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The Dragon Quest

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When a bunch of highschool students arrive in a fresh fantasy world? What would YOU do?

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DAY 1.
There was the sound of a loud wailing followed by a low grumbling sigh as a sleeping form rose from the bed.
"I fucking hate mondays."
"Yeah I'm up. Barely."
With another meloncholy sigh of utter disinterest the boy rose from his much preferred coccoon of blankets to gather his supplies for the shower. He took a moment to look at his favorite sight first thing in the morning: a five foot poster of his favorite anime waifu, Rias Gremory from the show Highschool DxD with her devil wings out and blood red hair fanning out behind her like a fan. He smiled on reflex like he did every time he saw her. God i wish i could meet her. Course I'd have no shot. Someone looking like I do? Pff. He sighed again and hopped into the shower as his family went about their usual morning routine. Tyler scrubbed his 5 foot 9 inch 225 pound frame with all the tiredness of a enemy ofthe the morning. Once cleaned up he walked out to get dressed while having his usual glare down with himself in the mirror. His eyes were a dark brown like his hair while his skin was pasty white from rejecting the sun for his cave. His attire of the day being a thin black t shirt that was baggy on his frame with a thick hoodie that made his bulky frame seem that much bulkier. He sighed as he buckled his jeans. I hate my life. He walked out as his obease sister walked in for her shower. The siblings utterly ignoring the other as Tyler took his spot at the long island counter of the kitchen as his even more obese mother went about her own routine.
"Remember you're grounded. No music."
He ignored his controlling stepfather as he ate his brekafast of cereal and an energy drink he'd snagged the day prior. Once fed he grabbed his bag and the rail thin man blocked his path.
"Hand it over."
"Leave me alone."
"Two more weeks for that. I am not a little kid in front of you."
"Yet you're the one makingt the scene."
That sent him ranting as the boy ignored him as usual. Tyler grabbed his bag and slung the thing onto his back before pulling his boots on and heading out the door. BEfore he did he made a point of putting his earbuds in wwhere his step father could see him. The man went to grab him but Tyler merely shut the door in his face on his way out. The boy sighed as he walked out into the crisp fall air of his northern new hampshire hometwon as his stepfather had no choice but to let it go or cause a scene outside. Something that was inconcievable in his mind. You'd think he'd have figured out I don't respect or listen to him. And so should just give up. The brown eyed guy sighed again as he slid down the ice covered hill to his bus stop like a snowboarder, much to the amusement of the other kids at the stop. Tyler smirked as he walked over.
"Hey Daym, nailed it."
Damion, oy Daym as Tyler nicknamed him, chuckled as the taller guy walked over.
"I lost ten bucks cause a you. Was certain you'd eat shit on the way down."
"Heh. I figured you'd made a bet. So that's why I didn't. Try again tomorrow."
Tyler smirked at that as he looked at the girl counting her well earned winnings.
"I hope next time you bet more, Hailey."
"Fuck off."
"Ha. Morning to you too."
"Why the fuck are you talking to me?"
Tyler smirked at her hate, well aware she couldn't stand him for whatever reason, but he'd always take the time to poke her. why? He liked her. The guy looked around as his sister slipped ont he cie and fell down the hill. That made him bust up laughing.
The others all glared at him as he utterly ignored his hurt sibling on the ground. the girl sobbing tears of pain and humiliation at his fat joke. Tyler for his part was looking at his mp3 player for a song in particular as the others went to check on her while he ignored her.
He looked over curiously to see Debie, Daimon's mother looking at him.
"Oh. Hi, Debie. When'd you get here?"
"That's your sister crying on the ground."
"So? why's that my problem?"
She blinked.
"You're family."
"And I should care why?"
His sister was surrounded by the other kids as she sat on the porch of a nearby house nad he shrugged.
"Besides. She's ot enough babysitters. Still need a crane though."
"I hate you!"
"Feeling's mutual. I hate you more though."
The pained yell of his sister was met with his utterly flat retort on the fly as he spotted a familar yellow bus in the distance on another street.
"And get over it. Bus is coming."
"My leg hurts!"
"They BOTH hurt. Carrying that around? No freakin wonder. Now hurry up an get over it."
He got slugged by another of the kids in the teeth for that. Only for the tall guy to retaliate with a vicious fist to his stomach that dropped him to the ground coughing as he fought for breath. That one sent the kids into a frantic frenzy with haile yelling at him.
"He's go0t asthma!"
"Shouldn't be picking fights then."
"You KNOW he has asthma!"
"Yeah I did. Idiot took a swing knowing I knew his weakness. That's on him."
The guy got to his feet after taking hits on his rescue inhaler with hate in his eyes.
"You are a fucking heartless bastard, Tyler. No wonder everyone hates you."
Tyler chuckled as the bus rolled up.
"I hate you too. So thanks."
The tall boy hopped onto the bus ahead of the fat retard that usually held up the line and grabbed his seat by the heater before settling in for the bus ride as everyone glared daggers at him, which he ignored. Tyler pulled his mp3 out again and was looking for another song as a low grumble was heard as Hailey was forced to sit beside him as no other seats were open and no one else was sharing.
"Just sit there an shut up."
"Yo're the one talking."
She gritted her teeth and looked like she was about to slug him when he found the song he was looking for nad leaned against the window for a light doze as the bus got moving. Tyler then noted the light scent of peaches coming from Hailey beside him.
"I like that scent."
"ew. Fuck off."
He smirked as his complement grossed the girl out immensely. I do like it though. He sighed internally as Hailey now forced herself into a seat of three to get away from the creep. Tyler didn't care as he spaced out more or less in the bus on the ride. The trip to their school taking no less then fifteen minutes and Tyler was up and off the bus with the first group soon as the doors opened. He walked along the raised courtyard utterly ignoring everyone as he walked to the doors and inside as the students could either mingle with the others or go to their classes. Tyler, having no friends whatsoever in the school just went to class and sat at his desk looking at his latest encyclopedia on rocksw and minerals as that was what was currently holding his attention that moment. he heard a sigh after five minutes.
"Did you seriously get into another fight at the bus stop, Tyler?"
He looked up to see the teacher, Mark walking in with a disappointed look on his face. Tyler shrugged.
"He hit me first. Not my fault I hit harder."
"david has asthme. You knew that."
"He knew it too. And yet still picked a fight. It's trying to bowl with a broken arm. You can do it, but it ain't gonna end well for you.."
The teacher sighed again as he sat at his desk.
"And how far in life do you think that hateful attitude will get you?"
"Far enough. Most millionaries and billionaries are assholes. Don't get even get me started on polticians."
That got a snort from the older man.
"I can not argue that one."
"Right? You're a math teacher. So that just makes you a dick."
"HA. That's a new one. even for you!"
"It's too easy to make fun of math teachers. No one takes em seriously."
"Okay. You've ruined my day."
"Sweet victory."
"An points for the epic song reference."
"I got it on this thing. somewhere."
Mark sighed as other students came in and Tyler just shut down to focus on his book. That kid. is absolutely hateful to the other students. And is yet hilarious when you get to know him. They hate him and when they dish it out, he just responds with his trademark viciousness. And then they go right back to hate. Tyler was looking at an entry on cobaltite he found mildy interesting when a girl looked over,
"Hey, whatya lookin at?"
"A handbook on rocks and minerals, Sarah."
"Really? Why?"
"I'm bored. Plus I saw an episode on underground mining accidents the other day and I got curious."
"Seems odd. Anything useful?"
HE shrugged.
"Not really. Some neat tidbits of random facts here an there."
"Like what?"
"Hmm. Welll. For one. I played skyrim last night and found an ore called corundum by whiterun. I thought it was a fictional ore. But. I was flipping through this and look here."
The girl leaned over curiously and he showed her the page in question.
"See? Corundum's the minerl Sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones coem from. Plus is often used in steel manufacturing. Not really useful, but kinda cool since in the game I kept fiding sapphires and rubies when I mined the rock."
"Huh. That's kinda cool. Anything else?"
"Hmm. Youy familar with the gem cobalt?"
She smiled as she sat back in her seat.
"I love the color."
"Same. I prefer glacier blue but that one's close. well. Coblat is actually it's own mineral formation called cobaltite. And is actually magnetic. In it's raw form at least."
"You know a lot. Is that all you read? Encyclopedias?"
"I read manga too. Some stephen king, and some fantasy stuff like lord of the rings."
Her eyes flashed.
"Manga? Like anime?"
"Yup. You?"
"ew. Get away freak. Only perverts read that."
He sighed as she leaned away from him and even moved desks to get further away. why i even bother? Tyler went back to his encyclopedia as Mark looked on sadly. That's why. He tries to be nice and they might even like talking with him. But as soon as he tells them his interests bam. They slam the door in his face. Even when they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. Tyler set the handbook down and pulled his current manga out and flipped to the section he was looking over as another girl came up laughing with sarah beside her.
"So pervert, what's the dirty book this time?"
He smirked.
"Attack on Titan. Have a look."
He flipped it around and they gasped at the panels of utter carnage as people were being eaten alive by giants. Tyler flipped the next page and they wee about to throw up as one guy was bitten clean in half with exacting detail. Tyler chuckled as he flipped back to his page as the horrified girls gaped.
"Manga and anime isn't all T an A. It gets dark. And this one is a legend since most of the mian characters you meet end up dying. Horribly. If you need some eyebleach, check it."
He flipped them anotherone from his back and they looked at the cutise title.
"Teasing master Takagei? This a hentai?"
"Not even CLOSE. It's called slice of life. Look it over and follow the instructions on the panels to read it."
Sarah sighed.
"dammit. I'm curious!"
she took the thing and sat beside him and got to flipping as Mark delayed starting class to give the kid a chance. Tyler smirking into his own volume as Sarah was soon awwwing at the cuteness inside. Then she passed it back smiling.
"Okay. That's adorable. Got anymore?"
"Of that one? I got the six volumes at home since it's always a good idea to have eyebleach on hand some a these. I'll bring in the second one tomorrow for you."
"Thanks. I like it. Slice of life?"
"Yup. Here. Check this one out."
He wrote the name K-on onto a piece of paper and passed to her.
"It's on Hulu. You can either watch it dubbed or subbed but tell me how you react once you get through it."
She blinked.
"It's a slice of life, right? Not that?"
"Oh hell yeah/ Kon is a legend in the slice of life category. and for a damn good reason. I won't spoil it though."
"HA. Thems the brakes."
Sarah put the recommendation in her purse as Tyler finished the volume he was readign with shaking hands and she looked at him concerned.
"You okay?"
"Oh yeah. Story's getting intense. But i don't have the next volume."
"Main character about to die?"
"More the entire city is. And them not being able to do a damned thing about it. I'm more interested to see what gives. The characters, or the monsters? Kicker?"
"This the third volume thus far. and over HALF the first cast you met are dead already."
Tyler smiled as Mark started the class. The tall boy taking notes and paying attention though every now and then he'd spot Sarah looking at him from the corner of his eye and found it hilarious. She was a pretty enough girl with long brown hair and green eyes he kinda liked. her skin was fiar and her rack respectable. He had a full head on her and she was half his size to begin with. Her outfit was a bright pink hoodie and jeans with sneakers. Tyler smirked as she looked at him again and she blushed! like full on blushed as she though he'd caught her. i did. But that's not what's funny! He'd also spotted hailey glaring daggers at him as Sarah was actually her sister! Tyler chuckled internally as the class broke for a fifteen minute break and Hailey marched over to confront him as Sarah went to the bathroom.
"Okay asshole. What the hell did you give her?"
He showed her the manga and she blinked.
"And the show?"
"Watch it with her."
"I am. And you better not get any ideas."
That made her blink as he opened the handbook back up rather then talk. Hailey was also a pretty enough girl with the same brown hair as her sister, but her eyes were a lively hazel. her skin was slightly darker and her breasts half a cup larger. Her outfit was jeans, a short sleeve T-shirt and some girl's workboots for whatever reason. Tyler spotted Sarah come back in and Hailey walked back to her seat with a final glare at him. Sarah smiled as she sat beside him.
"What was that about?"
"Big sis broke out her shotgun."
"HA. You're funny."
"I try."
Sarah smiled as she twirled her hair with a finger absentmindedly as he flipped a page.
"Something new?"
"Yeah. had no clue opal was used for pottery."
"I know right? Here."
he showed her the entry and noticed she had a scent of light cotton candy about her as she got close.
"Wow that is kinda neat."
"I've actually seen an opal once."
"Really? I haven't."
"My grandmother had an opal ring. No clue why. Thing was weirdly hypnotic."
Sarah smiled at that as he smiled.
"I like the scent."
"Thanks! It's my favorite!"
Now red in the face at the blunt complement Sarah sat back and had a rueful look on her face.
"I guess you're blunt."
"Like a freakin hammer."
" that."
"Word games suck."
That got an agreeing nod.
"Oh you have NO idea. My mom loves saying metaphors and teasign me with them. Ugh. Just tell it to me straight!"
"Testify sister. I for one hate those twoway statements. Like I'm sorry. Did you insult me or complemient me?"
"Those make my head hurt! And nine times outta ten it's both!"
"fun as hell to do it to people yourself, but god does it suck to be on the recieving end!"
"I guess. I try, but the ones i come up with suck. You good at them?"
He smirked.
"Kinda. I think it's all in the set up. Like a good one liner."
"I can see that. It's hard to set up a good one on the fly."
"Well. YOU're a good one. So set up enough."
"Wow. Cute."
He chuckled as she went red in the face while everyone else in the room just stared at him in mild shock at the smooth flattery. Poor Sarah was red as a tomato and Hailey was on the verge of the killing the man. Then the rest of what he said processed in Sarah's mind.
"Wait. what the hell do you mean set up enough?"
"wow. You suck."
He laughed at her now sullen tone aqs she saw exactly what he did. Then she smiled nervously.
"And thanks."
"sure. And remember that thing about the set up. Once you start seeing them clearly, be amazed how often you can throw someone for a loop."
Sarah smiled.
"You would know a thing or two bout that."
"It's fun screwing with people."
"So true."
The tall boy smiled at that as the clas restartedand Mark got to the next lesson as tyler set his handbook aside. The class went on for about fifteen more minutes when the intercom went up and they were called to the auditorium for some assembly. Sarah staying by Tyler as they walked to the large room and got seats next to each other. The burnette seemed really nervous as she followed him and he smiled.
"I don't bite."
She smiled at the attempt.
"You do bark a lot."
"Only to those that bark first."
"You like dogs?"
"More a cat person, but dogs are fun."
That made her smile.
"I got three cats actually."
"Sounds hectic. You got a laser pen?"
"Duh! I use it on them all the time!"
"wanna royally screw with em put a mirror in front of them."
"Oooh you evil bastard! I gotta now!"
"Just be ready to lift it. Sometimes they bumrush."
"Noted. Anythign else?"
"Put a pickle or a cucumber by them when they're not looking."
He shrugged.
"They're supposed to flip out."
"Oh. I'll do that too."
Tyler smiled at that as the assembly got underway with the princible talking.
"What's this about?"
"Don't look at me. I zoned out soon as he started talking."
She smiled at that one as once again she started fiddling with her long brwon hair and he smiled.
"I like how your hair shines, Sarah."
"Thank you."
Now blushing hard at this new one the girl had a bemused smile on her face.
"Starting to worry you have a crush, Tyler."
He looked at her,
"Would that be a bad thing?"
"I have a boyfriend."
"Ah. Makes sense."
She looked at him with an unreadable emotion in her eyes now.
"And by that you mean?"
"That the pretty girls always have someone."
"Oh. Thanks."
Now red in the face again she slumped in her seat as Tyler settled into his seat to sleep for the rest of the assembly. Sarah was so embarrssed she was giving off heat a good hand length away and Tyler smiled. Called it. The tall boy looked at the stage with a mild curiousity and noticed something floating in the air half way betweent he stage and himself.
"What's up?"
He looked at a now curious Sarah and to the floating object that was drifting along just above the heads of the other students.
"Okay. For safety. You see that flaoting ball bove Scott's head?"
She frowned and looked overexpecting some kind of prank.
"By Scott....what the hell?"
"You see it too?"
"Yeah what is that?"
Tyler sighed as he followed the thing with his eyes.
"In broad daylight?"
"Ghosts don't have a schedule."
Tyler watched as the ball thing floated to a spot above the students near the center of the room and a few other heads turned to look at it as they noticed it. Tyler looked around now as it hovered and noted fifteen more such balls around the room.
"what's wrong?"
Sarah looked at the bigger boy as he looked around.
"Thing's got friends. and a lot of them."
"Are we safe?"
"No clue. worst case, we die. Best case? Nothing."
She gulped as more people noticed the floating balls and Tyler sighed as he saw one start glowing.
"Isekai, ailen invasion, we're about to get superpowers, we're about to die, about to captured, or some combo of the bunch. Either way? Buckle up."
Sarah was now getting scared as the balls started glowing with bright blue lights in a pulsating pattern.
"We're boned."
"I loved that show."
She smiled despite her fear att he reference and he smiled at her.
"Better. We're fish in a barrel right now. So least we can go to hell with a grin."
That made her smile wider as he got poked from behind and saw it was Hailey doing the poking.
"Since we're about to die. I'd like to say I liked you more then you thought."
He smiled.
"Thanks, Hailey. I liked you too. You're cool."
He looked at Sarah as the balls glow got brighter.
"You? You're sweet."
The trio took hands by unspoken agreement as the balls flashed and it blinded them a moment before dimming hard. The auditorium was then revealed to be completely empty save for the contents of the pockets and bags of the missing people. And in a set of three seats were an mp3 player, three wallets, and a folded letter sealed with a lipstick kiss.
The next thing Tyler was aware of they were on the floor of a large ornate room sitting on a lavish red carpet. The tall boy in black was next aware of Hailey and Sarah holding his hands with a vicelike grip. he smiled at this briefly before looking around the room they were now inside. It being built more like the inner sanctum of a church and was constructed from the purest white marble that was arched like the inside of a watermelon. Tyler looked up and saw the ceiling was close to 50 feet above their heads with a mural of a roaring dragon with blood red scales attacking a city. The tall boy then looked at the walls and saw the white marble rose to about chest height on the wells before switching to solid black stone for the remainder of the chamber. The other thing he noticed was they were the only ones in the room with a set of double doors set into one side of the conical room. Tyler frowned as he rose to his full height with the two girls still holding his hands. Hailey gulped.
"Tyler? Where are we?"
He sighed at her small, frightened voice.
"No clue, Hailey. But I'mma find out."
He let their hands go and walked over to the doors as the rest of the people in the room recovered and grouped together. Tyler walked to the door and noted they didn't have a doorknob on this side of the things and were also curved to match the slight curve of the walls. He pressed on them and felt a slight give follwed by it stopping.
"Well. We're chained in here. I think I can break it though."
Mark the teacher came over as Tyler pressed on the solid wooden doors.
"Are we safe?"
"Most likely not. Fuck it. I-we-need answers."
Tyler took a step back from the door and wound up before planting a foot on the door with a vicious strength. There was a crystiline snapping sound as the doors blew open from the kick. Tyler smirked.
"Knock knock."
That made a few of the others sigh as the bold kid walked out the door.
"Hooooolllllyyyy shiiiit."
His voice of stunned shock inspired everyone to follow him and they too had the same reaction. for they were inside a dark, dank, rotting castle with moldy tapestries ont he walls, a rotted carpet onn the floors, and shattered glass windows looking out at a forest. Tyler looked at the shocked others.
"Something tells we weren't expected. Come on and stick together."
Mk and the other adults frowned.
"Okay. we'll take it from here. You kids get back inside and shut the door."
The kids nodded but Tyler was already moving along the hall alone. Mark called after him,
"Hey! You too! we don't if it's safe or not!"
"Why I'm gonna find out."
They sighed at that as Tyler spotted something against the wall.
There was a suit of old knight's armor standing to attention against the wall by a ragged painting od a sunset. Tyler walkedoverand saw the sword and shield were still present with the sheath. The resourceful teen took the sword and smiled as he saw it had an edge. The thing was a strictly one handed longsword with light grey metal, no rust, a razor edge, and a cord handle. The sheath he strapped across his back with the handle over his right shoulder before looking at the shield. the thing being in the shape of a kite with a cross on the center boss and two arm holds in the steel. He blinked as he hefted it.
"Things lighter an it should be. Cool."
The boy then looked down the hall as Mark and the others came over.
"You think you can use that?"
"Well enough. Alright. Step one. Loot the place. We need information, weapons, and any information on this world. We're not on earth anymore."
That got a gulp as a sound of footsteps was heard approaching from down the hall. Tyler blinked at the sound, notebly the unsual gait the sounds were making. Step, step, drag. Step, step, drag. Like something was limping hard as it walked. The group of adults and kids got behind the lone kid with the shield as Tyler took a stance with the shield and sword ready as a person's shilouete appeared at the far end of the hall. Tyler's eyes narrowed.
"That is NOT a person. Get back."
The others did indeed get back as the figure approached them. Tyler had the swordpoint hidden behind the shield as he got a look at the thing when it stepped into a pool of light from a broken window. He sighed.
"Trial by fire."
The figure was revealed to have yellow flesh with a rotting green slash across it's face that went straight to the brain and even had it visible as well. In height it was Tyler's hieght while rail thin in a mouldering black suit and tie. Tyler sighed as the thing walked on a broken leg towards him.
"Okay. Head or heart."
The sword wielding boy rushed the thing with the shield held high and the thing hissed at him like a snake. Tyler smashed the creature int he chest with the shield and knocked it right over before he stabbed the thing in t6he heart with the sword. it hissed again before bursting into blue fire and burning to ash. He sighed at this.
"Typical undead."
He swung the sword to get the festering liquid off the blade as the others walked over nervously to look at the warrior. Mark was the one to ask the question.
"what was that thing?"
Tyler sighed as he looked at the pile of ash.
"Best guess is a draugr or something like it. Zombie best explaination. Come on. If there's one, there's more."
TYler sheathed the sword over his shoulder and got walking along the way the now dead creature had come from with the rest of the kids and teachers behind him. The tall boy looking the mouldering hallways and shattered glass windows over with the eyes of a highly experinced role playing gamer and weeb. Isekai. And looks like it was an unexpected summon. Hmm. The group found no other doors set into the walls and the windows were far too high to be reached as the walked along the 10 foot wide corridor. TYler making note of the remaining paintings and the fact they all depicted the same dragon or man in a crown riding a dragon as they went. Okay. Dragons are big here. and the crown is tied to them. How closely I'll have to find out. They came to another set of double doors and Tyler frowned as they too didn't have any handles or knobs.
"That's not a good sign. That chamber was pristine. And yet they had the doors leading to it chained shut and the handles removed."
Mark was getting scared now.
"And what does that mean?"
"Either they wanted to keep something IN, or we were summoned to be KEPT in."
Thety shuddered at the implications as Tyler kicked that door open as well. This time they were mometarily blinded by a sudden burst of light before blinking it away as their eyes adjusted. Then they found themselves looking into a very dense forest stretching as far as the eye could see. Tyler blinked at the sound of singing birds and the wind in the timbers. The trees themselves were also collassal. Dozens and dozens of feet wide and soaring hundreds of feet high the t things created a green ceiling that masked the blue of the sky from the ground based gawkers. Tyler then looked at the dirt.
"Hey Jeff."
A tall guy with the physique of a runner came over.
"You hunt, right?"
He blinked as he saw Tyler's train of thought.
"Yeah. Lemme see."
Tyler stepped aside and Jeff frowned as he saw the patch of dirt leading into the hall.
"Huh. That dirt's not been touched in years. Not with that level of crusting."
TYler sighed as he walked out and looekd at the building they'd just exited.
"And that hallway's a part of a long forgotten castle. Look."
They walked out and did look. Only to blink at the ruins they gazed upon. For a once mighty castle had been reduced to a few towers missing their tops, the walls destroyed with signs of extreme heat since a few were even melted. TYler looked to the front gate and smiled.
"Let's see if the main hall's got any leftovers we can scavange. In any castle seige, the main hall's the last line of defense."
They nodded as for the time being? They didn't have a better idea. Tyler led the way to the shattered front gate and into the castle proper. The main entrance being a good 30 feet wide and opened up into a small townlike area with various buildings ranging from a smithy to a multitude of barracks before the roadway reached the bottom of a set of grand stairs leading to the ruined keep. Tyler and the others walked along the roadway avoiding the massive stones and shattered glass of a lost battle. Tyler looking for bodies and skeletons of any variety in the torn out fronts of buildings while the others were shaking at the profound silence of the ruins. Not even birds were heard singing anymore as they strode on the stone walkway. Tyler looked into one window and spotted movement and held a fist up as he drew the sword.
"Got movement. I'll go take a look."
The boy walked to the ruined front of the building that was two stories tall with a large hole blown into the front where the door had been. Tyler walked inside and the moving shadow turned on him with a hiss. He sighed as it was another of the zombies that died with a single stab to the heart. He walked out and shrugged.
"False alarm. Another of them things."
They shuddered at that before Tyler looked att he castle.
"Screw it."
He set off for the keep with the others right behind him as he was the only one that was armed. Tyler walked up the grand stair case to the ruined front door of the keep and sighed as he saw the damage. The doors had been completely blown into the keep with enough force behind it to take a solid thirty percent of the wall with them. The main atrium was littered in rubble while the high flung ceiling above their heads was poked full of massive holes that can only ceom from things tearing through it to get inside. Tyler then looked at the floor and saw the thing was littered with skeletal remains. HE sighed at the sheer numbers of skeletons with some in full plate armor in clear defensive lines.
"I knew it. This castle got hit hard byt a massive force and they holed up here to make it work for it. Alright. See what you can come up with for gear. Something tells me we're here to stay."
They gulped at that as Tyler walked over to one sksleton laying on the floor in golden scale mail with a crown on it's head holding a longsword with a scale grip. Tyler noting the armor had a massive rent of three claws on the breastplate he knew had gottent he heart when it existed.
"Poor bastards. We need your gear more then you do. So thanks."
Tyler took the scaled longsword and found it to be dozens of times lighter then his current blade. Tyler swapped them and spotted a shield beside the fallen leader and lifted the gold scaled kite shield. Again it was dozens of times lighter and with more comfy arm rests. On the center boss was a crest with a man riding a dragon into battle. Tyler looked back at the skeleton and took the crown off it's head. The thing being solid gold with a blood red ruby set with golden claws into the metal. Sarah looked over from her skeleton and saw him with the thing.
"What? You wanna be king now?"
"nah. Thing might be valuable."
She chuckled at that excuse as Tyler looked at his skeleton, or more accurately, his position. The gold armored skeleton was set behind the first three ranks of skeletons all in heavy armor with wall shields. Tyler sighed as he saw this.
"He hid behind his own men to direct the defense from the back."
MArk frowned as he strapped an axe onto his back.
"He was the ruler. They don't usually put their lives in danger like that."
"A true leader stands at the front against whatver dares stand there while rallying the ones they're leading behind them."
That made him smile as Tyler spotted a bow on the ground by what looked to have been an archer.
"I love the thought behind that Tyler."
That made him chuckle as he took the longbow up.
"I got a few things kickin around in here, mark. Odd. The string is fresh."
He did a few test draws and found the twine string to be both supple and freshly waxed while the wood was also gleaming nicely. He sighed and took the half empty quiver of arrows from the skeleton.
"This one hasn't been here long. Makes sense."
The others were looking around the room as Tyler found a suit of chainmail ion his size he donned under his shirts. Then the last piece he found was a good set of daggers taken from a few bodies. Happy with his loadout he looked at the group as they gathered.
"Alright. we need information now. This keep might have what we're looking for, but keep the heads on a swivel."
They nodded and Tyler led the way to the shattered throne of the dead leader before taking a hard left towards a door set into the wall. The armed kid opened the door without issue and they found themselves faced with a full audience chamber with a number of seats in a semicircle around a large highbacked chair with some book shelves behind it. The group went to shelves and Tyler sighed as he saw the offerings.
"Only things here are tomes on the local plantlife. Makes sense anything useful woulda been looted already."
Mark frowned.
"The weapons and armor?"
"Probably a curse or the attackers were in a hurry. That last one makes sense."
Tyler then looked at a wall and smiled.
"Bingo. got a map."
The kids and teachers gathered around as Tyler unrolled it on the desk.
"Okay. First we need to find north."
One of the geography teachers looked out the window.
"The sun is still rising. Unless the sun rises differently here north is that way."
Tyler nodded and looekd at the map. Noting how it was a mere map of the region with the castle the center.
"Conveinent. Okay. Castle's name was Drakonfall Hallow. Which means there's a city to the west about a half day's journey. The country's name is Mossilia. And this region is called Drakon. The city's name is Drako. Sensing a pattern here."
They smirked at that before Tyler sighed.
"Okay. We're lost in another world. With zombies and magic if they're anything to go by. we got brought here without anyone knowing besides the summoners and so can assume not a soul knows about us. Which means we're lost in a foreign land and might not even speak the langauge. we don't even know what the hell the currency is here. That said, so long as we speak the tongue here we can improvise. Only thing left is this: Stay together, or split up."
That got a mass of murmers as they discussed it. Hailey looked at him.
"What're you gonna do?"
"I'm making for the city. I think I'll hit this one alone. But if ay of you wanna go with me, feel free."
Sarah and Hailey looked at each other then looked to Mark. Then to Tyler. Sarah sighed.
"I'll stay with them."
Hailey nodded.
"Yeah. Seems safer."
The others also elected to go with the rest. TYler smiled at them and passed the map over.
"Alright then. Good luck to ya. And whatever you do, do NOTA, OKAY? Do NOT let the natives know we're not from around here. Something tells me it won't be pretty. Plus we have the subcultures."
They nodded and Tyler headed for the door as Sarah bit her lip.
"Be careful!"
"You too!"
She smiled as he walked out the door. TYler sighed as he crossed the boneyard again in the main hall. They're gonna die. He spotted another quiver of similar sized arrows and took them for his own. The lone boy got his barings in the ruined town and headed west for the city. The trees rustling in the wind as the grass crunched underfoot as he walked leaving the ruined keep behind with his classmates. I just hope I speak the tongue here. Or I am SOOO boned. Tyler smiled as he walked through the trees listening to the birds singing. Long as they KEEP singing I got a shot.; The lone warrior bypassed a tree and blinked as he stepped onto a large dirt road stretching far as the eye could see in either direction.
"That's conveinent."
Tyler hopped onto the road and followed it along the desired direction with his eyes and ears wide in case of surprise. The lone teenager whistling as he walked his long limbed walk missing his mp3 player while noticing a loud ringing in his ears he could not remember being there. The sword, shield, and bow on his back weighing less then his backpack did empty and he wondered at it. The sword along should weigh 8 pounds. That shield a good 10. Yet I feel like there's a mere 5. odd. He enjoyed the absolute solitude as he walked, not even missing his sure to be panicking family back in his old world. My sister's probably looting my room, my stepfather's having a releaved rink, and my mother hasn't decided to care yet. He shrugged at that as he rounded a bend and came upon a strange sight. A large covered wagon was laying on it's side with a group of people milling about the thing. Tyler tilted his head as he approached. Bandits? Most likely. The teenager got closer and heard some talking,
"Now then pretty one, who's gonna get to be first?"
Tyler drew his sword and shield silently as he heard a woman sobbing,
"Please. Don't hurt my daughter. I'll do it, just please, spare her."
That got a round of chuckles from the men as pants were dropped.
"depends how good you are. Now come on. Open that pretty mouth. That's it."
Tyler smirked as he got within range without the preoccupied bandits realizing a thing. The warrior lunged with the sword and stabbed the talking man in the center of his spine, killing him instantly as Tyler slammed the pointed edge of the shield into the back of another stunned man. There were originally 9 bandits, but two dropped dead leaving seven. Tyler reversed the grip on his sword and spun a vicious circle as the caught-with-their-pants-down men scrambled and tripped over themselves to react. The shield's sharp point at the bottom of the pantagon shape slashing another man in the belly as Tyler stabbed another int he chest. They dropped dying as the remainder fell to the ground as they fumbled with their pants and belts. Tyler chuckled as he stabbed each one in the heart.
"idiots. Always have a lookout."
The last laughed as he got stabbed.l
"We did!"
Tyler pivoted and an arrow bounced off his shield from inside the trees. He sighed as the coward hid in the trees rather then face him head on.
"If ya come out now, it'll be painless."
There was a low snort from a tree to his right and Tyler dropped his weapons with a deliberate clang as he pulled his own bow with an arrow ready in the same movement. His chainmail deflected a second arrow and Tyler smirked as he aimed.
"Hey fuckwad. I surrender."
The idiot poked his head out around a tree in shock only for Tyler's own arrow to take him in the eye.
"Idiot. That was not supposed to work."
The warrior turned now and was faced with a terrified lady holding a trembling dagger aimed at him with one hand, and the other wrapped tightly around a small girl of maybe 6. The lady was a beautiful specimen with long golden hair that shown in the sun while her eyes were a lovely blue that sparkled like the sun on water. Her outfit was a long dress that was badly ripped around ehr waist and chest letting her massive breasts be seen in all their double D glory. The girl beside her had the same blue eyes and blonde hair while wearing a black and white dress like a maid outfit. He found her cute as hell. The woman gulped as the man that had killed 10 bandits with such ease looked at her trembling daughter.
"If you seek a reward, just please, use me. And be gentle."
He smiled and put his bow up.
"Appreciated. And you're good lookin an all, but prefer it be fun and NOT a bribe. I'm Tyler, miss?"
She narrowed her eyes in suspision.
"If you're not after my body, why'd you help us?"
"If I didn't, who else was?"
That made her blink and she lowered the knife.
"You won't hurt us?"
She deflated from relief as she couldn't find a lie in his words. Then she hugged her daughter tightly.
"It's okay, sweetie. We were rescued."
The girl started crying and Tyler looked at the tipped over wagon.
"Hmm. I MIGHT be able to fix that. But step one. You two get your marbles b ack an I'll see what the idiots left us."
The woman nodded as her girl sobbed from her near horror.
"I'm Lyris. This is my daughter Yirsa."
"She's a cutie."
The girl blushed through her tears and smiled a litte as Tyler was leafing through the pockets and gear of the dead bandits.
"Thank you."
"Sure thing sparkles."
"Your eyes sparkle. I kinda like it."
Lyris was smiling as her girl stopped crying and hid her face in her chest oput of embarrssment.
"Aww! I think you embarrassed her out of her fear!"
"That's cute too. So mind telling me what happened?"
The blonde mother sighed as she stroked her daughter's hair.
"We, me, Yrisa, and my husband Yorlod were riding down the road minding our own heading for Drako when an arrow took Yorlod in the chest and the horse pulling our cart in the shoulder. She panicked and broke her straps. The wagon tipped over and she bolted right off the cliff over there. They came then."
"A lightning strike. Interesting. Where'd Yorlod land?"
"Under the wagon on that side."
Tyler sighed as he peered around the thing and saw the spattered remains sticking out from under the wagon.
"We'll get a sheet or something for the remains when i flip the thing over again."
"You have the strength for that?"
Tyler kicked the wagon and felt how solid it was.
"I should. Worst thing is I get him out from under it at most."
Lyris smiled at this kindness.
"Thank you, Hero."
"I'm no hero. Just a kid in the right place at the right time."
She smiled at that as Tyler looked the archer over last.
"Hm. They had a camp up there."
He looked at Lyris.
"I need to check that camp for more captives. Think she can handle the walk?"
Yrisa became indignant.
"I'm half elf. Of COURSE i can handle it!"
"Atta girl. Lyris?"
The woman smiled as she brushed her blonde hair aside, revealing that she indeed had pointed ears.
"I can too. And thank you for defending us."
"No biggee. I got practice in with me blade, rescued you two, and killed 10 people. That's a good day inn my book."
"you have a funny sense of humor, Tyler. Pray tell, did they have any coin on them?"
Tyler pulled the clinking pouches out.
"They did. But I'm not from this country and no clue what they had."
He passed it over and she blinked at the amount inside.
"They worked this spot hard. In total they had 5 gold coins, 100 silver coins, and about 55 copper coins. That's enough for three days at the local inn, meals included."
"You can take the looted coin and I'll see what the camp has?"
She smiled at this.
"You're very kind, Tyler. Put our pouches are intact. You need this more than we do."
"I have everything I need and you lost a husband. Take the thing."
That made her smile brightly as he traced the bandits' tracks back to the trees.
"Thank you. Again."
"No biggee. Come on I got a trail."
Yrisa skipped over to walk beside the tall warrior and smiled up at him.
"Are you gonna be my new daddy?"
Lyris tugged at her collar in heated embarrassment as Tyler patted the giggling girl.
"Sadly not, Sparkles. I'm only 15 afterall."
"that's it?"
"Yup. You?"
She looked at him curiously.
"I'm close to 150. Yet you look older then daddy did and he was only 550."
"elves live longer then normal humans, Yrisa."
"Oooh. I keep forgetting that."
Lris smiled as she came up beside him.
"I'm the elf actually."
He blinked and looked at her. She smiled disarmingly.
"I can tell you're not from this country. And my eyes see a most....unsual....tension in you. Wherever you're from it doesn't matter. You saved our lives."
"My home's a complicated place, Lyris. Wrong people hear of your suspiscions, it won't be pretty."
"I see. Another country then."
HE nodded gratefully and looked back at the forest as they walked. FUUUUUUCK! Elves will see right through me. And I still don't know how they'll react to me being an outworlder! He forced the worry out of his head as they came to a large clearing a few minutes from the road with a mass of tents encircling a firepit. Tyler noted a few more people moving about and looked at the mother and daughter.
"Get down. and STAY here. I'll drop em."
They nodded and he pulled his bow before moving towards the first tent with all the noise of a ghost. Tyler reached the first camp and heard light breathing inside. He smirked and pulled his knife before making a small cut in the canvas material to see a sleeping bandit on a bunch og bedrolls on the ground. Silent as a mouse Tyler was beside him locking his nose off as he stabbed him twice in the chest and was out the back to the next tent. The camp had ten tents and the next he found was empty so onto the next one. Ashe passed one tent a man in black robes walked out and took a spot by a large mound of dirt to take a piss. Tyler smirked as he came up behind him, stabbed him in the ribs twice and once in the heart, and dragged him to a thicker patch of bushes out of sight. The murder making no more noise then a rustle of grass. Tyler peered around the tnet and spotted a man looking at a map by a table with three more people before a lone guard was seen patrolling the perimeter in his direction. Tyler pulled his bow and took aim as the man approached. There was a soft twang and the shaft took him in the heart, punching right through his chainmail with a slight clink and he dropped to the ground. Tyler was moving around the camp now and found another sleeping man in a tent who he stabbed in the heart. The four at the table were talking earnestly when the one in the center looked up.
"Hey Yord. The pass is closed this time a year, right?"
Tyler smirked as he drew his bow while the man called Yord failed to answer. The leader sighed now.
"Dammit Yord. If you're asleep again, I swear to the gods I will kill you. markus, go kick him."
"Yeah boss."
Tyler was in the perfect position as the man walked over grumbling to the spot he'd killed the two.
"Damn you, Yord. Boss asked a ques-"
Soon as he was beyond the sight of the other three, Tyler took t5he shot and the arrow slammed into his back hitting his heart and lung. The man was dead before he hit the ground. The assassin smiled as he fitted another arrow to his string as the men looked over and saw Markus was gone now too. The leader frowned and drew a greatsword.
"Check the camp. Something's up."
The three survivors split in three directions and Tyler smiled as he shot one in the heart as he stood in the blindspot of the other two. he crumbled to the ground silently and the second was hit a moment later leaving only the leader. Tyler smiled as he walked into view behind the man as he ducked into a tent and gasped,
"Alarm! we got an assassin in thye camp!"
He came rushing out of the tent only to be faced with Tyler's drawn bowstring.
"They know."
He fired and the man dropped to the ground dead with the barbed shaft in his chest. The lone warrior chuckled as he looked over at the trees.
Lris and Yrisa came out now with nervous expressions as the boy had assassinated men in their own camp without their companions knowing a thing. Tyler smiled as he put the bow on his back.
"Alright. Let's see. see if they had any captives and I'll check for valuables."
They nodded and Tyler went to the table the four had been looking at. He smiled as he saw the map of the local area with various landmarks and destinations marked for later visitation. Plus there were some places marked for loot, danger, to be avoided, to be raided, and places were goods were to be sold.
"I'm taking this."
Lyris looked over as he rolled the map up.
"The map?"
"Yup. I don't wanna get lost again."
That got a giggle from little Yrisa as Tyler next went to the largest tent and found a small chest set against the backwall.
He opened it and found the thing to have a small pile of coins, a few pieces of paper, a jet black dagger, and amold set that made him tilt his head.
"Now that's outta place."
He took the mold as Lyris poked her head in.
"Find something?"
"Yeah. A mold for a crest."
She blinked once she saw the intricate design.
"That's the royal crest of Mossilia! Only those of royal blood are permitted to look upon it!"
Tyler frowned hard as he looked at the thing.
"I think we found one of the molds for their brooches. Neat."
He looked around and spotted a large backpack and took it down as Lyris gulped.
"The crest mold. I suggest you take it to Drako. The next city over. It's the capital."
"Sure. I think I can get paid!"
That made her laugh as he put the coin fromthe chest into a large sack,
"The coin found here is yours?"
"I'll split it with you, as again, you lost a lot in that attack."
She sighed at this.
"It wouldn't sit right, getting a handout."
"Then don't look at it like a handout. More....compensation. They ruined your cart and the goods on it, right?"
That made her smile.
"You clever boy. And that does sound better."
The trio worked the camp over and Tyler looked the robed man over last, finding more pieces of paper with names written on them.
"Hmm. Firebolt, water slash, Acid Shot, and stun. These spells?"
Lyris blinked at the question.
"Is magic not permitted in your country?"
"It is, they keep it secret. I assume things are different here?"
"They are. read the name of the paper and press it into your hand."
He did as requested and the paper branded itself into his right hand. She smiled.
"And there you go. You can now cast a spell. Just picture whatever form the spell takes and think of your mind as the bow."
"I think I got it. Water slash."
He swiped his hand across the air and a thin blade of sky blue water arced from his hand to cut a tree trunk clean i9n half on the other side of the clearing. Tyler smiled as he saw this.
"I like magic. mana?"
"Feel anything?"
He tilted his head as he felt his body.
"Not really. More like I just picked a five pound block off the ground."
She blinked.
"That meabns you have a truly massive mana pool inside you. A tragedy your country doesn't teach magic freely."
"eh. their loss."
Yrisa came over now and got a hug off the warrior as they left the stripped bare camp to flip the wagon over. The thing was still there and Tyler walked to the other side and gripped the edge and set his feet.
"Get back Yrisa."
He heaved on the wagon's edge and the thing gave a loud groan of timbers as he lifted it with strain before it flipped onto it's wheels with a clatter and crash. Tyler was panting slightly as he dusted his hands off.
"That was easier an I thought it'd be."
Lyris came over with a sheet and Tyler helped the widow load her husband's badly crushed body into the wagon covered in the sheet before Yrisa tilted her head.
"Who's going to pull the cart? Our horse is gone."
Tyler chuckled at her question.
"I will. And don't go there. I WANT to help you keep something."
Lyris just smiled at this kindness.
"Thank you. Can i request you keep an eye on Yrisa a moment? I need to change."
"Damn I was enjoying the view. Sure."
The blonde woman had some color go to her cheeks at this as she went behind the cart and Tyler got a hug from Yrisa. The small blonde giggling as he lifted her up into his arms.
"Wow, Tyler. You're really tall."
He smiled and sat her on his shoulder.
"Now so are you!"
She giggled hard at her new position.
"I like being tall!"
"So do I! Though doors sometimes fight back."
She looekd down curiously.
"How? They're doors."
"Sometimes I'm taller thent he door. and don't notice."
She burst out laughing at the image he created in her head and his tone. Lyris came back a moment later in a fresh dress of l;ight blue that sadly didn't display her massive bust. Much to tyler's disappointment. She smiled teasingly.
"I offered."
"I know. Yet I'd prefer it actually be willing."
That made her hug him and she whispered below Yrisa' hearing.
"It's a two day trip to Drako with the cart."
"You sure?"
"I am. I'd like"
"Alright. Hop on."
She laughed at that twoway statement. She took her spot on the bench and Yrisa giggled as he took the drawbar in his hands.
"Giddy up horsy!"
"Wow. You luck you cute or I'd get mad."
"See? Cute!"
"It was."
Now red in the face, Yrsia pressed her face into her mother's arm as Tyler got to pushing the cart and found it surprisingly light as they got going. Lyris blinked as he made it look easy.
"How strong are you?"
"No clue. Strong enough, I guess."
"Just keep being gentle with Yrisa, and I'll allow it."
"Yes, Lyris."
"Wow, mommy. Your face is red."
Tyler smiled at that one as he got into a comfortable grooze pushing the cart. This is hilarious. Now I'm a horse! He smiled as the strong teenager helped the family make great time on the road as Lyris looked atthe darkening sky.
"We need a campsite. There's a well hidden spot just ahead by those ferns."
"Got it."
The warrior rolled the cart off the road and down the very well hidden trail to a small clearing with a river flowing around a large slab of rock set against a rock wall. Tyler noticed white eldritch lines carved into the rock and looked at Lyris.
"What're these?"
She blinked at the question as her and her daughter hopped down from the wagon once it was settled into the shadow ofthe rock.
"Those are Guardian runes. A magical repellent to keep monsters and demons away when you camp there. Does your country not have those either?"
"Guess not. Or if they do, only a very few select few get to use em."
The blonde elf sighed at this as Tyler helped them set up a three person tent before he built the fire from wood taken from the surrounding woodland. Then they sat around the flames as Yris tugged her mother's sleeve.
"I'm hungry."
She sighed.
"I'm sorry sweetie. The bandits destroyed everything and they didn't have any supplies in camp."
Tyler looked at the gently flowing river. Then smiled.
"Ha. Shouldn't be a problem."
He took his bow and headed to the water's edge. The mother and daughter watched curiously as he made a few adjustments to his position before taking aim with his bow. Yrisa looked at her mother.
"Momma, what's he doing?"
"I have no idea, sweetie. Let's watch."
Tyler smiled and fired the arrow, and as he pulled the thing out of the water he had three good sized trout impaled by the gills on the thing.
"Ha. I still got it."
Lyris blinked as he set a fresh shaft to string.
"It's called bow fishing."
"Oh. A techinque fromy our country?"
"More sport. More fish on the shaft at once wins a prize. And keeps the fish."
He fired again and had four this time. Happy he pulled his dagger and Lryis smiled.
"I can handle that much."
"Sure. I'll get a couple more. I spotted a good pike in there and missed twice."
Yrisa helped her mother flay the fish as Tyler grumbled by the water.
"Come on you bastard. Hold still.....GOTCHYA."
They looked and blinked as he lifted a 6 foot pike from the river with the arrow in it's head.
"Gotchya bitch. Come on."
Tyler carried the large creature over and Lyris just shook her head at this most strange warrior. The trio flayed the fish and Tyler pulled a thin rock over for them to fry it on as Yrisa used some recovered cups for river water from the cart. The fish were cooked to a turn and they dug in with gusto before Tyler buried the unusuable parts on the far side of the clearing. He returned in time to see Yrisa fighting to stay awake by the fire, her tramuatic day havinjg drained her energy. Tyler smiled and as she fell forward again he caught her.
"Come on sparkles. Bed time."
She smiled tiredly as Lyris felt her heart ache at the sight of the dangerous boy carrying her small girl to the tent and tucking her in. He then rejoined Lyris by the fire and she pecked him on the cheek.
"Thank you, Tyler. So much."
He patted her soothingly on the back.
"You're welcome. What were you heading to Drako for anyway?"
She smiled and rubbed her belly.
"I'm expectant, and it's the elven way to bless the unborn child in a temple to Halla the Elvn goddess. Yorlod was a human and he followed Torsin the Bear. A barbarian deity if you can believe that. His request was to have the child blessed by both. I said why not?"
She had large tears in her blue eyes as the reminder hit her.
"Now he's dead and will never even know if it's a boy or girl."
Tyler hugged the grieving widow tightly as she sobbed silently into his shoulder and him stroking her soft blonde hair soothingly without a word. The woman lett he tears fall for a while before sniffing hard and just clinging to the solid teenager like a lifeline.
"Thank you."
He smiled at her soft, barely a whisper voice. And just held her tighter.
"Are you okay?"
She smiled and looekd at him with peace in her eyes.
"I will be. I'll visit both temples and have the child blessed as he wished. Maybe, I'll feel his presence there. But how do I tell Yrisa? She thiniks he's asleep."
"Tell her he's gone hunting with Halla."
That made the elf smile.
"She'll understand. When she's old enough. But for now, that will make her smile. And give her something to be proud of."
He patted her back and the elven widow leaned on his shoulder by the dying fire. She smiled as the fire popped.
"I'm tired."
He pulled a branch at the edge of the fire and it smothered itself with a low hiss that made Lyris chuckle.
"That's a ranger trick."
"I know a few things. Not many but a few."
That got a smile as they went into the tent to see Yrisa had fresh tear stains on her face and Tyler sighed ashe gently wiped them away.
"She knows."
Lryis nodded sadly.
"She does. That poor girl."
"She'll be fine. She's stronger an she knows."
That made her glow with pride as he removed his shirt and mail to lay on the fur bedroll.
"She is very much so."
Tyler settled and Lyris took her spot beside him and rested her head on his chest.
"Do you want it?"
He looked ather.
"If you want to give it."
She smiled sweetly.
"If not?"
"Then no. I won't have you force yourself."
She kissed him on the mouth this time with a happy smile.
"Thank the gods it was YOU that saved us. And I do want to give it. But I'm tired tonight."
He patted her hand.
"It's your choice."
"Thank you. Good night, Tyler."
"Good Night Lyris. Night Yrisa."
"You're too cute for cloak and dagger shit."

DAY 2.
Tyler woke with a start to the sounds of birds singing, in a tent, in a forest, with two girls on either side of him. He looked to his left and saw an adorable little elven girl holding his arm with surprising strength against her body while on his right a beautiful elven woman was holding his arm to her blue dress in a way he could feel her large breasts quite nicely. What the FUCK happened last night? Where-oh. Isekai. That's Lyris, and that's Yrisa. Okay. He looked back at Yrisa and smiled att he elven cutie as she snuggled his arm like a bodypillow. Then he settled back as Lyris opened her blueeyes with a smile.
"She's so cute like that."
He smiled as she moved his so he was holding her by the waist instead her holding him.
"She is. A shame to wake her."
The elven mother rested her head on his chest and he loved how her hair felt as it brushed across his skin.
"You really warm."
"You're really cuddly."
That made her smile as she kissed him again.
"I'll give it tonight."
He looked into her blue eyes,
"You sure?"
She nodded smiling.
"I want it. From a man."
"Alright. So long as you want to."
She got a strange look in her eye now.
"Do you not?"
He smiled.
"I do. But I can't enjoy myself if SHE'S not enjoying herself. Plus, seems a little soon to me."
She smiled and rested her head on his chest, listening to his beating heart.
"You have a kind heart, Tyler. And I need to move on. So I want it."
HE hugged her with one arm as Yrsia woke with a squeaky yawn and smiled at the two.
"Morning, momma, morning Tyler."
They hugged the blonde elf cutie tightly.
"Morning sparkles."
"Morning sweetie. Clean up before breakfast."
Tyler caught a few more fish in the river as Lryis relit the fire. They had breakfast together before the girls loaded into the cart and Tyler took the drawbar. He whistling as he pushed the thing along at a light run, making the ladies laugh at the scene of the mighty warrior pushing their cart like a horse. The trio rolled along the road in the forest without any issues with Tyler loving the mindless change of pace from studying for pointless tests and fighting his war with his family to pushing a cart with two elven beauties sitting inside it. Tyler rounded a bend and they left the forest behind to step out onto rolling plains of tall green grass as far as the eye could see. He whistled at the sudden transition.
The plains were a beautiful shade of green with the stalks of grass waving like ripples on the open ocean in the light after noon breeze, bringing with it the scent of millions of different flowers and blooms with it. Tyler looekd up and smiled at the expanse of open blue sky that again stretched as far as the eye could see. back on the ground he looked ahead and spotted a far off tower surrounded by lesser towers in a semicircular pattern with a silvery white gleam to the far off buildings. Lyris smiled.
"Those are the royal tower, council chambers, and military leader towers. Drako, the towering city."
"Damn. That's intense."
They laughed as he looked up again and spotted a sea of craft flying to and from the city in clear lanes. Some being simple ships hulls under massive balloons, others being shaped like planes and aircraft from his world. Yet others were shaped like swords and spears that flew. He chuckled at that as they rattled along the thoroughfare.
"I sure ain't in Merica anymore."
The elves missed his beneath the breath statement as they were taking in the sights of the grasslands while Tyler pushed the cart without any sign of flagging or fatigue. They traveled hard that day and Lyris stood upright ont he footplate to look around at the landscape.
"There's another Traveler's Rest an hour ahead, Tyler."
"Got it Lyris."
Yrisa was loving her ride as they pulled into the rest. This one having the same white runes carved into the dirt but was situated against a large semicircle of rock like the last. Tyler smiled as he lit the fire and made fish from the river for dinner with help from the ladies as various airships and other craft passed overhead with a low hum or low rumbel depending on the size of the craft. Once they were settled Tyler looked the looted coin over from thye bandit camp.
"Hmm. LAl told we got 65 gold, 435 silver, 665 copper. Does the coin convert here?"
Lyris nodded.
"Yes. But not like you'd expect. A single silver is worth 1,000 coppers. a single gold, is worth 100 silvers. And you have to visit a bank to exchange money. There's a fee too. for every 10 silvers converted, the kingdom takes 4. for every ten gold, the tax is 5. It gets a little pricy to convert coin so most just hoard it until they have millions of coppers to the point it don't really matter."
"Scary system. How's the rule?"
she sighed at this.
"king Dracis isn't the most......patient......of people. He can be outright insufferable with his laws and bylaws."
Tyler narrowed his eyes and looked to the capital with new eyes.
"And you're going there, why?"
She smiled.
"Because Mossilia is a matriarchy. NOT a patriarchy. King Dracis is an insufferable bastard, this be truth, but the queen Vulpine is simply heavenly to be around. Dracis has no real power without her backing and only in her presence."
"How stable is their relationship?"
"Unstable at best. He's king only in name and hates that fact. She tolerates him because he gave her a simply beautiful daughter by the name of Emily. Word around the capital is Queen Vulpine has been looking for a fresh suitor to replace the king. Whether this be truth I know not for certain."
Tyler sighed now.
"I wouldn't stay in drako any longer then I absolutely have to, Lryis. Countries with that type of strife between rulers are powderkegs simply pleading for someone to throw the match."
She blinked at his insight and warning.
"What do you suspect?"
"A coup, at worst. Dracis has his wife assassinated and seizes full power."
She gasped hard at this suggestion as Yrisa tilted her head.
"Why would he want his wife dead? If they're married, don't they love each other?"
He patted her hair fondly.
"They should be. But sometimes love goes away and people wind up stuck. That's why you must choose your husband most carefully, Yrisa."
She smiled and snuggled against him.
"I will."
He hugged her warmly as Lyris sighed now.
"I see you come from a strife ridden country, Tyler. And that is a tragedy."
He sighed as well before looking back at the capital.
"Well. I'll drop the mold off and get out of the city."
Yrisa looked at him.
"What'll you do?"
He shrugged.
"No clue. Maybe see if there's an adventurer's guild and join up. or just up an roam."
The blonde cutie rested her head on his shoulder.
"why can't you stay with us?"
He looked at Lyris and she smiled.
"He's an active warrior, sweetie. we were planning to settle in Drako, remember?"
She looked at her,
"I dom but why can't he stay?"
He hugged her warmly.
"Cause I want to go on more adventures. Don't worry. I'll visit."
She sniffed.
"Mean it?"
"I promise."
That made her smile as she hugged him back.
"Kay. Just bhe careful, okay?"
"You too, Sparkles."
She blushed as usual before yawning hard and he carried her to the tent and laid her in the bedroll. Once she was comfy, Lyris appeared behind him smiling.
"She won't wake up. ready?"
he smiled widely.
She smiled eagerly this time as she undid a bow knot in the back of her blue dress and it fell from her frame with ease and a rustle of cloth. He blinked as her massive breasts flopped free and his sword stood for war as her slit had a small tuft of fur at the top. he stripped as well and her eyes went wide as she saw her night's sword.
"Oh dear. Just be gentle."
He smiled as she laid on her back.
"I will."
The eager teen placed his spear on her spot and she wrapped a long leg around his waist.
"Don't force it. It's a good deal bigger then what I'm used to."
He leaned in and kissed her softly as he applied a soft pressure and felt her part around him.
"Damn. I love it."
She smiled with a slight pant as she stretched to accomadate the sword.
"Slower please. Oh my, and you're only 15 years? Scary."
He suckled on her large rack as she adjusted before feeding more into her until she was fully stuffed. Now panting from the strain and the feelings flooding through her she smiled.
"Slow. But I love it."
He kissed her as the thrusting began and soon enough she was bucking to meet him as she got used to the girth and loved it immensely. The two played for a few hours before she got a fresh cream and moaning orgasm as he fell into her marvelous melons. Then she smiled warmly as he kissed her.
"I loved it. Thank you for being kind."
He smiled as he threaded his fingers in hers.
"Thanks for letting me."
She groaned as it was removed from her and shuddered att he closing feeling.
"Damn. You ruined me!"
He kissed her warmly and she pulled the dress back on without any underwear as that was just not an option right then. He pulled his own clothes but not the shirt and she settled her head on his chest.
"Good night, Tyler. You're always welcome wherever our door is."
"Good night, Lyris. I'll visit often. Night Sparkles."
"How the did you tell?"
"She's too cute for sneaking."

Tyler woke to see Lyris asleep on his chest with his arm around her waist in a most protective manner and on his left was little Yrisa curled into a ball in the crook of his arm. he smiled as he stroked her soft blonde hair fondly. I'mma miss this little cutie. I'll visit her often. He looked back at Lyris and kissed her awake.
"I have never experienced such romance before. I love it."
She opened her beautiful blue eyes with a smile and Tyler kissed her again.
"I like to spoil my girl."
That made her glow before she kissed him again.
"You are the only man. In forest elf culture, once gthe husband goes to his hunt, the widow is only permitted one other male lover in her lifetime. She cannot marry the lover though as the first is still waiting for her. Normally I'd turn to women for my pleasure and I intend to. Just know you will be that one lover."
He kissed her again.
"I'll pop in between escapades. whatever they are."
She smiled proudly.
"I had a dream last night."
"Ha. when elves choose their lovers, they have a dream of their future ahead as a warning from Halla in case I am not certain. Would you like to know what I saw?"
He smiled.
She smiled with such...pride....he blinked.
"I saw a mighty dragon encircling myself and Yrisa in it's impentrable scales while we on the inside were bathed in a warmth of a kind I have never known. There were others, but we were in the center of the coils, as if WE were the powerful beast's coveted trove. I looked at the dragon's head and a voice told me that the dragon was called Tyler. And that he was a legendary dragon with a ferocity unmatched even by the other dragons when those he loved were threatened. They say he has all the power of a dragon king and all the viciousness of an archdemon of pain. I smiled at the dragon and it looked at me and nudged my chest with evident love and affection. Then it used it's long tongue to fondle my naked breasts. Yes, i was naked as well. guess you're kinda an addict. I just smiled as i had never before felt so protected as I did in that dragon's coils. I woke up to see you kissing me with her arm wrapped around me in the same way as it's tail was."
Tyler blinked at the lengthy description.
"Soo, I'm as powerful as a dragon, a sex addict, got the soul of a demon, and build a"
She smiled at this and kissed him again.
"Something like that. I kinda like the addict part though."
"Wow. we're gonna need a proper bed though."
"I'll manage. My sister owns an inn in the city."
He kissed her again before rolling over to hug Yrisa awake. She giggled as she opened her blue eyes.
"You're warm, Tyler!"
He scooped her up for a tight hug.
"And you're cute!"
She blushed as always and pressed her face into his chest to hide her embarrassement. He stroked her long blonde hair a few times before they left the tent and had fish for breakfast. Then the cart was loaded up and they were moving with Tyler doing the pushing. Lyris was still unable to wear underwear due to her session and was blushing slightly at the new breeze as Yrisa was happily humming beside her. Tyler looking ahead as they went, noting the towers were far closer then yesterday.
Lyris smiled.
"That sounds right. I'll sell the cart and use the moeny to help us."
"I'll take 10 gold, 100 silver and 200 coppers from the treasure chest. Use the rest to get back on your feet."
"You sure?"
He smiled over his shoulder at her.
"You need it more then i do. That black dagger I'll keep as well."
She smiled warmly as Yrisa hugged her.
"Tyler's great."
"Just really, sweetie. He's my One."
"yay! Now he HAS to visit!"
"was gonna."
They laughed at his miffed response as they approached a long line of people and caravans waiting to get into the city. One man laughed as he saw Tyler pushing the cart.
"Make your wife mad, laddee?"
Tyler sighed.
"Bandits. Found her and the cutie under attack by bandits."
The man sighed as well.
"Bad business. My apologies."
"You're good. Those bastards got sent to hell though."
"Good on ya. The cart?"
"Didn't want them to lose everything. Plus, one casualty."
"Oh that poor woman. You got a heart laddee. Don't let it die."
Tyler chuckled at that.
"Oh that died years ago. Now I'm just pretending."
Yrisa giggled.
"He's really nice!"
"Thanks, Sparkles."
The man laughed at that one.
"Sparkles? it fits! Good on ya lad."
The man was next in line for the guard and Tyler looked up at the imposing walls overhead. They towered easily 400 feet above his headand stretched as far as the eye could see in either direction with wallgates like the one they were at scattered here an there. The wallgate itself was also a collassal structure with a portcullis 50 feet wide and was raised 60 feet in the air. The gate had three lanes of traffic; one going in, one going out, and a large 20 foot expanse that had columns of armed men moving in and out clad in full armor or on horses. Tyler then looked back at the guards and noted the crest on the emblem was different from the one on his own shield. The thing being a howling wolf with a moon backdrop while his was the dragon roaring at a field. The man was let in and Tyler rolled the cart up and the guard looked at him.
"Name, business and origin."
Tyler smiled politely.
"I'm Tyler, that Lyris and Yrsia. The ladies are headed to see their sister and bless the woman's child. I'm heading to see the queen about a mold I found. Origins...ladies?"
Lyris smiled.
"The region of Drakon, sir."
The guard looked at Tyler.
"You. Your face bothers me for some reason. have you ever been in the capital before?"
"No sir. Just blew into the country a week ago."
"odd. I could swear to the wing I saw you somewhere."
Tyler smiled a little sheepishly.
"I wouldn't put too much stock into it. It happened so freakin much back home it's not even funny. I shit you not, I once went to a sea port town no less then a thousand leagues from my hometown, and people STILL thought they knew me."
The guard shrugged as he looked closer.
"I guess you just got one o those faces. And your business with the3 queen?"
Tyler lifted the corner oft he mold into view and his eyes widened.
"A royal mold. I see. The queen will be informed. Clear!"
The cart was waved along and Lyris took over navigating as Tyler blinked at the layered city he now stood in. Drako was a massive city built in tiers that rose a story at a time with homes and businesses on each teir leading to the Towers in the center of the city. The road they were walking along was one of the main thoroughfares of the city and was lined with clean cobblestone while on the sides of the street were one story buildings with flat rooves level with the next teir above them with gardens and parks built ontop. The city's teirs were connected by a medium ramp at another set of walls a set distance from the outer walls, but weren't as impressively massive. Them being more or less level with the next teir of the city moving inward. from Tyler's estimate, the city had no fewer then 24 tiers. The result was the upper tiers soaring above their heads in a wal they were visible from any part of the city and allowed for easy navigating since the Towers and Upper Tiers were the exact center of the city. The main thoroughfares led straight from the outer walls to the royal Tower plaza like a spider's anchoring webs. Tyler whistled as they turned a corner off the main route and down a sidestreet on the first tier.
"This is a untakeable town."
The elven lady smiled.
"You have no idea how right you are, Tyler. In all the histor of the city, it has only fallen ONCE, and that was because of a traitor opening the wallgate from the inside. The gates are independent of each other and so recieve different types of support. The higher tiers have everything from catapaults and cannons to ballistae and launchers of magical attacks while the lower tier has hundreds of thousands or knights ready to man her walls."
"And I bet the nobility live in the higher tiers, right?"
"Actually no. They live all over the city as the properties on the higher tiers are open to all. provided you have the coin on hand."
Tyler looked back at the street as they were waiting patiently for a chance to go at an intersection that was crammed by more carts and people on horses. The sidewalks and overhead pathwas were packed to bursting by more people of more races then Tyler had ever seen in more places; elves, humans of every race and color, animal people of every variety, hell even a few reptile people Tyler had never heard of were stridng the stone walkways on their way to whatever. Lyris smiled as he looked around awestruck at the bustling city.
"I can tell you've never been to the big city."
"Oh I have. Just never gets old."
Yrisa giggled at that as they headed along the street with Lyris pointing the way.
"Now take a right here. Go three crossings down and take a left."
Tyler followed her words and in under ten minutes they arrived at the inn in question. The building being a thatch cottage with white paneling interlaced with wooden supports wrapping around the various windows and doors of the homey looking inn. There was a wagon parking section and Lyris smiled as he settled it in.
"I'll see my sister and then we'll take Yorlod to Torsin's Hall."
Tyler nodded and used a knife as a wedge in one of the wheels. She looked at him curiously.
"What's that for?"
He smiled as Yrisa stretched beside him.
"Antitheft trick. They try to move that wagon, the damned wheel'll snap."
"That is so clever and simple i love it."
He smiled as yrisa hustled him to carry her. The little elf loving being tall as lyris led the way inside the inn with Tyler carrying the small elven girl. The first thing that hit the warrior was the scents of meat, firesmoke, pipesmoke, and other such scents of an active inn and tavern. The second thing was the noise as adventurers gambled, bickered, ragged on each other and created general chaos inside the place while other patrons got quieter meals in the far corners away from the more active fighters. The place was open with long trestle tables in the center of the place with blazing fireblaze on either ends of the room and many windows lining the front. In the back of the room was a long bar with various patrons all throwing drinks back while on the right was a set of stairs leading to the upper rooms and on the left was an aisle leading to the bustling kitchens. On the far left were smaller tables for one to 6 people looking to relax after a day's work. Lyris led the way down the middle aisle of the room as Yrisa gulped nervously at the roe. Tyler smiled as he patted her.
"You're okay, Sparkles. I gotchya."
she smiled and pressed her face to his collarbone.
The elven mother walked to the bar where a mountain of a man in grey overalls and a ten shirt was wiping glasses. He had a vivid red beard and hair while his arms were thickly corded from years of backbreaking manuel labor doing whatever it was he did besides serve beer. His eyes were ice blue while the tips of his ears were tipped like razors, declaring him a pure elf while Yrisa's tips were rounder and softer indicating her half elf heritage. The small girl was happy nestled in the warrior's arms as Lryis walked up to the bartender.
"Brock. I made it."
The man looked over and smiled with joy as the blonde was seen.
"Lyris! You made it girl! Was wonderin when you'd get-where's Yorlod? And who is THAT holding me cute granddaughter?"
Tyler blinked at tTHAT claim, and did double takes from Lyris' golden tresses and the man's fire hair. Yrisa giggled as Lyirs sighed sadly.
"we need to talk, granpi. The trail....wasn't good to us."
The man's eyes narrowed dangerously as he now glared at tyler, who locked eyes with him and lifted an eyebrow without fear. That made him smirk.
"You got a spine kid. Come on. Marki!"
Another burly elf appeared from the kitchen, only this time his skin was coal black and his eyes were blood red. Brock nodded at the bar.
"Take over. Something happened to yorlund."
"Got it chief."
Tyler followed the group with Yrisa still happily nestled in his arms into the back of the inn through the kitchen and as they passed a cook putting the finishing touches on a fried bit of fish he smirked.
"Toss a pinch of thyme."
The lady blinked as he said this but obeyed the odd demand. Brock glared at him for the stunt.
"What the ell you playing at?"
"Trust me. You'll see."
Lyris smiled.
"That's Tyler. You get used to it. I think."
Brock noted the look on his granddaughter's face and the tone in bher voice as he led them into a cloth covered room with padded cloth seats around a low to the floor table.
"Weapons on the ground at my table."
The warrior set yrisa on her seat giggling the whole time before he set his weapons beside him in easy reach. Brock then looked the gear over and blinked as he saw the crest on the shield.
"You're a noble?"
Tyler chuckled.
"Not even close. found it in a castle not too far from the road. Maybe half a day's walk. Belonged to the leader. Seems someone had a problem with the place as it was covered in skeletons and even had a few undead walking around."
The red haired elf shrugged.
"There be more lost keeps in Mossilia then actual towns. But not the matter at hand."
Yrisa hopped out of her seat to sit in Tyler's lap all smilesand he chuckled with a hug.
"Next time asik, Sparkles, kay?"{
"But you're fun to bother!"
"Can't argue that. Just know that now I get to bother you."
"Sorry. I'll ask next time."
He hugged her warmly and Brock looked at his granddaughter in disbelief.
"Lyri, what happened?"
She shuddered as she retold of the ambush and Tyler's magical appearnce and rescue. Tyler was playing with Yrisa in his lap as brock sighed once the tale was told.
"I see. Yorlod went to his hunt. And that brave warrior saved you."
Lyris smiled now.
"he has shown me so much kindness, grandpi, even letting s keep the lion's share of the looted coin just to get back on our feet since our entire lives were in that cart. Yrisa adores him too. right sweetie?"
She giggled.
"Yup! He's my big brother!"
He hugged her tightly.
"I got a cutie for a little sister, right Sparkles?"
She blushed as always but smiled anyway.
Brock smiled at the adorable sight.
"Your petname is sparkles?"
"Her eyes sparkle when she smiles."
Yrisa smiled and blushed at the complement and Brock smiled as well again.
"They do indeed, Tyler. I love that name."
Lyris smiled proudly now.
"I chose him as my One, grandpi."
Brocik blinked.
"That was his reaction."
Again she retold of the trip in exacting detail as Tyler just hugged Yrisa. Though Brock blinked once he heard of the dream.
"You're telling me he's got the dragon in him?"
"Not IN him, Grandpi, he IS one. The dragon WAS him. Like a dragon pretending to be human."
Tyler shrugged as Brock looked at him in mild shock.
"I don't screw around when people I love are in danger."
That made him smile approvingly.
"I can respect that. Yet the demon soul worries me."
"I may be a protective dragon normally, but back me into a corner, and all hell breaks loose."
He nodded.
"Again. I can respect that sentiment. Your plans for my daughter and granddaughter? surely you won't be taking them adventuring with you?"
Tyler smiled as he patted Yrisa, making her squeal.
"Once they're set up in town I'll get back to my adventures and pop in every now and then to ruin their week. or however long I feel like it. Places I'll most likely wind aren't nice to cuties liek Yrisa."
"See? Cute!"
Brock laughed at that as yrisa hid her face again.
"Oh she's got you good. Alright kid, I can see the truth from here. Yorlod?"
"In the wagon."
He nodded sadly.
"The family will take him to his Hall. You may be Lyris' chosen One, Tyler, and deserve it you do, but I'm afraid the laying to rest is our task."
Tyler nodded.
"I completely understand. I have some business to handle at the palace anyway. The loot's here, Lyris."
He pulled the sack out and removed 10 gold, 100 silver and 200 copper from it before sliding it over to her. She smiled at this.
"Thanks. Feel free to come back once you're finished."
"I will. Onoly inn I know in town right now. No hustling."
"Dammit.Kid's sharp."
They laughed at Tyler's shutdown and Brock's irritation. Then the big elf smiled.
"You get a room here long as oyu like, Tyler. I cannot thank you enough for saving my girls like you did. And our door is always open to you. and yes we'll always have a room ready for when you blow into town."
"Nice racket. Thanks Brock. You be cute now, Yrisa."
She looked at him,
"You leaving?"
He hugged her tightly.
"I'm not leaving town. Just headed up to the palace. You have some things to handle here. I'm coming back."
"You better."
"Yes Yrisa."
"Good! I'll allow it."
"Wow. You're a little dictator aren;t ya? But you cute so I'll hug you."
She blushed as he did hug her before buckling his gear back on as Lyris and Yrisa went to get a well-earned bath. Once they were gone Brock rose to his full height to look at the boy as he strapped his sword over his shoulder.
"No I did not set them up. No I'm not gonna just disappear. Yes I'll visit frequently, well. Frequent as I can at least. No I won't break their hearts. and yes I'll look after them when in town. I miss any?"
Brock snorted at the rapid fire answers to his about-to-be-asked-questions.
"Nope that covers it."
"No I won't make a mess and I pay."
"There it is."
"And I'm nice to the serving girls."
"You have this talk before haven';t you?"
"Only with a loaded crossbow in my like ten people. Small village you see."
"HA. You know then."
"Yup. We done?"
"Just need to check on that order."
Tyler smirked as they headed to the lady he'd bothered. She smiled as they walked up.
"He loved it. So he got another one."
Brock blinked and Tyler chuckled.
"I got a few things floating around in here. l;ater Brock."
The red haired elf just scratched his hair as Tyler walked out.
"Just who the hell is that kid?"
Tyler walked back to the main thoroughfare whistling before turning to the palace. Something tells me the royals will know EXACTLY what I am. I-oh yeah. I still got that damned crown. Eh. No biggee. I'll give it to yrisa when i leave. Princess of cute, am I right? He smiled, nearly able to hear that scamp's ego trip now. The tall warrior passed through the other wallgates on his walk to the palace taking note the buildings the further in you went became newer and more intricately designed with one building rising a solid 10 stories above the ground with a freakin hole in the middle floor in the shape of a greataxe that airships were flying through on their way to wherever. Tyler then looked at the people around him and noting their attire shifted from leather and cloth to sleek fur and bright satin. HE chuckled at this observation. there IS a large gap from poor to wealthy. Interesting. The lone warrior walked towards the massive Tower in the center of the city and tilted his head back to look up. It being constructed of white marble along the first 60 or so floors before switching to a neon red that only grew the brighter the further up you went. On the ground floor was a large set of double doors leading into the palace with throngs of people moving in or out with lines of armoured knights moving all over the place. Tyler adjusted the sword on his back and headed to the front door whistling. He got in line behind a man in a fur robe and he looked over his shoulder at him,
"My word young man. You are a savage barbarian. Thinking of entering the royal palace in such atrocious attire."
Tyler looked over his shoulder, as if expecting someone to be there before looking down and tilting his head. His hoodie and jeans were still clean despite the fights he'd been in and his shirt still smelled fresh from the laundry he'd done the night before the teleport. So, visibliy confused, he looked at the man.
"what's wrong with it?"
The man pursed his lips at the ignorant man.
"You are indeed a lowly adventurer. You seek to stand before her royal grace looking like some dusty vagabond. How obscene. This is why I can't wiat for his grace to take the throne. He-"
"I'm sorry? I thought this was a matriarchy?"
The man smirked.
"For now. His grace is a most wise ruler and knows her grace's days are limited indeed."
Tyler chuckled now.
"So that's his play? Interesting."
The man frowned as t his tone.
"Speak lad. What do y6ou know?"
"Nothing you need to worry about. maybe. Anyway you'renext."
The man huffed at this and was screened by the guard as Tyler sighed internally. Great. That queen's got the noose around her neck and that king's hand on the lever.
Tyler stepped up and the guard glared at him.
"Name and business before the queen."
"Tyler, sir. I have a mold to return."
"Ah. Go on. She's expecting you."
Tyler walked in and blinked at the layout of the building. The place was merely a set of raised bleachers lined with lavish chairs in which nobles sat in with a long red carpet leading to two thrones set against a massive stained glass window of the crest. Tyler looked around and spotted sets of lifts heading to the higher floors and as he looked up he saw the floos above had crystal colear glass floors. Creating a very disorienting illusion of there being NO floor and people just walking on air.
"Yeah that's gonna screw with me."
He walked along the read carpet towards the thrones lokin the rulers over as he approached. The king was an older man in his late forties with grey black hair and red eyes that had a look of distinct irritation in them and a hint of frustration. Tyler sighed internally again at this. Numbered and the clock is ticking. The man was a full head shorter then he was and considerably rounder then him as well. He was clad in a fine grey robe while one his head rested a crown like the one in Tylers bag only he could tell that one was a replica on sight. Beside him on a higher raised dais sat a truly beautiful woman with vivid silver hair that hung to her feet while her eyes were brillantly shinging emeralds that had an oddly hypnotic effect when looked into. Her skin wa spale and slightly lumionus as well. Her breasts weremassive and swelled the thing gown of white satinshe wore that covered her tall frame. She being a solid 6 feet tall with a circelt of gold on her brow that contained a sparkling sapphire. She sat with her long slender legs crossed in a way that showed off their flawless beauty with her hell clad feet on display as well. Beside her sat another lady with the same features as her mother, only younger with a smaller bust. Tyler walked up to where the rug ended and an announcer stepped forward.
"Presenting the high Queen Vulpine, crown princess Emily of the fair heart, and the king Drakis. Speak your name before the court, traveler, and the reason you stand before the royal family."
Tyler smirked.
"name's Tyler, your elegance. An I found something you might want."
She lifted an eyebrow as he reached intohas bag.
"How refreshing. A straightforward man."
Tyler chuckled as he grabbed the mold.
"I know when I'm outfoxed."
That made her smirk.
"You have no chance."
"Noted. Here you are."
He pulled the mold out and a round of exaggerated gasped went up from the nobility as he held the thing up.
"No clue if it's the real deal or not, but word is you like these things."
Vulpine rose from her throne with an imperious elegnace that made Tyler smirk. Put on a show why don'tcha? The princess was merely observing but Tyler noted a look of excitement on the king's face as the queen decended the steps of her throne with clicking footsteps. What is this? That king.....rigged. He sighed and looked at the mold now.
"Hmm. What then hell?"
The Queen stopped midstep at his confused voice and lifted an eyebrow.
"Something the matter?"
"There's a freakin needle hole in this thing. what the hell?"
The queen blinked and Tyler looked closely,
"It's already gone off! what rhe? Oooh so THAT'S what that was. An I thought it was just a splinter."
He reached around his back and pulled the irritating thing poking into his skin and the queen stepped back once he had it out.
"That's a poisoned needle. That mold was rigged! Alarm!"
Tyler sighed as he tossedthe thing aside and lifted his hands as knights came pouring into the room.
"wasn't me. I got freakin pricked by it."
The queen blinked at that one as the king was sweating bullets.
"and yet you discover this falsehood just now?"
"Once I learned it was royal property, felt best not to screw with it too much. Plus I was kinda busy. escorted an elven family that got attacked by bandits two days out back tothe city."
The queen was looking into his eyes the entire time and nodded as Tyler stood surrounded by spearpoints.
"I see no lie in your eyes. I deem you an unlucky bastard."
The knights took a step back when an old skill in Tyler's arsenal flared up and he blinked.
"Get down!"
The queen reacted like lightning as a crossbow bolt slammed into the spot she'd been standing an instant before. Tyler's sword had cleared it's sheath and his shield slammed into hisoff hand as a group of masked attackers rushed the queen and princess as they retreated in terror as their knights were caught by surprise and overwhelmed. Tyler reahced the ladies first and pivoted to take a stance.
"You, foxy grab the bow and quiver. Aim for the eyes. You, second fox, get down flat and don't move."
He felt the queen take the bow and arrows,
"We live through this, you'll be a hero."
He smirked.
"Nah. Just a lucky bastard."
She smiled at that as the first of the attackers reached him,
"Water slash! Firebolt!"
The dual spells caused a mass of steam to exploded after three men were cut down by the water spell. Tyler rushed then with his shield up, bowling three men over for the queen to dispatch with a trishot of arrows as alarm bells exploded into action throughout the city. Tyler retreated to the spot before the queen and the terrified princess after the rush lost momentum,
"Acid shot!"
There was a low gasp of shock from behind him as he sent a stream of jet black liquid into the faces of four of the masked attackers, and the screaming began whixh Tyler smirked at.
Five more wobbled as the spell disoriented them. Tyler rushed again with his shield before pivoting on a foot in a circle to slash the throats of the stunned before dancing back to defend the queen as she aimed arrows over his back.
"You good, foxy?"
"You're having fun with that, aren't you?"
"I like foxes."
"I'm okay."
"You princess?"
"Yes. Please, be careful."
He smirked and took a fresh stance.
"Take more an these idiots to bring me down."
He rushed again as the remaining ten fighters regrouped,
They blocked his waterspell with their own casting,
"Oh really?"
Tyler slammed his shield into their magic barrier with a ferocious force and the sound it made was like a heavy bell toll as Tyler smiled widely at the ripples.
The firespell turning the air around them into a red tinged dome,
"fire an arrow into the dome, I'll handle it from there."
The queen smiled at the order and took aim with three shafts before firing all three in the same post as Tyler hopped backward, planted his feet and lunged with the tip of the sword impacting the same spot as the arrows at the same time. The barrier shattered and the three shafts took one in the chest as Tyler spun another circle, cutting two throats on his way by,
The survivors wobbled and Tyler killed 6 of them and was moving to the seventh,
"Spare that one. I need answers."
Tyler looked around and saw the room was quiet as the nobles were cowering behind the wall oh heavily armoured knights as they came racing to defend the queen. Tyler shrugged as he swung the blood off his blade.
"Class dismissed."
Vulpine smirked as she handed his bow back.
"It has been too long since I put arrow to bow. I must admit I miss it."
Tyler chuckled as he replaced the quiver on his back.
"You wanna go raise some hell, go for it. what're they gonna do? Tell you no?"
She laughed as he helped emily off the floor.
"You good?"
She smiled with a pale face.
"I am, thank you. are you alright?"
He looked himself over,
"eh. Just covered in blood. That's nothing new. Pro tip? Get a snack of something sweet."
"Yup. Like cookies or something. Helps with the nerves."
She smiled sweetly.
"I will. Thank you again."
He chuckled then looked at the king as he poked his head around the dais.
"Is it safe?"
Tyler sighed as the lone survivor was dumped on the floor.
"Alright. Mind if I get this one?"
Vulpine lifted an eyebrow.
"You'll break him?"
"In record time."
"Now I'm interested."
"So am i."
She smirked at this forward ploy as Tyoler pulled his dagger and walked over whistling to the cowering man on the ground,
"what to do to you? What to do, what to do. eh. Start off simple."
The shaking man looked at him and Tyler smiled widely as he hefted the knife.
"I can smell a lie at a hundred paces. Talk, and I won't skin you alive."
The man shuddered but closed his mouth.
"Oh. Good. I hoped you'd say that."
The man tried to vanish into his mind as Tyler cut his shirt open.
Only for his intrigued noise to send a cold shiver down his spine. There was a heavy tug from his neck and Tyler smiled at the locket he now held.
"She's rather pretty. SHe's just cute."
The man started shaking as Tyler looked at a most intrigued Vulpine.
"I wonder. You think a goblin den would enjoy them?"
The queen blinked. Then smiled wickedly as she saw his train of thought.
"Why go that far? We have a race of trolls that live under the city for just these types of things. And they love our woman immensely. Breeders you see."
"Huh. Think fast."
He tossed the locket to the queen and he looekd back at the horrified man.
"talk. or I'll deliver them to their new lovers myself."
"what the hell are you?"
Tyler smiled a slow, creeping smile and the man shuddered.
"what am I? Ha. I'm a Dragon. Choose. wisely."
The man looked into Tyler's eyes again and he licked his lips.
"Okay! okay! I'll talk! Just get away from me you monster! and leave my girls alone!"
Tyler flipped his dagger laughing to the queen.
"Hook, line, and got em. He's ready for you."
"He's too small for mhy tastes."
"Nice to see some high standards in a high society lady."
She smirked as she strode imperiously down the steps like a tigeress on the prowl.
"I have never heard that one before. Impressive. Now. You. Your purpose."
The man shuddered.
"To kill you and blame it on elahein to let the king ascend the throne."
Tyler frowned.
"The poisoned needle?"
"The first attempt. We were the backup plan."
"Soo the mold was a plant."
"It was. The one that found it would bring it back to the queen and the trigger would fire the poison. You should be dead by now."
"I'm immune to 99% of toxins due to a misshap in my homecountry involving a magical experiment. My shots are dead as well."
Vulpine blinked at this.
"Thank the gods for temples then."
"Right? Thank the gods for idiots that pissed off the wrong donkey."
She smiled at the image he presented before looking back to the man.
"Your reward?"
"An earldom per person, 250,000,000 gold per person, and the pick of the women of the realm."
Tyler was looking at the now white as a sheet king as his plans were laid bare.
"The nobles were in on it as well."
"A few were. i have names."
"And you know so much, because?"
"It was how our company ran. Grunts get the same information asn the leaders so we're all on thye same page."
"I like that system i must admit. Been a part of armies that had no communication besides orders with the top."
Vulpine smiled at that.
"I do too to be honest."
Tyler chuckled at that before frowning.
"Hold up."
He looked at the captive man anew.
"So what you're saying, is the entire first attempt was dependant on some jackass finding the mold, KNOWING what it was, and where to bring it?"
The man nodded.
"Yes sir."
Tyler frowned harder as he looked at the queen.
"That plan has more holes then an active flower girl at a pre wedding party."
Vulpine smirked as Emily blushed at the images conjured.
"Nice image, and you're right."
TYler looked back to the mold now for a switch or trigger.
"Hmm. I am missing something, and I feel like it's right under my nose."
The Queen shrugged.
"A faulty plan?"
"If this were just a mere argument between nobles I'd agree. but to usurp an entire queendom with such a halfcocked scheme? When the ambush woulda done the job anyway? I wonder."
He looked back at the man.
"Were there TWO plots?"
The man gulped.
"There were. Both from the king. The mold and the ambush."
"You're lying."
HE went white as Tyler smiled widely.
"The king alone can't pull off this type a play. Not alone. The nobles helped."
The man was shaking violently as he replied.
"They were. A fair few to be certain. The mold was their idea as they intended to hire an adventurerto retreive it."
"Oh. Okay that makes much more sense. So the king got bought by the more power mad and greedy nobles to off the queen and set up a puppet. Then a Dragon flew into town."
The queen lifted an eyebrow.
"That's twice you've said that."
Tyler smiled as he looked at her.
"I got chosen as an elven beauty's chosen One and in her future dream I was depicted as a Dragon. So I'm running with it./ Plus my shield."
He lifted the golden scaled thing intop view with the crest and the queen gasped in utter shock.
"The crest of the Dragon King! His keep has been lost for close to five eras! Where did you find that? what else was found?"
Tyler shrugged.
"Well. I got a map. I got my sword, shield, all my equipment there. Oh. There was also this skeleton in full gold scale armor. I didn't take it since plate armor's not my style and it had been torn open in the chest. Oh. I also found this."
He lifted te crown into view and the quen went white ashe shrugged again.
"Looked valuable so planned on selling it. But, then I decided to just give it to my elf;s girl. make her day."
Vulpine, and the entire room sank to their knees as the sunlight glinted off the ruby.
"The crown of the Dragon King, at last it has been found."
Tyler tilted his head as even the white faced king was kneeling.
"Ummm. Okay. I'll bite. what the hell is so special about this?"
Vulpine looked up in shock.
"YOu don't know the legend?"
"I'm not from this country. Place I'm from is rather....closed the outside world."
She sighed and got to her feet.
"Somehow that fits more then it should. Don't say it."
"Wow. We think a like."
"Rogue. The legend says whosoever bares the crown of the Dragon King is the rightful ruler of Mossilia. For the crown can only be taken by he who most embodies the dragon King when he lived millienia ago. The Dragon King was a most ferocious fighter and sadistically cruel to his enemies. But, according to the stories passed down by our familes, the most ikind, gentle, outright loving soul to his people and loved ones. He ruled this country for close to 700 years of peace after he forced an era of strife to a close. It is said not even the dragons were a match for his strength as he was that type of legend. Then one day his keep was attacked by a legion of archdemons that broke through the barrier between relams during a Tear. or a hole in the barrier between our relams opens up. They say he an his people fought to the last and slaughtered many archdemons but in the end were overpowered. Even though he died, not a single archdemon was able to escape alive. He killed them all and once an archdemon is killed here on the mortal plane it cannot return for the next 150,000 years. So, for the last 100,000 years, we have walked free from fear of the archdemons. Now it would seem the crown was found."
Tyler looked at the golden circlet curiously.
"Soo, just because I'm holding this thing means I'm some kinda prophecied ruler?"
She nodded with awe in her eyes.
"Indeed. and if the crown chose you, then you must be a truly powerful soul. And i would accept you as the true king."
"Ummm. I'm only 15."
"I'm sorry?"
She looked at him in shock before loooking him from head to toe before looking him in the eye. He shrugged.
"Yeah. 15. People don't live as long in my village for some odd reason. I think it's cause the magic is extremely thin if just not there at all."
The queen held up a glowing hand and became visibly confused.
"Your mana pool is gigantic. Like even bigger then mine. And I spent years growing it. Yet, I feel you're right. It was NOT there when you were born. When did oyu enter the country?"
"Bout...four days back? Yeah that sounds right."
"Who ARE you?"
"Tyler. Beyond that, that's all I know."
She sighed and rubbed her aching head.
"Okay. I've heard of more bizarre things. The matter at hand. The accesnion."
"Can I refuse?"
she blinked and looked at him in shock.
"Do you not want to be king?"
Tyler smiled.
"Not really. Seems a gilted cage. Once I put this thing on, I won't be able to just up and get lost. Sorry. Sitting on a fancy chair isn't in my cards. Here."
He held it to her and she started shaking at this.
"You would turn down a kingship, and offer the power to me?"
"Sure. I don't want it, and you'd make better use of it an I would."
The queen just smiled at rthis.
"You DO embody the Dragon King. He didn't want to be a ruler either."
"Just happened?"
"Pretty much. he saved a princess from a hellish fate and she fell in love with him. He fell in love with her and the story went on."
"Yeah. That'll do it. Sooo. The crown."
The queen smiled as she took it.
"I will only hold it. Because only a man can be the True King. And I want you to don it. That said, I can see the active warrior in your eyes. A future king it would seem."
"That's fair. Maybe in a few decades I'll want to take a crack at you."
She smiled wider now.
"Oh that will happen.....sooner."
"I like this place!"
That got a snort from the gawkers as Tyler looked at the now recovered king.
"Soooo. That guy."
The queen scowled and rounded ont he man in an imperious fury.
"You are sentenced to death. Take him away."
The king tore his sword from a hidden scabbard and lunged at the woman,
"die you controlling, heartless, EVIL bitch!"
"Over here."
Tyler appeared like magic with his golden shield in front of the king, even though he'd been no l;ess then fifteen feet away. The boy tilted his kiteshield to the side and the thrusting swordpoint deflected harmlessly off the center boss, leaving the pale faced king wide open for Tyler's longsword to stab him in the stomach and out his back. TYler smiled widely,
"Where I come from, people like you are always second fiddle to people like me. An I'mma enjoy that wife a yours."
The king died in a fury at the taunts as Tyler tore the blade free with a grin. Vulpine smirked,
"Oh really?"
"Sooner or later."
"I like beauties. and foxes too. Can you really blame me?"
That made a few ladies in the room snort and Vulpine sighed while rubbing her head.
"I can see the type of king you'd be right now. A love addicted rogue. All I'll say: You better be good at it."
"I'll show ya later."
"Okay. I opened that door."
Tyler smiled at her mild irritation as he flicked the crown off the dead king's head onto the hilt of his sword.
"Be careful with open doors. Never know what'll come to say hi."
He walked over as The silver haired queen smiled at that wisdom.
"So true. You saved me and my daughter's life and our queendom. And you have a claim to be king as well. I-what the?"
Tyler looked over his shoulder to see the king rising from the ground with now yellow skin. He sighed.
"I shoulda seen that coming. Undead. I got it."
He walked over with a look of boredom as the thing lifted the sword,
"Acid touch, stun, stun, and stun."
The thing fell to the floor under the rapid spells and Tyler stabbed it in the heart before crushing the thing's skull.
"Pff. I hate these things."
The kind disintegrated to dust and Tyler looked at the white faced room.
"Clear. Just a draugr."
The queen blinked.
"That was a revenent."
"Wait. For real? You sure?"
She nodded as he looked at her confused,
"When a person dies in the grip of intense anger or jealousy, their spirits become twisted and refuse to go to Death as intended. They become the revenent and are one of the stronger forms of undead in the world."
"Ummm. what the hell? I killed two a those things when i found my blade, and they put up the same amount of fight."
A man in a white robe stepped forward and held a glowing hand to the dust remains.
"Milady. The Warrior speaks truth. This was merely a lesser draugr. How he knew that on sight is beyond me. But it be truth."
Tyler smiled as he sheathed his blade over his back.
"The skin was a giveaway. Yellow is usually the draugr's rot. Less skin and more bone, more powerful the undead. Rule a thumb."
The priest blinked.
"By the Light. If that be truth, then a pattern has been discovered for the most unpredicable creatures we face. Milady. I must take my leave. I must consult the Archives."
The man bowed and left in a hurry as Tyler looked back at the queen.
"Okay. Now what? Oh. I'm taking this."
He took the king's sword and the queen laughed.
"You are hearby named the King to be. And such ALL his possesions are yours to do with as you see fit. Until the day you seek to don the crown, as is your right, it will be waiting. You may also claim the queen or princess as your first wife."
He looked over at this one and she laughed.
"You just thought it'd be a one night thing didn't you?"
"Kinda. Marriage wasn't a thing in my village as it ruined relationships. And was the cause of more murders then even money."
That made her lift an eyebrow.
"In Mossilia, it be a more a pact to stay together. And since you're a chosen One for an elf, you'll appreciate the fact you can play still. So long as I get the seeds. Or Emily."
Tyler looked at the princess and she blushed as he did. Then he noted a bead of cold sweat on her forehead as if scared to be chosen. He looked at the queen.
"Nifty place this. I choose you, my Queen."
Emily deflated from relief as Vulpine smiled.
"Then it is settled. And YOU are going to prove your mettle later tonight."
"I hope you don't have any plans tomorrow."
She frowned.
"Why's that?"
He smirked.
"Cause walking won't really be an option."
That made her smirk knowingly.
"We'll see about that. I'm not the most....easily....pleased."
"I'm an addict."
The queen then smiled eagerly as Tyler looked at the blushing princess and the queen lifted an eyebrow,
"No others the first night."
"Wow. Cool. sooo, now what?"
She sighed and sat on the throne.
"For now I have a purge to undertake. Your tasks?"
He smiled.
"I'm gonna go check on my little sister. After that? See if there's an adventurer's guild in town."
The queen removed a large key from her gown and tossed it to the warrior, who caught it easily.
"That is the key to your chambers. And mine."
"I'll break in frequently."
"Ha. I now have other matters to attend."
"Make em sweat."
He walked away whistling as the queen sent her loyalist knights on a hunt for any coconspirators in the city. Tyler shook his head as he walked along the street. What. The fuck just happened? I go to turn in a mold, and wind up saving the queen, princess, Queendom, killing the king, TWICE, and now I'm married to the queen? And I'm a chosen king? What the fuck is wrong with this world? That typa bullshit takes weeks usually. Ugh. Go with it. Vulpine's hot, Emily's gorgerous, I'mma ruin the queen tonight, I got an elf lover, and my little sister's an elven cutie. Not bad for day three! Chuckling at his own joke the warrior returned to the inn just in time to meet Lyris and Yrisa at the front door on their way on. The blonde mother smiled happily as he walekd up.
"Tyler! I guess it went smoothly?"
"You are not going to believe this bullshit."
Yrisa giggled and pounced on him,
"Big brother!"
"Hey Sparkles. I got a tale to tell."
The now curious group headed inside and Brock brought them to the backroom where Tyler explained his visit. They just looked at him as he finished.
"So in the space of three hours, I discovered a plot to kill the queen and princess, saved them, outted and killed the king, was found to be carrying a prophecied crown, got named a king to be, married said queen and will ruin her later, and here we are."
Yrisa giggled.
"You're a king?"
He shrugged as Brock and Lyris looked at each other in utter shock.
"Lyirs, who is this kid?"
"I have no idea. we met on the road, remember?"
There was a squeal and they looked to see Yrisa getting mercilessly tickled by the tall warrior with a smile on his face. Lyris just sighed and smiled fondly.
"I guess he's just that type of adventurer, Brock. The one that finds legends and priceless treasures with soulcrushing ease."
Tyler smiled as he hugged Yrisa tightly.
"I found you two, didn't I? Priceless treasures indeed."
The two girls smiled warmly at that while Yrisa blushed. Then she looked at him,
"if you're a king, does that make me a princess?"
He tilted his head.
"Huh. Good question. Vulpine knows you claimed your One, lyris. Not sure how that translates though. Eh. I'll ask her later."
Lyris smiled.
"It's common for the more.....desirable have multiple lovers in Mossilia. Since I'm an elf and chose you, and you chose the queen, basically yes, it makes Yrisa a princess of sorts. But the Queen has to recognize it before it's official."
Tyler smiled.
"Princess Sparkles. I can hear it now."
Yrisa blushed before smiling.
"Big brother's great!"
He rubbed her hair fondly as he looked at Lyeris.
"Vulpine said no extras thye first night."
"Oh my."
She gulped at the implications of the NEXT night. Tyler chuckled.
"I'm an addict remember?"
"Oh damn."
He laughed as yrisa enjoyed her snuggle before Tyler looked at Brock.
"where's the local adventurer's guild?"
He sighed and wrote some simple directions on a piece of paper.
"Here kid. To think, me girl's got the future king as her chosen. and me granddaughter's got him wrapped around her little finger."
Tyler shrugged.
"She's cute so I allow it."
"Hey! You love me!"
"Everyone loves you, Yrisa. You cute."
She blushed at this and reacted as always. By pressing her face into his chest to hide. Tyler smiled.
"I'll go join the guild now. You two okay?"
Lyris smiled warmly.
"The blessings were made and Yorlod is hunting with his ancestors. I felt his presence and he was able to impart a message. He said I found my True Husband and that I will be forever happy now. Oh. And that Yrisa's going to be a most indomitable woman with YOUR influence."
"My reaction exactly kid."
Then Lyris smirked.
"He ALSO said he hates you. Since, ya know, better and bigger."
"HA. In yo FACE."
The room laughed at this and Tyler set Yrisa on her own cloth seat.
"I came to check on you, Sparkles. I got a few more things to hyandle."
"Ugh. Fine."
He ruffled her hair fondly, making her squeal before Lyris came over with a warm kiss.
"He also endorsed my choice."
Tyler smiled as he stroked her blonde hair.
"I'll look after you."
She smiled.
"I know you will. My Dragon."
"My elf. I'll come up with a better one later."
"Ha. Gon you arrogant prick."
He kissed her again and walked out chuckling as Brock sighed.
"Lyris, that is a terrifying kid. But also a wonderful man as well."

