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A Wolf in a New World

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A horribly tormented soul is tripped into another world with nothing but a knife and the clothes on his back. How would YOU survive?

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“Hey! Freak! Catch!”
The sound of a heavy impact was heard as a tall, bulky boy of 15 years was taken to the ground, dropped back a well thrown brick to the back. He dropped with a low grunt of surprised shock, but made no other sound. The thrower, a tall girl with brown eyes, came over laughing as she lifted a second brick.
“Here! Let me help!”
She hit him in the back repeatedly with the red building material giggling like she was being tickled the entire beating. The boy didn’t move as it finally shattered over his spine and she proceeded to kick the proned boy in the ribs with malicious force. She finally stopped the vicious beating when she was hunched over panting from exertion. She had a very pleased with herself expression on her face as she spit on the fallen boy.
“Just kill yourself. No one wants you here. Everyone hates you. Seriously. Kill yourself.”
She walked off as the boy got back to his feet without a single sign of pain. he dusted himself off with a sigh. Another day in the life of me. Hoo-fuckin-ray. The boy walked through the front door of his high school where more jeers were thrown at him by every passing soul.
“Hey, ya fucking monster! Go die in a hole!”
“Ew, get away from me freak!”
“Hey! Sped fuck! Die!”
The boy just ignored them as usual. Bunch of braying hyenas. I wish THEY would die. He reached his second floor locker and looked at himself in the integrated mirror it had for some odd freakin reason. He sighed as he brushed his short cut black hair while his brown eyes shown with walls of steel to protect himself from the monsters he lived with. His face was clear and strong while his skin was slightly darker then the white skin norm of his new England home. His body was bulky from his arduous life and his outfit a thick hoodie and jeans with work boots. He got his bag he carried his school books in and went into the class.
“Naamani. You’re late again. One more time and it’s a class beating.”
The singled out boy just nodded and took his seat at the back of the class after brushing the tacks from it of course. He opened his book and passed the class watching the teacher do his job. I guess they failed the test yesterday. They JUST taught this lesson last week. He was taking the notes when a large book slammed into his head from the side.
“Freak. Answer the question.”
The boy ignored his attacker.
“35 sir.”
The teacher grumbled.
“Fucking smartassed freak. Hit em again Clark.”
the boy got a second, more vicious shot that slammed his head off the desk, and the class clapped.
“well done Clark. No homework for the class today. The freak gets three sheets.”
Not even acknowledging his savage hits the boy just looked at the whiteboard. The class ended and the boy got subjected to the class beating anyway. And he just laid there letting them break a three wooden rod over his back. They got bored after the third rod and went to class as the boy got off the floor.
“Tyler? Why haven’t you just killed yourself already?”
Tyler, the beaten boy, smirked at the exasperated teacher.
“It’ll take a helluva lot more then YOU people to break me. But by all means try. I’ll still be here.”
The teacher smirked at that.
“It seems you’ve just signed up for an afterschool session. Good for you. We proper members of society need to be amused.”
Tyler just walked back out and to his next class. Idiots thing they can break me. Pff. Let them try. The tortured boy’s day went on like that until the bell rang and school was dismissed. Tyler left the grounds and was walking along the rising streets and falling roadways of his home town when a cop pulled over beside him.
“Hey! Fuckwad!”
Tyler got hit with the cop’s stungun and dropped as the volts of electricity tore through his body. The cop’s partner got out and hit him as well with his stungun while the first loaded a fresh charge into his. Tyler got hit a further four times before the cops drove off laughing. He got off the ground and kept moving. The tingling feeling from the stunguns leaving him nearly immediately. I guess they were behind schedule. He crossed the center bridge that led into his side of town and now had to dodge people trying to hit him, but NOT damage their cars. Tyler hid a smirk as one lady missed him, only to hit the fire hydrant he’d been standing in front of. He walked off as the fuming lady had to call her out of state insurance as she’s shattered her bumper. Tyler sighed as he walked up the long hill to his house. He could hear the fighting as his mother and stepfather were at it again over whether to just poison his food or kill him in his sleep. Tyler just walked into the house of screams, went up the stairs and shut the door to his room. He put the locks and chains in place before barricading the door with his bed. He then made a meal from canned foods he’d stockpiled for such occasions when he couldn’t trust their food. He then closed the door on his hidden crawlspace that was his ACTUAL room they never knew was there. Inside his only sanctuary he turned the small lantern he’d stolen from the outdoor shop and started reading from his favorite weaponry encyclopedia. He heard the door get forced open,
“Goddammit! That fucking thing went out the window again!”
“How the fuck does he do that? It’s not that smart!”
“WHY didn’t you get an abortion?”
“WHY can’t you kill it?”
The arguing over his worthless life went on as the door was slammed as they left. Tyler settled into the sleeping bag that was his bed and sighed.
“They won’t break me.”


Tyler opened his eyes to his watch alarm and went about his morning routine: stealing a shower, grabbing a poptart and energy drink, and leaving the house before anyone knew he was there. He walked along the road in the chilly new England morning as most had yet to wake up. It was the only time he could walk freely and not have to keep as tight a watch. He was headed to school as per the weekday schedule. The boy just keeping a low profile as the only sound he heard was the sounds of his own boots steps in the still morning air. If this place wasn’t such a freakin hell hole, it wouldn’t be a half-bad place to live. I guess. He sighed at that as he passed the repaired fire hydrant. A few cars were on the roads and he had to dodge a few hits, but for the most part it was just him and his shadow. He was walking passed an alley when a light caught his eye. He looked over curiously to see a small shimmer in the air like the ripples over a hot fire. Now on alert, Tyler walked over to the shimmering air pocket. What the hell? He was able to get right up to the shimmer and look at the thing. As he did, he thought he could see a lush, green field on the other side of the shimmer. Yet when he looked around it, all he saw was the end of the alley. He looked back at the shimmer and saw the same green field.
“what is this?”
His guarded, tenor voice asked the question. He looked over his shoulder to the alley entrance as he considered the best course of action. Should I stay or should I go? Nice reference. He looked at the shimmer again and made the choice. He turned and walked away. Only as he took the second step away from the shimmer, he tripped. Tyler threw his hands out to keep himself from face planting and found himself landing in thick, lush grass on the side of a hill. He blinked at this development before looking behind him. The shimmer showed the end of the brick and cement alley and as Tyler got up to walk towards it, it rippled before vanishing entirely. Beyond the spot the shimmer had been was a small town with a wall of black stone surrounding it on three sides with a river to the left hand side. Tyler rubbed his head in utter dumbfounded confusion. I just die? I just died didn’t i? There was a burst of wind from behind him, convincing him to look. Soon as he did he gasped in shocked awe as a gigantic flying ship flew over his head. The thing was easily 100 feet long with a set of spinning, glowing rings on the bottom that seemed to be what was keeping her aloft. Her hull was bristling with small square panels he KNEW were for cannons and on the prow of the massive craft was a large golden statue of a man leaning on a two handed sword. The top of the ship had oddly placed viewing decks one would expect over a cliffside, NOT on a sky faring vessel. The entire craft was a deep red, with shot of gold torn out of the sides while a large crest of a dragon being slain by the same sword wielding man on the prow statue was seen. Tyler gaped at the magnificent craft when he noticed a panel open near the keel of the ship, and a girl poke her head out of the confines of the interior. Tyler was jerked from his awe by the sight of another person and saw she was a beautiful girl with long, flowing golden hair and light skin. She seemed to notice him on the ground as she waved at the boy on the ground looking at her. He waved back and he saw her smile. She got hailed from within and was gone. The craft wasn’t alone in the sky either. Now with a clear head, Tyler could see smaller escort crafts in a rigid box shaped pattern around the hulking thing. These smaller craft resembling large birds with machineguns in their metal wings. They too, had rotating circles beneath them, but not to the extent of the main beast. The sky procession drifted by and headed in the direction of a massive white tower that even at the distance Tyler was at, it was still a good three inches across, even though he couldn’t see the base of the tower for the land. The craft went on it’s way and Tyler looked around seeking a focal point, or a FUCKING EXPLANATION. He was still clad in his denim jeans, hoodie and work boots, but was unarmed, broke, and lost in a very foreign landscape. He was on the side of a small hill that over looked the village with a large forest behind the hill that seemed to stretch on for miles. To his left lay a burbling river with the clearest water he’d ever seen, which as he noticed this found the air tasted purer then he could ever remember as well. On his right was a large cattle field with a large herd of brown cows, some black furred bulls, a few dairy cows, and a shepherd and his dog tending the animals. Tyler ran his hands through his hair and tried to understand what just happened.
“Where the FUCK am I?”
He looked at the town, and found he could see quite clearly as well as hear even more clearly. He looked at the sky in the direction of the flying convoy and nodded.
“Step one: figure out where I am.”
He looked at the ground around his feet, and spotted a small dagger laying in the dirt. Well. That’s convenient. He lifted it and found it to be a steel weapon not unlike a large bowie knife. There was even a sheath and belt for it. As he took it there was a note attached to the belt.
“Welcome to Vera! Enjoy life in a new world!”
Tyler just snorted.
“Okay. I just got Isekaied. Yippee.”
He put the note away and looked at his new best friend. It was about 7 inches long with a grip of polished oaken wood perfect for his fist. The blade had a large bill that tapered to a needle-like tip. He fitted the weapon belt into his empty belt loops. The thing hung at his right hip and he found he could reach it with a flick of his wrist. He then looked at the town and nodded.
“Let’s see who I live with now.”
He started walking towards what looked like the main gate. His eyes taking in as many details as he could. The black stoned wall was twenty five feet high and seemed to be made of outright obsidian. That little observation raised an eyebrow. Any culture that would have access to that much obsidian is either well off, the supply is very plentiful, or they don’t know the true value of the stone. He noted the clothing of some travelers entering the city was very similar to his hoodie and jeans. Good. As long as they speak my language I won’t stick out too much. The stranger in a strange land took a spot behind the group of five travelers as they approached the gate. The group consisted of three women, two men. Tyler could tell from the weaponry they were carrying they were either militia or active fighters or both. One lady had a large white bow on her back with a quiver of black arrows, her friend directly to her left had a short sword and shield on her back, while the last lady carried a gem tipped staff while wearing a set of red robes. Ten bucks say she’s a mage of some kind. The first man had a massive greatsword strapped over his back while the last member merely had a set of long daggers. Tyler chuckled silently as he saw the party. A shielder, a mage, a greatsworder, a rogue, and an archer. That’s a rather well-balanced party. Smart. The musing boy also picked up on the fact he’d been noticed as their conversation stopped and a few hands went to weapons on belts. I guess just having a tall, sullen looking guy like me just magically appear behind them is enough cause for caution. Fair enough. They reached the gate where the party was waved along as the helmed guard seemed to know them.
“Ahh, Welcome back Gorg! Nice to have the Warlocks back!”
The Warlocks? THAT’S your party name? Pff. That is so cringey! Tyler walked up next and the guard assailed him.
“Oi. I don’t know yer face. State yer business in Term.”
Tyler smiled ruefully at the suspicious man.
“I’m a lost traveler, Sir. No clue WHERE I am. Was hoping to figure that out here.”
The man’s brown eyes narrowed as he saw the lack of ANY gear for a traveler.
“A traveler ya say? What’s yer name, lad?”
“Tyler? The hell kinda name is that?”
Tyler sighed.
“I know, I know it sucks. Me mother wasn’t very good at names.”
That got a snort.
“I guess not. So, you’re just a ‘lost traveler’ eh? Where’s your gear and weapons?”
Tyler sighed and lifted his hoodie to show the knife.
“I’m used to hardship. Be amazed how far a good knife can take ya.”
That got an approving nod.
“Well said that. Well, ya seem true and I detect no lie in yer words. I can ALSO tell yer a copperless one at that.”
“Oi! I try Dammit!”
that got a laugh from the man.
“Yer a funny one too! If ya need coin head to the guild at the end of the street there. Ya get lost again just ask.”
“If I get lost on a straight street I might as well just find a ditch.”
That got another laugh as Tyler noted the man’s spear and sword. The guard wiped a tear now,
“Okay. Ya be granted access to the township long as you obey her laws. Ya open yer mouth deal with the consequences, if ya play us for fools the stocks and gallows enjoy visitors. We clear?”
“Get going ya rogue.”
Tyler chuckled as he walked into the town. okay. I got a lot from that. Coppers must be the low end of currency here. Ten bucks say it goes up to gold. I need money, INFORMATION, and a plan. He walked along the street taking in the sights of the town. the main street just inside the gate was hard-packed earth lined with shops, wagons drawn by horses, men, women and children in leather based outfits while armed and armored guards patrolled the streets. I feel like I just stepped into a town from Spice and Wolf. He looked to see a small crowd gathered around a man at a stall. Curious, Tyler walked over to hear the man speak.
“Ladies and gentlemen, wish to test your eyes? Place a bet on the tray and prove your strength of sight!”
Tyler smirked. Hello money. He walked up to see a man place a knife on the counter and the man put a gold coin, a silver coin, and a copper under a set of five cups. Tyler frowned as he saw this. A street hustle. Not bad. The man moved the cups around with a speed born of hours of practice until he stopped.
“Choose wisely.”
The man picked the center one without hesitating, only to come up empty. The miffed man walked off as Tyler stepped up now.
“So, me knife when I win gets me?”
He placed the thing on the counter, and the man laughed.
“A confident one! That will get you, if ya win that is, 5 gold coins!”
He heard a low whistle from behind him. Guess that’s a decent amount.
“Sure. Butta, I wouldn’t recommend a cheat. It won’t work.”
The people behind him blinked at this proclamation as the man smirked at this arrogant boy. The vendor put the gold coin under the cup and Tyler’s eyes locked onto it. Then the shuffling began and Tyler’s eyes followed it’s every move for a solid three minutes. Then the man tried a fakeout, and made the claim.
“Choose wisely.”
Tyler flicked the cup over and the gold coin was seen. The crowd gasped at this feat. The man slumped as Tyler took his knife back.
“five gold please.”
The crowd laughed at his confident tone. The man handed Tyler the five golden disks with s sullen expression.
“Well earned lad.”
Tyler chuckled as he walked off with the gold. I half expected him to cheat me. I mean that fakeout was a decent trick. But still. He shrugged and looked at a gold coin. The thing being the size of a quarter from the other world with the image of a crowned man stamped onto it. I wonder if this is real gold? Be kinda nifty if it were. The boy looked to the end of the street and saw a large building with a large number of people flowing in and out in various types of gear. Guess I found the hall. He walked to the door where the same party that he’d followed in were leaving with a piece of paper and a picture of a larger T-rex looking thing on it with the words,
“Wanted: Slaying of a Forest Tyrant. Reward 10 gold.”
Tyler noted this and walked inside as the mage happened to look him in the eye as he passed. She blinked and seemed utterly shocked by his face, and Tyler paused to lift an eyebrow. And she FREAKING BLUSHED! Now confused by her severe reaction he went to look at her properly, only for her to start walking a bit faster with her head turned forward. The hell was that about? He shrugged and walked inside. First thing that hit him was the noise. Jokes, insults, jabs, challenges and calls for ale were thrown thick and fast inside the rowdy hall. Tyler smirked as he saw this. I kinda feel like I just stepped into a Fairytail guild hall. Nifty. He looked around as a large, broad shouldered man hailed him.
“Oi!, Laddee! Ya lost!”
Tyler chuckled at the bigger man.
“More an ya know.”
That got a chuckle as the man waved him over.
“If it’s information ya looking fer I can help.”
Tyler chuckled as he sat down.
“Thankee kindly. First one. Ahhh, what’s this country called?”
They just looked at him, then laughed.
“Oh he’s lost all right!”
The man took a swig from his ale.
“I can see yer not a drunkard. Sit tight lad. I’ll be glad to help out.”
The country Tyler had SOME FREAKIN HOW wound up in was called Vera. A large human monarchy governed by the crown king and his family. From what the man told Tyler the kingdom was close to 4000 years old. That made him blink as he next learned the currency system WAS copper to silver to gold. 5 gold coins lasting the average family of four a full week of meals, and clothing. Hearing this bit, Tyler felt an immense relief. Okay. So I’ve got a good start. Then he remembered.
“What was that craft flying overhead?”
That got a snort.
“That be the royal airship, the DREADNOUGHT. She be returning from a trip to the country neighboring Vera.”
Tyler rubbed his chin.
“Hmm. They seemed oddly under manned for a royal transport.”
They looked at him now. And the big man asked the question.
“How do ya mean, lad?”
Tyler shrugged.
“I counted a mere ten escort craft beside the main ship. Plus they had the looks of mere interceptors. Not royal craft defenders.”
They looked at each other now.
“Lad be right.”
“Aye. It did seem strange to me as well.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Eh. Could just be as simple as a small force moving quickly.”
That got a nod from the more experienced men.
“Aye, lad. That does make sense. Ya got a rare ole head on your shoulders.”
Tyler chuckled.
“I’m not sure if I’m smart or insane. More fun that way.”
he got a rowdy back thump from the rowdy guild members.
“Well said! If you lookin to join the guild, just talk to Roxy there in the booth.”
“Wow. There goes the last bits of sanity in the joint.”
They laughed heartedly as he walked over to the booth in question. The person in the window smiled kindly as he walked up.
“Welcome to Vera’s Adventurer guild. How may I help you?”
Tyler smiled kindly.
“Lookin to join the rabble.”
She smiled.
“I see. The fee for the guild is ten silver.”
Tyler flipped her a gold.
“I needed to break a gold anyway.”
She shook her head now.
“Great. ANOTHER rich kid adventurer. Just try not to die today, okay?”
“I’ll save my death for the morning. What about YOUR morning plans?”
She full on blushed at that attack! The men behind him gave a low whistle at the line.
“Well played lad.”
“Most impressive.”
Roxy recovered.
“That’ll be 20 silver.”
“For the fee or the lay?”
She blushed again as the guild lost it. Tyler chuckled.
“That’s why context is important.”
The woman just sighed as she passed him the 90 silver back.
“Great. A heartbreaker rich kid adventurer. Well. Here’s your new ID. Just write your name and it’ll display your rank.”
he wrote his name on the note card sized paper and it was engraved with it. She smirked.
“Tyler eh?”
“Yeah. It sucks I know.”
“It does. So. Your rank is dirt. Or the bottom rung. Put in work at the board and you might actually get somewhere. The highest rank is sky. The job board is over there. See something you think you can handle bring it here and I’ll put it under your name. complete it with honor and return here or another hall to receive payment. Questions?”
“These empty slots seem like they have a purpose.”
“They’re your title slots. As you complete feats and perform actions you may be granted a title for the deed. For example that man over there is known as Farsight for his skill with a bow. Or, in her example, the heart stealer.”
Tyler looked at the ‘her’ in question. She being a tall, black haired lady with piercing blue eyes and a massive rack barely contained by her tunic. Her weapons being a set of daggers with a one handed axe and shield. An axe shielder. Don’t see one of those every day. Then he dismissed the beauty to look at Roxy.
“I’d say more heart taker too. These slots to the right of my name?”
Roxy smirked at the heart taker jab.
“Those are your ability slots. Skills and magic take them. In order to obtain a skill, you must either purchase the corresponding pamphlet from a shop, or loot it from a fallen foe. Magic Cards can only be obtained from shops or bandits. They’re usually upgraded through use and experience. That make sense or I lose you?”
Tyler put the ID in his pocket.
“I got it. Okay. I need a decent map, some camping gear and maybe a new blade. Then I get to hunting.”
He walked off to the door as he passed the busty woman.
“I see YOU have fire.”
He smirked as he passed her.
“More darkness. You do too.”
He left her with that and left the hall. Okay. I’m a decent shot with a bow. I need a tent, a map, and maybe a horse. He looked at the buildings in town and spotted the town smithy. He walked over to the large outdoor shop and spotted a large bow in his size. He tested the draw and smiled as he found he could draw it easily.
“I see ya got a good eye for bows, lad.”
he looked over to see the burly shop keep wiping his hands. Tyler smiled as he looked at the weapon.
“I used to have one like this a few years back. Then it snapped beyond repair.”
He got a sympathetic look.
“That’s a shame lad. That goes for 50 silver. A full quiver for about 15.”
“Really? Nifty. I’ll take it.”
He put the coins on the counter and the man blinked.
“No bartering?”
Tyler shrugged.
“I suck at it. I shit you not I once wound up paying 10 silvers for a 5 copper drink! I STILL thought I coulda gotten a better deal!”
The smith cracked up laughing at the image. Tyler put the bow over his right shoulder with the quiver over his left. He then spotted a vest of mail rings in his size.
The smith got a twinkle now.
“75 silver.”
Tyler got the vest and put it on under his shirts. That got an approving nod from the bigger man.
“I see you’re a canny one. A rare thing an no mistake. Be that dagger your only close range weapon?”
Tyler nodded.
The man rubbed his chin.
“I see. Well. Be ya an adventurer with the guild?”
Tyler nodded.
“I am-is that a mining skill?”
Tyler happened to glance at a box in the corner and see a skill called mine. He took it and smiled.
“Mine. Costs 30 copper. Uses strength to rip ore from rock. When combined with a pickaxe the job is the easier. And right behind that is prospect. 30 coppers again. Uses perception to scan rock for useful minerals and ores. Yup. I’ll take these too.”
He put the pamphlets on the counter smiling sheepishly.
“Sorry. I saw these and got excited.”
The smith laughed.
“You DO have a working head! Okay. I have a job for you.”
Tyler’s smile died and he tilted his head.
“What kinda job?”
Sensing he’d become serious the man sighed.
“I’ll hire you to kill a creature and bring it’s horns back. Sound easy enough?”
“It’s sounds straightforward. Yet so does smithing when talked about.”
“Wise lad. The beast is called a Plains Walker. Here be the image.”
Tyler looked at the shot. That looks just like a moose from my world. Should be a good run then.
“And you want the horns?”
“Aye. They be part of an order for a lady at the guild and I haven’t the time to hunt the beast meself. The reward will be one item from me shop as payment.”
Tyler looked around now, and spotted a pickaxe on the wall.
“That costs 5 silver lad.”
“And the things I can get with it will let it pay for itself in no time.”
That got an approving nod.
“I see you know what you’re doing. So. Do we have a deal?”
Tyler smiled.
“Sure. Where can I find this thing, and when do you need the horns by?”
The man laughed.
“It lives in the plains. Looks for prints like this lad.”
He made a weird heart shaped print on the paper with a brush. Tyler took it and nodded.
“I’ll go get me some gear and get to hunting.”
“Aye, lad. Long as you’re back by tomorrow night I’ll have enough time for her order.”
Tyler took the track sketch and headed for the general store. Okay. That mine and prospect will be a very good source of income. Plus if I can get some good meat from the moose looking thing same thing. He walked into the general shop and was greeted by the keep.
“Welcome adventurer! What can I do fer ya?”
Tyler smiled kindly at the man.
“I be needing a sturdy pack, tent, and basic camping gear.”
The man nodded.
“I see you’re a worker. Good lad. Coin?”
“We’ll say 75 silver.”
“Quality. Wise. I’ll be a moment.”
“I’ll poke around.”
The man vanished into his shop as Tyler spotted a box of Pamphlets. He flipped through them.
“I need a tracker skill. Oh. Hello. Track, cliché as hell, but whatever. Uses perception to highlight the tracks of a chose prey for ten minutes. Upgrades through use. Thirty copper. Not bad.”
he took the thin thing and looked at the others.
“Skin. Uses dexterity to aid in skinning an animal. Also feeds off the actual skill level of the user. 25 copper. Good find.”
he set the two skills on the counter as the man returned with a large haversack, a one person tent, a magnifying crystal, a grate, woodaxe, basic fishing gear and bait, and a map. Tyler placed the two skills on the counter and the man smiled.
“I see you think. Rare these days to see a young man with something in his head other than women.”
“They’re in there too, never you worry.”
He laughed as Tyler gave him the 65 silver, 55 copper. The young man loaded the sack and slung it over his shoulders. Finding it hung under his bow and quiver. Perfect for hunting on the move. He left after thanking the man and looked at the map. He smiled as he saw it even had a Plains Walker image over a field outside the town about an hour walk from the front gate. Not bad for the first quest. He walked to the gate and was accosted by the same guard.
“I see ya figured it out!”
Tyler chuckled.
“Nah. I’m bullshitten this!”
He laughed as the hunter moved off. Okay. Quick recap. I got transported to some kinda fucking fantasy world, with magic. I’m now a part of the adventurer’s guild. And am hunting a moose for a smith. In a matter for three hours. All that happened. I died and have yet to figure out if I’m in hell or heaven. He shook his head and focused on the task at hand. I’ll start at my drop zone. Makes sense I’ll find my prey there. So, he made the trek up the hill to the spot he got dumped into the world. Once there he used his first skill.
Sure enough, a set of hoof prints leading away from the town were seen. Tyler took off at a light trot with his bow ready with an arrow on the string. I know enough about moose to know where the heart is. Plus how the get the antlers, and maybe skin the beast. Thank god I helped my grandfather skin that roadkill! He saw his skill go out and saw a 30 second cooldown. He waited patiently for the cooldown,
He was off again, finding that the gear on his back weighed less than his usual backpack for school. He smirked at that thought before spotting movement ahead. Crouching, he made out his prey. A 7 foot tall moose with 6 foot wide antlers. And just HOW am I going to transport that kinda weight? Eh, fuck it I’ll play it. He moved silently as he could in the grass as he circled the beast, looking for a clear broadside shot. The wind was blowing towards him from the moose, so he knew it wouldn’t smell him. The hunter found his spot as the lumbering beast fed on some berries as Tyler drew on his string. His shaft not wobbling as he fired at the beast. He scored a hit, got a loud mooing grunt of pain before the creature fell onto it’s side.
“Bull’s eye!”
Tyler ran up and smiled as he made his first kill.
“Nice. Moving up in the world. Now comes the nasty part.”
He set his pack aside and pulled his dagger. First thing was the horns. He dug them from the skull of the large animal and found them amazingly light considering their large size. Once the main loot was taken, Tyler got to taking the hide. Since the fur felt soft and in his world Moose fur was used as a clothing material. He used his second skill.
The lines he had to cut were then light up with a blue light that made the grisly job a far sight easier as he had the pelt off in a mere five minutes. Next he used the skill again for the best cuts of meat, and took those too. Once his bag was filled with all he could carry he headed back to town. He chuckled as he found the weight to be rather manageable.
“I kinda feel like I’m carrying two of my backpacks at once. Nifty workout.”
he reached the town and was greeted by the guard.
“A worker, eh? Good on ya!”
Tyler walked to the smithy and the man laughed.
“Ya work hard lad! And got great luck! Let’s see the horns.”
Tyler put his pack down and handed the man the loot. He nodded approvingly.
“This be good quality. As agreed lad, pick an item and it be yours.”
Tyler frowned as he looked at the shop.
“Hmmm. I need something for- Ah. You’ll do.”
He took a hand and a half bastard sword from a rack. The man nodded approvingly.
“A wise choice lad. That can use one handed and two handed skills.”
Tyler put the thing over his back.
“Thanks. Where can I sell the hide?”
“The hide eh? I can make some good leathers from the hide of a plains walker. Let’s see.”
Tyler passed it to him and he nodded.
“Good quality here as well. I can give you…90 coppers.”
“Make it an even silver and ya got a deal.”
He laughed.
“Aye lad. A proper deal an no mistake. I trust you got some of the meat?”
“Even if I can’t cook worth a damn. I got a few hunks.”
The man laughed jovially at this lad.
“A real man’s flaw and no mistake! Take it over to the tavern. They’ll buy it for good coin. Maybe you can barter a night for the keeper there.”
“Thanks. I’ll head over.”
The armed boy walked out and headed for the tavern. The building being made of cobblestone with a large set of double doors. He walked in and approached the burly woman behind the bar.
“Hi, I heard you buy Plains walker meat?”
she frowned.
“Aye lad. I do. Payment based on cut. Deal?”
He laid the five hunks out and she nodded.
“I see you’ve a good sense for meat. I’ll give you 50 coppers.”
“How much does a night cost?”
She got a twinkle in her eye now.
“About 30 coppers. Meals 10 coppers and up.”
Tyler smiled.
“I’ll need a room for the night. And, since I can’t cook worth a damn, food too.”
She snorted.
“An honest man in this day an age? Surely not? Aye lad. The room be yours till morning. You’ll need to pay another 30 for another night. Any damage comes out of your hide. Sound fair?”
“Very fair.”
She passed him a key and 20 coppers. He took the money and headed back to the guild to see the job board. He walked in and saw Roxy shake her head in his direction as he walked over to the job board. The thing being a good 15 feet long with fliers for everything from deliveries and searches to monster hunts and requests for aid. Tyler rubbed his chin as he looked for a lower tier task.
“See anything ya like rookie?”
Tyler looked over to see the broad shouldered man take a spot beside him.
“Not yet. I’m more looking to stay local for the time being. Least till I know what the hell I’m doing.”
He got a laugh,
“Wise policy lad. I see ya made some progress already.”
“I got hired by the smith to bring down a Plains Walker. That was a messy one.”
The hall laughed at that. Tyler looked and spotted one bill.
“Wanted. Strong worker for a delivery from the tavern to the mayor’s manor. Reward is 50 coppers. That fits the bill.”
He got a snort as he took the bill and headed back to the tavern. The same lady recognized him and laughed as he held the bill up.
“And a worker too? Careful or you might land yourself a wife!”
He chuckled.
“Sadly, marriage is NOT in my cards.”
She gave him a wrapped bundle and he was off to the large manor at the end of the road. There a man in a suit took the bundle and tipped him 10 coppers.
He got his coppers from the guild and then looked at the sky. He noted it’s deep blue and frowned. Looks like I don’t have time for another run. Not bad I guess. He returned to the tavern and got a meal of fried plains walker, some ale, and a bit of bread that cost 15 coppers. The girl serving him seemed rather on edge as he smiled kindly at her. Once fed he went up to his room and looked over his wealth. As of that night he had 3 gold coins, 45 silver coins, and 85 copper coins. He had a bow, a full quiver of 50 shafts, a bastard sword, that fits me more an it should, his knife, four skills, his pickaxe, and his camping gear with the mail vest. He settled down in the ridiculously comfy bed without a shirt on and felt his body cracking.
“Well. Looks like I’m home. Kinda sorta.”
he laughed at his own joke as he closed his eyes and drifted off.


Tyler opened his eyes to the sounds of birds chirping outside the window. He got up intending to start his morning routine, only to become extremely confused by the new room and the weapons laid out beside him. Then memory hit him like a Mack truck. He chuckled as he geared up. Right. Fantasy world. He remade the bed out of habit and left the room to find the burly lady behind the bar cleaning a glass. She smirked as he placed another 30 coppers on the counter.
“An early riser. You’re quite the catch.”
He chuckled as he got a hearty breakfast of coffee, meat and eggs.
“Except the fact I’m insane. Give it a week you’ll agree.”
She laughed as he took his meal in the same corner. Once fed he headed for the guild to start working again. He walked in and found the place mostly empty with a few other early risers fighting with the morning. Tyler walked right to the broad and started looking it over.
“Wow. Working this early in the morning, rich kid?”
He looked to see Roxy come over to stand beside him. He chuckled as she did. Roxy was a taller woman, about a half head shorter than his 5’10 frame, Fair skin, brightly shining blue eyes with chocolate hair. Her attire was a tunic and belt with boots for walking in mud. Her bust was respectable and her legs firm. The outworlder looked back at the broad and spotted a good one.
“Wanted: Hunting of a Plains walker. Reward 5 silver.”
He took it down and Roxy nodded.
“I see yer a SMART rich kid. Present the horn to me for payment.”
“I can keep the stuff right?”
She smiled.
“Wise lad. Ya can so long as it be not a request per the broad.”
“Thanks Roxy.”
He took the bill and headed to the last seen. The man enjoying the early morning silence as he left the town on his hunt. I’ll head for the same spot. Odds are it’s built like the starting area in video games. The lone wanderer pulled his bow and fitted arrow before using the skill.
the hoof prints of the moose were seen, this time heading in another direction then the last one. He took off at a light run after the beast. The hunter spotted his prey after a twenty minute track. This one’s twice the size of the other! HOLY! The thing was a massive beast at 9 feet at the shoulder with 6 foot horns. Tyler just shrugged and pulled the same type of attack. It worked like a charm as the animal dropped with a low thud. Then the grisly work was next.
