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Enemies First, Lovers Later

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Both Y/N and Liam are in the same pack. They act as though they dislike each other, but secretly like the other. The rest of the pack knows this and devises a plan to get them to admit their feelin...

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Pairing: Liam x reader

For as long as you can remember your feelings about Liam Dunbar have been rather mixed, until recently that is. You don’t know what changed inside you but you suddenly found yourself developing feelings for the boy. You tried to tell yourself that it was just a faze but the more you fought it, the more your feelings grew stronger. You didn’t want Liam or anyone else to find out about your changed feelings so you carried on acting as if you still disliked him, which killed you inside. There was something that you weren’t counting on though: the rest of the pack finding out.


Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira were all sat around the McCall’s table in the kitchen, deep in conversation.

“I need to ace this final guys or I’ll have to be kept behind”. Scott held his head in his hands, raking his fingers through his long locks. Stiles clapped him on the back. “You will, you are the Alpha after all. There’s nothing you can’t do.” “Except from being able to graduate high school.” Scott’s head was now in the crook of his arm, resting on the table.

A long bout of silence followed as they all tried to think of different ways to change the topic of conversation away from the stresses of high school. Lydia’s eyes flew wide open as she leant forward and banged on the table causing the rest of the pack to jump in their seats. “Guys, have you noticed the change of tension between Y/N and Liam lately?!”

Scott and Stiles looked at each other and shook their heads, silently agreeing with each other, causing Lydia to roll her eyes. “Boys, completely oblivious to things happening right in front of them.” Kira smiled and turned to Lydia. “We need to get them together, like right now.”

Lydia smiled and nodded. “Yes we do. But it’s going to be a little tricky. We need to come up with a solid plan.” Once Lydia and Kira began firing ideas at each other, Scott and Stiles began to think of their own ideas and joined in the conversation.

After a hour of discussing ideas and jotting down notes, the pack had finally come up with a plan. “Alright guys, lets go over it one more time. I’ll send a message to Y/N asking her to meet me in the school to study and Scott will send a message to Liam asking him to meet him in the school for extra lacrosse practice. Once we meet up, we send them both to the supply closet and lock the door behind them. Then we will see what happens.”

All of the pack nodded in agreement to the plan, so the next day Lydia and Scott sent out the texts:

“Hey Y/N. Wanna meet up after school in the library to study? I know how much you’re stressing about this final.” Your phone buzzed and the screen lit up with Lydia’s message. You smiled and texted back, saying you’ll be there before continuing your school work.

“Liam, we’ve got a serious game coming up in the next few days. Meet me on the field after school for extra lacrosse practice.” Liam’s phone blasted a notification sound and the whole class of students, including the teacher, turned to look at him. “Sorry!” Liam looked at the message and texted back a thumbs up before slunking in his seat, his face completely red with embarrassment.


You walked into the library and waved at Lydia who was sitting at a table in the far back. “Hey, Lyds. Ready to pump your brain full of knowledge?” You set your bag down on the table and began to empty your books out. “I definitely am, although I’ve just finished this notebook and I haven’t got a spare. Would you be a doll and fetch me one from the supply closet?”

You looked at Lydia strangely before nodding and making your way to the closet. That’s not like Lydia not to carry a spare. You shook your head and carried on your journey to the supply closet. Once opening the door and stepping inside, much to your surprise, you found somebody was already in there. The door slammed shut behind you and the figure walked towards you. Your eyes widened as you realised who it was. “Oh fuck no!”

You turned around and banged on the door as loud as you can. “Hey, let me out! I’m stuck in here with a grade A moron!” “Nice, Y/N. Just nice. Do you really think I want to be in here with you?” Liam leaned against one of the shelves with his arms crossed along his chest. You turned around and narrowed your eyes at him. “Why wouldn’t you want to be near me? I’m a joy to be around.”

Liam scoffed. “Oh really?! You’re constant whining about school, about how things aren’t fair.” Liam made a grimaced face as he made the comment. Frustration bubbled up inside you. Now you remember why you disliked him in the first place. You walked up to Liam and backed him up against the shelves, pointing a finger in his chest.

“Oh and you’re so much better?! You’re just a whiny, childish little boy who thinks the world owes him a favour just because he finds life hard. Newsflash Dunbar, life is hard for all of us!” Liam’s chest began to heave in anger and for a split second, you thought he was going to hit you. However, to your surprise, Liam grabbed your face with both of his hands and smashed his lips against yours.

At first you didn’t kiss him back but as soon as the shock wore off, you wrapped your hands around his neck and moved your lips in motion with his. Liam’s hands travelled from your cheeks, down your arms and settled at the small of your back. He broke the kiss and leaned back, a shy smile appearing on his lips.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” A blush rose on your cheeks and you tucked several strands of hair behind your ear. “I’ve felt like this for a while, Y/N, but you were always so distant that I didn’t know how you felt. So I kissed you in the hopes that you felt the same way.”

You looked up at Liam through your eyelashes. “I’ve been feeling the same way for quite a while but I didn’t know how to deal with these new feelings. I just kept acting the same way in the hopes that nobody noticed that they had changed. But I guess some people did.” You motioned your head towards the door and chuckled.

“They are always up to something. If they aren’t off saving the town from supernatural threats, they’re playing match maker in a high school.” Liam gave two loud bangs on the door and waited for the door to open.

A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira smiling widely at you. You and Liam both stepped out of the room and stayed silent. “Well?” Lydia gestured to you both with a smile. You looked up at Liam and he looked down at you before taking each others hands and nodding your heads.

A wave of cheers erupted in the corridor. “It’s about time guys!” You and Liam laughed along with them, walking hand-in-hand with the pack following close behind.
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