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Searching and Awakening

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Chimaera scowled at the ceiling. It was late and Candace had already bid her good night and left. Although Chimaera was allowed anywhere within the medical bay, which was large, she longed to see the sun and listen to the birds. Nature had always been a great love of hers and now she wasn't allowed out due to it being 'too dangerous'.

She had never been sick before and when she was treated for smoke inhalation and severe burns, they did it quickly. They had needed her for other uses. Chimaera's blood ran cold, the way it always did when she thought about Stryker. If she had an enemy, it was him. Just remembering his face cause fear to pulse through her.

Chimaera sighed. No way she was getting to sleep like this. She sat up, glancing around. No one was there. She grabbed her IV and made her way over to the computer. Wisely, they had kept her away from the computer. Apparently, they knew enough about Chimaera to know she was an expert hacker.

She sat on the spinning chair and settled her hands on the keyboard. With a few clicks and failed passwords, she was in. A few more clicks brought her the information she needed. Typing fast, she unlocked Stryker's folders and did a quick search. She had done this often and, as many times before, nothing came up for Chimaera. A quick note of inspiration hit and searched Rayne. Nothing. Same for Zhenya. About to give up, she did one last search. Weapon X1.

The computer loaded for a second and a file popped up. She clicked on it and quickly read through it's contents, shock worming it's way into her system.

Weapon X1

Codename: Chimaera
Status: Dangerous
Notes: Chimaera proves very smart and very dangerous. She identified the target and got rid of it efficiently. Doing best to keep real plans from her, but fear she could discover them on her own. Though we do not know her real name
(relief hit her briefly, until she read the next part) we do know what makes her tick. She is easy to manipulate, as long as you can predict her emotions.

No. No, no, no. The word kept infiltrating her thoughts. Her word tilted and she was barely aware of Logan, Rogue, Storm, Candace, and Xavier running into the room. Many others followed. She was dimly aware of the need to calm down. There was more to read and she could only understand it if she could focus.

But she found an inability to focus. She could not smell. She could not hear. She could not feel. Nothing was there and yet it was. She was looking at it through a fog. There was her and there was them. Was this what if felt like to go crazy? If so, she liked it. Power ran through her veins and her fear disappeared. It was just her and the fog.

Rogue watched with terror. Most of the kids in the school were behind her and from the gasps, she knew they were seeing what she was. It was all she could do not to gasp herself.

Chimaera was surrounded with the purple energy, floating a foot off the ground. Her IV had come out and a trickle of blood ran down her arm. The energy seemed to pulse. The long black hair was also floating, tendrils moving through the air. Even as Rogue watched, the energy grew. Professor Xavier had wheeled forward and was now six feet away from Chimaera.

He was clearly trying to communicate telepathically and was clearly failing. Static electricity had filled the air and the energy grew even more. Rogue waited for it to end, scared it would reach them before that happened.

But without a word, Logan pulled her forward. "Talk to her, she trusts you," he whispered before thrusting her forward. He stayed only a foot away, ready to help if she needed it.

"Ah... Chimaera... Ya need to calm down. Yer putting the othah mutants in dangah with yer powah. Ya need to stop." Even to her, Rogue's words felt shaky.

A brush stopped her from continuing. It wasn't physical... it was almost like someone was touching her mind. Rogue focused and connected with... Chimaera?



How is this possible? Ah'm not a telepath.

I am.

Well... the energy thang is going to hurt some of the mutants ovah there. Their the ones who go to this school, besides me. Even the teachers are here an' they'll get hurt too if ya don't stop the show. Ya need to calm down.

There was a pause.

Calming down is not an option for me. The anger, even now, is taking over and I cannot stop it. The Ukrainian girl paused. You'll need to use your power.

Ah... whut? That's too dangerous. Ah could hurt ya or mahself!

Another pause, this one so long, Rogue wondered is Chimaera had given up.

I can help you. I'll block off my memories and personality while you try to focus on my power. Just remember not to control it. Aim it at something in the lab.

Rogue frowned but reached out. Wonder went through most of the mutants minds as she was surrounded by the purple energy and got close enough to touch. She reached out and felt bare skin. Like a light, the energy blinked out.

Chimaera fell, collapsing onto the floor, while Rogue landed on her feet. Chimaera was clearly out like a light and everyone watched as the purple energy grew in her hands.

"Fool! You didn't stop it, you just took it!"

Rogue couldn't identify the voice. Instead, she focused the energy on a syringe. The energy burst forward, as if eager to get to the object. It surrounded the syringe and, after a small booming sound, dissipated quickly. Left behind was... ashes. The energy had blown up the syringe.

Apparently other had realized it too, because chatter filled the room. Logan leaned over and whispered in Rogue's ear, "She's got one hell of a power."

Rogue nodded mutely. She knew the others would immediately spread the rumors on those who hadn't been here, watching. They would write Rogue up as the brave hero who did her best to stop the dangerous Chimaera. Chimaera would turn into a legendary killer who had never been bested before. Only Rogue would know that Chimaera was the real hero.

Because in those last seconds, Chimaera's mind had been open to Rogue. So she had taken a quick look. And so she knew that even as the anger had taken Chimaera over, Chimaera had fought. The brave girl had tampered down. No one else would know that, had it not been for Chimaera, the school would have blown up just as easily as the syringe.

Meanwhile, deep in her slumber, Chimaera's mind explored itself. And when it found the walls that had caged the monster for so long, it took them down. They crumbled and let out an entity that filled Chimaera's nightmares. Something no one knew had survived. Something dangerous and something powerful. When the walls were torn down, Chimaera was filled with fear. And the Phoenix spread it's wings.

Hey all! Being that this is the fifth chapter, I just wanted to say thanks for reading! Please review - I would love to hear from you! Tell me how you think the story should progress; I'm always open for new ideas. I hope your enjoying my story! - Bri
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