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Jupiter Alien (HouseBroken Fanfiction)

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Honey and Elsa agree to help a rabbit find his lost favorite movie on DVD. Chief tries to take over group in Honey's absence.

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This is my first ever fanfiction about HouseBroken. Check it out someday. It's a really cute and funny adult cartoon. Got renewed for next summer! Sadly, this will be my last fanfiction of 2021. However, on the up side, I got more goodies on the way come 2022!

Housebroken Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

Jupiter Alien

There was nothing better than a day at the dog park. Especially for Honey and Chief. Their owner Jill brought them to the park to socialize and play withy other dogs. Honey and Chief were playing catch with Jill who threw a ball in their direction.

"I'm gonna get to it first, Honey!" Chief said. "Oh no you don't!' says Honey who caught the ball before Chief. "Aww, shit! I was supposed to get that." Chief whines. "You always get it first. Let me have my winning moments too." said Honey. Chief was going to pass a bowel movement which always concerned Honey. "Great, you're getting your colitis attacks again." Honey says. Much to Honey's surprise, Chief's bowel movement was formed. "Good thing Jill has me on a new diet!" Chief said.

"What was it, The Farmer's Dog?" asked Honey. "Yeah! You should try it." said Chief. "Well, Jill has always been a good owner to us. I'm grateful she changed your diet, last time we were here you gave all the dogs in the park colitis." Honey says. "Hello? Hi." said a voice from afar. Chief and Honey go to look. It was a small rabbit brownish-white coming in their direction. "A bunny!" said Chief.

The rabbit's name was Cupcake. "Hello, my name is Cupcake. Aren't you that poodle who does therapy sessions with other animals?" asked Cupcake to Honey. "Yes, I am. What can I do for you?" asked Honey.

Cupcake explains his dillema, "I lost my favorite DVD." "A DVD? Which kind is it? A buddy cop movie like The Highwayman or Let's Be Cops?" asked Chief. "No, it's a Sci-Fi movie." explains Cupcake.

"What is the name of the movie?" asked Honey. "Well, it's called Jupiter Alien. It's my comfort movie. My owner tried to find it and then for some reason it wasn't there anymore. I was wondering if you could help me find it." said Cupcake.

"Absolutely I will. There is never an animal I can't help who is in my need." said Honey. "But, don't you have a therapy session after our Dog Park trip?" asked Chief. "I do, but I will have you take over for me while I help Cupcake find this favorite movie." said Honey.

"Hmmm, okay. I'll be more than happy to take over for you. It shouldn't be that hard." said Chief. "HONEY! CHIEF! TIME TO COME HOME!" said Jill. As Honey and Chief ran to Jill's car, they get inside as Jill drives home. Cupcake follows the car. Back at Jill's House, all the animals who come to Honey's sessions were all there. Elsa, The Grey One, Tabitha, Max, Bubbles, Tchotchke, Nibbles, Chico, Shel, Max and Diablo attended. Always meeting at the living room couch. Honey takes her place.

"Hey, Honey! What's our session going to be about today?" asked Diablo. "There's so many things about Lindsay I would like to get off my chest." concedes Sheldon. "Wait until you hear about my new life with Kevin!" boasts Chico. "Hate to say this everyone. But I will not be doing a session today." explains Honey. "WHAT! BUT WHY!" Bubbles shouted. "That psychotic uncle parrot of yours isn't making a comeback, is he?" asked The Grey One. "No, nothing like that. NO HE WAS NOT MY UNCLE! Anyway....when Chief and I were at the park. I had a run in with a rabbit." Honey tells his patients.

"A rabbit? It didn't bite you did it?" asked Nibbles. Tchotchke held his paper umbrella over his head. "This rabbit asked me to look for his favorite movie on DVD." Honey continues. "If you're out helping a rabbit find a DVD movie, who's going to take your place?" asked Tabitha. "Chief will be here." assures Honey. "Yeah, I want to try my paw at this therapy thing! I bet I'd be as good as Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting." said Chief.

"It's not as easy as Honey makes it look. Trust me I know." Elsa said sardonically. "When I'm off to help Cupcake get his DVD back, I'll need somebody to come with me." Honey says. "Yeah, who wants to volunteer." said Chief in a stand up comedian style voice. "I'll go." Elsa lends her hand. "Okay, it's settled. Elsa you come with me to help Cupcake get his DVD back. Chief, when I'm gone. I want you to do a good job." said Honey.

