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Waking and Power

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Chimaera felt a pinching sensation. She kept her eyes closed, examining her surroundings by touch alone. She was lying on a bed. The pillows and sheets were soft. Her clothes were gone, replaced by what felt like a nightgown. The pinching sensation was in her forearm. The scrape.

Her eyes flickered open and she sat straight up. Fear raced through her at the sight of the two strangers from the bar and three others. One was clearly a doctor and was reading stats. Her brunette hair was tied firmly behind her and light skin showed through her scrubs. One was a male who sat in a wheelchair. He watched her calmly, the way one might watch a specimen.

The third had brown hair with a white streak. She was slightly tanned and had green eyes. She was focusing on the doctor, as were the two from the bar. Chimaera growled slightly and all turned to her. But she was focused on the smell. Something was taking her blood.

Inspecting herself, she found an IV in her left arm. As she made to yank it out, the man blocked her hand. Responding to reflex, she whipped her other arm towards his head. Unfortunately, she made contact. Not only was his head rock hard, she had hit him the with her injured arm. Snapping back, she jumped of the bed, and rolled to her feet.

This tore out her IV and a stinging pain entered her mind. She ignored it, focusing the the male. He threw up his hands, nodding to the man in the chair. Still, she didn't turn. She had learned from experience that enemies typically used a surrender as a way to hurt her. Without a thought, her mind kicked into gear and she took a hostage, rolling away before anyone could stop her.

For the second time, bad luck hit. It was the brunette with the white streak and she reached up to brush Chimaera's hand. Chimaera felt her energy draining and a purple glow appeared in the girl's hand.

"Whut is it? Whut is it?" The girl sounded frantic and Chimaera turned her around to face her. Everyone else had frozen. Slowly, Chimaera spoke.

"Calm yourself. Focus on me."

The girl complied, breathing in and out and the purple glow diminished, only to reappear in Chimaera's hands.

"What is your name?" Chimaera asked, tilting her head but not stepping away. The male in the chair moved forward but the girl answered first.


"Well, Rogue, my gift is dangerous. Think twice before stealing it." Chimaera smiled kindly and let go of Rogue's wrist. The purple glow finally blinked out. Chimaera breathed a small sigh of relief. If the power had decided to unleash itself, Chimaera wasn't sure she could protect Rogue. With Rogue's power, it would be too dangerous.

"Who are they?" Chimaera asked, nodding to the others.

"Professor Xaviah," Rogue replied, pointing at the male in the chair. "Storm," went to the white-blond girl. "Logan," was the male from the bar. "And Candace," was the doctor.

Chimaera nodded her thanks and turned to Logan. She gestured to the IV. "Kick it over."

Logan raised an eyebrow, clearly confused by the statement, but did as she asked. Reaching down, she reentered the drip but did not take her place on the bed. The headache subsided and she turned to the doctor, her face guarded. Candace immediately started speaking.

"You had a busted rib, poison had entered your bloodstream, the scrape was infected, and your lung was slightly bruised. I washed and bandaged the scrape; it should be fine. The rib and lung healed nicely as well. But I'm worried about the poison. It's not washing out of your system," the doctor said, gesturing to a couple of vials that were filled with her blood and were slightly tinged green.

Chimaera tilted her head and turned to Xavier.

"I am Charles Xavier," he said. "You are in the Medical Wing of my School for Mutants. May we have your name?"

Chimaera nodded once. "Chimaera," she said, letting confidence fill her voice. Inside, she was full of fear. What was she doing in a school for mutants? How had they found her?

Charles was still speaking. "Well, Chimaera, I hope you recover soon. If you would like, we have a spot open in the school."

He turned to leave but paused by the door. "If you do choose to stay, just ask for Rogue or Storm. They'll get you situated."

Chimaera nodded again and he left, Storm following. Ignoring Logan and the doctor, she turned to Rogue. "Why don't you like to be touched?" were the first words out of her mouth and clearly surprised Rogue.

"Mah mutation causes me to... sort of steal the powah an' life from those ah touch," Rogue stated, automatically retreating slightly.

"I understand," Chimaera said, her voice softening.

"Do ya?"

Rogue's voice said that she clearly doubted Chimaera but the Ukrainian girl just smiled. "I do," she said, her voice suddenly degrees cooler. Without another word, she made her way back to the bed and sat, waving Candace over. "Just check my arm, please."

Rogue stared at the girl. She had said that her name was Chimaera, but Rogue didn't believe her. After all, she had changed her own name. The girl was spectacular looking and, Rogue mused, would startle every boy in the school if she chose to stay.

Her hair was black and hung down to her waist. It was straight as a pin and looked silky. When she walked, the hair swayed back and forth, as if it were hypnotizing someone. Bright green eyes were always focused on something, though they seemed to see everything. Her skin was deeply tanned, although the girl was Caucasian. Her accent was foreign and silky. The way the girl held herself spoke of confidence and a sense of control, as though she were fighting herself.

Rogue wondered if she was. If the surge of power she had received was any indication, the girl was powerful. Much more powerful than she seemed. Not to mention, Rogue recalled, the amount of weapons they had taken off of her. Four throwing knives, two daggers, a pocketknife, a switchblade, and dual knives. All hidden expertly in the small dress she had been wearing when they brought her in.

Still, Rogue was confused. The girl had touched her. Rogue wasn't sure if Chimaera even noticed, but when taking back her abilities, she had touched Rogue's wrist. Not to mention the fact that Chimaera had even been able to take the abilities back.

She hoped Chimaera would stay. A friend you could touch? All she needed now was to be able to touch Bobby and life would be fine. Rogue frowned. That day they had experienced their biggest fight yet. All because she couldn't touch him again. The cure had worn off.

"Why so down, Princess?"

Rogue blinked. Princess? Chimaera was still staring at her, waiting for the answer.

"Just thinking," she said. "Princess?"

Chimaera shrugged. "You seem to be the most powerful right now. In the village I was raised in, the most powerful was the ruler. Hence, Princess." She made it sound simple, as if it were a fact of life.

Rogue just smiled. "Ah'm not actually that strong. Ah just have a dangerous powah. Not that different from most of us."

Chimaera shrugged and returned her attention to the doctor. Logan, over Chimaera's head, beckoned Rogue and she followed him into the hall.

"She's dangerous," were the first words out of Logan's mouth.

Rogue nodded in agreement. "Ah think she's hiding from someone or something."

Logan shifted his gaze back to the door. "Maybe. Maybe not."

Rogue tilted slightly, wringing her hands. "Eithah way, she's full of potential. Just lahke ah was."

Still, as Logan left to cover for Storm, Rogue looked back into the medical wing. Maybe she wasn't the one hiding, Rogue mused. Maybe she was the one chasing.
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