty and depraved evil. I love you two. Dearly. My key."
She gave them her key and Tyler chuckled as Sybil stole her red velvet panties.
"Vampires are fun. we'll have her attack Marli."
Moss smiled longingly.
"I've ACHED to drink her blood. i actually want to turn her as my vampire servant. So fi you do offer her to me, well, I'll give you a discount and your pick of my best!"
Tyler smirked as he kissed her.
"We will then. Seems like she needs a good vampire mistress."
Sybil smirked as she rubbed her bleeding nipple.
"we'll give her to you by lay key."
"Ooooh. Such evil devils! here."
And they got the vampire's key. Tyler smiled as he added it to his small ring of keys and Sybil stole moss' thong. The vampire laughed as she saw the theft.
"You have amost interesting taste in trophies, Mistress Sybil. I love it."
"I wear them."
"oh. Dirty."
"I just abuse the keys."
The ladies laughed as they kissed again before cleaning up. Moss smiled as her ass and pussy bled under her gown.
"So. Did you see anything besides me you found apettizing?"
"Not yet. Still looking."
"Anyone fresh?"
"Our hunters just delivered a fresh shipment from the south. Allow me."
The vampire limped out of her room with the smiling devils behind her. Tyler smirking as the sexy woman had a seductive hipsway as she walked.
"I'll take THAT ass you keeping teasing me with it, Moss."
"MY goal."
Sybil smirked.
"Are you after HIS marriage, Moss?"
The vampire licked her lips as they walked among the cages.
"If i did?"
"Oh my. I can do that."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at Sybil.
"So how's it work?"
"Well. Since she's a vampire, you'd gift her your blood from a vein or your dick."
"She can blow me after it reloads."
"I feel fine by the way. I'll be back to fuckfest tomorrow."
"Love you most, Sybil."
she smiled as Moss led them to a large steel door.
"Our newest crop is stored here."
She unlocked the door and they walked inside to where close to 25 naked people hung spreadeagled on racks. Moss smiled as she gestured to the gagged and sobbing hopelessly collection.
"They were just healed and cleaned. Most are pure and some are even temple priestesses. Have a look."
Tyler and his wife walked in a slow, appraising pace around the racks.
"Hmm. No men."
"Agreed. Oh. She's got big tits."
"She does. Same time yours are better. her pussy's small."
"It is. Hmm. it weird I don't know what i want?"
"I have that problem all the time with toys. So many options. So it's hard to pick just ONE."
"We HAVE been playing mostly with humans. Something different?"
"That's not a bad idea. there's a few elves over there."
The pair strolled over and Tyler cast an appriasing eye over the offerings.
"Hmm. She's flat, that one's stacked, that one has blue hair, hm?"
He stopped at one elf and smiled widely.
"well. Fnacy meetin YOU here."
Sybil walked over at his intrigued voice.
"Find one?"
He nodded to the black haired, pink eyed naked elf looking at him dumbfoundedly.
"recognize her?"
The snow haired beauty looked at the now hopefully frantic elven girl and smiled.
"Well. if it isn't little Sori the elven thief? Now this IS a storybook reunion."
Tyler looked at Moss.
"where'd they catch her?"
The vampire chuckled.
"found her fast asleep in a forest clearing four miles to the east."
"Anything interesting on her?"
"Not really. her pouch was sealed and when broken was found to be merely full of lesser gems. Spinel, a few garnets, you get the idea."
"Huh. How much?"
"For her? Hmm. She's not a pure elf, she wasn't that hard to catch and she has skills in thievery....350,000."
He paid the vampire and passed him the golden bands. he clasped one on the relieved elf's neck and put the other on his wrist.
"Now we got two sets. Oh can we buy another set off you, Moss?"
"Sure. 1500."
Sybil smiled as she got her twin sets as Tyler got the elf's belongings. Sori was released from the rack and Tyler chuckled as she removed her gag.
"we need to stop meeting like this."
She smiled with relief,
"Only this time it was ME in chains! Sooooooo thanks! i guess we're even."
"Ha. NOW you owe US. And we WILL collect."
She blinked and Sybil smirked wickedly as she eyed the elf's body.
"With interest."
Tyler smiled as he looked at Moss.
"We'll see who else we can find."
Sybil smiled.
"I found one love."
The devil led her husband to a rack where a tailed lady hung.
"She's a member of the vulpin race. Or. foxgirls as you said."
Tyler looked at the now trembling woman. She was Sybil's height with long pink hair and terrified pink eyes. On her head was a pair of pink furred fox ears and she had soft fur along her sides that felt really good when stroked. her breasts were massive and her pussy bald. She had decent muscle tone while behind her hung a pair of 5 foot pink furred fox tails. Sybil smiled.
"Feel her fur, love."
Tyler stroked the sobbing woman's tails appreciatively.
"Damn. nice find Sybil. Says she's pure too. Bonus. Yo Moss."
"Oh good choice! She's a rare find indeed as she's actually a fox priestess to lady Vulpix. her pink fur means she is a very sweet, loving soul that is always happy. Well. USUALLY happy."
"Huh. She got skills?"
"Her sect fights undead and her race has a rule has a law that if a debt is owed it MUST be repaid inj full with overpay."
"Soooo if we were to buy her, and set her free?"
"You'd be owed a lifedebt. So in essense another form of slavery that cannot be broken. No matter HOW much she might wish to be."
Tyler smiled wickedly as he kissed his wife.
"How much?"
"For her? 1,000,000 gold."
"Love you, Sybil. And your VERY late wedding gift."
Tyler paid the vampire and the fogirl sobbed as he removed the golden colllar from her neck.
"And you're free."
The fox glowed as a sound of a lock washeard as she knelt.
"I swear myself to you Master, in repayment for this mercy....I will serve you well."
"And her."
"And her, Mistress."
Tyler smiled as he patted her.
"You may rise. So what's your name?"
her soft, warm voice was full of misery as she stood tall.
"It is Yokai. Yokai the pink fox."
"wow. in my world Yokai are actually spirit foxes."
Sybil kissed him.
"Now I'm curious."
"I'll tell ya a few legends later. For now."
He passed Yokai the robe Moss gave him.
"We'll head to the inn and discuss your debts ladies."
Sori was gaping at the scene she'd just witnessed. Her pink eyes were fullof shock as Tyler tossedher her gtunic.
"Come on pinkie."
Sybil laughed at her instant fury.
"Pinkie? HA!"
"hey! mean!"
Moss smiled as she got a kiss from the couple.
"Come rape me again soon."
"we will."
"Marli'll be ripe. She's pregnant."
"Ooooh. And her term won 't be long since she's a nymph."
Sybil smiled.
"We'll give the girl to Ember. She'll raise her while we terrorize the world."
The four left the room and Yokai walked with head low as Sori walked beside Sybil. Tyler smirked.
"You are not to mention you are slaves. EVER."
"Agreed. hey!"
"Yes Master."
"And you will not resist."
"Agreed. hey you're scaring me!"
"Yes Master."
The group left the market and returned to the inn where Tyler smirked as he saw Coal tending to something in their room. he walked over, slammed her over the desk, tore the back of her pants open and proceeded to roughfuck the moaning girl right there as Sybil locked the door. Sori was gaping at the BLATANT rape as Coal was flooded and orgasmed.
"Oooh I love you, master!"
"Always fun raping you, Coal. Sybil will be healed in the morning."
"Oh absolutely."
She left with a wobble and Tyler smirked as he looked at the two slaves.
"Clean up in the hot gub."
"Master. Hey!"
"Yes Master."
The four sat in the3 water naked and Tyler smiled as he looked at the trying to cover herself Sori.
"Stop covering yourself."
She had tears of rage asshe obeyed.
"Cut the shit! You've had your fun, now let me go!"
Sybil smirked asshe kissed her husband.
"She's fiesty."
"She is. Why I liked her so much."
He then looked the elf over now. Sori was still a beauty of an elf with long black hair that shimmered like a curtain. her skin was pale and her bust modest with large nipples. her pussy was small and she stodd half a head shorter then Sybil. Sori shivered under the appraising gaze of the snow haired man.
"Tyler? You ARE goign to let me go right? Like.....THAT'S why you bought me.....right?"
He smiled as her high, breathy voice had an edge of panic in it now.
"Maybe. Haven't decided on that yet. I kinda like the idea of an elven sex slave. and one with thief skills."
He took her pouch from the now scared elf's tunic and chuckled.
"And neat trick. All your loot's here too. About....54,457,902 gold, a mass of gems, a mass of enchanted items, weapons, some armor, and a crown."
Sybil looked over now.
"A crown?"
He pulled the dragon emlazoned crown out and the former princess chuckled.
"Oh. Nice score, Sori. That's my grandfather's crown. The sword Tyler wields is his too. ha. Thing's priceless."
"We sold it to the market?"
"Oh we could name our price. it's easily worth millions."
Sori gulped now as her heart started to fill with an icy fear.
he smiled at her and she started shaking.
"So. YOU owe ME now. odd role reversal."
He smiled wider at her fearfully small voice.
"Please what?"
She gulped again with huge pink eyes.
"Please don't hurt me. I retired from thieving, just like I said. I...just want to go home. Okay? I don't want to hurt anyone anymore or risk my life or do anything. I just want to go home."
He chuckled as tears started welling up in her eyes.
" DON'T want to go adventuring with us?"
The elf was again dumbfounded and Sybil leered at her.
"We could use a sexy elven thief out there."
Sori seemed to deflate from relief as she smiled at the man.
"I appreicate the offer, Tyler. I really do. But I'm close to 65,000 years old now. I've been roaming all my life and am kinda tired of it. All i wanted from my riad was to get enough to retire in peace on. I got that. So. I hung my daggers up."
He smiled warmly and removed her collar.
"I can respect that. Just know you're not going anywhere tonight or the day after."
She blinked.
"Umm. Why?"
"Cause. we're gonna have some fun. Weren't kidding about the sexy elf."
The elven beauty smirked.
"Oh. Ha. Okay. I can do that. A lot."
"You didn't really have a choice, Sori. we want you. So we're gonna take you."
"Wow. Then NO."
The pair moved liek lightning and had the now screamign elf pinned against the side of the tub as Tyler kissedher.
"Ya coulda had fun. But you chose to be a bitch. Enjoy."
Sori was screaming for help as Sybil latched onto her nipple and he fit into her ass for a ride.
"Stop, Tyler! Please! Not like this! I'll fuck you, just not like this...please!"
"You had your chance! Damn, Sybil, her ass is great."
"Try her pussy."
"Getting there."
The elf sobbed as her cries went unheeded as the vile pair had their way with her for an hour before letting her fall to the pool water leaking but NOT bleeding as he replaced the collar around her neck. The devil smirked wickedly as he sat her up in a way she wouldn't drown.
"Now then. You loved that."
Sori had tears of shame on her face ass he throbbed.
"I regret ever letting you out of those chains, Tyler. You ARE a Monster."
Sybil smirked.
"He didn't rape me, Sori."
"Ghostly Aspiration. recognize her?"
Sori AND Yokai were dumbfounded by the blonde hair and green eyes of the princess. Sori recovering first.
"It's Sybil now. I married my devil and my goddess. And am free."
Yokai looked at Tyler.
"Master, the goddess?"
Sori gasped.
"THe goddess of vile retribution? What the hell did I do to deserve being RAPED....oh. Ummm. Okay."
She slumped in the water as a memory surfaced and Sybil smiled as her hair returned to snow and her eyes red.
"Actually, we just wanted you. i never DID get to have you in the palace."
"But RAPINGH me?"
"You're not bleeding."
"And you loved it if the way you orgasmed is an indicater."
"I LOVED it, but besides the point."
Sori groaned in exasperation as she recovered from her rape and tyler smiled.
"So yeah. reconsider?"
"Uuugh. FINE. I'm immortal anyway. I'll be your elven thief and sex slave. Now can you take this damned thing off?"
he removed it and Sori rubbed her pink eyes.
"Great. So long retirement."
"ha. we're mostly roaming seeking revenge."
"The torturers?"
"Nah. All those that got to rape Sybil."
The snow haired beauty smiled.
"Mothers slaved me out for years and dozens of partners. Rare was it I got to choose who I wanted to bed. and they'd rape me too when the mood took them. Mothers i mean."
Yokai and Sori hugged her and she laughed.
"we're getting our revenge. It was THERE fault tyler got framed as they ordered me to betray him. And i obeyed to my shame. But. Ember has since repented of her evil."
Sori frowned.
"How'dyou get her to do that?"
Tyler lifted the ring of keys.
"we FUCKED it out of her. a LOT."
Yokai sirked wickedly.
"Vile retribution and evil punishment. The goddess' own sphere. The lady Marrisa?"
"Is still learning."
Sori nodded.
"Okay. Umm. So you're just going around raping people?"
"Pretty much."
"We take what we want from who we want. ember and Marrisa are seeded with MY daughter and so is marli and Ashley the orchunter."
Sori and Yokai shuddered atthat and Tyler smiled.
"We fucked them till they bled. ember repented and so is loved now. The others are just roughfucked."
"And that maid?"
"we seduced her out of her temple and into Chos' way."
The pink fox sighed.
"She is also the goddess of unfiltered and untainted truth. And you areher agents,"
"She didn't want to admit she was a masochistic sex addict."
"Now she does. And lives it."
Sori smirked.
"Some reason? That is oddly fitting for you, Tyler."
The black haired elf rubbed her sore pussy.
"And dammit."
"We got a creamfor that."
"of COURSE you do."
Sori used the cream to heal her aching pussy as Yokai gulped.
"My fate, master? mistress? i was kidnapped from my temple."
Tyler smirked at her.
"YOU are staying. As our lovefox. And since we roam so freakin much, extra fur blanket."
"All I will ask is gentleness in the bed. Please."
"We like you. So will give you the best sex of your life."
Tyler smiled as he sat beside the foxlady.
"And the best of fun. YOU have a desire locked in there, Yokai. I can see it."
Sybil smiled as she siddled up now beside the nervous fox.
"So can I. Let it out, Yokai. Embrace yourself."
"We did."
"And look at us."
Tyler ran a soft hand along her belly and the pink furred fox shivered at the feeling.
"I...have no such desire."
Sybil kissed her lovingly as Tyler teasedthe setof cute whiskers on her face.
"Stop lying to yourself, Yokai. It's nothing to be ashamed of. we all have desires."
"And acting on them is nothing to be ashamed of. OR scorned. Do it. Open yourself to who you truly are."
"And know a happiness and peace the likes of which you have never known."
Tyler kissed the tremblign fox himself now.
"Say it."
Yokai shuddered.
"I want to take the purity of my temple Fox. I ache FOR HER."
She deflated and Tyler smiled.
"what else?"
Yokai had a look of defeat in her pink eyes.
"I don't careif she WANTS to, i want it, and want to take it."
Sybil kissed her.
"There. was that so hard to do?"
"There's one more."
Yokai nodded.
"I want to lose my purity int he act of taking hers."
Tyler smiled athis wife.
"I think we can make that happen, love."
"Sure. Yokai, what temple did you come from?"
"It's in the city actually. She is off the red fur."
"Wow. She's a VERY passionate lover then. I think she has a desire herself, Tyler."
"Let's clean up and go find out."
The devilman smirked as Sori perked up now with a look of fear in her eyes.
"I will put the collar on you, Sori. We do our goddess' work. Whatever that work is."
"even RAPE?"
"Oh we love that."
"so true. it's our special fun."
She shuddered and went to get out of the tub...only for the collar to be clenched around her neck.
The red head came in smiling.
"Sori. Amuse her until we return. Coal. Enjoy."
"Oh wow. Umm. Sure."
The lovers got dressed and Tyler kissed Yokai.
"You will fulfill your desire, Yokai."
"Yes master. Thank you Master. Mistress."
The dressed pair smiled as the fox pulled her pink robe on and they left Coal to the elf. Tyler smiled as he held his wife's hand with the foxlady walking in front of them. Sybil kissed him.
"Sori's kinda boring, love."
"You think?"
"Yeah. I had her again. And....well.....she was merely good for a fuck."
"You want to set her free?"
"we got no other use for her. we'll take her to the next city and set her loose."
He looked at Yokai's swaying foxtails.
"we're keeping the fox."
"Oh absolutely."
Yokai smiled nervously as she felt them leer at her tails.
"I...look forward to serving you, Master, Mistress."
They smiled at her nervous excitment.
"She's going to be so much fun."
"Oh absolutely."
The trio walked through the city to a large building with nurmerous robed foxes moving about healing and offering respite to all. The place was built into the shape of a foxtail with Yokai pointing to te red tip atthe top of the building.
"Mother Vultix lives there. And should be there now. her room is sound prooved as it is a sacred chamber."
Tyler smiled as they went into an alley nearby and he lifted Yokai into a princess cradle.
"well. hang on."
Sybil followed in her love's steps as the pair leapt up the side of the buildings like silent billygoats before landing on the top of the red tail. Yokai was set on her feet and they went to a large skylight in the roof. The trio looked inside and Tyler smirked as he spotted a robed red furred foxlady sitting at a desk inside a locked room. She was Yokai's height with long flowing red hair and five tails drifting lazily behind her. She had a happily bored smile on her face as she did paperwork related to her sect. her bust was massive and hung overher desk. Tyler smirked and pantomimed silence and the girls nodded as he used a knife to pop the window from the frame without a sound. The man dropped to the floor 15 feet below without a sound. He moved like a ghost and the next thing the foxlady knew a hand had locked off her mouth and a dagger was on her neck.
"Not a sound."
She froze at the gruff, darkly grating voice as her heartbeats exploded in mad fear at the soon to come. Sybil and Yokai dropped in next with the pink fox in Sybil's arms. Tyler lifted the frozen in fear red foxlady from her chair and walked her towards Yokai. He looked at Sybil and she smirked.
"Soundless Space."
A ten foot barrier that rendered the area sound proof was cast on the room AND included the bed. Yokai was smiling as Tyler let his hand off the red's mouth.
"Sister. i have come."
The red fox deflated from relief.
"Sister Yokai. I hate surprises. You know that."
"Sister Vulpin. You are mine."
The pink furred fox tackeld her sister onto the bed tearing at her robe as she screamed in shock.
"Sister?! Stop! Get off this body! it is not for you! Help! Rape!"
Tyler and Sybil leaned on the door as Yokai had her sister stripped naked and was kissing her into silence.
"Wow, Yokai. Hot."
"She is loving this. Oh."
"On it. Key steal."
Tyler added the key of Vulpin to his collection as Sybil took her torn panties for hers.
"Repair. wow. Sexy white lace."
They looked to see Yokai rubbing her pussy against her sobbing heartbrokenly sister's with estatcy on her face.
"She tore them."
"Atta fox."
The lovers watched as Yokai raped her sister for a few hours before being sated. Tyler smiledas he walked over and pu the collar on the sobbing red furred lady's neck.
"You will never reveal the names, faces, or anything of your attackers even after I remove the collar."
He smiled at her heartbroken voice.
"You will lust for your sister's succulent pussy for the rest of your life even after the collar is removed."
Yokai smiled.
"Thank you. she was delicious and I loved it."
"Sure. Next. You will engage in your rape the next time she calls for you even after the collar is removed."
"And last. We can add new commands even after the collar is removed and you will obey them as if you still wore it."
he took it off and she looked at Yokaiwith tears of shame and heartbreak in her eyes.
"Why, sister? Why do this to me? Your own sister?"
Yokai smiled.
"Because i wanted to. And because I ACHED to. I feel more free now then i have in 5 thousand years. and it was worth it. everything I dreamt it would be."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at Vulpin.
"and you loved it too."
Vulpin had even more humilated shame on her face.
"I did. Vulpix forgive me. I loved my sister raping me for my purity."
"Ha. atta fox. enjoy."
The pink fox redressed and they leapt up the wall to leave Vulpin to her new shame and ache. the window was replaced and Yokai shuddered as she smiled a beatific smile.
"I light. i love it."
They dropped to the ground and returned to the inn. Tyler smiled at her.
"Feel better?"
"I do. Very much so in fact, Master. I...have a wish."
They walked into the room to see Coal on her hands and knees getting absolutely DRILLED by a grunting Sori with a strapon toy. The red haired maid moaning in pleasured agony as Sori fcked her bleeding pussy with a ridged strapon meant for her ass. Tyler and Sybil whistled.
"Actually, love? We're keeping her."
"Damn Sori. Atta girl."
Yokai stripped and got into the tub and sighed as the water soothed her raw pussy.
"I feel so much better, Master. I...thank you."
Sybil kissed her as she got in beside her.
"See how much fun giving in to yoiur desires is? And how GOOD it feels?"
"I do."
Tyler sat beside her and she smiled at him.
"I wish to be a devil, Master. Like you and the Mistress."
The man smiled warmly as he kissed her.
"Sure, Yokai. You'd look BEAUTIFUL as a white fox."
Sybil smiled.
"and she'd still keep her pink fur personality. All the turn would to is dye her fur."
"The pink IS a little much."
He pulled the black key.
The goddess appeared in the water and smiled at her lovers.
"YOU two have been very busy. I love it. Sybil. she was born and is a devil of lust. Sadly she is too small to fuck yet."
Sybil smiled.
"I'll seed you again, my7 love."
"I ache for another. But. i want his now. And since I'm a goddess it would work."
Tyler forced his hose into her and started fucking her hard as she looked at Yokai.
"Your wish is granted, Yokai Foxfire. Your fur is white and your eyes are red. Drink."
the goddess had a small stram of black blood coming out of her massive tit and the foxgirl was quick to take the nipple for a suckle. Chos moaned as she was seeded by her husband and Yokai glowed as she got her turn. The fox's pink fur turned snow white starting at her head and moved down her body to the tips of her tails. The foxlady moaned as a third tail appeared from her spine and was seen to sway seductively behind her. her hair was now snow white and her eyes were blood red too. Once the last hair was snow white the blood stopped flowing, but Yokai kept suckling. Chos smiled as she removed the horny fox from her tit.
"Sorry. YOU'RE not married to me. And so do not get to enjoy this body."
Sybil smiled as she kissed the white fox.
"I'm free, Yokai!"
And the fox tackeld her into the water for a fuck. Tyler smiled as he kissed his goddess wife.
"Love you too, Chos."
"You've both earned 3 boons."
"A spell to see through walls."
"And have all our spells that rely on the eyes to be used the same manner."
"There it is. granted."
"Two revive spells."
"Granted. And I am also a goddess of death. So you'd have to strike a deal with me to keep coming back. Or sacrifice a boon."
"Love you too. Hmm. Oh. The ability for the both of us to turn into mist beings and move as mist."
She smirked.
"To get to those you other wise couldn't reach. granted. forthe both of you."
Sybil was too deep in good foxgirl pussy to talk and Tyler smiled.
"I'll pick her boons too."
"A jar that holds an unlimited supply of the creams and lotions we add to it."
"enhanced sexual stamina and enduarnce. On top of what we have."
"And enhanced physical endurance and healing. On top of what we have."
"For sex?"
"Mostly sex but across the board."
The boons were given and Coal moaned through her latest orgasm as Sroi kept pounding her and Yokai dropped completely sated from the sex and Sybil smiled.
"Damn Yokai. I love you."
The fox smiled.
"I love you too, Mistress. you."
"I love you too. Share."
"I will. I prefer you though."
"We will play a lot."
Tyler smiled as he swapped with his wife so she could have Chos. he kissed Yokai and she opened leg.
"I have plenty for you too, Master."
He fit into her tight pussy and moaned.
"Oooh i love you too, Yokai."
She kissed him as the loving ride started. the room was filled with the sounds of sex and orgasm as the group sated their near instatiable lust on each other. then they all soaked in the water. Coal bleeding from her ass and pussy and Sori smiling with a flush.
"Okay. i LOVE a kinky ride."
Tyler chuckled as Chos returned to her realm.
"Happy we took you?"
They laughed and he looked at Yokai. The fox smiled.
"I love it too, master."
She was Sybil's height now with breasts that were half a cup bigger then before and still needing no support. her fur was snow white and gleamed like the stuff while her hair was was also snow white. She had 3, 5 foot furry snow white foxtails strewn around her in the water and he took one to pet. She shivered as he did so.
"My tails are sensitive, Master. So please be nice to them."
"Sure. I love how soft the fur is."
"I do too. foxtails are great for cuddles."
Sori smiled as she drapped a tail across her lap.
"Same. I've slept with the foxes before and can vouch."
Coal smiled as she got the last tail.
"foxfur on a daughter of Vulpix is always amazing."
Tyler smiled as he kissed the red headed maid.
"We're paid up till day after tomorrow."
"I know. Will you leave then?"
"Most likely."
Sybil smiled as she sat beside her husband.
"The next city of interest is Veric. the leader had me too. His name is Magnis. and he nearly seeded me twice."
"We'll enslave him and sell him to Moss."
"ooooh. I love you."
He kissed her and the party cleaned up in the tub before having a VERY hearty meal of steak and soda. Coal went home to recover,
"Take Fear home and rape her, Coal."
She went home with fear and forced the loving devil into the bed. Tyler smiled as he laid in the bed with Sybil on his chest, Yokai in his right arm and Sori his left.
"I love you sybil."
"I love you too, Tyler."
Yokai wrapped her long tails around her lovers while Sori got the blanket.
"Love you too, Sori, Yokai."
"Love you!"
"I love you too, Master."

DAY 10.
GOLD: 1,978,925.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to see Sori's face beside his own. he smiled as he flet Sybil's arms around his neck and Yokai's tails wrapped around them. I love my life. he kissed his wife awake and she smiled.
"I love you too."
"I'll have one."
"I'll take the other."
He moved onto Sori like a ghost as Sybil mounted Yokai and he slid intothe elf with a gentel firmness as Sybil used her own rod on Yokai. Sori woke with a frantic moan only to see Tyler thrusting into her.
"Damn you."
He kissed her as he rode her.
"Love youtoo, sori."
she glared athim before buxking hard as the feelings exploded inside her.
"Uuugh FUCK ME!"
Yokai was moaning as she was pounded by Sybil with the same passion before both were flooded. sori orgasmed and they laid together on the bed. Tyler smiled as the elfthumped a fist on his chest halfheartedly.
"That was a fantasy of mine. Damn you. I loved it and damn you. do it again."
Yokai smiled.
"I loved it too, Mistress. Again?"
"Of course Yokai. My pussy is fully healed. And my strength restored."
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
"Haven't had you in like two days."
"Odd, right?"
"we'll break our record when we leave."
She smiled and sori sighed.
"Three days nonstop fucking."
"Oh my gods. Umm. Addicts."
"Oh hopeless."
They laughed at that and laid on the bed. Tyler smiled as Sori rested her black haired head on his chest.
"Yeah. I like the sex. best in years."
"You sure you want to stay?"
" For the sex at least."
He patted her firm ass.
"We got room in or fucktent for you, Sori.And plenty of seed for you to take."
"ha. yours AND hers."
"Oh absolutely. oh. Love?"
"Ember or marrisa?"
"She'll be close."
He took Ember's key.
The red queen appeared and smiled as Tyler waved at his hose.
"You know whattodo."
She stripped and slotted the hose into her pussy for her ride.
"So Marli is pregnant and close to term. I'll take the girl."
"We were about to make you."
Sybil kissed the red head as she bounced.
"She's set a bounty on your head, Tyler. I warned her not to. But. She said she refuses to live liek this anymore."
"Anyone we know?"
"Not yet. Just the usual bounty hunters."
"Cool. More toys to play with."
Ember smiled as she got her flood.
"I warned her. She said it's better to at least TRY."
Sybil mounted the red head now asshe was pressed face down into the pillow.
"And yet she did this to herself. we'll be extra rough now."
"Yup. and she'll lose her clothes every time."
She has a court meeting today in an hour."
Tyler smiled as ember got her orgasm.
"We'll leave her a bloodied mess then."
"My strength is returned and my pussy is healed. So we will."
Yokai smiled as she watched the red queen getting flooded.
"I wish to try that, Mistress."
"You can have her next time, Yokai."
"Thank you."
Sori smirked as she kissed the relaxing devilman.
"I see you're enjoying the keys."
"Immensely. wait'll you see what we do to Marli."
"I'm curious and a little scared."
ember moaned as her daughter went limp inside her.
"Oooh I needed a good fuck. marrisa doesn't touch me anymore and my maids are kinda bland."
Tyler smiled.
"I AM your husband, ember."
"I'll save it for you then my love. I love you Tyler."
"I love you too, Ember."
Sybil smiled.
"I love you too, Ember."
"I love you, Sybil. I am glad you found yours. glad we chose him."
"I am too. anyone else would have died down there."
She faded out and Tyler smiled as Sybil licked his hose clean.
"I want you."
"After we ruin Marrisa."
"yes Sybil."
He settled for petting Yokai's tail and she smiled at the feeling.
"So what will we do on a daily basis Master?"
"Mostly whatever we feel like, Yokai. Wanna go rob someone go for it. Rape a priestess of purity, we'll do it together as I want to as well. wanna strip naked and lay on a riverbank for six hours? That's fun too. We do what we please."
Sori smiled.
"My secret fantasy is seducing a Mistress of Lust out of her panties."
Sybil smiled.
"We can do that for you, Sori. There's a Lust temple in the city."
"NOT rape. Actually seduce."
"Oh. here."
She passed over the seductive eyes spell.
"Drives the lust of the one that looks you in the eye to exploding."
"OOoh YAY! I've always LONGED to fuck a Lust Mistress! Later. I'll do it before we leave."
Tyler smiled as Yokai was absentmindedly stroking his hose.
"Love you too Yokai."
She smiled and took it in her mouth for a suck. She sucked him off and swallowed the seed before laying beside him happily. Sybil smirked.
"It's been an hour."
He lifted the key.
The tremblign blonde queen appeared from the floor.
"Not now. Please. Any time but now."
Sybil tackeld her and threw her screaming to the bed where Tyler tore her gown off and Sybil got her panties. Then her 12 inch penis was forced inside her as Tyler saw to her ass. Sori and Yoaki watched wide eyed as the vile pair raped Marrisa until she was bleeding from her ass and pussy and kept going. The blonde queen sobbed as she bleed profusely from her ass and her pussy once the pair went limp inside her. Tyler smiled.
"Always fun Marrisa."
She faded out naked and with no chance to recover to return to her meeting with her court nobility. Sybil laughed.
"Oooh she'll be humilated! And HATE it even more!"
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the newly looted robe.
"Like it?"
Yokai smiled.
"I do. It's made from foxling fur. Very soft."
Sori sniggered.
"I'll keep her panties!"
"Sybil steals the panties of our toys as trophies."
"Oooh i gotta show you something!"
The trio watched curiously as Sori went to her pouch and retrieved a few items. Sybil burst out laughing as two pairs of panties and a dildo were placed on the bed.
"Marrisa's best pair of wyvern velvet panties and Ember's best pair of lace. AND their favorite toy? I love you Sori."
The black haired elf smiled as she gifted the snow haired devil the panties.
"I use the dildo myself. It's AMAZING."
"I've used it myself. I love it."
Tyler chuckled at the toy.
"You three share."
They laughed and Sori put her trophy away before laying on the man's chest.
"Soooo I'm hungry."
Coal walked in with breakfast and he chuckled.
"Love you too, Coal."
She smiled.
"so you know? There's a pair of bounty hunters looking for you in the inn. A man and a woman."
Tyler smirked as he took the golden bands.
"we'll have the woman."
"and sell Moss the man."
Coal smiled.
"Fear sent them up after me."
There was a knock at the door and Tyler lounged naked on the bed as Yokai got the door. The thing burst open and two people came inside with wands high.
Tyler chuckled as the door slammed shut and Sybil slapped the golden collars on them from behind.
"release the spell."
He was freed as the two bounty hunters fought with the slavery spell. The naked man went to the woman and smirked as he looked her over. She was a tall beauty with neon red hair cut short to her shoulders and green eyes. her skin was fair and her bust large. She wore a suit of chainmail with greaves and bracers. She had a tanktop and shorts on too while bare foot. The devil kissed her as the man ranted.
"Get away from her you vile rapist! Monster! I'll kill you!"
Sybil lifted Moss' key.
The vampire rose from the floor and Tyler smiled ashe kissed her.
"Sooo if we find those to sell?"
She smiled warmly and gave him a set of silver collars
"Those will teleport them to me for apprasial. And since I alwasy take them, it will allow me to send payment."
"And to get more?"
"An excuse to call me."
"wily. oh. is the sun an issue?"
"It just irritates my skin. I use a cream though."
"We'll get some too."
She kissed him and he nodded to the now scared man.
"Hmm. He's not pure, is a former bountyhunter, decently good looking. i can find a buyer. 75,000."
"Deal. her?"
"Oooh. She's half elf, half imp. Rare combination. She's not pure either but I love the hair color. Large."
The vampire walked over to the now sobbing woman and pulled her shorts down to stick a finger up her pussy.
"It was just a job! I didn't mean for this! Please, spare me!"
the vampire smiled.
"Extremely tight. You haven't taken her?"
"Was gonna. Just curious on her worth as is."
"Ah. Smart man."
The vampire went to her ass and poked it.
"So her ass is pure. That's actually quite sought after. Hmmm. As is she'd get you....125,000."
"Wow, Moss. we'll sell you the man. And her once we're done withher."
"Depending on what you do to her....75,000."
"That's fair. Oh Magnis?"
"Ooooh 350,000 base."
"I sense a lucrative and VERY pleasurable partnership was just made."
The vampire kissed him.
"Indeed. and do visit my shop soon. I may have more stock soon."
He chuckled as Sori and Yokai stripped the sobbing man of his gear before placing the silver collar on his neck. Tyler retrieved the golden collar and Moss smirked.
"Soo. You ARE going to fuck me, right?"
"Wanna attack her?"
"I love you."
The weeping piteously bountyhunter was stripped naked and had the golden color removed before getting tackled into the water by ALL of them. And she was raped by all of them for a few hours before Moss smiled after letting her nipple go.
She and the man glowed as the vampire gave him the gold. the pair teleported out and Tyler smiled as he kissed Moss.
"Marli will have her girl and we'll give her to you to turn. So long as we get to watch."
"Of course. it's a feeding and rape."
"So enjoy."
"I will. Now I have a fresh shipment to see to."
Sybil smirked as she took the red headed bountyhunter's thong.
"We'll see you soon, Moss."
She faded out as Sori smiled.
"Okay. That was more fun then i thought it would be."
Yokai nodded.
"It was. I enjoyed her sobbing."
Tyler lthrew himself on the bed with a sighas he laid on his back.
"It's fun just taking what you want from people. and taking them too."
Sybil laid her head on his shoulder and Sori took his other shoulder.
"So true, love. We can take whatever we want from people. And do anything we want to them. They can't stop us."
Sori smiled.
"Yeah. I robbed the queens and they didn't even know it."
Yokai laid on his chest with her tails wrapping the three of them up.
"I raped my sister for her purity with my own. And loved every second of her sobs and moans. I want her again. And will take her again. Why can't we just take what we want from people? especially since they'd just do the same to us."
Tyler smiled as he held them.
"I grew up getting tortured. By my family, my classmates, my home. i came here and gave my heart to Veronica. Only for her to turn around and stab it with a knife. She turned on me and so did the world I was summoned to defend. I spent ten years inside their dungeon. I escaped. And met Sybil. This world has done enough to us. Now we'll do what WE want to IT. This world is OUR toy. and use it we will. and ANYTHING inside it."
The girls all kissed him as they were filled by the feeling of that declaration. Sybil smiled.
"I'm glad Veronica died."
"You're far better Sybil."
Sori smiled as she kissed the snow haired beauty.
"And even better in bed. I wanna have you alone some time."
"why not now?"
"It hurts. I'd like to be at full strength."
Yokai smiled as she rubbed her face on Tyler's scarred chest like an affectionate kitten.
"I want to try ember, master."
"You can have her tomorrow, Yokai."
"Thank you. I prefer red haired girls."
They chuckled and he smirked.
"Coal's in danger."
"I'll rape her the next time she comes in."
Coal walked in as if on que and Yoaki dragged her into the water as she pleaded.
"OPh come on, Mistress! i JUST got out of the bath!"
They laughed as the foxlady stripped her naked and proceeded to have her. Tyler smiled warmly as the red head was raped.
"Have fun ladies."
Sybil kissed himand Sori kissed her.
"It's better!"
Tyler chuckled as the elf rolled his wife on her back and put her pussy in her face.
"I'll see who I can toy with."
He looked at the keys and smiled as he saw he had fear's key. Coal smiled.
"She's free."
He smiled.
She appeared from the floor and smirked.
"I work downstairs you know."
"Just get over here and take it."
She stripped out of her dress and Sybil smirked as she flicked her blue panties over.
"Coal warned me."
"Oh she did, did she?"
Yoaki laughed as she pinned the maid in the water.
"I'll punish her!"
fear smiled as she fit the hose into her pussy for her ride.
"I will please you, Lord."
Tyler smiled as she bounced and he bucked.
"Do so."
The group had an orgy for the next few hours before beign sated. Fear smiled happily as she was kissed by Sybil after her session with the snow haired beauty.
"I love you, lord and ladies. Please use me more."
Tyler smiled as she and Coal got dressed minus panties.
"we will."
The left and he smiled as the sated girls all piled on his chest again for good cuddles. Yokai had a happy flush as she drapped her clean tails on her lovers.
"I haven't had fun like this in allmy life."
Sori smiled.
"Nor such great sex. I'm sorry i fought it."
Sybil smiled as he kissed her.
"I'm sorry too. But we're here now."
Tyler held them tightly.
"We are. And we'll make the most of it."
Sori sniggered.
"Thank Chos these linens are magically cleaned!"
They busted up laughing at THAT blessing. The group relaxed in the bed and Tyler went alternate stroking his girls' bellies and they'd giggle every time he'd switch. The party cuddled in the bed until dinner came up with Coal and they ate together before the red haired maid went home with Fear. Tyler smiled as Sori got his chest, Yokai his right arm and Sybil his left.
"Night ladies. I love you, Sybil."
"I love you too Tyler."
"I love you!"
"I love you too, Master."

DAY 11.
GOLD: 2,138,425.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to feel Yokai's tail drapped across his hose. He smiled as the man felt Sori was asleep in Sybil's tits and the snow haired girl had the elf wrapped up like a lover. I love them too. He looked at Yokai and smiled as he slid into her pussy for a morning ride. He kissed her into silence as she bucked and she moaned softly through her orgasm and he smiled.
"Morning, Yokai."