"You bet I will! I've been watching you do this therapy thing anyway." said Chief. "Yeah, and you never want to join my group." said Honey rolling her eyes. Elsa follows Honey out of the house. In the front yard, Honey thinks she sees Armando the wolf she's in love with around. "Armando! Is that you?" calls out Honey. "There she goes again with that Armando crap." Elsa said rolling her eyes. However, it turns out to be the Bunny named Cupcake.

"Oh, hey. So you ready to help out?" asked Cupcake. "Yes I shall." said Honey. "I'm coming with her." Elsa said. "Okay, it'll be simpler to have two dogs help me find my DVD." said Cupcake, "Come along!" said Cupcake.

Honey and Elsa were being lead by Cupcake to his house. To find Jupiter Alien, a DVD movie that was the bunny's comfort item.


In the Living Room, Chief is now holding the fort in Honey's absence. "All right, animals. What should we talk about, today?" asks Chief. The Grey One announces, "Tabitha and I are engaged." "Yeah, we already have the honeymoon planned." said Tabitha. "Wonderful! Great!" Chief says. Bubbles says, "If you two are going to get married, can I be a bridesmaid?" Max joins in, "I hope your wedding is epic like the one my former owner George Clooney had!" "How about you, Diego?" asks Chief. "It's Diablo. Honest mistake. I'm kind of shaken up. My owners just had a horrible verbal fight." Diablo tells Chief.

"Gosh, that's sad. Have you tried to do a Parent Trap thing?" asked Chief. "Hmmm, I don't know what that is." Diablo says sadly. Chief sets his eyes on Shel, "You said you wanted to get something off your chest, Shel?" "Uh, yes." Shel begins. "Go ahead and tell us." said Chief. "I'm still torn between Lindsay and Darla. I want to be with Darla, but I'm still in love with Lindsay." Shel tells his story.

"Hmm. What would Honey do? I know! Go for the one you like better." said Chief. Max was impressed with the way Chief was holding up the therapy. "Wow, you're getting pretty good at this." Max tells Chief. "Thank you! It's not as hard as Honey said it was going to be." Chief says. "You're off to a great beginning to me! Just like George Clooney when he made Syriana!" Max tells the Saint Bernard. "Didn't he die at the end of that?" asks Diablo. Chief was really feeling some pride in subsituting for Honey. "Hmm, I think I'm on a roll with this one." said Chief. "I wonder how Honey is doing helping that rabbit." wonders Nibbles.

A few houses down from theirs, Honey and Elsa were following Cupcake. Who could barely keep up with Cupcake's rabbit-like pace. "Hoppity Hop! Hoppity Hop! Hoppity Hop! Come on, jump!" Cupcake chanted. "Uhhh, we're dogs." reminded Honey. "We do jump but only onto couches and to jump over garbage cans." Elsa said. "No big deal. Just keep following me!" Cupcake says. Elsa was out of breath, "Fine. But we're doing it at our own speed."

"How much more longer is your house, Cupcake?" asked Honey. "It's just a little longer. In fact. It's somewhere in the city. Hoppity Hop! Hoppity Hop!" Cupcake tells the girl dogs. Honey and Elsa were being lead to the bridge that leads into the city. "Is this the place?" asked Honey using her tail to point to an apartment building. "Nope, but we are getting warmer!" Cupcake said. "What was the name of that DVD you lost again?" asks Elsa. "Jupiter Alien. It's the only thing that makes me feel better when my owner is away, or when something scary happens outside." Cupcake tells them.

"Like Boomsday?" asked Honey. "Yeah, something like that! Just a few steps more!" Cupcake said.

Elsa and Honey were behind Cupcake. Who was leading them to a building that looked like a vacant and empty Laundromat. "Okay! Here we are!" Cupcake announces.

The door to the laundromat was open, the three of them all entered. Surrounded by broken down washing machines and dryers. A change machine that was broke had a whole bunch of nickels, dimes, and quarters land onto the floor. "Son of a bitch! This place is frightening!" Elsa observes. "Hmm, no wonder you need that DVD to keep you calm." said Honey.

"Yeah you don't know the half of it." Cupcake tells Honey and Elsa. "Shit, this place is like House on Haunted Hill." said Honey. "Your owner watched that too?" asked Cupcake. "All right we're here. We have a DVD to find!" Honey says. "Now, if I were a DVD. Where would I be?" Elsa tries to use her nose to detect.