He collected the horns, hide, and as much of the meat as he could carry. There’s still close to a thousand pounds of good meat here. Sucks I’m only one man. He filled the pack and headed back to town. Roxy smirked as he walked in with the trophies.
“Well, well. An efficient one as well? Scary. 5 silver.”
He smiled.
“Thanks again. I’ll head back out once I’ve bothered someone else.”
She grinned a little as he went to the smithy. He found the man giving the horn weapons to the tall woman he’d seen in the hall yesterday. The lady noticed him and smirked knowingly as she paid the 5 silver for her new dagger and left. The smith saw his loaded pack and laughed.
“Alright lad. What ya got this time?”
Tyler placed the horn and hide on counter.
“Hmm. For these I can give you 1 silver, 25 copper. Sound good?”
He got the coins and went to the tavern. The matron shook her head as he walked up with a full pack.
“I see ya a hard worker! Good on ya!”
He placed the meat on the counter and she nodded.
“Me visitors will appreciate these. How’s 90 coppers sound?”
He got the money and headed back to the hall. I’ve got 3 gold, 51 silver, 200 copper. Making progress. I guess. He looked at the broad anew as Roxy laughed from her booth.
“Don’t bite off more an ya can chew rookie!”
“I can turn that into a hilarious dirty joke, butta I’ll tell ya in the morning!”
The filling hall lost it as Roxy sat back in her seat with a red face from the jab. Tyler spotted a call for aid from a shepherd.
“Request aid. A beast be hunting my flock, and need it put town. reward is 5 silver plus whatever the thing gives you.”
He took it and Roxy nodded as he left. He headed to the hill where he’d seen the flock and found the shepherd tending his cattle. He was relieved as Tyler presented the bill.
“Oh thank the gods. Please, can you kill it?”
Tyler rubbed his chin.
“I’d need to see a carcass from the latest kill, please. More I know about the beast the better.”
“Of course. This way.”
The man led him to a fallen bull that weighed close to a thousand pounds. Seeing this, Tyler frowned.
“Wait, that thing is easily a thousand pounds.”
The neck had a massive set of gashes near the spine, while the stomach had been torn open by sharp claws. Tyler then used his skill.
A set of massive paw prints lit up and he nodded.
“Ah. I see now. Tiger.”
the prints were easily 5 inches across and maybe half an inch deep. This is a BIG kittycat. It gets the drop on me I’m fucked. Okay. I know a lot about tigers. He looked at the direction the tracks had taken, and found it to be in the direction of the nearby forest. He pulled his bow and looked at the fearful shepherd.
“I got it.”
The boy headed off to kill a tiger. That thing has to be about 600 pounds. Maybe bigger. And easily 10 feet long. I kill it the fur, claws and teeth will fetch a good price. I can’t I die. Heh. Typical Saturday morning. He followed the prints and reached the forest edge. He put arrow to bow and moved into the domain of the tiger. He making less noise then a shadow due to his hellish upbringing.
“Track: Tiger.”
The prints were lit up again and he saw the trail crisscrossed this area extensively. It’s got a den here. Makes sense since food source is plentiful. Cat of that size has few natural enemies. The ones they DO have I do NOT want to meet. He saw the tracks all pointed in the same general direction and moved along the floor. The forest having large amounts of open floor with sparse undergrowth. I guess the prey IS plentiful usually a forest floor like this is nearly impenetrable. He moved slower now as the tracks became fresher. The hunter using all his skills at detecting danger from his old world to keep from getting ambushed as he came upon a small clearing. In the center was a mound of fur a good 5 feet high. He could hear the soft snores from ten feet away! The fur was the usual beautiful orange and black bars of the tiger and he saw the head near his spot. Never seen a tiger before. Cool. He drew his bow without a sound and fired. He hit the massive beast just behind the skull and it died without a sound. He chuckled silently as he moved to collect. I just snuck up on a tiger. Nice. He pulled his knife and got to work.
He found the pelt to be ridiculously soft and even having it over his back made him warmer. He took the claws and teeth too. Once he’d taken all he could he headed back to the shepherd. The man was waiting anxiously as Tyler walked up.
“I found your kittycat. It had set up a den in the woodland there.”
The man breathed a sigh of relief.
“They be solitary creatures. Thank the gods.”
“So you know? That place is prime housing for tigers. Another will pop up sooner or later.”
The man nodded sagely.
“Thankee for the warning lad. That be true. We get one every year. Sometimes two!”
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the herd of cattle.
“Take it as a complement. I guess they be good cows!”
He laughed as Tyler headed off to get paid. Roxy chuckled as she passed him the coins.
“So. What was it?”
“Big ole tiger.”
She looked at him in mild shock.
“Pray tell, how big?”
He pulled a tooth from his pack.
“About that big.”
Roxy took the 7 inch tooth and looked at him.
“And HOW did you kill a tiger this size?”
He sensed an issue,
“I’m used to having to avoid attention. I tracked it to its den, and caught it napping.”
She frowned.
“Present your ID please.”
He did and she blinked.
“By the gods, you’re telling truth.”
She looked at him with grudging respect now.
“You snuck up on a Forest Ghost, and killed it in it’s sleep. An impressive feat. Not bad rookie.”
Tyler looked at the notecard ID.
He headed to the smithy and the man laughed.
“What be it this time?”
“Wondering if you take forest ghost teeth and claws.”
The man nodded.
“Aye, lad. I do.”
He laid the teeth and claws out and got a bemused look.
“Well. You certainly bagged a big one. The pelt?”
“Looking to get a bedroll made from it.”
The man laughed at this.
“Wise choice! Ya want the general store for that. I can give you 5 silver for the teeth, 5 silver for the claws.”
“Wow. Good coin in these cats. Thanks.”
Now ten silver richer he headed for the general store and the man recognized him.
“Welcome back! I see ya had a mite of success!”
Tyler smiled as he placed the pelt on the counter.
“I heard you make bedrolls from these.”
The shopkeep smiled widely now.
“A ghost eh? That’s 10 silver lad.”
Tyler smiled as he passed the coin over.
“Sounds about right.”
“It’ll be about an hour.”
“I’ll get back to it then.”
The boy went back to the hall and spotted a delivery job on the broad.
“Delivery from the smithy to the guard house. Reward is 50 copper.”
Tyler took it and headed for the smithy. He got a bundle of spears that he then dropped them off at the guardhouse. He got tipped 10 coppers and got his fifty from the guild. He got another delivery job from the hall to the smithy and got paid 65 copper for the effort. Bringing his total coppers to 325. He smiled as he went back to the general store and got his 6 foot roll and blanket from the keep. He then headed to the hall for a lunch break. He got a plate of baked plains walker and bread with a mug of ale to wash it down. As he rested he looked at his skills in his ID. He found he could upgrade Track to level 2, which increased the length of time the tracks highlighted, while decreasing the cooldown from 30 seconds to 25. Next was skin. It was upgraded for better visible lines and more precise aid. The lone man noted he had yet to use his prospect or his mine skills. Makes sense. I haven’t seen any rock formations yet. The man tipped the wench 10 coppers and got a warm smile for his efforts before looking at the broad again. The meal costing him 25 coppers total. He spotted a kill quest.
“Wanted: killing of a plains hunter. Reward 10 silver.”
He looked at the adventurer next to him.
“Is a plains hunter like a wolf or something?”
He laughed.
“Ya must be new to these lands. Aye lad. They be like wolves. Only solitary and much bigger. They stand 4 feet at the shoulder, are 9 feet long, and are most difficult to hunt as their sense of smell be most impressive.”
Tyler took the thing,
“I could use a challenge.”
That got an approving laugh as he headed out. I kinda like this. Get up, get fed and see what jobs I got. Plus it’s exciting! He felt the scrape of his chainmail under his shirts, and chuckled. It feels really weird, wearing a metal shirt. Cool though. He crossed the river and made a note to try out fishing at some point. I wonder if flay is a separate skill? I’ll look at the store after. He moved at a soft run as the wind was blowing towards him as he cut the trail of the wolf. The prints alone are the size of dinner plates! Big guy. He wasn’t concerned. I may know a lot about tigers, but WOLVES are my area of expertise. Tyler moved low with his bow loaded as he found the tracks to be getting more prominent. It’s resting ahead. He crested a small hill about thirty minutes from town, and got a look at the massive wolf. It being merely a larger grey wolf with streaks of red in the flanks with a brown coat. The beast was resting on a rock on watch for attackers and prey. Tyler was about a hundred yards from the beast and knew he couldn’t get any closer without alerting it. I’m a good enough shot to take it in the eye as it charged me. That works. He put arrow to bow and limped off like he was badly injured. His noise alerting the wolf and it looked at him curiously, only for it’s predator instincts to kick in at the sight of such easy prey. It got up and charged the faking an injury youth as Tyler took aim with the bow. The snarls and evident hunger in the wolf’s yellow eyes didn’t faze the man as he fired the arrow. Taking the magnificent animal in the eye. It dropped with a dull thud and Tyler sighed as he crouched with the knife.
“This will make a helluva blanket.”
He took the teeth, claws, pelt, and heart. Roxy was shaking her head as she saw the latest bill.
“You DO work hard. This is good. 10 silver.”
Tyler sold the teeth and claws to the smithy, making 15 silver,
“Is the heart worth anything?”
“Aye lad. Take it to the apothecary on the end of the street. She’ll give you a good price.”
“Thanks a lot!”
The man dropped the pelt off to be made into a blanket and headed for the shop. The woman behind the counter of the potion shop smiled as he walked in.
“My, my, a fine, strapping young man! What can I do for you handsome?”
He actually looked behind him, expecting someone else to be there, and she laughed seeing this.
“Isn’t that precious? Yes I was talking to you.”
He chuckled as he walked up to the counter.
“That’s a first.”
She smiled teasingly.
“The women of your home must not know a quality man then.”
“Oh you have NO idea.”
She laughed.
“So, besides the flirting, what did you need?”
“I understand you buy plains hunter hearts?”
She smiled eagerly.
“Wise too? Some lady out there will be very happy! I do, lad. Be it of good quality you can expect 30 silver.”
“Holy. Here, take my heart miss.”
She laughed hard at that.
“What a sudden proposal! My word, I don’t know what to say!”
Tyler chuckled as she looked at the heart.
“Well. Since you now hold my heart in your hands, I’d ask you to be careful with it.”
She smiled at their word game.
“This be a fine heart. Very fine. I’ll give you 45 silver. Sound fair?”
“Just a thought, but do you buy herbs too?”
She blinked.
“I do actually. I see you really are a canny one. The harvest skill is required however. The skill is 30 coppers.”
“Well. Ain’t that a thing?”
He grabbed the skills harvest and inspect. Inspect telling the user if a plant is useable and harvest aiding in the taking of plants. He left the lady’s shop and headed for the guild. He had a half hour before he was due to pick the blanket up. So, he got another delivery job that netted him 65 coppers. Then he was back to the general store. There he paid the 15 silver for the high quality blanket of soft wolf. The boy then looked at the Pamphlets and found the flay skill. It aiding in the cleaning of fish. He smiled when he spotted the skill cook. This aiding in the making of camp meals. He laughed as he paid the 75 coppers for the pair. Tyler’s next stop was the guild again. He looked at the job broad as the party of adventurers he’d followed into the town came in. including that mage that had blushed as she looked at him. He ignored them as he saw another hunt bill.
“Wanted: hunting of a Grass walker. Reward: 20 silver.”
He looked at the man to his left. He laughed.
“Ya don’t get out much, do ya? It’s a bear. A very big bear.”
“Bears are fun.”
He took the bill and Roxy frowned.
“That one has an update.”
He looked at it.
“The last adventurer that went after it died. Reward is now 40 silver.”
“Wow. Duly noted.”
He walked out and saw the mage looking at him with interest and he sighed as he walked out. That girl’s got a fixation. And I do NOT like it. He counted his remaining shafts, and found he’d only lost the one. Not bad for a rookie! He chuckled at his own joke as he made his way to the kill site of the last guy. He found it easily enough, and used his skill.
Paw prints 6 inches across became visible. He looked closer; These are black bear. No doubt about it. If the fur is of deep enough black I’ll see about a cloak. Set on the plan he took off along the trail with one eye on the road ahead. The prints heading in a straight line for a large tree set atop a hill a solid forty minutes from the town. The hunter approached the tree cautiously as he heard the ragged breathing of the massive bear. Tyler deliberately broke a twig and it predictably charged out to confront the attacker head on. It stood on it’s hind legs and roared. Only for Tyler to put an arrow in it’s heart. The thing dropped with a low bang, and he chuckled. The bear’s heart is just under the right shoulder. He collected the fur, teeth, claws and some meat since bear was a known food source in his old world. He looked at the tree and noticed a golden plant growing from the base.
“I don’t need inspect for that. Nice bit of Marigold.”
He used harvest to collect the healing herb before looking around. As he did he spotted a small outcrop of rock thirty yards from the tree. Curious he walked over and used Prospect.
“Wow. Some Enstatite. Nifty.”
He took the pickaxe and used the other skill.
The rock was highlighted with neon blue spots for him to hit that would achieve the best results. He swung the axe with force and found all it took to extracted the mineral was ten swings before he walked away with a two foot hunk of the stone. No clue if it’s worth anything, but even if a I get a single copper it's worth it. He returned to the guild and Roxy shook her head as he presented the claws as proof of kill.
“You’re gonna go far in the guild kid. Especially with THAT work ethic. 40 silver.”
“I found this out there. It worth anything?”
he placed the hunk of stone on the counter and she smirked.
“And with that mentality. This is called Entite. It’s a magical stone used in airships. Mainly the Gosser rings that keep the civilian ships aloft. A hunk this size is best sold to the mayor directly as it’s that kinda of resource.”
“I see. Thank Roxy.”
Tyler dropped the bear pelt to the general store for a rain cloak, costing 5 silver, and the teeth and claws at the smithy netting him 15 silver. He then went to the apothecary and the woman smiled.
“Well, if it ain’t the good looking one? Miss me?”
He chuckled as he placed the herb on her counter.
“So much I brought you a flower.”
She laughed at that bold statement. Then she looked over the plant before nodding.
“A good find this. It be Queen’s Marigold. A rare plant indeed. It be worth 15 silver.”
“Wow. Looks like I need to keep an eye out.”
He took his coin and headed to the mayor’s manor. He was greeted by the butler who bowed.
“What pray do I tell Lord Raymond is the reason for your visit Sir Adventurer?”
“I found a hunk of Entite. Was told he was the man to talk to about selling it.”
“At once Sir.”
Tyler was led inside of the three story manor and up the stairs. The butler’s shoes clicking on the floor as Tyler took in the various paintings of creatures on the walls, including one that got his attention.
“The Tyrant killed by the Lord.”
Tyler’s eyes and heart lit up as he saw the beast. Which was identical to a T-rex from his old world.
“Yup. I WILL kill one o those.”
The butler smiled at that fervent vow.
“Good lad.”
They were stopped outside a set of double doors as the gloved man knocked.
“Yes Martin?”
“Sir, I’ve a young adventurer with Entite.”
“Ah. Show him please.”
Tyler was admitted to the office and shook the hand of the mayor.
“A pleasure young adventurer. I am Lord Raymond.”
The man was tall, thin with a clean shaven face and brown eyes under black hair. He wore a clean tunic and shoes as Tyler smiled.
“A pleasure, Sir. I’m Tyler.”
The man chuckled.
“Your parents weren’t good at naming, were they.”
The man gestured to the desk,
“I understand you have Entite to sell.”
“I do. Only to single hunk though.”
The man laughed.
“You sound like a merchant! Well, let’s see the goods.”
“Now YOU sound like a John.”
That made him and the butler laugh. Tyler took the two foot hunk out and placed it on the desk. On sight the man blinked.
“And, pray tell, where did you find this?”
Tyler frowned and pulled his map out. He pointed to a spot half a mile from the east gate.
“Here. About, ten yards from this tree in this direction.”
The mayor nodded as he rubbed his chin.
“I can see you’ve no idea what that is.”
“I was merely told it was Entite. And to come here. It bad goods?”
The man laughed at that.
“Not even a little, lad. It’s merely high grade. Very high in fact. This much can make a ring for a merchant vessel ten feet wide.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Ten feet? From a two foot stone?”
“It’s a magical process. I don’t understand the particulars either.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Eh. More fun to just make it up as you go.”
That got an approving nod.
“Well said, and wise words. So, the stone. I trust you wish to sell it?”
“I do.”
The man looked at it.
“For Entite of this quality, I can give you 5 gold coins.”
“Holy. That much?”
“Indeed. I see you’re a frugal one.”
“More used to scraping by silver and copper.”
“Fair. So, deal?”
Tyler shook his hand smiling.
“Very. In the future if I come across anymore Entite I just come to you?”
“Indeed. As this is a royal resource any transactions regarding it must be conducted with a representative of the crown. I see that mind working, Martin, a list please.”
“Yes sir.”
Tyler chuckled.
“Wow. So that’s what mind reading feels like.”
He got a smile as the mayor passed him a thick book.
“This has all the resources in the kingdom that need to be sold to myself or another leader. These usually cost 10 silver, but I’ll let it go as a sign of good faith and a welcome to my humble town.”
Tyler smiled widely
“Thank you, Sir. Odds are I’ll trip over another one sooner or later.”
He shook the man’s hand and left the manor to get his bear fur cloak. The man laughed as he walked in.
“I had enough leftover fur to make you a pair of gloves! Here lad.”
Tyler smiled at this.
“Thankee kindly. How much for the gloves?”
The man smiled fondly.
“2 silver. And you be most welcome lad.”
The gloves were jet black fur and fingerless. When he pulled them on he smiled at the soft fur while the rain cloak covered his bow, quiver, pack and sword nicely. Happy with his purchases he headed to the guild with the bear cloak in his pack for another bill. The young man was looking at a bill for another hunt,
“Hey, new guy.”
He was hailed by a lanky man in shining chainmail armor carrying a large sword. Tyler smiled politely.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Tyler, Sir?”
The guy smiled.
“Tyler. I’m Lark. How’s about you an I settle a wee dispute.”
Tyler blinked.
“A dispute? I just met you.”
The hall laughed as Roxy blinked.
“Oh. My apologies, Tyler. I forgot to tell you. You can be challenged to a duel by others of your rank before the guild. They do it all the time.”
Tyler chuckled now.
“Wow. Weirdest way to measure your manhood I’ve ever heard of.”
they lost it, including Lark. The guy clasped arms in a friendly manner as he explained.
“I mean no offense nor injury. Just lookin fer a bit o fun.”
Tyler chuckled at this.
“I hear that. So, what’s the play?”
Lark drew his sword.
“Disarm or pin against the wall. That be all.”
“Sounds simple enough. But so does fishing. Once ya get the hook in it becomes more difficult.”
He got a round of sagely nods from the more experienced adventurers as the boy set his pack down for a clean fight. Roxy took a spot by it as,
“It’s guild policy for the on duty official to keep an eye on the gear of an active wanderer during a duel.”
Tyler drew his bastard sword and took a stance. Blade pointed towards the lanky Lark with feet beneath his shoulders. Lark had a longsword which only took the one hand to use and took a pose with the blade held to the side. Roxy flipped a black coin and as it hit the stone with a clink Lark moved in a rapid thrust, only for Tyler to take a step forward, sidestep, kick his ankle and tap his sword arm. The result? Lark was flipped onto his back with a clink of mail rings as Tyler placed his sword point on his mail.
“two outta three?”
The man smiled as he lifted him to his feet.
“Aye lad. That was a most unusual counter.”
Tyler chuckled as he took another stance.
“Scary part is it works on everyone regardless of size or weight.”
The guild laughed at that as Roxy flipped the coin again. This time Tyler attacked first with a light slash to goad the man into a hasty defense. Lark tried to sidestep and slash as well, only Tyler had kept his weight on his toes, and when the man’s vision was obscured by the sword for the fraction of the second, Tyler vanished! Then he was pinned with the sword blade on his neck. Lark shook his head at this turn of event as Tyler let him go.
“I see you’re a scary fighter and no mistake. Was that a spell or skill for the vanish?”
Tyler smiled as he explained.
“No. It’s called the Ghost Step. When you swing a weapon across your field of vision, regardless of how fast you do, your sight is obscured a fraction. The move works by slipping into the blind spot and taking advantage. Done correctly, you just vanish for your opponent.”
Another adventurer spoke now.
“That’s called Shadow Leap in our country. But I like Ghost step the better, lad.”
Lark clasped hands with Tyler with respect in his eyes.
“That was a most unusual duel. But well won and well fought. Per the guild rules, 10 silver be yours.”
Tyler smiled as he added the coins.
“Thanks Lark. Was fun.”
The bruised man walked back to his table as Tyler looked at the bills after pulling his pack on. He saw the hunt again and smiled.
“It’s a Plain’s stalker now. Reward is 5 silver.”
Roxy smiled.
“It’s a fox.”
“Yes you are. Oh, you mean the hunt?”
She smiled at that.
“Flattery is appreciated. But don’t get your hopes up.”
“never had any to begin with. So a fox eh?”
She nodded.
“About half the size of the wolf. But with the longer tail.”
“The goods?”
She grinned.
“Very valuable. The fox? The pelt, teeth, claws and heart are sought after. The pelt alone makes for great bedrolls and blankets.”
“Sounds like a fun night. I’ll head out now.”
The guild was enjoying the show as Roxy laughed.
“So you know? I prefer women.”
Tyler looked at her.
“Nice to see you got standards.”
The guild lost it at that statement. He headed out whistling on his last hunt for the day. Roxy’s good fun. So is the rest of the rabble. He headed west this time and crossed the field of cattle the shepherd looked after. Tyler waved at him as he dove into the forest in pursuit of his prey. Foxes are usually nocturnal. I SHOULD be able to catch it sleeping.
The prints were lit up and he was off. The trail led him deep into the woodland for about an hour’s travel time. The large animal was curled up inside a small hollow that Tyler had to drag it from after killing. He collected the heart, spelt, teeth and claws and looked at the forest around him. I bet in this forest there’s a few good plants laying around. He started walking back silent as a shadow in case he spotted another animal. The trees creaking in the late day breeze as he came across another rock outcrop.
This one yielding a three foot pile of Adamite. Tyler chuckled as he saw the blue rock. I bet this has something to it too. I kinda like the merchant gimmick. He moved on and found more marigolds, which got collected before a twig snap got his attention. He looked over to see a large white tailed deer thirty yards from him nibbling at some grass. Silent as a shadow, Tyler pulled bow, fitted arrow to bow, and shot the hart in the shoulder. Dropping the twelve point buck with a single shaft. The happy hunter pulled his knife and was about to start skinning it,
“Nice shot kid!”
A man in fur gear with a crossbow came out from the woodland on the other side of the deer. Tyler smiled.
“Well met. My apologies for taking your kill.”
The man laughed.
“It be fine lad. I see you had the luck this time. No harm done. I was on me way home anyway.”
Tyler smiled warmly.
“I see. How shall we split it then?”
He patted the younger lad.
“This be your kill. An a fine one it were. I got my prey and got greedy.”
“Thankee kindly. Watch yourself in there.”
He laughed as he walked off.
“Aye! You do the same lad!”
Tyler took the antlers, hooves, pelt, and a good portion of the meat before heading back to town himself. I like this place. Back there, in a similar situation I’d have had to spend thirty minutes arguing over the kill. Here it’s just chalked up to luck and first draw. Tyler got his silver from Roxy before selling the claws, antlers, hooves and teeth to the smith, getting him 4 silver, 15 copper. He next visited the apothecary and sold the hearts and flowers to the flirtatious woman. That netted him 15 silver. He then visited the store and got the fox pelt made into a good bedroll addition that would be placed on top of the tiger roll. That cost him 2 silver. He headed for the tavern and sold the deer meat for 1 silver before pulling the book on royal resources and flipped through the photos until he found the one he sought.
“Bingo. Admenseng. Used in royal transport wagons as a pigmental supplement. Notably a light blue. Usual payments depend of quality but range up to 10 gold coins for a five foot slab. I got a three footer. Nice.”
He got a meal of deer steak and ale before heading up to his room. There he took stock of his wealth and arrows. Right now I have 8 gold coins, 230 silver, 210 coppers. That meal cost 45 copper. I’ve got about 45 arrows left and my bow string is still clean. Not a bad day’s work. He settled onto the bed and felt his back crack.
“This thing is comfier an my bed back there!”
He chuckled as he drifted off.


Tyler woke to more bird chirps and geared up for the day. He got a breakfast of coffee, bacon and a little venison as well. He smiled as he gave the waitress twenty copper this time, getting a laugh from her and the matron. The total for the meal? 65 coppers. He walked into the guild and found a bill for a run to the mayor’s manor. Two birds one stone. He got the bundle and was met by Martin. The butler smiled as Tyler walked up.
“Good morning, Sir. I see you have a delivery.”
“Plus I tripped over some Admenseng yesterday as well.”
“I see. Follow me please.”
Tyler followed the butler to the office where Lord Raymond laughed at the hearing of his latest find.
“I see you weren’t just jesting! Admenseng ya say?”
Tyler placed the pile for inspection. Raymond nodded.
“This be the princess’s favorite color. I’ll send your name with the delivery.”
“Wow. My name getting sent to a royal girl. Moving up in the world.”
He laughed at that.
“Wise policy lad. I can give you 6 gold for it.”
“Wow. Thanks.”
He got the coins and headed back to the guild were he got the 50 coppers for the delivery. He was looking at the board when the same party walked in and went for their table. He noted the mage again and ignored her as usual. He spotted one.
“Another plains walker. 5 silver. Nice.”
He took the bill and headed out. The large beast was by the tree he’d killed the bear at, so he’d made great time over to it. The carcass of the bear was still there, and the moose was about another hundred yards beyond it. He dropped it with another heart shot and got the goods before looking around. He smiled as he saw a small rock wall and walked over.
Here he found some ore for once.
“Looks like Iron. Maybe…..a four foot vein. Not bad really. I bet that smith would give me something good for it.”
He dug it out and found it was easier this time around. I’ll look at my ID when I get the chance. He spotted a mushroom and used inspect.
“Wow. Merry wart. Useful for healing potions and curing poisons. Nifty.”
he took that too. He returned to town and got the 5 silver from Roxy, 5 silver from the smith for the hide and horns, though the iron netted him a further 10 silver. Last was the apothecary. She giving him 90 coppers for the mushroom. He satin the hall and looked at his ID. Says here I leveled up my strength. Nice. Mine’s at level two and is easier to use, track just hit level three, Skin as well. Prospect hit two. Now it’s more potent. I guess I’m at level two now. He put the thing away and headed for the board. I’d like to test myself now. That said, I need to be careful. He looked at the board and noticed one bill.
“Wanted. Killing of a Sky falcon. Reward is 20 silver.”
Roxy laughed.
“Since I know what your about to ask rookie, it’s a bird the size of that table. The feathers, talons, beak and eyes are valuable. Meat not so much.”
“Thanks Roxy.”
He took the bill and headed out. He noticed the mage staring at him with huge blue eyes as he did so. He sighed and looked at her curiously, only for her to blush again and look away. Strange girl. He walked out and began his latest hunt. He headed south this time towards a thicker bit of the forest with taller trees. That falcon was said to live in the tallest tree in a two hour walk. He spotted the monolith easily enough, as it stood in a most oddly shaped clearing. Tyler pulled his bow as he looked at the top. Falcons are divers. He walked out and spotted a shape drop from the top branch. He took aim and fired his arrow. The result was the bird dropping like a stone into the dirt. Tyler shook his head as he started collecting feathers.
“That was boring as hell.”
he plucked every feather it had, took the talons, eyes and beak before heading back to town. Roxy nodded.
“Good job. Here’s your silver.”
Tyler smiled as he sold the feathers to the general store, the talons and beak to the smith and the eyes to the apothecary. On all? He made 30 silver, 45 coppers. He was looking at the board for his next job when Roxy came over.
“Tyler, so you know? There IS a limit to the number of jobs you can take a week.”
He blinked.
She nodded.
“Yes. The amount for the lower tier tasks are 15 a week. Next tier, 10, and so on. You’ve completed about 14 in two days. After this you’d have to travel to another town if you seek the easy jobs. It’s set like this to give the lower ranked adventurers a fair chance.”
“While promoting progress. I get it. Hmm.”
He looked at the broad and took a bill for another hunter.
“I’ll see where I’m at for gear after this. I might have get outside my comfort zone.”
They laughed as Roxy sighed with relief.
“Thank the gods it was that easy.”
Tyler killed the wolf without issue and got the pelt made into a pillow this time. Once all the selling was done, netting him a further 20 silver atop the 15 for the hunt, he sat in the guild with the map. Right now I have 14 gold coins, 245 silver, 190 copper. I have to head to another town for more work as I don’t want to just sit around all day. He looked at the map and saw another town further along the road on the way to the capital. Wessox eh? It’s about three days from here.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for the adventurer know as Tyler.”
Tyler looked up to see a boy at the guild door.
“Over here lad. I be Tyler.”
The boy walked over and gave his message.
“Sir, Lord Raymond wishes you to attend him in his office.”
“Thanks lad.”
Tyler gave him twenty silver on reflex and a few members of the guild whistled.
“Wise lad.”
Tyler headed for the manor where Martin was waiting for him.
“Lord Raymond in expecting you.”
“Thanks Martin.”
He was shown into the mayor’s office and he took a seat across from the man. He chuckled.
“I hear you’re quite the hard worker. Already hitting the limit for basic jobs in two days is impressive.”
Tyler chuckled.
“I like to stay busy. Plus the work is fun too.”
The man nodded.
“Are you intending to travel now?”
The young man nodded.
“I was. I actually just saw the town of Wessox on the map.”
Raymond smiled.
“A wise choice to be sure. Yet, I have a request of you as you’re already headed out of town to begin with.”
Tyler became serious, sensing something heavy.
“What do you need? And why come to me? I just started this crap two days ago.”
Raymond sighed.
“I need a scroll delivered to Veralla. The capital.”
Tyler blinked, then looked out the window to see the tower in the distance.
“That’s easily a week long journey. Okay. WHY me?”
The mayor rubbed his eyes.
“Because you’re one man, Tyler.”
It clicked.
“You need something sensitive moved fast. No one looks at a lone wanderer twice. ESPECIALLY one as seemingly underequipped as I am. Add to the fact I just joined up two days ago, you get the perfect hidden in plain sight.”
Raymond nodded gravely.
“You figured that out in a scary amount of time. You are correct. I’m afraid I cannot go into details about what the scroll pertains to, but if you look at our town’s position on the map, I think you’ll understand.”
Tyler did look at the map on the wall.
“You’re a border town. Explains the flightpath of the convoy the other day. I guess negotiations have failed.”
That got a start.
“Either you’re a spy, or have a truly terrifyingly apt mind for figuring out people.”
Tyler chuckled darkly.
“I can figure out reasons for actions easily enough, Sir. Kind had to growing up.”
The man sighed now.
“I see. You will be compensated for this boon, Tyler. The recipient, can you guess?”
“The king himself.”
“Indeed. I was obligated to pick a trusted runner for this task. And since you offer the perfect runner, I am putting my faith in you.”
Tyler rubbed his chin as he looked at his map.
“I’ll get there. Am I in a hurry?”
That made the man think himself.
“I’d advise against rushing, but do not dally unnecessarily.”
“So I’ll just go at my pace. Sounds simple enough. Is the scroll easily concealed?”
The mayor presented a narrow tube the same size as a ruler from his world. Tyler took the object and smiled.
“I know a few places not even a full pat down can find this.”
Raymond nodded.
“I hoped so. It’s magically sealed so only the king can open it. Should it be forced, it’ll catch fire and incinerate the document.”
“Nifty. I can leave soon as I gear up.”
Raymond tilted his head.
“So you’re aware? We don’t have stables in the town. So, I’m afraid you will have to make do without a mount.”
“I expected as much, Lord. I can’t ride worth a damn either.”
That got a chuckle.
“That just makes it the better. When you’re ready to depart come retrieve the tube.”
“Sounds good.”
Tyler headed for the general store for a bigger pack and back rack. The man smiled as he walked in.
“Tyler me boy! What can I do fer ya?”
Tyler smiled warmly.
“I got the urge again. So, I’m headed to the capital.”
The man sighed.
“I wish ya safe travels, lad. So, what do you need?”