"Morning my loved Master."
He kissed Sybil awake and she attacked Sori for her morning orgasm. Once their morning lust was sated the lovers sat in the tub. Tyler smiled.
"I'm kinda bored of this town."
Sybil nodded as Sori did her hair.
"Me too, love. I want to get moving. But we have one more night."
He sighed as Yokai sucked him off in the water.
"Well. Moss DOES want to be my wife too. You still need a fresh outfit."
Yokai looked up from her sucking.
"I'd like a fresh outfit too, master."
"Sure, Yokai."
She smiled happily and dove back to the hose. Sori smiled.
"I kinda need one too. They ripped my other one."
Sybil smiled.
"Resupply and sell?"
"Sure. And we can add new keys and panties to our collections."
The girls smiled at that one as Yokai got her sought after seed drink. The group cleaned up and got dressed. Tyler smiled as he hung his greatsword on his back.
"We'll stick together."
They chuckled and headed out. Yokai wearing her pink robe and finding it uncomfortable. Sori was in a tunic and shorts while Sybil was in her uncomfortably tight shorts and top.
"Love, can we get clothes first? it's digging into my pussy."
Yokai smiled.
"The general store is this way."
The man followed the sexy white fox through the streets till they found the shop. The lady smiled as they walked in.
"Welcome travelers. I am pearl. How can I help?"
Tyler smiled as he looked her over. She was a head shorter then him with long strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. her skin was fair and her bust modest in her tunic.
"The girls need a fresh outfit. Actually. So do I."
"I see! Anything in particular, sir?"
"My name is Tyler, Pearl. These are Sybil, Yokai and Sori. I have a few designs."
The lady smiled as he slid some papers over and Sybil lifted an eyebrow.
"Tyler? Something you wanna tell me?"
"I love you."
"Good answer. Buuut not the one I'm looking for."
He chuckled as Pearl smiled after looking the papers over.
"You have a wonderful eye, Tyler. I need an hour and they would cost 2500."
"5000. We spend a lot of time in the wilds."
"Ah. Good man."
He paid her and sori smiled as she went into the back.
"we only torment those we like to. Pearl's not one of them."
Sybil smiled.
"She's too sweet."
Yokai chuckled as she looked around the shop.
"Anything else we need, Mistress, Master?"
"A resupply on seasonings, spices, and we'll add some lanterns too."
The lovers split to loot the shop for quality of life gear. They came up with a small pile of gear and loaded it on the counter as Pearl returned. She smiled.
"This costs an extra 1500."
"Thanks Pearl."
"And you can change int here."
Tyler went in first and Sybil looked at Pearl. The strawberry blonde smiled.
"I cost 75 gold, miss."
"Oooh worth it."
Sybil paid her and went into another room as Sori looked at Yokai.
"Well. Least she WANTS it this time."
Tyler walked out then with thudding bootsteps.
"Pearl just lost her panties."
"Wow, Master."
Sori blinked as he walekd into view.
"Damn. Okay. I love you."
He'd replaced his stolen clothes entirely. in their place was a tight fitting sleeveless black tanktop that hid his chainmail well while leaving a good amount of his neck exposed as a dare. His pants had been replaced with black denim jeans of a far higher quality and comfort that showed the muscles he'd gained rather well. His looted boots were now jet black with three inch spikes on the toe and steel treads. over his shoulders was a black coat that hung to his ankles with a blood red crown enshrouded by demon wings emblazoned on the back. The sleeves of the jacket dropped to his wrists and he had black fingerless gloves on his hands. he smirked at the awed ladies.
"I know how to look good, Sori. Always have. Your turn."
She went in with her bundle all smiles while Yokai got a kiss from her lover. Then he smirked and slid a hand into her robe to massage her wet pussy for a public orgasm. she moaned and he kissed her silent. She smiled teasingly and flicked him with a tail.
"How cruel. Attacking a poor woman for an orgasm in the middle of a store? In broad daylight no less? Such a brute!"
he loved her mock afraid purr.
"I love sexy foxes."
She rested her ead on his shoulder and he held her tightly.
"I love sexy devils."
He held her tighter as Sori came out.
"MUUUUCH better. Damn dude. i love it."
He smiled as they looked at her new outfit. her tunic and shorts had been done away with entirely. She now woere a light blue croptop that left her belly exposed with grey denim booty shorts that showed her legs and tight ass off. And on her feet were a pair of ankle high boots with steel treads. Tyler smiled as he kissed the sexy elf.
"Nice to see you looking like a thief."
Yokai went in with her bundle and Tyler lifted Sori up for a makeout session. The eager elf smirked as she wrapped her legs around his waist and got into it.
"Horndog bastard."
"Love you too, Sori. and you wanted to blow me in the pit."
"I did. Kinda sad i didn't. NOT doing it now."
"We'd need more time."
he hugged her and she smiled as he stroked her soft black hair.
"I'm happy I set you free."
"I am too. You got anymore of those lock gems?"
"Plenty. I use them a lot."
"So if we wanted to break into some random house?"
"I'm your elf. It's easy."
"Cool. We'll try that as a change of pace."
"Breakin and take a beauty?"
"Pretty much."
She just smiled at the evil man.
"The classic."
He set her down as Sybil came out with a VERY wobbly Pearl behind her. the strawberry blonde smiled as she passed her a key.
"Again, Sybil. That was the best sex I've had in years."
"So long as you give HIM one too."
Tyler smiled as the weakened woman gave hiom her lay key.
"Wow, Sybil. I love you too,."
She smiled.
"I know how to give gifts too. And DAMN I love your look. Yours too Sori."
Tyler smiled as he kissed his wife.
"Your trophy?"
"Pink lace."
Pearl chuckled as she rubbed a cream into her raw pussy.
"She's an odd one for trophies. But, never forget!"
Yokai came out with a smile.
"I love how this feels, Master. And looks."
Tyler smiled as he looked at the sexifed fox. Her pink robe had been discarded and replaced with a tight fittingpair of sashes that were merely there to hold her large breasts up. the things were bright red and clashed beautifully with her snow white fur. her pants were a mere frilly miniskirt of red that dropped to midthigh with her feet encased in ankel high boots of blue. Her long tails fluttered behind her with their ends sitting above the draw band of her skirt. Sybil smiled.
"You look sexy, Yokai. I love it."
"I love it too, mistress. it'"
Tyler chuckled as he saw she wasn't wearing panties.
"Gotta love a sexy fox."
Sybil took her bundle now as Sori got a kiss from Yokai. Pearl smiled.
"I see you're an active and free party. i envy it."
He looked at her curiously.
"I settled down from adventuring 150 years ago. I was once a powerful ice mage and roamed the land for close to 3500 years. Then my fire burned itself out and I settled down."
She smiled wistfully as the woman looked at a photograph on a wall. it showed Pearl with another group of adventurers all sitting on a fallen T-rex. Tyler smiled as he spotted the man in the middle of the group by the head with a large broadsword planted in the dirt with his hands resting on the pommel. Pearl pointed to the man smiling fondly.
"That was my party leader. The strongest man in the world at that time. You might know him as the Outcast. I was a mage in his party and we roamed for 3500 years fighting every evil this world had to offer with smiles on our faces. The Outcast led the fight every time and was always at the front of everything."
Tyler smiled as he saw his scars in the photo.
"He dead?"
"Not sure. The party went our seperate ways as the fires burned out and duties were called on. He most likely is. His strength is secondary to his mind. That man was and still is a strategic genius. And was a Warrior."
TYler looked at the photo.
"Oh. So one of those summoned heroes from the distanrt past?"
"Summoned to fight the waves of monsters. It was MY party, the Outcasts, that ended them. I won't tell you his name, Tyler. as I see you're about to ask. he hasn't bene seen in close to 2000 years. So. He retired with his wife as well. And hung up his sword. And I won't ruin it for him."
The devilman smiled as he lookd at the photo.
"Ha. I'm sure he'll get bored. Seems like the type a thing he'd do."
That got a chuckle as Sybil came out.
"Okay. I love it. I love you. And now I'm scared."
She came walking out in clicking bootheels to stand before them. Her too tight clothes had bene tossed aside for a sportsbra style croptop of deep red that matched her eyes and added extra support to her triple ds. her belly was exposed and so was her chainmail. her shorts were still short shorts but were properly sized with a large zipper on the pussy for easy access. Her feet were sheathed in calf high heeled boots of red that had treads as well. And they clicked ont he wooden floo with every step; and each step she took made her melons bounce in a lewd way. He smiled as his sexy wife kissed him.
"Love you too, Sybil. I'll draw up more for you."
"Please do. i love how it feels on the tits."
Pearl smiled.
"You all look amazing. If you need anything come see me. And USE that key!"
"We will."
"A lot."
The party left and the strawberry blonde sighed sadly asshe looked at the photo from her wild years.
"So THAT'S the evil creature that's been raping the queen and tormenting the heroes of late? Ooooh Jack, I hope you're still alive out there and still strong. We need you again."

TYler smiled as Yokai led them to the smithy next. every step the sexy foxlady took saw her miniskirt bounce and reveal her luscious ass or her delicious pussy. Sybil smirked.
"Love you too you teasing bastard."
Sori was humming a tune as they walked in and were faced by a dwarf rubbing a dagger clean. The shorter man sighed as Tyler walked in.
"Great. The evil one came to visit. Alright. I be Rolic hammermaster. what can I help with?"
"Looking for repurposing."
They unloaded their gear and Tyler looked atthe dwarf.
"Chainmail vests for the ladies made to fit, better weapons too in their style."
Rolic nodded as the girls all slid papers with their measurements on them.
"I see rune."
"Can you do infusions?"
"I can. And they be cheaper then full on suits."
They passed their vests over and Rolic nodded again.
"15 minutes and 1,250,000."
Tyler paid him nad Sybil smirked as he slid the design for the gaunlets over. The dwarf chuckled as he saw them.
"Okay that's new. I like it. 75,000.”
Tyler paid and the smith went to work. The devilman looked at his lovers.
“we’ll keep an eye out formore heroes to rob. We’re under a million now.”
Sori smiled.
“Could just rob marli.”
“OOoh we COULD. Huh. we’ll finish up our resupply and go have a word.”
Sybil smiled.
“I’d like to visit the apothecary. Get a supply fo creams and lotions added to the jar.”
“Sure, love.”
Yokai was running a comb through one of her tails.
“I would like to visit a magic shop. see about a spell for my tails to not be cut by hostile weapons.”
“I can get Chos to do that, Yokai. same with Sybil’s hair.”
She smiled as the foxlady looked to her fur.
“Love you too, Master.”
Sori shrugged.
“I got my tools in my pack.”
“Oh yeah. YOU’RE rich.”
She sighed.
“I’d like to keep that for my retirement, Tyler. Please?”
He kissed her.
“Alright. You’re not staying?”
“I’ll go on a few more adventures with you, Tyler. I promise you that. But...”
The elf sighed asshe leaned on a counter.
“I’m just....tired of nonstop roaming and fighting. Of sleeping on bedrolls and in random inns before moving on. I want to go home. MY HOME. Not sure if you’d understand that.”
He smiled warmly as he hugged the world weary elf.
“I understand perfectly, Sori. Believe me I do. Alright. we’ll make your last adventures amazing. And when the day comes, we BETTER get a front door key.”
She smiled asshe hugged her friend.
“You’ll get it and my lay key, Tyler. As evil and vile as you are, you’re a good friend.”
“We’ll find ya a good home.”
Sybil hugged her too.
“We’ll make your last ones amazing sori.”
Yokai also got in on the group hug with tails.
“we will.”
Sori shed a tear as her firends held her.
“Thanks guys. I love you too.”
Tyler smiled as he leaned in to her ear,
“And sorry for the rape. THAT was a little harsh.”
“Ya THINK? And appreciated. even if I loved it and the change of pace.”
He chuckled as Rolic came back.
“There be a good bit of leftover material for a few more pieces.”
Tyler tilted his head as he pulled the gauntlets on. The things glowed and reconfigured to merge with the fingerless gloves and sleevesof his coat. The black cuffs now had the small hole for the grapple.
“Hmm. Not sure what we need.”
Yokai smiled as she tied the katana sheath to her belt.
“I am out of ideas Master.”
Sori shrugged as she sheathed her new red shortswords on her back.
Sybil smiled while pulling her chainmail over her tits.
“How about saving the material for the next set of upgrades, love?”
“We can do that.”
Rolic chuckled as he set a few bars of different colored metal on the counter.
“Wise move when not sure what you need. And the pay was the same.”
“Thanks Rolic.”
“I know who you are, Monster. And what you’ve done.”
“He didn’t.”
Sybil looked over now and the dwarf lifted an eyebrow.
“Missy. HOW would you know?”
“Look at me with your dwarven eyes, Rolic.”
He blinked and gasped.
“Lady veri-”
“Sybil Demonswife. My NAME is Sybil Demonswife.”
The dwarf then saw her TRUE form as Tia had and shivered.
“The Monster’s rape-”
“He didn’t.”
Sybil looked him in the eye,
“Tyler is innocent of the crime, Rolic. I lied. Because of an order.”
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
“Love you still.”
She smiled warmly and Rolic sighed with a sad smile.
“You two have suffered so very badly because of this world. So.....the horrors are justified and deserved. As is Chos’ way.”
Tyler smiled as hs sheathed his fresh set of custom throwing knives into the lining of his coat.
“Well. Thanks Rolic. We’re headin out.”
The dwarf waved as the party left.
“Take care.”
Once they were gone the dwarf sighed.
“The once gentle, kindhearted, brightly smiling princess is now a coldhearted, viciously cruel, EVIL creature. All because of the evils of the world. And her husband is a tortured soul that had the last bits of light in his now dead heart cut out. I just had this world’s takers buy gear from me that will be used to torment some poor souls. Lord Torsin forgive me.”
Tyler smiled as he kissed his wife.
“I’m okay.”
“Just making sure.”
She smiled as they again followed their sexy foxlady friend to the apothecary. The shop was run by a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was fair and her bust large as she stood there naked smilign at them.
“Welcome to my shop, adventurers. I’m Wendy. What can i do for you?”
Tyler smiled as he walked over.
“My wife is looking for creams and lotions. We’re active and addicted to it.”
“Good for you. And poor girl.”
“Oh you have NO idea.”
She smiled warmly as her double Ds bounced while she pointed.
“The sex creams are there,”
She gesutred again and her bare tits flopped,
“The skin creams are there,”
And she licked her lips at the man.
“And I’m 50 gold.”
He paid her and went into the back room as Sybil snuck up behind Yokai and pinned her against a wall with a hand in her pussy.
“Come for me, Yokai.”
“Yes Mistress!”
Spri laughed as Sybil forced the moaning foxlady to orgasm against a shelf.
“I love your party. freakin sex addicts.”
The devilwife smiled as she licked her fingers clean while Yokai came down.
“She’s just so fuckable!”
Tyler smiled as he kissed the sexy blonde while she bucked his hose hard.
“Ooooh yes, Tyler, faster!”
She got faster as the man rode ehr tight pussy for an hour before flooding her well. she sighed happily...and slapped a key into his hand.
“MY key.”
“Sybil gets one too.”
“Oh she has rules? Good for her.”
She gave him a second key nad he took her light blue panties. That made her chuckle.
“Oh you’re a wild pair aren’t you?”
“we set a record for nonstop fuckfest.”
“How long?”
“three days and nights. Nonstop and no rest.”
“Damn. I feel inadequete.”
“we’re addicted to each other.”
“I’m happy for you. And use it a lot please.”
“we will. was fun, Wendy.”
She smiled and they walked out to see a small pile ofjars and cans on the counter. wnedy chuckled as she did the math.
“All told it’s 35,000.”
Tyler paid and gave Sybil her key and trophy.
“Love you too.”
The party then returned to the inn as Yokai smiled.
“Chos’ boons would be the better.”
Tyler smiled as they returned to find Coal had bene tied to their bed naked and spread eagled. She had a look of fear on her face as they walked in.
“Help me! Bountyhunters!”
A group of four appeared int he room and Tyler sighed as they came at him sowrds drawn.
“Idiots. Mental haze.”
The group were hit by the banned disorienting spell and tripped as their minds were stunned for a split second. Sybil, Yokai, and Sori were quick to cast paralyze and slap golden bands on their necks. Coal smiled in relief as the door was locked.
“They attacked me as bait. Fear’s fine too as she’s tied up in HER house too. fior me.”
Tyler chuckled as he saw her invitingly wide legs.
“Stay there, Coal.”
He chuckled as Sori smirked.
“I am so glad you chose that one.”
“The other was too easy. Besides, she likes hangin around us.”
The ladies groaned at the bad pun and Sori sighed,
“Okay. I deserved that. I’m sorry. That was my fault.”
Sybil kissed her.
“Tyler will happily walk through that door.”
“Noted. Ugh.”
The man smiled as he looked at their new quests.
“They’re all ladies. And sisters too no less.”
The new set of bounty hunters were indeed ladies. And all sisters with blue hair and the same green eyes. Their skin was pale and all had large tits inside chainmail armor. The group stripped the trembling in fear ladies of their armor and gear to leave them standing there naked. Tyler smiled as he took a key.
The vampire rose from the floor and smiled as she saw the offerings.
“I love you too, Tyler.”
He kissed her.
“we’ve a few thigns to keep you for. marli shouda popped by now.”
Sybil smiled.
“She would have last night. Ember will have the girl too.”
Moss went to the now tearing up offered ladies and did her inspections.
“She’s pure, she is too. You’re not, but your ass is. Hmm. Niether your ass or your pussy is pure. Decently bust and rather beautiful too. Skilled huntersand good muscles too. I can take the set for 1,000,000 even.”
“Deal. Not interested in their fucks.”
Sybil shrugged.
“Eh. Blueberries are kinda boring.”
Sori and Yokai also shrugged.
“What she said.”
“I am sated, Master. Thank you.”
Moss smiled as the silver collars were placed around the womens’ necks as they sobbed at their new life.
“You’re better catchers then my own.”
The bountyhunters vanished and Tyler smiled as he stripped out of his clothes.
“I like it when they appear. More gold and toys.”
Sybil grew a 8 inch penis and clmbed up to rape the still tied up Coal. She smiled.
“I kinda need to release fear, Sybil.....sooooo hurry?”
The devil appeared on the floor and untied. She saw Coal on the bed and laughed.
“Okay. Forgiven. And I’ll be right over.”
She faded out and Coal deflated from relief.
“Sorry, Sybil. I had a friend die from that once. They left her tied up and he died in a robbery. She died of thirst.”
Sybil slid into the restrained girl and Coal moaned at the feeling.
“And it’s my day off, so....fuck me all day!”
Sori and Yokai smiled and stripped to get on her before fear walked in also naked and attacked the now buried in girls Coal. Tyler smiled and looked at Moss.
“I offer you my blood, Moss.”
She smiled as he removed her gown.
“I love you too, Tyler. i will not turn you. even if I’m curious what type of vampire you’d make.”
“I’m a devil. I drink blood too.”
“Close enough.”
her green panties were lost and he kissed her as she dropped to her knees to take his hose.
“I’ll get my blood from your hose, my husband.”
“And the seed.”
“That too.”
She put it in her mouth and he felt her bite. and it felt good as the blood started to flow out of him and down her throat. She glowed and he felt her attach to him and he smiled as she drank the seed that came next.
“I love sexy vampires.”
She smirked asshe let the still hard hose go to kiss her new husband.
“I love sex addict devils.”
He kissed her and they fell into the hot tub. She had the hose fitted into her pussy and she was being ridden by her husband as Coal was flooded by Sybil. Tyler smiling as he creamed the vampire hard. Then kissed her as he produced a key.
The nymph rose from the pool trembling in terror at what was to come and Tyler was quick to grab her.
“You have the girl?”
She nodded shamefully.
“Queen ember has her.”
“Good. Moss can have you.”
The vampire took the offered nymph now and Tyler smiled as he watched. Moss dragged the screaming Marli out of the pool and forced her to the floor before kissing her lovingly.
“You are my new vampire servant. Do you accept?”
“NO! Help me, someone, PLEASE!”
“So you are a forced turning. Very well. I love your screams.”
Tyler watched as Moss spread Marli’s legs with her own and bit a finger to rub her blue blood into the struggling nymph’s pussy. She moaned instatly as it touched her and the moment of frozen reaction allowed Moss to move to sink her fangs into marli’s soft folds. She SCREAMED! The nymph screamed in horrified pelasure as her red blood was sucked out fo her through her lovelypussy by the thirsty vampire before she started going limp. Moss smiled and her own pussy started bleeding her blue blood and a long, flesy tube appeared from inside her like a mushroom stalk. Tyler watched curiously as Moss slotted the tube into Marli’s pussy and it started pumping something into her. The vampire sank her fangs into Marli’s neck as she sobbed and more red blood was seen leaking out of her as the tube grew to two inches thick and extended from Moss’ pussy to 7 inches inside Marli’s like a gas station pump. The blue haired nymph’s red blood turned purple asthe pumping continued before turning solid blue like Moss’ blood and the vampire smiled as the nymph glowed blue.
“You’re mine now.”
Marli was sobbing with new tramua as the tube retracted from her tighter pussy and into Moss.
“forgive me lady Leviathian. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to leave the sea.I didn’t want this.”
Moss smiled asshe looked at Tyler.
“The tube is my vampiric penis. It’s how we reproduce and create pure vampires. I have to flood her pussy with my blue blood while sucking the red out of her. If YOU were to wish the turn, your penis would be put inside my pussy and the tube would work in reverse like that.”
“That’s different.”
“I feels AMAZINGa for me. And for her too.”
Marli was still a tall beauty with foot length blue hair and red eyes. her skin was a light blue too for some reason while her bust was massive. Double Ds. Her eyes were now the same lovely shade of green like Moss’ emeralds and her bust was even more perky. Moss smiled as she kissed the sobbing woman.
“We’re married now too. And I’ll be sure to have you a lot.”
Tyler smiled.
“Share, moss.”
“We will. I’ll move into her room now. Won’t I?”
“Yes Love.”
Moss smiled.
“She’s basically my slave. Since it’s MY blood inside her now.”
Tyler chuckled at that one as the naked vampire teased her new wife’s pussy.
“You’re pure again. I’ll take it tonight.”
“Do it now. we wanna watch.”
“ about when you make camp tomorrow? Call for us and we’ll commsunate our union by firelight.”
“Sure, Moss. We kinda laid claim to her screams first so.”
“I get it. and intend to MAKE her scream quite a lot.”
Tyler smiled as Coal screamed from her own orgasm.
“And we’ll seed her a few more times.”
“I’d ask I get to do that, Tyler. That one is my line oddly enough.”
“Indeed. But. I can seed her in view.”
“That works. we’ll just rape her with you.”
“Agreed. It is a weird feeling....having a line of evil that I won’t cross.”
She shrugged and dragged the blood covered new vampire to the hot tub. Marli was flung into the water and Moss sat bside Tyler to cuddle as Marli sat beside her.
“I am not entirely sure if it’s WON’T or CAN’T. I love the idea of sybil seeding her, and yet don’t WANT her to.”
TYler smiled.
Moss glowed a moment and a glass case shattered. she blinked.
“Oh my. She may be seeded as much as you like.”
“Leviathain tried. But. well. Marli deserves her hell.”
Marli had a new lookof hopeless despair on her face as she saw a sapphire float to the surface of the water......and shatter into dust.
“Lady leviathain has forsaken me. Because of my rightful pleasure. I EARNED the princess’ screams and pussy. so...why am I suffering liek this? it was my a city leader to have her.”
Moss smiled.
“You are forbidden from killing yourself or myself and all previous commands placed upon you are intact.”
“Yes Love.”
“Now. Drink.”
“Thank oyu love.”
Marli went over nad sank her new fangs into Moss’ tit for her first taste of vampire blood. Moss smiled happily as she stroked her blue hair.
“I love my new vampire wife. And I’ll fuck you often and well.”
She ,looked at Tyler.
“How’d you know?”
“That’s how curses work.”
Sybil and the girls got into the water then with a VERY weak Coal; all wearing flushed faces, happy smiles, and sporting aching pussies. The snow haired beauty smiled as she kissed her husband.
“I loved her like that, love.”
“I know a few other positions with the rope, Sybil. I’ll teach ya.”
Coal smiled as she rubbed her sore joints.
“That was fun. But it hurts after a while. I’d love to learn new tricks, Tyler.”
He smiled as they recovered. Then he smirked and loked at Marli.
“So. Marrisa.”
The vampire blinked.
“for a vampire.”
Sybil blinked at this idea. Then smiled wickedly.
“I love this. And want to see it now myself.”
Moss was hyperventilating as the offer was made and the fact it COULD happen hit her like a truck. Tyler kissed her and she smiled./
“I swear my fangs to you, Tyler Devilmen. If...if you offer me Marrisa as my vampire slave, I will swear my fangs to you as YOUR slave.”
He smiled and looked at Sybil.
“we’ll let her have your girl and give her to Moss.”
“She’;ll have her by next week. The spell is a lot faster then the usual.”
The red haired queen appeared in the tub and blinked as she saw the vampire.
“Not for you.”
“Phew. You attract the oddest people.”
“Ha. Marli popped.”
“Oh ym gods she is SOOOO cute! Salia loves her already!”
Tyler smiled and then smirked wickedly.
“Marli’s right here.”
Ember looked and jumped in horror as she saw the new vampire Marli looking at her in despair.
“Thety forced me.”
The red haired queen looked at Tyler in terror.
“Spare me.”
“YOU redeemed yourself to HER Ember. And so are absolved of your crimes.”
She deflated at this as Sybil smiled.
“I’ll never call you mother again Ember, but, I forgive you.”
She smiled at her former daughter.
“I am so sorry we did that to you, Sybil. And am even more proud of how you recovered.”
“She still refuses to see how she did anything wrong. getting tired of her.”
Tyler smiled.
“Moss here likes her.”
Ember jumped! And shuddered as she saw the TRUE reason for the call.
“You’ll offer Marrisa up as a vampire wife. A vampire’s slave.”
The queen looked at him and nodded.
“Okay. Marrisa will be made into a vampire. Burt what of the child?”
“we’ll wait until she pops.”
“Thank you, Tyler. I am relieved your sparing the children.”
“Kids have nothing to fear from me Ember. I swear that to you.”
She smiled at that.
“She’s progressing rapidly and is showing already. She’ll have her in two days.”
“wow. YOU?”
“I’ll have mine the day after.”
“I will not seed you again, Ember.”
She deflated from relief.
“Thank you, Sybil. Nightly fuck?”
“Oh yeah.”
Moss smiled.
“I’ll seed marrisa. A lot.”
She looked at Marli.
“YOU too.”
Tyler chuckled as he kissed the vampire.
“Where we can see and hear the screams.”
Marli had tears of despair on her face.
“Why am i suffering like this? I did what I wanted and what I WORKED for! I EARNED HER PUSSY!”
Ember had a look of disgust on her face.
“We’re monsters you putrid woman. We deserve this and much more.”
“And I repented and paid the price for my evil. Have YOU?”
Sybil smiled as she kissed the red head.
“Plus I forgave her once she proved she was truly sorry and her evil had been released. She still has her desire for my pussy inside her, but we sate it. And it’s WILLINGLY this time.”
ember smiled sheepishly as she kissed her.
“I love your pussy mosy, Sybil. I’d marry you if I could....I will.”
She kissed her and glowed as they did indeed marry. Sybil smiled happily.
“I love you too, Ember. And I see you’re learnign well.”
“And I’m immortal too now.”
Tyler chuckled as he watched.
“See how much better live is when you give in to your desires, Ember? You WANT to fuck your daughter, so you do. She WANTS to fuck you, so she does. You WANTED to marry her, so you did.”
He looked at Marli.
“You WANTED to fuck Sybil, and you did. She wanted to fuck you back, and did. Full circle.”
Moss smiled.
“I wanted her as my vampire wife and I took her. Kinda.”
“All I did was serve the plate.”
“Nice image.”
He smiled as ember and Sybil went to the bed to comsumate their new marriage.
“You WILL share that pussy, Ember.”
“I know!”
Tyler chuckled as he kissed Moss.
“On the dick. NOW.”
“Yes Master!”
The eager vampire fit the dick into her pussy and started bouncing as the girls relaxed in the pool laughing at marli’s despair tears. Sybil sated herslef on her new wife’s pussy and Tyler flooded Moss. Then he smiled as she took Marli’s key and they faded out. Ember left after kissing her wife and Tyler hugged his.
“We’re leaving town tomorrow.”
Coal was sad now.
“I’ll miss you, Tyler.”
“We have your key.”
“it won’t be the same.”
He hugged her and she sniffed.
“I want to go with you. But I’m scared.”
Fear smiled.
“Stay with me, Coal. I have a teleport spell.”
“Yay! I loveyou Fear!”
Tyler smiled as he held the red haired maid tightly.
“We’ll see each other plenty, Coal. Plus you’re immortal like us.”
“Yay! I love you, Tyler! I love all of you!”
The friends hugged the lovely maid tightly before laying in the bed. Cola smiling happily as Tyler had her beside him.
“I’ll keep it tight and ready, Tyler.”
“We’ll have you a lot, Coal.”
Sybil was on his chest, Yokai his other arm, Sori in her fur, and Fear on Coal’s other side.
“I’ll keep you happy, Coal.”
“I lvoe you too, Fear. I’m mad I didn’t go after you sooner.”
“Good night, Sybil. I love you.”
“Good night, Tyler, I love you too.”
“Night ladies! I love you!”

DAY 12.
GOLD: 1,838,425.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to see Coal snuggled into his side and her arm around his chest. Sybil was asleep on his chest, Sori was wrapped up tightly in Yokai’s tails, the fox herself hadher face pressed into his skin and he found it super cute. Fear was drapped across Coal’s chest and her head was on her tits. That he foubnd sexy. he smiled as he kissed his wife awake and Sybil smiled.
“I love you too.”
He kissed the girls awake and Coal hugged him hard.
“Come back soon, okay?”
“we will, Coal. And have you come to us a lot too.”
“Kay. I’ll miss you.”
He smiled at her as they cleaned up in the tub.
“we’ll miss you too. And when we do we’ll use your key.”
She smiled at that as Fear had their breakfast brought in. The lovers fed well and got dressed. Tyler hung his greatsword on his back and Sybil smiled.
“We loaded up on high grade food too.”
“Love you too.”
They left and Cola kissed Fear as the door shut.
“I’m lonely already, Fear.”
The devil smiled as she held her.
“Tyler’s her vileness’ agent. He’ll be back. And we’re safe too.”
“I know. I just miss him.”
Tyler smiled as they walked along the street.
“As much fun as the sex is and Coalis, I’d rather be on the road.”
Sybil smiled ass he held his hand.
“So would I. let’s head for the river.”
Sori smiled.
“I’d rather have Coal.”
Yokai smiled as her tails swayed behind her.
“So where are we going, Master?”
“Magnis’ city.”
“Ah. Another revenge?”
“Yup. Five days on the road. And we’re going through the plains as we like our own company and privacy for our attacks.”
Sori looked at him.
“At times if we’re bored.”
“Oookay. Adjust....haven;t been a bandit in several thousand years.”
Yokai shrugged.
“I will adjust.”
Tyler smiled as they left the city.
“we charge gold or a lay if the girls are pretty.”
Sybil smiled.
“I want to get lost.”
Tyler smirked and swept Yokai into his arms as Sybil picked up a squeaking Sori as the stronger devils took off running into the plains. Yokai smiled as her hair and tails streaked out behind them and Sori’s black hair did the same.
“I see we’re in a hurry!”
“Just don’t want to be near a city.”
Sori sighed as she settled into her princess cradle.
“This is nice. Weird. But nice in it’sown way.”
The pair ran for several hours into the wilderness and Tyler smiled as they stopped beside a wide, slow flowing river set into a small grove of forest.
“And we’re close to 50 miles from the city.”
Sybil smiled as she set Sori on her feet.
“And more importantly? Utterly alone.”
Tyler kissed Yokai as he set her down.
Sori looked around at the place and sighed as she saw it. They were seated inside a rather dense patch of woods in the middle of nowhere with the riverbank being mere soft sand that gently sloped into the water. On either side of them were a set of curving stone walls that created a bowl shape that hid them well from unwanted eyes.
“Sooo...we’re staying here a few days?”
Sybil smiled as she remopved her boots to go barefoot.
“What’s wrong with that, Sori? We don;t have anywhere we REALLY ned to be.”
Tyler smiled as he and Yokai built the fire.
“We go where we want when we want. So. Why not relax?”
The elf sighed as she removed her own boots.
“I guess I should. And the sand feels great on barefeet.”
Sybil kissed her.
“Why I like it!”
The fire was blazing merrily and Tyler pitched the tent in the overhang made from a stone slab over the walls. Sori laid onthe pile of fur bedrolls and groaned.
“Okay. I can handle those. SOOOOO comfy!”
He kissed her.
“I know you want to retire, Sori. But we want to go adventuring with our friend. So...tryto enjoy yourself?”
She smiled warmly at him.
“I...will, Tyler. Thank you.”
He kissed her.
They sat by the fire and Yokai had stripped to go full naked and was rubbing a cream into her pussy. Sybil smiled.
“Love. Can I get a massage?”
She stripped naked and laid onthe sand with her boobs in a trench as he stripped as well. he took some cream from the jar and started rubbing her soft skin as she moaned.
“OOooh I needed this.”
Sori smiled.
“Can i get one next, please?”
“Sure. Yokai?”
“Please Master.”
He fucked his wife while massaging her and she sighed happily through her orgasms as he left her a marshmellow.
she laid naked on the sand and he mounted her too. He fit into her pussy and she groaned at the feeling of intrusion.
“Dirty fuck. I love you.”
“I love you too, Sori.”
She groaned as he worked her back over hard. Sori rolled away a marshmellow and Yokai too her spot now. He smiled as he slid into her pussy.
“I love you, Master.”
“I love you too, Yokai.”
She relaxed as he rubbed the creams and lotions into her skin for her session. Once she was back to marshmellow he laid beside her ont he sand and Sybil took her rightful spot on his chest. Sori claimed an arm and Yokai got his other arm. The lovers laid looking at the sky emjoying the peace and quiet of the forest. Yokai smiled.
“I want my sister.”
HE liftedthe key.
The red furred foxlady appeared trembling and unarmed. Yokai smiled and kissed her sister.
“You are for me.”
She laid the sobbing woman on her back while removing her robe and latched onto her breasts as she obeyed the still present collar command to love her sister back with lust. Sori smiled as she watched.
Tyler kissed her as Yokai rubbed her pussy into her sister’s.
“Yes I’m recording.”
“Love you too.”
The three watched Yokai ape her sister for an hour before she smiled.
“I am sated, master. Thank you.”
“sure. I’ll try her myself at some point.”
Vulpin sobbed at her new future as she faded away and Yokai laid on his arm again. he smiled and he looked at his keys.
“Marrisa, ember, Moss, marli, Oak, Vulpin, Fear, Coal, Chos, Pearl, Wendy, hm.”
Sybil smiled.
“Oak is new.”
He smiled.
“She’s pregnant. That elf from Ashley’s party.”
“Ah. we’ll ask ember if she popped yet.”
“Poor Ember. So many new kids.”
“Eh. The maids see to them. We’re raised by them wih ember or Marrisa providing milk.”
Sori smiled.
“Marli’s gettign seeded by Moss tonight, right?”
“Yup. And we get to watch.”
“Kinda curious.”
Yokai smiled.
“So am I.”
He smiled.
“Why not?”
He liftedthe key.
The vampire appeared and smiled.
“That eager huh?”
The sobbing new vampire rose from the ground and Moss stripped her of her gown and panties.
“Now my wife, time to open leg.”
Moss stripped naked as well and kissed her wife lovingly as she slipped a hand to her pussy. Marli had tears of despair on her face as she felt her body react to Moss’ tender carress with wetness. moss smiled and suckled her large nipples like a hungry child before taking her gently to the ground. The vampire moaning as she fed on her wife’s nipples. The woman slid down to her pussy and set her lips to it as well. Marli reacted and moaned with pleasure as her wife made her orgasm from tongue alone. Marli had tears of shame and despair as Moss reared up smiling.
“I love you, mari.”
The 8 inch fleshy tube extended from her pussy and Marli sobbed as it extended.
“Please don’t, Moss. I’m begging you. Please....don’t seed me.”
Moss kissed her and the tube was slowly slid into the woman’s pussy. She bucked as her restored purity was lost and Moss was seen to thrust it inside her liek an actual penis for a few minutesbefore it started pumping again and she moaned in orgasm as she flooded her wife with red cream. Marli sobbed asshe felt he liquid inside her.
“I’m sorry! help me, Leviathain! please!”
Moss smiled as she fucked her wife.
“I love you too.”
Marli was flooded three more times until Moss’s tube went limp and retracted inside her.
“And you’ll have a girl. In a week. I can’t wait to seed you again Mari.”
Tyler and the girls applauded the show and Moss smiled while panting slightly.
“Happy you enjoyed it.Seeding for vampires takes a lot of energy and fluids. I...need to feed.”
TYler smiled.
“I have blood.”
“I need a full human’s worth. I appreciate it. But I won’t be able to stop.”
“Ah. Love you too, Moss. Go on.”
They faded out and he kissed his wife. She smiled. Then he fit his hose into her pussy for their ride. She moaned as he did so.
“I ACHE for you!”
He kissed her as the thrusting intensified.
“I love you, Sybil!”
“I love you too, Tyler!”
Sori and Yokai were thursting pussies into eachother as they had a sexfest. Tyler smiled as he flooded the snow haired beauty.
“I love you, Sybil. No one makes my dick ache like, you do.”
“And no one makes my pussy wet like you do.”
Sori smiled as she was wrapped up in Yokai’s tails.
“No one fucks like a sexy fox!”
They laughed at that one and laid beside the fire recovering. Tyler smiling as he looked at the sky.
“Marrisa gives birth today,right?”
“Yup. She’ll be ready for Moss tomorrow.”
“And Ember blows tomorrow as well.”
“Day after?”
“Sure. We can lose two days here.”
Sori smiled as she stroked Yokai’s fur.
“I always like laying beside a river. Soothes the soul.”
TYler smiled as he kissed his wife.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.