As Honey and Elsa were using their noses to sniff out the DVD. Cupcake sneaks out of the laundromat and slams the door. The sound of the slamming startles both Honey and Elsa. Both of them bark at the noise. Cupcake jumps onto a window and laughs at them.

"FOOLED YOU!" laughs Cupcake.

"Is this some kind of a prank?" Honey demands. "Not at all. In fact, I'm not a rabbit named Cupcake at all!" said Cupcake who took off his rabbit disguise. "Want to see who I really am?"

"This'll be good for a laugh." says Elsa. The rabbit known as 'Cupcake' was really Raccoon in disguise the whole time. "Raccoon! I should have known." Honey said with an angry glare. "Why did you bring us all this way?" asks Elsa.

"Because I want your garage! And now that I finally have you both trapped. I can finally have it all to myself!" Raccoon tells both Honey and Elsa.

"You wouldn't dare!" Elsa speaks out. "Oh yes I did! After I take over your garage, I'm taking over your therapy sessions too!" said Raccoon. "But why would you do such a thing?" asks Honey.

"Why? I'm a raccoon. I love to fool house pets! And by the way, there was no DVD movie called Jupiter Alien! HA! HA! HA! HA! You dumb house pets would believe anything! Now if you'll excuse me...." Raccoon says jumping from the window. Using his tail to lock Honey and Elsa inside the vacant laundromat.

"You won't get away with this!" Elsa promises. "Think I already have!" Raccoon said taunting and mocking them. "Take away my therapy! NEVER!" Honey said. "Have fun in the dark together! Honey's Garage and Therapy! Here I come!" Raccoon runs off. Honey and Elsa were both confused, terrified, and felt a sense of loneliness.

"Oh shit!" Honey said. "Chief has taken over your therapy and he'll probably never notice Raccoon in the garage." said Elsa. "You're right. Chief has always been oblivious in that regard." Honey said.

"We are trapped. Perhaps forever." Elsa cries. "I know. Worst thing in the world about this is.....NOBODY KNOWS WE'RE HERE!" Honey yells in horror.

As Raccoon was on his way to take over Honey's garage and her life. Honey and Elsa find themselves in a difficult situation they had never been in before.


At the living room in Jill's house. Chief decides to wrap up the therapy session. "Okay thank you all for coming and...." Chief gets cut off my Chico. "Hey, wait a minute! You forgot me. Don't you want to hear about my stories?" asked Chico. "Holy shit! How could I have been so stupid and....." Chief began. Then all the animals hear Jill come home. "Guess this is the end of the session. Come back tomorrow!" Chief tells them all. As soon as Jill parked her car in the garage, Raccoon secretly wormed his way inside. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Final Destination! Honey's garage! And now we begin!" Raccoon said in a sadistic tone.

Chico, Diablo, Tchotchke, Nibbles, The Grey One, Tabitha, and Shel all ran out. On her way out, Tabitha tells Chief, "Must admit I didn't really have much faith in you taking over for Honey. You're actually really good." said Tabitha. "Wow, thanks Tab! That means a lot!" Chief called out. "She's right you know. It's like Honey never left." Bubble agrees. "This is awesome! I can get used to this." said Chief. "When Honey comes back, she'll be grateful." Bubble tells Chief. "Yeah! Cool!" Chief says going to greet Jill. Now Jill had no idea Honey was gone. So Jill sees a blanket on Honey's bed thinking it was Honey.

"Hello Honey and Chief! My babies! Were you two being good?" asked Jill. "I sure have been!" thinks Chief to himself. Back at the vacant laundromat, Honey and Elsa were struggling to try to find a way out. Elsa jumps onto the window where Raccoon made his getaway. "Dammit! It's closed!" Elsa says. Honey tried the door, "It's no use! A dead end." Honey said hopelessly.

"Raccoon must've locked us in good." Elsa observes. "No question about that." said Honey who then wondered how Chief was doing. "Hopefully Chief will send some signal to Jill that I'm in danger." said Honey. "Only thing is, Chief doesn't know we're here. He thinks we're helping that rabbit. Who turned out to be Raccoon." said Elsa. "I know he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's bound to sense something about me." Honey said. "Wonder how he handled your therapy in your absence?" asks Elsa. Honey and Elsa bump into some broken washers and dryers. "You think these things can lead us out?" asked Elsa. "No way. Those are called washers and dryers. From what I know those things just wash and dry blankets and clothes. Some dog toys too." Honey implies.