“A bigger pack, more bait, the usual.”
“Wise lad! Budget?”
“1 gold this time.”
The man nodded.
“Of course. A trip like that? A minute Tyler.”
The keeper vanished into his shop as Tyler picked out a fletching kit, a skill called brew that aided the making of teas and drinks in the field, and a new whetstone. The man came back and placed a large traveler’s backpack on the counter, a large amount of preserved meats, salt, three canteens, a compass surprisingly enough, and a large box of reusable matches. Tyler smiled.
“Nice. This plus my first batch? Should be fun.”
The cost was 95 silver with the rest of the gear he’d need. He then headed for the apothecary. The woman smiled widely as he walked in.
“I see you’re ready for a journey, Tyler.”
He smiled.
“Nearly. Was wondering if you sell spells.”
She blinked.
“I do. But you need to be tested for affinity before I can sell you magic. It costs 5 silver and I can do it myself.”
“Sounds like fun. I’m mainly looking for either a barrier spell or a ward of some kind.”
He gave her the coins and she took his hand.
“Magic Affinity REVEAL!”
His hand glowed like a red coal in a firepit. She nodded as she saw it.
“You have quite a lot of raw magical power locked within you, Tyler. That said, you’re still a novice with it. So. Since you have the affinity I am now able to sell you magic. Your ID please.”
He gave her the notecard and put a check on a corner.
“That shows you’ve been tested for magic affinity and are able to buy spells. Now. The actual spell. To use magic you must first purchase the corresponding Card. Once bought the Card appears here in the slots. They upgrade through use and results of that use. Set a batch of bandits alight with a single spark cast and you’ll get more experience then if you set the one aflame. Follow?”
Tyler nodded.
“I think so. Roxy told me I can’t loot spells off fallen foes.”
“That’s right. People you CAN however as our types of magic are exchangeable. Monsters like orcs or goblins or trolls use a different type of spell that WE just can’t.”
“Sounds about right. So, when I kill a bandit I just look at their ID?”
“exactly. Every living person in Vera has an ID like that. Without one you cannot grow as a person. Every child chooses their first ID at the age of ten. Then they begin learning their trade they so choose. If the ID is destroyed or lost, you have to visit the guild hall and pay a fee for it to be reforged.”
“Can they be stolen and used?”
That got a look of surprise.
“Sharp as always. They can. Yet it is a hanging offense to use another’s ID as your own. That said, if you kill a bandit camp, collect their IDs and take them to the guild. They’ll pay you well before destroying them to prevent just such a temptation.”
The youth nodded.
“I see. So, I need a barrier spell for a campsite or at least something to tell me I got visitors before the sword.”
She pulled one spell Card from a box behind her counter.
“Here. Night’s Watch. It costs ten mana to cast. To cast spells memorize the chant or read it off the card was you use it. Mana energy is the currency used to cast spells. You have a massive mana pool without training of any sort so you shouldn’t have to worry about this single cost. That said, don’t get cocky. If you cast too many spells at once, you’ll collapse. And be more helpless then a newborn infant. This is called Mind Gone. It’s not a pleasant experience. It will pass after a certain period of time, but it’s better to avoid it altogether. Now, YOUR spell. It sets a perimeter air spell that is undetectable unless you’re looking for it. Even then if it’s dispelled you’ll be alerted. It extends for thirty feet in all directions and when triggered by something hostile towards YOU will wake you with a slam.”
Tyler nodded.
“Neat trick. I’d like one offense spell as well. Maybe fire based.”
She smiled knowingly now.
“Would a firebolt spell suffice?”
“Oh HELL yeah. I can’t WAIT to set some idiot on fire!”
She laughed as she passed him the card.
“It’s 50 silver for the pair. I trust you’d like a Wallet for the Cards?”
he smiled.
She placed a metal box about 3 inches in size on the counter. It being a dull blue with a hole poked through it.
“This holds up to 25 spell cards. The hole is for the chain I bet you’d want.”
“Sure. Easy reach.”
She put a black metal chain on the counter.
“These cost an extra 50 silver. But they’ll keep your spells neat and tidy.”
Tyler paid and put the chain over his head before hiding the thing under his hoodie and T-shirt. Once done he looked like didn’t have a chain. She nodded.
“Sneaky. Is there anything else you need?”
He looked around.
“A few healing potions wouldn’t be amiss.”
She smiled widely now.
“Wise decision, they run for 25 silver a piece and are the size of this here.”
she lifted a 8oz cup up. Tyler smiled.
“Four then.”
He placed the gold and she nodded.
“I’ve got the ones I need on hand.”
she placed them in his hands and he stored them in easy reach pockets on his pack.
“A warning.”
He looked at her curiously.
“They WON’T reattach limbs. For that you’d need a healing spell from a temple. They will, however, heal most broken bones, a gash two feet long, and cure most poisons. They are NOT a cure all however.”
He nodded.
“Understood. I wonder, have you any healing spells?”
“Sadly I do not. You must visit a temple or a church for those. We don’t have a temple in town either.”
“It were that easy, what would the point be? Thanks a lot!”
she smiled warmly.
“You’ve never asked, but my name is Leera. And travel safely.”
he waved as he headed for the smithy now. I’ll refill my arrows, fill my canteens, say bye to Roxy, and get the tube. The man behind the counter chuckled as he walked in.
“I see that light. Where ya headed lad?”
Tyler smiled at the kind smith.
“The capital. Looking to refill me arrows beforehand.”
The man nodded.
“I see I see! A fine journey and no mistake. How many you missing?”
Tyler looked.
“I’d say ten.”
“That’ll be 30 coppers.”
“You wouldn’t have a skill for in field smithing and smelting, would you?”
That got a laugh.
“Aye lad. They be in the skill section. I’ll lay out a few tools to help as well.”
Tyler found the skill smelt.
“Uses strength, dexterity, intelligence and skill level to smelt ore over a camp fire. Upgrades through use. Next is field smithing. Uses strength, intelligence, dexterity, and experience to work metals over a camp fire. Upgrades through use. 30 copper a piece. Nifty.”
He placed them next to a small five pound anvil, a hammer, tongs, a pair of gloves, and a chisel. Tyler smiled as he put a whetstone and file as well. The smith nodded.
“This be worth 1 gold on the nose.”
“It’ll pay for itself in no time.”
He gave the money and loaded his pack up, finding it wasn’t even half full yet. The arrows filled his quiver to the full 50, and he was off to the local well. He filled his canteens, said goodbye to the tavern matron and dropped by the guild. He was looking at the board as Roxy came over.
“I see YOU’RE going somewhere.”
He chuckled as he looked at the bills for around the capital.
“I’m headed for Veralla soon as I’m done here.”
She sighed.
“Well. Be careful out there.”
He smiled kindly at her.
“Just cause you said to.”
She smiled at that.
“I AM going to miss the teasing.”
He chuckled as he looked at the broad.
“If I were to take a job from this broad, complete it on the road, can I get paid in Veralla?”
“Yes. That said it’s not really practical as these bills cover the area between here and Wessox.”
“well. That sucks. Be seein ya Roxy.”
She nodded as he walked out. Tyler walked to the manor where Martin was waiting at the door. Tyler was admitted to the office where Raymond placed the tube in his hands.
“I’d like to see where you intend to store it.”
He smirked, and slid it into a pocket in his pack where it rested on his back. Just under the bedroll. If you did not know it was there, you’d never find it. The mayor shook his head.
“Scary. That’s a smuggler’s trick.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Eh. I’m good at many things. I’m ready to head out now. Oh. I should probably see about a night sight skill.”
Raymond laughed.
“Clever, but sadly we do not have the right shop. That’s more in line with a rogue skill and such in archery shops.”
Tyler adjusted a strap.
“Sounds about right. I set to head out?”
He nodded.
“Gods speed. And do NOT let that scroll fall into the wrong hands.”
Tyler nodded and headed to the front gate. He was whistling as walked out, passing the party he’d met on his first day. The mage as usual blushed as he looked at her and he smiled at her, making her go tomato red. Either she’s got a crush or is just REALLLLLLY shy. He shrugged and kept moving. It was late morning just before lunch and he was looking to put a few dozen miles in before he stopped for lunch. The road was mostly well padded down dirt with bits of grass here and there with forest on either side that reminded Tyler of many back roads he’d seen in his old world. He couldn’t hear anything beyond the wind weaving between the leaves of the trees, and found he could hear a slight ringing in his ears that hadn’t been there previously. I guess this world is quieter as a whole. He had his bastard sword on his back with his bow in easy reach as well. He passed other travelers as he went, some in wagons, others on horses and others still hoofing it like he was. He was whistling a tune from his world as he crested a small hill and saw the town of Term already fading into the background. He smiled as he kept going. Weird how much that place felt like home even after two days. He walked at his usual long stride pace for three hours passing the time by either listening to the wind, daydreaming about the future, or looking at his ID. I REALLY want to cast a firebolt. He’d utterly memorized the chant for his single combat spell and was looking forward to actually using it. He would use his Track skill from time to time to train it by seeing different tracks in the road or the forest. He was able to upgrade it twice doing that. I kinda feel like I cheated, but hey. It worked. He spotted a large boulder off the side of the road and walked over to it.
He found it to have Turquoise of all things. He smiled as he mined a four foot hunk of the blue-green stone. I KNOW I can find a buyer for this. The happy wanderer continued on his way, enjoying the cool breeze as he made a moving lunch from persevered venison and water. The loner walked until the sun was touching the trees on the horizon and decided to find a suitable campsite for the evening. He was in a thicker bit of woodland with some high banks, and he could hear a river nearby. That works! He headed towards the sound of water and found a large river with a semicircle of ten foot high rock walls he loved the look of. Tyler cast his warning spell FIRST before setting his tent up. The thing being a single person affair with room for him to stand in. The bedrolls and blankets made it feel very comfy inside and he set to building the fire. He used slabs of stone to bank the thing before setting a Teepee shape inside loaded with bark from a nearby birch tree. He smiled as he saw all it would take was a match. He dug out his rod and line and set the hook with a cricket. He’d seen the jumping fish and was eager to see if he COULD fish. The line hit the water and he did not have to wait for long as he got a yank. He pulled and set the hook and had a four pound bass out in under five minutes. Tyler chuckled.
“I guess I AM good at this shit.”
He caught three more before using the flay skill. This being similar to the Skin skill in it highlighted the cuts in neon blue. Tyler then set the grate over the fire as he lit it with a match. The industrious boy had the book of royal resources out and was looking through as his fish sizzled on the grate. He used the cook skill to actually NOT poison himself and relaxed by the flames. He looked at the sky and smiled as he saw the number of stars. If those fuckwads could see me now. He read of the resources for another hour before the flames were put out and he climbed into his tent. He settled on the furs and chuckled.
“even THESE are better then my old bed. I guess they know what’s up.”
He closed his eyes and felt his spell was still clear as he drifted off.


Tyler opened his eyes to see the light of dawn filtering through the opening to his tent. He smiled as he got up and relit his fire. I kinda like the wanderer lifestyle too. Oddly peaceful. He made some leftover fish and a cup of coffee as he looked at his map. By my estimate I’m about halfway to Wessox. Which is about four days from Veralla. Not bad really. He broke camp after breakfast and when he left the only sign he’d been there was a single scorch mark from the fire, and a freshly dug pile of dirt where he’d buried the fish. He set off down the road with a happy spring in his step eager to put some miles in that day. He was the only one on the trail this morning and enjoyed the solitude. I do kinda miss seeing Roxy and the others at the guild. But it’s no big deal. I’ll most likely be back at some point. Tyler was keeping an eye on his surroundings as he was now a full day from town, and a prime target for bandits. I saw a few potential spots for an attack on the map. I SHOULD be fine as I look more like a copperless drifter then anyone of worth. He adjusted his pack, and thought of the turquoise he’d found. I bet that will fetch a good price. He didn’t see it in the royal resource book, and so resolved to try a smith first. He was whistling as he put in 8 miles by lunch, which he ate while walking again. He chuckled as he spotted more people ahead on the trail. I kinda felt like I was the last guy on the planet. He was still whistling,
“Hail! Traveler!”
The man on the wagon called to him as they drew abreast.
“Hail. Be there trouble ahead?”
The man nodded gravely.
“Afraid so. A group of bandits have staked a claim bout ten minutes ahead.”
“How many we talking?”
“By my count? 10 in all.”
Tyler tossed him 5 silver.
“Appreciate the warning. I’ll have a word with em.”
The man tipped his hat and rattled on. Tyler pulled his bow and was looking over the string as he walked. I needed to see if I’m good enough to handle people anyway. He rounded a corner and a group of ten men appeared from the bushes in ragged leather armor wielding rusting weaponry. Tyler tilted his head at this.
“Can I help you?”
The leader laughed.
“This here be a toll road young’un. You? 20 silver.”
Tyler grinned.
“My enemies will BURN. FIREBOLT.”
He shot the spell at the first man while firing an arrow at the second. Then his bastard sword came out as the remaining 8 came at him. Tyler smiled.
He sent another blast that required him to look at a target as he cast it. The man was in the BACK of the charging group, and so the thing hit three and him. Then they reached him. Tyler deflected a spear high and ducked under for a vicious slash as he grabbed the head of another,
He was set aflame as well leaving only two. Tyler smiled as he jumped back. One had a spear, the other an axe. The boy planted his feet as the spear thrust at him, only for him to pivot along the haft and slash his throat as the axe wielder charged his unprotected back. Tyler had kept his weight on his toes and used the posture to dance out of the way of the overhead chop. He ran him through and that was that. The last bandit dead. Tyler chuckled as he saw this.
“That was easy.”
He got to searching their bodies and found their leader had a modest sum of 1 gold coin, 99 silver, 55 copper.
“Not bad for a bunch of idiots.”
He collected their IDs and saw one had a Wallet. Opening it he found he had three spells.
“Let’s see what ya got. Diversionary Illusion? Costs ten mana to conjure a image of the castor in a targeted area. Useful for traps. No shit. Next is Acid Touch. 5 mana and douses a target in flash eating acid. Yikes. Scary image. Last we have Poison Touch. Adds poison to a weapon for four hits, or if coated to an arrow one shaft. Causes the afflicted to weaken and slow. Nasty toolbox.”
He added them to his own Wallet and moved the corpses to the side of the road. Once done he set off back on his way. That was fun. Bandits are good practice. Plus was fun setting them on fire. He wiped his sword on a cloth and sheathed it over his shoulder as he walked along. He was whistling as he went, unfazed by the fact he’d just killed ten men. By my estimate I’m nearly to Wessox. I’ll spend the night there and keep moving in the morning. He was moving at his comfortable pace as a shadow passed overhead. He looked up to see another airship drifting on it’s merry way. This one being far smaller then the DREADNOUGHT and seemed to be a mere merchant vessel if the lack of cannon slots were anything to go by. Tyler chuckled at the sight as he spotted the green stone walls of the town of Wessox. The walls were weirdly lime green stone that made no sense to the outworlder, but Tyler was a master of just going with it at this point. He joined the line of those seeking entry behind a tall woman with a staff tipped with a green gem. Tyler ALSO noticed her ears were tipped in a manner only an elf would have. Of course they’re elves here. Why wouldn’t there be? The boy shrugged and waited to be hailed. It didn’t take long as he was accosted by the leaf scale armored man.
“What’s yer business?”
“Rest and resupply.”
“The stocks and gallows will give ya all the rest ya wish. We clear?”
He got a smirk and was waved along. Tyler went for the guild hall first to drop off the bandit IDs. He found it easily enough and smiled as the familiar jabs and rowdiness was heard. He walked up to the booth where an elf lady sat. She was a curious specimen, with razor tipped ears, slanted eyes with green irises and yellow skin. She smiled politely as he reached her.
“Greetings adventurer. How may I assist you?”
Tyler smiled.
“I’ve got a few bandit IDs to turn in.”
“I see. Please, place them here.”
He put the Notecard sized papers on the tray and she nodded.
“There was a bill posted for these ones. It has yet to be taken. So, guild policy is you get the sum of 30 silver atop the usual 30 silver for the turn in.”
“Wow. That alone made the trip worth it. In the event I get attacked by a billed target, kill it and the bill being taken by another?”
She smiled.
“A deal between the two parties will be fostered by the guild. Be that all?”
He nodded.
“Aye Miss?”
That is an elf name if ever there was one.
“Thanks Leafa. I’m Tyler.”
She smiled warmly as she gave him his coin.
“Take care out there, Tyler.”
he chuckled as he jabbed a thumb at the rabble.
“You take care with THEM. Gods know they need someone to play momma.”
The hall lost it at the jab as Leafa laughed quietly herself. Tyler left the hall and headed for the local inn. He found the log cabin building and went inside. He approached the tall elf behind the counter,
“Excuse me, have any rooms for the night?”
The elf nodded as he looked this young’un over.
“Aye lad. Yet YOU look like a bath would do you the world of good.”
Tyler looked down and busted up laughing at his blood encrusted, dusty, smeared getup.
“Wow. Just. WOW. Okay. Fair enough.”
The man just shook his head.
“Youth these days. Dashing off without a thought for looks or appearance.”
“Hey! It’s not my fault I was born looking like this!”
His indignantly offended voice got a laugh from the tavern keeper.
“You’ve my pity lad.”
“Damn! And here I thought I knew how to throw jabs! Okay. One bath please.”
“That’s 45 coppers for the room, 25 for the bath.”
“Thanks a lot. I’ll go pretend to pretend to NOT be guttertrash.”
The jovial elf laughed at that as Tyler headed to the inhouse bathhouse. He found his gear would be store in a magically sealed locker and went into the outdoor pool type bath. He felt his back crack in several places as he settled down in the hot water. His clothes had been placed in a magic cleaner that would have them ready when he got out. He laughed at the amount of dried blood, dirt, sweat, and grime that came off him in the water. He dove under and found even MORE came from his hair! He popped up laughing hard.
“Three days and I’m like a freakin slaughterhouse! Ha! Okay. When I get to the capital, I get a bath FIRST.”
He soaked for about ten minutes more before heading back out. He found his clothes were indeed cleaned and when he dressed he chuckled. That did the job better then ANY washing machine. He got his gear and found it too had been deep cleaned. He walked out and the house elf nodded approvingly.
“Good lad. Now you look like a person.”
“Oi! Barely!”
The elf laughed as Tyler sat at a table after getting a meal. He was looking at his map when the lady elf came over with his meal of roasted Plains walker, ale, and some toasted bread. He tipped her 10 silver and she smiled at the ploy. He chuckled to himself as he ate. Probably thinks I just tried to buy a night off her. Be kinda funny to see the reaction. This meal cost him 10 silver, 50 coppers. That plus the room and bath brought the total to 10 silver, 120 copper. He just put his map away,
“Hey, lad.”
He looked over to see a burly man waving at him from a table with others.
“Fancy a game of chance? We need one more to fill the game.”
Tyler chuckled.
“Sure. Why not?”
He took his gear over and sat at the table as the man smiled.
“10 silver buy in. I take it you’re not played this one before?”
The game? A reskinned Texas hold em. Tyler chuckled now once he heard the rules.
“It would seem I have played this before gents. Just it was under a different name. Should be fun!”
There were 9 other people at the table as Tyler got his first two cards. They being the game’s version of aces. He tilted his head.
“Any word on the road to Veralla?”
A lady in a red tunic answered as she took her turn.
“It was clear this morning. But we all know that’ll change.”
Tyler raised the pot by four as another commented.
“Aye, ole Rolic seems to have forgotten what happens when the roads are left to themselves in wartime.”
Tyler looked at the speaker,
“every ruler worth his salt should know the roads are his country’s lifeline. Airships or no.”
They nodded sagely at that.
“Wise words lad.”
Tyler smiled as the first three cards were flipped, getting him a four of a kind.
“How bad’s the fighting?”
The lady sighed now.
“it’s bad lad. I take it you’re new to this part of the world.”
“just blew in a week ago. Call.”
She rubbed her red eyes.
“Vera is at war with the neighboring country of Alfheim. They’ve been at each other’s throats for about 50 years now, and the first shots were fired just three days ago.”
“That was about the time that convoy went over, right?”
She nodded.
“Indeed. From the rumors, it seemed the king tried to avoid war by marrying off his daughter the princess to the Alfheim prince. It was rejected as the prince seems to prefer men.”
“Something about using your own daughter as a mere bargaining chip doesn’t sit right with me, but that’s just a me thing.”
He got an approving nod there.
“Nay lad, we agree there. A man’s daughter or son is truly precious.”
Tyler had a thought.
“How’s the king’s rule?”
They chuckled.
“Yer a wily one ain’t ya? Rolic’s still in the prime of his strength. He’s a good king with a fair and just heart.”
“How’s the princess?”
That got him a few knowing looks from the older men.
“She’s a truly gorgeous girl that takes for her mother. Plus is also sweet and kindhearted to boot. They say her hair is akin to glowing gold while her smile can warm even the coldest heart.”
“What side of the bed does she sleep on?”
“Left. Wait huh?”
The speaker’s on pure reflex response, plus his face after made the table bust up laughing hard as Tyler patted him.
“It’s okay. We’re all weirdly attentive on some things.”
The man just shook his head as he took his turn.
“Wily and sharp. Scary lad.”
The time to reveal cards came, and he won with four aces. He won 40 of the 90 silver right there, and the losers left grumbling. Tyler chuckled as he shuffled.
“Thank the gods I learned the better shuffle.”
He was eagle eyed as he dealt the cards and set them aside. Wow. Queens this time. He played a few more hands before walking away 90 silver richer. The losers all patted him with grudging respect for his card prowess and he called it a night. He headed up to the room and locked the door. He checked the scroll and found it still there. He got into the clean bed with a low groan and chuckled at the darkened ceiling. I’m never going back. He closed his eyes and drifted off.


Tyler opened his eyes and got dressed for the day’s travel. The scroll was still in place and he was out the door. He got a breakfast of coffee, bacon, an orange for some odd reason, and eggs. He left the tavern and headed for the northeastern gate towards the capital. He was out the gate and moving along at his usual pace loving the peace of the early morning. I should be halfway to the capital by tonight at this pace. He passed others on their way into the town as well. Adventurers, merchants, travelers, roving militia, and more offered a greeting or nod to the lone wanderer. Tyler just taking it in stride with a smile. He wandered along until lunch, where he stopped at a large plateau of rock that offered a good look ahead. He made a sandwich of preserved venison and noted his food supply was lowering. I’ll do a bit of hunting then. He looked at the rock.
This time he merely found a noodle of Pyrite. He shrugged and took it anyway.
“Every copper counts.”
He had his bow out with arrow fitted for rabbit or squirrel now. He whistling along a stretch of open plains with the road cresting a massive hill. Tyler trotted up the thing without issue, enjoying the effort. Weird place for a road, but whatever. He crested it and got a look at the far off capital. Even from his distance of more then a day away he could tell it was a massive city. It gleamed like white stone with the tower jutting from the center of it like a flagpole. Tyler chuckled. Now THAT’S a helluva sight. He looked at the road ahead, and found it dove into a rather thick patch of woodland. Nifty. I’ll snag a buck from there and be set on food till I reach the gate. He was walking along when a fresh breeze hit him, and he smiled at the cooling effect. Then a shadow passed overhead. He looked up expecting another airship.
“Oh shit. Dragon.”
A gigantic red dragon was gliding overhead. It looking to be 300 feet in length, with a mindboggling 600 foot wingspan. The head alone was 15 feet long! Tyler looked at the massive beast in awe, then felt he should book it for the forest. I’m not from this world. For all I know that puts a DAMNED TARGET ON MY BACK! Tyler looked at the forest then back to the beast. Only it had turned on a wing and was dropping to the ground, not thirty feet from him. He groaned. I will NOT go back. Tyler looked up as the god of the sky landed with an impact that made the ground ripple. He rode the waves as the scaled beast folded it’s wings over it’s back before looking at Tyler with an eye no less then six feet across.
it’s voice was akin to a thunderclap.
“We have an outworlder in Vera.”
Tyler nodded.
“I will NOT go back alive.”
The dragon blew smoke in amusement.
“I sense that world has not been kind to you.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Nope. Sooo, why are you talking to an ant?”
The dragon snorted.
“I’m talking to a foreign being in the world. Since you don’t seem to care.”
“To be perfectly honest? I really don’t. I’m here. I’ve got a sword. And I’m loving life. All I need to know.”
That got a laugh from the red dragon.
“I see you’ve adapted well. Most impressive. And NO. I will NOT tell of your secret.”
Tyler nodded.
“Thanks for that. So, besides trying to intimidate the new kid on the block, why did you even bother?”
The dragon bared it’s teeth.
“Are you not scared, Human?”
Tyler chuckled darkly.
“I’m used to looking death in the face Dragon. I die here or tomorrow or in a fire, it don’t matter to me. Whatever you can do to me? I’ve been through worse.”
The dragon rumbled like a T-rex at this.
“Your world is a truly evil place. Thank the sky only YOU came through.”
Tyler had a thought.
“Are there rules about that? Like things I can or cannot introduce here?”
The dragon was taken aback.
“Where the hell did that come from? Yes there are. Your guns and weaponry beyond blades are forbidden. As well as the explosives. Try it and it’ll kill you.”
“Ah. I kinda figured but ya know. Ask.”
The dragon nodded.
“Wisdom. Now. Are you wondering about your purpose here?”
“Not really. If you’re looking for a chosen hero of the people, then just kill me now. I ain’t no white knight.”
The dragon laughed.
“Not even. You came through during a battle between gods. They were dueling there on that hill for whatever reason in their realm and it thinned the barriers between our two worlds. You tripped over the briefest manifestation of one’s foot and fell through the shimmer you saw. They called their duel there as it had dragged an innocent mortal from his world into ours. Though, from what I’ve heard, they nearly died laughing at his expression.”
Tyler snorted.
“Yeah. YOU try tripping over nothing and instead of landing on concrete you nearly faceplant in the grass. Try it and come out stone faced I dare ya.”
The dragon laughed at that and spread it’s wings.
“I’ve seen you will my own eyes, outworlder. I feel the winds have finally begun to blow again. I wonder. Will you be a force for good? Or evil?”
“why not both?”
The dragon shook its head at that.
“This world, just might be fun again. Farewell adventurer.”
The dragon flew off and Tyler waved.
it was gone and Tyler looked at the spot it had stood, finding it was giving off steam.
“Dragons. Fucking. DRAGONS. Okay. Someday. I am going to kill one.”
He heard a low rumble from the far off beast.
“That’s the way it should be!”
Tyler shook his head and started walking again.
“Great. He heard me. Ah well.”
The boy shrugged and kept moving. I wonder. Since I’m an outworlder, what about my lifespan and bed? Tyler walked into the forest.
“Track: Deer.”
A set of trails were lit up and he followed one. He tracked the animal for an hour before finding it resting in a small clearing. He took the hart in the heart and got the skinning. He took the pelt, antlers, hooves, and as much of the meat he could before heading back to the road. He passed a tree and found another note on it.
“You’re an immortal being like the elves. Plus unageing as well. As for offspring? You know that answer. Should it become an issue, visit a fertility temple as these happen all the time in Vera. Be amazed how many people get kicked in the gems by a donkey.”
Tyler shook his head at that one.
“Wow. I’mma be here a while. Nifty.”
he walked along the road whistling joyfully as he went. He made great time and sought for a suitable campsite for the night. He found it in another rock outcrop near a river in the forest thirty minutes from the trail. He cast his perimeter spell.
“Let this site be defended even in the night. Night’s Watch!”
His defense spell up; Tyler pitched the tent and looked at the other outcropping of stone.
This time he found a large deposit of Boleite. He smiled as he dug out ten pounds of the mineral.
“I think I saw this in the royal resource book, but not sure.”
He returned and lit the fire before casting his line baited with crickets. He pulled rainbow trout out this time and chuckled as he set to grilling it on his grate.
“I eat better here than I ever did back there!”
He looked in the royal resource book and found Boleite AND Pyrite were resources under the crown. Boleite for airship cannon shot and Pyrite as a means to refine gold. Tyler chuckled at this find.
“Looks like I’m more merchant than adventurer.”
the loner man fed on fish and venison before putting the fire out and crawling into the ridiculously comfy tent.
“I fucking love this thing.”
He smiled as he closed his eyes and drifted off.


Tyler opened his eyes to see a massive red squirrel looking at him curiously. Tyler chuckled at that bizarre sight.
“I’m a person.”
It chattered as if to say, ah. Tyler left the tent and the squirrel hopped out beside him. The man chuckled as he dug out a large walnut and gave it to the squirrel.
“I’ll be out of your hair soon as I’m fed.”
There was a low wind in the trees that seemed to give acknowledgement. Tyler relit the fire and brewed some coffee and fried some meat. The large squirrel happily munching on the nut watching his every move.
“So, I guess you’re a nature spirit?”
“Well. All that will be left of my visit is that scorch mark, shattered boulder, and the leftover fish I can’t eat.”
Chatter, chatter.”
“And the leftover nut.”
The squirrel bounded over and looked at the flames as Tyler ate breakfast.
“Not a spark will escape.”
It nodded in approval as he finished his meal. The camp was torn down and all that was left behind was the scorch mark, broken boulder, and leftover fish he’d buried. The squirrel followed him as he made his way back to the road. Once he set food on the pathway, the squirrel turned to leave,
“Hey. Buddy.”
it looked at him curiously, only to get another nut tossed his way.
“Thanks for the place to rest.”
He got an appreciative chatter before the squirrel vanished with its offering. Tyler chuckled as he started walking again.
“And now I’m having full conversations with squirrels. Wow. So THAT’S what acid is like.”
He heard the chattering again and shook his head.
“So nature spirits are a thing. Gotta watch that.”
he took out his ID and found his mine skill had increased to level three, prospect to level three, track to 6, skin to 5, flay to 3. He looked at titles and found it still empty. I kinda wonder what it takes to get a title? I kill a dragon I get dragonslayer. That’s a given. But the others? He shrugged and took out his Wallet case and looked at Firebolt. He found that to Card was glowing slightly. He smiled as he saw it could be upgraded to level three. The potency of the flames was increased, plus the blast on impact as well. Night’s Watch was upgraded to level two, and extended to 35 feet now. Happy with his spells he put them away and passed the time honing his knife on his whetstone. The young adventurer looked ahead and noticed a pair or ten foot boulders sitting either side of the road. THAT’S a bandit spot if ever there was one. He put his stone up and walked with the knife still out. As he neared the boulders, a large chain appeared between them with two archers leaping up onto the boulders themselves as 12 appeared around the lone wanderer. Tyler was surrounded with arrows on his chest as the leader stepped forward.
“The scroll. Hand it over.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Scroll? The hell you talking about?”
The man snorted.
“You Can’t fool us. Hand it over Vera dog. Or we’ll TAKE it.”
Tyler rubbed his head, utterly confused.
“Look, I have no idea what the fuck your talking about. The only scroll I’ve seen was a scroll of firebolt I sold back in Wessox. That what you mean?”
A man blinked and looked at his leader.
“he’s not lying. My spell hasn’t pinged and it’s been active the entire time.”
The man blinked himself.
“Are you certain? He matches the description our spy in Term gave us.”
Tyler sighed.
“Well THERE’S half your problem! Seriously, number of fucking times I get mistaken for who the fuck. I had a copper for every time I got hailed on the street as someone’s cousin or friend or whatever. Leave me alone!”
Tyler rubbed his head as a mild headache throbbed as the man looked at him.
“It seems we made a mistake. Move along citizen.”
“Sure. Heya, question.”
They were on edge,
“That is?”
He looked at the man,
“That spell. I’ve not heard of it before. What’s it do?”
The mage laughed.
“It’s a simple truth spell, lad. Ya can pick it at any temple.”
“really? Cool. Later.”
He walked by the leader and smiled.
“Oh. One last thing.”
He stabbed the mage and leader in quick succession.
“I didn’t lie.”
The men were stunned by this turn of events, and Tyler moved like lightning taki9ng the legs from the two archers before rounding on the survivors.
He set three aflame with that shot as the rest got their wits back. But by then,
Three more were set ablaze as Tyler’s sword finished off the rest. The last agent killed Tyler walked to the groaning leader and grabbed him. He gaped at him in horror.
“How did you beat the spell?”
Tyler smiled.
“You can’t find a lie if you’re NOT lying. Now. The spy. Speak and it’ll be painless.”
The man gulped.
