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Dark Secret

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When Jack leaves the bunker to gain more control of his powers, he comes across Y/N, a stranger in a trainyard; but they’re hiding a dark secret.

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Pairing: Jack Kline x fem!vampire!reader

Jack has been wandering around the streets of Kansas for what seemed like weeks. He didn’t feel as though he belonged with the Winchesters and Castiel anymore, he was too dangerous. His powers were getting stronger and stronger and he didn’t know how to control them.

Jack was walking along a quite bumpy road when he noticed an abandoned trainyard in the corner of his eyes. Letting curiosity get the better of him, Jack wandered over and began to explore the many lanes of junk.

As Jack was only born a few weeks prior, he had never seen anything like this before. He was absolutely amazed by the different objects that were just lying around in the trainyard. He knelt down to investigate something shiny when he heard a loud noise coming from behind him.

Jack whizzed around, powers at the ready, and he noticed you sitting on a car box with her legs swinging outwards. “Yo, dude! You can’t just steal another person’s homelessness! This is my junkyard, go back home!”

Jack powered down and lowered his head to his chest as an overwhelming feeling of sadness washed over him. He sat down on a nearby rock and held his head in his hands. “I can’t go anywhere else. I haven’t got a home to go to. I’m afraid that if I go back, I’ll hurt the people that I love and I can’t do that.”

Tears began falling down his face as sobs wracked his body. All of the events from the least few weeks had finally gotten on top of him and he needed to let it out. Feeling sorry for him, you jumped down from the box you were sitting on and walked over to Jack, and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

“You’ll be ok. Don’t worry.” Jack turned to you, sniffling slightly and his eyes sorrowful. “Can I stay with you?” A wave of uncertainty hit you like a ton of bricks. You really wanted to help him out, but you were afraid of losing control of yourself and hurting him. You especially didn’t want him finding out about what you are but seeing his face, how sad his eyes were, made it impossible to say no.

“Alright you can stay with me.” Jack beamed and wrapped you in a hug. “Thank you!” You laughed a little and pulled him away. “Well, we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other so I guess we need to know each others names. I’m Y/N.” You held your hand out for Jack to take. “I’m Jack.” He grabbed your hand and began to shake.

“Alright, Jack. Let’s see what new things we can find here.”


The next few weeks flew by in a blur. You and Jack grew closer, closer than you ever thought you could be with anyone, and you both fell for each other. You were cuddles up with him in a shelter that the both of you had built, watching the stars, when Jack turned to you and pressed a simple kiss to your lips.

At first you were very surprised by the sudden action but you soon returned the kiss, a little more passionate than the first. That was when the both of you declared your feelings for each other. You both giggled and kissed each other after the confessions and have stayed inseparable ever since. However, you were still afraid that Jack would find out about your secret so you had to be extra careful.


Jack rounded a corner in the junkyard and noticed you kneeling on the floor with something in your hands. Curious, and slightly worried, Jack walks over to you and his eyes widen when he sees a nearly dead body in your lap. He stumbles back a little into a pile of car parts which alerts you to his presence.

Without thinking, you dropped the body on the floor and turned to him. His face was filled with fear as you neared him. You caught a glimpse of yourself in an old car mirror and instantly fell back. Your face was distorted slightly with your eyes blackened with bloodlust. Your fangs were protruding from your gums, blood dripping from your lip and down your chin. You turned your head away from Jack and tried your best to fight against the bloodlust you were currently experiencing from Jack.

You heard footsteps coming from behind you and a hand pressed on your shoulder. Confused, you turned around and faced Jack who was smiling. “What on earth are you smiling for? You’ve just seen me feasting on a body. You should be running for the hills, not consoling me in the middle of nowhere. I’m a threat to you, Jack. You’re a human and I’m a vampire. I literally crave what keeps you alive.”

Jack shook his head and held both hands out for you to take, which you did. “First, I’m not scared of you. I know that you would never hurt me. I’m just upset that you didn’t feel like you could tell me about this.” You hung your head in shame. “I’m sorry I kept it a secret from you. I should have known that you wouldn’t judge me.”

Jack’s expression turned sheepish. “Well, you weren’t the only one who was keeping secrets. I’m a nephilim; half-angel, half-human. My father’s Lucifer.” You stared at him in shock, your mouth agape. “Your-your dad’s the actual devil?!”

Jack nodded his head. “Yeah, but I’ve never met him. I used to live with my other dads: Dean, Sam and Castiel. They’re not blood related but they are my family. I had to leave them because my powers were becoming too strong for me to control and I didn’t want to hurt them.”

You stood up and walked over to Jack, cradling his head in your hands. “I’m so glad we talked about this, Jack. I feel even closer to you than before. Thank you for opening up to me, you didn’t have to. Especially with what you’ve just seen. But it means so much to me that you trusted me enough to tell me.”

Jack smiled lovingly at you. “I trust you with my life, Y/N. No matter if you’re a vampire or not. I will always love you.” You blushed slightly. “I will always love you.” Jack cradled your face in his hands and leaned in, kissing you lovingly.

After this moment, you felt so much lighter. Now that Jack knew about your secret and that he is a supernatural being brought you even closer than you had ever been.
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