He kissed her again as Sori petted Yokai's soft fur with a gentle hand and the fox shivered atthe feeling as the snow haired devillady laid her head on her husband's chest. Tyler smiling happily as he held her tightly. The river bubbled softly by them as it coursed along it's way to wherever and there was a breeze in the trees that added an ambience of rustling leaves with creaking branches to create and idyllic scene of peace and ease for the four lovers. The devilman smiled as he stroked his wife's snow white hair.
"Oh yeah. Love, mind giving me a haircut?"
She smiled warmly as he passed her the dagger.
"I forgot too. How short do you usually go?"
"Buzzcut. it grows quickly."
The naked beauty smiled as she trimed her husband's hair to the desired length as Sori ran a comb through Yokai's long white mane. Tyler shaved the mess of white hair off his face and Sori smirked.
"I am so glad you're doing that, Tyler. It felt really weird on the pussy."
"Ha. Love you too Sori."
Once cleaned up he looked 10 years younger and Sybil kissed him.
"I like this you, love. Handsome and strong."
"I love your you, Sybil. Perfect."
She smiled happily at that and laid her head on his chest. Tyler looked up at the reddening sky and smiled as he felt his hose stand up.
"I think I'll call Coal."
Sori smiled.
"I like her. A lot."
He lifted the key.
The red head appeared with a happy squeal.
"You called! And I got it!"
she stripped nakedand hopped onto his hose and he smiled as she slidit into her pussy.
"I love you too, Coal. We'll call you a lot."
she moaned as she bounced.
"Please do, loves. It's lonely in town."
The friends all kissed their favorite maid and Tyler tilted his head.
"Huh. THERE'S an idea."
Coal orgasmed and got her flood and kissed him.
He smiled as she put the hose in her ass now.
"We getour own house."
Sori jumped.
"Settle down?"
"Nah. Our own place to return to inbetween adventures and roaming. And a place to store stuff."
The elf cralwed over to look him in the eye, so shocked was she.
"You...want a home?"
"Sure. I've never known a home Sori. It's why I understand your wish to retire."
Sybil smiled as she grew her penis to fuck Coal from the front while she bounced.
"Ember would have no problem selling us property."
"Yeeeeeah. I want it in an isolated location. One where we can do whatever we want with our toys and NOT have to worry about peepers."
Sori kissed him.
"If you get a home, Tyler, would I be abl;e to retire there?"
"like a miad?"
"Sure. Or...maybe......huh."
She kissed him again with a faraway look in her pink eyes as if considering a new option and he pated her.
"Think on what you want, Sori. And i mean TRULY want. This one's not for a while since we don't have the coin or the means right now to take one."
She smiled.
"I will, Tyler. Thank you. i....never thought of adventuring and having an ACTUAL home to go to."
Yokai smiled as she laid her head on T^yler's chest now.
"I gave up my home with he Fox when I raped my sister. But. I do have all my belongings."
He kissed his favorite fox.
"We'll see what we can come up with, Yokai."
Coal orgasmed hard on her lovers' dicks and fell off him and Sybil smiled as she went limp.
"Plus with our own home we can take Coal there."
The camp laughed at her sex exhuasted joy. Tyler smiled as he stroked the white fox's offered tail as he thought the idea over in his mind.
"Plus coin's not really an issue. Since we ARE going to sell Magnis into slavery we can just rob his treasury. Sori's kinda good at that."
"Ha. And with YOUR crazy ass mind? And skill? Easy."
Sybil smirked.
"Now how DID you come with that idea?"
"It's seeing different ways to the same destination. A children's story that stuck with me from my kid days taught me that. Okay. So a man is walking home through a forest and comes across a log blocking his path. He looks at the log and sees he can't go through it. He looks to his right and sees he can't get around it to the right. looks to his left, same result. he looks to the top and sees he can climb over the log. He looks under it and sees he can go under it. he goes under it and finds the log was rotted through. So if he had climbed over it it would have broken and he would have gotten hurt. The man continues on his way home and a landslide had dropped a large boulder in his path. He can't go over it or under it this time. he looks to the sides and sees there is enough space between the boulder on either side to get through. Yet the hill is on a gentle slope to the left. His answer is to take the right. as he squeezes through the boulder moves to the left and rolls off the trail. Had he distrubed that sideof the trail he would have been crushed. He continues on his way home and encounters a bandit on the road. The bandit is holding a knife and demands him hand over his hard earned money. The man can't go around, over, or under the bandit. So he pulls his gun and shoots the bandit and steps over his body to go home. As he leaves a soldier comes down the trail and rewards him with an extra 150 gold for his killing of a wanted criminal. if he had paid the bandit he would have lost out on a reward. The man made it home as the sun went down and found he'd forgotten his key inside the house and the front door was locked. He couldn't go through the door, but to his left his window was unlocked and so he used that. Moral of the story? Always see the alternate paths to the same destinationand never dismiss any idea as the most outlandish and inane ideas may prove to be the most effective. And sometimes, just going through whatever is standing there is the simplest of solutions."
Sori smiled as he stopped talking.
"So THAT'S how you think like that. Huh. we'll just that to you."
Sybil smiled.
"It's a practice thing, Sori. I'll try it out."
Coal was too busy recovering from her muliptle orgasms to add anything as Yokai tickled her pussy with a tail.
"I love the meaning behind the tale. I too will try to see the world like that, Master."
He patted her as Coal was teased to another orgasm wih good foxtail.
"Sexy. Once you start seeing the world like that, ladies, you're never helpless. The game of chess helps."
Sybil kissed him.
"I have a board."
"We'll play and you'll see what I mean."
The board was retrieved and Sybil took white. Sori and Yokai watched as Tyler buried his wife in the game with a decisive victory and the snow haired beauty smiled.
"Now I see what you meant in the tub. You played the escape as a chessgame."
"With Sori's first appearnce my first pawn move."
The elf frowned.
"Something about that pisses me off, and I don't know what."
He kissed her.
"Love you too, Sori."
The elf grumbled as Yokai had them wrapped in her tails while Coal rubbed some of Sybil's cream into her pussy. The red headed maid smiled as she kissed the man.
"If you get a home?"
"We'll lock you inside."
They smiled at her joy and he kissed her.
"Love you too, Coal."
she hugged him warmly.
"Thank you for seducing me like that, Tyler."
"Sure Coal."
"I got Fear's key! We're married!"
"Atta girl. She tied up?"
"Yup! and waiting!"
"Go attack her."
She faded out and Tyler smiled as he played a few more rounds of chess with his lovers with none getting close to winning. The sun went down and the lovers made a meal of good burgers laced with onions and some cheese squished between seasme seed buns. The girls devoured the greasy goodness in seconds and he smiled at this.
"We get some condiments it'll be that much better."
Sybil chuckled.
"We have ketchup and mustard. The other heroes made sure to confirm this already."
He laughed at that.
"Oh that is precious. Ha."
Sori smiled as they relaxed in the dark around the fire.
"I like this. Laying naked in the dark by a fire."
He kissed her.
"It's fun."
Yokai smiled and by unspoken agreement they went to the tent. Tyler smiled as Sori took his chest and put his hose in her pussy.
"I like wetdreams."
He chuckled as Sybil took his right arm.
"I have them every night, Sori."
Yokai was stretched out beside them with her tails under the blanket around their bodies.
"I had my wetdream come true."
He kissed her.
"I'll try her out in the morning."
"Her pussy is amazing, Master. And still pure for piercing."
"Love you too, Yokai. Wanna borrow Sybil's spell?"
"I would. But I gift her firstpierce to you, Master."
"Love you too. I'll pierce you too."
She smiled happily as he kissed Sybil.
"Goodnight, Sybil. I love you."
"Good Night, Tyler, I love you too."
"Night ladies. I love you."
"Night! Oh man I love this inside me."
"Good night, Master. The tent is very warm."

DAY 13.
GOLD: 1,838,425.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to find Sori bucking on his hose in her sleep. Like the elf was sound asleep and bucking her narrow hips on his hose for a wetdream fuck. He smiled as she got flooded and orgasmed in her sleep. I love sexy elves. Sybil was sound asleep and Yokai was as well. he kissed his wife awake and she smiled.
"I love you too."
The snow haired beaty looked to see Sori still bouncing in her sleep.
"Wow. Impressive."
He kissed Yokai away and the foxlady smiled.
"It is, Master, Mistress."
Sori was still asleep as she moaned.
"Faster, Tyler, please! harder! Oooh I love you! ooh, Sybil, harder in my ass! deeper!"
He smirked and Sybil grew her penis to take the spot behind her. The devilwoman slid into Sori's tight ass and theelf woek with a moan at the double penetration ride.
Yokai watched with a fond smile as the pair had a morning session with Sori impaled between them. And it ended with the elf getting flooded. The lovers walked out and Sori sighed happily as she sat down with leaking ass and pussy.
"Ahhhh I needed that!"
They laughed at that and had breakfast together. Yokai licked his hose clean and he smiled.
He pulled the key.
The red furred foxlady rose from the ground in fear. Yokai smiled.
"I love you."
Vulpin was taken screaming to the ground as her robe was torn from her and her panties tossed to Sybil as Tyler slid into her tight pussy.
"Wow, Yokai. I love hers."
The white fox smiled as she kissed her sobbing sister.
"It is tight. I love it too."
He thrust and the foxlady bucked as her compulsion to engage in her rapes took over as the duop had their way with a sexy foxlady. Sybil smiled.
"I'd like her, love."
"Sure. Her ass is free."
"Love to too."
Sori shrugged.
"Might as well."
And the four attacked the mewling in agonized pleasure fox lady. Sybil and Tyler trading holes as Sori shared tits with Yokai until they were sated. Vulpin was sobbing heartbrokenly in the middle of the pile as they all cuddled her soft fur. Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
"Damn, Vulpin. I loved your ass."
Sybil smiled.
"Her pussy is incredible. we're keeping her."
"we are."
Sori fondled her Ds.
"I like her tits. and her fur is really6 soft."
Yokai smiled as she kissed her.
"I like her body. I wish I could try Mother."
"She live?"
"She's Vulpix. The goddess herself."
Sybil smirked.
"Rape a goddess?"
"Why not? I wonder."
Yokai laughed.
"Key steal?"
"Worth a shot."
He smiled.
"Key steal: Vulpix."
A red key int he shape of a fox tail appeared in his hand and Sybil smiled wickedly.
"Do it."
a tall foxlady appeared from the ground. She was Tyler's hieght with long reddish brown fur and 9 swaying tails behind her. Her breasts were massive and her eyes were a lovely gold color. On her face were an adorable set of whiskers and she wore a red robe. Vulpin had fresh tears of shame as she saw the goddess.
"Help me mother! They're after you too!"
The goddess blinked at this and that was just before Tylr slammed into her like a truck. She was taken screaming in shock to the ground before Sybil tore her robe off and they fit their penises into her as the goddess was rendered helpless by the sudden penetration and the extreme pleasure as Sybil kissed her.
"Willinjg Lust."
And the goddess was trapped with tears of shame and pleasure as the forced sex spell took effect. She was forcedto fuck her rapists with all her lust as the pair tool her to the ground. Tyler smiling wickedly.
"Oh my Chos is she tight, love! Seed her!"
"I will. Oh."
She slapped a golden band on her neck and the other on hers.
"Now we got a goddess!"
"I loveyou too."
Vulpix was sobbing in tortured pleasure as the vile pair swppaed holes and Sybil forced her 12 incher inside her pussy as the man took her ass. Yokai smiled as she watched her mother raped by the evil pair.
"I wish her next time, loves."
"Sure thing, Yokai!"
"Love you too, foxy."
Sori was making out with a now spiritbroken Vulpin. Seeing her mother now also at the mercy of the vile pair, her ONE hope for rescue gone, the red furred foxlady just accepted her agony and gave the kiss back to the horny elf. Sybil smiled as she floodedthe fox goddess with her cream.
"Annnd seeded. damn Vulpix. I love your pussy."
"Her ass is great."
The sated pair fell out of her ass and pussy and laid beside the sobbing goddess kissign her.
"Why me? I did nothing to you. Nothing."
He smiled at her soft, whisper like voice.
"We wanted you. So we took you."
Sybil was suckling on the goddess' double D nipple lovingly as Vulpix had a sad tear fall.
"You suffered too much. And now all that is left is vile desire and dark pleasure. I'm sorry."
He chuckled as he kissed her again.
"Marry us."
"Yes Master."
She kissed the devils and they glowed as the goddess was forced to marry them. Yokai smiled.
"Me too."
Sori smirked.
"Me too please. Never had a goddess for a wife before."
And Vulpix was chained to the four mortals. Tyler smiled as he rubbed her full womb.
"Now we have a goddess slave, Sybil. I love it."
Vulpix had another tear fall.
"I am yours, master and Mistresses. And...this is fitting for my failures to protect you as a goddess should."
Sybil smiled as she kissed her.
"We're going to enjoy you and your body, Vulpix."
Tyler chuckled.
"even after the collar is removed, you are to obey asif you still wore it."
"And all your power is to be used to support us in our endevours."
"Agreed. i am not that powerful though."
"Hmmm. Fair enough. To the very best of your abilities."
"You are not to curse us. No matter WHAT we do toy ou, or your sect."
"Agreed. be nice to them please, I beg you! Some do not even know you exist! MOST don't!"
Sybil smiled.
"we'll see. if we like one or two we'll take them like we took you."
Yokai smiled.
"The Head Foxes are always the most pleasurable."
Tyler smiled as he kissed Vulpix.
"You are to take Sybil's seeds."
"Oh. Here's a goodie. You are to submit to Chos' rule and sphere."
Sybil lifted the black key.
The black haired goddess rose smilign proudly from the ground and eyed the now sobbing fox goddess.
"I am so proud of you my loves. Gifting me Vulpix herself?! I love you!"
Chos smiled as she kissed her new goddess slave.
"And we'll play a lot, Vulpix. And you'll make a fine seeder for me."
Tyler chuckled as the fox goddess accepted the kiss.
"I'm gonna enjoy this."
Chos smiled as she placed her dripping pussy into Vulpix's face.
"Feed. There's a good girl. My power grew as hers was added to it. She's still a goddess but she's my goddess wife. So. Our sects merged."
"And for us?"
"You may use her foxes as you see fit."
"Ha. And the reaction upstairs?"
"Oh they're scared of you. And a divine hunt was put out. The key steal won't work on the goddesses again. Not unless you conquer their sect like you did Vulpix."
Tyler smirked and looked at Sybil.
"I think we can do that."
"Oh we most certainly can."
Sori sighed.
"A dark lord and lady has risen. One that seeks to enslave the gods themselves. Ah well. It'll be fun to help to set the world on fire."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at Chos.
"Any rivals?"
"A few actually. My brother god, Choas. His sphere is bloody vengence, hateful vindictiveness, and malicious repayment. his sect is equal to my own."
"Sooo we just need to dominate a few of his members?"
"Indeed. find a temple to him and utterly supplant it to me. The poke is enough."
"Coolio. And the nearest temple is?"
"You would have to sacrifice a boon to find it."
He looked at Vulpix.
"reveal the temple."
She sobbed as her power was forced to comply and a map appeared. Chos smirked.
"Ooooh clever workaround. Sadly it only works once per person per god."
He looked at the map.
"Ooooh we're hitting it today. it's three hours that way. Always wanted to sack a temple."
Yokai looked at her mother.
"I want my tails, mother, and you to take a seed from me."
"Granted. I'm sorry daughter."
"I'm not."
Yokai glowed as she grew enough tails to have a full nine and Tyler smild.
"More foxfur is never a bad thing."
She flicked him with her new tails.
"So true. it's also a symbol of my status to the fox."
"Love you too."
Sori kissed the fox goddess.
"I want my own tails. And them NOT get hurt ever."
Tyler chuckled as Sori grew her own set of 9 black furred tails that could appeare and disappear at will.
"Love you too, Sori."
She smiled as Sybil smirked.
"You're to take every seed I give you Vulpix already. So. i want you to give me, Yokai and Sori's hair and tails the undamagable ability and a set of revive spells to each of us."
Theygot their forced boon and Tyler looked at Chos. she smiled.
"You may claim one from me as well, love. I'm afraid they're gettign harder to earn."
"No biggee. make us all uindetectable to any type of spell."
Sori smiled.
" i want your key too!"
"Sure sweetling."
Yokai kissed her.
"I wish to marry you too."
"Of course, Yokai. I do love sexy foxes."
Sybil smiled,
"Have you had her yet?"
"I did. She's a lesser goddess of sex. And her power is growing with every conquest you twomake."
"Take the next seed."
"Alas I cannot concieve again for another week. And not even aboon can force it."
"Ah. I wish to seed a demoness of rape."
"I know just the creature."
A circle appeared on the ground and from it rose a 7 foot tall black skinned creature. The thing was female with massive breasts and 10 foot wings on her back. The thign was naked and stood on twin hooves. She smirked as she saw the group.
"So. I am to take a seed from my goddess' wife. I am honored."
Sybil grew a FIFTEEN incher as she tookthe demoness to the ground and forced it into her dripping pussy. Tyler chuckled as Sybil raped a demoness of rape.
"Atta girl."
Chos nodded as the creature moaned in a pleasured pain.
"Her name is Domi. And she's an archbalor."
"Key steal, Domi."
"Doesn't work like that, love. You own her already."
"Ah. Habit you see."
domi was forced to orgasm by the snow haired beauty before she was flooded wih her girlcream and glowed.
"I am honored, Mistress. And she will be beautiful and powerful."
Sybil smiled proudly as she left her pussy.
"I raped a demon of rape. Alright. I wanna go to war."
Tyler laughed at her happy excitment.
"So do I."
Chos smirked.
"Best results? DON'T kill anyone."
"Ooooh I like a challange."
Vulpix was quietly sobbing as Chos kissed the golden collar on her neck. it glowed and she removed it. Only for a golden band to be left behind on her neck.
"And the effect is permnant. You may command her as you see fit, loves."
Tyler smiled as he put the band back.
"We'll makeyour spehere grow, Chos."
"And this will be YOUR world to play with. And so will anything inside it."
Tyler looked at the girls.
"Load up."
Vulpin faded out sobbing as a golden band appeared on her and every foxlady's neck to denote the enslavement of their goddess and ancestor. Chos smiled as she looked at Vulpix.
"Let us go home love."
"Yes, Mistress Chos."
They faded out as the party got dressed and broke camp. Sori looked at him.
"Sooo world domination?"
"Yup. we all lost something to this world, Sori. NOW WE TAKE EVERYTHIGN FROM THEM."
She smiled.
"My last adventure is helping the world be put on a chain. Oh man."
The man smiled as he hung his greatsword on his back.
"I love my life."
The camp broken the four tore off in the direction of the temple to Choas. Sybil smiled.
"Choas is an evil god. So his temples are built into the wilds."
"Their leader?"
"No clue."
Yokai smiled.
"He is called the Dark Punisher. And it is a men only sect."
"So we dominate thye leader?"
"And Choas will appear to challenge you, Tyler, directly."
The four of them ran along the river in the grove of forse before breaking out into the open plains. Sori and Yokai had been gifted the same physical attributes as Tyler and Sybil and so were able to keep up easily. The whitehaired man smiled as they ran with a feelable draw pulling them towards a darker section of forest int he distance.
"we'll use the mist ability to get into the inner sanctum. less the guy's nota coward, he'll be there."
Yokai nodded.
"And since this is a mortal plan, Choas can only have faith in his disciples. Until the slight is enough to draw him in mortal shell."
"Like you did to Vulpix."
"Good. And all we need to do is get the golden band around his neck and we win."
Sori smiled.
"Go after a sex goddess next."
"Ooooh I love you. we will at the next city. Though I get the feeling she'd do it willingly since we're so freakin good at it."
They laughed at that as they dove into the pineforest and Tyler smirked.
"Mist wraith."
And the party were merely invisible droplets of water moving through the forest. Sori whistled.
"ha. Kinda wann a fuck with someone like this."
The attackers moved along the forest until they came to a mouldering ruin set against a hill. The place was once an ancient pyramid but had long been abandoned. Tyler smiled as they walked in the front door, and right passed a few monks in blackm robes wearing skulls on thier heads. The party made not a sound as they walked into the temple. The place decorated in skulls, contracts for hits for vengance, blood symbols, and even a few demon summoning rings. Tyler led the way forward as they walked into a large and crumbling chamber in the center of the temple. a mas of thirty monks were praying to Choas around a skull staff wih one monk wearing a demonskull on his head. Yokai flicked a mist tail at the man and Tyler smirked ashe made the move with the golden band at the ready. he walked through the kneeling ranks of monks and up tot he oblivious man. He clasped the golden band around hisneck and the man froze as he felt the compulsion.
"Call Choas here."
The monks froze as Tyler magically appeared bhind their now enslaved divine punisher. And the ladies appeared as well. Sybil took the skull staff,
"For Chos,"
And shattered it as the uselessly fighting man pulled a rusted key from his pocket.
The god appeared in a mass of shadow, and the duo tackled him to the ground. Tyler smiling wickledly as he merely held him down for his wife to violate the wailing and fighting god with her 16 incher.
The struggle stopped as Tyler slapped the golden collar around the god's neck.
"Checkmate. You will submit to Chos' rule."
"Yes master. No!"
"You are hers."
Sybil fired her seed into the god's ass and Chos appeared clapping.
"well done, my loves. well done indeed. He is mine now. And I am now the most powerful of the evil goddesses left."
He was the only one oddly enough."
"I like where this is going."
They chuckled as Chos touched the collar on her now enslaved brother, making it permanant.
"You are mine brother. Like i always said you would be."
Choas glared daggers of hatred at his sister.
"You viel goddess! HAVE YOU ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'VE SET IN MOTION?! The chaos and suffering you've set to occur? Just for your-"
"It was HIS idea."
Tyler smiled wickedly as he crouched to look Choas in the eye.
"This is MY world. Chos is MY goddess."
Sybil moved and clasped a golden collar on a stunned Chos' neck.
Tyler looked at a dumbfounded Chos.
She smiled as she understood.
"Ah. I understand perfectly. and agree entirely."
"Nothing's changed."
"I get it. Tying up loose ends."
He kissed her sheepishly.
"Seen it-"
"I love you. Okay? I'd have done the same thing."
Choas slumped in defeat.
"We have a new God Master and Mistress loose in the world. We need a champion>"
Tyler smiled wickedly.
"Pick one. If it's a person, I'll kill them. A monster, same answer. A demon, well, same answer. This is OUR world. You gods have lost the keys to it. As we are coming to TAKE them. Now. Chos, you said there's other evil goddesses?"
"There are."
"Choas. reveal the nearest temple to an evil goddess."
Anothermap was produced and Tyler smiled as he looked at ti.
"It's by Veric. We'll add a sex goddess and her to the pile."
Chos smiled.
"I'll let you keep the sex goddess as a pet, loves."
"Love you too, Chos."
Sori was smiling,
"we got more boons. I'll pick mine later."
Sybil smiled.
"Me too. Kinda need to see what else I want."
Yokai kissed Chos.
"I want you."
Chos smiled lovingly at her.
"Take me."
And the foxlady tackled her to the floor as Choas was sent to Chos' realm. Tyler smiled as he retrived the golden band from the now despairing divine punisher and found the same golden band on his neck.
"Too easy."
Sori smirked.
"I still want to seduce a mistress of lust."
"There's a temple in Veric."
Sybil kissed him.
"And we'll have Pearl tonight."
"Sure. You want Wendy?"
"I love you too."
Yokai got her orgasms off Chos and the goddess smiled as she got her own set of climaxes.
"I love Vulpix. She's tied up in my bed as we speak."
"I love you, Chos. I get a key?"
She passed her a black.
"Use it, Yokai."
She smiled and the goddess left. Tyler and the ladies walked out of the temple and took off running to a new campsite. Sori smiled.
"So we walked in, enslaved an entire sect AND their god, and walked out. This is gonna be interesting."
Tylersmiled as he felt the collar he wore the control Chos glow as she made it a permanant part of her.
"And she knew exactly my plan."
Sybil smiled as she gott he band back.
"We'll have the gods in chains and then work downwards?"
"Yup. Ember's already there. So. We'll give marrisa to Moss and there's Toralia."
"Her cities."
"We'll visit and break the leaders. Since they got to play with my wife's pussy, the least they can do is return the favor."
Yokai smiled.
"Sell the men and replace them with sex slaves?"
"Pretty much."
The lovers found a small lake after a few hours running and Tyler smiled at the change in campsite. The lake was medium size with a sendy bank that once again gently sloped into the water. The lovers picked a spot that had a small embankment that would hide the tent and offer some defense in the event of an attack. The tent was pitched and the fire lit. Tyler smiled ashe lifted a key.
The strawberry blonde rose from the ground and smirked as she saw the naked man.
"Oh it's like that huh? Alright."
The girl from the apothecary rose from the ground and smirked as Sybil opened her leg.
Pearl stripped out of her clothes and took the offered hose into her pussy with a moan. Tyler smiled as she bucked into her as she bounced.
"Damn, pearl."
"I use cream."
"I can tell."
Wendy was moaning in estatcy as Sybil had own own penis inside her ass for their ride with the girl on her hands and knees taking it with flopping breasts. Sori smiled as she and Yokai had each other for a group orgy. Pearl and Wendy were flooded and they were returned. Tyler then lifted a key.
Sybil laid beside him as the red haired queen rose from the ground in a golden robe. She smiled and stripped.
"Hello my loves."
She put the hose in her pussy and he kissed her.
"So. has oak popped?"
"She did two days ago. Salila has her own clan of sisters."
Sybil kissedthe riding red head.
"She popped yesterday. I pop today."
He looked at her bulging belly and smiled.
"we'll give Marrisa to Moss tomorrow then."
"I'd like to watch."
"Sure. Anything interesting happen in the city?"
"The temple to Vulpix was enslaved with all her foxes getting a golden band."
"ya don't say?"
ember froze at his chuckle.
"Tyler? Sybil? what have you done?"
He smirked ather.
"This is OUR world. issue?"
She shuddered and resumed bouncing.
"None. Just......none."
He smiled as she orgasmed.
"We're going to TAKE this world from the gods and use it as we see fit. And we'll add the countires too. YOU have a choice, Ember. Assist in the conquering and enjoy the spoils, or be roughfucked again and still be added."
she looked at him as Sybil fit into her ass.
"You can take any of the foxes inthe temple for a toy."
"OOooh.....Yoko! Are you going to get them all?"
"Yup. Since you're with us, and married to us too, we'll spare you the golden collar. and you can use our conquests as you see fit."
Ember shivered att he implications as her wife flooded her ass.
"Oooh. I swear myself to you, My Dark King."
He kissed her as the white haired beauty bent her over for a harder ride.
"Good. We'll use you well."
she smiled as she was flooded again and orgasmed.
" the thought of just taking who I want."
"If you see a golden band on their necks, we own them."
"I will have the fox mother tonight then."
Yokai smiled.
"Master. Leviathan. her nymphs are amazing."
"We'll visit a temple then."
sybil sighed as she went limp inside her former mother's ass.
"I love nymph pussy. we should try for an elven goddess too."
"ALL of them, love. ALL, OF, THEM."
They laughed at that as Ember kissed her new Dark King.
"My fucks?"
"Same as they have been. And when Marrisa is a vampire, Moss will be the TRUE second queen."
"Makes sense. and yes we'll have her room ready for you."
She faded out and he lifted another key.
Sybil smiled as a lithe elven lady rose from the ground. She was half a head shorter then Sybil with back length snow white hair and blood red eyes. Her skin was pale and her bust modest Cs. She wore a croptop tunic and shorts while barefoot. She smiled as the devilelf saw her rapists.
"Lord Tyler,and Lady Sybil. An honor to see you again. And I thank you for releasing me from my lies. I am Oak. use me as you see fit."
Tyler smiled as she stripped naked.
"Take the dick, Oak. You are most fuckable."
She smiled and fit his dick into her tight pussy.
"I loved the rape, Lord. Immensely. And.....embraced it. Now I am free."
Sybil smiled asshe rode thye elf from the ass while fondling her tits.
"We'll seed you again."
"elves can only concieve once a month. But please do so when it is ready, Lady Sybil."
She got flooded and orgasmed hard as Sori smirked.
"I want her. I love elven pussy."
Oak was given to sori and the black haire elf got her fill of Oak's leaking pussty indeed. Sybil smiled as she applied a restoring cream to her own pussy.
"I'm sated on her love."
"I think she'll be Sori's toy."
"Love you too!"
Yokai was brushing her 9 tails by the fire as she smiled.
"I will try her too."
He kissed the sexy fox as Sybil took his dick for a drink. She got her seed drink abnd laid beside him smiling.
"And tomorrow we'll get to see Marrisa as a vampire."
"and Moss fuck her."
"I'm looking forward to it."
Tyler chuckled as they relaxed. Yokai came overand laid her head on his chest and he stroked her long tails lovingly.
"Never enough good foxfur."
"So true."
They laughed at that as Tyler felt a skill flare.
"Oh hello. we got company."
They sighed as he got off the ground and looked to see a group of riders racing towards them.
"we got salesgoods. Cool."
He took the greatsword and walked out to meet their visitors naked. Oak smiled as Sori and Yokai attacked her together and Sybil watched with a poison dart bow in a bush. Tyler had his greatsword on his shoulders as the party of ten or so people charged him and he smiled wickedly as he saw the leader.
"Savanah. Oooooh Moss is going to LOVE you! Unholy Haze!"
"banned spell!"
The ten reconformed to fight the mental spell, but Tyler moved like lightning to take the leading rider off her horse with a leap. The woman grunted and tried to stab him but was too late as a golden band was slapped around her neck. she froze,
"Play dead."
She sobbed silently as the man moved to the next stepm
"Hellish Darkness."
This spell blinded the 9 remaining with spheres of darkness that burned liek fire and they ALL fell off their horses at the agony. Tyler moved to each of them and slapped golden bands on their necks and they were his.
A chorus of voices surrendering were heard and he smiled as he marched them to the camp. Sybil and Yokai looted the horses and Sori toyed with Oak. Tyler smiled as he looked at the sobbing in despair Savanah. She was a lovely girl of medium height with long flowing auburn hair and sparkling green eyes. Her skin was tanned and her bust large in her leather heuberk. He kissed her, and her sobbing exploded threefold.
"Stop, Tyler, please. I didn't hurt you. I never even looked at you. Please, let me go. I'm sorry."
He smirked as sybil returned.
"We got 10 beauties this time, love."
Sybil kissed Savanah this time and smiled.
"I love her lips."
"She WAS a school calendergirl. Model."
"She's known as the huntress here. She's actually the mortal wife to Auroua the nature goddess."
"Call Auroua."
Savanah had no choice and lifted a green branch key.
A tall woman appeared from the ground. She was Tyler's height with foo length green hair and pale skin. Her eyes were green and her bust massive in the leaf tunic she wore while barefoot. Sybil smirked as she appeared behind her and slapped the golden collar on the caught-by-surprise goddess.
"And gotchya!"
Tyler smiled as he tapped the golden band closed on his wrist,
"You will submit to Chos' rule."
Auroua dropped to her knees sobbing in heartbreak as she obeyed.
"Yes MAster, I submit."
The devilman smiled as he looked at the now heartbroken Savanah.
"I'm sorry, Auroua! I didn't have a choice!"
The nature goddess smiled at her wife.
"I love you, Savanah. I know you didn't. I don't blame you. we just lost."
Tyler chuckled as Chos appeared from the ground all smiles.
"Lady Auroua now too? Oh my, I love you! I have longed to have her in my bed for millienia! SHE always turned her nose up at me. HA. NOW you will pleasure me most intensely."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the spiritbroken Savanah.
"welcome to MY world. And know YOU brought this hell upon her by delivering her to us. Thanks! Oh. You are forbidden from killing yourselves or us."
Savanah had tears of despair as she let her dagger go.
"why, Tyler? why me? What did I ever do to you? I was never one of those that tortured you, or were we even in the same class. I was delivering a letter to the teacher and got caught in the spell. So why?"
He smiled at her piteously sad voice.
"You're hot. All I need. And you came after me. That's the last clencher for your new life."
She hung her head in misery.
"I never knew you in our old world, Tyler. But. I DID know Selena."
She looked up at his now intrgued tone and she had a tear fall.
"She would say how kind you were. How sweet and were to be around. Like she never had a bad thing to say about you even though you went through hell on a daily basis. How do you think she'd react if she saw you like this?"
"Oh let's find out. revive: Selena Merdi."
Chos smiled.
"Since this is your first, free."
A circle of red lines appeared on the ground and a blonde haired girl rose from it. she was Sybil's height with back length golden curly hair and fair skin. She had double d tits and bright blue eyes. she was dressed in a white robe and dropped to the ground wih a hih voiced squeak of shock at the impact.
"Owwie. what the?"
She sat up with a dumfounded look on her face at her new surroundings.
"where am I? I...died, right?"
She looked over at her name and her blue eyes went wide at the tall, muscular, naked white haired man smirking at her.
"Hajime Nagomo?"
"right diea, wrong monster. I'm Tyler."
she gasped in shock at this and he smirked more narrowly at her.
He chuckled as he looked at the stunned blonde.
"In the evil. So. How's it hanging, Selena?"
She looked at his new fearsome appearnce and was seen to squirm a little,
"Isekai. Here. We got a few stories to tell you."
He looked at Savanah.
"Tale a seat. we'll sell you after. we'll see."
The slaves sat down and Savanah blurted out,
"Run selena! he's a rapist slaver! RUN!"
The blonde looked at her confused.
"Tyler? Pff. Guy's not a rapist. Just na ass."
Sybil, Sori, and Yokai burst out laughing and so did Chos. Selena looked atthem curiously.
"What? Tyler's too kindhearted to do that to somebody. Since it happened to him so freakin much. It's like the ONE line he has left."
"Oh yeah. NEW goddess."
Auroua screamed as the naked man pounced on her with a ridgid hose.
"Stop! Please! I'm a virgimn goddess! Help me, please!"
The goddess' gown was torn off and Selena watched in horror as the man forced his rod into her pussy with a viciousness. Sybil smiled wickedly.
"Her ass is free!"
"Love you too!"
She grew her fifteen incher and dove onto the sobbign helplessly goddess and shoved the dick into her ass with such force she started bleeding nearly instantly.
"Oh my god I love her ass!"
"Her pussy was pure. have it."
Selena watched in terrified horror as the pair rpaed the nature goddess more brutally and viciously then she ever thought possible. Sori whistled as she saw the blood.
"Wow. Okay I see what they meant."
Yokai smiled.
"Master is a most vile man. Yet. I love it too now."
"Oddly enough? so do I. Huh. Hey, Tyler? I kinda wanna try raping a goddess now."
"we'll get ya a purity goddess."
Savanah sobbed in misery asher wife was raped before her eyes.
"I'm sorry Auroura. I never should have came here. I'm sorry I did this to you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
Selena crawled over to the sobbing girl.
"Savanah? What happened to Tyler? Where is he?"
She looked atthe blonde with tears in her eyes.
"That IS him, Sely. he came with us. And raped the princess-"
"No he didn't. I lied."
Selena looked over as Sybil went limp in the goddess' now seeded pussy.
"I'm having fun, love. Sori?"
Sybil swapped with the eager elf and walked over to sit before the tremblign blonde.
"Tyler DIDN;T rape me. Ghost Aspiration."
Savanah asped in shock.
"Princess Veronica?"
"Sybil Demonswife. my name is Sybil Demonswife."
Selena looked at her in horror.
"what the fuck are you talking about?"
The snow haired beauty smiled.
"The day Tyler and his class was summoned here, I was ordered to frame himfor rape by my mothers, the queens of the country. Reason was he intimidated them so much just with his eyes they wanted him removed as they felt they'd never be able to control him. And to make the other heroes know they ARE held to our laws. So I seduced him, and gave him my purity. WILLINGLTY mind you as I loved his sweetness and his spoil. well. I followed their oder the next morning and he nearly was able to talk his way out of it with logic and reasoning, but Marrisa, my mother, wasn't going to let him escape. He was sent to die in the royal torture chambers and spent ten years down there."
Selena looked over at the still-raping-a-goddess man with sad eyes.
"His heart died. did you love him, Sybil?"
"I...nearly did that night. He fell head over heels that night. Guy's kinda simple like that."
"I'll take THAT one outta your ass!"
"Love you too."
Sybil let the spell fade out and she was again the snow haired beauty as she smiled at Selena.
"We're with Chos now. She is the goddess of vile retribution and evil punishment. And the mistress of sadistic repayment. As well as the goddess of truth."
Selena smiled inspite of the sobbing and screaming.
"That fits him so freakin much it's not even funny. She HER crime?"
"oh she did nothign wrong. We want her. So we're taking her. How it is. We're done being nice to this world. So. we're TAKING it."
Selena jumped at that dark statment.
"What? what happened to YOU?"
"I was rapedfor years. By mothers, foreign leaders and visitors, city leaders, and more from mothers. I suffered like that for ten years. Now. we do what we please to who we please."
Tyler smiled as he went limp in Auruoa's ruined pussy.
"Wow. Alright. YOUR power is at our disposal now, Auroua. And my forced boon. Should we seek food, an animal of high qulaity meat will present itself for an easy kill."
Sori smiled.
"I want immunites to ALL forest toxins for the party."
Yokai smiled.
"and i want control over the forest as a spirit."
"Granted. My blood."
Tyler whislted atthat one as Yokai drank the sobbing goddess' blood.
"Neat trick, Yokai."
She smiled sweetly.
"we'll have the forests to use against attackers now!"
"I'll fuck you later."
"Love you too, Master."
Sybil smiled,
"Nature spirits are ours to play with now too. I want to know where they live. And when we visit their homes, they supplant themselves for fucking."
Tyler smiled as he joined his wife beside the horrified Selena.
"She was great. Hmm. Oh we're going after death now."
Chos smirked.
"He's an ass. If you get HIM under my control, you're basically unkillable."
"And to get him?"
"Hmmm. Defile a graveyard."
"I can do that."
"So can I. I-huh."
Tyler became throughtful.
"I wonder."
Chose smirked wickedlty.
"The revive spell. Oh you are devious. it MIGHT work. But. Not entirely sure."
"we'll fuck with it later."
He looked to selena now.
She glared at him.
Sybil pinned the blonde to the ground smiling wickedly as she tore her robe off.
"No panties? eh. No biggee."
Selena was silent as Sybil grew her penis and looked at Tyler with a tear fall.
"You're even worse then the people you fought so hard against. I...wish I had never met you."
He smiled as his wife slid a 9 inch penis into her.
"You're lying. You're loving this."
Selena was silent as Sybil fucked her.