“Raymond. He’s been supplying information to both sides. He picked you as that scroll has military secrets and you’re just a rookie.”
Tyler grinned darkly.
“Only here. Where I come from? Eh. I was a monster.”
The man never knew what he meant as Tyler snapped his neck. He collected the IDs, spells, the mage’s staff which he had neglected to use, a few daggers and a rather nice looking sword. He rolled the dead into the ditches at the side of the road and prospected the four foot boulders.
“Wow. Ten pounds of Hematite. Per boulder.”
He destroyed the stones and took the chain for field smithing. Then he took off at a much faster pace than before. Raymond sold me out. That bastard. That explains so fuckin much. Okay. I need to get to the capital TODAY. Tyler broke into his long striding run that he could keep up for a good three days and nights without rest. The young adventurer ran in silence as he kept his wits and senses on alert. I got lucky. That guy was looking for an outright lie. Not a half-truth. I can bullshit my way through most like that, but not with that trump card. He came over a hill and saw the front gates to the city. They being gigantic structures of white stone. The things large enough that dragon could have walked through without lowering it’s head. Tyler ignored this and made straight for the first guard he saw. The man was armored in gleaming plate mail with a fully visored helm. The man addressed him.
“Urgent word for the King from Term.”
The man nodded.
“At once Sirrah. Make way!”
Tyler was off running again as a hole was made for him. They at least were expecting me. That’s not good. I am willing to bet gold this scroll is rigged. The city guard saw him and gestured as they saw his grim expression. Tyler was directed right to the massive tower he’d seen in the distance his first day in Vera. He walked inside the colossus and was shown by a black armored knight to a lift.
“The King and his generals are awaiting word.”
Tyler groaned.
“Better and better.”
The man looked at his tone with concern.
“I be the King’s royal advisor. What be the word that has you so disturbed?”
“I’ll tell the king to his face. Safer that way.”
“I see. Me apologies.”
Tyler chuckled at that.
“Curiosity. The bane of us all.”
That got a laugh.
“Well said! And well feared!”
The left stopped and the man led him into a stone chamber filled with armored men around a map strewn table with a tall, broad shouldered man in robes at the head. Tyler looked right at him as the knight spook.
“Presenting his Royal majesty King Rolic Vera. Sire. The runner from Term.”
“Raymond’s a traitor.”
There was a loud gasp of shock as Tyler walked right to the king and placed a finger on the ambush site.
“14 men including three mages hit me here. They demanded the scroll with the certainty that comes from KNOWING they’re right.”
The king blinked.
“This is a grave charge. Their Ids?”
The man’s voice was deep and firm as Tyler pulled them.
“Whether they are their own I do not know. That said these were the ones I found.”
The king passed them to another,
“Sire, these belong to the Alfheim assassin squad. There is no reason a mere boy should possess them unless they failed their mission.”
Tyler chuckled as he placed a spell card on the table.
“Think about detecting lies? DON’T lie.”
The king laughed at that.
“Don’t tell me you hoodwinked em?”
“Oh it was bad. They had no idea until I killed the mage.”
They laughed at that as he told the tale. Then Tyler became serious again.
“I got from the leader’s mouth that Raymond has been selling information to both sides. There is also the added chance the scroll tube is rigged to blow.”
That got a start. The king nodded gravely.
“In the light of this disturbing news, I agree. Laxus.”
A man in a black robe came forward.
“Take the scroll to be examined by our mages. Caution is the ruling.”
He bowed.
“At once Sire.”
Tyler pulled the tube from the pocket and the men laughed.
“Raymond played for a fool,”
Tyler smirked.
“And got himself a Wolf.”
They laughed at that as the king looked at him.
“You may have just saved my life and this country young adventurer. Please, what is your name??”
Tyler smiled.
“I’m Tyler. Yeah. I know it sucks.”
The men laughed again as the king chuckled.
“Tyler the Adventurer. It seems you’re wily one indeed, to both outsmart the Alfheim assassins and their traitorous leader.”
“Sire. Report.”
Laxus came back with a pale expression.
“What is it?”
The man knelt.
“If you had so much as TOUCHED it Milord, it would have killed you. And everyone in this room.”
Tyler nodded gravely.
“All the while leaving the blame at the feet of a rookie adventurer. Wait. Hol up. That doesn’t make any sense.”
He looked at the mage.
“If the king touched it he’d die, that’s what you just said?”
The man nodded.
“Indeed. It was a blast type spell. Triggered by royal hands.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“If they wanted the king, why bother with a hit squad? They had the perfect plan and perfect puppet in me to kill the king already. Why ruin an already sound plan?”
The king’s brown eyes narrowed now himself.
“Yes, the is bizarre. Any thoughts?”
Tyler looked at the maps.
“It could be a plan for misinformation. Like for instance a ploy to ruin Raymond’s trust with the crown and weaken a border town. it would explain why I was able to bullshit them so easily.”
Rolic nodded.
“I see the reasoning. It does fit with the Alfheim scheming. It does fit this puzzle.”
Tyler frowned again.
“I guess. Still, something feels wrong here. Like I’m missing some kind of obvious piece here.”
The king tilted his head as Tyler went into deep thought. It doesn’t add up. I get the scroll, come here and the king dies. Yet the ambush? Wait. That lift. Tyler looked at the mage.
“Question. You took that lift to drop that scroll off to the mages, right?”
The man nodded, confused.
“I did. Why is that suspicious?”
Tyler’s eyes narrowed.
“It takes 5 minutes one way pal. You were back in a mere 3 flat.”
The man blinked as the king tilted his head.
“My word. I never noticed.”
The mage tried reason.
“I used a spell to get down faster, Lord. Haste was important.”
The men nodded in agreement.
“Okay, what spell?”
They looked at the man now as Tyler took a spot between him and the king. He looked at Tyler.
“It’s a spell I got given to me by my mentor.”
The man tried again.
“It’s only able to be given to court mages.”
The king snorted.
“Present the spell Laxus. Now.”
The man had a single drop of sweat fall, and Tyler chuckled.
“I get it. A backup plan. You’re here as a spy to Alfheim. So, since the ambush failed, you sensed an opportunity to ingratiate yourself to your ruler by retrieving the scroll. Too bad for you I’m not such easy prey.”
The man was shaking in his boots as Tyler walked over and reached into his robe.
“And yeah. You’re in idiot.”
He pulled the scroll tube out and the king boomed.
“Laxus! Take him!”
The man tried in desperation to cast a spell, but a boot to the teeth from Tyler knocked him out cold. The mage was dragged away in chains that canceled out magic. Tyler looked at the tube and looked at the king.
“This point I’ll just do it myself.”
That got a laugh from the king.
“I like this one. Very well. Do return once it’s in the mages hands.”
“Sure. Justa. Where am I going?”
The room busted up laughing at that and a knight led the way. Tyler whistled as he rode the lift with the armored knight and followed him to a chamber underground. There Tyler was greeted by robe wearing monks.
“Greetings Lord. I understand the King has need of us.”
Tyler placed the tube in the brother’s hands.
“It’s possibly rigged to blow and kill the king.”
“I see. We will begin examining it at once.”
Tyler headed back up and noticed the knight was shaking a little.
“You okay?”
The man laughed ruefully.,
“Aye Sah. This lift just messes with my head and I feel woozy after. Nothing to be concerned about.”
Tyler chuckled.
“That sucks. Try this: Imagine you’re on a ship at sea and your riding a wave in a storm.”
The man stopped shaking.
“Thankee kindly, Sir. I was a sailor and it feels the same oddly enough.”
Tyler smiled.
“I knew a guy with the same problem. He told me it’s your head fighting itself to understand what’s happening. So, just give it an answer it already knows.”
“That be a strange form of wisdom there.”
Tyler chuckled again.
“Be amazed how often wisdom is taken with strange. Least it’s fun.”
The knight laughed.
“Aye that it be!”
They returned to the meeting chamber and Tyler made the report.
“Okay. I put the thing in the monk’s hands myself. If we STILL have problems, you lost this one.”
The King nodded gravely.
“A scary form of wisdom there, one I unfortunately agree with.”
Tyler took a spot beside the king now.
“Okay. Now what?”
The room laughed at that simple question. The king gestured at the table.
“We’ll have a report on the scroll in fifteen minutes.”
“The spy?”
“ten minutes.”
Tyler chuckled.
“Sounds about right.”
He looked at the lines of defense and attacks, then frowned.
“What the?”
He looked at an ongoing battle being displayed via magic. The king sighed.
“That one just broke out sadly.”
“That’s a probe attack.”
The room was silent as Tyler looked closer.
“See? Look at the number of our shots compared to theirs.”
The generals did and gasped.
“Lad’s right.”
“We’re far outnumbering them!”
Tyler sighed.
“Great. Ya just got suckered. That battlegroup is a known element now.”
The king then asked the question.
“Kid. Just WHO are you?”
Tyler smiled.
“A kid that has seen FAR too much war in his time, Your highness. Nothing more, nothing less.”
The King sighed and so did the others in the room.
“Now that is a tragedy. Okay, Tyler. In your words, best course of action for that probe?”
The young adventurer leaned over to look.
“It’s mainly an air battle? Scare them. What the biggest cannon you can throw at them RIGHT now?”
The king blinked.
“We have a Leviathan class juggernaut on reserve in the region with a long cannon that can kill that destroyer.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“I have no idea what that means. But, it sounds badass. Long as it makes them shit themselves it’ll work.”
The king frowned.
“If we reveal our biggest asset in the region they’ll do so as well.”
“is our cannon bigger?”
The room laughed at that logic. The King blinked.
“It is. Are you saying dare them?”
Tyler tapped the maps.
“If we show them we’re willing to throw our biggest cannon into a mere probe attack, then they will be FORCED to respond in kind. Since WE forced their hand, we can turn it the way we want. Do it right and we can remove some major pieces from their board.”
The generals looked at each other.
“I feel inadequate right now lads.”
“Step up then.”
The king laughed at that statement as Tyler looked at the battle. Then the ruler gave the order.
“Have the NIDHOGG prepare to fire at once. Target is the main destroyer.”
Tyler tilted his head as he saw the spot the battle was.
“I wonder if they’ve pissed off the big red yet? They ARE in fighting in his flight path.”
The king looked at him, mildly concerned.
“Big red?”
Tyler tapped the hill he’d met the dragon.
“Bout here a day ago, I saw a red dragon out for a flight. He was headed in this direction.”
The line led right to the battlefield, and the generals all gulped. Tyler looked at the battle and chuckled.
“I guess he’s either watching the fireworks or hasn’t got there yet.”
A man looked up from a stone.
“NIDHOGG is ready to fire Sire.”
Tyler watched as the real time magic feed showed the destroyer get hit by a heavy beam of red energy and explode. He whistled.
“Damn. Prep for immediate reattack. Then be on combat readiness. We knocked. Let’s see how they answer.”
The king nodded and Tyler blinked.
“Wow. Sorry I didn’t mean to just take over like that.”
The king patted him on the back reassuringly, smiling as he felt the chainmail.
“Nay lad. It was the mindset of a thinker at work. I have an offer for you.”
Tyler looked at the feed, and saw how the ship had crashed into it’s own forces.
“You’d like my help with the war effort?”
The king nodded smiling.
“As my new war advisor. As a replacement for Laxus.”
Tyler blinked.
“You DO know I’m only 15 years, right?”
The room laughed as a man in red armor spoke.
“And in the time you’ve been here lad, you’ve ousted an enemy spy, discovered a traitor to the crown, mayhaps saved the king and us, and even the kingdom herself. Ya earned this.”
Tyler chuckled.
“And all I set out to do was deliver a letter! What the hell?”
The room laughed as a monk stepped off the lift.
The king smiled.
“Maxus. What is the brother’s word?”
He passed the scroll.
“The tube was rigged to explode with a fire storm spell, Lord. The parchment as well was poisoned. No longer.”
Tyler was looking him in the eye and found no lie. The king took the scroll and placed it on the table.
“It seems you were correct Tyler. Raymond is a traitor. This is a list of operatives loyal to Alfheim in Vera. His name is at the top.”
Tyler looked as well.
“Wow. I’m surprised Martin his butler-ha! Oh that’s precious. Martin’s our contact, isn’t he?”
The king laughed as well.
“Indeed he is. He’s one of our finest to be perfectly frank.”
“Sounds like a good butler to me.”
He got a backslap for that as he looked at the image.
“Looks like they’re answering.”
The battle feed was expanded to show a massive force of airships approaching the seemingly beleaguered and outnumbered Vera forces. Tyler looked at a set of large blue blocks about ten minutes flight from the battle.
“That another battlegroup?”
The king nodded and Tyler pushed it to the new fight.
“Have them move here.”
The spot was BEHIND the enemy force, and the war leaders nodded as the next report was heard.
“Nidhogg’s requesting a target. They’ve used the uplink spell.”
The king nodded at Tyler.
“You do the honors lad.”
Tyler grinned widely.
“Oh I like making things go boom.”
Tyler walked over to a pair of pillars with cubes on the top. The knight nodded.
“Place your hands on the cubes and close your eyes. When ready say fire and it’ll go.”
Tyler gripped the things and closed his eyes. Soon as he did he saw through the reticle of the gun and spotted a large shape on the horizon. He took aim at it and smiled widely.
the beam tore out and when he opened his eyes,
“Ya missed!”
He grinned at them.
“Did I?”
The feed showed a MASSIVE warship in the Alfheim fleet take a direct hit from the blast. The king just started laughing.
“That was the Alexander! It’s supposed to be undetectable in the air!”
Tyler chuckled as he tapped the spot.
“Yet. Move through a cloud with that kinda mass and try to remain invisible. I dare ya.”
The king smiled as the massive craft crashed.
“That was the Alfheim fleet flagship. Basically their biggest cannon. We’ve just gained the upper hand.”
Tyler looked as the second battlegroup was in position.
“Begin the pincer crush. Any surrender?”
The king blinked.
“Umm. They get sent back to their homeland. Cared for and unharmed.”
Tyler nodded ruefully.
“Yeah, gotta watch that. Where I come from, well, don’t get caught. It won’t end well.”
They let it go as the rest of the fleet surrendered after another out of sight shot from Nidhogg tore the center of their force to high hell. The people in the room were cheering wildly as Tyler tilted his head.
“That was…a little TOO easy.”
The king slumped.
“How are you seeing these? You’re right, but how?”
Tyler rubbed his arm.
“I never let my shield down, Sire. For when the shield is lowered is when the knife finds you.”
The men nodded at that dark wisdom. Tyler looked at the fleet of surrendered craft.
“Oh come on. Have the ships pull back. It’s a suicide play.”
The orders were given to break off and just in the nick of time as every ship that had surrendered exploded. Tyler shook his head as he saw this.
“Idiots. Ya just lost your sky fleet. Suicide is ONLY a viable option when you HAVE no other option.”
The king nodded.
“That’s Alfheim in a sentence. Stubborn to the bitter end.”
“Which means a war of attrition. Fucking perfect.”
The king nodded sadly.
“Indeed. We’re looking at a long one.”
“Are the people of vera behind us on the war?”
The king blinked.
“A shrewd question. The answer? They’re used to our strife.”
Tyler frowned.
“That’s better an I feared, but not GOOD either.”
The king nodded and Tyler took the chance to ACTUALLY look at him. He was a middle aged man with a grey beard, brown eyes, grey hair and garbed in an armored robe. The young adventurer looked at the feed again.
“Why ARE you two fighting anyway?”
The king sighed.
“Alfheim tried to annex Vera with gold. My grandfather refused. They rule their land under the belief that people cannot be allowed freedom without direction or they’ll misuse it. We just live life. They’re also religious in the extreme over this belief.”
“There it is. Now, I understand you tried to marry off the princess as a peace attempt?”
The king laughed.
“Not in the manner you fear. Their prince took a fancy to my daughter, even though he prefers men, and tried to buy her off. She flew out, kicked him in the shields and flew back before their country knew what happened.”
Tyler busted up laughing.
“I don’t know this chick and I like her!”
The room laughed as Tyler nodded at the map.
“Reason I brought that up? I don’t like bad blood or unresolved issues between allies in war. Seen it kill a front WAY too many times.”
The king nodded sagely.
“A most sensible mindset. The issue? I think I know, but in your words?”
Tyler shrugged.
“I heard this by rumor in a tavern so bare that in mind. Something about you using your daughter as a mere bargaining chip didn’t sit well with me. That might just be a me thing.”
The king smiled kindly now.
“I see you’re a kindhearted one too. And allow me to put this to bed. SHE went to him on her own. To refuse, humiliate the man, and make a point. Me girl’s a fierce wildcat.”
Tyler chuckled now.
“Now I REALLY wanna meet this chick.”
The room chuckled as Tyler felt the need.
“And to a point you made? I’m not a kind person. Not by a long shot.”
The king sensed something behind his mocking tone, but let it lay.
“So, we’ve won a major victory in the war here. I have a new war councilor and advisor, and we have names of traitors to the crown. I call this a successful day.”
There were nods as Tyler looked at supply lines next.
“These lines. Are they well defended?”
a general spoke now.
“Aye, Lord. They be very well defended.”
“I wonder. Do we have the manpower to rig ‘false’ supply lines oh, say, near the border here?”
The man laughed.
“That’s a brilliant idea! How shall we rig the cargo?”
Tyler grinned.
“Load the wagons with barrels rigged to blow. But coat the outside of the things in nails, shards of metal, anything small.”
The men shuddered at that image. Though the orders were given. Then Tyler looked at the king.
“And that’s all I got for this session. Anymore and I risk an oversight.”
The king nodded.
“And you even know your limits. Agreed. Now. I request you accompany me a while longer.”
“Sure. I got a few bits of rock to sell anyway.”
The meeting adjourned, the King and Tyler rode the lift down the tower.
“You’re not out to marry my daughter, are you?”
Tyler chuckled as they rode the lift.
“Nope. Marriage is NOT in my cards.”
The king was relieved.
“Oh thank the gods. From the way you were talking, I got that impression.”
“I DO want to meet her. But that’s it.”
The king chuckled.
“I can’t blame you. So. You said you had rocks to sell?”
Tyler showed him the royal resources he’d collected.
“I see you’re a thorough one. These are worth 10 gold coins.”
“Holy. Damn. What about this?”
Tyler lifted the hunk of Turquoise up and the king chuckled.
“That? Take it to any jeweler in the city and they’ll give you 3 gold for a stone of that size.”
Tyler smiled.
“Nice. The gold alone made the trip worth it.”
They left the lift and the king walked along towards a gilded wagon drawn by full blown unicorns. Tyler looked at his blood encrusted getup,
“It might not be a good idea for me to get into that. Just saying.”
The king laughed.
“Relax. You’re an adventurer. I was too in my day.”
Tyler shrugged.
He hopped right up without further questioning and sat across from the king. Tyler looked out at the white stone city as they clattered along. The king sighed.
“You’ve saved my homeland with that stunt. I owe you a debt of gratitude.”
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the king.
“I helped because I was able to. We’re good.”
The king shook his head at this.
“The life of a humble adventurer eh? I can respect that. What’s your plan after the war?”
“Head back to Term. Work as an adventurer based outta there.”
Rolic chuckled.
“A humble adventurer’s lifestyle yet, I’m afraid it probably won’t be as simple as that.”
Tyler sighed now himself.
“Most likely not. How bad off is Vera?”
The king rubbed his eyes.
“very. Alfheim borders us on three sides and behind us is the sea. We either push them back, or get pushed into the sea and drown.”
Tyler crossed his arms.
“Backs against the wall. I can work with that. The nation we’re fighting is bigger and has more troops. Pff. I’ve won with less against more.”
He looked at the king.
“Do we have the capacity to build more like Nidhogg?”
The king rubbed his beard.
“We do. But it’s expensive and takes time. About 3 years a ship.”
“Are there any already being built?”
“Two. We had to stop work because of the war.”
“get those ships in the sky. Never have just ONE big cannon. Have two. Or more.”
The king nodded.
“Wisdom again. I am amazed by your foresight and tactical sense, Tyler.”
The adventurer shrugged.
“I’m more looking at details. Look at the damage we did with ONE Nidhogg. If we had two?”
“I see your point. I shall commission more in secret.”
“Good. More in the sky the better. Food for the people?”
The king nodded.
“Plentiful. We have very rich forests and farmland. I trust you can attest to that.”
“I can. I’m like 99% sure I met a nature spirit at me last campsite.”
The king jumped.
“You WHAT? Where?”
Tyler showed him on the map.
“Here. So I wake up this morning to this three foot tall squirrel.”
The king shook his head as he heard the tale.
“That was indeed a nature spirit. One with a most potent dislike of humans as a whole. The fact you slept in her forest and met her avatar and walked away is all the proof I need of your character.”
Tyler smiled as he looked out at the people gawking at the carriage.
“You say that now. Then you realize I’m insane.”
The king laughed.
“Aren’t we all?”
Tyler nodded.
“So. I’m the advisor to the king. What am I supposed to do again?”
The king shook his head.
“Just do what you did in the tower. That’s all.”
The adventurer shrugged.
“I can do that.”
They stopped outside a massive white building surrounded by an outer wall. Tyler blinked at the sight. Kinda reminds me of Disney castle for some odd reason. The door was opened and Tyler followed the king onto a red carpet and just chuckled internally. Dusty, dirty, covered in dried blood stains, and looking like I just crawled out of bed. Ha. I sure know how to make an entrance. Tyler followed the king up the steps as his eyes noted shadowy forms darting around pillars and behind other people. The king’s guard I guess. The duo walked into the building where Tyler whistled.
The place was massive, soaring hundreds of feet high and supported by pillars of white stone dozens of feet thick. Tyler noted the other people in the grand hall and smiled as he saw their looks of mild disgust. I found the nobility. This is gonna be fun. Tyler looked to the king,
“Sooo, WHY did I have to follow you here?”
The king chuckled.
“Honestly? No clue. More to show you your advisor’s chambers I guess.”
Tyler shrugged.
“eh. The looks one their faces are freakin priceless.”
That got a laugh.
“I hate them too. Yet for some reason they’re still here.”
“Your highness.”
Tyler sighed as a needle thing man in a silk tunic approached the king with a look of disgust on his high cheeked face.
“Oh great. Here we go.”
The man ignored the boy to look at the king.
“Your grace, why have you seen fit to have such a menial, grotesque lad like that in the royal palace?”
Tyler snorted at the man’s wheedling tone. Rolic patted the boy.
“Tyler here is my new war advisor. Laxus was a traitor.”
There was an outbreak of stunned whispers as the man huffed.
“Him, Sire? He’s but a mere lad! How many years are you, my barbarian friend?”
Tyler chuckled.
“First off, I ain’t yer friend. Second? You CLEARLY have never seen a barbarian. And third? 15. And I hold a higher court position then you do. In yo face.”
The man now looked to the king,
“Sire, I do pray you listen to reason. This BOY is-“
“My new advisor, Strode. The generals will attest to this, but we’ve destroyed the Alexander. All on HIS gambit.”
The room was stunned into silence as Strode looked at Tyler incredulously.
“Him? Preposterous. Why are-“
“Oh will you shut up? Strode right? Yeah. Your name was on the list.”
Rolic blinked and produced the scroll.
“By my beard he is! Seize him!”
Tyler was right here as the man pulled a knife and tried to stab the king. Tyler smiled as he grabbed the man’s hand, twisted, and tugged downwards. He was flipped onto his back with Tyler’s boot on hic chest.
The now sobbing man was hauled away in chains as Rolic looked to the court.
“Anyone else?”
Tyler chuckled as he cracked his knuckles.
“Guess not.”
The king laughed as they headed up a set of tower stairs.
“That’s three.”
Tyler looked at him.
“Ya know, context is a powerful thing.”
The king smiled.
“You’ve saved my life three times now. First the tube, then Laxus, now Strode.”
Tyler shrugged.
“Like I said. I helped because I was able to.”
The king sighed as they walked onto a floor.
“I’d like to repay you at least a little. Just to ease my own conscious”
Tyler shrugged.
“Honestly? I don’t need anything. I got gold, gear, spells, and I get places well enough anyway.”
The king smiled at that.
“A strange position to be sure. Having a reward from the king, yet nothing to ask for. Well, these will be your chambers while the war is waged.”
Tyler got a key and was let inside. He tilted his head at the lavish chamber.
“All this for a mere advisor?”
Rolic laughed.
“Indeed. It’s Laxus’ old chamber. I’m not entirely sure why I escorted you here myself, but these are yours.”
“Thanks I guess. I think I’ll clean up and do a bit of selling.”
The king passed him a seal with a dragon on it.
“Here’s your badge of office. It’ll prove who you are.”
Tyler put the 3 inch rod into his pocket and the king left him. The boy looked at the massive bedchamber. All I set out to do was deliver a letter! Now I’m a royal war advisor? The FUCK happened? He shook his head and found the bathroom already filled with hot water. He shrugged. This point? Smile an nod. He stripped and got into the water, groaning as the miasma of blood and travel was washed away.
“My Lord. Pardon, but may I assist you?”
He looked over at the voice to see a maid in a full black and white uniform standing in the doorway with a brush. He smiled.
“Sure. Why not? I’m Tyler miss?”
She placed a stool behind him and got to work on his back.
“Me, Lord? I’m Rose.”
“Rose eh? Are you to be my personal maid or something?”
She smiled as she dug into his back with the brush.
“Indeed, Lord Wolf.”
“Now THAT is a name! Lord Wolf? That’s awesome.”
She seemed pleased.
“I’m glad you like it Lord.”
He looked at her,
“Please, I call you Rose. You can call me Tyler.”
She smiled nervously.
“I’ll try to remember that, Tyler.”
“Thanks. Makes me feel a special kinda weird, getting called Lord.”
She went about her task as he got a look at her. In age she seemed about his age with blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin and modest cleavage. Her uniform was the stereotypical French maid. He enjoyed the treatment as a nice change of pace from the road. Still feels mighty odd though. He was cleaned up and gave her twenty silver. Though she tried to refuse.
“It’s okay, Tyler. You don’t have to.”
“Keep talking and I’ll give you forty.”
She smiled at that tyranny. She took the money and he headed to the market to see about selling a few weapons. Now feeling refreshed in his magically cleaned clothes he whistled as he descended to the front door. I am so going to get lost in here. He found the entrance hall and headed for the door. He hearing lots of murmurs as he went.
“Hey look, It’s Lord Wolf.”
“He’s a handsome one.”
“I heard he killed the Alfheim assassins by himself!”
“I heard he’s rather well known in Term as a warmhearted rogue.”
Tyler chuckled as he heard them talk. I guess Lord Wolf’s a kinda celebrity now. He walked out and was met by a guard.
“May I ask your destination, Lord Wolf?”
“The shops. I’ve got some selling to do.”
“I can have a carriage brought around if you wish.”
“Thank you. But I’d like to do a bit of exploring as well.”
“Very good sir. Your map.”
Tyler smiled as he headed for the town shops. Whistling jauntily he first found the smithy. The burly man behind the counter laughed as he walked in.
“Oh ho, Lord Wolf himself! What can I do for ya?”
Tyler tilted his head.
“I just called that the first time an hour ago. It’s spread THAT fast?”
The man chuckled.
“Sadly it has. Everyone that’s anyone knows YOUR face now.”
“Great. Well. Long as they don’t ask for autographs.”
The smith chuckled.
“So, besides basking in your newfound infamy, what did you need?”
“Got a few weapons to sell. And do you take staffs?”
“You want an outright magic shop for staffs. But I’ll look at the rest.”
Tyler laid the sword and daggers on the counter. The smith nodded.
“These be good finds. Bandits?”
“Idiots at that.”
“Usually are. I can give you 3 silver.”
“Sounds good.”
Tyler took the coins and headed for the magic shop. So, everyone in the city knows my name. Somehow I think THAT’LL come back to haunt me. He found his first magic shop not long after. He walked in and was greeted by a tall elven lady with red hair and blue eyes. Gotta love that color splash.
“Welcome Lord Wolf. How may I help you?”
Tyler chuckled as he took the staff out.
“Got a staff to sell, and a few magic cards I don’t want.”
She took the thing and looked it over.
“I see. This be a good staff of truth. The cards?”
Tyler placed the four cards he had no use for. The elf nodded.
“I see you had a run in with some bandits. I can give you 20 silver for the bunch.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Can we trade?”
A twinkle appeared in her blue eyes.
“We can indeed, Lord Wolf. A wise mage never sells their cards unless they can trade for them.”
Tyler rubbed his chin now.
“I’d like a light spell. Like I cast it and it lights an area up like midday.”
“Wise choice for a wanderer. You want Day’s Peace. I can give let it go for two cards.”
“Sounds fair. Next, hmm.”
He looked around at the shop as he considered what his camp needed. Then he tilted his head.
“Question. The water used in water spells can you drink it?”
She blinked.
“You can Lord. And it is of the most pure water it can be. How did you come up with that?”
Tyler rubbed his hair smiling.
“My mind’s on fire. Sometimes I even scare myself. I’ll take a Waterbolt if you have it.”
She shook her head smiling.
“A man that thinks ahead. Scary. That’s the last two cards. The staff isn’t able to be traded for, I’m afraid.”
“Makes sense.”
“The staff is worth 10 silver.”
“Wow. Thanks.”
He got paid and walked out. Now all I need is a healing spell and a night-sight skill. He looked at the buildings around him and spotted one that seemed perfect for healing mages. It was a large white building with a statue of a woman casting a glowing spell on a wounded man’s back. That fits the bill. The adventurer walked over to the building whistling as he went. He reached the door as a lady in a white dress approached him.
“Excuse me, Lord Wolf.”
He looked at her curiously,
“Yes miss?”
She had a sheepish smile.
“If you’re not injured or sick, I’m afraid you’re not allowed inside Harmony’s Temple. If you have business I’m the one you speak to.”
Tyler chuckled as he faced her.
“I see. I’m new in town. I’m actually looking to buy a healing spell.”
She smiled at this.
“I see, Milord. I have one for sale. May I see your ID?”
He passed it to her and she nodded.
“You have the affinity. Very well. It’s called healing touch. It’s 40 silver Milord.”
“And it’s worth every copper.”
She smiled as he gave the coins.
“Thank you. Since you now possess a healer spell, you are granted access to Harmony’s temple.”
“Is harmony a healer goddess?”
She nodded as she gestured to the statue.
“Indeed Milord. Harmony is the patron goddess of healers and caregivers. Her sphere is healing arts, kindness and willing care. Her direct opposite is Malice. Or intentional pain, hateful spite, and evil deeds.”
“Nifty. Thanks miss.”
He walked off and headed for an archery shop for a night sight skill. He found the shop without issue and walked in. Only to walk in on a robbery in progress. There was a tall man holding the smaller lady at knife point as he made her hand over coins.
“Hey. Fuckwad.”
The man looked over just in time for Tyler’s fist to slam into his face with savage force. He dropped like a log out cold. He looked at the lady,
“You okay?”
She was a delicate little thing about half his height, with pale blue skin, long ankle length sky blue hair and red eyes. She was garbed in a small gown of red that covered her ample breasts that made the garment balloon. She nodded with huge red eyes.
“Yes Milord Wolf. Thank you. He was after my lay.”
Tyler planted a foot on his chest at that.
“Oh he ain’t getting away.”
A guard was passing and Tyler whistled. The attempted rapist was clapped in irons and dragged away as the lady took a comforting drink of sweet cordial before addressing Tyler.
“Thank you kindly. I owe you my nights going forward.”
He chuckled.
“I know what you meant, but please don’t Say it like that again.”
She smiled at that.
“Indeed. Now. How may I repay you?”
Tyler looked at her curiously.
“Well, for one. I’ve not encountered your people before Miss.”
She smiled sweetly now.
“I am what is known as a Sprite Lord Wolf. We’re a small statured, female only race well-versed in the magical arts. Plus are some of the best archers in the world.”
“I think I hear an offended elf out there calling bullshit.”
she laughed at that one.
“Oh they HATE it when we tell them that!”
Tyler smiled as he spotted the skill box.
“Well. I’m actually looking for a night sight skill.”
She nodded.
“A wise choice to be sure. It’s a gift for saving me.”
“Thank you.”
She smiled sweetly again.
“It is I who should thank you Lord. Not many would be able to refrain from taking advantage of a Sprite’s body after such a debt were made clear.”
He looked at her now.
“Are you popular targets for rape?”
She nodded sadly.
