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Danger Inherited

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Summary: After the victory against Voldemort, Harry Potter thought his life was finally free of war and tragedy. So it comes as a shock when a mysterious prediction involving him and his family app...

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[*A/N: Hi! I'm Erinly and this is my first fanfiction. This will be a Harry Potter nextgen fanfic. I will post the family tree on my tumblr later, but just know that I do not follow Cursed Child canon. However, I will try my best to abide by the 7 books. Disclaimer - Harry Potter and Hogwarts belong to J. K. Rowling.

Summary: After the victory against Voldemort, Harry Potter thought his life was finally free of war and tragedy. So it comes as a shock when a mysterious prediction involving him and his family appears in the Hall of Prophecies, bringing with it many new battles to fight. Disclaimer: Most characters and some settings belong to J. K. Rowling and not me.

Enjoy and please follow and leave a review!

Ginny Potter sat at a desk before the window, reading a letter from her youngest child Lily.

'Dear Mum,' she read, smiling, 'Louis is in Gryffindor! Dominique's very happy, she also said to me that because Ava Wood graduated, there's another Chaser Position! I really want to try out. James is annoying Sienna as usual. Yeah, he's a git but I think he actually likes her, she just thinks he's arrogant and cocky.' Ginny smirked in amusement.

'Can you tell Al to let me have the Cloak for a while?' she continued. 'I think he and Scorpius had an argument, they're not speaking. Can you send my denim jacket to me, I think it looks nice and I'm going with Daniel O'Brien to Hogsmeade on Saturday. Anyway, love you Mum. Say hi to Daddy for me!'

Ginny smiled. She loved getting letters from her children. But she would be having a word with James. Ginny wondered how Harry would react to his fourteen year old daughter on her first date.

Just then, she heard a loud crash behind her.

'Harry,' she said exasperatedly, not even bothering to look, 'can you get Errol again? Honestly, I'm surprised he's still alive after all these years.' Harry poked her head into their bedroom. 'Sure. I remember the first time I saw him, he just tumbled right into Ron's pudding, feathers, talons and all.'

Harry filled up a cup of water, ready to feed the old owl, but the old owl wasn't there.

Instead, Kingsley Shacklebolt's handsome tawny owl Zeus stood before him, shaking feathers out, a letter tied on its foot. It hooted indignantly, as if it was the window's fault for being transparent.

'It's not Errol, Gin,' he replied, curious.

He opened the window curiously, wondering why the Minister of Magic was contacting him and took the letter from Zeus, stroking the owl and watching it fly off before he turned to the envelope.

As his fingers brushed the purple Ministry of Magic seal, he caught sight of the 'Confidential' red stamp on the back along with the hastily scribbled, yet still neat, message in the casual Copperplate handwriting he recognized as Hermione's.


You need to read the message, memorize it and then burn it immediately. The information is classified and come to the Department of Mysteries ASAP. I'm afraid you can't tell Ginny more than the brief summary.



As soon as the message mentioned the Department of Mysteries, Harry felt his stomach drop to somewhere below his knees.

Even as Head Auror, Harry tried to avoid visiting there as much as he could. It brought up memories and triggered nightmares - memories that only Azkaban Crypt could trigger.

He carefully pried the envelope open, and extracted a piece of writing paper he recognized as Ministry of Magic official stationery.

As he murmured the words to himself, he felt his heart sink.

Now, being an Auror, Harry was used to dealing with murders. What he wasn't used to was finding that it hit home more so than usual.

'Dear Auror Potter,' he read, 'Your assistance is needed in the Department of Mysteries. A murder was commited in there and we believe the killer harbors a grudge against you. Please come as soon as you can. Only inform your family that you are needed. Further details will be given. This information is highly confidential. Kingsley.'

Harry clenched his fists, and he felt a familiar guilt creep up upon him. If Harry knew anything, he knew the person was likely killed because of him.

He hated that. Innocent lives being taken because of him. Harry knew that one life - his life - wasn't worth thousands of deaths. Sometimes, he wondered if it would be easier if he just let himself be killed.

He also hated that he was expected to lie to his wife. Okay, not strictly lie. Just tell her half the truth. But it was his job, and it was - though it wasn't worded like one - an order.

'Ginny?' he called. Ginny came walking into the room, braiding her bright red hair into a plait down her back. 'I need to go to the Ministry for some urgent Auror stuff. I'll probably be there for quite a while, so don't wait for me, go to bed first.'

Ginny just rolled her eyes. 'I'll wait up for you, Harry, and you know it. See you later, love,' she said, wrapping an arm around him and pecking him on the cheek.

Harry tried his best to smile. 'Sorry I can't tell you anything more,' he said, hugging Ginny. 'See you later,'

He grabbed his bag and Disapparated with a pop, dread pooling in his stomach. Harry knew the news was nothing good.
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