Tyler walked along the main thoroughfare of the city whistling as he followed the directions Brock gave hi,. Okay. Take a left here. Four streets done, and it's the longhouse looking thing. Oh. That's gotta be it. The warrior looked at the great longhouse that served as Mossilia's adventurer's guild curiously. It being three football fields long and five stories tall made it an imposing structure. The thing was constructed from dull brown wooden paneling and he could see a vast number of multicolored shields on each panel to create a kalediscope of colors and reflections as the sun hit them. Tyler walked over to the side of the longhouse looking at the shields curiously.
"Ha. You must be new here."
He looked over to see a barrel chested dwarf not even half his height smirking at him with twinkling black eyes set into a wrinkled face. The dwarf's skin was cracked from years in harsh weather and his body thickly corded from his ardourous lifestyle. The shorter man's hair was snow white and he was garbed in full plate armor with a dwarven greatsword on his back. Tyler chuckled as he jabbed a thumb at the shields.
"Wall of the fallen?"
The dwarf thumbed him on the back with a hearty laugh.
"More or less kid! Thems be the heroes' shield wall. Those adventurers that accomplished some great feat or died a warrior's death get a shield added to the wall in their honor. That they might continue to defend even after being felled."
"Huh. I die make me into a spear. They'll still get me point!"
That made the dwarf bust up laughing.
"Ya got fire kid. A rare thing these days. You looking to join the guild?"
"That's the current pain in the ass. There a trick to it?"
That put a smirk on the dwarf's face.
"A test of arms actually."
"A deathmatch?"
"If ya can't control yerself."
"I like the way this place thinks. I'll go pick a fight."
"Ha. You'll go far with that atitude. I be Rocklic Stonemaster. You?"
"names Tyler the Dragon."
"Ha. And how did you get that kinda title?"
TYler showed his shield.
"Me shield's got a dragon it. Good enough."
The dwarf blinked.
"The Dragon King's shield. By my beard."
TYler chuckled as he slung it back.
"Nice meeting you Rocklic. I'mma go start a fight."
The dwarf just gaped at the kid wielding the shield of a legend as he walked in. Tyler blinked as the thick scents of roasting meat assailed him the moment he walked in through the double doors of the guildhall. The place was also loud like an indoor tailgate rally which made the warrior smirk. The place was packed solid with all mannor of adventurers. Some 7 foot tall barbarians in fur armor wielding weapons the size of Tyler, others dwarves half his height in full plate armor belting out drinking songs while piss drunk themselves. Others were elves sipping some drink in light mail or leather armors as they kept tot hemselves while animal people of every variety garbed in every variety of armor wielding all types of weaponry mingled seamlessly. Humans were also present and Tyler more or less ignored them as normal humans were boring compared to everyone else. The place had a long line of trestle tables with games of chance, of strength and skill and even a few courage underway among the other adventurers as serving girls walked around in skimpy outfits with drinks and food on trays for hungry adventurers. Tyler smirked as an overly friendly man with white wolf fur ears and a tail took the liberty of slapping the ass of one such girl with evident admiration; only to have the girl turn around and hit him in the face with a straight right so hard he was knocked the fuck out! Tyler whistled at that. Note. To. Self. do NOT piss off the barmaids here. She's got a helluva ri8ght though. He looekd around and noticed a large borad at the far end of the hall a good thirty feet long and five high plastered with hundreds and hundreds of flyers and posters for various hunts, raids, requests, and marks for tasks. Hello meal ticket. Okay. Step one. He looked around and spotted a booth at with a smirking woman sitting inside it by the door. So he walked over. The lady had seaweed colored eyes and vivid green hair while her skin was smooth and dappled as well with tan and white splotches. Her bust was large while her outfit was a mere cutdown tunic for her arms and midriff while for pants she merely wore shorts and seemed to be barefoot. She smirked as he approached.
"Oh great. Another wanna be hero. Welcome to the Mossilia adventurer gui;d My name's weed. You'll be dead within a week."
"Noted. I'm Tyler the Dragon. Lookin to join."
She snorted.
"You? A dragon? Whatever kid. A fancy title won't get ya far. If you seek to join you have to prove your strength of arm."
He chuckled at her utterly disinterested voice.
"Challenge accpeted. So who is it?"
She sighed and slid a paper over.
"The names with skulls are deathmatches. More skulls, more powerful."
"Neat. This guy's got five."
"That's Martland Spiritbreaker. He likes killing rookies in fights."
"His weapon of choice?"
"A mace and wall shield."
"Nifty. he'll fit the bill."
"And you'll be dead."
"Least you won't have to look at me anymore."
She smirked ever so slightly.
"A bonus. When can you fight?"
"right now."
"Very well."
She sighed and hit a switch on the side of her booth.
"Spiritbreaker. Got a rookie with a deathwish."
"HA. I love that salt."
He looked over at the now placing bets guild as a tall man in light chainmail armor wielding a mace shaped after a falcon head and a shield emblazoned with a tiger on the boss approached. He was Tyler's height but more wiry with brown skin and blue eyes. he smirked as he saw the teenager looking him over.
"Och. You laddee? Heh. Seems a bit young to be throwing away your life."
Tyler smirked.
"Take more an you to kill me. So. Here or ya gotta ring?"
The man smiled and Tyler noted he was missing teeth.
"A fiery one. or ya just cocky. The ring be there."
Tyler walked over whsitling like he just didn't give a fuck to a large sandpit the guild used for sparing and took a spot at the far end as Martland walked to the side opposite him. The warrior tilted his head.
"I cna loot this guy after, right?"
The others chuckled.
"Ya can if that get that far!"
"Ole Martland's undefeated."
"Ya got a deathwish kid."
"And he won't be the one to grant it. Now then. Any rules I should know of?"
Martland pulled the mace from his belt and took a stance with the mace off to the side in full view.
"Only one that matters: Win."
Tyler drew his sword and pulled his smaller kiteshield from his back grinning.
"I can do that."
He struck his own stance with the tip of the sword behind the shield with a leaning stance and the boss on full display. A few dwarves and elves gasped as they saw the dragon boss but Martland frowned as he saw the stance. The green haired lady pulled a black coin from her pocket and with a bored expression flipped it. The thing flew into the air and shattered with a snap. Tyler didn't move as Martland rushed him with a furious speed with his bigger shield ike a battering ram. Tyler merely held his ground smiling like it was another day at the office as the man barreled down on him. Martland was thrusting with his shield when Tyler smirked,
The man tried to recoil and retreat from the sure-to-be-a-trap stance but Tyler merely lunged forward from his leanign stance top nudge the man off balance. the golden scale shield moved in a sweping manner that swept the now falling man's shield aside and he thrust with his longsword with practiced ease.
Only for the cowardly Martland to cast a spell out of pure desperation and lock Tyler in place as he blinked in surprise.
"Well this is new."
The hall was now full of boos and calls of coward as Martland got back to his feet grinnign with an assured smugness as Tyler was still frozen in place like a statue.
"You cocky arrogant kid. Thinking you can bring me down. i am the spiritbreaker!"
"Good for you. I don't care."
The hall snorted att he retort as Tyler tried moving his arms and found he had just the slightest wiggle room as Martland walked towards him grinning like a happy idiot.
"You nearly had me. Too bad I'm faster then you."
"Least I don't have to resort to a coward's trick. Paralyze. Really? Musta scared you more an I thought."
The other adventuers were chuckling at the taunts and Martland gritted his teeth as he lifted his mace.
"I still won though."
"You pissed yourself, didn't you?"
He went red in the face with wrath as the others all laughed, when a lady's voice was heard.
"Look at the floor! he did!"
There was a noticeable puddle on the floor of sand where martland had fallen and the hall lost it laughing at the now humilatedman as Tyler sniffed the air.
"Oh gods that is foul. Please tell me you didn't shit yourself too?"
The hall was fighting for breath as martland now wore a look of pure murder as he took a two handed grip on his mace.
"I am a legend! I'm the Spiritbreaker!"
"I'm The Dragon. I win."
The room laughed at that one as Martland brought the mace down. Only,
"Acid touch."
A gout of acid flew from his mouth to hit the man in the chest; sending him screaming to the floor in agony breaking the weakening paralyze spell. Tyler walked over chuckling as he lifted his own sword after releasing his spell.
"People like you will always play second fiddle to people like me. Why is that? Heh. I got a spine. Allyou will ever have, is your hand."
The man screamed as Tyler stabbed him in the face. The warrior then stepped back as the guidl recovered.
"Ten gold says he comes back as a draugr."
A few laughed and ten voices were heard.
"Show usthe gold kid,"
So he put the ten disks on a nearby table and ten more laid their ten beside it. Then Tyler held up a hand,
"5...4....3...2....1......and SNAP."
He snapped his fingers and the dead guy sat up. The other adventurers blinked at this and Tyler walked over whistling.
"You things are really freakin predictable."
He stabbed it in the heart and it faded to dust.
"Dust to dust bitch."
The hall looked at him and he smirked.
"I win."
The losers grumbled as he walked away 100 gold richer. Tyler smiled as Weed walked over.
"Your strength is proven. And so is your mind oddly enough. Your brand."
"Helluva way to mark your territory, but hey I don't judge."
She slumped as he lifted his shirt.
"Great. ANOTHER roguish hero."
She stamped his shoulder and Tyler smiled as he nodded at the job board.
"Sooo that."
weed smirked.
"Go crazy. One bill per raid to start. Take the one you think you'll die to and I'll stamp it before you head out. nay loot obtained by hunts and bills is oyur to claim and same with the reward. try not to blow it all on one whore, okay?"
"Sooo you're expensive?"
She slapped him as the other men snorted.
"Fuck you."
"Sure. Got a spot?"
The men were laughing at the bewdy jokes as Weed pulled the mace off the ground and waggled it threateningly.
"I am going to hit you so hard with this, all that'll be left is a msear."
"Okay now you're just settin me up."
The woman had a look of pain on her pretty face as he took the mace now.
"words cannot describe how much I hate you right now. Go die to a bunny."
He looked the other loot from Martland over and found the spells.
"paralyza, stun, got that already, Hm? Mist shot? Okay. A bow spell that lets you shoot an arrow of mist in place of an actual arrow. power based on mana pool. Scary. and last is...HA. get this, Stallion's boost."
The hall laughed again as a lady's voice was heard,
"That explains so much!"
Tyler looked at the man beside him,
"Here. All the you can get, the better."
"I hate you so much. it works on women too."
"Bigger rack?"
"And better puss."
That made the men snort as a few ladies lifted eyebrows at his newfound joy. One tossed a mug at him
"And just WHO are you thinking a lad? We're just fine!"
"Agreed. But I got an elf that would love it."
He added the thing to his pack as an elf walked over now to glare at him.
"Oh really? YOU got an elf?"
"Umm. Yeah. She picked me as her chosen One after her husband was killed in a bandit raid I saved her from."
The elven lady blinked.
"Her name?"
"Brock's girl?"
"Umm. Yeah. You know her?"
The elf had a sword to his throat now.
"She's my sister."
He blinked and looked at her for real now. She was half a head shorter then he was with fiery red hair that dropped to her waist and glowed like the stuff. Her eyes were ice blue while her skin was fair with a yellow twinge that added a hint of exotic elegance to her frame. her bust wasn't as large as Lyris' double Ds but still an impressive C while her outfit was a set of tight fitted leathers of green and brown. Her ears were tipped like razors denoting her full elf blood. She was barefoot and on her back was a large bow made from a white bone of some kind with arrows in her quiver tipped with shark's teeth. Tyler tilted his head now at the angry elf,
"what's your name?"
She gritted her teeth and he noted they were pointed.
"Feria Fire's Mate. Was. It. Willing?"
"Ya know what? Go ask her yourself. She's at Brock's with Yrisa. I'm not going anywhere."
"I will do that. If she's not RAVING,"
"You'll set me on fire. I know, I know."
She smirked at this and sheathed her sword. The fire haired elf went to walk away,
"Oh. When you see Yrisa, call her sparkles. Watch the glow."
Now she had a look of murder in her eyes as she glared at him.
"If SHE is not raving, everyone will skin you alive."
"Ha. You an I both know she'd do it for kicks."
"Okay you got me there. what, hey!"
She glared at him a moment longer before walking out for her interrogation. Tyler chuckled before heading over to the job board. Okay. I got 110 gold, 100 silver, 200 copper. I need to get a feel for the monsters and jobs for tomorrow after I plant the queen. He walked along the board whistling looking at the requests for merchant escorts, hunts for monsters, delivery jobs, and even a few bounty posters. Tyler was walking when a bill caught his eye and he smirked once he saw the creature's magically taken image.
"A Tyrant. 100 gold for the kill? I can hunt a T-rex in my sleep. Need a decent spear though."
There was a snort from beside him and he looked to see a tall woman with black hair and yellow eyes grinning at him.
"You think killing a Tyrant is a one man job rookie?"
"Sure. Just gotta know what the hell you're aiming for. Things were everywhere back home so we got good at killing em. See here?"
He pointed at the two tiny arms on the dinosuar.
"just behind them is the heart. If head on, duck under the jaws on the intial lunge. the sheer weight of the head will drag the animal forward further then it intended and for a moment it'll completely lose you. Plant your feet and use a lone spear to stab here. Done right, you hit the heart AND a lung. Then use the falling momentum of the animal plus a yank to the opposite direction of the fall to tip it onto it's side. Then bam. Tyrant steak."
The lady just looked at him.
"Ifyou miss?"
"You die."
That made her chuckle as he looked at her. She was a tall woman with raven colored hair and pale skin that was faintly luminous too. Her eyes were a vivid yellow and she had a set of three claw mark scars on her cheek giving her good looks a more dangerous feel while her bust was large but well protected by her sleeveless breastplate of a reddish metal. Her arms were bare and well toned from her life of an adventurer. She had a pair of tan pants reinforced by thin bits of a brightly polished silver metal. She too was barefoot for some reason and for weapons she had a long spear of red wood that was tipped with a blue metal. She also had a bow made from another type of bone with a string of blood red material. her arrows were tipped with shards of some kind of metal while a pair of leaf bladed shortswords hung from her hips. She smirked at his not-hidden-at-all look over.
"I hate men."
"Nice to see standards are big in this city."
"Ha. Okay I like you. I'm Mera,."
"That sucks."
"It does. What's your best kill?"
she smirked and rubbed her cheek.
"A werewolf."
"Ah. Explains the eyes. It pass?"
She blinked then smiled.
"It did. It's fun."
He chuckled.
"I bet it is. My best kill is a draugr."
"Really? Not bad for a rookie. well. I got a job. Later Tyler."
"Sure. See ya Mera."
She grabbed a bill and headed out as Tyler looked back at the board. I'll go get the rest of my gear situated and have Vulpine before I get to it. He headed to the door and Weed smirked.
"Scared already?"
"Need a tent dammit. YOU need a good bed."
That one made her grit her teeth as he walked out. Only to meet Feria as she was returning. The fire haired elven lady smirked as he walked out.
"Leaving so soon?"
"nah. Need some good camping gear before I get going."
"Nice excuse. I talked to Lyris."
He tilted his head.
feria pulled a dagger from her belt and flipped it to him,
"A reminder. That I'm watching. And Sparkles suits her. They ADORE you. And the general store's over there."
"Thanks, Feria."
He sheathed the leaf bladed dagger in his belt and she walekd in,
"I'm curious too. She told me everything."
"I plan to take a job tomorrow. Want in?"
"I'm headed out today sadly. Next time."
"I'll look forward to you."
She smirked and they were moving. Tyler headed to the large windowed shop that Feria said was the general store whistling as he went. The place being a two story building with a tan panel finish and glass set of double doors. The warrior walked a robbery in progress as the man running the shop was being held at arrowpoint by one man as another loaded coin and goods into a sack. Tyler smirked.
"Paralyze. Stun."
The archer was frozen in place holding his arrow as his accomplice was fozen in place for a moment that allowed Tyler to knock him out cold before snapping the arrow and cuting the string on the bow. The shopkeep smiled as he saw the mess was over. he was an older gentlemen in his late fifties with white hair and mustache. He was clad in a overall and tan shirt shopkeep outfit and Tyler whistled for the town guard. They arrived a few minutes later and he jabbed a thumb at the two idiots.
"walked in on a robbery. He's paralyzed and that guy's out cold."
The guards laughed and Tyler looted the men before they were dragged away once he released the spell. The shopkeeper sighed with relief as he replaced everything taken in the proper place.
"Thankee kindly adventurer. Ruffians today. No respect. I am Yorland Whitemane. How can I repay you?"
Tyler smiled.
"Need a decent tent for hard travel."
That man's blue eyes lit up twinkling as he plyed his craft.
"How many people?"
"For now, just me. But make it a twofer."
"HA. Aye lad. That un there be of good quality."
Tyler took the canvas thing down and smirked.
"Water proof, cut proof, wear resistant, and warm to boot. How much?"
"As repayment for the aid."
"Not needed, but very much appreciated. Alright. Now just need the other gear."
The man nodded.
"I'm new in town, so 1 full gold?"
The man chuckled.
"You want quality. I canr espect that. 20 silver would be the highest quality I have."
"Ah. we'll go with that."
The man vanished into his shop as Tyler poked around the shop looking at various goods for sale when he noticed a small box with paper slips on it like spells. Curious he looked at them. Great Slam? A two handed weapon ability that triples the strength of an attack for one hit. Cooldown is 15 seconds and the icon is a slamming hammer. woah. weapon skills. Jackpot. He flipped through until he found one, deep slash. Doubles the cutting power of a one handed longsword for two hits. Cooldown is 15 seconds and the icon is a wet sword. Cost is 30 coppers. next is a shield one. Bulwark. a passive skill? Okay. Increases the force needed to break the block with a shield by 25%. A warhammer would have to hit you a quarter harder for the shield to be knocked aside. My shield style is more of deflecting them straight up blockin. But a good one none the less. Oh here we go. Shield smash. When bashing with a shield, the impact is doubled to that of a one handed mace. and it's a passive skill? 50 coppers. I am so taking those. He set the two skills on the counter as Yorland came back with a higher quality backpack made form grey leather and had more pockets in easy reach. The thing even had a wooden fram around the partt hat rested on the back for weapons and canteens. Yorland also had fishing gear, some space saving cookware that fit into itself, a few waterproof boxes of matches, a fire lighting crystal, four 50 ounce canteens, and various seasonings for cooking in the field. He's also included a fishing rod and bait. Tyler smiled as he placed the 20 silver, 80 coppers on the counter.
"Thanks, Yorland. You buy pelts and the like?"
The man smiled.
"I do. Pay based on quality and cut."
"Noted. Thanks again."
Tyler loaded his new backpack right there and sold the old one for 5 coppers back. Then he shoulderedthe thing.
"Lighter an my old one. what the hell?"
Yorland chuckled.
"It's an enchanted backpack, lad. Holds close to 50 pounds of gear alone. And up to 750 pounds of goods alone. and when full it'll weigh as much as that shield does."
"Yikes. That's a nasty trick. I love it. See ya next time."
"Take care now."
Tyler walked out doing some math in his head. Okay. I had 10 gold, 100 silver, 200 copper. I made 100 gold off that bet in the hall so I had 110 gold, 100 silver, 200 copper. I spent 20 silver, 80 copper. So I have 110 gold, 80 silver, 120 copper. He looked at the sky throughthe towering skyscrapers and smiled at the darkening sky. I'll go let Yrisa and Lyris know I'm in the queen tonight. Then see about cleaning up before heading over. The plan made the warrior headed back to Brock's inn. He walked in and smiled as he saw Yrisa bouncign around the dining hall bringing meals and drinks on trays to the patrons and getting large tips for her cute. Lyris was also moving around the room with trays getting large tips as she worked her elven good looks. He walked over and the blonde cutie squealed as he did.
"Big brother!"
"Hey Sparkles."
she got a hug as Lyris walked over smiling.
"You here for me?"
"I got invited by the queen."
"Wow. You work fast. Need to clean up?"
"I'd like to pretend to care."
Brock sighed.
"There be one open."
"Thanks, Brock."
Tyler headed to the room in question with Lyris smiling as escort. The warrior smiled as he stripped before getting into the hot water.
"Ohh. Better."
His clothes were put into a magic cupboard for cleaning and Lyris stripped as well to join/help him clean up. He smiled as she drapped herself across his body to kiss him as she got to trimming his rather scraggly brown hair.
"How doyou usually like it/"
"Hmm. You know the term buzz cut?"
"I do. Thin?"
"it grows fast and is freakin irritating when it does."
She smiled and got to work as he enjoyed her body on his. The bath being merely a massive hole in the floor with stone benches around the rim with on reclined in the water for relaxing. He smiled as she moved across him to reach a better spot offering her large nipple for a kiss, which he gave. She shivered.
"I love that. but not a good idea when I'm holding scissors."
"Noted. So. Feria."
Lyris laughed as she worked.
"She's my older sister. Intense ain't she?"
"Just a bit. why's she a fire head and you wearing gold?"
"Our mother had red and blonde hair. Like a mix."
"Ah. That's kinda cool."
"She's a great beauty of an elf. Sadly she's been out traveling the world these last few decades so you won't get a chance to meet her anytime soon. She'll send money from her adventurers and gifts for Yrisa to let us know she's not dead yet."
he stroked her soft back and she purred.
"Sure. Tonight?"
She smiled knowingly.
"I'm having my first lady tonight. That black haired girl you gave the advice to."
"wow. Score for you. Enjoy."
"I will. You as well.”
He smiled as they cleaned him up and when he was clean he slid a gold coin into her tunic between her massive breasts.
“Keep em perky.”
She laughed.
“Get out you rogue. An I will!”
“Oh. Look. I found this.”
He showed her the spell and she smiled.
“You dirty, dirty man. I love you. And can I borrow that?”
He slid it into her shirt as well>
“Keep it.”
“Bastard. You’re going to ruin my night!”
he chuckled and got dressed before kissing her again.
“I’ll see ya in the morning, Lyris.”
She laughed and headed out. Yrisa was giggling as a lady with a bushy foxtail patted her as he walked up.
“Hey Sparkles. I’m headin to the palace tonight. Work that cute, okay?”
She smiled and got a warm hug.
“I will. This is fun!”
“You’re cute. that’s why.”
she blushed and the others chuckled warmly. Then he smioled at the other patrons.
“don’t make her mad. Okay?”
He smiled wider, and a cold shiver went through the entire room.
“Or I’ll ask you why. we clear?”
A mass of heads nodded nervously at the radiating coldness seeping off the smiling boy. Tyler patted Yrisa again and she giggled before walking out. Brock shuddered as he looked to his smiling longingly daughter,
“He really DOES have a demon soul!”
Tyler walked to the palace feeling refreshed from the bath and Lyris. The warrior whistling with an extra spring in his step as he went into the palace without having to talk to the guards. The mess had been cleaned up and Vulpine was sitting on her throne with crossed legs. Emily was also present and she smiled as he approached.
“I took your advice and felt much better after. Thank you.”
He smiled.
“Sure. Be amazed how far a little sugar can get you.”
He looked at Vulpine now.
She smirked.
“Very much so. I trust you bathed?”
“Just before I came here.”
“Good man. I was about to order you to.”
“Oi. I got standards too. They may not be high but I got em.”
She uncrossed her long legs and decended the stairs like before and took his arm.
“Hmm. More muscle then i9 expected.”
“I hope you’re ready for this.”
She smirked.
“That’s my line. Come on. Emily. Verlia is waiting for you in your chamber.”
“Yes Mother.”
The princess left with evident excitement and Vulpine led him to an elevator behind a stone panel. She sighed with relief once the door shut and kicked out of her heels. Tyler smiled sympathetically as she rubbed her sore heels.
“You okay?”
She smiled warmly.
“I am. Just them thing hurt after spending all day in them.”
“I can help with that.”
“Oh really?”
“Fair warning, I spoil my girl.”
He smiled at her now nervous tone before she sighed.
“I saw how you looked at my daughter when i named her among your rewards.”
He looked ather curiously.
She looked him in the eye.
“Why didn’t you choose her?”
“Because she didn’t seem to WANT to. You seemed to want it more then she did.”
She blinked.
“That’s it?”
He looked at her visibly confused.
“That’s all I need.”
The queen smiled with relief.
“Again. No lie. I see we were rescued by one with a real heart. emily is not interested in men. We tested this with a willing partner and she was disgusted by his member to the point of vomit. If she were to take a husband, he’d have to rape her for her to produce an heir.”
Tyler sighed.
“Yeeah. NO. She’s not getting forced into a living hell. Period.”
Vulpine smiled with a vicious determination now.
“I cannot agree more. She is a most gentle and loving girl too. I only ask when that you seek out a temple in a few hyears to fulfill your own duty now.”
“Sure. For the sake of clarity though, I don’t WANT kids.”
She smiled at him now.
“I understand. A warrior’s heart. When the day comes to pass, I’ll take care of it.”
“Alright. Oh. The elf that chose me.”
The silver haired beauty smiled.
“I think I know where this is going. What’s her name?”
“Brock’s girl?”
He chuckled.
“Guess she’s that kinda popular. The one and the same.”
He retold the tale and Vulpine sighed once she heard it.
“That poor girl. So young. Bu at least she met you. Yrisa is so sweet. You want her brought intothe royal family/”
“She IS my little sister now.”
“Emily will ADORE her! I’ll make it official tomorrow. IF I can still walk.”
He patted her back,
“You won’t.”
She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. The horny man giving it right back to thebeautiful queen and her eyes went wide as he got his tongue involved. Then he LET her go to smile as she panted for breath.
“How’s at?”
She smiled weakly.
“Oh dear.”
The lift stopped and the doors opened to a large carpeted hallway without guards that the barefoot queen led him down. Tyler leering at her round ass through her silver gown making her squirm withevery step as they walked. They came to a large set of red handled door and she smiled.
“MY chambers.”
She opened the door and he blinked at the layout. The room was a massive open design with a wraparound balcony on all sides. They were at the very top of the tower and he whistled at the late day view of the distant landscape. there were small dips in the floor with red velvet couches around a logfire in the middle with more vlevet foot rests by the flickering flames. One one side was a full bar with kitchen behind it made form white granite and marble. Tyler then looked to the other side and smirked at the large steaming hot tub for two set in a corner of the room with a clear view out the seamless wraparound window. Vulpine smiled as she nodded to another section around a large panel.
“My bed.”
“You need to clean up. An I wanna show you something.”
She frowned at this demand but sighed.
“I guess that’s fair.”
They went to the two person hot tub that was made for sitting or laying in and stripped down. He smirked when he saw her massive breasts flopped when free and her slit was bald.
She smirked as he stripped.
“Let’s see the sword.”
So he released it and she blinked. Then gulped.
Now nervous she got into the hot water and he joined her. Only for her to moan as the water massaged her sore body.
“Okay. Good idea.”
He smirked and sat right beside her.
“Sit here.”
she looekd and blinked.
“In the bath?”
“why not?”
The queen gulped but obeyed and sat betwen his legs where he started rubbing her shoulders with gentle firmness that had her moaning at the pops and cracks as he relieved stress.
“You evil, evil man.”
“I’m good at what i do.”
He moved to her spine and started poking various points along it getting intense pops and cracks while her moanign grew in intensity at the relief. Then he kissed her neck, raising goosebumbs on her skin.
“Lay on your belly.”
Now lost in the bliss she complied and he mounted her firm rear to press into her spine and back with more force. Getting more cracks and pops as he massaged her into a marshmellow. She climaxed no fewer the 5 times as he worked her feet over before rolling her onto her back.
She smiled and wrapped her long legs around him.
“I love you.”
He kissed her as he slid into her warm tightness and she groaned atn the filling feeling.
“Dammit! I’m ruined!”
He thrust into her gently at first as she gauged what she could handle before smiling with a wild lust,
“Harder dammit!”
so harder she got and away they went. Him loving her sounds and feel as she was ridden like a horse for the next several hours before she flopped in the water with a lewd moan as she came down from her latest climax. Then she smiled.
“It can’t take anymore. I loved it.”
Then she saw how he was still armed.
“Oh dear.”
He smiled.
“Roll over.”
“Umm. Okay?”
she complied and he placed the tip on her untouched rear, making her buck.
“Umm. Be nice? That’s a new one.”
With a gentle firmness he spread her before sliding into her untouched shaft, making her moan even harder. Then she smiled,
“I love this.”
And she was once again riddne like a horse until he was spent and they laid in the water recovering. He smiled as he kissed her.
She glared at him,
“My ass is HATING me right now and my poor slit is aching ofr more. but it’s too full. Bastard. I loved it! That’s it. nay time you’re in town you are to visit me FIRST.”
“Yes Vulpine.”
“Good. And I sleep naked. and underwear isn’t an option tomorrow or tonight.”
He kissed her large breast lovingly.
“You can recover in longing.”
“I love you you ruining bastard. Now I can’t walk right now.”
He lifted her up in a princess cradle and carried her to her bed naked in the back of the room where she sighed as he laid her in it.
“And thanks for being gentle and nicer then i hoped.”
He got in beside her and kissedher hard.
“I can’t have fun if SHE’S not having fun.”
The queen rolled over and drapped herself across his chest smiling contentedly.
“Best. Lover. Period. Good night, Tyler.”
“Good night, Vulpine. I like foxes.”

DAY 4.
GOLD 110. SILVER 80. COPPER: 120.

Tyler woke to see Vulpine asleep beside him in the bed with her arm around his waist and his hand in hers. He smiled. I fucked the queen last night. I win. he leaned over and kissed her awake.
“So youy DO use romance. I love it.”
She opened her brillantly emerald eyes smiling. He kissed her again.
“Like I said. Spoil.”
“Oooh my poor heart.”
“Your poor ass.”
She glared at him now.
“It feels weird you bastard. i won’t be able to sit like this!”
She gritted her teeth at this cruelty as he kissed her again.
“And my body feels great. I haven’t felt this relaxed in years.”
“I can do it to you again next time.”
“You will. That’s a royal decree.”
“If Emily likes, i can give her one as well.”
She narrowed her eyes.
“No sex?”
“Nope. Just spoiling.”
“Ask her yourself next time. We’re open with our lust.”
“Sure. Hey.”
He kissed her again and they madeout for a few minutes with a rising temperature before she groaned.
“I want to, but it hurts! Arrgh. I’m getting some spells next time.”
He kissed her raw nipplesmaking her moan before kissing her again lovingly.
“Let’s clean up. An I’m hungry too.”
She laughed at that before they got into the hot tub since it doubled as a bath as well. Only tyler made her sit between his legs which made her nervous. Only to blink as he started gently running a comb through her luxurious silver hair whistling as he did so.
“You do hair?”
“Only for my girl.”
“I like it. I usually have a maid do it. But I like this.”
He hugged her warmly before getting back to it.
“So we’re married, right/”
She smiled with closed eyes, enjoying his soothing comb strokes.
“We are. In Mossilia the ceremony is a bedding. After agreeing.”
“Am I allowed to ruinothers while I travel?”
“So long as you produce no offspring. That is the only rule for this type of union. And if you’re open with it.”
“You heard of my accident.”
“I did. How did it happen actually?”
He sighed.
“Our village mage was trying to make a spell that would conjure a cloud of shot increasing water. Like you breathe it in and your seed is more potent and there’s more of it. Guess his wife liked getting made a mess. Well, he thought adding some freakin hemlock was a good idea dn his lab blew up. I was walking by at that point and got a faceful of the smoke it produced. The blast killed him and ruined my shots entirely. Temples like you siad, but you know.”
She sighed and flicked the water with her long legs.
“Idiot. We HAVE spell like that here.”
“He didn’t know. When it was found out he was practicing magic, the capital police rode into town and killed his wife and three daughters as having anything to do with magic outside the sight of the government is a death penalty crime.”
“That’s horrible! Did they even know?”
“They did just before the axes dropped. it was painless and clean at least. No torture or rape so there’s a small mercy.”
Vulpine sighed deeply.
“And there’s nothing we can do to help them.”
“Nope. Most were leaving the realm long before I packed my bags.”
She smiled at that as he kissed her neck again.
“Alright. Your hair’s done.”
She stood to see and gasped.
“what? I mess it up?”
She looked at him in mild shock.
“I love it! it doesn’t usually look this good unless I have my hair maid do it!”
Her silver hair had been combed to a sleek straightness that made the now softly floating tresses seem more like glittering tinsel then strands on a human head. He smiled with relief as she got out of the water with a spell instadrying her lovely body.
“Phew. I was worried I ruined it.”
He got out and got dressed beside her as she pulled a fresh gown on but lower heeled heels.
“It looks beautiful.”
She kissed him lovingly and he held her smiling.
“Happy to spoil you, my queen.”
She smiled at that before they sat at the bar where the surprisingly handy queen made a breakfast of coffee, eggs, and some muffins with what lookced like chocolate chips in them in the kitchen as he helepd best he could; making her smile as he cleaned up after,.
“A real man. You ARE a prize.”
He smiled.
“More lucky bastard. I had YOU last night!”
She laughed,
“KEEP that mindset!”
He chuckled as they broke their fast together before returning to the elevator. She sighed as she now had to don her heels.
“Pro tip?”
She smiled.
“Go on.”
He nodded atthe things,
“Put thick fur cutouts inside them.”
She blinked, then smiled longingly at the imagined result.
“You’re a genius.”
“I’m insane toots. Be amazed what happens when you are.”
That made her laugh as they reached the bottom floor and the doors opened. He took her arm and walked her to her throne where he kissed her long and hard once she sat down.
“To nect time, my wife.”
She smiled at the feeling, AND the clear powerplay.
“Go spread your legend, my King.”
He chuckled and looked at a blushing emily.
“I got a few tricks I wanna show you next time. And I know.”
She blinked before smiling as he walked downt he steps of the dais. The warrior smirking ashe saw noblemen and women all glaring at him with open envy as he walked along the hall like he owned the place. The warrior was in fine spirits as he left the palace and headed to the guild hall. I LIKE this world. I fucked an elf AND a queen! In two days! He walked in and found the place rather quiet and empty as the other adventurers had yet to recover from the night’s fun. He spotted Weed in her booth and waved at the cold woman. She smirked as he walked by but merely raised her middle finger at him. I like her. She’s fun. He walked over to the board and spotted the same tyrant bill from yesterday. he took it and walked over to the booth where Weed stamped it with a glowing stamp.
“Go get killed.”
“nah you’d miss me too much.”
“I hate you.”
“Love you too.”
He walked out as she grumbled at his cockiness. Then smiled once the doors shut.
“That man is hilarious. And fun.”
Tyler whistled as he headed for Brock’s inn to see Yrisa and Lyris before he headed out. He walked in and found the blonde elven cutie already working her hustle on some other elves. The warrior smiled as he spotted Lyris getting a warm hug from the black haired lady he’d talked to the other day. He walked over and Yrisa squealed as she got a hug.
“Big brother! You came back!”
he smiled as he patted her.
“Headed hunting after this Sparkles. wanted to botherya first.”
She blushed at that as Lyris came over for a kiss and hug. He smiled and gave her both.
“Did you have fun?”
She smiled and leaned in to his ear.
“I did. And yes I’ll try the queen.”
“I freakin love you.”
He kissed her again and Brock chuckled.
“So whatchya going after?”
“A tyrant.”
“I’m sorry. What?”
The three elves just looked at him in disbelief. So he slid the bill on the counter. Brock just looked at him.
“You’re outta your gods damned mind! NO one is a match for a tyrant one on one! You need at least four.”
Tyler chuckled as he took the bill back.
“I just need a good lance before I head out, Brock. Things were everywhere back in my homeland. So I understand them. I’ll bring a tooth back for ya Yrisa.”
She had a happy glow as he pattedher blonde hair again. Brock sighed.
“There’s a good smithy on the other side of the thoroughfare.”
“Thanks, brock. See ya tonight Lyris.”
“Oooh now I’m gonna spend all day thinking about it.”
He chuckled at her arrousal.
He kissed her again and headed to the smithy indicated. The warrior whistled as he walked through the city enjoying the fresh morning air that had a hint of last night’s woodsmoke from the fires of countless chimneys and the clatter of hooves and wagons on the cobbelstone. he crossed the main thoroughfare and walked along the secondary street till he found a large shop with shields in the window. The place was again two stories tall with a large set of windows displaying various types of equipment with prices hanging aboveor under them. Of note was the sets of bars over the windows to keep their items in place. The place had a larger smokestack then usual to indicate an active smith. Tyler smiled as he walked in through the single door tobe faced with a very gunshop like setup with the lower tier weapons on displays on the floor while the higher end gear was behind the counter on brackets. The wariror spotted the smith looking at a paper at her counter. The woman was 7 feet tall with snow white hair and fair skin that was surprisingly smooth given her occupational hazards. her eyes were ice blue and the tips of her ears were razor points to indicate an elf. her bust was large on her frame and filled her smith’s apron rather nicely. He walked up and she looked over her paper at her newest customer.
“Heh. welcome kid; to helga’s arms an armor. what you looking for?”
Her voice was deep and husky adding to her intimidating aura. Tyler merely smiled.
“I’m looking for a decent lance to hunt Tyrant with. Needs to punch right through the outer hide.”
She busted up laughing at the request before wiping a tear with a smile.
“Ya got fire kid. And balls to go after something that big. First question. The lance will not be cheap. Budget?”
“10 gold?”
She looked at him.
“Ya need 20 for that kinda quality lad.”
“Ah. 30 then.”
“Ha. Show me the coin.”
He set the thirty disks on the counter and she smirked.
“New in town?”
“It shows. Here. these be what you seek.”
She laid three 6 foot lances with 2 foort heads on the counter. Tyler took the first one. It having a red wood haft wrapped in soft hide with a simple elongated spearhead made from a black metal with no crosstree and tipped with a vicious point. The smith smiled as she warmed to her craft.
“That be made from the wood of a great King Oak and bound by soft rabbit hide. The head be obsidian. Garrenteed to perice even giant skin. That’s 15 gold.”
Tyler nodded and looked at the second option. She nodded as well, but with approval.
“You think. Wise.”
He lifted the second lance. it being similar in length and style but the haft was made from a lime green material while wrapped in soft tan leather for a sure grip. The head was made from a teal metal he kinda liked the look of and the smith again ran through the features.
“This one is made from the bone from the leg of a great wyvern. Strong, resistant to shattering and fire, and rather pretty if I do say so myself. the headwas made from it’s scales. it’ll punch right through a wyvern’s scales with ease and they’re hard like iron. The wrap was made from it’s wings. 20 gold.”
He smiled as he felt the weight.
“I can already.”
she smiled as he next looked to the last one. This one again being similar in style and length but made from a jet black metal that felt weirdly cold to his hand as he lifted it. the wrapping was blood red and faintly warm as he touched it while the head was a vividly contrasting sky blue for better aiming. The smith smiled widely as she explained.
“Now THIS is made from the horn taken from a demon of cold. The wrapping came from the wings of a fire dragon that was slain a few weeks prior. The head, is made from the scales of a blue dragon I found when looking for materials in me inventory. That thing will go right through a dragon’s back scales on a single stab, is next to unbreakable, is fireproof, cold proof, ande is effective against demonkin since it was MADE from demonkin. 30 gold.”
Tyler did a few stabs with each lance before taking the black lance.
“This has weight, strength, LOOKS, and durability going for it. Here.”
He slid 45 gold over and she smiled.
And slid 15back.
“But twould insult me honor to accept overpayment. Well intended as it be.”
Tyler chuckled as he found the thing collapsed into sections for transport.
“Noted. Thanks, Helga.”
“she smirked.
“Don’t get killed so soon. Need me work advertised.”
“Goota love that hustle.”
He slotted the collapsed lance into a pocket in his backpack and headed for the front gate whistling as he walked. I’m gonna hunt a T-rex. And there is something fundementally wrong with that statement. But I can’t put my finger on it.”
He walked tot he main gate and got in line to be screened. The warrior looking the bill over as he waited. As he read the description on where to go he noticed a set of small icons at the bottom of his vision. Curious he focused on them and the names of Paralyze, Stun, Deep Cut, water slash, Mist shot, firebolt and Shield smash; with each name having an icon under it. Paralyze had a body in a circle Xd out, Stun had the same thing but a lightning bolt over the body, Deep Cut was a dripping sword, water slash was a razor sharp drop of water, mist shot was a faded arrow, shield smash was a spiked shield and firebolt was a flaming bolt. Tyler then saw how firebolt’s icon was glowing so he looked at it and found a small menu appear in frontof his face.
“Okay. That’s a neat trick.”
The elf behind him chuckled.
“Self learnign magic?”
“Humans. Looks like you can pick a few perks for that spell.”
“Cool. I like fire.”
Tyler smiled at his good natured grumble as he looked at the branches for the spell in question. Hmm. I want it tohit harder and cost less. Oh here we go. efficency. reduces mana cost and strain by ten percent with each stack. Next up is passive? adds a small blast radius to the impact of the firebolt. Increases with each stack. Nasty. Sticky flame? On impact the fire sticks tot he target like slime and cannot be put out without water. Naplam anyone? I’ll get both. Next is water slash. Hmm. Increase the power of the blade conjured, decrease cost, annnd. I’ll add a boost to size of the blade. Neat. Happy with his spells Tyler blinked and the interface closed. The elf behind him chuckled again.
“Ya got an interesting mind for a human. Bigger power at a lesser cost. Smart.”
Tyler chuckled as he walked forward in the line.
“Fire’s fun. An water’s to screw with people.”
Tyler walked over and the guard looked at him.
“will you be returning?”
“Yes sir.”
“Alright. Gate’s close at- a dragon? My apologies Sire.”
Tyler’s evident confusion made the guard blink.
“Her elegance has granted you fre3e entry in or out of the city, since you’re her king an all. Did you just find that out?”
Tyler chuckled again.
“I think she played a joke on me. Noted.”
The guard chuckled as well while Tyler walked out.
“Good on ya. Treat her well, lad!”
“With spoil!”
Tyler walked along the road whistling now; immensely enjoying the breeze on his face as he walked. The Tyrant was last seen 4 hours fromt he west gate road. At about 3 hours walking down said road before turning east. easy enough. Any tracks left behind will keep for days an I can run faster then it walks. He took his sword out nad was looking the edgeover checking for cracks or dullness. Needs a good polish, but that’s to be expected. Next was the kiteshield. The boss hasn’t even been SCRATCHED yet! I gotta ask helga what the hell these are made of. Thinking golden dragon scale. That’d be the type a bullshit a legendary hero would have. The warrior then took his bow out and sighed as he saw the string. frays, a crack in the spine, and what looks like termite damage. I’ll grab a new one when I get back. A refill on arrows too. Tyler sighed again and put the bow back as he turned east off the road at the indicated spot. now he moved a half step faster then before in his excitement to see his favorite predator with his own eyes. The lone warrior smiled widely as he cut the trail of the 4 foot long three toed tracks of the tyrannasaur after a mere two hour trot. he pulled the lance out and unfolded it as he examined the tracks. The earth is hard and the tracks fading. Three days. I’m three days behind it. Let’s hunt. He set off at a half run in the direction the tracks were pointing with the lance at the ready in case of surprise guest. The lone warrior moved along the trail at speed for a few hours when he noticed the tracks were getting far fresher. The dirt’s softer and darker. Which means it was just here. He slowed up when a loud bellow was heard to his right and a slow smile spread across his face as he recognized it.
“They did not do that roar justice.”
He set off in it’s direction. The lance now gripped tightly as he trotted along the grassland hills and rolling dales smiling as he hunted. He crossed the road again and as he lost sight of it behind him a low thud was heard and felt under foot. The warrior smiled widely as he felt the impact again.
“The rex is coming.”
He stuck the lance in the ground and put his hands to his mouth to imitate the roar when he blinked. Might not be a good idea if there’s more then one rex. I can’t outrun them in grassland. He sighed sheepishly and grabbed the lance for another run in the direction of the impacting footsteps. The Warrior was smiling as the thuds grew louder and heavier as he approached when he passed a large boulder with some smaller rocks around it. with the heavy footfalls of the rex rumbling around him he felt baiting it would be a good idea. The wind was blowing TOWARD him so his scent wasn’t getting blown into the beast’s extremely sensitive nose and Tyler intended to use this to his advantage. So he took a large rock and shattered it on the boulder with an echoing crack. The footsteps stopped like magic and Tyler smiled as he took another one and made an even bigger clack. That resulted in a massive bellow of warning from the beast that made Tyler’s chest rattle. But he grinned again and did a series of loud, aggressive clacks that set the rumblings off again with a more aggressive feel towards him. Tyler loked in the direction of the rumblings and smiled widely as he got his first look att he head of a Mossilia T-rex. The thing’s head alone was 5 feet long with deep tan leathery skin that masked it amid the greenery somehow. The thing stood 25 feet tall and was a good 50 feet long. The dinosuar was snapping it’s massive jaws and snarling with fury as Tyler took a stance withthe lance att he ready.
“Come on you scaly fuck! I’ve been DREAMING of this day!”
The beast roared at him and charged with it’s head ready for a snatch and chomp like it did in the movies. Only for the knowledgable warrior to rush the thing headon as well and at the last second as the thing’s jaws opened wider dropped into a baseball slide under the snapping jaws to plant the lancebut against his shoulder and he thrust into the chest of the beast, narrowly avoiding the little forearms of the thing and dodging the tree trunk like legs that supported it’s bulk. The lance pierced the hide with ease and Tyler was on his feet driving it deeper as the thing bellowed in pain before the roar was cut off. Tyler gave a mighty push on the lance and the beast fell over onto it’s side with an earthshaking slam. The warrior then smiled widely.
“Whos the king a the dinorsaurs NOW, BITCH?!”
The thing didn’t reply as Tyler tore the lance free with a wide grin of triumph on his face.
“I KNEW that plan would work. Okay. now the nasty part.”
He collapsed the lance and pulled his jet black dagger out to start skinning the beast, making it up as he went along. The beast’s hide parted easily from it’s frame and Tyler was whistling a jaunty tune as he carved massive slabs of the beast’s hide into managable strips for transport. That WAS easier an i expected. No biggee though. This was fun. The industrious teenager had all the hide off on it’s current side and so switched to the teeth and claws. Again using his dagger he dug the things from their beddings while fighitng to ignore the smell. Gods this is FOUL. I forgot they stink. The teeth and claws collected he got to work collecting the meat. Starting with his limited knowledge of smaller beasts he used his sword to cut open the rex’s body cavity; only to nearly throw up at the sudden waft of outright putrid air that was released from within the creature’s body.
“Jesus I did not think this through.”
He fought through it and had the organ sack out with considerable effort as he dragged the steaming pile of flesh to a safe distance to ward off scavengers. Thenj he returned to collect the high grade meat around the legs, chest, back straps, tail, and other parts. He finding the meat weighed substanstially less then he’d have thought it did. Makes sense. Since an animal of this size needs to keep its overall body weight down at all costs. He was able to remove and entire leg from the frame along with enough meat to flip the thing over for access to the other side. Then it was back to skinnng the thing. He smiled with the finished product once he filled his bag.
“I can’t fit anything else in here. And that thing’s pretty much done. Oh. i got an idea.”
And back to work he went using scavenged bones from the creature he made a makeshift carrier for more meat and bone to drag behind him. That allowed him to gather a good number of the bones and more of the meat. The end result was the leftover meat merely being the neck, some of the spine, hips, genitals, tongue, head he REALLLLY wanted to take but couldn’t, and some of the lower legs. Happy with the haul, Tyler got walking back to the city as the first vultures started to decend from the sky. Tyler was whistling as he walked along the oad towing his tyrant loot behind him on a sled made fromt he beast while looking the 6 inch razor sharp tooth over in a rag. I’ll have to dull it down for Yrisa. he smiled at the scamp’s soon to be blown mindwhen he passes her the tooth. He looekd up and smiled as he saw the city gates ahead. This is gonna be freakin hilarious. He walked along the middle lan ignoring the people around him as they gawked at the blood soaked teenager dragging a sled made from tyrant loaded with tyrant. The guards laughed as he walked up.
“Ha. forget your wagon?”
“Didn’t have one.”
They laughed.
“Boy you did not think that one through. but hey. Ya lived!”
“The smell was murder.”
They chuckled and waved him along as he walked into rthe city.
“See the exchange before you give people nightmares!”
Tyler smiled as he headed to the guild first to rub in to Weed. He walked in and the lady just looked at him as he slid the bill over.
“I know. You missed me.”
She scowled and stamped the thing.
“Beginner’s luck. A 100 gold. Go blow it on a whore.”
“what’s your price?”
“get out before I hit you with a hammer!”
“LAter Weed.”
He walked out with his reward and she sighed.
The warrior then headed to Brock’s inn to sell the meat and make Yrisa’s day. The place was empty for once as he walked in and the fire haired elf blinked as he walked in with the sled.
“You buy tyrant meat?”
The elf busted up laughing.
“I do you sonuvabitch. Okay let’s see whatchya got.”
The elf helped unload the sled and bag and he nodded.
“Not bad. Knife needs work and I’ll have to check it for stray bones, but this is good quality. I can take it for 150 gold."
"That much?"
"It's tyrant lad."
"Good point. Deal. Yrisa around?"
He smiled.
"Taking a bath at the moment. with Lyris."
"I'll go surprise her."
"I know what you mean, but please don't say it like that again."
Tyler walked down the hall following the happy giggling to one door where he smiled.
"Have fun Sparkles!":
He laughed at her surprised squeal,
"Big brother! back already?!"
"Yup. Clean up first."
Lyris' happy voice was heard.
"Come in. You're probably covered in blood again."
Yrisa laughed as he did go in and Lyris sighed as he was indeed covered in blood.
"I knew it."
He stripped down and joined the smiling elves in their soak. Yrisa was right there to pounce on him for a hug and he smiled while the water turned red from his blood soaked body. Then it cleared as it was filtered. The blonde cutie had a happy smile as she looked at him.
"Was it hard?"
"Not really. Thing stank to high hell. Oh. Here."
He pulled the lrgest tooth over wrapped in cloth and she gasped at the jagged item.
"For me?"
"Yup. it's sharper then you think so until Brock or I dull it down, Lyris holds it. Okay?"
She smiled and hugged him again.
Lyris took the faded yellow object and set it aside.
"We'll etch it for her desk. That'll make it able to be touched."
"That works. Hey, Lyris."
she smiled as he kissed her lovingly.
"I know."
He smiled and spotted a comb by the edge of the tub.
"Allow me."
Lyris blinked as he tookt he thing.
"Okay. Just be gentle, she's a lot smaller then you."
"Hold still, Yrisa, okay?"
She giggled as he set the teeth into her hair.
"I like it big brother!"
"I thought you would."
"what the hell is going on in there?"
Tyler and Lyirs looked at each other as Brock's mildly angry voice was head outside. then Yreisa squealed.
"Big brothe'rs doing my hair!"
"Oh for the love of the gods. You two need to watch how you say things."
Lyris and Tyler lost it laughing at his irritatedly relieved voice and Tyler got back to combing Yrisa's golden strands. He smiled when he finished.
"There. You all cute."
Lyris was smiling widely as her daughter's hair glowed liek polished gold and was combed to a shimmering straightness.
"she looks beautiful."
"Your turn."
The3 mother took her spot between his legs as Yrisa cleaned up acorss from them. The mother shivering as he rubbed her belly with a hand while combing her gold with the other.
"I love this, Tyler."
"happy to help. And I had a word with the silver."
"And the ruling?"
He kissed her neck,
"When she can walk again."
The elf smiled happily as Yrisa relaxed in the water.
"She'll love her."
"Oh completely. Surprise."
The warrior issed her neck now,
"And I'm eager."
She shivered.
"me too."
He smiled as he finished her hair up.
"There. You're beautiful."
She smiled as her hair had the same shimmering gold effect as Yrisa's. whereas it made Yrisa cuter, on Lyris it made her that much more beautiful. The trio cleaned up in the water and got dressed in their magically cleaned clothes before heading out. Lyris with the tooth wrapped in cloth. The warrior patted the giggling like a babbling brook Yrisa as he kissed lyris.
"I'll get back to it."
She smiled.
"Thanks for the hair."
"Sure. Love to help you again."
Brock sighed as he walked by.
"You did that on purpose you bastard."
"I have no idea what you mean."
Tyler took the leftover tyrant and headed to helga's shop. He found the burly elf taking payment from a shorter lady with purple hair for a shortsword that fit her like a longsword. she squeaked as she passed him,
"Excuse me."
He blinked as he heled the door open for the miniture lady before shrugging and looking to the chuckling Helga.
"Never met a dwarven lady before?"
"Nope. You buy tyrant?"
She smiled widely.
"Whatchya got?"
He set the materials out and she nodded.
"Teeth, claws, bones, hide. Good quality all. The hide could be better, but very promising for a rookie. If you have it made into clothing it is incredibly comfy and tough."
He looekd at his hoodie and jeans.
"I COULD us a more blood friendly outfit. One fight an I look like I took a bath in a blood catcher in a slaughterhouse."
"Nice image. You keeping the hide?"
"Yeah. See what I can get made."
"The rest I can take for 90 gold."
"Wow. Hey question. I need a fresh bow."
He set his ont he counter and she blinked.
"I am amazed it held together as long as it has. A good bow costs 15 gold. Arrows of good quality cost 50 silver for a full quiver."
"Good. a refill and let's see whatchya got."
She waved at a rack.
"Strings are seperate. Quality is 1 gold. and that's drake sinew. Decent draw strength but extremely durable."
"So a fresh bow and string will run 16 gold, with a full quiver adding 50 silver. Alright. The ribs?"
The smith smiled as he lifted the first of four bows.
"That's more king oak. Tough but vulnerable to fire. 10 gold."
Tyler nodded and took the next. A dark blue he liked the color of.
"That's made from oceans' willow. Very supple and strong. It even boosts water magics somehow since it's so closely tied to the sea. The color is beautiful as well."
"it is. The next one?"
"fire oak. Think ocean's willow but an oak that grew near to a volcano. Both are 12 gold."
Tyler lifted the last and blinked as he saw the stark white material. Helga smiled.
"That's made from tyrant bone. And is extremely strong. It's resistant to force and those spikes along the ribs make for a nasty smash. The grip is made from the hide as well."
"Nasty. This with the drake sinew and a full quiver."
"That'll bring your payment for the other goods to 73 gold 50 silver."
"Thanks, Helga."
Tyler gave his bow over as it was worthless to sell and strung his new bow.
The act being easier then his old one and he tested the draw.
"Higher quality, easier to draw. I like that ratio."
She chuckled at that as he put the steel tipped arrows into his still viable quiver. Happy he headed for Yorland's general store. He found the man looking some papers over as he walked in and the man smiled.
"Tyler! Got pelts already?"
"Tyrant actually."
The man chuckled as he set the large amount of hide on the counter.
"Course you do. Sell?"
"Looking for a wardrobe update. Need something more blood friendly."
He nodded.
"I can see that. Cotton and denim isn't the best for fightin in. Comfortable though it may be. whaddya got in mind?"
Tyler tilted his head and smiled.
"a cut done shirt that hides my chainmail well but leaves the arms bare, pants to match with plenty of pockets for gear, and boots with spiked treads and a two inch spike on the toe."
"Nasty that one. And all tyrant?"
"All I have."
"I have some good deer leather on hand for a simply heavenly lining, and that would keep the heat down as well."
"Tyrant make a good blanket?"
"Very good."
"Hmm. Interesting. We'll see how much is left."
The man got his measurements and smiled.
"All told it'll be 75 silver."
"Thanks, yorland."
Tyler slid the coins over and the man nodded.
"Come back in two hours."
"Sure. I'll go see what the next gig is."
The man laughed as Tyler walked out waving. The warrior returned to the guild and walked over to the board looking at other bills. That tyrant was fun. Now I wanna see about something a little different. He walked along the wall whistling as a lady in thin leathers wielding a pair of shortswords walked up to look at the board beside him. She had short cut brown hair and bright brown eyes. Her skin was freckled yet pale while her body was very lithe. She had a large bust that made her cutdown shirt bulge and hwer feet were bare as well. Tyler looked over at another bill and noted she had a pair of short dog's ears on her head with the brown and black bars of a german sherpard. The next thing he noticed was her long bushy tail with the same coloring.
"No you cannot pet me."
He smiled at her mildly irritated voice.
"Noted. Nice to meet you, miss?"
"I'm Tyler."
She took a bill for a golem and walked out with her tail gently swaying behind her. He shrugged and looked back at the board. Tough chick. Tyler looked at the bottom of the board and blinked at the bill. Clearing out a goblin den? 60 copper? Huh. He looked around for a rep and a man walked over in full chainmail.
"Gotta question lad?"
Tyler jabbed a thumb at the goblin bill.
"what's the deal with those? don't have many goblins in my home country."
The man sighed as he saw the thing.
"Sad business really. That's from a small village not too far from here. Been up for close to a week and since the reward is so low no one's looked at it. but that's how it is. Goblins are very weak creatures. In the open. In their caves? They're deadly."
"They take captives?"
Tyler had torn the thing from the board at the word and was moving to see Weed. She smirked as he placed it for a stamp.
"You already did a job. Why would I stamp that?"
"Cause if you don't, I will."
She blinked at his now cold voice and stamped it. The warrior just walked out with lightning in his eyes. Weed looked to the man that had talked to him.
"What the hell was that about?"
The man sighed.
"He learned they take captives. I think that hit a nerve."
Tyler was moving with purpose to the gate, the bill in his hand. A WEEK? and they just ignored it? Whatever. I'll make a point now to check for such dens. i can kill goblins in their den easily enough. Longsword or not. That lance is useful in it's collapsed state and my daggers are useful. Plus that shield. Tyler walked out the front gate and broke into a light run he could maintain as he headed for the village on the southern road. He reached it after a solid hour of running and went right to the largest hut. The village being merely five houses and a longhouse surrounded by a foot of fencing to mark the border. The people saw the heavily armed teenager walk into the village and an elderly man leaning on a cane approached,
"Please. Are you friendly?"
Tyler passed the bill over.
"Sorry it took so damn long. I just saw that thing."
The man deflated from relief and pointed to a nearby forest.
"Look for a large hill. They burrowed into the side of it."
Tyler nodded and headed towards it with thunder in his eyes. The warrior walekd through the dead silent forest snapping branches and shoving limbs out of his way in a ploy to biat the guards into attacking him. he found the rockface in question and saw the 7 foot tall hole gouged into the thing.
"Hobs too."
He strung his encumbersome backpack into a tree and hefted his shield and longsword before walking into the cave without fear. The thing getting pitch black in seconds, but Tyler's eyes were freaky good in the dark to the point he could see with ease. his ears heard nothing but the drip drop of water from stalagmites above his head and the heavy thuds of his boots on the stone floor like a bell tolling out the hour of death. The tunnel was seven feet high and maybe 8 wide. Gifting him plenty of room for his fighting style as he walked with deliberately heavy stomps to get the attention of the creatures in the cave. He rounded a corner and a low snigger was heard as a twang followed it. Tyler merely let it bounce off his chainmail as a mob of 3 foot tall little creatures appeared like magic.
"Water slash."
Tyler wasted zero time and cast his spell as the things rushed the boy backed against a wall holding his shield up to deflect their crude weapons. His spell cut ten clean in half before dying.
The cave was lit up in flickering firelight as now fewer then fifteen of the gangly creatures were set on fire. Tyler then planted his feet,
"Shield smash."
And rushed at the mob head on using the momentum of the rush combined with the shield skill to outright splatter the things against the far wall before spinnin g a vicious circle that cleaved ten in half with the shield droppign four more before he was back against the second wall.
"water slash."
He repeated the cycle twice before he saw them form a wall in the back of the mob to counter rthe sure to be coming third. Only,
Tyler wasn't that stupid. the spell froze a good fifteen in place as a hulking seven foot tall beast appeared from deeper inside the cave to aid it's brethern. Tyler merely smirked and kicked a frozen goblin at it. The thing slapped the now dead goblin aside and Tyler was there,
With the naplam fire spell that engulfed the now bellowing like a cow creature. Tyler then swung his sword and cut three heads off the necks of goblins and the cave fell silent. the hobgoblin dropped dead still on fire as tyler stabbed each goblin int he chest before moving on. The flames producing no smoke as they were magical but creating a flickering light Tyler used to navigate the winding tunnel till he found the main chamber with more oft he creatures all raping a collection of girls of a few ages and looks. Tyler counted maybe 15 captives in all as the creatures saw they had a guest. A taller goblin in a golden crown and holding a sceptor waved it at him, only for a jet black dagger to grow out of it's chest.
"Acid shot. Firebolt. Water slash."
Tyler's offense spells slammed into the now rushing goblin mob and reduced their numbers by a solid 25. The rest clambered over their dying brethern to rush the lone warrior in the confined space. Only for Tyler to take hist stance against the wall,
"Great smash."
And use the same rush attack as before that splattered the thing slike ripe fruit getting hit by hammers. Thne tyler swung his longsword in a horizontal arc, decapitated a large swath oft he goblin attckers.
The captives all sobbed in pain while they watched the lone hero set the mob on fire, lighting the cavern with the flickering flames as the last goblin was shattered into paste by a well aimed shield flick. Then the cave was silent again as the women all shook at the fearsome warrior looking at them.
"I'll do a once over, and get you outta here."
They slumped at this promise and Tyler moved around the foul chamber stabbing goblin hearts before crushing the head of the shamon. Then he spotted a wagon that was in the cave for some odd freakin reason. He walked over and heard a slight mewling. He smiled wickedly and looekd behind it to see ten goblin young looking at him in utter terror.
"Go to hell. Firebolt."
The things screamed as he burned them alive before crushing them into paste as well. He looekd at the cart now, namely the wheels.
"Looks stable. Alright. You'll do."
He walked over to the praying in gratitude ladies,
"Into the wagon ladies. I'll pull it."
They needed help he was all too happy to render to get into the thing and once they had he passed looted cloaks around.
"You pretty an all, but save it for the deserving."
They smiled at the ploy as he next unlocked the wheels.
"Oh. And duck."
That got a soft chuckle as he took the draw bar and pushed it up the slope and out of the cave. The ladies sobbing in utter relief at their rescue as Tyler retrieved his bag. Then he looked back at the cave and aimed a spell,
"Acid shot, water shot."
the warrior used his old world's knowledge of caves to cause that one to utterly collapse in a minor landslide that filled every chamber and tunnel of the foul place forever. happy he got back to pushing the laden wagon back tot he village. The people were waiting after the rumble of the landslide was heard and they were quick to render aid to the returning captives. the elderly man holding a small girl tightly as she sobbed in relief. Tyler walked over and he went to pass him a small pouch,
"Your reward. We're a very-"
"Keep it. Some adventuers don't need a reward."
The man had tears of graditude in his eye at this, and Tyler patted him.
"Enough tears. Save them for the worthy. And set some traps around your village. These types actually."
Tyler passed him a few pieces of paper with detailed plans to better defend the village from goblins. The elder had tears depsite his efforts to fight them in his dull blue eyes.
"Thank you, great one. We will set this up after we see to them."
"Good. well. Take care."
He walked out as the village assembled to aid the returning captives. Tyler was in a most foul mood as he walked back to the capital. Those poor souls suffered hell itself. and not a fucking person lifted a finger to help them when they sent for it. Whatever. People are the fucking same here as they were back home. He returned to the guild and Weed glared at him as he slid the bill back.
"YOU owe me an apology."
"go fuck yourself. There anymore like this?"
She was taken completely by surprise att he sheer venom in his voice as he snapped at her. she glared at him, and his eyes shifted to a gaze of utter ice that she shuddered.
"No. Goblins are extremely rare actually."
"If ANY pop up on that board, make it a fucking prioity."
He leaned in and she was fized by the sin gle most hate filled gaze she had ever seen, and it sent a frigid chill down her spine.
"Because if I come back to find such a bill up for longer then five minutes, I'll set this place on fire myself."
The woman stamped the bill and Tyler walked out to get his new outfit and see the queen. Once he was gone a low wind of ice cold air blew through the dead silent hall around the frozen in shock adventurers. Then Weed shuddered again and a man behind her looked at the masses.
"You heard him lads. That kid scared me more with those eyes and that line then that dragon i stared down. If we don't, I shudder to think what darkness lies behind that gaze."
Tyler walked into Yorland's shop and he noted the dark look on his face,
"Bad business?"
"Just gotback from a goblin raid. 15 freed."
The man shuddered in horror.
"Those poor souls!"
"That's not thw worst part."
"By the gods, you don't mean?"
"That bill had been up for a week. And they just LOOKED AT IT."
Yorland shuddered at the venom in his words.
"I see. Thank the gods you have a heart."
Tyler sighed hard now and it felt like a thick fog of evil just lifted off his shoulders; and that feeling scared Yorland more then when he'd nearly been robbed.
"I guess. I'm gonna let the Queen in on this. That nightmare didn't have to drag on as long as it did. Anyway. It's ready, right?"
The shopkeeper nodded and Tyler smiled eagerly, with no trace ofthe festering raging evil feeling he had been giving off to be found.
"Sweet! Alright.'
The man passed him a bundle and Tyler went into a side room to change as Yorland fought to get his shaking under control. Tyler donned the cutdown shirt and the cargo pants beofre lacing the spiked boots up. He smiled at his new image in a mirror. The shirt hid his chainmail nicely and had a wavy scale pattern of dark tan that would not absorb blood so easily. The thing was like a vest with buttons on the front while his pants had several pockets on the legs that he couldn't feel even though some were very bulky. They too were a scaled tan pattern and the legs dropped over the topps of his high top boots with a razor sharp two inch spike on each toe and spiked treads for surefootedness on any terrian. He smiled at how much lighter they felt then his old clothes as he pulled his gear back on. He walked out and Yorland had gotten his shakign under control.
"Damn. I like tyrant and deer. Was there any left?"
The man smiled at this most frightening boy.
"Enough for a good sized tent blanket. It's 40 silver."
"Thanks Yorland."
He flipped himt he coins and took the oddly thin blanket offered him. he rolled it up before placing it in the straps for the bedroll behind his head. Then he headed to see Vulpine to get a bounty for captive taking creatures set up. The warrior walked in whistling to the palace and chuckled at the tone of wheedling a noble had as he addressed the queen.
"Your elegance, I request a stay on my business' levy that we may send our shipment of grain out on schedule."
The queen had a look of utter boredom on her face as the man made his sales pitch. She would also squirm ever so slightly as the memroy of her night reverbrated through her body. Emily wasn't present for once and he smiled at this. Nice to see she HAS a life. He walked over and Vulpine smiled as she spotted him.
"Tyler. Come to visit?"
He walked right up the steps to her throne to kiss her lovingly.
"More need a favor."
She blinked and got serious.
"what is it?"
"I raided a goblin den on a week old bill two hours ago."
That made her blink.
"Those poor souls. How many?"
"15. And some were younger then even Yrisa. well. Smaller since ya, she's an elf."
The queen's eyes went ice cold.
"What do you need?"
"Set up a special payment for going after captive taking monsters. More captives freedand returned to the city or village, more you can get paid by the crown. Say...50 silver per freed soul."
She smiled widely.
"That is a VERY wily scheme, my King. And it will boost such hunts to an extreme."
"I don't do captivity of ANY sort."
She blinked at the sudden steel as he made that statement. Then smiled understandingly.
"I see. it will be set up. And I admit to anger. Why didn't I think a that?"
He smiled lovingly.
"Too easy."
"You're right on that."
He kissed her again and she smiled.
"Emily's up in her garden."
"Yes. she likes it up there. It's-oh."
She finally noticed his outfit nad smiled.
"You look very handsome like that. if you wish, you can store your old attire iny our chambers."
"My chambers?"
she laughed at his visible confusion.
"You're my husband idiot."
"Oh. Right. I forgot those came withn the package. Place got a key?"
"Mine works."
"Love you too."
She smiled as he kissed her again. Then his smiled turned wicked.
"Enjoying it?"
"I HATE you! I JUST got it out of my head!"
He chuckled and headed to the second elevator as she glared in mild irritation at him.
"I'll get that new system in place when you come down."
"Got it Foxy."
"Oh crap."
He chuckled at her newfound fear as he closed the elevator doors and rode the thing up. I forgot. I married the queen. After nearly fucking her to death. Ha. I really should apologize to weed though. Then again, it WOULD make my point. He shrugged the thoughts away as the door opened and revealed another long hallway leading to a set of black wooden doors. Tyler walked along the hall whistling and looked out the various windows at the expanse on the ground. He unlocked the door and whistled at the room he had.
"Nice place."
The room was built in the same style as the queen's open layout but with more of the sunken couches around firepits. there was a massive bed nestled into a small alcove in the center of the room with ways to get in on either side. That made him chuckle as it effectively split the room in half quite neatly. He walked around on the stone floor and noticed a tigerskin rug the size of a car on the floor by a desk and highbacked chair looking out the window at the queen's chamber window that was directly across a drop for some odd reason. There wasn't a kitchen in this one but there was a large sunken hottub with room for ten in full view oft he Queen's windows. Tyler sighed as he saw this. Instead of fuckin her he'd rather stalk her. Poor lady. He walked to the desk and sat int he chair,
"I like this thing already."
The cushion was extremely comfy with plenty of arm space on the rests with easy access top the many drawers in said desk. Tyler started openign them and leafing through various documents inside them with a mild curiosity. Numbers for budgets, payments to nobles for this that and the other thing, some musings on how corrupt the queen was and how she bullied men at every opportunity. Ha. Work that sexiness! Tyler shrugged as he set the useless files aside and looked the desk over closely now. it being a simple thing really with four drawers on each side of the chair slot with a large opening lid on the top that had a lock. Tyler set the queen's key into the lock and turned it. There was a click and he opened it to reveal a large pouch of small crystals that made him tilt his head in confusion, a dagger made from gold, a royal sealing stamp, more documents, and some pencils. Tyler took the cyrstals first and set one on the table. The thing was the shape of a four sided pyramid and the color of cloudy ameithyst. He poked the tip and a clod appeared above the thing to reveal a beautiful girl with startlingly bright redhair smiling at the recorder.
"You ready, your grace?"
Tyler blinked as he saw she was stark naked looking at him and a low chuckle was heard in the dead king's voice,
"Of course Scarlett. are YOU ready for royal meat?"
Tyler hit the tip of the crystal again with a lightning fast motion. I do NOT need to see that. She was pretty though. Scarlett. Hm. Guess he liked red heads. He set the porn crystals aside to look at the documents now. These being more of his secret plots to overthrow the queen and take control. Tyler shrugged and settled to give them to Vulpine on his way down. He'd just taken the dagger up when a light knock was heard on the door,
"sire, may i enter?"
He blinked at the young lady's voice,
The door opened to reveal the girl with the startlingly bright red hair from the crystal. She walked over in clocking heels to curtsy before him. She was a very pretty girl with her vivid red hair in a thick braid drapped over her large chest that made her black and white maid outfit balloon. Her eyes were a shining green while her skin was white. Her oputfit was the tight fitted maid outfit with flared skirt and black shoes usually expected of a maid to wear. She smiled prettily.
"I am Scarlett. Your royal maid despite you not officially donning the crown. Still. I will serve you well and clean your chamberswhileyou are out adventuering, Milord."
Tyler smiled.
"Thanks, Scarlett. And my name's Tyler."
She smiled warmly.
"I see you're as kind as Lady Vulpine says you are, Tyler. If you have need, for anything, please don't hesitate."
"I won't. And I think I should point this out."
He slid the crystal over and she sighed.
"Of course he recorded it. He said he wouldn't too. How much did you see?"
"He spoke and I killed it. Thqat hair is eyecatching though."
She smiled with a slight blush.
"I use a spell to make it brighter. You like it?"
"Can't go wrong with a flaming red head."
That made her blush harder.
"Thank you, Tyler. Are you...interested?"
"Are you?"
She smiled sweetly.
"I'm a bit addict. The queen indulges me a lot, but I need....more."
"wow. I see why she put you with me. we got the time."
That put a smile of excitement on her face! Then she gulped.
"All I ask is you not record it, please."
"Sure. Recordings wouldn't do you justice."
That made her smile as she tossed the one with her on it into a firepit. The pair went tot he large bed and stripped down. Tyler blinked as he saw her bust flop to twice it's size outside her shitt.
"Isn't it uncomfortable keeping them pressed down like that?"
She smiled as she got ont her bed.
"it is sometimes. But i like to surprise my partners in the bed."
"Ah. Well. Surprise."
He dropped his pants and she moaned!
"Thank you!"
He smiled as he mounted the perverted girl and she bucked to meet his intrusion.
"I love it a little....rough. Just not TOO rough, okay?"
He kissed her and gave a decent push and she groaned.
"That. Exaclty, that."
HE smiled and gave her more of the hard jabs as she bucked to mert him,
"Faster, yes, yes, like that! harder!"
He smiled, loving the change of pace before she flipped over and lifted her ass.
"Spank me!"
He mounted her and did spank this kinky girl lightly making her groan as they played for an hour before she was satisfied.
"Ahhh. i feel so much better!"
He chuckled as he kissed her lucious lips.
"Was fun,. Scarlett. Might wanna add you to a pile with Vulpine some time."
"I love you!"
He kissed her again and she smiled.
"And thank you for being kind with the roughness. The other guy was mean with it."
Tyler smiled as he stroked her back.
"Waws a nice change a pace, Scarlett. I probably won't be around much."
She smiled and kissed him.
"I know. I have the princess and the3 queen to play with. And if rumor be truth, that beautiful elf you have."
"Oooh she'll LOVE you. not too sure on the kinks though."
"That's only for when I want to bhe manhandled. I got another batch a tricks for the ladies."
"A lady of culture. I like it."
She laughed and they rolled to look at the ceiling of the alcove as they got their gbreath back. Tyler smiled as she drapped herself across his chest as he stroked her back like a cat. He looked up smiling when his razor eyes spotted a set of lines above his face.
"Of course."
"Something amiss?"
"A hidden cubby."
She rolled aside and he felt the ceiling over with his sensitive fingers before finding a small button. He pushed it and got a click. The panel slid aside and after a search of the of cubby Tyler came up with a crystal, a book, and a large pouch. Tyler set the crystal on the bed and hit the tip with Scarlett watching curiously. The cloud appeared and it showed a long hallway like the one to Tyler's room and there was the sound of barefeet on stone as the recorder was evidently sneaking through the hallway towards a door at the end of the hall. Scarlett started shaking as she saw it.
"That's emily's chamber. Oh that poor girl."
Tyler's eyes narrowed immensely as he watched the recorder reacht he door and open it without a sound to reveal the princess asleep in her bed. Tyler was watching closely for a reflection in the darkened room as the recorder approached the bed without a sound as the princess rolled onto her back in her sleep. Then the recorder was under the blankets pinning the girl to the bed with a hand over her mouth,
"Now be still sweetie. And relax. You'll enjoy this. Your mother did."
Tyler killed the recording as he heard the former king's voice. He gripped the post of the bed and Scarlett backed away in fear at the sudden explosion of utter rage and vile hatred he was giving off. Then he took in a deep breath and let it out.
"I killed that bastard far too quickly."
Scarlett shuddered at the venom in his voice and he sighed again.
"Come on. I need to see Vulpine. Not a word."
"Understood Tyler. No one knew."
"It explains so much."
He got dressed and looked through the book. it being merely a play by play manifesto of every girl and woman the king had raped or set up to BE raped. The pouch had more suchy crystals and Tyler sheathed his sword with a unsettling calm as Scarlett gulped.
"I want fresh blankets and sheets, Scarlett."
"I understand. Colors?"
"Black, fire red, and gliming silver. Oh. And gold."
She smiled as he named the colors of the hair of his girls.
"At once. The old set?"
"Burn them."
She curstied and Tyler rode the elevator to the ground floor as he fought with his on the verge of exploding emotions. The elevator stopped and he walekd out and right up to a smirking Vulpine.
"Scarlett's a wild-"
"You need to see something. Come on. Rest of you: GET OUT."
The nobles hesitated, and he drew his sword,
They bolted from the palace at his sudden rage filled bellow. Vulpine was blinking at this sudden and extreme shift in his personality and rounded on him in a fury for an explainiation. he merely flipped the crystal t5o her.
"Upstairs. That's Emily's."
She gasped and followed him now shaking violently. they reached the room and found that all the cloth had been torn fromt he room as Tyler sat the scared queen on a chair and passed her the cyrstal.
"He died far too quickly."
She hit the tip and he held her as she watched the king sneak into emily's room and mount her. She stopped it as the girl sobbed in heartbreak at the sudden thrust.
"She never told me."
"Now we know why."
The queen broke down sobbing into her arms as he stroked her silver hair, her crying in his ears making his very blood boil with a rage most dark and volatile. The queen sensed this and kissed him.
"You care. And we got our revenge."
He shuddered as the vile cocktail of emotions left him.
"We did. And it STILL pisses me off."
She took his hand tightly in her shaking hands.
"Me too. We need to talk to her."
"Scarlett. Fetch the princess."
"Yes sire."
Vulpine smirked as Scarlett hadn't even walked in the room.
"You adjusted quick."
He set the dragon shield aside.
"I'm too pissed to think. And now I'm too freakin scared to leave you two alone here without me in the city. You, emily, Lyris, and Yrisa."
The queen hugged him tightly.
"I've been busy."
"How so?"
She smiled.
"well. I got myself and emily high level immunities to stun, paralyze and most poisons. same with those adorable elves. Yrisa is too cute! I brought them in as you were on your rampage. And before you think of it yes. I gave them a key to the room as well."
"I can hear that scamp's ego trip now."
"She's adorable."
"Too right, too cute. emily love her?"
"They were sisters at hello! Good LUCK prying them apart!"
he smiled as the door opened and a nervous emily walked in wearing her silver gown. Tyler sighed as she sat by them.
"We know."
She gasped. Then had tears well up as he slid the crystal over.
"That bastard recorded it."
The princess rabbed onto her mopther sobbing.
"I wanted to tell you, mother, but he said no one would believe me! I'm sorry!"
Tyler hugged her too as he and Vulpine comforted the princess. The warrior smiled as he stroked her soft hair.
"You won."
She looked up with tear filled green eyes.
"You're alive and with people you love that love you. He's dead. You won."
She smiled at that as she understood.
"Plus I have the loveof my life in Verila. She's everything to me. I only wish i could marry her."
"Do so."
She blinked at his simple response.
"But. I'm a princess. I have a duty-"
"No. You don't. Not in MY realm you don't."
Vulpine lifted an eyebrow.
"YOUR relam?"
"Yes. MINE. I may not want to be king, but I will be DAMNED before I let her suffer another living hell."
That made her smile.
"I agree."
The queen looked at the stunned princess.
"You may marry her. If you wish. Any speak up,"
"Meet the dragon."
The princess smiled with such joy Tyler felt his dark heart grow lighter. She hugged him tightly.
"Thank you."
"Go big."
"Ooooh I WILL!"
"Oh. And have Yrisa be your bride's maid."
"Ohh now my heart hurts. i am SOOO doing that!"
Tyler chuckled as the now glowing princess pecked him on the cheek.
"Thank you so much, Tyler. I won't call you father, but brother."
"I got an elven cutie for a sister and now a silver princess? I like this town!"
That made them laugh as Vulpine smirked.
"And me?"
"My silver fox wife."
"wow. I love that. Lyris?"
"My golden elf."
Tyler looked at emily.
"Sooo, question."
she tilted her head.l
"Why the hell you still here? Don't you got some good news to give?"
She was right back to glowing asshe SPRINTED from the room to share the news with her lover. Once the door shut Tyler looked at Vulpine.
"Sooo who is Verlia?"
She slumped.
"Her lover. And the captain of her royal guard. They've been madly in love for a few years now."
"Wow. Seen THAT in a book or two. Knight captain or not she's on my shitlist outta princible."
That made her laugh.
"I dare you to say that to her face!"
"I will. Always fun screwing with the tough chicks."
Vulpine just hugged him.
"You got a deathwish."
"Ha. You okay?"
She sighed.
"I will be. Once I see Emily smile like that again."
Tyler shattered the crystal in his fist before placing the pouch of other crystals in view. She shivered as they checked them all, only to find them more of the former. Tyler shattered them all and the other batch as well. Then he sighed.
"I need a drink dammit."
"Me too. I'll cuddle Emily tonight. I...need to hold her for a while."
"An I need a hug from Yrisa."
She smiled at that one and they left the room. They split with the queen going to hold her daughter and Tyler going to hug Yrisa. The warrior was spiritually tired after his near emotional explosions. Them, plus the soul draining sights of thr goblin cave had drained him of most of his strength. Hwe walked into Brock's inn and smiled as he saw his favorite elven cutie bouncing from table to table smiling widely. Tyler walekd by and patted her, making her glow with joy as he sat at the bar by Brock. The warrior sighed and the man slid a tall glas over.
"I know that look. Seen somethign dark today, huh?"
"Raided a goblin den off a week old bill at the guild. Rescued 15 with half smaller an Yrisa there and younger to boot."
He took a swig of the whiskey and Brock nodded sagely.
"Thank the gods you found them."
"The tihng was a week old, Brock. Those bastards just looked at it."
That made the older man smile as he came around the bar to sit by the troubled teenager.
"Not everyone cares enough to do something, Tyler. People like are few an far between."
"I had Vulpine put a bounty on monsters like that. More rescued, more you get paid. And i hate the fact I had to use a freakin bribe to get them off their asses. Then I found that FUCKING crystal."
His fist went white and Brock slapped his back with enoguh force to shock him.
"Not in my bar. You go berserk, someone could get hurt."
Tyler sighed and his fist went back to his normal pasty tan skin.
"The king didn't ask first. and recorded everyone of them."
Brock sighed.
"He always was a bastard."
"The silver was one of them."
"By the gods. You don't mean?"
"There's a reason the silver has high standards."
Brock looked at him in horror and Tyler downed his drink. Then the elf sighed deeply.
"You seen some evil things today. But did real good as well. Take heart in that."
"I'm trying. But it's making my blood boil thinking of it. And I can hear those screams like I was there too."
Yrisa hopped up onto a stool beside him tghen.
"Wow. These feel weird."
He snorted at her cute observation and she hugged him. He delfated as his swirling darkness left him as he swept the cutie into a tight hug. Brock chuckled as he sensed the lad's soul grow lighter. Tyler held the small elven girl tightly for a few minutes before smiling.
"Thanks, Sis."
She smiled as he let her go.
"You help me all the time, big brother. I can do stuff too ya know1"
"I know. But I like this job."
"I like food dammit."
The other patrons of the inn were laughing at the sight of the tall teen getting pushed around by the small elven cutie beside him. Lyris came out then and hugged him as well.
"Feel better?"
He nodded.
"Yeah. Much. It still bugs me, but in the end, I DID kill them. So there's that."
Brock nodded smiling.
"Aye lad. ya did. And remember that fact. You made those evil bastards pay for their deeds. And is she happy?"
Tyler smirked and looked Yrisa. Who squeaked.
"I got news. Our OTHER sister needs a good maid....for a white veil occasion."
Brock and Lyris smiled widely as they gotthe coded message.
"That lucky girl."
"We're to be with her?"
"Yup. And Yrisa here is to be the gold to her silver."
"What the hell are you all talking about?"
All three pattedher head fondly at the same time.
"Nothing you need to worry about."
"Yup. Relax Sparkles."
"Your hair is so soft sweetie."
"You're scaring me!"
They laughed at her cute squeal. Tyler hugged her again and she sighed at this.
"You people are weird."
"Love you too sis."
Tyler smiled at that before looking at Lyris.
"So. Besides you, what's on the menu?"
Brock smirked.
"yer paying this time."
That got a laugh as Lyris got his order for some grilled tyrant with another mug of ale to unwind from the strenous day. Yrisa was floating about the other tables as Tyler sat at the bar looking the map of the area over. Brock chuckled as he saw this on a pass to restock the bar for glasses.
"Thinking of going somewhere?"
"Not really. More markign down places I've been to."
The fire haired elf smirked.
"Yer not thinkin a settling down so soon, are you?"
Tyler rubbed his eyes.
"More...worried....about what'll happen if I leave them all here to go off to who knows where."
That made the elf sigh.
"So what'll you do? just hang up your sword?"
"I'm weighing that option. or I'll just take that crown thing from Vulpine."
"At YOUR age? with YOUR fire? That'd be a shameful waste."
"And yet I'd do nothing but worry qabout Yrsia, Lyris, Emily and Vulpine while I'm gone. My very presence in this city is MORE then enough to get unwanted eyes off them given just what I've done thus far. You know the old addage. The wolf's away the dogs will play."
Brock blinked at that.
"You think you've made enemies."
"And as soon as I leave boom. They go after you people. They tried me, and all they got was a box. I proved in the throne room I can counter them on the fly. They're hiding alright. I've made it painfully blatant I didn't intend to stay in the city so all they have to do is bide their time."
Brock sighed again now.
"Talk to the Queen lad. She's a lot sharper then you think. And even more merciless."
"I'll ask in the morning."
Lyris came out with his order and he slipped her a gold.
"See ya later."
She smirked.
"I love you. But damn you."
She walked off as Brock laughed.
"You tried that on any other lady, you'd be thrown out the door."
"Ha. Now that's hilarious."
Yrisa came bouncing over and he flipped her a gold.
"Your cuteness tip.
"Thanks! No extra beer though."
"Ha. You'll be fine. Go on."
Brock glared at him now.
"Worth it."
The elf sighed with a smile as Yrisa flitted from table to table makign her cuteness work dividends. Tyler smiled.
"Asshole by the firepit. Try it. I DARE ya."
The room went deathly silent as Yrisa squeaked for a man had been about to grab her without her noticing. The man was shaking like a leave at the sheer venom in Tyler's voice as he called him out withoput even glancing in his direction the once. The warrior rose from his stool and walked over smiling and even Yrisa was shaking in terror as he patted her. The warrior looekd into the now terrified man's eyes and his grin grew wider.
"Not in the bar!"
Tyler grabbed the man's skull and dragged him fromt eh inn as he screamed in terror. Yrisa ran to a stunned Lyris and looekd at her,
"Momma, I'm scared!"
The elven mother lifted her daughter up.
"Remember my dream, sweetie."
"The demon?"
There was a loud scream that cut off with a disturbing suddenness and Lyris nodded.
"Tyler has two extremes, sweetie. One we all love. And that one. Make him TRULY angry, and he becomes a vile demon."
Yrisa stopped shaking.
"Oh. He won't hurt me, right?"
"Okay. He's intense when pissed!"
The mother and grandfather looked at the now happily smiling girl in mild shock at her langauge and Brock sighed.
"I'm charging him double for that."
"Say what now?"
Tyler's head poked around the door jamb outside and the trio lost it at his miffed expression. The warrior sighed and walekd back in as the guard dragged the headless carcass to be burned.
"What I do this time?"
Yrisa giggled as he hugged her.
"You were PISSED!"
Brock smirked at him.
"Yeah. Double. Any questions?"
Lyris just shook her head.
"You're a bad influence on her. Great."
Tyler slid the dead man's pouch over to Yrisa.
"He was a fan."
"I like money!"
She smiled sweetly.
"I like getting stuff."
his tone made her blink. Then blush.
"I make the money myself. Why can't I buy stuff I like?"
"Better. Don't expect to just get stuff handed to you on a plate, okay? You just doing that, you become a nasty and outright mean person."
She hung her head lower.
"sorry big brother."
He smiled and poked the coin pouch.
"If you WORK HARD for your spending money, and don't go overboard with it, all the power to ya. And if you owe someone a debt of a favor, repay it BEFORE you spend money on yourself. Understnad?"
She looked up smiling.
"I think so, big brother. Debt first. Fun after."
"I like yours better."
He hugged her and she was smiling happily as Lyirs smirked at Brock.
"He's a better father an you were!"
"Wow. Bar was that low?"
"You opened the door, momma, what did you expect him to do?"
Tyler nodded sagely.
"exactly, Yrisa. If you open the door,"
The elven girl was also nodding sagely in her hig.
"Don't be shocked when something sues it."
"So young and yet so wise."
"I'm great!"
"Just really."
Brock and Lyris were smiling at the heartwarming scene as Tyler and Yrisa relaxed together. Tyler then had his dinner with yrisa getting back to work amid a now VERY on edge group of patrons as they now knew without a shadow of a doubt Tyler was keeping a very close eye on his precious little sister. The warrior smiled as he slid his cleaned plate to Lyris.
"Damn. Tyrant's good."
She shook her head as he slid the 65 silver to her.
"I'll be free in half an hour."
"I'm not going anywhere."
Yrisa came over and sat by him at the bar with a tired sigh. he patted her.
"Hard work looking that good, eh?"
She smiled.
"Yup. They tip really well but I'm always tired at the end of the day. it's fun though."
"I love my job."
"Making me happy?"
"nah./ i do that for fun."
That made her blush as he patted her hair. They got a drink apiece from brock, another ale for Tyler and stawberry juice in a smilar glass for Yrisa. The siblings threw the drinlks back in sync and Brock lifted an eyebrow at this new worry.
"If she learns to drink from you, I swear by ears I will beat you to death with a barstool."
Yrisa rested her head against him smiling and he patted her fondly.
"You fall asleep there I'll drip water on you."
Lyris came out from the back and smiled as she saw her tiny daughter nearly asleep against her big brother at the bar. The other patrons had either left or gone to their own rooms now and Brock was putting a long bar over the front door as Tyler lifted the now sleeping blonde in his arms. She stirred tiredly.
"Bed time sparkles."
"kay. Can i stay with you tonight big brother?"
He looked at lyris and she smiled.
"Of course. No play with her there however."
He smiled at Yrisa.
"Sure. Come on."
She smiled and woke a little more as he carried her up to their room as Brock went to his own.
"They make a better family then when yorlod was in the picture. he'd NEVER turn down sex for a cuddle with Yrisa!"
Tyler smiled as Yrisa changed into a thin nightgown with Lyris. He having gotten some tyrant bedpants made which he changed into after Lyris locked the door. Tyler and Lyris sandwiched the exhausted Yrisa between their bodies and settled down for the night. Yrisa had enough left for one last cute.
"Night, Tyler. I love you. Night momma. I love you."
And with that she was sound asleep. Tyler smiled as he pulled the blanket over her shoulder.
"I love you too Sparkles."
Lyris smiled proudly as he drapped his arm over them both.
"I love you too, Tyler. And...I wish you'd been the first."
He kissed her lovingly.
"I wish I had been too. But. I'm here now."
She smiled with such pride at that and rubbedher hand over her womb.
"At least she'll have you too."
"Poor kid."
Tyler smiled as Lyris put her arm around his waist over Yrisa's sleeping form, effectively making a coccoon for the sleeping girl.
"Night, Lyris. I love you."
"Night, tyler. I love you too. And I had a chat with the queen. Yes we'll pile up at somepoint."
"I love this town."