“We are. As we’re a female only race, we need males from outside the clan to reproduce. But that is not all. Once we’ve been bedded we become attached via Soul Chain to the one that beds us. In essence, we become their slave. And it’s with or without our consent. Even if we hate the act, hate the person and the feel, even if we do not want it, once we’re in the bed and you enter me that’s it. We’re Chained.”
He sighed at this tragic fate.
“And if the chain snaps or breaks?”
“we die a wasting death. Plus, as part of the agreement, we have to be filled once a day or it happens anyway.”
Tyler sighed.
“That’s a tough break. I kinda wanna help you here, yet am not sure if I should.”
The Sprite laughed.
“You’re a kind one all right. And to be honest? I wouldn’t mind if YOU were my Chained Soul.”
He looked at her and thought it over. It’d be kind of nice having someone on the road. Plus well, HOT SPRITE, ah fuck it. I wanna have some fun too! He smiled.
“What’s your name miss?”
She blinked.
“Glow. I’m Glow Blueshine.”
“Glow. I’m Tyler. And I’m a wanderer.”
She smiled at this.
“I can see that. And I don’t mind. This shop actually belongs to my friend who’s an elf.”
Tyler smiled.
“Well. If you’re agreeable, I have no problem being your Soul Chain, Glow.”
She was shaking slightly as she nodded with a smile.
“I’d like to. It seems my nightmares can be put to bed.”
He walked over and she looked at him with nervous eyes.
“It’s my first. So, please? Be kind?”
He lifted the girl up gently.
“It’s my first too.”
She gasped at this one.
He nodded ruefully.
“I wasn’t well liked in my hometown.”
She sensed something.
“Are there any secrets you have I should know about BEFORE hand?”
He blinked, then looked around before leaning into her ear.
“I’m trusting you on this.”
“My word as a sprite.”
“I’m an outworlder.”
She gasped in utter shock. She leaned back in his grip and looked at him with the look one might give a hero of legend.
“Truly? YOU’RE an outworlder?”
He nodded, well aware not a soul could hear them. She shivered at this.
“My Chain is a Legend made real. Oh, PLEASE fill me! There’s a bed out back.”
She pointed the way and he carried the girl that came up to his waist smiling. She was laid in the bed and removed her gown to show her lovely body as he stripped as well. Her bust was massive on her slender frame and her groin bald. Her eyes went wide as she saw his spear,
“It’ll fit. And can you reproduce?”
He winced at the memory.
“My world isn’t as nice as this one, Glow. They poisoned me a few years back. I can make you a mess, but no pregnancy.”
She sighed sadly.
“A temple then. When it comes time.”
He climbed above her and she opened her legs as she offered herself.
“Just be easy.”
He smiled as he pressed into her tight slit at a slow and steady pace. She gasped at the feeling.
“That feels great, Tyler. Just like that, please.”
Then he was fully sheathed and she was panting from the feelings surging through the Sprite’s body.
“I see what the other Sprites mean! I love it! Go slow!”
He did go slow, loving her warmth and feel as they made love for the next three hours before falling to the bed in a right mess. Tyler was panting as he felt a weird stretching feeling inside his chest that seemed to reach out towards the lewdly smiling Sprite. He leaned in with it and found he was to kiss her. So he did, and she moaned as he felt the stretched part of his being twist around hers and become one. Then he felt a strange surge of feelings, sensations and oddly warm. She smiled at him from her spot beside him.
“We’re one soul now. And you feel warmly cold. I love it.”
He kissed her.
“You just feel warm. And please? Don’t tell anyone I’m not from here.”
She giggled like a little girl.
“Of course, Tyler! Look at you ID please.”
He did, and found a title slot had been filled.
“Sprite Soul? Only granted by a Sprite’s willing lay. Grants extra mana and is basically the marriage title. Why am I not surprised my first title is a sex based title?”
She laughed at that.
“I guess you’re just lucky. That was everything I prayed it would be. Now. Just fill me once a day, or more, and I’ll stay with you for the rest of time. We Sprites are immortal like the elves. And so are the Outworlders. Even though they are next to not existing in rarity. You’re the first one in close to three ages.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“Well. Looks like my nights’ll be warmer.”
She snorted and looked at him.
“I can fight too ya know.”
“wow. Bonus.”
She groaned.
“Great. A teasing rogue.”
“I only tease the ones I like. If I DON’T like you, then the jabs hurt.”
She stretched her back now.
“Well. Let’s clean up. And I’ll explain more about the chain.”
“I get to look at you naked for longer. I’m liking this already.”
She laughed as they bathed together in a tub in another room.
“So, since we’re Soul Chained now, I can’t go far from your side. Like maybe thirty feet to start. I do the chain snaps and I die. That said, it will increase due to how deep our bond grows over time. Say if we grow close to where one cannot live without the other, I can go maybe a mile. The most extreme cases are three miles. We DO eat normal food, but have to feel the love of our filler once a day or the chain rusts. If it rusts, the bond weakens. And the only way to repair the damage is to fill us like our first. Or give a gift of utter meaningfulness to the sprite to reforge the chain entirely.”
He nodded as she rested against his stomach.
“Okay. Sounds like fun. You said you’re well-versed in spellcraft and a good archer.”
“I am. I prefer the bow to be honest. But yeah. Our spells are more potent as well. As far as our normal food appetites go? We take after our fillers.”
“We’re gonna need more food.”
She snorted.
“And here I thought dwarves ate a lot. And you’re that thin? Oh. Our appearances grow in line with our filler’s tastes. Anything I should know?”
Tyler smiled at her mildly concerned tone.
“Your hair won’t fight you in the bath anymore. You’ll get taller, have more a more toned body, and the rack might grow a bit. Other than that? I love your eyes and skin color.”
She breathed a HEAVY sigh of relief.
“So you want a tall, fit, elegant beauty with a massive rack. I love that image. Don’t be shocked to wake up in bed next to her in the morning as it’s the last step for the ritual.”
He kissed her warmly.
“Well. I guess I made a helluva friend. I’ll ask you to keep my secrets as well. Just to cover the bases.”
She smiled sweetly.
“Of course, Soul. I understand you’re the new war advisor. What were you doing before that?”
“I was just doing jobs at the guild in Term. I’m still a dirt rank after all.”
She nodded and turned around in the tub to straddle him.
“I’ll join up too and we’ll be a party.”
“Sounds like fun, Glow. Let’s get you outfitted then.”
She smiled at that.
“Let’s wait till tomorrow, love. We need to see how tall I get.”
They cleaned up and dressed before heading back to the store front. Tyler got a night sight as Glow talked with a tall, broad shouldered elven man about her leaving to travel. Tyler was looking at skill,
“Hey, Tyler.”
He looked over to see the elven man glare at him.
“You BETTER take good care of Glow. We understand each other?”
Tyler smiled.
“She’s safe with me.”
The man nodded, and Tyler saw a look of heartbreak in his green eyes. I guess I got there first. Glow came over in her gown and he noticed she was barefoot. She smiled.
“Sprites don’t wear shoes.”
“Ah. Seems a good way to break a toe, but that’s just a me thing.”
She laughed and they walked out of the shop, leaving the elven man to weep over his newfound heartbreak. Tyler had Glow’s hand as she still had the appearance of a tall child. The taller boy smiled as they went.
“So. Now what? I have to stay in Veralla as advisor to the king.”
Glow snorted.
“You hold a court position. Yet you don’t know what to do for fun?”
“I like staying busy. Besides, I only came here to deliver a letter! I didn’t expect to get roped into a war!”
She laughed as they walked up the palace steps.
“Now THAT’S a hero’s tale if ever there was one!”
He chuckled as they walked in just in time to see the man that had tried to rape Glow get dumped in front of the king in his throne. Tyler smiled as they walked over.
“Well. This should be amusing.”
Glow smiled at that as the king spotted them.
“Ah. There you two are. Lucky bastard.”
Tyler chuckled as he leaned on the wall beside the throne alcove.
“Be amazed what can happen when you’re not an asshole. Right Glow?”
She was mirroring his posture on the wall as Rolic smiled.
“It is only right you see how crimes are punished in Vera.”
“That reminds me, but after.”
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the chained man,
“Wow. And here I thought I Knew how to read minds.”
Glow snorted as Rolic looked at the man.
“On this day, let it be known that Rick Rickson,+
Tyler snorted to Glow.
“And here I thought MY name was bad.”
She laughed as the king went on.
“Stands accused of attempted rape at behest of another.”
Tyler’s good humor died. And so did Glow’s. He looked at the now tearful Sprite.
“No it wasn’t me.”
She breathed a sigh of relief,
“I can feel the truth in your soul. Yes, we can tell when you’re telling the truth from the Chain.”
“I hate to say this, but I’m betting gold it was that elf guy.”
She blinked as the king went on.
“Do you, Rick Rickson, refute these charges?”
The man spit on the floor.
“I was hired to ROB the wee bitch, NOT rape her. That little shit there-“
“Sire, may i?”
The king smiled with a twinkle in his eye.
“By all means. This should be amusing.”
“hey! That’s MY line!”
Tyler walked over and crouched to look the man in the eye.
“WHO hired you?”
The man made as it to spit again, but Tyler smiled.
“Ya know? I DO want to try out my new spell.”
Glow shuddered as she felt the now roiling evil inside his soul that had not been there previously. Tyler chuckled.
“I’ve gotta few issues from back then, Glow. Don’t worry. I only use the evil in my soul for these idiots.”
He pulled his dagger and Glow gulped.
“I never knew a soul could BE so evil.”
Rolic looked at the shaking sprite.
“How bad is his dark side?”
Glow shuddered again.
“Sire. He has the soul of a Demon torturer. From the bottom of the abyss.”
The entire room shuddered as Tyler looked at the now quivering man.
“Last time. WHO hired you?”
The man shuddered and broke.
“I was hired by Lorgin. Lorgin Longleaf. He wanted me to scare the bitch and he to play the gallant hero. He's fancied her for many years now I suppose.”
Tyler smiled and put the knife away. As soon as that knife was put in it’s sheath, Glow shivered with a smile on her face.
“I see. When it’s time for dark work, you harden yourself to get your hands dirty. Yet once the deed is done you relax. A scary man an no mistake.”
Rolic sighed.
“And a tragic one as well. For he CAN get his hands stained doing the work the rest of us of honor just can’t.”
Tyler shrugged as he retook his spot on the wall.
“They call me Lord Wolf. But. I have a Demon’s shadow. The Wolf will just kill you and be done with it. Piss off the Demon and it’ll hurt. A LOT.”
Glow shuddered again at the flare of evil before the usual warmth returned. Lorgin was arrested and Glow spit on her former friend.
“And THAT’S why I refused you, Lorgin. I told you time and again I only saw you as a good friend. You’re just TOO desperate for a sex lover. That’s it. All YOU wanted was someone to bed.”
The man sneered.
“How hypocritical of you, Glow. What about HIM?”
She smiled widely.
“HIM? He heard of the Sprite fear and offered aid. To PREVENT such a living hell. Okay? OFFERED. I didn’t have to accept and he knew it. The fact he offered to share his soul out of kindness rather then lust or ulterior motives beyond a traveling companion was the dealmaker.”
Tyler chuckled.
“I guess my thoughts ARE written on my face.”
She smirked as the room laughed.
“before the Chain, Sprites have the ability to read the minds of their suitors. Why I even considered you in the first place. And your mind IS on fire. Once we’re Chained, we lose the trick as we don’t need to hear the minds as we feel the souls.”
Tyler breathed a comical sigh of relief.
“Oh thank the gods. I’m glad to find out I AM insane.”
She shook her head at that as Lorgin made as it to spit at her.
“I wouldn’t.”
Tyler’s voice got a shudder from all but Glow this time as she smiled happily from the feeling of protective rage wrapped in bloodlust as he glared at the chained man. The king rose from his throne.
“The sentences are for the robbery and attempted rape: a castrating, branding, and three weeks in the cells. For the crime of setting the new Soul Mate of the Wolf-“
Tyler nudged Glow.
“That sounded metal as hell.”
She smiled.
“I know what that means!”
Rolic smirked.
“The set up to be robbed and raped, the sentence is to hang by the neck until dead. The punishment shall be carried out at dawn in the square. Make your peace with your deity.”
Lorgin was hauled away pleading for mercy as Glow looked at Tyler.
“Well. Now what?”
He snorted.
“wow. She’s learning from me. THAT’S not a good sign.”
Rolic smiled.
“We’ve news on a new attack.”
“Work it is.”
Glow smiled as Tyler took her hand again and they followed the king up the tower to the war room. There the generals all congratulated their fellow man on bedding a Sprite. Tyler chuckled as Glow stood beside him.
“I guess I got lucky.”
She got a kiss and he got a round of applause as the new feed of the battle was shown. Tyler looked at the ground assault and tilted his head.
“Why did they send a suicide squad?”
Glow was happily sitting on a padded chair as the council was held. Rolic looked at the skirmish and frowned.
“Why indeed?”
Tyler looked at the site on the maps, and frowned the harder.
“That’s a diversion alright. Look here.”
He used the magic to look at the back ranks of the enemy force.
“See? No leadership elements. Just a bunch of men getting slaughtered.”
One of the generals had a thought.
“Another probe Sir?”
Tyler frowned.
“That doesn’t make sense. Unless….they’re testing our ground since the air they got their asses handed to them well fucked. We got anything big and mean in the region?”
Rolic laughed.
“We’ve got the Goliath. A land based airship cannon.”
Tyler smiled, then frowned.
“Hol up. Get a report from them now. I got a hunch.”
There was a scramble,
“Sir! The Goliath is under attack from a massive enemy force! Feed in 3..2…1.”
Tyler chuckled as he saw the feed.
“There it is. Any ships in the airspace?”
“Nidhogg is ready sir!”
“Light that carrier up.”
They blinked as the carrier was directly above the Goliath. But obeyed the order.
“Order Goliath to fire the main battery at that rock face there.”
The result? Goliath was shot backward like a cannon blast as the enemy airship carrier dropped onto it’s own forces with a massive hole blown in her hull. The shattered rockface collapsed in a massive landslide that crushed the remainder of the enemy forces behind the small mountain to powder. Tyler chuckled.
“Once the war ends, send in prospectors to the rubble. Odds are you’ll find some good stuff in it.”
The king laughed as the diversionary force was also wiped out.
“You’re a scary war leader lad! Any thoughts for an offensive assault now?”
Tyler looked at the border.
“A few. Any ideas on where their launch bases are?”
A map was placed in front of him and he tapped one near a mountain.
“We’ll reduce this one to dust.”
The base in question was far behind enemy lines and the men looked at him. Tyler explained smiling.
“rig a fleet of small, easily reproduced airships to magic control. Send them in loaded to explode on impact. Do this right, and we’ll shatter the sense of security the bases BEHIND the frontlines have enjoyed till now. Plus it’ll rattle a few cages.”
The orders were given and Tyler next tapped the Alfheim capital of Alf.
“Send a high altitude one here. Just to poke them.”
The king smiled widely.
“We can do that easily enough. Our high flights are the best in the world. Target?”
“JUST in front of their leader’s home. Like his doorstep if possible. We’re looking to SCARE the bastard.”
They laughed at the scheme.
“Sir! The wave is in the air and we have one for you.”
“I freakin like the way you think!”
Tyler linked up with the craft, and spent five minutes learning the controls.
“The guns are loaded too.”
“And here I was missing my ace skills.”
Tyler’s craft? A wide winged black plane with rotating Gosser rings in the tail. He led the flight into enemy territory and was engaged by interceptors. Just like a video game. The guns were loaded with magically fired bits of metal that exploded on impact. He got on the tail of one enemy fighter and hit his cockpit before breaking off to do the same to another. Then they were through the air defenses as Tyler’s plan relied on a lightning strike. The force of thirty ships reached their targets and emptied their guns on strafing runs before Tyler flipped his craft up and dove into the rings of a massive warship. The result was every ship on base being permanently crippled or outright destroyed. He left the interface laughing as the others applauded.
“You’re a scary pilot too. The high ranger is outbound as well. Would you like to?”
Tyler took control of the craft and guided it under the world knowledge of the King.
“That massive clocktower is his home.”
“Wow. I’ll destroy the clock.”
“Ooh, go for it! It’s a country pride thing to be on time period. In their culture, if you’re late, you’re lazy and unuseful. It’s also a mortal sin for their religion.”
Tyler guided the medium destroyer into the clocktower’s main face that was close to a 1000 feet across. The result was the tower losing half its height and utterly destroying the structure’s foundation. Tyler chuckled as the blast also took out every pane of glass for a thousand yards in every direction while also dealing no injury to the civilians as the clocktower was inside a military base. Tyler got more applause as a beacon appeared in the center of the room which the king smiled at.
“Their leader’s calling.”
Tyler took his spot beside the king as an irate man with red skin and black hair was seen. Rolic introduced him.
“The Viscount of Alfheim. Larx Fairymen.”
The man was bloodied as he spoke in a grating tone.
“Damn you Vera dogs! That clocktower was our direct line to our god!”
Tyler chuckled.
“and WHO picked this fight?”
Larx’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.
“This is why freedom is dangerous to mere mortals. No respect for-“
“Shut up. Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere? Don’t be late!”
The room laughed at that as Larx looked at Tyler now.
“And WHO are you, boy?”
“Me? Eh. Vera’s new Demon. But we don’t have TIME for a proper introduction. So, just call me your executioner. Oh. And your pilots suck.”
The man was screaming in fury as Glow chuckled.
“That was an awesome line.”
Tyler smirked.
“Hey. Dipshit.”
The Viscount roared.
Tyler grinned.
“What time is it?”
The Viscount was in a blind rage now! Tyler tilted his head.
“I wonder. You think he knows he missed lunch?”
The room was having a hard time breathing as the Viscount looked at him nearly foaming at the mouth from rage,
“Hey. I got one. If he’s so obsessed with time, why is he wasting it here? Doesn’t he have a pole to grease? Since HE CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF.”
The feed was cut and Tyler looked at the border.
“Reinforce the lines along the obvious weakpoints. Then put secret shock troops everywhere else. That bastard’s not thinking straight now.”
Rolic snorted as the others wiped tears from eyes.
“That was beautiful! You sent him into a blind rage that will only get more of his troops killed.”
“Hey. Send another up. Only make it bigger. And write the words RIGHT ON TIME on the sides where everyone can read them.”
They laughed at that plot. Tyler got the controls and sent this one ALSO into a large clocktower in the city. Only it got stuck inside the thing with the infuriating taunt able to be read.
“It can be detonated.”
Tyler smirked as the ship was flooded with close to a thousand.
The ship blew, taking soldiers, high ranking officers, a few nobles, the entire clocktower, and even a few generals with it. Tyler chuckled at that result.
“See? Now what did all that cost us?”
Rolic looked at the numbers.
“Just a fleet of retired airships. And about 3000 gold to reoutfit them. And we did irreparable harm to their war machine.”
“and dealt a body blow to country morale. Their leader’s an unhinged lunatic. That means their country is rife with strife. Basically? It’s a powder keg just pleading for someone to throw a match. Watch. That jackass will be fighting a war in the streets now. Since the lives they’ve controlled to the second have been disrupted entirely, it’ll be mass panic, chaos, destruction and riots. We got some time to kill. Let’s make the best of it. Shore up all defenses along the frontlines, swap the tired troops for fresh bodies, and rig a few nasty surprises for the retaliation.”
Rolic was nodding sagely.
“Incite the people AGAINST their oppressive regime. This is exactly how the War of the Colors was won back in my ancestor’s day.”
Tyler looked at the maps again.
“I REALLY want to send fire teams to ruin their crops, but I feel like that would just open a door.”
The generals nodded grimly.
“Aye lad. We’ve considered it ourselves. Yet if WE start doing it,”
“Then they have-that works. We’ll play bullshit.”
Rolic frowned.
Tyler smiled.
“Dress a few of our troops up in THEIR armor, and have them destroy the fields of those the do NOT support the war in a manner that they are seen for who they are. Troops of Alfheim.”
Rolic just gaped.
“That’s brilliant. It’ll put just THAT much more pressure on Larx and discredit his men before the people!”
“Too much pressure and something’ll snap. Only question is will it be HIM or his PEOPLE?”
The men nodded at that as Rolic gave the orders. Tyler looked at the maps and nodded.
“I’m tapped out again. We’ll see what the damage is in the morning.”
The meeting was adjourned and Glow yawned. Tyler patted her fondly.
“we’re done for the day, Glow. We’ll just get some food and get some rest.”
She hugged him.
“Sure. I have to say, Tyler. You seemed oddly at home there at that table.”
He kissed his Sprite friend.
“I’m more at home on the road.”
they dined on meat and ale before heading to his chamber. Rose curtsied sweetly as she introduced herself to Glow.
“I am Lord Wolf’s personal maid, Lady Sprite. Please, if you have need, I shall be happy to assist.”
Glow smiled kindly to the girl.
“Appreciated Rose. Please, call my Glow.”
“Lady Glow. Of course Milady.”
Tyler and the sprite got ready for bed, and the wily adventurer had a though.
“Night’s Watch.”
Glow was already in the massive four poster bed and smiled as he cast the spell.
“You don’t take chances do you?”
He got in beside her without his shirt on.
“Nope. Watch. Someone will try for my life.”
He settled beside the Sprite and she rested her head on the pillow looking at him.
“I’m so happy you’re my Chain, Tyler. I can feel the warmth in your soul.”
He hugged her to him.
“I can feel the joy in your Soul, Glow. It’s soothing.”
She smiled as she closed her eyes.
“Don’t be shocked to wake up beside another woman.”
“Now I’m terrified. Good night, Glow.”
“Good night Tyler.”
“So you know? My bedrolls are better.”
She snorted.


Tyler opened his eyes to see the canopy of his four poster bed. In the space of a single day, I killed an assassination squad, met the king, SAVED the king three times, the kingdom twice, became a war advisor, GOT MARRIED BY SEX TO A FUCKING SUPERMODEL SPRITE, sent out war sorties, ousted a spy, and slept with a Sprite. What the hell? He looked beside him; curious what Glow would look like with her new body. He was NOT prepared. The woman lying beside him was far from the mere three foot tall girl he’d met yesterday. Beside him lay a goddess with hair of deep blue that seemed more like a cloud then hair, her blue skin was also different, as it was now akin to a soft sky blue that was truly beautiful to look at. He face was narrower, but with a more elegant feel then the round child’s head she’d had previously. Her arms had the tone and muscles of an active lifestyle and from the way the blankets were bulging around her chest, her breasts had also grown along with her body. Tyler was awestruck. I know she said different but I didn’t expect a goddess! He recovered and kissed her awake.
“Good morning my Soul. I feel….taller.”
even her voice had changed. Whereas before it had been the high pitched squeak of a small girl, it was now warm, sultry and high. She sounded like she spent more time singing then talking. She opened her eyes and they were a more vibrant shade of red that were also piercingly sharp. She sat up and the blanket fell from her frame to reveal her new rack. Those are EASILY double Ds! She smiled and felt her new rack inquisitively.
“Wow, Tyler. They’re so hard, yet soft. I like them. My old ones were mere mush compared to these globes.”
He just kissed her again and she got out of the bed to get a good look at her new body in the nearby mirror. Her belly was flat and toned, her legs had the definition of a runner and her ass firm as well. Her feet were still delicate and her hands were soft. Her blue hair hung to her feet now, and she blinked as she ran her hands through it.
“It doesn’t weigh anything at all. The hell? I love it an all, but what the hell?”
He smiled as he stood behind her.
“I guess I got good taste?”
She turned around and found she was merely two inches shorter then his 5’10 frame. He hugged her and smiled as he rested his head on her head.
“I love my look. I look even better than the Sprite queen.”
He stroked her hair and found it softer then velvet.
“Is this a permanent change?”
She chuckled,
“As long as I live. Even if I DON’T take care of it, I’ll still look like this.”
He smiled as she turned to admire her fine form in the mirror again. Her groin was still bald and she smiled.
“I see you like them bare.”
“Rugburn sucks.”
She busted up laughing and he looked at the bath door.
“Shall we?”
She chuckled as they bathed together. She was across from him in the tub and found she could reach his spear with her foot.
“I’ll need a filling today.”
“Well. Get over here.”
She came right over and slid the ready spear into her tighter, warmer groove. She gasped as she started bouncing.
“It feels even better then before! I love it!”
He kissed her lovingly as she got her cream filling. Glow was moaning hard ass he got her orgasm as well, and slumped in the water.
“I love it. And I’m full for today. Well. For now at least.”
He kissed her as she settled beside him.
“We’re going to have a LOT of fun on the trail, Glow.”
She smiled at that.
“I look forward to it. And if you like, you can change my name along with my new look.”
He looked at her, mildly shocked.
“I have that kind of power over you?”
She smiled sweetly.
“It’s a Sprite thing. New body new name new life.”
He kissed her lovingly.
“I like your name though.”
She laughed.
“I’ll keep it then. But so you know? A Sprite’s unchained name is basically the same as a number. It’s nothing more than a place holder.”
He frowned now.
“Well, in that case. How does Lumia sound?”
The sprite smiled widely.
“Lumia the Sprite. I love it, Tyler!”
He kissed the newly renamed Lumia and she glowed a moment as her ID appeared. She took it and presented it to him.
“Here. It’s custom for Sprites to give their IDs to their Chain.”
“I’ll take good care of it, Lumia.”
The blue skinned beauty kissed him again as they cleaned up. They walked out to see Rose smiling in the doorway.
“Lord Wolf, the King requests your presence in the War tower after you’ve had breakfast.”
“Thanks Rose.”
Rose smiled as he gave her twenty silver when she noticed Lumia dressing.
“Is that the same sprite Milord?”
Tyler smiled at her awe filled voice.
“Indeed she is, Rose. This is Lumia.”
The maid curtsied before the beautiful lady as she donned her blue gown that had grown to accommodate her new frame.
“My apologies, Milady Sprite. I was not expecting such a drastic transformation. You Chain has great taste.”
The sprite laughed at that.
“Indeed he does, Rose.”
Tyler took his sprite’s arm and they headed for breakfast. He noticing her gown was seeming to struggle with containing her glorious melons more than before.
“We’ll get you properly equipped for the road.”
She kissed him.
“I’ll look forward to it.”
The duo fed on a breakfast of bacon, eggs, coffee, and baked bread. Then the pair made for the Tower. Tyler and Lumia busted up laughing at the looks of awed shock as the new sprite was seen. Tyler getting a LOT more respect as the goddess of beauty that was Lumia took her seat behind the table with her long legs crossed in an alluring manner.
“Great. She’s gone full succubus on me. Good LUCK focusing with HER in the room.”
The others laughed as Tyler looked at a report from the Alfheim capital.
“Wow. That did not take long. The capital is under martial law and the riots are in full swing. Their crops?”
Another report was placed in front of him.
“Wow that is just precious. The farmers are in open revolt against their oppressive dictators. Now we begin stage two. Get word to the farmers of Alfheim that Vera will ensure their fields’ safety and security. As long as they send their shipments to US. Not THEM.”
The king blinked.
“You don’t mean?”
Tyler grinned.
“we absorb Alfheim piece by piece using the very thing they preach AGAINST as our rallying cry? All the while having the civil unrest do the heavy lifting? Yup.”
The men at the table just laughed. Lumia? She just leered from her seductive pose as her Chain worked. Rolic nodded smiling.
“A sound strategy. Back the loyalists into a corner,”
“while rewarding the ones with clear eyes and growing our own borders in the process. Any retaliation attacks?”
A men in black leathers replied.
“None, Lord. The Alfheim capital of Alf is in open revolt and chaos. The military of their homeland’s FIRST duty is to keep control of their citizens. NOT fight wars.”
“Really? A totalitarian dictatorship. Let’s add some more pressure. Use the same armor gimmick but have them go after their water.”
Rolic frowned now.
“I’d say leave the water out of war, lad. Food is one thing. We grow it, but nature itself? That’s a straw too much.”
Tyler frowned now himself.
“Right. I forgot about the nature spirits. No wonder they hate us. Cattle then.”
The king laughed.
“An acceptable compromise. The plan?”
“Same gimmick as before. Only, have OUR troops chase them off mid-attack. Then have them offer sanctuary on behalf of Vera as long as they bring the remainder of their herds with them. They keep their farms, but jump ship.”
They nodded as the orders were given. Tyler looked at military bases in Alfheim.
“I wonder. I’d like to try and incite the MILITARY against the country, but not sure if it’ll work.”
Rolic sighed.
“Both ends against the middle is a wise strategy, Tyler. Yet the troops of Alfheim are staunch believers in their ways. We tried reasoning with a few captured soldiers, and all we got was verses from their holy texts. A sound strategy do not doubt, but not against them.”
Tyler crossed his arms now.
“Okay. I wonder. We COULD try to instill mass confusion in the ranks. We capture any of their ships?”
The generals chuckled.
“We’ve got a fair few. Your suggestion?”
“Have them attack an Alfheim base under the guise of orders from Larx. Bam. The trust in the chain of command goes out the window. That’s the best outcome. Worst? They lose more troops.”
The orders were given and Tyler nodded.
“Alright. Let’s see how they respond to these moves. I’ll be bumping around the city with Lumia. If we get any takers send a runner.”
Rolic laughed as Tyler headed out.
“Aye lad. We’ve taken the initiative back.”
Tyler leaned on the wall and Lumia settled against him smiling.
“That was fun, watching you work.”
He kissed her, loving her soft lips.
“It’s fun for me too. Though I DID notice a few of them had a hard time focusing.”
She smiled mischievously.
“So were you.”
“I was multitasking. Leering at you and working!”
She stretched her back and her massive rack flopped.
“Now my spear hurts. Great. Freakin tease.”
She laughed at his sullen voice,
“You DO know you can have me at any time you please, right?”
He kissed her lovingly.
“I need a few hours per. Or it won’t be enough.”
she shivered at this statement.
“Fair enough.”
he took her hand and the first place they went to was a clothing shop. Lumia getting looks of utter awe from all and sundry at her radiant beauty as they walked in. the woman behind the counter smiled widely as the couple walked in.
“Welcome to Mia’s attires! How may I help you two this morn?”
Tyler chuckled as Lumia looked around.
“My Sprite here needs a more road friendly outfit Miss.”
She nodded as she looked at the blue haired beauty.
“I see. Anything to pay attention to?”
Tyler crossed his arms as he ran through a list.
“I could with one myself. For her? She’ll have a chainmail vest beneath it all, so keep in mind. We spend a lot of time on the road so durability is important as well. And if possible? If it WOULDN’T look like we took a bath in a slaughterhouse after a single fight please.”
She laughed at that last one.
“A wise lad. You care more about practicality then looks.”
“She looks like that, miss. Put her in rags and still goddess of beauty.”
She nodded sagely as Lumia smiled sweetly.
“A real man and no mistake. You said one for yourself as well?”
“Same idea. Durable, blood resistant and having accommodations for chainmail.”
“Smart lad. Budget?”
“2 gold.”
She blinked then smiled.
“Quality. Though, for the sake of fairness? The outfits for the both of you only run 50 silver at the higher end.”
“Wow. Okay. 1 gold.”
Lumia went in for measurements, and Tyler looked over his spells and ID. He smiled as he saw he only had the one title. Sprite Soul. My first title I got from sex. And now I’m married to a Sprite that looks like a goddess of beauty. And I get to SLEEP WITH HER nightly! He chuckled at the weirdness before Lumia came out and he went in. The lady was nodding in appreciation as she got his exact measurements.
“She be a lucky Sprite, to have one fill her that CARE for her.”
Tyler smiled as she did his arm.
“She’s going to be a helluva road friend. Rest is a VERY welcome bonus.”
She nodded ass he got the last bit.
“I need about an hour for the outfits. Payment upon completion. Sound fair?”
“Sure. We’ll get her some mail while we’re waiting.”
Tyler walked out with Lumia and she rested her head on his shoulder.
“This is fun, Tyler.”
He hugged her warmly.
“My tent be a single, but we’ll fit just fine.”
She laughed at that image.
“I look forward to it.”
They walked into the same smithy Tyler had visited before and the man blinked as he walked in with his new friend. Tyler chuckled at his look of awe.
“That’s my Sprite. Her name’s Lumia.”
The man just patted his back in respect.
“You got yourself a fine companion, Lord Wolf. So. Besides making me feel inferior as a man, what did you need?”
Tyler smiled as Lumia was looking at a bow.
“She needs a mail vest made to fit. A bow, quiver and sword.”
