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No Hesitation

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Y/N has come back to the bunker covered in cuts and bruises. She reassures Cas that everything is fine, but he knows that that isn’t the truth. He is determined to find out exactly what is going on.

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Requested on Tumblr
Pairing: Castiel x daughetr!reader

You halted yourself just before heading down the steps to the entrance of the bunker. Hissing in pain, you took a deep breath to ready yourself and put on a brave face. You didn’t want anybody to find out about what happened, especially not your father. He would go berserk if he found out.

Slowly you walked down the steps and stopped at the door, placing your hand on the doorknob and turned. Muffled voices sounded from the bunker kitchen as you walked down the staircase, careful not to make too much noise. The voices got louder as you walked closer, trying to tiptoe past so they wouldn’t know you were there. You were hoping that you’d be able to fix yourself up before they seen you.

“Y/N!” A loud, booming voice shouted you and your shoulders slumped. You pasted a brave smile onto your face, fiddled with your sleeves and turned back around. “Hey guys! How’s it hangin’?” Sam and Dean were looking at you with slight worry in their eyes, whereas your dad looked furious.

“Never mind that, where have you been? You know not to go out there by yourself, the dangers that lurk out there! I thought something had happened to you!” You smiled and placed a comforting hand on his trenchcoated shoulder. “Don’t worry, dad. I’m fine. Nothing happened, I’m in one piece. I just went out for a walk and lost track of time, I’m sorry.”

You hugged him from behind, loosely wrapping your arm around his neck. Kissing the top of his head, you waved goodbye to everybody and walked towards your room. As you neared your door, you could feel the emotions you had bottled inside threaten to slip out. Limping the rest of the way, you slammed the door behind you; carefully climbing onto your bed and crying into the pillow.


You hadn’t realised that you had fallen asleep until the sound of your door woke you up. Footsteps and a gasp allowed you to wake up properly and sit up, wondering what happened. You looked at who had entered your room and it was your father, who was staring down at your arms. Following his gaze, you looked down and noticed that the sleeves of your jumper had risen in your sleep. Scrambling, you tried to pull them back down but Castiel was too quick for you.

He held your hands and sat down on the bed beside you, sadness overcoming his features. “Baby girl, what happened?” You looked away from your father and closed your eyes. You really didn’t want to tell him because you knew what would happen. “Princess, please tell me. I need to know.”

You shook your head and tears spilled down your cheeks. You felt so ashamed that you couldn’t protect yourself against them. With all of the training you had and the life that you lead, you should have been ready to fight them off, but you didn’t. “Do you want to show me instead?”

Slowly nodding your head, you lay back down with Cas sat beside you. He leaned over and placed his fingers to your temples, finding the memories of what happened.

Both anger and sadness wracked his features when he found out what happened. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and quickly stood up, walking out of your room. “Dad, where are you going?” Cas stopped and turned his head towards you. “To find my brother who hurt you, and make him pay. He needs to know that he can’t hurt my daughter to get revenge on me and get away with it.”

Your dad disappeared in front of you but Sam and Dean appeared in his place. “Where did your dad go?” You motioned them inside and over to your bed to explain what had happened.

“I just hope that he doesn’t get himself killed.” Dean pulled you into him, allowing our head to lean on his shoulder. “C’mon, kiddo. Your dad’s made of strong stuff, he’ll be ok.”

A few minutes later, Castiel reappeared in front of you with blood splatters scattered on his trench coat. He seen your eyes widen and shook his head. “It’s not mine. It’s his. I just made sure that he knows never to touch my daughter again.”
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