DAY 5.
GOLD: 251. SILVER: 90 COPPER: 120.

Tyler woke from a dreamless slumber to see he'd cradled Yrisa's small body into his own during the night like a teddy bear. He looked over and saw Lyris had effectively pinned the girl against him as well with her own body. The result was a warm and comfy pocket between them she fit into nicely. He smiled as he stroked her soft hair gently. I freakin love this cutie. Dearly. He looked and saw Lyris' lipps looking nice an vulnerable. so her kissed her awake. she smiled.
"I love you too. and she is so cute like that."
HE stroked her hair fondly again and she yawned awake.
"Mornign Sparkles."
"Morning big brother. You're comfy."
"Yopu're warm."
They hugged and Lyris smiled at him.
"What's on you to do list today, Tyler/"
"take another job from the guild and go from there. Maybe check on Emily but not sure just yet."
Lyris kissed him.
"I need it tonight."
"I'll be armed."
she smiled as they all took a morning bath before get5ting breakfast at the tavern. TYler running a comb through Yrisa's hair as she hummed. Once her golden strands were shimmering again and he'd been fed, he slid the 30 silver for the meal over to Brock and headed for the guild. The warrior walked in whistling and weed glared at him.
"What? No apology?"
He sighed and walked over.
"I had a childhood friend get taken by goblins, Weed. I had to rescue her myself when the local guild laughed at my pleas for aid. So yeah. That's a sore spot for me."
he walked away and she sighed.
"Accepted. and the guild master was LIVID. her sister was taken by goblins. Any bills that come in are given gold tier priority."
"Long as the captives are saved, I do not care."
Tyler walked over to the board and walked along the thing looking at various requests. Hmm. another tyrant. They're fun. A golem? Not equiped to fight a walking rock. Hmm. He stopped by one bill and tilted his head. An unknown predator is lurking in the forest of my farm. Request aid. reward is whatever the predator gives you. Nifty change of pace. He went to take it when he tilted his head.
"Oh yeah. I can't track worth a damn."
He let it be and looked again. The shrugged.
"Fuck it. I'll kill another tyrant."
Weed snorted as he took the bill.
"You make it sound easy."
He slid the thing to her and she stamped it.
"Things are fun. Should try it sometime. Fun I mean."
She smirked.
"I have fun."
"How much she charge?"
"I am going to kill you."
"Love you too Weed."
She sighed as he walked out. Then the green haired lady smiled.
"fun, huh? heh."
Tyler whistled as he left the city on his latest hunt. Now I hunt T-rexes for fun. Heh. Weird world this. He walked along the south road looking at the directions. Head south for two hours and turn left into the grassland before heading west for a further two hours. Should cut the trail at the two hour mark. Tyler shrugged and followed the directions until he found the three toed tracks of the rex. Hmm. These are a full day old. Thing's not in ANNNY hurry. Tracks are 4 feet long this time and a good bit deeper. a bigger beast. Attack pattern is the same. Tyler pulled the lance from his pack and extended it before taking off at a run along the trail. the lone warrior was moving at a fast pace enjoying the hunt as the ground started rumbling from the beast's steps. Tyler smirked as he neared his prey. I love my job! The thing bellowed then and he frowned at the aggressive move. So IT'S hunting too? Interesting. The wily warrior moved faster now and the rumbling increased as a loud screaming was heard and a streaking fire attack soared into the air. Tyler gritted his teeth and planted his feet to start racing at his full speed to get to the attack site. The warrior crested a hill to see a wagon of people had been tipped over with the occupants scamrbling away fromt he lunging jaws of the rex. Lucky part? They were moving TOWARDS Tyler. The warrior hadn't stopped moving as his sharp eyes took in the scene. The thing had ambushed the wagon full of people and seemed to have NOT gotten any kills yet. But given the torn up side of the wagon, it wasn't for lack of trying. That's when tyler saw the left eye was missing inside a large scar on the green scaled rex's head. Tyler smirked as he altered his charge to attack the blindside. The attempting to flee people were desperately trying to weave into the blindspot but the rex was merely toying with the proned bunch. and they knew it. The thing growled like a rumbling lion as it's honed predator instincts picked up on something. But by then, it was too late. Tyler appeared from behind the tipped over wagon and thurst his lance into the side of the beast just above the two tiny arms with enough force to punch deep into the bellowing rex's body. Tyler smirked as he felt his lancetip hit the heart and lungs. he tore it free anjd spun it lightly as the now dead animal flopped onto it's side before him with a bang and he placed a foot on it's neck to look at the stunned wagoneers.
"You guys okay?"
The wagoneers just gaped att he sight before them. Tyler standing with oen foot on the neck of a Tyrant he'd just killed in front of them, after making it look like he did it on thye daily, with a jet black lance. Tyler smirked.
"You guys dead?"
"TYler? HOooooly SHIT."
"What the?"
The warrior hopped over the dead dinosuar to get a look at the people on the ground. Then he blinked.
"Mark? Hailey? Sarah? Ha. well will ya look what the cat threw up? You guys okay?"
His classmates were gaping at him in utter shock at his drastic transformation in a mere three days. Sarah, the brown haired green eyed girl he'd flirted with before the rteleport was in a light green leather tunic with a small shortsword and buckler shield. She looekd at the warrior as he looked the rex carcass over.
"Hmm. Bigger an the last one. I just hope it don't stink as much."
He looked over at his name to see hailey, the girl he'd bicker with all the time, slowly approaching him like he was a wild animal.
"Oh. Hey Hailey. might wanna step back. Things tend to bleed all over the place when ya cut em open. Yo, mark. Check on the others."
The teacher just obeyed the command on reflex as Tyler pulled his jet black dagger and set his bag down whistling. Sarah came over and hugged him.
"You're alive. You just disappeared."
He smiled as he patted her head.
"Been a busy few days. You're looking well. An I need to hurry here."
"You in trouble?"
"Nah. This thing's gonna attract more. So I need to get what i can before the other show up."
The industrious warrior took the spot by the tip oft he snort and started skinning the beast whistling the entire time. Hailey just looked at her friend as Tyler peeled a ten foot strip of the leathery green hide fromt he massive animal.
"Is that really Tyler?"
"I guess. He looks the same at least."
Tyler chuckled at their talk.
"And WHO was the biggest dinonerd you ladies knew?"
They sighed.
"Okay fair enough."
"Guy's got a point. Sooo. whatchya been doing? we've been mostly exploring and fighting bandits."
"Me? Ha. Where the fuck do I begin? Oh. here. This'll throw ya. I married the queen."
So as he worked the warrior told the tale of his last three days to his stunned classmates. The group threw up as he cut into the chest cavity while Tyler powered through it with a mere grimance.
"Gods that is STILL foul. So I killed Drakis."
He talked and worked the carcass over hard before getting everything he could use or carry off it. Mark tilted his head as he saw Tyler tie his pack off.
"There's a lot of weaste meat."
"Help yourself. i got what i was after. Tyrant meat is TAAAAASTY! Plus the bones make great tools."
Sarah looked at him.
"So. let me make sure I understand this. In the space of three days, you saved two elves from bandits, fucked one, saved the queen from assassination, killed her king, fucked her too, married her, psuedomarried the elf, got named a king to be because of that crown you found, and are the adoptive big brother to a small elven girl?"
"Yup. Pretty much."
"And you're getting laid left an right."
"Ooookay. the class asshole went and became a chosen one hero."
"Ha. More lucky bastard. Me wife's a QUEEN!"
The girls laughed at that one and Mark shook his head.
"Smart man."
Tyler jabbed a thumb at the still visible capital.
"Drako's a helluva city. Should check it out."
They nodded and Tyler shouldered his pack plus sled.
"Alright. See ya later."
Sarah blinked.
"what ARE you doing out here?"
"Was hunting that rex."
"of course you were. And you're not staying?"
he smiled at them.
"Nope. I came fior the4 rex. My home's with them. Plus I need to give yrisa her new tooth."
The group blinked at his smile as he collapsed the lance.
"I'd get moving again. The scavangers are sure to be coming. Later."
Tyler took off at a light trot towards the city along the road as his former classmates all gaped at his speed. Tyler smirked as he went. They didn't know WHAT the fuck to make of that! I roll up, kill a t-rex with a lance, and then that brag? Ha. Kinda wanna rail Sarah an Hailey at come point. But Lyris and Vulpine have the better everything. the cocky warrior returned to the guild and Weed sighed as she slid him his 100 gold.
"I lost money on this bet."
"Nice to see I matter to you."
"Get out."
"Love you too."
He chuckeld as he left her with a slight redness to her cheeks and the lady besideher smiled teasingly.
"That's the first time color in THOSE cheeks, Weed! Got a crush?"
"fuck off Rain!"
Tyler chuckled as he returned to Brock's inn. The elf laughing as he walked in with more tyrant.
"Kid you work hard. And she put the tooth on her desk. Loves that thing. She's in the back right now having lunch."
"Same deal as before?"
"Yup. Cut an quality."
Tyler and Brock unloaded the meat and he nodded.
"You learned from your mistakes the last time. Impressive. For this i can give you 125 gold."
"Thanks Brock."
Tyler walked into the kitchen and smiled as he saw Yrisa eating a sandwich with Lyris on her lunch break. Tyler poked her in the shoulder and she looked, only for him to move to her other side.
"Why you looking over there?"
She sighed as she looked at him.
"I hate those."
"Love you too Sparkles. here."
He put the second tooth in front of her and she smiled.
"Thanks! I got two now!"
He patted her hair fondly.
"Atta girl. I gotta go."
He kissed Lyris.
"Love you."
She smiled at this and he headed to Helga's shop. The burly smith chuckled as he came in with more tyrant.
"I see you got a favorite prey. lay it out Tyler."
Tyler kept the hide again and Helga nodded.
"You learn from past mistakes. Impressive. 95 gold."
"Thanks. Hey. Gotta question real quick."
"Oh this oughta be good. what is it?"
He slid the sowrd and shield onto the counter.
"What're these made of?"
She smiled.
She looked at the shield first and blinked.
"The crest of the Dragon King. By my ears. The rumors are true."
Tyler smiled as he shrugged.
"I guess it's that kinda deal."
The elven smith sighed.
"Of course you don't care. The shield is made from the scale of a golden dragon king. The only thing that can damage it, is more golden dragon king scale weapons. Same with the sword. It will never wear, never have to be sharpened, never rust. irt DOES need a good polish though. Same with the shield. I can do that for 10 coppers."
"Thanks Helga. Care to show me how?"
"wise lad."
She taught him how to properly care for the unbreakable swordand shield and by the end the things were shining. Happy me gave Helga the ten coppers and headed for the guild again. The warrior whistling as he walked in; the ever cocky warrior winked at Weed making her glare. I like fucking with her. He went to the board now and noted the board was more plastered then before. Guess it got a refresh.
"Hey, did ya hear? Guess a new bandit hunter band's been moving bout the land."
Tyler smirked as he listened to the conversation.
"You mean that group of weird looking people that with the wagon? I eard of em. what of em Lork?"
"Get this, word is they're foreigners from another land WITHOUT magic! And that it's rather wartorn."
"Sounds like the Dragon's Homeland Think he knows em?"
"Maybe. Their stories DO line up. wanna ask?"
"Are you daft? I'm not killing myself by bothering him! YOU go!"
Tyler chuckled at that as he kept moving. Guess I kinda went an made a name for myself. Ha. Oh yeah. was gonna check on Emily. He headed out and Weed smirked.
"Lost interest?"
"Not yet. You're PLENTY fascinating."
He left her with another slight blush and mild anger as her coworkers teased her and headed to the palace. He walked in and smiled ashe saw Emily sitting in her throne smiling from ear to ear and just glowing at her future with her lover. Vulpine was sitting on her throne as iperiously beautiful as ever as nobles all tried to get in her good graces. The ladies smiled as he walked up. Tyler getting a warm kiss off Vulpine before hugging Emily. She smiled.
"I'm okay. Verilia said yes! I'm getting married!"
He hugged her tighter.
"Good for you sis. Make her work for it!"
She laughed as he kissed Vulpine again.
"I know."
"Love you too."
He looked at Emiliy and she nodded to an armored lady by the foot of the dias on her side. Tyler walked down curious to meet his sister's lover. The lady was in full plate mail with full helm so he couldn't see her face but through the slits in her visor he saw she had beautifully bright purple eyes and the wayher gleaming silver mail bulged around her chest hinted at a massive rack. He smirked.
"Just be aware, you're on my shitlist outta princible."
The queen and princess laughed at this declaration as the knight captain chuckled.
"Duly noted."
He noted her voice was soft and rather war too. That, and there was an undercurrent of steel he liked. Tyler nodded.
"Alright. All I needed. Have funN Emily. Love you Vulpine."
They smiled and he walked out. Vulpine looked at her daughter laughing.
"He went for it. He actually went for it. I didn't think he would!"
Emily smiled fondly as the warrior walked out whistling.
"That's Tyler for ya. Make a bet he'll do something, and he'll probably do something. Only it'll be as outlandishly outragerous as he is. But more fun too."
Tyler went back to the guild and Weed smirked.
"Of you? NEVER."
She sighed ashe again turned it into a flirt but smiled as he walked away. Tyler crossed his arms as he looked at the job board.
"odd. I want to kill something, but no clue what i wanna kill. Weird feeling."
He walked along the board whistling, Hmmm. Golems, escort jobs, a few hunts, nothing's jumping at me. Oh hello. Merchant escort wanted. Pay is half on sign on and half on safe arrival. 150 gold. So 75 upfront. Destination is the next city of Wyvernia. Interesting. Where IS that? He pulled his map and looked at the location of the city. Wyvernia. Gotchya. Hm? That's maybe a 10 day trip on foot. And maybe 5 by wagon. Interesting. He put the map up and sighed internally. I wanna go dammit. Same time, I do I leave the others unguarded. He looked at the board and was looking at a bill for a golem,
"I seek the Dragon."
A runner came up and Tyler looked over.
"Here kid."
The boy owed quickly.
"The Queen wishes you attend her."
He flipped him a gold.
"Say another word an it'll be two."
"Thank you!"
The hall laughed as Tyler did indeed flip em two more gold.
"I like this kid!"
The estatic boy ran from the hall with his haul as Tyler headed for the palace. Weed smirked.
"Make sure she can't walk."
"Me plan. What about you?"
She had more color that time as he left. The green haired lady sighed as the door shut, before smiling.
"What about me indeed. I wonder."
Tyler walked to the palace and into it whistling like he owned the place. Which he kinda did. He walked up to the throne and Vulpine smiled.
"I have a task for you."
"Oh really? This oughta be good."
The queen rose from her throne and decended the steps like a prowling lioness towards her leering Dragon to pass him a rolled up scroll.
"I have located a few rat dens in my city. Torch them."
"I love you when you're intense."
She smiled as he kissed her most lovingly.
"I love you too. And when you return, you may claim your wife."
"Happy to please you. Oh. An invite Lyris. She's kinda got the eye."
"You dirty, dirty man. I WILL."
Tyler smiled and headed to the task. Why the FUCK didn't I think a that? If there's rats in this city, hunt them down. Kill em all, and Vulpine can set up her own snakes in the cleaned out dens. Okay. i need a recharge. He looked at the scroll and saw it was a highly detailed map of the city with five Xs marked in various places around Drako. With one about ten minutes from the palace. That must be where they launched from. Noted. Tyler walked along the street between the raised levels that had the towering skyscrapers headed for the marked location. The warrior marveling at how the street were carved INTO stone troughs to keep wagons and carriages seperate from people walking on foot with raised bridges over the roads every thirty feet or so. They lending the appearnce of a lattice work of pathways that you're never more then ten feet from. Tyler chuckled as he saw this. The city planners in my old world could learn a thing or two from these people. HE found the building the map marked and tilted his head at it. It was a five story building with a mulitude of high level windows at the top with what appeared to be a roof garden. At the ground the thing was rather nondescript and uninteresting. The warrior noting there was a set of double doors leading to some kinda of lobby with a man in a bright red vest manning a desk. As he looked at his map to hide his scouting a man in a cloak walked by.
Tyler didn't acknowledge the scout and he was gone like smoke into the throngs of people passing him. Tyler nodded and walked towards an alley that he knew would serve as a short cut to the next street. The warrior whistling as he walked along the alley noting the lack of trash or really any litter in the little used corridor of brick and mortar. Vulpine runs a tight ship. Not even the back alleys are dirty. He walked around a corner and smiled as he spotted a backdoor into the building. Then as he walked by he spotted a large bulkhead style door leading into the ground to some kind of basement. Tyler walked over to it and saw a three inch wide padlock in the simple bolt latch. He smirked and pulled a thin piece of Tyrant bone from his bag the size of a paperclip. The white skeletal fragment having a distinct L shape as he set it into the lock. Ten seconds later he turned the bone and the lock cliked open. I am SOOOOO glad I learned lockpicking from Daym. Why WAS he so good at it? Mentally shrugging at the unneeded to be known answer he opened the bulkhead door to see a set of stairs leading into a dark cellar hallway. Tyler blinked his eyes and focused as he pulled his sword and shield from his back. he walked down the steps with all the noise of a ghost to find a second door leading into the building proper fifteen feet from the bottom of the stairs. Tyler noting the lock as a different style than the bulkhead pad lock and more a deadbolt style. the tyrant bone pick was used and Tyler opened the door to see an empty hallway with a door at the faer end that had a bar of light under the bottom. He stealthed his way down the hall with his shield and sword back on his pack and his dagger ready as he reached the door in time to hear extremely frustrated words being whispered inside.
"How the fuck did we mess that up? We HAD the bitch!"
"That incompetent bastard hesitated too long for the kill. Soon as she took that throne we should've made our move."
"It was that damned dragon's fault. Any word on his whereabouts?"
"In the city somewhere. We can't get near him though. Hell. Our guy in the inn got fingered before he even TOUCHED that elf he likes so much."
"Aye i was there for that. That kid picked up on it without even GLANCING in his direction. I tell ya mates I have never been more scared of anything then i was when he called him out."
Tyler smirked at the silent shudder as his companion snorted.
"Oh for gods sake, Morc. He's just a kid."
"You weren't there Max. That kid's voice was full of more ice then the frozen north in a blizzard and the FEELING that was coming off that kid. Uhhh. I felt like a wee mouse sitting next to a hungry dragon.”
Tyler chuckled silently. I may not know much. But DAMN do I know how to make a point! Deciding he’d heard enough Tyler pulled his sword and shield. Then he wound up nad booted the door clean off it’s hinges to startle a ring of masked people looking at a board of mugshot targets with daggers holding them up. Tyler smiled.
“Knock, knock fucks. The dragon’s found you. Firebolt!”
The masked assassins were completely caught by surprise as Tyler moved through them with his sword, shield and spells to kill them all but one man. He smiled widely as he walked up to the trembling survivor.
“Mercy great one! please!”
“So. Morc huh?”
Tyler tore the mask off the now gibbering in terror man. He smirked.
“I know you. You were in the bar the other night. You clearly didn’t listen. Ah well. How many dens are left in this city?”
“They inj contact?”
“No! Too risky!”
“Outside benefactor?”
“I dunno! Not my job!”
“RUMORED benefactor?”
“Better an nothing.”
A group of the cloaks appeared int he roomand Tyler nodded to them.
“One for the Queen.”
The man was spirited away and Tyler searched the room for clues and intel. He smirked when he found the assassination plans hidden in a false cubby in the wall. Poison, a sniper, a rigged chair. Amateurs. Happy he stabbed the corpses for good measure and headed to the next one. That was fun. Next one is by....the Inn? pff. Typical. He headed to the inn whistling and found the building marked on the map. This one being across the strweet from Brock’s front door and he was looking his map over,
“Big brother!”
He smiled as Yrisa came over with Lyris holding gorcery bags.
“Hey Sparkles. Sorry I can’t play, I’m on the clock right now.”
L:yris blinked and Yrisa smiled.
“Make em hurt!”
“Atta girl. Lyris, the door.”
She nodded and the pair went to the inn. I freakin love those two. He looked back at the map and a cloaked woman this time walked by.
“Attic. She’s too cute.”
He smiled as she vanished. You have NO idea. The building this time was a two story thing in the same style of Brock’s inn but without the double doors. Tyler walked alonga side street besidethe building and noticed a large balcony window at the right height for an attic balcony used to unload hay bales and such things from the storage space. Tyler thenj also noticed a series of jutting window shutters in a rather convienent pattern leading up. I have played this game so many times in my games I can see them even IRL. Scary. He walked to the wall and used the improvised stairway to reach the three foot balcony with ease. Tyler climbed over the rail without a sound and found it to not even have a curtain to cover it as he ghosted inside. The layout being more like the stairwall in a rundown apartment building with a cutout in the ceiling forthe attic stairs. tyler walked over and heard muffled voices again. Even with a floor between them he could still make out their words.
“The two elves returned.”
“That boy she was talking to. I think he found us.”
“The Dragon? pff. No way. if it HAD been him, they’d still be chatting.”
“He’s got a point. the Dragon adores that little elf. Can’t blame him really.”
“Shut up all a you. The elves are back, and now we get rid of them. Without his precious elves the Dragon will be far too distraught to effectively protect the queen from another surprise assualt.”
Tyler smirked at that. Sector leader. He took a breath and leapt straight upward using his shield like a batterign ram,
“Shield smash.”
The effect made him explode up from the floor of the attic to be face with more of the masked men. Grinning wildly, Tyler chuckled.
“I FOUND you!”
The rebels were caught sompletely by surprise again and Tyler moved like lightning,
The leader with the golden mask was frozen in place as Tyler took the heads of the remainder coff with nasty slashes. Tyler walked over tothe struggling man and removed his mask.
“Death to the queen!”
“I see you’re not gonna give up easy. Well. I’m on a schedule.”
The cloaked scouts appeared and Tyler passed the leader over.
“sector leader.”
They nodded and were gone like smoke. The warrior searched the new den and came up with more assassination plans revolving arounf the elves this time. he chuckled once he left the building. Idiots. That type of gambit would only set off a rampage. He headed to the next marked spot and found it to be by the guild this time. Only set into a well hidden one story building in a small sidestreet packed with brothels. Tyler smirked as he saw this. Found the red light district. he found the brick building with ease and was looking at his map when the next cloak walked by.
“Whole building.”
Tyler smirked and walked into a side alley where a manw as getting pleasured by a Dove around a corner. The parties ignored each other and Tyler found a backdoor with a screen looking into a kitchen. As he walked he heard voices on the other side of a window.
“Dammit. How hard is it to find one man? he’s got a golden shield for gods sake!”
“Sir he is utterly unpredicatable! I was in the hall this morning and he took a tyrant bill. ALONE. and he came back a few hours later unharmed, with a sled of the beast, MADE from the beast!”
“He hunts tyrants?”
“That was his second!”
“That’s impressive.”
Tyler smirked as he marked the voice of the leader and used the same trick to explode through the wall,
“The Dragon’s found you!”
The masked rebels panicked at this sudden surprise and Tyler was smiling,
As he froze the gold masked leader in place while he hunted the rest of the den like sheep. The last died from an impalement and Tyler walked back to the frozen leader whistling and removed his mask to reveal his bone white face.
“Oh. I know you. I won gold off you from that draugr. Cool.”
The cloaks appeared and he passed the leader over. Then one commented.
“That’s twice you’ve just gone through the wall. Ain’t a door good enough for ya?”
“door’s too mainstream sometimes. Plus would YOU expect me to come through a wall with a door ten feet over there?”
“You’re insane. But agreed.”
Tyler looked the house over and found more plans. This time to attack HIM. Idiots. You’d have to follow me outta the city to make that happen. An even then, you’d have to fight me. He headed to the next den. This time it was near the palace again in a massive skyscraper tower he knew housed a church to the city’s chief deity. He was looking at his map and the cloak walked by.
“Death tot he queen.”
Tyler sighed as the imposter stabbed at him with a dagger, only for his hidden chainmail to stop the attack in it’s tracks.
The warrior pulled the woman close for a kiss to mask his disarming of her in the crowd. A few men whistled at the ballsy move as a REAL cloaked scout came over and he left her reeling. The imposter was led away in a daze as the cloaked scout smirked.
“Nice. and the convet. Back.”
Tyler chuckled as he walked away. I just james bond the fuck outta her. That was fun! Tyler walked around to the back of the building where he found a line of praying nuns in bright red gowns by the door. Tyler looked up at the home of the nuns and saw it was built with a covered porch like buildings from his old home. He smiled as he climbed up a pillar to walk along the covered porch passing windows looking into the nunnery until he found a skylight looking in on a meeting of the masked men with two gold masks at the front pointing at a large display of photos, a map of the city marked for patrol routes and barracks, and even the known routes of the Dragon. Tyler couldn’t hear them this time but smiled as he found the latch to the skylight and got it open without a sound. Then he drew his sword.
The two gold masks were frozen in place and since they were standing still for a segment they didn’t even notice. Tyler then dropped in from the skylight to smash a masked man with his shield.
“Found ya!”
The gold masks tried to react only to just THEN find out they couldn’t move! Tyler was smiling as he plugged the only door in or out of the room with his shield stance,
And used bhis upgraded water spell to cut the rebels clean in half. The warrior then walked over to the still fighting to escpae leaders and removed their masks.
“You lose.”
They spit at him as the cloaks appeared from the skylight and door. Tyler took the information off the wall along with detailed plans to reinforce the rebel presence in the city and undermine the Queen’s power base as a whole. He tilted his head as he saw this. Odd. This is more an invasion strategy then a mere coup. Eh. I bet the benefactor here is a foreign agent. Tyler left through the skylight and the same wa he got in. last den was located in the warehouse district of the city. Tyler whistled as he walked through the wallgate into the sector. These buildings were the size of aircraft hangers from his old world with wagon caravans and airships of all shapes and sizes moving throughout the sector. The warrior noting the lack of any real pedestrians and usual foot traffic and that the ones walking around were in overhalls and boots; indicating a strictly labor sector. Tyler found the marked den without any trouble and smirked as it was a warehouse situated in a more underground level of the warehouse sector. The place being built in layers to conserve space inside the walls. The entire 5 square mile sector was a honeycomb of lattice like layers that reached a mile deep into the earth. The deepest layer used to store magically dangerous items and only had a select few ways to reach them. The ground level layer was for food, medicine, and basic goods. Deeper you went, more dangerous the stored goods became. There were access ramps and elevators everywhere with large shafts for ariships to decend to the deepest sections with ease. Once a section got too small or more space was needed a new layer was added and he entire opperation was moved a layer downward. Food at the top, raw materials beneath that, nonmagical weapons and armor beneath that, with magical items and goods at the bottom. Tyler had made use of a lift to the second layer beanth the surface used for food storage. Each layer being dug with enough space for a 3 story warehouse to stand without fear since the warehouses underground also aided in supporting the weight above it since they were built flush with the ground above it. The sheer numbers allowed the ground to be completely hollow for a straight mile, and yet due to the complex construction and magic used to aid it, was as solid as stone. The warrior whistled as he walked along the bustling layer. This place is nuts. There is no it would work without magic. He found the warehouse in question and was looking over his map like a foreman as a cloak walked by.
Tyler smiled and walked to the large hanger style door. He then spotted a smaller door to the side and used that to walk in like he owned the place. the ever cocky warrior walked to a set of crates and climbed up to the top to look over at the main floor. There was a large gathering of the masked men looking at a man in a chrome mask with four gold masks aiding him in detailing the next high profile op. Tyler smirked ashe saw the members were on edge. They know they’re being hunted. Good. The warrior looked at the chrome mask and noted he was 7 feet tall and broad shouldered with a greatsword on his back over a jet black cloak the members all wore. Their masks were of a half skull variety and the different colors denoted rank. Tyler looked at the four gold masks and saw they were all sitting extremely still. His paralyze spell could target four at a time and he used it, freezing them all solid without them noticing. The warrior pulled his sword and shield as the chrome skull smirked.
“And our patron has decided to grace us with his presence. No one look at him as usual.”
The group sat down and faced in the same direction as the gold skulls and Tyler could have died from laughter at the coincidence as the paralyzed golds were still facing the right direction. The chrome skull also faced the direction as a man in a gold cloak wearing a white skull mask stepped into view from behind the large crate the chrome skull was using as a whiteboard. Tyler smirked as he marked the benefactor. The man stood beside the chrome skull and sighed.
“The Queen has released the Dragon. andhe is hunting as we speak. I tried to talk her out of it on the grounds the king was single lynchpin and that our people would not appreicate having a rebellion put down in such extravagent manners as having the Dragon hunt them, but she just laughed at me. The Dragon has already found and broken 4 of our five bases in the hours since the Queen snapped her fingers. That monster is already on it’s way.”
Tyler smiled at the cold sweat that broke out under the robes of the men and decided to introduce himself. He hopped off his crate and walked out into the open whistling a tune,
“on my way? i’m already here!”
The group jumped and the white masked man was shaking in terror as Tyler walekd up with his golden shield. The rebels rushed him,
“Water slice. Firebolt. acid shot.”
Only for his spells to uttelry overwhelm them. the gold masks were unable to move due to their paralysis and that left the chrome skull and the white skull. The chrome skull laughed as he drew his greatsword.
“You’re a cocky one aren’t ya? Perfect. I’ll kill you, and it’ll break tha whore’s spirit.”
“Go for it. I could use some fun.”
The white masked man went to run,
Only to be frozen midstep by Tyler’s spell. The chrome mask rushed the smirking warrior with his greatsword swung in a wide arc. Tyler was there to deflect the shot high and stab with his longsowrd only for the bigger man to pivot on a foot to dragthe 6 foot long blade across the middle of them like a saw, making Tyler have to dance out of the way or take a rib slash. He tilted his head at the counter.
“Huh. I guess you’re not a complete idiot. Cool.”
The warrior rushed him this time with the shield front and center and the man thrust with the greatsword,
“Great pierce!”
“Shield smash.”
They activated their weapon skills and clashed. The greatsworder’s ability adding three times the penetrating power to a greatsword thrust plus the added impetus of the thrust from the legs. In the right hands, the sword rivaled Tyler’s lance in terms of pure penetrating power. Whereas Tyler’s shield had three times the force behind the smash. He could shatter a cinderblock wall with a mere flick of his wrist with the skill. Put actual effort behind it and the destruction was magnified. Tyler smiled as he used the shield’s legendary impenetrablility to stop the thrust of the sword dead in it’s tracks, tiltedthe shield to send the shattered tip of the sword to the side and used that momentum to spin a vicious circle with the sword in his other hand to slash the taller greatsworder across the throat all in the span of a few second. Tyler chuckled as the man dropped to the floor with a nonlife threatening wound but was leeding profusely. The warrior walked over and lifted the sword high as the man smirked.
“Heh. Not bad kid.”
“Was fun.”
Tyler stabbed him in the heart before looking at the ruined greatsword.
“Pff. weak. It’s mere steel. That skill only ADDS penetrating power. NOT reinforce the blade to TAKE the impact. I wonder if I can add that to my lance?”
He lootedthe man’s body and found the skill had been removed from hnis now useless arsenal on death with a pair of spells. Tyler looked at the fine print.
“Great pierce. Useful on greatswords OR spear type weaponry. adds penetrating power to a thrust. Cooldown is 45 seconds and the icon is a thrusting spear. Neat. First spell. Swift. Increases speed by 15% for a period of ten minutes. Cost is 25 mana and cooldown is 20 seconds. icon is a footprint. Last spell is....HA. Lasting Lust. Boosts lust and increases stamina during sex. I’ll give that to Vulpine.”
He looked back at the still frozen survivors and removed their masks. The white masked man was sobbing as his mask was removed. Tyler chuckled.
“I know you. You’re on the council. What is it you guys do?”
The man was too distraught to reply as the cloaks swarmed the place. Tyler looked at one,
“What is it these guys do?”
The lady smirked.
“They merely determine the taxes and prices in the city while also coming up with laws and regulations for the queen to implement. In truth? They have no real power.”
“Huh. Neat. well I done all I can do. Have fun!”
The warrior gathered all the intel in the rebel headquarters and returned to the palace. the sun was going down when he walked in. Emily was no where to be seen and neither was Verilia and that made him smile. Vulpine was still on her throne and Lyris was also present. The blonde elf was clad in scarlett silks that made her golden tresses really pop and he loved tha fiery image. Yrisa was also missing but he smiled as he figured the cutie had been poached by the princess. Vulpine smiled as he handed the thick stack of information from the dens over.
“One rebellion. Served up hot.”
She laughed.
“Well done, Tyler. These were the last of the snakes in my city. And this time they won’t be ALLOWED to return.”
He smiled as Lyris took his arm smiling.
“So. Ready you two?”
The queen smiled.
“My room is being cleaned.”
“Mine’s ready.”
That got a chuckle as the trio walked into the lift to his royal chambers and Lyris smiled nervously as Vulpine eyed her large bust.
“I’m still learning lady Vulpine.”
“I love a nervous, busty elf.”
“Oh yeah. I found this.”
He passed the spell over and they smiled widely.
“Use it.”
The warrior chuckled and slid it into Vulpine’s gown.
“It IS your spell.”
She laughed as they walked to his chamber. All the linensand curtains had been replaced with the black, gold, red and silver colors he’d requested and he blinked at Scarlett waiting naked in the hot tub for them.
“Hi! I’m horny!”
“I fucking love this town!”
The trio stripped down and got into the water with Lyris sighing as Scarlett pokedher large breasts curiously.
“Wow, Vulpine. She’s harder then you are.”
“Is she really?”
Tyler smiled widely as the queen satbesidethe nervous elf to ently fondle her bust.
“wow. She is. How’s her lips?”
“Let me check.”
Scarlett kissed Lyris and the elf blinked before the red haired maid smiled.
“amazing! Try her!”
Vulpine kissed her now and sighed.
“I loveher lips AND her boobs! What about her spot?”
“find out!”
The queen snaked a soft hand down the excited elf’s warm belly to her slit and she jerked a little at the poke.
“Relax sweetie. I won’t be mean.”
Lyris smiled as the queen rubbed her spot beneath the water line.
“I love this. Your hand is so soft.”
“Wow, Scarlett. hse’s tighter then you are!"
"No way! Lemme see! damn she is."
Tyler chuckled as Lyris just moaned at the inquisitive ladies' investigations.
"I kinda wanna set a crystal up for this."
Scarlett smiled.
"I got one on."
"I fucking love you three."
They laughed at that as Lyris got her first climax off the queen's skillful fingers. Then Scarlett was there for her turn as Vulpine licked her lips at Tyler.
"Come on."
All too happy to join in the warrior latched onto Lyris' heavnely bust as the queen liplocked her again. The four then moved to the bed where Lyris was once again pinned beneath her adoring bedmates as they attacked her in turn. The orgy lasting a few hours before they were all spent. Tyler smiling happily as Lyris rested on his chest, Scarlett in his left arm, and Vulpine in his right. Lyris smiled as she kissed the queen./
"I loved it Vulpine. When he leaves, I think we'll have to get to know each other better."
The silver haired queen smiled fondly as she fondled Lyris' breasts.
"I'd like that, Lyris. I love busty elves."
Scarlett just smiled.
"I love sex!"
"We know."
They laughed at the en mass reply as Tyler smiled.
"I love you all."
Lyris kissed him again.
"Emily kidnapped Yrisa on sight. Her an Verilia wanted to cuddle."
"HA. Everyone loves her."
Scarlett snugled closer to the warrior's side.
"You leaving soon, Tyler?"
"Not sure yet. Any last rats in the city, Vulpine?"
"We'll know by morning. My Spiders are asking questions ofthe prisoners. Good idea by the way on them."
"Sure. That councilemn?"
"Yonders? Pff. He'll break in an hour. he's never known pain beforeso it'll be easy."
Tyler kissed her.
"I'll stay a bit longer. Make sure no ants missed the hammer."
The smiled as he kissed each before Lyris kissed Scarlett and Vulpine.
"Before he leaves, ladies, I think we should make a crystal as a momento."
"I love that idea."
"I second that lust."
"I love you."
They smiled warmly and settled down on their hero.
"Night, Tyler. we love you."
"Night ladies. I love you."

DAY 6.
GOLD: 573 SILVER: 155 COPPER: 110.

Tyler woke to see Lyris asleepin Vulpine's breast with the silver haired queen's hand between her thighs. He smiled and looked over to see Scarlett was gone. That's when he was aware of a sucking sensation beneath the sheets and a certain bulge moving up and down. He smiled at this horny girl's antics as she got a drink first thing in the morning. Only when she went to get out of bed he grabbed her by the waist and planted her giggling on the bed.
"Nice surrpise. Here, let me help."
She giggled again as he slotted inton her for a mornign ride as Lyris and Vulpien woke to their own litle quickie by the sex beside them. Scarlett was filled with cream and got a morning orgasm before Tyler attacked the loving ladies beside him. Scarlett was left in a sexed out daxe as he and the other two had a morning threesome to greet the day. Thenn they all laughed at their additions. Tyler kissing each girl lovingly.
"Soo. Mornin!"
They laughed at that one before they all cleand up in the hot tub. Tyler sighing as the girls got all touchy feely with their lovely bodies. I fucking love this world. And them. They had a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon in the newly added kitchen by the door before they headed to the elevator. Vulpine smiled as she put her fur soled heels on.
"My feet don't hurt as bad at the end of the day anymore, Tyler."
He kissed her lovingly at this.
"Glad it works. Just remember that when the fur gets pressed down to replace it."
"It's enchanted."
"Of course it is. And you are too."
She smiled at that one as they left the elevator. A servant brought the queen a sealed envelope and she smiled once the thing had been looked over.
"Well. Seems like they were the only rebellion in the city. The other dens were smaller and I can have my Scouts handle it."
Tyler kissed her as scarlett went to clean the mess upstairs and Lyris went to collect yrisa for work.
"So the city's clean?"
The queen smiled.
"It is. And the loyalists are being purged as we speak."
"Alright. My worry just evaporated. I'll go see about a job at the guild then. You make em work love."
"I love you too. You leaving soon?"
"Most likely. Don't worry. I'll tell you a day in advance."
"Got it."
He left her on her throne and went to the guild hall. Weed was in her booth andshe smirked as he walked in.
"There goes my day."
"I just made it better."
"Arrogant prick."
"Love to prick YOU."
She smirked wider.
"Oh is that howit is?"
He looked at her with a slight smile.
"Maybe. Interested?"
The green haired lady looked him head to toe. Then shrugged.
"What the hell. Come on."
He followed the lady to a room off the main hall that had a bed and sink.
"We get all kinds of business. Plus some adventurers live here."
The green haired, green eyed lady locked the door and smirked.
"Let's see why you're so confident."
He stripped and laughed as her eyes went wide.
"Yeah. That'll do it. Uh-oh."
"I'll be nice."
She laughed and stripped as well. He noting her rack was larger then she let on and her slit had a neatly trimmed curtain of neon green fur over it. The woman then shoved him onto the bed with a smirk.
"I like it wild."
The warrior smiled as he grabbed her waist to flip her to her belly before sliding into her with gentle yet firm thrust to test her. she graoned.
"I got it now. Give it to me!"
So he did with firm slapping thrusts as she fought him for the top. The sexy lady was a most intense lover as she bucked hard and wrestled for the power positions. The warrior more thenj able to keep her pinned as she got her creaming and climaxed with a piercing scream that made him smile. Then she flopped to the bed panting hard from her wild sex. A massive smile on her flushed face as he kissed her.
"Okay. Worth it. And no I'm not doing this again. Nearly ruined it entirely!"
"Was fun though."
"Immensely. Sooo was this what you were after?"
He kissed her.
"Pretty much. want more?"
"Nah. My wife would get jealous."
"Ha. well. Worth the effort."
"I'm good at what I do."
She sighed at that.
"You are at that. Alright. Let'sclean up and get dressed."
"You look better naked."
"Oh I completely agree. Yet the rest a them aren't worthy."
They cleaned up in the sink by the bed before getting dressed and she kissed him again.
"And thanks. for being kind with it. My last one..."
"I don't need to know."
She smilede warmly at that.
"No. I suppose not."
Then she smirked at him.
"10 gold."
He flipped her fifteen.
"Keep it clean."
They left the room and a few of the adventurers all cheered at her flushed face. Tyler walked over to the board as Weed sat tenderly on her stool in the booth as her coworker got the details of her session. Tyler chuckled as he looked. So that's what picking up a hooker's like. Cool. The cocky kid then spotted a new creature he hadn't seen yet.
"Huh. An earthquaker?"
He looked at the illistration. Only to whistle at the creature depicted. Okay. I am not equipped to take down a full on apatosaurus alone. I WANT to, but I'd need a few wagons for that. He shook his head and looked at the one beside it.
"Hmm. A Tyrant runner? Huh."
Looks like baryonyx. That claw would be fun to give Yrisa. Reward is...50 gold. Cool. He took it and walked over to Weed. she smirked as he slid it over.
"My ass hates me right now. a runner huh? Don't get killed."
"I won't."
She stamped it and he headed out whistling as Feira, Lyris' flaming red haired sister walked in. She chuckled as he walked by.
"Looks like you been busy. Lyris happy?"
"And loving life. should see her."
"I will."
They parted and tyler headed forthe main gate whistling as he went. The creature was said to live in a forested area to the north with a large river flowing through the trees. Tyler smiled as he felt the morning breeze on his face that set a ripple in the endless plains of grasslands that stretched into the vast infinite. Tyler whistled as he walked the three hours along the road to the forest in question before leaving the road, The bill said the beast likes to hunt along a large river that cuts through the forest. makes sense for a fish eater. I find the river I find the dinosaur. The forest was rustling in the morning breeze while the floor was dappled in sporadic ppols of light from the aboreal verdance above. Tyler noting the absence of birds singing or any small animals running around in the leaf litter on the ground. Yup. Something's hunting and it's not me. He unfolded the lance as he heard the sound of babblign water ahead and switched to stealth over speed. The warrior moved like a ghost forward until he came out on the bank of a wide river flowing between two white sandy beaches. He smiled as he saw the clear water and jumping fish. This is a pure world. even a random river three hours from the capital is safe to drink from. He walked along the beach using the lance as a walking stick seeking his prey. An animal of that size will make noise. No matter how stealthy it is. it were raptors, I'd be dead already. The warrior's razor eyes were scanning the treeline on both sides of the river while keeping an eye on the beach ahead when the sound of singing reached his ears. he blinked at this developement as the sound of hauntingly beautiful singing from a lady's voice drifted up from further down the beach. Craaap. That's not a person! he sighed and new he'd been made by something. Fuck it. Whatever it is I've seen this movie. He moved with all his skills in stealth to not even make the sand crunch under his weight as he inched closer to the singer. He rounded a bend after fifteen minutes ofthe woman's haunting tune before he was faced with a new sight. Sitting on a rock with her bare feet in the water was a truly beautiful lady garbed in an etheral white gown that drifted about her like a mist in a midsummer morning. her pale skin was reflecting the sun to give the appearnce of glowing while her hair was the color of a deep sky and was also drifting in the wind as if she were underwater. She was taller then he was with a massive chest that was partially visible through her pure white gown while her eyes were a sparkling blue like the water she cleaned her feet in. She was sitting on a oddly chair shaped rock with her feet in the water and her delicate hands clasped over her belly as she sang her haunting melody in a language Tyler did not know. Either a goddess, river spirit, nature spirit, of some type of undead weeping ghost variant. fuck it. Let's spring this trap. He walked over blatantly now and the woman looked over at the sound of his footsteps. He tilted his head at her mild surprise.
"Soooo. Nature spirit, river spirit, goddess, or singing ghost. Which is it?"
The lady blinked at his mildly curious tone. Then she busted up laughing at this most blunt of humans. TYler sighed as her laughter soothed his soul like a windchime in a breeze. The warrior was also well aware the baryonyx was inside the treeline watching him closely. The woman got her mirth under control to smile at the warrior.
"I am a river sprite, Outworlder."
He blinked and liftd his lance. She smiled disarmingly,
"Peace, warrior of two worlds. I mean not to send you or your compatriots back. Such a thing is impossible."
He chuckled and leaned on his lance.
"Just lead with that next time. Scared the hell outta me! I'm Tyler."
She shook her head at this man.
"Riveria. I sense the hunter's task in you."
"After the big guy over there. Yeah. i knew he was there."
That made her blink.
"How did you sense this? I'm using my own power over the tres to hide him. Not even a forest elf ranger could tell."
"Lady. i just walked up to you with a ready lance. Of COURSE you'd have backup. Fact I'm a human means bigger teeth."
She smiled at that logic.
"I see. Intriguing indeed. Perhaps you're wondering why I've revealed myself to you?"
"lay, warning, some prophecy I want no part of, an explainition on why we're here, which again I want no part of, some stipulation for the hunt, or some combination of the bunch."
The sprite blinked.
"You are truly a frightening human. And to answer your question? A seed."
"Sorry. Vulpine claimed the first."
She blinked.
"You'd refuse to lay a river sprite?"
"Until i gave Vulpine her due. Yup. well. Seeds yes. I'll lay ya here an now. But she's gettingthe first seed."
The sprite just looked at him in shock at this line. Then smiled most warmly.
"Loyal to his oaths, AND his wife. A gem of a most rare variety. Then I will ask to claim a seed in the future after your wife."
"She says I can, sure. Till then, no."
"You are a most staunch mortal. I see you're firm in this. Very well."
She held out her hand and he took it. her skin was ridiculously soft and warm as she placed a pendant in his hand. The thing being made from ploished dark oak wood with a chain made from tiny snakes. Riveria smiled.
"That is a River Sprite pendant. Proof you kept your oath in the face of a Sprite's Offer. Gift it to your wife for a effortless term and birth. It'll also promise healthy heirs."
Tyler smiled.
"Thanks, Riveria. I have TWO you know."
She smiled and a second appeared.
"I am. And that is hers. it'll aid her in her current term as well."
"And since you know I have to, or she'd never forgive me. Yrisa?"
That made her laugh.
"Give HER this."
A white gown in the small elf's size appeared from the river. Tyler blinked at the softness. Riveria smiled.
"That's MY gown. when she wears it, it'll feel lije she's being hugged by you when she thinks of you. And when she's not it'll polish her skin and hair when it brushes the material. Should she wander into a forest it will keep the predators away. even the mighty tyrant. And the smaller creatures of the furry variety will all come for a hug."
Tyler smiled as he imagined her mind explosion that was coming.
"Thanks Riveria. They'll love these."
He stored the things in pockets on his bag as the river sprite smiled and stood tall.
"Please come visit me again some time. I DO wish a lay."
"I got time."
"Alas. I do not. This form has a limit and I reached it with the gifts."
"Ah. well. I'mma kill your friend and be on my way."
She smiled as the large predator stalked out with a low growl behindt he sprite.
"As is the way of the forest. Just don't get killed."
The lady walked into the water of the bubblign river. Or, more accruately ON TO it before she sank into it to return to her realm. Tyler smiled as he looked at the hulking predator.
"She's a helluva lady, ain't she?"
The thing nodded it's head in rigourous ageement. it being 8 feet tall at the spine and close to 30 feet long. The head alone was 6 feet long with long crocodile like jaws. it stood on two hind legs with long three clawed hands with the thumb of each hand being a foot long claw. The tail was rigid and was held outward as it balanced the animal out. Tyler smiled as he saw the faded green and brown tiger stripes along the beast's back.
"Alright. I got an elf's mind to blow."
The thing roared at him like a large lion and lunged at him with snapping jaws. Tyler sidestepped the rush and the flailing arms to stab the beast in the side above the arms and pierce the heart. It flopped onto it's side and Tyler tugged the lance free.
"I love hunting these things."
He heard a light laugh at the edge of his hearing as he got the knives out.
"Glad you enjoyed the show, Riveria."
The warrior got to work skinng the large animal whistling as he worked. The thing was considerably smaller then the tyrants he was used to hunting and so was able to take nearly everything but the largest bones with him. Tyler then set off into the forest to give Yrisa her gifts and the others their pendants. The warrior smiling as he walked loving the feel of the hunt and the walk home. He returned to the city and got his 50 gold payment from Weed. The green haired lady smirking as he leered at her.
"Next time it's 20."
"You need to recover first."
She laughed as he left. The warrior then headed to see brock about some meat. He found the burly elf at the bar and he laughed as he saw the full pack.
"More tyrant already?"
"Runner this time."
"Ah. lay it out, Tyler."
"Lyris and Yrisa?"
"Taking a bath."
"Cool. i got something for em."
The elf smiled as Tyler piled the counter high with the meat.
"You learn quick. This is good meat. 65 gold."
"Thanks Brock."
The warrior then headed to the bathign room with all the splashing. He tapped a knuckle,
"You two having fun?"
"Bigr brother1"
"Come in."
Tyler walked in smiling and joined the mother and daughter in the tub. Only to get nearly throttled by Yrisa and her hug. He smiled as he hugged the sweet elf tightly and got a kiss off Lyris. The blonde cutie was glowing as she sat by him in the water.
"Miss me?"
"So much i went an got ya something."
She was all eyes as he passed the massive claw over.
"Woah. That's huge! what's it from?"
"A Tyrant runner. Not as big as a full tyrant but still mean. Watch that tip. Thing can pierce steel."
"Oh. Lyris. THIS is for you."
she blinked and he placed the Sprite pednat in her hand. She gasped.
"A Sprite's oath?"
"Yup. i met her at the river that thing lived at. Her name's Riveria."
Lyris had tears of pride in her blue eyes as he clasped it around her neck. She glowed a moment before going back to normal.
"They say to get this, you have to stay loyal to your own lovers in the face of the Sprite's charms. of which few can. Thank you."
He smiled and looked at Yrisa.
"THIS is for you."
He pulled the carefully folded gown out and Lyris nearly killed him with HER hug!
"A sprite shroud. Makes the skin more beautiful and same with the hair. Plus aids in protecting her if lost in the woods. I love you."
He smiled as he held the trembling elven mother.
"I love you too, Lyris. An I told you. Spoil."
"With items of legend?"
"Go big or go home. Least I can do. an yes I got one for the queen."
"Of course you did."
Yrisa was gaping at her new gown with a vacant awe in her eyes and Tyler poked her nose.
It restarted her brain like he hit the reset button. She hugged him hard.
"I love it big brother. An I'll take good care of it."
"Love you too, Yrisa."
She had to wipe her eyes to fight the tears of joy as he helped her put the floor length gown. The thing wasn't see through like Riveria's and was still pure white. she spun and it seemed like she was wearing a cloud. Tyler patted her.
"You look beautiful. And not at work, okay?"
She nodded as Lyris smiled.
"It's a pure nightgown anyway. I'll help her care for it."
"I'll go give the queen her heart attack."
They laughed as he got dressed and headed to the palace. He found Vulpine on her throne as usual and she smiled as he kissedher.
"was it fun, love?"
"Close your eyesand lean forward a bit."
She blinked then smiled as she complied. Only to feel him clasp a necklace around her throat. Then he leaned in close to her ear.
"for when the day comes."
She looked and gasped at the Sprite's oath pendant around her neck. Then the stunned queen looked at the smiling man beside her.
"You DID say one rule."
The lady smiled with such pride as she kissed him.
"I love you. So much it hurts."
Hesmiled as he hugged her.
"I love you too, Vulpine. i got one for Lyris too, and a gown for Yrisa."
"finding items of legend is your of spoiling? Uh-oh."
He chuckled at that one as he squeezed her hand.
"I love you three. Gotta make it epic somehow."
"KEEP that mindset."
"All I needed."
She smiled as he kissed her again.
"The last rats are being rounded up as we speak."
"Alright. I'll see what they got at the guild."
He hopped off the dias and headed to the guild. The place was rowdier then usual as he walked in and Weed smirked.
"Hey. A rookie joined."
"Should be fun."
Tyler walked over and got a look at the new guy. Only to smirk as he saw the wiry build of the elf with his dual maces. his opponent was a large bear of a man wielding a greataxe in full platemail. The warrior walked over to the betting table and the hawker laughed.
"Stakes are 5 to one against!"
"125 on the rookie."
"That'll net ya 625 gold."
Tyler placed the bet and that was thelast round. Weed flipped the coin and Tyler smiled as the nimble elf used his smaller frame to dance around the bigger man's sweeping attacks before tapping his knee with a mace. The man dropped to the sandy floor with a clatter and the elf poked his helmet. Weed called the fight for the4 elf and Tyler walked away 625 gold richer. The others grumbled as he walked away.
"Damned Dragon. How'd he do that?"
Weed laughed.
"He's the Dragon."
Tyler smirked at that reason and looked at the ever plastered job board. That was easy money. right now I got 1,303 gold, 155 silver, 110 copper. I think i'll go see Helga about better armor. Bout time I upgraded that. The active warrior looked at the baord and smiled as he saw a bill for a merchant guard. That city again. wyvernia. 10 days by foot. 4 by wagon. pay is good too. Alright. he headed to helga's smithy to sell the rest of the runner materials and see about some better mail and armor. He walked into the burly elven lady's shop to find her selling an axe to a dwarf. There's a role reversal for ya. Cool. The barrel chested dwarf walked out withhis new weapon and Helga laughed as he approached.
"There goes the money I just earned. Tyrant?"
"runner varient."
"Ah. ley it out lad."
Tyler unloaded the rest from his pack and she smiled.
"Good materials all. You still have that other tyrant hide?"
"I do. Looking to upgrade me armor. Chainmail, greaves, bracers and a scalemail shirt overthe chain."
She crossed her arms at this.
"Light armor as strong as heavy. interesting. I have a few chainmail vest in your size and strength, same with greaves and bracers. The scalemail I'm afraid isn't a big seller so I rarely make it."
"fair enough. I should see about adding some healing to my arsenal as well. eh. There's a magic shop downt he street."
Helga chuckled as she laid out three vests. Tyler took the first one. It shimmered liek ruby fish scales as he held it an whistled at the feather weight. She explained.
"That's made from wyvern scales. Fireproof, rust proof, and will stop an arrow from a ballesta."
"Nasty. This one?"
He lifted a black vest and she smiled.
"Same thing, only acid proof. A black wyvern you see."
"Nifty. The last?"
He lifted the sky blue vest and she chuckled.
"A sea serpent. Rust proof, water proof, and keeps you dry as well due to the water proofing."
"Wow. I like this one. Got anythign else in the material?"
"The greaves and bracers too."
"Hey I got an idea."
She blinked as hie eyes flashed.
He smiled.
"Say a gauntlet that fires a hook from the wrist."
She deflated from relief.
"I was afraid it'dbe much worse. Those are fairly common actually. Useful for traversing some areas. Only a question of cable strength, length, and piercing power. I actually have a set of gauntlets in the water proof style."
She pulled them from a drawer and Tyler smiled as they were merely thin metal bracers with leather fingerless gloves. He saw the needle hole for the cable launcher and tried them on. The metal armor being the same sky blue as his vest with a wavy triangular pattern between segments to promote free movement of the wrist.
"How long's the cable?"
"If memory serves, you can cross the main thoroughfare on a single shot. That hook will punch through a wyvern's scales, and the cable will hold three full wagons before snapping."
Tyler smiled.
"The bracers then."
She nodded and set the set onto the counter. They were more large slabs of metal that encased the entire front of his legs with a free bend around the kneecap. He nodded after trying them for comfort and ease or use.
"Alright. Total for the set?"
"25 gold."
He passed the money and she smiled.
"I can take the runner material for 65."
"Thanks helga."
He got the gold and strapped the new gear before selling his old stuff back for a mere 50 silver. he was happy none the less since the new armor weighed far less and did far more. his vest still hid his mail while his armored gloves were very eyecatching as he headed to the magic shop now. He found the place easily enough and chuckled at the two story building with the blue dyed bricks denoting it's magical contents. He walked in through the door to be faced by a blue skinned lady with spear pointed ears standing behind the counter. She was a beautiful specimen with flowing blue hair the color of the deep sky while her eyes were a glowing teal. Her full lips were purple and her breasts massive. He could see her hands and noted they had long claw like fingernails of a lighter shade of blue then the rest of her. She was clad in a white ragged tank top that seemed on the verge of spilling the marvelous melons they hid. She was behind her counter at the back of the shop that was lined with cubbies holding scrolls, wands, some enchanted gear and more scrolls. On the tight handside was a barrel of staffs tipped with all manner of crystals and stones of every color of the rainbow. On the left were enchanted weapons and armor ranging from a few daggers to full suits of heavy plate. The center of the store was lined by a blue carpet with displays of wands and other high end goods as Tyler spotted a bos with spell slips by the counter. So he walked over and the lady smiled, baring shark like teeth in her mouth.
"Welcome advvvventurer. I am Mavvvvvvis. I own this shop."
He smiled at her warm tone, and found how she extended her Vs kinda cool.
"Nice to meet you, Mavis. I'm Tyler."
"The Dragon? An honor. how may I assist?"
"Looking for a healing spell and maybe a ward spell too."
She tilted her blue skinned head.
"A healing spell. How vvvvvvvery interesting. In Dragonia, I must vvvvvverify your ability to use magic before I can sell you a spell."
"Sure. How's it work?"
"Givvvvve me your hand. My race, Sea Nymphs, can innately determine magic affinity with a touch."
He walked over and she took his hand. her skin was warm and felt like the underside of a snake even though she had no visible scales. her teal eyes glowed white and she blinked.
"Amazing. You havvvvve the mana pool of an archmage whose been practicing his craft for two lifetimes. Vvvvvvvvery fascinating. Alright. You'vvvvvvve Provvvvvvven your aptitude. I havvvvve a spell of healing in that box there. I need a little better idea what you meant by ward, though."
"I set camp and cast it. Thing lets me know when i have visitors."
"Ah. You want the Guardian spell. I havvvvvve on in stock. Same box."
He flipped through the box of cards whistling as he did so.
"Oh here we go. Healing Touch. Costs 25 mana and at the base closes a wound 9 inches long and up to three deep. Not bad. Upgraded it can cure disease and poison. Icon is clasped hands. Cost is 10 gold? Noted. next is Guardian. Cost 50 mana and effects 150 feet from the caster in all directions including the sky. Anything hostile enters the invisible field will alert the caster with a sound of his choosing. Icon is a set of rings around a person. Cost is 15 gold. Spells ain't cheap. Makes sense."
He looked at his icons. Okay. I got firebolt, water slash, acid touch, stun, paralyze, mist shot, healing touch, and Guardian for spells. Hmm. He looked back at the box and looked through it as Mavis chuckled.
"A good defense spell is nevvvvver a bad idea."
"Thanks Mavis. I'll keep an eye out."
She smiled at this as he looked through the things. Then he smiled.
"Hello. Sacred Circle. Cost is 75 mana. Cooldown is 5 minutes. Sets a barrier around the caster for 10 feet that slows all the enter it and hurts undead on contact. Icon is a set of rings around a person with stars. cost is 25 gold. Put that around my fighting style? Now an offense. Oh here's a classic. Thunderbolt. Cost is 10 mana. Sends a bolt of lightning at the target that will stun the target depending on how much metal it has on it's person. useful again heavily armored opponents. metal don't like lightning. Cooldown is 10 seconds. Icon is a could with a lightning bolt. Is upgradeable. Cost is 15 gold. Coolio."
He put the four spells ont he counter and looked at the scrolls.
"You sell enchanted maps?"
Mavis smiled.
"Third row and second from the floor."
He walekd over to the spot and took a rolled up scroll from a tube. The thing being a full color map of the world with Dragonia the focus. Tyler smiled as he found he can zoom in or out on different parts of the world by pinching the map. if he hadn't been there yet it was a duller color with no landmarks or cities. Roads were visible however. Plus the landscapes were also magically detailed with sharp ridges to indicate a tall mountain range, duller ridges for a shorter one. A soft fluff for a forest, or bristles of green and brown for grassland. Rivers were damp like the oceans. The thing could even tell the weather in different parts of the world with raining clouds over one area or a really hot feel in a desert region. Tyler walked over nad set it on the counter and she nodded.
"15 gold."
"Grand total?"
She did the math.
"That is 80 gold."
He paid and added the spells to his arsenal. The warrior smiled as she icons were added to his vision. He took out his old map and mavis smiled.
"Place it on the new one."
He did as instructed and the thing filled in a portion of Dragonia with more vivid color and all his thus far marked down landmarks intact. Happy he rolled it up and slotted it into the now empty map slot in his bag. He loked around,
"You sell healing potions?"
"Sadly not. You want a apothecary for those. There's one across the street."
"Thanks Mavis."
She smiled and he headed out. I'll grab four potions and see about that caravan job. He crossed the street and found the green dyed brick building with ease. it being a mirror of Mavis' shop but with a third floor and a full greenhouse out back. Tyler walked in and blinked at the arouma of a multitude of different plants coexisting. the shop's layout was entirely built around plants in pots with some in drawers in cubbied set against the walls. The place was divided into three main aisles. One was strictly magical ingriedents in the middle, one for healing herbs on the right, and the last was for mere decorative plants on the far left. Tyler walked through the shop headed for the back looking for a counter ducking plants in pots hanging from the ceiling. As ecpected he found an elf running the place. She having jade green skin and razor tipped ears. her eyes were emerald green while her short cut hair was, again, green. She was clad in a thick apron of brown and tan as some of the pollen of the plants wasn't safe and she smiled as he approached.
"Well, well, a young adventurer. And a handsome on at that. What can i do for you?"
He smiled at her soft catlike voice.
"Looking for healing potions."
She chuckled.
"A strapping young adventurer that thinks ahead? How rare! I have a few in stock. 5 gold per vial."
"4 please."
"with coin? You're a prize an no mistake!"
Tyler chuckled at her flirting and leaned in now.
"Coming from the gorgerous elven beauty."
She smiled at this turn,
"Oh my. Is that interest I sense?"
"Of a most intense type. I think I need a healer."
"eloquent. I have a soft touch. But alas, it is not for free."
"I got all the time to spend on you."
That made her laugh as he leered at her.
"15 gold."
"Deal. I still need the potions too."
She led him to a hidden door that had a bed behind it. She stripped and struck a seductive pose on the bed with open leg as he stripped as well.
"Like it?"
He smiled at her modest bust and trimed slit.
"Very much. Like it?"
she greeneyes went wide at her sword for the battle.
"Oh dear. Just be easy as I fear it not fit well."
"I'll be gentle."
He mounted her and slid the girthy spear into her with a loving slowness that had her moaning.
"Just like that. Wow. I love it!"
He was fully sheathed and she groaned att he stretching.
"It's ruined! Thank the gods I got a potion for that! Now just go slow till I adjust."
He kissed her and did just that, loving her extremely tight feel as she bucked softly to meet him. Then she nearly blew his eardrums with her scream of climax as he filled her up with cream. She sighed.
"if I concieve?"
"You can't. Had an accident a few years back."
"Ah. Explains the lack of fear."
He kissed her again.
"I got more."
She smiled.
"I've had my fill. Anymore and somethign will tear."
"Then allow me."
he suckled on her rack and she laughed.
"Acceptable. If you're nice, my rear is free."
"You sure?"
"I prefer it in the rear truth be told."
She rolled over and pressed the tip to her spread button and she gasped as it entered her.
"So much better."
He kissed her as he sheathed in her before they were bucking.
"A little faster. I can take more."
She got more until they blew again and were laying in the bed recovering. She smiled widely as he kissed her.
"THanks for listening. Most don't."
He kissed her again.
"I like my bedmates having fun too."
she smiled at that.
"And I thank you for it. Now I'd like to clean myself before it starts to smell."
"You look better naked."
"I usually am when not with a customer."
"I love sexy elves."
She laughed at that and they cleaned up in the sink after which he gave her the 15 gold.
"Keep it fresh."
She laughed and put four of the wine colored healing potions on the counter. They were like slim canisters an inch wide and three tall. Tyler gave her the 20 gold and slotted them into protective straps on his pack. Happy he kissed her again for good measure and headed to see about the merchant caravan. The warrior was whistling as he walked. She was fun. I like her. He reached the central tier and was walking along the road to the hall as a runner came up.
"Dragon. her elegance wishes you attend her."
He flipped the runner 10 gold.
"Thanks kid."
She ran off smiling widely at this gift and he headed to the Tower. wonder who pissed her off this time? He whistled as the brazen warrior walked in to see Emily sitting on her throne with her helmed lover at the base. Her nervously happy smile clued him in on why Vulpine wanted him there. Atta girl! The warrior walked up and was just in time to hear a robed monk balk at the Queen.
"the royal princess, seeks to marry a woman? And her knight captain no less? How obscene. She must marry a man to produce an heir. Her prefernce or not she has a duty to preform. And preform it she must. The church to Diatus will NOT hold such a depraved ceremony."
"Yes it will."
The Dragon walked up and emily deflated from relief at his appearence. Vulpine smiled widely.
"Father Laxos. My King-"
"He is NOT the king. He has shirked his holy obligations at every point. Not once has he visited the Church to pay proper homage to the Light Lord. And he has even spurned the proper procedures by completing the marrige rights out of sight of a Holy Scribe. We do NOT recognize his authority. We-"
"Shut up."
The man cut off midrant by the exasperated warrior as he took a spot between the throne and him. The Father was an older him in his late sixties with a wrinkled and lined face with a balding head. His blue eyes were full of disdain and condemnation as he gazed at the smirking Warrior. his attire was a pure white robe emblazoned with a roari9ng dragon crest and Tyler blinked as he saw it.
"Huh. My shield's got that. Cool. Now then. You WILL put on a most lavish wedding for my sister. And do it smiling. You will NOT ever speak such evil words to her again. You-"
"Silence you heretic fool! We will not-"
Tyler's sword cleared it's sheath and was resting on the stunned man's collarbone. The warrior was still smiling, only now his smile was most unnerving to look upon.
"Or. BURN. Make a choice."
Vulpine smiled.
"we have other temples in the city that would LOVE to host a royal wedding."
He looked at Emily.
"Which one sis?"
She blinked.
"You're askign me?"
"It's your wedding."
That made her smile happily and Verila smiled.
"That sea temple, love?"
Emily nodded.
"The temple to Leviathan. I love the ocean."
Tyler lifted his blade and walked over to his sister while sheathing it.
"And the sea goddess don't really care about these types of small matters. So go crazy."
She hugged him and he smirked at verila.
"You still suck."
She laughed.
"Noted. And approved."
"How obscene."
Tyler looked over at the appalled man smirking.
"Oh yeah. I cleared out a den of rebels from your main church. I wonder. Vulpine?"
She smiled widely, seeing his line of thinking.
"I wonder as well. Did you know, Father laxios?"
The man huffed.
"If i did? We have a holy duty to men everywhere to keep you bedwarmers in check. a matriarchy is utter blasphemy to his Perfection Lord Light. we-"
"Huh. Always wanted to torch a church. Vulpine?"
She smiled and rose from her throne.
"As fun as it would be to unleash my Dragon King, I must remind them why I rule this country. Purge them from my city. Laxios. Silver STORM!"
A whirlwind of gleaming silver shards exploded into being as Vulpine released her own magical prowess as her green eyes glowed bright yellow and her silver hair fanned outward under her power. Tyler whistled as he saw the screaming monks get absolutely shredded by her hurricane meets a cheese grater spell.
"Damn, Vulpine. if i've ever done anything to piss you off, I'm sorry."
she smirked as the screaming stopped.
"forgiven. But I WILL expect repayment."
"in you or on you?"
He looked at the knight captains as they rallied fighters for a purge.
"Spare the nuns of the religion. if they fight drop them, if they hesitate, spare them."
There was a mass of fists on mail before they moved out. Tyler kissed Vulpine as she released her hold on her power and she smiled.
"I'm a silver mage."
"Love you too."
She sat back down as the mess was cleaned and he hugged Emily. Then looked at the queen.
"I'm seeing about a merchant guard to Wyvernia."
She smiled.
"I see. if you take it, let me know when they indeed to leave."
"Sure. anything I oughta know bout Wyvernia?"
"It's a forest city. her people are some rather friendly souls while her leader is most eccentric."
"In what way?"
"She likes to collect claws and teeth from predators. And pays good coin for them. Plus she's a beauty of an elf."
"I'll say hi."
He kissed her again and headed to the guild. He chuckled as the observant teenager spotted the church being raided by the knights as the intolerant religion was purged. I hate religious fanatics. The Warrior walked in and Weed smiled as he approached.
"Too soon."
"Noted. Gotta question."
"No I am not giving you the names of the other Doves int he hall. figure it out yourself."
"Wow. You thought a that before I did. Interesting."
"Ugh. what is it?"
"that merchant guard bill. Howsat work?"
She smirked.
"well. If you sign on the caravan leader will meet with you once I stamp the bill. Then you an the leader work the terms out for the job. Guild's really hands off on those types."
"Alright. Thanks, Weed."
Tyler walked over and grabbed the bill and brought it over for her. she stamped it.
"The leader will get your guild profile in a moment. If you'll wait a bit he'll find you."
"Sure. My profile?"
She slid him a piece of paper.
"every adventurer in the hall gets one made based on jobs done, observations in the hall, and how they conduct themselves in the hall as well. Some jobs need specialized skills so we keep detailed stats on every adventurer in the hall. if you wish to see what your profile says outside the hall, the spell is 1 gold."
He flipped her the coin and she slid the spell over.
"It's called Rank. Costs nothing and the icon is a set of lines with the numbers of 1, 2, 3."
Tyler smiled.
"Thanks weed."
He took a seat by the fighting pits and got a mug of ale from a serving girl for 10 silver as he looked his profile over.
"Tyler the dragon. 3 days experience. Kills: 2 Pure Tyrants. 1 Tyrant runner. 1 full Goblin Den. 1 challenger. Tyler is a rookie in the guild with a most unusual skill. He works alone and is highly intelligent. In the hall he is a roguish, charming bastard to all. especially to the ladies he takes a fancy to. His strength is as of yet undetermined as he has yet to find his limit. In battle with the Challenger he outwitted his opponent to a most extreme degree while his hunts for the tyrants were both successful and resulted in zero injury towards him. His personality is friendly and warm to most, with a spine of steel. yet he DOES have a dark side. If he disagrees or is not happy with how a matter is conducted he will tear you to pieces over your failure in his eyes. then fix the issue himself. He has proven himself a thus far dependable adventurer with a dark shadow. Guild recommended. Rank: Wolf."
He chuckled once he finished with the profile. That's more or less what I thought. I'm a Wolf rank? Fitting. The serving girl came by again and he smiled.
"Question. What's the wolf rank mean?"
She smiled sweetly.
"It means you're of the Wolf's level of danger in the guild. Wily, vicious, and is not to be trifled with. more dangerous of an adventurer you are, the more dangerous the animal you're represented by."
She wallked away with a slight blush at his look over. She's pretty. Maybe later. He looked over into the sunken sand fighting pit and chuckled as the wiry elf beat the piss out of a burly human with his bare hands. this bout being wearing only pants without shoes.
"You the Dragon?"
Tyler looked over to see a tall man in grey overalls and a white shirt standing by his tab le.
"I am. Tyler."
The man joined him at the table and slid Tyler's profile into view. warlund was a brawny man with weathered skin and grey hair. His eyes were hooded and a deep blue as he looked the warrior over. Then he nudged the profile.
"Says here you're a Wolf. Yet dependable. Three solid kills, and all of the tyrants. That's an impressive feat an no mistake."
Tyler listened to the testing the waters speech of the man. Then he looked at a line.
"Works alone. That by choice?"
Tyler shrugged.
"Haven't needed the help yet."
"Hmmm-hm. Have you worked in a team before?"
"In combat? Not yet."
"I thought so. Okay. You just want to get to Wyvernia with a meal ticket. That about the size of it?"
Tyler chuckled.
"Not really. More looking to get to Wyvernia and make money doing it. Plus change a pace an scenery."
Warlund sat back in the stool was a fres pair of fighters entered the ring. Tyler looked over and smirked as he saw two slender men take spots across from each other.
"Place your bet on the guy on the right."
"I lose?"
"I front you the cash."
The man smirked and put 150 gold on the right hand fighter. the odds being 6 to 1 against him winning. Tyler and Warlund watched the fight onlty for Tyler's pick to knock the other man outcold in the first ten seconds. The warrior chuckled.
"Can't fake that look. That guy's been fighting in pits like this for years."
Warlund blinked at his mass of won gold.
"How did you know?"
"See those scarson his hands?"
"That's how you knew?"
"Had a friend that did cage fighting for fun an money. his hands looked like that. You get them from punching the steel of the cages from missed shots. more scars mean more misses. If you see scars, and they seem old or faded, guy learned."
Warlund chuckled at that one as he pocketed his gold.
"You're a wily one. Like it said. Alright. Have you ever escorted a caravan before?"
"Rookie indeed."
The grey haired man sighed.
"Ah well. I've made do with worse. We get attacked by tyrants every time. i want you to help keep them at bay. Your trick?"
"My lance. Stab them underthe little arms and the heart an lungs are right there."
"That's it?"
Another sigh.
"Okay. We're heading out tomorrow at noon. Be at the southern gate by midmorning for details. Understood?"
"If you show up, 75 gold up front. we get to Wyvernia in one piece, another 75."
They shook on it and warlund passed him a grey band with a runnign hare on the top.
"This is my merchant train band. Or hire on proof."
"Ah. I'll go let me wife know I'm heading out."
That riased an eyebrow as Tyler headed for the door.
"And who be THAT lucky lady?"
He smiled over his shoulder.
"Why the Queen a course."
Tyler walked out smiling as he hung the band on his pack strap. I have been sitting on that one for FAR too long. He returned to the palace where Vulpine was signing a paper. She smiled as he approached.
"Did you get it?"
He kissedher.
"Yup. I head out tomorrow at noon."
she smiled widely.
"I sent for Scarlett and Lyris. We DID promise."
"I love you so freakin much. I'll go see Yrisa."
"We're all together tonight."
"Sounds warm and cuddly."
He kissedher again and emily smiled from her throne.
"The Sea temple is honored to host my wedding. But they said we'd have to wait till their next solstice for it to be possible. That's in a few months."
He hugged her tightly.
"Get planning."
"Oooh we ARE!"
He patted her silver hair fondly.
"I'll be there."
"You better. or I'm putting a hit out on you."
"Love you too sis."
She smiled as he headed to see his little sister now. He walked in just to see Lyris walking out. The blonde elf smiled.
"I know. We'll make it intense."
He kissed her.
"I love you too."
She smiled and hurried to her threesome with the lusty ladies. Yrisa was bouncing from table to table as usual as he walked up to hug her.
"Big brother!"
He smiled as he swooped her up for a hug.
"Hey sparkles. workin em hard?"
She giggled from three feet in the air.
"Atta girl."
he hugged her again and smiled.
"I got hired for a job. I'm headin out to Wyvernia tomorrow at noon."
She blinked and looked at him.
"You'll come back, right?"
"Sooner or later."
"You better."
"Then I will. Just to hug you, okay?"
She smiled and hugged him tightly.
he set her down and Brock smiled from behind the bar.
"We'll look after her. Fera's sticking around to help out."
"You have NO idea."
Tyler patted the blonde cutie again and smiled.
"where can i get a photo crystal?"
Brock smiled warmly.
"The general store usually has them. if not there, the magic shops always do."
"Thanks, Brock. I'll be back later sparkles."
Tyler headed to Yorlund's general store and the man smiled as he walked in.
"Tyler! Welcome. What can I help with?"
"Got hired as a merchant guard. Looking to get a good cloak from this."
He set the tyrant hide on the counter and Yorlund smiled.
"2 gold and an hour. Anything else?"
"A tent pillow wrapped in this."
He set the runner hide on the counter. Yorlund nodded.
"1 gold, 50 silver. same time."
"You got any photo crystals?"
"I have three. 5 gold. And they store up to 10,000 shots before they have to be emptied or archived. And to use it just aim the tip at the scene and press the bottom."
"One of those too."
"7 gold. 50 silver. An an hour."
Tyler paid upfront and grabbed a sky blue crystal in the shape of a banana with a large button at the bottom like a trigger for the thumb. Tyler slotted it in a free pouch on his pack strap before heading to see Helga about more weapon skills. He found the smith elf at her counter as usual polishing a dagger. She smiled as he walked up.
"Now what?"
"You got weapon skills?"
"Ah. Those are in that box there."
He walked over to the indicated box and started flipping. A bow, a sword, a lance, and a shield skill. Huh. Impact. A bow skill. Cooldown is 5 seconds and adds force to 4 arrows. Amount of force is dictated by string strength and arrow strength. useful for piercing heavy armor at range. icon is the bow an arrow with a blast. Cost is 1 gold.......That's cool. Double slash. Cooldown is 10 seconds and is a longsword skill. Hits a target twice for the same power as the intial attack with a phantom blade. icon is a faded blade behind the first. useable for four slashes. NAsty. Next up is.....Great wall? A shield skill and a passive one at that. When blocking, the shielder is 50% harder to knock over from a solid hit. Useful for shieldwalls. Put that with my style of shielding and I'm next to untippable. Cool. Oh hello. Shield Blade. A lasting active skill. lasts for 3 minutes with a cooldown of 4. Coats the edges of the shield in razor sharp air and is useful for aggressive shielders. My style in a nutshell. 3 gold. Next is Impale. A lance skill that adds piercing strength to a lance and is stackable with great pierce. Which I have. Together they make my lance able to go right through fifty feet of granite with ease. All told 7 gold. happy he paid for the skills and saw the new icons appear in his vision. Next he headed tothe guild to upgrade what he could. He took the same table by the fighting pits and brought the spell screen up for firebolt. He added another decrease to mana cost and boosted the power of the flames. water slash he added a second slash of water per casting while again decreasing the cost. Acid touch he decreased the cost and added a nasty extra effect of blindness from the fumes given off by the choresive liquid. Paralyza he got a boosted resistence as a passive skill and increased the length of time one was paralyzed. Stun got the same treatment. shield Smash was upgraded to increase the force of the flick and add a chance to stun he liked. Happy with the upgrades he looked over to see Mera the busty weregirl he'd talked to once drop a man twice her size with a well placed shot to the jaw. He chuckled at that one and she got her gold. The warrior looked at the board before running down his list of gear looking for holes. He spotted the dagger feria had given him as a warning and chuckled at it. I don't really NEED anything at the moment. I'll go get a photo of Yrisa for the road though. he headed out waving at Mera as she collected her gold and leered at Weed, making her smirk. The warrior whistled while he returned to the inn to find Lyris getting a refreshing mug of ale with a VERY flushed face andhe smiled.
"Hey Lyris. You're alive."
She smiled weakly.
"The queen and scarlett were most enthusiastic today. They can't even move. I think we went a little overboard this time."
He smiled and slid the photo crystal over.
"for the road."
She smiled happily as Yrisa hopped into her lap and he took the shot. brock smiled.
"Them things are next to unbreakable. And if they DO break, just keep a single shard and the images can be retreived by the shop."
"Thanks, Brock. I'll go get a good one of Vulpine before I call it."
Yrisa hugged him.
"You're with me tonight, right, big brother?"
He stroked her soft blonde hair as Lyris smiled.
"We're kinda spent. And poor Scarlett's raw. Vulpine can barely walk."
"Love you too. Be right back."
He went to the palace and had to take the left to Vulpine's room since she was gone.The warrior walked in to see the sore queen laying naked on her bed with a also weak Scarlett. she smiled as he laid beside her.
"If you're looking for sex, I'm afraid we're a little TOO spent."
He patted her and put the photo crystal in view.
"Love you too. Momento?"
She smiled warmly and Scarlett groaned as her ass and slit disagreed with her choice to move.
"we can handle that much."
The queen put a thin nightgown on and they did a photoshoot with the crystal for the warrior. He kissed them both on their raw lips and they flopped back onto the bed smiling. He chuckled.
"Pro tip? Soak in the hot tub with the oil of the vanilla flower in it. Eases rawness and tenderness."
Vulpine used a spell to contact HER personal maid as Tyler went to Emily's room. The princess all too happy to give a photo for her brother's trip. She hugged him tightly outside her room since,
"Verilia's a sigh one with her body."
The princess was in a thin gown herself andthe flush on her face made him smile as he hugged her.
"Make her sweat Sis. After, use the oil of the flower Jasmine in a hot tub to ease sore muscles and raw skin."
"I love you too."
He left as she made the order of her own maid. it was dark out now as he walked along the still bustling streets to Brock's inn where he found Lyris and Yrisa sitting at a table ina corner with a third chair waiting. he joined them and Yrisa sat in his lap soon as he settled. Tyler smiling as he hugged the warm cutie tightly and the trio had good tyrant steak and ale for dinner. The night wore down and he carried the sleepy elf to their room where she put her Sprite gown on and he his tyrant sweatpants. Lyris smiled as she had her long nightgown on.
"we're living in your chambers in the palace while you're gone."
Tyler settled Yrisa against his chest as he took Lyris' hand in his under the pillow.
"enjoy Scarlett."
She smiled at that as they sandwiched the comfy girl between them.
"We will. Emily and Yrisa are sisters now too."
Yrisa smiled tiredly.
"I love her. She's sweet."
"You're sweeter."
She blushed as usual and pressed her head into his chest.
"Night Tyler. Love you."
"Night yrisa. Love you too. Night Lyris. I love you."
"Night Tyler. Night Yrisa. I love you both."

DAY 7.
GOLD: 1,191. SILVER: 165. COPPER: 110.