"That what those things are for? Heard my owner listen to some awful horror stories about kids putting pets like us in those things." Elsa said in a freaked out kind of way. "Say listen. Doesn't your owner work at this spooky washer dryer place? Think I remember you told me about her job." Honey tells Elsa. "No, she's unemployed and lives on money checks or something like that." Elsa answers. "You're not her support dog for nothing." Honey talks.

A rumbling sound was heard from outside. Honey and Elsa both shook in fear. "Di...di...did you hear that?" cries Elsa. "I did. What do you think it might be?" asks Honey. "Maybe that sound is none other than the....Jupiter Alien!" Elsa freaks.

"Jupiter Alien was a DVD movie, was it not?" asks Honey. "Think that's probably why that son of a bitch Raccoon locked us in here." said Elsa. "You think he left us here to die?" Honey said with shock. "Exactly. Remember Raccoon said there was no such DVD movie as Jupiter Alien and....." Elsa says.

"Think I get where you're coming from with this." Honey said with fright in her eyes. "Of course. Jupiter!" Elsa shouts showing her Corgi face up close. "He set us up to meet him here. So the Jupiter Alien can EAT US!" Honey said. Honey and Elsa huddled together and shuddered with terror.

Elsa finds a two by four plywood and puts it in her mouth. "That looks like something Chief would do." said Honey. Elsa said with her voice muffled, "If we want to get out of here and confront Raccoon with what he did to us. We will have to fight!"

"Fight what, exactly?" Honey asked with confusion. "The Jupiter Alien of course." said Elsa. "I do know how to scratch and bite." Honey concedes. "We'll need to do more than that if we want to defeat the Jupiter Alien!" Elsa says. Honey gets in a stance and says, "You're right. Next time we hear that rumbling sound. We'll be prepared!" Honey has agreed with Elsa.

Night had turned into day. Chief gets up from his bed. He goes to greet Honey. However, Honey was not back yet. Like Jill yesterday. Chief also mistaken the blanket on Honey's bed for the real Honey. "Hey, Honey! Glad you're back. How did it go with that bunny?" asked Chief.

Nudging the blanket, Chief tries to wake up what he thinks is Honey. "Honey! Honey! It's morning! I did a good job with your therapy session and..." Chief takes the blanket off Honey's bed and sees she is gone. "Hmmm. Guess helping out that bunny is taking a lot more longer than I thought. Well, more sessions for me!" said Chief. Jill petted Chief on the head, "I'm going to work, you and Honey be good while I'm gone. Think you can do that?" asks Jill. Chief kisses Jill's hand. "You're both adorable. If we ever have Bring Your Pet To Work Day, I will surely bring you both!" Jill says. Headed out to her car in the garage. Jill drives off to work.

In the garage, as soon as Jill departed, Raccoon was doing a rumba dance. "Cha cha cha cha cha CHA! Cha cha cha cha CHA! I Got Honey's Gar-age! Soon I'll Get Her Sessions!" Raccoon was singing to the rumba beat. "Honey is so stu-pid! Elsa is even more so! Can't believe they fell for! That Jupiter Alien bull-shit! Cha cha cha cha cha CHA! Cha cha cha cha CHA!"

Honey and Elsa, will stranded inside the vacant laundromat. Were waiting to hear the noise from outside. "Here's the plan. When we hear that noise again, we charge at the Jupiter Alien with this stick! Got it!" Elsa orders Honey. "Yes, I got it!' Honey said. The sound from outside was heard again. "Here it comes! Grab the stick!" Elsa demands. Both Elsa and Honey grabbed the wooden two by four and charged where they thought the sound was coming from. Then they both fall backwards.

"I thought this would work!" Elsa said with disappointment. "Well, we've never had to deal with a dog eating alien before." Honey implied. "Yeah that's true. But I refuse to be the main course for this stupid ass alien!" Elsa barks. "Me too!" said Honey, "As I always say to Diablo, Chico and the others, we'll just try again." Honey said. The noise was heard once more, Honey and Elsa try again with the two by four. Just as before, they get the same results.

"This is no use! We'll have to call for help." Honey suggested. "You can if you want. But not me! I won't rest until this Jupiter Alien is defeated!!" Elsa says as determined as ever. Honey looks outside and she sees Armando.

"Elsa! Great news! No need to fight the Jupiter Alien!" Honey says. "Really? Why?" asks Elsa. "Armando can come and save us from the Jupiter Alien!" Honey said. "Well okay. You can go for it. Knock yourself out." said Elsa trying again with the two by four plywood.