She perked up.
“I prefer the axe actually.”
Tyler looked at the Sprite mildly intimidated.
“One hand or two?”
She smiled.
“single bladed long hafted axe. So, one handed OR two.”
Tyler just shook his head as he looked at the smith.
“That too. She could also use a set of daggers like this one here.”
He showed his knife and the smith nodded.
“A good knife goes a long way. Very well. I have good steel, some leftover malachite, and enough Bluesteel to make her weapons and mail. What material would you prefer?”
Tyler frowned now.
“The only one I know is steel. How strong is the mail of Bluesteel?”
Lumia smiled.
“It’s strong enough to halt a charging horsemen’s spear without so much as a thud.”
Tyler blinked.
“Scary image. Her vest from that, a vest for ME from that, and how’s malachite for weapons?”
The smith smiled.
“Far lighter then that bastard sword you’re carrying. Plus three times as strong and sharp.”
“Alright then. A new bastard sword for me. The axe and daggers for her in malachite.”
The man wrote the order down and nodded.
“That will be 3 gold, 25 silver.”
Tyler nodded.
“On completion or upfront?”
The man smiled.
“Upfront, as that way I get my money.”
“That’s fair. Do you have a timeframe for when to pick it up?”
“It’ll be ready in a few hours. I’ll send a runner when tis.”
“Alright then. Next is her pack.”
They left the shop after Tyler paid and headed for the general store. Lumia flexed her arm muscles approvingly.
“I feel stronger then I really should. I guess you like them able to handle themselves.”
Tyler chuckled.
“I never could stand the pretty girl that never did a day’s work.”
She smiled as she snuggled under his arm.
“I get that. I’ll work hard.”
They pair walked into the general store where the man smiled as he saw them.
“Welcome, lord and lady Wolf. What can I do for you?”
Tyler smiled at the man.
“My companion needs a traveler’s pack like mine, we need an extra rod an line, the skills of Flay and skin, and a brush.”
She laughed at that last one as the man disappeared into the shop.
“You like my hair quite a bit, don’t you?”
He kissed her as he stroked her luxuriant mane.
“I’ve always like the longer hair on a beauty.”
The blue skinned girl flicked her long hair.
“I did as well. And it feels even softer then my old hair did.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“I’m glad you like it.”
She sighed happily as the man came back with a backpack the same style as his own, but made for Lumia’s frame, the two skills, an extra fishing rod and line and a rather high quality hair brush. Tyler looked at Lumia, and smiled as he added the skill Cook to the pile. She snorted.
“That’s more expected. What’s YOUR cooking skill?”
He blinked as he paid the 25 silver 45 copper.
“I’ve never looked actually. I’ll check when we head out.”
The sprite shook her head as they left. The adventurer took his ID out and looked at the cook skill.
“Wow. It leveled to level 5. I guess I can make good stews now.”
Lumia sighed at that proclamation.
“I’m at ten. We’ll share it, okay?”
“Sure. Now we just need to get you some spells.”
“I have all the spells you have. Since we share a soul and magic spells USE the soul to be cast, I got the same set you have. I have to say, you have great foresight.”
He chuckled.
“So. A night sight skill then.”
“Sprites can see in the dark as a race thing. The only thing I really need at this point are prospect, mine, harvest and inspect.”
“Alright. We’ll grab an extra four potions as well.”
She smiled and led him to the apothecary nearby. There they were greeted by an elven lady that gasped as Lumia walked in.
“Glow! You got your Chain! Good for you!”
Tyler smiled as he was noticed,
“And it’s Lord Wolf? You lucky, lucky Sprite!”
Lumia smiled as she hugged her friend.
“It’s Lumia now, Thyme. Tyler was MY choice.”
She nodded as she looked her friend’s new body over.
“And he has great taste. You look beautiful! He BETTER take good care of you, or I’ll kill him.”
Tyler walked up and kissed the tall sprite lovingly.
“I’ll look after her miss.”
The elven lady laughed at that.
“Oh she’s got you good! Okay you two. What did you need?”
Tyler smiled.
“the skills harvest, inspect, and four healing potions for her.”
Thyme nodded.
“I see the stories of your foresight and wisdom be fact. That will be 1 gold, 60 copper.”
“Coin well spent.”
The potions were stored in easy to reach pockets as a runner came in,
“Lord Wolf, your order at Mia’s shop be ready.”
Tyler nodded as he gave the boy twenty silver.
“Good lad. Thankee kindly.”
The boy ran off smiling widely as Thyme nodded in approval.
“You know the way of the world, Lord Wolf. That is good.”
Tyler and Lumia said goodbye before heading off to see Mia. The sprite shook her head as she carried her pack.
“It feels heavy, yet weirdly comfortably heavy. Not sure why.”
He patted her.
“It’s because of the way I packed it. All the pokey things in the sides, while the flatter items make a backboard that keep the weight from digging. Watch. Put thirty pounds in there and see.”
She chuckled at this.
“Something tells me you’re more merchant than adventurer.”
Tyler snorted.
“Sometimes. I got a hunk of turquoise I need to sell as well.”
She perked up.
He took it out and she smiled at the stone.
“That’s a hefty amount! I’d like to keep it for my hobby as a jeweler. I have the field smelting and field smithing skills already for it.”
He kissed her as he gave her the stone.
“Sure. If you make something?”
“I sell it for a little extra coin.”
“Smart, sexy, and handy? I think I love you.”
She shivered at that.
“Do that to me again. Tonight. In bed.”
“With lust!”
She laughed at that as they walked into Mia’s shop. The woman smiled as she placed the clothes on the counter.
“These be yours Lord and Lady Wolf. The rooms be there.”
Tyler donned his black leather tunic that was reminiscent of his hoodie, but thinner and easier to move in. it had a hood and more pockets along the waist then his hoodie and hid the chainmail vest well. His pants were replaced with another material similar to denim, but was both easier to move in, was more comfy, and had more pockets as well. His boots were fine and hadn’t been replaced. He placed his old clothes in his pack and found he was just as warm with his newer outfit then his entire old one. Plus he loved how it felt and looked. I looked like I got spit out of the lord of the rings. He buckled his bow and quiver over his back with his sword on his other shoulder and nodded at his image. He walked out to see Lumia come out from her room. His jaw dropped. Her tunic was cut down around the arms for free movement, while her bust was given ample room to flop in the light green leather. Her top was like a more rugged version of a wife beater tanktop that would hide her chainmail vest with ease. Her pants were skin tight with emphasis on her shapely legs while her feet were still bare with a strap of material on the sole for some reason. The color was a deep black and the material was akin to denim, but seemed springier. Her long blue hair was neatly brushed into a thick mane that floated gently in the soft breeze of the day. Tyler kissed his beautiful companion and she smiled.
“I like it too.”
He paid the 1 gold, and the lady laughed.
“You take care of each other, okay?”
“Will do Mia. You too as well.”
she nodded as the couple walked out. Tyler had her hand as another runner came up.
“Lord wolf! The king requests you attend him in the Tower.”
Tyler gave him twenty silver and they head off. Lumia still getting looks and leers from passersby, but now so was Tyler in his tight fitting outfit that made his bulky form look muscular. He chuckled as he looked at people and they’d blush or get jealous.
“I’m starting to think I look good.”
Lumia snorted at that one as the got in the lift.
“Just startin figure that out? I got the impression from your heart you weren’t really liked back then. Here? Well. You’re what the ladies call a prize.”
Tyler shook his head smiling.
“And here I thought I looked like I got hit with a shovel.”
She kissed him.
he kissed her agin,
“Getting there.”
They kissed for a bit, only to notice the door was open and the king and generals were glowering at them with open jealousy. Tyler chuckled.
“That’s ten silver for the show!”
They busted up laughing as he took his spot by the king, while Lumia sat in her seat and brushed her long hair. The king was impressed by their new outfits.
“I see you two were busy.”
The adventurer nodded smiling.
“I got tired of my clothes looking like I was born in a slaughterhouse after one fight! Plus needed them to last longer. Her? Eh. She wanted to look good.”
They snorted at that last one. Then the thinker looked at the maps on the table.
“What happened?”
He got a report passed to him.
“The farmers are jumping ships in droves. The attack?”
Another report was passed.
“Hook, line and sinker. See the problem with such a totalitarian regime? Throw a single rock into the gears of the machine and it shatters. Larx’s mental state?”
A man in black leather laughed.
“He’s been in a blind rage for the last six hours! Even BEFORE we sent the latest pokes.”
“Our lines secure?”
Rolic nodded.
“They are. We’re making headway in the Alfheim heartland as we speak.”
Tyler was shown the lines of advance.
“we’ve taken roughly a third of their landmass. That’s good. Most of that appears to be good farmland.”
“It is, lad. We split some of the best farmland on the continent along that border.”
Tyler looked ahead to the capital city of Alf.
“We have about a half of the country to go before we reach the capital. How are the newly gained citizens?”
Rolic laughed at that one.
“Rejoicing as a whole. We’re paying for their lost property, limb and life with 10 gold coins per person.”
“And that will buy their love and loyalty in a way no amount of fear can. Neat trick. The bases captured?”
Another man spoke up.
“The soldiers that refuse to surrender to us were killed in fights. The others are under guard burying their dead and cleaning the mess.”
“They picked this fight. Makes sense. We learn anything useful?”
They passed a report from Alf.
“Wow. Larx is on the verge of a mental breakdown. We have him nearly broken. Let’s see. Oh. The classic. Offer asylum to any civilians that seek to leave the capital and rest of the country.”
Rolic smiled widely.
“I’m relieved to know WE beat YOU to one. We’re already implementing this across the new frontline.”
Tyler chuckled.
“nice to know I don’t have to do ALL the thinking.”
They laughed as another report was handed to him.
“Wow. Raymond lost it. Trying to sell information to both sides NEVER works. Using me as a mule was a good trick, but come on. The new town leader is…Roxy? Ha! Nice! Okay I am SOOOO screwing with her when I get back.”
Lumia smirked.
“Someone I should know of?”
The room laughed as Tyler smiled at his Sprite Wife,
“She’s the guild rep I got my rank from. She’s a friend and prefers women over us. Girl’s got standards.”
Lumia smiled prettily.
“Well. Okay then. I’ll allow it.”
“Yes Lumia.”
The men in the room just nodded at that mindset as Rolic laughed.
“Good man!”
Tyler looked back at the table.
“Okay. Fighting at the front?”
There was a snort.
“None. The army is in utter chaos due to that disguised assault. They don’t know whether their orders are true or not, and without Larx’s direct word to do so, they are unable to attempt to counter it.”
Tyler rubbed his chin.
“Rate of advance?”
“A few miles every hour. We ordered the men to proceed as if the next step they take is a rigged spell trap. Same with the air fleet.”
Tyler frowned.
“How’s the defenses on the home front? Say around the capital itself? Or major cities?”
Rolic nodded gravely.
“You’re good. And are a truly brilliant tactician, Tyler. But this isn’t our first war. We’ve locked the skies and ground down with TWICE the original forces.”
Tyler chuckled ruefully.
“I am only 15 years. Well. They only thing in have here is to send another poke.”
He looked at a map of Alf.
“Hmm. This here. Is it a factory?”
The king smirked.
“More church dedicated to their faith. Other then the clocktower, it’s the other thing they take great pride in.”
Tyler frowned.
“I’d like to drop another attack on it. Yet I DON’T want to endanger civilians unless we have to.”
The king snorted.
“That place is strictly for military leaders, Larx himself, and the priests of their faith. If a civilian sets foot on the property, they lose that foot. They’re only allowed to worship in view of the army, as they can’t be trusted with that either. That reminds me, Tyler. Who do YOU worship?”
All eyes turned to Tyler now as he shrugged.
“Honestly? Still looking. I’ve been more concerned with making coin for the night’s meal and bed then the gods above. Plus where I came from? The religion was a nightmare. They worshipped pain and pain alone. I got labeled the town whipping post, and for their religion that meant I was to take ALL the pain they themselves felt that day. So, yeah. Not looking for a repeat.”
The king patted him in pity.
“That is a fell religion and no mistake lad. I merely asked out of curiosity. Plus the soldiers were asking who Lord Wolf looks to for inspiration.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“Fair I guess. So, the church is a viable target?”
They nodded and Tyler smiled.
“Let’s poke em again.”
The ship was up and Tyler got the controls. He dropped the craft, this time emblazoned with the words,
“Time’s Up!”
On the side. The church was leveled and most of the enemy priests lost, along with a number of high ranking military leaders, a personal aid to Larx and even his personal slave. That tidbit made Tyler frown.
“Wait. Alfheim is a slave country?”
Rolic nodded sadly.
“Indeed it is. Any slaves we come across are healed, freed, and given jobs at various places.”
Tyler tapped Alf.
“Get the word out that any running slaves will be cared for and aided.”
“At once.”
Tyler nodded.
“Okay. Now we see what their next move is. Larx is backed into a corner. And WITHOUT his trusted aid and slave.”
A runner came in then.
“Lord Wolf! Bark’s finished your order!”
Tyler gave him twenty silver.
“Thanks lad.”
He ran off and Lumia laughed.
“That’s the same kid from last time! He just made 40 silver in TWO messages to you!”
Tyler chuckled.
“Makes a point. I’ve got an order to pick up. Let’s see how Larx responds to this latest stunt.”
They nodded and the duo got back in the lift. Tyler kissed Lumia and she smiled.
“You seem a little tired.”
He smiled as he held the sprite wife.
“Kinda. I wanna get back out on the road again. Or take some jobs from the board again.”
She pressed her head into his chest at that.
“we’ll head out soon enough.”
The city-weary adventurer stroked his gorgeous companion’s hair.
“I guess. Odds are we’ll have to travel somewhere else entirely.”
She sighed at that. They left the lift and headed to the smithy. There the duo got their gear. Tyler selling his old chainmail for 50 coppers and putting his Bluesteel vest on. It being a rather pretty bit of teal that was perfectly concealed by his tunic. Tyler’s new sword was the same length as he bastard sword with a green hue to the grey metal. He smiled as he held the thing.
“Wow. It IS lighter.”
He kept his first sword as it was his first sword, and sheathed the new blade over his shoulder just above his bow. Lumia’s vest was also perfectly concealed. Her bow was a green recurve that just made her look that much sexier. Her next weapon was a single bladed war axe with an oval haft of white wood. The blade shape was a crescent half-moon and on the back was a set of small ridges that would make for a nasty smash. Her daggers were green as well, with an elegant leaf shape to them that added to her figure. Tyler smiled as she slid her quiver of fifty arrows over her shoulder.
“Now you look like a badass. I REALLY want to see you use that axe.”
She smiled sweetly as he stored her axe on her back.
“Not on me, Lumia.”
“Ahh, poo.”
Tyler just looked at the smith with mild fear now.
“it wrong I’m suddenly terrified?”
Lumia smiled that sweetly terrifying smile as the smith gulped.
“Aye lad. She’s a scary one alright.”
Tyler chuckled as he remembered something.
“Oh yeah. I forgot.”
He gave the smith an extra gold, getting an approving nod, before the duo headed out. Lumia smirked.
“So. What did you remember?”
He chuckled.
“I wanted to ask about bounties.”
The Sprite sighed.
“Of course you do.”
They walked back to the palace where Tyler spotted the king talking with a noble. The ruler nodded and the man left as Tyler walked up.
“So, I got a question.”
Rolic smiled.
“Oh this oughta be good.”
“How does bounties work in Vera? I meant to ask yesterday, but forgot.”
The king chuckled.
“It’s based around the IDs and heads. The guild halls have a board by the booth with a list of names and pictures for you to see. Hold your ID up to it and it’ll add the board list to it. So that way you can check bandits in the field.”
Tyler smiled.
“Thanks, Sire.”
“You have earned the privilege of saying my name, Tyler.”
“Cool. We’ll go get Lumia here set with the guild.”
Tyler headed out with the sprite smiling on his arm.
“I was wondering when we’d get around to that.”
The adventurer’s hall of Veralla was a massive building with ten foot tall double doors. Tyler walked in and smiled at the noise.
“Now THIS Is more like it.”
The adventurer led his companion to the booth where the woman sat looking bored as men threw out lines and hit on the not interested woman. She looked up as Tyler approached and sighed.
“Lord Wolf. Hooray.”
Tyler chuckled as Lumia came over.
“My Sprite friend here wants to join up.”
“Terrific. Ten silver.”
Tyler paid and the test was given before she got her rank.
“Good for you. You’re dirt.”
Tyler laughed.
“Wow. Nice salt.”
She smirked a little at that before going back to stone faced. The next thing he did was to spot the bounty board. Tyler held his ID up and it glowed. As he had to scroll to his slots for titles, so too did he have to scroll for bounties. Lumia did the same thing and they nodded.
“Alright. Now what?”
She smiled sweetly.
“I’m bored.”
“That works!”
The men in the hall just slumped as Tyler walked out with his Sprite.
“Lord Wolf’s wife is a Sprite.”
The duo returned to their bedchamber for a round in the sheets. The sprite still feeling amazing and Tyler loving her taste. They played for about three hours before being satisfied. She smiling as she panted.
“Even better the third time.”
He kissed her again and she sighed.
“I love it.”
He smiled as he hugged her to him.
“I love it too. And agreed.”
She laughed as they then bathed and dressed. The now hungry duo went for dinner and fed on the venison Tyler had in his pack to prevent it going bad. After Lumia had a thought.
“They say the palace gardens are truly beautiful. I’ve always wanted to see them.”
Tyler smiled as he took her arm.
“Well. Let’s go look around.”
The friends walked to the back of the palace where a massive hedge garden stood. Tyler chuckled as he saw they were several hundred meters above the ground.
“Sky garden. Cool.”
Lumia was awestruck by the scents of the flowers, and the myriad of colors as they strolled through the ten foot tall hedges. The Sprite’s blue skin and hair clashing with the yellow, red and white of the garden in a truly eye-catching manner that Tyler found beautiful. A few songbirds came by and hovered in front of Tyler and Lumia as if curious.
“I’m a person. She’s a Sprite.”
The hummingbirds seemed to shrug as if to say eh, then fly off. Tyler looked at Lumia.
“I have never felt so worthless then I did when that bird dismissed me.”
She laughed as they moved to a lookout spot above a lower tier.
“This is all I thought it was.”
He kissed her warmly.
“And we’re here together.”
She shivered at that one.
“We are. And I couldn’t be happier.”
They kissed again and looked out at the city. Tyler smiled as his razor sharp eyes picked out a line of gold below them. He looked to see a girl of his height and age with a slender frame walking around the garden looking at various flowers. The adventurer smiled as he saw her. Great minds I guess. Her attire was a pink gown which added warmth to her golden hair that he rather liked. He kissed Lumia and she smiled at this. Tyler looked back at the girl below, and frowned, for several shadows were moving around her just out of her sight.
“Lumia. Look.”
She did and gasped.
“Princess Lucia!”
Tyler had his bow up as the first attacker moved.
“HEY! Fucknuts! Up here!”
The girl screamed as the men rushed her, only for the first man to get dropped with an arrow in his skull. Lumia had leapt the wall and was rushing the spot with her axe as Tyler dropped any that tried to rush the cornered princess with a well-aimed arrow. Lumia reached the men and Tyler dropped down to join the fray with his new bastard sword,
He set the first one aflame as he swung his blade at a man holding a dagger, splitting him clean in half as Lumia swung her axe in a wide arc, taking one in the face,
Tyler was in front of the princess as she had her eyes shut and hands over her ears in terror. The duo had the last man dead as the guard came rushing from higher up the garden. Tyler looked at the shaking girl and tapped her shoulder.
“Hey. Fun’s over.”
She looked up with huge blue eyes filled with terror at the bloodstained man as Tyler smiled.
“You can stand now. They’re done.”
She looked and started rocking at the sight of the mutilated corpses of her attackers. Only, Tyler was not a gentle caretaker,
“Are you a princess or not? Get off the dirt.”
His harsh, dry tone hit the girl like a hammer and brought her to her senses. She shuddered and got to her feet very shakily as the guard arrived.
“What happened Lord Wolf?”
Tyler tore an ID from one of the dead men.
“Alfheim. Bastards sent another hit squad for the princess’s head. Problem was there was a Wolf in the garden.”
Lumia was hugging the freaking out girl as Rolic came running in armor and carrying a greatsword. Tyler was looking through the bodies of the assassins as the king arrived.
He sighed.
“Ants got through the cracks. Their IDs.”
The king looked and shivered.
“Another Alfheim hit squad. I owe you again Tyler.”
The man chuckled as he lifted a coin purse from the dead assassins.
“We’ll call their coin fair payment.”
That got a laugh as the now recovered princess got a hug from her father as Tyler counted the haul.
“Wow. 15 gold, 50 silver, 75 coppers. Not bad for snakes.”
He put the pouch away as the girl came over to him.
“Thank you, Lord Wolf. I owe you my life.”
She went to bow, and he patted her.
“Eh. Don’t bow to me, blondie. A smile is fine.”
She did smile and he tilted his head.
“wow. Been a while hasn’t it?”
She blinked at that statement. Rolic was also shocked.
“Um. You’ve met?”
Tyler chuckled.
“Not like you’re thinking. I was in Term the day Dreadnought flew by. She poked her head out the porthole in the keel and waved. That was all.”
She gasped.
“That was YOU, Lord Wolf? I just waved at a handsome traveler on the ground as a bit of fun! I didn’t expect to see you again!”
He liked her warmly sweet voice.
“Hey. World’s a weird place. I set out to deliver a letter, kill more of these idiots, and that very freakin day I wind up as a war advisor to this guy.”
He jabbed a thumb as Rolic.
“That same day I get married to THAT goddess there,”
He jabbed a thumb at Lumia,
“And the next? I’m looking at you.”
She was laughing at his mildly bemused tone and his gestures as Lumia came over and kissed him.
“Goddess eh?”
He smiled warmly.
The princess smiled at this.
“I’m grateful to you Lord wolf.”
“my name’s Tyler miss?”
She blushed at that.
“I’m Princess Lucia. Nice to meet you, Tyler.”
“Name sucks don’t it?”
She laughed.
“It’s a commoner hero’s name.”
Tyler snorted.
“Trust me, I ain’t no hero goldilocks.”
She tilted her head confused.
“You saved my life. That makes you a hero. To me at least. Is that a bad thing?”
Tyler just patted the sweet, kindhearted girl.
“Oh how sweet you are, Lucia. Stay like that.”
Rolic nodded sagely.
“I have been trying to help her keep that sweetness ever since her mother died years ago. There is a report from Alfheim.”
Lucia blinked.
“May I watch, father? I’ve heard of Lord Wolf and wish to see them first hand.”
The king chuckled, while shooting a father’s warning in a glance to the boy. Tyler responded by kissing Lumia. Satisfied, the king smiled.
“Of course Lucia. As long as you try not to distract him.”
“Yes Father.”
Tyler leaned into Lumia’s ear.
“Something tells me this just got complicated.”
she sighed at his beneath the breath observation.
“I see it too. She’s looking at you like you’re her very own prince.”
“Yeah. We need to go.”
The adventurers and royals went to the tower. The report was given to Tyler as Lumia took another alluring pose with her legs crossed while Lucia sat next to her. Tyler chuckled as he saw the report.
“Larx is losing control of his kingdom by the hour. That church stunt now has the military stretched very thin. Anything from the front?”
“They’re making steady progress, Lord Wolf. We’ve taken various major trade hubs and markets.”
“Any issues with the new owners?”
They laughed.
“Vera taxes are a mere fraction of Alfheim. If a merchant brings in a wagon of say 30 bales of hay for cattle that is worth 50 gold, the kingdom takes 5 bales of hay for the stores, and 10 gold for the kingdom’s coffers. Hay is a rather valuable resource however, so bear in mind.”
“Taxes are always a good way to make someone hate you or love you. Outta curiosity, how does property taxes work? In vera at least?”
Rolic laughed.
“Ever looking ahead. It’s simple. If a house costs 60 gold, the monthly tax is 55 silver. As the actual cost to build a two story house with four bedrooms is 45 gold. That’s the lower end. As most in their lifetime, provided they work hard, can easily make thirty gold a month. The average wage of say that runner, in Vera at least, is 5 silver a day. A dock worker gets paid 10 silver for a day’s work.”
Tyler nodded.
“And I got two nights at an inn and food for three meals a day out of 5. Not bad. I guess the economy is solid then.”
“Very. Vera is primarily a trade hub. As we have close to three thousand miles of useable coastline with nine major port cities. We may not be as large as Alfheim, but we dominate the sea trade for the continent of Terriarea. All shipping from the sea on this part of the world passes through our lands.”
“Wow. That explains the war.”
Rolic blinked, then sighed.
“Indeed it does. The religion just provided a convenient rallying cry.”
“Another war caused by trade. Eh. It happens.”
Tyler looked back to the map and saw the frontline was less then 250 miles from the capital.
“Let’s see if we can’t use a show of arms to force the city itself to surrender from under Larx..”
The king looked at his cunningly terrifying advisor.
“What do you suggest?”
“They’re in range of Nidhogg’s main cannon. Prove it to them. Take out something in the city then send a surrender request to the PEOPLE, not Larx.”
The generals smiled.
“That’s a wily move. The people hate him.”
“And if the people just walk out, we can go in the city guns blazing as everything left is an enemy soldier.”
A magical map of the city was brought up, and Tyler tilted his head at the rather high tech metal buildings and steampunk vibes of Alf.
“Now I kinda wanna play tourist.”
Rolic laughed.
“Alf is a most intriguing city. The Alfs are a most technologically versed people.”
Tyler looked through the city, and smiled.
“That arrogant bastard. Look here.”
He pulled up a massive 150 foot tall statue of Larx in a park. The leaders smiled widely.
“Aye lad. That will the point perfectly.”
“Nidhogg can reach it easily, plus with pinpoint accuracy.”
The order was given, and Tyler smiled as the statue was obliterated. The surrender was sent and Tyler looked at the darkening sky through a skylight.
“we’ll wait one hour. See if they respond. Any longer we’ll blow something else up he likes. Lucia is under lock and key for the time being.”
“Wow. That was cute.”
The princess had been watching awestruck as Tyler plied his craft when his sudden name drop got her by surprise. Now she was tomato red in embarrassment while the room was split between smiles and nods. Rolic looked at his daughter.
“Lucia will take the chamber with the maid Rose. That will place her within range of your night’s Watch spell. I know. And approve.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Is it due to you being king? Or was I too obvious?”
The king laughed.
“Both. Like you told me. Never lower the shield.”
The war advisor chuckled.
“Fair enough. Well. Lumia, you okay with her being in earshot?”
The men laughed at that one as the sprite smiled sweetly.
“As long as she stays on THAT side of the wall.”
Tyler smirked.
“Didn’t I tell you? I’m the possessive type.”
She smirked now herself.
“And didn’t I tell YOU I’m the jealous type?”
“Well. I like where this is going.”
Lucia was still red with embarrassment at the talk when Lumia patted her golden head.
“relax sweetling. Tyler’s just a tease.”
“Coming from the lady that loves showing off those legs.”
“Coming from the man that has NO idea his impact on the ladies.”
“Coming from the sprite with THOSE on her chest.”
“Coming from the adventurer that makes ladies blush with a mere smile.”
“Coming from the sexy goddess that drives me up the freakin wall with a leer.”
She laughed at that one.
“Good. As it should be.”
“Great. That bed just started pleading for mercy.”
The men in the room were now outright glaring at the flirting couple while poor princess Lucia was red faced again as she was being patted like a small girl absentmindedly by Lumia. Tyler walked over and kissed the sprite and the men just groaned.
“That cheeky bastard is doing that on purpose.”
“Aye, mate. She is too!”
Tyler smirked as he rejoined them.
“I’m good at what I do. That reminds me, Rolic, once we win, I’m free to start wandering again, right?”
The king sighed.
“I wish that was the case friend. I really do. Sadly, I have another task for you.”
“Of course. What is it?”
“Another delivery.”
“There go my weekends. Where am I going?”
The king pulled a map out and tapped a country across the sea.
“Merillia. The Sea Capital. The leader there, Meral, is an old friend of mine. I need a document brought to her discretely. Sadly this will have to wait for the war to end. And it will have to be by ground as airships will be needed for the recovery efforts of Alfheim.”
Tyler nodded.
“Alright. I’ll get the finer details later. Be warned though, I WILL be taking some time before I head out to do some guild jobs, Rolic. I’m an adventurer FIRST. Runner second.”
That got a laugh.
“Of course Tyler. This isn’t as vital or important as say the scroll was. Don’t get careless, but it’s more a me thing as you like to say.”
“Wow. Why am I the one that has deliver your love letters?”
The king jumped as the room lost it laughing at Tyler’s mockingly miffed tone. Rolic just slumped.
“I hate you now. Great.”
“eh. It’s a hobby.”
A blinking light appeared on the map at the front line. A general tapped it, and a knight thumped his fist in salute.
“Lords! We have a report!”
“Go ahead captain.”
“Sir! We’ve received word from a runner from Alf. The citizens are fleeing the city. They’ve surrendered to Vera. The only ones left in the enemy capital are Larx and about three thousand of his loyalists. Your orders Sir?”
Tyler looked at the map of the city.
“Hmm. They’re most likely holed up here. This large stadium.”
The captain replied.
“They are, Lord Wolf. It’s their sermon dome.”
“Hit it with Nidhogg. We gave them the branch. They refused. Now we bury them. Three blasts.”
“Sir! Ready to fire the main battery!”
Rolic tilted his head.
“One will the job.”
Tyler smiled.
“We’re making a point.”
“Ah. Proceed.”
The first shot was fired and the red beam scored a direct hit in the stadium. Tyler watched as the roof caved in on top of the last bastion of the loyalist battalions via a magic uplink. He smiled as he saw Larx inside the crumbling structure casting some kind of spell, only for the second beam to slam into the interior of the stadium and the former viscount was crushed beneath a massive clock of all things. The third beam just drove the point home with a hammer. The room was about to burst into cheers when Tyler lifted a hand.
“Not until we see the leader on a slab. Flood the city with our men, and have them keep their mentality of every step could be their last. I’ve heard of rigged cities before so be aware.”
They nodded; their cheer roped in under words of caution. The city’s sky was filled with Vera drop ships and the ground crawling with soldiers of the conquering army. Tyler leaned on a wall as he waited for the word. It only took two hours.
“Sir! Report!”
Tyler returned to the table from sitting with Lumia and they brought the image up. The same captain was seen,
“Lord Wolf, we’ve taken Alf. Larx is there. Or what’s left of him.”
They showed the enemy leader a near paste of the ground. All that was left was his head, impaled on the minute hand of his cherished clock. Tyler smiled now.
“And NOW we celebrate. Alfheim is ours.”
The men in the room sheered as Rolic smiled with relief.
“We just won a way in a week. AND conquered our long standing rivals and enemies in the process!”
Tyler shrugged smiling.
“Well. What can I say except your welcome.”
The king laughed at that as he shook Tyler’s hand.
“Thank you for your aid, Tyler. I name you Champion of Vera. Please, present your ID, you two lady Lumia.”
Tyler presented their IDs and The king pressed his thumb into a slot on each. Tyler chuckled as he saw the title.
“All I set out to do was deliver a damned letter! And now I won a war! What the hell? Thank you, Rolic.”
Lumia was also smiling.
“Thank you, Sire.”
Lucia was smiling happily as she watched the duo get their titles. Tyler then looked to the King.
“So. This love letter.”
The king groaned as the generals laughed.
“Just bring it to Meral. And bring her reply back.”
“we’ll do a few jobs tomorrow and head out after.”
“That is fair. We have a lot of work to do to rebuild Alfheim.”
“Well. That’s outside my wheelhouse.”
They laughed as Lumia squeezed his arm. He smiled.
“I’m out.”
They laughed as he took the lift. Lucia, however, followed them. The couple looked her in mild confusion.
“Can I help you?”
She smiled sweetly.
“I want to go with you!”
They’re simultaneous rebuffs made her gasp.
Tyler sighed.
“Because you belong here, Lucia. NOT in the mud. Besides, I’m married to Lumia here.”
She looked at the other lady with pleading in her eyes.
“Please? I’ve always wanted to go on an adventure.”
Lumia sighed.
“That works.”
The sprite looked at the princess.
“We’ll take you on a job. We’ll push the delivery back a day to give you a taste of just WHAT we’ll be doing out there. Okay?”