Tyler woke to see Yrisa had his arm cuddled to her chest like a plushy. he smiled at this. I'mma miss this cutie. He looked over to see Lyris asleep still holding his hand tightly. I'mma miss her too. He kissed the blonde elven mother awake and she smiled.
"That time?"
He hugged yrisa awake and she syawned.
"Sorry Sparkles. I wanna hug Vulpine and emily bye too."
They got out of bed and took a quick bath before grabbing breakfast. Tyler downed his coffee before heading to see Vulpine. He hugged yrisa and Lyris again and was out whistling for the palace. He found his queen sitting on her throne with Emily on hers when he walked up. The queen smiled as he kissed her.
"That. Bath. Felt. AMAZING! I'm doing it again tonight."
"Works with jasmine too."
She smiled at this as he hugged Emily now.
"What she said."
"I love that scent!"
he smiled at them.
"Alright. I'll be back sooner or later."
They smiled.
"Take care."
"Go spread your legend, my Dragon."
He smiled and headed to the south gate after picking up his pillow and blanket from Yorlund. His gear situated the warrior headed to the gate. He found the caravan saddling horses and loading the wagons as he approached. there were 15 12 foot wagons in the caravan with three full sized carriages for the night guard. each wagon being covered by a tyrant skin hide of light green to blend in with the grasslands. The horses were all the same breed of clydsdale and massive. They having the deep brown hides and feathery socks of white on the legs common with the breed while their manes were a dark brown. The wagons had room for two on the driver bench with a bench at the back for three riders. Tyler noting that the escorts would have to either share a bench or ride a horse. I can't ride worth a damn and don't have a horse. ha. This'll be fun. He walked to where Warlund was giving directions to some hands for the lead wagon when Tyler walked up. The grey hairedman lifted an eyebrow as Tyler appeared.
"An hour early. Admirable. You ever load freight before?"
Now that I have done. where ya want me?"
"Suppliy wagon in the middle of the train. That woman with the black hair's it's captain. She'll set ya straight."
Tyler walked over whistling as the tall woman went off on a hapless loader.
"What the blue hell ya think yer doing? That's a GRAIN crate. Not a stone block ya blockhead. PLACE it. Don't throw it!"
Tyler smiled as he got a look at her. She was his height with medium blonde hair in a neat ponytail sticking out from under a cowgirl hat made from a vivid blue hide he didn't know. Her eyes were bright blue and burned with fire and her skin was fair. Her arms were well muscled from her life of a merchant and her rack was large on her frame. her outfit was a red/black checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up and blue denim overalls with a gleaming buckle onthe stomach of a horseshoe. She had a pair of good quality workboots on her feet as she perched on the back of a wagon extorting her loaders to her level of useful. Tyler smirked as he walked up.
"Hey. Warlund said ya got a spot for me?"
She looked over with a jaundiced eye at the warrior.
"Rookie eh? Eh. Grab some a them crates and load em in. And be careful! you break anything I'll break you. I be Wendy."
"That sucks."
"Tell me about it."
The warrior got to work with a will loading the three foot by three foot crates into the wagon with ease as wendy wedged them home fast as he had them on the bed. The other workers fighting to keep up with the efficent pair as Tyler fell back on his previous jobs loading trucks in his old world to help the process move along. The task taking no more then ten minutes.
"last crate boss."
She nodded and looked over to another pile.
"Bout time we got some workin hands. Hmm."
The worker then sighted the bow on his back.
"You decent with that thing?"
He shrugged.
"I'm alright."
"Best kill?"
"I hit a banidt in the eye at 60 yards first shaft."
"Moving or not?"
"He was takin a piss."
"Ha. You're on my wagon then. You got any experience with tyrants?"
"I hunt them."
"We'll see since the damned things love attackin me wagon most."
"Must have an eye for quality."
She busted up laughing at that one as rthe strong girl hopped from her wagon to clap him on the arm.
"Oh so that's your game? Yer gonna have to work for it."
"Like all the best things in life."
"Oh okay silvertongue. me dad's the Train Leader."
"Poor bastard."
"Hey. I will hit you."
He chuckled at her irritation and looked at the line of wagons.
"we're supposed to head out by noon, right?"
She nodded curiously.
"Yeah. There a problem?"
"Half the freakin wagons aren't even halfway loaded. We got maybe an hour till noon."
She blinked and looked at the train now herself. Then the clock on a nearby wall.
"You gotta be shittin me. Pa! we;re behind schedule!"
The man was talking with a group of people and he gave a irritated yell.
"i know. They're being pricks again!"
Tyler walked over now as Wendy went to bully the others with a more fiery attack. warlund was arguing with a few suited men about shipment payments.
"I GAVE you the 1500 gold upfront as agreed. Now we need to get going."
The men were in clean black suits as the tall one replied with a hint of smugness.
"I looked the numbers over again, Warlund, and found them to be under represented. By 1250 gold. Now I'm afraid we must ask for the deficit before you depart."
They looked at the noise and Tyler was smirking at them.
"Go on. Piss off."
The men went bone white.
"The dragon?"
"I'm the hired guard. Guess I need to have a word with Vulpine bout her yard overseers now. I wonder. Will I have to visit you myself? or will you cut the shit?"
The two were shaking in their boots so violently at the sight of the smirking teenager Warlund blinked.
"I got a reputation outside the guild in the Queen's court as her Dragon King. And I love hunting these types of problems to the ground. YOU idiots. He gave you 1500, right?"
"Yes sire!"
"Give him back 750. As an apology. and a promise to cut the3 shit. Cause the next time I have to speak to you, well. I'll bring a box."
They gave the man the gold and took off running. Tyler chuckled as he looked at the stunned Warlund.
"I saved the queen no less an twice. the guild profile only covers IN guild feats. next time you run into trouble in Drako, tell em you're friends with me. Watch em shit themselves."
the man just laughed.
"Dragon indeed. Alright kid. I will at that. They play this game every time on every trian that passes through here. Nice to see them piss themselves. Now. Go help Wendy with the loadin. You're on her wagon."
"On it boss."
Tyler rejoined wendy at the last wagon and she chuckled as they worked.
"I saw you scare the hell outta them. What's yer secret?"
"I torched a rebellion in the city, killed the king when he attacked Vulpine, married her, and made a point of putting the boot to that Church>"
"Ha. So that was you? been hearing tell of some powerful adventurer that has the queen by the heart and shunned the crown. Though he not too shy bout plying the authoirty it brings!"
"I don't want to be king. But. It's fun pretending sometimes. ya know?"
She laughed heartedly as they got the last crate into the wagon. The pair retook their spots by Wendy's wagon as Warlund came by with Tyler's 75 gold for the upfront payment.
"The other adventurers are here. Mount up."
Tyler and wendy climbed onto her wagon and he set his folded lance in easy reach before stringing his bow. She took the reins to the horses as he looked his gear over.
"Much better. You ever ride on one a these?"
"A time or two. prefer walkin though."
She chuckled at that one as the fiery spirit pulled a cigerate from her pocket.
"I prefer stayin on the move. stayin in one place just bothers me. want one?"
he smiled,
"Nah. Thanks though. I like bouncign from place to place too. Same time I like settign up shop in a town ofr a bit and get into the gutters."
That madet he blonde girl laugh while she lit her cigerette with a squeeze lighter.
"I can see you're the type of adventurer that likes to cause trouble."
"Kinda. You the trouble stopper?"
She smirked at that one.
"You get outta line, I'll put you back in line."
"Ha. get a hammer. Drives the point home with authority."
"Oh I like you."
He chuckled and looked down the line of wagons as the other guards all mounted horses and wagons.
"Looks like we'll be headin out in a second."
"Keep those eyes peeled rookie."
"Leer at you the entire way there. Gotchya."
"if I have to hit you, I WILL use a hammer."
"Great. I got the funny one."
He chuckled and looked over and smiled as he spotted two sets of blonde hair by a wagon. Lyris and yrisa waved as the order was given and the wagons got moving. Tyler waved at the palace well aware Vulpine and Emily could see. Then he looked ahead as Wendy's wagon got moving. The train moved with a great creak of reins and wooden wagon wheels while the riders gave a chorus of giddy ups to their mounts as they got moving. Tyler and wendy were in the center of the single file wagon train with Warlund's in the lead. They had 15 wagons and 9 riders. Two up front with Warlund's wagon, two at the very rear. with two on either side of the train offset at the third wagon and 10th. each wagon had a passengar guard for added eyes and to help drive. Tyler smiled as they left the gate and got moving.
"I kinda lingered a bit too long."
Wendy smiled at that one.
"I hear that. Citylife's fun sometimes. But give me the road anyday."
Tyler looked behind them and noted the large dust cloud they were kicking up.
"Hmm. I'll see if warlund can get the wheels enchanted to prevent a dust cloud."
Wendy looked at him quizzically.
"Why would he waste the gold on that?"
He smiled.
"Cause that dust cloud can be seen for miles. Even further on flatland like this. and since there's only a very select few things that kick up dust like that, we pretty much marked ourselves as easy prey for any predators in the region."
she just looked at him.
"I thought you'd never done this before?"
"I haven't. had a buddy that did this type a thing for a living. he was a smuggler but besides then point. He said it's the same type of rule as lighting a fire at night on a hillside."
she looked at the rising cloud with new eyes.
"Well butter me a bisket. we just hung a sign on our necks saying come git us. ha. You a wily one aren't ya?"
Tyler shrugged as the train picked up speed.
"More looking at it as if I wanted to riad the train and trying to counter it."
"You done that?"
"Nope. Knew a guy that did."
"ust how many people do you know?"
"My home village was a halfway to anywhere type place."
"Ah. That'll do it. Weirdest person you ever met?"
He sat back in the seat now.
"Damn. Tough call. Okay I got one. Guy liked to hunt bear and wolf for their pelts. And was a helluva fur worker too. well. I got a delivery job from the town store to his hopuse and had to go inside. I found that crazy sonuvabitch balls deep in a stuff wolf."
"Oh my gods. What hells be wrong with him?"
"I think I'm gonna puke. What?"
"He was in a full wolf suit. Like he made a one piece suit of a wolf pwelt and was doing that."
She gagged and had to take her cigeratte out to spit.
"Hesia that is FOUL. was he hanged?"
"Nope. My town was big on you do you. guy ran the local leather shop and was damned good at it too. And outside his home he was just your average woodsmen. Behind them doors? thatguy had some issues."
she shuddered.
"Issues. Yeah."
"You're weirdest person?"
"HA. Okay I got a good one."
"Hit me with it."
"Weirdest thing you seen on the trail?"
She smiled at the memory.
"That is a good one. okay. Bout five years back was riding on a leg to the city of Drakisnia to the far north. Place was all snow an ice. Miserable landscape. But truly beautifl in places. wells we come round this bend in the road and see a section of the snwo plain beside us was bare of snow. The spot was maybe the size of our wagon wheel and the grass underneath was as vividly green as the plains are right now. naturally we stop to see just what the hell is up with that. well. That patch was warmer then a hot coal but not to the point it burned you. No reason whatsoever why that patch should be so vibrantly green nor why the melt was such a perfect circle. top that."
"Okay. was walking along the road in me mome village to a nearby town when I walkjed face first into a violent thunderstorm. Like it went from clear asit is now to thunder and lightning faster and oyu could snap your fingers. I turned around and saw the storm's edge. Like this knife edge. i walk over and was able to stand half in, and half out of a raging thunderstorm and a cloudless sunny day. Made my head hurt for the next three days."
Wendy was rubbing her own head.
"Damn. That's making My head hurt an I wasn't even there! Where you from anyway?"
"Backwater place called Merica."
"Never heard of it. it near Mossilia?"
"No clue. We grew up without even knowing the name of our town as in our ruler's eyes, the state was teh only truly important thing in our lives. Magic's strictly forbidden to all but the nobility and if you get caught practicing it you, and your entire family are publicly executed. yeah. People were fleeing in droves."
She sighed at that as he gazed out over the plains on watch.
"Ya escaped an made it here. That's a good thing."
"Oh you have no idea. Should meet my little sister, Yrisa. She'll melt your heart with the first hug. if not, you're dead inside."
She chuckled.
"Yup. She's a forest elf. I rescued her and her mother from bandits after they killed her father in a raid. Her mother chose me as her One and Yrisa's the sweetest little sister."
He smiled and Wendy chuckled again.
"Sounds like you got a nice family there. yet you're married to the Queen?"
"Guess it's a perk."
"HA. Typical man."
"I like beauties. Sue me!"
She laughed at his indignation as a rider came up.
"Anything up here?"
Tyler looked over at a hilltop.
"We're being scouted. Third hill from the left. See those dots?"
The rider gave no indication he saw them. Instead he smiled.
"I'll go give Warlund the all clear."
He rode off and Tyler looked at a stunned Wendy.
"Spotted em when i told you of the rainstorm. Bout four. Scouts."
She nodded and followed his example to not acknowledge them. Tyler was looking his dagger over nad using the reflective blade to watch the ten or so dots poking over a hilltop to the left. The city had bene left far behind and they were on their own. The warrior chuckled as one dot vanished.
"So that's their play? Classic."
He pulled his map out and Wendy looked at him curiously.
"what they plannin?"
"See here? This sharp bend int he road?"
"It goes right between two tall hills."
"Block it off and ya got a toll road. Plus it's a blind turn."
She blinked as the same rider drifted down eside them.
"Warlund saw them too. Looking for a play since we can't turn back."
Tyler smirked.
"They've set up an ambush ahead at the sharp turn."
"He thinks so too. He's thinking of paying them off."
"Nah. Have a wagon break a wheel. idiots'll be force to come after us then."
"Bait them?"
"Oh yeah. A stopped caravan is FAR too tem,pting forthem to pass up. Plus we kill them, we can see about their camp and extra loot too."
"You'rte a wily bastard. I'll let him know."
He rode off and wendy laughed.
"Playing possum, then robbing the robbers. I think I love you."
"Ha. wait'll you see me fight."
"Okay now you got my attention."
He smiled as the rider returned.
"Warlund likes you're plan. Break the wheel."
Tyler nodded and looked at the rolling wheel closely.
"If I remember right, just kick that."
He gave a subtle nudge at a specific pin on the wheel and it came right off with a crash. Tyler shifted his weight to keep from being flung off as the caravan came to a halt as Wendy laughed.
"The mooring pin?"
"It broke. A little too easily by the way. i'll look at it."
Tyler and wedny hopped off the crippled wagon and Tyler found the five inch mooring pin in the dirt by the axel.
"Thought so. Thing's rusted through. Eh. No biggee."
He pulled a sliver of tyrant bone he used for lockpicking from his pouch as Wendy and the rider lifted the wagon. Tyler set the wheel and was setting the stronger pin as a soiund of thundering hooves reached his ears.
"Hook, line, and jackass. We got company!"
They set the wagon down as a company of 20 bandit raiders raced towards them from the hill all waving weapons and staffs. Tyler snorted as he and the others all fitted arrows to bows. he setting four.
"Mist Shot."
Wendy blinked as the four became 20 steel shafts on his string.
"You're a mge?"
"am now."
The bandits were hollerin as the guards fired. except for Tyler. He smirked as Wendy looked at him,
"Ya gonna stand there?"
He fired now as the first volley was deflected by magic wards. The arrows dropped tothe ground harmlessly and the wards came down as the four shafts flew towards them. Only for the nearly invisible against the sky mist shafts to hit the three mages in the chest with lethal force. Tyler smiled widely as he fire the next four for the same effect.
"I like making it rain."
Wendy and the other guards watched in awe as Tyler fired twice more at the now much dminished force and lifted his hand.
A single rider of the 7 remaining fell off his horse under the weight of the spell.
The survivors tried to escape only for Tyler's new lightning spell to find their metal weapons with laser accuracy and fry them on their horses. they dropped and he chuckled.
"I'll go have a wod with our guest."
He walked over whistling to the frozen man as wendy and the rider put the wagon wheel back on. Tyler crouched by the man and released the spell. He started trembling in terror as the Dragon looked at him.
"Your camp?"
"He had the map!"
"Alright. Men left behind?"
Tyler looked at Warlund as the rest rode up.
"They got four captives at their camp. I'll get the map an go after them."
He blinked.
"Just like that?"
"Got a problem?"
The men shuddered at the now ice cold tone in Tyler's voice and Warlund remembered another thing he'd read in the profile.
"Just hurry. we need to rest and water the horses anyway."
Tyler walked over to the leader and added the map to his own.
"Oh. This'll be easy."
He took off running in the direction and Warlund shuddered again as Wendy came over,
"pa, where's he going?"
"Their camp. Guess they got captives. And he ain't happy bout that. Give the horses some water."
"On it Pa."
Tyler found the camp without issue ten minutes later and chuckled atthe semicircle of tents around a rock wall. They backed themselves into a corner. he'd spotted the caged captives easily enough in the center of the camp with the ten guards all milling. Tyler walked into the camp with an arrow on his bow he put into the eye of a mage by the cage. the next shaft was put into the eye of an archer on a lookout mound while the third took two inthe head that were close together. That made him chuckle. Nice double. The bandits realized they were beiung attacked and scrambled for weapons while Tyler sniped them with a bored expression on his face. The last fell to his arrows and he looked at the trembling ladies int he cages.
"I'll see if they're really dead, and get you out. Okay?"
The three humans, one elf nodded as he stabbed hearts with his sword and looted the camp. Once happy with the dead he cut them free from the cages,
"Healing Touch."
And used his healing spells on them as they came out. The women all had looks of relief ont heir faces as he passed them cloaks.
"Got a caravan ten minutes that way. Can you walk?"
They nodded and he led them back to the train. warlund and the rest were just putting the water for the horses back when a lookout yelled,
"He's back already! Kid moves fast. four in tow!"
The women sobbed with relief as they were met by the caravan guards. warlund sighed as Tyler walked over to him.
"Okay. Understood. we'll take em to Wyvernia. Mount up."
Tyler hopped up beside Wedny and the train got moving again. She sighed as the women were given water and food further down the line.
"nice to see one adventurer willing to stick 'is neck out for others."
Tyler sighed as he cleaned his sword.
"Fact it's only the one pisses me off."
"Least you'll always have a job."
"Ha. Okay good point."
She smiled at that as the train regained it's momentum. Tyler looked into his quiver.
"Hm. Only lost the one shaft. Not bad."
The blonde cowgirl laughed.
"Ya proved your point. Wily bastard."
"Ha. Oh I got one."
"Weirdest thing you've ever hauled? Myself not included?"
"Ha. How's a paralyzed tyrant do ya?"
"How the blue hell did they catch the thing? and more importantly, why?!"
"That was my question entirely! Guess some rich noble wanted a pet tyrant. Nobles. They used some kinda hugh level paralyze poison on the thing that kept it still and we transported it. round trip made us 25,000 gold. We didn't move another train for three months!"
"Tell me ya got a photo?"
"ridin it's neck like a horse."
"Show me or it didn't happen."
They shook on it and he grabbed a drink from his canteen. Wendy was humming a light tune as they went along and Tyler was looking over the landscape on watch for danger. I miss yrisa already. Hell. I miss em all. He took the crystal out and looked at a photo of his little sister smiling at him and it made him smile.
"Tghat Yrisa?"
"Yeah. Miss that cutie already."
Wendy smiled at that.
"she's a lucky girl, having you care so much to miss her after a wee few hours apart."
"Funny. Most would call that clingy."
He put the crystal back and looked at his map. He'd added the bandit map to it and smiled.
"Looks like the road's clear for bandits here. Guess that one had the sole stake here."
wendy shrugged.
"Makes sense really. These roads are hard to control."
Tyler put the map away and noted the sun was low in the sky.
"When we make camp usually?"
"we usually use one of the Guardian Sites. There's one big enough for us not too far ahead."
"Oh yeah.I always thought those places were kinda cool."
The caravan rolled along till thyey reached a 100 foot wide slab of stone decorated in the white runes of the Guardian Site. Warlund had them pull into the site in a rotating circle that would create a protective enclosure around the permieter. Tyler smiling as it looked l;ike the wagons were merely linksa in a chain being retracted by a toothed set of cogs. Once they were in position Tyler hopped down to help pitch the company tents and light the fire while the others stood guard for raiders that the runes WOULDN'T repell. wendy was helping unload the night's meal from the cook wagon as Tyler used a firebolt to light the large bonfire in the center of the camp. Once set the warrior aided the guards with deciding watches. Tyler smiled.
"I'll take first watch."
The guard captain that night, a grizzled man with a scraggly beard smiled.
"Good on ya laddee. Your shift be five hours. Then you wake Max here for his. You'll get to catch up on sleep on the ride tomorrow."
"Noted. I got a few guardian spells too."
"A defense mage? lucky us! Cast em please."
"On it. Guardian. Sacred Site."
The undead spell made them blink as the entire campsite was enshrouded. Warlund came over then and teh captain laughed.
"Didn't tell me we had a defense mage in the camp!"
He looked at tyler.
"When were you gonna tell me yo0u had defense magic?"
"was getting to it. But was busy."
"Ugh. Spells?"
"Gaurdian and Sacred Site."
"150 feet."
"That far? Marti. Still have watches."
"of course chief."
Tyler cracked his back smiling.
"I set the anchor point by the fire. Thing extends to 50 feet beyond the runes. we get knockers, I'll let you all know."
They chuckled at that and headed to other tasks as Tyler pitched his own tyrant tent by the fire. Once set he laid his collection of bedrolls out before joining Wendy by the fire on a log. He smiled as he sat down.
"I think we made decent progress."
She smiled.
"About the usual. pa says it'll take us four days hard travel to Wyvernia."
Tyler shrugged as he pulled a strip of tyrant from a pouch and stuck it on a rock to fry.
"Well. I like roaming. Tyrant bacon?"
Wendy chuckled at the offer.
"Sure. been a while since I had tyrant. You buy it?"
"Killed it myself."
"explains the tent and other stuff. It hard?"
"Not when you understand them like I do. here."
"Thank you."
They munched on the crispy meat before he resumed talking.
"Like a better cow. Tyrants are all jaws and no backup plan. Fact they only got the one mouth means they can't afford to miss. Get under the jaws and you're golden."
"You're insane/"
"Well. Thank heaven for that. Cause otherwise? This'd probably never work."
She laughed at that reply as he got a bowl of stew from the food line with a mug of some warm drink that tased vaguely of cola. The pair ate together before he took his spot int he dishes line, making the ladies in the group laugh. Tyler rejoined Wendy by the fire and found her looking up. Curious he looked up as well and blinked at the spectacle. More stars then he could ever recall seeing before were twinkling above them like small dots of ice that sent the cold light to the terrastial pair. The sky was so clear Tyler felt like he could reach up and touch the stars with his hands. A river of deep purple flowed through the sea of stars and the three moons of Mossilia were visible. Secindis the frozen king with it's coat of white that sometimes reminded the people of Mossilia it was there with chunks of ice from it's surface. Monsidis. The sky king with it's golden tinge that dwarved the other two moons by a solid ten times. And small Minis the white traveler. The small ball of white moved around it's larger companions with a seeable speed as the celestial bodies danced for their earthbound audience. Tyler smiled as he saw the show.
"And that's another thing I love about the road."
Wendy smiled as well.
"I could not agree more."
They looked over at the noise to see warlund looking at them with a mildly irritated expression. he nodded at the ground and they looked to see the pair had intertwined fingers unbeknownst to them as they looked at the sky. Wendy and Tyler looked at each other before bursting out laughing at the storybook scene and let go. warlund sighed as he walked away.
"Damned kids."
Then he smiled fondly as he saw them chatting,
"But play on. Gods know I did when I was their age."
Tyler looked back at the sky and smiled.
"In my homecountry the smoke from the cities was so intense it blocked the sky most nights."
Wendy sighed as she looked back up.
"That's a tragedy. I love looking at the night sky far away from the cities. They're simply beautiful."
She smiled at that before chuckling.
"Pa looked like he was about to break your hand."
"Ha. Wouldn't be the first time."
"You play around?"
"Not like you think. Lyris' grandfather gave me a shakedown when he found out but the One thing."
She chuckled thne looked at him.
"Did she and the Queen give you permission?"
"Long as I don't produce offspring, and visit from tiem to time, they did."
"And with your accident."
"free rein to go crazy."
That madethe blonde cowgirl chuckle as she adjusted her hat. thenj she smirked.
"I like a good ride."
He smirked right back at her.
"Oh really? I got a good ride here."
"That a fact?"
"Wanna find out?"
"I do. Yet tomorrow when we have the right amount a time since you got first watch."
"Fair. You got a tent?"
"Was plannin to try out that tyrant."
"Sure. I got cuddles."
"I like to hold."
She smiled at that as the rest all headed to tents. Marti came over now.
"On watch, Tyler."
"Got it captain."
Wendy was seen going into his tent as Tyler unfolded his lance for the first of his many patrols around the rim of the camp as the fire died down and the rest of the camp went to sleep. The warrior smiling as he walked. A mere week ago I was constantly fighting with my stepfather, my sister, and my classmates over the simplest of shit. I had to study for tests even though I didn't really need to, I was forced to go to a government mandated school to be taught the standardized bullshit and no one looked at me twice. Now? I'm in a new world married to a drop dead gorgerus silver haired queen, a busty blonde haired elf, have the most adorable little sister in yrisa, a warm sister in emily, the crown princess. I am a respected member of the adventurer's guild, am a king to be to the country beside Vulpine and fuck the hottest girls I have ever seen on the nightly. usually. I've killed dozens of men without flinching and hunt T-rexes for fun and food. I killed a king and wield the sword and shield of a Dragon King. All in the space of a week. My classmates are out there somewhere having their own adventures and here I am escorting a merchant caravan like in every fantasy story I have ever read or seen. Again. Only in town for a week. I love this world. He smiled at that truth as he made his next circuit. Him walking with the lance as a walking stick to bait an attack by a predator as he moved. The warrior's five hour shift passed and he woke his relief.
"All clear. and the spells are still up."
The man nodded and headed to his spot as Tyler went to his tent. He found Wendy asleep without a shirt on and smiled at her large breasts on dispaly ashe laid beside her. HSe smirked.
"Thay're harder then ya think."
He offered her an arm and she took for the cuddle.
"Night wendy."
"Night Tyler."

DAY 8.
GOLD: 1,191. SILVER: 205. COPPER: 120.

Tyler woke to see Wendy asleep on his shoulder and her arm around his waist. he smiled at that sight. I miss them. But she's pretty too. He stroked her strong back and she smirked.
"Romantic too? how nice."
Her blue eyes opened and she pulled her checkered shirt on. She smirked as she did so,
"Say bye."
The cocky kid smiled as her melons were hidden.
"I'll see ya later."
They left the tent and Tyler got the fire going again and Wendy laid out coffee for the train. The last watchmen was doing rounds still as the first round of breakfast was readied. Then Tyler had hismap out looking at the route ahead.
"Ha. You're more the train leader then Pa is."
Wendy sat beside him with her own mug.
"See anything?"
He smiled and tapped two spots.
"See this narrow gorge? Prime ambush spot there. Then this wide open plain here. That's Tyrant territory. We'll most likely get attacked by it here."
"Ugh. We always do. usually have to offer a horse to get away."
"Not this time. I got Impact for me bow and mist shot. And my lance. I'll kill it and we can add tyrant to the goods to sell."
"After your cut of course."
"he hide and teeth? Yes."
SHe laughed.
"That tent be mighty comfy."
He smiled at that.
"Be amazed what else is fun."
She got a knowing smirk now.
"I aims to find out."
"I'll be sure to ride well."
"Ya better."
They looked to see Warlund looking at them with a raised eyebrow.
"Just keep it down."
Tyler tilted his head curiously.
"I was talking bout the wagon. What the hell are you talking about?"
The man blinked as Wendy lost it at the verbal trap. Warlund walked away sighing.
"Damned kids. But yer a good un."
Tyler chuckled as he looked back at a recovering Wendy.
"Not THOSE are fun."
"You wily bastard."
Tyler chuckled as the rest of the camp all came out for breakfast. The train fed together before the break camp order was given and the mount up order given. Tyler was beside Wendy again as the Site was cleaned for the next group. The blonde cowgirl pulled her hat on and Tyler fitted an arrow to his bow as Warlund got moving. The train left the guardian site in the same clockwise rotation to prevent any accidents. Then they were moving at speed along the road. Tyler and Wendy chatting as he kept watch.
"Okay I got one. craziest thing you've seen on the road?"
Wendy smiled.
"Saw a dragon kill a tyrant. That was a fun day. Was down south by the border to Elehien along the plains when a tyrant roar went up to our right. well. We were readying a horse to bait it off as the thing charged when a massive purple scaled dragon pounced on the thing from the sky! it was maybe ten wagons lon and a good three tall. I loved the purple scales though. Anyway. It grabbed that Tyrant by the neck and tore it's head clean off. Pa had us break into flee speed as the beastmight come after US next. Yours?"
"A fire tornado."
"I'm sorry?"
Tyler chuckled as he looked down a shaft to check straightness.
"Was in the western part of my homecountry on one of my escapades to get away from my family. Well. Some idiot let a fire get out of control in the middle of a windstorm and the flames were hit in a way it made them spin like a damned tornado. I shit you not, that thing was ten feet tall and a foot wide of just spinning fire. Looked freakin cool, but scared the hell outta me."
Wendy frowned.
"You bluffing."
"I swear to you I am not. I thought for the longest time someone spiked my drink."
"Okay. Weirdest animal you've seen?"
Tyler tilted his head.
"Oh. I got a goodie. Okay. A bear that was so badly hit by mange, it was naked."
"Oh my gods."
"yeah I shot it with my bow on sight."
"A small mercy that. I saw a deerman."
He looked at her.
"Like a deer that walked on two legs?"
"With human hands."
Tyler shivered and she laughed.
"THAT rattles you?"
"I just find that particuarly creepy."
The tough cowgirl laughed as Tyler blinked.
"Huh. That took longer an I expected."
She looked at him as he looked at the sky.
"We under attack?"
"Just a flying lizard."
There was a low rumble and Tyler frowned.
"Not you. That thing."
That got a irritated rumble and Wendy gulped.
"Nah. They hate gatting called lizards though. That thing."
She looked up to see a large pterodyctal flying overhead. She sighed with relief.
"Oh. A flying Septine. Why'd you call it a flying lizard?"
"It's a lizard with wings."
"Fair. I guess. That rumble?"
"An offended dragon."
"Relax. I wasn't talk to it. And it figured that out real quick."
The creature in the sky dove at the wagon train and Tyler smirked as he took aim.
"I wanna what that's gonna test like?"
Wendy laughed as he fired and the creature slammed into the ground with a hefty thud andthe arrow in the center of it's chest. Tyler hung from the edge of the still moving wagon and grabbed it's wingtip to lift it into his lap. The thing was ten feet long with a 35 foot wingspan. he whitled as he sat the thing in his lap for skinning.
"I love the blue fur on the wing."
Wendy chuckled as he got to carving.
"They be mighty tasty too."
The thing had a long 3 foot beak and crest on it's head with beady eyes that reminded Tyler of a snake's eyes. The animal was coated in velvety soft blue fur rippled with lighter green stripes. There were a set of claws along the wingbones and it's feet had razor sharp talons. He whistled as he collected the winf membrane, meat, crest and beak, eyes, and claws of the animal before tossing the unusable parts of the animal a good ten feet from the road. Wendy was steering her wagon as he looked the wing membrane over.
"Thinking a cloak?"
"Blanket actually."
"Wow. Comfy much?"
He chuckled.
"Or maybe an extra outfit for the road. Not sure exactly what I wanna do with it. Soft though."
He set it aside as Wendy smirked.
"Me hands are tired."
"Can you drive?"
"I'll teach you."
She passed him the reins and he was whistling as the cowgirl rubbed some wax on her raw hands while teaching him to drive a wagon. Tyler enjoying the change of pace while Wendy got some well earned rest beside him. The warrior still on watch as she did so. The caravan crested a hill and Tyler smiled when he looked behind him and saw the Tower of Drako far behind them as a mere line in the skyline. Wendy cracked her knuckles after three hours,
"Okay. I'm good."
He passed them back and she relaxed visibly.
"oddly nerveracking letting someone else drive?"
"Feels wrong."
"I get it."
She smiled at that as a rider came up.
"Break for lunch. We're not stopping."
"Thanks Drek."
The man rode off and Wendy looked at Tyler.
"The long box there."
"Got it."
He pulled it over and set it between them. The friends enjoyed a moving lunch of some cow jerky and oat water as they went along. Tyler looked over at the plains and spotted a pair of white rabbits bounding through the fields of green as the blades rippled in the wind. He smiled as he thought of Yrisa and how she's lose her mind over the bunnies. Fed an watered Tyler set the box back behind the bench and cleaned the leaf bladed dagger feria had given him. The thing being 8 inches long including the handle with a double edge and rounded tip. The weapon had the leaf shape he kinda liked and was a deep green as well. Sheathing the dagger Tyler looked over at the plains and saw the bunnies had vanished. He looked at the horses and saw their ears were flat.
"Wendy. The horses are on edge."
She nodded and tightened rthe reins.
"I felt it in the reins. A tyrant is in the area."
Tyler unfolded his lance with a flick now. She snorted.
"Oh okay mister tough guy."
He rose in the seat to scan the area when a low bellow went up to their left on Wendy's side. He smiled.
"That's a territory bellow. Great. That means there's two."
Sure enough another bellow went up on their right and Tyler looked at Drek beside them.
"Tell Warlund a tyrnat battle's bout to break out."
He spurred his horse and rode off as Tyler looked around again looking for a dustcloud or seeing if he could feel the telltale rumbles of the tyrant's steps. The keen eyed warrior spotted movement to Wendy's side.
"Tyrant on the left side! It's in a hurry!"
The train halted as the beast rushed them. Tyler smiled as he saw the way it wasmoving.
"Let it pass!"
Wendy looked at him like he was insane but a gap was made in the train and the massive predator tore through it utterly ignoring the easier prey to defend it's territory. Tyler smiled as he looked after it.
"Tyrants only hunt when they're hungry."
The blonde cowgirl sighed at that rule of nature as the SECOND tyrant appeared over a hilland Tyler laughed.
"Ha. That's not a tyrant. That's a mere Plain's drake. We can wait, this won't take long."
The newcomer was a mere 35 feet long and stood 15 feet high at the hips. The head was 4 feet long with 3 feet jaws lined with teeth. it had long arms tipped with three razor sharp claws. The tyrant was a deep brown with lighter ten tiger stripes and the plains drake was a bright green with red stripes to indicate a fores dweller. The tyrant slammed into it with all the force of an avalanche. Tyler watched the more-then-twice it's size Rex takethe beast down with a single lunge before killing it. The rex let out a victory roar before noticing the caravan. The warrior smirked and hopped down from the wagon with his lance.
"I got this. be right back."
Wendy swung her legs up to watch.
"Go on tyrant hunter."
Tyler walked towards the now chrging rex whistling with the lance on his shoulder. The warrior waited till the last second to dodge the gaping jaws of the rex and stabbed it in the chest and in the heart. he gave the yank and tipped it over onto it's side with a heavy slam. He bowed to the applauding train.
"That's how you hunt a tyrant. Come on we got work to do."
The train laughed and fell to skinning the beasts with a will. Tyler claiming the hides, claws, teeth and some of the meat from the drake as he'd never had it before. Wendy was laughing hard as he looked the new teeth over.
"You made that soulcrushingly easy! I think I love you!"
He chuckled at that one.
"Happy to impress you."
She wiped a tear from her eye as he next took a claw from the drake and looked the hook shaped thing over.
"Plans for that?"
"Keep the biggest ones for Yrisa. Sell the rest."
"Yup. She's gonna have a collection by the time I'm done."
Wendy smiled at that as the day's ride wound down and they set up at another Gaurdian site. They used the same clockwise ride in and Tyler cast his spells. Marti the watch captain came over now as Tyler lit the fire.
"You got a free night for takin first watch last."
"Thanks, Marti. Spells are up too."
He nodded and Wendy smirked at him friom her spot beside the fire.
"Good. I'm feeling feisty."
"I'll ride ya into the ground later.":
"Ya better."
He chuckled while frying some drake on a spit before tossing it to Wendy. They enjoyed the snack and he got the idea to fry up some more jerky for the next day's ride. Which made her shake her head. they had rabbit stew as some of the riders had luck that day. Then TYyler and Wendy went into his tent for a ride. She blinked as his sword was umnsheathed.
"Oh damn."
The feisty girl smiled widely now as he fit into her tight slit from behind and got to riding.
"Faster. Like a horse!"
So he went faster as the pair played for a few hours with her groaning in multiple climaxes before they laid together recovering. She smiling contentedly at her still full feeling.
"I needed that."
He kissed her still inside her.
"I did too. Was fun."
She snuggled against him now with a smile.
"Not after a husband."
"Ha. Oh yeah."
"I can do you."
"Love yopu too."
"Hey. Just fuck me again."
So they went for round two until they both were spent. The blonde cowgirl resting back against his chest after they put pants on. He kissed her neck and she smiled.
"Night Tyler. Was great."
"Night Wendy. Tomorrow?"
"Most likely. we WILL do this again."

DAY 9.
GOLD: 1,198. SILVER: 205. COPPER: 120.

Tyler was wakened by a scream in his mind from his spell getting triggered.
The camp came alive as the warrior had his sword and shield out an ready as a mob of grey furred creatures rushed them. Tyler growled,
The things screamed at the massive blast of fire as the bare chested warriro rushed them as the others all scrambled for weapons and armor. Tyler spun a circle as he dove into the screaming like chimps creatures,
"Shield edge! Water slash! Shield smash!"
The things were spalttering on impact as Tyler stacked his skills and spells on the fly. While the 50 or so creatures were rapidly reduced to a mere 20 by his wide reaching attacks and spells. Plus their movements were slowed by his guardian spell. Tyler growled as he felt a sword graze his back and chest but that didn't faze the berserk warrior in the slightest as he slammed his shield into the face of a taller monster,
"Acid touch."
The thing screamed at the now-eating-it's-face acid and then the rest of the fighters were in the fray. Tyler retreated to lick wounds while the remaining creatures were cut to pieces by the fresh guards. Wendy was right there with one of his healing potions since he'd take a slash to his back and across his chest. He smiled.
"Thanks, Wendy. I hope these things work."
She laughed at that one and he drank the thing. His wounds closed and he now had a 2 one foot scars on his back and chest. Then he frowned.
"I thought the Guardian Sites repell monsters?"
She sighed.
"They do. Yet some monsters still try. Those were orcs. So suicidally stupid."
Tyler shrugged.
"And that's why I love my spells. Since it's me, they won't fail."
She snorted atthat and he pulledhis chainmail on and his other gear. Warlund came over with a grateful expression on his face.
"You just saved our lives. Thanks."
Tyler chuckled as he cleaned his sword.
"Part a job. 50 orc raiding party normal?"
He nodded.
"They were a nomad tribe. Raid here and leave after. We're looting them now."
"Alright. Well. Mornin!"
That got a snort and Tyler went to help loot. The warrior whistling as he looked through the chopped to hell bodies of the grey furred creatures. each one was 4 feet tall with the flattened heads of chimps and oversized arms like gorillas. they used a motely collection of missmatched armors that didn't really offer protection. And their weapons ranged from kitchen knives to greatswords. The things were piled by the road and set on fire before Warlund came over with a pile of coin.
"Here's your share. 45 gold. they had maybe 90 in total."
Tyler pocketed the gold,
"Thanks Warlund. we rolling out?"
"Break camp!"
Tyler joined Wendy on her wagon as the cavalcade got rolling. She chuckled as they picked up speed.
"That was fun watching you work. Them monkeys didn't know what hit em."
The warrior chuckled as he took a swig of a canteen.
"Happy to impress you. How's your ass?"
She squirmed at that.
"Damn y9ou, feels weird sitting down!"
"Ha. Enjoy. I feel great."
The rowdy girl cracked her knuckles.
"One good shot will fix that."
The friends laughed at that one and Tyler ran a cloth on his shield now cleaning the blood off. She saw the emblem and smirked.
"That your King emblem?"
"Nah. It's the emblem of the Dragon King."
"No shit? You found his keep?"
"Yup. why do ya think Vulpine let me be her husband? Besides the saving?"
"Good point."
They rode in silence with Tyler keeping watch as always. Wendy was whistling a tune as they rode for lunch and Tyler looked at the map.
"You said four days, right?"
She nodded.
"That's the usual. Why?"
"Hm. We're a little close for four full days' ride. See?"
The curious girl looked at the map and blinked.
"Wow. we're a full day ahead a scehdule. Pa'll be very happy with that. We'll reach Wyvernia tomorrow."
Drek came up,
"All clear?"
"Nothin yet."
He moved on and Tyler settled in his bench with his dagger for cleaning. The train rattled on without issues that day and Tyler enjoyed the peaceful trip. They made camp at another guardian circle and he cast his spells again. The warrior played with Wendy again as he'd been given a pass on watches since his spells were up, making him on watch anyway. The blonde cowgirl sighed as he kissed her at the close.
"Still fun. Night."
"Night Wendy. Hey."
She laughed as he fit into her again.
"You're gonna make me sleep like this aren't you?"
"Yup. Enjoy!"

DAY 10.

Tyler woke to see Wendy's large nipple in his face. That made him smile as he was still fitted into her warmth. The horny teenager licked her exposed nipple softly for a morning suckle and she groaned awake,
"You BETTER finish me off."
He chuckled as they had a morning quickie before getting breakfast. Wendy grumbled as she sat by him.
"Bastard. Ruined my ass. And now I gotta sit like this."
He chuckled at that as Warlung came over.
"We'll reach Wyvernia by noon. we made great time."
"Got it Warlund."
The friends mounted up and Tyler was looking ahead as they rolled along the road at the mass of towering trees that made up the Wyverina forest. wendy sighed as they entered the trees.
"I may like the grasslands, but the forest is nice too."
Tyler had to agree as the wind urged the shy trees to sing with their leaves rustling in the breeze. The forest had a great road carving through it to the major city of Wyvernia and it seemed to the warrior like they were traveling down a tunnel of green. He marveled at the sheer size of some of the broughs around them as some were thirty feet thick at the base! He craned his head back and whistled at the dizzying hieghts the canopy reached. Wendy smiled as she looked at the dense undergrowth of ferns.
"Wyvern forest is a peaceful place sometimes. Other times it's dangerous but so ain't everywhere else."
He tossed her strip of tyrant jerky,
"orcs, the rare goblin, a gnoll camp here an there, moss giants and spriggans. Things are everywhere in here, spriggans are. Then the usual bear, wolf, tiger, drake, forest tyrant, and ravager."
"Yeah. Think a tall rhino with three horns instead of one. They travel in herds of 10 animals and when hungry can devastate an entire forest. Ones that live here are their smaller cousins with square frills around their necks."
Tyler looked back at the trees curiously. She described a triceratops there. Ravager huh? Cool. He looked ahead and blinked as a large gap of light appeared. Wendy smiled.
"Made it. Welcome to Wyvernia rookie!"
The city of Wyvernia was a sight to behold. The entire city was built around and in a set of five massive trees hollowed out for the leader's home, the court, the military leaders' headquarters, and airship ports. Indeed there was a stream of craft docking and undocking on 150 foot wide branches in the upper canopy while walkways had been carved into the trunks with railings to prevent a fall. The trunks of the trees were easily three football fields thick and going off the healthy shine of the leaves in the conapy, was still going strong despite the fact it was housing a city. On the ground was the main residents and facilities of the city with each again built into trees to lend the feeling you were smaller then you really were. the main trees were a deep brown color that gave the area a most homey feel. The only thing that WASN'T built from the trees was the outer wall. That was made from stone the color of the wagon sized leaves that fell from the trees above. The gaurds here were clad in green scalemail type armors while weidling green metaled weaponry. Shields and breasplates were emblazoned with the crest of Wyvernia: A towering tree with a wyvern coiled around it. Tyler whistled at the awe inspiring sight. Wendy chuckled as the train halted for inspection.
"Yup. Had that reaction mky first time in Wyvernia too. They LIVE in a tree."
Tyler just chuckled as he sheathedthe dagger he'd been cleaning.
"People are weird."
The train was processed wagon by wagon until they reached Wendy's. The guard was an elf and he looked at their faces,
"Names and goods?"
Tyler smiled.
"Tyler the Dragon. That's Wendy."
The cowgirl tipped her hat.
"Grain and some tyrant from the trail."
The elf looked at Tyler.
"The Dragon ya say. Yer shield? Been many people claiming that these days."
Tyler lifted his golden scale shield up and hte elf chuckled.
"No faking that. Alright we got the real thing in the city for once. Clear!"
Tyler just laughed as he nudged Wendy.
"Guess I'm popular."
They rolled through the city and Tyler immediately noticed a difference in the street layout as compared to drako. For one? The streets were built onto the roots of the tree! The thing wound and twisted like snakes around other smaller trees that were homes and businesses all the while moving towards the main tree trunk. Most of the ground had eroded around the gargantuan roots but the ever resourceful people of the city merely made them into raised streets for wagons and horses with ramps leading to the ground a good thirty feet below. The street roots all intersected at random points that made no sense like a bridge meeting an intersection was the third prong of a fork while the other end of that same bridge started underground. Tyler knew he'd get lost many, many times before it clicked. The wagon train followed one streetroot to a larger root that had decided to curl in on itself to create a solid platform that had a warehouse district on the top. Warlund came over as Tyler hopped down from wendy's wagon.
"75 gold for a job well done. You ever wanna sign on again, we'll be happy to have ya."
"Thanks Warlund. I'll head to the guild now."
"Aye. it be that one there."
He pointed to a towering tree near the main trunk. Tyler sighed.
"I am sooo going to get lost."
He laughed as Wendy came over.
"Job's done?"
He smiled athis friend.
"Yup. I'm headin out. Take care a yourself Wendy."
They hugged and she tipped her hat at him.
"I got a bench seat for next time. Try not to get crushed by a falling leaf. it be humilating."
He chuckled and headed out. I like them. That was fun. Okay. next gimmick. I'll check in at the guild and see about a room at an inn. GODS I miss Yrisa. He smiled at the thought of his younger sister as he decended a ramp from the horse root to the pedestrian root. I got 150 gold from that job, plus the 45 from the orc raid, plus the 25 gold from the bandits. All told I have 1,418 gold, 205 silver and 110 coppers. Not bad for a week's raiding. He followed the foot traffic whistling as he went. The people in this city were mostly elves with a few barbarians in fur armor and the odd dwarf. Tyler keeping the tall tree that was the guild in sight as he sought to navigate the twisting roots that served as roads in the city. He noticing that the true ground level had fallen to several hundred feet below his current root with the building trees threaded around the roots threatening to strangle them. He walked up a set of stairs cut into the root to come out onto a massive plaza made from the cutdown roots of the tree. The industrious builders had cut large sections of the roots out and used them like wedges between other roots to create a solid floor with holes cut for the other trees to grow through. From his estimate, the floor stretched 2 miles out from the base of the main trunk with enough space for garden tiers, homes, businesses, more tree homes, parks, monuments, a few airship ports, and wagon houses. He looked for the tree that housed the guild and spotted the shield covered thing from a mile off. Guess that's a guild wide gimmick. The warrior walked over dodging other people and elves till he reached it. Instead of a longhouse the adventurer's guild of Wyvernia was built into a tree trunk in a vertical fashion. it had the same fighting pits and sparring rings as Drako's guild hall, but they were below the other floors with magical orbs showing the action at the circular tables around a grand spiral staircase in the center of the trunk leading up and down. the hall was filled with adventurers as usual with the job board taking up half the curved wall on the opposite side of the main door. Tyler smiled as he walked in and spotted the booth of the guild advisor. He walked over and found it to be an elven lady working the thing. she having vivid red hair and lips that were extremely eyecatching even from across the room. Her eyes were ice blue while her skin was a beautiful shade of jade that contrasted well with her hair and eyes. Her breasts were massive and her attire a red tanktop that was cut off just under her breasts to allow flopping. She smirked as the young warrior looked her over as he approached.
"15 gold."
"Ha. You're undercharging."
"Oh I like you. I'm Leafa of the Wyvernia adventurer's guild. Checkin in or joining?"
"Tyler the Dragon of Drako. Checkin in."
"You're not the Dragon!"
He looked over at the voice and a massive barbarian man with thickly corded arms and legs got up in an offended huff. He stood 7 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes set into a craggy face while garbed in fur armor reinforced with blue metal around the torso and waist. He had tyrant bootswith the toe claw of the animal on his own. On his fists were spiked gauntlets Tyler tilted his head at.
"Huh. why didn't I think a that?"
The man walked over with a sneer on his face.
"A wee lad like you? The Dragon? Ha. lies be not appreciated in the hall."
"Yeeeet I got his shield?"
Tyler lifted the golden scale shield and Leafa smiled knowingly as she recognized the emblem. The barbarian snorted.
"That is a fake. A boy isn't the one that killed the king and bedded the Queen. if ya were, ya'd prove it."
"I got ten minutes. whaddya got in mind?"
The man smirked and jabbed a thumb at the fighting pits.
"A bareknuckle brawl. I win, you hand over everything."
"I win?"
"I do the same. No weapons, no armor, no spells."
"Be maazed how often people screw you with those. Guy in Drako took a fight like that with the same stips but his opponnent forgot to include Passives. He lost, and he called cheat. Yeah. Didhn't end well."
The man grimanced at that.
"A fair fighter I see. I can respect that. Your gear will be left with Leafa."
"Ha. I dunno, she seems a thief a sorts."
He winked at her and the pair laughed. The barbarian had a look of amused anger now.
"Stop making me laugh! I have to kick your ass1"
"Ha. Nice one. Okay. Winner is decided by?"
"First fight?"
"Of this type. used to deathmatches."
"Ah. Knockout."
"Yes she is."
"15 gold still."
"Lady, you could be charging so much more. And people would STILL pay it."
She and the other ladies evesdropping laughed as Tyler set his gear with the elf. The barbarian did as well.
"Oh. I'm Rock."
"we'll see if you speak truth. Been many fakes of late."
"Guard at the gate said the same thing. Weird how fast that popped up."
"Odd it be."
The barechested fighteres decended to an empty sandpit inside a steel cage where a guild rep turned the key. Tyler looked around at the thing curiously. it was ten feet tall and 15 feet across with cross bars to prevent an escape. He looked back at Rock and the blonde barbarian clenched his fists with a smirk.
"No hard feelings, just tired a liers."
"I hear that. Agreed."
The warrior didn't take a stance and stayed completely relaxed as the ref snapped a dry twig to start the fight. Rock moved like lightning with a ferocious right haymaker that Tyler sidestepped, grabbed,a dn tugged downwards. The result was Rock flat on his back with a thud and grunt as the air was driven from his body. Tyler was right there with a pinning mount and straight jabs to the forehead before Rock threw him off with his greater strength. He got up nursing his jaw smirking,
"Not bad rookie. fist needs work."
"I prefer steel to bareknuckles."
"That be fair. But this be fun too."
"So true."
This Tyler went onthe offense tossing light jabs to keep Rock mobile while also keeping his guard up. Then the warrior throw a harder jab that the wily brawler ducked under with a show of agility that belied his size. Only for the ever thinking two steps ahead warrior to drop to his back with the lunging man getting launched by his feet intothe steel cage with ding. Tyler was up as Rock recovered quick with a wild haymaker that Tyler deflected with a wrist to deliver a strong open palm strike to the barbarian's chest. The shot stunning him as his lungs again had the air driven from them as Tyler took another stance to deliver a ferocious haymaker of his own that dropped the barbarian to the floor outcold. The ref called the fight in Tyler's favor and he cast his healing spell,
"Healing touch."
to rouse the man. Rock woke and laughed as Tyler helped him up.
"You're the Dragon alright. Ha. T^hat was a fine fight even if I did look stupid. No grudge?"
Tyler smiled.
"Nope. Nice change a pace. Now i get to brag I knocked a brabarian brawler out cold."
"I like the way you think! Welcome to Wyverina!"
Tyler got his gear back from Leafa along with 45 gold for a won fight. The elf smirked as he sheathed his sword.
"why not? 15 gold, right?"
"Come on."
She led him to a side room as the other men laughed and Rock got a cold drink to nurse his head. Leafa was smiling with excitement as he turned the key in the door that the guild Doves worked in. She stripped and he loved how her breasts flopped and how tight her small groin looked. Then he stripped and she gulped.
"Uh-oh. Don't force it, okay?"
He kissed herandshe lqaid down with open legs he fit between to slowly ease into her ridicously tight tunnel.
"Slower. Yes. Like that. Dammit. I'll need a potion after this!"
He smiled as he diocked fully.
She bared her teeth in a feral smile.
"Now come on! i wanna be walking funny after this!"
"Not able to walk. Got it."
And away they went. Him loving the wild elf as she bucked with force he was all too happy to match as she growled and scratched his back to hell. then she was facedown in the bed getting reamed from behind before he fit into her ass. That made her blink as the thrusting started.
"Oh dear. Not allowed to sit either?"
He chuckled into her ear.
"I believe in a most thorough ruining."
She moaned at this as she climaxed yet again. They went for a few hours before she whimpered through her last clmiax.
"Okay. I'm spent."
He chuckled as he fell out of her.
"So am I. You're fun."
She smiled weakly as her ass and slit ached from the wild ride and hefty meal she'd fed them.
"15 gold. I DO have a reputation."
"Underpaid but okay."
He placed the disks on her slit,
"Keep it clean for next time."
"You'll split me in half!"
He laughed as they cleaned up in thye sink. well. He did. She had to have him help since she could barely move! They walked out and the look of blissed out pain on Leafa's face companied with her limp made the other man cheer. Tyler chuckled as he walked back to the booth as she winced when sitting down.
"Damn you. Now it feels weird."
"Ha. So anything special bout this hall?"
She smiled at him.
"not really. The rules are more or less the same. Though in each town of city with a hall it be customary for the adventurer to check in before taking a job to let the guild keep track of who's doing what."
"The nearest inn?"
"There be a good one on the root next door. The man you want to see is Tribok. He owns it."
"Thanks, leafa. Got a mpa of the region?"
"25 silver."
He got the map and took a seat at a table with a magic fight orb and added the thing to his map. It filled in a good amount of the Wyvernia forest around the Great Trunk. Happy he headed to the job board to get a feel for the jobs on hand. Hmm. A forest tyrant, forest flyers, a few tiger hunts, I'll do those later, rogue bear, orc camp, a crawler nest? He looked att he description. Wanted. Clearing of a crawler nest. 10 foot wide spiders. That is all kinds a creepy. reward is....10 gold. Ha. I'll see about some antidotes before I tackle the bugs. He moved along the wall noting more of the former. A moss giant camp? 75 gold too. Cool. Got one for a ravager stray. 35 gold. Makes sense. A drake Wolf? I know that shape. Raptor. I'd need to get soem detection passives before I try a raptor pack. The standard delivery and fetch quests, another merchant escort, eh. Standard stuff. A wraith? Huh. Skeletal white creature with blood red eyes that hunts cattle. reward is 5 gold. I got that tyrant, flyer and other tyrant bone to sell. I'll get set up before I get to work. He headed to the inn for a room as Leafa smiled at him before turning to her fellow Doves to discuss post session details. Tyler walked to the tree that Leafa said was an inn and found it to be a deep red thing with many windows carved out of the outer bark with a large set of double doors on the groudn floor. Tyler walked in and found himself missing Yrisa again as he saw the circular design of the inn. The center of the trunk was the bar/counter with the kitchens behind another set of counters. All the tables were carved to match the curve of the trunk to maximize space and seating. There was a set of stairs leading up the side of one side to the rooms above. A curved fireplace was set against the four cardinal directions of the inn bathing the place in warm light while also keeping it comfortably warm. Hanging from the ceiling were box shaped lanterns with glowing crystals providing most of the warm ambience they used to see. Tyler walked over to the central counter and spotted a tall elven man with coal black skin and red eyes working the counter. He was Tyler's height with a more wiry build and razor tipped ears. His attire was another black and red checkered shirt with overalls and he gave the young adventurer a scathing eye as he sat a the bar.
"This place ain't for kids."
Tyler chuckled.
"Name's Tyler the Dragon. Looking for a room."
The man lifted an eyebrow.
"And WHO will be payin?"
Tyler tilted his head at the odd question and the elf snorted.
"A wee lad like you? with what coin?"
"Is your name Torbok?"
"Nay runt. It's Rayuk."
"Oh. There's my first mistake. Looking for Torbok."
The elf glared at him.
"Oh you think you can go over my head? get out."
Tyler chuckled now at the elf's tone.
"HA. I get it. Kid brother?"
The warrior smiled at the now outraged elf, infuriating him even further.
"Rayuk. enough."
Another elf with the same features as the now rounding elf approached from behind the second counter. he sighed as he took his spot at the bar.
"Sorry bout him. I'm Torbok. I own this place."
"For now."
Tyler smirked at the underthe breath retort of the disgruntled elf as he left. Then the warrior looked at a tired Torbok.
"So you know? That guy's gonna shiv you."
"rayluk? Not even. He's my brother after all."
"He is. Saw that same look in a buddy a mine's mother. She stabbed him to death ina blind rage when he married a girl better looking rthen she was."
Torbok blinked at that.
"What's yer name?"
"Tyler the Dragon."
Tyler lifted it into view and he just gaped.
"The Dragon? In MY inn? Ha."
Then Torbok remembered WHY he was the dragon.
"You think he's planning to kill me?"
"Oh he is. No way in hell he isn't. Not with those eyes."
The elf sighed now and looked to where Rayluk had been lost to sight around the corner.
"Hmm. Well. He tries, he'll have to fight me."
"Not if he uses poison."
That made him rub his forehead tiredly.
"Alright. I have a backup plan for this. Anyway. You need a room?"
"Was planning on it."
"10 silver per night or 80 for the week. one bed?"
"Yup. And I may or may not have a bedmate."
That got a laugh.
"I'd be amazed if ya didn't. In MY inn ya mind your manners or I get me hammer."
Tyler gave him eighty and the elf looked at a book,
"We got a good one on the top level if ya don't mind stairs. Here's the key."
"Thanks, Torbok. Meals?"
"5 silver an up."
Tyler slid the key into his pack strap and looked at the inn keeper,
"Two roots over. Black trunk."
"This is a weird town."
That got a laugh from the other patrons as Tyler headed to the place. He whistled while he walked along the plaza to the black trunked smithy. Rayluk'll try it sooner now. he knows I'm onto him. The warrior crossed two of the floor roots and spotted the black trunk of the smithy eaisly enough. The place being more like a cyclinderical lantern with the number of windows it had. Tyler walked in the curved door and chuckled at the layout. The center trunk was again surrounded by a sales counter with the higher end weapons and armor strapped to the wood itself. Along the curved walls were the other gear for sale with pikes, lances and spears all hanging veritcally since they were too straight to lay horizontally. Swords and other smaller weapons hung both ways with armor on skeletal type mounts. There were cubbies of various small and single pieces of armor set into stacks to keep the aisles nice and neat. The entire store was lower then the front door with a set of stairs leading down. From his vantage point he saw the shopowner was a dwarven lady. She was 3 feet tall and rather slender with vivid blue hair in a neat braid that dropped to her hip. Her skin was smooth and tanned from time in the sun. Her arms were corded as would be expected of an iron hitter while her eyes were jade green. Her bust was large on her frame and for an outfit it was a thick tan apron with a slab of metal over the front. Tyler walked over and she smirked at the
tall human.
"Well. A handsome young adventurer. Be still mah heart. what can i do to you?"
He chuckled ather seductive purr.
"Quite a lot. If ya got the time?"
That made her laugh.
"An a bold one too? A prize an no mistake! This be my rest day for me arms or I'd break ya.""
"Challenge accepted. For tomorrow."
"Ha! What else ya need, lad?"
"You buy tyrant?"
She smirked.
"Did you kill it yourself?"
"Yup. Well. The drake the tyrant killed as i watched, but same thing. I'm Tyler."
"Yonda. Lay it out, Tyler."
Tyler put the bones, teeth, and claws of his offerings on the counter and she nodded.
"Good bone and teeth these. 75 gold for the lot."
"Thanks. General store?"
"Two trunks next door."
"Odd seein a dwarf living in a tree."
She snorted laughing as he pocketed the money.
"Try it from my end!"
"Lest the elves got a proper dwarven beauty to admire up here!"
She shivered at that attack!"
"Get out you silvertongued rogue!"
He walked out chuckling at her mock anger and headed for the general store. A dwarf living in a tree. Ha. What's next? A vampire in a sunhouse? He found the general store easily enough as it had a vivid green wood trunk with the same lantern window style oft he smithy. Tyler walked in and found it to be nearly identical in layout but with the goods one would expect of a general store around the place. pots, clothes, camping equipment, tools, hunting gear outside of bows an arrows, seasonings, and even a few maps were on display in the clusterfuck that was the store. Tyler headed to the counter where a blue skinng lady with fins for ears and vertically slitted eyes was working the counter. she was a beautiful creature with navy blue eyes that sparkled and sapphire blue hair that flowed like ripples of water from her skull. Her skin was royal blue with a set of flaps around her throat indicating gills while a few paler scales were seen around her collarbone. She had blood red lips and he loved that contrast of colors while her bust was massiveand always boncing with each breath she took. Her outfit was a tied up top with the knot around her neck and left a large portion of her skin visible while her pants were mere shorts cut at the lower thigh to show off her musclar legs while barefoot. her hands had slight webing between the fingers of a darker blue and whens he smiled at him her teeth were pointed like a crocodile's.
"Welcome adventurer to my shop. I'm Nera the Sea nymph."
Tyler smiled at her warm, softly gurgling voice. Like she was speaking underwater.
"Nice to meet you, Nera. I'm Tyler. You buy tyrant drake hide?"
She smiled warmly.
"I do. Lay the hides out."
He did and she nodded.
"I can take these for 100 gold. if you wish something made, there be enough here for quite a few things with leftovers."
Tyler tilted his head.
"A tyrant cloak to resist water and a waterproof tarp for my tent, please."
"I see you had no real need."
"Nope. It ain't broke, don't fix it."
"I like that. I can upgrade your pack with the flyer hide to carry more."
"it takes 750 at the moment."
"I can increase it to an even 1200. And add extra pokects along the straps. And I see the gears turning. no you don't have to unpack it."
"Phew. That's a royal pain in the ass. Cost?"
"The total would be 10 gold."
"Thanks, Nera. Timeframe?"
"The pack a few minutes. The cloak and tarp, two hours."
He passed the pack over and she used her own crafting skills to make the upgrade to the enchantment as Tyler looked through her skill box. Hmm. I'd like a few outright detection skills this time around. I AM in a forest. Oh here we go. Awareness. A passive skill. Allows for the vision to pules a set color when a hostile gaze is upon the owner. Pulses in the direction of the hostile force and when looking at it highlights it in the set color that is able to be changed at will. 15 gold? Worth it. now for details. Inspect? Hmm. Passive again. Look at a target to highlight it and see it's traits and weaknesses if it is not resistant. Pairs very well with Awareness. 30 gold? DAMN. Worth it again. I think that's all I need at the moment. He took the two cards and Nera smiled as he put them on the counter.
"Wise. And your pack's ready."
It was the same in appearnece but now a deep blue color he loved. He paid the 45 gold total and smiled as he sett he color for the Awareness to be a neon blue that would completely contrast with the green and brown backgrounds of the forest. Happy he headed to the guild as Nera got to work on the cloak and tarp. The warrior whistling as he walked in and leered at Leafa making her shiver. He went to the board and was looking at a bill for a forest tyrant. Hmm. An allosaurus, or a raptor pack? or both? Decisions, decisions. Hello? A ravager. A nice change of pace. Reward for this one is 45 gold. Eh. he took it and headed to Leafa's booth. She smirked as he slid it onto the counter.
"Don't get killed."
"Don't work it too hard."
she laughed and stamped the thing. Tyler walked out whistling and looked at his map seeking the last seen. He smirked as he saw it was maybe two hours outside the western gate. If I don't get lost in this clusterfuck of a city, shouldn't take too long. He walked off whistling eager to get on the hunt. Tyler found the pedestrain's root to the west gate without issues and found the way it curled around a wagon root was kinda cool since the thing had been carved with the walkways always upright in even the most intense loops and curls. be kinda cool to roll a marble down the things. Bet people do it all the time. The rootway was loaded with people of various races and ethnicities all headed in both directions and a few streetkids were running around the taller people hunting for marks. Tyler smirked as he blocked one kid's pickpocket attempt with a well placed poke and heard his disappointed grumble. Tyler then in the same motion flipped him a gold. That stopped the streeturchins in their tracks at the play and Tyler vanished into the crowd as the kids all gawked at the gold. The west gate was found and Tyler joined the screening line headed out.
The warrior walked up and the dwarven guard scowled at him.
"Reason for leaving the city?"
"Hunting a ravager."
"Ha. Ya got spirit. Go on."
"real quick, the gates close at night?"
"nay lad. Just more irritated guards."
The warrior headed out as the dwarf barked at the next guy. Now outside the city in the thick ofthe forest tyler moved like a ghost; avoiding twigs, piles of leaves wherever possible, keeping to the shadows, and on alert. In this forest, if it gets quiet, I'm fucked. The cautious warrior also paid attention to the singing of the birds on the branches of the behmoth trees around him. If the singing stopped, a predator was hunting. Tyler moved fast to the last known spot of the ravager and found a large tunnel plowed through the underbrush by the beast. With a flick his lance was ready to go as he inspected the dinner plate sized tracks left behind by his prey. Tyler smirked. Best guess is it's a torosaurus. Not sure yet as trics weren't my particular study. He set off after the tracks at a healthy pace along the large trail left by the animal. The sounds of the beast reached him before he saw it and he slowed at the large amount of crashing branches and shattering wood that followed the beast. Plus the sounds of deep, heavy breathing reached his ears as he approached. His vision hadn't pulsed yet so he moved a bit more confidently around a tree trunk that hid the thing from sight. Tyler smiled widely as he saw the beast with his own eyes. it was 35 feet long and stood fifteen feet tall at the backstraps. It had a massive head with a long heart shaped shield around it's neck and three 3 foot slightly curving horns on it's face just atop it's bird's beak. The thing stomped along on four legs a foot across with a thick scaled hide protecting it's flesh underneath. the thign was munching on some ferns as Tyler looked at it side on without it knowing he was there. The warrior smiled as he hefted the lance. This is gonna either be easy, or a fucking slog. He rushed the thing now and stabbed it in the shoulder just behind the bone and sent the lance in deep as it rumbled like a massive tuba in pain and shock. Tyler felt the thing hit something pulsating and he blinked as the beast dropped to the ground with a earthshaking thud dead as a doornail.
"wow. That was not supposed to work. Whatever."
He tore the lance free and got to skinning the bastard. He whistled while dismantling the body of the beast; taking the horns, hide, beak, most of the shield as he could, much of the actual meat, and a good number of the bones before his pack was filled. Satisfied with the amount he got he headed back to the city with a spring in his step. I'm getting pretty good at this shit. the warrior made great time back to the city and headed to see Leafa before he sold anything. the elf laughed as he walked up.
"I see ya had success! 45 gold."
He got paid and headed to see Torbok at the inn about some meat. He found thwe dark skinned elf at the bar and he chuckled heartedly as Tyler approached.
"Lookin to unwind?"
"you buy ravager meat?"
His red eyes lit up with a twinkle at this.
"Aye lad, i do. pay based on cut an quality."
Tyler laid the meat out and he nodded.
"Knife needs work, but over all not bad. 50 gold."
"Thanks Torbuk. I hunt a lot, so fair warning."
"HA. Good on ya."
The warrior next headed to see Yonda at the smithy. he walked in to find her looking a design for a sword over and she laughed at his return.
"Need it that bad?"
"Got ravager this time."
She blinked.
"A worker? A true prize an no mistake."
Tyler unloaded the goods, keeping a horn for Yrisa, and Yonda nodded.
"decent work for a rookie. 55 gold."
"Thanks, Yonda. I like hunting these types a creatures."
"I'll expect ya!"
He walked out and noted the sky was getting dark so decided to call it. The warrior returned to the inn and got a table by a window looking out over a lower part of the city as his waitor took his order.
"We have a wonderful Tyrant burger, Sir."
Tyler smiled.
"Thanks. An a mug of ale."
The elf smiled now.
"I'm 15 gold if yer lonely,"
"Appreciated, but men hold no interest."
"Ah. An offer. I'll be back."
he left and Tyler looked out the window with a BOOM going off behind his head. well. That's a first. An I can here Lyris laughing at me now. Gods i miss them. He looked atthe icons in his vision and saw the one for rank glowing.
His guild profile appeared as a screen before him and he smiled while looking at it. Tyler the Dragon. Rookie. Kills: 3 Pure Tyrants, 1 Forest tyrant, 1 goblin den, 40 orcish raiders, 1 draugr, 1 flying drake, 30 bandit raiders, 1 challenger. 1 victory in a bout of honor. 1 sucessfully escorted merchant caravan under Warlund Roamer. Rank: Direwolf. Tyler is a most intense rookie in the guild. Witty, wily to a terrifyin extreme, kindhearted to a fault at times, charming and fearless thus far. His strengths are he thinks in a fight. Often thinking three to four steps ahead of any encounter. In the hall he is a charmingly witty bastard to all. Particularly to any guild Dove that catches his eye. They all report fun, respect for their wishes and likes, and a most surprising girth. His weaknesses are few as well since not a soul has found one to undo him with as of yet. He may be outmatched, but his mind will compensate the difference to a certain victory. On a job he is efficent, ever on alert and has yet to fail a bill taken. His shadow is every bit as intense as his light. He has a code and will not cross it period. Recommendation: High. Tyler chuckled as he closed the screen when the waitor brought his order over.
"Thanks. hey question."
Teh elf smiled.
"How can i help?"
"If I wanted to send something to someone in Drako, who do i talk to?"
"Ah. You want the courier tree by the guild. red bark."
"Ah. Thanks."
The elf left and Tyler dug into his meal. The tyrant buger was juicy and reminded him of a highre grade cow dipped in bacon grease as it had bacon from a pig topping it. The hungry warrior devoured it in seconds before looking his coin over. Alright. Now I got 1,589 gold, 125, silver, 110 copper. I'll huh? His vision pulsed a neon blue to his right and when he looked Rayluk was highlighted by the skill. Tyler smirked at the bitter elf and he glared more angrily. Try it, BITCH! The warrior finished his ale and headed to the room. He finding that the staircase wrapped around the outer portion of the trunk with the rooms seperated by a door that opened to a hall with rooms on either side. The warrior's room was on the top level on the far right side. He walked in and locked the door behind him before taking stock of his new home for the week. It being shaped like a wedge with the bed against the far right corner and a bathroom on the left. The thing actually had a bath which made him chuckle. I see he gave me a higher priced room as a thanks for the heads up. Or cause it's ME. The warrior walked over to the bed where he set his pack beside it and looked out the window at this most bizarre city. The window offering a beautiful view of the city to the south. The various treehouses all lit up with lights as other stories were told within those walls that no one would ever read of in a book. Tyler sighed as he looked at it. I miss that little scamp. And lyris. And Vulpine. Damn. Clingy much? Once upon a time I didn't give two shits bout anyone but me. Now I'm missing a hug from that warmhearted elf and her sexy mother. and my Queen. eh. I'll bother them again soon enough. He cleaned up in the bath whistling as he did so before laying in the bed as he relaxed. With a smile he pulled the crystal Lyris, Vulpine and Scarlett had made and set it to play. The thing was from Scarlett's viewpoint because of course it was and started with the sexy maid undressing her queen giggfling.
"I can't wait!"
The red head was quick to latch onto Vulpine's massive breast as the door opened,
"Sorry! Had to get a spell."
Lyris appeared and the two ladies tackled Vulpine into her bed as the attack was underway with the sexy queen loving every second of it. The crystal lasted a few hours and ended with te girls all smiling,
"We miss you!"
"We'll be here when you come back."
"I love you!"
Tyler smiled fondly as he put it away. Gods they're awesome. He settled down and closedhis eyes after casting his guardian spell. If yer gonna come for me, by all means, try. The warrior was asleep for maybe a few hours before his Guardian spell flared with the scream and he smirked as he faked sleep now. as expected. the door to his room opened with a soft click and Tyler watched from slitted eyes as Rayluk stalked into the room after shutting the door and relocking it. the disgruntled elf was heard muttering sas he approached.
"ruin my plan you worthless bastard, I'll make you pay. I own this inn. My father left it to me. Meddling little human."
Tyler was smirking interally at his self-righteous rambling. Amatuer. Rayluk lifted a dripping needle like knife and grinned with madness.
"Die Dragon."
He stabbed the needle at the proned man,
"Wow. You suck."
Only to scream in terrified shock as Tyler's eyes snapped open and grabbed his hand with lightning speed. Rayluk was caught ion the Warrior's vicelike grip as the inn exploded into wakefulness and Torbuk unlocked the door with a slam,
"Caught yer snake. Guy tried to shiv me with a poisoned needle."
The teenager passed the thing over as Rayluk was so white in the face with despair it showed on his coal black face. Torbok passed the tainted needle to an elven guard and he nodded.
"I know this venom. Crawler extract. Woulda imitated a bite from a black widow. Dragon, you caught him in the act?"
"Your honor is beyond question at this time. We'll take him from here."
Tyler tossed the disgraced elf to the guard chuckling.
"Like I said. You suck."
Rayluk was dragged ranting from the inn and Torbok sighed deeply. The warrior was remaking his bed as they talked.
"So. Solved your problem."
"Ya did at that. Apologies."
"Ha. No biggee. Amount a shit I've done in Drako? Amazed more people don't try to shiv me."
"Well. I'd offer ya a free room, but ya already paid."
"Tomorrow's meal free?"
The elf left and Tyler resecured the room. Then laid back down with a chuckle. Amateur. Not the first time I been attacked in me sleep, and it won't be the last.

DAY 11.
GOLD: 1,589 SILVER: 125. COPPER: 110.

Tyler woke to the sound of a kestrel hawk outside his window and smiled. First time I've woekn up alone in bed in over a week! An it feels weird now. odd. With a groan he sat up and looked out the window to see the city was already bustling in the early mornign daylight. I think I'll go kill something different today. Not sure. The warrior cleaned up in the bathroom before gearing up and heading to the tavern for breakfast. He fed on eggs, bacon and coffee before heading to the guild for his next set of hunts. Leafa was in her booth and she smiled when he walked in.
"Morning Tyler."
"Morning Leafa. Your ass forgive you yet?"
She smirked.
"Barely you bastard. Next time it be 10 gold."
"Ha. Noted. an how much for the night?"
"It'd kill me! 30."
"I'll keep that in mind."
He left her chuckling to look at the job board. Hmm. I wanna kill somethin new. Tyrants, ravagers, oh yeah my cloak. he chuckled and headed to see Nera bout his cloak and Tarp. The sea nymph lauhed as he walked in.
"get too wrapped up?"
"Amazingly yes."
She smirked as he leered.
"Not for4 sale."
"fair enough. You're priceless anyway."
"Oooh. You're good. I'm married and in Sea nymph culture we swear to forgo all others."
"Ah. well. MY loss."
"oh you have NO idea."
He laughed at her justified smugness and loaded his ocean blue cloak into his back with the 20 foot tyrant tarp. He left and returned to the guild as Leafa smirked.
"Forgit somethin?"
He chuckled.
"Yeah. had Nera make a cloak an tarp for me but forgot to pick it up."
"Nera eh? Shame she's married."
"A cryin shame. But lucky whoever it is."
"Oh yeah. Her wife is gorgerus too."
"I love that image."
"Me too."
They laughed and he went back to the board. Okay let's try this again. Hmm. Oh hello. A forest toad? the hell? He looked at the image and tilted his head at the giant toad with horns.
"That's a new one."
"Got a question rookie?"
He looked over to see Rock drinking a mug of ale.
"Oh, mornin Rock. what the hell is a forest toad?"
"15 foot tall toad with 8 foot long horns."
"Huh. And to kill it?"
"Stab it in the large sack under the chin."
"What's it worth?"
"well. The slime's worth a lot when sold to an apothecary as it makes a cream for women to make the skin softer and the bust harder. if they apply it to the snatch it repairs damage and strengthens it. the meat's decent and the horns are good ivory."
"Huh. I got an idea."
Leafa snorted.
"It wouldn't help that problem."
"Noted. But I bet my wife would love it."
rock snorted laughing at that one.
"Oh right. You married the Queen. Lucky bastard. How is she?"
Tyler took the bill and Leafa stamped it laughing.
"Go to it kid."
The now eager warrior headed out for the hunt. Vulpine is going to LAUGH when she gets it. I'll also send Yrisa some as well. make her pretty. He stopped at Nera's shop for a few shatter proof jars for 60 coppers and headed out to kill a frog. The warrior headed out the nort gate this time whistling as he passed through it. The forest on this side was the same as the west with a morning breeze rustling the leaves above his head in a pleasing manner. The frog was said to had been seen a few hours from town and he smiled as an idea popped into his head. I'll see about something fluffy for Yrisa to cuddle. maybe a tiger or rabbit. I'mma have some fun with this. His plan in mind the warrior refocused on the job at hand as he moved through the trees. He came to a matted down sectiopn of underbrush and smiled as the frog hopped into view with a thud. The thing was indeed fifteen feet tall and a good 10 long. the horns on it's head were an intimidating 9 feet long and maybe a foot thick at the thickest. Tyler unfolded his lance with a flick and the thing ribbeted at him with force before flinging it's sticky tongue at him. tyler dodged the lightning quick attack and ran the taod through the middle with the lance. it died with a croak and he got to work harvesting the slime and everything else of use. The thing was stripped to the bone and Tyler was headed back to the city. He whistled while he walked through the gate a few hours later and got his paymentof 3 gold from a laughing Leafa.
"The apothecary is the purple trunk by the smithy."
"Thanks, leafa."
He headed to the shop in question and found it easily enough as it was indeed a deep violet. he walked in and chuckled at the interior. growing plants, inside a plant. Wy not? the thing was again built with a circle design that had the counter in the middle with the taller plantlife around the rim of the store and curved aisles of various plants, mushrooms, and other ingredients in sealed containers. Tyler went to the counter where a most curious lady worked. she was rtall like he was with beautiful green eyes and soft looking fur around her face of a deep green striped with shades of black. The fur covered her lovely body and atop her head sat a tall pair of flickering fox ears that he REALLLLY wanted to pet. her frame was lithe and slender with a massive cleavage barely contained inside a green gown that seemed about to burst from the orbs it hid. She had a human face with a cute pair of whiskers on her cheeks while her hands were padded like a fox. He smiled as he approached the animalistic beauty.
"Hi. You work toad slime?"
She chuckled and it sounded like a fox's yip.
"I do adventurer. An i see your curiosity. I am called Vulpix. of the Vulpis race."
"Wow. Another hot fox. I'm Tyler."
She smiled warmly and a long, shining fox tail appeared behind her flickering excitedly. The shining fur was also a deep green with a jet black tip.
"The Queen's husband? How fortunate. So, the slime. What is it you're after?"
"That skin, breast and slit cream I heard comes from it."
He set the jars out and hse nodded.
"I can make 3 jars of each type with this much. The cost would be 25 gold and two hours."
"Thanks, Vulpix."
She smirked.
"an if your curiosity runs....deeper...15 gold."
"Oh I am not passing that up."
She laughed as he slid her the gold before leading him a side room in the trunk where she stripped. Her arms, shoulders, legs, sides, and feet were furred with the lovely green fuzz he kinda liked while her breasts, hands, belly, lips, slit, ass, thighs and hips were all darker skin like a fox's footpads. her long tail was waving excitedly behind her as he stripped and she blinked.
"I see why she loves it."
He smiled as they laid on the bed and she wrapped her fox tail around him.
"Don't be worried, I'm quite stretchy."
"I love foxes."
That made her smile as he slid into her at a steady pace.
"Ooooh myyyyy GODS. Not fair, lady. Just not fair."
She laughed and kissed him as they thrusting started.
"we're sought after for a reason."
"Foxes. it's always the foxes that are the most fun. And best looking."
They played hard for a few hours. Him loving her soft fur and new feels while petting her like a cat, making her shiver every time he did. she enjoying the firmly gentle rde while enduring multiple climaxes till they were spent. The warrior making out with the sexy furred lady as they recovered. Vulpix smiled.
"I would do that again for free."
"Ha. You undercharge."
"I know. I like sex too."
"Ah. You're priceless."
She smiled and he rested his head in her ridicolously firm rack while stroking her fur.
"If you wish a night's cuddle, it be free."
"Oh now that sounds comfy as HELL. I'm up at Torbok's inn."
"I know it. room?"
"68 F."
"I know that one too. You'll collect me?"
"Yup. Less chance of a mixup that way. And don't worry. I'll buy dinner."
"Oh a real man. Careful. I might end up gifting you my tail!"
"And that would mean?"
She smirked.
"We got married too."
"Ummm. Vulpine didn't say anything about that. Not opposed to the idea, just gotta run it by me wife first."
"HA. Okay. You do that. I'll be waiting since I want to now."
"Yikes. I forgot to ask that before I left."
She laughed as his gulp.
"I'll get your order ready in half an hour."
"Thanks. I'll go see about a bill for my littole sister. Something fluffy."
They cleaned up and got dressed before he headed to see Torbok to sell the toad meat. Oooh fuck. I forgot to ask Vulpine about that possibility. I know she said only rule was no offspring, but another wife seems a bridge too far. He sold the meat to a laughign Torbok for 1 gold and returned to the guild to look at the board. He walked along whistling when rock laughed behind him,
"HA. Ya had Vulpix too?"
He looked over curiously,
"Yeah. how'd you find out so fast?"
"Lad. Your eyes are green. sex with a vulpis turns the thing they liked most about you green. Guess she liked your eyes."
Tyler pulled his dagger and looked at the reflective blade curiously. Sure enough, his eyes were a beautiful shade of forest green that made him pull his pants out to check,
"Huh. That's gree3n too. I feel better."|
The men lost it at his relief before he looked back at the board. He then looked at Rock.
"Hey I'm looking ofr something fluffy for me little sister. I should be lookin for?"
That got a chuckle as Rock jabbed a thumb at a bill.
"You're after a Forest Ghost. Monster of a tiger with incredibly soft and fluffy fur."
"Thanks Rock."
Tyler took the bill and Leafa smirked.
"She's a lucky lad. What's her name?"
"Yrisa. She's a-"
"Yrisa? Lyris' girl?"
He blinked at her shock.
"Yeah. You know her?"
The green skinned elf pulled an axe from her desk as she glared at him.
"What of Yorlod?"
"Oh. You haven't heard. Okay."
He retold the tale of how he met Lyris and Yrisa and when he was finished Leafa had tears in her eyes as she heard of Yorlod's fate.
"Yory's dead?"
Tyler nodded.
"He was killed before I got there. You knew him?"
"He was my brother. Half brother as our father was a pure human. he gotthe more human appearnce. Those poor girls. Lyis picked you for her One?"
"She did. And is loving life at Brock's inn. Since I married the queen, they got brought is as well."
That made her smile.
"Princess Yrisa. It fits."
"Oi. It's Princess Sparkles to us mere mortals!"
"Sparkles? THAT'S what you call her? I am so pissed I didn't think a that myself!"
He chuckled as she put her axe away and stamped the bill.
"Oh completely overdoing it. You okay?"
Leafa nodded as an elf she worked with hugged her.
"I will be. Thank you for telling me. I must go. I'll pray to Torsin at his temple for my brother. See if he has anything for me."
She left and Tyler sighed as he headed for the east gate. Well. That sucked. The down warrior headed out on his hunt after a tiger to make Yrisa a toy. The thought made him smile and lifted his spirits. The warrior smiled at the thought of his little sister. I'll make her day. He reached the last known spot of the beast and got to work trying to bait the thing by limping through the forest making lots of noise and groaning in mock pain from a deadleg. This'll either bait that tiger in, or something else. we'll see. he was using his lance to move through the trees at a slow gait when his vision pulsed to his left. He looked and saw the outline of a massive tiger stalking towards him in the brush. That thing is 30 feet long! HOLY HELL. He smiled as he got ready to meet the beast and it pounced! it was indeed a thirty foot long tiger with extremely thick orange and black fur and glowing yellow eyes. Tyler smiled as he sidestepped the pounce and stabbed it in the side of ther neck just behind the skull. it dropped with a thud and he had the knife out using everything he had to make the cuts clean for his little sister. I'll see if Nera can make a really cuddly tiger teddy for her. He had the pelt, teeth, claws, most of the meat and bone off in a mere fifteen minutes and was on his way back to the city. The pelt weighing in at a whopping 150 pounds alone! I'll get another one for me. A bedroll made from this thing would be HEAVENLY! He made great time back to the city and got the 25 gold from the elf working in Leafa's place as she went to a temple. She had flame red hair and tan skin with a large bust. her eyes were a lovely shade of pink and her outfit was a cutdown tunic and shorts while barefoot. She smiled.
"I'm Ruby. An it's 10 gold."
"Noted, Ruby."
She licked her lips as he walked away, I love this world. The warrior headed to see nera thye sea nymph then. She was talking with a lady with pink hair as he walked in. The nymph gave the other woman a warm kiss before she left. Tyler noting an extra sway in her hips as she sauntered out the door. He chuckled as Nera smirked.
"She';s my wife."
"Lucky the both a you. Okay I got a good one."
He set the tiger pelt on the counter.
"My little sister likes to cuddle. Think you can make a tiger for her?"
Nera smiled warmly.
"How big is she?"
"Bout yaya tall. and a forest elf."
"Yup. her name's Yrisa."
"Lyris' girl?"
"Wow. everyone knows her. here."
Again he retold the tale and Nera sighed asshe heard it.
"Poor Yorlod. we know her as she's from Wyvernia. And Lyris was a town gem for close to three hundred years. Brock was a highly respected captain in the guard for close to a thousand."
"Everyone loves yrisa."
"They do. And her favorite animal IS the tiger. I know just what to make her."
"Thanks, Nera. How much?"
"1 gold and an hour."
"Thanks. I'll go get their OTHER gifts."
"Oh wow. Spoiling?"
She smiled.
"There will be a large amount of leftover pelt."
"Make her a fur coat."
"Oh my gods. She'll lose it! 5 gold."
He paid and she smiled.
"That won't even use half the pelt."
"Make a higher end one for Lyris."
"She DID choose you as her One. Your wife?"
"Same. need her measurements?"
"It'd help."
Tyler worte the measurements he'd memorized of his wife the queen and she nodded.
"That'll take the rest of the pelt. 75 gold."
He paid upfront and headed to see Vulpix,
"It'll take an hour."
The smiling warrior walked into the vulpis' shp and she smiled.
"They're ready."
"Thanks, Vulpix."
He gave her the 10 gold and headed to the tavern to write the letters to the three ladies. He used his room and had some paper from Nera to work with. he started with Vulpine.

Vulpine. I miss you. a lot. but I'm working hard out here. People shit themselves when I say my name most times. Rest go bone white. Hm. I saw that crystal you all made. I love you so much. The trip from drako was fun. Killed another tyrant and wiped out a bandit camp. Had some fun with the leader's daughter, wendy. I like her, she's tough. Get this, I got to see a tyrant kill a forest tyrant! that thing had no idea what the hell happened. Get this. A territory bellow goes up day two of the trip and this big guy comes SPRINTING by the train in it's direction. The Pure tyrant was not having it. Well. the forest pokes it's head overthe top of a hill and I think it shit itself when it realized what it pissed off. One bite later it was dead. Don't worry. I killed the victor and got the pelts off both of em. Speaking of pelts, I hope you like the coat. And creams. I'll be in Wyvernia for a few days so no long this'll take to get to you but ya know. I miss you. Hug Emily for me and remind Verilia she's still on my shitlist. I've been showing the ladies what their Queen gets to look forward to every day. Met an elf named Leafa. Ha. She couldn't walk. Same with a vulpis named Vulpix. Now she wants to swear her tail to me. Guess it's their marriage rite? I'll leave that one with you. I haven't made a choice for her yet, felt it best to ask ya. Oh. And to remind you I love you. and the spoil. Can't forget the spoil. Anyway. All I got. Love you most. Your Dragon King, Tyler.
The warrior smiled as he next took up the one for Lyris.

Lyris. Gods I miss you. Not the same at the inns without my second favorite elf. Yrisa's my favorite. Sorry. Thems the brakes. I hope you're doing okay with the leerers and that too-cute-for-her-own-good scamp. I love you. An I hope you like the creams and coat. The breast and slit cream Yrisa'll get can be shared if you want her to grow first. Felt it wouldn't be fair if you all got something and she got left out. And I BETTER get a photo of her with that skin cream! The trip was fun and so are the other girls that I nearly cripple. Still aren't you though. I miss you a lot. Same with Yrisa. You should know, butta, you're really popular. Can't say your name in a town four days out without someone saying,l "brock's girl?" Ha. They know a quality elven beauty an no mistake! Imet one elf named LEafa. had her too. Guess she's Yorlod's sister. Adoptive but ya know. she's nice. I like her. Hug Yrisa hard or me, kay? I'll blow through sooner or later. Oh. An I LOVED that crystal. Should make more, they love ya! Your One. Tyler the Dragon.

He set that one aside and took the one that made him smile the widest,
"Hey! Sparkles! I been workin hard killin all kinds a things. I miss you so much. Just not the same at the inn without my favorite elf running around. I hope you're workin hard too. I hope you like the coat and creams. You'll look beautiful with them. Plus the teeth, horns and claws will look great in your collection. Oh. And enjoy the tiger. That thing was HUGE! Biiig kitty. If you want a specific claw or tooth let me know, as I'll be in Wyvernia for a week or so. So shouldn't be hard to send it. I hope you're listening to Lyris and Brock while I'm gone. I'll have a bunch of stories to tell when i get back. Wyrvenia's a WEIRD town. They built everything into the trees! I miss you a lot, Yrisa. So work hard, okay? Oh. Hug emily an tell her I sent it. I'll be back sooner or later, so work that cute hard, okay little sis? I love you. Your big brother, Tyler.

He sighed as he sealed them in seperate envelopes.
"Gods I miss them. Ah well. I'll see em soon enough."
Happy with the letters he headed to see Nera for the last pieces. He found the sea nymph smiling at her counter as he walked in.
"They're ready. Yrisa will look adorable!"
He smiled at the vertically stripped fur coat in Yrisa' size. Lyris' coat was a full length affair that would drop to her feet and feel luxuriously soft while adding a hint of allure to her already beautiful frame. Vulpine's was the same but with added flare around her chest to make her marvelous rack more eyecatching. Plus the orance and black would clash beautifully with her silver hair. The next wasthe tiger plushie for Yrisa. it being posable while made from the ridicolously soft tiger fur. it was 4 feet long with a 3 foot tail and would hug her tightly at night. He smiled happily as he saw them.
"Thanks, Nera. The couriers are where?"
"That red trunk by the guild."
He headed there now. The warrior whistling happily as he found the place. He walked in and found it to be built like a banck with bars around the people behind the single barstyle counter with various tellers around the ten booths. Tyler walked up to an empty one with a tall woman behind it. She smiled.
"welcome to the Wyvernia Courier branch. Sending or recievin?""
"Sending. Three people."
"Ah. Names?"
"Queen Vulpine, Lyris and Yrisa."
She blinked.
"Ummm. YOUR name?"
"Tyler the Dragon."
"Oh my. I see. Your shield/"
He presented it and she traced a glowing hand across the boss.
"Confirmed. My apologies, Dragon King. A number of fake shields have appeared of late."
"I keep hearing this tale. I'll look into it later. You know the ones i want to send to?"
"Every courier service does. The queen made anything you send to them a royal priority. So, they'll have everything by the end of the day. At the LATEST."
"Wow. ha. Okay. Soo, how's it work?"
She smiled.
"Lay the items for each person in each of the bins."
She put three magical bins in sight and Tyler loaded the items into it. She smiled as she saw them.
"You're sweet. The cost will be 2 gold coins, please. And they will leave this hour."
"Thanks, miss."
She nodded and he walked out to handle his next gimmick. Tyler headed to the guild for his own tiger kill and walked in to see a lanky guy bragging to the other adventurers.
"See this? A golden shield with a dragon on it. I'm the Dragon! i'm married to the queen! You, over here an on your knees!"
Tyler walked up to the idiot nad tapped him on the shoulder.
"who DARES touch the dragon?"
The warrior snorted as the guy rounded on him in a fury.
"Get off my throne."
"Make me."
"Okay. I challenge you to a guild duel. A DEATHMATCH."
The guy was as tall as tyler was with sand colored hair and hazel eyes. his frame was slender with no real muscle mass whereas tyler's body was starting to adapt to his harsh new lifestyle. The imposter was clad in a leather vest that left the chest and stomach open and a pair of baggy pants. He snorted.
"You DARE call out the Dragon? fine. I accept. rules?"
"Sword and shield only. No spells, no armor, no skills beyond passive. In the cage."
"No doubts. i like it. And a deathmatch."
They walked into the cage after removing all other gear and took spots as Ruby locked the door smirking. The imposter pulled his shortsword and golden round shield off his back smirking smuggly.
"My shield's gilted steel. The Dragon shield. What's yours?"
Tyler smirked as he pulled his golden dragon scale kiteshield off his back and hefted it.
"Golden dragon scale. Same as my sword."
The guy gasped as the unmistakable gleam of the TRUE Dragon's shield was seen.
"No. Not you. I'm The Dragon! Not you!"
Tyler chuckled as he took his stance.
"Had you just been a mere fan, I'da been fine with it. But having your way with all in sight like that? Heh. NO. Now you answer to the TRUE DRAGON KING."
Ruby broke her stick and the fight was on as Tyler lunged with his sword and shield. the guy tried to cower behind his own flase shield only for Tyler's superior sword to punch striaght through it and impale him through the chest. The imposter died with a scream and Tyler tore the sword free with a screech of metal. then he lifted the dripping blade high.
"Right. Let me make this clear. There is only ONE Dragon King in this queendom, and you're looking at em. if you wanna copy my gear an getup that is fine. I like the fandom. BUT."
His eyes went ice cold, and a cold breeze chilled the others in the hall as he spoke.
"If you use my name to try and take advantage of the people in my WIFE'S REALM, then you will answer to me. And I don't do mercy. ya been warned."
The warning given Tyler got to looting is dead imposter. Onoly to come up with the gilted shield, a mere steel sword, 5 gold, and a stamina potion. he sighed as he got the 15 gold from Ruby for a victory.
"Idiot. Thought just brandishing my name and my shield would make him money and get him laid. Eh. I'll go see Yonda."
The mess was cleaned up as Tyler headed to see the swarven beauty in her shop. He found her in her usual spot looking at a fresh shield and smiled as he came over.
"I was wondering if you'd come. The price is 35 gold for a full spending."
He paid and the shorter lady led the way to a hidden room in the trunk. They stripped and she licked her lips at the sight of his sword.
"Oh I like it already."
She laid on the bed and smirked as he presed it against her,
"I'm a good deal sturdier an most. Go on."
he slid into her nad she bucked to meet him. She was incredibly warm and fresh as the warrior rode his first dwarf and loved it immensely as her strength and stamina made for a hearty ride that left rthem both breathless in recovery. Yonda smiled as he kissed her.
"Next time be free. Most fun I've had in many a time."
"Happy to ruin you, Yonda."
"Bastard. I have to walk!"
"Not really."
"Damn you. So. Worth the gold?"
"I underpaid."
"Good mindset."
She smiled again as he kissed her large breast.
"I'm full. So let's clean up."
They used a nearby sink to clean up before heading back to the counter where he laid the sowrd and shield on it. She nodded.
"I been seeing these of late. Some be wanting to be like oyu, others use it for gain."
"Know who's making em?"
"No one in this town. I know that much. Hammerwork isn't familar and I know every smith in this city. Don't make that joke."
"Not a good idea to piss of a dwarf in her forge."
"HA. I love that one. Going off hammerwork alone, you're looking for a human. This is low quality gilted steel and steel in general so the materials won't narrow it down for you. if I see any of those idiots out there throwing your name around in a bad way, I'll tell them a Dragon is looking to call them out at the guild."
"Thanks, Yonda. These worth selling?"
"As mere repurpose. 1 gold."
"Thanks. I don't mind fans, but when they start pushing people around is I get involved."
She nodded smiling and head headed back to the guild. Leafa was back in the booth and he was rightthere to hug her.
"You okay?"
She smiled warmly.
"Yes. I got a message from Yorlod. He said you're a better man then he ever could hope to be. And that he is so grateful you found his girls. He also called you an idiot."
The green skinned elf hugged him again.
"And for you, no charge."
"Happy to hold you."
He smiled at that then headed to the board.
"Okay. A tiger for myself."
That got a snort from a few adventurers as he looked for a Forest Ghost. The warrior walked along the large wall whistling when he spotted one bill. Hm? A Father of the Forest? A bear? He looked aroundand didn't see Rock in the hall and so looked at a grizzled older man at a table.
"A father oft he Forest, that a bear?"
He chuckled.
"aye laddee. A monster of a bear too. 25 feet att he shoulder and when he stands tall he rears to no less then 30. Not something a single hunter can handle. Need at least five for such a creature."
Tyler looked at the reward.
"250 gold? Damn. Thing is mean. Then again, it IS just a giant bear. Fuck it."
He took it and the man chuckled.
"Testin your limits?"
"Yup. Grew up in bear country. Mind be useful."
The man chuckled as Tyler walked over to Leafa. He slid the thing over and she blinked.
"The Father of the Forest? Are yopu sure, Tyler? He's killed the last fifteen parties that have gone after him."
He smiled.
"I am, Leafa. I grew up in bear country. That's all it is, right? Just a giant bear?"
She sighed.
"More or less. Well. if anyone could. Just don't get killed, okay? Don't do that to yrisa."
His eyes hardened.
"It'll take a helluva lot more then an overgrown teddybear to bring me down."
she nodded at his flipping of the switch and stamped it.
"That thing killed a friend of mine. So I'd like to see it's head on a stick."
"I can do that."
He walked out and Leafa smiled.
"Now THAT'S a man!"
The warrior looked att he bill now. A monster bear. 30 feet tall on it's hindlegs. Hm. My lance trick won't work on it......paralyze? Use a reflection from my shield to blind it and BOOM. Hm. Okay. it's out the eastern gate by an hour. he headed along the rootroads to the eastern gate whistling. I am SOOO happy my pack is empty. and upgraded. That pelt alone is going to weigh a shit ton. Bear meat's good though. So bonus. the teenage warrior whistled ashe walked through the forest hunting the massive animal. He walked an hour from the gate and cut the trail of massive 24 inch wide bear tracks in a patch of mud. He flicked open his lance and pulled his shield. I use my lance more then my actual sword! ha! he set off through the crushed undergrowth following the trail of the beast. The now alert warrior listening to every sound of the mammoth trees around him in case the bear came for him. He walked for another hour before the sounds of heavty bear breathign was heard ahead along with the sounds of bear steps ahead. Tyler smirked.
There was a grunt as a massive bear reared up onto it's hindlegs 50 feet in front of him. the thing stood 35 feet tall with massive 5 foot wide paws decorated with 15 inch claws. In appearence the bear resembled your average grizzly but smoke grey with black pathes here an there. it's head alone was 7 feet across. Tyler whistled as the thign roared at him.
"BIIIIG teddy. Come on."
The thing slammed to the ground with another grunt to charge at him as fast as an angry leopard. Tyler tilted his shield to reflect a patch of sunlight into it's three inch eyes, blinding the beast momentarily. That was enough, however as it tripped on an exposed root, causing it's ungangly body to flip over in a way that snapped it's neck with a loud snap that made Tyler slump.
"Oooh COME on. It tripped? Eh. Whatever."
He sighed and got his knife out to skin the thing. He grumbled the entire time too.
"Damned teddy. tripping on a root and getting killed by it's own bodyweight and size. Dammit. Leafa's never gonna believe this."
The pelt was surprisingly light given it's size, but was still very heavy; weighing in at a whopping 250 pounds of extremely warm bear fur. The ever handy warrior constructed another sled for the meat this time from collected roots and was therefore able to take the vast majority of the meat. The teeth and claws were also taken along with the head of the bear for Leafa. then he set off through the trees; happily looking forward to leafa's expression when he walked in with the bear. The trip took longer due to the cumbersome weight he was carrying but he made it. The guards laughed as he passed through the screening.
"You didn't think that one through, did ya?"
"Nope. it worked though!"
They laughed at that one and he was headed to the guild. The arrogant warrior walked into the stunned guild and put the stick mounted bear head in front of a stunned Leafa's desk.
"One giant bear head on a stick."
she sat back in her chair.
"The damned thing tripped! I used my shield to reflect some light in it's eyes and it tripped on a root midcharge. it's momemtum and sheer size snapped it's neck when it hitthe ground. Yeah. I was pissed."
The veterans of the hall laughed with a now present Rock chuckling most.
"Looks like the forest got tired of it! Ha. Ya got lucky kid."
"Still pissed. but hey. Always another one."
Leafa laughed then at the massivebear head on a stick lookin at her.
"And that?"
"A trophy."
"Ha. Mount that on a wall with Tyler the dragon as the killer."
The thing was taken away and she slid his 250 gold over.
"Thanks. Learis was a good friend."
"She's smiling wherever she is. Annnd calling me a cocky idiot."
"HA. So whaddya gonna do with that?"
He looked at the bear pelt.
"Upgrade my tent and blankets again. maybe my pack too. dunno. See what nera can do."
Leafa smiled.
"Have some made into a blanket for yrisa. father of the forest fur is a royal luxury after all."
"Spoil my little sister more. Gotchya."
He headed to see Torbok next to unload the meat and he laughed as he walked in.
"YOU work hard. What kinda bear is that?"
"Father of the forest."
"Oh my gods. Okay. Duly noted."
Tyler unloaded the meat and he nodded.
"You learn quick. These are all high quality. 400 gold."
"Damn. Thanks, Torbok."
The warrior then headed to see nera. The sea nymph blinekd as he set the massive pelt on her counter.
"A blanket for Yrisa, a better tent and set of blankets for me, and can you upgrade my pack?"
She laughed.
"Okay. She will think she's not getting anything for her birthday you keep this up."
"WEhen is that by the way?"
She wrote a date a month an a half inthe future down he took a picture of with the crystal. Nera then looked at the amount of really thick fur.
"There'll be enough left over for something else."
"New bed pants. For me."
"Oooh they'll be unbelievebly warm and comfy. Even for your bedmate!"
She got his measurements and did some numbers.
"It won't be cheap or quick. but you knew that. 150 gold."
"It'll be ready by dinner."
"Thanks, nera."
He paid her and headed to see Yonda about the claws and teeth. He sold them for 125 gold and headed to the guild to look his funds over at that point in the day. He got a seat at a round table as a fresh fight in the pits was about to get started. he spotted a hawker,
"125 on the guy on the left."
"That'll pay 5 to 1 if he wins!"
"Thanks, Loric!"
Tyler watched as his pick dropped his opponent after a hard fought fight. The hawker laughed as he tossed the winnings over.
"Ya got a fine eye for fighters, tyler. Well earned."
The warrior laid the 500 beside his other coins. Okay. I did a lotta buying and selling today. Now I have 2,717 gold, 45 silver, 60 copper. Damn. I make a lot. Happy with his count he put it away and got a mug of ale for 5 coppers as another fight started in the pits. loric the hawker smirked.
"No bet, Tyler/"
"I keep it up, you'll call me a cheat!"
The warrior watched the fencing match end with a kill as the offended challenger ran his offender through the heart with a clean jab. I hate that thing. He finished his mug and headed to the board. Hmm. I'm set for coin and spoiling so now it's merely fun. He looked at bills for tyrants, ravagers, more bears, the raptors he wanted to hunt but with a full day to work it, and more toads. he spotted one toad. A War toad? He looked over at Rock the barbarian,"
"War taod?"
He chuckled.
"50 feet tall and 75 long. Heavily scaled things that use claws feet to attack. The scales make for good armor and shields, the claws weapons tools. Meat's decent but again, it's a frog. The slime is used to make a blam for hands at he end of a hard day's work. And when rubbed on sore muscles eases the ache."
"Hm. I could use that. Need to look my lance over first."
He sat at the table again and pulled his trusty dragon lance out. Only to chuckle.
"Oh the thing's gone completely dull. And the tip's bent. Ha. Well. I know a good dwarf."
That got a snort from the few other dwarves in the room as Tyler headed to see Yonda. She smiled as he walked in.
"Another so soon?"
"Nah. Need my lance repaired."
"Ah. Let's see."
He set it on the counter and she chuckled.
"You work hard. I see this is not from poor use but NUMBER of uses. Are you a pure lancer?"
"When hunting yes. In actual fights I use this."
He set his longsword out and she nodded.
"Golden dragon scale. Same with that shield. hm. Thing won't need any work ever."
"Is there anything that can damage them?"
"Only more golden dragon scale equipement. And those are so rare as to be myth."
"What about plate armor made from the golden dragon scale?"
"Impenetrable. Nothing can get through it."
He frowned now.
"Hmm. You are aware this is the shield of the dragon king, right?""
She nodded, now curious.
"I am."
"Okay. i took it from a body with golden palte armor with the same scale pattern as these. Yet it had three massive rents over the breastplate. if this is the case that only golden dragon scale equipment can damage more golden dragon scale equipment,"
She smiled.
"What you're forgetting, is the creatures that attacked the Dragon King's keep. Archdemons. They alone have the power outside more golden dragon scale equipment to damage it. the cuts, were they clean?"
"Very. Like cutting paper with a sword."
"There's the proof you need. I'm sure you're aware the sharper the blade the cleaner the cut, right? It applies to Golden Dragon Scale equipment. If the cuts are clean, then you're looking at a blade made from it or an archdemon."
Tyler smiled as he wiped a cloth on his trusted shield.
"That fits the puzzle. Was afraid the legends were wrong."
She smiled while working on his lance in a small forge she had by the counter for such jobs.
"Scholars have debated the legend's every detail for generations. The dragon King was the most powerful warrior of his era with friends among the sky lords and even the gods themselves if the more extravegant tales be believed. Plus his military and strategic genius is still taught of in lessons the world over. So how was it he came to be trapped in a last stand against archdemons? creatures he first built his legend hunting? How could he be overrun in his ownj keep he designed himself to be a haven for those he loved most? The story always ends in his death and the loss of the keep to time.Yet, they also tote him as the victor as every archdemn that attacked was baniched back to hell for the millions of years they are locked away."
Tyler leaned ohn rthe counter as they talked.
"Maybe he went soft? I can see that happening when you settle down."
"That's the most popular reason he got trapped. The Dragon King lost his razor edge after settling down with his wife. Understandable really. he'd lived for close to 5000 years fighting every horror this world had to offer to let children sleep in their beds at night."
Tyler smiled.
"I guess his enemies merely played the waiting game."
She nodded att hat and passed his repaired lance back. it now razor sharp and strong asnew.
"There. Take care of it an it'll take care of you. 5 silver since it's a dragon weapon."
"Thanks, Yonda."
He paid and headed to see Nera about his latest gear and gift. He found her putting the bear pelt gear on the counter as he walked in, and she smiled.
"Just in time. They're ready."
"Thanks, nera."
He put the tent, blanket and bed pants into his upgrtaded pack. it now held 1800 pounds and was a deep smoky color he also liked. yrisa's bearfur blanket was also smokey grey and incredibly soft to touch. He headed to the courier office and the lady he'd talked to before laughed as he set the blanket, tooth and claw in a bin.
"5 gold. Snd expect a reply in a few hours from the first. Shall we send a runner?"
"Sure. I'm at Torbok's inn. 68 G."
"we'll send it once he have it."
Tyler then went to collect Vulpix for their dinner and cuddle session. He found the sexy vulpix looking her numbers over ashe walked in. She smiled.
"That time already?"
He offered her an arm and she took it smiling.
"Yup. Hungry?"
He noted she wore extremely short shorts of leather while bare foot as they walked.
"Yes I am. And feisty."
"Bonus. I'm expecting a runner in a few hours though."
"Multiple rounds?"
"I love foxes."
She laughed and flicked him with her green tail affectionately. The got a more out of the way booth by a fireplace and window for their meal. Tyler happily stroking her soft foxfur tail which she threaded through under the table. The green furred lady smiling as he petted it.
"You like fur?"
"I've always liked animals. Wolves being my favorite with foxes up there too."
She wiggled her tail and he chuckled at the tease.
"I'm happy you didn't recoil when you saw my body. I had fun."
He smiled.
"Never saw a green fox before. That was new. I had fun too. Your fur is ridicolously soft and comfy."
She had a happy smile while her tail went nuts beside him. they got their tyrant burgers and some good wine for drinking as they enjoyed a relaxing meal. Vulpix drapping her warm tail in his lap for petting as they ate and him loving the fur. If her foxfur is THIS soft and fluffy, gods only know what a catgirl's fur feels like! The pair were finishing their glasses as a runner came in,
"I seek the dragon!"
"overhere kid."
He came running and put three letters and a small box onte table.
"From Drako, Dragon.'
Tyler smiled and gave him 30 gold.
The kid ust gaped at the g9old,
"Gon before I give you 50."
He took off and Vulpix laughed.
"Good one."
They headed up to the room and Tyler took the one from the Queen out first as he sat beside Vulpis. He smiled while reading it.
"Love. we miss you here too. Not a day goes by i'm not thinking of you and wondering what adventures you're having. I love the coat and wear it to court now. The noble ladies are jealous that my husband sends gifts and words while away. and I forgot to tell you about the possibility of extra marriages that come from good sex. As long as the no offspring rule is upheld, and I meet them at some point, you may take as many as you please. I WILL meet them however. So get me some beauties! Emily wishes you well on your travels and Verilia laughed when i told her. I love you so much. And I heard of how you tore those exortionist Yard overseers apart when they tried to rob warlund. well. I fixed it. I know of that Wendy you wrote of. I have not sampled her but she HAS caught my eye now. Vulpix will make a lovely addition to the crystals and I do love the Vulpis race. You didn't mentaion her fur color. I bet you didn't kn ow this, but the colorof each Vulpis' fur is unique and describes her personality and heart. If you ever meet a red vulpis, beware as they're a most angry bunch. The city has been quiet and the rats crushed. Yrisa lives in your chambers now and hasn't stopped glowing since your gifts arrived. Myself, Scarlett, and Lyris are teaching her on the creams now. She looks beautiful in her new coat and that skin cream? You know how to make her look even more beautiful. And we've bene busy. Enjoy the crystal, love. We miss you. I miss you. Your wife and Queen. Vulpine.
Tyler smiled as he set it aside.
"Gods I miss her."
Vulpix smiled as she saw a line,
"You got permission."
"Ha. Yup. So what does youyr green fur mean about you?"
She smirked.
"It means I have a lovingly gentle heart. I love freely, and always happy, and have a most tender heart that loves to love. An I'll see about a move t Drako now since the queen wants to meet me."
"Wow. Okay. she's the number oen fox, though."
That made her smile.
"Understood. And we'll do the ceremony after you read their words."
"What's it take?"
"More sex. But I drink it."
"Wow. Okay."
He took Lyris' letter now.
My One Love. You bastard! You nearly broke Yrisa when she pulled that coat and tiger from that box! Like she was crying so hard we thought she was hurt! I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. I love you so much more and I offer thanks to whatever gods that brought us together and wish for your safe travels. Those creams were a great idea dn I love how my skin feels right now. Scarlett does too. I love my coat too. It's so soft and warm plus I love tiger fur. Feria says you do it right. So you may continue to live. You wrote you met Leafa in Wyvernia in your letter. And that you had er. I see she's still an active Dove. Lucky girl. She's a close friend of mine in the city from when i lived there. I forgot to tell you about that. How mucb she charge you? I'm curious if her rates went up or down. The inn's quiet and I make good money nightly. The ladies love me alot! na I love them too! Speaking of lady loving, i made you another crystal with Scarlett, Vulpine and a guest. enjoy! And I will be sending a picture ofthe cuter Yrisa soon. we both moved into ther royal chambers since her collection of teeth, horns and claws is going to keep growing. I love you. She loves you. we love you. Come see us soon. Lyris your Elf.