At the Living Room. Chief hosts another therapy session. Nibbles asks, "Honey is gone again?" "Yeah, maybe it's a business thing. So here I am again!" Chief said. "Maybe that snake ate her." Nibbles says. "Don't say that! That creeps the shit out of me!" Diablo shouts. "Let's all settle down. Try to get along. Chico, you told you had a story to share. What is it?" asked Chief to Chico.

"More and more, I am enjoying living with Kevin." Chico tells everyone. "Oh no! Don't tell me you're in a joint dispute like my owners are." Diablo says. "The thing is, at the end of the day he always sends me back with Dana." Chico tells everyone. Chief was speechless and breaking out in a stressful sweat. "I hate staying with Dana because she's so authoritarian with me." Chico concludes. "Thats sad, I had no idea." said Diablo. Shel begins, "I am not sure what to do about my love life. Should I be with Darla or Lindsay?" Max adds on, "Whenever my owner George Clooney leaves the house to make a movie. I have the house to myself. But...I don't have the slightest clue as to what to do with myself when I'm all alone.

Nibbles then says, "So, Chief. You've seen Honey do these sessions. What do you think we ought to do?" The Grey One asks Chief, "When the time comes for Tabitha and I to be married...." Tabitha added, "His mother in law wants to come to our honeymoon."

"I'm still truamatized by Boomsday..." Diablo says. "Should I invite my mother in law to me and Tabitha's honeymoon?" asked The Grey One.

Chief did not know how to handle so many problems being thrown at him all at once. Nibbles said, "Chief! Chief! Hello!" Tchotchke waves his paper umbrella at Chief who was staring at the walls. Under so much pressure to answer all these questions. "Uhhh.....welll......." Chief says.

"Oh no! He's frozen stiff!" Diablo says. "We need to do something!" said Max. "If only Honey were here." said Nibbles. "I know, she ought to be back from helping that bunny right about now!" said Shel.

"I miss Honey. She always knew the answers." said Diablo. "Agreed. She would never freeze up like Chief is here." Max said.

Chief was trapped inside his head, the voice that was his inside his brain says, "Not so simple, isn't it!" "Gosh what is taking Honey so long! She's been gone for over a day!" Tabitha wonders. "First I say we try to snap Chief out of his trance!" Max says. "What are you going to do? Try something from Hail Ceaser?" asks Nibbles sarcastically. Tabitha and The Grey One look at him, "What? That's a George Clooney movie, isn't it? Max does live with him." Nibbles shrugs.


Meanwhile at the vacant laundromat. Honey sees the wolf she thinks is Armando. The sound grew louder and louder. Elsa tries to 'fight' but kept falling over every time. Going into one of her fantasies, Honey imagines herself imprisoned in a dog kennel. Honey's image of 'Jupiter Alien' looked like the planet Jupiter itself, but had a hideous face on it. The Jupiter Alien in Honey's imagination hones in on her. About to have her for lunch, until Armando shoots a laser gun at Jupiter Alien until it explodes. Armando releases Honey from the kennel. The two kiss.

"Oh, Armando! You're my knight and shining armor!" Honey says seductively. Elsa snaps Honey out of her fantasy when she gets a good look at the wolf like dog walking down the street. "Sorry to get your hopes up, but that's not Armando!" Elsa speaks. "It isn't?" Honey asked.

"Nope. Just a dog that looks like him." Elsa observes. When Honey sees that the wolf like dog isn't Armando, her hope begins to fade, "Oh shit." Honey said hanging her head. The wolf like dog was on a walk with it's owner. "Don't worry about it, someone is bound to figure out we're gone." said Elsa.

"Yeah, who? Max? Or Nibbles?" Honey says. "Knight and shining armor? You seen On Golden Pond? That's my owner's favorite movie." Elsa says.

"Let's face reality here. We're stuck here and the Jupiter Alien is going to eat us whole." Honey says. Elsa concludes, "You have another chance to help me fight!"

"No. I never thought it would come to this. I've been helping animals with their emotions. Now I'm the one who's an emotional wreck." Honey said sadly. "I understand how you must feel. Damn that Raccoon son of a bitch! For leading us here and trapping us." Elsa said.