The princess nodded smiling widely.
“I’ll help too! I promise!”
“Just watch. And listen. Okay?”
She nodded like a sycophant looking for brownie points with her idol. The trio stepped off the lift and escorted the happily bouncing princess to Rose’s chamber. The kindly maid welcoming her princess with a warm hug. Then the couple ran for their bedchamber and as soon as Night’s Watch was up they stripped from their outfits and leapt into the bed. Her getting fitted with his spear as the lovers sated their lust on each other. Then Lumia rested her head on his chest.
“Lucia’s a problem.”
Tyler stroked her soft hair as they talked.
“Yeah. She’s gone full fangirl. Plus I get the feeling she’ll follow us whether we say no or not.”
The full sprite kissed him.
“I feel it too. We’ll take her on an overnight hunt. Let her sleep outside with blood on her hands. See if it don’t shake her.”
“Let’s take a few bloodier jobs like maybe killing bandits or hunting a large creature.”
The blue skinned Sprite yawned.
“That works. Good night, my Soul.”
“Good night, MY WIFE.”
She shivered as they closed their eyes.


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia asleep beside him on her back. Her massive breasts rising and falling with each breath. I’m married to a supermodel. And I fucking love it. He kissed her awake.
“Good morning, Soul.”
He kissed her again.
“Good morning, WIFE.”
She shivered and he mounted her with a smile.
She was open and smiling an instant later.
“Always! Fill me!”
he did fill her as they played first thing in the morning. Lumia got a morning orgasm and cream before the sex woken lovers took their bath.
“So. We’re taking Lucia on a few jobs.”
He groaned.
“we’ll ask Rolic if that’s even allowed. If not then we leave it in his hands.”
She kissed him as her melons dragged across his skin.
“That would be best.”
They cleaned up and got dressed. Though Tyler smiled as he stole a kiss off her large orb, making her sigh.
“You can’t get enough of me, can you?”
He kissed her as she pulled her shirt down.
“Of course I can’t. You’re beautiful!”
She shivered as she felt the lust for her in his soul.
“I am so happy you are my chain.”
He pressed her into his chest smiling.
“And I’m proud you are mine.”
She shivered hard at that attack before Rose knocked.
“Milord, Milady, King Rolic wishes to see you.”
“Thanks Rose.”
They walked out and he gave her another twenty silver. She sighed.
“You DO know I get paid by the crown, right, Tyler?”
He smiled,
“a gold coin it is!”
She shook her head smiling fondly.
“Go on. Hopeless rogue.”
The duo walked into the throne room where Rolic was rubbing his eyes.
“Care to explain to me WHY Lucia is getting traveling leathers made?”
Tyler sighed.
“She wants to go with us to see Meral. We said no. she plays puppy eyes. So, we agreed to take her on a few jobs from the guild and a single overnight on the road. See if the blood and dirt get to her.”
The King sighed.
“I see. A wise choice to be fair. That said, I feel I must refuse this. It’s just too dangerous for an untrained princess to wander the wilds.”
“I wholeheartedly agree, Rolic. We’re afraid she tries to follow us anyway.”
That got a laugh.
“She does she’s got my blessing. That would show she’s ready to grow up.”
Tyler and Lumia looked at each other concerned.
“Rolic. No. just no. I will not be responsible for your daughter. Not when she can’t defend herself off the bat.”
The king’s mirth died at that.
“Let me ask you this: if I were to order you under pain of treachery to take her with you, what would you do?”
“Walk out that door and say try it. Lumia can take care of herself out there. WITHOUT me. Lucia can’t.”
The King nodded gravely.
“I see you stay true. That is good. That said, Lucia is not as helpless as she seems. She is a mere novice this be truth, but she can hold a sword and shoot a bow.”
“Can she kill? Move through forests and grass without drawing attention? Fight without panicking?”
Rolic looked at him.
“You’re fighting me on this with an odd fierceness. Are you uncertain of your own strength?”
“To protect a novice PRINCESS in hostile country? Her country or not? Yes I am. She dies on my watch that’s it. I’m a wanted man. No. I like this life. And I will not endanger it due to some girl’s fantasy.”
Lumia shuddered at the ice now coursing through his soul as Tyler drew his line in the dirt. Rolic again nodded.
“I approve. And agree. I will allow you to take her on an overnight hunt. If she is NOT shaken, what then?”
Tyler frowned.
“If she’s not shaken by the blood and dirt, then I’ll ask you to lock her in her bedchamber until we’re beyond her reach.”
Rolic laughed.
“I was expecting you to just give up at that point. If she is not shaken you’ll still refuse?”
“I’m not taking a chance here.”
Rolic nodded.
“Again we agree. And I approve. What of her? She looks at you like a hero.”
“And like I’m HER prince. I’m married to Lumia. So, I can’t let her keep thinking she has a chance. That’s just cruel.”
Rolic smiled widely,
“And you’re worried about her heart to boot! When did you become her father?”
Tyler blinked.
“Holy shit. You’re right. That is a little scary.”
Lumia smirked.
“I think we’ll see how she does on the jobs. Maybe we kill a troll. If THAT don’t shake her nothing will.”
Tyler shrugged.
“We’ll see. Oh. No horse.”
Lumia laughed at that.
“Sprites are poor riders anyway.”
Rolic smirked as well.
“I see you prefer using your own legs. Lucia will not like this already. She’s under the impression she’ll get a wagon.”
Tyler and Lumia busted up laughing.
“This is either going to be fun!”
“Or a damned nightmare.”
the adventurer looked around.
“Where is the blondie anyway?”
Rolic smirked.
“in her room packing. Permission granted.”
Tyler was led up to a chamber with the door open as Lucia was throwing clothes into a wooden suitcase smiling from ear to ear.
“So, what’s all the junk for?”
She jumped is surprise as Tyler leaned on her door jamb. She looked at him with excitement.
“I’m getting ready for my trip!”
“Yeah. Lumia. Dress the lady.”
“Of course. Come on toots. We’re burning daylight.”
The princess was walked into a room with a SINGLE set of durable leathers as Tyler hailed a runner.
“The general store please. Tell him lord Wolf needs one more pack for an adventurer. Budget is 1 gold coin. A copy of my other companion.”
The boy nodded and he gave him twenty silver.
“Annnnd, go.”
The boy took off running like lightning. Tyler chuckled as he watched.
“Kid should run races.”
Lucia was heard from inside the changing room.
“What do you mean ONE outfit? YOU have two!”
“One is for bed. And it’s merely a gown.”
Tyler looked outside.
“Hurry up ladies. I want to get moving.”
Lumia walked out as Lucia followed. The blonde princess having been dress in a tight leather top with half sleeves, tight denim-like pants and boots. Tyler smiled at that sight.
“her pack should be ready for pick up. Hey, Lumia, your shop have another night sight?”
“It does. Plus harvest, inspect, mine, and our other skills.”
“Alright. The smithy has mail vests in her size and frame. We’ll kit her out right at least.”
Lucia went for her suitcase,
“How are you going to carry that?”
She looked at him with a little fear now.
“We ARE getting a wagon, right? Or at least horses?”
“I can’t ride worth a damn, and wagons can’t go to where we go. Sooo, no.”
She looked like she was about to cry as Tyler flicked her crown off.
“One other thing? The crown? It stays here. Out there you’re not a princess. You’re a footloose rover. Come on. We got a few things to pick up.”
She sniffed and followed. Tyler and Lumia not making allowances for the girl as they walked at their usual pace. Poor Lucia had to half-run to keep up with the more athletic pair. The first stop was the general store. The man laughed as the princess walked in mildly out of breath.
“I see the king has decided little Lucia needs to see the world!”
Tyler chuckled as he paid the 1 gold,
“She’s more testing her mettle.”
Lucia was shaking as Tyler passed her pack to her.
“Here toots. Load up.”
The girl put it on her back,
“It’s heavy!”
The three laughed.
“It’s empty toots. This is going to be fun.”
Lucia got her skills,
“Skin? Flay? COOK?”
She looked at them in mild horror as they were added to her ID. Lumia smiled.
“Pull your weight.”
They walked out and Lucia was fighting with the weight on her pack as the next stop was the smithy. Bark laughed as they walked in.
“I see tis Lucia’s day. So. Mail, bow, sword and arrows?”
Tyler chuckled.
“It’s like we’ve done this before.”
“The king made the order this morn. Said he’s eager to see his daughter’s true character. It be ready.”
Lucia was made to put her pack down, and put a mail vest on under her top.
“It tickles!”
Tyler smiled at that one.
“You get used to it.”
Her bow was placed on her pack along with her sword in easy reach. Then she got a pickaxe, Mine and prospect. She looked at the tool and at Tyler with huge blue eyes.
“We’re mining rock too?”
Tyler smiled.
“Indeed little princess. Be amazed what ya can find when ya look. Huh. I wonder.”
He looked at Lumia.
“Would gathering wood for selling be a good idea?”
The smith answered.
“Nay lad. A wily idea and no mistake, but not for three people. It will merely take up space better off saved for more valuable items.”
“That’s why we ask. Next up is night sight, and a few skills.”
Lucia was struggling under the weight of her new gear as they moved through the cobblestone streets of the capital.
“Do you always carry this much?”
Tyler smiled.
“Here. Let me show you something little princess. Let’s swap packs.”
The princess was the same height as him, with the same slender frame as Lumia. She set her pack down and Tyler put his down. She tried lifting it,
“What is in this? I can’t move it!”
Tyler lifted his with one arm with ease.
“My pack has the tent, our bedroll, grate, a book on royal resources, a cloak, my other outfit, a fishing rod, bait, a few jars of preserved food, my pickaxe, our woodaxe, and I think that’s it really. And my pack’s not even HALF full.”
She slumped at this news as they kept moving.
“What did I sign up for?”
They laughed at that as the trio got her the skills of night sight, harvest, inspect, four potions, and the same spells as them. The total cost was 1 gold. Then Tyler smiled.
“Let’s get our little princess set up with the guild.”
That made her smile with excitement as they went to the rowdy hall. She got her dirt rank and the hall laughed.
“Looks like Little Lucia has to grow up lads!”
“A little lamb thrown to the Wolf!”
Tyler chuckled as they walked over to the board.
“Okay. We need something-that works. Lumia, Lucia. Got one.”
The two girls came over as he took one.
“Wanted: killing of a Plains Hunter. Reward 5 silver. I like wolves.”
Lucia had stars in her eyes now.
“We’re hunting a wolf?”
“The size of that wagon.”
She blinked and lost a large amount of her luster as Tyler walked out the door.
“Let’s move blondie.”
Lumia was right beside the leader as Lucia was fighting to keep pace. Tyler was whistling as they left the city and headed for the nearby plains where the wolf lived. Lucia wasn’t given any slack by the adventurers as they moved on the hunt.
“track: Wolf.”
The trail was lit up with his neon blue skill and Lumia smiled.
“I see you’re favorite color is blue after all.”
He kissed her.
“I was wondering if people could see that. And yes it is.”
The duo took off at a light run as Lucia was panting like a bellows.
“Come on guys it’s my first time!”
“Step up or get left behind. Your choice.”
She had no choice but to endure it as the hunters moved in on the prey. Tyler had his bow out smiling as they grew near the beast. The wolf heard Lucia’s panting a good deal off, and came in to attack first. Only for Tyler’s arrow to take it in the eye and drop the hulking animal. Lucia was wide eyed at the size of the beast in front of her.
“Get your knife out toots. It’s cutting time!”
She gaped in horror at this demand.
“I’m a princess!”
They laughed at her.
“Not out here. You’re an adventurer out here toots. Now get your knife out and help us. Or no food.”
She was gagging as Tyler sank his knife into the beast’s hide using his skin ability and started peeling the pelt away, chatting as he worked. Lumia was taking the teeth with Lucia fighting to not throw up from the sights, sounds, and smells of dead animal.
“The tent pillow is made from this pelt, Lumia.”
“By the gods that sounds comfy! What IS the bedroll made of?”
“Forest Ghost fur, deer, hunter, and more of the same.”
“Wow that does sound comfy. Will she fit in the tent with us?”
“She should. We’ll be mostly tangled up so she should.”
The princess was green in the face as Tyler opened the chest cavity after the heart. Lumia smiled as she saw this.
“You know the value of these things.”
Tyler cut the heart out and held the three foot organ up to Lucia for inspection.
“See? This is the heart of a plain’s hunter, Lucia. In an apothecary shop it fetches up to 45 silver.”
Lucia lost her fight to not vomit. The poor girl ran to a nearby bush and Lumia sighed as she went with her.
“I’m amazed she lasted that long.”
Tyler chuckled as he put the grey organ in his pack wrapped in cloth.
“I am too actually. I bet myself she’d hurl soon as I cut it open.”
The leader finished up the wolf carcass when he spotted a rock outcrop ten yards from them.
“Hey, Lumia, there’s a rockface over there.”
She was rubbing the suffering girl’s back as she replied.
“It’s too far for the chain. She’s nearly done though.”
Tyler sighed as he looked over at the bush.
“we’re wasting time now cause a you. Sack up, Lucia.”
She took a swig of water to clean her fouled mouth before replying.
“Hey! It was my first time seeing that!”
“We’ll see how you handle the next one toots. You good?”
She came out with a look of irritation on her face now.
“Yes I am. You done being an ass?”
He snorted as they walked over to the rock.
“Lady. It’s called surviving. Either you toughen the fuck up or we gon drop yo ass back in Veralla.”
She had a heartbroken look now as Tyler used his next skill.
The rock glowed and he chuckled.
“Wow. This one has Spinel. Nifty.”
Lumia tilted her head as he swung his pick.
“I’m not familiar with that one. It valuable?”
Tyler shrugged as he pierced the stone his first swing.
“No clue. Why we’ll ask the smith next time we see him. Every copper counts.”
Lumia nodded at that mindset.
Tyler and Lumia looked over at Lucia’s sad, small voice.
The princess had huge tears in her blue eyes as she looked at them.
“Why are you being so mean to me? I just wanted to go on an adventure with my hero! Yet all you’ve done is be so mean and nasty to me!”
Tyler sighed and set the axe aside.
“Lucia. The world is not a nice place. You saw those men I cut to pieces to save you, right?”
She shuddered at the memory.
“They were evil and tried to hurt me.”
“Not my point. The blood, screams, smells and sounds of pain are what we live with out here daily. As harsh as we are to you, the world is harsher to us. This is an adventure. Blood, hard work, grime, and the nonstop threat of a horrible death.”
Lucia sniffed and wiped her eyes as she replied.
“Then why do it? Why not just live in a town where it’s safe?”
Tyler sat on the rock now. Understanding WHY Rolic had agreed To let his daughter do jobs. Lucia has never seen the world as it is. Nor experienced hardship of any kind. A very harsh reality check. Tyler sighed.
“Let me ask this. What did you have for dinner last night?”
Now confused, she answered truthfully.
“Roasted drake’s meat and strawberry cordial.”
“The drake meat. Where’d it come from?”
She frowned now.
“I don’t know. The staff bought it at the market I think.”
Tyler sighed as he educated the naïve girl.
“Someone had to go out and kill that drake. Someone had to go sell the meat before it found it’s way onto your plate, little Lucia. I’ve supplied meat to taverns and seen this truth myself. There is no such thing as safe in this world. You sit in the palace eating your fancy meats and drinking fancy drinks, while we commonfolk put that meal in front of you by risking OUR lives for it. The party that killed that drake might have lost a dear friend to the beast before they succeeded in killing it. Maybe several if it was a billed creature. I myself killed a beast that had killed another adventurer. Lucia. You live the life we WISH we could. The meat you eat comes at the cost of lives. The war I helped win cost thousands of lives just to allow YOU to keep your lifestyle. We adventurers get bloody, killed and hurt so little princesses like you can eat your sweet meats and ride in wagons. If WE don’t, would you?”
Lumia was nodding along as Lucia gaped at this speech. Then she looked at her outfit with new eyes before looking at the dead wolf. Then to Tyler. She had fresh tears well up as she saw the world as it was WITHOUT her gilded lenses.
“I’m a princess. I made a mistake coming out here. I’m sorry. I’ll go home and leave you alone.”
Tyler sighed.
“Alright. We’ll finish up our work here and head back.”
Lucia hung her head in shame as Tyler took his axe back up. He dug the Spinel out and whistled.
“Wow. That’s a good four foot chunk. Hey, Lumia. You make jewelry, right?”
She took the stone.
“I do. If I worked this right it would be close to a ruby’s color!”
The man patted her smiling.
“Add it to the turquoise. Ya got a hobby.”
She kissed him and they walked back. Lucia still fighting with her pack’s weight as he world view was shattered. Tyler had his bow up when a large black rabbit ran across the road. Tyler fired his arrow and got it in the eye.
“Nice shot.”
“Thank you.”
Lucia just started crying as the two adventurers took the bunny ignoring her sobs.
“I think there’s enough fur here to make you a pair of gloves, Lumia.”
She tilted her head as she watched him peel the black pelt off the 5 foot rabbit.
“I’d say find another for pillow for me. Just as I don’t think you mean for us to share a one person pillow.”
He chuckled as he put the bloody pelt into his pack before cleaning the carcass for the meat.
“That sounds about right.”
The meat was added to her pack this time and the two were walking along with the remains of the rabbit on the side of the road. Lucia followed with tears in her eyes as the duo talked.
“I wonder. How many rabbits would it take for a good blanket?”
“I’d say four? Meat’s good on rabbit so that’s a plus.”
“Never had rabbit. Funny thing? That’s the first rabbit I’ve seen in vera since I started roaming. Not sure if that’s luck or unluck though.”
Lumia laughed.
“with you? Both.”
Tyler looked over his shoulder to see Lucia now quietly following them with her head down. A far cry from her usual cheery disposition.
“I see it too.”
Tyler shrugged as he looked at the front gate.
“Can’t be helped. She saw the world as it was and didn’t like it. Instead of accepting it, her first instinct was to run back to her gilded cage like a frightened kitten.”
Lumia nodded sagely as the princess followed them into the city.
“She needed this. Yet I think she is just too gentle and naïve to grasp it.”
“We’ll drop her off at the palace before heading to the guild.”
Lucia was heard giving a light sob at this decision. But remained silent. They walked into the palace where she deflated from relief at being home. Rolic was there and came over soon as he saw them.
Tyler sighed as Lucia walked by on her way to her chambers.
“She saw the world. And ran the opposite direction. We killed a plains hunter and she lasted a good while before throwing up. Then the harshness of life on the road was just too much. So. She asked to go home.”
Rolic sighed at this.
“I feared as much. Lucia was too sheltered for too long.”
Tyler adjusted his pack as Lucia was lost to sight on the stairs.
“Well. She’s here now. We’ll head back out. We got meat in the pack I want preserved before it goes bad.”
Rolic looked at him.
“No. I will NOT take her with us. Good bye.”
Rolic sighed.
“She’s the letter to Meral.”
“Oh for fucks sakes Rolic.”
Tyler rounded on him angry now.
“Then just declare me a traitor and go fuck yourself.”
Lumia shuddered at the roiling anger in his soul that had exploded like a thunderbolt. Rolic sighed again.
“I’m sorry I deceived you. But-“
“No. I help you win YOUR war, save YOUR life THREE times, and you pull this shit? No. Lumia. We out.”
The sprite nodded as the king placed a hand on Tyler’s shoulder.
“Let go, or lose the hand. Make a call.”
The king let him go now.
“Good call.”
“Tyler. I’m ashamed. You’ve saved my kingdom twice and my own life as well. Allow me to make amends.”
Tyler looked at the sad faced king.
“I don’t give second chances Rolic. Period.”
Lumia shuddered now.
“Your home was a truly evil place, Tyler. Please. Give MINE a chance.”
He looked at Lumia, and sighed.
“You feel it in my soul, right?”
“I do.”
“And you’d still ask me to give them a chance?”
She nodded.
“I would. I have lived in this country for many years now. Trust ME.”
Tyler smirked.
“That’s a low blow. But okay. Just this once, Lumia. Okay?”
She hugged him hard.
“It’s not as bad here.”
Tyler snorted.
“Still debating.”
He looked at the king.
“Ya got ONE shot. Because of her. Do NOT betray her faith in you.”
The king smiled with relief at this.
“My thanks Milady Wolf. Tyler. I didn’t outright tell you about Lucia because of the setting.”
Tyler blinked.
“Oh. Well. Just lead with that next time. I don’t take deceit, real or otherwise, well.”
The king laughed.
“Duly noted. Let us discuss this in my office.”
“You still owe Lumia a favor.”
She laughed as they walked into the king’s study. Tyler leaned on the door as the king sighed.
“Lucia’s assassins did NOT come from Alfheim.”
Tyler blinked.
“Um. What?”
The king passed him a scroll.
“Ingelheim? That a dwarven country?”
Rolic shook his head.
“No. another human one. The one beyond Alfheim’s borders. They share the same religion and ideology as Alfheim however but well over three times the size.”
Tyler groaned.
“I get it. You’re sending Lucia to Meral in a bid for aid and to get her from the country. Since the war is about to get ugly.”
The king nodded.
“Very ugly. They use assassins a lot. I am declaring wartime laws as soon as you three are OUT of the city. As much as your mind in that tower would aid the effort, Tyler, we cannot win without Meral’s aid. Her country and mine have been allies for years, but we have never actually asked for aid. Now we need them.”
Tyler rubbed his eyes.
“That’s a two week trip to the coast at MY usual pace, Rolic. With Lucia? We’re looking at close to a full month. Not including the voyage by sea.”
The king nodded.
“Lucia HAS to get out of the country. That’s not up for dispute.”
Tyler sighed again.
“We have some goods to sell, Rolic. You have until the time I get back to get Lucia to understand she is going to have to do things out there she is NOT going to like. I will not coddle or go easy on her due to her former lifestyle. If she does not agree to this then we will leave WITHOUT her. If she fights us at any time on the road, I don’t care if we’re miles from civilization, Rolic, I swear to Lumia I will just dump her and move on.”
The king sighed deeply.
“Fair. Very fair. And though it pains me to say it, agreed. We’re at war and have to make sacrifices. Whether we like it or not. And I do not like it.”
Tyler looked at Lumia.
“Do YOU have any complaints?”
She kissed him.
“Just checking.”
She smiled at that. Tyler looked at the king.
“We’re heading to the shops. I wouldn’t dally.”
The duo walked out as the king walked to have a heavy chat with his daughter. Tyler sighed deeply as the doors shut.
“You okay?”
He kissed the sprite and took her hand.
“I didn’t come here to get embroiled in the issues of nations, Lumia. I came here to deliver a damned letter. Now I’ve lost control of my life.”
She sighed herself.
“Welcome to Vera. Sometimes even the simplest tasks become an odyssey. Even if we do not wish it. If you wanted, you could just walk out the front gate and not look back.”
Tyler was silent at that one. I could. I really could. Then he sighed.
“I do that I lose the life I WANT to live. I don’t want to live as a fugitive again. So, as long as she keeps her end of the deal I’ll keep mine.”
Lumia smiled at this.
“I’m happy you’re my chain.”
He kissed her.
“I’m happy you’re my soul.”
They walked into the guild and got their five silver before heading to the shops and selling their meats and having the wolf pelt be made into another blanket. The sales netting them 35 silver, 25 copper while the blanket cost 10 silver. Tyler put the new blanket in Lumia’s pack before they headed back up to the palace. They walked in to see Rolic in armor with his greatsword next to Lucia in her leathers with her pack. The princess’s head was hung and she seemed to still be crying as the duo walked up.
She looked up with heartbroken eyes.
“I agree to your terms, Tyler. Just, please, remember I’ve never done this before.”
He sighed at that.
“As long as you work hard and listen well, we’ll teach as best we can. Understood?”
She nodded sadly and hugged her father tightly.
“Goodbye daddy. I love you.”
The king hugged her hard.
“I love you too, Lucia. Listen to them and make me proud.”
Tyler smiled briefly, then looked at Rolic.
“A good mindset when facing a more powerful foe? Go into it EXPECTING the enemy to win and act accordingly.”
The king blinked.
“And do what I can to minimize the over all harm. Still brilliantly devious as ever, Lord Wolf. Take care of her.”
“She has my terms. As long as she follows them, I will.”
Lucia was shaking as he said this. Lumia just patted her before the trio headed out of the door. Rolic sighed as his daughter left her home in the company of Tyler and Lumia.
“Please, take care of my only daughter, outworlder.”
Tyler and Lumia headed for the northeastern gate at their usual pace with Lucia still fighting to keep up, but doing marginally better this time around. Tyler had to keep looking over his shoulder at her to make sure she was still there however. Lumia sighed.
“We have a target painted on our backs now.”
Tyler nodded.
“Indeed. Let’s discuss this one at camp. And oddly enough, I’m kinda good at finding good ones. You there Lucia?”
She looked up with sad blue eyes.
“Yeah. I’m here.”
Her voice was small and sad as she replied. Tyler looked over his shoulder as they walked out the gate.
“Look. You can mope around all day long, or you can try to enjoy yourself a little.”
She glared at him.
“My life as I know it just collapsed thank you very much. Look me in the eye and say YOU would be okay after knowing the life you loved just went poof.”
Tyler looked at her intensely now.
“Are you dead?”
She blinked.
He smiled.
“Then smile. We’re heading out on a journey to wherever with a warm sun overhead, wind at our backs and friends with us. Seriously little Lucia, you wanted an adventure. Ya getting one.”
Lumia laughed at that as Lucia looked at the road as she thought It over. The trio trekked for about three hours before Tyler spotted a rocky slab he liked.
“I’ll do a bit of [poking around.”
Lucia dropped flat panting from the two traveler’s scorching pace as Lumia merely looked around the small bit of grassland for herbs or other useful plants.
“Prospect. Wow. I got me a bit of copper in this one.”
Lumia had found some plains thyme. And was collecting it.
“Harvest. Copper you said, right?”
“Yeah. I find tin I can try out my field smelting. I bet bronze is worth something.”
“It is actually. Copper alone isn’t worth much, and if you sell it to banks they just jib you. You looking to try out smithing?”
“Sure. I’m more thinking of arrow heads an all, but ya know. Money.”
She laughed as Lucia got her breath back enough for speech.
“Soo, question. How far are we going today?”
“Till the sun touches the horizon.”
She sighed sadly.
“Oh. Okay. I guess I should just keep quiet then.”
Tyler sighed as he finished digging out the copper.
“Look, Lucia? I’m not your enemy here. If you want to help us, then ask. We’ll teach you best we can, but you have to WANT to learn.”
The princess just looked at him with disbelief in her blue eyes.
“Not my enemy? You don’t even LIKE me. All you’ve done since saving me is just push me around and run me ragged even though I’ve never had to do this before.”
Tyler chuckled.
“be thankful it was that easy, Lucia. And as for the other thing? If I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be here. I owe the kingdom nothing. Hell. THEY owe ME. I wanted I coulda forced the debt thing and walked away. Nearly did too. Thank the gods Lumia here is a lot nicer than me.”
the sprite smiled at that.
“I found some basil and thyme.”
“Nice. This rock here has some tin in it. Rather convenient really.”
Lucia looked at Tyler now, sitting up with her knees scrunched up to her chest.
“You really like me?”
“As a friend, Lucia. Nothing romantic. Understand that point first.”
She scrunched tighter in her ball.
“Daddy said the same thing. What’s wrong with daydreaming and fantasizing?”
Tyler smirked, and Lumia looked at him in mild irritation as she felt the flare of horniness in his soul as he pictured something else entirely.
“You DO know I can feel that right?”
the cocky boy laughed, and Lumia blushed as she horniness turned to outright lusty longing for HER. The sprite sighed and got back to foraging.
“My Chain is a pervert. Great. Just great.”
Tyler looked back at Lucia.
“daydreams and fantasies are all well and good, Lucia. Just remember to not get so lost in your imagination you forget where you live.”
She sighed at this.
“Daddy said something similar. But it hurts less to pretend I can have my own hero when the only hero out there is already taken. And by a Sprite no less.”
Tyler chuckled.
“I’m flattered Lucia. Really I am. And I’m sorry about the truth. Part of growing up is finding a way through the pain and living with the ache.”
She looked at him sharply.
“And if you can’t? find a way through the pain that is.”
He sighed, and Lumia winced in pain herself as she felt his own.
“Then all you can do is pray someone comes along that can at least sooth the torment of your soul. And Lucia? Do not let that happen to you. It hurts. Giving up? It hurts more then you could ever know.”
Lumia was shaking from the pain that was reverberating through their link as Lucia looked at the now sad boy.
“You talk like you already gave up.”
Tyler smiled sadly.
“I did, little Lucia. Years ago. I gave up on those around me ever actually caring about me. It took me years to fight my way out of that abyss. And when I did I was half a person as a piece of me just died. Lumia helps more then she realizes. Even with the soul thing. Yet even now I can feel the part of me that is just…missing. And even now it hurts like I just swallowed a fist full of rusty razor blades.”
Lucia shuddered at that image as Lumia kissed him in an attempt to ease the pain she was feeling. He smiled and she sighed with relief as the pain receded.
“That was intense.”
He looked at Lucia now.
“So. Try to not get lost in your pain.”
She sensed he was talking from experience and nodded. Tyler smiled again.
“Alright. Breaks over. Let’s move.”
Lumia laughed at Lucia’s despairing groan. The three friends walked for the rest of the day until the sun touched the horizon. Tyler looked around as they were in a rather thickly forested area. The night sight skills rendered the world around them like it was still midday, so it was easy for Tyler to lead them to a small river with a rocky wall in a horseshoe shape. Lucia was about to just flop down but Tyler patted her back.
“Set camp, Little Lucia.”
She groaned as he then set to casting Night’s watch. The spell being upgraded to extend 50 feet now while Lumia pitched the tent as Lucia looked for a spot to be useful with her limited knowledge.
“Just watch Lucia. Se what we do. That will by your first lesson.”
She nodded frowning as Lumia had the tent ready. The princess tiled her head as she saw it.
“Will we all fit int here?”
The Sprite laughed as she laid out the bedrolls.
“easily. This is a single person tent alright. If they brought one of those cots that fold up. Tyler has enough bedrolls to make even stone feel like a luxurious mattress.”
Tyler walked over with logs and took the woodaxe to chop as he talked.
“Why I didn’t get a cot to begin with. I got the tent and then got the forest ghost pelt later that day.”
Lucia looked at the forest and was a little nervous.
“Are we safe out here?”
Tyler sighed as he built their fire.
“No, Lucia. we are not safe. My spell will tell us if we get a visitor, but WE will have to greet them.”
She was shaking in fear now as the forest suddenly seemed far more ominous. Tyler smiled at the first timer.
“relax. I checked the bank myself. Only tracks were a rather large deer. I’ll see if I can’t hunt that thing-right Lumia’s chain. Eh. We got food enough.”
The sprite smiled sadly.
“I’m sorry soul.”
“It’s fine. More worried about blondie here.”
Lucia slumped as she saw she was a liability and holding them back. Tyler shrugged.
“That river looks good though, so that works.”
The fire was crackling with Lumia tending it with Lucia. Tyler had the rod and line out and flicked the cricket into the water.
“Got one. Wow. Nice bass.”
Lumia looked over.
“I’ll teach Lucia how to clean fish if you catch it.”
“Sounds good. Here.”
The blue skinned sprite took the fish and set it on a rock with the now terrified princess.
The lines were lit up with a bright pink color as Lumia placed the knife in Lucia’s hands.
“Just follow the lines. That’s it.”
Tyler smiled as he watched the princess clean her first fish. She’ll get there. Tyler pulled four more fish from the water and cleaned them alongside the girls before Lumia placed them on Tyler’s grate to fry. Tyler was smiling when the spell lit up.
“We got company.”
He had his bow up as he heard ragged breathing.
“Bear. I got it.”
He pulled his bow as a massive brown bear came lumbering into view. The thing looked at Tyler and roared a challenge as it stood tall. Only for an arrow to slam into it’s heart with a dull thud. The beast dropped to the ground with a slam and he kicked it.
“Nice. We got another cloak. You good ladies?”
Lumia clapped as Lucia gaped at the sight of the hulking beast. The sprite flipped the fish as she spoke to the boy pulling his knife.
“Need a hand with it?”
“I got it. The spell’s clear again so keep watch. Lucia, big teddy ain’t it?”
She laughed in horrified awe as Tyler began skinning the beast along the glowing lines of Skin.
“You’re scary.”