"I am not. I refuse to give you my screams."
"Oh she's loving this, Tyler. She's so wet it's not even funny."
Selena had a stone face on as Sybil kissed her.
"I refuse this. I am not enjoying this."
"Ha. Oooh she'll crack."
Chos smiled as she kissedher newest goddess slave.
"She is indeed loving this. it would seem her heart also stores a similar darkness."
Tyler chuckled as he kissed the silent blonde.
"She does. She hides it well but she does. Girl loved it when I was cruel in our hometown. She just wants to be better then them. So. We'll work her over."
Selena just looked at him as Sybil forced her to orgasm.
"I will remember the smiling boy you were, Tyler. NOT this monster you've become."
"Ha. Yeeet. Don't you long to have your way too? Do you not seek to take what you please from those you see? Like Yue and Hajime? I see you do. I saw how you looked at Savanah. YOU know what that collar means. And you know who holds it. I have goddesses on chains and queens in manacles. I am going to TAKE this world for my own playground. The only question YOU need to ask, Selena, is what can I get from it?"
The blonde had a tear fall as the pleasure inside her swelled as Sybil fit into her tight ass.
"and sink to even lower then those that hurt us? Never."
"Why does that matter, Selena? We're GOING to hurt them more. Ashely was already seeded once. Savanah might be too......accccctually. Huh."
He smirked at the now trembling girl.
"Moss DOES love my calls."
Sori smiled.
"And she'd make a lovely vampire."
"wait. VAMPIRE?"
Savanah stopped trembling with a look of surprise on her face and Tyler looked at her strangely.
"Yeah. Thinking of giving you to Moss to turn into a vampire."
"Please do. Like please."
He smiled widely as he saw ehr new look of excitement.
"Ooooh. YOU like vampires, Savanah?"
She nodded eagerly.
"I have a fetish for vampires. Sooo....sorry for the meaness. Can you give me to her, please?"
"Ha. See, Selena? everyone has a desire inside them. And see how happy she looks now she's given into it?"
He took the key.
The vampire appeared naked and he smiled at her.
"I have a rpesent for you."
She blinked at this and he kissed her before turning her head to see Savanah on the ground. Moss's eyes went wide.
"A hero? for ME?"
"To turn into your vampire slave. She WANTS to."
Savanah nodded frantically with excitement in her green eyes.
"I submit my blood to you, Mistress. PLEASE take my blood!"
Moss smiled warmly as she kissed her husband.
"I love you too, Tyler. I'll take her."
He removed the collar and the vampire stripped her trembling excitedly servant. Then Savanah laid on her back.
"What's it take?"
Moss smirked as she kissed her.
"You'll see."
Savanah moaned as Moss rubbed her blue blood on her pussy for lube before the tube extended. she saw it and blinked.
Moss fitted the 9 inches of vampiric penis that was not unlike an octupus penis into the now moaning bruentte. Moss sank her fangs into Savanah's neck and the red blood flowed as she stated thrusting the blue blood into her pussy. Savanah moaned and orgasmed through the process asher blood turned purple, then blue as her eyes went from green to a dull purple for some reason. Moss smiled as she she tasted her own blood in her new slave's veins.
"You're mine now, Savanah."
She smiled happily.
"I loved it, Mistress. Again?"
She offered her the tube and Savanah took it into her mouth for a suck as Moss moaned.
"Oooh I love these."
Savanah sucked the blue blood from the tube until she could drink no more and Moss smirked.
"Now the seed."
Moss laid her on her back and slotted the tube back into her pussy.
"Our child."
"We can do that?"
"Oh yes."
Savanah moaned as the ride started up again and she bucked to meet it before a fresh pumping of bloodwas forced into her leaking pussy.
"Now you'll give birth to our daughter in a week."
"I love you too, Mistress Moss."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the horrified Selena.
"See? She embaced her desires, Selena. And will know an eternity of blissful pleasure. Why is that so bad?"
The blonde had a tear fall as her friend madeout with her new vampire mistress.
She smiled at the blonde.
"Do it, Selena. I feel sooooo GOOD! I haven't felt this light....ever! best sex ever!"
The blonde looked at Tyler with sadness in her eyes as Sybil went limp inside her and he fit into her pussy.
"So the boy I loved really is dead. And all that's left is the Monster. I'll die again."
"No you won't. Nope. either accept the offer, or be given to Moss."
Moss smiled.
"I love you. But I can only turn and seed in succession once a day."
"Ah. Ha."
He kissed the blonde and looked into her eyes. Then smiled.
"You WANT to, Selena. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in your pussy. why are you fighting this so much? Sybil didn't. Sori didn't. Yokai didn't. Look at them."
She looked and sighed as the blonde saw how happy the three girls were as they looked the now spiritbroken slaves about to sold to Moss with Moss.
"They're loving life."
"why is that so bad? If you give in to your desires, think of all you'd stand to gain. Love, amazing sex, the very best friends in the world, power, wealth, girls since I KNOW you love both, and anything else you want from the world."
she sniffed and looked at him with conflict in her eyes as he flooded her again.
He kissed her lovingly and she smiled on reflex.
"I missed your kiss."
"I missed you too. Come on Selena. You have the world here to play with. You have ME. And the rest. Yoaki is a freakin FOXLADY for fucks sake! HOW much have you longed to fuck one? Or a catgirl?"
"Have YOU?"
"Catgirl? not yet actually. More haven't gotten that far."
She smiled as he made her orgasm.
"So you took hajime and made him darker. And more perverted."
"I'd love to have my Yue too."
She looked at Moss with a longing gazeand he leaned into her ear.
"It's okay, Selena. Open yourself to your desires and embrace them. There is nothing wrong with doing what you want. Nothing to be ashamed of when you are your trueset self. Join us."
The blonde shivered as he kissed her ear and then her neck while holding her hands. He smiled as he suckled on her breasts and she moaned through anotherorgasm.
she had a look of ache in her blue eyes now as her lust got to her at last.
"I want more of you. Please, Tyler. Fuck me more."
"Have you made a choice?"
She shuddered as he pulled out of her dripping pussy.
"I have! Put it back in! please! I need more!"
He smiled.
"What do you want to do?"
"I want to be turned into a blonde vampire and fuck you! I want to fuck Savanah with a magic dick! I WANT TOFUCK THAT GODDESS WITH A SANDPAPER DILDO!"
He smiled and fit into her pussy again as she sighed with relief atthe intrusion.
"I also want to stay with you again. Liek we were."
sybil smiled as she came to lay beside her.
"You have many desires, Selena. And we'll fulfill them all."
"even impregnating a queen?"
"Oh. We'll offer up ember."
"She'll love her. Once she pops tomorrow that is."
Selena was bucking now as she sought more good sex. Sybil kissed her and she smiled as she gaveher good tongue.
"I want to fuck you in the ass with a magic dick."
"we'll play tonight, Selena. I am most resilent so go hard."
She smiled happily as she screamed through her next orgasm.
"I want to fuck that foxlady! And pet her tails."
Yokai smiled as she flicked her tails teasingly at her.
"Well come here then."
Tyler let the blonde up and she ran to tackle the foxlady to the ground kissing her.
There she goes."
Chos smiled.
"She'll make a lovely addition to your quest, loves."
He looked at Moss.
"I earned a boon, right?"
The goddes smiled as she too looked at the now nervous naked vampire.
"You have."
"I would ask Moss be able to seed and turn new vampires as much as ashe wanted a day and still have stamina for anything else."
Moss shuddered as she glowed and felt her drivesand blood refresh.
"Oooh I love you too!"
He kissed his vampire wife.
"Marrisa tomorrow and Selena. She keeps hjer blonde hair and her eyes turn red."
"I'll be happy to, love. Marli is seeded as well."
"Savanah as well."
They looked to where the newly minted vampire was drinking Auroua's blood.
"So...if I were to ffer you a goddess?"
Chos, Auroua and Moss jumped! Chos smiled first.
"She'd become the first vampiric goddess. And be the patron goddess of all vampires."
Moss was shaking at the implications.
"And she'd be my vampiric servant.....and have to obey my commands and take my seeds."
She looked at tyler with dumbfounded awe on her face.
"I...swear my fangs to you, Master. i...have nothing else to offer in return for such wonderful gfits."
He kissed her lovingly.
"Your pussy is wonderous enough."
"And it belongs to you. As to I."
She clasped a golden band on her neck.
"I am your slave. Your wife. Your vampire creator."
"I love you too, Moss."
She smiled as Chos made the band permnant on her skin before she returned it. Then he looked at the still bound party members.
"5,000,000 for the lot. Some are pure, some aren't. All are sought after."
The beauties were strippede of their possessions and had silver collars clasped on their necks. Tyler smiled as Moss gave him another batch of collars.
"Love you too."
Savanah smiled.
"How will i go home with you, love?"
Moss smiled.
"I have a teleport."
Tyler smiled.
"we'll seeyou tomorrow, Moss. Enjoy Marli Savanah."
"I will! Thank you, Tyler."
She and her vampire wifeleft and Chos smiled as she kissed Auroua.
"I must return as well, love. SHE needs to be settled."
"She's seeded."
"I know. I'll raise her myself."
The goddesses left and Selena smiled as she got her face out of Yokai's pussy.
"I'm staying, Tyler."
he chuckled at that one as he laid by the fire.
"I figured you would. You'll get your fangs and eyes tomorrow."
"Kay. and...I'm sorry for the judgement. You're right. Desires are meant to be given in to and taken."
Sybil smiled as she kissed the blonde.
"You will love our life. And our toys."
She smiled and returned to her feast of foxlady pussy as Sori was lookign the plundered gear over.
"Wow. They had 7,548,236 this time. More high grade bedrolls, and yeah. More across the board."
The devilman chuckled as he drank some water from a canteen.
"And now we have control over nature. We'll hit a temple to Leviathian and get control over the seas and the weather."
"Yay! Nonstop beachdays!"
They laughed at Selena's joyful cry and sybil rested her head on his chest.
"and tomorrow Marrisa will be turned into a vampire."
"And seeded by her too."
"We're about halfway to veric and Magnis will be sold."
"And we'll get the temples on our chains."
"And we'll move on."
Selena moaned as she fell off Yokai after her last orgasm. Then the panting blonde just laid there motionless as she recovered.
"So, besides raping and enslaving people, what HAVE you been doing, Tyler?"
"Getting revenge for Sybil's rapes."
"Ah. next target?"
"Magnis. City leader in veric. We're selling him to Moss."
"Makes sense. Who'll we put in his place?"
Tyler shrugged as the blonde rested her head on his chest.
"No clue yet. we'll see what puppets we can take in the cityand go from there."
She smiled and Sybil smiled.
"She's about my height."
"And with my spell?"
"We can make her look like Veronica."
"Sybil's princess alterego."
"Oooooh. So she left her identity behind to become a stronger verision of herself. I'll do that too. When I get turned."
"Ha. Yue?"
"Nah. I'm thinking......Ria."
"Ah. Well. Moss'll take you andturn you, Selena. Be whoever you want to be after."
She smiled and he stroked her golden hair fondly.
"I never blamed you ya know."
"I know. i got over it."
Sori looked over curiously.
"How'd she die?"
"I got shot to death by a classmate of his for being his girlfriend."
"Ah. Anyone we know?"
Sybil chuckled.
"He's a renowned gianthunter. We'll sell him to Moss."
Tyler chuckled at that as he kissed the blonde.
"I'm glad you chose bliss."
She smiled.
"I am too. Thanks for forcing it out."
"You're as much a sick fuck as I am. So go wild."
"Ha. So long as i don't steal YOUR toys, what is?"
"pretty much. OR HERS."
Theylaughed and had a hearty meal of tyrant burgers and some wine from Savanah's pack. After they went into the tent and he smiled as Selena put his hose into her mouth for a night time suck.
"Oh. Hey Chos, I'd liek the tent to be five times biger inside but rthe same size outside."
The thing glowed and became 20 feet bigger inside. Selena laughed as she let his dick go.
"That's a harry potter trick!"
"I am PISSED I just though of it now."
She laughed and put his dick back in her mouth like a baby's comfort toy. Sybil smiled asshe settled in his arm.
"She'll be a lovely addition to our collection."
Sori nodded as she took his chest.
"I like blondes actually. Why i orgasmed so hard for veronica."
Yokai smiled as she wrapped them all in her tails while resting her head on his chest.
"I love all the sex. Master, I want my own purity goddess to defile."
"We'll get you one. Night, Sybil. I love you."
"I love you too, Tyler."
"Night ladies. I love you."
"Night! I love how roomy the tent is now."
"Good night, Master. I like it too. I suggest we add more bedrolls to it."
He smiled as Selena was too busy sucking on his dick to answer as they all drifted off to sleep.

DAY 14.
GOLD: 14,386,661.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to the feeling of his dick inside a moist mouth. He smiled as he saw Selena's blonde hair behind Sori's legs by his waist. Sexy, Selena. Verrrry sexy. Yokai was asleep in his left arm and in his right was Sybil. He kissed his wife awake and she smiled.
"I love you too. And she's still attached."
He smiled as he kissed Sori awake and Yokai.
"Selena loved my dick inside her. we'd hang out naked and she'd have it inside her ass or her pussy or her mouth. Said it calmed her down for whatever reason."
Yokai smiled as she looked at the asleep blonde with the dick in her mouth.
"Has she ever bitten you?"
"Nope. Watch."
They looked and smiled as the blonde started sucking in her sleep and he smiled.
"Selena is as addicted to sex as I am. And she's just as fucked up. Why I pushed her so hard."
Sybil smiled as she kissed the sexy blonde's open pussy.
"She's delicious too."
Selena woke with a moan from the kiss and smiled as she let the dick go.
"I missed sleepign with your dick inside me, Tyler."
"I missed it too. Clean up."
"Yes master!"
"She's a sub too for me."
The group cleaned up in the lake and he smiled while making some bacon and eggs on the grate.
"We're turning Marrisa and Selena into vampires today. And we're seeding Marrisa."
Selena smiled.
"If Moss wants to, she can seed me too."
"You'd pop in three days, Selena. So we'll have to wait till we have Veric under our thumb."
"Kay! her penis looked fun."
"try it. She can fuck you with it and not seed you."
"I will then. Seemed kinky."
They chuckled and took a good bath in the water before eating breakfast together. Tyler smiled ashe looked at Sybil.
She smiled.
"Always. Call Ember."
He took the key.
The red haired queen rose from the ground and smiled.
"Aurora's sect has a new set of bands on their necks, Tyler."
"we been busy. Marrisa?"
"She's fully healed and so am I. Our girls are simply lovely. Oh. And by next moth they'll be big enough to meet you."
Sybil smiled as she explained.
"growth happens rapidly here. Salia will be the size of Tio in a month. And will remain that way for about 30 years before she'll grow to your teenager size. She'll stay like that for 15 years and then grow up into her adult beauty and stay that way for the rest of her years until she hits the end of her lifecycle. Varies person to person."
Ember smiled.
"I'm actually only 500 years."
"She's still young by our standards. I myself am 100. Marrisa is actually 1250."
Tyler smiled as he looked at Ember.
"So you ready for her turn?"
The red haired queen nodded.
"I am. She's getting desperate to see you brought down, Tyler. She knows what you've done and fears her goddess is next."
"She is?"
"Yoka. The goddess of Light and love."
"She have her key?"
"She does. Oooh you evil bastard. I have Ifrit's key. She's the goddess of flame."
"We'll get her after. be kinda cool to be fireproof."
He pulled Moss' key.
The vampire appeared smiling.
"More already?"
"Marrisa is yours."
The green eyed vampire had a look of utter joy as she sat beside Sybil to wait.
"I love you, Tyler. Dearly."
ember smiled.
"I'm not for you, Moss."
"We will discuss terms, Lady Ember."
"we will. And I do like a vampire pussy."
Moss kissed her.
"I love royal pussy."
"So do we."
They laughed at the en mass reply from the party. Tyler took Marrisa's key.
The blonde queen rose from the ground with fear in her eyes.
"No. Not again."
Tyler smiled wickedly.
"Moss. She's yours."
Marrisa screamed in terror as the naked vampire tackled her to the ground.
"NO! NOT a vampire! Holy-"
"Unholy rubuke."
The antimagic field shutdown all her spells and Marrissa sobbed in horror as her robe was torn off.
"Please, Tyler mercy! Don't turn me! I have a queendom to rule! I can't!"
"Too bad."
Sybil smiled as Moss kissed the weeping blonde queen.
"I begged too, Marrisa. And you didn't listen. Why should we?"
Moss smiled as her vampiric penis extended from her pussy.
"I will so enjoy ruling the queendom. I've never ben a vampire queen before."
Marrisa was frantically fighting to escape the grip of the vampire but was helpless as she forced her 10 inch penis inside her pussy. Moss sank her fangs into Marrisa's double D tit and drank deeply of her red blood while her penis pumped her pussy full of the vampire's blue blood. Ember smiled.
"So that's how it works? I've never seen a vampiric turn before."
Tyler kissed her.
"Should have her drink from your tit, Ember. She did my dick and it5 felt amazing."
"I'll try it."
Marrisa's blood turned purple then blue as the transformation was completed. Moss smiled.
"Now take your seed."
"Yes Mistress"
Ember blinked. Then chuckled.
"Oddly fitting."
Moss's tubelike penis kept pumping liquids into Marrisa as she sobbed at her new lot in life before she was well and truly seeded. The vampire smiled.
"HE may command you as I do."
"Yes Mistress. Your command Master?"
"Summon Yoka."
"Master, please, she's a little sister Goddess!"
"DO IT."
She sobbed heartbrokenly and lifted a key.
"Yoka. forgive me."
A smaler girl rose from the ground. She was half Tyler's height with long golden hair and bright blue eyes. Her attire was a red gown and she was barefoot. Sybil was there to clasp the golden collar around her neck and she had tears in her blue eyes.
"what did I do?"
"Oh you're safe. Just covering bases."
"Yeah. You're MY little sister goddess now."
Yoka had the most adorable look of confusion on her cute face and he chuckled.
"No rape. No seeding. No pain. I promise you that."
She just looked at him.
"Sooo why?"
"Making sure I get everyone."
Yoka walked over and placed a hand on his head. He glowed and she smiled with utter relief.
"Evil to everyone. BUT the children. I...can accept this. My fate is cuddles?"
He hugged her.
"when we're too tired for sex."
"Teehee!i like your hug!"
He smiled and she sat beside him as Marrisa looked at her goddess,
"I'm sorry."
"YOU are a MONSTER. I saw what you did to your own daughter. Why do ya think I never hear your prayers anymore?"
Marrisa slumped as Moss kept fucking her.
"I did what I wanted. And am condemend by you for doing the exact same thing."
Sybil smirked.
"There is no difference. This is truth. which is why we're doing it."
Ember smiled as she kissed the white haired beauty.
"I wanted to fuck my dauhter. So I did. She wanted to fuck me harder. So she did. I wanted to marry her for more sex and so I did. This is how our new world works. we do what we want to who we want when we want to do it. if they can force it on us they can do it too. if not, they can't. Vile, evil, cruel in the extreme, and yet fair as all you need to get your way is strength. or in Tyler's example a little unorthodox thinking."
Yoka smiled as the man hugged her.
"It's extremely fair. everyone gets a level playing field. And everyone can abuse it. A few goddesses of justice and fairness are willing to submit, Dark King Tyler."
He looked at her curiously.
"All I ask for in return is my purity be maintained, and all the children be placed under my sphere as it will protect them from the evil beofre they are ready."
"I think we can agree to that Chos."
The retribution goddess appeared and hugged the blonde cutie.
"We can. I love you, Yoka. I would never see you hurt."
Yoka smiled as she got a hug from the busty goddess.
"Thank you big sister Chos. I submit to your rule."
The band on her neckbecame permanant and Chos smiled as she lifted the bubbly little goddes into her arms.
"We'll have the children be exempt from our new world rule until they are of age to take it. And have all little sister goddess submit to you."
Tyler smiled.
"Are there many?"
"A few. And they're purity goddesses too."
"Are there purity goddesses we CAN take?"
"Everyone else."
Yoka smiled.
"I actually rule the little sister sphere. And so the lesser sisters will submit as well."
A group of ten or so small girl goddesses appeared and submited to Chos for their bands. Tyler chuckled as they left with relieved expressions.
"Alright. That's the kid angle covered."
Sori smiled as she hugged Yoka now.
"She's great."
Yoka giggled.
"I'll go home and get to work, Big sister Chos."
"See you there, Yoka."
She left and Tyler smiled as Marrisa was still getting fucked by Moss.
Chos chuckled.
"She has infinite sexual stamina now."
"Can WE get that?"
"sure. You'll still be sated, but you won't lose the hardon."
Moss smiled as she pulled out of Marrisa's gushing blue liquid pussy.
"I'm having fun with her right now. I'm actually not even horny."
Tyler chuckled at that.
"She's playing with Marli and a slave she likes. She loves her new vampire penis."
"Ha. Oh. Selena wants to be a vampire."
"Oh good for her! You'll keep her?"
"Yup. Kinda cool having a vampire with us."
Moss smiled.
"I'd ask to keep her for a few days to teach her HOW to be a vampire."
"Sure. we'll go to Veric and when we sell Magnis to you you can return her."
"That's fine. Vampires need to be TAUGHT how to feed and seed and reproduce. Plus their vampire powers and weaknesses."
"I get it. Oh. A list of the weaknesses."
Selena smiled as she kissed Moss.
"i'd like it now, please."
"Sure. Lay down."
Marrisa was left in a blue puddle of vampire cum as Selena opened her legs and pussy to her vampiric mistress. Moss smiled as she kissed her.
"I love sexy blondes."
"Can I keep my hair? And turn my eyes red?"
"Sure, sweetie. Your colors will be enhanced."
"Then fuck me!"
Moss slid her penis into selena and moaned.
"Oooh she's so tight! That's it. a week."
Tyler chuckled.
"Keep her long as ya like, Moss. we'll swap now an then."
"Oooh I love you."
Sybil smiled.
"I think Coal would love her."
"I can see her wanting to be a vampire."
Moss was fucking Selena lovingly as the blonde bucked to meet her thrusts and her fangs weren;t even touching her. The vampire smiled and sank her fangs into her tit for her drink. Selena moaned as she orgasmed form the feelings as her pussy was flooded with blue blood and her red replaced. Ember smiled.
"I'm kinda tempted to become a vampire myself now."
Tyler looked at her.
"why not?"
"I'd have to fight off vampire hunters until you got them under control. Not worth it just yet."
"Ah. makes sense."
Chos smiled.
"They're under another deity."
"We'll get them on a leash then."
"every city has a temple devoted to one."
"Veric will be fun."
Sybil smiled.
"Plus is a rather nice city."
"we'll see what we can do. Maybe we have multiple homes."
Ember smiled.
"Oh you're thinking that far out? If you want a place for your trophies and toys, Tyler, once you're done with Torlia return to the capital and we'll see what we can do."
"Sure. Be kinda nice to have a home in the palace."
Sybil smirked
"rape me int he same room."
"Ha. Love you too."
Marrisa was sobbing silently and he smirked.
"Oh yeah. Sybil?"
"I'll have this one."
Marrisa was then drilled by a VERY horny Sybil while Selena's blood turned blue in Moss' mouth. The blonde smiled happily as her blue eyes turned blood red and her golden lockes turned an even more vivid gold. Moss smiled.
"You're ours now, Selena."
"My name is Ria Nightqueen."
"Oooh I love that."
Tyler chuckled as they kissed and Ria pulled Moss' tubelike penis into her mouth for a good drink.
"So what are the other vampires like, Moss?"
She smiled while she thrust into Ria's eager mouth.
"We're a female only race actually. And we can only produce females. we have a night queen too. Or, the oldest Vampire alive. Her name is Loth and I contacted her to let her know we have a new Dark King on a quest in the world."
"Should I be worried?"
"Nope. She's told me to give you this when you ask of her."
she passed him a blackened key.
"It's her lay key. Sybil will need to get one form her firectly since I only got the one. Loth wants to swear her fangs to you willingly before you come to take them. In her words."
"smart lady."
"She's very sharp. And still beautiful."
ria was happily drinking buckets of vampire cum from Moss' tube penis as they talked and Moss smiled.
"She loves my cum doesn't she?"
"Ria's a nasty girl, Moss. VERY nasty. Sleep with her tonight and see where she puts that vampire dick."
"Oh. So if you're a female only race, why'd yiou say you could turn me?"
"Because I can. I misspoke. PURE vampires are female only. Males are lesser vampiresknown as ghouls. And die sooner."
Chos returned to her realm as Marrisa was flooded by Sybil. The snow haired beauty smiled as she sat beside her lover by the fire as Moss sat down and Ria kept drinking.
"If you don't stop her, Moss, she'll drown herself."
"Oh my. she can't drown from my cum as it heals her."
"Well. She won'tlet go on her own."
"I think I...yup."
She smiled and pulled the blonde vampire off her dick.
"Heeey! I was enjoying that!"
"I'm marrying you."
"Oh. Kay!"
Tyler chuckled as they kissed and glowed to seal the union. Soon as Moss let her face go, Ria reached into her pussy, and pulled her penis out to drink again.
"Yeah. She likes your cum, Moss."
The vampire smiled and laid in a way to make it easier to reach for her lover.
"I like this. I actually love it when it's sucked on. But, Savanah's not into blowjobs."
"Ria will litterally suck on you until you tell her to stop."
"And since I have unlimited sexual stamina."
"She'll never let you go willingly."
She sighed happily and Tyler smirked as he raised a stone wall for the vampire to rest her back on.
"Love you too."
She did so and Ria loved the new angle as she took close to 7 inches of vampire penis into her mouth. Sori was rubbing a cream into Ember's pussy as Yokai was making out with Marrisa. Sybil had her head on his shoulder and he kissed her.
"Marrisa is a vampire."
Ember smiled.
"Moss will live with us now. and since I know her, looks like slavery just got accepted in Toralia again."
Marrisa sobbed at that.
"I took the crown from father for that. I broke the rings and purged it from my queendom. Now I lost the right to even LIVE as a person and my queendom belongs to a slaver vampire."
She looked at Tyler.
"All because of one evil man. Because you refused to just die down in the dungeon like you were supposed to."
He chuckled.
"If you had put anyone else down there, Marrisa, they WOULD have. And if you had just been a LITTLE b it more secure, you wouldn't be a vampire's fucktoy."
"Scared of me. I saw it inthe throneroom. Musta sucked for the high queens to be so intimidated by a mere man's gaze, riht?"
Ember sighed.
"I admit it. we set you up to remove a thorn in our side from ever becoming a thorn."
"And look what happened?"
"ha. we should have just had you marry the princess as she said. we'd have had you on a decent enough leash then."
He chuckled as he kissed her.
"Most likely. Veronica WAS sweet."
ember smiled.
"Very sweet. Sybil is far better and a far better woman. But. Veronica was nice for her part."
Sybil smiled as her wife kissed her.
"I wish I coulda fucked her myself."
Tyler tilted his head.
"I wonder."
Chos appeared.
"Doesn't work like that."
"Oh. Damn."
She sighed with a smile.
"I love you too. and that is a VERY scary mind."
She left and Sybil looked at him curiously.
"Veronica TECHINICLY did die. revive spell."
She and Ember blinked. Then looked at each other.
"Sybil. Why did you marry him again?"
" wondering that myself, Ember. head hurts."
The two beauties rested their heads on his chest with vacant expressions on their faces as Tyler just looked at them confused.
"What? It makes sense!"
"Shut up......okay? I love you. Just....stop talking."
"Sweetie, I love you, I really do, but gods DAMMIT. Oooh my head hurts."
Tyler looked at Moss as Ria still drank.
"It makes sense! Right?"
Sori patted him pitingly.
"You're a raving idiot. And I love you. But for the love of the gods, be quiet."
Moss smiled as she filled Ria's mouth with more vampire cum.
"I see the reasoning."
"THANK YOU! YOU get it."
Moss sighed as Ria kept drinking from her tube-like penis.
"Love you too."
Marrisa was just staying quiet as she wasn't being raped at that moment. Yokai came over and sat beside the cuddling trio and smiled.
"You have a truly fascinating mind, Master."
He smiled as she sat between his legs and got comfy as the girls all relaxed.
"remember my story."
"I do. And see how you see the world at times."
Ember listened as she was told. And smiled.
"Ha. scary. And it makes so much sense."
Sori looked at marrisa.
"Sooo. She done?"
Moss shrugged asshe petted her cum loving wife.
"When I leave, I'll take her with me."
Tler looked at his ketys.
"Hmm. Moss, Marrisa, ember, Pearl, Wendy, Oak, Vulpix, Vulpin, Auroua, Chos, Coal, Fear, Marli, oh yeah. ember, Ifrit's her name?"
She smiled.
"Yeah. She's the goddess of fire. I have her key."
"Cool. She pure?"
"Nope. And she's not a little sister."
Tyler looked at Moss.
"Want her?"
She smiled happily.
"I'd love her."
ember took her key out as the rest of the party readied to attack.
A blaze of fire engulfed the area and a voice was heard.
Tyler smirked as he spotted a being int he center of the searign flames.
"with pleasure."
He leapt into the flames as they engulfed his body.
"Iced shell!"
Onlty for the wily warrior to encase himself in ice as he flew through the air. His party were unable to aid him as he sought to dominate flame itself. Ifrit was seen then beside the fire and Tyler smirked as the ice melted off his body.
"I like a challenge."
Ifirt was a tall, beautiful woman with foot length flame colored hair and blazing red eyes. her skin was pale and her bust massive. She wore a gown of flame and was barefoot as she had a flame whip.
"You will NOT possess me, mortal devil. You will melt long before you touch me with those vile collars."
"Ha. Quicksand."
The sand under Ifrit's barefeet suddenly gave way and she dropped in to her knees before she could react at this sudden attack,
"Frozen floor."
The naked girls groaned as the sand was suddenly frozen solid. Ifrit was hit worse as she could no longer move her lower legs as the water used to make the quicksand spell work froze solid and extinguished her flame gown around her waist. She had a look of desperate rage on her face as she readied a last fireball.
And like that she sank to her tits in the sand,
"frozen floor."
and was locked tight in the ice cold sand that extinguished more of her flame and left her lovely tits exposed. The flames in her hands were also extinguished as she'd made the mistake of flailing her hands at the seeping sands and gotten them stuck. Ifrit was helpless and she knew it as the naked devilman approached her smiling.
"I win."
She had tears of helpless rage in her flame red eyes as he clasped the collar around her neck.
"I submit.....Master."
He smiled and dropped to his knes to force his hose into her mouth.
"suck. There's a good girl."
Sybil and the others all applauded his outwitting of the fire goddess. Ifrit sucked on his hose with gusto before swallowing the seed. He smiled.
"You're ours now. And HERS too."
He turned her head to see the leering Moss. Ifrit went bone white as she saw her fangs.
"No. Please. I'll do anything. Don't turn me into a vampire. You have no idea what that would do to our world. I'm begging you!"
Moss smiled as Ria was still sucking.
"And what damage could you becoming a VAMPIRIC goddess of flame do?"
Ifrit had tears of desperation in her eyes as she explained.
"I rule a primal part of the world. So if I were to be forced to become some form of undead or vampire for example, the world would lose out on the ability to use fire in all it's forms as it would become evil. And any fire henceforth would be unusuable for any mortal since I was now dead in a sense."
Moss frowned as she looked at Tyler.
"She is correct. I am sorry i didn't think of that mtself, Master."
"So. Would a lesser fire goddess work?"
"Same problem. But if you offer me a goddess of say light or lust, no harm would be done and she'd become a vampiric goddess of lust or light."
Tyler smiledas he forced his still ridgid hose back into Ifrit's mouh.
"Again. Good girl. Looks like youget to stay a nonvampire, ifrit. But. She WILL get to seed you."
Moss smiled happily.
"That I would love to do."
Ifrit was made to drink another seed before he smirked.
"NO killing us, cursing us, and we are immune to your sphere."
She had a look of relieved defeat in her eyes.
"Agreed, Master. grateful you DO listen to reason."
"we're looking to play with this world, Ifrit. Can't do that without a world."
"I...suppose you're correct."
He released her from the sand sne kissed her.
"No gown for you."
Sybil smirked.
"Flame panties for me."
"And your key for me."
"Granted. YOU are funny."
Sybil smiled as she added the pair of flaming panties to her trophies. Ember smiled at her goddess.
"Welcome to our side."
Ifrit sighed as she looked at the queen.
"You offered me up willingly. And I lost the fight fairly and with no tricks beyond our magic. And he did it naked too which makes itt he more even. I knew the risks. and so you know once a goddess key is gifted it cannot be returned or taken back."
Tyler smiled.
"Any gods or goddesses that HAVEN'T gifted a key?"
"No. we love our creations dearly and enjoy spending time among them. Sex too. So all the deities have gifted keys to the mortals."
Tyler smiled as he got behind her.
"So we'll get our weay.
Ifrit had a tear fall as he slid into her pure ass.
"You will. IF you win."
"And the rally?"
"we know your plan. You'll have to fight us like that now."
He smiled as he thrust into her ass.
"I liek a challenge. And you feel great, ifrit."
Sybil smiled as she latched onto her mosit pussy.
"She's delicious too."
Moss smiled.
"I'll seed her after."
Tyler flooded her ass as the goddess just stood there taking it with tears of shame on her face. Sybil made her orgasm and he smiled.
The vampire got her dick out of Ria's mouh and Ifrit had more shameful tears as she was laid out on her back. Moss slottedher vampiric penis into the fire goddess' succulent pussy and moaned as she thrust.
"Oooh try her pussy, master. Best goddess thus far."
"I will after."
Ifrit sobbed quietly as the vampire flooded her with blue cum until she was truly seeded. Tyler smiled.
"You will submit to Chos' rule."
"Yes Master."
Chos appeared smiling.
"I've longed to feast on your pussy, ifrit. Now I will."
Tyler smiled as the seeded goddess was taken by Chos.
"well. We're making progress."
Marrisa was being fucked by Moss again and Ria was sucking on his hose as they relaxed after the fun. Ember smiled.
"I'd like to go check on the girls, love."
"Sure, Ember. we kinda need to get moving tomorrow."
She got kissesand faded out as he looked at Moss.
"She's yours, Moss."
"I love you."
The pair faded out and so did Ria. Sybil smiled and put the hose into her pussy and sat against him as Yokai and Sori got his arms. The elf smiled.
"This is fun."
He kissed her.
"We'll see who else surrenders."
He looked at the sky.
"Any goddess that submits willingly will not be taken with force or evil and will be loved like Ember is. Any god that submits willingly will be merely chained to Chos. Make your choices."
Sybil smiled as she started bouncing.
"I hope no one comes. I love raping goddesses."
"So do I. Oddly enough."
Theylaughed as a beam of light appeared before them and a tall woman approached. She was Sybil's height and had foot length snow white hair and lovely blue eyes. Her skin was white and her tits massive in her gown of white. She approached the lounging devilman with soft steps on barefeet and he smiled.
"Hiya. Come to submit?"
she sighed and spoke with a soft, tender voice.
"I am Lunia. Goddess of love, lust, and the tender caress. I come to surrender. With terms. All I ask is you hear them."
"Remove the gown as proof."
She removed her gown and sat before htem naked. He smiled.
She nodded.
"My sect. All we wish from live is loving sex, soft orgasms, and gentle lust. That's all we want. We are a healer sect as well and see to the Doves the realm over. All i ask is you to show us the same gentleness you show Ember and your own wife when you met."
Tyler smiled.
"Since you submited willingly, Lunia, granted."
She deflated from relief and he offered her the golden collar.
"I'd ask we be under YOUR rule, Tyler, instead of Chos."
"You are. I'm just making an umbrella."
"Ah. I see. My apologies."
"I get it."
She took the golden collar and clasped it willingly. He smiled as she looked at him.
"You are safe, Lunia. I keep my word."
She deflated even morfe from relieve as Chos appeared smiling.
"Lunia. I hoped you'd submit. I love you and your sect."
The whiate haired goddess smiled as the band was made permanant.
" relieved he listened."
"YOU accepted his offer. That is the important thing."
Tyler looked at Lunia.
"She's OUR pet goddess, Chos. Just under your umbrella."
"I understand love. And her lead."
Chos passed the lead from her golden collar to Tyler and he attached it to the one around his neck.
"Alright. So, Lunia, you're under me tonight."
She smiled.
"Of course, master."
He held an arm out and she was quick to snuggle into the hug as he kissed her.
"We'll ruin your girls."
She smiled.
"I saw the way oyur heart works in your kiss, Love. I marry you and them."
Sybil, Sori and Yokai glowed and he smiled.
"I don't have a heart."
"You do. It's merely blackened by agony and pain. But. Sybil is helping it revive."
"You're looking to correct our world. And once we're the way you want us to be, well, you won't RELEASE us, but you will leave us more or less in peace."
He kissed her and she rested her head on his chest.
"Any other goddesses like you, Lunia?"
"many and more."
"Sori has a desire."
"I know. And I know Moss wants to turn her goddess. I am a lesser goddess actually."
"So if anoher like you appears?"
"No harm would be done."
Chos kissed the love goddess and left. Tyler smiled as he added the woman's key to his collection.
"Are you pure?"
"I am. As you're my husband I'll be pure for you."
"Weird trick."
"Love you too."
He chuckled as Sybil leaned in to taste her pussy. Lunia squriemd and he held her in place.
"Oh my gods she's delicious!"
Sybil dove in for more as Tyler pinned the orgasming goddess against his chest wih a hug while Sori and Yokai held her legs wide. Lunia moaned at their attack with a smile at the kinky play. he kissed her.
"You said gentle takings!"
"You evil, EVIL BRUTE! Help, my pussy isbeing eaten alive by delectable sex addicts!"
He loved her arroused whine as he kissed her while fondling her tits. Lunia orgasmed a few times from the attack as the girls took turns tasting her. Tyler smiled as he hugged her.
"I'll seedyou tonight."
"That's fine. She'd be a lust wisp."
The girls got their fill of her pussy and took spots on either side as they relaxed. Lunia smiled as he rubbed her belly.
"I loved that. Odd as it was."
"We love raping our targets. But. Sex is fun too."
She smiled as Sybil stole her gown.
A pair of pure white pantyhosae were gifted to Sybil and she smiled.
"Different. But. I like it."