"You took the words right out of my muzzle." Honey said about to cry. "Don't worry. Don't worry. Somebody has to figure out we're lost." assured Elsa. "The only one who does know is us and Raccoon." Honey said saddened. The noise grew louder, Elsa decides to check out where the noise was coming from.

"All right, Jupiter Alien! You're not going to get the best of us and....." Elsa says jumping onto the window where Raccoon locked them in. Looking out the window, Elsa is relieved that there wasn't any 'Jupiter Alien' out to get them. All Elsa sees are construction workers filling up potholes.

"Honey! This will make you feel better." Elsa said. "What can?" asked Honey. "Come take a look out this window. This is where all that noise was coming from." Elsa says.

Honey jumped onto the window and then she sees the construction workers. "So that's what the noise was? Construction?" Honey talks. "Exactly. you know, these construction workers can be our hope to get out of here!" said Elsa.

"Great idea! Let's try to get their attention!" Honey said. "Hope they will see us!" Elsa adds. "It's good to know there's some hope for help. And that Jupiter Alien was a bunch of bullshit!" Honey laughs.

"It was all my fault. I was the idiot who believed it." Elsa said with regret. "We all can be dumbasses at times. Now come and help me get those construction worker's attention!" Honey tells Elsa.

Honey and Elsa were barking and banging at the window. So far, the construction workers don't notice them.

Back at Jill's house. In the garage, the Raccoon was enjoying himself and having a one animal party. Raccoon was eating the garbage out of the can. "MMMM! MMMMM! Man! House pets sure know how to live it up!" Raccoon says indulging himself.

At the living room, Chief finally snaps out of his frozen state. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! SORRY I CAN'T HELP ANY OF YOU WITH YOUR PROBLEMS! AND THIS IS ONLY MY SECOND DAY!"

"Well, there is only one thing we can do." said The Grey One. "We all need to team up to find out where Honey is!" Nibbles said. "It's not like a therapist to have a meltdown on the second day on the job." Tabitha says.

Suddenly, Diablo perks up and sniffs around. "What is it? You onto something?" asked Max. "Something disturbing is in the garage!" Diablo stated. "Let's all go over to see what it is." Shel insisted. "That could be a clue where Honey is." Chico tells his friends. "We need to get Honey back and pronto!" Bubbles says. Then a loud sound was heard in the garage that caught the attention of all the animals. With Chief leading the way, Max, Shel, Diablo, The Grey One, Tabitha, Tcotchkie, Chico, and Nibbles all run to the garage.

Chief opens the door that leads to the garage. Much to his surprise. He sees that Raccoon has taken over the garage. Dancing around. Raccoon was playing Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment on the record player. Shel slowly walks up and unplugs the record player. Raccoon stops dancing and screams when he sees Chief, Tcotchkie, Nibbles, Shel, Diablo, The Grey One, Tabitha, Chico, and Max all standing next to him.


Raccoon stands in fear of the angry mob of animals standing before him. "What the fuck is this!" screams Raccoon. "Hey, we don't use that word on this show!" The Grey One informed. "First time ever we broke fourth wall!" Tabitha says. "You know why we're here! We demand to know where Honey is!" Chief says. "I don't know what you're talking about! I haven't seen her in a long time!" Raccoon denies.

"I got an idea! Let's force a confession out of him!" Nibbles suggests. "No, no, no! No need to resort to violence." Chico said, "I'll sit on him! I'm the fattest one here!" said Max. "You better tell us where Honey is!" Diablo says with daggers in his eyes.

"Not only is Honey missing, Elsa is gone too!" The Grey One affirms. "Yeah, no doubt that she went with her." said Shel. "Now we're going to ask you once more. Where is Honey and Elsa!" Chief demands. "Okay okay okay! All right all right all right! I pretended to be a rabbit to lure her into a trap!" Raccoon said. "But, why would you do such a thing?" Tabitha asked. "Honey, it's just that. She has the life I've always wanted! A therapist, friends, a house to live in an owner who loves her......why can't I be like that?" asked Raccoon.

"Because wild animals like you aren't allowed to be house pets!" Nibbles says. "Tell us where she and Elsa are!" Diablo warns. "Okay, Honey and Elsa are in the big city. In some building with washers or something like that." said Raccoon.

"I know what he's talking about! The laundromat! George Clooney goes there all the time." said Max. "Do you know where it is?" asked Chief. "Absolutely I do. Just follow me! It's over the bridge!" said Max. Nibbles picks up Raccoon and throws him out of the garage. "That's what you get for trying to take over Honey's life you wild rabid son of a whore!" Nibbles yells. Feeling that he's lost, Raccoon walks away crying deep into the woods. "Serves him right." Shel said.

