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Soul of Fire

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With that the sorting began. Tom only listened with half an ear as his focus was on the Potter Heir. Like the others from Nightingale his magic was wound tightly around him. McGonagall called ou...

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Tom's POV

"She's staring at you again," Abraxas Malfoy, cousin to Lucius Malfoy, said as he glared in the general direction of the Gryffindor table.

And true to his word, Rose Potter sat a little on the right side, looking over at Tom with a love struck expression. Abraxas resisted the urge to sneer. The Slytherins were waiting to see what the esteemed Headmaster had to say. Everyone had noticed that new but older students on the train. Rumors had circulated on who they might be.

"It's just a crush," Alphard Black commented, "Stop being so hard on the girl. It's not her fault our Tom is so irresistible."

The boy in question barely looked up at the mention of his name, preferring to continue his his observations of the Head Table. Abraxas and Alphard continued their conversation despite his lack of interest.

"But seriously, it's disgusting," Abraxas huffed, "she's a Potter for Merlin's sake and yet she refuses to show even the smallest hint of decorum that befits her house. It must be her muggle born mother's influence. Charlus Potter would be rolling in his grave if he knew what had become of his family."

"The girl is barely 18," Black said in exasperation, "Cut her some slack. At least she's doing better than her good for nothing brother of hers. What was his name? Harold or something. It's a pity really; the heir of such a noble house barely able to do a 2nd year spell at 16; now that is a scandal if I ever heard one."

Abraxas huffed in annoyance and turned back to Tom.

"About Harry?"

The horrified look he received in return almost made him laugh...almost because he was Head Boy and bursting out in laughter wouldn't do for his image.

" Oh Merlin, Tom, I know that tone. Don't tell me you're interested in that...that squib."

"I am," Tom admitted, finally looking away from the Professors.

Harrison Potter was something of a mystery to the magical world. At the age of seven he was declared a near squib and sent to a special school for those without enough magic to attend Hogwarts. That was what Rose and Jacob Potter told everyone.

Rose was the eldest of the Potter children and was in the same year as Tom. Due to the older Potter Family traditions she was unable to take the heirship. Like the Blacks the Potters made it so only the eldest, non squib male could be considered the Heir to the family.

Jacob Potter was the youngest at only 13 years old. He had declared loudly several times that when he turned 15 he would be named the Potter Heir since his brother was a squib.

The more Tom had heard about Harrison Potter, middle child and oldest son the more curious he became. No one had seen or heard from Harrison since he was eight. The school he had been sent to was supposedly a boarding school much like Hogwarts though stricter in its holidays.

"Why..." Abraxas lamented, "Out of all the people in this school, why him? Didn't you say that you would only be interested in someone if they can prove to be your equal? I doubt Potter can ever aspire to that. Even his sister is better!"

"No," Tom said resolutely, "I believe that Harry Potter isn't all that he seems. No children of the Potter family can be this weak without supernatural interference. And don't say something about muggle born blood tainting his magic. You as well as I know that squibs are the result of too much inbreeding between purebloods. The Potters had never, never produced a squib in this entire line. Every one of their children are strong and talented. I believe that Harry Potter has a hidden potential and I want to be the one to unlock it."

Silence followed his statement, only to be broken by Alphard as he sighed, "But why wait until now? Why not start earlier?"

"Because of the attack on the school by Grindelwald," said an airy voice from behind them, "Supposedly a third of Nightingale's students will be coming to Hogwarts. Rumors have it the Potter Heir will be amongst them."

Luna Lovegood a third year stood their. Her eyes dazed as they usually were looking at something only she could see.

Ah yes. The attack on Nightingale had happened in early July. A mysterious school that no one knew much about. Even the extent of Tom's knowledge was that Potter had been a member of student body. That he had been injured in the attack requiring a stay at the French Magical Hospital for two weeks.

Then the Great Hall doors opened and in entered the unfamiliar students. There were maybe fifty in total all wearing pain black robes as if they were first years. They seemed to be organized by some unknown method.

Reaching out with his magic Tom could sense each and everyone of them was powerful. Tightly coiled around their bodies was their magic. If one wasn't sensitive to power it would have been impossible to tell.

Then one single student caught his eye. Physically he was no different from those around him. But much like when Tom interacted with his court there was a sort of difference given to him. With these students they showed the same towards this boy.

A bird's nest of bony black hair lay on top of the boy's head. He had sharp angular features that spoke of a pureblood heritage. It was only when he turned to survey the Great Hall did Tom recognize him. Killing Curse green eyes marked this boy as Harrison Potter, Heir to the Potter Family.

Across the Hall he could see the two other Potters glaring at their brother. It was interesting to see how unfazed the other was by their looks of malice. Instead he seemed bored by it.

Alphard said appreciatively, "For a near squib he looks good. Even with that scar on his cheek. I wonder what that school teaches them."

In the lighting Tom had almost missed the scar Black spoke of. It was faint but large. A X shaped scar ran from almost the bottom of Potter's cheek bone to below his jaw on one side. On the other it started near the jaw line by his ear and to his chin.

Dumbledore said loudly, "Now before we eat we have to sort our transfer students. As you all know there was an attack on a magical school in France. It was Nightingale a smaller magic school that only has about 400 students. As the Professors heal from their injuries they will also be joining to help continue their studies."

The Potter Heir said stepping forward, "Thank you for accepting us, Headmaster Dumbledore. Your generosity is appreciated."

With that the sorting began. Tom only listened with half an ear as his focus was on the Potter Heir. Like the others from Nightingale his magic was wound tightly around him.

McGonagall called out suddenly, "Potter, Harrison!"

With that the Potter Heir made his way up to the stool. The hat was dropped on his head and they waited.

For only a moment before the hat called out, "Slytherin!"

With that the Great Hall erupted in anger.
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