They laughed as another beam of light dropped from the sky. And out strode a shorter woman with ankle length blue hair. She was Sori's height with long blue hair and lovely green eyes. her bust was modest and her skin fair. She wore a light gown of pink and no shoes as she walked over and offered her robe.
"I am Merias. Goddess of Loving Seduction, Love, Longing lust, and the willing lay. I come with terms."
Tyler smiled as she sat down naked.
"Go on, Merias."
The blue haired goddess smiled nervously.
"Gentle lays for me. I am also a puritym goddess so I'd ask for you to be gentle and loving for those you claim the purity of. I am aware of Lady Sori's lust, and she'll have to work it herself. Since it's seen as an accomplishment of sex to seduce a lust priestess out of her panties."
Tyler nodded.
"Agreed thus far."
Merias smiled.
"I'd join Lunia's sphere. I love sex a lot and really like getting seeded. All I ask is for kindness and sweetness with the lays for myself and those in my sphere."
He smiled at her.
"Agreed. And sybil gets to seed you tonight."
"deal. I love getting seeded by girls."
He offered her the collar and she took it. The girl clasped it and Chos added the permaband. Lunia smiled.
"Wise move, Merias. Very wise."
The girl smiled as she offered Sybil a thong.
"All I want from life is loving sex and good seductions. Coal's was a favorite of mine."
Tyler chuckled at that as the girl was kissed by Sybil.
"We'll fuck you as much as you can handle, merias."
Sori chuckled.
"I WILL get me the panties of a lust priestess."
Yokai smiled.
"So will I."
Lunia smiled.
"And how long does the offer stand, Tyler?"
"Until we go to sleep tonight. we'll offer it a few hours a day. Once the time is up, and you do not submit in that time frame, if we get you before us, we'll force it.if you are thinking of the benefits, hurry up as the window has two hours this day."
Merias smiled as she got her mouth off Sybil's tit.
"My sister goddess, Mystiera, lives on the mortal plane. She's surrendered but lives in Veric. So....since she can't come to you?"
"do you have proof?"
Merias reached into her pussy and removed a scroll made from gold. Lunia smiled.
"A goddess' oath."
Tyler took the thing and looked it over.
"Mysteria. Goddess of fun, sex, and pleasured bliss submits to the Dark king. Come to my temple where I live in Veric and we will discuss my requests. Merias was late as she had to retrieve this."
Lunia smiled.
"We seal most of our power away when we live here. And we can onlty return every few centuries. Mysteria decended three years back."
He smiled.
"Any dieity ALREADY on the plane gets until we find them to submit. Sned your surrender, and location to me by way of a collared goddess or surrendering goddess and we will spare you and your sect the pain until we reach you."
merias was happily orgasming as Sybil fed on her succulent pussy. Lunai smiled as he kissed her.
"I'm horny."
"Your ass."
"Yes Love. I would ask my seeding and taking be in that heavenly tent."
She fit the offered dick into her ass and bounced. Yokai smiled as she rested her head on his hip.
"I love this. Seeing the gods willing submit to you, master."
"I love it too."
Sori was rubbing a lotion into her legs as a THIRD beam decended from the sky. Out strode a broadshoulder man and wiyh red eyes. he sighed.
"I am Ariea. The god of war, tactics, and honorable surrender. I surrender and submit to Chos."
he got the collar and clasped it. Chos appeared and took his with her. Lunia looked at the man she bounced on curiously.
"No terms?"
"Chos' seeing to it."
"Ah. No desire for a man?"
The laughed as she orgasmed on his hose before he flooded her. Yokai smiled.
"I wish a ride, master."
The foxlady straddled him and fit his dick into her tight pussy and started bouncing as Sori gave the cream jar to Lunia.
"Massage please."
Merias was still under Sybil as the devillady fucked her with a 8 inch dick with loving force. A fourth light appeared from the sky and a woman stepped forth. She was a head taller then Sori with long voluminous blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. her skin was fair and her tits were large double ds. she wore a gown of blue she stripped out of and tossed to the groudn before removing her panties and giving them to Sybil. She then got on her knees before the devilman and looked at him.
"I am Lei. Goddess of deals, fairness, and just terms. I submit with terms."
"I hate bankers on princible."
She smirked as the girls alughed.
"Hilarious. I ask for gentleness on the takings, seedings only from then ladies, the same for the women in my sect and sphere, and for Chos to be gentle in her takings."
Tyler smiled.
"Agreed, Lei. Yokai will seed you."
The white furred fox smiled as she orgasmed.
"I love you too, Master."
Lei clasped the collar and smiled.
"Know the other balance and fairness goddesses are dealing with an internal affairs issue at the moment or they'd be here to surrender. A god fell from the sky last century you see."
"Ah. and you are here on their behalf?"
"I am. I was the least effected by the fall, Master. All they ask for is time. They send this."
She passed him a golden scroll and he nodded once he read the fine print.
"Understood. Uuugh. I HATE politics."
The londe goddess smiled sheepishly.
"As do we, actually. But sometimes we suffer."
"So true. So do falls happen a lot?"
"often enough to be irritating. Risings too. or when an archdemon becomes powerful enough and joins us as a god or goddess."
"They stop being evil?"
"Or that. Chos is actually a younger goddess that rose a mere 1,250,000 years ago."
He shrugged and Lei smiled as she kissed him.
"I am not pure. I cannot take a seed from a man as it would ruin my pussy."
"Can't have that, can we?"
"No we cannot."
He kissed her as Yokai got the seeding spell from her as a boon.
"I'll fill you well, Lei."
"I'll be wet for you, Yokai."
The lovers smiled and Tyler looked at the sky.
"Annnnnd time. Sorry. Wait till tomorrow. and pray we don't find you."
The lovers had dinner by the lake and Tyler smiled as Merias was fed by Sybil.
"Good think I had the tent's size increased."
They chuckled and once fed went into the tent. Lunia smiled as he kissed her and laid her back.
"I'm ready, Master."
He slid his hose into her pure shaft and felt it tear.
"Oooh I love a purity goddess."
Sybil was fucking Merias beside him and Yokai had Lie on her hands and knees with her dick inside her pussy.
"So do we!"
Sori smiled.
"I want Coal."
He called the red haired maid and Sori had her on her back the next instant. Lunai smiled as he kissed her and thrust.
"A little faster please.....YES!"
He smiled as she orgasmed before gettign flooded. The tent was full of sex as Sybil was ridign Merias' tightness well with a 7 incher and love as the shorter goddess orgasmed again and again. Yokai was loving her toy as lei bounced with eagerness on her shaft while Sori was raping Coal in the pussy with her anal dildo. The lovers had their orgy until all were sated and seeded. Thne Tyler smiled as they all piled on him. Sybil his right arm, Sori his left, Yokai his chest, Coal was on his hip with his dick in herr mouth as her pussy bled, Lunia beside her with her head on his thigh, Merias beside Sori with her hands on her tits, and Lei beside Sybil with her head in her heavenly tits.
"Night, Sybil. I love you."
"Good night Tyler. I love you too."
"Night ladies!"

DAY 15.
GOLD: 14,386,661.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to Coal sucking on his dick like a child in her sleep. he smiled as she drank the seed as he looked to see Sybil with lei in her tits. he kissed hism wife awake she smiled.
"I love you too."
Sori was asleep on his chest with Lunia, Yokai had merias in her arms and Coal had his dick still in her mouth. He kissed the ladies awakle except for Coal and Sybil smiled as he let her suck on him.
"She would LOVE Ria."
"We'll see if she'd like to be a vampire."
Sori kissed Coal's pussy and she woke with a moan...and sucked another seed out.
"Morning master. I loved this."
He smiled as he hugged her.
"I loveyou too, Coal. I know a vampire that would love you."
"different girl. would you like to be a vampire?"
She smiled warmly at the offer.
"I love you. I really do. But I am content with my current sexual skills."
"Still a dirty maid. Alright. we'll merely offer you to her then."
He hugged her again as Lunia smiled.
"I loved that last night, Tyler. That is exactly what I wish for my sect. Please, feel free to use the Doves as I do."
Merias smiled.
"Same here."
Lei shrugged.
"I have bankers."
They laughed att hat and he smiled.
"Alright ladies. We gotta get going."
They faded out and the lovers had breakfast together. Then cleaned up in the lake. Once the sex was cleaned off they broke camp and headed off. Tyler smiled.
"I'd like our tent to magically clean anything inside it when we'renot using it."
The thing glowed as the ladies laughed. sori was hummin a tune, Yokai was running a comb through a tail, And Sybil had his hand as they walked along the plains. The elf smiled.
"So after we conquor Torlia we'll get a home, Tyler?"
"That's the plan. if you wish to retire still, Sori, at that point, you can."
She looked at him shocked.
"You'd...release me?"
"As a hired maid at our home."
She hugged him.
"I can do that much. Thank you."
He held her tightly.
"I love you too, Sori. And by that point,"
"I'd have my pick of the country for my bed. And toys."
He kissed her lovingly.
"And you can brag for the rest of your days you got to help us take the world from the gods and rulers."
"My last adventure. Thank you."
Sybil smirked.
"You WILL give us your key."
"And YOU better seed me Sybil, Tyler."
"Oh absolutely."
Yokai smiled as they walked.
"I'd like to stay with you, Master. I want to see this world brought to it's knees firsthand."
"Sure Yokai. Like i said. We're keeping you as our sexfox."
The white furred foxlady smiled and flicked him affectionately with a tail.
"I love you too."
"The tails weigh a lot?"
"Not at all, Master. More like I have extra hair."
He watched asher tails swayed hypnotically behind her. She had 9 tails now and each one was 7 feet long with a 2 foot thick bush at the end that tapered to the red tip. her fur was snow white but for the red tips of her tails and her ears. Sybil smiled as she saw him looking at the beautiful Vultis.
"I love her look too."
He smiled as he kissed the foxlady.
"She's our sexy fox. And is simply beautiful."
Yokai had a happy smile as he held her hand.
"Thank you, Master. I love you too."
He smiled as she threaded a tail to rest on his neck.
"Now I'd like to add a catgirl to our pile."
Sori smiled.
"The Nekos are legendary for their sex and their bodies."
"ha. Wolfgirls?"
"Same as Yokai. Only better tits and pussies."
Sybil smirked,
"Want a different one? Fuck a snakegirl."
"That's their other name but yes. Their pussies are tight, warm, and tbheir scales feel simply divine on naked skin."
"wow. Succubai?"
"I've never had a sex devil before."
"Neither have I."
"Or me, MAster. They ARE legendary though. But are rare in the extreme."
He smiled as they crossed a river.
"we'll keep an eye out. Oh. Dragons?"
Sybil chuckled.
"They have a human form. If you're looking to enslave a dragon, well, it will NOT be easy."
"It's a dragon. I'd be insulted if it was. we'll enslave a dragoness, and I'll kill a male dragon."
Sori smirked.
"LIke a Dark Hero of old."
They laughed att hat and climbed a hill. Tyler whistling as he walked with the girls.
"I think I'll have Yoka for cuddles tonight."
Sybil smiled.
"A break?"
"Seems safe. I'd prefer to not hit another dry spell from oversex."
Yokai smiled.
"I'll have Ember. She has me curious."
Sori smiled.
"I'll take Oak."
Sybil shrugged.
"I'll play with ifrit."
They crested the hill and were faced by a vast view of the surrounding countryside. Sybil smiled as she spotted something.
"Look. There's Veric."
In the distance a large collection of towers were seen. Tyler smiled as he noted a vast sparkling behind it.
"That the sea?"
"No actually. That's the Lake Levithin. The largest lake on the continent and the border between Toralia and Merlia. Our sister country to the east."
Tyler took his map out and looked at the sountry.
"Toralia is actually rather small."
"She only has four major cities. Tora, Veric, Merica, and Deloria to the north."
He smiled.
"If we go from Veric to Tora along this route, we'll hit Deloria as well."
Sori looked and smiled.
"And Deloria is maybe three days from Tora."
"We hit them we own the country."
Yokai nodded.
"The smaller villages we can ignore as they depend on the major cities for everything."
Sybil nodded with a smile.
"So we'll conquor Toralia in a couple weeks. TOPS."
"And a good number of the gods too."
"The local variety at least. ifrit and Chos are the only two big names you have."
"Makes sense. Well. keepin at it."
They headed down the hill and he smirked ashe spotted a road.
"Been a while."
"I am ready Master."
The group went to the road and walked along the patted dirt as Sori whistled.
"Magnis is getting sold?"
"Yup. we'll visit the market and see what they got for new toys."
Yokai smiled.
"I'll watch my tails."
They laughed at that as a rider appeared in the distance.
"Far sight."
He zero'd in on the target and smirked as he saw the lone woman in armor.
"Lone lady. We'll take her a few times."
They nodded and Tyler looked her over from over 500 yards away. She was Yokai's 5 foot 5 inch height with flowing red hair and fair skin. She had large tits encased in a scalemail vest and was barefoot. he noted she didn't have a collar on her neck,
"Clear taking."
They nodded as they walked and he ended the spell. The woman approached the group unsuspectingly and went to pass....when Tyler used his unnatrual speed to tackle the caught by surprise woman off her horse, and into the bushes as Sori saw to the horse and brought it off the road. Tyler smirlked wickledy ashe kissed the trapped woman. Sybil had her weapons out of reach as Yokai cast an antimagic field. Sori returned all smiles.
He let her mouth go and licked his lips.
"we'll have some fun. And Sybil."
"Your name."
The woman was trembling in horror at her fate.
"Key Steal: Sie. Yeah. We're keeping you."
She started sobbing in heartbreak as the group undressed her, revealing her lovely naked body. her tits were large, perky, and form her pussy had a small; tuft of fur and was small. Tyler smiled as he released his hose and she looked at him pleadingly.
"I'm pregnant. Please. Don't. don't defile her, I beg you!"
"You're pure."
She sobbed harder as he called her out and he slid into her pussy, and felt it tear.
"Not anymore! Damn."
Sybil was kissing her as Sori suckled on her tit.
"She's got milk!"
"Wow, that's rare."
Yokai was there to latch onto a nipple and she smiled while drinking deep.
"It's tasty."
The devilman thrust into the moaning and bucking woman as his wife got her ass's purity. Sie had orgasm after orgasm torn from her unwilling body by the vile party before they were sated on her sobs and screams. Sybil smiled as she fit her own penis into her pussy and shot a seed into her.
"See you soon, Sie. And take her to Tora."
Sie sobbed piteously as they left her in a puddle of fluids to look her gear over. Tyler shrugged.
"Eh. was more after her fuck."
Sori nodded while looking at a locket.
"She's got a pretty daughter."
Tyler took the locekt curiously and the sobbing woman reacted.
"Take me! Leaveher out of it! Please, Dark one, don't hurt my girl. I'll be yours. Just don't touch her."
He smiled as he looked at the locket.
"She's cute."
He flicked it to the sex weakened lady.
"And you'll fuck us well when we call. And she's got a sister."
"I will! I swear i will!"
He smiled and they left her in the puddle. Only for Sori to grow her own penis and attack her ass.
"I wanna fuck her again!"
"Eehhh round two."
And then party turned on a heel for another round in the woman's pussy, ass and mouth. Sie was raped for a few hours more before the NOW sated party left her to her sobbing, throbbing, and gushing ass and pussy. Tyler smiled as they walked along the road.
"She was tight."
Yokai nodded as she ran a brush through her fur.
"She was. I lovedher milk."
"I wonder if Moss does that?"
"She does, Master. She bragged in the cell."
"Huh. Kinda cool."
Sybil smiled.
"I'd like to make progress today, love."
And like that they were running.
"You get her panties?"
"And destoryed her spares. she wore a pair of briefs."
Sori was smiling as they tore along the road at a frightening pace.
"I loved her ass."
"I lopve your ass."
"fuck it tonight then."
"Sure Sori."
The lovers ran for afew hours before they came around a bend in the road to bhe faced by Veric's wall. They laughed and Sybil sighed with a happy smile.
"Of course. eh. We're fast."
He smiled as tey walked to the gate.
"Magnis first."
They nodded and approached the gate. the devilman smirked as he spotted a few guards sporting collar bands in their necks.
"Looks like we'll see the results."
The party were let inside the gates without questioning or even a glance. Tyler smiled as he looked at the city. Veric was built into a circle with the towers they'd seen from the distance being the housing for the city leader and high ranking nobles. The roads were built like wagon spokes leading to the center of the city. the other wall the wheel itself. The party moved along the streets and Tyler picked out nurmerous collar bands on people's necks.
"Ha. Be kinda cool to see more collars then uncollared."
Yokai smiled as she spotted a Vulpix temple with the foxes all collared and still going about their activities with the same lust for life....albiet with a new look of nervous despair on their faces.
"I'll visit the Fox Mother Tyler."
"Work first, Yokai."
"so true."
Yokai flicked her nine white tails at the foxes and a shudder swept through them as her distinct white and red fur was spotted. Tyler smirked as they became FAR more nervous.
"We'll go play with the foxes later."
Sori smiled as they headed for the towers.
"I kinda wanna fuck a dwarf. No clue why."
TYler just patted her.
"You're adorable, Sori."
She hugged him as Sybil looked at him.
"Our disguise?"
"Hmm. Sure. Ghostly Aspiration."
She went golden princess and he went red haired captain. Yokai smirked and so did Sori.
"It works."
The party walked into the center tower and the nobility all smiled as the princess walked among them.
"Princess veronica!"
"Welcome back, milady! Oh, Captain jack! lucky man!"
"Lord Magnis is in his chambers if you wish to speak with him, Milady."
"Thank you, Captain. we'll head up. I know the way."
Yokai and Sori were getting looks of utter awe at their beauty. Yokai smirkedand flicked her snow white tails in a teasing manner and the men were instantly jealous as Tyler kissed her. Sybil smiled as she showed them to a hidden lift.
"It goes right to his room."
They climed into it and she hit the button. Tyler palmed a golden collar as Yokai wrapped her tails around the outside of their lift. Creating a rather cozy feeling space as they were surrounded by white, soft foxfur. Sori smiled as she felt it.
"Wow, Yokai. I like it."
"So do I actually. Never though an elevator could be cozy."
"We should get a higher tier room."
They laughed at Sybil's statment and he kissed her.
"Love you too, princess."
She smirked at the game as thety reached the top of the lift. The door opened and they were faced by a portly man standing in a red robe. He had red hair and blue eyes. He smiled warmly as the party approached.
"Welcome back, Princess Veronica! Oh, is this your new husband? I'm jealous!"
Sybil smiled as she hugged the man.
"It's good to see you Uncle, Magnis."
The collar clasped into place.
"So good to see you."
Magnis froze as the spell took effect.
"What is the meanign of this, Veronica?! This si NOT funny!"
Sybil smirked wickedly.
"My name is Sybil Demonswife you rapist bastard."
The spell ended and her snow white hair and red eyes were seen as the man went bone white.
"Chos. Isdia protect me. The retribution goddess."
Tyler smirked as his snow white hair was seen.
"You are forbidden from calling for aid."
"Agreed master."
"You will forget our true intentions and appearnces even after the collar is removed.
"Agreed Master."
Tyler looked at Sybil.
"Who is Isdia?"
The wife smiled.
"A god of righteousness."
"Ooooh ready a collar."
"It is."
He looked at Magnis.
"You have his key?"
"I do."
"Call him."
The god appeared in full battle armor with a greatsword.
"You'll have to beat me you vile bastard."
Tyler smirked as he ruched with his own greatsword. Isdia blocked the frontal attack and Tyler smirked as he slid between the god's lets and clasped a golden collar on his ankle at the same time. Isdia had a look of fury on his face as it took effect.
"DAMN HIM! That was slick."
Yokai and Sori were also clapping.
"Very well done Master."
"Damn dude. Ha. That WAS slick."
Sybil just kissed him.
"Love you too."
TYler walked up to a helpless Isdia.
"You will submit to Chos' rule."
"Yes MAster."
"You will never attack us again, never curse us, undo any curses you already placed upon us."
"Yes Master."
Chos appeared and purred as she smirked at the trapped god.
"I LONGED to have YOU under my claw, Isdia. Oooh the things I am going to DO to you!"
Tyler chuckled as the band was made permanment.
"I'll make it so any member of the sects we conquer cannot kill themselves."
"I already did love. I see your plan."
He kissed her own collar mark.
"I love having you on my chain love."
Chos smiled.
"I love being on it. And it feels nice."
"She's adjusted to her new live rather well. And her foxes too."
"I'll summon her at some point."
"she has asked for a boon. From YOU."
He smiled.
"Her ask?"
"You spare her foxes the rape. or at the very least the agonized one you used on her."
"We ARE looking to take purities."
"She is aware and says she'll rework her sect so it won't BE rape."
"Well. Anything else?"
"That you spare the foxes that have yet to get their whiskers. Children."
"I thought Yoka saw to that?"
"She saw to most. But the animal girl sects have their own."
"Ah. Granted so long as the purities are given on demand to US ALONE."
"She is amicable."
Isdia and Chos left and Tyler went to the still frozen Magnis. The devil smiled as he pulled Moss' key.
The vampire appeared and she smiled as she saw her latest offeirng.
"I love you too."
She went to work examining her new slave as Sybil and Sori looked the records in the room over. Yokai was merely brushing her fur. Moss smiled as she finished her examination.
"I can take him for 500,000."
"Deal. Ria?"
"She's sucking on Savanah right now. She loves our cocks."
"I bet. Marli?"
"Still miserable. Ria is inside her as she rinks from Savanah."
"Sexy. So who'll we replace thise idiot with up here?"
Moss smiled.
"I know a girl in the ratway of Veric you can use, Love. Her name is Lily and she's an imp."
Sybil smiled.
"I have evidence on 'corruption'. Summon Ember please."
Tyler smiled as he took her key.
The red haired queen appeared and he kissed her ownj collar band.
"No favorites."
"I know. I know."
She saw Magnis now nkaed wih a silver collar,
"revenge. And his replacement?"
Moss smiled.
"Her name is Lily. an imp in the ratway that runs the slave market here."
"Ah. So you found something I can use."
Sybil came over with the documents and Ember smiled.
"Have Veronica see to this. She has the power needed to make a city leadership change with backing evidence."
Tyler nodded as he got his gold from Moss.
Ember smiled.
"Miserable and getitng forcefed blood. The queendom accepted her change to vampire when i told them of her lust for vampire pussy. They just smiled as her sexual appetites have taken a most macabe turn of late."
"Once we're done with Veri we're heading for Dorlia."
"Good. Once the major cities are in line it'll be easy for the nobles to be subjected. Most are sporting collar bands already due to their ties to the pleasure goddesses."
Tyler kissed her.
"we'll defile you soon enough Ember."
She kissed her husband lovingly.
"I'm wet already, love."
Magnis was teleported away and Moss kissed the red queen.
"We'll secure the country and I'll take you as my vampire wife, ember."
"I'll ache for you, Moss. and I'll keep my hair. I love the color."
"So do I. Here."
She extended her vampiric penis and Ember sank to herknees for a drink of good blue vampire cum. Tyler chuckled as he watched ember also tease Moss' pussy lips.
"Sexy, ember."
Sybil smirked.
"I got it from somewhere!"
They laughed at that one as Moss filled Ember's throat with her cum.
"Oooh I am gettign so spoiled! Blowjobs, my own queendom, my own harem that LOVE blowing me, and THIS GUY? Ooooh I love it."
Tyler chuckled as he kissedthe vampire.
"So who is Lily?"
"I'll send word while you make the waves."
Ember swallowed to clear her full throat.
"Wow. Vmpire cum is tasty. I'll claim your key now Moss."
The vampire smiled ass he gave her one.
"Use it."
"We LIVE together."
"Oh yeah. I'll see you tonight them."
Sybil chuckled as they faded out.
"Ember loves girlscum."
Tyler looked at the room and noted the massive bed and 40 foot hot tub.
"we'll claim this room for our Nest."
They laughed at that as Yokai smiled.
"We'll wait half an hour?"
"Sure. Sori? Bend over."
She laughed.
He walked over to the grinning elf, picked her up, carried ehr to t5he bed, palnted her on her belly and tore her shorts off, exposing her lovely pussy.
"I didn't say you could refuse."
He fit into her pussy asshe moaned.
"Get off! Help! Rape! it feels good! help!"
He chuckled as he pounded the mock pleading elf lovingly.
"I love good elven pussy."
She sighed as she orgasmed.
"so do I!"
he kissed her as the ride kept up and her pinned as Yokai fed on Sybil's pussy. The lovers fucked for the needed time and Sori smiled as he pulled out of her.
"I loved that."
"You'll never see the next one coming."
She put her shorts on and Tyler redonned his 'Jack' persona and Sybil revived her Veronica persona. the group returned to the lift and rode it down. There they found the court of veric going about their daily tasks before Sybil and Tyler walekd out and took the throne that served as Magnis' seat of power. Sybil looked at the now hushed crowd.
"we found something in Magnis' room during our visit. And Mothers are NOT happy. Since they are not available for such a matter, I will see to it myself. Love."
Tyler stepped forward.
"Magnis is dead. Killed as punishment for selling childen into sex slavery."
The roar of horror that tore through the crowd made the group smirk behind their infuriated faces. Tyler looked to his wife,
"Veronica.Your mess."
She smirked.
"Thank you, Jack. We recieved word via Underground Rally from an imp by the name of Lily of Magnis' vile deeds and sought the truth ourselves. As we speak, Mothers are rescuing these most tragic of souls from their hell. Magnis was put to death by my love, Jack for his crime. And we are currently investigating just hnow deep this foul rabbithole goes. Now. Lily. We have not stood face to face, but I wish to. she is to be rewarded for her actions."
"I am Lily, your grace."
A lithe woman with short pink hiar stepped out from the crowd. she was Sybil's height with fair skin that had a curious ripple to it of paler skin as if she had TWO kins on her body. her eyes were a lovely sahde of amber while her bust was large on her frame. She wore a red corset with no straps and a black miniskirt while barefoot. The woman flashed a fang in her mouth and Tyler smirked as they gott he vampire hello. Lily knelt before the princess and Sybil smiled.
"You are Lily?"
"I am, Milady. I am Lily Nightqueen. I am relievedyou arrived as soon as you did."
Tyler smiled, knowing EXACTLY where her bullshit last name had come from.
"we kinda move fast when we want something, Lily."
The nobles smirked at that sentiment as Sybil smiled.
"Rise, Lily Nightqueen. I name you the newst leader of Veric. All the trappings of the city are yours. And the headaches."
The pink haired imp smiled.
"I am quite used to headaches, milady. I grew up in this city. I request we discuss the finer details in private."
Tyler chuckled.
"Oh we can do that. oh. Oh, oh you mean business don't you? Dammit."
There was a collective snort from the smiling nobles and Sybil sighed.
"I will get ym hammer again."
"Love you too, blondie."
"Oh. So you want the boot? okay."
The ladies were smirking at the exchange as Sybil smiled at them.
"All we had for the moment. Lily, we'll discuss this matter more in Magnis' chamber. he had more I'm certain."
"Of course, Milady."
The party went to the lift as the court was abuzz at the turn of events. Lily burst out laughing as they walked into the soundproofed and scryproofed room.
"That was BEAUTIFUL! Okay. I'm Lily, Moss' contact."
Tyler smiled as they sat on the bed minus their spells.
"I'm Tyler. This is Sybil, Sori and Yokai."
Lily nodded smiling and tapped her neck. He smiled as he saw a band.
"I was with ifrit. So. what'll you want from MY city?"
Tyler chuckled.
"we'll take the temples and get them banded. Other then that? We'll poke around the market for some fresh pussy."
Lily nodded smiling.
"My pussy's fresh."
"Well. Strip."
She did and he did too. Then she fit his hose into her fresh pussy and started bouncing as Sybil and her talked.
"The temples will be banded and we'll see what you have in the cages, Lily."
"Of course, Sybil. And you'll want the nobles banded?"
"we do. This is our city now. Ember is on board and Marrisa."
"Is a very fun vampire fuck. Veric will be our playground by night's end."
Tyler smiled as he made the imp orgasm.
"So anything else interesting in the city?"
"A few heroes are in the city actually."
"Anyone interesting?"
"Hm. One. her name's Sally the chainbreaker. She's a slavery hater and has been a thorn in my side for a few years now."
Tyler smiled wickedly.
"We'll give her to Moss."
She gave him a key.
"Sell me slaves too."
"We will. Moss is a vampire though."
"Extra evil. Got it."
She got off his penis smiling.
"I'm sated."
He smirked and she smirked back.
"Anymore and you'll seed me. Imps are that fertile."
"In your ass."
she sat down on it now and he kissed her.
"I'm still adjusting to serving you, Dark One."
"Ha. You'll learn."
Yokai smiled.
"Let's go take that vampire hunter temple, Master."
"Sure. Lily?"
"I'll go get to work on the nobles."
She got her ass flooded and they got dressed. Tyler and Sybil donned their disguises and left Lily to her tasks. The predators headed along the city and Sybil explained smiling.
"This sect is under the goddess Veralis. She's the goddess of light, life, and the natural cycle. So she hunts vampires and undead. She's not that big, but will be a step in the right direction."
Tyler nodded.
"And we'll put Sally in Moss' chains. Make Moss be her new vampire wife."
Sori smiled as they walked.
"It's kinda fun watching vampire sex."
Yokai smiled as well.
"I will have a fox later, Master."
"we'll have one brought up for you."
"Love you too."
Sybil tilted her head.
"I'm kinda in the mood for a catgirl pussy. eh. We'll see who we have to take in the cages."
The party found the vampire hunter temple easily enough. The building was built into the shape of a masuleom in a graveyard and had people walking in and out in throngs. Tyler smiled as he spotted the black robes of the sect.
"We'll find the sect leader."
"She's the Head Huntress."
"Mist Walk."
The party turned into undetectable mist droplets and they walked through the front door with thei boons that prevented them from being detected by anything paid dividends as Tyler walked through people like they were ghosts.
Sori nodded.
"Very. But cool."
Yokai smiled as her tails weren't touched.
"I like this. My tails worry me."
"we'll get uyou a boon Yokai."
"Love you, Master."
Sybil was lookign around the room when she spotted the Head Huntress standing at the head of the lone aisle talking to her sisters in the sect. Tyler smiled as he walekd over to her and heard her speak.
"we will need to look into this devilman they call Tyler. Light Veralis is scared of him and said to be on extreme wartime alertness. she's scared sisters. VERY scared. And so we are to act like he is right beside us."
Tyler smirked as the woman said this. she was a brown skinned beauty of a lady with back length chocolate brown hair tied into a neat ponytail. her eyes were a fiesty blue and her bust large in her golden trimmed robe. she wore sandles and the orders given she turned to walk to another section of the temple...only for the golden collar to clasp around her neck out of sight of all.
"Silence, keeping moving, and do NOT give a hint."
She obeyed on compulsion as the dark voice spoke from nowhere but she knew she was had. She went about her tasks of ordering her sisters of the sect all the while with the dark voice following her until a chuckle was heard.
"Go to your chambers with all soundproofing spells up."
The trapped woman obeyed with the excuse being to pray for more guidence. Tyler and the party walked with the woman to her chambers in the top of the temple and once the door was locked and the spells up he chuckled.
"You are never to reveal our true forms, names, or anything about us to anyone even after we remove the collar."
She had a voice of hatred as she obeyed. The spell ended and she glared as the snow white hair and red eyes of the devilman were seen.
"The Devilman. We lost."
Sybil was in her snow white form and kissed the reviled woman lovingly.
"You lost the moment we set foot in your temple. Your name."
"Key steal: Mara."
She had a single tear fall as her lay key appeared in Tyler's hand.
"I am sorry Lady Veralis. I was lax in my preperations and am now l;ost to your Light."
"Summon Veralis."
She had a new look of horrified hate on her face as she saw his TRUE target....but was helpless to refuse as she lifted a key.
The goddess appeared with a look of tearful despair on her face. she was Sybil's height with ankle length black hair and white skin. Her eyes were yellow and her tits massive inside her suit of golden platearmor. Tyler smirked as Sybil clasped the golden collar on the goddess' neck as she tried to move.
"We're gettign good at this, love."
Sybil smiled.
"i saw where the key was aimed."
Veralis had tears of defeat on her face as he approached her.
"I submit."
"Too late. Should have taken the offer yesterday in the alloted period. Mara. Rape her with us."
The woman had a look of helpless misery on her face as she obeyed. Veralis looked at her disciple pityingly as her, Tyler, and Sybil undressed her.
"I do not blame you, Mara. This is nolt your wish."
"It is."
"We see it in her eyes."
Mara had a look of selfloathing as she removed her goddess' panties.
"I am loving this, Veralis. My heart is racing, my breaths are quick, my pussy is wet. I am loving this depravity, and am disgusted by it."
Tyler kissed the goddess as her breastplate was removed and her double Ds flopped free.
"You are to submit to Chos' rule, NEVER attack us, NEVER curse us, undo anty curses on us to this point, and NEVER send your sect after us."
"Agreed, Master."
Mara kissed her then as her robe left her own lovely body and they tipped the goddess onto the bed. Sybil smiled.
"I am going to seed you, Veralis."
The goddess had tears of misery on her face as the snow haired devil grew a 12 inch penis.
"Mercy, Dark Lady, please. I submit! I didn't fight! I willingly let you put it on!"
Tyler smiled as he kissed her.
"Yet YOU didn't put it on. SHE put it ON YOU. So be a good girl, and enjoy your rape."
Sori and yokai were fucking each other beside them as Sybil slid into Veralis with force. mara had tears of arroused rage as she suckled her goddess' tits beside the devilman. Sybil was thrusting into veralis with a wicked force and she was screaming in pained pleasure as Mara grew her own pensi to fuck her in the ass. Tyler smiled as got inside Sybil's ass.
"There she goes."
Mara had a look of bliss on her face as she railed her goddess' ass with a 10 inch penis with a forceful intensity. Sybil smiled as she flooded the goddess' sweet pussy and left her seeded. she pulled out and Mara was there to force herself inside the bucking goddess. The devilwife smiled.
"Veralis preaches-"
"Oh mty god I got a great idea."
She looked at her husband' newfound look of inspiration curiously.
He smiled wickedly.
"They hunt vampires, right?"
Sybil smiled wickedly as she saw his plan.
"Moss. Oooho I LOVE you."
Veralis has new tears of misery on hern face as Tyler lifted a key.
"I'm seeded!"
"She'll turn into a vampire too."
The vampire rose from the floor and smiled as she saw the rape.
"Which one?"
"Oooh the vampire hater? io love you!"
Mara had a look of utter bliss as she fucked her goddess raw. She went limp inside her and Tyler smiled.
"Off, mara. And watch."
"I loved her Master. I...loved the act immensely."
He chuckled as Moss stripped out of her gown.
"So, Mara. Any other desires?"
The woman smiled.
"fuck a vampire."
"Ha. Ria will EAT you."
"I'll fuck her well, Master."
Moss smiled as she kissed veralis' belly.
"The seed will remain and she'll be as she was going to be since you're a goddess."
Veralis had tears on her face as the vampire's tube-like penis extended from her pussy.
"Please, Lord bealis! HELP ME! PLEASE!"
Sybil explained as Moss kissed the goddess into silence.
"He's the king of the Toralia gods. we're a rather clo0sed off country and have our own panthenon."
"And the top dog of the panthenons?"
"His name is Maginse. The Godking."
"HIS sect?"
"All over the place. But. Since his is one of the largest in the world, getting HIM on a chain will NOT be easy at all."
"ha. We'll get im."
"so true. more a matter of HOW and not IF."
Moss smiled as she felt Veralis' soft pussy.
"You'll make a lovely vampire, Veralis."
"Please, lord Bearlis, I'm begging you, HELP ME!"
"Stop calling for aid, Veralis."
She sobbed as Moss slid her penis into her pussy.
"Oooh they kept you nice and tight for me. I'll repay them later."
The vampire sank her fangs into Veralis' tit and started drinking as she pumped her blue blood into her pussy. Mara shivered.
"I've always longed to find out how that feels."
Tyler smiled.
"She can do that to you nad NOT turn you, mara."
"See how the blood is yellow? once it turns blue she's a vampire."
"Ah. I see. I...tahnk you Master for releasing me."
He kissed her.
"You'll love our world, Mara."
she smiled as her goddess' golden blood turned green.
"My role in it?"
"Well. More or less the same. Hunting undead that is. Vampires are revered now."
"Makes sense. have YOU encountered undead, Master?"
"We have."
He showed her the jar and she smiled.
"The dust of a greater revenant. Most impressive."
Veralis's blood turned blue and she glowed as the transformation was completed. Moss smiled and let her go with a distinct bubble belly from her large meal.
"All hail Veralis. The newly minted Vampiric goddess of light, darkness, blood and the immortal cycle. You're mine now."
Chos appeared laughing.
"And mine too. she's a new goddess and the vampires are rejoicing as they have a goddess. well done loves. VERY well done indeed."
Veralis had a look of shame on her face as Chos touched her neck and the collar band was made permanant.
"I am at your mercy, Mistress Chos."
Moss smiled.
"You will take a seed from me when you have your current."
"Yes Mother Moss."
Mara glowed as her band was applied and Tyler removed the collar. She smiled.
"I like this. I will inform the sisters Veralis has turned and we are now holden to Chos."
Tyler kissed her as she donned her robe.
"I have you key."
Sybil smirked.
"And your thong."
Mara walked out smiling to speak to her panicking sisters as the bands appeared on their skin. Tyler looked at Chos.
"So. Maginse."
she smirked.
"You'll have to work for it."
"Can he smash you before we're able to?"
"No. I am too powerful now for such a play to be simple. even for him. My power is akin to Levithian and she is one of the four pillars of our world."
"Lesser pillars. A step below Levithain."
"And there's an temple to Leviathin in the city."
"If you get HER, love, I will be untouchable by all but Magnise. And even HE'D think twice about a reckless attack."
Tyler smiled as he looked at Moss.
"Go play with you goddess. we'll go conquer the onceans."
She smiled and faded out with Veralis. Chos also left and Tyler looked at Sybil.
"We'll get there."
They walked out the door white hair on display and found the sect lookign at them in despairand hopeless acceptence as they walked to Mara and kissed her.
"Was fun, Mara. moss'll love you."
She smiled warmly and the conquerers walked out the front door. Sybil smiled as they headed to LEviathain's temple.
"That was fun."
"We'll introduce Mara to Ria."
"Wow. She'll EATher alive."
"Ha. A lot."
Sori smiled.
"I am seeing the beginning of the world's end here. And am HELPING it burn. I am honoredto be a part of this."