Max leads the way to the laundromat. Shel stops for a minute as he looks at his love interest Lindsay who's a croc shoe. "Still don't know who to choose!" Diablo slaps Shel, "We haven't got time for that! Help us look for Honey and Elsa!" "Fine!" said Shel.

At the laundromat, Honey and Elsa try like hell to get the attention of the construction workers. Who don't notice the two dogs stuck inside the laundromat. "Give it up, it's no use." Honey said hopelessly. "Guess you're right." Elsa agrees.

"We're lost forever." said Honey. "And to think I thought an alien from Jupiter was after us." said Elsa. "It's not your fault you thought that. If you want to blame anyone, blame Raccoon. He's the one who made you think that." Honey said.

Just when they believe all was lost and they would never be found. Honey perks up as soon as she hears Chief barking. "Oh my gosh! Do you hear that Elsa?" Honey says wagging her tail.

"I do! Could it be?" pondered Elsa. "It is! I know that bark anywhere! It's Chief! He's come to find us!" said Honey. "Perhaps he finally wised up!" Elsa snarked.

Using every once of strength he had, Chief breaks down the door to the laundromat. Max says, "We're here to save you, Honey!" "Oh look, and there's Max!" said Honey. Elsa sees everyone else, "It's a miracle! The gang's all here!"

Tchotchke tries to tell how they found Raccoon in the garage using an animal sign language. Honey says, "It is so good to see all of you again! Glad you all found out somehow that Raccoon was the culprit!"

The Grey One says, "We missed you so much!" "Yeah, we thought you were gone forever!" said Tabitha. "We even believed we were going to be stuck with Chief as our therapist." Added Chico. "Trust me, I sucked at therapy. I was doing good for the first day. Then when were you gone the next day. Which is today. I just could not take it. I'm sorry." said Chief to Honey.

"He sure sucked at therapy! Best to leave it to the pros, dude!" teased Nibbles. "It's okay, Chief. I give you credit for trying." said Honey. "There's some things Honey is good at and things Chief is good at." said Shel.

"That's true. Come on. Let's all go home!" said Chief. "Am I so glad to be out of that laundromat!" said Elsa. "Don't blame you there! The reason it's empty now is because George Clooney bought out the place." Max says. Honey leads the way as she and her animal friends were on their way back to Jill's house.


As Max, Diablo, Elsa, Nibbles, Tchotchke, The Grey One, Tabitha, Chico, and Shel were all waiting for Honey to do her therapy session. Chief stops Honey for a minute.

"I need you to do something for me." said Chief.

"Sure, anything. You can join group if you want." suggested Honey.

"No, in fact. I want to be banned...." says Chief.

Honey answers, "Banned? From what?"

"From ever taking over your therapy. I sucked at it so bad." said Chief.

"I know you feel terrible about panicking. If it makes you feel any better, you'll never have to get involved with group ever again." said Honey.

"Thank you." said Chief. "Now go out there and break a leg!"

"You know I will!" said Honey.

Chief goes to his bed while Honey does her group therapy session. Elsa announces, "Here is she! The dog of the hour, Honey!"

"That's right. I'm back everyone." Honey tells her group.

Shel, Max, Diablo, Tabitha, The Grey One, Chico, Nibbles, and Tchotchke all cheer for Honey's return.

"So should we tell them about our ordeal being stuck thinking Jupiter Alien was out to get us?" asked Elsa.

"Yes, I think they all deserve to know what went on back there." said Honey.

"Then after you're done. Maybe you can hear about our problems." said Chico.

"So I shall. It all started off with me and Chief being in the dog park...." Honey tells her story.

"Can't wait to hear it." said Bubbles.

Chief sleeps in his bed. As all the other group therapy animals listened to the adventure Honey and Elsa had. Raccoon was watching Honey from a tree far up top.

Raccoon snickers, "I'm going to get you one day, Honey! Someday soon. You better watch your ass!" Then an owl screeches at Raccoon which caused Raccoon to fall off the tree.

"WWWWOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Raccoon lands safely as he keeps his vow to take over Honey's life one day. "That was a close call. Anyway...." Raccoon then climbs into a bush and watches Honey do her group therapy session. Waiting for the day. A day that will never come no matter how hard Raccoon wished and hoped.


The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy Production!

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