He smiled at that.
"I'll coem back sooner or later."
Vulpix was smiling as well.
"I know Lyris. She's so sweet."
"I love her too."
He took the last and his smile grew as he saw the larger letters,
"BIG BROTHER! I love them, I love them, I love them, i love them! thank you! The coat is so soft and warm and pretty I love it! The tiger is soooo cuddly and soft and warm and I love you! Momma says I need help with the creams before I can use them but she said it'll make me prettier. So okay! I'm woprking hard at the inn and people tip me alot. Momma an I moved into your room now and I love it. Emi is great and I get to soak in that hot bath every day. I love it! I miss you too but I know you'll come home soon. I'm listening to momma and she says I'm doing well. That horn is HUGE! You killed it? I love the tiger, big brother. Howe'd you know it was my favorite animal? i don't think I ever told you. Momma's helping me write this since I needed more practice and she thinks you knew cause you're my big brother. I guess that's how it works. I love you, big brother. Be careful okay? and I want a bear claw! I like bears. I love you. Your cute little sister, Yrisa."

He chuckled.
"She's gonna lose it when the bear blanket and claws arrive in the morning."
Vulpix smiled as he took the crystal out now and hit the tip. It was from Scarlett's eyes again and he blinked as Weed's green hair was seen next to Vulpine's silver. He hit the tip again and Vulpix smiled.
"That's your gift."
"Thanks. was curious who the guest was. Soo, the ceremony?"
She smiled and they stripped as she explained.
"Normally it would be a conception. But since I'm the second wife, it's a drinking."
"So why is it called gifting your tail?"
She wrapped her tail around him asn they got to riding.
"Because after you can claim my tail any time you please. Or, fuck me at any time you please. Anyway you please."
"Ah. Well. Alright."
She smiled as they played hard for another few hours wirh every seed he spread drunk by the eager foxlady until he had none left. She swallowed again and smiled.
"I'm yours. and I loved it."
He smiled warmly.
"I'll wait till the taste is gone to kiss you again."
"Ha. Here."
she used a small seed from her shirt to chew on. He smiled.
"Riiiight. Apothecary owner. Sorry. was lost in your fur."
She smiled and they kissed again. Her mouth now tasting like soothing mint. She smiled ashe drapped the blankets over them and wrapped her tail around their naked bodies.
"Good night, Tyler. I love you."
"Night, Vulpix. I love you too. And damn. You're great to cuddle with."
"I'm a fox. whaddya expect?"

DAY 12.
GOLD: 2,717. SILVER: 45. COPPER 60.

Tyler woke up to the sight of the sexy green furred fox asleep beside him and her soft foxfur tail wrapped around his waist. he smiled as he stroked her incredilby soft fur. I love this world. I get to run around fighting dinosaurs on the daily, fuck the hottest girls I've ever seen on the nightly, married two of em and claimed a third, and only one of em's human! I got the cutest little sister in the world and I'veonly been here two weeks! He smiled and kissed Vulpix awake,
"Romance too? I hoped you did."
She opened her smiling green eyes and smiled at him as he kissed her.
"I slept well. You're warm, Mate."
He smiled and kissed her again as she wrapped him with her fox tail.
"You're warmer. Again tonight?"
"I'd love to. I like having a sleepmate."
He smiled as he stroked her soft bellyfur, making her shiver.
"You like petting me a lot!"
He smiled as he stroked her fur.
"I've always liked soft fur. Plus oyu're gorgerous so bonus!"
She laughed at that one before they got into another makeout session. She sighed as the temperature started rising.
"I do have a shop to run."
He chuckled.
"You work it well."
They cleaned up in the bathroom, though the waerrior had a hard time keeping his hands off her lovely body, which made her smile. She went to her shop and he to the guild. Let's see, what do I want to kill today? Leafa was in her booth and he smiled.
"I gopt a reply. Yrisa lost it."
The green skinned elf smiled at that news.
"More spoiling?"
"Nah. I sent her a blanket from that bear I killed yesterday. Kinda need to let her recover."
That got a chuckle and he went to the board. The warrior whistled as he walked along it's length seeing if a job caught his eye. More tyrants, tigers, ravagers, that raptor pack again, more bears too. Hm. He was looking at a bill for a forest tyrant when Leafa called out,
"Hey Tyler, got a hire for you."
He walked over curious,
"A hire?"
She smiled and slid a bill to him.
"Some adventurers, if they're proven dependable, are often hired directly by clients to do a job. These are usually higher paid and help get your name to higher places."
"Ya don't say? Huh,"
He looked at the bill. Hmm. Let's see. Client's name is Nisa. Reward is 550 gold. Target is......a King Tyrant? Hm. Lives to the west of the city by 6 hours walk. I'm to bring back the teeth and heart as proof of kill. Guy is after the heart for some reason and I can claim the rest as I see fit. Hm. Seems simple enough. He looked at Leafa.
"Got a picture of a King Tyrant?"
She slid an image on the counter and he tilted his head. Hm. I get to kill a gigantosaurus. Nifty. I love that black and red stripped hide there. He smiled.
"I'll take it."
"I thought you would."
She stamped it and he headed out. The warrior whistling as he walked along the roadroots to the west gate. Gigantosaurus. Bigger and more blind then the T-rex with horrible depth perception. Same strategy applies. Will be fun. The hunter left the gate and headed out into the forest whistling as he went enjoying the peace of the morning forest and the breeze on his face. Kinda wanna get moving again, yet same time I'll let my week room run out. Shouldn't be too hard to find a merchant caravan to hire on to. Tyler madethe 6 hour walk in 4 and found a large area had been trampled by the massive animal's coming and goings. There was a foul stench of rotting meat in the air from it's kills while the section of four great trees it lived in had masses of tore up earth for it's battles. Tyler unflicked his restored lance and moved silently forward. He first heard the sound of heavy breathing before peeking around a tree to get his first look at the beast. it was 65 feet long from the tip of it's snout to the tip of it's tail. The animal stood at an intimidating 25 feet tall on two tree trunk like legs. On it's chest it had long heavily muscled arms equipped with tree hook like claws. The head alone was 7 feet long with 6 foot jaws lined with razor sharp teeth. The entire animal was a deep red with black zebra stripes along it's frame Tyler kinda liked. Best part? it was sound asleep curled into a large ball with it's tail by it's head. Tyler smirked as he moved like a ghost towards the sleeping animal. That's TWICE! the thing snored like a giant alligator as he approached the slumbering giant. The beast's breath was foul and stank of rotting meat as Tyler got into position by the back of it's skull. He lifted the lance and thrust it hard into the beast's neck at the point the spine mat the monster skull. The thing died instantly as the dragon lance severedn the spinal cord with ease. Tyler sighed as he tugged it free.
"That's TWICE! what the hell? Eh. Whatever."
He sighed again and pulled his knife out. The now well-versed tyrant butcher got to work skinning the collassal animal whistling as he went. he had the teeth out along with the heart in a mere fifteen minutes' carving and had the requested items set aside as he next collected the entire hide, most of the meat, some bones, the eyes, claws, teeth, and a good portion of the sinew. Happy he shouldered his pack to return,
"So. YOU'RE one of those outworlders."
Tyler looked over at the man's voice to see a tall lihte figure leaning against the carcass of the king tyrant. The arrival had blonde hair and ice blue eyes set into a smirking face. His attire was a white toga while bare foot and his frame was well muscled form an active lifestyle. The warrior sighed.
"If you're here to send me back, you'll have to kill me first."
That got a chuckle from the man.
"We had no desire to do so. You people are amusing. I am Torsin the God of the Hunt. i got tasked with meeting you, Tyler the Dragon King knockoff."
"HA. I take that as a complement. Yorlod jealous?"
"Oh he's very jealous. And extremely grateful you were the one to find his family after his fate found him. Now. The reason for this audience."
Tyler unflicked the lance.
"I do not work for you. Understand that first."
The god smirked.
"If I were to push it?"
The lance was pressed against his chest faster then he could blink. The motion made him blink as Tyler flipped his switch.
"Then you'd have to hire a champion to kill me so you'd get to foce me back. But. There is not a creature in this world you can call on that I cannot best. So. You'd have to fight me directly. And you'd lose that mortal shell. Could curse me, but that'd piss off the deities of valor and kindness that I KNOW are watching me. And I'd then get the eyes of a few underworld gods that have a bone to pick with you. I'd side with them, as by that point you'd have endangered the ones I loved. So go one. Start a war of the gods. I'll be standing tall when the fires die."
Torsin shuddered at the sheer rage and evil now flowing off this human teenager. Then he smirked.
"We know. Believe me we understand. And the scarest part? You're right. If any of us move against you beyond the norm, a war of the gods would indeed break out and you'd be the only true winner. So rest assured we have no intention of controlling you. We can't."
"Alright then."
Tyler leaned ont he lance now.
"I immortal?"
"Yup. All of you were gifted elven lifespans due to the summon process. Which, you'll laugh at, was a mere accident."
"I figured. Sooo, it can't happen again, can it?"
"Not ever we know that. Hell, we don't even know WHAT happened. From our point of view the world burped and you dingdongs appeared."
Tyler tiltedhis head.
"I wonder. That Dragon King that bit it. That keep was supposed to be a haven for his most loved ones, right?"
Torsin frowned.
"Yes. What does that have to do with any of this?"
"Maybe that guy used a spell to trnasport his and the ones he loved souls to my world till it was safe to return again. Or, this was the preset date."
Torsin blinked.
"Ummm. I need to ask a few questions. Just, where the hell did that come from?"
"It happened in a storyline in our world."
"Wow. Okay. I can use my power to test your soul."
The god of the hunt lifted his ahnd and Tyler's body turned a mixture of solid black and solid white. Torsin chuckled as he saw this.
"Yup. You're NOT the Dragon King. he had a pure white soul. the white of yours is of his, yet edged with the black of an archdemon. eh. No matter really. I got what I needed."
"A face to the fear?"
"Pretty much. You people are amusing like I said, so we're letting youy stay."
"Sorry. force of habit."
The god started glowing,
"Well. I'm heading home. See ya round rookie."
He was gone and Tyler headed ack to the city. Weird guy. But hey. I'm immortal. Guess I get to hug Yrisa a lot more for longer. He smiled at that one as he returned to the guild where a robed man was waiting by the counter leering at Leafa. The elf smirked.
"75 gold, Lorka."
"That much? That's how much my robe cost."
"quality pay for quality lay."
"You charge too much, Leafa. You're a lovely elf, but with those prices? who would pay that?"
"Someone that turly wishes to sample her amazing skills."
The green skinned elf smiled as Tyler walked over. The robed man smirked.
"They'd overpay. You can find a cheaper Dove with bigger tits in the pleasure quarter. You the Dragon?"
"Yup. You the client?"
"I am. You have the heart?"
Tyler set it on the counter and he looked it over with a monocle.
"Hmm. Yup. That's the heart. The price was 250 gold. Here you go."
The warriro snorted and slid the bill over.
"I deem this a 250 gold job. perhaps if you'd been more coridal, what, hey!"
Tyler took the heart back and slid it into his back.
"No pay, no loot. fuck off."
He went to walk away and the man laughed.
"You'll never get hired again! Now it's 50 gold. take it and give me the heart. Like a good boy."
Tyler chuckled and looked att he self important man.
"You DO know who the fuck i am, right? the Dragon?"
The man snorted.
"A mere imposter. Killing a tyrant does not make you him. wielding imitation weapons does not make you him."
"Okay. You think these are fakes?"
He liftedthe shield and sword into view and the man huffed.
"50 silver. And yes they are. I know gilted steel when I see it."
Tyler looked athis shield and tapped a knuckle on the center boss.
"Hm. Golden dragon scale. Leafa?"
"We have a scan spell."
He placedthe shield in her reach and it glowed a solid gold that madethe man go white. the green skinned elf nodded.
"Yup. Golden Dragon scale. This is the real deal. I would get that bound to you, Tyler. Since it IS rather easy to steal."
"Magic shop?"
"Yup. There's a good one by Nera's shop. Pink trunk and you'll like the onwer."
Thye warrior then looked at the shaking noble.
"Double the 550."
"Yes sir. The heart?"
Tyler passed it to him and he got his 1100 gold. The now crestfallen man walked out and Tyler smirked.
"Do NOT try to cheat me."
Leafa and the other adventurers nodded sagely at that line as he added the coins to his pouch. Then he headed to see Torbok bout some meat. He found the coal skinned elf looking over his finaces as rthe warrior walked up.
"Morning, Torbok. Got some King tyrant this time."
He laughed as Tyler laid it out.
"The guests are loving their meals more of late. And they'll love this too. 500 gold."
"Damn. Thanks."
He took the gold and went to see Yonda bout the rest of the bones. The dwarf was all too happy to see him as he walked in.
"Good morning, here for me or my stuff?"
He chuckled as he laid the tyrnat out.
"Selling. Sex is great but kinda need to recharge a bit for a proper ride."
She laughed at that one.
"Good you know. I'll take these for 250."
"Thanks, Yonda."
He then headed to the magic shop. The outer trunk of this shop was a bright pink color he found eyecatching as he walked in. The thing was again in the circular style with the more expensive items against the cnetral core with a counter wrapped around it. This time the outer walls were linedwith cubbies conatining scrolls, wands, spells, and enchanted gear. Tyler walked up to the counter and blinked as he saw the beautiful lday running it. She was his height with vivid red hair that hung to her knees and flowed like blood from the top of her skull. her skin was very pale while smooth like porceline and her eyes were a deep blue he loved. Her lips were red as well and were pressed in a teasing pout. Her body was slender with the physique of a runner while her breasts were large inside her tight fitted blue robe. He smiled as she greeted him.
"Welcome adventurer to my shop. I'm Leerus of the dray race. How can I help?"
Her voice was a soft, seductive purr that made him chuckle.
"Nice to leer, Leerus. I'm Tyler. Looking to get my shield bound to me."
She smiled and her teeth were pearly white.
"The Dragon? Interesting. For a golden dragon scale shield to be bound it will cost 750 gold and a drop of your blood."
"I expected it'd be pricy. My sword?"
"A further 750 gold."
"Worth it."
She smiled again.
"If you wish it, I am available for 100 gold."
"No way will i turn that up."
he paid upfront and the sexy lady led him to another side room where they stripped down. Him smiling as her large breasts flopped free.
"I've never met a dray before."
She smiled as she laid down.
"We're a female only race that are decended from the succubus breed of devil. Our bodies are the most.....sought to just how good they are in the bed."
He smiled as she licked her lips at his sword.
"Perfect. It will fill it well."
He slid into her and she sighed as the ride began.
"I love it. Faster."
They went at each other for a few hours till they were spent and she sighed contentedly.
"I haven't enjoyed myself like that in far too long.I think I'll claim you."
He looked at her curiously.
"That a marriage thing?"
"Only for sexual pleasure. Basically it means I claim you as the one I seek to enjoy the act with the most. In other words? An at will Dove just for you and those you love."
"Ah. Well. My wife Vulpine wants to meet you then."
"So that is her rule? Very well. I admit to want to sample her myself."
"Ha. She'll make a crystal of it."
"Oh so that's why. Ha."
They cleaned up int he sink and he paid the 1500 gold for the binding. Leerus smiled as she explained the glowing of the items.
"Once bound the shield and sword cannot be used by another. They're tied to your soul and the only way for them to be used is if you gift them the items or die. If another tried to use it before hand the items would burn them to the point of release."
"Wow. Thanks, leerus. I'll most likely see ya again at somepoint."
She smiled longingly.
"You're free."
He headed to the guild now to look over his new wealth. Leafa was walking out of a room with a barbarian woman as he walked in and he smiled at the satisfied flush on both beauties' faces. The warrior sat at a table as a rookie was getting broken in inside one oft he pits and laid out his coin. Okay. i did a lot today. My new wealth is 2,967 gold, 45 silver, 60 copper. Not bad I guess. He got a mug of ale as he pulled his map out and looked at the surrounding cities as this one had started to feel small. Hmm. There's one to the north called Tyrannica. Seems to be a seaside northern city. be kinda cool to go seaside. The south is Drako. I could head back and head to another city further south. Give me a chanceto see Yrisa and the others. West is a border city with Elahein called Drakonia. Seems tobe a mostly desert city too. Never seen an actual desert before so there's that. Last is further east. There's another border town with the country called Salinia and seems to be the larger country. City's called Wetonis. Weird name and looks to be a mountain town. That could be fun since it's a solid distance from here. Weird country Mossilia. Got most types of environements rolled into one.
"I seek the Dragon!"
"Over here kid."
A girl with blonde hair came over with a letter and small box.
"The Queen Sire."
He gave her 30 gold.
"Thanks, kid. You cute."
She blushed and ran off with her haul as Tyler sawa line on the envelope
Behind sealed doors. The now on edge warrior headed to the inn room and locked the door before pulling the letter out.
"Tyler. I'm safe, we're safe. Just needed to keep this private since I sent you something. And I need you to do something for me. In the small box is a communication crystal. Tap it and say my name and we'll talk through magic. i didn't tell you since it's single use only."
He took the small pyramid of white crystal out and tapped the tip.
A large projection like those of the fighting pits in the guild appeared over the thing with the queen, Lyris, and Yrisa in the floating disk. The ladies clad in his gifted tiger fur coats and Yrisa holding her new tiger plushie. Tyler smiled.
"Sparkles! I KNEW that color would work for you!"
the blushing elven cutie squealed,
"Big brother! I miss you!"
"I miss you too, Yrisa. Love you too."
She smiled and Lyris smiled.
"I love you. And I love the fur."
"I miss you too, lyris. I love you too. And glad ya like the fur. Tiger suits you."
Vulpine smiled and tyler smiled back.
"I miss you too, my Queen. I love you too."
"I miss you most. And i've heardof your feats. The father of the forest? Impressive."
"I gotta make my wife happy some how. You like the bear fur, Yrisa?"
she giggled.
"I love it! Thanks!"
"I'll find more for ya."
The queen smiled longingly.
"So, that vulpis?"
"her name's Vulpix and her fur's green."
"A green vulpis? Oh dear. You went and found the most lovingly kind of their race, love. Plus one of the best caregivers in the world. I can't wait to meet her. Anyone else I should be aware of?"
"Her name's Leerus and is a dray."
"Ooooh you're doing this on purpose!"
He smiled at her shiver as Lyris chuckled.
"I know them both, Vulpine. Vulpix is simply lovely and is so sweet. Leerus is beautiful and loves it. Did you tell them?"
"Yup. Vulpix is seeking to move to Drako and Leerus will be visiting you. She WANTS you, Vulpine!"
"I love you. Scarlett's with Emily and Verilia right now thank the gods or she'd attack us ot of excitment."
"Can't blame her there. And you look beautiful Yrisa."
"Thanks! I love the cream!"
He smiled at her glowing skin.
"I'll make a point a hunting them things then. Weird place this."
That got a laugh as Vulpine smiled.
"Will you be staying in Wyvernia long, love?"
"Looking to get moving again. City's starting to feel small again."
"The life of a wanderer. Have you made any arrangements?"
"None. haven't even picked a direction yet."
"she nodded.
"Okay. Place the letter in the image."
He did so and it glowed before being duplicated. he smirked.
"Now that's some spy shit right there."
They laughed as he looked at the now highly detailed letter and freshn map. Vulpine sighed.
"I'd like to ask you to head to the village of Westoria in the north. The lord of Tyrannica has lost contact with the people there and needs answers. The adventurer's guild is swamped with monster hunts and a rather nasty surge of pirates of late so can't look into it themselves. She asked for the aid of the crown and I'm sending you."
"The lady of Tryannica, what's she like?"
"She's of the Sea nymph race and her name is Coral. Her only concer is keeping her people happy and the sea trade moving. She oversees the entire region of Tyrann which includes Westonia."
"when did she notice she's lost contact with rthe village?"
"Last week to be exact. She chalked it to a bandit riad as they prey on couriers sometimes. YOUR packages are flown by airship."
"Good. Can't have my long distance spoiling of Yrisa get disrupted."
"Love you!"
"Love you too Sis!"
The happy elf was sitting in Lyris' lap as the two talked. Tyler added the new map to his own and looked at the distances.
"I'll head out today or tomorrow morning at the very latest. I can be in the village in five days."
"Report to the guild in Tyrannica before setting out for the village. They keep a detailed record of any monsters in the region along with numbers."
"Good. Tell Coral the Dragon's headed her direction. And that I'll see just what the hell is going on over there."
The silver haired queen smiled with relief.
"Thanks, Tyler. If you find something sinister, handle it with force."
"Understood. and warn Coral that if I smell something rotten I will follow that scent till I find the source."
"I understand. You have the full weight of the crown behind you. Tomorow you said?"
"If not sooner. I'll see if i can't get hired onto a mercahtncaravan headed that way. if not, I'll head out tonight."
"Be careful."
"I will. Yrisa be cute."
"Teehee! i will!"
He smiled at his family.
"I love you all. And miss you all so much. I'll see whatt he rumors are in the guild and get ready fromt here."
They nodded and the crystal blinked. Vulpince smiled.
"Time's almost up. I love you."
"I love you too big brother1"
"I .love you as well."
He smiled and the image died. The pyramid shattered and he looked at the letter detailing the job before looking at the village's location ont he map. Okay. The choice is made. The village is set at the base of a large mountain range so I can add a fullon assualt from a monster army to the list. Step one. I need information from the guild on the region. He rolled the map up and headed to see Torbok bout an early leave. he found the elf at the bar sliding drinks to patrons and he smiled as the warrior sat at the bar.
"Tyler! Looking for a drink?"
The teenager chuckled.
"Not this time, Torbok. Vulpine needs me to look into somethin in the north. I'm headedout either today or in the morning."
He nodded,
"Must be serious if the Queen sent for her Dragon. Alright. You overpaid but we'll call it fair. And when you come back, we'll always have a room for ya."
Tyler shook his hand smiling.
"Thanks, torbok."
Next was Vulpix. he found the vulpis looking at some marigolds when he walked in. She smiled as he kissd her.
"Helloe, mate. Want me?"
He smiled.
"My Queen sent for her Dragon. Seems a village in the north went dark so I'm going in. I'll be gone either by the end of the day or tmorrow morning."
"I understand. If you need potions, feel free."
"Thanks. I do need an extra healing potion."
"25 silver."
He slotted it in his free pocket and headed to see Leerus. the Dray was rubbing some cream into her long legs as he approached the counter.
"Hello, sex mate. Need it?"
He kissed her smiling,
"My Qeen sent for her Dragon. I'm headed out by tomorrow the latest."
"I see. Do take care of yourself."
He kissed her again and went to the guild. Leafa was working the booth when he walked in. the green skinned elf smiled as he walked over.
"Tyler! Miss me?"
He chuckled.
"Kinda. I need the latest information on the monsters in Tyrannia."
She blinked at that.
"Okay. Ruby, the crystal."
Leafa looked at him curiously.
"Headed north all of a sudden?"
"The Queen sent for her Dragon. Guess a village went dark."
She nodded.
"I see. which one?"
"Hmm. I know it. Medium sized village of hardier an normal people. It's a barbarian village if memory serves."
"Barbarians? That's not a good sign. They know how to defend their homes when the shit hits the fan. Hmm."
Ruby came back and passed him a black stone.
"Here. the monster archive for the region."
"Thanks, Ruby. This cost anything?"
"45 coppers actually."
He paid and took it to a seat to look it over. Hmm. orcs in the hundreds, undead, some lesser dragonkin, a few wyrms, some tyrant breeds, drakes, basalisks, drakolisks too. Giantkin? That could be a problem. Spiders, larger then normal birds, larger then normal flying drakes too. Okay. I'll go stock up on arrows from Yonda and see about a train headed north. The warrior put the stone in his pocket and went to see his smith. She was cleaning a dagger as he walked in.
"Tyler. looking for more?"
He chuckled at this promiscious beauty.
"Looking for a bigger quiver and restock on arrows. Queen Vulpine sent for her Dragon."
"Ah. Serious it is then. I can increase the quiver from 60 shafts to 120 with an enchantment. I need good quality hide though."
He passed her some of the king tyrant hide and she nodded.
"This will suffice. Arrows i have made from tyrant bone and tipped with some ebony. rivals your lance in terms of penetration strength and durability."
"Thanks, Yonda. A touch up on my lance as well."
"Of course. Your armor?"
He looked and saw it was still pristine.
"Seems fine. I'm kinda good at dodging."
she smiled at that one.
"The total is 35 gold."
"Thanks, Yonda."
He got his upgrades and headed to the guild for the job. He went to Leafa.
"There any merchant trains heading to Tyrannica?"
She tilted her head.
"Ground based? No. But. There IS an airship looking for marines to defend against pirates headed there. Here."
She slid him a bill. wanted: Skilled fighter to aid in repelling sky pirates to Tyrannica. Three days in the air. Ship's a Caravellia. No clue what that is. Pay is 500 gold. 250 upfront and 250 on arrival. See captain for details. That fits. Tyler looked at Leafa.
"I'll sign on then."
sahe smiled and stamped it.
"The captain will be here to see you in a moment."
"Thanks, Leafa."
Tyler grabbed a seat at a wheel table and watched as a fight int he pits was about to start with maces.
"Hey, Loric, 65 on the one with the red hair."
"Ha. That's 7 to one if he wins, Tyler!"
The warrior got a mug of ale as his pick, who was HALF the size of his opponent nearly kiilled him after a hard fouht fight lasting a solid ten minutes. Loric laughed as he slid his winnings over.
"Ya got a talent Tyler."
"Thanks forthe easy money!"
Tyler chuckled as he added the 445 gold to his pouch and a tall woman with a pair of cutlasses strapped to her back straddled a chair across from him. She was half a head taller then he was with strikingly bright red hair and fair skin with a light spattering of freckles. her eyes were ice blue and burned with an inner fire he liked. Her lips were also bright red and her bust was modest. The woman was clad in a tight denim vest that was cut around her shoulders and waist to promote free movement and her pants were tight leather while her feet were encased in tall black heeled boots. Completing her image was a black rimmed captains' hat he also liked. Now she smirked as the captain leaned her musclar arms on the back of her chair while she eyed the warrior.
"So. You're the Dragon."
Tyler watched as she slid his guild profile paper slowly into view.
"Tyler the Dragon. Kills include the Father of the Forest, like 8 tyrants, the King Tyrant, and other such beasts. Says here you escorted warlund's wagon train and he's recommending you like his own son. Also says you have a nasty dark side that comes out when captives are involved. Plus this little kernal here bout how you'll happy screw over anyone that tries to screw YOU over. Highly recommended. And a wolf Lord rank too. Interesting."
Tyler sat through her feeling out speech silently and now she smirked at him.
"Ever been aboard ship before?"
"And yet you're still highly recommended? with zero experience in the sky? Heh."
The warrior shrugged.
"I learn fast."
"Perhaps. I just see a loose cannon. On the ground, that can be allowed since you don't have far to fall. Up there? MY crew is more important then ideals."
Tyler smirked now himself.
"Is that so? Interesting. If a pirate ship raids your craft?"
"We fight them off."
"and if it's a known slaver ship?"
She frowned.
"You'd put my crew at risk with a stupid-"
"Oh. Stupid. Okay."
He pulled out his crystal and had an image of yrisa appear. he showed it to her.
"So you're saying you'd leave a girl like that to suffer aboard such a ship, when you have all the power to help?"
That madeher glare.
"Some things are not that simple rookie."
"With people like YOU around, course not. Fact you're debating this is cause for concern. if one of YOUR crew was in those chains/"
She gritted her teeth.
"I'd be first to resuce them."
"So what the fuck is the difference? If such a ship attacks you, if the captives on board have nothing to offer, you'll leave them? Pff. I'll just walk at this point. Least I know who I'd be able to trust."
She was red in the face as Tyler calmly threw that one out. He smirked.
"If WE won't help them, who else will?"
She blinked at that one. Then smiled.
"Okay kid. Ya got balls to talk to one you're looking to get hired by like that. I was testing your resolve since we make a point of rescuing galley slaves. Though, you DO use some very nasty tricks to make your point."
He smirked now himself, seeing the test for what it was.
"Is your ship a pirate hunter?"
"Pirate BAITER. We hunt priates on a sky route with the crew getting to claim anything that crew had aboard. Splits based on effort and results."
"Ha. I like baiting pirates. The crafts?"
"we sink them for scrapyards to collect by a road."
"Alright. Since I'm a lance/sword shielder, my position?"
"I love that job. I'm also a powerful fire mage."
She blinked.
"Is that so? Why don't have that in you profile?"
He chuckled.
"A surprise. But i'll let them know I do magic too."
"Wily. Yet you're missing out on jobs with that. Clever though it be. Best spell?"
"Firebolt. i also have acid shot, water slash, mist shot, Guardian, Sacred site, Stun and paralyze."
"NAsty toolbox. Weapon skills?"
"great pierce, shield smash, shield edge, deep cut, and the detection skills Awareness and Inspect."
"Wow. You're a dangerous one. I like it. Open your screen."
He did and she looked at the levels of the spells. That made her whistle.
"Okay that is scary. Ya got more ifrepower in that firebolt than I do in five cannons. Ya use the3 bow too."
"I'll see about a farsight skill."
"Wow. Allrounder?"
He nodded as she sat down.
"Since I work alone, I try to cover as many holes as i can."
"Smart AND dangerous? Okay. When can you be ready to board?"
"In an hour. I'll see my dray about my eyes."
"We're wings out in half. I'm Merila. Captain of the Sky Dragon."
"Tyler the Dragon. what craft be yours?"
"rookie. here."
she passed a crystal over and an image of a curious craft appeared. the thing was shaped like a upswept wing fighter jet on a larger scale. The wings of the plane were tilted forward with a backwards curve that reminded Tyler of a famous space ship that went places no else had been before. The top of the craft was open with a large deck for fighting or just watched the world go by. The rear of the craft had two large engines that again reminded him of twin f16 eagle engines with a backwards curved V for the tail wing. The front of the craft had a bloodred wedge for ramming hostile craft and given the over all shape of the craft it would punch right through the hardest or armor with ease. On her wings were a set of forward facing cannons he smirked at as he saw the rifeling in the barrels. I REALLLY shouldn't fuck with thoise. Might bring something here that shouldn't be here. On the top of the craft was a large ball turret with another set of cannons for higher targets and he saw the looks of a deck sized saw along the open top deeck for below deck boarding. That made him smile. In color she was a beautiful skyblue with lines of bloodred like her captain's hair along her sides and on the wedge. He looked at a proudly smiling Merlia.
"Ya got a mean girl there, Cap'n. Those cannons the only guns on deck?"
She chuckled at his twoway statement.
"We have man useable guns we'll teach you how to use effectively. As for the OTHER portion of your profile? We have Doves aboard to keep the men happy. Just remember, they're MY Doves. NOT your toy."
"Understood. I'll get my eyes looked at and meet you where?"
"Top of the Main Trunk."
"This is still a weird city."
"Wait'll you see the island cities rookie."
"Those make more sense then a fucking city inside a tree dammit!"
His mildly pained outburst made her laugh as they shook on the hire.
"Welcome to me crew Dragon. Wings up half."
Tyler nodded and headed to see Leerus and Vulpix. The dray smiled as he waalked in.
"Need something?"
She passed himt he spell,
"Take it and be well."
"Thanks, Leerus."
Next he went to see Vulpix. She smiled.
He kissed her and then headed to the tree. The warrior whistling as he walked along the main root to the lift where he met an elf manning a lift made from some vins of the tree.
"Where to, Sirrah?"
"The Sky Dragon."
"Of course. Brace as it's a bit of a jolt."
Tyler leaned on a wall as the elevator jerked with a surprising force upward. The warrior smiled as he saw the city fall away beneath him. I;mma spit off the edge of the dock. Be wrong not to. The ride took a mere three minutes and Tyler found himself walking along a narrower root then most towards the craft in question as her engines fired up. The airship docks being made form the various branches of the upper tree and resembling a most bizarre shipyard of floating craft. Tyler smiled as he walked up to a tall woman in green leather armor with sky blue hair that drifted in the breeze. She was half a head shorter then he was and had fair skin. her arms and legs were well toned from her life aboard ship while her breasts were large and well protected by the chainmail poking out fromunder her leather vest. One her hips were two rapiers and a pair of flintlock pistols he understood immensely. I'mma have to fight myself on this one. I like fiddling with guns. She looked at him with blazing teal eyes and smirked.
"Yup. Miss?"
"Falcon. I'm one of Captain's Merilia's quartermasters. And it's 55 gold for a night."
"Quality. Noted. my flop spot?"
"Deck four, compartment nine. You got any supplies i should know of?"
"Half a pack of tyrant meat with some father of the forest."
"Go to the cooks on deck 3. On ship, any food is crew food."
"Understood. Plus I have a few claws and teeth for my little sister. And the hide of a king tyrant too."
"food's more important. Potions?"
"four healing. I have healing touch however."
"Hmm. That plus your defense and offensive magics. You're on point with me. That the shield?"
"You know how to use this?"
She tossed him a pistol and he looked it over. the thing being a mere 22 caliber with a full wooden frame and brass components. he peered down it's sights.
"Hmm. Your sights are off by a degree. It'll do the job, but it's there."
"A sniper?"
"Ha. Okay. Knowing about em is one thing."
He smirked.
"Give me a target."
The woman looked around and spotted a bird sitting on a branch 65 meters away.
"One ball. hit that bird in the head."
Tyler fired without looking and the bird's head exploded. She tossed him a paper cartriidge.
Tyler tore the paper off with his teeth, had the powder in, rammed down, and ball loaded in a mere 50 seconds before holding the hammer for a followup shot. hse nodded approvingly.
"Good. Go report to the cook with the meat. Then make ready to depart."
"Sure thign Qm."
He walked aboard whistling. the ship's layout being wide hallways on the outer side of the craft with the sleeping quarters near the center ofthe craft to decrease the likelihood of a stray ball hitting the space. The entire craft was made like a usual ship at sea but with rhe cargo hold being the entire bottom three decks of space. The Sky Dragon had 8 decks in total with enough room for a 8 foot battleaxe to be swung overheard without issue of hitting the ceiling. Decks 5 to 8 were for cargo while deck 3 and 2 were sleeping. All had space for fighting. The decks were reached by vertical rope ladders with lifts for cannonballs and wounded. Tyler's deck was 4 so the last deck above the cargo hold with compartment nine being near the ladder up or down. His compartment was merely a single room with a sink and door. The ship having a set of baths at the ends of each deck to keep the crew clean. and they had to be filled by the onship water mage and heated by a fire mage each morning. Since Tyler was both he got first crack. He smiled as he saw the cramped quarters.
"Feels like home."
Inside the small alcove that served as his bed the roof above had an enchanted portion that let him see outside the ship and keep in contact with the captain in an emergency. The warrior then headed to the cooks on 3 for the drop off. He found the mess hall with ease and was met by a grizzled man with black hair and eyes at a counter.
"whatchya got?"
"Tyrant and father of the forest. 300 pounds of bear, 400 of tyrant."
His eyes lit up.
"We'll eat like kings on this run! How many died to get this, may i ask?"
"I hunted it myself."
Tyler smiled.
he pulled his screen up and thye man laughed.
"Okay. ya proved your point. Apologies for the mistrust Dragon."
"I like bragging, so win/win."
Tyler unloaded his pack of meat on the man and headed to the top deck to get a feel for skysoaring. Sky Dragon had 100 crew with 75 active fighters and borders while the remainder kept her aloft and tended the crew. Tyler found climbing the rope ladders through the decks was rather fun as he climbed out of a hatch onto the open top deck that served as the shooter's deck in an attack. He spotted Merilia giving orders to some of her crew and walked along the craft getting a feel for the layout. The top deck was large and wide open with hatches for larger cargo that dropped straight into the hold. Near the front of the caravellia the wedge lifted up over the front in a protective screen that Tyler tilted his head at. Then smiled. Ah. it's like a needle wedge. Impale the hostile ship and then boarders can enter the ship as the wedge opens like a set of jaws. Nasty trick. The sides of the ship had slots for musket rifles and he counted close to 150 gun slots on one side. I REALLLY need to double check if i can fiddle with the design. Things I know can really flip this world on it's head. He was looking at over the side of the ship when a piece of paper blew into his face. He took it off and smirked at the line, Muskets ONLY. Do NOT get fancy. Up to 1900 is allowed as long as it's flintlock or revolver. Get too crazy and we will slap you. he chuckled and put the warning in his pocket. Thank you! I can do some nasty shit with those years.
"Helluva view, isn't it?"
He looked over to see a broad shouldered woman with a pair of blunderbusses on her back. She was his height but far more muscled with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair was cut short and her hands were rough from years of handling guns. The amazon also had a large mace on her belt with her outfit being a tight blue trench jacket and leather pants while wearing boots. Tyler smiled as he looked back out over the city of Wyvernia.
"It is. Still a weird town though."
The woman chuckled asshe lit a pipe with a match.
"Nop arguements there, laddee. I be Helgi Marine Captain. I lead the boarders on raids. Cap'n Merilia says you're our pointmen since you're a allrounder with a shield."
"Shield's unbreakable too."
"That helps. Falcon says you're a marksmen as well. I'll watch your back if you watch mine."
"I'll count on it. Thanks, Helgi."
She smiled and walekd away as Merilia was heard,
"All hands prepare to depart! Dragon, that means you!"
"Aye, aye!"
That got a snort as he fell in with a few other crew untying the mooring ropes holding her to the docks. Then the industrious warrior was cleanign guns beside the weapons master in the armoy. This being on deck 1 under the fighting deck and she was a most intense lady. She was his height but very wiry and slender with a large bust outof place on her petite frame. her hair was the color of midnight and tied in a pony tail as her one pink eye gleamed with a bored fire. her other eye was covered by a red eyepatch that made her look that much more intimidating. Her hands were scarred from years handling the weapons oft he ship and her body was well muscled from those same years. her skin was fair but she had a fair few scars as well. her outfit was a leather vest over a chainmail shirt that left her scarred stomach exposed as a dare. Her weapons of choice were a large blunderbuss with a twin pair of slender curving sabers on her shapely hips. Her pants were black tights with pockets for ammo and weapons while her feet were sheathed in heeled boots with spiked soles. She smirked as he ran a cloth over a longrifle with a practiced ease.
"So. The Mighty Dragon knows guns."
Her voice was firm and cold. But he liked it.
"Yup. My country wasn't big on magic, but loved our gunfire."
"Heh. That a fact? here."
She tossed him a pistol blunderbuss and he looked it over.
"That un's your iron for the raid since you're on point. Like it?"
"Sure. I'm seeing potential too."
She frowned.
"A gunsmith too?"
"More mad genius. Here. I can show you."
He pulled a piece of paper over and drew up a design for a colt revolver and slid it over. She smiled widely.
"six shots before a reload."
"And with that hinging cylinder you can make a speed reloader to increase it as well."
"I see. mad genius indeed. I can make this in my on ship forge easily enough. anything else?"
"Well. a few variants of that one and a new cartridge for it. Not sure if they're viable though."
"Can't hurt to try."
"Got a point there. Here."
He made a few more designs for another revolver, two lever action rifles, a better bullet, and casing. The weapons master smirked as she saw them.
"Ya got a good mind in there. I'm Storm."
"Tyler. Think you can use them?"
"Oh hell yes. Guns in Mossilia are strictly restricted to the airships and sea ships. If war breaks out and guns are used it offends the dragons and they intervene. Hunting the gods take offense. So we'll keep these in the sky and on the sea."
"Cool. Anything else I need to do?"
She smirked.
"So you know? 65 gold for me."
"Wow. You're undercharging."
"Oooh I know. But if I charged my worth, I'd never get paid."
"Fair point. Areyou free?"
"Sadly not. The capn booked me. She gets first pick you see."
"HA. have fun."
"we will. anb dismissed rookie. mayhap tomorrow."
He smiled and headed to his compartment for the launch as was all hired fighters' orders. he set his pack down and climbed into his alcove finding that he fit rather nicely. He pressed his thumb into the ceiling of the alcove and was able to swipe through various views of outside the ship, with his selections being out the wedge, starboard, larboard, portside, stern, under the ship amining at the ground, and a few others. He settled for looking at the dock as the einges fired up ready to depart. He smiled as the ship jerked rather hard in a direction that had him pressed against the wall of his alcove as the ship left the city behind for the sky. The warrior smiled as he put his bear pillow and tyrant blanket in the bunk. I KNEW these were a good idea! He settled for a rest as the ship picked up speed and broke clear of the forest canopy. Wyvernia was a cool place. Will visit again. He had a strip of tyrant jerk from his pack and was munching as Merlia's image appeared on his magical screen on.
"Alright lads and lasses. we're away and the hunt is on. The Sky Dragon got hired to do a patrol of the skyroads between Wyvernia and Tyrannica. Seems a few ships were taken by a new pirate tribe and we're going to get payment. Rules ofr engagments are simple. If they surrender, bring em to me for sentencing. We do NOT mistreat prisoners aboard my ship. Any captives found aboard a priate ship are to be sent straight to the Dragon and Sliveria as they're healer mages. Dragon needs work but decent. All spoils of a raid is split AFTER grounding the craft and in full view of the dcrew. Any arguments over loot and I'll take it for my ship. No exceptions. If none surrender, kill them all. If you hire one o my girls, and you do not respect them, I'll throw you overboard myself. if they conceive, then you're our newest fixed crewmate for her term. Fight it and it'll hurt. I give the orders board ships. My first mate is Marlina. Weapons master is Storm. Marine captain: Helgi. Quarter masters are Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Herillina, and Hellina. Your cabins are MY cabins and any damage will come outta your hides and pay. Same with any injury on my girls. AFTER we skin you alive. Silveria and Dragon are our flight healers. All weapons are to be cleaned and ready for battle at a moment's notice. Ya get all that Dragon? Good. As you were."
Tyler chuckled as Merilia's image vanished. Helluva an orientation. Silveria, huh? She's got me curious. He looked his gear over whistling when a tap was heard on his door,
"Ahoy Dragon, got a second?"
Tyler opened the door to see a tall man rubbing his arm.
"Hiya. Need a spell?"
the man smiled,
"Took a nasty jolt from the launch an Silveria's up with the captain. I'm Luke."
"I'mma just call you dragon."
"No arguments here. alright.; Healing Touch."
The man's arm glowed and he chuckled as he flexed it after.
"Thanks. feels great."
Luke was a tall man with a wiry frame and black hair with red eyes. His gear was a shortsword and buckler with a vest and shorts. Tyler chuckled.
"Try not to make friends with the ship. Seems she don't like you."
"ha. Thankee kindly."
He left and Tyler closed his door. There go me weekends. He stretched back out on the bunk looking at the alcove and swapped to a side view of the landscape and smiled as the towers of Drako were visible at their great height. I miss them. That's it. after I deal with Westonia I'll head to Drako and hug Yrisa. The thought of his little sister in his head he relaxed with his gear in hands' reach and the shield behind his head. The warrior looking at the passing landscape with the differing views when he flipped to the ground aimed one and spotted a familar wagon train moving along a road. Hi Wendy! He chuckled at the thought of the tough cowgirl. He dozed lightly for a few hours before the screen above his head flared to life with Merilia on it.
"Alright louts. We got our first target. It's a cataran. Four decks, 250 fighters and shaped like a sailing ship with rings. Just took out a merchant vessel half a sky from us and we're going to eat em. Dragon. Light the fire. This be a slaver vessel."
Tyler's eyes narrowed and he started gearing up.
"dragon. You're on the wedge with Helgi. Open a hole for the crew an we'll help thiose poor souls. All hands ready for battle."
Tyler sheathed his sword over his back and slammed his shield over his back. His pack he'd leave in the cabin while the healing potions he slotted into pockets in his vest in teeth range. the blunderpistol he holstered on his hip while the folded lance was in his quiver. He flipped the safeies off on his grapple gauntlets and his bow under his shield. Then he was walking along the hall as other sky sailors rushed about readying for battle. Tyler joined the amazon that was Helgi at the wedge and she smiled at the fire in his eyes.
"I see slavers are YOUR particular bane. Good. I break chains myself."
He smirked while rubbing a stone on his lancehead.
"Always fun dragging captors to hell before sending them there."
That put an evil grin on the hulking lady's face as Tyler looked at the sky ahead.
His vision exploded foreward like he was looking through a telescope but far clearer.
"See anything?"
The warrior looked around and spotted a large bulk in the air three kilometers ahead.
"Spotted a profile a degree starboard and a quarter of a sky ahead, Merilia. Not sure if our prey."
"Shape of the prow?"
"Bad angle. She's got her rear to us."
"Understood. See if you can get the angle."
"aye, aye."
Tyler killed his spell and moved to the otherside of the great wedge,
The ship in the distance was now slightly angled and he smirked.
"The prow's shaped like a sideways hammer. A rammer."
Merilia's laugh was full of excitement,
"That's the Sky Runner! All hands, prey sighted! Load the guns and stand ready to fire! Dragon, we're pulling alongside. Think you can get aboard?"
"I got grapel gauntlets for somethign that batshit insane, cap'n."
"How long the cables?"
"750 feet."
"HA. Strength?"
"I can lift three King tyrants per line."
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Sink a hook into the side and use the Sky dragon to pull it to the ground?"
"Ummm. Lad?"
He laughed at the fearful awe in her voice as she continued.
"There's madkap schemes, there's insane schemes, and then theres the deathwish schemes."
"Where did that fit in?"
"Raving idiot."
"Ha. I'm insane. Okay. Simple I board the ship alone and raise hell topside?"
He chuckled at the mild awe in her voice at his original plan. The captain was using a ship's intercom made from pipes poking from the ship to talk to the crew and him. Storm the weapon master came up and tossed hiom a pair of freshly forged colt revolvers.
"Here. Try em out lad."
He smiled as he aimed the sights.
"Perfect. You get a set?"
She patted her hips where the bigger caliber schofields he drew up were.
"Oh yeah. You ready for this?"
He smiled as they neared the priate ship.
"I love sexy chicks and big guns."
That got a loud yell from the crew of ladies as the ever idiotic warrior took a spot by the wedge and stood on the railing as they got closer. Storm smiled as she saw this.
"I think I might love that guy."
Tyler smiled as their prey came into clear view. it being a mere spanish galleon on rotating rings with a massive wedge on the prow and broadsides bristling with guns. He smirked as he saw the large paneled windows of the back of the ship.
"Hey Storm, toss me that long barrel."
She handed him the musket and Merilia was heard,
"Make it count lad. You're first shot."
Tyler smirked as he used farsight to get a good look at the windows. Only to spot a set of openi9ng panels with cannons being wheeled into place,
"Rear cannons!"
"Everyone brace!"
The warrior took aim and pulled the trigger at one of the panels. The ball flew right where he wanted it to and a large explosion rocked the enemy ship as he'd hit a powder barrel. he laughed as he tossed the spent rifle to a smirking Storm while the enemy ship burned with the smel;ls of gunpowder and burning flesh.
"I missed this smell! range 1000, captain! 250 more an i can go to hell!""
"All marines stand by to board. Dragon's the tip. Helluva shot by the way."
"Always keep your powder barrels offset to the cannon panels. Any decent sniper that knows cannons can hit them otherwise."
Storm and Helgi laughed at that one as Tyler liftedhis hand now,
"water slash!"
And his now triple blade of water slammed into a set of panels with the cannons. The goal to more flood the gun then damage the ship.
"Rear cannons soaked. They gon lit that fire."
"Clever. Range 600. Dragon, go!"
Tyler took aim with his gauntlet and fired the hook as the first cannons opened up on the Sky Dragon. The balls going right passed the smirking warrior to slam into the hull of the ship. The grappel impacted in the wood and Tyler leapt offthe edge to be pulled towards the anchor point by his right wrist. his left hand was aimed at the cannons as he zipped by,
The gout of flame setting the powder of the soaked cannons off; by which blowing another gapinghole in the enemy ship's hull. Storm looked at Falcone beside her att he reckless stunt.
"That guy is insane."
The quarter master nodded in awe.
"I think I fell in love again Storm."
Tyler smiled as he was rocketed aboard the ship and swung over the rail on the top deck to be faced by the enemy crew.
"Hiya! Paralyze!”
A good number of men dropped as Tyler pulled his golden dragon scale shield and sword out for his rush.
“Shield edge. Deep cut!”
The warrior dove into the fray with a grin as gunfire and cannonfire echoedin his ears and the ship swayed violently beneath his feet as he danced with an entire pirate crew close to fifteen miles above the ground. The first wave reached him and he spun a full circle with the shield and sword held outword severing heads and limbs in a whirlwind of death and a rain of blood as thye dragon went raiding.
“firebolt! Water Slash! Shield Smash!”
The spells and skills paying dividends as he cut through the first wave without a scratch before a mage lifted his staff,
“Dark Mist!”
“Sacred Site!”
His Holy spell negating the black magic as Tyler’s smile grew wider,
The enemy crew suddenly were moving at a snail’s pace as his movement slowing spell enshrouded the entire ship. The ever wily warrior then aimed at the cannons,
He blew a massive hole in the broadsides of the ship and created a hole for the4 sky dragon to get it’s wedge into for reinforcements. The enemy mages were then able to despell his Guardian and Tyler smiled as he swapped to his blunderpistol in a blink. The rushing crewmen screamed as he pulled the trigger that had the blast of pellets tear through their bodies and armor like glass through paper. The wounded ship fired another broadside at the highly nimble Sky Dragon but missed as Merilia’s skills at the helm were most impressive.
“Acid touch!”
The sudden spell shift threw the defendign mages for a loop and three were coated in his highly corhesive acid when he was launched into a wall with bonecrunching force from a blow from behind. The warrior’s vest and armor taking the brunt of the force but he still had blood on his face from a cut and a broken shield arm. he got up laughing as a mountain of a man wielding the single biggest hammer he’d ever seen readied for another swing.
Only for the ever ready Dragon to have a counter for such a situation. The man was frozen for a moment along with the mass of crew men as he tore a potion from his vest with his teeth that healed his arm and cuts to full. The ship lerched tot he side now as Sky Dragon rammed her and set her wedge.The top of the shroud dropped and the rest of the crew rushed to battle as Tyler and the bigger man squared off. Tyler circling with his shield and sword; the barbarian with his warhammer. Tyler smiling widely as his crewmates battled with the enemy crew. Helgi making paste out of people with her large mace that Storm was dancing around dual wielding her sabers. Luke had a sword and shield like Tyler and was working back to back with Falcon while Merilia sniped from the wedge of her ship with passed rifles. Tyler’s opponent swung his massive hammer in a wide arc that Tyler merely ducked under, as the man was 9 feet tall. The barbarian followed through with the swing to to jab at the crouching warrior’s shield, only for the passive skill of Bulwark to come into play and take the shot without knocking the wily warrior off balance. Tyler merely defelcted the fore to the side nad spun in that direction to slice the man’s calf with his sword. Only for the man’s own passive skill to activate and prevent a severing of the leg. Tyler reversed the grip on his sword and spun in a dodge that tore his sword free of the man’s wounded calf and had his shield up to deflect an over the head hammer blow. The warrior’s feet sank into the deck timbers under the sheer impact of the blow but thanks to his shield’s material, took zero damage. Tyler leapt to the side to avoid the followup jab and lunged into the opening that had him carving a slice from the hidden mail vest of the barbarian and drew blood on the ribs. The barbarian was quick and slammed bhis hammerhaft downward, carving a gash open on the warrior’s arm as he danced back. Tyler was smiling ear to ear as the blood flowed and so was the wounded barbarian. Then a mage from the Barbarian’s crew was seen,
“Healing touch!”
Tyler chuckled at that one as the hammer wielder was healed while the Sky Dragon’s healer was already busy.
“Okay. you wanna fight dirty. i’ll fight dirty.”
The man laughed and the battle was back on with Tyler sheathing his sword to unflick his lance. Then the warrior used his weapon’s longer reach to outmanuver the bigger man and his hammer to poke holes through his vest that COULDN’T be fixed with magic as the man now had to keep his distance or risk impalement on the questing lancetip. Tyler’s shield was always up to deflect the awkward glancing blows the man was now restricted to. Then the man lunged when he usually blocked and closed with the scrambling warrior. Tyler lifted the shield as the man dropped the hammer squarely onto the center boss with no angle for deflection. Tyler grunted att he impact but his faith in the shield paid off as it didn’t even get scratched while the barbarian’s hammer haft shattered liek glass under the extreme force. Tyler smiled as he ran the man through the middle with his lance.
“Always nice having an unbreakable shield.”
The man died skewered like a pig at a roast and the lance poking from his chest like a mast on a ship. Tyler tore it free and took another stance facing the stunned pirate crew,
“Who’s next?”
The pirates just dropped their weapons and lifted their hands in surrender. The Dragon chuckled.
“That’s what I thought.”
The Sky dragon crew got right to work with securing the 30 of so prisoners as Tyler headed to the cargo hold of the ship looking for the captives. Storm joined him with a large pack on her back. The weapon master was smiling ear to ear as the Sky Dragon cast lines and extended boarding planks to the captured craft.
“That was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen Tyler! That guy was like a bear with that hammer and you the wily wolf wearing him down!”
Tyler chuckled atthe gushing badass.
“Best fight in a very long time. Been too long since I actually had to try.”
They found the ladder heading to the cargo deck as Storm passed him a crystal on a necklace.
“Let’s us talk to the captain in here.”
“Neat trick.”
The duo decended to the cargo hold and Tyler sighed as he heard telltale whimpers inside.
“We’re gonna need potions down here, Capn.”
“Silveria’s on her way.”
Tyler tore the wooden door off it’s hinges to reveal the cargo hold. He sighed as he saw the three dozen caes pacjed solid with naked captives. men, women and children all crammed into the things and covered in the spew of their trip. Storm grimanced.
“Full complement, Captain. We got a big one.”
Tyler hopped down the stairs to the floor and sighed as he stepped in the shit, piss and filth of the hold.
“Alright people. We’re gonna get you outta here. We got spells, potions and bad jokes to go around. The Sky Dragon’s gotchya.”
There was a mass of prayers of thanks and gratitude as the warrior got to picking locks and shattering chains as Storm handed out potions. Tyler casting his own spell as he went too. The rescues were all lining up as a tall girl with grey hair appeared in the doorway of the hold.
“Oh my Light. Here. Sorry I took so long! Holy Care!”
Tyler watched as close to thirty people at once were healed of their wounds and illnesses. As they did he got a good look at the ship healer. She wasn’t as tall as he was with back length silver hair and eyes that reminded him of his queen. Her skin was white and her bust rather large on her petite frame. She was garbed in a tight fitted denim vest that added lift to her large bust while leaving her stomach open. her pants were thick hide with a pair clicking heeled boots. she was dashing from group to group casting her very high pwoer healing magic with a cute look of concern on her face as she did so. So that’s Silveria? She’s pretty.
“She’s not a Dove.”
He blinked at Merilia’s flat tone.
“Did i say that out loud?”
“Ya did.”
“Damn. She reminds me of Vulpine.”
“Ah. Good man. And she gets that alot. Some even think they’re related.”
“Hm. Are they?”
“No one knows. She don’t even know. her parents were killed before she could meet them. And she was tossed around from place to place for most of her growing years.”
“Hmm. I got a picture of Vulpine. I’ll look into it.”
“Because I want to. Plus if my hunch is right, my little sister gets another sister.”
“That’s all?”
Merilia sighed as Tyler walked over to the silver haired girl.
“If she rebukes your advances,-”
“Not interested. She reminds me of Vulpine, looks liek emily.”
“Good answer.”
The warrior walked over as the girl finished her casting. He smiled.
“That’s a neat spell. where’d ya get it?”
The girl jumped.
“Eep! sorry, You scared me.”
She looked at him smiling and he chuckled.
“Hi. I’m Tyler.”
“Nice to meet you! I’m Silveria. i saw you in the fight and you were so awesome!”
Oh yeah. Those cheeks, and that smile? She’s Emily’s sister alright. No way in HELL is she not. Not with those cheeks. He smiled.
“Thanks. Where’d you get that spell?”
“Oh, Holy Care? I found it in a magic shop in Drako on a visit. Like it?”
“Hell yeah. My healing touch is decent but being able to heal an area is a better option.”
She nodded like a sycohphant appeasing ehr master.
“I love the healing arts. I’m useless as a fighter but my healing spells are very potent.”
“I saw. hey. I gotta question that is bugging the hell outta me.”
She tilted her head with an qadorable look of confusion.
“What is it?”
“Are oyu related to the Queen? That hair is kinda rare.”
She smiled warmly.
“I don’t THINK so. I don’t know too much about my family. But thanks for the complement.”
“Hmm. Hold still a sec.”
He lifted his crystal and she watched as he pulled a photo of the Queen up and did a side by side.
“I thought so. Look here.”
the now on edge girl looked att he picture and he pointed to the cheekbones.
“See her cheeks? You got the exact same jaw and skull structure. That’s no coincidence as the only way to get that is hereditary.”
She started shaking and he led her to the side out of sight of the captives as they were escorted from the hold. Silveria looked at him in utter shock.
“I see it too. Is she my mother?”
“Her eyes are green. Your’s are silver and the king’s were red. My guess? Maybe her sister. Emily’s eyes are green as well.”
The girl leaned on a crate as he looked more preclsely at her face.
“Hmm. Yeah. That cheek and the jaw is definitely Vulpine’s, but the skin is half a shade lighter and the eyes a different color. hell, even your silver is a shade darker. Soo niece at worst, unknown child at best. I’ll ask her next letter I send her.”
He took a photo of her and she looked at him in utter emotion.
He smiled at her breathy question.
“It was bugging me. Plus, well, I love my wife so if she has more family outt here she doesn’t know of, I’d liek to help her. And my little sister would love another big sister.”
That made her smile on reflex.
“She cute?”
“Ahhh. Princess Sparkles! here.”
He pulled a photo of Yrisa up and showed her.
“Awww! She’s adorable! She’s a forest elf?”
“Yup. Her mother, lyris, picked me as her chosen One after I rescued them. i married the queen and now she’s Princess Sparkles.”
“Why do I suddenly feel like you married the queen just to give her that?”
He blinked at her teasingly accusing tone.
“Oh damn. I did not think a that. Unexpected bonus!”
She laughed before hugging him hard.
“If you’re right, thank you. if not, thanks for trying.”
He held her warmly with a smile.
“sure. If I’m wrong, I’ll do some more digging.”
“For your sister?”
“An you. I know what it’slike. Growing up without a family. Sucks.”
She smiled as the silver haired girl stepped back.
“It wasn’t all bad. I met merilia.”
“That’s a win. I think.”
“Hey! She’s nice!”
“Sure, sure. Come on Tinsel, let’s get back to work.”
“Sorry. All the good silver nicknames got claimed already.”
“Come on.”
He and the now irritated girl walked out to rejoin the workers. She heading off to look after the crew and he contacted merilia.
“No way is that girl NOT related to the queen, Merilia. No way in HELL.”
The captain was quick.
“You’re that certain after one conversation?”
“Her entire face is a near perfect copy of Vulpine’s. the shades being the only difference and that can be chalked to sisters. Or a niece.”
“How certain are you?”
“You have a way to contact her?”
“I do. And it’s risky.”
“Certain enough to call her outta the blue.”
“Why are you so fixated on her like this?”
“My thing. I smell a secret and want to know what it is.”
“If it’s a painful secret?”
“I force it to heal. e amazed what can happen when ya got someone in your corner that will never hold anything against you and has you back.”
“I love that sentiment.Alright. Report to the helm.”
“Aye, aye Captain. Until I talk to Vulpine and get her side, let’s keep the news from Silveria till we get a yes or no.”
The warrior headed to the helm as the rest of the crew handled the work. The helm of the Sky Dragonw as located in the stern at the bottom of a set of stairs. Tyler walked into a large room built in a fan shape that had a large table set against the left hand wall and a bed in the same wall. In the center of the room was the ships’ steering with magical screens showing the front of the ship’s wedge and all the handles needed to fly the ship. Merilia was standing by a crystal ball as Tyler walked over. She sighed.
“You better be right about this, Tyler. Vulpine doesn’t liek to be bothered.”
“She’s my wife. Watch. ten gold says she’ll ask if I called her on this just to see her.”
“You’re on. Vulpine.”
The queen appeared on a magical image as before and burst out laughing as she saw Tyler beside the captain.
“Tyler! did you bully her into using this just to see me?”
The captain slid him ten gold and tyler chuckled.
“Love you too Vulpine. Gotta question for ya.”
She blinked.
“Yeah it’s a doozy. You have any siblings?”
Now sensing something nasty the queen’s eyes narrowed.
“No. I don’t. Mother died years ago and so did Father. Why?”
“I’m not gonna say anything. Just look.”
he sent the picutre of Silveria over and Vulpine gasped as she saw the image.
“It can’t be. who is she, Tyler?”
“Her name’s Silveria. And that’s all we know. Look at her cheek Vulpine.”
“I see it. that girl is related to me. No way in HELL she isn’t. Not with that face and hair. it’s a dominent triat of my line as we got it from Yoko the goddess of foxes herself.”
“is there a spell or something we can use to test for royal blood?”
“There is. it’s called Accension and can be cast through the image. Get her Tyler. I need answers.”
Merilia summoned the girl and she came running.
“Silveria. Vulpien wants a look at you.”
The girl walekd over and did a quick dip,
“Your grace.”
The queen smiled.
“You’re a sweet thing aren’t you?”
Tyler smiled.
“Yrisa plus Emily.”
“Adorable. Sweetie, tell me everything you know of your parents please.”
“Yes ma’am. I know very little. All I know for certain is they died before I was old enough to remember them. From what the ones what raised me said, they were both promient people with silver hair. They died not long after and that was the last i got for my years.”
“The first family, did they have names?”
“They were Lupin Lycandine and his wife Lupia.”
Tyler blinked.
“Names for wolves?”
Vulpine sighed.
“Another branch of royalty decended from the god of wolves Fenrir. Yoko’s sister/ bitter rival. They bicker most viciously sometimes while other times are the best of friends. Okay. Silviera, I’m going to cast a spell as I agree with my husband. You have some relation to myself and I need to know what it is. If you glow vivid silver, you’re my own daughter. Any shade darker and you’re a relation. Brighter and you’re closer. Understand?”
She nodded nervously.
“Yes ma’am. will it hurt?”
“No. Just mnake you glow. Are you ready?”
“I am. Please.”
Vulpine lifted her hand,
Silveria glowed bright silver like she was made from chrome. Tyler frowned hard as he saw this and Vulpine was shaking hard at this developement. the glow ended and the queen had a most shaky voice as she answered the question.
“With that glow, which is a goddess spell that is used strictly to identify royalty of my line and so NEVER wrong, it names you as MY daughter.”
Tyler patted the girl to halt her flipout.
“Yet she’s younger then emily.”
“Which is why I’m so scared. Emily is close to 350 years old. Yet Silveria is a mere 150. And I have no recollection of a birth or a term in that timeframe.”
The warrior rubbed his chin.
“IS there a healer temple in the city that can check your body?”
She nodded.
“There is. I’ll send for a spell immediately. Something is very wrong here and I WILL get an answer. Scarlett. Go.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“Once I’m done in Westoria, I’ll head to drako for a week.”
“We’ll expect you.”
Tyler looked at a nearly fainting Silveria as the stress of the situationw as getting toher. So he slapped her on the back with force.
“No passing out before the big finish. Got it?”
She smiled gratefully.
“Thanks. I’m alright now.”
Merilia smirked.
“I had to fight not to shoot you.”
Vulpine smiled.
“Nice to see you’re still my jackass.”
“Love you too, Vulpine. Shoukda seen the fight to take the pirate ship an hour ago.”
Merilia smirked.
“We record them to better learn from our mistakes.”
“250 gold for a copy.”
“Wow. I was GOING to give it to you for free.”
“Oh. Thanks!”
He took it and looked at Vulpine. She smiled.
“Send it with the next letters and gifts. we’ll watch it together.”
“I miss you guys so much. Hug Yrisa tightly for me, okay?”
“She’s more or less invaded my room now. I like her. She’s warm.”
“She’s princess sparkles. whaddya expect?”
“Love you too.”
The maid returned and Vulpine addresses an unseen person,
“Not a word of what we speak of. On your oath as a healer to Lyrian.”
“I swear on my Devotion to the Life. how may I assist Milady?”
“I need a progeny spell. i suspect tampering has occured.”
“Yes ma’am. Progeny.”
Merilia answered the unasked question as the queen glowed.
“It tells a woman how many births she’s given, how many times she’s concieved, if she can still concieve and if the births were successful.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Neat trick.”
The glow died and the lady’s voice was heard again,
“Milady, it would seem you have given birth twice. And are still very fertile.”
“Can youtell me when the births were?”
“Yes milady. One was 350 years ago and the other was 150 years ago.”
Tyler frowned.
“Are memory spells a thing, Vulpine?”
She looked at him,
“Yes. But are strictly forbidden. To use such a thing in my country, is grounds for a hanging.”
“And to BREAK a memory spell?”
She gasped.
“You don’t think?”
“I’m thinking that bastard king made an early play against you. Just to see if he could. Or. A royal kidnapping occured, was botched, and the memories was removed. That one doesn’t hold water though.”
“Cast the Purity spell.”
The queen glowed again and there was a sound of glass breaking followed by a low gasp of utter shock as the queen looked at Silveria in a mix of shock and joy.
“It’s true. The king took you from me to better secure his place in my queendom as sinxce I now had two princesses, his role was even more greatly diminished.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Why doesn’t Emily remember her? she woulda een 200 years by then.”
“She wasn’t present for the term. That year she went to stay with my still living mother as they were very close. I wanted to surprise her with a new sister and the queendom as well with a new princess. Why i wasn’t seen much outside the palace at that time. Everyone just thought I misscarried the child when my time came and she vanished.”
The queen had tears of joy in her eyes as she looekd at the silver haired girl.
“But she’s been found at last. Her real name was Vulpinia Silvershroud. Second princess iof all Mossilia.”
Tyler crossed his arms now.
“There’s still something poking me about this. Like I’m missing pieces to this puzzla and they’re still in the box somewhere. That spell, howm hard is it to cast like that?”
Vulpine sighed.
“Easier then you’d think. Drakis was more hten capable of casting it himself. And he did. After the birth he asked to hold her and that was when the spell was cast.”
The warrior looked at a shaking Silveria.
“So. You’re a princess.”
She looked at him then to Merilia then to the queen.
“Yes Silveria. I’m your mother.”
She had tears well up in her eyes now and Merilia grabbed her as she sobbed tears of joy and amazement that her mother and family had bheen found. Tyler smiled as he looked at an also tearful Vulpine.
“I’m so happy I’m a nosy bastard.”
The queen smiled.
“I love you too. And I’ll surprise Emily and Yrisa with it in the morning after we’ve slept on this and let our hearts settle.”
Silveria sniffed now and hugged Tyler.
“Thank you. And I’d like to ask you about them.”
He stroked her soft silver hair soothingly.
“Sure thing sis.”
hse looekd at him in shock and he chuckled.
“I married the queen, remember? You’re too close in age for me to call daughter, right?”
She smiled.
“Brother then. Not lover?”
“You’re beautiful, but seems odd to sleep with my wife’s daughter.”
“Good man.”
They laughed at Merilia’s smirk. Silveria smiled as well.
“I have a mother, two sisters, and a brother. My heart hurts.”
“Go lay down for an hour before you startto process this one, okay?”
“Can I use your bunk?”
“Sure. Blanket’s tyrant and the pillow’s father of the forest.”
“BAstard. that bunk’s more comfy then my bed.”
He chuckled at Vulpine’s irritation.
“I’ll get you a bearfur blanket too Vulpine.”
“You better. i tried yrisa’s and love it.”
Silveria looked at the Queen,
“I need to....spend some time with my heart before I really can do anything, your grace. Is it okay if I use this to clal again, milady?”
“Of course. We all need to take a bit to recollect after this one. I for one am going to take a hot bath with Yrisa.”
“before that Vulpine, get a VERY thorough look over for any more spells or other such bullshit we didn’t think of.”
“I will, Tyler. Thank you again.”
“I love you.”
She smiled warmly.
“I love you too. Once our hearts settle, I’d like to see you, Silveria. if possible.”
“I’d like to as well, your grace. Captain?”
Merilia smiled.
“Tyrannica to Drako has some of the best pirate hunting grounds in Mossilia’s sky. Dragon. You said you had business in westonia?”
“I do. And before you ask, I have no idea how long it’ll take. Best case, three days. worst, months.”
“We usually layover in a city for a few weeks after a hard flight like this. So we’ll give you 5 weeks to get the job done and return as we’ll fly you to Drako.”
“Thanks, Merilia. for now though.”
He looked at Vulpine.
“I love you. And see about spell absorbing passive skills or weekly checks for screwjobs.”
She glared at him now.
“I will. I lost a daughter to this shit. Now I’m angry. I’ll see you soon, Tyler. Thank you. Silveria? Take care.”
She left and Silveria went to his bunk to take a needed nap after the mess. Merilia light a cigeratte aqs they took a breath.
“From a mere curiosity, we found a lost princess and a nasty conspiricy to steal her from the queen just to hurt her. a fairy tale if ever I heard one.”
Tyler took a swig from a bottle of rum she passed him.
“Be amazed what can be found from simply asking, hey, what’s over there? And once again I am convinced I killed that bastard FAR too slowly.”
“I heard the tale. And I agree. LEast he’s dead.”
“That’s a plus i suppose. Well. Silveria’s a fox princess, Yrisa’s got a new big sister, and Emily a new younger sister. Vulpine got her daughter back and I got a new fox for a sister. Weird country Mossilia. But fun.”
Merilia smirked as she took a drag.
“I heard that. You’ll have Silveria with you tonight?”
He took a swig.
“Most likely. That girl needs cuddle support. And name a better rock to cuddle with than the guy with the unbreakable shield.”
“HA. Can’t argue that logic. A strange thing it is. Knowing we’ve bene skysailin for the last few decades with the queen’s daughter.”
“She’s still Silveria. That won’t change.”
“No. I suppose it won’t. Good on ya. and well done in that battle, Tyler. I got the numbers while you were chatting. helgi put your kills at 75 head alone with the captain of the ship a claimed kill. plus the sheer damage done to the enemy ship? that stunt with the broadside was brillant by the way. Try to do that type of thing each time since it helps out wedge work wonders.”
“Sure thing Cap’n. Just be careful you dopn’t split the ship in half by accident.”
“fairly warned. I was worried about that myself. We’ll be splitting loot in an hour.”
“The cpatives?”
“We have the bunks for up to a thousand captives as we primarily hunt slave ships. There had a mere 350. When we’re full we land at the nearest dock to unload them.”
“Got it. I’ll go power down for an hour.”
“Look after Silveria. She’s a sister to my crew.”
He nodded and headed to his bunk. what the FUCK just happened? I was expecting a cousin or a niece! not a long lost daughter from a bastardized plotline from total recall! Eh. whatever. This world STILL has no idea what pacing is. He reached the door and tapped a knuckle,
“Silveria? You halfway decent in there?”
“Ha, ha. Come in.”
He walked in to find her cuddling his pillow in his bunk. She smiled as he set his gear down.
“Need to rest too?”
He smiled while setting his gear down.
“Kinda. You okay?”
She rolled onto her back and he saw she’s removed her vest and chainmail to lay in a thin breast cloth that did a poor job of hiding her melons.
“More....stunned. I meet you, and three hours later i’m a princess? Things kinda happened fast.”
He sighed.
“I heard that. Mind if I join you?”
“It’s your bunk. Just don’t crush me in here.”
He laid beside her and found they had room to lay side by side looking at the crew cleaning the mess on the magical screen.
“When’s Merilia splitting loot?”
“An hour.”
“Good. I’d like to try an sleep for a bit.”
“I got cuddles.”
She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm under her neck.
“Thanks. I think....I’ll stay here tonight. Since you know them best and are my brother now. Feels weird, having family and saying that.”
“I got a fox for a sister. t6ry it from my end.”
“I thought I was tinsel?”
“Now you’re a Fox. Silver nicknames are fun and cute an all, but I have more fun with the fox thing.”
She blushed a little at that before closing her eyes.
“Thank you.”
“Sure tihng Sis. And try NOT to get killed by Yrisa’s first hug, okay?”
“No promises. she seems dangerous.”
He chuckled at that truth.
"Extremely. But the adorable dangerous."
The pair relaxed and dozed off like that. Silveria with her head on his shoulder and him on his back.
"Hey. Dragon."
he opened his eyes to see Merilia on the magic screen,
"Sup Capn?"
"Report to top deck for loot splitting."
"Aye, aye."
She was gone and he looked at Silveria beside him. The siler haired medic asleep on her side with her face in his chest. Cute. He nudged her and she sat up with wide pink eyes.
"That time?"
"Merilia wants us for loot splitting."
"Okay. damn. You're comfy."
"Thanks. You're warm."
The pair geared up again and headed to the fighting deck. Silveria smiled as they climbed the ladder.
"What's Vulpine like?"
"Warm, imperious, beautiful and fun. she puts on the front in the court of imperious and fearless command. Behind closed doors? She's very kind and just has this way about her that says HEY. This is MY house."
"Sounds intense."
"She is. One of the reasons I love her so much is she's sure of herself."
"Like you just with a brighter smile."
"Something in my teeth?"
"Not like that. Your smile is warm, happy and loving. Hers is full of life, energy and sweetness. You fight on a pirate hunter aso you got more steel too."
She smiled as they climbed from thehatch and joined the crew around a ten foot pile of looted coins, weapons, armor, spells, potions, fancy clothes and other valuables. Merilia smiled as he and Silveria took spots in the crew.
"Alright everyone. would you agree the Dragon was the best in the fight?"
Storm stepped forward.
"We would. He killed 75 men and the captain alone. And created our boarding piont as well as being the first boarder."
The captain nodded.
"Then he gets first crack at the loot. Dragon. Take your picks. just remember we want stuff too."
He chuckled and went to look at the gear on hand.
"Were we able to get that skill off the captain that healed him midfight?"
"Helgi shook her head.
"Alas not. That one wasn't able to be taken."
"Damn. Only thing of the top my head i could use. Hmm. Coin I'll take 50 gold and call it good."
Merillia nodded.
The warrior took the coins and looked at the spells looted. Hmm. I need a wide are effect spell now. Let's see.....oh. Lightning surge. I have that thunder spell. Lightning surge. Cost 50 mana. Sends a massive bolt of electricity at up to four targets and jumps to four more targets per intial hit. Effective linebreaker. Icon is a forked lightning bolt. I'll take that one. Hello. Cindery Hell? Metal as hell name. Cost is 45 mana. Shoots a cone of fire from the hands or weapon. useful for wide ranging fire attacks. icon is a burning sword. also a weapon buff. Neat. Next up is...Ocean Shot? 15 mana and shoots a gout of water like a spear at a single target. Icon is a watery spear. That'll do it. He lifted the spells and Merillia nodded again.
"Agreed. And terrifying."
Tyler then looked at the armor and weapons on hand before shrugging.
"I got nothing. Oh. potions."
Silveria chuckled as he claimed two healing potions, two yellow stamina potions, and two blue mana potions. Happy he slotted the 4 inch canisters in his vest pouches before looking at the pile. Now something for Yrisa. Oh thats pretty. he walked over and lifted a sapphire necklace. The gem sparkling in the sun and matched her eyes to perfection. Some sparkles for Sparkles. Now is Vulpine and Lyris. Oh. That works. He pulled a sapphire ring from the pile for Lyris before spotting a sterling silver and emerald pendant. Next he also claimed a gold and emerald necklace for Vulpix and a pink sapphire ring for Leerus. Happy he looked at Merillia,
"Agreed. And good man."
"Ha. I spoil them. And not a word dammit."
The ladies laughed and he looked at the pile.
"Alright. I'm good."
Merillia lifted an eyebrow.
"Are you sure? Once you step away you get no say."
"I am. I don't really need much."
Falcion chuckled.
"With an unbreakable shield an swod, guess not."
"I got my family. Everything else just helps me protect them."
That made them smile as Tyler wrapped the jewelery in some soft bear fur wrappings as Silveria smiled as he stood beside her.
"Nothing for Emily?"
"Not really. I'll see if something in Tyrannica catches my eye."
"Such a good brother!"
"I gotta spoil them a lot ya know? They love me for some freakin reason!"
That got a round of rowdy laughter from the ladies around them and Storm smirked.
"KEEP that mindset kid!"
The rest of the crew got shares as Tyler added the spells to his arsenal. Then he saw the pirate ship was still tethered to the Sky Dragon and he looked at Falcon beside him.
"That thing gettign scuttled?"
The quarter master nodded as she looked her new sword over.
"Yup. Once we're done with it we'll pull back to a safe distance and hit it with a piercing broadside. Then relay the crash site to our scrappers on the ground. After that we repair and rearm then head out for the next one!"
"Merillia said the captives will be dropped off at the nearest port once we run out of space, right?"
"That's how we usually do it. Sometimes they sign on as haqnds to repay debts for rescuing them."
"Makes sense. hey that sword's got a hairline fracture."
She frowned.
"Where? I can't see it."
He pointed att he nearly invisible line on the spine of the scimitar.
"Here. See?"
The teal eyed lady grumbled as she saw it.
"Dammit. I liked this one too!"
"See if storm can't reforge it."
"Argh. She usually makes me fuck her for those. But fine."
He chuckled at that one as she walked off to find the one eyed weapon master. The warrior looked and saw Silveria come over with a new cloak of deep blue she'd found and smiled at him.
"Supper's in an hour. They'll scuttle the ship in ten minutes."
He nodded and they took spots by the railing to watch as the order was given and the Sky Dragon pulled away after the tethers were cut. Merilia at the helm while they got to the safe distance,
"Drop her!"
The cannons bellowed and the pirate ship started falling from the sky in a slow decent as her rings were destroyed. The warrior loving the red and yellow lights of the flames as the ship fell.
Silveria chuckled at his excitement as the ship slammed into the ground with a dull explosion. The pair left the the deck then and headed to the mess hall for grub. They getting trays of ale, tyrant burgers and some crispy chicken meat to unwind with. Tyler devouring his meal in seconds and was sipping his ale as Silveria smiled beside him.
"We'll hit three more ships before we reach Tyrannica."
"Sounds fun. I kinda like playin pirate hunter."
The silver haired girl nodded enthuastically as the ship got moving again seeking fresh prey. The friends were fed and they returned to his cabin to recover from a well fought battle. Well. After tey took baths that was. Tyler using his water spell and fire spells to fill and heat the bath forthe crew before cleaning the blood off his frame. Happy he returned to the cabin with Silveria. The tired pair resting in his bunk after he pulled the curtain over the opening and casting guardian. she smiled at this.
"Kinda. Been saved twice by that spell."
She nodded and blushed at something.
"I sleep topless."
"So do I. I won't attack you."
The girl smiled with relief.
"Thanks. Just wanted to hear it."
They fell silent and he looked his coin over now while she dozed beside him. I did a lot today. All told i got 3,397 gold, 45 silver, 60 copper. For spells I have Firebolt, mist shot, water slash, Acid shot, Guardian, Farsight, Sacred Site, Rank, Stun, healing touch, Paralyze, Lightning surge, Cindery Hell, ocean shot and In think that's it. Skills i got Bulwark, Inspect, Great pierce, shield smash, shield edge, deep cut, and I think that's it as well. Hm. Nifty toolbox. He looked beside him and saw Silveria running a comb through her silver hair and smiled at the pretty sight. He took his shirt and mail off to lay flat in the bed and she smiled beside him as they relaxed in silence. The ship wore down and Falcon was heard walking down the hall,
"Lights out, heads down louts!"
Tyler chuckled as Silveria removed her own tops and sighed happily as her large breasts flopped free.
"SOOO much. I hate wearing shirts actually."
"Could just get an enchanted open vest."
"I could. But Merilia told me to keep them safe."
He smiled as they got comfy under the tyrant blanket and she pressed against him.
"Night Tyler."
"Night Silveria."

DAY 13.
GOLD: 3,397 SILVER: 45. COPPER: 60.