Yokai smiled.
"So am I."
Tyler spotted the blue shell that was the Leviathain temple and smirked ashe saw a line of mages outside weaving a magical barrier outside it.
"She has a key."
"She does. And it cannot be destroyed."
Tyler looked at Yokai.
"The barrier?"
"An antidevil and antimagic barrier. We will not be able to set foot inside the temple so long as it is up."
"Ha. I am glad I paln ahead."
He looked at the building.
Sori laughed.
"Oh that'll go right through! Oooh you're a wicked genius."
Tyler's eyes glowed blood red as he lookedthe temple over with his X-ray vision. Sybil smiled.
"Look for a pool of water."
"Got her. She's sitting inside a pool of water inthe inner sanctum at the back of the building. And the sanctum is underground. Mist walk would get us close but we'd still need to breach to barrier."
Sori looked at the mages.
"All we'd need to do is disrupt the chanting for a SINGLE misspoken word. We'd be inside the verynext instant."
Tyler smirked.
"Mist walk."
The party dove into the dirt and moved towards the inner sanctum while flowing around the dirt like water itself. Sybil laughed.
"She can't reach us even though we're water since we're a MAGICAL water and still devils. Oooh she's gotta be so pissed."
Tyler chuckled as they walked through the ground like basement steps.
"I can get around most any type of barrier or rule with a few minutes thought."
Sori laughed as they walked along the barrier to the spot directly under the spot the high priestess sat in.
"Like the pit."
"Only with less boom, boom."
Yokai smiled as she looked into the chamber as she had sight.
"How will we reach her, master? she sits in gifted water from Leviathain herself?"
"You'll see. Nooow we need a distraction."
He used sight and aimed for a spot just in front of the chanting mages.
"Mimicry: Devilman."
The party smirked as the imageof Tyler swinging his greatsword appeared before a starlted mage. He misspoke a word and the barrier dropped.
The four were inside the pool with the woman pinned as Tyler's next spell went into play.
And like that they were sealed inside an underwater iggloe with not a drop of water touching them as the golden collar was slapped around the trembling mermaid's neck. Sybil whistled.
"She actually IS a mermaid. wow. Good catch."
Tyler smiled as he looked at the beauty. She was his height with foot length royal blue hair and blue eyes. her skin was also a deep blue and along her sides were a set of scales liek a fish and out of her spine swayed a long finned tail like a serpent. She had massive tits and a bald pussy that was glistening moistly in the light cast from the now boiling pool of water. The devilman smiled.
"Summon Leviathain."
The mermaid lifted a seashell key.
The water exploded and Tyler was launched high into the high close to 65 thousand feet above the city,
"Wings please! DEMON wings!"
He felt Chos' laughter as a pair of jet black skeletal demonwings appeared from his back and he dove to the ground only for a woman to coem surging at him wielding a trident. She was his height with wildly flowing blue hair and glowing yellow eyes. her bust was masisve in her scale armor as she flew on a stream of water atthe devilman.
"With pleasure."
He dove at the enraged goddes as she sent bolts of razor sharp water at him in a massive raincloud.
The wily devilman cast the fire spell and it slammed into the waterbolts, creating a mass of blinding mist.
"Forzen WASTES."
And his next ice spell froze the water droplets solid before he smiled and lifted the scroll.
"Hellish inferno."
Leviathain screamed in pain as the resulting blast superheated all the water she'd summoned and set it to scalding. The momentary distraction was all it took for the3 ever opportunistic devilman to dart in and slap the golden collar around ehr neck.
"And you're mine."
Leviathain had a look of frustrated rage as he carried her in a princess cradle since her power had been cut off.
He smiled at her frustrated and hate filled voice.
"You will submit to Chos' rule. Never attack us, never curse us, we're immune to your sphere, undo any curses thus far placed on us, and we'll add more. Oh. You're to erase the memory of the battle from the mindsof the city and any that saw it outside the collared."
The goddess grittedher teeth as her power made it so.
"And my rape?"
"We'll get there. repair the damage to the city."
"I did.....MAster."
"Good girl."
She had a look of hate as he landed before Sybil and the unharmed mermaid.
"I won."
She smiled.
"I saw love. Clever as always."
Sori sighed.
"How far did you plan this? That spell you got fromk the vault."
Yokai smiled as she stroked the mermaid's scales.
"I haven't had a mermaid in many years."
Tyler chuckled as they went into the inner sanctum of the now subjegated temple.
"You'll get to now, Yokai."
They found the mermaid priestess' room and Chos was lounging on the ed with a smug smirk on her face.
"well well, Lady Levathian. Looks liek YOU belong to ME now."
The sea goddess had a look of hate on her face as she addressed the retribution goddess.
" your subject.....Lady Chos."
Tyler chuckled as he kissed the sea goddess, and she shuddered.
"is now a bad time to mention i can't swim?"
EVERYONE, levaithain included, looked at him in dumbfounded shock. He chuckled sheeipshly.
"Landlocked hometown."
Leviathan just dropped to her knees as the agony that was that man was too much to bare.
"I....I....I lost to a jackass. Oooooh I am hanging up my trident."
Chos was flat on her back in a similar agony.
"I feel your pain, Leva. Oooh my head."
Sybil was also on her knees.
"Why do i love you? OOoooh. it hurts."
Sori had her head in the pool in an attempt to drown herself as Yokai knelt beside her. Tyler smiled as his friends suffered a agonizing torture.
"Oh come on. I can't do EVERYTHING. Yet."
Leviathain just looked at him with pain in her yellow eyes.
"Did you conquor me JUST to keep from drowning?"
"NO. Good idea. But No. I came for you for two reasons. One. Prevent a prememtive strike from magnise on Chos before we're ready to actually challenge him."
"And two?"
"To get you under her umbrella."
Leviathain frowned as she rose from her kneel.
"what IS your goal, Tyler? Sextoys?"
"Yes. But my ultimate goal is to reowkr this world into one built around retribution and desire. I WANTED to take you, so I did. YOu were not strong enough to stop me. well. You WERE, but I outwited you. i WANT to fuclk Sybil until she bleeds, so I will. She wants to fuck her Mother and seed he,r so she does."
Levithain sighed.
"A world built around retribution and desire. Vile, evil, heartbreakingly cruel, and yet fair. Mercililessly fair. I...submit. with terms."
Tyler smiled.
"I would expect nothing less of the sea goddess."
Cho liftedanj eyebrow.
"Is that respect I detect, Tyler?"
"Sure. She's one a the few goddesses i actually respect. ocean's always made me rather nervous. NOT cause I can't swim, cause it's stronger then i am."
Leviathain smiled as she looked at him with her goddess eyes.
"And that respect is healthy too. if you had come tio my temple, Tyler the Devilgod, and added your shell to my shore, I would most likely have taken you as a mortal husband and my chosen hero Champion."
He smiled as theyn sat on the mermaid's bed.
"Well, you are our toy, now Leviathian. But, since you're entire spehere si built on unrelenting force and wildness, I will offer you another chance to escape the pain of our fun. And for your sect."
She smiled.
"I submit. Willingly. I considered submitting to you yesterday, but decided to make you FORCE it. You've done this and so the oceans obey."
He chuckled.
"I am going to fuck with people."
"NO using my sphere for a joke!"
"Dammit. Buzzkill."
Sybil had a hand up as if she was going to smack the idiot. And Sori actually did.
"Focus you idiot."
He glowed and a sound of glass shattering was head and Chos sighed.
"THAT was a goddess of mischief. Yoka's sister actually."
"Oh really?"
"She screws with powerful people all the time."
"ha. She just volunteered for a most HEINOUS torture. Chos, she's condemned to be Yoka's tickle toy for the next week."
"Oh she squealed! Done."
Levithain was laughing as Tyler looked at her.
"So you have the little sister goddesses seperate? Good. Okay. My terms of surrender."
she refoucsed.
"No rape. Please. We'll gladly open pussy and release dick so long as there's no pain."
"Oh I claim that as a sect perk."
"Ha. SHARE."
"Fine. Greedy bastard. I am not going to show you favortism should you venture onto the waves."
"We can't die in a storm, Leviathain. NOR the craft we so choose to use be threatened byt eh storm."
She nodded.
"I can grant that much. I hope you see the nature of my sphere doesn't really ALLOW favorites."
"I get it."
"And I ask for loving lays liek you use on Lunia."
"granted. And we can't drown."
"Ha. Sure."
He kissed the sea goddess and she smiled.
"And my key."
Sybil was quick to steal Leviathain's seaweed panties, and she sighed.
"Yeeeah. I'm going be seeded a lot."
Chos smiled.
"She'll be free a lot."
Tyler looked at the nervous mermaid.
"Oh yeah. who're you?"
She gulped.
"Seal, Lord Darkness. High Priestess to Leviathain."
"Huh. Cool."
She had a nervous hope on her face.
"will you spare me?"
"The rape or the pain?"
"The pain. I'm.....delicate."
"Sure. always wanted to rail a hot mermaid."
She deflated from relief and sat on the bed with a happy smile on her face.
"My key! I liek sex!"
He chuckled at her high pitched squeal of a voice.
"I liek sex too, Seal."
The mermaid kissed him and went right in for a hug and Leviathain smiled fondly as he rubbedher ridged back curiously.
"Seal was chosen for this temple's High Pirestess for just how much of a joy to be around she it. She's like tha horny little sister you love the fuck out of an love fucking the life out of."
He chuckled as Sybil stole her seashell loincloth off her body.
"We'll fuck her a lot, Leviathian. And she'll love it."
Seal smiled happily as she sat there nearly naked.
"Can you take the collar off now? i hate the color."
He chuckled as Chos made the band permanent.
"Sure, Seal."
He removed it and a line of darker blue skin was seen on her neck. She smiled happily.
"Sooo that was kinda cool how you made that undersea igglo."
"Be amazed what some simple ice can do."
The sea goddess sighed with a smile.
"I love that airheaded mermaid."
"Lady Leva! MEAN!"
Tyler chuckled as he looked at her.
"We'll be nice."
"Thank oyu, Tyler. and that was a fun fight. Haven't felt that stupid since I accidently sent an iceberg into a tropical lake."
"Ha. Now that's a fun way to fuck with people."
"Yeeeeah that was a weird thousand years."
Chos smiled.
"we'll return home, Leva."
The goddesses left and Seal looked at Tyler with huge blue eyes.
" pussy's wet?"
He just kissed this airheaded sex addicted mermaid.
"Go recover and we';ll fuck later."
"Kay! hey, Lady Sybil? I want a seed please."
"Sure, Seal. One the city's safe enough."
"Yay! Dark seed!"
The party left and Tyler just smiled as Seal hopped back into her pool all smiles.
"Okay that girl is a special kind a fun."
Yokai smiled as they walked along the street.
"Mermaids are the most fun loving of the races. Almost as much as the bunnypeople."
Sybil chuckled at his new interest.
"The ones that have the rabbit ears and tails."
He looekd around on the street and Sori sighed.
"They're not that common around here. the harlin race mostly live in the forested country of Halinia to the west."
"Huh. Haven't seen a rabbit person yet. let's go see if Lily's has one."
They laughed and headed for a blind alley. Yokai smiled as she pulled her tails in.
"I got my spell."
He kissed her.
"Love you too, Foxy."
She smiled happily and Sybil smirked.
"I want demonwings too."
She glowed as a boon was claimed and she got her set.
Sori got a kiss as they walked into an alley and found another out of place brick. Tyler lifted the black coin and the wall opened. The man on lookout smirked.
"Welcome to the ratway, Dark Lord."
The devil smiled as they walked into the hidden alley. Sybil took his hand and Sori his arm while the snow white fox wrapped a tail around his waist. he smiled as thney walked into anopther underground market place. The four looked at nameplates on doors,
"Lily's wanted persons."
Until they found their slaver and went inside. The underground warehouse was more or less identical to Moss' slavehouse and Tyler smiled as he and the girls looked at the various cages. Sybil smirked as she noted who was inside.
"Mostly animal people. Good. She knows her slaves."
Sori nodded as she looked at plaques.
"And where the money's at. Most are pure or have some special skill."
Yokai smiled as she looked a foxlady with blue fur over.
"I like this."
"Find one Yokai?"
"I did, master. But I can get my satisfaction for free."
They walked along the cages until they came to a row and Tyler chuckled as he saw the rabbit ears.
"I figured."
The lovers chuckled as they walked along the rows of cages holding nurmerous spiritbroken and miserable rabbitpeople. The devilman smiled as he spotted one. She wasn a tall, lovely beauty with 2 foot tall white furred bunnyears on her head. She was 6 feet tall with very long legs and a well cut body that denoted an active life before the bars. Her tits were massive triple Ds that were perky and needed no support while her visible pussy was furry as well and was glistening wetly as they looked at her. She was scrunched up in a ball as far from them as she could get with her large blue eyes full of fear in the face of their hungry looks. Tyler walked around the cage and the terrified bunnygirl scrambled away from this most intense white haired and red eyed man as he got a look at her ass. it was heart shaped and out of her spin was a large bob of white fur he REALLLY wanted to pet. Sybil chuckled.
"I thought you were a cat person?"
"I am. Never had a pet rabbit before."
"Ha. Their fur is usually softer then any cat."
"So true. Selen had a bunny back when. Thing liked me for some reason and her cat hated me."
Sori laughed at the image she'd just pictured.
"Oh my gods that is precious. the mighty devilman, Tyler the god enslaver, cuddling a cute little bunny rabbit? Ha. Now I gotta see this."
"I cudle YOU Sori. Cute little elf ya are."
"Awww! Love you too!"
He smiled at her glow as he looked at the scared bunnygirl in the cage.
"Hmm. her plaque?"
"Over here, master."
Tyler walked over and Yokai pointed to it with a tail.
"Hmm. Her name's Mili Halin. She's the elder granddaugher of the goddess Shea and is a powerful melee fighter. uses the battleaxe. Scary image. Pure and her ass is pure too. Price is.....huh. 250,000. Sori cost more."
"I AM a high quality elf!"
"With a low quality ass."
"fuck YOU!"
Sybil smiled as she patted the enraged elf.
"You opened the door."
"I HATE that guy sometimes."
Tyler smiled as he looked at the trembling bunnygirl.
"Alright. So where's Lily?"
Yokai looked around.
"Probably working, Master. her assistant should be here."
The devilman looked around before looking at the bunny.
"So who IS the assistant here?"
She had a cute little nose and it bobbed as she replied in a small, scared, squeaky voice.
"She should have found you by now, Master. it's not like Mistress Lilis to be off schedule."
He frowned.
"Her office?"
"There, sir."
"Hm. Thanks Mili. Nice tail."
She blushed at that and he chuckled as they walked to the door in question.
"Okay. She's adorable."
Sybil smiled.
"I want her too."
Yokai nodded smiling warmly.
"She has a desire too."
"OPh yeah. As wet as she was inside that cage? Yeah she likes it in there."
Sori smirked.
"A cagefuck? Different."
"Oh you would be amazed."
"Now I'm scared."
They laughed and opened the door to the assistant's office....only to find a elven woman tied to a chair as a group of four women searched her office with one more holdign a staff with a sapphire at the end. Tylerblinked.
"flash freeze."
The five were forzen in place by their feet and the party had golden collars on them the next instant. The elven woman slupmed in relief as she was cut free.
"Oh thank Chos."
Tyler smiled as he saw the band on her neck.
She smiled warmly while brushing her coat off.
"Indeed, Master. I and Lily's assistant. Thank you for the rescue."
Lillis was a lithe elven lady with short white hair and red eyes to denote her living her desires. Her skin was fair and her bust meager in her black coat of leather. She wore no pants and had a mere pair of sandles for footwear. Tyler then looked to the struggling uselessly group of five ladies.
Lillis smiled ass he indicated the on with the staff.
"Sally the chainbreaker. She's been seeking our market for the last few weeks. Somehow she found us."
"FUCK YOU! YOU can't hold us for4 long!"
Tyler chuckled as he looked at her. She was 5 foot 5 inches tall with short black hair and brown eyes. her skin was fair and her bust modest in her scalemail tunic while her slender legs were encased in shorts while she had boots onn her feet. he walked over and kissed her deeply while removing her weapons. The girl had tears of rage on her face ashe pulled back.
"I'll KILL YOU!"
"Ha. Been a long time, Sally. Hasn't it?"
She spit on him nad he just kissed it back down her throat. Lillis smiled as she put a crystal own.
"Mistress Lily with arrive to assist."
"Sure. we're interested in Mili harlin."
"Ah. The bunny fighter? Lily will help you with the purchase. I must see to the other stock. Some are quite delicate."
"Thanks Lillis."
She smiled and gave him her key.
"And use me as you see fit, Master."
Sybil got her key and stole the elf's panties.
"I'm running out of room in my trophy pouch."
He chuckled as the elf left without panties.
"Sexy, Sybil. We'll get you a bigger pouch."
He looked at the still struggling captives.
"I'm sure they got one."
Sori chuckled as she looked the other ladies over.
"Oh she's got a thief in her party? explains how she found the market. I'll claim her equipment."
"Sure, Sori. We'll try a breakin rape tonight."
"Oh, oh! A noble! Do a noble! they have vaults!"
"Ha. We'll rob a noble. There's a fuckin trope if I've ever heard one."
Yokai chuckled as she kissed Sally now herself.
"She doesn't have a band Master."
He walked over and Sally spit on his again. he just chuckled.
"who is your god? ANSWER."
"I follow Minus the Scale queen."
Sybil smiled.
"She's like Lei. Only is the goddess of the scale, fiarness, and just decisions."
He pulled the golden scroll.
"Minus...Minus....ah. She surrendered. Okay. Sally is exempt from the agreement since she IS a hero. And because she's attacked me which is in violation of the agreement."
He put the scroll away as Sally sneered.
"Oh what? Slavery? I'll escape in a week."
He smiled wickedly and looked at Sybil.
"I DID promise Moss a hero."
Sybil smiled as well now.
"You did. Yet she has Savanah."
"Hmm. Ria would appreicate her own pet. She'd get to suck her dick all day long."
"She'd love her. Moss wouldbe ableto teach her more about her fangs. Ask her."
Sally smirked.
"And WHO is Moss?"
"A vampire."
She blinked.
Tyler smiled at her.
"Yup. We're currently deciding whether to offer you to her pure or rape you beforehand."
"I can help."
Lily walked in then and he chuckled as she did.
"Oh hey Lily. She had a thief."
"Ah. Soren. I know you. And your mother. She'll be VERY disappointed in you."
Tyler looked at Soren now curiously. She was 5 foot 6 inches tall with a lpair of cute catears on her head. She had black hair and fur while her eyes were a lumoinous green. her frame was wiry and her tits were a lovely pair of double Ds. behind her was a 5 foot long thickly furred cattail and she had soft fur going down her sides. Her outfit was a tubetop and short shorts with sneaker syle shoes. The devil walked overcuriously as she hissed at him like an angry cat and ran a hand along her fur.
"Wow, Sybil. pet her."
The snow haired beauty smiled as she did.
"Wow. she's got softer fur then you do, Yokai."
"Oh really? Oh my, she does."
Sori whistled as she ran a hand along the trembling catgirl's tail.
"Damn. Not fair."
They laughed at Sally's desperately enraged screech and Tyler kissed the sexy catgirl. She had a single tear fall and Lily smiled.
"May I?"
The slaver walked up to Sally and pulled her shorts down as she ranted and felt her pussy.
"Wow. She's still pure. her ass is too. Decently busty and rather pretty too? And a hero? I can take her for 7,500,000 Tyler."
"Hmm. I prtomised Moss a hero."
"She has Savanah."
"So true."
Sally sneered as Sybil stole her black lace panties.
"enjoy them, whore-"
Tyler walked over now with a smile on his face and Lily smiled understandingly.
"Okay. I'll say the 7,500,000 was a reward for saving lillis."
"Sure, Lily. Now you. I am going to seed you."
Sally lifted an eyebrow as he stripped her naked.
"Seed me?"
"Knock you up."
He lifted her up, and slammed her against the wall as he forced his hose into her pussy with a ferocious force. Sybil smiled as she screeched in agonized bliss.
"I cast thye spell on you, Tyler, the seeding will work as mine and be a girl."
Lily smiled.
"I'll send her to Ember."
Sally was sobbing in pain as he slamemd into her with all the force of a frieghttrain.
"Stop, please! it hurts, oh gods it hurts! Help me, Minus! Please! It hurts so bad, stop, please, I'm begging you!"
He smirked as he sank his fangs into her tit and drank of her blood. Sori blinked.
"I thought....oooh. Devil."
Sally was screeching in agony as he seeded her pussy and fucked her ass until it bled. He dropped her once he was done and the tramuatized girl lay in a puddle of their juices while he looked at the other now shaking captives with a bloodsmeared dick and a ready hardon.
"Anything to say about Sybil, ladies?"
"She's gorgerous!"
"So beautiful!"
"I love her hair!"
"Can I fuck her?"
They looked at Sorven, the one that spoke, and she smirked.
"Seems the easiest way out is into her pussy."
Lily chuckled.
Tyler chuckled as well.
"Not a bad solution actually."
Sybil smiled.
"I do love a sexy kittycat."
Tyler took the 7.5 mill for Sally and looked at the catgirl.
"Hmmm. Key steal. Sorven."
The catgirl slumped.
"great. ANOTHER round in chains."
Lily smiled as she examined the rest of the now slumping ladies.
"Well. They're beauties. None pure in either hole though. 1,250,000 for the bunch."
The party was stripped naked and the silver collars were placed ontheir necks. Tyler smirked as he looked at the trembling Sally.
"You will have the girl, even after the collar is removed."
"Yes Master."
He looked at Lily.
"Buy her as you slave pen slave."
She smiled at this new evil.
"I will do so. may I buy a golden band?"
"Sure. On oyur knees."
She took the hose into her mouth for her payment and drank two seeds before he gave her the bands Sally had a shattered look on her face as she accepted her new mistress. Lily smiled as she then went with Tyler to see the bunnygirl in question. They found ehr sitting in her cage scrunched up into a ball in the corner. The white hiared man smiled as he saw she had soft, white fur along her sides and back. The bunnygirl looked up as the footsteps approached and she gulped at the sight of Lily.
"You were bought, Mili."
Tyler paid the elf the 250,000 and gave him the matching golden collar to the one around Mili's neck. The bunnygirl started shaking with fear as her cage was unlocked. Tyler smiled as he looked at her.
"Come on."
She crawled out nervously and he passed her clothes back. The terrified bunnygirl got dressed in a tight fitting sportsbra that merely served to support her massive tits while her pussy was hidden by a frilly miniskirt. And on her feet went a pair of kneehigh running boots. Then she loked at the group nervously as Lily smiled.
"And the nobles were subjected. Most were with Leviathain."
"Ha. we'll head back and get our new bunny cleaned up."
"Her equipment was already brought up."
Tyler smiled and looked at the bunny.
"So your name is mili?"
she nodded fearfully, and her tits AND ears flopped.
"Yes Master. Mili Harlin. My......fate?"
"We'll talk about that in the room."
"Yes sir."
He smiled at her small, scared squeaky voice as they followed Lily.
"There's a lift to the main tower through here. And one to Magnis' room here since he liked it down here."
Tyler chuckled at that.
Sybil washolding his hand with a smile as tey got into the lift and Mili was beside him trembling.Yokai smirked as she had her long tails caress her soft fur.
"wow, Mili. I love your fur."
The bunnygirl blushed.
"Thank you, Mistress. I...tried to take care of it."
"It shows. I'll brush you later."
"Thank you."
Tyler chuckled at her shy blush.
"Yup. She's adorable."
Sybil kissed him.
Sori was hugging one of Yokai's tails.
"I prefer sexy foxfur!"
They chuckled at that as the lifted brought them to their room. The place having bene magically cleaned and resealed to Tyler's levels of private. The room was distinictly teardrop shaped with the lifts at the far end of the drop with two layers. the first layer had the 40 foot hot tub bath/pool, the small dining room, the office space, and a lavish carpet. The second layer had the monster sized bed, wardrobe, another hot tub, and access tot he wraparound balcony. The party went to the second floor and stripped before getting into the hot tub. Tyler smiled as he looked at the hesitating Mili.
"You too, Mili. Strip nakedand sit here."
He patted the spot between his legs and she had a tear fall as she obeyed.
"Yes Master. Please. All I beg is gentleness."
"I'll be nice."
She nodded and stripped out of her clothes to sit between his legs. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her flat waist to pull her close for a warm hug.
"Now. What is that desire you have locked away in oyur heart, Mili?"
she squeaked.
"To be free again!"
"Not that one."
The bunnygirl's ears drooped as he spoke.
"I....can't say, Master."
"It's a vile and humilating desire."
He smiled at her.
"We are of Chos."
She looked at him in shock.
"The goddess of truth?"
he smiled as her blue eyes were full of shock.
"Most know her as the goddess of retribution."
Mili smiled nervously as he stroked her soft bellyfur.
"I know her as both, master. They say her agents are arbitors of desire that seek to release that desire into the world."
He smiled.
"ALL of us are her agents, Mili. What is your desire?"
She sniffed.
"I want to be raped. And seeded from that rape."
Sybil smiled.
The snow haired girl tackled the screaming bunny onto the bed and oput her dick into her pussy.
"Allow me!"
"no! I don't want it! I didn't mean it! Stop, please! Not liek this1"
Sybil smiled as she tore the bunny's purity and thrust into her tight pussy.
"Wow, Tyler, she's got a great pussy."
"How long will she be seeded?"
"Three days. Breed liek rabbits applies here."
Mili was sobbing as the devillady fucked her.
"Stop, please, Mistress. lease, Stop."
"Oh wow she is WET! She's loving this!"
Mili orgasmed hard as Sybil rode her well before she was flooded and seeded by the sexy devilgirl. Sybil smiled as she kept fucking.
"Admit it, Mili, you're loving this. I can feel it in your pussy. Hear it in your orgasm and moans, see it in your eyes. Admit it."
Mili had a tear fall as she was flooded again.
"More, Mistress! Fcuk me harder1 i love it! Please! More!"
Tyler smiled as Sybil fucked her harder as she pleaded for her to.
"She's truly free now."
Sori nodded sagely as the bunny bucked to meet her rapist.
"She is. And will be forever better for it."
Sybil was fucked hard until Sybil was sated on her moans and pussy. She pulled out and Mili had a look of fearful hope on her face.
"Was I....seeded?"
"You were. You'll have her in three days."
Mili smiled widely and with a odd relief.
"I.....loved that Mistress. I only wish it had been HIM that seeded me, but next seed."
Tyler smiled as Sybil threw the dripping bunny into the water. Mili took her seat between his legs and he kissed her.
"Feel better?"
"Yes Master. I...loved it."
"Well. any other desires in your heart?"
She blushed.
"Only to have sex with different races. You, Mistress Yokai, Sori. And more besides. I...liked my rape and seeding. Sooo. More please?"
He kissed her and held her warmly.
"We'll rape you a lot, Mili."
She smiled as he removed her golden collar.
"Can you....put it back, MAster? it."
He replaced the collar and she kissed him.
"I like being a slave. it...makes me wet."
He chuckled at this hardcore masochist.
"We'll abuse you well, Mili."
"Please do, Master. I loved it."
He suckled her large tits as Sybil smiled.
"Her pussy is great love."
"We'll let her pop before we fuck her again."
He lifted a key.
The queen appeared in the water and laugfhed as he gown was soaked.
"New. And I love it."
She stripped naked and smiled at the new bunny.
"I see you found another. Seeded?"
"Seeded. Sally Breaker of chains too."
"I heard from Lily. We'll take them."
MIli flopped an ear.
"An honor Milady."
"Fuck her, Mili."
"Yes Master."
Ember laughed as the now eager bunnygirl kissed her.
"I love a sexy bunny. Suck my tits. There's a good girl."
Tyler chuckled as Mili rubbed her raw pussy into Ember's.
"She's been claimed by Ria. Who has her pinned with her vampire dick in her mouth. That girl has the strangest oral fixation I've ever seen."
"She's an addict."
"Oh absolutely. Moss loves her and so does Savanah as it's a garenteed orgasm. Moss wants to seed marli again but has to do it with you."
He lifted the key.
The vampire appeared naked in the tub and smiled.
"Miss me?"
"Yes. And I heard you want to see Marli."
"Oh YES please."
He lifted the key.
The spiritbroken nymph appeared and he smiled.
"We got Levithain."
She nodded.
"I know."
He saw she had two bands on her neck. Marli had a look of glass on her face.
He repaired the damage to her mind Moss smiled.
"She's been very docile. I love it when she kicks."
Marli just slumped as she accepted her fate.
"Your next seed."
"Yes My love."
Marli got up and bent over the edge of the tub as Moss extendedher vampire penis and slid inside her pussy. The sexslave nymph forced herself to moan and buck against her wife as Moss kissed her.
"Much better. Now fuck me better, Marli. There's a good girl."
Her tube-like penis bulged as the orgasming vamprie filled Marli with her fresh seed. The nymph had no more tears fall as she kissed ehr.
"Thank you. I...liked it."
She faded out and Tyler smiled.
Moss smiled as Sori slotted the vampire penis into her pussy for a ride of her own.
"She's with Chos in her realm. when she pops she'll return for a few weeks for more sex. her sect has embraced me as their vampire mistress and all vampires as their new mistresses. Mara is seekign to become a vampire herself now and wants to be mine."
"She's attached to Marrisa' dick now. And only lets go when told to by me. Sorry, Tyler. Looks like you're not getting her back."
Mili sated Ember's lust and smiled as she was taken by Yokai for a deepfur cleaning. The red haired queen smiled.
"So most of the capital has a collar band, Tyler. The few sects that don't are extremely on edge as they wait."
He smiled and lookedatt he sky.
"The offer is in And you have until we eat dinner to offer yourselves."
Moss smiled as she flooded Sori's pussy.
"I heard you got Leviathain. I'd like to turn a mermaid."
"Shouldn't be an issue, Moss."
A light appeared in the pool and a naked woman appeared before them. She was 5 feet 10 inches tall with foot length blonde hair and bright amber eyes. her skin was fair and her tits massive while her pussy was bald. She bowed before sitting acorss from the lounging devilman.
"I am Helia. Goddess of kindness, healing, and aid without reward. I submit willingly with terms, DevilGod, Tyler."
He smiled at her.
"Helia. Cool name. So what's the terms?"
She smiled.
"My sect only wishes to heal. That is our wish. I would have arrived yesterday but it was my solstice. or my birthday. to party."
"Ha. i can forgive a party animal."
"I was hammered."
"Sonuvabitch you're adorable. Okay."
She smiled sheepishly.
"I....want a seed....from you."
"Sure. Come here."
She took the offered hose with a happy smile and fit it into her pussy.
"HOLY. Keeping you."
The goddess started bouncing with a most eager need and he smiled while suckling her tits. Helia moaned through her orgasm before she was flooded and felt the seed take root.
"Ooooh. I LONGED for your seed, Master. She'll be a spirit of kindly revenge."
"why I wanted her. All I ask for my sect is you treat them with the loving kindness you treat Yoka with. Most swear to me to remain pure until I take them. Others were raped and so come to me for solace. Please, don't take a santcuary from the people. if you seek purity, I can restore mine at will. Sex,"
she gave them all a key.
"Use me. I never tire nor weaken so please."
He smiled.
"Granted. Since you submitted willingly. We'll merely annoy your girls."
She deflated from reliefand took the golden collar.
"Oh thank you, My Lord."
She put the collar around her neck and Chos appeared to make it stick.
"I wondered when you'd come to, Helia. ha. Not as bad this time."
Chos smiled as she patted the indignant goddess.
"Helia's a party animal and alcholic. She loves a good blackout bender and will often be found passed out in her temple. She's harmless and is just a wildhearted idiot."
he got the collar back.
"wanna hang with us, Helia, we got room."
She smiled.
"I'll do that. But for now I'm still hungover."
She left and Chos settled into the water with a happy smile.
"Leva's playing with Vulpix right now."
"She adjust?"
"She has actually. Since you agreed to her request she's relaxed and is giving her desires their due. Ifrit asked the same boon."
"Granted. How's her pussy?"
"Wet. She's adjusted too. And is loving her new roel as sex slave to me."
He smiled and looked at his keys.
"Chos, Sie, Ember, marli, MArrisa, Coal, Fear, levithian, Seal, Lily, Lillis, Soren, Linea, Moss, Ria, Savanah, Ifrit, Helia, Oak, Lei, Mara, Veralis Auroua, Hmm."
He looked at Ember.
"she arrived and is in the temple."
Sori smiled as Moss flooded her pussy again.
"I wanna fuck lei again."
Tyler smiled.
"I want to see mara take that fiuck from Moss."
Moss smiled.
"I've been waiting to so you can watch, love."
He lifted the key.
The wman appeared naked and she smiled as the vampire kissed her.
"Mistress Moss. I am wet for you."
Moss smiled as she laid her on the side of the tub and her tube-like penis was slotted into mara's pussy.
"Oh wow Mara, You're so tight."
Mara was cucking as the new penis filled her.
"More, Mistress. i love this."
Moss sank her fangs into her tit and started drinking as she floodedher pussy with blue blood. Mara moaned as she felt her blood gettign replacedc.
"make me a vamprie mistress! please!"
Tyler smiled as her kissed Sybil.
"I love my life."
She laughed as mara was turned into a vampire. he looked at her.
"So how are werewolves made?"
Moss smiled as she explained.
"The wolfform rapes the target with a weredick."
"Yeah. It's not a pleasent fuck either as te dick is 15 inches long. It hurts. A lot. Vampires and werewolves hate eachother but I'm sure you knew."
He shrugged.
"Mild curiosity."
He looked at Chos.
"How'sa Lunia?"
"She gets seduced by the others a lot."
"She's fucked hourly."
A beam of light appeared in the water and a new woman appeared in the tub. She was naked with long fire red hair and bright blue eyes. her tits were large and her pussy had a curtain of fire red hair. she smiled sweetly at the devilman looking at her.
"I am Feara. Goddess of love, lust, and pleasure. I submit willingly to your, Master. My Sect has the largest collection ofm Doves so I ask mercy for them. As if each were that beautiful Sybil."
Tyler offered her the collar and she put it on.
"Granted. anythign else?"
"A seed from that beautiful vampire Ria."
Moss smiled as she looked up from mara's pussy.
"She'll be able to seed you tomorrow, Feara. she just needs to practice with her penis."
"I'll be wet. I'd also like to marry her."
Tyler chukcled as he took a key.
The blonde sex addicted vampire appeared and Tyler smiled.
"I have a present for you."
She smiled.
"Your dick in my mouth?"
She looked and saw the smiling Feara. The goddess smiled.
"I'm oyurs, Mistress Ria."
The vampire kissed her and her penis extended.
"Suck from it."
"Of course, my love. I'm marrying you."
"Yes! i got a goddess for a wife!"
They glowed as they kissed and Moss smiled.
"Put the penis inside her pussy and thrust like a man. Better if feels, closer you are to seeding."
Ria slotted her 6 icnh pensi inside ehr goddess wife and Feara was bucking hard. Ria had her on her back and the flood didn't take l;ong before feara was seeded hard. Tyler chuckled as he watched.
"Atta girl."
Ria was still fucking her new goddess wife and feara was moaning as she bucked to meet her. Ember smiled as Sori kissed her.
"I'd like a seed Moss."
The vampire smiled lovingly as she got out of Mara's pussy.
"Of course love."
The vampire walked over with penis extended and slotted into Ember's waiting pussy for her ride. Mara smiled as she bared her new fangs.
"I loved that, Mistress. I'd like to go home and rest now. I....feel tired."
Moss smiled as Ember drank her milk from her tits.
"Sure, Mara. I'll teach you well. Marli go with her. Your seed needs to grow."
"Yes Love."
Tyler released them and looked to where Ria was still thrusting.
"She won't stop until we tell her to, feara."
The goddess smiled.
"I know. Why I wanted her as my wife."
Moss chuckled as she orgasmwed and Ember was seeded.
"Send them back, Master. Ria's just a sex addict now."
He send them away and looked around. Sybil was petting Mili's pussy with Yokai, Sori was sucking on Chos' tit, he was sitting in the side of the tub, Ember was getting fucked by Moss. he smiled and relaxed in the water as the girls all fucked each other. He heard mili orgasm as Sybil molested her under the water and smiled as Ember had another orgasm from her vampire lover. A new beam of light appeared from the sky and the devilman looked to see a man appear.
"I am Maxis. God of war, bloodshed, and military tactics. I yield."
He got a collar and Chos took him with her. The man smiled as he kissed Moss. Sybil sat on his dick and he sighed as she bounced.
"Love you too, Sybil."
She smiled as they kissed and she orgasmed. Another beam of light appeared in the water and a woman stepped out. She stood at 5 foot 4 inches with shoulder length red hair and bright green eyes. her skin was pale and her tits were modest Bs on her narrow chest. Tyler smiled as she got on her knees.
"I am the goddess Magi. Goddess of magic, eldritch scripture, and learning. I submit with terms."
She smiled warmly.
"My sect studies magic. And creates spells. That's all we really do. I'd ask for you to show them kindness and sweetness. Me I'd ask for gentle fucks and plenty of them. No seedings from you, as I prefer girlcum."
He kissed her.
"Agreed. Sori, seed her."
Magi smiled as the eager elf grew her penis.
"I love elf dick."
"I love goddess pussy!"
Tyler put the collar on her neck as the goddess needed both hands to properly fuck the thursting elven girl. Mili smiled as she watched.
"Will you fuck me, Master?"
"Sure, mili. A lot."
"Thank you, Master. I...want you to."
The devilman smiled as the bunnygirl had a bucket of water dumped on her by Yokai.
"How's her fur, Yokai?"
"Clean. Her fur is AMAZINGLY soft, Master."
"Ha. She'll be a great cuddlemate."
Magi orgasmed as Sori flooded her and seeded. The magic goddess smiled as she kissed her.
"She'll be a spirit of magical lust. And will most likely want to fuck you herself, Sori."
Chos appeared smiling.
"Magi's like Helia. All she wants from life is a good fuck at the end of her study day."
Tyler smiled as he kissed the red haired goddess.
"I can help with that."
She left and a beam appeared nearly instantly. Another woman stepped forward and looked at the lounging devilman. She was 5 feet tall flat with long black hair and pale green eyes. her tits were large and her pussy bald. She sighed.