Tyler woke to see Silveria asleep beside him in the crook of his bent arm. Her bare breasts pressed enjoyably into his chest as she slept. She's pretty. Emily's going to LOVE her! He rubbed her warm belly and she woke with a smile.
"That tickles!"
"Morning foxy. You're cuddly."
He rubbed her belly more and she laughed at the teasig.
"Stop! That tickles1 Hahhahahahaha!"
He tormented her a bit longer before letting her off the hook and she grumbled good naturedly.
"Brute. Attacking a girl for tickles first thing in the morning."
"You were laughing, though."
They laughed and she stretched in a wya they flopped and her back cracked. Then she smiled at him.
"Thanks for letting me stay."
He patted her back.
"Sure thing sis. I got a hug if you ever need it."
"I might just abuse that. An I'll see Vulpine after the job. I think I need to know her."
He nodded and they got dressed. Though she grumbled for real as she pulled her shirt on.
"I hate these things."
"They so do not suit you."
"right? they make my nipples itch."
The friends headed tothe mess deck where they had tyrant bacon and some Mossilia bean coffee. Tyler finding it tasted like mocha and chocolate mixed with a hint of peanutbutter. Starbucks coulda learned a thing or two on good coffee here. Breakfast eaten, Silveria headed to check on the captives while tyler went to the fighting deck and sat by the wedge enjoying his first flight. The ground was crusing by a decepetively slow pace that came from high altitude. The grasslands and forests of Mossilia blooming outward like a quilt of green and brown that seemed infinite. Tyler smiled as he looked to the side and saw a large mountain range in the distance while tot he south was the massive Wyvernia Tree that was visible for miles at that height. The warrior looked tot he waste and frowned as he spotted another aircraft in the sky.
His vision enhanced he got a look at the second craft. Namely it's wide bow and collection of ridges on the hulls.
"Captain, starbaord side half sky. See that?"
Merillia was quick.
"I do, Dragon. She's not appearing on our Scans."
He smirked.
"Raiders. They came to us this time."
"I think you got an idea."
"Playing possum?"
"And have us open up at the last second?"
"Shape of the craft isn't right for a slave craft Captain."
"Corsair, falcon?"
"My guess, Captain. Those ridges are for brtoadside ramming and stickin."
Tyler tilted bhis head.
"Why are they just sitting there? They're kinda blatant for scouts."
Merillia was heard frowning.
"That is odd now you say it. Balls, sing out."
"We got a craft under the ship Capn! She came outta nowhere!"
Tyler smiled widely.
"Twofer. I like it. Fuck going possum. Let's go to hell!"
Merilia laughed.
"Battle stations! All hands prepare to repel boarders! Dragon! Get pissed!"
"I only got one setting!"
the ship exploded into motion and Tyler grabbed a set of loaded rifles off the wall mounts as the further off ship fired strongarms at them with a percieved range advantage. Tyler smiled as he lifted his hand,
"firebolt! magic's got no range!"
His spell arced high as the Sky Dragon's cannons opened up as well. Under the ship the ball turrets were firing at the nimble craft below. Tyler's spell was defelcted with a water spell and he smirked while pulling his bow.
"Mist Shot."
"You can reach that?"
He chuckled as Storm and Flacon took up spots beside him.
"Easily. String's tyrant and so is the bow."
Tyler fitted five arrows to his string.
"Mist shot, mist shot, mist shot, and Cindery Hell."
The ladies laughed as he stacked arrow spells.
"Great pierce."
He aimed skyward and let fly. They gaped as the five arrows became 100 with them all enhanced by fire and piercing with most being next to invisible against the sky due to their mist color. Tyler chuckled as the far off ship got peppered by flaming and pericing arrows before a large explosion rocked it and the cannons went silent.
"Lame duck established. We got a bit before she gets her balls back Capn!"
"You are a scary ARCHER MAGE, Dragon. Heads up, fighter two is climbing the stairs!"
Tyler had the first rifle ready,
"Great Pierce."
Storm smirked as she got a spell as well.
"You are an evil genius. 45 gold."
"You free?"
"Oh yeah."
"Cool. I'll have ya tonight then."
"Me too."
He smirked as Falcon imposed and Storm chuckled.
"90 for a pile."
"Quality pay for quality girls."
"Wow. ONE deafening yell woulda done the job ladies."
They laughed as the second craft appeared and Tyler smirked.
"See that bulge at the rear of the main hull?"
Storm and Falcon smirked as well.
"Snipers! Fire at the Dragon's mark!"
The pellts punched right through the metal reinforced wooden hull and the entire back of the small craft exploded as her engine's fuel supply was hit. the rings were keeping her aloft, but that was all she could do. Tyler hefted his shield,
"Can i say hi?"
"All hands prepare to board! Dragon, take the smaller craft."
"Got it."
The warriro ran at the railing and leapt overboard while firing his grapple. The thing slamming into the wood of the ship before he was pulled smiling to the railing. he vaulted over in a seamless motion with the shield up and it deflected a volley of rifle fire as his sword came out. Then the Dragon smiled widely at the 45 or so fighters aboardthe narrow plane.
"Well gentlemen. Let's dance! I'll lead! Thunder Surge!"
The lightning spell was blocked by a mage holding a white staff.
"Holy Rebuke!"
Tyler tilted his head and found when he went to cast Firebolt it wouldn't let him.
"Okay that's new. eh."
He pulled the dual colts from his belt then and started firing. the mage being the first one to go as the dual wiedling gunslinger blew twelve heads away with twelve shots. Then his sword and shield were up to take the mad rush as the enemy crew attacked. Tyler smiled as his passive skills prevented him from moving under the force of the extreme charge while he activated a skill.
"Shield edge. Shield Smash."
He flicked the thing forward and it shattered the thrusting lances of the crew, opening a hole the warrior used to make a lunge of his own. Tyler swinging his now razor sharp shield and sword in awide circle that left men and women screaming minus limbs and bleeding out. he spotted another mage waving a wand at him and he kicked a fallen dagger at her. The wand went off and engulfed four of her own crewmates in melting acidic liquid that he winced.
"Okay that's nasty."
The crew had to avoid the now hazardous section of deck as Tyler leaned into his shield stance smiling as the Sky Dragon attacked the second craft alone. The Warrior smiled wider and rushed the crew head on now and thrust the sword around the kiteshield to impale a caught-by-surprise axeman in the middle. He revresed his grip while deflecting a sword with the shield to spin another vicious circle that sawed the man clean in half and sent the resulting blood spray into the eyes of close to ten more crew. Blinding them in a most nasty manner. Tyler lifted a large blunderpistol ferom the dead man's belt and fired it into a group before diving into the fray for the next spin. His attacks like a wolf taking a single target with tghe sword, while his shield was the wolf's packmate covering his side and flank with the spin of the warrior being the third wolf leaping over the attcking pair to take the third target down with the fangs of the first two. Then the warrior regrouped behind his shield to block and deflect attacks like a regrouping pack. Then the cycle repeated again with the warrior fully abusing his unbreakable shield and sword to cut the enemy crew to pieces. he'd just rant he last man through when he took a shot to the back from another shield. He was launched forward into the railing before recovering and finding himself faced with a tall woman holding a blue scale shield and holding a golden mace. She smirked as she struck a stance with her three foot round shield at an angle and the mace ready for a nasty swing.
"Well, well. The mighty Dragon. It'll be fun to face you. They call me Tiger."
He smirked and took his own stance with the sword hidden behind his shield.
"The Dragon and the Tiger. Read that in a book somewhere."
"As have I. we all know who'll win here."
"Agreed. So I accept your surrender."
She smirked.
"The arrogant Dragon."
"The Overconfident Tiger. Tell me. Who would walk away from this battle?"
They locked eyes and Tyler smirked. Tiger sighed and lowered her mace.
"You would. I know my strength and you outmatch it. I surrender."
"Alright. That's a first."
The woman hung her mace on her belt and he tilted his head at her shield.
"That a dragon shield?"
"It's blue dragon scale. My mace is Yellow dragon scale."
"Nasty hardware."
She smirked knowingly as Sky Dragon won her fight as well. Tyler leaned on a railling to ontact Merilia.
"Report, capn."
"She's ours?"
"Yup. 39 killed. 1 prisoner."
"Understood. we'll be done here in half an hour. The prisoner secure?"
Tyler looked over att he woman and she shrugged.
"Yup. She's the captain."
"Called herself the Tiger. we all know what happens when a Tiger Pisses off a Dragon."
"Ah. So it seems cats CAN learn. Keep her secure we'll be done soon."
The warrior looked at the woman closely now. She was half a head shorter then he was with sleek black hair that hung to her shoulders and tanned skin. her eyes were green and her lips full. She was well built with a visible sixpack of abs and well cut arms and legs from years in the air. her bust was modest and her ass round. The woman was gard in a three button vest that left a large portion of her belly exposed while showing off her slight cleavage. Her legs were sheathed in skintight tights that seemed more for show then comfort and spiked boots on her feet. She smirked at his look over.
"Sorry. You couldn't afford it."
The lady leaned on a railing now to watch the Sky Dragon work the other craft over.
"Hm. I guess I'll give land rovin another go. been a few centuries since I been on the ground."
He chuckled at that one.
"This your craft?"
"Nope. Was that guy there's. I was just the ship weapon master. name's Talon."
The warrior smirked at her mysterious tone.
"I'm not hard to find. usually."
"Good. I'll be sure to visit then."
He looked over as a loud explosion rang out to see the Sky Dragon pulling away from the other craft as she fell from the sky. Tyler smiled.
"Well. Looks like our time alone's up."
"That it does."
She tossed him a curved dagger of a blue scale metal and he spun it into his blet.
"I'll be seeing you. Soon."
"Same here Talon. Paralyze."
She was frozen as the Sky Dragon pulled alongside and extended the ramps and planks. Talon was taken to a single person brig for later drop off. The ship was looted and Tyler watched while sipping a canteen of some sweet drink from the Sky Dragon's deck with Merilia smoking a cigeratte. She blew a smoke ring as the loot was piled high.
"well. You get first crack at the raider craft and tenth att he corsair. Agreed?"
"Sure. I'm after that Holy Rebuke spell."
"That's a rare one."
He smiled and took another swig before Helgi came over.
"Ship's empty Captain. That one had the fighting force while the other carried the loot and had the bigger guns."
Tyler chuckled as he reloaded the twin colts.
"Anything we can use?"
Merilia shrugged.
"Not really. Our guns are more for accuracy and penetration."
"Fair enough."
The red haired captain nodded.
"Alright. We'll start with the raiders. Dragon. You more or less took it singelhandedly so get first pick."
The crew watched as Tyler walked right over to the spells and lifted the holy rebuke. costs 45 mana. And creates an antimagic area 50 feet wide that prevents the casting of hostile magics for a period of 15 minutes to start and is upgradable. Put THAT with my Guardian and Sacred Site? Nasty setup. Next he took a hundred gold coins from the pile for himself, and smiled when he spotted a matching set of 4 silver and ruby necklaces. Storm chuckled as he took them plus two more sapphire rings.
"Them girls'll have more fine jewelery then even the collectors at his pace. Good for them."
Tyler looked the other loot over and shrugged.
"Nothing's jumping at me."
He walekd back and waited his turn at the other pile as the crew picked the piles over. The patient warrior whistling as he watched the larger pile of loot get sifted through till it was his turn. He took 25 gold coins from that pile and found a weapon skill called Rapid Slashes. A longsword passive skill that doubled t6he speed of attack routines. Or, namely the speed the attacks were delivered in. He whsitled as he saw that. Nasty. i can SOOOO use that. He claimed it and took a spot by the railing as the rest of the crew went over the spoils. The warrior whistling as he watched and Merilia nodded as the last copper was taken.
"Alright. we'll get back aboard ship and drop em."
The warrior returned to his compartment and laid in his bunk as the two airships were scuttled in the sky. That Talon's interesting. might wanna keep my tent's untied. He smirked at that thought as Merillia appeared on the magic screen above his head.
"We're moving on. We'll reach Tyrannica in the morning. We'll be setting up in her air for the time being."
Tyler nodded and pulled the letter and his map out to go over the intel for his job. Okay. The village of Westonia went dark a few weeks back without warning. It's a barbarian village and so is a hardier village then most right off the bat. Fact they live at the foot of a mountain range means they grow up fighting mountain monsters and that just makes for tougher people as a rule. The village itself looks to be a five day trip from Tyrannica. If so, then that's a lotta time for a courior to be jumped. I'll start with Coral. See if she sets my gut off. After I'll check in at the guild and get a sit rep on any monster activity in the area. Off the at I can expect everything from adragon attack to a local lord playing games. He set the information aside and started running a whetstone over his lancehead as the craft gently rocked back and forth in the air. The warrior enjoying the peace and missing Yrisa. But he always missed her so that was nothing no. The black dragon scale lance back to razorsharp he folded it back up before next looking at the various views about the ship in the magic viewer. He smiled when he spotted a pair of Pure Tyrants fighting over something in a field. Now there's something I'd pay to see. There was a knock on his door and he opened it to see Storm and Falcon smirking at him. The one eyed weapon master licked her lips.
"Yeah. we're not waiting."
He smirked right back.
"Well alright then."
The two ladies walked in and the door locked. Falcon smirked as she and Storm stripped.
"If you suck, you're losing the sword."
He smiled widely and stripped too. Storm and Falcon looked at each other.
"I think we made a mistake."
Tyler smiled as they laid in the now cramped bunk.
"enjoy. Oh. And say good bye to your walkin and sittin."
Falcon latched onto Storm's firm bust as he entered her tight blad slit as she bucked to meet him.
"Alright. Let's see whatchya got!"
The warrior smiling as the tough women were ruined in full with creams and climaxes. Falonc getting the last rear filling before the three dropped to the bed and they ran teasing fingers along his skin as he fondled their breasts admiringly. Falcon smiled.
"Okay. You've proved your point."
Storm sighed, still wearing her eyepatch that he'd had fun teasing.
"Agreed. My ass hates me right now. But I loved it. 90 gold and we're staying here tonight too."
Tyler chuckled as he kissed them again.
"sounds like fun. Just hope your asses and slits can take another good feast."
Storm reached in her pants pocket to toss to Falcon. Tyler watched as both ladies poured the contents onto their slits before rubbing it into the soft fles before Storm applied it to Falcon's aching ass and she did the same to her. The naked ladies sighed afterwards.
"Ready for round two."
Storm chuckled as she explained.
"Forest Toad potion. Heals and revitalizes the slit and ass after sex for more sex. Why we're still so tight and soft.”
He smiled and kissed them again as Falcon chuckled.
“Plua it’ll feel that mych better the second time.”
The warrior chuckled at thatone.
“I’ll make a point of hunting them down for my wives then.”
That got a laugh from the relaxing ladies when Falcon smiled.
“We’ll go clean up. YOU too.”
“That’s fair.”
The trio went to their respective bathes and cleaned up before Tyler headed to grab some food from the mess deck. He found Silveria at one table and sat across from the silver haired beauty. She smiled.
“I talked to Mother. It feels so good to say that! She’ll wait to reveal me to the world until we’re BOTH back in the capital.”
He nodded smiling.
“Emily’ll love you sis. Yrisa? Well. You’ll belong to her.”
“Somehow I cannot see that as a bad thing.”
They had dinner together as the day had been eaten up by the raids an repair work. Tyler returned to his cabin and found Storm and Falcon making out in the bunk with hands between thighs as the loving ladies were getting into each other. He smiled as they leered at him,
“Come on.”
“I’m wet again.”
The trio played again for a few more hours before laying panting from the hard sex. Storm smiled as she and Falcon cuddled against him under the tyrant blanket.
“MUCH better.”
“So true. been too long since we had a REAL man t5o play with.”
Tyler smiled as they got comfy.
“We’ll do this again sometime. Night ladies.”
“Good night Tyler. And we WILL.”

DAY 14.
GOLD 3,332 SILVER: 45. COPPER: 60.
Tyler woke to see Storm had rolled in her sleep to drap across his body like she was his blanket and he smiled as Falcon had her own arm over her like a lover. Him? his arms aroun wrapped around Falcon’s waist and Storm’s rear in a lovingly protective manner. I love this world so much. He kissed Storm awake as her face was closest and she smiled.
“Romantic too. I like it.”
They kissed again and she leered at the still asleep Falcon.
“Let’s jump her.”
“I love the way you think.”
Storm and Tyler got into position without waking the sexy naked beauty and Storm kissed her as Tyler thrust into her. Falcon woke with a jump but was quickly pinned beneath the bodies of her attackers. And the blue haired beauty the winner as she got into the morning assualt with a moan. The three had a morning threesome before smiling as they recovered. TYler kissing a flushed Falcon after.
She smirked with a wicked glint in her eye.
“If we wake before you, Tyler, we’re going to suck the life outta you.”
He merely placed a hand on her haead.
“I’m still loaded. Go for it!”
That cocky move made them snort but Storm smiled.
“Well. Don’t mind if I do!”
And away she went drinking from her new favorite straw before swapping with Falcon as the warrior layed therwe loving life. His soul was indeed sucked out and he smiled as the happy ladies licked lipsbefore making out.
“Okay. Find me a luckier bastard. I’ll wait.”
They chuckled.
“KEEP that mindset.”
“And not a fucking word bout this morning. Understood?”
“Got it. Now we should clean up.”
That got a chuckle as they all got dressedand headed to their baths. The warrior then headed up to the mess deck for a hearty breakfast of tyrant bacon and some coffee. Fed and with a fresh soul he headed up to the fight deck and sat on the wedge looking ahead. He looked ahead at the horizion and smiled as the scent of saltwater reached him followed coupled with the distinct blue of the skyline. I think I’ll do some saltwater drifting at some point. Hunt pirates the old school way. He heard steps approaching and looked to see Silveria approaching. He smiled as she sat beside him and looked out over the land ahead.
“We’re arriving at Tyrannica in two hours.”
“Kinda wanna get a sea marine job at some point.”
The girl’s silver mane was flowing behind her like a train of tinsel as she looked into the wind.
“I love the sea. It’s be around.”
He smiled at that as they looked at the rapidly approaching blue.
“I grew up in a landlocked region so didn’t get to see the oceans much. Never gets old.”
That got a nod. Then the gentle healer smiled.
“We’ll be staying in Tyrannica for the next few weeks to recharge after that run. Sky Dragon took a few hits and our crew needs to recover.”
He patted her.
“After it’s a trip to Drako.”
“Yeah. To meet my mother and sisters.”
“Damn straight.”
Silveria smiled at the thought of meeting her family and Tyler patted her fondly before looking ahead at the city that appeared in the distance. Silveria smiled again as she saw it too.
"Tyrannica. The Sea Gate. They say Leviathan herself sometimes visits the city in a mortal shell."
That made him chuckle.
"I'll keep an eye out."
That made her smile as he looked.
The spell granted him a close up look of the far off city. The entire port was built around a crescent shaped bay with two prongs pinching the sea with enough space between them to allow the largest of ships pass without issue. The buildings closest to the waters were flat topped brick creations all lined with massive cannons aimed at the sea to repell pirate raiders while the buildings further from the waves were built higher in a staggered manner untill they reached the massive outer waller that defended the town from land attack. The ones closest the walls were lined with pivoting ballesta and catapults with the occasional strongarm cannon here an there. The warrior looked to the center of the city seeking the leader's manor when he spotted a large tirara shapepd building with the tallest tower int he city granting the place a 360 degree view of the landscape. The towers on either side of the centeral spire dropping in height at a steady pace until the shortest one was on par with the buildings around it. There were dozens of canels flowing throughoutt he city in place of actual roads and that made him chuckle. I see they rely on the sea for just about everything. Interesting. These canels were filled with craft of all types. Some merely transporting people from one bit of solid ground to the other, some delivering cargo and yet others going to places as yet unknown for tasks of their own. In the harbor were large docks at which were moored all manner of craft. Schooners, humble fishing craft, intimidating man-o-wars, hulking ships of the line, sloops, and the occasional heavy battleship that dwarfed them all and seemed more floating village then sea-faring vessel. The warrior looked around as they flew over the city and spotted the adventuer's guild with it's shield decorated walls near the center of the city on a floating plaza surrounded by outdoor fighting rings and pits. He also made note of the fact some such pits were in the water. Oh yeah. I can't swim. Great. He chuckled at that and looked at Silveria as she looked at the gleaming water city below.
"I know you're gonna get a kick outta this. Buuuuut. I can't swim."
The silver haired girl looked at him in mild shock.
Her silver eyes then lit up with humor as she busted up laughing at this most absurd conicidence. He sighed while taking his well deserved ribbing as Silveria wiped a tear,
"And you're going to Tyrannica."
"I know."
Merillia's voice came over their necklaces now.
"All hands prepare to land. Dragon? Storm and Falcon are walking really tenderly. Impressive."
He smirked at that one as he spotted the airship port. It being a large hanger that soared into the sky with docks for airships of every shape and size while some landed straight in the water. Tyler and Silveria headed to assist the freed captives while Merillia used a crystal to send word to the ground to have the temples on alert. The Sky Dragon glided to a dock in the water before touching down with a light splash as her rings still spun in the water to prevent her from sinking until a set of bouys were deployed under her fuselage to keep her afloat. A large ramp was dropped from the side of the craft and the crew helped the limping captives off the airship and into the waiting arms of the healers. Talon was handed to the city guard. The woman smirked as she saw the warrior watching.
"See ya soon."
He smirked.
"I'll be waiting."
The warrior then looked to where Merillia was approaching. She slapped his fee in his hand smiling.
"500. And you're always welcome to fly with us, Tyler. Get that job in Westonia handled and we'll hire ya for Drako."
"Thanks, merillia. Take care Silveria."
She smiled as she got a warm hug.
"I will. You do as well."
He nodded and headed to off to check in at the guild. He found a set of stairs leading to the water side and spotted a man standing inside a small canoe looking craft holding a single oar. The warrior walked over. The man being a tall lanky fellow in a white shirt and black jenas with red eyes. he smiled warmly as he saw the warrior.
"Welcome to Tyrannica, Adventurer. You seek a pilot?"
Tyler smiled.
"First time in the city. This how you get places?"
"Ah. You are in for a treat, Sirrah. In the Sea City the most convienent method to move about the city is with the aid of a gondolza like this. My fee be a flat 50 silver each way."
"Hm. Nifty. I'm headed to the adventurer's guild."
The warrior flipped him a gold and smiled.
"Got more gold then silver."
The ferryman tipped his wide brimmed hat smiling.
"Thankee kindly. Watch your step."
"Kinda have to. Can't swim."
The man snorted as Tyler got into the surprisingly stable craft by the front and the man plyed the single oar to pick up speed. The canoe left the hanger and Tyler whistled as he saw the city from the water level. The canels were flowing with crystal clear water and brimming with colorful fish that swam playfully around the various other craft crusing the waterways. The buildings were all bedded into the water and seemed to float above it too. There WERE walkways along the canels with a lattice work of footbridges crossing them but the majority of people seemed to be using the gondolzas to travel from place to place with in the city. The warrior smiling as he saw more then a few sea nymphs walking around on the walkways. Makes sense. This IS a sea town. Looking up he saw the rooftops also had walksways built between them. Their presence lending to the feel of a lattice frame supporting the city above. The warrior enjoyed the change of pace from dusty plains and lush forest to water city as he looked around at the rippling lights cast ont he walls beside them by the reflective waters. The ferryman was also smiling as they moved under another footbridge where a group of local girls had been dancing and giggling.
"Tyrannica isn't like any other place in Mossilia. Here it's like we're in our little world."
Tyler smiled at that sentiment.
"I feel it. I wonder if it's cause of the way the city's built?"
"That be the most popular theory among our sages. Some just think it's because of the ocean flowing through our homes. Soothing it be."
"I like that one better. Must be hilarious when dolphins swim up and start screwing with people."
That got a laugh from the local.
"They swim through the canels all the time. And some even live in them. It be most entertaining to see a group of them playing with the local kids. even if sometimes they do play pranks. Me own girl was one unlucky soul. Dolphin stole her water clothes and left her in the water in the nude. Poor girl had to be picked up by me an me wife. Next day the cheeky blighter left her water clothes outside our door before spitting water at us!"
Tyler was laughing hard at the image presented.
"Now that dolphin's a dick! That's freakin hilarious!"
The man smiled.
"It was for us as well. Poor Seli now is rather nervous around them."
"Ha. How old be she?"
"A mere 75 years. Still a wee child."
The warrior pulled his golde dragon scale shield into view and the man gasped.
"The Dragon? In my vessel?"
"Tell her you met the Dragon today."
He smiled widely at the ploy.
"Now I got a tale to tell. Thankee kindly."
"Sure. I like bragging."
The warrior looked ahead again as they came out of a tunnel under a few homes to be face with a large floating open plaza with the adventurer's guild in the center. This time insteat of it being a tree or longhouse, the guild was a gigantic ship close to 750 feet long, 250 across and had close to 15 decks above the water line. The hull was line with rows upon rows of shields that overlapped to create a most eyecatching kaeledescope of colors and the image of a scalemail clad ship. The masts soared high above the ground with furled sails and spars reacing out over the water from a truly dizzying height. I want to jump off one of those SOOOOO bad. At the waterline were gondozlas dropping off adventuers beside a masive sea ramp for unloading and loading goods into the craft with nets over the sides for the more daring to climb aboard priate style. On the prow of the massive craft was a coral statue of a tall woman with hair flowing about the craft holding a trident in one hand and a ball of water in her other. Under her bare feet extended a massive battering ram Tyler KNEW would split even the largest of sea faring vessel clean in half on a direct hit. The ferryman smiled as Tyler shook his head at the sight.
"The guildship The flying Dutchmen. Intimidating craft, ain't she?"
"Scary too. Never seen a ship that big before."
"Should see the city ships of Naudica. Their entire country is afloat."
"weird place that. But hey. Least it's not built into a living tree."
That got a chuckle as the man pulled alongside the gleaming hull of the ship by a net.
"here ya be, Dragon. Take care now."
"Thanks for the lift. Tell your girl I say hi."
"I will."
Tyler climbed up the net whistling as he did so. Weird place this. I kinda like it. Next time I go roaming I might stop in here for a bit. The water was gently splashing aginst the hull as he climbed and the sound of lonely seabirds rang out over his head. The warrior vaulted the railing of the top deck to be faced with an open air outdoor dining hall with rows of long tables crowded by other adventurers all drinking, gambling and bantering. On the left hand side near the captain's cabin was a massive board plastered by the usual bills and job orders while on the other side of the grand stair case leading below decks was a barred booth. The warrior walked over whistling and smiled as he saw the booth was run by a sea nymph. She was another gem of beuty with royal blue skin that gleamed int he sunlight like a polished sapphire. Her eyes were an odd shade of vivid red that clashed with her skin beautifully. Her hair flowed like water and was a neon blue which hung to her knees. her lips were full while her breasts massive enough to make the thin white top she wore to contain them bulge to a most impressive degree. She smiled warmly as he approached.
"welcome adventurer to the Flying Dutchmen Guildship. Checking in?"
"I am. Tyler the Dragon."
"I see. May i see your shield?"
He placed it in view for her glowing hand to touch. The kiteshield glowed a bright gold and she nodded.
"Confirmed. welcome Dragon. I am Neptune. And for me it's 65 gold."
"Undercharging and noted. I need the latest monster archive for the area aroudn Westonia.”
“I see. That will cost 45 coppers.”
He slid the coins over and she passed him a sea blue crystal. HE smiled.
“Thanks, Neptune. Sadly I’m on a job or I’d take your walkin.”
She smiled at this as he walked away.
“Always next time.”
He sat at an empty table to look the information over. Okay. the usual tyrants, orcs, goblins and the like. Nothing unusual. Giantkin as well. Hmm. I’ll see the leader now as well. Coral. That will tell me a lot. Then I’ll get going. He putt he gem away and headed for the railing.
“Ahoy laddee.”
He looked over to see a smiling man with red hair an beard approaching.
“I don’t remember seein you here. I’m Fira. What be yours?”
Tyler smiled.
“I’m Tyler the Dragon.”
He blinked.
“Ya don’t say? Ha. what brings the mighty Dragont o these parts?”
“Westonia went dark. So. me wife wants me to have a look.”
That made him blink.
“westonia ya say? Hmm. There HAS been a most nasty rumor going around. Something about how Westonia got the eye of a rather unsavory local lord. Nothing to certain though.”
“Hmm. A local lord. Interesting. Thanks, Fira. I’ll go do a bit a poking.”
The man smiled as Tyler dropped over the side of the ship. A local lord took interest in the village. I’ve seen that plot point a time or two. He booked another gondolza to the main building to meet with Coral. The warrior looked the gem over again with the one from Wyvernia in case of an out of place creature. Nothing yet. Lamias? Hm. That’s new. Some undead as well. Nothing to go on there. Things are everywhere. So I’m looking at everything from a disease to a local lord. The trip took ten minutes and the warrior smirked as he saw the semicircle of towers were built in a pincer formation facing all incoming craft. Seems like you’re entering the pincer of a crab. Tyler hopped off the canoe looking gondolza at the stone plateform and walked to where a throng of people were streaming in and out of the tallest tower. The guards were all weidling odd choices in armor that seemed to be made from large sea shells for shields and breast plates while for weaponry it was all lances tipped with sharks teeth plus bows and arrows tipped the same. Tyler shrugged at the odd sight before heading inside the tower. Only to blink at the sight awaiting him inside. The building was bathed in the flickering light of an undersea cave while above them swam dolphins, manta rays, a rainbow of tropical fish and even qa shark or two. Great. That is gonna fuck with my head. On the ground sat a series of benches with people of all ages just laying on them looking up at the sea life swimming without water above their heads. That one made him smile. He pulled his photo cyrstal out and used a video function to get a shot of the room for yrisa. Someday I’m gonna bring her here. something tells me she’d love it. Once happy with the recording he looked to the end of the room where he spotted a raised dias with a group of people standing around it. The warrior walked towards it and spotted another sea nymph sitting upon the dias in imitation of Vulpine’s imperiously sexy pose. The woman was also beautiful with foot length royal blue hair and sea green eyes. she was a head taller then Tyler with a massive flopping rack barely contained in a reed chest cover that merely covered the nipples while letting he blue orbs be seen around it. Her stomach was bare and flat while over her slit she wore a simple seaweed loin cloth and she was bare foot too. She had her legs crossed and seemed to leer at all that dare approach her as if to intimidate them with raw sex appeal. Tyler walked right up to the foot of the dias and a man clad in a white robe wielding a conch tipped staff steppedbefore him.
“Halt and identify yourself before the Lady Coral. Speak and I will deem if you may approach her beauty.”
The man was tall as Tyler with a wiry build. His eyes were blue while his skin was pale. The warrior looked at Coral and the man went to smack him with the staff in an offended rage.
“Do NOT look upon her you in-what the?”
The warrior grabbed the staff and snapped it in two.
“You have some balls trying to hit the Dragon with a sea shell.”
The warrior crushed the conch in his fist before slamming his shield into his arm as the stunned man gaped. Tyler looked at a still motionless Coral and held the golde shield high.
“Vulpine sent her Dragon. I do hope you got my warning on secrets.”
The woman blinked at this one.
“I see rules and procedures mean nothing to you.”
Tyler smirked at her imperiously condemning tone.
“A stuck up ruler. Interesting. I wonder.”
His own mocking tone enraged the priest beside him.
“How DARE you?! Get out! you-”
“Shut. UP.”
The warrior flipped his switch and looked at the priest with the same eyes that had terrifyed all before him. The effect was the same as the man started shaking before Tyler looked back at the still seated Coral.
She lifted an eyebrow.
“why should I help one without order?”
“Because you don’t have a choice. I WILL find out what the hell happened in that village Coral. And-”
“Take a fucking nap swine.”
The now out of patience warrior tapped him with the shield and he did indeed take a nap. He dropped unconscious and Tyler loked back at the now angry Coral.
“I was saying. I will find out. With or without you. If you got my warning, then I do hope you choose your side most wisely.”
She rose from her chair in a imperious anger.
“If I choose wrong?”
“You die.”
The teenager’s ice cold promise made her tremble with indignant rage.
“I ask for aid and Vulpine sends YOU? a mere boy with no regard for rules or regulations? And THREATEN me to my face? YOU are my king? No. Get out of my city.”
“This isn’t your city you pathetic fool.”
That made her blink.
“A war declaration? are you sure you have the authority to do this?”
Tyler laughed a most chilling laugh.
“This isn’t even Vulpine’s city. The fact you have no idea who the hell I’m talking about is more then a little disturbing. Given where you live an all.”
Coral lifted an eyebrow at the insidious hinting.
“And WHO does this city belong to then? if not we who built it, then who?”
Tyler smiled widely.
“She who rules the waves of blue. The one to who all that dare tread upon her flowing relam must pay homage to. Stormbringer. The sea mistress. The ocean Queen. Leviathan and her cloak of blue.”
An explosion of thunder rumbled outside. Inside the chamber all the water int he room started boiling in a wild fury while the sea life aobve went wild with an offended rage while the mortals gawking at the spectacle started shaking. Coral included as tYler smiled.
“we mortal land crawlers are mere guests on HER shores and TOLERATED on the roof of her realm. You are a sea nymph. You’d think one of the blue would remember.”
Coral smirked then as the waters grew ever more violent and angry.
“Leviathan. She hasn’t seen fit to decend to our real in thousands of years. Besides. We have the skies. She has no hold up there.”
“Oh did I forget to mention? Her other name? lady hurricane. mistress of storms. Wherever there is water, she can reach you. And since you forgot. Let me remind you. There is no force in this world more cruel or as powerful as the waves of the seas. Piss her off and you will NOT live to tell the tale.”
He looked to a trough of water beside them.
“Wouldn’t you agree, lady ocean?”
Coral laughed at that move.
“She won’t answer you. And she can’t reach us.”
“Are you sure?”
a two toned woman’s voice was heard echoing thoughout the room and all in attendence went white in fear. Except Tyler and Coral. The warrior looked over to see the top of a woman’s head now poking out of the noe scary calm trough of water. Her eyes were sapphire blue while her skin was a pale blue like a deep glacier. Her hair was sea green and was spread around her like a mat of seaweed. Tyler drew his sword and knelt over it with the shield over the hilt. Gods this feels wrong. But. Not my table. The lady in the water smiled as she saw his posture.
“So you DO know when to back down. This is reassuring.”
He smiled over his shield.
“I know better then to piss off the oceans.”
That got an approving chuckle.
“As it should be mortal. And know you have MY interest now.”
“Wow. Ha. Just to be clear? Vulpine’s the better everything.”
“No wonder Yoko likes you so freakin much.”
“I like foxes. Feeling’s mutual.”
That got another two toned chuckle from the still water bound woman before she looked to Coral. Now the woman rose from the water like a lift was under her. Her hair hung to his bare feet and was gently floating about as if still underwater. her skin was the same pale blue while her breasts were also massive. The orbs needing no support and bounced as she stopped rising. in height she was a solid 6 feet tall with the toned physique of an active runner. She was naked and he noted her slit was covered by a trimmed of blue fur. Levaithan smirked.
“I’m interested in THAT as well.”
Tyler smiled.
“I can do you. Sadly i’m on a schedule.”
“Alas. As am I. But do visit MY city again and we’ll satisfy our interest in full.”
“Will do. I also intend to at some point give saltwater pirate huntin a go.”
That got an excited smile from the sea goddess.
“Oh my. Having YOU on my back sounds most arrousing.”
“Same here. Oh. Before I forget.”
He went for his photo crystala nd she smiled warmly.
“That adorable elven cutie?”
“You know it.”
“Allow me.”
The goddess tossed a seal plushie to him and he smiled as he felt the ridicolously soft fur.
“She’ll love this. Thank you.”
“Everyone loves her.”
“Damn straight.”
Tyler smiled as he placed the seal plushie in his pack when Levaithan smirked.
“Oh yeah. Them too.”
A set of matchihng sapphire pearl necklaces were handed to the warrior and he smiled wider.
“I love the way you think.”
The sea goddess smiled warmly at this before looking to Coral now. The sea nymph was looking at the goddess curiously, as if not knowing what to make of this turn of events.
“Now to less fun tasks. YOU. Coral Seamimic. You have forgotten who truly rules this town. And have utterly ignored the warnings of the Dragon King Knockoff.”
“Hey! is that seriously what you guys are calling me?”
The blue eyed lady smirked.
“It is. Deal with it.”
“Gods dammit."
Tyler sighed at this one but smiled anyway. The sea goddess then looked back at Coral.
"Your defense?"
Coral tilted her head.
"why should I defend myself to you? You don't live here. You pop in once every few centuries and stay maybe a week tops. Rule this town? HOW? I deal with bleating nobles, have to turn down bribes and sexual favors from all, balance the city's coin and that's before all the other trappings of a ruler. what do you do?"
TYler blinked at her flat reply.
"What the hell? Goddess. Is she under the control of a spell or something?"
Leviathan's eyes glowed.
"No she is not. Which makes this all the more irritating."
Tyler looked at the sea nymph now with new eyes.
"Vulpine told me she's a very caring ruler. Her only priority is keeping her people happy. Plus was a kindhearted lady as well. This person seems a far cry from the image she presented me with."
That made her frown as well.
"That is most odd. As now you say it? I see it too."
Tyler rose form his kneel and looked at the sea nymph curiously. Namely her eyes.
"Hmm. I wonder. Are doppelgangars common?"
The sea goddess blinked and Coral frowned hard. Leviathan got there first.
"They are. Allow me."
She waved her hand and Coral glowed a neon blue before the sound of glass shattering was heard before the glow went out. Coral had a large crack appear on her face before she shattered to release an identical clone clad in the same clothes on the floor. Tyler and Leviathan blinked.
"Wow. Gotta watch that now."
"Indeed. it fooled even me. An I'm a goddess."
"Can't see what you're not looking for."
"fair enough."
Tyler walked over to the panting with exhaustion sea nymph and nudged her with his lance.
"Hey. You dead?"
She tired to talk but broke out coughing and he pulled a healing potion from his pack that he dumped across her body. She glowed and took in huge breaths as if coming up for iar form the ocean. Then she got shakily to her feet with a relieved smile on her face.
"I'm free! Thank you Dragon!"
Tyler smiled now.
"Ah. I see you got caught. How long ago?"
She got a far away look in her eyes as she remembered.
"Three days. I sent the call for aid and it attacked me in my bed that night. Once it engulfed my body with it's fluid form it took mine. I was helpless and was just floating in it's slime as it held me. I was everywhere on my body. On my skin, in my hair, inside me too from all three openings."
He patted her.
"Thing's dead now."
Coral smiled before prostrating herslef before Leviathan.
"Please sea goddess. Those words were not my own. I beg for your forgiveness."
The sea goddess smirked.
"You will have to earn my forgiveness, Coral. You know what you have to do."
The sea nymph nodded with a hint of excitment in her blue eyes.
"I will be expecting you my goddess. It's been too long in my opinion."
"Mine as well. Now. I must return."
The sea goddess walked onto the water of the trough and dropped back inside her realm as Tyler looked at Coral.
"You good?"
She nodded and retook her seat on the throne.
"I will be. Now. I can handle the rest of the cleanup. YOU have a task to undertake. what do you need?"
"The last letter you recieved from westonia. And i'll be on my way."
The sea nymph nodded and a letter was retrieved by a servant. Tyler then looked at coral.
"How long ago was this recieved?"
"Two full weeks back. At first I didn't put much stock in it as Westonia's a rather independant village. They usually send their requests and reports in one package. But the usual shipment of goods they send each week didn't arrive forthe two. i sent a runner to check on them and he has not returned."
"I heard a rumor a local lord is interested in the village."
"I see. His name is Lucias Vonderlik. he's the duke of the region of Wyminsia on the other side of Westonia. His region is the more mountainous portion of the country."
"Has he ever tried to purchase the village from you?"
"A few times actually. I refused on the grounds he has to ask the Queen for such a matter of import. Every time I did so, he got offended, saying I was the ruler of the city and the Queen was far too busy for such a trifling matter."
Tyler nodded now.
"I have what i need. I'm headed out."
She nodded and he walked out the front door. Lucias. Okay. I have a suspect, a motive, and an mryiad of things that could have befallen the village. if it's a disease, my freakish body and the drugs will keep me safe. He got another gondolza and headed for the eastern gate to Westonia. As he went he reread the letter Coral had recieved.
"Milady. The news is most of the same. I am proud to report however that 36 giants have been felled in the region by my Hunters.we feast well this Moon. The recent harvest o0f grain and oak is plentiful and the fish are jumping. Three births were recorded this past week and only two were sent to Torsin's hunting grounds. There has been no movement in Wyrmsia of late and that is both good news and cause for concern. We will have our usual shipments of grain, furs, and other goods in Tyrannica per the usual. The letter ended there and Tyler frowned at the oddly written thing. This isn't an update on village life. Odd. it's more a bullshitter letter to keep eyes AWAY from the twon for some odd reason. Hm. He put it away and leaned against the side of the long canoe as he thought of the possiblilities awaiting him. The warrior reached the gate without issue and smiled as he saw it was surrounded by ships' cannons. He walked out and headed down the road on his hunt. The ever observent warrior noting the landscape was more rocky and rugged then the softer grassland he'd gotten accustomed to. The dirt was harder and corsier while there were massive boulders along the sides of the road. A chill breeze blew through the area and the notherner smiled at the crisp feeling. I missed this one. Godo thing I'm freakishly resistent to cold too. Tyler looked around as he strode up a hill noting the lack of any real cover and a distinct lack of forests or other woodland. The enviornment was more gravel pit then plains. Still he appreciated t5he change of pace as he cut the trail of another creature. He crouched to look at the three toed tracks and smiled as he recognized them. Got some carnataur tracks here. I member right those are really good eating. I got the time. He unflicked his lance and headed off after the predator. The warrior smiling as he saw the tracks in the rough ground was minutes old and headed towards another open area. He spotted the thing after 15 minutes and blew a low whistle on his lips to get it's attention. The beast was 12 feet tall at the hips and 25 feet long. It had two tiny arms on it's chest that were uselessly tiny. It's head was boxlike and it had a pair of small horns on it's head as it roared att he approaching warrior with a peculiar rattlesnake like hiss. Tyler smirked as he saw it's knobby skin was a rather pretty shade of blue hue.
"I'mma have something made for Yrisa from you."
The beast charged the smaller teenager and Tyler planted his feet with the lance at the ready. The thing lunged and Tyler sidestepped the 3 foot jaws before thrusting his lance into the beast's chest. He felt it hit the heart and the beast dropped to the ground with a heavy thud. The warrior smiled as he pulled his knives.
"Never gets old."
He got to work whistling a tune as the efficent hunter skinned the massive animal. Tyler filling his empty pack with good meat and workable materials. Satisfied with his hunt the warrior returned to the road to continue on his journey. Tyler was whistling as he went while rubbing a stone on his lancehead to keep it fresh and ready. The dragon forged weapon showing no signs of real wear even after the fights he'd won with it. Happy with the razor edge he slotted it back into his pack and sharpened his skinning dagger now. The rasp of metal on stone he found to be relaxing for some odd reason while the crunch of his boots on the gravelly road the only other sound he could hear. The ringing in his ears having long since stopped and now he found his hearing was shaper then ever while his vision was also sharper from the healing potions he'd drank. Tyler looked at the sky, enjoying the peace as a change from the chaos of the Sky Dragon and her hunting. I might love war and bloodshed. But this is nice too. He walked for the next few hours making great time and putting miles into his boots before he found another Guardian Site set on the side of the road. He set camp with his tent and lit a bright fire in the center of the white runes that repelled monsters after casting his own defense spells. He fried some of the carnataur meat in the fire as a shadow passed overhead. He looked up expecting an airship,
"Oooh fuck me."
Only to see a massive blue dragon drifting by 150 feet above his head! The magnificent creature was massive. From the tip of it's crocodile like jaws to the tip of it's spiked tail, the thing was easily 250 feet long. While the wings of the sky king made a dull thud with each lazy flap. The wingspan was close to 300 feet wide and each wing was close to 100 feet across from arm to edge of the sail. The scales were a beautiful shade of blue that even in the late day light sparkled. Tyler sighed as the powerful creature drifted by before taking the ready meat from the fire. Great. Last thing I need right now is a fight with a dragon. He looked back up and saw the dragon turning on a wing towards the lone warrior by the firepit. Tyler sighed as he laid his golden dragon scale shield and sword in easy reach. Not that they'll help me much. Not ready to fight a dragon headon justn yet. He fed on the surprisingly crunchy meat as the dragon landed beside the fire with an earthshaking rumble. It folded it's massive wings with a dull rustle of scales before settling on it's massive clawed feet like a resting lion to look at Tyler curiously. Tyler tilted his head at this one.
"Umm. Hi! I'm tyler!"
The dragon chuckled and it sounded like boulders breaking.
"I see you're not scared. Amusing."
"Sorry. Butta my little sister's scarier an you are. Piss her off you'll see."
That got a snort as the dragon rested it's head insiden the ring of white runes of the Guardian Site. Once it's head touched them they flared even brighter white and Tyler noted this.
"That's new."
The dragon sighed as she, her voice was feminine, got comfy on the ground.
"My power boosts them."
"Neat trick. Sooo. You here for rest or me?"
"Rest. You outworlders aren't worth noticing yet."
"fair enough. Hey, catch."
Tyler tossed a thrity pound hunk of the meat from his pack to the dragon and it snatched it with a forked tongue.
"Appreciated, Human. even if it wasn't even a taste."
"I need it too. And you're like a hundred times bigger an me."
The female dragon the shifted to look at him with one huge sapphire like eye.
"So. This night you have nothing to fear from me. Well. MOST times you don't have anything to fear from me."
"Besides getting stepped on."
She snorted at the jackass.
"Idiot. I'm not interested in you creatures. Leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone."
"Noted. So if your head's inside the ring, the rest o0f your body's protected?"
"More or less. You wield our scales so you get the idea."
"Fair enough. You probably felt them already, but I got defnese spells up."
"I noticed. And am inside the limits. You're an odd one, aren't chya?"
Tyler smiled as he leaned against a rock.
"More insane."
"So true. Oh."
He pulled his photo crystal out and the dragon snorted.
"Bragging rights?"
"freakin proof. Yrisa will LOSE it when she gets her latest shipment of spoil."
Tyler took a photo of the dragon resting across from him and the dragon chuckled again.
"She seems very sweet."
"everyone loves her."
The warrior put the crystal away and ran a cloth over his shield. The dragon blinked.
"Wow. There's somethign I haven't seen in a few ages. The Shield of the Dragon King. And his sword no less. Interesting. So YOU'RE the new guy? eh."
"Ha. I guess you knew the orignial?"
"I was in the sky at the time, yes. But we never crossed paths before. He was more a Drakonia legend and I rarely visit these skies."
Tyler shrugged as he set the thing aside.
"Pretty much. I like my own company."
The warrior looked up at the sky and smiled.
"I did too. Then i came here. Now being alone is kinda intense. Strange."
The dragon sighed and the fire flickered in the sudden gust of wind.
"It seems you found ones you can care about with all your heart. Mine died eons ago."
"That sucks. Did you make the bastards pay?"
The dragon growled with a most intense satisfaction now.
"I hunted them into the dirt."
"Well alright then. That's a plus."
The dragon sighed again and rested her head on it's side as she looked at him now.
"I sense you too carried such a weight at one time. How did you get over it?"
He shrugged.
"I got my revenge. And swore to make sure the next time someone tries to take what I love most from me, I take everything they have FIRST."
The dragon shuddered as Tyler flipped his switch to intensely cold demon. Then she bared her teeth in a dragon smile.
"You got fire kid. I like it."
Then she became quiet as the thinking dragon ran his words through her mind most closely. Tyler was looking at his map and noted he'd made more then twice his intended progress that day. This pace, I'll be in Westonia in two days. Good. The warrior then looekd at the area surrounding the village as the dragon looked over.
"Seems you have a mission."
"My Wife sent for her Dragon. Seems a village up the road went dark and she needs answers."
"Really? Hm. what's the village's name?"
"Hm. I just recently entered the sky in this region. So have nothing to offer."
"That'd be too easy. What's your name, by the way?"
she chuckled.
"It's Saphira."
"Saphira the sapphire dragon. Ha. That's got a helluva ring to it."
Saphira blew smoke from her tire sized nostril.
"Sapphire dragon? I love the way that sounds."
"It's easy to come up with good ringing names for Dragons."
she laughed at that one before sighing again.
"To have something to LIVE for again."
Tyler was frying some jerky on a rock for the road when he saw his canteens were nearing empty. Looking at the map he found a river half a day up the road. Saphira looked over now.
"So you found something else to put your heart and soul into caring for. You're immortal too. Are you not worried about outliving them?"
"Not really. Something'll happen to keep us together."
"and yoiu're so sure because?"
He chuckled.
"I got summoned here. be the type of bullshit hero type plotpoint you'd expect."
The dragon laughed.
"Can't argue THAT logic."
Then she looked at him.
"I wonder."
He looked up at her tone before she started glowing a neon blue before vanishing from sight. Tyler blinked at the fact a 250 foot long dragon just vanished into thin air.
"Okat that was new."
He looked up and saw nothing and looked at his crystal to see that yup, a dragon HAD been beside the fire and he sighed. Teleport. NEat trick. He set more meat on the fire when he heard footsteps approaching the guardian circle. He looked over and saw a lone woman approaching the fire. She was a head taller then him and her hair was sapphire blue while her eyes were also sky blue. Her skin was pale white and seemed to glow in the firelight just enough to be noticed. Her breasts were massive and bounced with each step she took on her soft looking feet. She was clad in a blue cloak and bare foot as she walked onto the stone slab with soft slaps of bare feet to sit by the fire. Tyler passed some meat and she smiled warmly at him, revealing pointed teeth.
"Thank you."
Her voice was warm and breathy. He blinked.
She smirked as the beautiful woman devoured her meat.
"WOW. That's a new one."
She stretched luxoriously by the flickering firelight with a smile.
"Sometimes dragons get bored and roam as people. I do so very rarely. And only for a very select....few....reasons."
She licked her lips and he smirked.
"I can do you."
"Again no fear to lay with a dragon?"
"Nope. If your looking for a seed, me wife gets it first."
"You wouldn't be potent enough."
"Well. You wanna?"
She smiled widely and he kicked the fire to put it out. The went into the tent and she dropped her cloak. Her breasts were smooth and soft while her slit was glistening moistly inthe lantern light as Tyler unsheathed his sword for her. she smirekd.
"Impressive for a human."
"I'll be sure to slay you with it."
The warrior kissed her and she tasted of fire and passion before she slotted it inside her and got to bucking with a ferocious need. The warrior was right there with her as he planted her on her back to thrust harder into this sexy dragon lady with force and eagerness. Saphira was moaning and grunting from the force as her breasts slapped against her body before she was back on top riding away. She screamed a fearl scream as she climaxed on his sword before she got a fresh creaming. Then she was face down in the bedrolls getted skewered from behind. The honry pair went at each other for hours before they both dropped from satisfaction. Saphira drapped across the smiling warrior as she traced a teasing finger along his frame.
"Well. Better then I expected."
He kissed her.
"Damn. I LIKE dragon sex."
"Ha. You're fun AND funny. I like it. And I'm do0ing this again."
He looked at her.
She smirked and drapped herself across him in a most seductive manner with a leer in her eyes.
"YOOU'RE my new mate. Congrats."
"Like a dragon wife?"
"Pretty much."
"Vulpine will want to meet you then."
"she was the first?"
"Yup. Her one rule was she meets you for a night."
"I see. She's of yoko, right?"
"Then I'll say hi. AND eat her out."
"Wow. She's going to have a heart attack when you fly up asking to rail her."
"Ha. That cutie?"
"She lives with her."
"I'll hug her."
"her poor mind."
That made her chuckle as he felt the temperature iside the tent increase to a toasty warm as he drapped a tyrant blanket over the dragonness' sexy frame. She smiled as her blue eyes closed.
"I'll gift you a spell to talk to me in the morning."
"Dragons and their toys. Night, Saphira. Love you!"
"Night, Tyler. I love you too.

DAY 15.
GOLD: 3,467. SILVER: 45. COPPERS: 60.

Tyler woke to see Saphira asleep on his chest and his arms around her waist. He smiled at the beauty. i fucked a dragon in human form last night. What the FUCK?! that is so awesome i don't even know where to start! He kissed her awake and she smiled.
"I love romance. And missed it immensely."
She opened her sapphire eyes and kissed him back before straddling him.
"And know I am also fond of affectionate displays."
He smiled as she kissed his chest while he stroked her hair.
"What'll you do inbetween our romps?"
She stretched out on top of him with a lazy smile and her feet in the air. he holding her by the waist, lovin g how soft her skin was.
"Probably settle in the area now. Dragons mate for life and when the day for seeds come, you'll be able to give me eggs."
"A human and a dragon?"
"They're more common then you think as Dragons are a most adaptive race. the Dragon King had many children by the scale. And they'll have the scales most suited your soul./"
"Be prepared for a lot of reds and blacks."
"I would expect nothing less. When the day comes. Now. The spell to contact me even if we're a world apart."
She kissed him before pulling a slip of paper from her slit. He took it smiling.
"Dragon's Kiss. Cast on a fire to hear and see your dragon mate. Wow. Works both ways."
She kissed him again.
"No I won't bail your ass out if you get into trouble."
"I do massages."
"Okay maybe once in a while. But yoiu'd owe me."
"If i ever need you help, Saphira, then it's another dragon or something else hardcore."
"Noted. I love you."
He kissed her lovingly.
"I love you too. I haven't tols ANYONE about where I came from. So I'd appreciate it if you kept it secert."
She blinked.
"Not even the queen?"
"Not even she knows. NO one but the dragons and the gods know."?
The dragon tilted her head.
"Are oyu scared of rejection?"
"More their reaction. Where i come from, outting yourself like that would only cause problems."
"I see. Then this will make you laugh. Outworlders are highly sought after in this world as powerful heroes. The Dragon king was an outworlder after all."
"No shit? Huh. I can only imagine Yrisa's mind boom. Same time? I don't really HAVE a reason to tell them. I hate my old world and love this one."
Saphira smiled.
"I understand. Home."
"Exactly. Oh. No I won't ask for a loan."
The blue haired ladty busted up laughing.
"Since we're mates, you have equal claim to my trove. and everything inside."
"Wait. For real?"
She nodded smiling.
"Indeed. Dragons share everythign with their mates. Is there something you need?"
The warrior tilted his head.
"Hmm. Well. A crystal to contact Vulpine, Yrisa and Lyris like that Kiss spell."
Saphira chuckled.
"You have access to a dragon trove and her scales, and all you ask for is a means to contact your family? I picked a marvelous mate in you. The spell is most simple and I have it here."
She pulled another from her slit and he tilted his head the other way.
"Is THAT where you store stuff?"
"It IS my magic spot."
"Oh I completely agree. An I'll be more an happy to make frequent.....deposits."
She laughed as she put the spell in his hand.
"Lover's Call. Allows for the direct communication with the ones the caster loves most. Cast in a fire or upon any reflective surface. Can't be used to send stuff. Noted."
He kissed her again and smiled.
She grinned.
They had a morning romp before Saphira sighed as her ass was filled to leaking from her passionate lover.
"Dragons have a much higher drive then most. So I'll most likely invade your camps at random points."
He kissed her as they cleaned up and got dressed.
"I'll leave a spot by the fire for you. Noow. I got a question."
She blinked at the look in his eye.
"If I needed to get somewhere qucik....?"
The dragon lady deflated from relief.
"Phew. That's more what i was expecting. Sure. I'd love to fly with you."
"We will at some point. Never you doubt that. So are you a high dragon?"
"I am actually. one of only four high dragons left in the world at this time."
He was frying more carnataur meat on the relit fire as they talked.
"is ranking dictated by age?"
The blue haired lady nodded.
"They are. I am among the oldest of my kind and so one of the most powerful. We're actually in the midst of choosing our next Dragon King as our last was killed in a dispute over territory with a much younger dragon."
"How the hell that happen?"
She sighed as he passed her some coffee.
"Thank you. He lost because the eggling cheated. The coward used a poison of weakening taken from a human on his claws and it allowed the kill. When we found out the coward was killed and both troves split among the four."
"So you looking to be Dragon Queen?"
"Not really. I prefer roaming and you to ruling our kind. So long as they leave me be that is."
"I'll help best i can if you need it."
She smiled and nuzzled his face with her own.
"You already slew me with your sword, looking to add more?"
He kissed her.
"Sure. Slaying dragons with my sword is fun. Plus is kinda my dream to kill a dragon in singl;e combat."
"I love that fire. Just be aware if tyou succeed I may have to claim your seed since dragonslayers are so few and far between."
"Wow. that kinda deal, huh?"
"It is. Dragons always look for the strongest to mate with to produce the strongest eggs. So if you kill a dragon, say amale, his mates if he had them will most likely try to rape youfor your seed since you've proven your strength."
"Wow. That's intense. I'll have to talk to Vulpine about that then."
Saphira sighed as a small breeze blew through the area and tickled her raw slit.
"I love this feeling. My slit hurts with an ache I haven't felt in over 75,000 years."
Tyler pressed her head to his with a smile.
"I'm not going anywhere, Saphira."
She smiled with a single tear in her eye.
"Somehow? I believe you."
He wiped that ear from her eye.
"No more tears. Okay?"
The dragon lady smiled with a newfound joy as he kissed her.
"I am so happy I chose to stop here last night. I found a new mate. And my heart feels lighter then it has in millienia."
"I love you too."
They kissed again and he thought of something else./
"You have any offspring?"
She smirked.
"I do. All daughters. And yes. They're gonna want to meet you. So if more dragons suddenly swoop in saying you're they're new father, don't be TOO shocked."
"No promises. Oh. I DO sometimes fly in airship crews."
"As a pirate hunter?"
"I'll warn them you like to fight up there too. That fits too some how."
"It fits nicely."
"It'll be tighter next time since I liked the squeeze."
"Wow. Noted."
He looked at the fire.
"Lover's Call: Vulpine."
The fire glowed bright silver and the face of his beloved queen appeared in it. She blinked.
"Tyler? Where the hel;l did you find this?"
He smiled as Saphira rested her head on his chest, in full view of the now stunned Vulpine.
"I got another one."
"Oh my silver."
Saphira smiled and her eyes denoted her dragon heritage.
"Greetings, Silver fox queen. I am Saphira the Sapphire dragon. it seems you're the first mate."
The queen just sat back in her throne.
"Tyler? So you are ware of how this spell works, it makes a ball appear in front of whoever you seek to contact and lets EVERYONE SEE AND HEAR WHAT YOU'RE DOING. I'm in the damn throne room, and people are looking at you in terror."
The warrior laughed. Then smirked.
"I AM the Dragon King."
Vulpine snorted before busting out laughing do hard she started coughing. Saphira did as well. Tyler just sat there stroking her sapphire hair lovingly, admiring the color and shine in the early morning. Vulpine had to drink some water to recover from her near death by laughter; then she smiled proudly.
"I love you too. And Saphira? i know that name. She's one of the four high dragons in the world. I look forward to meeting you in person."
Saphira licked her lips.
"I look forward to eating you. And do not fear. it will be most....pleasureable.....for the both of us."
Vulpine shuddered at the new ach in her slit as Tyler smiled.
"I'll be heading to town for a week after I finish up the curent mess."
"I see. silveria?"
"I'll be flying back on Sky Dragon. merilia wants to see her there."
"I see. And the spell?"
"Is nightly okay? I miss you."
She smiled with love,
"Of course. Say...before you go to sleep. if you DON'T contact me or us, I'll think you're fighting or fucking."
"Do NOT tell yrisa I got this. Wanna surprise her."
"She's at the tavern. And so is Lyris."
"Oh. I got a fresh wafve of spoil headed your way when i come to visit. And I stepped it up this time."
"Uh-oh. You didn't loot her trove for that, did you?"
"No. Other stuff."
Saphira smiled as she snuggled the warrior petting her hair.
"You can use my trove as a bank if you like, Tyler."
"Thanks, Saphira. I've been thinking of that myself actually. Say i kill something with a trove, what'll I do with it? nice to know I got a place for it."
Vulpine smiled.
"There's a vault inside your royal chambers too."
"Of course there is. Two places then. Oh. I got an update from Tyrannica."
Vulpine became serious.
"is it something for-"
"Close the doors."
"Understood. A moment please."
She got up and was sen carrying the ball to the elevator as Saphira looked at him curiously.
"An enemy?"
"To THEM. And I just remembered a hole in my arsenal. We'll wait a moment though."
There was a sound of doors closing and Vulpine was seen sitting on the bed in his chambers.
"We reinforced it with all manner of spells since we do so many things in here. Okay. What happened?"
"Coral had been replaced by a doppelganger when i arrived."
He retold the tale with excruiating detail and Vulpine nodded.
"I see. In that case I will have the city seached. There is a sect of doppel hunters in the city that are paid per doppel purged. I'll send word."
Tyler looked at Saphira.
"You got a spell for detecting doppels? And killing them?"
"I do."
She passed him two and he smiled.
"Mirror. Cast on a single target to check for falsehood. And Shatter. Kills Doppelgangers outright and frees the captured form with a wall of ice. Perfect."
He added them to his arsenal before kissing Saphira again and she smiled.
"Love you too."
Vulpine smiled.
"We all love him, Saphira. I will be expecting you in my bedchamber soon."
The dragon lady samiled.
"I also want to meet this cutie he loves so much."
"Oooh her poor mind!"
Tyler smiled.
"Take her flying."
Vulpine smiled.
"You're going to kill her, if you keep doing this to her heart."
"I love that cutie. Gotta make sure the spoil is epic."
"She is so lucky to have you."
Tyler smiled as he looked at his wife.
"I'm lucky to have you all. I love you, Vulpine."
"I love you too, Tyler. My heart hurts fromk how much i love you sometimes."
"I'll be back soon."
"I'll be here."
He smiled.
"I'll surprise Yrisa now. YOU prep that bod for dragon tongue."
"Oooh you evil, evil man! I love you."
He killed the spell and Saphira licked her lips in anticipation.
"I am going to enjoy her."
Tyler smiled.
"Lover's Call: Yrisa."
The fire lit up gold and the nervous face of the elven cutie appeared in it.
"Hi Sparkles!"
She squealed so loudly he bet she blew a few eardrums in the tavern.
"Big brother! You found a way!~ yaay!"
The warrior smiled as Yrisa was in tears with her joy at his surprise.
"I missed you, Yrisa. So i been looking. oh. I made a new friend."
The elven girl smiled.
"Another one?"
"Yup. Saphira, say hi."
Yrisa gasped as the dragon lady smiled at her.
"Oh my. She IS cute. So you're my new mate's treasured sister? I'm Saphire the sapphire dragon."
Poor Yrisa was frozen in place as her elven eyes let her see Saphira as her dragon form with Tyler stroking her head like a cat. The warrior smiled.
"Saphira wants to meet you. So enjoy!"
Yrisa got a poke from an unseen person and smiled so waidely he was afraid she'd split her face.
"I love you big brother. A dragon?"
"Yup. And she's got a surprise for you when she lands."
"Yay! I can't wait! I'venever met a dragon before."
Saphira smiled.
"Okay. I love her too."
"She's cute. Everyone does. hey, Sparkles, your mother nearby?"?
"Momma! Big brother's on the ball thing!"
Tyler chuckled.
"it was."
Saphira was snuggled againsrt him as Yrisa was picked up by her mother and she gulped when she saw the dragon lady getting a kiss off the warrior,
"Tyler? Did you?"
"Get a dragon wife? Yes. yes I did. Love you too."
Lyris just smiled.
"Okay. This point? Go with it. So long as your nice to yrisa. Got it?"
Saphira smiled as Tyler whistled.
"relax elfling. She's cute."
"Oh. So you're already under her spell. Good."
Tyler smiled.
"I miss you, Lyris. I'll be heading back to Drako after. Saphira will be in town sooner. She's got a taste for a particular fox."
"Oh my. I will have participate."
"I fucking love you all. oh. And the next wave of spoil I'll bring myself."
"More items of legend?"
"Maybe. and shiny things."
Saphira chuckled.
"I like shiny things."
"I'll think of something for you too."
Tyler smiled as he looked at his chosen elf.
"I miss you two. I love you more so. But I'll be home soon."
The blonde elf smiled.
"we're waiting. And we love you too."
Yrisa giggled.
"Love you too big brother!"
"You be good Sparkles. Love you, Lyris. I'll see you soon."
"I love you too, Tyler. I look forward to lvi9ng you, Saphira."
"I love busty elves."
"Oh dear."
The spell ended and Tyler smiled.
"Thanks Saphira. You heading out?"
She nodded.
"I shall seek a suitable den for our trove, mate. Then I will head to the human capital to sample those delectable wives of yours. In your place."
"There's a maid there, her name's Scarlett. She's an addict so go crazy."
"How fortunate. I'm an addict as well."
"Wow. The piles will be AMAZING. I got a Vulpis and a Drey too."
"Oh my. I love you. The vulpis, her fur color?"
"Oooh I love their breed! They are my favorite groundeds to spend time with. Lucky man."
He kissed her and got to breaking camp as she glowed and returned to dragon form. He smiled as he patted her massive nose.
"I'll see you soon, Saphira. take carfe up there."
She rumbled and spread her massive wings.
"I will, love. You do so down here."
She flew off with a whoosh and he set off down the road towards Westonia. Well.I married a dragon lady now. What else is next? A zombie girl? A lamia? A ghost girl? Actually that last oen might be fun. He smiled at his own indecency as he walked along the gravelly road. The road was more or less straight with small hills and forests on either side of it. The sky was pale blue and filled with white fluffy clouds. Tyler was whistling a tune as he walked while keeping an eye ahead incase of anything. His golden dragon scale shield on his back with the sword over his shoulder and his other wepons as well. He was whistling when he spotted a series of moving shadows on the top of a hillside to his left and smiled. Been awhile since I encountered bandits. He unflicked his dragon lance to use as a walking stick when a man staggered out onto the road and dropped flat. Wow. The classic. Tyler looked at him curiously as he lay motionless.
"Yo buddy, you dead?"
The man looked up with panic in his eyes as he reached towards the warrior.
"Help me! A vampire!"
"Wow. That's an original. Points. I wonder."
Tyler smirked as he walked towards the man.
"I wonder. How are the fangs in this country?"
The man smirked at that one and a pair unflicked from his mouth,
"Let's find out. FOOD."
He lunged with inhuman speed at the warrior only for Tyler to merely lift his lance and the man impaled himslef on the tip. The warrior smirked as he saw the man'sheart had been pierced.
"So which is it? heart or head? I can do both."
The man turned to dust on the ground as more of the coven decended fromthe bushes to attack thye warrior.
"Cool. A vampire attack. Holy rebuke."
The things gasped in shock at the holy spell as Tyler took the lance in both hands and met their charge with accurate stabs in the hearts of the creautres while deftly avoiding their lunges. The coven had about 6 vampires and Tyler's extreme reflexes helped him drop the number to one. he tripped the last survivior and rested the lnacehead on his chest.
"You got a den?"
He smirked.
"I tell you, it'll be quick?"
"it will."
"The map. we were a raider clan. Guess we picked the wrong prey."
"Thanks. Thanks for the change a pace. Usually it's bandits attacking me."
"Thanks forthe clean deaths. We may have been out to drain you for food, but on my fangs, it would have been clean."
Tyler smiled as he stabbed the man in the heart with a painless jab and the vampire died with a satisfied smile.
"May the next time you fight bring you victory and an honorable end."
A low breeze came through the area at Tyler's words. I can respect a pure raid. we all have to survive somehow. Vampire or not. Tyler then pulled some jars from his pack and collected as much of the dust as possible thinking it might be worth something in an apothecary shop.
"And thanks for the stuff."
He took the usueful gear and potions before looking at the map the vampire had indicated.
"Hmm. I SHOULD be able to find this."
He left the road on the lefthand side and walked into the woods. He used his knife to carve an arrow int he direction he'd gone on each trunk leading into the trees. The ever careful warrior making sure he didn't get lost as he came to a large rock structure inside a small clearing. The forest being sparsely treed with large gpas between trunks and very little underbrush allowing for easy travel. Tyler had his lance ou8t as he walked aeround the 45 foot tall rock formation until he found an alcove tucked into the rock. Curious he walked inside to find a set of tents in the back out of sight of the entrance. He smiled. Think I found their camp. I don't believe they kept captives, but just to be sure. He tapped the metal head of his lance on the rock,
"Hey. anyone in here?"
He heard a muffled,
And a girl's head poked out from a tent with a very sleepy look on her face, as if he'd awakened her. she saw him standing there and gasped.
"Intruder! Help! oh wiat I'm alone. help!"
Tyler chuckled at her high pitched and breathy voice. The girl ducked back into her tent in fear as he walked towards her.
"Look. I already met your other vampires."
that got a gasp of shock from the tent.
"If you did, then that means...."
She was heard to slump at the realizatioon of their deaths.
"Just tell me-"
"it was quick and clean. And painless."
"Thank you. Are you here to kill me too?"
"Not sure yet. they attacked me first."
"I see. I can tell you're an honorable one. If I don't attack you?"
"Then you have nothing to fear."
he was sitting against a rock by the girls' tent as they talked. she sniffed.
"even if I'm a vampire?"
"Even so. I don't hold things like that against people."
"I kill people to survive."
"I do it for fun. Bandits are fun."
"Oooh clever twist. I promise not to attack you if you don't attack me. Okay?"
She poked her head out of the tent and he waved at her from the rock.
"Hi. I'm Tyler."
She smiled as he got a good look at her. she was a truly beautiful girl with thick violet hair and pink eyes. her skin was a light grey and very smooth. She had a pair of 2 inch fangs in her mouth of shining white teeth as she smiled at the friendly warrior.
"Hi. Nice to meet you all things considered. I'm Sabal Nightfang."
"wow. Never met a vampire before. Well. eh you know what I mean."
She walked out of the tent and he got a proper look now. She was a head shorter then he was with a very slender body. She had long legs that ended in delicate bare feet her bust was large on her petite frame and her outfit was a tight fitted leather tunic and pants. he smiled as she sat across from him out of reach of his still present lance. She smiled nervously as unshed tears sparkled in her pinkn eyes.
"Did you collect their dust?"
"I did. Wasn't sure if I could sell it for something."
Sabal was seen to shiver.
"I'll let you ley me in exchange for the dust, please."
He smiled and passed the jars over.
"I see you need this more then i do. An I don't take offers like that."
She had a relieved smile omn her face as he paseed them to her.
"Thank you. I am so relieved it weas YOU they attacked and lost to. Creater would have liked you."
Tyler watched as she built a fire before saying her goodbyes to her kin's ashes. Then she poured them into the fire and it glowed a bright black as a voice was heard inside the flames in the voice ofthe last vampire Tyler had killed.
"My dearest Sabal. We were blessed to have fought that most honorable and noble young man there. Please. Do not grieve us for we were granted a warrior's death. And it was in fair an honest battle. No spells, no tricks beyond our diversion. And fear not. For you will not have to walk this land alone. His heart is possessed of a kindness that is simply terrifying to witness. ask, and you will be happier after then ever before. I will miss you, my night princess. But as the night passes to day, so must we pass to her Blood's hunting ground. I love you so much. Walk in darkness my daughter. Mali."
Tyler stayed silent while the last words were heard then Sabal started to weep for her lost family. still Tyler didn't say a word as she wept tears of blood in her grief. The vampire sobbed for a bit longer before sniffing and cleanign her face of her blood tears and sitting by the fire. She looked at him and he joined her by the flames. She sniffed and looked at him again.
"I don't blame you. Creater had more words you didn't hear for me alone. Thank you for not being evil to them."
He smiled.
"It was a nice change of pace. usually it's the regualr bandits attacking me."
She smiled at that.
"He would have liked you. But. These things happen. Even the strongest warrior will one day meet his superior. no matter how well prepared or powerful he is. This is the cycle we all endure in our lives. I'm just sad it chose me this day."
Tyler sighed and looked at the fire.
"I won't apologise. As I don't feel sorry. I do feel bad for you though."
She smiled.
"You have a kind heart. And it is a warrior's heart. Like He said. So I'll put the past behind me and move forward. May I ask what your path is?"
"I'm headed to Westonia. The village went dark and my wife watns me to look into it."
"You're married?"
"I am. To Vulpine. The queen in Drako."
She blinked.
"The Dragon King?"
He passed his shield over and she gasped.
"The shield? Oooh THANK you Night Mother for allowing them to fall to the Dragon King!"
Tyler smiled.
"I would've taken them on with sword and shield in hand, but I've been favoring the lance of late."
sabal smiled.
"A noble mindset indeed. yet if you had drawn the shield, they wouldn't have dared attack you, and we would never have met."
"I suppose not. An odd comfort I guess."
Sabal smiled as she looked at the golden dragon scale shield.
"Creater will be honored int he Grounds for facing the Dragon King. An I am proud to be of his fangs. Now. You say you're path is Westonia?"
"It is."
The vampire nodded.
"We just entered these huntin g grounds night before last. when did the village cease communicating?"
"About....a week back."
"I see. This is not our doing."
"I kinda figured since we're two full days from the village. An no offense, but 8 vampires are not enough to silence an entire village of barbarians so easily."
She smiled.
"Agreed. we did not prey on villages as it seemed cruel to threaten children in their beds."
"Are all vampires this noble or just your clan?"
"Our clan was far older then others in the region so we sought to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We only preyed on the strong. Never merchants, caravans, old or weak. Quite the opposite. If we came upon a lone old man we'd lend assistence best we could. If they attacked you, then you must have seemed quite formidible indeed."
"Thank you. You survive on blood, right?"
"We do. Alas we cannot eat normal food as you humans do."
"How much blod a day do you need?"
"Half that canteen on your pack there a day."
"So 1 quart. Interesting. How long between feedings can you go?"
"A full month before we enter a blood frenzy. In that state we go wild with thirst and seek to quench it."
He nodded.
:i've not had many encounters with vampires before. To turn someone?"
"the bitten has to be drained off all blood before spending the night in a dirt bed with their creater. That is the unwilling. The willing is a mere drink and lay. I was a willing and my creater was the one that spoke."
Tyler smiled.
"I like the way you handled it. Nice to know some vampires AREN'T monsters."
Sabal smiled at that as she warmed her bare feet by the fire.
"Thank you for the kind words. Now I have a question."
"You smell very different from most other humans I've encountered in my life. Like a mixture of dragon and......human. Can you explain that?"
"Oh. I had sex with my dragon wife this morning and last night."
"Oh. Okay. That'll cause that."
Sabal was now more then a little intimidated by the addmission he had a dragon wife.
"Is the dragon one I know of?"
"Her name's Saphira."
"Lady blue? You are most impressive indeed. I have heard she is most indomitable."
"She is. Plus has spent far too much time alone. So since I understood that, being alone that is, we clicked."
Sabal smiled at that.
"Can i ask another?"
"If I wanted to travel with you, could I?"
"sure. be nice to have someone to talk to on the trail."
"Even though I'd have to drink of you?"
"So long as youy didn't leave me too weak to fight or turn me, I'd have no problem."
She was looking him in the eye as he talked and smiled.
"I see Creater was right about your kindness. People are often scared of me and my people, but they tolerate us in most cities so long as our feedings are willing."
"That's fair. Do you want to travel with me?"
Sabal brushed her long hair aside as she replied.
"I am considering my options. A vampire lesson is to always carefully consider hefty life decisions as we resolve to see themt hrough even if we regret the outcome. This is one such choice."
"I understand. I'm not in any great hurry to be honest, so take your time."
She frowned.
"Are you not seeking to help those people?"
"Well. I have no REAL idea what I'm walking into. For all I know they're dead already. So. I'm going into this at my pace. Not rushing or hurrying, but with eyes wide."
She smiled.
"I see. Caution. I apologize for the judgement."
"No harm done. I get it."
The vampire went back to her debate as Tyler put some more twigs on the fire before frying some of the meat from his kill on a rock. Hmm. I need to go hunting again. No biggee. Sure I can dig up a bear or somethign else big in this forest. He looked around the alcove before pulling his map out to look at the road ahead. Hmm. This denser portion of forest should hold some good deer. I can probably find some drakes in this flatland here, maybe some flying drakes near this mountain range. Cool. I'll reload and keep movinv. He rolled the thing and Sabal looked at him.
"Seeking the road ahead?"
"That and looking to resupply. I eat alot and Saphira has a large appetite."
"Ah. we didn't have any human food here as we can't consume it."
"That's fine. I like hunting. So you can't eat human food at all?"
She smiled.
"Not for sustience. We can for fun though."
"That's a relief. I'd feel bad if I made something and you just had to watch. Here."
He passed her some fried meat and hse laughed at the gesture.
"Thank you! You're sweet."
They munched on the meat and he laid against his pack as sabal continued her internal debate. Tyler was enjoying the afternoon rest as the vampire had an oddly soothing presence. be kinda cool roaming with a vampire. he closed his eyes to doze for a bit before Sabal looked over.
"I made my decision."
He sat up to look at her.
She smiled.
"I'd like to go with you. As your friend. I have heard of your.....prowess....and am not really interested at this time for a lover."
"That's fine. Friends are good too."
She smiled and offered her hand.
"I'll do my best."
They clasped hands and he smiled.
"I'll count on you. So. You got a pa ck or anything her you wanna keep?"
She looked around at the camp.
"A few things actually. I'll collect them if you want to see if they had anything you could use. Just know I'll be putting flame to the leftovers."
"Of course. You have spells?"
"A few. Fire Rain. It does what it says and causes a rain of fire to fall on an area. I have Shadow. It allows mke to blend into the shadow around me for 5 minutes. A vampire only spell called allure. It's a type of seduction spell to allow for feedings. A stone skin spell to make my skin harder. And that's it. You?"
"a lot."
He listed his arsenal off and she nodded.
"A collector. I see. I heard some holy spells in the list. Just be aware any holy spells will also effect me unless you SPECIFICALLY say not to."
"Even that Sacred site? I use it for campsites."
"Hold my hand when you cast it else it will kill me oputright."
"Okay. I'll be careful."
"I'll remind you."
He looked around the camp as Sabal collected her belongings.l The pair still chatting as they worked.
"So are you weaker in the sun, Sabal?"
"I am. My mana pool is lessened, and I tire more easily."
"Do you sleep at night?"
"I can. And it is how we heal without spells or potions idf we lay naked under the moonlight. I do it every night as I love how the moonlight feels on my body."
"I won't touch you until you want me to."
"I appreciate the thought. Thank you. One tent or two?"
"I'd prefer one. Less chance of one getting picked off in an ambush. but if you're more comfortable with two, go for it."
"again, appreciated. I'll take my tent in case I want to be alone."
"Of course. We'll split coin 50/50."
"That's fair. Say we want the samde dagger?"
"I don't really care about loot. In that scenrio, it's yours."
She nodded as he found a few more spells in the camp. Night Prowl. enables silent movement and perfect sight in the dark, Drain, a dagger spell. Enchants a dagger to suck the lifeforce out of a stabbed target to nourish the wielder, nasty trick. An ice spike. Does what it says. He looked over at sabal.
"Oh yeah. Preferred weapons?"
She smiled.
"I use the saber and prefer weapons like that. Same with light armors like chainmail."
"Clever. Look."
He lifted his shrt and the vampire smiled.
"Wily. And exactly what i had in mind."
"Great minds. Do you not wear shoes?"
"No. I love the feel of the ground on bare feet. And our feet are most tough. I can walkover raw glass without the slightest discomfort."
"Neat trick. Are you thirsty?"
She held a bottle up.
"I have enough blodo here to last three days before I need a refill."
"Let me know. Be happy to help out."
"Thank you. If we encounter bandits or the like, I request to harvest their blood."
"Sure. I only ask one survivor for interrogation."
"You seek their camp?"
"I do. I did the same for this camp as i make a point of freeing captives."
"Noble indeed. Do you use torture?"
"if I must. Your clan mate cooperated so I didn't pull my knife."
"We did not keep captives."
"I didn't THINK you did, given the way t6he fight played out an all, but never hurts to double check."
"Words to live by. I am satisfied."
He looked over and saw she'd belted a large traveler's pack on with a long curved saber on her hip.
"No bow?"
"I'm a lousy shot."
"I'll get ya one and teach ya."
"I see you prefer allrounders. I shall learn well."
He smiled at her formal wayof speaking when he spotted a bow in the camp and a quiver.
"Here. This is about your size."
She smiled fondly as the vampire slung it over her back.
"This was mali's bow. he was a kind fang. And always said he'd teach me to shoot one day."
Tyler smiled as he looked around.
"Well. I got all I need."
She shivered again but smiled as the lone vampire lifted her palm tot he alcove after they exited it.
"Thank you everyone. Until the day we all hunt together again in Her Grounds."
She cast her spell and the alcove was bathed in purple fire that Tyler found rather pretty. Sabal shivered again before looking at him.
"How far are we going today?"
"Till we find a guardian site. Areyou able to use them?"
"If you hold my hand as I walk onto the sacred runes. They'll see me as a friend that way."
"Alright then. Come on."
Thwey got to walking as the fire died out inside the cave; leaving nothing but burned cloth behind. Tyler was whistling as they found the road again and Sabal stopped to take a cloak from the road Tyler hadn't liked. She drapped it over her shoulders and they got walking.
"it was my mistress's. Or, my creater's wife's cloak."
He smiled at the unasked for explaination and she blushed as she saw that he hadn't needed to know. her blush being a light pink instead of red and he found it cute. Tyler was using his lance as a walking stick as the pair walked along the gravel road with the warrior eyeing the ground for tracks and keeping an eye on Sabal in case her sun weakness came into effect. She was whistlign with him as they walked and was keeping a strong stride too. Tyler and Sabal made good progress by the time the sun went down and they found another guardian site. Tyler took Sabal's hand, finding it to be rather cold to the touch, and walked her onto the white rune covered site before he cast sacred site and the rest of his defense spells. Sabal sighed with relief as the last spell was cast without incident.
"I was worried it wouldn't work."
He smiled at her as they pitched his large tent together.
"I upgraded my spells as we walked. Thing only effects hostile targets."
"Ah. I see you upgrade as the need arises."
"it ain't broke, don't fix it."
"My Creater woulda loved you. He was fond of such sayings."
"Sounds like a wise man. Vampire?"
She laughed at his uncertainty and he smiled as well.
"either or."
"Weird place this."
The vampire smiled at that as he built the fire now and set their meal out ashe'd make her some too. Sabal drank some of her blood bottle as Tyler got comfy by the fire. The guardain site was set inside a small bowl shaped crater in the ground this time. The spot was at the end of an odd cul-da-sac of stone walls with all the earmarks of a bygone spell gone awry. The fire casting dancing shadows of the relaxing couple on the 35 foot walls around them. Sabal sighed as she flopped onto her back to look at the stars.
"This is nice."
He smiled at her content voice.
"I may love my family dearly. But I do love traveling too. Oh. I'm gonna call Vulpine since I got a spell now. wanna meet her?"
Sabal smiled.
"If you are okay with sharing your time."
"Sure. Kinda wanna see her reaction."
Tyler looked at the fire.
"Lovers' Call. Vulpine."
The fire turned silver and Vulpine's silver haired face appeared in all it's beauty. Tyler smiled.
"I love you, Vulpine."
She smiled warmly.
"I love you too, Tyler. I see no issues?"
"None. Made a new friedn though. Sabal."
The vampire moved closer and Vulpine blinked.
"Tyler? She's a vampire."
"I know."
"Why am I not surpised? Wife too?"
"Alas no, your elegance. A friend and travel companion. His heart is too....much...for me."
Vulpine smiled.
"I see. I envy you then. I wish I could go adventuring with my husband."
Tyler smirked.
"Well why can't you? ya got Emily."
Vulpine blinked.
"You're right. When i leave for trips to other countries, she rules anyway. Plus she can always reach me if she needs my imput."
"and with Saphira in play?"
"NO ONE would fuck with us! Ypu clever bastard. So THAT'S why!"
"BOTH were unexpected bonuses."
"Oh okay. She arrived already byb the way."
"Yrisa okay?"
"Oh that poor elf nearly went comatose from her joy qand shock when a massive blue dragon landed outside her door calling her Sparkles! She loves her new dragon sister and they were flying around the city last I saw them. And we're playing together tonight."
"Leerus and Vulpix arrive too?"
"They moved to the city as well. I LOVE that vulpis. She's sooo sweet! Yrisa is her new cub and Lyris is loving the break. Leerus was hired on by me as our personal apothecary. Since we need potions every mornign now."
"she's moved jobs to maid slash Dove for us all. Poor girl can't even MOVE right now since her slit is eaten so well so often now. we're having fun love. And we're waiting for you."
He smiled.
"I'll be home soon."
"We'll keep it ready for you. and I had a fresh set of spells put in place to counter doppels in all our haunts. So we're safe."
"Love you too. I'll see about more stuff to spoil you all with."
Vulpine smiled.
"Saphira just landed with Yrisa outside the palace. I'll let her know you love her. And be careful or you really will kill her with joy."
"I love you all. Take care. And hug emily for me."
"Will do."
"And tell Verilia she's still on ym shitlist!"
The image died and he looked at a curious Sabal.
"Emily's getting married and her bride to be is on my permanent outta princiable."
She smiled fondly.
"A good brother. Good for her."
"Oh yeah. You're gonna be in for a few surprises as well along the way."
"In what manner?"
"Since you're travelign with me, I have a tendency to find secerts most would never even suspect. Okay. Until we reach the capital and it is offically announced, do NOT breathe a word of this to anyone. Understood?"
She nodded gravely.
"I swear by my fangfs."
"Vulpine has ANOTHER daughter."
The vampire jumped. Then looked at him in shock.
"How old?"
"150 years. The king stole her from Vulpine and used a memory spell on her in the same pass. She didn't know until I found her on a pirate hunter crew."
Sabal was looking at him in shock before smiling.
"I see. So those are the types of adventures you seek out."
"That's a more extreme one. Her name's Silveria and just sweet. You'll like her since we're flying her back to Drako from tyrannica after we're done in Westonia."
"An escort?"
"Yes. an no. I like working for her captain and fighting pirates. I'm an adventurer in the guild so take all kinds of jobs."
"I see. A worker. I'll join as well then. The usual types of jobs you take?"
"I hunt tyrants for fun, Here. Rank. This'll tell you mroe an I can."
He passed his guild rank screen over for her and she read it closely.
"Let's see. Tyler the Dragon. Rank: Wolf Lord. Impressive. Kills include tyrnats, the Father of the forest? King tyrant? Bandits, goblins, orcs, and more of the former. Tyler is a rookie adventurer in the guild who has been building his name and reputation with cold steel and fearless strength. Warm, kind, funny, and charming to all, Tyler has a well earned reputation for a fun loving young man with a thirst for adventure and a fire in his belly. He also has a fondness for the beauties reports any Dove or lady of beauty that catches his eye. ALL the guild Doves he has since partaken of all ache for his next visit and tell of respect and loving lust form their sessions. His strength is as of yet unbested and his limits unknown because of it. His physical strength is impressive, this be truth. And his blade skills vicious to an extreme. yet his greatest weapon is his mind. He has time and time again outwitted all that dare engage him in such duels with soulcrushing ease. The Dragon's strengths and virtues are many. yet he DOES have a dark side. DSo NOT cross him or he will mkake you suffer most horrifically for the transgression. He has a code and not even the guild leaders can stop him from holding you accountable to it if he feels it's nessecary. Particualy when there's captives involved. He WILL rescue them and to hell with anyone that gets in his way. Make himk angry, and he goes from charming Dragon, to vile Demon at the snap of a finger. We at the guild recommend Tyler the Dragon with high praise."
Sabal whistled as she passed it back.
"Okay. I see you are not one to be trifled with or doublecrossed. I wasn't, but noted."
He smiled as he closed it.
"And you get the idea of what I do on a day to day basis."
"I do. and I like it. How do you decide where to gonext?"
"I look at my map and see which city catches my eye."
"See how the world wants you to travel. An interesting strategy. And to you ride?"
"I prefer getting hired onto a merchant train or something similar. I don't know how to ride or care for a horse so that's out."
she nodded.
"Horses don't like vampires as they fear we'll attack them. Yet we make good wagoneers."
"What about sirships?"
"It's a struggle as we get sick sometimes, but I'll manage."
"Like seasick?"
"Indeed. i don't get seasick though."
"I think I know how to help you, but we'll need to be in the air for it to be tested."
"Thank you."
He smiled at her breathy voice as they relaxed y the fire. The warrior was running his whetstone over his lancehead as Sabal ran a comb through her purple hair. Tyler looked around at the walls of the cul-da-sac and spotted something.
"What the? Hey Sabal, look there. See what I see?"
The vampire looked in the direction he pointed and blinked.
"That smooth section of wall is a different color then the rest. In a very odd pattern too."
"An in my experience, there is only two reasons why such a thing is there. a tomb or a hidden cave. or both. Okay. I'll open her up you be ready with a fireball."
Tyler pulled his golden dragon scale shield and sword before taking a stance by the stone walls with Sabal aiming her palm at the main section. The wall around them was a uniform slate grey all around the cul-da-sac yet out of nowhere it changed into a dark gry that was only visible in firelight. The discoloration was ten feet high and 6 wide while on a section of wall outside the guardian circle. Tyler had Sabal stay inside the runes as a extra layer of defense for her while he took point. The warrior took advantage of his unbreakable sword to stab the center of the wall. The blade pierced the wall with ease to the hilt. Tyler pulled it out and there was a whoosh of old air that made Sabal gag.
"You okay?"
She had a look of disgust on her pretty face.
"There is something foul in there. ugh."
"With THAT putrid stink? Absolutely."
"Cool. i get to try out my holy smite. Stay in the runes please."
"I will. You intend to challenge it yourself?"
"I haven't faced too many undead so like the change of pace. I need you I'll yell."
"I will be ready."
Tyler stabbed the wall again with a horizontal blade now to increase the size of the cut. he repeated the action with different angles until he had enough room for him to grip the wall with his hand. He sighed and gave a mighty yank on the stone. Sabal blinked as he tore close to ten feet of stone clean off the wall with a growl of effort.
"Wouldn't it have made more sense to use that shield smash on it instead?"
He looked at her in mild shock as the wall lay in rubble around his feet. She sighed.
"You didn't think of that did you?"
"Nope. Wow. I need a pickaxe."
Sabal held her head in mild pain now.
"Mali and you are terrifyingly similar. Oooh my aching head!"
He chuckled at her justifed agony.
"I miss things sometimes cause they're too simple."
"His words exactly."
"My fear exactly."
Tyler laughed before looking into the tomb.
"Hidden trove, tomb, goblin den, or random pocket. Which is it?"
He walked inside and saw a 7 foot long stone sarcophagus sitting against the wall at the back of a small chamber in the stone. The room was smoothly carved and polished to a mirror shine with a small becnh of stone around the outer rim of the tomb. Above his bhead the stone was carved into a dome decorated in black runes that had an odd glisten to them as if wet. The floor was also polished to a mirror smoothness and seemed to be made of granite. Tyler looked to the sarcophagus and noted it too was covered int he black runes. Tylersmiled as he hefted his unbreakable shield. Perfect. Payday. He walked over to the coffin and tried to open it. there was a rumble as the runes on the coffin went dark. The lid of the coffin flew off now and a half skeletal man sat up in the thing. The flesh of the creature was a putrid green and half his bones were visible atthe mouldering ends of the flesh. Tyler smirked as he saw the thing reach for a sword and shield of it's own.
"Holy Smite."
His sword glowed a blinding white as he stabbed at the heart of the creature. it screamed an inhman scream before collasping into mere bones inside the coffin. The runes around the chamber went dark as a sound of glass shattering was heard. Tyler smirked.
"Easier an i thought."
The warrior looked out the tomb entrance to where Sabal was standing,
"I found a lesser lich. They worth anything?"
The vampire smiled as she walked inside now.
"The bones are used in apothecary shops for curse breakers, the dust is made into creams that make skin seem luminious or make a hair tonic to increase glow."
"That. For political reasons."
She smiled as he collected everything of value.
"They guard troves?"
"Lesser troves, but yes. If you search the coffin you will find it."
"Thanks sabal"
The warrior looked into the coffin and lifted the weapons the creature had tried to go for.
"Hm. A one handed waraxe and a round shield. I think they're made from dragon scale but not sure."
The vampire looked them over as he loked inside the empty coffin.
"How rare. These are made from the hide of a Mountain Wyrm. A lesser dragonkin with lesser scales that mimic dragon. Still good nonetheless."
Tyler smiled as he spotted a seam in the seemingly solid stone.
"Got a seam. Cool."
He pulled his dagger and slid it between the two slabs of stone and gave a light pop. There was a click and the entire bottom of the coffin lifted right out to reveal a bottom filled with coins and a few gems. Tyler and Sabal whistled atthe loot.
"I see he was a wealthy one indeed."
TYler smiled.
"Let's get a coin count and go from there."
The pair looted the coffin before leaving the cave where Tyler sealed it with a landslide over the entrance. Then they spend an hour counting the coin. He sighed ondce the last copper was accounted for.
"Okay. All told we got 25,644 gold, 65,438 silver, 89,444 copper. Wow. Two sapphires, a diamond and a rather pretty bit of Opal. Coin right down the middle."
Sabal smiled at that.
"Thank you. i have room in my pack for that much as my purse is enchanted."
"I'll need to get one at this point too. Okay. half is 12,822 gold, 32,719 silver, 44,722 copper. Wow. Paday."
They split the coin and he looked atthe small pile curiously as they sat by the fire.
"I think I'll call Saphira. See if she'll help out."
Sabal gulped atthe prospect of meeting a dragon as Tyler looked at the fire.
"Dragon Kiss."
The fire glowed a bright blue and the bluen haired image of the human Saphira appeared with a smile.
"Hello mate. Miss me already?"
He smiled.
"Kinda. I found a lich tmob."
"Ah. A deposit?"
"In the morning if it's not a problem?"
She smiled warmly.
"Of course. I'd be happy to help. Flying across the world is nothing for a dragon of my power. Would you like it in my trove or the vault in the palace?"
"I'd like to fill my vault first. Plus Lyris can use it."
"I love her. She's sweet. I'll fly out tomorrow night for a fresh deposit."
"Sounds warm. I made a friend"
Sabal leaned over and Saphira smiled.
"I see you found one of the Fang. Grettings, night daughter. I am Saphira."
The vampire gulped.
"Greetings skyqueen. I am called Sabal Nightfang. An honor."
"She drink of you?"
Tyler smiled.
"Not yet. I'm her backup blood since she's traveling with me now."
"Ah. Enjoy."
"Sure. Cuddle Yrisa for me."
"She's sleeping with me tonight. I love her. She's very sweet and just a joy to be around."
"Love you too. We'll expect you tomorrow night, Saphira. Night."
"Good night my love."
The image died and Tyler smiled as he set his coin insde his pack.
"Tmorrow night's gonna be fun."
Sabal smiled.
"Gopod for you. Would you like privacy?"
"I'm a very flaunt it if ya got it type person, Sabal."
"I see. Then I'll use my own tent as I wish to not see it."
"Sure. All I ask is you keep close. I'd hate to find out you got picked off in the dark during a romp."
She smiled at his worry.
"I'll be careful."
They fried some more meat on the fire and fed on it before they turned in by mutual unsaid agreement. Tyler took care of the fire and crawled into his tent to find Sabal laying on the bedroll waiting for him in a mere pair of thin lace panties. He smiled as he saw her breasts were bigger then she let on and were rather ridgid. He laid beside her in the bedroll and pulled the fur over them as she rolled away from him.
"Do you cuddle?"
He smiled.
"I do. If you want to that is."
She smiled without looking at him.
"I prefer my space. Thank you."
"Sure. You're very warm."
"Thank you. if we wake up like that, I won't blame you som long as you let go."
"I will. Night Sabal."
" Good night Tyler."