"I am Fera. Goddess of beauty, women, and the sensual kiss. I surrender with terms."
"Go on."
"My sect reject men. Most are rape survivors or just hate men as a rule. I do too. All I ask is you, Tyler, don'rt have us. The ladies may at will and purity is freely given. Just YOU don't touch us."
He smiled.
"I can do that much since you surrendered. Willingly."
She put the collar on and Chos appeared with a shrug.
"Fera's a bitch. But. She loves her ladies."
They left and his belly rumbled.
"Annnnd TIME. Try again tmorrow."
A beam of light appeared and a girl appeared sheepishly.
"Sorry. Traffic. Can I surrender willingly?"
He smiled.
"Blow me."
"That's fair."
Sybil laughed as the newly arrived goddess took the offered hose for her drink.
Tyler chuckled as he looked the sucking goddessover. She was 5 foot 5 inches tall with glittering blonde hair and blue eyes. her skin was white and her tits large. She had a round ass and her pussy was bald. She drank two seeds and smiled sheepishly as she looked at him.
"I grabbed a channel to the mortal plane that had three already inside it. Sorry.I'm Tiam. Goddess of women, sex, and purity. My terms are gentle sex, no touching the ones that were raped as they're my wives, and I get moreof those seeds. SUUUUUUPER tasty!"
He smiled at this airheaded goddess.
"Sure, Tiam. And your key."
"Here. I like your cum, Tyler. So I might pop in, blow you, and leave."
"If I wake up to see you drinking from me, and you NOT be there when I went to sleep, well, nice one."
She smiled and got to sucking on his dick again just cause. He chuckled as he looked at Sybil.
"She's like Ria."
The snow haired beauty smiled fondly as she ran a hand overthe goddess' wet pussy.
"And is rather adorable."
"eat her."
Sybil needed no further prompting and got behind the sucking goddess to feast on her succlent pussy as he held her head on his dick. Tiam orgasmed with a moan as her mouth was flooded by good cum before she drank deep. Sybil ate her through three more orgasms before she stod up smiling.
"Thank you, Loves. I'll blow you often."
Chos appeared smiling.
"Tiam's a cumaddicted goddess. And we all love her for it."
They left and Tyler smiled as Mili sat between his legs now. The bunnygirl looking like a new girl as her white fur had been brushed to a gleaming softness and her tail tickled as it pressed into his dick. She smiled as the affectionate bunny laid against him.
"You're warm, Master."
He held her and fondled her triple Ds.
"I love you tits, Mili."
"I do too, Master. Larger then Mother they are."
He kissed her deeply and she smiled as she pressed her head into his chest.
"Thank oyu for buying me."
He stroked her soft fur lovingly.
"Sure, Mili. And we'll use oyu well."
Ember smiled as she got a kiss from Sybil.
"I have a meeting with a few nobles to attend, Tyler. Some are uncollared."
"Ah. Fuck ya later, Ember."
She left and Moss smiled.
"I have to break Mara's ass in."
She left and Sori smiled.
"we're raping a noble tonight, right?"
"Yup. Lily should be walking"
The imp slaver walked in with their dinner on a trolley and Tyler smiled.
"No maids?"
She chuckled and kissed Sybil.
"Not yet. Once the majority of the city is collared I'll have a maid serve you."
"Ha. Any noblewomen NOT collared?"
"A fair few. Looking for some fun?"
"Yup. Going for a classic."
Lily smiled.
"You want duchess Minerva. She's a right bitch and makes life difficult for everyone."
Sybil smiled as the imp suckled on her tits.
"I actually know her, Love. She's a blonde haired blue eyed beauty that loves flaunting her big tits. I'm bigger and she hated that fact."
"Did she have you?"
"No. She hates other women with a jealous passion. And she's Marrisa's age so she's still beautiful. Somewhat."
"Well. Lookslike the ladies can have her. I'll take a maid."
Lily smiled as she massaged Sybil's lovely pussy beneath the water.
"She has a daughter. She's her twin in looks and is just as nasty. Plus is pure too."
"That's a trope. Alright. We got our targets."
Ths group had dinner and Sori smiled.
"I like robbing nobles. We'll hit their vault, right?"
"Oh absolutely. Who's their goddess, Lily?"
"Hm? They don't haveone actually."
"Oooh. BONUS. We'll see what we can do to them then."
The lovers got dressed and Tyler kissed Mili.
"And we'll see what we can do to you later, Mili."
Thatmade the bunnygirl glow happily as Sybil kissed her pussy.
"I'll have her again tonight, Love. I wanna lick her pussy!"
"Sure. Sori?"
"Lily, have the fox mother prepped for Yokai."
"Of course. She's of the yellow fur."
Yokai smiled asshe pulled her skirt on.
"A most energetic and wild fuck. I will enjoy her purity."
The party rode the lift down and Tyler and Sybil didn't bother tiwth their disguises as they walked among the now disheartened nobles. Most indeed were sporting collar bands while those that WEREN'T were rather subdued and nervous. Sybil smiled as they walked along the sidestreets headed for Minerva's compound.
"If our toy DOESN'T have a collar or a deity, love? What'll we do to them?"
"Free toys. we only have one city left to get control of and we'll see about our manor. We'll load up on our own slaves and servants. So. we'll see what we got."
Sori smiled ass he kissed him.
"I still want to retire, Tyler."
He hugged his elven friend tightly.
"We'll make you overseer of our manor, Sori."
"Thank you, Tyler."
He smiled fondly as they walked and Mili smiled.
"I'd like to stay, Master."
"Oh you are NOT going anywhere bunnyrabbit."
Yokai kissed her.
"Master likes fur cuddlebuddies."
"I like cuddles!"
He rubbed her soft bunnyears fondly.
"Gods you're adorable."
She smiled as her ears flopped. The party found the walled compound as the sun went down and darkness decended. The place was built with an oriental feel and surrounded with a 15 foot tall permieter wall. Tyler smiled.
"Mist walk."
Mili was also effected as she had been given all their same spells. They walked through the front gate and the bunny smiled.
"This is weird, Master. I like it."
"It's different. But you get used to it."
Sori took the lead as they walked up the steps of the ornate manor.
"The mistress' bedchamber should be this way."
Tyler smiled as the elven thief led the way. The house was built in a grand sweeping style with the front door leading to the grand staircase lined by coiling dragons. Sori smiled as they walked up the lush red carpet stairs.
"She's loaded. That's real gold and electrum. Ha. her vault's probably empty."
"All show?"
"And not a pot to piss in."
Tyler nodded as they passed a maid. The girl had a look of misery on her cute face and a large chest under her uniform. He smiled.
"we'll take the lady and her daughter. See if we can'tset them aside for our own manor."
Sybil smiled wickedly.
"Doalia is ruled by a lady. and she loved my ass."
"Make her YOUR slave?"
"Please. She's a angelgirl."
"OOoooh. Different."
They chuckled as they walked along the mainhall towards a set of golden doors at the end. Tyler sighed as he looked at the gaudy designs and coiling dragons.
"My GODS is that tacky."
Sybil sighed as they went through the crack in the door.
"I hate people like this. No sense of style."
"If oly it was snow white and blood red, right?"
He kissed her as they found their prey sitting at a vanity mirror running a brush through her golden lockes. She was Tyler's height with foot length blonde hair that shimmered in the moonlight liek gold and her skin was porecilin smooth with a tanned color to it. her eyes were sparkling sapphires while her tits were large Ds. she wore a nightrobe of red and it was tied up in the rear by a single bow. Sybil smiled wickedly.
"The room is soundproofed. NO collar."
Tyler chuckled as his wife walked up behind the unaware woman,
"Seed her."
"Not interested. More fuck and claim."
Sybil moved like lightning. She appeared, put a hand on the woman's mouth, the brush on the vanity, and the other hand around her waist.
Minerva froze atthe magical appearnece of the snow haired beauty and Sybil smiled asshe kissed her neck, ellicting a look of horro on the woman's face as she saw her fate.
"Let's playfor a bit. I do so love noble pussy."
She dragged the nervless woman to the lavish bed as Sybil tore her gown off.
"Key Steal: Minerva."
Tyler smiled as he got the woman's key as Sybil stole her red fur panties. Minrva had tears of fear on her face as the devilwife pushed her onto rthe bed.
"Mercy. Please."
Tyler chuckled at her small, frightened voice. And he and the rest appeared in rthe room. Minerva blinked as the man appeared.
"YOu OUT. This body is NOT for your eyes."
The devilman smirked wickedly at her sudden shift from fear to hate in an instant.
"She likes women. HATES men. This is fair."
Tyler walked over and stripped. Minerva glared at him.
"What the hell are you playing at? OUT! This act is NOT for you!"
"Ooooh I am going to ENJOY you."
He placed his hose on the uselessly struggling woman's pussy lips and she had a look of desperation on her face now.
He slid into her and she screamed in denial and misery as she felt the sensations flood through as he started thrusting.
"Damn, Love. She's tight!"
"Her ass?"
"I'll tell you when I get there. Damn lady. She's dry as a bone. ha. GOOD."
He thrust faster and harder as the woman groaned in pain.
"Stop, please stop. it hurts! I'm not enjoying this! I'll pay you! Take it out before you ruin it! Oooh my poor pussy! I'm sorry! I'll use a cream on oyu, I promise!"
Sori whistled at her babbling.
"So she worships her own pussy. weird lady."
Mili was squriming as she watched Tyler tear the first orgasm from the woman.
"I wish it were me on that bed."
Yokai smiled as her master flooded Minerva's pussy.
"Seed her, Master. She loves her pussy so much, destroy it."
"Love you too, Yokai."
"I cast he spell, Tyler. She'll pop in a ferw days."
"Thanks Sybil. Wow, Minerva. Buck girl, buck!"
Minerva WAS bucking as her body betrayed her while her gaze went vacant.
Only for the mental heal spell to bring her back to the present and she sobbed as her cherished pussy was destroyed by seed and a good fuck. Tyler smiled as he flipped her over and fit into her pure ass and she sobbed harder.
"My6 poor pussy is ruined, my ass defiled. I'll heal you. I'll healk you. I promise I'll heal you."
Sybil smiled.
"Sure. we'll make her the first toy."
The snow haired beauty put the collar on the woman's neck and she had new tears as she felt the compulsion to obey.
"Please spare my ass and pussy. I need them for court."
"They belong to us now. So do you."
Mili was massaging her own pussy so arroused was she and Tyler smiled.
"No touching MIli."
"Yes Master. Errrm."
He chuckled at her horny frustration.
"NO masterbating for you, Mili."
"Yes Master. Uuugh I NEED it!"
"Hold it, bunnyrabbit."
"Uuuuh it's dripping!"
He chuckled as he flooded Minerva's ass again. and Sybil smiled.
"My turn?"
"You can have her daughter."
Sori was poking around the room as the man loved the noble's ass and pussy.
"I got her vault."
"We'll rob her after, Sori."
Tyler enjoyed the woman's sobs for a few hours before pulling out of her gushing pussy and kissed her.
"You will never reveal the faces, names, or anything of your attackers even after the collar is removed."
"Yes master."
"You will obey after the collar is removed as if you still wore it."
"Yes Master."
"You azre forbidden from killing yourself or us."
"Yes Master."
"You are forbidden from healing your pussy and your ass. Without asking."
"Yes Master. May I heal it?"
"Yes Master."
He got off her.
"Lay there and keep rubbing the juices into ther pussy."
"Yes master."
"The next maid that walks in you are to rape."
"Yes Master. may I heal my pussy first?"
She had a tear fall as the collar was removed and the compulsions remained. Tyler smiled.
"And where is your daughter?"
"In her room, Master. Other end of the manor."
They went mist and walked out to find a maid approaching. Tyler smiled as he appeared before her and pinned her to the wall.
"Mercy! please! i just work here!"
He kissed her and leaned into her ear,
"Chos heard your prayers."
She deflated from relief.
"Is waiting for you. She will obey your commands if you say Master has gifted your pussy to me."
"Thank you Master. I will rape her well. May I...rape her daughter too?"
"Is that your desire?"
"It is. she is pure and I want to take it from her."
"Then you may."
They walked into the room and Minerva approached the maid.
"Master has gifted me your pussy."
"Yes Mistress."
"You will please me."
The maid was a shorter girl with long blue hair and bright red eyes. her bust was large on her petite frame and her skin was pale. Tyler and the girls smiled as the maid made her toy strip her of her uniform before bending over her bed as the smiling widely maid grew a 12 inch penis from her pussy to force it into Minerva's pussy.
"I see Master already had you. No matter. I'll just make it WORSE!"
Tyler whistled as the short maid pulled her long dick out of the sobbing woman and dorve it back into with a punishing force.
"Damn. She's intense."
Sybil smiled as the violent thrusts picked up in speed.
"She's a dwaven lady."
Sori smiled as the maid's thrusting were accompanied y the ruined woman's agonized moaning.
"Dwarven ladies have some of the hardest thrusts of the races. Barbarian women are the hardest though. They HURT!"
"You know from experience?"
"I do. i tried a few and every time I couldn't even BUCK as it hurt that much. They were sweet too. So gods help you if they rape you."
"Huh. There's an idea."
They laughed as they saw his idea. Sybil smiled.
"A barbarian rapist. Oooh you and your mind."
"Love you too."
Minerva was flooded by her maid as the girl wore a look of estatcy on her face asshe thrust ever faster and harder into the woman's now bleeding pussy. The second round lasted for two hours before themaid fell limp and panting from the trembling womans' battered and gouged pussy. She smiled as Tyler passed her a potion.
"Thank tyou Master. I reload very quickly. My name is Ralia. The daughter is this way."
She walked through the manor naked and without her dick as Tyler held her hand.
"We'll put a collar on her too."
"Please do. She and her mother abuse the help."
"Now the help will abuse them."
"And we have ACHED for this day, Master."
He kissed her andshe smiled.
"Appreicated. But i was claimed."
she pointed to her neck sand he smiled at the band.
"Fera actually. men are disgusting."
"Good. Keep those standards high."
He kissed her again and she sighed.
"Rulebending prick."
"I DID say I'd irritate you."
Sori smiled as she came up behind the dwarven lady and stroked her pussy with a loving hand.
"I'll eat you later, Ralia."
She shivered.
"Oooh I LOVE elven pussy!"
"So do we."
The group chuckled and Tyler smiled.
"I think we'll take the elven country next."
Sori smiled.
"Their led by the Ear Queen. A truly beautiful elf."
"we'll add her key to our collection and her panties to Sybil's."
They smiled as they found the daughter's room. Tyler and the party went mist as Ralia walked inside. They found the blonde lady asleep in her bed with her gown on a peg. Tyler walked olver and pinned her with a hand on her mouth.
"Not a word."
She had terrified blue eyes as the party appeared around her. Sybil pulled the blanket down and they smiled as she had the same lovelpy body as her mother. The snow haired beautym removed her black fur panties and the girl had a tear fall as they opened her closed legs to examine he rpussy.
"wow, love. She IS pure."
"Tasty too. Huh. I think we'll keep her as a pet."
"I wanna fuck her."
"May i eat her, MAster?"
"Sure, Mili."
The bunnygirl smiled and set her cute face to the sobing girl's pussy.
"Mercy, please. I'm pure! I'm begging you, let me give it to who I choose!"
He kissed her as Ralia came in sporting her again erect 12 incher.
"YOUR choice was made."
Mili made her orgasm and the happy bunny smiled as she licked her lips.
"She delicious, Master. Can I keep her?"
"Your name?"
"It's Marlia."
"Key Steal: marlia."
He gave the key to Mili and the bunnygirl smiled.
"Thank you Master. i like blondes."
Sybil smirked.
"We'll play a game Mili."
Ralia was smiling asshe got onto the bed.
"Now I get to ruin YOUR pussy, Marlia! Like you ruined mine.
The lady was thrashing and screaming as the dwarf got into position.
"Get off me midget! No! My pussy is too good for a mere hammer servant! no! i said no! OBEY ME! HELP! GUARDS! RAPE!"
Tyler chuckled as Ralia thrust with ferocious force and Marlia started bleeding nearly instantly.
Marlia was sobbing heartbrokenly as she purity was torn away and her pussy drillede by the lusty dwarven beauty. Yokai smiled.
"I think I'll have to try that, Master."
"So long as you heal it after, Yokai. I love your pussy."
"I will, master. I love it too."
Mili smiled.
"Can I heal mine, MAster? It'll restore the purity."
"Sure, mili. I'll take it later."
"Please do. It's another desire."
He issed the bunny and Sybil smirked.
"She a new favorite?"
"Ah. Share."
"I love you most, Sybil."
She smiled and he kissed her lovingly as he bent her over the bed to slid into her own pussy. She moaned and bucked to meet her husband.
"I want my own seed, Love."
He kissed her and she cast the spell.
"we'll have Ember raise her."
"She'll be the princess of the world."
"And be worshiped as such."
Sori smiled as Sybil was fucked by her husband.
"I want a seed too, Tyler."
"When we return to the capital."
"It'll be my retirement gift."
Mili smiled as she rub bed a hand over her own full womb.
"I want one too."
Yokai smirked.
"me too."
"I'll seed you all then. Be nice having our own clan."
They chuckled as he flooded his wife and she moaned as the seed took root.
"I'll call ember in the morning. It'll take three days. And no sex with me during."
"I'll torment the others then and wish it was you."
"I'll keep it built up and we'll beat out record."
He kissed her as she got flooded again. Marlia was sobbing as the violent fuck continued.
"Seed her, ralia."
"I am. Well i DID. Now I'm enjoying her feel."
Sori smiled.
"Seed me, Ralia."
"Sure, Sori. we'll play once I'm finished in her."
"Yay! Dwarven lady seed!"
Tyler just fucked his wife as the dwarf had her own. She went limp after an hour and Tyler put a golden collar on Marlia's neck.
"You will never reveal a word of what we did to you. And who did it to you."
"Yes Master."
"You will obey even after the collar is removed as if you still wore it."
"Yes Master."
"You will have the girl and never heal your pussy without asking Ralia or me first."
"Yes MAster.":
"You will ache for her pussy and her dick inside you with a burning passionf orr the rest of your days even after the collar is removed. Just the mere THOUGHT of her naked is enough to mkae you wet your panties with lust."
"Yes MAster."
"And you will fuck her with gusto whens he comes for you."
"Yes Master."
He smiled and removed the collar as Ralia smirked.
"Marry me."
"Yes Mistress."
She kissed her and the glowpact was forged. Tyler chuckld.
"Alright, Ralia. we'll raid the vault and leaveyou to them."
"I'll go forcemarry Minerva."
He kissedher and she sighed.
They walked out and Sybil smiled proudly.
"We have a girl."
"And we'll give her the world."
"As a toy."
Sori smiled as she put her new key into her shorts.
"I'll have a dwarf seed! I love dwarven dick."
Mili was squirming as her arrousal was that extreme.
"No, Mili."
"It aches, MAster."
She whined as her pussy was BEGGING for a release and Yokai smiled.
"I am aching for my fox, master."
"Lily will have her ready for you."
"I'll make a recording."
"Love you too."
They returned to Minerva's bedroom and smiled as the sobbing woman was rubbing the liquids seeped into her bed into her pussy.
Theyleft her there and opened the vualt to reveal the lady's fortune. Sori smiled as they walked among the piles of gold and valuables.
"Now this is more like it."
Tyler chuckled as he got to loading coins into their pouch.
"Load up ladies. And see about rare and banned spells."
The five of them split to take what they could. Tyler and Sori went after the rare items and spells, Sybil and Yokai the coins, and Mili was looting gems.The devilman smiled as he put more scrolls of fire explosion and hellish inferno into their pouch.
"Like we've done this before."
Sori smiled.
"I'm filling my retirement pouch too, Tyler."
"Sure. And here."
He kissed her as he dumped his thus far looted coin into her pouch.
"I love you, Sori."
She hugged her friend tightly as they went back to their work.
"I love you too, Tyler."
"we hyave a mass of golden collars, love."
"More of those we have the better."
"We're at the 50,000,000 gold mark, Master. All told."
"Just passed 20 mil."
"We'll take 30 and call it good."
They nodded and he walked around the interior beofre smiling as he spotted something.
"Ha. I'll take that."
A golden dragonscale katana was sitting upon an altar. The 4 foot weapon gleamed in the torchlight and had a dragon's head on the end of the handle as he took the light weapon off it's resting place. Sybil smiled.
"That's the katana of the dragon. Minerva's ancestor wielded it in a battle for our country."
"I'll take it."
He added it to his pack and they left the piles with the dent. He walked over and kissedthe mindbroken woman.
And she was back to present misery. Ralia walked in and kissed her as the forced marriage took effect. He smiled as they left the dwarf to seed her as well and they returned to the room. Sori smiled.
"Nothing like good old fashioned thievery to round out a day!"
They laughed at their friend and stepped off the lift to find a yellow furred foxlady tied naked tothe bed. She was Yokai's height with long blonde hair and lovely yellow fur. She had 6 tails strewn under her and her eyes were sky blue. She gulped nervously as the party leered at her while stripping.
"Mercy, master and Mistresses. I'm pure. So please...don't hurt me."
Yokai smiled ass he mounted the naked and restrained fox.
"You are for me, Sister. And we honor our oaths."
She kissed her and the yellow fox kissed her back.
"I am Moka. My purity is yours, sister goddess."
Yokai smiled as she kissed her exposed pussy and Moka moaned as she licked it too.
"I love this, sister. More, please."
"I have plentyfor you, Moka."
Yokai dragged her long tongue across Moka's dripping pussy until she orgasmed and then kept licking like she was a mere ice cream cone. The yellow fox was fighting her restraints to get at the white fox but was unable to get loose as Yokai suckled on her modest Cs. Tyler smiled as he watched.
"Sexy foxes. Amiright?"
Mili was naked and had a look of misery as her pussy gushed arroused liquid and he smirked. Next thingthe bunntygirl knew she was facedown on the bed with her master inside her pussy fucking her and she screamed!
She bucked hard as her need for an orgasm flooded her. The bunnygirl's pussy was clenching as she did herself and Tyler grinned as he thrust harder and faster. She jerked her entire body to meet the thrusts and moaned asshe orgasmed hard with a gushing squirt of bunngygirl cum that drenched him. She was flooded and Moka moaned in her latest orgasm as Yokai looked up from her pussy feast.
"Ready, Moka?"
she had a look of longing love on her face.
"I am, Yokai. Take it."
Yokai grew a 7 inch penis.
"Longer and thicker please."
She made it 12 inches and 2 thick.
"I will be nice, Moka."
she smiled as the white fox slid into her pussy, and her purity was taken.
"I love this. Faster please. I'll heal it after."
"I will heal it. I'm keeping you."
"I marry you."
They glowed and Tyler smiled as he flooded Mili's pussy again.
"Gods I love sexy animalgirls."
They laughed at that as Mili had aother screamerof an orgasm as her need was satisfied in full by her depraved lover. Tyler fucked her until he grew bored and pulled out of the unmoving bunnygirl. Mili was flat on her belly panting rapidly as she sought to regain her breath. her lovely body was drenched in sweat and her own cum while her pussy ha a small river of liquids flowing out of her. she had a blissful smile on her face as her pussy oozed and her body sang with the pleasure of her fuck. Tyler smiled as he kissed her softly.
"Much. Thank you, master."
He chuckled as he threw her limp body into the pool.
"Now clean your pussy up, Mili. it's like a watefall."
Moka was also panting from her fuck as Yokai kissed her new wife.
"I loved it, wife Yokai. Please, seed me."
"I have enough left for you, my love."
Yokai had her spell and fit back in to her wife's pussy. Tyler smiled as Mili cleaned his dick in hte water with her mouth.
"Tomorrow we'll get the rest of the temples under our thumb and wait for the girls to pop."
Sybil smiled as she rubbed a cream into her tits.
"I'll call Ember in the morning."
Moak groaned in pleasure as she was seeded by her wife.
"Ooooh I love you, Yokai. She will be born in three days. May I ask Yokai stay to meet her?"
"Sure. Sybil has three days too."
Sori smiled.
"I'll call Ralia."
The dwarven beauty appeared and Sori opened her legs.
"Seed me!"
"Yes ma'am!"
The happy dwarf slid into Sori's welcoming pussy with a 8 incher and the elf moaned as she bucked. Tyler smiled and looked at Yokai.
"Want one?"
"From Moka."
"I can love. Untie me please."
"Like that."
Tyler chuckled as the tied up yellow fox grew her own pensi and Yokai took it all.
"We'll stay here until you all pop. Sori, seed Ralia."
"I love my elf wife."
The girls all got seeded and Ralia left to go torment Minerva more and Moka was untied. She took a DEEP clean bath with her wife and Tyler smiled as he had Sybil in his arms on the bed.
"We'll relax tomorrow."
"You mean US?"
"Sure. I'll go have some fun alone for a change."
"We're safe here so enjoy."
Mili smiled as she took his chest.
"I love you, Master."
He kissed his bunnygirl.
"I love you too, Mili."
Sori smiled as she took his arm.
"I haven't had a seed in a while. It'll be nice to have another girl."
"Your kids live, Sori?"
"Sure. All I have are girls and they live in the Ear Queendom. You'll know them by their pink eyes."
Yokai smiled as she laid on his chest as well.
"My girl will have white fur and red eyes. And whens he is of age, you mayn fuck her, Master."
Moka smiled as she laid beside her wife.
"And seed her too."
"I'll have a fox orgy."
They laughed and settled down for the night.
"Night, Sybil. I love you."
"Good night, my love. I love you too."
"Night ladies. I love you!"

DAY 16.
GOLD: 53,386,661.
KILLS: 151

Tyler woke to NOT getting sucked on or fucked and found it odd. He looked and smiled as he saw the bulging bellies of the girls around him, including his own beloved wife Sybil. The snow haired beauty had a defined bump in her belly and he kissed it.
"I feel her already Love."
He smiled and kissed her lovingly.
"I love you, Sybil."
"I love you too."
He kissed the others awake and Sori smiled warmly as she rana hand onher own growing womb.
"She'll be half dwarf, half elf, ALLLLLL beauty!"
"Like her mother."
"Love you too."
The group got into the water and he took a key.
The naked red queen appeared and she lifted an eyebrow asshe saw the bulging bellies.
Sybil laughed.
"Only mine is his."
"Oh. Good. yes I'll take her."
"Ha. nice to see the mother bear thing won't change even on my chain."
"I was ABOUT to neuter you. I forgot to dictate Sybil gets the seed FIRST outside the goddesses."
"She has yours?"
"She was a rape seed. Allowed."
Sybil kissed the red head.
"Three days."
"I'll be here."
Tyler smiled.
"They're taking a break from the sex for their terms. I'll bop around and see who else I can get for keys and chains."
ember smiled.
"I'll stay with them. They need some woman support."
Sori smirked.
"Not MY first time."
Tyler smiled as he looked at his keys.
"Alright. I got Chos, Sie, Ember, marli, MArrisa, Coal, Fear, levithian, Seal, Lily, Lillis, Soren, Lunia, Moss, Ria, Savanah, Ifrit, Helia, Oak, Lei, Mara, Veralis, Auroua, Marlia, Minerva, Magi, Tiam, Vulpin, Vulpix, Wendy, Pearl, Loth, hm. I'll have loth."
He took the blackened key.
And a new vampire lady rose fropm the pool. She was Sybil's height with long jet black hair and grey skin that was oddly lumoinous. her eyes were a deep purple and her tits massive triple Ds in her gown of black. She sighed in a seductive purr as iot got soaked.
"Noted. I LIKED this one."
she took it off and Sybil stole her string panties. Then she stood there naked and he smiled as he saw how wet her pussy was.
"So, Loth? Moss says you wish to submit."
The vampire queen smiled.
"And take seeds. I want to marry you, Tyler the Devilking."
"Come here."
Sheoffered her his hose and she sank to her knees with a smile.
"Of course. Moss said you're an addict. Well. So am I."
She put the hose in her mouth and bit. He sighed as she drank his blood and his cum for the rite and they glowed.
"Now take tyour seed."
ember smiled as the vampire stood and put the penis inside her pussy.
"We'll expect you at the palace, Lady Night."
"I'll be sure you sample you."
Tyler chuckled as she bounced on his rod.
"Plenty of toys, offerings for turns, a goddessn for myself, and seeds. For my pussy and my mouth."
"And your vampires?"
"fuck them as you see fit. They worship you as a god so enjoy."
He flooded her pussy and she smiled happily.
"Ahhh. I love a good hero seed. I'll move into your room, Ember. I want to feed from your pussy."
"It's open."
Loth leaned in and sank her fangs into Ember's succlent pussy for her meal as Tyler chuckled.
"Alright. Oh."
He looked at the queen.
"The kids are safe."
She smiled warmly as her blood and cum flowed into Loth's mouth.
"I know. Yoka loves them and visits often."
"Ha. I think I'll go play with Seal for a while."
Sybil smiled as she kissed him.
"I'll relax and play with my own keys."
"I'm only an explosion away, my love."
He got dressed and Loth smiled.
"I'd like to play with them for a while, master."
"Give Sybil a key."
"I'll marry her."
Tyler smiled as he hung his greatsword on his back.
"Have fun loves. Mili. NO sex for you."
"TYes MAster."
They smiled as he left the bunnygirl to her torment. The devilman left the tower and headed to see Seal. Whistling as he walked. I'll go visit a few temples and get some more toys. I need to see Mysteria at hers and maybe I'll go defil a fox or buy a rpae off one of Lily's slaves. eh. Options. The man shrugged as he walked into the Leviathian temple. Soon as the ladies spotted him they all rushed him with open shirts.
"Fuck me Master!"
"My pussy's pure!"
"My mouth is free!"
"I gift you my ass, master!"
he chuckled.
"Seal free?"
The ladies all sighed in disappointment and he walked into the inner sanctum while checking for trackers. Clean.
"That woulda been a decent trick, not gonna lie."
he heard Leviathain's chuckle froma trough of water.
"My girls are most eager to fuck their new master. They attack me every time."
He found Seal toying with her pussy in her pool with a bored epxression on her face and he smiled. He stripped naked and jumped into the pool with her. The mermaid smilded happily as he walked over to her.
"Master! Fuck me?"
"Sure, seal. Open wide!"
She smiled and used her tail to swim over with open legs. Her pussy gleaming like wet fish scales and offered hself to him. The odd part was both of them were 25 feet underwater and since he couldn't drwon he could talk. he kissed the sexy mermaid and she smiled.
"I marry you."
He glowed and slid his penis into her tight, waterlogged pussy. She moaned and he laid her on the soft sand of the pool floor as her long tail wrapped aroung his leg.
"Seed me."
"As you wish, my Mermaid."
She smiled as the thrusting started and she moaned bubbles of air intot he water around them. She got her cumflood and felt the seed take root as he fucked her. The mermaid orgasmed many times as her lover railed her before he kissed her.
"All I wanted."
She hugged him.
"That was fun, master! Fuck me again! I want more seeds!"
"Moss wants a mermaid to turn into a vampire."
"I'll find you a willing. So long as you fuck me like this when she does."
"Sure, Seal. Oh. if i were to call you in a desert?"
"Long as you splash water in my pussy, I'm safe!"
He kissedher and she hugged him happily.
"I love sex."
"I do too."
He put her on her knees and she took the dick for a suck. He filled her mouth twice and headed for the surface. Seal smiled as she laid on hte sand.
"I live in here! So break in again!"
"I'll rape you in yourbed!"
He chuckl;ed as he got dressed and headed to see Mysteria. The devilman walked along the street whistling as he found Mysteria's pleasure temple. The doves outside smiled nervously as the whiate haired man walked up the steps."
"Goddess Mysteria is in her chamber, master."
He smiled and kissed the catgirl Dove, and she smiled.
"My name is Lura. my key."
He chuckled as he twirled it.
"I love a sexy kittycat, Lura."
She smiled nervously as he walked inside.
"I hope he's gentle to my pussy. it's fragile!"
The man laughed as his razorsharp hearing heard her rather cute mew. He walked along the temple chuckling as he saw Doves and buyers walk in and out of nests. I'll have some fun once we're set up. he found the goddess' chamber easily enough and walked inside without breaking stride. The goddess was sitting at her desk looking at papers for her business and smiled nervously as he approached. She was a wiry beauty with large tits in her robe of blue felt. She stood at Sori's height and was barefoot while her robe was open in the front, allowing her moist pussy to be seen as he walked up and kissed her.
"Yes Master. I am the pleasure Goddess Mysteria. I do apologise for not being able to go to you, but I forgot to give myself a teleport spell when I decended."
He smiled and offered her his dick, which she happily took to suck.
"So your surrender."
She got her drink and smiled at him.
"No rape or pain for those that do not enjoy it, be gentle to me, MARRY ME, and I join Lunia's sphere under you."
He smiled and felt her large tits.
"Granted, mysteria. And purities?"
"All i ask is you listen to each girl's preference. I have all kinds under me."
"Ha. masochists?"
"Chos is the other side of my coin. She forces the desire to be released. Mine release it willingly and readily."
"Ah. I see."
She sucked his dick again.
"I want to take a seed."
"On hte bed."
"Yes Master."
she gave him her slightly moist key and he took a pair of her lacy panties.
"I do so wish to sample Sybil's pussy as well."
"She's seeded. So when she pops."
"I'm so0 happy for her! And her mother will raise her?"
"She will. Kinda feel bad for that palace."
"Lady Ember loves children. They're well cared for"
He chuckled as he slid into her pussy.
"Sure htey are. Yoka and her sisters love them."
"You are most clever. NO child will suffer before they are able to fight back. even monsters can't reach them now."
He kissed her as her pussy was flooded.
" I know what i want."
"A world of evil, vile desire, and an odd safety for those too weak to take part. A few other goddess have sent a scroll, master."
"I will look after I tiere of you."
"Oooh I love your dick!"
"I love your pussy."
She got flooded again and smiled ruefully.
"I...DO have a business to run, I'm afriad master."
He forced the dick into her mouth and she cleaned it for a few more mouthfuls. Then he let her go.
"The scroll?"
She pulled it from her ass and he spanked her one,
"I like being spanked."
"I'll spank you a lot then, Mysteria."
She smiled and sucked on his dick as he looked at the scroll.
"So the beauty goddess surrendered, but are dealing with a celestrial beauty pagent?"
"It's how they determine their rank, Master. It'll be a few more days until they are able to finalize terms."
"Ha. And a purity goddess is dealing with an issue in another country?"
"her Pure Priestess was raping her sisters. Chos took her in and the Purity goddess is merely healing the ones that DIDN'T want to be raped. OR liked it."
"Huh. the rapist?"
"is her offering as an apology for not submitting when she wanted to."
"And these are all Toralia gods?"
"They are. When you move to the next country, only Chos, leviathain, and Ifrit will be able to help you with surrendered goddesses. We kinda stick to our own borders."
"Yet this goddess?"
"She's a more.....cautious....goddess."
"Ah. makes sense."
he took his dick out of her mouth.
"Well. I'll leave you to your seed. And that catgirl, Lura?"
"She's a favorite."
"I got her key."
"She'll please you well, Master."
He smiled and walked out. He spotted Lura going into a Nest with a rather pretty blonde lady. The catgirl was sori's height with a slender frame and long orange hair that was done up in a ponytail. Her eyes were bright red and her skin was fair. On her head stood a pair of 5 inch orange furred catears while out of her spine was a 5 foot long orange and white furred cat tail that swayed excitedly as she kissed her lover. She had large tits and they made her sportsbra bulge while her skirt was a mini and her feet were bare. She had soft looking fur along the tops of her feet, on her legs, her sides, and a rather large patch on her back. He winked at her as the devilman walked by and she smirking as her tail flicked. Chos chuckled as she met him outside.
"Mysteria's my sister goddess. So she'll love you too."
"Thanks Chos. Any others I should know of?"
"There is a goddess of healing in the city that has been ignoring your surrender offer."
"I'll go rape her."
"Not for that reason. All she cares about is healing and her girls. She's like Ria but with healing."
"I'll go poke her."
Chos kissed him.
"I want a seed."
"Well. here."
"It'll be ready tomorrow."
He kissed her and she returned to her realm. the man headed for the indicated temple and found it not too long after. he smiled as he saw the sisters of the sect moving about healing people and offering aid without really paying attention to their surroundings. He walked up the steps to the temple and the sisters froze in terror as his snow white hair and red eyes were seen. He chuckled and walked inside without pause and a sister came up with desperation on her face.
"we're busy! Please, have mercy!"
"The goddess in?"
"Her name is Lua, and Priestess Soa can summon her."
"Good. Chos already told me."
He walked to the indicated door and went inside.
"Hey! Get out! this is a holy-!"
That was as far as the ranting lady got before she saw the snow white hair and smirking red eyes of the Devilman. The Priestess was seated before a stained glass window in clear prayer as Tyler shut the door behind him......and locked it. The woman gulped as her blue eyes went wide in fear as the man smiled at her. She was a tall lady wo could look him in the eye. She had very pale skin and shining golden hair that hung to her bare feet. her eyes were a sparkling blue and her tits were large. She was naked before her stained glass window and he smiled ashe saw how wet her pussy was.
"So. Soa. YOU like being looks at naked."
She nodded with a fearful nervousness.
"Yes, Dark One. I am not ashamed on my desires. I may not indulge them as I do not have the time, but I dom embrace my own desires."
"And they are?"
"I want to have sex in the light of my goddess and be seeded by her as well. I have no desire for men and so your seed. I wish to marry my own pussy too as I love it that much."
"Okay that last one is a new one. Buthey. You admit it. Lua."
"I will summon her Dark One. My fate?"
"Chos said you're workaholics."
She nodded as she rose from the floor.
"we do not care about the woes of the world or the plays being made in it. All we care about is healing those that need it."
"Ha. I can respect that."
The blodne smiled nervously as she lifted a golden key.
The goddess appeared in the light and sighed as she saw Tyler holding the golden collar.
"I do not have time for this."
She took itand put it on.
"We done? I have a lot of work to do."
He chuckled as Chos appeared and made the band permanant.
"Oh completely."
Lua was a mirror of Soa but with the bigger tits and her eyes were a fiesty green. She tossed her panties over and key.
"The key is for Sybil. NOT YOU. Men are pigs."
"Ha. No argument there."
She left with Chos and he looked at Soa. She smiled nervously as her own band appeared.
"My key?"
"Sybil would love you."
"An honor, master. is your wife seeded?"
"She is."
"If you wish, I can be her midwife."
"Sure. Her mother's with her so would appreicate the extra pussy support."