DAY 16.
GOLD: 16,289 SILVER: 32,764 COPPERS: 44,782

Tyler woke to see he'd rolled in his sleep to look into Sabal's face as she slept beside him. He smiled as he found he was holding her hand in his. This is nice. In it's own way. he let her go and left the tent to get breakfast going. The warrior had the map open as well beside him while he fried some meat on a rock. Might wanna pick up a grate or something from a store. hm. I COULD make one. Eh I'll figure it out. He had some carnataur meat and coffee ready for himself and a few strips her her as he looked at the road ahead. we'll reach Westonia day after tomorrow. I'm thinking they're all dead. There was a rustle of cloth and he smiled asSabal sat by the fire.
"Mornign Sabal. I'd offer you coffee, but it wouldn't help you."
She smiled at his kind offer.
"Thank you. I already drank my mornign blood."
"You don't have to hide it if you don't want to."
"Thank you again. Drinking blood is an intimiate affair for vampires so we get embarrssed if we're seen feeding."
"Ah. I understand. Bacon?"
"Thank you."
They munched and he tapped a spot on the road ahead.
"I'm expecting to be hit by more bandits here. See these hills?"
She nodded.
"I do. I'd need two full humans to completely refill my blood bottle."
"Then three surviviors."
"i'm grateful. How are your food supplies?"
"Low ebb. got plenty of coffee and seasonings though. So I'll keep an eye out for something big."
"I will as well.'
"Thanks Sabal. Alright. let's get moving."
The pair broke camp and headed along the road. Tyler enjoying the crisp morning air as he walked with the soft flops of Sabal's footsteps beside him on the gravel and stone road that wound it's way around large trees and rocky hills.
"Hey Sabal. Question."
"What is it?"
"Can you drink animal blood?"
"I can. But it doesn't nourish me as human or elven blood does. I'd turn to animal blood as an emergency supply if no other option were available."
"Hmm. Are there diseases you need to watch out for in your food?"
"Notlike you're thinking. Our bodies filter the blood with rather potent immune systems to keep us healthy. As a rule, Vampires are among the most resilient of the races in the world."
"Are you immortal?"
"We are. So long as our feedings are regular. And I sensed your extended lifespan as well. Are you aware of how you obtained it?"
"Not entirely no. I'm thinking it had something to do with how saturated this country is in magic. My home country magic was dying out or just not there period. Vulpine felt the same thing when we met."
Sabal tilted her head now.
"Hmm. Interesting. I have heard of magical deadzones before, but never met anyone that lived in one. How strange this world is."
"Try it from end. I got here a few weeks back as a mere copperless wanderer and in no more an three days killed the king, married the queen, and was chosen by an elf. Normal person would only be able to achieve ONE of those a lifetime!"
The vampire smiled at that one as they stopped at a brooke to refill canteens.
"You have quite the tale in you, Tyler. And yet the night whispered it's only just begun. I am looking forward most eagerly to seeing what else you do."
"I am too. With equal parts excitement and terror."
"An odd wisdom I suppose. Oh. There be fish in this river."
Tyler looked and smiled as he spotted somethign else.
"And a tyrant runner as well. See those tracks?"
"I do. They seem old to my eye though."
"That's because of the water. See how deep they are? if they were old they'd be partially filled."
"Ah. I see. Are we hunting it?"
"Oh absolutely. The hide and claws are awesome and the meat's tasty too."
Tyler unflicked his lance and Sabal hesitated, caught between her bow and her saber. Tyler smiled.
"Use your bow. We'll do some target practice after I kill it. Okay?"
She smiled gratefully.
"Thank you. I see I still have much to learn."
"As do we all."
The pair headed along the tracks into the forest. The trees being rather spread apart with sparse underbrush. The knowledgeable warrior pointing out various aspects to the attentively listening vampire.
"See here? How the track dipped forward a slight fraction? it lunged at a fish and see how the back is also deeper? it caught it since it has to tip it's head back to swallow. And if you look there to that bruised branch, we can infer it bumped it's head as it walked. So we're looking at a 15 foot tall animal. And given the length between strides we can infer a 30 foot long predator as well. The birds stopped singing ahead. That means we're close."
Sabal smiled as he stopped talking as well and hefted his lance. Then she followed suit with her bow ready as they rounded a bend in the river to see their prey drinking water fromthe river with it's side to them. the beast was indeed 15 feet tall and thirty long with 7 foot crocodile like jaws. The hide was a rather beautiful shade of green with some daker bars of yellow to break up it's outline in the forest it lived in. Tyler smiled as he walked towards it without fear. The thing roared at him as his clattering steps were heard but Tyler merely smirked. The thing lunged with a rumble of gravel and thudding steps which Tyler sidestepped and thrust the lance at it's side. It connected and the heart was pierced. Tyler gave and extra push to tip the beast over AWAY from the river and he smiled at Sabal.
The vampire came over smiling as the warrior pulled his lance free.
"Most impressive, Tyler. I see the entries in your guild profile on huntinjg tyrants were indeed fact. How do I assist?"
"Have you ever skinned one of these before?"
"I have not. No."
"Allow me to teach you then. And brace since they stink to high hell when you cut them open."
The vampire smiled as she hopped beside the patient warrior and he bagan teaching her how to skin a tyrant.
"In a nutshell, tyrant hide is a lot like the skin of a chicken or turkey. Cut it here and peel like so. Try to keep a stable pressure on the knife while keeping as much of the hide in one piece as you can like so."
He pulled an entire side of the beast clean off as she watch with wide pink eyes at the warrior plying his knowledge.
"Fascinating. What will we do with the hide?"
"If you want something made, we'll see to it in the next town. I usually end up selling most of everything I collect with a few trophies for Yrisa and myself."
"The meat?"
"Same thing. Since I'm going to be traveling outside a city for a bit, I'll keep more of it."
"In a city, would you like me to stay close?"
"Hmm. How welcome are you in cities as a rule?"
she leaned back at that question.
"It depends on the city really. Some only ask i keep a blood bottle or willing Feed with me when I'm in a city. While others openly follow my every move with a Holy Priest. Some refuse entry outright."
"Hmm. Then I'd ask you stay close until word gets out you're traveling with me."
"I see you wish to keep me safe from those that put legends before the truth. Very well. And i understand. My kind have a well earned reputation as heartless nightmares."
Tyler smiled as he pried the last tooth from the dinosaur's head.
"I have well earned reputation as an asshole. So you're in good company."
she smiled at that as he got to removing actual meat now.
"Okay. Meat's a bi8t tricky as you have to keep watch for stray bones. I usually cut here along the bone and lift up like I'm prying an oyster open."
"I see. may i try?"
"Sure. when I flip it over, you can try it out. Sound fair?"
"very. I've never liked just watching when work needed to be done."
"I understand. if you want, you can see if you can catch some fish while I finish up this side. All that's left is trying it yourself."
"Thank you. I actually like fishing."
She pulled a rod from her pack and flicked the line into the water a few yards upstream fromthe blood filled section by the warrior cleanign the carcass. The pair worked in silence and Sabal pulled a few decent sized salmon from the river as Tyler got the last bit of good meat from the left side of the animal.
"Okay. I'll flip it over and oyu can try."
"Let me reel this stubborn pike in."
Tyler watched the beautiful vampire fight the pike for a few more minutes before she got the 7 foot fish on shore with a relieved sigh. Tyl;er whistled.
"Nice catch. I can flay it for you."
She smiled gratefully as they swapped spots.
"I appreciate it. Been a while since a fish put up that type of fight."
Tyler got to work flaying the 50 pound fish as Sabal put her newly gained knowledge to the test. Tyler working close by to keep the blood contamination in the river to a minimum and watch as she worked. The vampire proving she'd been paying attention with an entire flank of hide removed in one piece. She smiled happily at this success before diving into the bloody meat with her knife and determination. The pike was cleaned and the remains buried as Sabal finished her grisly task. Then the warrior looked her work over and smiled.
"Nicely done, Sabal. Alright. now it's just practice."
She smiled happily at his praise.
"Thank you. Once I saw the pattern it was surprisingly easy. What will we do with the remains?"
"Leave them there. They're too big to bury and we can't use them ourselves. Plus the scavengers will appreciate the free meal. Let's head downstream a bit for your archery practice. Not a good idea to linger around a carcass of this size."
"Of course."
The pair left and Tyler was looking his newest claw over with a smile.
"Yrisa will love this."
The vampire smiled.
"You sen d her claws too?"
"As a brag of what I've been doing with my time. Should see her collection thus far."
"She has a most wonderful big brother in you, Tyler. I admit to jealousy."
"You'll get to meet her too. Since we're headed back to Drako after Westonia."
"Aboard the airship, correct?"
"Yup. We'll lend our strength fighting pirates along the way."
"will we share a cabin?"
"Now that one I don't know. I THINK so since we're a team but it's really up to Merillia."
The vampire nodded at that.
"I'd like to share a cabin with you since I know you. But. We'll defer to her judgement."
He nodded as they walked along the road. The friends walked in silence for a few hours along he gravelly road and Tyler was enjoying the presence of the bare footed vampire beside him. The friends climbed a tall hill after a bit and Tyler blinked at the sight in the distance.
"Wow. I guess I was off. Westonia's right there."
Their destination was just over the hille ncased in a 25 foot tall log wall and secured with stones. The village having close to 35 buildings all enclosed inside an outer wall of logs and stone with the buildings closest tot he wall built ruggedly with slits for arrows. The front gate was open and hanging off it' hinges from some great impace blowing them open. Tyler unflicked his lance and pulled his golden dragon scale shield.
"Guards up. They got attacked."
The vampire drew her saber and the pair walked thrugh the front gate. Tyler sighed as he got a look at the village.
"They got wiped out. See the damage on that house? Fireball. The mass of tracks here all facing the same direction indicate a shieldwall. The dragmarks indicate a pushed back line. No bodies though. That's not a good sign. "
The village was built along a straight thoroughfare with the main longhouse at the center of the village with four main roads spreading from it like a compass. Tyler headed right for the mainhall with the vampire beside him. everywhere they looked they found more evidence of a lost battle. Shattered walls, downed walls, holes in buildings, fire damage and other types of magical damage, and dried blood too. Pools and pools of dried blood. But no bodies. Tyler walked up to the front of the mainhall and kicked it open. Sabal gagged.
"Oh that is foul. There is dead in there."
The pair walked in and Tyler sighed.
"found em."
The entire village population of close to 400 barbarian warriors, men, women and children, were found in piles around the hall they tried to use as a last line of defense. Tyler sighed as he saw the way the bodies were positioned.
"even the children fought back. Looks at the tracks. Orcian raiders. And a lot of them. well. They went down fighting and looks like no torture or rape so that's a small mercy."
Sabal sighed as they walked among the piles of rotting dead.
"A pity. They fought hard. Most of their weapons are dull from use."
"And their armor is battered from the same. No orc bodies though. That's odd."
"Not really. Orcs feed on their own kind. And prefer it over human flesh truth be told. So it would seem they looted the village and made off with their dead."
"And that alone is cause for concern."
"For if they could lose however many they did here, and carry all the bodies away,"
"Then we're dealing with a horde. Yet that doesn't fit either. Where were the campgfires or the dust clouds? An army on the march like that, no matter WHAT kinda creatures it is, makes waves. Period."
Sabal frowned at that one as Tyler walked around.
"You are correct. That is bizarre. Maybe multiple recoveries over a time period?"
"Maybe. That WOULD fill the holes nicely. Maybe an orc clan attacked and won, yet suffered extreme casualties."
"That would fit this puzzle. We shall keep investigating."
Tyler went to the large door set into the side of the room and forced it open.
"Found the chief's room."
Sabal and Tyler walked into the main office of the village chief and Tyler frowned right off the bat.
"What the hell? TYhe village chest is untouched."
Sabal frowned as well. Tyler opened the thing and just stood back even more confused.
"What the hell? There is easily 150,000 gold in there. NO raiders would willingly ignore such a treasure. Not even orcs. And they do not use treasure."
"Unless they lost that many members. Let's look around the village proper. This isn't adding up."
The pair left the building without touching the treasure and Tyler took the lead. He kept his eyes ont he ground as they followed the tracks of the invaders.
"These are all coming from this section of the village. Seems the main force breached the wall. and the defenders retreated along the streets. Way they're laid out, five barricades them for days. And leave countless dead."
Sabal nodded as they walked up to a section of wall where they found their first corpse. Tyler nodded.
"Alright. A mountain troll. Decent wallbreaker. Hit with a fireball. That makes sense."
He looked back at the main building and just frowned.
"And then the sense just stops. I wonder. You think the orcs were SCARED out of the area?"
"That WOULD explain a lot. And account for the lack of bodies if the new arrival fed on orcblood."
"Saphira was in the area a few days back. A dragon would do the job nicely."
"It would. Yet The Blue queen is a strict loner usually and avoids her own kin. if one were in the same sky with her, she would depart."
"So an outright dragon is out. This bugging me. Like we're missing pieces to this puzzle, and the ones we're looking for are in the box somewhere."
"I agree. There is this village."
He looked at the vampire now.
"Can you describe the feeling?"
She frowned hard now as her pink eyes became strained.
"Like and there is a breeze that should not be here."
"Can you follow it?"
"I can. You believe it is involved?"
"Can't to check. Anything unnatrual is usually best looked into."
"Again. i agree. The breeze is coming from this direction."
Sabal took the lead along a sidestreet in the village headed for the northern wallgate. Tyler followed with his lance ready and his unbreakable shield also ready. The vampire kept shivering as they walked in an unfelt breeze as Tyler felt nothing. The warrior noting the utter silence of the village now. Like not even birds were heard nor insects like one would expect of a forest town. That's not a good sign. He looked at Sabal.
"The forest is still."
"I feel it too. Something very wrong happened here. And the forest is in shock."
"A demon?"
"Most likely. Only such a fell creature could so utterly silence a forest."
"If it is a demon, I'll take it. I have an understanding of the fell beasts."
"I will assist as best I can."
"Thanks Sabal."
The pair left the village as Sabal followed the still unfelt breeze and Tyler looked at the ground.
"Yup. Look there. Hoofprints."
Sabal gritted her teeth.
"A demon of gluttony. The prints are deep."
"Alright. We got a hutn to take. And I'll watch the holy magic."
"Thank you."
Tyler took the lead now as they headed after the beast. The warrior going at a light run with the lithe vampire beside him as they dove into a large hole burned into the forest by the fell creature. Tyler noting how utterly silent the forest was and how the tracks were rather relaxed as they went. The friends tracked the creature for about an hour before they came out into a clearing overlooking a small ravine. Tyler smirked as he saw the thing sitting on a roack seat.
The thing was ten feet tall and blood red with a 20 foot wingspan. It's head as a pig's head while a curly tail was seen behind it. The thing was naked and Tyler looked at Sabal.
"To kill it. Stab it in the heart, right?"
The vampire nodded.
"Indeed. Even the mighty archdemon is vulnerable to such a weakness."
"I know you food are there. Shall we hurry this up?"
The demon's twicted, gutteral voice made Tyler chuckle as he dropped into the clearing.
"I smell bacon I smell pork. look out piggee, I got a lance."
The thing snorted and rose to it's full height.
"How pathetic. You think you can undo me with my temper?"
A vein bulged ont he demon's head at Tyler's idiocy."
A second vein bulged as Sabal had to cover her mouth or risk roaring with laughter as Tyler got under the thing's skin.
"Damn you! there! I said it!"
"Oink, oink, oinkoink."
The thing bellowed with rage att his most infuriating human it had ever met. And when it lowered it's head Tyler's lance was stabbing it in the heart.
"Hook, line, and spitroasted. See ya in hell."
The thing exploded into flames before dropping a 5 foot horn as it vanished. Sabal came over laughing hard as Tyler put the horn in his pack.
"That was the single most hilarious I have ever seen. A demon of gluttony, so completely humilated before dying."
"I have a special talen, Sabal. I can gdet under your skin like a rusty razor blade and it will drive you up the freakin wall. Come on. Let's go give our report to Vulpine."
"Of course."
Tyler and Sabal returned to the road where the vampire frowned.
"I still feel the breeze."
"TWO demons?"
"I do not believe so. Let us investigate this."
They took off at a light run following the breeze. Sabal leading the way along the road before veering to the right and Tyler was right behind her as they dove into a stretch of forest. The trees were rustling in the light wind and the birds were singing again. Tyler noted this.
"Whatever it is the forest isn't distrubed by it."
"Which is reassuring as it means the cause is NOT a predator."
They ran for another hour before coming upon a most unexpected find. Tyler blinked as they walked up to the outer wall of a ruined fortress.
"What the hell? I know Brock said there be more abandoned keeps in Mossilia then towns I didn't think he meant it."
Sabal nodded as they looked at the keep.
"Indeed it be truth. In my 4000 years alone, I have witnessed no fewert hen thirty keeps be constructed, and fifty more be lost to time."
"A strange country this is. And yet I love it. huh. That could be fun."
"Seeking out abandoned keeps?"
"Yup. I got my sword and shield from one and my crown. So it could be fun."
"I admit to interest. let us search this one most carefully first."
"Oh completely."
They walked through the ruined front gate and Tyler noted the main structure.
"Looks like they were attacked too. See the mainhall? The doors were blown off the hinges. let's start there."
"The breeze is coming from that hall there."
He looked and saw a chained door set into the groundlevel of the keep. The entire thing resembling a massive church with the roof caved in. Tyler felt an icy chill go up his spine as he saw the chained door. No way. Not TWICE. Heeeey guys? I think you got a problem here. A note slapped him in the face and Sabal looked at him curiously as he took it. we know. There is something wrong going on here. Investigate on your end. we are on our end. Leviathan. Tyler smiled.
"Levathian misses me."
Sabal chuckled as he showed her the lust letter.
"The Sea Queen is fond of picking a mortal lover for a few centuries. I admit to jealousy."
"I love her realm. even if I can't swim a stroke."
"Now that is the definition of irony."
"Looking to bed the sea goddess, and me not being able to swim. ha. Alright."
He walked over to the chained door and cut the thing with his sword. The chain snapped with a ping and he threw the doors open with a bang that echoed off the delpidated hall. He lifted his shield and Sabal got behind him as they advanced cautiously down the corridor. He noting the various paintings of a wolf hunting deer and other prey on the walls and Sabal nodded.
"I know this keep. Lord Wolfkrig lived here five thousand years ago. Creater knew him as they were friends. I was born after they knew each other but Creater would tell me of heir days. he was a renowned hunter of beasts and monsters. Plus a very clever general to the Queen of that era. His line ended and the keep lost to time."
"A shame. But thank the gods I got an expert now."
"I do not claim to know everything."
"Ya know more an I do. That's a plus."
She smiled at that as the sound of footsteps were heard ahead. Tyler smrked.
"Cover your eyes."
"It is done."
The hall lit up with a blinding flash of light that revealed an undead man shuffling about a few yards in the darkened hall.
"Just a draugr."
"I see."
"Oh. Think you could harvest the blood of those barbarians?"
"Alas they have bene dead for too long."
"Worth a shot."
Tyler walked over and stabbed the drauger in the heart and it crumbled to powder. Sabal smiled and produced a jar.
"The dust when sold to an apothecary is used in a drop for the eyes to make their color more vivid."
"Split it please."
"Of course. Yrisa?"
"Yup. Sparkles gets more sparkles."
she smiled and Tyler looked down the hall as the vampire collected the dust.
"There's a door there. And it's chained too."
"I am ready."
Tyler walked over and cutthe thing off with another ping,
"I got voices inside."
"I am ready."
Tyler wound up and booted the door open with authority and had his shield up and his lance ready. Only to find themselves looking at a small group of maybe 10 people all looking around the large chamber confused. The warrior looked ar Sabal and shrugged.
"Guess we got newbies."
The vampire looked atthe group as they looked at them.
"They are not from this world. That much is clear. But. Who are they?"
Tyler looked at the group as one of them approached. She was a truly beautiful girl with blood red hair that hung to her hips and her skin was very light and seemed to glow in the dim light of the summon chamber. her eyes were an imperious blue while her breasts were massive. Easily double Ds and flopped with every step she took. Her outfit was a school uniform of white and black with a flared skirt and brown shoes. She approached him with an air of imperious beauty and looked him in the eye fearlessly.
"Where are we? And who are you? I am Rias gremory, next head of the house of Gremory."
Tyler sighed and leaned on his lance.
"I'm Tyler the Dragon. This is Sabal Nightfang. Short answer? You're in a new world."
She blinked.
"Did YOU bring us here?"
"Nope. No clue what you're doin here. OR how you got here."
A piece of paper slapped him in the face and he sighed.
"get a new trick."
Sabal smiled.
"LAdy Leviathan?"
"Most likely. okay. Let's see. Oh. it's about you guys. we're looking into how you all got here. So far we've got nothing. You're here to stay and I am going to break that sword you're so proud of, Dragon King knockoff. I'll take THAT outta your ass. The offical word is for you to get comfy cause we're not sending you back. Our world's better. So true. So yeah."
He looked at the stunned Rias.
"Welcome home. Oh. there's more."
He looked atthe fresh writting.
"Since you all were devils with powers when you came through those powers were drastically reduced. For example that perverted sex fiend idiot over there's dragon shot powers were reduced to a mere three shots per day. Hm. The dragons hate you already. The sword that blue haired chick wields has lost ninety percent of it's overall power but is unbreakable. Challange accpeted. Oh. They replied. My sheidl can take it. Ha. That valkery is merely a Sibyl here. Or, the child of an angel and a Sybil. That angel is a member of the race of icaris. The bird people. Your powers got made into spells here and you can still fly since it's a spell here. and yes you get to keep your wings. Cool. And that's it."
He gave Rias the note and she looked at him.
"So what are we supposed to do?"
Tyler shrugged.
"Whatever you feel like. You're in a new world so get to make a new life for yourselves."
"Annnd you're not gonna help us?"
He blinked and looked at Sabal. The vampire smiled.
"I have no objections. They DO need a guide."
"Alright. We DO have a entire barbarian village to look through for gear and supplies."
He looked at Rias.
"You're more an welcome to travel with us."
She raised an eyebrow.
"And be under YOUR command?"
"it IS my party."
"Uh-huh. And would Sabal be second?"
The vampire shrugged sheepishly.
"I have no desire to lead."
Tyler smiled.
"Alright. You're second in command."
"Good. I don't trust you. Something about you has my heart racing and I don't know what it is."
"Ha. Alright. So who are the rest a the dingdongs?"
She sighed and the others came over.
"The spiky haired boy leering at you miss Sabal is my boyfriend Issei Hyuto."
Issei was a tall slender guy with brown spiky hair and green eyes and clad in a blue school uniform. He was all eyes as he looked at the sexy Sabal. Tyler smiled.
"You keep doing that, I WILL remove your eyes."
Sabal shivered as the boy gulped.
"Stay away from me. you scare me."
"I'll make sure he does. Next time he's get knocked the fuck out."
Rias bristled at this.
"Just for looking?"
He looked her in the eye.
"If HIS idea of looking is making her shiver like that, he don't GET to look."
The guy took offense to this.
"she's hot! Course I'm gonna look at her!"
Tyler looked him in the eye now....anf flipped his switch.
"I will set you on fire. Leave. her. ALONE."
ALL of them shuddered at the no0w roiling feelings of absolute hatred and unnerving bloodlust that radiated from the formerly irritated boy. Sabal recovered first.
"The Demon soul of the Dragon King. I have heard the stories, but feeling it first hand is something completely different."
Tyler was glaring at issei and he was on the ground in terror as the teenager's eyes bored into his own. For him? In that moment? he was merely prey looking into the eyes of a hungry predator he had no hope of even scratching. His breathing was coming out in short, panicked breaths as his legs refused to obey his orders to run as the warrior's eyes dominated his vision. Thne Tyler smirked.
"I think you get the point."
He blinked and looked back to Rias as Issei took in a massive breath as if coming up for air after being underwater. The browned haired boy fell forward to his hands and knees in a cold terror as the fear he just felt coursed through his body and sweat fell from his skin in rain drops. Rias was also shaken as Tyler looked back at her.
"What the hell was that? No. We are NOT going near you."
tyler chuckled.
"That, Rias Gremory, was my Demon soul. Make me TRULY angry, and I will send you to hell. In as many pieces as I can. And youdo nothing but scream until you get there. As for the other thing? That's fine. Good luck learning this world."
He turned to walk out with Sabal and Rias sighed deeply.
"Dammit. we need a guide."
Tyler smirked at her over his shoulder.
"You coming with?"
She glared at him with her own impressive anger.
"Do NOT test me as well. I am not to be trifled with."
"Ha. You're too beautiful to scare people toots. Solid attempt though. Come on."
She sighed at this and followed. The red headed devil walking beside the whistling warrior as they talked.
"So where are we going?"
"we're heading back to that village. That demon is bothering me."
Sabal frowned.
"Yes. Now that you say it, it is odd to find such a powerful demon on this plane at all."
"Think we can find the circle?"
"Use that track spell and it should not be a problem."
"I'm think that village was foudn after the massecre."
"And used for a suitable summon?"
"Yup. makes sense since that pain and misery would have weakened the veil at that spot."
"And demons flock to those spots in droves. Thus making it a perfect location for such a fell act."
Rias was looking form vampire to warrior in mild irritation.
"You going to explain?"
Tyler sighed.
"My wife, Queen Vulpine, sent me to the nearby barbarian village of Westonia. it went dark about a week back and since I'm the best there is at finding secrets and solving problems she sent me in. The village was slaughtered to the last child. And we're gonna have to look into the details because that too is bothering me."
"as is me. There were a few things I noticed that didn't coinside with a orc raid."
"My thoughts exactly. Now. We were talking of our next step when Sabal here felt an unnatural breeze in the air. we followed it to a summoned demon of gluttony. i killed it and she still feltthe breeze. So again, we followed it. And it led us to you."
Rias blinked.
"Back up. YOu're WIFE is the Queen?"
"You the king?""
"Nope. well. I'm the Dragon King, but only when it's needed. It'll be a few centuries before I take the throne."
The group just looked at him in mild shock and Rias looked away.
"So you're a king. How old are you?"
"And you're already married?"
"Yup. Mossilia's a matriarchy so I'm not all that important."
"Ha. Okay now it makes sense."
"You sleep with her?"
issei's impressed voice got a groan Rias and a smirk from Tyler.
"Oh yeah. We'll make a report after our investigation and you'll get to meet her. And issei?"
Tyler looked over his shoulder at the noew trembling boy.
"Do NOT fuck with my wife. Okay?"
He smiled and the boy was shaking so violently he couldn't even move. Tyler chuckled as he looked back at Rias.
"So yeah. We're looking into a massecre."
She sighed as they walked across the keep goounds.
"And our role?"
"Watch. This'll give you a good idea on WHAT can happen to you here."
She sighed and they returned to the road. Tyler looked atthe dirt.
"Track. Gluttony Demon."
The hoofprints appeared in neon blue and the party got moving. Tyler using his lance as a walking stick as Rias nodded to her next friend.
"That tall girl there is Akeno. My best friend."
Akeno smiled as Tyler got a good look at her. She was a tall, extremely beautiful girl with knee length black hair tied in a neat ponytail that swayed with each step she took. her eyes were a teasing purple and she had a lusty leer in them too. her breasts were massive, even bigger then Rias' double Ds and poked small points in her white school uniform to indicate no bra. The warrior chuckled as they flopped with each step.
Her skin was fair and her frame well muscled from an active lifestyle. her outfit was the same school uniform as Rias but with the addition of long thigh stockings. She saw his admiring look over and she smirked.
"Oh my. Looking at other girls even though you're married?"
"Vulpine's rules are she meets any others I marry, no offspring before her, and I'm open about it."
Rias smirked.
"A harem?"
"Hmm-hm. Plus the random Doves I find hot."
sabal chuckled as Rias blinked.
"The Dragon king's appetites are a type of legend, Rias."
She slumped.
"Just not me. Okay?"
Sabal patted the tired girl.
"I said the same when we met. And not a word further has been mentioned."
The warrior smiled as Rias looked ather.
"How long have you bene together?"
"About two days. My clan attacked him and he killed them all. I was spared as I did not attack him."
"Wait. He killed your family?"
"I am a vampire. And my clan needed food so we preyed upon him. The fight was clean and honorable. No unnnessecary pain and no torture. When he found me he offered mercy as I had yet to attack or do any against him. he even forfieted the dust of my fallen clan so I may say my goodbyes. I now travel with him as I do not wish to be utterly alone in this world."
Rias looked at Tyler with a mixutre of anger and pity.
"So you kill her family, and MAKE HER-"
"I did NOT make her do anything."
He rounded on her in fury and she jumped at the flip. Tyler had thunder in his eyes as he glared ather.
"Sabal is here because she WANTS to be here. She can take the fuck off whenever she wants. I killed her clan and they attacked me. I spared her because I had no reason to kill her too."
Rias was shaking as he spoke and Sabal smiled.
"Tyler hates captivity in all it's forms most viciously."
The red head got it then.
"I see. I'm sorry."
He sighed and they were moving. Rias looked at Sabal.
"So if you've been together for close to two days, have you slept together?"
"We shared a tent as he is a most cautious one. even in a Guardian site and his powerful defensive magics in place he had mad share to prevent a night time ambush."
"Did he do anything?"
"No. He didn't touch me as i had asked him NOT to."
Tyler smiled as Rias looked at him with mild respect.
"I am many things Rias. Most of them bad. But I will NEVER take advantage of a girl if she says no. And IF she says no, that's it. I won't push it. well. On the sex side at least."
she narrowed her eyes.
"And what WOULD you push it on?"
He looked her in the eye.
"If I smell a secret, Rias, I WILL find out. period. And i WILL follow that smell to it's source. I killed Vulpine's former husband on such a smell. AS he tried to kill her."
She blinked.
"He tried a coup?"
"He did. But there was a new Dragon in town. I can smell secrets and hidden plots a mile off."
She nodded at this and nodded to her next friend.
"This is Koneko. Don't make her mad."
She snorted.
"Suck it."
Koneko was a shorter girl whose head barely reached Tyler's chest. her hair was snow white and short while her eyes glowed yellow. Her skin was pale and her chest flat. Her ouftfit was the same school uniform as Rias and Akeno. Rias then smiled at a taller blonde haired girl walking at the edge of the group.
"That's Asia. Hands off."
The blonde smiled sweetly as she looked at the warrior.
"Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Asia Argento."
"Wow. Yrisa would LOVE you."
Asia was a very pretty girl whose head reached Tyler's chin. She had long blonde hair that hung to her waist and her eyes were a sparkling blue. Her skin was fair and seemed to glow in the midday sun while her chest was modest. Her outfit was again the same but for a pair of tube socks and brown shoes. Tyler chuckled as he looked at Rias.
"My little sister is going to KIDNAP that girl on sight. So enjoy her while you can."
Rias smirked.
"She a handful?"
"She's an elf. what do you think?"
"Wow. That's Kyba."
A tall, blonde haired blue eyed boy in a boy's school uniform bowed slightly as they walked.
"Nice to meet you. I am Kyba Yuto."
"Ha. You mah man, are gonna REEALLLLLY popular in the taverns. Girls here are NOT shy."
He gulped.
"Now I'm scared."
"Relax. You're not gay are you?"
"So have fun. I am."
He sighed as Rias nodded to the next boy. Him being the same height as Koneko with lighter blonde hair and red eyes. his skin was lighter then the others and he wore the girl's uniform for some reason.
"That Gasper. He's half vampire as well."
Sabal blinked and looked at him most curiously. Gasper gulped and she smiled.
"Peace Young Fang. I mean you no harm."
He nodded njervously and Tyler chuckled.
"He'll be kidnapped too. Yrisa's kinda greedy liek that."
Rias chuckled at that one before pointing out a tall woman with platinum blonde hair. She was Tyler's height with friendly green eyes and pale skin. her bust was large enough to swell her purple business suit and Rias smiled.
"That's Raswesia. She's a valkery."
"A battleangel? Damn that's hardcore. What up-hm?"
He and Sabal looked up as a bird flew overhead. Rias frowned.
"It's just a bird."
"Damned angels. I got it."
He pulledhis bowed with a tired expression as Sabal kept an eye on the circling target.
"it is coming."
Tyler took aim as the thing in the sky screeched and doveforthe ground.
"Mist shot."
Sabal smiled as he fired and the 20 shafts slammed into the thing and it carreened into the ground with a bone shattering smack. Tyler sighed as he kicked it to be sure it was dead.
"Damned things. ifit's not a flying lizard, it's one a these."
There was a low growl and Tyler sighed.
"I am NOT talking about you. Seriously. Not EVERYTHING is about you."
There was an offended huff and Rias looked at him in mild concern>
"Just an offended dragon. They are so touchy. Hey Sabal. This thing worth anything?"
She smiled.
"Angels are hunted for their wings which make for simply heavenly blankets. Their gowns are also lovely for high quality clothing that feels divine on the skin. The hair is useful for strong bowstrings enchanted with holy magics and make for potent holy material in alchmey. The skin is useful for good quality leathers."
"Rancid and nasty."
"Alright. Bones?"
"Useful in alchemy. But too brittle for anything else."
"Cool. Alright."
They pulled knives and got to work as a girl came forward in offense. Shew as half a head taller then Asia with auburn hair in twin tails that hung to her knees. Her eyes were a fiesty orange and her skin fair. Her bust was large and her outfit was a red and black one piece suit that clung to her sexy body nicely. Tyler was whistling as he removed the creature's white silken gown and rolled it up.
"What the hell are you doing?"
Tyler looked at her curiously as he worked.
"Harvesting a monster?"
She pointed an angry finger at the dead angel.
"That was an angel! A creature of the Light!"
"Lady. LOOk at it."
She did in a fury and blinked. The thing was 6 feet tall with an 18 foot wingspan. The creature's skin was slate grey and scaled like a snake's while it's eyes were slanted like a cat's and a muddy brown. It's feet had 7 inch razor sharp talons and it's fingers as well. Tyler smiled as she got to skinning the creature,"
"So where the hell do these things live?"
Sabal smiled as she shavedt he head of the creature.
"Have you heard tell of the floating islands?"
"Just now I did."
"They live up there. angels hate we ground dwellers as inferior beings. Thety'll attack us on sight for food and pleasure as they kidnap males tey find pleasing for their roosts. The lay is NOT pleasent for the victim as the angel's skin is like a grader as they steal the seeds of males for their own reproduction. The mate is eaten by rthe angel and it's offspring after a certain number of young are produced."
"NAsty. Fallen angels?"
"Now THEY area most tragic race. They arethe result of when a demon takes an interest in an angel for whatever reason. They are human in apperance with the black bird wings of the race. Their wings are usually hidden in their bodies as they fear the outside world due to their parents heritage. Which is a tragedy as they are among the nicest and sweetest people you can ever meet. And they plentiful too. They live among the rest of the races but keep their true selves a carefully guarded secret. A popular saying is if a fallen angel trusts you enough to bare wing, you can be trusted with anything."
Tyler smiled as he putthe bloodied skin into his pack.
"I'll keep an eye out then."
Sabal smiled.
"They are always worth the effort."
Tyler looked att he objecting girl and noted her look of horrified disgust as she heard of the creautre.
"So yeah. Who are you, and tyou were saying?"
Rias replied for her.
"That's irinia. She was an angel."
"Ah. So yeah. Don't go broadcastin that."
"That can't be true."
"It is. And that's not the worst thing that can happen to you."
They ALL shuddered at that and they got movi9ng. Asia shivered.
"What IS the worst thing that can happen to you here?"
Sabal shuddered.
"Getting taken as a mate by a demon of rape. For then you can't even die. No matter WHAT it does to you. You get dragged to it's den for the rest of eternity with nothint o look forward to but giving birth to more demons that will just turn around to force it's seed back inside you. You can no longer die. And the gods just elave you there as it isn't worth the use of power to save you."
Tyler looked at her.
"How often does that happen?"
"Thankfully rare in the extreme. A victim usually has to be cursed in some manner for the demon to get through the barrier. or the veil has to be VERY thin and the demon willing to expend that type of strength. It DOES heppen though."
ALL the girls shuddered as the last girl was introduced y Rias.
"That's Xenovia. She and Asia are close."
Xenovia was a tall, ruggedly built girl with a large rack. Her hair was sky blue witha green stripe down the middle. Her eyes were a lively yellow and her outfit was the same as Rias. Tyler smiled at that one.
"Sister act?"
The girl smiled as she got a hug off the friendly blonde.
The warrior chuckled as the village came into view. He refoucsed and Sabal looked at the tracks still leading from it.
"I wonder if it was called in the main hall?"
"Maybe. Oh. They veer to the right"
The group followed the tracks and Tyler sighed as he saw a house with the front door blown off it's hinges.
"Found it."
He and Sabal walked inside and they nodded at the torn up home. Books, food, dishes, and furniture had been completely destoryed and had dried stains of some liquid and Tyler sighed as he spotted a large bed at the far end of the room with a naked woman's corpse upon it. She was on her hands and knees with her rear high. A large, blood encrusted hole was seen in her ass and there were dried tear stains on her face.
"She was raped to death by the demon."
Sabal nodded grimly.
"And it was the spew of the demon that killed her. NOT the mount or the ride. And for a demon of gluttony, it can take up to 18 full hours to spew."
The pair thenn noticed the large hole torn in the floor and Tyler noted the way the wood had been shattered.
"See there? it tore it's way up from the basement."
She nodded as the devils all gaped in horrified disgust at the violated corpse on the bed. Tyler and Sabal hopped into the basement and landed in the midst of a chalk circle on thye floor. Tyler loked atthe eldritch runes written and sighed.
"Uneven lines, bad alingment on that protection verse, even what looks like a warp in the circle itself. That demon answered because it was a garrenteed escape."
"Got the summoner."
He looked and saw a man's corpse on the floor with his pants torn open in the rear and another blod encrusted hole. Sabal sighed.
"See that? The blood on his wound is newer then hers was. The demon had the woman first and made him listen to her screams."
"All the while knowing he was both next, AND the reason it was happening to her."
"And him not being able to do anything about it."
"Why you don't fuck with the lower realms. How do I destroy the circle?"
"Use your acid spell."
He looked at the circle.
"Acid shot."
The thing hissed as the spell ate the chalk and Sabal frowned.
"The chalk is merely four days olds."
"and the massecre in the hall is tree days older. Yup. we need another look over."
"Found the spellbook."
The vampire kicked it into view and he nodded.
"Use my holy spell?"
"Please. I'll stand back."
Tyler used his lance.
"Holy Smite."
The book screamed in agony as the holy magic flooded it before it evaporated into dust. The pair hopped out of the hole and found the devils all standing outside badly shaken by the fates of the pair. Tyler smiled.
"Alright. The hall."
The nervous group followed them and gasped in horr at the carnage inside. Tyler still had his lance out as he pointed at a man's corpse by the door.
"Look. his platemail was cut cleanly through. And that's a full centemeter of solid steel. So we're looking at a well equippeed force with magical backing."
Sabal nodded.
"Plus his flesh is uneaten. And even his coin purse is still intact."
"And orcs are a hungry bunch."
"Greedy too. even if they have no use for treasure."
Tyler walked over to a woman's corpse now and flipped it onto the back with a flop.
"See her? her body was pierced by spears. again. No flesh eaten, her coin is still there, she wasn't raped before or after deah, and she was fertilized with eggs. NONE of the women were. So that alone rules out monster attack."
"Again I agree. The only proof orcs did this are the footprints and weight of numbers."
Tyler leaned on his lance.
"I wonder. Okay. In Tyrannica I heard a rumor of a Lord Lucias Vondervilk. he has tried to purchase this village from Coral numerous times. every time he was referred tot he Queen as it be that type of matter. And each time she got a rant saying how she's the ruler of the region and that the queen had nothing to do with it. are you with me?"
The vampirenodded.
"So far."
"Okay. Now. What if, Lord Lucias was in bed with the king for his coup with the payment being the village, and had it attacked once it fell through?"
Sabal blinked. Then sighed.
"I admit it fits this puzzle perfectly. The still present coin, unraped and uneaten women and children, it all fits."
"exactly. For who would look twice at a village wiped out by orcs?"
"which in turn would render this a ruined village."
"which would remove Coral's position to defer to the queen for an empty village purchase,"
"And so get him whathe wants. Inform her Grace please."
The pair walked out to see Rias at the door. She shuddered.
"and now often do THOSE happen?"
"A lot. These are pretty common actually."
She and her friends shuddered as Tyler started building a large pile of timbers in front of the mainhall. Asia tilted her head.
"You're going to burn them?"
"Nope. That's not our job. I'm building a fire to contact my wife."
"Oh. So who will bury those poor people?"
"Not sure. Vulpine will probablty have Coral send knights or something to reclaim and repair the village. But again not our problem."
Rias confronted him.
"And you're just gonna leave?"
"Not exactly. we're not done. There. Firebolt."
The bonfire lit up like a roman candle and Tyler smiled.
"Lover's Call: Vulpine."
The fire glowed a bright silver before the image of the silver haired queen appeared smiling.
"Love. In the daytime?"
He smiled warmly.
"Love you too Vulpine. You in the court?"
She became serious.
"I am. is this important?"
"It is. we reached westonia."
"I see. A moment."
Tyler looked at a stunned issei as the beautiful queen rose to head to his chambers.
"THAT is MY wife."
The boy merely offeredhis fist and they brofisted. Tyler chuckled as he looked back at the image.
"I saw that."
"I know. Love you too."
She chuckled and saw the newcomers.
"nah. found em lost in an abandened keep after we tracked a demon down. No clue what the hell they were doign there."
The queen frowned.
"Are you in the room."
"Ah. My apologies."
He chuckled as Rias poked him.
"A secret?"
"Lady. The wrong people hear about it, you are ALL kinds of fucked."
She nodded as door opened and the group got a look at his chambers. Tyler smiled.
"THAT is my room."
Rias sighed.
"Youy're the King. we know."
Vulpine sat on the bed and Tyler crossed his arms as the door was locked.
"Okay. THe village first please."
"Westonia was wiped out. Dead to the last child."
She sighed deeply.
"My fear is realized. The creatures responsible?"
"This one is gonna take a bit."
He and Sabal took turns explaining what the found, how they found it, and the reasons for this theory. Then Tyler crossed his arms.
"So, my hunch is Lucias had the village sacked and made to look like an orc attack."
Vulpine sighed deeply.
"That is just the type of stunt that bastard would pull."
"He got a manor nearby?"
She smiled wickedly.
"He does. And I want you, my Dragon, to get the answers one wa or another."
"You will have them my Queen."
She shivered.
"Damn you. I need to recover today."
"Rough morning?"
"Sapihra, Vulpix, Leerus AND scarlet all attacked me. I can barely move!"
"WoW. We're doing a full pile when I get back. with spells. And three days."
"I love you too. And you WILL. Contact me with the confession."
"Now. THem."
Tyler nodded.
"Brace cause it's a doozy. They're not from this world."
The queen blinked.
"Who else knows?"
"The gods and the dragons. That's it."
"Very well. NOT A WORD. ALL of you. There hasn't been an outworlder in Vestiera since the last Dragon King. The people would believe another age of war and strife were upon them. And you're lives would no longer be yours to live as EVERY country in our world would fight to claim you as their own."
Tyler sighed.
"I thought it be bad. Alright. Not a word."
Rias and the devils nodded solemnly and Vulpine was shaking at this latest news. Tyler smiled.
"relax Vulpine. I'm involved."
She deflated from relief nearly immediately.
"You're right. And you'll watch over them?"
"Sure. They'll be fine."
"Thank you. The world has enjoyed millienia of peace since the fall of the last Dragon King. I would not be the one to witness it come to an end."
"It won't. Not when I can force a say in it."
"I love you too. Now. Lucias. Open your map."
Tyler opened it and she pointed to a offshoot road up the street.
"His maner is there."
"Alright. The village?"
"The coin will be claimed by Coral to rebuild. But anything else use to outfit them well."
"Alright. I'll kit em out and we'll go torch a manor."
She smiled and the spell died along with the fire. Tyler looked at Rias. She nodded.
"I understand. Not a word. What will we say about our origins?"
"We'll use my home country of Merica. It's weird enough they'll buy anything off about you."
Her eyes flashed at the name before smiling widely.
"I see we ARE in good hands. And thank you."
"Sure. Come on."
Sabal smirked.
"I sense a message was just passed. And I know nothing."
"Thanks Sabal. And to be perfectly blunt? it don't really matter."
"No. I suppose not."
The warrior looked around and spotted a large building with a forge outside.
"Found the smithy. Let's see what they got for leftovers."
Rias nodded and they walked over. Tyler pulled the door open and whistled.
"They didn't even loot the stores.Wow."
The group walked in and found that ALL the shops' stock was present. Tyl;er went right for a rack of chainmail vests and pulled some off.
"Here. All of you get a vest under your shirts. These are blue dragonscale so are waterproof, rustproof, and easily maintained. My own vest is blue dragonscale."
Rias smirked.
"We'll change in the back."
"Sure. I'll kit the guys out while you go get decent."
That one made her glare.
"Are you saying we're not decent now?"
He chuckled as he looked at a selection of greaves.
"You're good now. But you can be so much better."
"Wow. You sure know how to flatter a lady."
"Only the true hotties."
She groaned as Akeno laughed.
"Ohh my aching head. enough with the wordgames. Are you complementing us or insulting us?"
He chuckled knowingly as Sabal smiled.
"That was amusing."
"I have my moments. Go on."
The girls all walked into the back room to put the mail on and Rias smirked as she shut the door.
"No peeking."
She shut the door and there was a click as it locked. Tyler pulled some greaves off the racks as Sabal looked atbows.
"Hmm. You intend to kit them out liek us?"
"I do. Our setup is rather simplistic and practical for our roaming lifestyle. Get the fuck away from the door or I swear to god I will KILL you."
Issei had been sneaking over to the door when Tyler spoke to him with the same voice that had terrified the entire bar back in Drako. Kyba sighed as he pulled his shirt down.
"He does it every time."
"Not in my fucking party he won't."
Issei bawled.
"They're hot and Rias is my girlfriend! Why shouldm't-"
He was cut off as a dagger slammed into t6he wall right beside his head with a ferocious force. the shocked boy gaped at the magical appearence of the weapon when he flet a slikness on his head. Tyler frowned.
"Fuck. i missed."
Issei backed away from the door with fear in his eyes as he saw the look of frustration in Tyler's eyes att he foiled kill. The warrior sighed as he looked at a smirking Sabal.
"I really need to work on that. You know bhow to throw knives?"
She blinked.
"You truly do not know how?"
"Nope. See."
He showed her his bleeding thumb and Kyba whistled.
"Wow issei. he REALLY just tried to kill you."
"NExt time I'll just use my fucking lance. You will NOT peek on them. or I kill you. Understood?"
The boy was trembling as he nodded.
"Yes sir!"
He shot Sabal a secret smile and she rubbed her chin to avoid bursting out laughing at the elborate ploy. The warrior pulled a set of more greaves from the wall as the door opened and Rias came out. She saw the stuck knife and the terrified issei...and his bleeding.
"What happened?"
Tyler beat himt o it,
"You said not to peek. So I made sure he didn't. I MISSED."
Koneko tossed him his knife back.
The red headed devil was shocked.
"You'd KILL him over that?"
"Merillia, the captain of the Sea Dragon,. would SHOOT him herself. Or skin him alive. Don't fuck with the girls. He pulls that shit here Rias, he WILL get hurt. Horrifically. Saw a guy htry to peep a Dove Nest and the Eagle guarding her fucked him in the ass with a fake dong before he was thrown out of the guild. And it was sandpaper. yeah. They do NOT fuck around here."
Issei was shaking as Rias lifted an eyebrow.
"Dove Nest?"
"Prostitutes. and the rooms they work in. They got temples everywhere in the cities and the guild has them too. They're good people and a lotta fun."
"You pick up hookers?"
"Hm-hhmm. A lot actually. It's safe so long as you're not an ass to your Dove. They have temples for healing and disease curing. Plus it's also a form of worship here as well. Drako has a temple to the goddess Asora. Her sphere is the sexual arts and lustful play. Her members are all Doves and LIVE for their trade."
Rias had a look of judgement on her face.
"And if they get pregenant?"
"well. The John has two choices: Riase the child WITH her, or be castrated and branded a Dove Ruiner. And i mean steer branded."
"And YOU?"
"I had an accident in my old country. I can still shoot, no potency though. And I'm clean. same accident rendered me immune to most toxins."
"Lucky break. I think. You're wife okay with no children?"
"In time. There's a temple for that too. All kinds of accidents happen in day to day life. Saw one guy piss off a donkey and got kicked right in the gems."
"what'd he do?"
"He was a ferrier and was working ont he hooves of the thing. he hit a soft spot and it reacted."
"Yeah. We made a deal on my appetites and I think I told you of it."
Rias nodded.
"I have to ask, or it'll bug me. Do you follow it?"
"I do. Here. I'll show you something. Rank."
His guild profile appeared and he slid it over.
"That's my guild profile. Everyone att he guild gets one. It has everything from completed jobs, to skills and spells, to a personality profile from being observed inn the hall. Now keep in mind it only covers in guild activities. NOTHING outside the guild. So my killing the king won't appear."
She nodded and got to reading. Tyler pulled a kite shield made from wyvern scale and passed it to Kyba.
"See how that feels."
The blonde boy did and tiled his head.
"Odd. It feels strangely comfortable. And I feel balanced. I have no experience with a shield though."
"I'll teach ya. Not TOO complicated."
He nodded.
"I appreciate the aid."
Tyler next looked at Asia.
"YOU we'll kit out at the magic shop. Thinking a staff that boosts healing spells and some more spells."
He smiled at her joyful enthuasisim as Rias whistled.|
"10 Doves?"
"I like to have fun."
Issei gulped.
"So if I want to get laid, I just have to pay them?"
"And remember the warnings. They don't ask questions. Your Dove hates you, that's it. You're done. Butta, I made a deal with my wife to play. HAve YOU made a deal with YOUR GIRLFRIEND?"
He went white as he saw Rias glaring at him.
"Issei. NO fondling tonight."
She sighed then blinked. The red head looked at Tyler.|
"Sooo are we sharing a tent?"
"I would prefer it Rias. Less chance of a lone tent getting picked off in the dark."
"Sabal said you didn't move."
"I have my own tent. We can have two tents. Girls in one, boys in the other."
She blinked. Then smiled.
"Can we do that? Until we understadn each other better."
"Sure. we'll have to go hunting for more bedrolls though. but that's more fun then a hassle."
"I have a paralyze spell."
"I don't fuck aroudn either."
Koneko smirked from her spot by some maces.
"I like you."
"Ha. Find anything interesting?"
"These. Not sure what's good though."
He walked over and looked at the weapons.
"Oh. This one is tyrant bone wrapped in bear. Nasty. and the best in this selection."
"Oh damn."
"I hunt them for fun. Right rias?"
She looked up smirking.
"YOU have MY attention."
"Oh hell yeah. ha. You see the father of the forest?"
"I did. did it seriously trip?"
"lady. You have no idea how much that one pissed me off. the king tyrant?"
"You have a scary sorta luck."
"Ha. Should see me gamble."
She lifted an eyebrow.
"That reminds me. Coin?"
"Half to party. we have a party now so anything we make is split in half right off the bat. Potions, and all healing items are party wide. Same with food and crafting mats. Weapons, armor and other such loot we'll aly out until it's gone or we run out of ideas. if say you wantthe same dagger as say Koneko, and cannot reach a decision, I take to be sold and remove it from the equation. Are you with me so far?"
She was nodding ashe talked and so was Sabal.
"I am."
"You have put thought into this. I am as well. Inn?"
"ONE room to save coin if possible. if not, girls to one, boys to another sharing a wall."
Rias smiled.
"I love the way you're setting this up. Bath?"
"Same. Say we're in the wilds, I have a potent enough fire spell and water spell to make a decent hot tub. Oh. I'll see about an earth spell."
"You sure know how to spoil a buncha girls."
"Oh you want spoil? C'mere i'll show ya something."
He walked over to the counter and the girls all followed. Then they gasped as he laid the jewelery, teeth, and goddess gifts in a row. He smiled.
"THIS is how I spoil the people I love. That gown is for Yrisa. Same with the teeth. I claim a tooth and claw of anything big for her collection and anything I think she'll love. If Im say it's for Yrisa, that's it. NO arguments."
Rias had a look of awe on her face atthe glitteirng gems and pearls.
"I am so jealous of this girl. Who is she?"
He pulled his crystal and they all awww'd at her picture. Rias smiled.
"An elven little sister. I love her already."
"THIS is her mother."
He showed them lyris and there were a lot of awed whistles at her blonde hair and massive bust. Akeno smirked.
"Oh my Rias. I thinkhe has a type!"
Asia blushed and they lost it laughing at her justified fear. Tyler patted her reassuringly.
"Only if you wanted to, Asia. And you don't HAVE to want it."
She deflated from relief.
"Phew. I guess you like blondes."
"More I liek them. I saved them from a bandit raid that kill Lyris' husband. She can't marry me per her culture, but she COULD choose me as her One male lover. Which she did. When I'm not around she turns to women for her pleasure and fun."
Issei blinked.
"Issei. I will say this ONE time. If I ever even SUSPECT you've been in my pack, or anywhere NEAR this pouch, I swear to Vulpine, Lyris and the rest i will skin you alive. Or I'll feed you alive to HER."
He put Saphira's image up and Rias blinked at the sight of the dragon.
"She's my Dragon Wife. You'll meet her later as she'll be visiting."
"Uh-huh. She DOES have a human form, right?"
"Oh hell yeah."
Issei was shaking in his pants at the venom Tyler had packed into his warning as Rias picked up on something.
"Why your pack? Just curious."
He smiled.
"Vulpine and the girls, NOT YRISA, made me a few crystals for lonely nights on the trail."
"Ah. Nice disclaimer. And good for them. I think."
"They're kinda active."
"I see. Justa...."
"Don't worry. I'll be discrete."
"Thanks. You have a lovely harem though."
"Family. We're a family Rias."
She smiled at that as he packed the stuff up.
He looked around and saw Koneko.
"Oh yeah. You pick your mace?"
She lifted the tyrant bone and he nodded.
"Grab some daggers too. Everyone has at least three daggers. And gets a bow too."
Asia perked up.
"even me?"
"Even you. We'll all rotate jobs. Like Sabal here is learning to be a better archer. and I'm learning to be a better cook."
That riased an eyebrow. Rias looked at Sabal.
"How bad?"
She smiled sheepishly.
"I cannot eat normal food. Alas I cannot assist."
"Dammit. Tyler."
"I'm decent. No five star, but I make do."
"ONE chance."
"Sure. Oh. Hey Irinia that rapier seems more your speed."
The aubrun haired girl took the weapon and smiled.
"I used to use the rapier. I-oh. That katana is actually more my speed."
"You any good?"
"decent. I know what I'm doing at least."
"That's a plus."
She took the weapon as he looked at Rasweisa. She smiled.
"That bastard sword is more my speed. And that round shield."
"Huh. Grab that oen handed axe. Last i checked your race had a fondness for tthe axes."
She smiled at this SECONDa nudge he knew about them and took the weapon. Rias chuckled and he passed her a one handed longsword. She looked at the weapon but held it.
"I've never used a sword before."
"I'll teach you. You're a spellsword like Akeno. Now just grab a bow you can draw, some arrows, and we'll go from there."
They nodded and Sabal smiled.
"You seem to be enjoying yourself."
He chuckled.
"I am. Oh, Gasper. That shortsword is your size."
The warrior looked at her.
"This is kinda fun. Showing them how to play their new world."
That got a chuckle as the group all got bows and full quivers. He nodded.
"Now to loot the magic shop."
The barbarian village had a small magic shop but the place still had a decent selection of scrolls and spells. Tyler passed a staff to Asia.
"Here. A staff of Luin. She's a healer goddess and that diamond boosts healing magics."
The place was turned over and the spells taken. Tyler smirked as he saw two.
"Who hello. earthen construct. Cost is 15. Icon is rising earth. rises earthen structures to the design of the caster and stays until the caster releases the spell. ladies. we got our hot tub."
They cheered at that as he looked atthe second spell.
"Cleanse. Cleans water for drinking. Oooh we NEED this."
Sabal smiled as he added both spells.
"Indeed. fresh water is always a good thing."
issei was heard then.
He jumped as Tyler AND Rias spoke his name. Koenko came over and removed a set of spells from his hand and passed them to Tyler for expert anaylesis.
"Thank you Koneko. Okay. Sight. Sees through objects to highlight whatrhe CASTER sees as valuable. Huh. Put that with my farsight and i cans ee where the powder is in a pirate ship."
rias lifted an eyebrow.
"Farsight does?"
"Think a sniper scope."
"Oh. That's it?"
"Yup. I use it for long range scouting."
"Okay. That one."
"Yes it can see right through clothes. and ten feet of stone. Giveaway is the eyes glow enon whatever the color is."
"Uh-huh. I'LL take that."
She was taken aback.
"No argument? even though you had a solid plan?"
He smiled and passed it to her.
"You'd never be able to relax. I don't really need it."
"Oh. Well. Thank you."
"sure. Okay. Next up is...Lustful Sensation. Huh. I have that one. Increases the pleasure from stroking of skin. Vulpine loves it when I use it on her."
Rias sighed.
"Married. i forgot. You ONLY use it on her?"
"And my other wives. Or if the Dove is feeling....frisky."
"NO WHERE else?"
"No. I never use my spells liek that Rias. I only use them on those that say go ahead."
She nodded.
"I'll give you a chance. Just because you had them beforehand. Are you looking for more?"
"I am. I'm always lookingto expand my bag of tricks for them."
"Just tell us when you find one."
"Sure. That's more then fair. Wanna see my arsenal?"
She smiled at this gesture.
He brought his magic screen up and passed it over. She blinked at the mass of icons.
"You have a lot of tricks."
"Some are passive. Like Bulwark. I can take a shot from a cannonball fired at pointblank range and NOT move."
"Scary image. And I found the sex spells. Wow. They primarily revolve around carresses."
"I give them massages."
She looked at him intensely now and he smirked.
"Sorry Rias. You'd have to be one o mine for that."
She nodded sagely.
"I can respect that. And now I see the purpose. Favorite spell?"
"I AM a Dragon."
She laughed and passed hte screen to Akeno for her opinion as Tyler went back to the spells.
"Next up is....huh. That's a new one. Arroused Blast. it increases the power of a climax based on how arroused the caster is. I'll keep that."
Issei balked.
"Hey! why do you get to keep it?"
"Cause A. I'm married. B. I didn't try to peek on them. And C? So YOU can't."
Rias smirked as he put the spell in his screen.
"I could not have said that better myself."
"Ha. And last is...woah. How the hell YOU get passed security? This one is called Unwilling partner. Is cast on a single target and the victim then gives in to theior lust after it is FORCED as high as it can go. NAsty. That's a rapist spell."
Sabal smiled.
"Actually. No. It's not. It's INTENDED purpose is to aid in the fullfillment of duty of people that have no interest in men or women. The spell is an aid. Yet in the WRONG hands it is indeed a rapist spell. As such these type spells are kept by the Dove Mother at the temples. This one it would seem has escaped."
Rias lifted an eyebrow.
"when you say fulfillment of duty."
Tyler explained.
"Say you're a man that is disgusted my women and you're the head of your family. All this world asks of you is you provide an heir before following your heart. This spell helps with that."
"Uh-huh. Even if they do not want it?"
Tyler shrugged.
"That's not THAT much to ask Rias. And actually that's very fair. All the realm asks is you continue your line. I've heard stories of prominent nobles marrying a women, having the child, and letting her raise it while the man has his own lover. It's a common practice here."
Rias sighed.
"And given the alternative rules that COULD be in place? You're right. Just doesn't sit right with me for some reason. So what about you, Tyler? YOU have a duty too."
"I know. In time I will fulfill it. Vulpine and I have a deal. She has emily, her other daughter and another I am not going to tell you about till my spells are up."
"I see you've had this conversation. Her request? If you don't mind telling me?"
"I'm an open person usually. I'm onlty 15 and I don't really WANT kids. She DOES. So. In a few centuries when it becomes an issue, I'll give her the kid and take off."
"extended lifepsan?"
"Immortal. So it helps."
"Same. She's the granddaughter of Yoko the fox goddess."
"Lucky. I am curious to see if you go through with it though."
He smiled as he looked back to the spell.
"So am I in all honesty. Scares the hell outta me it does. But.That's a tomorrow problem. Sabal. The spell?"
"Either destroy it or turn it in to the Doves. if you choose to turn it in, I request I do it. If you, a man, turns it in, it adds suspicion."
"I get it. Here then."
He gave it to her and she smiled.
"Thank you."
The warrior looked at Issei.
"Any OTHER spells?"
He gulped and Koneko forced his hand to bring his screen up and pass it over. Tyler nad Rias looked closely.
"Okay. dragon shot. Decent. That'll be useful board ship. Dressbreak? That's a new one. Is used by touching a women's clothes and is activated by a finger snap. The result is it causes the girl's clothes to simply shatter? the fuck kinda spell is that?"
Rias sighed.
"HIS signiture attack."
"Oh for gods sake. Here."
He hitthe eject and it was removed from his arsenal. She blinked.
"You can do that? even though HE created it?"
"Here I can. There."
He gave it to Rias and she deflated from utter relief it kinda made Tyler mad. he looked at the screen again.
"Boobylingual? Dude. What the FUCK? Works by leering at girls' boobs to read their minds? What the fuck is wrong with you? No."
He ejected that one too and he balked.
"Hey! those are mine! President put em back!"
Tyler passedthe spell to Rias and she again had a sigh of relief that infuriated TYler to no end.
"Is he THAT bad?"
She nodded with exhaustion.
"Sweet jesus. You poor ladies. Okay. NOT in my crew."
The red head smiled at this as he looked at the screen.
"Hmm. Okay. waterblast? Shoots a wall of water at a target with the force of an ocean wave. wave is five feet tall and 6 wide. Okay. That one's safe. I can use that myself."
Rias frowned.
"Is it safe?"
"All it does it summons an ocean wave for an attack."
"That's all?"
"Yup. Plus you can drink the water too."
"Okay. If he misuses it?"
"Not sure how you can missuse a water spell, but he does we'll just take it fromk him."
"I feel better already. anything else?"
"Let's see. Huh. Glacial breath? That's new. A breath attack that sends a frozen cone of air at an area. NAsty. he found a dragon skill. I love it."
"And a nasty combo attack. Get drenched and hit with THAT? Instant frozen in place. Then I add my thunder spell? field a death or I'm a nice person."
Akeno looked over now.
"Oh my. YOU'RE a thunder mage?"
"I dabble. You?"
"I AM the priestess ofm thunder!"
"Ha. Let the sparks fly."
Rias smirked.
"She's a wild one."
"Lady. I fucked a dragon."
"Okay. YOU win. And damn."
"You have no idea."
He looked at the screen and shrugged.
"Eh. That last one is a mere firebolt. I have that myself. He's clean."
He closed the screen and Rias looked at the confiscated spells.
"Soooo. These?"
"Chuck em in a fire."
She bit her lip and Tyler tilted his head.
"You okay?"
"Just remembering what he went through to make them."
"Lady. That guy is a fucking predator. and if his TWO original attacks are THOSE? he has got some serious issues."
She sighed and added them to her own screen. He smiled.
"Yeah. We kinda went through a lot."
"I get it."
She smiled at that.
"I suppose you do."
He looked around as the group all gathered.
"Alright. Next is the general store."
The barbarian village had an extensive general store. Tyler and Sabal was able to find enchanted packs forthe group that all held 1000 pounds of goods with a 100 pound full weight. Once the group was fully outfitted Tyler looked at them.
"Now we're going raiding. Lucias' manor. Me and Sabal take the lead. And I do the talking. Any fight back, drop em."
They nodded and they headed out. TYler whistling a tune as he cleaned a dusty dagger on a cloth. Asia came up beside him using her staff as a walking stick and smiled.
"Soooo what do you usually do Tyler?"
He smiled at the friendly blonde.
"I usually set up in a city and do jobs at the guild asia. You'll all have to join since we're a party now."
Rias looked over.
"And what do they ask to join?"
"A test of strength. Like say a fistfight or something."
"Uh-huh. Asia and Gaspy?"
"Asia we can say is a healer. Not entirely sure how it'll work but we'll figure it out."
"And Gasper? He's not exactly a fighter."
Tyler looked at the nervous vampire. He gulped.
"I'm not that good at fighting."
"Sooo you'll just stand there and let Rias suffer like that woman did?"
He glared at him with a rage now and his eyes started glowing.
"I'd DIE before I let that happen!"
"See? You'll be just fine. And a further point? In this world? That WILL happen if you fail."
"I will NOT."
Rias whistled at the sudden anger in her gentle friend.
"Wow. Impressive."
Tyler chuckled.
"He'll be fine. Gaspy's what we call a timid berserker. Piss em off, and all hell breaks loose."
"Ha. Alright."
Sabal smiled as she looked back at the smaller boy.
"are you a vampire?"
"Half miss. Half vampire, half devil."
"I see. I too am a vampire."
She unflicked her fangs and Gasper moved to walk beside her curiously.
"I haven't spent a lot of time around other vampires, Sabal. What are they like?"
Tyler smiled as he looked at Rias.
"Sabal'll take care of em. Her clan were big on the noble warrior vampire code."
She smiled.
"I appreciate it. gasper hasn't had the best experiences with other vampires."
The warrior nsighed att hat. the party walked along the gravelly road outside the village and Tyler smiled as he spotted the turn off.
"Alright. Always wanted to torch a manor home."
Sabal chuckled as they headed along the road.
"Somehow. That does seem like you."
He smiled fondly. The road they walekd along now was better maintained then the one they'd left behind and Tyler was whistling a tune as they walked. Then they came around a bend and they got a look at the manor. it was a massive structure with 7 floors above ground and two large wings on either side inside a locked gate. The gate having a large LV emblazoned in gold. The walkeway beyond the gate was cobblestone and lined by tall conifer trees. Tyler sighed as he unflicked his lance.
"Let's go say hi."
Rias smirked at his unflicking.
"Hello mister badass."
"Ha. You ain't seen nothin yet toots."
Tyler walked up to the gate and was met by a butler. Who bowed.
"Who shall I tell Lord Lucias is calling?"
"The Dragon King."
Tyler showed his shield and the man gulped.
"My apologies Sire. Lord Lucias has forbidden you from the premises."
"Is that right? Ha. Make a choice."
The butler stepped outside the gate and handed his keys over.
"I surrender."
"Thanks. I'll say I took em by force."
He smiled at the ploy and Tyler wound up before booting the gates clean off the wall.
"Knock, knock asshole. The Dragon wants a word with you!"
Rias and Akeno whistled at this as Tyler walked along the gate with fearless authority.
"I love the way that guy flexes."
"I do too. NOW I'm interested."
Tyler smirked as a mob of guards flooded fromt he manor. He lifted his golden dragon scale shield high.
"The Dragon's found you. if you have nothing to do with the darkness of this manor surrender."
The men charged anyway and Tyler smiled wider.
He lunged at the first man and his dragon lance easily outreached the man's sword. The head punched straight through his mail and pierced the heart before Tyler was swining the dead man still hooked o0n the lance at the still charging group. The corpse slammed inton them and a mage staff was seen.
"Acid rain!"
"Holy rebuke."
The acid spell which dropped a rainstorm of smaller acidic drops on a target was disapated by Tyler's counterspell. Next he smirked.
"Triple stab."
And he was seen to exploded into motion. His lance stabbed three hearts in three seconds before tyler leapt back to avoid a massive axe slamming into the ground in front of him. The axeman was 9 feet tall and wearing red scale armor while the axe was Tyler's HEIGHT! the warrior smirked as he lifted his unbreakable shield to start circling the massive axer. The man smirked inside his full plate helm.
"Well well. The Dragon King. That little scale will look mighty fine on my wall."
Tyler smirked.
"Take it. If you can kill me first."
"Ha. Great smash."
"Shield edge. Shield smash. Great pierce. Cindery hell."
His lance caught fire As Tyler met the larger warrior headon. The axe wooshed over his head as he used the shield to deflect it upwards as he stabbed the larger man in the stomach with the lance. His lance pierce the armor and the flesh but he had to dance away to avoid the counter swing. The man smirked as he bled onto the ground.
"Need to do more an poke me."
"Ha. Alright."
Tyled dropped his lance and pulled his golden dragon scale sword. The aeman smirked harder as he swung his massive axe again. Tyler avoided the hulking balde and swung his sword at the man's thigh.
"double slash. Double cut."
The sword cut clean through the red armor and carved a slice from the man's leg. Tyler jumped back to void the counter. Only forthe also whily man to move forward with a vicious axe flick that caught Tyler clean in the chest and launching him flying into a stone wall with a crushing impact. The axe man was panting slighty and laughed.
"Gotchya that time."
Tyler surged out of the wall and fired his first gauntlet grapple att he surprised man. The grappel wrapped around the axehaft and Tyler rocketed towards him with a smirk. The man dropped the entrapped axe and readied to bear hug the still flying through the air warrior. Only for Tyler to chuckled and release the cable on the grapple, and flick a dagger all in the span of a few seconds. The dagger forced the man to move his hand on reflex, and that opened the door for Tyler to plant the sword in his chest. The golden dragon scale weapon punching clean through the man's red armor and out the otherside with ease. The man dropped to the ground with a clang of metal as Tyler tore his sword free.
"You might be bigger then me. Hell. You might even be stronger. But I'm smarter. and FAR crazier."
The man died and Tyler smirked as his magical gauntlet clicked to indicate a rearm. He looked at the stunned party.
"Movin on."
Rias smirked.
"Okay. I LIKE you."
The warrior retrieved his lance and headed to the front door when he spotted a large window on the third floor with a fat man laughing at him. Tyler smirked and aimed his OTHER gauntlet and fired a grapple into the roof. Sabal smiled.
"I think I love you."
"Grab on."
"I DO love you."
The vampire grabbed onto his shoulder as he was hoisted into the air by his grapple. Rias looked at Akeno.
"That guy is AWESOME."
Tyler was smiling as he shattered the glass to the window with a tap. Sabal proving her claims by walking over raw glass barefoot without fear and a soft crunch of glass. Tyler's boots crunched with the sound of doom as the fat man that had been smugly triumphant in the window now pissed himsel in terror.
"Guards! Intruder!"
The door opened with a bang and a group of armored men appraoched with emblems of a badger on the chest pieces. Tyler smirked.
"A mercenary company."
There was a sigh and a tall man in bright red leathers and chaps stepped forward in clicking cowboy boots. Tyler lifted his shield and the man nodded.
"That's the real deal. Nothing personal. Just a job."
"I get it. Westonia."
"Not our job. Was Mercer's Boys. They're another band that'll do anything if you pay them."
"Interesting. Your choice?"
"Badgers stand down. We'renot makin ann enemy of the crown."
The men all lowered their weapons and Tyler noted the fireplace against the far wall.
"we're missing somebody."
The merc laughed.
"Wily lad. I be Loric. Captain of Badger Company."
"Tyler the Dragon. The vampire is Sabal. Oh. Sabal, think you can refill your bottle?"
She smiled.
"I will do so once the manor is secure."
"Alright. Now then."
Rias and her friends walked in as Tyler looked at the fire.
"Lover's Call: Vulpine."
The fire turned silver and the queen appeared. She smiled as she saw the trembling Lucias and Tyler smirking at her.
"Hello my Love. I see you made good time. I am still in your chambers. Look."
He smiled as he spotted Yrisa's golden hair in the bed beside her.
"Hey Sparkles!"
"eee! Oh! Eeeeeee! Big brother! You called!"
She's been fast asleep against the Queen's warm side and her surprised followed by her excited squeal made the room smile except for Lucias. Rias looked at Asia.
"She sees you, goodbye."
Tyler smiled.
"How ya been Sparkles?"
"I made more moeny then momma today!"
"HA. peopel know quality cute."
Vulpine smiled as she stroked the cutie's golden hair.
"She works hard, Love. And lives in either my room or yours now."
"Ha. Work that cute hard sis!"
"teehee! I will!"
Rias poked him.
"what's she do?"
"She's a serving girl at her grandfather's tavern."
"Oh. Some reason? I pictured something MUCH worse."
"Wooooow. You're really pretty!"
Rias msiled as the now awestruck Yrisa spotted her.
"Awww! Thank you! You're sweet!"
"Teehee! You another one of his wives?"
"Ummm. NO."
"Boo. I wanted another big sister."
Tyler and Vulpine snorted at her cute disappointment. Then Tyler patted Asia.
"She'll be happym to be your new big sister. Right Asia?"
The friendly blonde smiled.
"Yup! You're really cute."
"Ooooh you're gorgerous! MINE."
Tyler and Vulpine blinked at this declaration. Vulpine saying it.
"And by THAT you mean?"
Yrisa smiled sweetly.
"My new best sister."
Tyler looked at Asia.
"I saw that going somewhere completely different."
She nodded with huge green eyes.
"I did too. Wow."
Yrisa blushed.
"You're not my type."
"Ummmmmmm. Vulpine?"
"We're handling it. They appeared last night.....and emily had to tell us."
"I am just going to stay the fuck outta that one."
Yrisa blushed harder.
"If I like girls?"
"I love you Yrisa. Whoever you choose I'll always love you."
she deflated from relief beofre smiling.
"Love you too big brother!"
TYler felt Rias and Akeno's approaving smirk on his neck as Vulpine patted the cutie's hair.
"She's talking to Leerus and Lyris about it. Scarlett's helping too."
"That a GOOD thing?"
"for what she's learning."
"Ah. Okay. That guy."
rias snorted.
"Nice segway."
Vulpine smiled briefly at that before looking to Tyler.
"What have you found thus far?"
"Lorcin there says the massecre was carried out by Mercer's Boys. and that's as far as we got."
"I see. Commence the looting."
"ha. Anything we CAN'T take?"
"Lucias' possessions are seized by the crown in this case, Love. You can pick them over. But not the coin I'm afriad as we'll be using it to rebuild westonia."
"The town treasury is still intaqct."
"This is good news. We'll use that too. But you may take your pick of anything else he owned."
"The manor itself?"
"If you wish. But we have better ones to be perfectly honest. You must see my manor on the Diamond. It is simply beautiful."
Tyler smiled.
"Of course it would be if YOU'RE there."
The queen smiled as Rias and Akeno whistled.
"He knows to give a complement."
Vulpine sighed.
"I love you too."
"Alright. Sure we'll find SOME things we like. Now. That pricks' wallsafe."
Loric smiled.
"Behind that godsaweful painting."
Tyler walked over whistling as he tore it from the wall with a ripping of the cloth. Lucias exploded.
"Howm DARE you? You WILL pay for that! Seize him!"
everyone ignored him as Tyler found the wallsafe. Still whistling like it was just another day on the trail, he pressed his ear tothe knob and started turning it. he had it open in a few turns and Vulpine lifted an eyebrow.
"I know lots a things. Buddy a mine was a safecracker."
"Of course he was."
Tyler pulled the pile of papers, a pouch of crystals, a coin pouch, and a dagger from the safe before sitting att he man's desk. He took the dagger first and smiled at the golden metal.
"Know this anywhere. Golden dragon scale. I'll take it."
Vulpine chuckled as hs slid the unbreakable dagger into his belt. Next he took a crystal out and tapped the top. The thing projected an image of a long dark hallway and the eager breathing of Lucias was heard. A door was opened to reveal a naked girl hanging from some chains attached to the ceiling. Tyler crushed the crystal with his bare hand as he looked at Lucias. Who smirked.
"What? Don't look at me like that. The things I did to her. Ooooh I STILL hear her screams! Oh. I got a little excited!"
"Peace love."
The entire group was slowly backing away from the teenager as his fingers dug into the4 wood of the desk like drills with a sickening crunching sound. Vulpine's words reached himand he let out amassive breath and he looked att he next crystal. Only to find ALL of them were like ther first with a different girl in every recording. Tyler threw the desk aside with a single hand and walked towards the door with a look of rage on his face. The people in the doorway scrambled to get out of his way nad were just shoved aside with a vicious thrust. Vulpine sighed as the sounds of stone shattering and wood exploding were heard.
"There he goes. Those poor souls."
Rias shuddered as she looked at Vulpine.
"He'll be okay, right?"
She smiled warmly.
"He will dear. Tyler has two sides to him he can swap between at will. The usual one we see everyday, is his fearless, kindhearted and warm side we all love. His OTHER side is one we all fear. Even I. This is the side he cloaks himself in to face the darkness of our world headon like he does. When this side comes out, he becomes a Demon of retribution. But, he'll be fine once he's made sure he's done all he can."
There was a large explosion fromthe bottom floor and Vulpine smiled sheepi9shly.
"And in that state, he's not exactly a genius."
Rias sighed.
"A raging idiot?"
"More bloodhungry psychopath. with a vicious nature."
There was a thud outside the room and Tyler came in carrying a small girl in his arms. she was tiny. Like half the size of his leg with beautiful blue hair that hung to her feet and very pale skin. She was clad in the angel gown and was barefoot. Her eyes were bright blue and she was giggling as he held her in one arm.
"Wow Sire1 You're REALLLY strong!"
He smiled as he hugged the tiny girl.
"My name's Tyler. what's your name?"
"Aqua! Aqua the mermaid!"
"wow. Never met a mermaid before. You like to swim?"
"Yup! I'm great at it too! I can even breathe underwater!"
"You okay up here?"
"Yup! I just need to keep water on my skin or drink it to stop from drying out!"
"Oh is that so? waterbolt."
"Heeeey! Meeean!"
He splashed her in the face with his waterspell and her bawl made him laugh. She grumbled while rubbing her blue eyes.
"Meanie. I ALREADY had water splashed in my face."
"Oh. why didn't you say so in the first place?"
The room was laughing at the sight and Rias looked at Sabal.
"That is the cutest thing I have ever seen."
Tyler walked tot he fire and Aqua gulped.
"Fire's not nice for mermaids. we dry out faster."
"It's not a normal fire. Look."
She did and gasped.
"Your elegence? It's an honor!"
Vulpine smiled warmly.
"It's nice to meet you, Aqua."
"Same here!"
Yrisa appeared and Aqua blushed a deep purple at the sight of the elven cutie.
Yrisa blushed now and Tyler lifted an eyebrow.
"I know where you're going with this. Do it."
Tyler looked at Aqua.
"You know where your mother is?"
She shook her head sadly.
"No. The Lord wouldn't tell me."
"Oh. I'll ask."
Tyler looked at Lucias and he went white in the face as Tyler's eyes shifted.
"dead! She died during a session and we ate her!"
Tyler blinked and Vulpine's teeth were bared in rage.
"Mermaid flesh. An ancient and forbidden delicacy. they say that if you eat a mermaid your li8fespan is extended by the tyears that mermaid had when she died."
Aqua was shaking in terror as she looked at the warrior.
"Don't eat me! I'm only 20!"
He hugged her tightly and she squeaked.
"I won't eat you."
She deflated.
"Phew. You're really nice Tyler!"
He smiled as he looked at her again.
"Thanks. So. How would YOU like to be my little sister's new best friend?"
Aqua tilted her head.
"Who is your sister? she pretty?"
"Yaaaaaay! I got a mermaid for a friend!"
Aqua gasped as she saw the elven cutie reacting and Tyler smiled.
"I'm the dragon king."
Poor Aqua's mind went BOOM at this revelation. She was gaping at him in shock with her small mouth a gaping O and he showed her his shield. She gasped.
"The Dragon King's shield. You ARE him."
He hugged her and looked at Vulpine.
"she'll take her home when she visits you later."
"Thanks Vulpine."
"Mermaids are a protected race in MY queendom. And to be perfectly honest I HAVE always wanted a mermaid for a lady in waiting."
Aqua gasped at this news and Tyler smiled.
"Looks like YOU just got hired."
"But I've never even SEEN a royal chamber before!"
"Ya will now."
Vulpine smiled.
"Oh. This kinda thing counts."
He looked at her curiously.|
"The heir thing?"
"Indeed. YOU rescued her and had her brought in. So it counts. Hell. i COULD coudn Yrisa too but she's got enough of an ego already."
"Yrisa? You getting full a yourself?"
The elf looked down.
"No big brother."
"Well alright then. Being sure a yourself is fine. DON'T get arrogant. Leave that to me."
"I will Big brother."
"Oh. And hug Aqua tightly when you see her."
Aqua was doing adorable doubletakes from the fire to Tyler.
"Tyler? How will Im get there?"
"You'll see."
"Now I'm scared."
He chuckled and sat her on his shoulder. She giggled at her new perch.
"wow. I like being tall!"
"So do I. Just duck at doors."
"Kay! I won't fall."
He looked at Vulpine.
"That entire basement is a torture chamber. I'm killing him now."
"Very well."
"Acid shot."
Lucias was left the scream as the acid ate him alive. Tyler sat back at the desk as Rias smirked.
"And US?"
"Search the place. Anything on the dealings he had bring to me. We'll have Aqua bring them with her when she goes home."
"Alright. we're kinda goopd at this."
The devils got to work as Tyler flipped through the papers ont eh desk and Aqua swung her legs as she watched. Sabal dropped to the outside to refill her blood bottle, and Loric and his men packed up and left. Vulpine smiled asn she saw the warrior alone in the office with the tiny mermaid on his shoulder.
"You look like a king now."
He smiled as Aqua climbed down to sit in his lap.
"If only you were here too."
"Soon. You're heading home after this, right?"
"Yup. It'll be a few more days."
"From Tyrannica to Drako it's 5 days in the air. So you'll be busy."
"Merillia's good people. And I cannot wait to inflicrt Emily on Silveria."
"I can't wait to hold her. No one knows?"
"Sabal does. But she swore not to tell till the big reveal."
"Good. My Queendom will rejoice at the news."
Aqua was just happy to be there as Tyler set the paperwork aside.
"Bribes, blackmail, some foreign agents he used to get around taxes, the usual."
Vulpine nodded smiling as Yrisa rested her head on her thigh.
"Indeed. ALL the nobles are guilty of these types of crimes. But this is the way of the world."
Asia came in then with a fresh pile.
"Here Tyler. Koneko found the vault and we're trying to get it open."
"Irt'll go have a look. Here, hug her forme."
Aqua giggled as Asia held her now. The warrior headed out to find Rias and Akeno looking at a massive bank vault like door inside Lucias' bedroom. The red head frowned as he walked over.
"Thing's enchanted to not click."
"Huh. Kinda clever. Plan B."
He drew his unbreakable sword and placed it in a seam,
"Acid shot."
There was a hiss as the spell ate through the bolt holding the vault shut. Akeno laughed at this simplistic ploy.
"You're a thinker."
"Sometimes. An open says me."
The vault swung open with a groan of hinges and GTyler whistled at the mound of coins inside.
"Daaaaamn. I feel inadequate now."
The triop walked in and Tyler smirked.
"we need an expert."
He whistled and Sabal came in. He smiled.
"We'll see about a rally spell in Tyrannica."
She smiled.
"That would be wise now we have a party. Need help?"
"Just someone that knows more then I do."
She chuckled and they looked around the mounds of coins, gems, weaponry, some spells, and other such valuables until Tyler found a desk situated in the back of the vault. Tyler sat at it and picked the locks in a mere ten seconds and Rias lifted an eyebrow.
"I won't break into your rooms."
"Good boy."
He smiled at her razor filled voice as he opened the desk and found another pouch of crystals, a black dagger, and a few spells. Tyler took the spells first.
"Okay. What are you? Willing toy. When cast upon a single target they supplant themsleves for use by the caster. Next is Mindless play. effects a single target who does not remember the acts preformed while under the spell. and last is Stallion's Boost. Ha. Increases length and girth in men while increases tightness and size in women. Give it to issei as a joke."
Rias laughed.
"You're an ass. But that's hilarious. the other two are evil."
Sabal nodded.
"And forbidden. Just owning them is a death sentence in Vulpine's realm."
"Alright. that dagger?"
"a Dark Dagger. Any that are cut by it are the cutter's servant untul death of the cutter is satisfied. And they are fully aware of what they're doing yet powerless to stop them."
Tyler took the first crystal out and ta[pped the tip. They were presented with a long line of chained naked girls with the recorder going from girl to girl listing off price, race, sexual purity, sexaul profciencies, age, and stock available. Tyler and Sabal looked closely as Rias and Akeno trembled.
"Looking for any identifying marks in the background.....I know that hanger. I killed a rebel cell in there. Warehouse district in Drako."
"And the date is three days. They will still be there."
"Make a list Rias. Vulpine will handle this one."
The ten crystals were gone through and Tyler, with the help of the vampire, were able to locate each one. He then brought the items to the fire where Asia was playing with Aqua in a clean section of the floor. The Queen smiling as she watched the girls playing tag. Tyler smiled as he walked up.
"Got a doozy for ya."
The queen looked at him.
"How bad?"
"These are locations for slave auctions."
Her eyes went cold.
"name them. I will be DAMNED if I let those vile traders back into MY realm."
He listed the locations off and she nodded.
"The knights are moving. we WILL find those poor souls and get them safe. The crystals. Save them. Send them with Saphira."
"Understood. these?"
"Toss them into the fire and call to a deity as an offering."
He smiledand tossed them in.
"Thanks Yoko, for Vulpine."
The queen smirked as the fire flared.
"You are MOST welcome dragon King Knockoff! I am ALSO quite interested ibn you!"
He sighed as the sweetly high voice said the petname.
"You know where to find me Yoko."
"Oh I most certainly will! Bye!"
Vulpine chuckled.
"Yoko is a rather...energetic....goddess. And do they really refer to you as the Dragon King Knockoff?"
He sighed.
"I guess. That's what Levaithan said at least. Dammit."
Asia giggled.
"It's cute."
"Not helping."
Aqua giggled.
"YOU call me that and I'll splash you again."
"With COLD water."
Vulpine smiled.
"I can't WAIT to hug her."
Tyler smiled at that as Koneko came in next with more papers.
"Here. Issei found them."
"He find any spells?"
"No clue."
"We'll have to double check since we foudn some that were evil."
"I'll warn Rias."
"Thanks Koneko."
She left and Vulpine lifted an eyebrow.
"He would use them?"
TYler sighed.
"Let me explain it like this. Rias and the girls went to change into chainmail armor in the village and made a point of saying NOT to peek on them. he still tried. Repeatedly."
"Oh he is THAT way."
"NOT on my watch."
She nodded in agreement.
"If he does anything to the ladies in my realm, they WILL beat the piss outta him. wirh maces."
Tyler sighed at that as Rias came in. She passed Tyler a few spells.
"He had some and now is not allowed out of our sight."
TYler took them.
"Hmm. Lasting Ride. Increases stamina duriong sex. Kinda tame. Next up is Succubus Kiss. a lust spell that is activated with a kiss and makes the target's lust max out. Nifty. And last up is Pleasured explosion. Increases the force of the climax during sex and grants MORE of them. Wow."
Vulpine smiled.
"I'll claim that Succubus Kiss, love, and the Lasting Ride. it also increased durability. Scarlett has been seeking the last."
"Alright. That pile is going to be fuckign AWESOME."
Rias sighed and walked away at this. Tyler put the spells in his pile of spoil for the ladies and headed to help search. The party combed the manor until they found the last paper and Tyler looked at Vulpine.
"we also grabbed a few things we liked. We're done here."
She nodded.
"I will have Coral send riders at once to secure the village and the manor. well done my love."
"I'm coming home."
She smiled happily.
"We're waiting for you."
The fire died and Tyler lifted Aqua into his arms.
"Alright. we're heading for the guardian site. We have enough bedrolls for everyone now."
Rias looked at him as they left the manor.
"What are guardian sites?"
"Safezones that repel monsters when travelers are inside them."
"Ah. And how far is it?"
"Bout four hours walk."
"You usually walk everywhere don't you?"
"Sometimes. I usually get hired on to a merchant train or a airship marine to make money on the way. And to get laid."
She sighed as they passed through the barbarian village.
"And HOW often to you play?"
"when the moods takes me. All I want outta l;ife. Good times with the best people. You all grabbed coin too right?"
She nodded.
"Sabal said 150 gold, 450 silver and 650 coppers was a good starting point."
"Good. We'll return to Tyrannica and getyou all hooked up at the guild. merillia and her crew need a few days to recover from ou8r flight."
"You have her?"
"No. Had her weapon master and one of her quarter masters though. We dropped three ships in one flight."
Sabal whistled.
"That's impressive."
"Two jumped us in the morning."
"even moreso. I see you have a talent for aeral fighting as well."
"I'm a bloodhungry psychopath sabal. I can kill anywhere. Cept underwater."
She busted up laughing as Rias smirked.
"Can't swim?"
"Nope. And you'll get a kick outta Tyrannica for just that reason."
She sighed as they walked along the silent road in the late day sun. Tyler carrying Aqua the entire time until they came to the large slab and rockwall Tyler and sabal had slept on the night prior. Tyler set Aqua on her feet as he and the vampire got to work setting up the tents for the party. Rias and her devils got their lessons in setting camp hands on before Tyler had his defnese spells up. after he lit the fire and set some tyrant meat to sizzlingf on a grate. Aqua washappily snuggling Akeno and Tyler smiled.
"Now then. Dragon Call."
The fire turned neon blue and the dragon eye of Saphira appeared. Rias and the other devils gasped and Aqua starting shaking at the blue apparition. Tyler smiled.
"I'm waiting for you."
The eye blinked and vanished. The fire turned back to normal and Rias looked at him shaking.
"What was that?"
A sound of heavy wingbeats was heard in the distance and Aqua went pale as she recognized the sound.
"relax. It's Saphira."
They watched as Saphira came flying towards them and he smiled at her.
"I got some more tyrant for you!"
The dragon rumbled as she landed beofre morphing into her human form before them. Rias just gaped at this developement and Tyler smiled as the beautiful dragon lady came over and kissed him.
"I missed you."
He smiled as they got into a makeout session.
"I missed you. Come on."
Rias blinked as they went into his tent.
"Oh damn. ISsei don't you dare."
Tyler smiled as they stripped and he mounted his dragon wife.
"I missed you saphira."
She smiled as the thrusting began.
"I';ve been feeling.....frisky...lately. So give it to me!"
And he did. they played hard for a couple hours before she screamed in climax and sighed as she came down.
"Much better. I needed that."
He smiled as he kissed her massive breast affectionately.
"I needed it too. Always fun Saphira."
She hugged him tightly.
"And yes I'll bring that adorable mermaid back."
"I kinda feel bad making you be my courier."
"Just kiss me and I'll call it fair. And the trove?"
"Oh yeah. we'll handle it with you. Stay for the night?"
"Of course my love."
They kissed again before getting dressed and rejoining the group by the fire. Rias having a slight blush at Saphira's limp and the screams from inside. issei was shaking and she noticed him.
"Wow. How pathetic. A dragon emperor. Ha. Welcome to MY sky."
Tyler looked at her curiously as she sat beside him.
"I thought you didn't WANT to rule the dragons?"
She smirked.
"I DON'T. But compared to THAT hatchling? I might as well."
"The dragon sealed inside him. Drake his name is. even at the height of his power he's a mere lesser dragon lord here. Hell. My youngest daughter alone could kill him with ease."
Tyler whistled.
"Still curious."
She rested her head on his shoulder with a smile.
"Her name is Lusterious. She of the Pearl scales."
"That sounds pretty."
"she is a very beautiful dragon. And also very sweet. If you meet, have her visit Yrisa. In years they're right about the same."
"Hook Yrisa up with a dragon sister. Gotchya."
"I love you too."
He kissed her again and looked at sabal.
"Let's get that trove we found taken care of."
She nodded and they got to work when he blinked.
"Oh yeah. qwe ALREADY split it. Ugh."
Sabal chuckled.
"we did so much today I am amazed you remembered at all."
Tyler looked at Saphira.
"I'll send 15,164 gold, 31,764 silver, and 42,782 copper home."
Saphira smiled.
"I'll also bring the papers and the other things."
"Thanks Saphira."
He kissed her again and then she growled at issei out of nowhere, and it sounded like a fragon's growl and NOT a human.
"Look away you worthless INSECT. I do NOT like your gaze upon my scales."
Tyler got up now and a icy chill blew through the camp as he stepped THROUGH the fire to grab a scrambling to get away issei by the neck and hoist him screeching into the air with one hand. Tyler hten shoved his face into the fire and pressed it to the cherry red grate as eh screamed in agony.
ALL but Saphira and sabal were forzen in place as Tyler tore the guy's face off the grate with a sickening rip of flesh.
"Healing touch."
The spell took effect and ALL the damge was repaired. Event he loss of his hair. He was ALSO prevented from passing out. Tyler put his face back to the grate as he screamed anew. HE repeated this cycle no fewer then thirty times before healing him again and tossing the tramatized pervert to the ground.
"I will KILL you the next time I have to warn you issei. DO NOT FUCK WITH MY WIVES."
Saphira smiled warmly as he snapped his finger and the devils released.
"I love you too. he makes my s,kin crawl."
He smiled and sat back beside her as the devils all looked at him in numb terror. He smirked at Rias.
"I warned you."
Aqua gulped and he smiled at her.
"You have nothing to fear."
She deflated fromr el;ief.
"Phew. You're scary when angry Tyler."
He lifted her onto his lap as the tramuatized boy just shook on the ground at the memory of rthe burning and branding.
"How could you?"
He looked over at Rias' enraged whisper.
She was frozen in place again and he looked her in the eye.
"I do NOT show mercy to anyone that fucks with rthe people I love. be thankful I LET him live. Had that been yrisa that said he unnervered her, I'd skin him alive for HOUR until I LET him die. And you would not be able to save him. Not in MY world."
Saphira smirked.
"YOUR world?"
"I AM the Dragon King."
"Ha. i love you."
Rias was shaking as she fought with the spell,
"And you think that's opkay to BRAND him?"
"Is he alive?"
"He's completely mindbroken!"
"does. he. Live?"
"He does, but-"
"Then he's already doing better then the last guy. I defend my family Rias. Viciously. Period. And this is his last warning. I WILL kill him if he does that again. Vulpien would kill him herself. Get this through your head, people HATE people like him here with a burning passion. If you don't get a leash on him, then he is going to suffer most horrifically. and YOu too for enabling him."
She had tears of helpless rage in her eyes now as she STILL couldn't break free.
"I have TRIED to rein him in! Nothing I do works! I HATE IT TOO!"
"I'll break him then. Look. It stops tonight or he dies. Period."
Tyler passedthe giggling Aqua to Saphira and walked overto the still trembling boy. The heartless warrior kicked him over onto his back and crouched to look him in hte eye.
"Alright. Ya gonna cut the shit?"
He got a wordless nod.
"NO more perverted bullshit?"
"You'll leave my family alone?"
"Alright. Purify."
He glowed before gasping as if coming up for air and a still frozen Rias glared at him.
"What did you do to him this time?"
"repaired his borken mind. Purify breaks curses and such so it heals minds too. so-"
"Dragon shot!"
"Gods dammit."
Tyler slammed his fist into the gren energy beam and it shattered entirely. scary part? he did it without any visible effort. Issei was white in the face at this failure and Tyler unflicked his lance.
"I warned ya."
He walked over whistling as all the devils pleaded for him to spare Issei but were unable to move a muscle as his spell held them in place. issei was scrambling trying to get away from the approaching warrior.
"No! I who will awaken"
Saphira snorted.
"Juggernaut drive? Idiot. That dosen't work here. And even then. Tyler is MORE then enough to kill it. Head on."
Tyler smirked as he lifted the lance hi.
"Shame. You could gone wild here. But. Ya fucked with ym family."
He stabbed the lance down as the area was lit up with screams of pleading. Tyler stabbed the boy in the stomach with the lance and Issei screamed.
"I forgot to mention. It won't be quick. Acid shot."
"Stop! Please stop! I'[ll do anything! just please! Stop!"
Tyler sighed ashe looked over at a pleading Rias.
"Lady. It's because a that kinda shit he keeps doing it. Stop enabling him. And....oh. That works."
He looked at the screaming boy on the ground.
"Healing touch. Ha. I need to work on that."
The guy was healed and Tyler smiled.
"I'll just castrate him. He."
Sabal smirked.
"I see you are trying to learn form your mistakes."
"I'll make the attempt but no promises."
Tyler looked over at a tearful Rias.
"Sooo I'll just castrate him."
she screamed,
"WHY didn't you think of that before?"
"Too simple."
"Oooh fuck YOU."
Issei was covering his groin in terror and Tyler looked at him.
"Acid shot."
His member was burned away by the spell and he screamed in denial and pain as the patch was healed WITHOUT a tool. Then Tyler smirked.
"Okay. fun's over."
He walked away as the heartbroken boy mourned the loss of his groin. Tyler walked over to the still paraliyzed Rias and she was shaking as he walekd up to her.
"what? Gonna hurt me too?"
"Nah. Let ya in on a little secert."
She was shaking in fear as he leaned in to her ear,
"There's a temple that can repair that. ALL of it."
She gasped and looked at him with new understanding.
"A chance?"
"I am sorry for the murder thing. NOT the fire grate. Ask Vulpine or Saphira here how often i grant mercy like that. My family is the most important thing in MY WORLD. And I will be damned before I let ANYTHING harm them in any way. We understand each other?"
She slumped in the spell.
"So as long as we remember this, we're safe?"
"Alright. Can you let us go now?"
"clench up and you won't fall on your face."
He ended the spell and Koneko slugged him in the stomach......only for her hand to completely shatter on his hidden chainmail. Her face went white and Rias looked at Tyler in a fury as he healed her.
"I THO-"
"Lady. She punched THIS."
HE lifted his shirt to show his OWN chainmail and she blinked. He smirked.
"That plus my passives? Yeah. Shattered hand or I'm a nice person."
Koneko glared at hima nd kicked him in the balls. Same result. And he healed her again.
"NONE of you can hurt me. I hunt dinosaurs for fun, fight pirates for amusement and have a dragon for a wife. YOU just got here. NOTHING you do cann even scratch me. Cause the things I'M gearing up to fight? Make your gods look liek jokes."
Saphira smirked.
"And higher level demons. And the WORLD if I have to."
Rias glared at him.
"And you expect us to travel with you?"
"You don't HAVE to. Take the fuck off. I don't care. All I'd have to do is call up Vulpine amnd tell your hostile. BOOM. I kill you all and get on with my life."
Sabal smiled.
"The guild profile."
Rias gritted her teeth.
"You said the demon doesn't come out very often."
"It's not out. I'm just getting frustrated. Make a choice. Stay. Or go. either way I am DONE with this shit."
He sat back by the fire and Saphira kissed him.
"I love you too."
He got a hug off Aqua and she giggled as Rias and her devils gathered around the sobbing Issei for a serious discussion of their options. Sabal smiled.
"They have no idea about this world, Tyler."
"Nope. They need US more then WE need THEM. And Rias knows it. Why she's so pissed. she knows we're right and hates it."
Saphira lounged by the fire now as Aqua yawned. Tyler smiled.
"Come on blueberry."
"I'll come up with a better one in the morning. Yo dingdongs, spells extend 150 feet. long as your int hem you can argue."
They glared at him and he looked at Sabal. She smiled.
"I will join you."
The group went into Tyler's tent and he settled the exhausted Aqua between him and Saphira. The poor mermaid was asleep soon as she touched the bedroll. Tyler drapepd his arm over her and Saphira did the same. Sabal claimed a spot a little bit away from them and settled down.
"Night Saphira. I love you."
"Good night Tyler. I .love you too."
"Night Sabal."

DAY 17.
GOLD: 16,289 SILVER: 32,764 COPPERS: 44,782
VAULT GOLD: 15,289. SILVER:30,764. COPPER: 40,782.
TYLER'S GOLD: 1,000 SILVER: 2,000 COPPER: 4,000.

Tyler woke to see he'd cradled Aqua's tiny body into a tight hug with both arms and her on his chest. He smiled when he felt Saphira's arm around the small girl's waist. She's got the very best family now. He hugged the tiny mermaid and Saphira smiled beside him.
"she is so cute."
He kissed her before hugging the still sleeping cutie.
"She really is. And has the best family one coudl ask for."
He looked over and saw Sabal was waking as well. The vampire smiled as she saw Aqua's matteress.
"How cute. A shame to wake her."
TYler sighed and hugged the cutie again and she woke with a yawn.
"Morning Bubbles."
She giggled at that.
"I like that one!"
"Sparkles and Bubbles. All cute."
That made her blush again and he carried her out of the tent to see the other tent was full. Saphira smirked.
"They chose to stay."
"They don't really have a choice. They wouldn't get far without at least a guide."
The warrior relit the fire while Sabal took her morning blood and saphira played with Aqua. The vampire came out and he smiled at her.
"You fill it?"
"I did. I have a week's worth of blood before I need a refill."
"Can you buy more bottles?"
"I can. But that its the max the blood with keep."
"There it is. Well. ya got me."
She smiled.
"Thank you beforehand."
He set bacon to fry as Rias came out with a stone face. He smiled at her.
"Mornign Rias. Bacon'll be ready in a bit and coffee the sooner."
"Oh so we're supposed to be friends now? After what you did to issei?"
"Get over it. Fuck wih my family an I'll do the same thing to you."
She gritted her teeth at this nonchalant, coldhearted rebuff.
"You are a monster."
"I'm a Dragon with the soul of a Demon."
He looked at her now.
"And there is NOTHING I will not do to defend the ones I love. Accept it. get the fuck over it. And coffee's ready."
She was shakign with wrath now.
"Or you'll leave. Right?"
"Yup. I am helping you not becuase I have to, but because I'm BORED. Now I am fast running out of patience for this bullshit. I WILL leave you all here. Good LUCK surviving alone in a hostile country where most everything wants to kill you or rape you or use your body as a egg incubator. Or ALL of the above. Make. A. Choice."
Rias was trembling with fury as her fists clenched in barely restrained helpless rage as Tyler fed some bacon to Aqua, making her giggle.
"It's tasty daddy!"
He smiled.
"You're actually older then i am. So big brother."
"Kay! I got a scary big brother! yay!"
"And I got a cute mermaid little sister!"
"See? Cute!"
Now effectively embarassed the girl pressedher face to his bare chest and Rias noticed a few sacrs on his frame.
"Where'dyou get those?"
"Hm? oh fights. This one here I took a hit from a warhammer aboard that pirate ship. This one here I got shot, this one here my mother shot me with a crossbow, and that one there I got stabbed during the coup I smashed."
Rias sighed deeply.
"Just. Tell me this."
"If we go with you, and DON'T mess with you, you'll help us?"
"And as long as that idiot doesn't do anything to the girls they do not like."
She slumped.
"Je still groped me."
"He does that anywhere else Rias, he WILL lose that arm. And it won't even be me that does the chopping."
"No questions asked?"
"Not a peep. lady. Sex in this world is NOT hard to come by. Yopu can get a Dove to get you off at the local temple as a HEALING RITE for free. And lessons too if you suck at it. The important thing to remember? Respect. That is what they demand. If you can't even do THAT, then they WILL hurt you for it. I turned a rapist in to the bounty booth and got 1500 gold off him. i have seen gropes lose arms on pure reflex from the woman he touched. I have seen a man that slapped his Dove get castrated with a rusty knive and CURSED by the guild with a forever more burnign groin. And he didn't even leave a mark. if your boy can't even mustert he BAREST minimum of respect fort he ladies he CLAIMS to so enjoy, then he WILL get killed for it."
Rias just sat by the fire with a look of utter defeat on her face.
"Then he'll die. And they're won't be a damned thing i can do to protect him."
"Ha. wow is that ever backwards."
He looked up at him confused.
"Backwards? What do you mean?"
"Shouldn't HE be the one protecting YOU?"
The made her sigh.
"He tries. So hard. Yet..."
"Almost as often as he succeeds."
"Remind me again WHY you're with him? You are so MUCH better then that."
She smiled att hat.
"He has nearly died for me twice. He may be a hopeless pervert and all that, but he IS a decent guy under all that crap. He DOES love me. even if he struggles to show it."
"Hm. YOU are FAAAAR too accepting, Rias. And that's coming from ME."
She frowned.
"How is that a bad thing? Seeing the virtues over the faults?"
"Because after a certain point, it's not worth it. if you have to FIGHT to see the good in someone, and that fight is through a mountain of bad, you're not being a good person, you're just desperate."
That one hit her in the stomach.
"Desperate? what rhe hell would YOU know? About ANY of us?"
"I'm right. Why you're so freakin pissed. Lady. ADMIT it."
Sabal nodded and so did Saphira. the dragon lady smiled at the stunned devilgirl.
"You have such a good and kind heart Rias. And you're wasting it on that guy. You can do so much better here. Yet are so fixated on that one boy. It's a lttle sad."
Rias had tears of anger fall now.
"I love him too. And he loves me. is that so bad?"
Tyler smiled
"Love is always a beautifiul thing Rias. I know. i gave up on it years ago. Thehn I found it when i wasn't looking. Yet. Something you should ALSO know is the WORTH of your love."
That made her frown.
"The.worth....of my love? I don't understand."
"Okay how can i explain this to you? Best way is Standards. Knowing what you're selfworth is and not insulting yourself by loving someone that just doesn't see it. L:et me ask this."
"when Issei looks at you. What does he see? YOU or your rack?"
She gasped then started shaking.
"My rack. THEN me."
"There you go. he doesn't love you. Or at least. not ENOUGH. You've seen Vulpine. You've seen Saphira. You've read my profile. I see THEM, first, and THEN everything else."
Rias sniffed and Saphira smiled atthe troubled girl.
"You are BETTER then what you think."
She looked up sadly.
"Am I really? or just another conquest for that guy?"
The dragon growled at her with a fury that made even Tyler scotch back a bit.
"To that man there is NO SUCH THING AS A DCONQUEST. Just love and passion if he be with a Dove, or love and utter devotionn if he be married. I will tell you something little devil, I am close to 750,000 years old. And I have spent the last 350,000 so utterly alone I nealry forgot how to SPEAK. I landed at a guardian site down the road from here and met a young adventurer who was also alone. He was a most strange boy. Completely unafraid if a little intimidated by a dragon of my size just dropping in. He offered me the meal off his fire out of kindness and then we talked. He LISTENED to my words with attentiveness and offered advice and companionship with such warmth in his gaze that I have not witnessed in half a millinea. I gave him a night to see what his heart was like and I feel in love from that night. Dragons can see into the hearts of their mates the first ride to see how our young would be. That boy has a heart of utter gold surrounded by razorwire and I LOVE that warmth it just radiates. he is utterly fearless. Somethign YOU wish you were. You hear his advice, and even agree. I can see it in your eyes. Yet, you're terrified. Completely terrified of him being right. Becuase that would mean you'd have to make a choice. for your life, and your love. and you know it'd hurt someone. And you're trying to avoid it. Even though you WANT to make the choice. So. Tyler does NOT make conquests of the women he lays. He makes MEMORIES. And they will last a lifetime. Will YOU?"
Tyler was happily playing qith Aqua by poking her and she'd try to catch him only to get poked on her other side. The little mermaid giggling the entire time Saphira tore into Rias. The devilgirl just sitting there in numb shock as the dragon gave her speech before Saphira sighed from exhuastion.
"You okay?"
She smiled at his concern>
"fine. Just I remembered why I disliked people."
Tyler kissed her.
"One more."
He kissed her again.
They smiled at Aqua's cute disgust as Saphira smiled.
"I feel so much better."
Tyler looked at a silently shaking Rias.
"Well. breakfast is ready. And you can all come out now."
Rias jumped as her somber faced friends all came out of the tent for breakfast. Aqua giggled.
They smiled briefly as Akeno led her friend back into the tent for her venting. Tyler spotting a spirtually broken Issei at the back of the group and looked back at Aqua for another hug. sabal smiled.
"We will reach the second site by nightfall."
"And Tyrannica the day after. We'll lose two days there to get you settled in the guild and link up with Merillia."
"I see. Will we do jobs?"
"Maybe. Leviathan and Coral were looking for action my last visit and I'm interested as well."
"My role during your romps?"
"We'll get rally whistles first. and see if we can find merillia. i'd feel much better not leaving you alone out there."
She smiled.
"I appreciate the concern. But I am not that helpless. Nor was I that dependent on the other Fangs for protection. You merelym caught me on my rest day."
"Alright. well. I'll trust you. Goes against the grain a bit for some odd reason but that's me."
She smiled warmly as Aqua looked at him.
He hugged her tightly.
"Yup. YOU are going home with Saphira. Vulpine wants to hug her newest lady in waiting."
Aqua gasped then looked at Saphira mindblown and her small mouth in a wide O. The dragon lady smiled.
"You will not fall. I promise you."
Tyler grumbled.
"Getting to fly on a dragon. Lucky. I haven't even gotten to do that yet! an she's MY wife!"
The trio lost it laughing at his miffed tone as the devils just sat there with a irritated look on their faces as Tyler hugged Aqua again. He looked at the sky and nodded.
"Alright. Break camp."
That got a reaction from Koneko>
"Can talk att he back a the group. I don't coddle. And my sister's waiting for me."
Sabal was already moving to take his tent down as the warrior kissed Saphira again. The dragon morphed intoher dragon form and Tyler placed the nervous Aqua in a pouch under her belly. the blue dragon rumbled as he patted her.
"I will take good care of her. And So will the rest os us."
The warrior smiled ashe patted Aqua.
"Enjoy. Oh. And when youmeet a vulpis by the name of Vulpix, rub her fur the wrong way. It tickles."
She giggled.
"Kay! Bye big brother!"
"Bye Bubbles.I'll see you later Saphira."
"I love you Tyler."
"Love you too, Saphira."
The dragon took off and he smiled as she soared off.
"I sooooo need to do that at some point."
He put the fire out and tapped on the tent with Akeno and Rias.
"We're headin out. Talk on the trail."
The devils came out with hate on their faces and he ignored them to drop the tent and pack it. Sabal looked around and nodded.
"All clear."
They got moving with Tyler whistling out in front twirling his golden dragon scale dagger as Sabal strode beside him. The devils followed him because they didn't really have a choice and Issei limped at the back of the pack without any life in him. The vampire looked at the warrior.
"Have you given any thought to our direction after Drako?"
"Hmm. Thinking maybe east. Haven't been that direction yet. Anywhere you wanna go?"
"I would like to see Wyvernia."
"That works. I have friends in the city and a hookup at the inn."
"Of course you do."
"I saved his life when his brother tried to kill him for the inn."
"Of course he did."
Tyler chuckled as he took the map out.
"Hmm. Two days in Tyrannica, 5 in the air, a week in Drako. My sister's wedding is in a month. Actually we'll have to stay close to Drako cause I will not miss it."
"The princess Emily is getting married? Good for her!"
"Yup. She's finally getting to marry her dreamgirl. And she could not deserve it more."
"Oh and what about HER duty?"
"That girl was raped by her father you dumb bitch. I found out after I searched his quarters. Say it again and i WILL hurt you."
There was a shudder among the devils following Akeno's callout and his colder then ice retort. Sabal sighed.
"That explains so much. And I do not even know her. Only the stories."
"Why I STILL think that bastard died far too quickly. I got to kill him twice so there's that I guess."
"He revived as an undead?"
"Yup. Oh yeah. When in Drako I need to check in at the Light temple. They hunt undead. And the father said he needed to consult the archives for a pattern I'd noticed."
"What manner of pattern?"
"More visible bone and less flesh more powerful the undead."
"I see. I admit to have witnessed this myself."
"Really? Cool. So if we see a skeleton with only a few scraps of flesh, I'll take it alone. Cause that is a lich king."
She shuddered at the mention of the monster. The party walked in silence for a while then along the gravelly road and Tyler was whistling as he went. Sabal was cleaning a dagger as the devils all walked in a subdued silence behind them. Then Tyler smirked.
"Got tracks."
Sabal looked and smiled.
"That is a very big bear."
"It's another father of the forest. I'll take it. I kinda need to after that last one."
He unflicked his lance as the devils blinked at the massive 48 inch wide pawprints. Tyler smiled.
The prints lit up and were moving towards the forest on the lefthand side. Tyler set off after them without fear and Sabal followed.
"I hope it kills you."
Tyler chuckled at Rias' venom filled voice as they walked through the sparse brush. Then he refocused on the task at hand. The vampire dropped back as the sound of heavy breathing and even heavy steps were head. Tyler whistled and the bear reared. This one standing ne fewer then 65 feet tall with a head as big as he was! The ever cocky warrior smiled.
"Biiiiiig teddy. Don't FUCKING trip this time!"
The bear roared art him and it echoed off the trees around him. Then he charged at him as fast as a cheetah could run. Tyler rushed to meet it and as the bear threw itself into a massive tackle, Tyler threw himself into a baseball slide under the 25 foot tall beast and stabbed it in the underbelly right where the heart was. The bear grunted and fell onto it's side with a slam as Tyler wrenched his lance free.
"Look out!"
He turned a cartwheel and missed narrowly getting chomped by a tyrant on it's lunge. Tyler smirked, planted his feet, and stabbed then T-rex in the heart through the side. It too dropped and Tyler laughed.
"I love my job!"
Sabal clapped as he tore the lance free.
"Most impressive. Though you knew the Tyrant was there. Did you not?"
He chuckled as he cleaned the lance.
"I did. Nice to see I CAN rely on them."
Rias, the one that had callen out on pure reflex, blinked.
"You TESTED us?"
"Yup. Hate me or not, I don't care. You're in MY party and so I'll treat ya like it. Now come on. I'll teach ya how to skin a father of the forest."
The red head blinked as Koneko glared athim.
"Suck it."
"No work no food. In MY party you pull your weight. Don't like it? Roads that way."
The warrior was already knife deep with his golden dragons cale dagger cutting the bear open as Sabal took the tyrant. There was a sigh and Rias walekd over to Tyler with a look of resignation on her pretty face.
"What do I do?"
"Here. Okay. See this spot here? Run the knife along here and pull. Skin and fur will come clean off. When I go for the body cavity, brace, These things stink to high hell."
The redhead sighed as he patiently instructed her on how to skin the monster bear while the other devils all joined Sabal on the tyrant. The warrio tilted his head as he put the 250 pound pelt in his pack.
"I'll get a bedroll made outta this one."
Rias gritted her teeth,
"And US?"
"You? eh. We'll find something else. Won't be for a bit till we're back in Tyrannica since I don't know how to do it myself."
Sabal smiled from her spot by the rex's head.
"I do. I was actually my clan's craftsmen."
"Hella hookup. Thanks Sabal."
"I like making things."
"Ha. So do I. Gods i miss Yrisa now."
Koneko smirked.
"Ha. I bet."
"You REALLY wanna go there? KoNEKO?"
She gasped at the emphasis he put on neko and Rias gritted her teeth at this low blow.
"That was evil."
"Don't push it then. i am NOT a nice person. I'dda though you'da figured that out. Heh."
She got up and left him to work the bear alone as she went to help her friends with the tyrant. Tyler smirked as he finished the bear off.
"Alright. we're set on meat for a while. Hmm. I wonder. Hey Rias, ya still got that Sight?"
She glared at him, hate in her eyes.
"And WHY do you want that?"
"I got an idea. I think I can use for foraging. Like it highlights herbs and plants."
Sabal blinked.
"Mad genius."
"It works, I can SOOOO exploit that."
"Do tell."
"Tracks we CAN'T see, but know are there. Wanna get fancy, i'm like 99% sure I can use it as a freakin truth spell."
Rias frowned at that.
"I was following you until then. How so?"
"Okay. if the spell highlights what the CASTER sees as valuable, see the truth as valuable words. if my theory is right, we got a lie detector."
The red head just looked at him, somewhere between awed respect, and utter disbelief.
"Ummm. I want to test that....on YOU."
"Go for it."
Her eyes glowed neon blue and she smirked.
"Your name is Tyler, right?"
"It is. and if you're gonna ask about the hints, I'll use another trick of mine. And it only works on fallen angels. And is a lightning spell."
She gritted her teeth at this most ominous warning as Akeno gulped. Sabal blinked before smiling in understanding. Then Rias sighed.
"Issei. Do you hate him?"
"not personally, no."
She blinked.
"Wow. it said truth. In big bold letters. Do you LIKE him?"
"Yeesh. Okay. Are you enjoying hurting us?"
"Oh absolutely."
"Yeah we're getting the fuck away from you. You haven't lied yet."
Tyler smiled.
"YOU fucked with the ones I love most. You do, you STOP being a person in my eyes. And anything I do to you is fair game. I will take you apart piece, by screaming piece for it. And I will enjoy every second of your screams too. Yet. That said. As long as you're actually nice and DON'T try me, you got nothing to fear. Sides my jokes, but those are hit or misses. YOU'RE getting so bent outta shape over my vicious nature, when it was YO man that started it. Alls he had to do, was NOT eyefuck Saphira. OR attack me when I healed him. I gave him TWO chances. And that is two more then anyone else before him. But no longer. And YOU are seriopusly testing my patience in a way no one else can say they have. Not sure if I've fallen or risen here. But not issue. I will defend my family. Viciously. from anything. Period."
Rias had a look of defeat on her face.
"We can't survive out there without your help. And we can't even scratch you. I submit. Now what will you do?"
"Well. If your done with the morality crisis, I'd like to borrow that sight."
she tossed it over and he added it.
His eyes lit up neon blue and he blinked as he looked at the girls.
"Wow this is weird. Okay."
He looked at the forest and smiled.
His vision was overlayed with glowing plants that turned the late morning forest floor into a skyblue rave as the sheer number of plants glowing was beautiful.
"Rias, when I give this back, highlightt he plants. It looks SUUUUUPER trippy."
He walked along the way they came and smiled as he spotted something.
"Oh here we go. Thyme, orgeano, some good mint too. Raspberries, some blackberries too. Ginseng? Marigold? Snowdrop? Damn."
He collected the herbs with a whistle as the party walked and soon had a full satchel of herbs. Sabal smiled as he passed the spell back to Rias.
"I am a learnign herbalist Tyler. And I would like to use those."
He passed the satchel over smiling.
"Sure. Be kinda cool making our own potions."
There was a small gasp and they looked to see Rias looking around at the forest with a look of awe on her face. Tyler smiled.
"What I tell you? Awesome ain't it?"
She looked at him with a grudging smile.
"I must admit. it is beautiful."
"Come here. I'mma show you something."
He pulled his crystal out and had the image of Wyvernia appear over their heads. There was a gasp of wonder at the tree city. TYler smiled.
"The entire city is built into the tree, FROM the tree. it is WEIRD town but also extremely cool. Now THIS is Tyrannica."
This time the gasps were of pure awe at the sea city. Sabal smirked.
"And you can't swim."
Rias chuckled at that.
"Okay. That's kinda funny."
"The viciousness is only for defense Rias. Other times I'm a jackass. Relax and you might enjoy yourself."
She looked at the aerial shots of the city with a new lok of wonder on her pretty face.
"Relax huh?"
He smiled and the images died.
"I'll show ya the crystal Merillia made of my battles aboard her ship later."
They got moving now and the devils except Issei had more live in their steps now. They returned to the road and Tyler pulled his lance to inspect the head. Sabal noticed.
"Any damage?"
"nah. just need a fresh sharpen. I'll do that at lunch."
The road was empty and dusty as they walked with Tyler enjoying the light breeze on his face and the blue sky overhead. The hours passed uneventfully until they crested a hill and Tyler spotted movement in the distance.
"Got a wagon train. Wonder if it's anyone I know?"
The devils looked at the approaching column of wagons curiously as Tylerled them to the side of the road.
"Farsight. HA. i know that guy. Hey! Yorlund!"
The leader of the merchant train laughed as Tyler waved.
"Well look what the wind blew in? Tyler! How ya been ya freakin rogue?"
The warrior smiled as he clasped arms with the man.
"Samn as usual. Raisin hell and bedding beauties. How's the train?"
He chuckled.
"we been makin good coin. Runs are good too. we be headin for westonia and beyond."
"Bad news. Westonia got wiped out by a merc army. dead to the last child."
That made Yorlund blink.
"Those ;poor souls. My sister lived there. Did you see a tall woman with blonde hair and green eyes?"
Tyler sighed.
"I did. And it was not pretty. Pull off. I found her."
The man walked withthe warrior and Sabal as Rias was approached by a blonde haired blue eyed cowgirl.
"So. YOU'RE a looker. Guess that prick still got a talent. I'm wendy."
Tyler sighed as he looked at Yorlund.
"I found your girl. AFTER a demon of gluttony had her. Four days later."
He gasped.
"That poor girl. Why?"
"A man with sandy hair and brown eyes summoned it with an sloppy circle. it got loose. had her first then him right after."
"Mari? why lad? You had Salin. Why did you need a demon?"
Sabal lifted the amulet into view.
"He bore this."
Yorlund had tears of grief in his eyes as he saw it.
"A dark cult. That poor soul. Tyler."
"She still lay there. Had a job to do."
"I understand. We will see to her rest ourselves. And I do not blame you."
"if it helps? i killed the demon. Here's it's horn."
Yorlund smiled with a mild relief as he saw the thing.
"I can draw peace from knowing the monster be slain. and the village atta ckers?"
"Ha. Vulpine's dealing with that. But I DID melt their benefactor."
"I would expect nothing less. Thank you not sparing the details. And xsay hi to Wendy."
"Not sure we got time for a proper reunion."
"I am her father you prick!"
"Poor girl."
"Ugh. I'll cut your pay the next you sign."
"Wendy'll make up the difference."
That made him bust up laughing.
"Still an arrogant dragon. Good on ya. Alright lad Go on."
Tyler walked away chuckling as Sabal smiled.
"He the wagon leader you signed with?"
"Yup. Him and his crew are good people. Oh hey Drak. Was a fun few days."
The warrior spotted the sexy cowgirl talking with Rias and smirked.
"Ha. Oh i gotta."
he walked right over and liplocked the startled blonde before she got RIGHT into it. He left her breathless and smirked.
"Miss me?"
She whacked him with her hat.
"I DID until I saw you again you arrogant prick! now I'mma spend all day thinking about it!"
"Nice to see you too Wendy. Wow. YOU look saddlesore."
"I will hit you woth a brick you arrogant jackass."
"Happy to ruin you."
She was smiling widely as she jabbed a thumb at Issei.
"And did you REALLY neuter that guy?"
"He looked at my wife wrong."
"Good man. WHY didn't you kill him?"
"Honestly? No clue. Wanted to. But then I asked myself, what would hurt more?"
"Still a right evil bastard. But nice to see some consistency."
He smirked.
"And ARE they still the same?"
Yorlund was heard.
"I need a minute. Go on. Damned kids."
Tyler lifted wendy up on his shouldersand caried heroff whistling.
"We'll be back pa!"
Sabal was laughing at the turn of events and Rias just loked at her.
"He just carried her off like a sack a potatoes. what. The. FUCK?"
The warrior smirked as he laid Wendy on the gound for their romp. The busty cowgirl smirking right back.
"That redhead's got an issue."
He smiled as he slid into her softly.
"Oh you have NO idea. An I heard the Queen got ya."
She was grunting from her own bucking as they played for a bit. She got creamed and climaxed before sighing.
"Yup. she's fun in bed. Her AND that elf."
She was flipped over and into her ass he went as she groaned.
"You know I have to sit on that."
"Yup. Enjoy."
She was ridden hard until she waxs filled again and they sighed with satisfaction.
"Better. I needed that to be honest."
He kissed her and placed her cowgirl hat on her head.
"Always fun riding a sexy cowgirl."
"Fuck OFF."
"I just did."
"I fucking love your arrogant ass."
"I love YOUR ass!"
They got dressed and headed back to see Rias talking with Yorlund about him. The man smiled.
"Lass. That lad has a heart of utter gold and a shadow of utter evil. If your boy had done that to my girl, I'dda tied him to a wagon and dragged him to death. Though. I admit. I like his better."
Tyler chuckled as wendy sat tenderly on her wagon.
"I may not know much, but DAMN do I know how to make a point."
That got a laugh from the man.
"Ya do at that lad. Take care."
"You too. and enjoy Wendy!"
"That too!"
The train headed off and Tyler smiled as he got moving.
"I like them."
Rias sighed as she walked beside him.
"They both said you're very kind and fun to be around. And yet they know of your evil."
Tyler nodded.
"Long as it's justified. I don't do that to just ANYONE. You have to give me a reason."
"And as long as we DON'T give you a reason?"
"You'll have fun. And if THAT guy can learn a few things, well, the temple."
She sighed.
"And you don't want me to tell him that?"
"It would defeat the purpose."
"ugh. Fine. His spirit is completely broken. like he can't even SMILE anymore."
"Guess he DIDN'T love you after all."
She blinked.
"Where the fuck did that come from?"
"if he can't even smile, with YOU, the girl he claims to love so much and is his girlfriend is RIGHT THERE, then he didn't love you. he just wanted to fuck ya."
"He can't enjoy touchhing me anymore!"
"Why? he's still got his hands. Right? A relationship isn't JUST sex and lust ya know. I fuck the life outta my wives, don't get me wrong. But I LOVE doing little things to make them smile. Massages, their hair, giving them random gifts, cuddling, hell just BEING around them makes me smile."
He was smiling ashe talked and Rias was shaking again as once again he cast doubt on her own relationship. He saw this.
"An another thing. If mere words can so shake your own faith in your relationship, then it has more problems then virtues."
She just stopped at that and he kept walking with Sabal beside him now.
"You are pushing her rather hard on this."
He tilted his head.
"Huh. I guess I kinda am. Odd."
"Get a little TOO protective?"
"I'm not so sure that's it."
He shrugged and Sabal smiled as Rias was back talking with Akeno.
"She IS pretty."
"I'mma just go with that."
The vampire chuckled at that one as they walked. The group walked along the raod in silence broekn occasionally by Tyler's whistling or the sound of birds that flew overhead. Sabal smiled.
"we're near the next site."
"Wow. we made great time. eh. Alright."
The reached the site and they set the camp more on autopilot then because they wanted to. The sun was still in the sky but sinking as Tyler cast his spells. He then sat against a rock looking at the flames with a smile as he pulled a crystal from his pocket.
"Check it."
The devils all glared at him as he hit play and the battle on Sky Dragon played. Then the sounds of the cannons and gunfire made them blink and then Tyler was seen in his black coat leaping off the ship to baord the enemy vessel and the viewpoint shifted to abvoe the enemy deck as he tore into the crew with his lance and sword. There was a mild cheer as he killed the captain and the recording ended. Tyler chuckled.
"Try being there."
Koneko glared at him.
"I hate you. But that was awesome."
"I may not know much, but DAMN do I know how to make a point. YOU'D like Merillia Koneko."
"Tough chick that don't take no bullshit."
Rias glared at him.
"You say all those nasty, hateful things, and do the things you've done to us, and still expect tobe friends?"
TYler looked at her.
"YOU opened the doors. I'm nice until you open a door. Don't get mad at me cause MY eyes are clear."
She gritted her teeth.
"And WHO the fuck asked you for dating advice?"
"Okay ya got a point there. Eh. Fine. You want to put up with that, be my guest. This point? Fuck it. Yo Issei."
He looked up.
"There's a tempel that can heal that. ALL of it."
He blinked. Then gasped.
"I...can be a man again?"
"Yup. But. it ain't cheap. Had a guy at the guild get hit in the nads with a smilar spell, and it cost him close to...50k? Gold? Yeah that sounds right."
Sabal tilted her head.
"You are thinking of the body switch. The procedure you want costs 15,000."
"Thanks Sabal."
Rias was flabbergasted.
"WHY did you tell him?"
"Cause I'm done. I have far better things to do then babysit a bunch of crybabies. And I am tired of how you so sesperately defend that guy. So. I'll getchya to the city. And good life to ya. Should be able to find a guide that can put up with the lies and blindness. I won't."
Akeno snapped.
"what then FUCK do you know? About any of us?"
"YOU sure wanna open that door? Think carefully. Cause I'm pretty sure Sabal here guessed already."
"I did."
Akeno gritted her teeth and sighed.
"No. I do not want to know."
Tyler shrugged and settled back to look at the sky.
She glared at him at that and Sabal smiled.
"You DO want to help them."
"Kinda. They're icons where I come from. Ones I understand."
Rias glared at him in a fury.
"And just HOW much do you think you know?"
"88, 69, 80."
She gasped and akeno was heard,
"What the fuck?"
"98, 69, 88."
Issei was heard then.
"Kego can do the same thing."
"Cept I already knew. Does the word WEEB mean anything to you?"
ISsei gasped.
"Ecchi. GOD tier ecchi. Like you look the word up in the dictionary and a list of credits, highschool DxD is the one they all look at for the very best in the genre."
There was a mass shudder and Rias had even more hate in her eyes.
"I was your waifu?"
"Yup. And the entire fuckign reason I loved that show. Music helped. Kickass guitar riff. Which i actually learned to play."
"We need to leave."
"Sure. I won't stop you."
They glared at him and packed the second tent up before walking into the darkness.
"Bye ladies. was fun!"
"Go die in a hole."
Tyler chuckled as Sabal smiled.
"I understand. And I don't understand what just happened."
"You don't really need to."
"No. I suppose not."
Tyler looked at the fire.
"Lover's Call: Vulpine."
The queen appeared with a smile and he smiled.
"I love you."
"I love you too. And I see less faces."
"We had some issues. They want to run from their problems."
"Whereas YOu face them headon. How bad?"
"The red head defending the pervert."
He retold the tale in exacting detail and the queen sighed.
"I see. That poor girl. Tyler."
"I am listening."
"Bring the red head to me. she needs to be talked to by a woman. Sorry Sabal."
"I understand completely."
"I'll be right back."
"I will keep watch."
The warrior headed off whistling with his lance after the devils. They were moving at a cautious pace fifteen minutes from camp when he walked up. Rias smirekd at him.
"Grew a fucking consciouness?"
"Nope. Vulpine wants to speak to you. Woman to girl."
"Pff. Fuck off.'
And they were frozen. Tyler smiled.
"I didn't say you had a choice. Now. The Quen has granted you an audience. It would not be wise to spit in HER face."
Rias had hate in her eyes as he lifted her frozen body onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
"You are a fucking monster."
"Shove it. I don't care. And she;s scarier an I am when pissed."
He walked off with the red head and set her on the ground by the fire as the queen laughed.
"did you seriously have to KIDNAP her?"
"She refused."
"I love you. forceful as a freakin hammer."
He released his spell on the other devils but NOT Rias.
"Alright. have at ye."
Vulpine looked att he devilgirl.
"You need to get your heart in order."
Tyler smiled.
"Actually. I'll go hunting."
Sabal smirked.
"I will keep watch."
The other devils came up running,
"Paralyze. Bye! enjoy your chat."
He walked off whistling as they raned,
even Tyler jumped at the Queen's bark. Silence DID fall upon the group as she looked at a stunned and startled Rias.
"Enshrouding Silence."
and like that not a word was heard from the now talking ladies. Tyler walked away mildly impressed.
"Neat trick."
The lone warrior walked into the forest on the hunt for something big and mean for dinner. The forest very dense and with thick undergrowth he pushed right through. The warrior moved a set of ferns and came face to face with a massive ravager. the triceratops standing 20 feet tall at the top of the back and close to 50 long with 9 foot horns. He whistled.
"Noted. Bring it."
The thing roared and charged. Tyler danced out of the way as the beast tore a large hole in the forest. then it pivoted on it's hindlegs with a speed that surprised the hunter and he backflipped to avoid a headtoss. The movement had him landing on the road in full view of the camp as the triceratops tore out of the forest after the arrogant warrior. Tyler unflicked his lance and danced aside again,
And it pivoted again and charged him.
Only for him to dodge effortlessly again. Sabal was laughing at the CLEAR flex as Vulpine sighed to Rias.
"I love that arrogant jackass. Even if he's a raving idiot."
The devilgirl had bene released from her spell as soon as he'd walked into the trees and was now talking to the queen as Tyler toyed with tghe tric. she sighed.
"He has no idea what the hell he's talking about."
"He does Rias. More then you know. And for some reason he WANTS to help you. Why, you'd have to ask yourself. But it would seem he likes you. AND your friends. Other wise you'd be dead by now."
Tyler dodged anotherf charge and frowned.
"welp. I'm bored."
He stabbed the tric in the side and it fell with a slam. Then he was skinning the beast without breaking stride as the camp watched. The hide of the triceratops was velvety and rather soft. I'll have it made into a blanket and tent for the group. He smiled as he worked and Rias looked at the queen.
"He's a heartlessly cruel, sadistic monster. HOW can you love someone like that?"
"Because he unleashes the evil on his enemies or to prove a point. He lovesme. Dearly. And is always ready to lay down his life to defend me. I'll tell you something. When he saved me and my daughter from the king, he was given an offer on WHICH he wanted to marry. Me, or Emily. He chose me. Can you guess why?"
Rias frowned.
"Because you have the bigger boobs?"
"I do, and thank you, but no. he chose ME as I seemed to want to MORE then emily did. emily was shaking in her chair at the offer I was all but forced to make due to the circumstances being what they were. He killed the king, saved olur lives, and bore the crown of the Dragon King. To NOT offer him our marriages would have caused an instant revolt and we'd have been ousted from the palace. Whether he wanted it or not."
Rias frowned.
"So....he picked YOU just becuase Emily seemed nervous? That's all it took?"
"I asked him that same question. And his answer? It was all he needed."
"That's it? Just nerves?"
"If he sees doubt, he puts it rest. He sees fear, he offers his strength to crush it. he sees injustice, he ENDS it. There is a reason everyone in my capital is nervous aroudn him Rias. His strength is ferocious. his heart utterly fearless and true. His will unbreakable. His rage terrifying. He may be called a knockoff by rthe gods, but to us? He IS rthe Dragon King."
Tyler came over then and dropped off the first pile of meat he then set to roast in the fire. He smiled at Vulpine.
"I love you."
She smiled and headed back to the tric. She looked at Rias.
"And his love utterly warm and upliftingly fierce."
Rias gritted her teeth.
"Issei loves ME too."
"No he doesn't. Not like you think he does."
"And how would YOU know? You haven't even met him."
"The way this spell works, is it conjures a ball in front of me I peer into. it shows me everything around the ball and I can have mulitple images at once to look at. I have your face here and his right beside it. He has not ONCE looked at you and has been leering at my breasts the entire time in a manner I do not like. All I would have to do, is tell Tyler this and he'd kill him."
Rias gasped.
"Please don't! I'll do anything! Don't make him kill him!"
"WHY do you care so fucking much about a worthless insect that can't be bothered to be SCARED for his supposed love when he can't hear her? WHY are you so defending him so religiously when all he has done is take you for granted and make you miserable?"
Rias replied in a scream as her frustation at the questions hit a nerve.
"You OWE it to him? For what? Defending you? That's what he is SUPPOSED to do as a friend. Lover it's above an beyond."
Rias just slumped.
"I love him too. Why are you all so desperate to break our hearts? We're happy, so why?"
Vulpine sighed at her sad tone now.
"Because YOU deserve better. And you don't seem to realize that. And you see it too."
Tyler came back thenwith the two 9 foot horns from the tric and set them by the fire.
"Hey Sabal, these ivory?"
"They are. And are worth a lot at the smithy."
"Cool. I'll send one to Yrisa."
He looked at Vulpine.
"I love you."
She smiled and he walked away. Rias looked at the queena nd the silver haired woman smiled.
"Does YOUR love to that?"
Rias hung her head.
"It's a fight to get a simple hug without having to fight off dressbreak."
"His signiture attack. He touches your body and snapps his finger. Poof. Your clothes explode and leave you naked."
"If he casts that evil spell in MY Queendom Rias Gremory, I will have him hang. What else?"
"His other is called Boobylingual. he can read your mind by leering at your boobs."
Vulpine just sat on Tyler's bed in his chamber looking at the red head in horror.
"LAdy. what HAPPENED to you? Do you not have ANY selfrespect? Any pride? Any Standards? That spell....that is so fucking vile I don't even know where to start. And the other? WHY? TELL me Tyler confiscated them."
"He did. and gave them to me as we went through hell to get them."
She smiled at the memory and Vulpine sighed.
"You porr, poor child. Yopu gave up on ever finding a proper man and settled for whatever the fuck that is. You have such a warm, strong and kind heart and you're giving it to that disgusting freak. I feel bad for you."
She looked at her in a fury now.
"I love him. IS that so wrong?"
Vulpine sighed deeply.
"I see you truly beyond help. Such a pity. Like it is hurting me to see such a remarkable girl like yourself squander herself on such filth. But. Very well. Tyler is relievedof putting up with you."
"Fuck off. he doesn't care."
"Ha. You really haven't been paying attention. That's fine."
Tyler came back with the large frill that had been around the neck of the beast and Vulpine smiled.
He looked at her smiling.
"I love you. So what's the damage?"
Vulpine sighed sadly.
"I have never met such a sad girl in all my 800 years. She has so much, and is wasting it."
"It's bothering me too. she could do so much better."
Vulpine nodded sagely.
"I wondered if she was under a spell or something but-"
"Wait a minute."
Tyler's eyes flashed and he looked at Rias anew.
"That's riiight. I forgot it did that."
Vulpine frowned.
"Okay. Issei has a dragon emperor inside him."
"Oooh you poor girl. That explains so much. Her feelings are NOT her own."
Rias gasped and started shaking.
"What do tyou mean? All the boosted gear does is DRAW us to it."
"And HOLDS you. The sheer POWER it radiates is intoxicating for active girls. And the longer your around it, the more addicted you get. scary part? It's all passive. And it hides it's influence well. Like a simpel nudge like, wow that was brave, or hu. Better looking na i thought. All it takes really. Next thing you know, boom. Manipulated into falling in love with ythe wielder. All from the fucking gauntlet. There's a reason it destroys people."
Rias, and ALL her friends were shaking at the implications as Tyler released his spell and they gathered around the fire. Tyler smiled.
"I can test it."
Rias gulped.
"Well. I got a purify."
Vulpine nodded.
"The dragon emperors ALWAYS have this effect on active ladies. Of all races. Why they're so reviled here. They're all pigs."
Tyler placed his hand on Rias' forehead.
Sabal had gone inside the tent as Rias was bathed in bright white light before the casing shattered. Tyler whistled.
"Damn. it hit YOU hard."
Rias shuddered and looked at ISsei.
"What the? I I'm getting PULLED towards him. what the hell?"
Tyler smiled at her and she blushed.
"Ha. Yup. You're free. Now you are before you met him. Dressbreak."
She gagged and nearly threw up at the memories.
She ran from the tent and DID throw up as that one hit her. Tyler moved to each girl and cast the spell on them. They all had the same reaction Rias did when the names were listed. Then Tyler grabbed a heartbroke Issei's hand and cast it. The gauntlet appeared and shattered. All that remained was the gem and The warrior nodded.
"Alright. Now that's the pure version. You want love? Earn IT. The right way. or pay for it. either way? Your days of amipulating the hearts of women are over."
He walked to where Rias was returning a tired shell of her former self after her retching. She looked at Tyler and he smirked. She smiled back.
"Thank you. I feel....lighter."
Vulpine smiled.
"And our conversation."
"I am sorry your grace, I was misled."
"Learn well child. My Dragon was right."
"I see that now. And I now owe HIM."
Tyler chuckled as she smirked at him.
"You wanna rumble I got a tent."
"ha. I'm not THAT easy."
"Oh good. I liek a challenge."
"Ha. Oh. Issei? we're done. I may have liekd you in the beginning, but the gauntlet forced my heart before I made my choice. So fight fair now."
Tyler and Vulpine chuckled. The warrior saying it.
"To me, Rias, there is no such thing as a fair fight. And overkill is the perfect amount."
Koneko smirked.
"You're dirt, but I love that."
"Thanks Koneko. was starting to worry I matter."
Akeno licked her lips now.
"Oh dear. I fear I may have a new fixation."
"All you gotta do, is say the word."
"Oh really/"
"Hells yeah. or you forget the dragon I fucked yesterday?"
"Oh my. Okay!"
"What? I'm bored!"
Tyler got up as Vulpine laughed at the pair as they went into his tent. the thunder mage smirked as he looked at her.
"You sure you want this?"
"What did you wanna say?"
His question caught her COMPLETELY off guard and he smiled.
"You had something to say. well. I'm listening."
she blinked.
"WOW. You're not dense. OR stupid. Ummm. I wanted to say thank you. And I'm sorry."
He smiled.
"You're okay. So. we doing this?"
She smirked.
"Sadly for YOU, I just wanted to say it. I'm flirty. Not a whore."
"Huh. Alright."
They walked out and Vulpine smirked.
"Oh. She likes to tease."
"Akeno in a sentence."
The thunder mage smirked.
"I know what I'm worth."
"150 gold?"
"Arrogant prick."
Vulpine and Sabal busted up laughing at THAT cocky reply. Tyler smiled.
"That a NO?"
she smacked him with a smile on her face.
"I will hurt you. NO."
"See? That's you make a decision."
Rias sighed.
"I like fun."
That made her sigh again and he chuckled. He went back to work on the tric as issei looked at Rias.
"It's RIAS."
"Rias. I didn't know. drake said his wielders were always surrounded by lusty girls, but I didn't know."
The red head looked down her nose at the pervert like she had when they met.
"well issei. Now you just have to do it the RIGHT way. You are still my pawn and I am giving you a chance."
HE slumped.
"Back to square one. Great."
Tyler was working the tric as Koneko came over. The warrior poked his head up from the side of the carved open beast and smiled.
"wanna help?"
"No clue how."
"Here. we just about to start on this leg."
The small girl came over and he tossed her a skinning knife as he used his golden dragon scale dagger.
"Okay See this section of the foot? The bone is just there. Stab it in the pull this way. yes just like that. Carry the cut alongt he bone and keep the flow nice and even. Let the knife do the work for you. See how smoothly it's moving through the flesh?"
"I do?"
"When it starts fighting you is when it needs a sharpen. And see how the first inch is inside?"
"I do."
"That is all that is needed to skin a tric this size. Any deeper and you scrape bone. And less and you leave hide. Alright. Now take the flap of skin an pull it like this."
He lifted the skin up like a page of massive paper and it came right off the beast with a tearing of flesh. Koneko smirked.
"Skin's the easy part. Now the meat. pay is based on cut so any bone in the meat lowers the price."
"I have enhanced eyes."
"I have experience."
"Fair enough."
"Okay. see here? That's the bone. Slide the knife there and lift up like a pry bar."
The girl lifted a good three feet of meat off the bone with a simple wrsit movement.
"See how easy that was? Rinse and repeat."
"Wow. I think I got it."
"I'll let you try the other side when I flip it over."
"fine. I'll watch then."
"Or you can get that leg."
The girl went to work on the other leg as Tyler focused on his own. He happily wshitling as thney preformed the grisly task.
"So what did you wanna ask me?"
"Wow. Not dense. You were dropping hints like crazy and it's bugging me."
"Hmmm. Well. anime."
"We're an anime in your world?"
"Ugh. I regret asking."
"Ha. I just hope the real deals are even more awesome."
"Just don't use my race against me."
"Don't fuck with my wives or me."
"deal. And you're a vengeful fucker aren't ya?"
"never pick a dfight with the Dragon King, koneko. Cause I can, and will hurt you more."
She smirked.
"Rad line."
"I work at it. Be amazed how many people I've made piss themselves with a hard oneliner."
"I can imagine. So...sorry."
"Same. I forgot about the details on the gear as I was preocupied."
"Yup. she was the ENTIRE reason i first watched that show. I loved her hair color and thought ya know what? Fuck it. it had popped up in my recommendations like three times in a row so I tookthe hint. Was never the same."
"Fuck me. So you saw?"
"Hmm-hm. Sexy."
"I will hit you."
"And hwo that work out for ya last time?"
"Prick. I'll use my mace."
"It'll snap."
"I been here a few weeks. And have been prepping for a worst case scenrio since my feet hit the dirt."
"Ha. And that is?"
"Me against the entire world and the ones I love behind me. I am fully expecting to have to fight this world alone at some point and I will not fall. Not like that. Not here."
Koneko smirked as he moved on to another section of dinosuar.
"Hells to the yeah. my damned wife is the QUEEN, my other wife is a fucking dragon, I married a foxlady, a Dove Mother, and the lover of a busty golden elf, and have the cutest little sisters in Aqua and Yrisa. I am NOT leaving."
"The gods?"
"Can't touch me. Beyond the usual. They TRY, after the things I'VE done? it would split their panthenon right done the fiuckin middle. And start a war of thye gods to boot. I'd be the winner as there is not a creature in this world I cannot counter on the fly. And if the gods were to FIGHT me, they'd need to hire a champion. And NO ONE is better at killing people then i am. They attack me directly, the underworld gets involved. And I'd side with them cause the ONLY weaknesses I have are people. take THEM, and I will BURN this world to the ground. I know it. And more importantly. THEY know it. i had a god tell this to my face not too long ago. This is MY world. YOU just live in it. I wonder. is that a good thing?"
She whistled.
"Hellllooo mister badass. OKay. I like you."
"Ha. moving up in the world. You good with the leg?"
"Yup. ready to flip."
He flipped the beast over and Koneko gfotto work on the otherside as he brought the meat over to the exhuasted camp. Vulpine was still in the fire and he smiled.
"Sorry. I kidna got wrapped up."
"It's okay, love. was fun watching you work. Will you watch over them? Again?"
He looked at Issei.
"THEM yes. HIM? Well. I already castrated him. He fuckes up again,"
"KILL him. NO. Not in MY Queendom."
Tyler looked right at the devilgirl and she smiled.
"Last chance?"
"MY last chance."
"I'm sorry. You were right. and I don't blame you or hate you for it anymore. Your family is the most important thing in your life. I understand. Believe me I do. if he does, I will not hold it against you."
"Making sure. Cuase if I don't, someone else will."
Issei slumped and Rias smiled ruefully.
"I'd help with the work, but I feel...weak. And I do not like it."
"You got hit hardest by the charm spell. i get it. Good news is we'll reach Tyrannica by noon tomorrow so you can relax a bit."
"I'llbe working with Sabal at the guild. I'm more or less used to this now so i can go for days."
"We'll rest and assist."
He loolked at Vulpine.
"I love you. And I got it from here."
She smiled.
"Aqua arrived."
"Her poor mind."
"you have no idea. Like she was SOBBING when i named her OUR daughter AND my primary lady in waiting. Yrisa has her in the bath with Vulpix and is loving her."
"And her tastes?"
"She's our daughter. Yrisa, is your sister. NO blood. happens more an you think."
"Smile an nod. Leerus?"
"has a lover in Scarlett. We'll have to share them."
"Good for them. I'll take a two day break in Tyrannica."
"After Westonia? I do not blame you. You will fly with Merillia?"
"Yup. her crew's good people."
"I WILL see that crystal."
"Movie night. I love it. I love you. And hug Aqua hard for me."
"I will. I love you too."
She faded out and he sighed.
"Gods I miss them."
Rias smiled warmly.
"You have a wonderful family Tyler. is it still growing?"
"Yup. You want in, say so."
"Just like that?"
"Yup. Vulpine loves children and I love making her smile."
"if I wanted to be something ELSE?"
"Oh I am actively recruiting. if you just want a fuckbuddy, same rule applies, but sure."
"And friends?"
"Oh absolutely."
She smiled as her tired friends sat around the fire.
"We'll start there. And see. I...feel the same type of draw towards you Issei had when we first mert."
"I AM a dragon."
"Like Saphira?"
"More Dragon Soul. Mys soul IS a Dragon. And plus ME. I'm not blind. I know the effect I have when I walk down the street."
She sighed.
"This is going to be different. And is it JUST your soul and everything?"
"Pretty sure. I built my arsenal myself and didn't see ANYTHING about that type of lure in the descriptions."
A piece of paper slapped him in the face and he sighed.
"Gods dammit. GET A NEW TRICK."
The devils chuckled as a SECOND piece of paper slapped him in the face followed by a third with a single letter per paper saying NO. Tyler sighed and looked back to the first.
"Bastards. Okay. Says here my Dragon Soul is extremely alluring for active women due to the feelings of raw power and danger it gives off. Plus I'm good looking. Their wortds, not mine."
"Godo disclaimer."
"ha. Plus I'm good looking. So it's the same as say blondie there walking down a hallway of schoolgirls a week before prom and they don't have dates and they know he's single. Yikes."
"Agreed. Kyba has to take that week off from school for just that reason."
"Lukcy bastard. But you have my sympathy."
Sabal was helping Koneko with the tric as Tyler talked with the devils.
"Another thing to keep in mind is you don't have to hide you're devils. The others will tell on sight."
Rias looked at him curiously.
"Have you encountered them?"
"I THINK so. None have come out and said it at least. But tiamords, succubia, imps and the like are pretty common. Oh. they added lines. Rias is a pride devil. or the child of an archdemon of pride and a human. fitting. Kyba is a Sigil. a Demon plus Holy spirit. Again, fitting. Asia is Holy spirit and human. Her in a nutshell. Akeno is devil and fallen angel. But we knew that. Koneko is devil and nekogirl. Huh. Haven't met any dcatgirls yet."
"You looking?"
"Hells yeah. Raswesia is what we call a Sybil. Or angel of war. Wow. badass. Gasper is Vampiric imp. Seems to fit."
Akeno smirked.
"You knew."
"And didn't care. And remember my jab about lying to yourself?"
She blinked. Then smiled.
"You preferthe mismatch."
"A whole new level of awesome."
"Hm, interesting."
Tyler looked around and saw issei.
"And YOU are Dragon emperor and human. So people hate you off the bat for the pervert routine."
Rias looked at the tric.
"And that?"
"I'll load your backs. All that'll be lieft is a skeleton."
"I do not like sitting here. Yet I close my hand."
She demostratedand her fist was shaking from the effort. He smiled.
"Then help make our dinner. Don't take strength to fry meat on a stick, rigfht?"
She smiled.
"I can do that much. Thank you."
"Sure. And I'll start teaching you best I can on how to kick ass my style."
Tyler headed back to help Koneko and Sabal finish the tric. The work not taking long and they returned to the group and Tyler laoded the girls' packs as irinia came over.
"Sure. You're of the birdgirl race called Thesians."
"They nice?"
"No clue. Haven't met them yet."
"I'm nice. So good enough."
Rias smiled from the fire.
"Meat's ready."
"Coming Rias."
She blinked at how he made it sound and smiled as he sat beside her.
"Thanks. Xenovia's half holy spirit, half spirit of valor."
She blinked.
"Yup. Guess your heart's more....pure...for lack of a better word, then that guy."
Koneko smirked.
"And my race?"
"Catgirl and demon."
"Hm. And you met them?"
"Not yet. I've only been to like three cities and not for very long in any of them."
Issei spoke up now.
"So, what about me?"
"What about you?"
"Am I still going with you guys?"
Tyler set his meat down and looked at him.
"I'mma be honest with you, issei. I want to kill you. BADLY. I've only known you a short while and I want to hurt you. But. Vulpine has asked me to watch over you. So I will. I do not want you here. Keep that in your mind. You're TOLERATED in my party for the time being. Do NOT push it."
He nodded dejectedly.
"And my wound?"
"EARN the money yourself."
"It doesn't matter about how old it is?"
"Nope. Three years will cost 20,000 though."
"Okay. I have a dream. I'll get to jerk again."
Tyler sighed deeply and Rias gagged a little on her meat. He smirked.
"You passout you get mouth to mouth."
She chuckled at that.
"Gee. Way to make it sound tempting."
"I just tempted a devil form hell?"
"Ha. Good one."
"I got a few every now an then. So. I trust the tents got rearranged?"
The girls shivered again and Rias looked at him.
"Issei in a seperate, and us in the other, please."
"Sure. More an welcome to swap. he gets the smaller one and I join yours."
"Just don't touch us please."
"Sure. I move in my sleep so if you wake up before me, please don't kill me."
Rias smirked.
"Depends where your hands are."
"I guess that's fair."
The girls chuckled and Asia yawned.
"That's the bell."
The group wnet into their tents after tyler rearrganed the bedrolls. HIS in the big one and Issei's in the smaller one. Rias blinked she laid down in it naked.
"I know quality fur."
"I know what you meant, but given what you've bragged about, please don't say it like that gain."
He claimed a spot by the entrance of the tent AWAY from the girls and smiled.
"Night ladies."

DAY 18.
GOLD: 16,289 SILVER: 32,764 COPPERS: 44,782
VAULT GOLD: 15,289. SILVER:30,764. COPPER: 40,782.
TYLER'S GOLD: 1,000 SILVER: 2,000 COPPER: 4,000.

Tyler woke to see the top of the tent. he sat up and looked over to seethe others were still asleep. Rias and Asia were cuddling like lovers, Akeno and Irinia were too. Koneko and Sabal had gasper sandwiched between them, and Kyba was on the far side of the tent. Xenovia was on the other and Rasweisa was with her. i got a hella crew now. This is going to get interesting. He left the tent to relight the fire and get some breakfast going. The warrior smiling as the air blew with the smell of the sea as the early morning sun beat on his bare back. I want to see someplace new. He unrolled the map and looked to the south and west. He spotted one city near a mountain range called Liskeria and smiled. A mountain town. That's different. And is on the border of Mossiliea and Warsen. That could bve fun. He heard a yawn and looked to see Rias coming out of the tent. he smiled and passed her a cup of coffee.
"Thank you."
She sat beside him and saw the map.
"Already planning your next adventure?"
"Pretty much. I may love my family and being near them, but I live for the road."
"I admit to envy."
"You can have it too."
She looked at the flames now.
"Can I?"
"Sure. I did."
That got a smile.
"Reassuring I suppose. Yet it's only a matter of time until Brother Zecks and the other gods figure out how to bring us home."
"Zecks ain't shit. Here? he's just BARELY an archbalor."
"And our gods?"
"Only one worth a damn is big red or Orobouros. And even then Saphira could eat them both alone."
She chuckled as Tyler caught the incoming piece of paper without looking.
"Nice catch idiot. I just can't win. And you're right. Big red is akin to a dragon lord here and Oroborous is akin to a dragon king. They'd be welcome if they wished to come here. The dragons would love them. The 'gods' in Rias' world are pitiful. The strongest is a mere archdemon here. And an archdemon of fire. weak. So she's here to stay."
Rias smiled as he passed her the paper.
"That's a relief. I guess. Now...can i ask you something?"
She looked at him.
"Why DID you go so far to help me? And so doggedly too."
HE sighed and swirled his own coffee as he replied.
"I'm not exactly sure myself. I WANTED to help you. So I did. I don't need anything more to do something."
She eyes flashed.
"No ulterior motives?"
"Like what?"
Here he looked at her confused and she chuckled.
"You helepd me just to help me.This is going to take some getting used to. i was worried you were in love with me."
"would that be such a bad thing?"
The rfed head sighed and clutched her cup.
"Right now my heart's a mess. I loved Issei with all my heart. then the spell was shattered and now I don't know if I love him or hate him or just want to fuck em. I'd like to figure that out before I give an answer to that."
"Sure Rias. I understand. last two days you had some serious curveballs thrown at you. You need anything, or just a wall to scream at, I'm your jackass."
"ha. Nice sales pitch. And thank you."
He patted her back fondly before leaning in,
"And it costs 150."
She blinked then smiled.
"I hate to ask, but fair chance?"
He smiled.
"Thank you."
"Clean slate. I get it. and you can come out now."
There was a sound of someone jumping and a sheepish Issei came out of the tent and sat by Rias.
"And you knew how long?"
"Since you woke up."
"Think fast idiot."
Tyler tossed him a pouch.
"Rias made a good point. Your crew had some curve balls thrown your way. Andthe spell's gone. There's 150 gold in there. Temple you're looking fer is Lucin The lover. Ask for the Mother and say ya gothit with an acid spell. DON'T say I hit you with it or they won't help you."
He blinked.
"I thought it was 15,000?"
"I lied. I don't like you. Now shut up."
The pervert smiled at this and clutched the pouch.
"I can jerk it again."
Tyler had to grip his cup or he'd kill him. Rias sighed.
"Thank you."
"I am not doing this again."
"I know."
Sabal came out now and she saw the pouch in Issei's hand and smiled.
"That kindness is remarkable. Even to the unworthy."
The vampire sat by the warrior and he tapped Liskeria.
"Know anything but that town?"
She chuckled.
"It is a very welcoming place. And the ancesteral home to the race of humans called the Neko. Catpeople in your words. And yes they are very promiscious."
"Cool. Twon itself?"
"Built onto an old volcano."
"That's kinda cool. worth poking around?"
"OH completely. her people love visitors and the mountains are home to many wonders. Dragons, drakolisks, floating islands, lost cities, lost keeps, and the like. The best place in Mosseilia for an adventure."
"Alright. we swing south after my visit home."
Rias smiled then looked at him.
"Are we welcome to go with you?"
"Sure. After we reach Drako you won't really NEED myhelp since you'll know what you'll be doing by then. So if you wanna branch off, go for it."
The red head smiled and looked at the fire.
"I think some will. If only to get out there."
"Let's get Asia and Xenovia hooked up with a temple."
"Ummm. WHY?"
"Because here the gods give a damn. And since their devote already they'd go far. Plus it seems fitting for Asia. New world, better world. New god, better god. Here the bastards actually listen."
"Her too. I can see her being a mascot."
"HA. Which temple do you have in mind?"
"Hmmm Lyrican. Goddess of Life, Love, and fiery spirit. Her Sisters are among the very best healers and fighters of undead in this world. They LIVE for roaming the world casting light in the darkest of places and giving love to those that have none. And I see that look. Not like you're thinking. A Sister will set up in the slums and spend the day healing all she sees free of charge as in Lyrican's eyes, EVERYONE needs help. And since no one will give it, HER FAMILY will."
"They are not Doves, right?"
"Some are. It's a Sister by sister basis though. And they do not push it."
"Are they nice?"
"Very. Though they do carry a certain disdain for men. As they're a women only sect. It's funny as hell."
Rias chuckled at the one.
"Okay that's kinda funny. She'll be free to make her own choices?""
"Yup. They have a few sect specific things but that's to be expected."
"Such as?"
"Morning prayer to the sun before they do ANYTHING. Offering their healings to Lyrican, same with undead kills, and the like. Sometimes Lyrican takes an interst and kidnaps a Sister for a day, but from the stories, it's different every time. Sometimes she's out for a ride, other times she's out for some fun. I heard one girl got snatched and all they did was play with each other'shair."
"That's kinda sweet. She'd get to say no if she's after sex, right?"
"Oh completely. If Lyrican's horny she picks a horngirl for her romp. Lonely, a friendly sister. Bored, a wildcat. You get the idea."
"and name a sweeter girl then Asia."
"Fair enough."
Sabal smiled.
"Lyrican is often referred to as the Little Sister goddess. Everyone loves her. And if you make her angry, she gets her hammer."
Rias chuckled at that one as Asia, Irinia and Xenovia came out. The blonde smiled sweetly as she sat by Sabal.
"Morning everyone."
"Moning goldilockes."
He patted her with a smile.
"Sorry. Sparkles and Bubbles got claimed already."
"I'm sure I'll find that you like. Oh. Sunshine."
Xenovia and Irinia laughed as Asia blushed.
"It fits."
"Asia in a word."
Tyler smiled as they all got coffee while the rest left the tent.
"Alright. We'll reach Tyrannica by noon. We'll get you hooked up at the guild, I'll get us our ride with Merillia, and we'll get to work. And for the love of the gods? Don't fall in."
They chuckled as Koneko looked at him.
"We are getting a bath."
"AFTER the work is done. we'll be in Tyrannica for a few days so you'll get to clean up."
They nodded and he smirked.
"Break camp."
They tore the camp down and got moving. Tyler in the lead, Sabal beside him, Rias his other side, Xenovia chatting with Asia and Irinia, Issei walking beside Kyba with more life then before, Akeno running a comb through her hair, Raswesia by Koneko. Tyler smiled.
"So the inn."
Rias nodded.
"Close as possible?"
"Yes. I've bene jumped once in a room so. That guy."
"Boys in one, girls in the other."
"Alright. Shared wall."
"Agreed. And bath we know."
"He peeps there's spells in place to keep an eye on it."
"I know. he does he deals with the consequences."
Tyler smirked.
"You guys are not gonna believe the guild."
"It rowdy?"
"You'll see."
Rias gulped! He chuckled and left her to her new worry. The warrior whistled as they walked with his golden dragon scale dagger out for cleaning. The blade a rippled gold color that was unmistakable for WHAT it was and he loved it. Next was his trusty lance. He cleaned the head and noted a slight bend in the haft.
"Hm. I'll replace the haft in town."
"Oh just my lance needs a new haft Rias. Kinda my go-to."
He slotted the ting in his quiver and looked at his golden dragon shield and found no damage at all. Same with the golden dragon scale sword. Next was his bow. Still in pristine condition. HAppy he looked ahead and smiled at the glittering in the distance.
"THAT is Tyrannica."
There was a amss of awed gasps as the group looked over the landscape at the Sea Gem. Tyrannica port was built around a crescent shaped bay with two prongs pinching the sea with enough space between them to allow the largest of ships pass without issue. The buildings closest to the waters were flat topped brick creations all lined with massive cannons aimed at the sea to repell pirate raiders while the buildings further from the waves were built higher in a staggered manner untill they reached the massive outer waller that defended the town from land attack. The ones closest the walls were lined with pivoting ballesta and catapults with the occasional strongarm cannon here an there. The warrior looked to the center of the city to where the leader's manor when he spotted a large tirara shapepd building with the tallest tower int he city granting the place a 360 degree view of the landscape. The towers on either side of the centeral spire dropping in height at a steady pace until the shortest one was on par with the buildings around it. There were dozens of canels flowing throughoutt he city in place of actual roads. These canels were filled with craft of all types. Some merely transporting people from one bit of solid ground to the other, some delivering cargo and yet others going to places as yet unknown for tasks of their own. In the harbor were large docks at which were moored all manner of craft. Schooners, humble fishing craft, intimidating man-o-wars, hulking ships of the line, sloops, and the occasional heavy battleship that dwarfed them all and seemed more floating village then sea-faring vessel. The buildings were all bedded into the water and seemed to float above it too. There WERE walkways along the canels with a lattice work of footbridges crossing them. Their presence lending to the feel of a lattice frame supporting the city above. The devils were awestruck by the beautiful city and Tyler smiled.
"Welcome home."
Rias smiled warmly now.
"I am not leaving."
"Come on."
Sabal smiled as well and the party headed for the gates. Tyler was whistling as he led them to the wallgate and they stood in line to bhe screen. Rias gulped.
"They won't know will they?"
"Nope. They're more interested in looking tough and going home."
The red head smiled with relief and he smirked.
"And get ready for the leers and whistles."
"Oh now that I'm used to."
"I meant me. ego much?"
"Hey. Dick move."
He chuckled at her mildy irritation and the guard sighed.
Tyler walked up and the guard blinked.
"Sire? welcome back. Clear."
The warrior chuckled and Sabal approached. The guard blinked.
"A vampire? do you have blood?"
"I do Sir. enough for a week."
"I see."
"She's with me pal."
"Oh. My apologies. Clear!"
Sabal smiled as she went to join the warrior.
"I see what you mean."
"Red to the blonde are with me."
"Lucky bastard. Go on."
Rias smirked as she walekd over with her devils.
"Okay. You proved your point."
Tyler chuckled as they walked to the first gondolza.
"I AM the Dragon King. Got it's perks and perkiness."
Wow. Ego much?"
"Damn straight."
She sighed with a smile and Tyler led them to a larger gondolza and the ferryman tipped a hat.
"Need ya passage?"
"The temple to Lucin. Jackass there didn't dodge."
The man winced and smiled pityingly.
"I hope you learned. for your party, 50 silver."
Tyler flipped hima gold.
"Got more gold an silver."
The man smiled gratefully as they all boarded the craft and Tyler sat by the prow.
"watch your heads. The decks are lower an ya think."
They chuckled and Rias smirked.
"You know that from experience?"
"Nope. Happened to an idiot in the boat ahead a me."
"Oh. The dolphins are dicks. Soooo, watch out."
Asia laughed and tey were off. Issei having a look of relieved eagerness as they got moving through the canels. Rias smiled as they drifted through the crystal clear canel water with the elegantly gleaming white buildings soaring above them.
"This is nice."
Tyler loved how her blood red hair clashed againstt he blue and red of the city.
"It is, Rias. Best city I've seen thus far."
The ferrymen smiled.
"Tyrannica is a national gem, lords and ladies. Travelers the world over come to see her canels and her waters. She is truly a beautiful place."
Tyler smiled.
"Heads up though. Things here ARE more expensive as a rule."
Rias chuckled.
"I would expect nothing less. Now bad?"
"A room forthe crew will run up 300 gold."
"And the usual?"
"Keeping a city like this afloat ain't easy."
"That's a little extreme don'tcha think?"
He shrugged.
"Not really. Leavithan gets a cut too so. There ya go. You REALLLY wanna piss off the ocean?"
The ferrymen smiled again.
"Lady Blue has seen fit to decend to our realm, lordsand ladies. Lady Coral has been seen to be walking tenderly."
"Ha. I'll go say hi."
Rias lifted an eyebrow.
"You think you got a shot with a goddess?"
"Ha. Oh I got an more an a shot. Truuust me. last time I blew through this town I was in a hurry. So. I didn'thave the time. But I do this time Leviathan."
The water around the gondolza rippled excitedly out of nowhere and the ferryman laughed.
"Lucky lad. She likes you."
Rias gulped and looked at the waters more nervously.
"Sooo she can hear us?"
"And FEEL us too. watch this."
He reached into the waternad TICKLED it. there was an instant reaction as the water recoiled under his hand before nealry pulling him into it! He chuckled as he retrieved his still dry hand.
"work before pleasuring you. enjoy!"
That got him a dolphin popping out of gthe water to screech at him in frustation and he smiled.
"Buildup is fun."
It spit water in his face! Then dipped into the water and swam offin a huff. Rias and the others were laughing hard at the scene and Tyler wiped his face smiling.
"So yeah. Anywhere they'res sea water she can see, feel and hear you."
Rias wiped a tear from her blue eyes.
"That was hilarious. So what'll we do while you fucking a goddess?"
"How about getting some more blood friendly clothes?"
"Oh that could be fun."
He pulled a book he used for designing new gear and looked at the group before smiling. Sabal and Rias blinked as he started drawing and after five minutes he passed a slip of paper over to each and they gasped. Rias especially.
"I would look amazing in that!"
"Go for it. I'll leave the hides thus far with you since it'll cost less if you bring your own materials. Sabal will help too."
The vampire smiled.
"Dressup is fun."
"Oh really? Cool."
"If you want a model, I request my own sets."
"Sure. I THINK I can sell them but not entirely sure."
The vampire smiled warmly.
"I am also a talented seamstress. i did not get to ply my craft much in the clan as we had some rather durable equipment. But I would love to assist best I can."
"Wow. Huh. Cool."
Rias smiled as she put the paper in her shirt.
"We'll doll up while you get laid."
"Ha. But that'll be after get set up in the city. Guild, inn, Merillia, and I have to report to Coral."
"She the leader?"
"And a sea nymph. i had to rescue her from a doppelganger demon. So if you see something off about your friends, do not hesitate. i have doppel spells now so I'll cast them at the drop of a hat."
They nodded and Rias looked at him.
"When you say off?"
"Could be anything to how long their hair is to the shape of their lips. If say Koneko comes in and she's like asia, you know she's got a problem."
The white haired girl glared athim.
"Saying I'm flat?"
"I meant a blonde."
"I hate you so much."
Rias laughed att he CLEAR save. Akeno smirked.
"And if Akeno walks in without that I'mma fuck you look in her eye, that ain't Alkeno."
Then Asia smiled.
"And Rias?"
"If SHE walks in, and you don't feel immediately slightly awed, she's not her."
Rias smiled.
"Only slightly?"
"Ya gotta smile for mindblown."
"Oh YOU know how to flatter."
"Kinda easy to flatter girls a YOUR calibers."
The girls all chuckled and the ferrymen whistled with a smile.
"Silvertongued bastard. There go the beauties."
Tyler chuckled at that as they drifted up to the temple to Lucin. It being a rathe eccentirc building made from bright pink stone in the shape of a large heart. Tyler looked at Issei.
"far as WE go. You gotta face your humilation yourself."
He gulped.
"I have coin incase it's more."
"And I know exactly how long it'll take. DON'T make us wait."
Issei gulped and headed up the stairs as Tyler flipped the ferrymen another gold.
"We're gonna head to the guild after."
"Thankee kindly."
Tyler sat against the side of the gondolza as Rias lost sight of the perverted boy.
"It wrong I have a bad feeling about this?"
The warrior shrugged.
"Why the fuck I sent him ALONE? They'll heal him. And he does anything stupid, he'll get an asskicking."
She smiled at the ploy.
"A warning."
"Hmm-hm. The guards are barbarian brawlers."
"You no idea. I knocked a barbarian brawler out ina fistfight once."
"Now that's something I'd pay to see."
"Barechested cagematch."
"Stop. I might love you!"
Tyler fist bumped Koneko,
"His name's Rock. Good guy, just got tired of seeing fake shields everywhere. was fun."
Rias smiled.
"So you get challenged a lot?"
"Not really. I usually get picked once per hall. Kinda like a pissing contest."
"YOU pick fights?"
"Not unless I'm bored. or I don't like you. I killed a guy that was using a shield copy and trying to throw my name around for his own gain."
"That happens a lot?"
"I guess. I think it's a thread."
Rias frowned at the turn of phrase?"
"A thread?"
"How do you undo a yarnball?"
"By pulling....oooh. Clever."
"Exactly. there's a few threads out there I'm keepin an eye on."
Sabal smiled.
Rias smirked.
"Lover or fuckbuddy?"
"You'll see. Silver's common."
"Oh damn."
"Yeah. You have no idea."
There was a yell from the top ofthe stairs and Issei was seen running from the temple and a pair of barbarian women chasing him with maces. Tyler sighed as the pervert came racing.
"Go, go, go, go!"
Tyler just punted him back to the angry ladiesa nd lifted his shield. They immediately banged fists on chests.
"Sire. He withm you?"
"Sadly. what he do?"
"That perverted bastard was caught looking into the Feather's room after his healing."
"Oh for gods sake. Commence the beating."
Issei was beatne within an inch of his life as Tyler explained.
"The feather is a sister in training. And they're younger then Asia."
Rias blinked.
"What the hell?"
The Eagles broke their maces over the idiot's body and spit on him.
"You are banned from her Love. And her Doves scorn you."
Rias looked at Tyler and he shrugged.
"THIS city only. And most Doves are connected to Lucin inj some manner as they look after them."
"Oh. Okay."
Issei fell into the boat groaning in pain and the ferrymen sneered.
"I carry you, becuase you be with the Dragon King. I want to drown you."
TYler sighed as they got moving.
"I just might. Gods know I want to."
Rias sighed and Asia went to heal him
"Don't. He won't learn anything if you do."
Tyler AND Rias said the exact same thing at the exact same time in the exact same tone of voice. They looked at each other in shock and busted up laughing as Issei drank one of his healing potions to heal himself. The warrior smiled.
"I guess we're that type."
Rias smiled and he lookd at Issei.
"You get your problme fixed?"
He nodded with a gleeful smile.
"I'm a man again! And it's bigger this time."
Tyler sighed deeply and Rias smiled sheepishly.
"I regret it now."
"Fair chance."
"he blows it,"
"Which we all know he will,"
"I can at least say i tried."
They nodded and Akeno leaned into Rasweisa.
"The chemistry betwene them is scary."
The valkery nodded as the pair fell silent.
"I can feel that spark from here. Good for her. I think."
Tyler and the girls all ducked under a walkway and they gasped as they saw the guildhall of Tyrannica. The guildhall was a gigantic ship close to 750 feet long, 250 across and had close to 15 decks above the water line. The hull was line with rows upon rows of shields that overlapped to create a most eyecatching kaeledescope of colors and the image of a scalemail clad ship. The masts soared high above the ground with furled sails and spars reacing out over the water from a truly dizzying height. At the waterline were gondozlas dropping off adventuers beside a masive sea ramp for unloading and loading goods into the craft with nets over the sides for the more daring to climb aboard priate style. On the prow of the massive craft was a coral statue of a tall woman with hair flowing about the craft holding a trident in one hand and a ball of water in her other. Under her bare feet extended a massive battering ram Tyler KNEW would split even the largest of sea faring vessel clean in half on a direct hit. Tyler smiled as he saw the looks of awe on the faces of the devils and the vampire.
"I had the same look when I first saw it."
Rias smiled.
"I love this place."
"Ha. Come on."
The ferrymen plyed the craft beside the nets that served the more daring of adventurers as their way aboard. Tyler looked at the skeptical devils.
"You wanna make a point?"
He got climbing with an effortless speed and the girls sighed as they followed. Tyler smiling as he made the 15 deck climb. I love my life. He vaulted aboard and the girls all followed after to another awed look of shock. The devils were faced with an open air outdoor dining hall with rows of long tables crowded by other adventurers all drinking, gambling and bantering. On the left hand side near the captain's cabin was a massive board plastered by the usual bills and job orders while on the other side of the grand stair case leading below decks was a barred booth. Tyler led to it and smiled as he saw it was run by a sea nymph. She was another gem of beuty with royal blue skin that gleamed int he sunlight like a polished sapphire. Her eyes were an odd shade of vivid red that clashed with her skin beautifully. Her hair flowed like water and was a neon blue which hung to her knees. her lips were full while her breasts massive enough to make the thin white top she wore to contain them bulge to a most impressive degree. He chuckled.
"That's Neptune. She's a sea nymph."
Rias and Akeno whistled at her massive melons as Tyler walked up. The nymph smiled as she saw him.
"Tyler! I see you had no issues."
"65 gold right?"
"Oh my. So you DO have an issue! 45."
he flipped her the coins as Rias and Akeno's jaws dropped. Neptune led rthe eager warrior to a door beside the booth and Rias looked at her friend.
"Wow. He just walked to her, and said four words."
Akeno nodded as the door shut.
"Yup. we're in SOOO much trouble."
Tyler smiled as neptune stripped aith an eagerness.
"Been WAITING for you."
She smirked.
"So have I."
He stripped and she blinked at his sword.
"Oh dear. Be kind."
"I will."
She laid on the cot like bed and he gently entered her ridiculously tight and warm entrance.
"Damn lady."
She grinned and wrapped her long legs around him.
"I got it now. Come on!"
They played for a bit and she screamed as her climax tore through her before getting filled in both doors by her most enthusastic lover. Then she sighed as they laid together.
"Okay. I loved it."
He kissed her soft lips longingly and she smiled.
"I love that sword."
"I love your scabbard."
"Are you recuriting?"
"I am. Interested?"
The sea nymph licked herlips.
"what are the queen's rules?"
"No offspring before her, she has to meet you, I am open with it, and this one's optional, she makes a crystal with you for me."
"I see. Well. I can do that. And congratulations. YOU have a sea nymph."
"Anything special I gotta do?"
"One more. In the mouth."
"Oh. Okay."
So away they went again and she drank the seed before glowing. Then she smirked.
"I'm yours. Looks like I'm moving to Drako!"
"Ha. we're actually headed there in a few days."
"Wow. So THAT was your plan."
"Aboard the Sky Dragon."
"Ah. I will join as a passenger....and Dove for you. Merillia is actually on deck right now."
"Cool. we'll clean up and I got friends thatneed to join up."
"Sure. And know my ass HATES me right now."
He kissed her.
"Happy to ruin you. every time."
"Oooh you evil, evil man. I love you."
They cleaned up in the sink and he saw something in the mirror.
She smiled ass he pulled her shorts over her aching ass.
"Nymphs do that too. it's blue as well."
He looked.
"I feel better."
They walked out and the men all cheered the lad as Neptune limped back to her seat. Then he smirked.
"She's mine lads."
They groaned and Neptune smirked.
"You lose. ALL of you."
That made them snort as Rias looked at Akeno.
"Did they?"
"I think he just got ANOTHER wife. Oh gods."
Tyler looked at them and Rias blinked.
"Your eyes are blue."
"Sex with a sea nymph turns the parts they liked most about you blue. So my eyes and sword."
"That's kinda cool."
Tyler led the group forward and neptune smiled.
"Are these the recruits?"
"Yup. Asia the blonde there is a pure healer though."
"Ah. I see. A test of magical power then. any others that would prefer a test of magic?"
The girls elected to test magic as the boys and Koneko elected strength. Xenovia and Raswesia too. Sabal smikred.
"I will test my strength. I feel I need to prove it."
Tyler smiled as neptiune called for Koenko's opponent. And she frowned as a kid her size came trotting over.
"Easy asswhoopin. Bro, if you hold back, she WILL kill you."
The boy was a rather slender guy wielding a dagger and buckler. Tyler watched as the bets were placed,
"500 on Koneko."
He got a mass of counter bets and the fight started. The bvoy tapped at her with his shield to test skill, only for Koneko to slam her bare fist into the metal and send the kid flying into the wall with a crunch. He slid down dead as a doornail and Tyler chuckled.
"Koneko is FAR stronger then she looks. Do NOT piss her off."
The men laughed ans the ladies cheered.
"Pay up."
And they were quickly replaced by grumbles as Tyler walked away 2500 gold richer. next in the cage was Xenovia. She was wielding her twohanded greatsword durandal. The thing was single edged and built in a jagged glass shape with a golden blade. She took her stance across from her barbarian greatsworder and Tyler smirked.
"250 on the girl."
Again another mass of bets as the fight started. Xenovia blocked a swing from the barbarian and turned her blade with a flick of her wrist that had her now sparking blade grinding up the length of her larger opponent's weapon as she cut his head clean off. Tyler smiled.
"Xenovia was trained for years on that battleblade. She's pretty as a picture, but gods help you if you make her mad."
He got 3000 gold for that one as Kyba stepped into the cage with his opponent being a lanky saber user. A mass of ladies were whistling and leering at the blonde haired knight as Tyler smirked.
"350 on the blonde."
a hawker laughed.
"He's going up against the lighting bolt lad."
"650 for."
The saber user smirked.
"A shame really. YOU'RE a prettyone."
Kyba smiled his charming smile and bowed slightly.
"Thank you. Too bad I must kill you now."
Kyba drew his own longsword and the fight started. The knight lunged and the saber user lost his arm, head, and other arm in four seconds. Tyler chuckled.
"forget the image he presents. Kyba's a badass. Looks fancy, fights dirty. Guy's a knight. Kinda."
The hawker laughed.
"Leave it to the Dragon to find the scary ones."
Tyler made a sum of 18,000 gold from that fight as Gasper stepped into the cage. The warrior smirked.
"Oh this oughta be good."
The slender boy's opponent was a taller boy in plate armor. The warrior smirked.
"700 for."
The hawker sighed.
"Alright. last bet Dragon. Anymore an you'll clean us out."
"Me plan!"
They chuckled as Gasper drew his shortsword and Tyler caught his eye. The half vampire glared at him as his words ran through his skull and he looked back at his opponent as te fight started. Gasper's eyes glowed and the man was frozen in terror as the Vampire's Gaze took effect. The blonde vampire stabbed the man in the chest a second later before hopping down with a smile. Tyler chuckled.
"Gaspy's a half vampire. Half imp. And uses time magic."
There was a mass of whistles as Tyler made 7000 gold that round. next into the cage was rasweisa holding her longsword and axe. her opponent was a tall woman with a battleaxe. Tyler nudged Rias.
"Go for it."
The red head smiled.
"100 gold for."
The hawker smirked.
"She's against the man splitter."
The fight started and the valkery ducked under the swinging axe before leaping up in a spiraling circle that cleave the woman's head in two before she kicked her in the chest. Raswesia was seen to backflip elegantly into a second pose as her opponent dropped dead. Tyler smiled.
"She's a battleangel."
There was a mass of gulps at this. Then Sabal stepped into the cage. Her opponent was a lizardman of all people wielding a spear. Rias smiled.
"I made 1500 gold off that."
"ha. I've made 30,500 of you guys."
"Show off."
"I know where the quality is."
"KEEP that mindset."
Sabal smiled as the fight began and lunged with her own sword. The lizardman jabbed at her but she wove around the longer weapon like smoke to stab him in the chest. She stapped back and smirked right at Tyler as the hulking lizardman dropped.
"I believe I have PROOVED my point."
"Ha. Sabal's a Pure vampire. And a good friend. Don't make her mad."
Next in was sweet little Asia and there were a lot of awwws at her pretty appearence. She was in a magic test and she had to cast her best spell on a crystal ball. The ball's reaction would indicate power. Aisa smiled sweetly as she got the nod.
"Twilight Healing."
The ball exploded. It glowed blindingly white before exploding. Asia giggled as she gota round of awed applause as Tyler smiled.
"Asia is half holy spirit, half spirit of valor."
Next in was issei. His opponent was a tall woman in barbarian bralwer armor and it only covered her blarge breasts and her groin. Tyler sighed.
"Watch out for him. He's half dragon emperor."
There was a mass of disgusted snorts as Rias smirked.
"I haven't given them back yet."
"Ha. GOOD. THAT makes it a fiar fight."
The fight started and the woman swung her battleaxe as issei lifted his fist,
"Dragon Shot."
The blast sent the lady intot he wall of the cage and he laughed.
"I am SOO awesome."
He was then slugged in the stomach by the now angry warrioress and he dropped tot he ground before getting the piss beaten out of him. Tyler shrugged.
"Somehow? I didn't expect anything more."
Rias sighed.
"Agreed. He's next to helpless without his tricks against women."
"And his unlimited boosts. And even then he'd still get his ass kicked."
Issei was dragged from the pit as the amazon rubbed her bruise.
Next in was Irinia and she got some awwws too as her twin tailed auburn hair made her seem cuter. hers was a strength test and she had a hand on her katana. Her opponent was a lith man in chainmail wielding the same weapon. Issei came over grumbling.
"I HAD her. Musta cheated."
"Go on an say that again if ya gotta deathwish."
He glared at Tyler.
"Let's see YOU get int here!"
"Alright. Yo bro, you, me, there, fistfight. Knock out. You in?"
The 'bro' Tyler called out was a 8 foot tall, mountain of a barbarian. The man was built like a mountain with thickly corded arms, legs, and frame from harsh years in the tundra. He smiled widely as Tyler called him out.
"NOW it be interesting. Nothing personal?"
"Proving a point."
"Ha. I be Burlock Stonesmasher."
"Tyler the Dragon."
"Ha. Twould be an honor. Next fight?"
Tyler looekd at a white faced Issei.
"watch carefully rookie."
irinia cut her opponent to pieces and the next fight was announced.
"Ooh we got a treat! The Dragon versus the Stonesmasher! Ha. We got a classic here folks1 A nonmagic, nonarmored, fistfight. winner by knockout."
Tyler walked minus his gear and shirt to a mass of leers and roars and he leaned againstt he wall of the cage as Burlock walked in the same getup. They bumpbed knuckles as a show of respect and the fight was on. Burlock threw the first punch and Tyler sidestepped and tugged his fist downward with a smile. Burlock flipped over and slammed into the cage with a clang. The vicious warrior was there with a dropkick to his stomach and Burlock lost all the air in hislungs. He struck up with a foot as he fell off the wall and clipped Tyler in the shoulder. The warrior was knocked to the ground and like a flash Burlock was on him! The barbarian raining blows onto the warrior blocking arms as Tyler's feet swung up from the ground in a show of flexibility to lock an arm ofthe barbarian and haul him off. Tyler pulled a kipup and slammed his own fist again into Burlock;s stomach with enough force to drive the air from his lungs again. He dropped at this one and Tyler banged his forehead off his knee. Burlock surged up and slammed hishead forward in a savage headbutt. Only for Tyler's own to shoot forwardlike a battering ram. There was a sickening crunch as they made contact and Burlock fell over completely unconscious. Tyler smirked.
"Your better off tapping kegs with me then tapping head mah man."
The crowd laughed as he used his own healing spell to bring the barbarin around. He laughed as he was helped up.
"That was fun lad. Wily and clever. And that head a yours ain't natrual. I split rock with mine."
"Ha. Cause we're both headstrong. Was fun."
They banged fists and tyler returned to a stunned Issei and smriekd.
"Do you getmy point now?"
Rias whistled with a leer in her blue eyes.
"That was awesome. damn dude."
Tyler got dressed as the next test got underway. Akeno stepped into the cage and there was a mass of wolf whistles and catcalls that the sexy devil returned with leers and breast bounces. Tyler chuckled.
"This'll be quick."
She had elected for a magic battle and her opponent was a blue mage. the man smirked as he saw his beautiful opponent.
"Well lookee here. Got quite a rack on ya."
Akeno did her singiture pose of her hand on her face and mock fear.
"Oh my. What a brute! i fear what'll happen iof I'm locked in here."
The man leered and licked his lips.
"I'm nice.....usually."
The cage was locked and the fight started.
"water slash."
The man screamed as Akeno was encased in lightning and a arroused flush flooded her cheeks as she sent her waves of electricity into the man's body through his spell. The cage was also electricified and the air hummed with sheer voltage packed into it. Tyler was heard chuckling.
"That's Akeno. She's the Priestess of Thunder. And is WAAAAAY into S&M. she looks like heaven, but fights with hell. and LIKES it. Don't make her mad."
The mage died after ten minutes of nonstop jolts and last was Rias. She got the awe of a goddess decending as she took her place with crossed arms. Her opponent was another mage and he used holy magic. Tyler loked at Sabal and she smiled.
"I will be fine."
The holy mage smirked.
"A devil. I shall enjoy purging you."
Rias smirked. And the fight began.
"Dark Sacraliment."
Her eyes started glowing and her blood red mane drifted in an unfelt wind as her hands caught fire with her red hued power. The mage screamed in terror as she hit him with her spell. He burst into two hued red and black flames before burning alive in a fire no water spell could ever put out. Tyler smiled.
"Rias Gremory. Daughter of an archdemon of pride and a human. She of the blood hair and ice gaze. She wields the power of fire and darkness. The Empress of Ruin. Do NOT piss her off."
There was a collective gulp fromthe gawkers as she strode from the bloodied cage like a lioness on patrol. The red head came over with a satisfied smile.
"Ah. I feel better. Now what?"
Neptune was heard with awe in her voice.
"well. The Dragon has us some scary recruits. And some truly beautiful ones too. One useless. Welcome to the guild. Please don't kill us all."
Tyler chuckled and Rias smirked at him.
"I heard what you said."
"I know, I know. YOU'RE awesome."
She had a light in her eyes and a happy smile on her lips before turning to go look at the board. Sabal smiled as she came over.
"You sounded like you were worshipping her with that, Tyler."
"I guess i kinda did. Cool."
She smiled.
"I guess even the Mighty dragon can fall victim to the first sight."
The warrior smiled as he saw Rias patting Asia.
"I guess so. An here I thought that kinda shit didn't exist. Ha. Alright. Next bit."
He walked over to the girls and Rias smiled.
"Yup. I-oh."
He'd spotted a familar gleam of silver hair by the deck railing and smiled.
"One sec."
He walked over to the girl sitting by the railing and Rias blinked as she saw the silver.
Tyler snuck up behind the happily chatting girl before jumping her with a hug.
Poor Silveria jumped so high she nearly went overboard! Merillia was laughing hard as the now enraged girl turned around to slug Tyler in the teeth.
"You sonuvabitch! I nearly had a heart attack!"
He laughed as she ranted.
"Missed you too. And nice right."
"I will KICK you."
"Worth it."
Merillia smirked.
"I will too."
Silveria was panting hard as her heart rate returned to normal before smiling and hugging him tightly.
"You're a prick, but nice to see you."
He smiled warmly as he stroked her soft silver hair.
"Same to you sis."
She smiled and Merillia looked at him.
He sighed and sat across from the ship captain.
"Got there too late. Entire village had bene killed to the last child. Found em all piled in the mainhall."
She sighed.
"Bad news indeed. Those responsible?"
"Lucias hired a merc army to wipe the village out and make it look like an orc attack."
"dear gods. i hate nobles."
"I do too. I melted him with acid."
"Good lad. Anything else he did?"
"Guy liked yopung girls fort he knife. I rescued a little mermaid from his basement chamber. Girl's not even the size of my calf, Merillia. And that sick sonvuabitch ATE her mother after she died in a session."
"Gods. That poor girl! what did you do?"
"She's Yrisa's newest sister and Vulpine's newest lady in waiting."
That made them smile and Silveria hugged him.
"She will be very happy. Is she with you?"
"Nope. Saphira flew her home."
Merillia blinked.
"Saphira. The blue queen?"
"My dragon wife? Yup."
"Oh my gods. Ummm. Tyler?"
"Yeah I know. She knows I visit the sky too."
"Uh-huh. Great. now we can expect random dragon visits."
"ha. Come on Merillia. It's ME we're talking about."
"So true. So our schedule got moved up."
"Not exactly. See them?"
He jabbed a thumb at Rias and the devils. Merillia lifted an eyebrow.
"maybe. Found em lost in a forgotten keep. No clue how the fuck they got there and they lost all their gear. So Vulpine wants me to keep to keep an eye on em."
"Ha. The Dragon's legendary kindness. and I saw their tests. That is a scary buncha a people. So. I WILL expect results. Anything I should know?"
"Sabal is a pure vampire. But she has her blood. And I'm her willing feed."
"Noted. Vampires be welcome so long as they watch the fangs."
"Gasper is also a vampire but he can eat normal food. Blood boosts his power."
"Interesting lad."
"Issei is a dragon emperor. So please shoot him."
"we'll use em as cannon shot. How bad lad?"
"I've already castrated him once. That red head asked for a fair chance for a new city."
"WOW. I am amazed you didn't kill him."
"Was about to. but felt the castration would hurt more."
She busted up laughing.
"I love the way you think. Alright. I'll warn Storm. he peep?"
"Yep. Look that guy is a predator. I'll be honest with you. I do NOT want that guy anywhere near me or my party. I'd kill him in a heartbeat. But. Fair chance."
Merillia nodded.
"I see. And agree completely. Fair chance is a noble thing and no mistake. Just remember that some do not deserve it."
"I agree. And more importantly? Rias agrees too. they have histroy."
"Ah. there it is. And how is the lady?"
"She's had it rough. I broke the spell on her the dragon emperors cast on the beauties and how needs to understand just WHERE her heart lays."
"Have her talk to Falcon. She suffered a similar mess in her past."
"Thanks Merillia. And I purified his power and aura. And cleansed the others."
"Good. anything else?"
"We'll be town for two days. But that's really on you."
"My crew expected at least 5."
"Alright. I did not expect Westonia to be both what it was and how easy I solved it."
"And Saphira?"
"her daughters are curious."
"Try it from my end."
"Ha. You are in so much trouble."
He hugged Silveria and she smiled.
"I'm well and truly fucked. Alright. Thanks merillia. and Silveria? Cute."
He left her with a blush to talk to a smirking Rias.
"I see it. No way in hell could I not."
"I thought you would. So. Issei."
She followed him to the railing and she sighed.
"How bad?"
"They'll shoot him on sight if he tries Rias. No questions asked."
"If he does, so be it."
"And there's a member of the crew you can talk to about your heart. Name's Falcon and she had something similar happen with magical influence. didn't get the details."
Rias smiled.
"Thanks. I was wondering what to do and who to talk to. Falcon is who?"
Tyler looked around the deck of the ship until he spotted a tall woman in green leather armor with sky blue hair that drifted in the breeze. She was half a head shorter then he was and had fair skin. her arms and legs were well toned from her life aboard ship while her breasts were large and well protected by the chainmail poking out fromunder her leather vest with a pair of twin rapiers on her hips.
"Her. She's a quartermaster aboard the ship."
He led her over and Falcon leered as approached.
"Oh no. I'm not goign there again. Not onthe ground at least."
"Nice to see you too. Need a favor."
She smirked as she saw the red haired beauty beside him.
"I don't give lessons."
"Ha. Noted. Hilarious. And damn am i disappointed."
"Stilla rogue. What do ya need?"
"Her heart got fucked with by a dragon emperoer."
"Ah. I see. I am Falcon."
"Okay Rias. WE need to chat. Tyler? Fuck off."
He left Rias with the tough Falcon and headed to the job board where he found Sabal. the vampire was with Kyba, asia, Raswesia, Xenovia, and Gasper as they looked the board over curiously. She smiled as he walked over.
"These are fertile hunting grounds."
"I like them for a reason. Rias is getting her talk from a friend a mine. She'll be back later."
"Good. Our next piece is an inn room, correct?"
"Yup. Then we get Asia, Xenovia and Irinia some divine support and go from there."
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