"I will present my pussy and myself to her. I always wanted to be seeded by the queen."
"Ha.Go for it. Not a bad thing to take a vacation, Soa."
She smiled warmly as he got her key and a white lace pantyhose and garter set.
"I'll do that, master. My solstice rest is next week. So I'll indulge my desires."
"so you get a week a year?"
"A month."
"Ah. well. Sexy."
The blonde kissed him.
"My deeper desire is to be seeded by a devil. But. Your wife's needs first."
"I'll agree there."
He kissed her and her pussy godobye and left her to her work. He noted not a step had been missed as the now banded healers were srtill running around liek chickens with thier heads cut off flashing healing spells. he chuckled as he walked out.
"Any others like that, Chos?"
His goddess chuckled as she appeared.
"A few. Some are partying right now and haven't heard the surrender. others just don't care liek Lua."
"Ha. Scroll."
"Here Love."
He took the golden scroll and smiled.
"I'll go take over a temple now."
"There's a sect of man worshipers int he city. They're pricks."
"Their god?"
"OOooh I HATE that guy. Glarg."
"I'll go take him for you."
"PLEase! He's always hitting on me and it's FREAKIN irritating."
He kissed her and headed to the temple in question. The devilman smiling as he found the tavern style temple with men all bragging about their conquests or kills or lengths. The devilman sighed as he walked inside the raunchy building.
"I found the frathouse. greeeeeat."
An instant silence fell as he walked among them as his snow white hair and red eyes marked him for the devilman. Tyler ignored the now irritated stares and glares as he walked into the back where the head idiot lived. He found the man to be in the middle of fucking an unimpressed Dove in the ass. The girl was Sori's height with long red hair and rather bright pink eyes. He saw the pointed ears and smiled as he saw a daughter of Sori. The man was bragging as he fucked her ass.
"See? Ten inches! Liek i said! Feels good, don't it?"
"Yeah, it feels great. Oooh sooo good."
Tyler smirked at her mildly amused tone and slapped a golden collar onthe man's neck.
"You suck."
He froze and the elf smiled with a mild relief as she took his 4 inch dick out of her ass.
"Oh THANK you, Master. ooooh I HATE men like him. All brag no fuck. I'm Lori."
"Sori's girl?"
She blinked.
"Yeah. You know my mom?"
"She's up in my chamber with my wife."
"Wow. Huh. I haven't seen her in a few thousand years."
"I'll tkae ya up then. I'm Tyler."
"Nice to meet you."
He smiled ashe saw she had bigger tits then Sori and her pussy seemed smaller.
"Go clean that pussy and ass."
"Sure. His is slimey."
"ha. Oh. Sori's seeded again."
"I'll go talk to her. See how she's been."
Lori went to the nearby tub and got to cleaning her unimpressive fuck off her lovely body. Tyler looked at the ranting man.
"Summon Glarg."
He obeyed ranting and the naked god appeared.....only for Tyler to slap the collar on his before he got out of the ring.
"Chos hates you. So. I do as well."
Lori laughed as she rubbed the water into her pussy.
"All the Doves do, actually. Most are cruel."
"Ha. I'm evil."
"True. But we know what we're getting into soon as we see that hair. Plus. And this is the important part, YOU keep your word. THEY won't."
Chos appeared and kicked the god in the balls.
"I am going to HURT you for the rest of time you pig. And your sect are mere toys."
She took his with her and Tyler chuckled as he got his collars back.
"I love my job."
Lori smirked as she pulled a strapless dress on.
"I do too. Here."
She tossed him her key.
"I'll fuck you for free."
He then saw she didn't have a collar band as the elf took his arm.
"No goddess?"
"None I WANT to join."
"I'll think on it at least. Seems like she doesn't really care."
"Not really. Your desires?"
She shrugged as they walked out of the silent bar.
"I already indulge. Only things I haven't done were beyond me. Like getting seeded by a mermaid or taking the purity of a goddess."
"If you join Chos, you'd get to."
"Huh. nice sales pitch."
"So how come you couldn't walk into Levithian's temple and ask a mermiad for a seed?"
"I didn't have the right spell. I feel stupid."
"wow you really ARE her daughter."
"I will sacktap you."
"Yup. Thereit is."
She sacktapped him with a rather nice wristflick and he chuckled as he felt the pain.
"I guess being a fiesty wildcat runs in the family."
"Ha. Mom's a nutjob, I'm a lunatic and each of my sisters are out of their damned minds."
"I love that freakin elf."
Lori smiled fondly as they rode the lift.
"So do I. even if we don't really spend much time together. She likes to roama nd I like to stay and get fucked."
"She's looking to retire."
"At that age huh? We'll go home then."
The door opened and they found Sori on her belly getting stuffed in the ass by a eager Ember. Sybil was eating from Yokai's pussy and poor Mili was sitting miserably horny in the tub watching the sex. Sori orgasmed and Ember flooded her ass before Lori chuckled.
"Nice to see you're stilla sex addict mom."
Sori jumped before smilign widely.
"Lori! Sweetie you look beautiful! i't so good to see you!"
Tyler chuckled as Sori grabbed her daughter in a hug.
"Had a god to conquer and found his keyholder inside her ass. My GODS was she bored."
Lori smiled as she shugged her mother.
"Most suck, Mom. And I got a new sister?"
Sori smiled proudly as she placed her girl's hand on her growing womb.
"HYou do. She's hal;f dwarf."
"You and your fetishes."
Tyler walked over to Sybil and kissed her belly then her.
"I love you."
She smiled warmly and he gave her the keysand panties. Ember smiled as she saw one.
"A priestess of Lua. Our births will be easy and flawless."
Tyler smiled and saw she wasn't seeded.
"Ha. It's empty."
Sybil smirked.
"NO fucking my sister."
"HA. Love you too, Sybil."
"That YOU gave me."
"There it is."
He slid into Ember's pussy and she smiled.
"I am happy to have your girl, Tyler. She'll pop with Sybil's."
She got her seed and he looked at Mili and the suffering bunnygirl had pleading in her blue eyes.
"Please, master, fuck me."
He leaned into Lri's ear,
"rape that bunnygirl for me."
She smiled wickedly and he looked at Mili.
"No sex for you."
"Master! it hurts!"
Lori smiled as her mother chuckled.
"I'll help you."
The daughter elf smiled as she kissed the devilman.
"My new desire is seed my own mother."
Sori laughed.
"we'll do that once i retire, Lori."
"I'll spend some time with you."
He smiled as he kissed them.
"And we'll have a threesome at some point."
Ember smirked.
"I love you too."
He kissed his wife and Sybil smiled.
"I'm okay."
"I got us a catgirl."
He showedthe key and she smiled.
"We'll use her well."
He left to hit another temple as Mili screamed from Lori and Sori's sudden attack. the devilman chuckled as he walked through the keep. we're nearly done with Veric. Like three more temples and we own the city. We'll wait for the girls to pop and head to Deloria. then to Tora. After we'll pick the country we want to invade and go from there. he headed for the healing temple that had not yet surrendered and was met by the sight of the sisters working singlemindedly on their patients with intense healing spells. Huh. Another workaholic goddess. he walked up and the sisters utterly ignored the white haired devilman as he went inside.
"That's a first."
A sister came up with a look of calm on her face, as if this was just another of her duties.
"Lady Lila is in her sanctum."
And she walked to join a table with a pregnant woman giving birth and four other sisters around her. Tyler shrugged and walked to the sanctum. the place being a bedroom and he he found the Lady sitting on her bed with a tired expression while rubbing a cream on her sore feet. She was a head shorter then he was with long purple hair and bright yellow eyes. her skin was fiar and her tits large in her white robe. She smiled as feet stopped hurting.
"Yes. Back to work!"
She got up, turned to start walking, and ran smackdab into Tyler's chest. She bounced off his solid frame and fell onto her ass.
"Owwie! Hey! MOVE! i-eep!"
The exuberant girl had been rubbing her now sore as as she got off the floor, and she squeaked in surprised fear as she saw the white haired devilman lookin at her bemused.
"Sorry! I didn't see hyou, Dark One!"
He smiled at her bird's ship of a voice.
"You're adorable. I'm Tyler. Lila?"
She nodded with wide fear-filled yellow eyes.
"Yes Sir. i'm lady Lila. Best healer in the temple."
"Your goddess?"
"Ila. I'll summon her."
She pulled her key and.
A slender woman rose from the floor. She stod a head taller then Lila and had long flowing pink hair and red eyes. her skin was fair and her tits large in her open front white robe. he smirked as he saw she was NOT wearing panties. the goddess sighed as she saw the man.
"Just give me the damned thing. And be nice to the girls."
He flicked the collar to her and she put it on. Chos appeared.
"Ha. nice to see you too, ILa."
"fuck off, Chos. I got more important things to do then fuck you."
Tyler lifted an eyebrow and Chos chuckled.
"She's a bitch. All she really cares about is her sect and the pussies of the girls in it."
Lila gulped and looked at Tyler.
"Please don't rape me. i'd do it willingly."
He patted her.
"I'll be nice."
"Phew. You're nice!"
"Oh my gods are you precious."
Ilia smirked as she kissed the bubbly girl.
"I picked her for just that reason, master. So BE NICE. or I'll have your precious dick on a plate."
"Wow. I like you."
"Piss off."
She flicked him a key.
"I'll fuck you to death later."
"Ha. That's MY line bitch."
She left smirking with Chos and he looked at Lila.
She smiled.
"I'm wet!"
"I'll give you a massage after."
He kissed her and she smiled happily while he undid her robe.
"I like sex."
"Please don't. it'd ruin my pussy."
"Sure. Are yolu pure?"
"my ass is. So be nice."
She ddropped her robe andher perky D tits bounced. He smiled and her eyes went wide as she saw his hose.
"That cream helps."
"Umm. Okay."
she rubbed a large amount of the fuckcream into her pussy and onto his erect dick and laid on the bed.
He chuckled as he slid into her.
"Oh my GODS. I'm taking your key."
She moaned as he slid deeper into her small, tight pussy and bucked a little to get it deeper faster. He smiled as he kissed the shorter girl.
"I won't seed you. ut I DO expect you to dfrink it."
"I love cum!"
"Good girl."
He started thrusting and she squeaked with each jerk. And she was bucking with her narrow hips and he flooded her to the point she gushed. Lila had a smile of lust on her face as he rolled her over and fucked her in the ass for the next hour. Then her pussy was stretchec for another hour and she dsropped.
"Mercy! It hurts!"
He chuckled and pulled out of her gushing pussy.
"You're fun."
"Thanks! massage?"
"Atta girl."
He took her jar and massaged the mewling girl into a marshmellow. And she orgasmed again as he did her feet.
"I like my feet!"
"ha. And your desire?"
"Hmmm. Shove my foot in a mermaid's pussy until she orgasms."
"wow. Different."
She had a happy glow as he kissed her.
"I also want to be fucked in the ass by a werewolf until it cums!"
"Oh you a dirty girl. I'll find you one then."
"Yay! Vampire?"
"To fuck?"
"Turn me. I want to be fucked by a werewolf as a vampire."
"I know a fair few that love you."
"Yay! When i recover?"
"sure thing Lila. My gods are you precious."
She blushed.
"Marry me?"
He kissed her and they glowed.
"All I wanted. Thanks love!"
He took her panties.
"Hey! My goddess gave me those!"
"Sybil wants her trophy."
"Uuugh FINE. I'll steal a pair of hers then."
"Oh I'm keeping you."
She smiled as he kissed hert again.
"Fuck me again soon!"
"A lot."
He left her to her recovery and chuckled as he walked out.
"Oh my GODS I love her. And Savanah will too. She'd love her own horny little sister to fuck."
He looked at the sky and saw he had plenty of daylight left.
"last one."
And he headed for the last temple in the city. He smiled.
"So. Thislast one?"
Chos appeared with a smirk.
"Is run by a goddess by the name of Orga. She's a goddess of wealth, power, and influence. Rape her. She's refused the surrender as she's that type of arrogant goddess."
"Her sect?"
"Her sect revolves around making money and gathering power. Spare them if possible as I'll add them to Lei's sphere."
"Sure. I'll TRY to at least."
He kissed her.
"And you have GOT to have lila. That girl is so freakin sweet."
"I'll have her then. Didn't take YOU for gushing."
"Sybil yes. THAT girl is just not fair."
"I'll have her tonight then."
She left and Tyler approached the temple that was merely little more then a bank. He smirked as a woman in a golden robe approached.
"Manager Mir is in her office on the top floor, Dark One. She has terms."
he walked inside whistling and headed for the stairs. The devilman smiled as he found the sealed room easily enough and went inside. He was faced by a woman sitting at a desk with a glass of wine in her hand and her long legs crossed on her desk. She was a statuesque beauty with hiplength red hair and startlingly bright blue eyes. Her skin was white and her tits massive in her business suit while on her feet she wore a pair of purple 5 inch heels. She took a sip of her red wine.
Her voice was a sultry, strong belltone that had no fear or intimidation as she addressed the devilman.
"The Dark Lord has come to claim my pussy and my goddess' pussy. Here tough guy."
She flicked a key to him.
"I am Mir. I manage this bank and we surrender to you. Our GODDESS does not. But WE do."
He added her key to his collection.
"Noted. Terms?"
"Don't rape us or disrupt business more an usual."
"Ha. YOU?"
"I'll rape my goddess with you."
"Wow. Atta MILF."
"and that means?"
"Mother I'd Like to Fuck."
"I'm keeping that. And claiming a seed from your dick."
"we have a deal."
She smirked and lifted a key from her belt.
The goddess appeared and Tyler slapped a collar on her before she'd fully materialized. She was a mirror os Mir with longer red hair and pink eyes and bigger tits. She wore a red business suit and sneered at the devilman.
"Enjoy my pussy. Best you'll ever get."
"You'll enjoy the demon of slime Chos will seed you with."
She shivered at that as Mir walked over with clicking heels.
"She wouldn't DARE defile my body in such a vile manner."
"You are to submit to her rule."
"Agreed. Hey! I am her superior!"
He ran down the list of commands for a hostile goddess and Ogra ranted the entire time as Mir kissed her exposed skin. Tyler smiled as he walked over to the red haired goddess.
"Now you belong to us."
Mir kissed her and it interruptedher rant.
"I'll claim her key still. i want to seed her myself."
He tore the front of her suit open and smiled.
"Sybil collects panties, but I'll bring her this one's full set."
Mir smiled asshe looked at the ranting goddess' halfcup push up bra and panty garter set.
"She DOES know sexy underwear. Mine?"
"A gift."
"Of course, master. I'll happily eat her pussy."
He kissed the goddess as Mir removed her ruined suit before her heels. The devilman released the hose.
"You will participate in your own rape."
"I will. And you will never find a better pussy!"
He smiled as he panties and bra were lost.
"Sybil's is better already."
Mir laughed as she stripped now.
"I have had my share of better pussy too. I've lain with Lila."
"Oh my gods that girl is not fair."
"And giggling."
"Her in a nutshell. She's seeded me twice. I'll go get a third."
Tyler bent the goddess over Mir's desk and slammed into her pussy. Mir smirked.
"You're going to fuck me like that aren't you? bent over my6 own desk, i mean."
"It IS a desire of mine. Rail a MILF on her workdesk"
"Men. So simple."
"Oh. And YOURS?"
"I want to bend a goddess of purity over a desk and rape a seed into her."
"I'll keep that in mind."
Ogra was ranting as she was flooded and Mir forced her own newly grown dick into her mouth.
"Suck and drink. I'll seed her this time, Master."
Chos appeared and tapped the collar,
"I'll have that slime demon ready, love."
"Ha. And next have her raped by a dog creature."
"Oooh evil. I'll do a lot to her. She's a miserable bitch."
Ograhad tears of shamed rage on her face as Mir fit into her pussy for her seeded rape. Tyler smiled as he cleaned his dick off in her mouth.
"She's yours Mir. I'll watch."
The woman smiled.
"Kinda. She's a lame fuck. Loose pussy, loose ass, saggy tits, pisspoor blowjob. All she's good for is lookin at."
"I am far better."
"Your tits bounce when fucked. HERS flop. So improvement already."
Ogra had tears of indignant rage on her face at the verdict. Mir moaned as she orgasmed and flooded the goddess with her cum and seeded her. She kept fucking and after another hour went limp inside her pussy. TYler smiled as she stepped back and Ogra was left panting o the desk.
"She's yours love."
Chos left and Mir bent over her desk now.
"Just be nice to my pussy. Okay? I kinda need to sit on it."
He fit into her tight pussy and she moaned as he started thrusting.
"Yup. Better."
She smirked as he took her hands.
"I take care of it."
"I can feel it."
"NO tax writeoffs."
she got her seed and smiled as he kissed her.
"I needed that fuck. I'll get back to work."
He took her panties and left her naked on her desk. The devilman smiled.
"And that's Veric done."
He returned to the room and found Lori resting her head on Sori's belly listening to the inside with a hand gently massaging her pussy. Both elves naked. on the bed Mili was flat on her back sound asleep and drenched in various sexual liquids and sex with her arms and legs spreadeagled. In the tub Ember was running a comb through Yokai's tails and the fox was loving it. Sybil was on another part of the bed running a hand over her growing womb with a happy smile on her face. he walked over and kissed his wife.
"I love you too, Tyler. My trophies?"
"Lila. Take her. oh my gods you have to try her."
"Wow. That good?"
"Sweet, sex addict, DEMENTED, and a ray of sunshine."
He gave the offerings over and Lori smiled asshe kissed her mother's belly.
"Lila is a town gem and sweetheart. everyone loves her to death and loves fucking her."
"Her desire?"
"Oh this should be good."
"Get turned into a vampire, and fucked by a werewolf in the ass."
They laughed at that as Sybil was kissed.
"I will have her, Love. and feel."
he ran a hand on her belly.
"She kicked."
"She hates you. Already. her name's Luna."
"Moon. I love it."
Ember smiled.
"Soa was here earlier. she says all our terms will be smooth, easy, and effortless. Since birth is far easier here to begin with. Veric?"
"All temples secure. We own it."
Sybil smiled.
"Lily was here half an hour ago, love. All the nobles and the city council are banded. Veric is ours."
"So we have an entire two days to play. Once you pop and recover we're heading to Dorelia. Then to Tora. any temples in merica we miss?"
ember smiled.
"You got them here. Doralia has much the same for temples. But two other vampire sects, a lake goddess temple, another bank, and a god of war temple."
"Cool. The leader raped my wife so we'll put her in chains. Not sure how we'll use her just yet."
"She's an angelgirl. So enjoy that."
"Maybe I'll give her to Ria. She's always wanted to defile an angel."
They laughed at that and he kissed his wife.
"I'll head down and play with some of the slaves."
she smiled.
"I'll relax. Ember says no hard sex until my time."
"Sure. we all know what can happen for a good rough fuck."
ember laughed at the reminder.
"Salia is loving her army. And will be simply estatic to have a new little sister."
"You explain yet?"
"I did. She just smiled and said she'll get strong enough to rape Sybil. I told her she can only rape the UNwilling. So she'll love our world."
He kiossed her.
"She's been replaced by Moss. In all matters. The court accpeted my marriage to her when I told them she'd raped Veronica. And Moss is adored so win-win. The markets are full again too."
"Oh my gods she lives in the palace wirth Salia. Watch out when you return, Tyler. They'll attack you on sight."
"Ha. The other heroes?"
"Are trying to find a point to start fighting back. Marku has no idea who he's fighting since you keep wiping rape memories."
"Ha. And the monster?"
"Is dead to the masses so you're an entirely unknown element."
"Will more heroes be summoned?"
She tilted her head at that.
"Maybe. Once yu're seen as an ACTUAL threat by the world at large. So far all you have is a single country's panthenon on a chain. it actually happens all the time. Some new bastard rises up with a golden collar fetish and yeah."
"We'll secure the homefront."
"Already done. I WANT this world you're looking to build, Tyler. I really do. And....I'll help. An envoy from the elven Queendom is set to arrive in the next few weeks. If you enslave the envoy and remove the collar,"
"I get a foor in the door to the Ear. Who's coming?"
"The elven princess, Sabril Redleaf. Her mother is the queen. GVet HER on a chain, Tyler, and you have access to the queen."
"And we get her we can get to work on the temples."
"Elvarind has 8 major cities and is the same size as Toralia."
He took his world map out.
"And the way the country is laid out, we'd completely surround the country of Halia."
"That is an animal person queendom. 3 majoy cities and is ruled by a beauty of a raccoonlady."
"And we get Halia we have access to the sea. The ACTUAL sea this time."
Sybil smiled.
"And we already have leviathain on a chain. The Four Main pillars ofthe world of Leviathain, the sea goddess, Auria, the goddess of air, Terra, the goddess of earth, and Gaia. the goddess of life itself."
"Is a primal force like ifrit. He's a lesser pillar."
He put the map away.
"I can desecrate a graveyard easily enough to get him here. we get HIM on a collar we're set for the instadeath ploy. Hmm."
ember smiled.
"Go on. We have Soa coming back to give us all a massage."
"Naked I hope."
"Of COURSE. Lori fucks her as she does."
He smiled as he walekd over to the sleeping bunnygirl and kissed her lovingly.
"When you wake, rape Lori."
She twitched in her sleep and Lori frowned.
"What the hell did you just do?"
He walked out chuckling and Sori smiled, well aware of what he just did. The devilman headed to the graveyard outside the city and smiled as he walked among the graves.
"Okay. If you surrender, Death, we can make this easier."
He got a low breeze of evil as a reply and he chuckled.
"Or we can do this the fun way."
There was a dark chuckle as a creature rose from the ground.
"To seek to enslave Death itself is an insult to it's ab-hey!"
Tyler had walekd over, and slapped the golden collar onto the neck of the rising skeleton as it was in the middole of it's speech.
"NEVER monolouge before a fight. Okay? FIRST sin of combat. NEVER go into a monologue."
death slumped as it felt the collar take control.
"Dammit. Death submits. And is humilated by such an easy weakness being taken."
"Ha. No curses, no killing us, no bullshit."
Chos appeared chuckling.
"Death was always a one for long winded rants. nice to see it undone by one."
Death sighed and rubbed it's skull.
"The ones you love are exempt from Death. Gods DAMMIT."
Chos took Death with her and Tyler returned to the room and ALL the girls looked at him in shock. Ember said it.
"Ah. Oh that is precious."
Sybil sighed.
"Death is a jackass too. And was undone by an even BIGGER jackass. Okay. Nothing can surprise me anymore."
He chuckled before kissing her lovely pussy.
"I miss it too. But. We'll fuck hard when we can, love."
He smiled and kissed her again.
"I'll keep adding trophies."
she smiled happily.
"I love you too."
Soa walked in then with a small basket of creams.
"Massage time ladies!"
"Hey Soa."
The priestess smiled warmly as he kissed her.
"Hello Master. The wombs are healthy."
"Love you too. I'll leave you to your girls' day ladies."
They smiled and Mili woke up with a cute yawn and a singleminded desire: RAPE LORI. The elf squeaked as the hungry bunnygirl dove onto her for a pussyfeast as the others laughed.
"Love you too!"
Tyler smiled as he rode the lift to Lily's market. He walked out into the warehouse and spotted Lillis walking aroun d tending to the slaves in their cages. She smiled as he kissed her.
"Lily is in her office, master. I am afraid I am busy."
He stole her panties.
"No panties then."
"Love you too."
He walked away and left her exposed to the air as she'd wore a mere croptop and no pants. And so her pussy was on display for all to see. He went to the office and found lily fucking a tearful Sally with a penis in her pussy. The imp smiled as he kissed her.
"Kinda. All the temples are secure."
"The city is ours then. Sally here will pop in the morning. And so I'll seed her with my own."
Sally was sobbing piteously and he chuckled.
And her mind was repaired and brought back to the present. Lily sighed as she orgasmed and flooded the girl's pussy.
"Oooh I love her pussy, Master. perfect way to unwind at the end of the day."
"It WAS nice."
"I healed it for my own pleasure."
Lily smiled as she disapated her penis and stood there naked.
"So. Waddya lookin to fuck?"
"Hmm. Somethin different. NO men."
"Sally, blow me."
"Yes Master."
She dropped to her knees and sucked on his hose as Lily sat in her seat.
"I work naked usually."
"Sexy. You're an imp, right?"
"I am. Curious?"
"I've fucked you already. You have a demonform?"
"Not like you think. I DO, but I'd need to visit the lower realm to use it."
"Huh. Cool. Oh I got a goodie."
"Does the name Rias mean anything to you?"
"No. Should it?"
"Just the name of a devil from my world. her other name is the empress of Ruin."
"ha. Ask Chos. Seems like somethign she'd know."
Sally got her drink and stood up as he let her go.
"It's something from my world. And a weird one at that."
"Ha. And yet you had your laptop decorated in those stickers from boco no pico."
She jumped.
"who the FUCK are you? And HOW do you know that?"
Tyler smiled.
"Oh come on, Sally. I only say next to you for like three years."
She had a new look of white face as he said this.
"In the evil!"
her face was full of shock and a mild amazement.
She was shaking at this and he smirked.
"And your pussy felt great."
The girl shuddered and had a new look of horro on her face as she felt her womb move.
"I...was knocked up by the class freak."
"And you LOVED it."
She had new tears of humilation fall as lily chuckled.
"And he was your first and the father of your firstborn. Be proud."
"I'll seed her again at some point too."
"So will I. She's just that good to fuck."
Sally had tears of defeat on her face and he kissed her.
"Some chainbreaker."
"Kill me."
"Nope. YOU insulted my wife."
"I'm sorry. I'll....take her seed as proof."
Lily smiled.
"she'll do that too. So. YOUR pleasure?"
"Hmm. It weird i don't know what I want to fuck?"
"oh it happens all the time. Too many toys,"
"And it makes it hard to pick just ONE."
"Sorven's free. Kinda."
"Hmm. Catgirl's too mainstream."
lily smiled.
"Sally. Go blow that horse again and drink."
"yes Mother."
she left with misery on her face and Tyler chuckled as he walked with Lily.
"You have her call you Mother?"
"Makes me wet."
"I'll clean ya up."
They walked along the cages and Tyler looked at the offered women with mild curiosity. Lily smiled.
"If you're having trouble picking, one at random?"
"ha. That point I'll just call Coal."
The imp smiled as he kissed her. The pair strolled among the cages until they stopped at one that caught Tyler's eye. Inside was a lady with wingsofr arms and scaly bird feet. Her had blood red feathers and large tits on her chest while her pussy was small. Lily smiled.
"She's a harpy. And isn't pure. So you fuckin her wouldn't drive her price down."
"If you do, I'd have to take her off the market until she pops. But sure."
"Hmm. Her name's Red. ehhh she'll do."
The harpy had a look of despair as he climbed into her cage.
"Gentleness, Master. I beg you, please be gentle."
He smiled at her high voice.
"Sure. Never fucked a bird before."
She was backed againstthe cage and he slid his hose into her pussy.
"Wow, Lily. You SURE she's pure?"
"I fuck her a lot myself for JUST that reason."
red was moaning as he fucked her tight pussy with a loving force and he kissed her humna lips.
"I love her. I think I'll find me a pure harpy in Tora."
"They're rare in this part of the world, Tyler. She's actually worth 25,000,000."
"Wow. i can see why."
Red orgasmed from the fuck and she squeaked as she did so. her short red hair swayed from the thrusts as her tits bounced. Tyler smiled ashe kissed her again as he flooded her.
"wow, Red. I might have to buy you at some point."
She smiled weakly.
"Thank you for being so kind, Master. I...enjoyed it."
Lily smiled as he zipped his pants.
"Harpies happily give in to desire. Since they are such free spirits that is."
He hopped down from her cage as the harpy sat on a pile of hay.
"She was fun, Lily. Should buy her for a bed slave."
"I.....I will. i have the funds now. So why not?"
she smiled and Red had a happy smile too.
"I look forward to pleasuring you, Mistress. Can we...marry?"
"Of course, Red. I love your pussy."
"I love you inside it. And you, Lily."
Tyler watched as they kissed to seal the marriage and Lily6 chuckled.
"She'll serve you too. Cunniving bastard."
Red gave him a feathered key.
"I loved you too! I want an egg!"
"Oh go on."
He slid into the happy harpy again as Lily sighed with an exasperated smile.
"Damned addict."
Red moaned as he fucked her pussy again and she glowed ashe seeded her.
"Yay! New egg!"
He sighed as the lady was all smiles.
"I find the weirdest people. eh. Comes with the territory. NO panties for you."
"I don't WEAR panties, Master! OR clothes!"
"Of course not. Alright. I'll see ya later Red."
She smiled and went with Lily for her delivery home. Tyler headed for the lift and found Lillis examing the pussy of a catgirl inside her cage. The quietly crying cat chained to the wall as the elf did her probing exam.
"Pure, and tight too. Good. I-huh!?"
The elf was dragged from the cage, bent over it, and had a dick forced into her pussy,.
She moaned as Tyler fucked her from behind.
"Damn you! Nearly gave me a heartattack. And faster."
He went faster and she grunted with each impact until she orgasmed and was flooded a few times.
"And you took my panties. bastard. Now I'm going to have to walk around with a visibly gushing pussy. Perfect."
"Love you too, Lillis."
He kissed the flushed elf and left her a mess as he headed for the lift. He returned to the room and found the lovers all lounging around. Mili was again unconscious spreadeagled on the bed, Lori was panting hard with her head on sori's belly after her near fuck to death fate, ember was caressing Sybil's belly on the bed, and Yokai was asleep on the balcony in the sunlight naked. he smiled and laid naked beside his wife on the bed.
"Did you have fun, love?"
"Fucked a harpy. here."
He passed her the key.
"she's got an egg."
Ember smiled.
"A fed feather harpy. A wonderful motherbird and I'll have Lily give her to me."
"Lily bought the harpy. And married her."
"Smart. Harpy pussy is incredible. Plus their feathers are amazing for sleeping in."
Tyler smiled as he kissed his seeded wife.
"Two days."
"I know."
"Oh. I'll call Coal."
She smiled as he took the key.
The red haired maid rose from the floor and smiled as she saw the naked man.
"Yay! You called! I was worried you forgot me."
She climbed up and put his dick in her pussy.
"We've bene busy, Coal. Sorry."
She smiled as she bounced.
"Marli was replaced by Moss as city leader. So we own merica too. veric?"
"yay! I-oh"
She'd noticed Sybil's distinct belly bulge.
"He seeded oyu, Mistress?"
She had a proud smile as she replied.
"He did, Coal. We have our own!"
"I'm so happy for you! I wanna meet her!"
"Sure. Ember will take her while we conquor the world."
"I am going to introduce you to Lila, Coal."
"She's my sister!"
"Oh course she is."
He twirled the key and Coal lauhed asshe orgasmed.
"She's great in bed!"
"fucked her already?"
"I got her purity."
"Atta girl. Hmm. Key check. I not have Chos, Sie, Ember, marli, MArrisa, Coal, Fear, levithian, Seal, Lily, Lillis, Soren, Lunia, Moss, Ria, Savanah, Ifrit, Helia, Oak, Lei, Mara, Veralis, Auroua, Marlia, Minerva, Magi, Tiam, Vulpin, Vulpix, Wendy, Pearl, Loth, Lura, Mysteria, Lori, Lilia, Ila, Mir, and red. decent collection."
Ember smiled as he kissed her.
"When you're done with Doralia, we'll have enough of a secure base for you to have a manor in Tora. You cna store your toys there."
He smiled as he flooded Coal again.
"And put the ones we like most too. Liwek Coal here. She'll be tied up in her own room as a house wide fucktoy."
He chuckled.
"We'll introduce her to Ria. And Lila. That's an orgy that would never stop willingly."
They smiled and he kissd the sleepign bunnygirl and she smiled.
"fuck me, Master. Harder. Harder!"
He smiled at her sleeptalk and Coal did too.
"I love a good bunny."
"So do we, Coal."
He kissed the red haired maid and she sighed as she kept bouncing.
"I seeded Fear. She'll pop tonight."
"I'll send you home then."
"One more."
She bounced harder and got her last flood before he sent her home. he smiled as he kissed his wife.
"I love you, Sybil."
"I love you too, Tyler. Are you done for the day?"
He looked outside and saw the reddening sky.
"Yeah. Done all i wanted to do today. Plus I got easy access to tyos so there;s that."
ember smiled.
"Moss is ruling while I'm away. I'd like to tell her we have a new princess."
"Sure. Teleport to us."
She faded out and Sori moved to lay beside the tall devilman with her daughter Lori asleep on her belly.
"I've thought about what i want, Tyler. When we reach Tora."
He kissedn her.
"What have you decided?"
She smiled lovingly and held her daughter's head.
"I'll semi-retire. I'll stay at the manor with my girls for a while. and when you visit we'll go on more adventures. When i get bored or miss Lori or my girls, I'll go home. All I ask is we look for my other daughters. I have ten."
"We'll find them, Sori. I can put word out in the markets that elves with pink eyes are to be catoluged for us."
She smiled happily and hugged her.
"Thank you, Tyler. I wantedto retire so I could find them. I haven't seen my youngest is 2500 years."
"We'll send them to you, Sori."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
Lori was sound asleep on Sori's belly and the black haired elven mother smiled as she stroked her red hair.
"And I want a seed from you, Tyler. when Kori pops."
"Sure thing, Sori. We'll leave you with it in Tora."
"I like kids too so I'll help Ember with the clan."
He smiled and looked at Sybil.
"I seeded Seal too."
"She'll sent her to Ember. we don't have to worry about mermaid seeds as they're one of the best mothers in the world."
ember appeared in the room froma teleport and laid on the bed naked again.
"Moss has the reins. Marrisa was seeded by Ria by accident during a session. That blonde is out of control and so Moss has to rein her in."
Tyler snorted.
"Good freakin LUCK Moss. i tried. And failed."
Sybil chuckled at that one and Ember kissed him.
"Moss has her on a sex diet now. She goes overboard no blood."
"Ria has no other setting."
"Blood is a more potent desire then lust for vampires."
"Ha. This'll be amusing. oh."
He pulled a key.
The little sister goddess appeared and he hugged her. She giggled and hugged him back.
"All i wanted."
And she was sent back. Sybil chuckled.
"Okay. That was cute."
"ha. I have moments."
He kissed Mili's exposed pussy and she squeaked in her sleep. Sori smiled.
"We raped her well. Lori loved it."
"Like her mother."
"Yup! She's thinking of joining Chos, but hasn't decided yet."
she pointed to a band on her neck.
"Chos, remember?"
"Ah. Eh. Too many to remember."
They chuckled as Yokai came back into the room from her nude sunbath. He smiled.
"Morning Yokai."
"Hello, master. May I fuck?"
"Sure. You okay?"
She fit the pen si into her pussy for a soft ride.
"I am, MAster. so long as I am gentle."
"Okay. I love sunwarmed foxfur."
They chuckled as Yokai hugged therm all with her tails and they also loved ehr sunwarmed foxfur. Tyler smiled as he flooded her pussy.
"We'll enslave the sun goddess and make her warm us just from walking outside."
Ember chuckled.
"Ifrit does that too. When you sit by a fire, you'll be warmer."
"Neat trick."
Sybil smiled.
"I tried her panties on and they warmed my pussy. I liek them. I want a full bra and panty set now."
The fire in the mantle sputtered and the demanded items appeared.
"I'll seed you next time, Sybil!"
"Sure Ifrit!"
Tyler smiled as Yokai kept bouncing on his hardon.
"We'll have some fun in Tora."
Ember smiled.
"I'd ask no hard rape or sex in front of the children."
"Ha. sure. I'll seed you next, Yokai."
"Yes master. I want it."
Mili woke with a squeak and he smiled at the bunny.
"Morning Mili."
she smiled as her ears flicked.
"hello MAster. rape me?"
"Later. Go take a bath."
"Yes Master."
She got into the water as Yokai sighed as she orgasmed again.
"I'm sated, Master."
He kissed her and she laid beside Sori with a dripping pussy and Lori was there to put his dick inside her.
"Seed me."
Lori bounced with a look of pleasure on her face as Sori kissed him.
"And you'll seed me too just cause. AND my other daughters."
"i liek full sets."
ember and Sybil chuckled at that one as Lori was seeded.
"Ahhh I needed that."
She got off and laid on her mother.
"We'll pop together mom."
Sori smiled as she held her.
"we will, Lori. And we'll live together again."
"I'll look forward to fucking you again."
Tyler smiled as Sorven the catgirl walked in pushing their dinner trolley. The black furred cat sighed as they looked at her.
"Lily bought me and my pussy. So. I serve you too. Hoo-ray."
"Ha. She seed you?"
"She did. and I can't fuck again until I pop or I lose her."
They had dinner together and Sorven left. Tyler smiled as he settled into the bed with Sybil in his right arm, Mili in his left, Sori and lori on his chest, Yokai on his thigh with his dick in her mouth, and Ember on his other hip. He kissed his wife.
"Good night, Sybil. I love you."
"Good night, Tyler. I love you too."
"Night ladies! I love you!"

DAY 17.
GOLD: 53,386,661.
KILLS: 151

TYler woke to ember sucking his dick like an infant with a binkie. He smiled as he flooded her mouth and she drank...still sound asleep while Yokai was flat on her back with her tails arou8nd them. He looked and kissed his snow haired wife awake. She smiled.
"I love you too, Tyler. And tomorrow."
Her belly was large and swollen this morning. He smiled as he ran a soft and on it.
"I love you, Sybil."
"I love you too, Tyler. Luna hates you."
"She say WHY?"
"I'm better."
"Atta girl."
"I can feel her mind. She wants to play with the bunny."
"when she gets big enough."
"She'll grow far faster then a normal child since she's a devil. A PURE BLOODED devil. She'll look like I do in a mere month. And will look like that for however long she lives."
"Another snow haired beauty."
"She's embarressed."
"She hates you."
"She loves tyou."
He kissed her belly.
"Atta girl."
Ember got another drink and he kissed the girls awake. Sori smiled as her own belly was bulging.
"So. What'll you do today, Tyler?"
"Go play with the city. Defile a few purities, rape a slave, the usual."
Yokai smiled as she rubbed her own large womb.
"Moka will join us for the rest of the term, Master."
"Sure. I'll probably go take a fox. or Vulpix. Not sure yet."
Thety smiled and Sybil kissed him.
"Can you summon Coal? I want her."
"Sure. Coal."
The red haired maid apepared yawning.
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