Tyler took the pelt, teeth, claws and a good portion of the meat from the bear which was placed in all three packs Then he had Lumia help him roll the remainder of the beast to a spot beyond their camp to avoid another visitor. Lucia then ate her first camp meal of fried bass, bread, some nuts they’d found and water. She was having a hard time not falling over and the couple helped the exhausted princess into the tent. She took a spot in the corner and passed out under a wolf fur blanket. Then the duo sat around the fire and sighed.
“She’s got a long way to go, Lumia.”
“A very long way. Her flay work was promising I suppose.”
Tyler pulled his map out and traced a finger from Veralla to the nearest port town.
“We’re here. And we need to get here. That’s an easy two week trip ALONE for us. With her? Maybe three. Plus any unforeseen issues? Yeah. We’re in deep.”
Lumia nodded.
“I’m more worried about bandits.”
“Fuck. I can handle up to 15 idiots alone. With you that gets kicked to 20 easy. Her? We’re looking at maybe ten. Soon as she gets blood on her hands that’s it. We’ll have to make camp for her to get passed it. If she even CAN.”
Lumia rested her head on his shoulder comfortingly.
“She’ll be fine. She has the best teacher in you and me for my support. All she needs is the drive to survive. We can build with that.”
He rubbed her warmly.
“I guess. I’ve never liked babysitting. Hey. Filling you will be fun now.”
She laughed at that image.
“Plus more entertaining!”
“In MANY ways!”
They kissed and she yawned.
“Yes Lumia.”
The fire was doused and the duo went into the tent. Tyler settled between the two girls and his back cracked.
“I MISSED these.”
Lumia smirked as she rested her head on his chest.
“Good night, Tyler.”
“Good night, Lumia. Good night, Lucia.”
“Still cute.”


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia beside him in the tent. Still a helluva sight to wake up to. He kissed her awake and she smiled.
“Good morning to you too.”
The duo looked over to see Lucia sound sleep in her spot with a bit of fur curled up like a cuddle buddy. Tyler looked at Lumia.
He slid into her slit for her daily filling and she moaned.
“I love this feeling.”
He kissed her as they played for a bit before she was creamed and she orgasmed. Then they left the tent to relight the fire and get breakfast going. Once the meat was frying Tyler walked back into the tent and shook the princess awake. She grumbled and tried to roll over.
“Wake up or I’ll dump river water on you.”
She groaned as she sat up.
“I’m up. I have to admit, these ARE comfy.”
She walked out and got a cup of coffee as Tyler looked around.
“I like that rock wall.”
She snorted as he walked over to a ten foot slab.
“Prospect. Wow. Nickel.”
Lumia smiled at that.
“Good find. I can use it with that stone you found to make rings.”
“Nice. I’ll try out field smelting this morning before we head out.”
He dug the three foot hunk of ore out and walked back to the fire. Lucia watched fascinated as he placed the rocks with the copper and tin in the fire.
“Field smelt.”
The flames turned blue and the rocks started melting nearly immediately. Tyler had a catch bin underneath that caught the bronze and made it into a 1 foot by 6 inch billet of the metal alloy. The rocks vanished and the skill died. Lumia whistled as she saw the end result.
“Impressive rookie. You’ll make a fine smith.”
He chuckled as he looked the smooth billet of bronze over.
“Thanks. It’s kinda cool making things. Whaddya think this bar is worth?”
“Maybe 15 silver? That’s some decent bronze, so 15.”
Tyler put the bar in his pack, finding the catch bin was reusable. The trio ate breakfast and tore the camp down. Lucia helping rolled the furs up before they returned to the road. The princess was still fighting with her pack’s weight, and was even more now from the bear meat inside it. Tyler had his bow out as this was prime hunting habitat. Lumia was looking at the book of royal resources when a large deer came out of the woods. Tyler dropped the hart with a perfect headshot and she smiled.
“Nice shot again.”
“Thank you again.”
Lucia didn’t gag this time as they butchered the animal. Tyler loading their packs with more meat and the pelt. He had the antlers as Lumia smiled.
“Field smithing DOES work on them. Useful for handles.”
“I’ll try a dagger at camp tonight.”
Lucia just stayed silent as they went. They made decent progress before stopping for a light lunch of a sandwich each, some water and a few strawberries. Tyler was looking at his ID when the sound of hooves was heard. He looked to see a set of four wagons approaching from down the way they were heading. Tyler smiled as he hailed them.
“Hail! Be ya a merchant troop?”
The wagons pulled to the side with smiles as a lanky fellow hopped down.
“Aye lad. We be. Roderick’s traveling shop. Are you interested in trading?”
“I be. Have ya any skills?”
The man laughed.
“Aye Sir. I have the skill craft. It allows for the making of items such as blankets, leather and other such goods from raw materials. Have ya coin or goods?”
Tyler tilted his head, considering the options.
“Coin. The goods we have we need.”
“I see! It’s 15 coppers then.”
Tyler paid for three and got a needle, thread, and more coffee for a silver.”
“Thankee kindly. How’s the road ahead?”
The caravan guard spoke now.
“Clear as we left it. But if it still be we do not know.”
“Thanks. Take care now.”
“Aye lad. You too.”
Tyler passed the skills out and the girls nodded. They got up and kept moving as the caravan moved along. Tyler looking over the craft skill.
“Uses intelligence, dexterity and over all skill to create useful items from scratch. Upgrades through use. Nifty toolbox now.”
The trio moved along with Tyler in the lead. Lucia was still fighting with her pack’s weight but was making do. They were walking through a large bit of flat ground when Tyler noticed a set of boulders ahead.
“Gods dammit. Look.”
Lumia did and groaned.
“Fucking PERFECT.”
Lucia was confused.
“Those are just boulders. What’s the problem?”
Tyler educated the sheltered princess.
“That’s an ambush point for bandits. Probably a small crew since that merchant caravan got through without noticing them. But for us? Yeah. We got some blood ahead. Listen Lucia. We’re springing it. YOU get down flat as soon as you see the first one die. Understood?”
She gulped, shaking as bad as she was.
Tyler pulled his bow as Lumia had her axe for a walking stick. The trio walked into the small alley of ten boulders.
“I’m smashing these after.”
Lumia smiled at that.
“They’ll roll more to replace them, but not a bad choice really.”
“Alright kids.”
A group of ten men appeared, five in front five behind the trio. Tyler sighed as he shot the man directly to the leader’s right. A mage you see.
Lucia dropped to the ground shaking as the warriors wen to the blood. Tyler had his new malachite bastard sword swinging as Lumia took the five with her axe. There were three left in front of him as he cast his other attack spell.
This sent out a gout of water like a blade and sliced into a man’s chest. Then Tyler had to deflect an axe strike before countering the short sword the leader wielded with another unorthodox maneuver. The man lunged with his legs only for Tyler to pivot into the lunge, and take his head with a savage strike while aiming his palm at the last,
The last one burning, Tyler looked to see how Lumia was faring, just to see her split the skull of her last challenger with an overhead shot. Tyler smiled as he saw she was unharmed.
“Nice to see a lady with an axe to grind.”
She laughed at that as she wiped her axe head clean. Lucia had her face in her arms as she fought to escape from the sounds of pained death. The warrior sighed and nudged her with a boot.
“Hey. Fun’s over. We got work to do.”
She looked up at him with huge blue eyes and saw the blood, and just put her head back down.
“Get up or get left behind. Make a choice.”
She got to her feet then. Her blue eyes had a blank expression as she went to lean on a boulder desperately seeking to avoid looking at the dead. Tyler sighed and walked over. Only to slap her lightly across the face. The act, combined with the sudden pain, snapped her out of her stupor.
“Ouch! Hey! What was that for?”
Tyler jabbed a thumb at the bodies Lumia was looting.
“We got work to do. So, get to it.”
She shuddered as she looked at the bodies.
“What am I looking for?”
He chuckled.
“Coin, spells, valuable weapons, IDs, anything of value really. Got a question ask.”
She steeled herself as best she could and started fishing in pockets as Tyler helped at his kills. The bandits had a fair amount of coin on them. About 65 silver, 77 copper coins, plus a few spells as well. Tyler took their IDs and prospected the twelve foot boulders as Lucia was curious.
“Why are you smashing them again?”
He explained patiently, as this was an odd activity to begin with.
“Wow. More copper. These boulders create a perfect place for bandits to hide behind Little Lucia. We destroy them they have nowhere to hide and this road becomes that much safer. Well. Till they put them back of course. Hey. This one has Chromite. About….wow. ten pounds. Not bad. Hey. This one has cobaltite. Might score a cobalt.”
Lumia made her report.
“Their weapons suck. Got a nice dagger though. It’s made from High Steel.”
“Nice to see ya score, Lumia!”
She laughed as Lucia looked at the corpses in the road.
“Are we just leaving them here?”
“We’ll roll them in the ditch. But yeah.”
She sighed as she did so.
“Seems wrong, just leaving them to rot. But that’s me.”
Tyler had dug the cobaltite out then.
“Wow. 10 pounds again. And, yup. Nice bit of cobalt here.”
Lumia smiled widely.
“I can make some truly beautiful gems with that.”
“Yours then.”
The other boulders yielded more tin, copper, some more cobaltite and chromite and even a five pound hunk of Spinel. The boulders were reduced to rubble and the bodies tossed into the nearby ditch. The work done the trio set off on their journey again. Tyler was looking at Lumia’s ID and smiled.
“Hey. Your Firebolt upgraded. It’s level 4 now.”
She smiled happily.
“That’s awesome. What’s yours?”
“Mine? I think I just hit 6 this fight.”
“Wow. You like fire.”
Tyler chuckled at that as Lucia just walked with her head down. Having done nothing but cower she was feeling especially useless. The trio walked along for the rest of the day where Tyler looked at the rather flat ground as the sun started setting.
“Hmm. I don’t like this area.”
Lumia was in agreement.
“A fire can be seen for miles. Wanna keep going?”
The man pulled the map and looked.
“Says here that about three hours ahead is another forest. We’d get there after dark, but thems the brakes. Heads on a swivel. We got night sight but I am NOT liking this already.”
They nodded and Lucia was placed between the two warriors as the bows came out. They moved a step faster and Lucia fought valiantly to keep pace as the warriors were on high alert. Tyler set a scorching pace, and they reached the forest in a mere hour. There was still daylight, but only just. Once inside the trees, Tyler left the road and found a nearly undetectable campsite situated in a small rock bowl with a small cave in the bottom. Seeing this he looked at the girls.
“We need to clear that cave ladies. it’s not very deep as I can see the back. But we don’t know WHAT is in there.”
They nodded and Tyler had an idea. Once reaching the cave entrance he looked at the center, and cast his light spell.
“Light Thy path: Day’s peace.”
The spell lit the thirty foot cave up like midday. Startling a large black bear sleeping in the back. Tyler shot the beast dead with a single arrow. Then the cave was truly empty. Tyler and Lumia dragged the bear out of the cave where they skinned the beast as Lucia tried to help with pitching the tent, only to succeed in having it collapse as she let it go. Tyler looked over as she just sank to her knees sobbing at her own helplessness. He sighed.
“Looks like she’s ready.”
Lumia nodded.
“She sees her own weakness. And has come to hate it. She’ll listen well now.”
Tyler left the sprite to handle the bear and pat the princess.
“You need help?”
she looked up at him with self-loathing in her tear filled eyes.
“I’m sorry I’m so useless. I hate it.”
He chuckled.
“Well. Let’s get you up to snuff then. Let’s start with the tent.”
She sniffed and hung her head.
“I’ll just ruin it again.”
“Sooo, you’re giving up?”
She sniffed sadly.
“I can’t do anything.”
“Soo, you’re not willing to learn?”
She looked at him again.
“Learn? I thought I had to figure this out on my own. I tried, but can’t.”
He sighed as he sat beside her.
“You misunderstood. The point was to see how YOU fit in with US. I- oh. Almost forgot. Night’s Watch.”
The spell blanketed the fifty feet including the entire cave. Tyler smiled at that.
“Better. Now. You. You have no skills in the outdoors except the ones I gave you. Nor any experience out here period. You’ve never wielded a knife nor fished nor hunted.”
Lucia scrunched into her ball and seemed to collapse in on herself as he talked. Then he smiled at her.
“Basically? You’re a rookie. With two experienced adventurers right beside you. You’re at rock-bottom toots. But. Would you like to know the best thing about being at rock-bottom?”
She sniffed and started to cry again.
“I can’t get any lower?”
“well yeah. There’s that. But that ALSO means you don’t have anywhere to go but up.”
She looked at him mildly confused.
“Nowhere to go but up? I don’t think I understand.”
He rubbed her back reassuringly.
“You can get stronger. Look at me. I got lost in Vera with that outfit you saw me in and this knife.”
He lifted his belt to show his knife.
“That’s all I had to start out with. I didn’t even know where the fuck I was. So. I buckled down and got to work. I didn’t know ANYTHING about outdoor survival until I had to learn it. We all start somewhere, Lucia. You just need to listen well, and you can learn to BE the hero you seem to love so much. Well. Long as you’re GOOD.”
She had a newfound hope in her eyes now.
“I’m not useless? I can help?”
“Start off small. You get cocky out here it WILL hurt a lot. As either myself or Lumia will smack you. I’ll teach you the tent. Once you get that down we’ll move on to say the fire.”
She hugged him tightly with a newfound will to be useful to her hero.
“I’ll help! I promise I’ll do my best!”
He chuckled as he stroked her soft hair.
“Okay. First off? You give good hugs. Second? The tent.”
She blushed for the first time since the first day they’d met as he took the fallen tent.
“See these legs? Tie them like this with the ends of the leather. Then step inside and slowly stand straight. Once you here a click it’s set.”
She watched closely, then when he finished, he took it down.
“Your turn.”
Now gritting her teeth in concentration she mirrored his actions, and got the tent pitched. She came out ecstatic at her success.
“I pitched a tent! Me!”
He chuckled as Lumia perked up.
“bear’s done. It’s got some good meat too.”
The trio dragged the beast to a safe distance from camp before Tyler built the fire. Then he took the lumps of rock out and set the chromite into the fire.
“Field smelt.”
The ten pounds of rock glowed blue and melted into the catch bin to make a two pound billet of gleaming metal with a mirror like finish. Lucia and Lumia were amazed by the reflective metal.
“Tyler, is that pure silver?”
He chuckled as he set the next rock in, them being more copper and tin.
“Not even close. That’s called chrome. Where I come from its used as a decorative metal to imitate mirrors on things like wagons. No clue why, but they do.”
He got another 2 pounds of bronze from the ten pounds of copper and tin. Next he put in the nickel for Lumia and she smiled as she got her grey billet.
“Thank you.”
Then he took out the small 5 pound anvil, hammer, tongs, the deer antlers and took the first billet of bronze. Lucia became even more fascinated as Tyler set the billet into the fire.
“Field smith: dagger.”
The metal glowed and he set the thing to the anvil and started hitting it, finding the spots to hit the metal that would produce the best results were highlighted in neon blue against the glowing rust colored metal. The metal folded easily and in under fifteen minutes he had a wide bladed dagger with a razor edge that weighed 1 and a half pounds. The thing was 7 inches long with a 5 inch handle that just needed a grip. He took the thickest bit of deer antler and used it again.
“Field smith: deer antler.”
The thing glowed as he carved it into the perfect shape for the dagger. Then he set the long spike-like end on the blade into the antler. Last was the pins to KEEP it in place. He smiled as the next thing was the edges. That took about ten minutes of grinding and hammering before the dagger was finished. He passed it to Lumia for evaluation. She smiled.
“A well-made bronze dagger, Tyler. This one will last for many years. Impressive for a novice.”
The man smiled widely at this. The antler had a small flare in the end to help keep it in the hand while the tip was narrow for piercing. Lucia was also impressed.
“That was amazing. I’ve never seen a smith make something before.”
Tyler gathered the shavings off the ground of leftover bronze and put them in the fire.
“Field smelt.”
They melted into a 8 ounce bar of bronze. He smiled as he saw this.
“I can make about nine arrowheads with this much.”
Lucia smiled and opened her mouth, when the ground shook. Tyler was on his feet with his bow before the others had registered what just happened.
“Cave. NOW.”
They put the fire out and moved the camp inside the cave as Tyler pointed to where the bear carcass was.
“I’d know that shake anywhere. Tyrannosaur.”
They hid inside the cave behind a large boulder as the trees shook as the head of the beast was seen. Lucia was shaking in terror as Lumia planted a hand on her mouth at the sight of the massive beast. The thing was identical to the T-rex from his world. And was roughly the same size as well. Tyler watched as the brown tiger striped thing lowered it’s head and scooped the leftover bear carcass up and swallowed it with a sickening sound of crunching bones and rending flesh. Tyler was right beside the on the verge of panicking princess and spook low as he watched the beast moving.
“Do NOT make a sound. That thing hasn’t detected us yet. I’d need a good spear to kill it.”
Lumia was shocked at his mindset.
“You can’t kill a Tyrant of that size with a mere spear!”
Tyler’s eyes never left the beast as it moved along the rim of the bowl, as if seeking fresh prey.
“See the little arms on the upper torso? The lungs are just under them. The heart? Up and left of the arm on the right hand size. I KNOW I can kill that thing. There is no one that knows that thing better then I do. I were alone I’d attack it.”
They looked at him in horror at this declaration as the beast took a breath.
“Brace. Territory bellow.”
The thing roared out a challenge that echoed off the hollow like a thousand trumpets. Tyler smiled widely as he felt the rumble in his chest.
“They did not do that roar justice.”
The sound was cut off with a snap and all was silent as the world offered a moment of awed silence to the power of that sound. Then an answering trumpet was heard in the distance and the beast was moving to the caller. The ground shook as the beast moved with a purpose out of sight behind the hollow. Tyler had his bow out now with arrow nocked as the shakes stopped, but the trademark thuds of a hunting Rex were heard.
“Don’t relax. The bigger ones always have a small following of the littler ones.”
The girls didn’t relax as a set of smaller creatures were seen at the lip of the bowl. Tyler smirked as he saw them.
“There’s a rare sight. Dilphosaurus group. Looks like three toms and four females. Not bad for a scavenger.”
The creatures were running after the rex and were gone. Tyler sighed now.
“Lumia. We’re in here tonight. We should hear the Tyrants dueling any minute now.”
Sure enough, a series of roars and bellows were heard as the beasts brawled over territory. Tyler set the tent at the BACK of the cave and set a new Night’s watch before making a meal of cold preserves as a fire was just NOT an option that night. Tyler sat on a boulder looking at the entrance.
“I’ll take first watch. You two get some sleep.”
They nodded as Lucia asked the question.
“What’s a Tyrannosaur? And that other thing you said?”
Tyler smiled kindly at the princess.
“The name the tyrant went by in my old home. That other thing? What’s it called here?”
Lumia answered.
“It’s called aa frilled walker.”
“wow. Yeah. In my old home they liked weird names. The full title for the Tyrant is Tyrannosaurus Rex. And get this. It translates into this tongue as Tyrant Lizard King.”
Lucia smiled.
“I see. You came from a strange place.”
“You have NO idea. Get some rest ladies. we’re going to be on guard tomorrow all day.”
They nodded as Tyler looked back at the bowl. That rex will be FAR too weak to really hunt tomorrow. BOTH will. If one dies the other will feed on it. The Frilleds will feast on the remains and be unable to move. Yet a battle like that always draws more attention then you’d think. If we get lucky we might be able to snag a few teeth and claws. If not, well, long as they don’t notice us we’re good. Tyler kept watch for four hours before waking Lumia.
“Four hours then swap.”
She nodded. And that was how the night went.


Tyler had last watch when the sun came up. Today is going to SUCK. He looked into the tent and saw Lumia was asleep on her back. I got a great idea. He walked over, and used some old stealth skills to remove her pants. Then he slid between them and kissed her before sliding into her warm slit as a wakeup call. She came awake in a mild panic at the sudden penetration, only to laugh into her kiss as she saw it was Tyler raping her in her sleep. She got her morning cream and orgasm before smacking him.
“I may like surprises, but don’t scare me like that. Fun as it was.”
He kissed her again, still inside her.
“Alright. Always wanted to try that on someone.”
She sighed as she was released.
“Well. I loved the surprise. So. Permission for morning rape is granted. Just be aware I get to do it to YOU now.”
“Sure. Was kinda expecting you to try that at some point to be honest.”
The lovers left the tent and saw that Little Lucia was cuddling her fur bundle again. Tyler lit the fire outside the cave as Lumia stood watch.
“The Tyrants should be far too weak to hunt today. Same with the Frilleds.”
She nodded at that.
“My thoughts exactly. You thinking of scavenging the battle?”
“I was. But I’ll get a look at the direction the tracks were pointing. If it’s NOT in our direction we leave it.”
The coffee was brewed and Lumia woke Lucia this time. The blonde princess came out yawning as she got her cup.
“Morning Tyler. Lumia.”
They smiled as she got her bacon and eggs. Tyler looked at a nearby rock wall and tilted his head.
“I wonder.”
The ever seeking man walked over and used his skill.
“Prospect. Holy. I got silver.”
Lumia blinked.
“How much?”
“No clue. I’m digging it out though.”
Lucia smiled at that sounds of his pickaxe hitting rock.
“Silver is a royal resource. I think the best veins go for about 10 gold? For ten pounds?”
“Wow. That’s a good deal really. What about outright silver billets?”
“Depends on the quality. But 10 gold for a 1 pound bar? That sounds right.”
Tyler dug out 12 pounds of the precious metal and put it in his pack.
“Wow. This alone made the trip worth it. I’ll check the other side for the kick in the teeth.”
He used prospect and laughed.
“Wow. I got a vein of Corundum. There might be sapphires in there.”
He dug it out as Lumia tilted her head.
“A good sapphire is worth about 5 gold per gem. The best stones go for 10 gold a gem.”
Tyler had the five pounds of ore out and was looking at it closely.
“Yup. Got a blue one here. We’ll look it over later. Ya know we got a few gems in camp now. Hey, Lumia, I’d like you to try work them tonight. Sound good?”
She smiled happily.
“Sure. My pack’s getting rather full so it’ll reduce weight and I get to practice my craft.”
Lucia took the tent down as Tyler stood watch for any visitors while the camp was torn down. Then he led the to the tracks of the Tyrant at the last he’d seen it. Soon as he saw the 3 foot prints he chuckled.
“They lead RIGHT to the road. Well. It cleared a path for us. Let’s go.”
Lucia gulped, but followed the more experienced adventurers as they followed the path torn in the forest by a hunting Rex. Tyler smiled as he saw a branch about ten feet above their heads.
“See that Little Lucia? It’s head did that. Since it hit it’s head rather then duck, we can assume it was PISSED. See this here? That’s from the little guys following the big guy. Tyrants always have a fan club following them.”
The princess nodded as they reached the road. Tyler blinked as he saw the direction change.
“What the? It pivoted and went ALONG the road? In our direction? Guards up. That’s not good. There’s only a few creatures that would force a hunting Tyrant to change course like that. And we ARE not equipped to fight them.”
The bows were out as they set off at a light run to see just what happened ahead. Tyler looked at the tracks,
“The thing lengthened it’s stride here. It was either chasing or BEING chased. I hope it was the first.”
The trio came around a corner in the road and Tyler whistled as they stopped.
“Wow. I guess they WERE pissed.”
The landscape was tore up with gouges in the earth from planted feet as they beasts tussled, shattered trees from where the beasts were forced into the, a cracked thirty foot tall slab of stone from when one creature was pinned and large amount of drying blood spatter. Tyler also noticed the Frilleds had been crushed under foot as they got caught in the bout. The man nodded.
“I don’t see any bodies. Move carefully. They’re still in the area. And BADLY hurt.”
They moved towards the first Frilled that had it’s lower half stepped on. Tyler extracted the teeth and arm claws as the toe claws were powder. Then to the next. This one having it’s head flattened and so the claws were taken. The leader paying special attention to the way the tracks went from the two big guys. A battle like this would have ONE die. Only question is where’s the corpse? There were two sets of tracks leading away from the battle. One off into a nearby forest, the other down the road in their direction. Tyler nodded at them.
“That one’s hurt bad. See this here, Lucia? It’s dragging it’s leg slightly. Just enough to indicate a busted leg. Fact it took the road means it’s really hurt. As animals will always take the path of least resistance when injured. If you EVER see a wounded animal go uphill it’s not that badly hurt.”
She nodded as they moved off along the road. Tyler keeping a close eye on the behavior of the tracks as Lumia brought the rear up with Lucia beside him.
“Looks like the fire’s dying out. The dragging is much more evident. It tripped here. See that crater? I’m amazed it got back up.”
They moved passed the twenty foot long depression in the dirt. The trio were moving cautiously when,
“You hear that?”
They froze, and listened intently. Only for the sound of ragged, deep breathing to be heard. Tyler nodded.
“It’s dying alright. Let’s go. There’s a chance WE can kill it if it’s that weak.”
Lucia gulped as they moved a lighter faster as the breathing got louder and deeper. Then they saw it. Tyler smiled widely as he saw his first Vera Tyrant up close.
“Oh that thing is awesome.”
The beast was laid out on it’s belly as it had tripped again and not been able to muster the strength to stand again. In length it was close to 45 feet long with legs that made it stand 15 feet high. Tyler had his sword out as he walked beside the massive creature, loving the sense of raw power it gave off even laying there dying. The thing was a dull brown with black bars along the spine that rose up to Tyler’s shoulders at the tallest. Poor Lucia was shaking in fear beside the dangerous animal as Tyler neared it’s head. They could see it was the loser of last night’s battle as large puncture wounds and gashes in the neck and spine were evidence of that. There was a four foot hole at the top of the neck from flash having been torn away in a bid for the spine. The right leg was broken while the left arm was mangled. It lived still, but only just. The thing blinked as the people stood beside it’s 6 foot head. It growled but that was the extent of it’s strength as Tyler looked into it’s 4 inch eye.
“Wow. I’ve longed to look a rex in the eye. Now I have? Worth it. Totally worth it. Alright big guy. Time for bed.”
Tyler walked to a spot on the flank where the arm was and lifted the sword.
“I hope next time I get to kill one of these the RIGHT way!”
He stabbed it in the spot and hit both lungs. But NOT the heart. It died nearly instantly and he looked at Lumia
“we got a helluva payday here. Teeth, claws, eyes, heart, meat the works. Take what we can.”
Lucia gulped at this.
“A tyrant is a royal beast. You need a permit for it.”
“We got you, Lucia. Permit enough.”
She laughed at that logic.
“Oh right. I forgot. I’m a princess.”
The duo laughed at her cutely bemused expression as she remembered she WAS in fact a royal princess. Tyler took his knife and dug the 6 inch teeth from the skull while Lumia and Lucia worked to gather the claws. Then Tyler planted his feet to try and tip the thing onto it’s side, and succeeded. But only just. As it flopped over he dropped panting from the strain.
“Why did I think that was a good idea? That thing is EASILY 4000 pounds!”
The girls just shook their heads.
“I think he forgot he’s not a giant.”
Then the nasty part. They took massive strips of it’s leathery hide, but did not have the capacity to take it all. Tyler cut the ten pound heart from the beast and put it in his pack. They took about thirty pounds of good meat they split between their packs before Tyler cut the eyes from the head. He’d just put them away when the thuds were heard and felt.
They headed down the road as another Tyrant appeared from the trees beside the dead one. Tyler watched as it looked at the fleeing people, and seemed to consider the hunt. Then it turned to the fallen beast as the easier food source and began feeding. Tyler smiled at this.
“Keep moving. But it won’t come after us. Not when it’s got that kind of easy prey right there.”
The three moved at a light run for the next hour before Tyler called a break in the shelter of some boulders ten yards from the road. Lucia was panting hard, but not flat on the ground from the labor as was her norm. Lumia was drinking water as Tyler looked back at the way they’d came.
“If that thing was going to come after us it we’d have been chased by now. All the scavengers and light predators in the area will be converging on that spot now. We should be fine for the time being.”
They nodded as he took out his pickaxe.
“Prospect. Wow. More Chromite. How you holding up?”
Lumia smiled as she found a patch of parsley.
“I’m okay. A little tired, but that’s from the watch last night.”
Lucia was drinking from a canteen before she replied.
“A little nervous. But good. Still not used to carrying all this though. But not as bad as yesterday.”
Tyler dug the ten pounds of rock out and shouldered his pack.
“I can get maybe another thirty in this before it becomes an issue. Let’s see. Next town is.”
He pulled the map out and looked ahead.
“Trost. Lumia?”
The blue skinned sprite smiled.
“A trading village. A great place to unload and resupply.”
Tyler nodded smiling.
“Good. We can have the bear hide made into a cloak for Lucia here. That golden hair is a kinda dead giveaway. Here, you can borrow mine.”
She put the thing on and it hide her blonde hair perfectly. Lumia smiled at that.
“we’ll use it in towns we’re not sure of. Trost is a pure trade village and such does not care. We could walk in there with the king and as long as we’re selling or buying that’s all they care about.”
Tyler looked at the next boulder.
“Prospect. Damn. Some good Halite. Or, rock salt. About five pounds of it.”
Lumia blinked.
“Use craft on it, please. It makes about 5 ounces of table salt.”
“Sure thing.”
He dug it out and used the skill.
“Craft: table salt.”
The rock glowed a deep blue as he was able to crush it into fine grains Lumia caught in a small can she sealed with a lid.
“That will fetch us 50 silver at the market. But. WE are keeping it.”
“Yes, Lumia.”
She smiled at that. Then he moved to the last boulder.
“Prospect. Eh. Iron. About ten pounds. I’ll do some smithing in a separate fire tonight. That sound free up some space.”
Lucia perked up.
“That metal? Chrome? Can you make mirrors from it?”
Tyler smiled at the girl.
“Sure, Lucia. And they’re more durable then glass. Yet they need more upkeep at the same time.”
She seemed nervous.
“Can you make em one please? I’d like to at least TRY to take care of my face.”
“Sure. Lumia here has a brush for that mane I love so much.”
She deflated from relief.
“Oh thank you. I was terrified you’d say no.”
Tyler patted her head reassuringly.
“Always ask, Little Lucia. We may be limited on space this is true, but even I have a keepsake or two. Like this sword here. It’s merely a 9 pound keepsake. And I AM keeping the largest tooth of that Tyrant. Since ya know, awesome.”
She smiled brightly at the patting.
“I’ll remember that. Hey. Can you make a brush? We have the stuff.”
Tyler frowned.
“Maybe. I’ll try to at least. Okay, Lucia. Tonight at camp is a mass craft. We can easily drop our pack weight but twenty pounds per if we work it hard. Let’s go Sprite and Princess.”
They laughed.
“Right behind you, Wolf!”
They took off at a happy trot as Tyler led the way. The friends made good progress, when they came upon a spot that made Tyler sigh.
A stone bridge crossed a bridge with a set of boulders at the opposite end. Tyler looked at Lucia.
“Take your bow out. Rolic told me you can shoot.”
She nodded.
“I can hit a bullseye at 60 paces.”
“Then I want YOU to get one kill in this fight, Lucia. If you can’t do that much, then just turn around and go home. Sound fair?”
She gulped, and started shaking as she fitted arrow to bow.
“I’ll try, Tyler. I’ve never aimed at a person before.”
“Then they’re not people. Think of them as those that just hurt your mother. What are you going to do?”
She glared and stopped shaking at this one. Tyler had his own bow out as the party walked onto the bridge. They were about halfway,
“Alright kids. Stop right here.”
A group of 15 bandits blocked the opposite end. 5 more blocked the end they came from. Tyler looked at Lumia.
“You two take the rear.”
Then he fired his arrow.
“Firebolt. Waterbolt. Firebolt.”
He dropped four as a set of three arrows bounced off his hidden mail.
“Nice to that stuff works!”
he had his sword out and was charging as an arrow streamed passed his head to hit one guy in the eye, dropping him.
“Helluva shot, Lucia!”
Another arrow came over as Tyler slammed into the packed men.
Out of the twenty men that they’d faced at the start, 10 remained. Lumia had made short work of her five as Lucia sniped five herself as Tyler split the skull of the last. Then he walked over to where Lucia was panting from the efforts of fighting angry. He patted her back in a congratulatory manner.
“well done, Lucia. I asked for ONE. You gave me 5. Well done.”
She then realized what she’d done. She was about to cry, when she got a smack from Tyler.
“Oi. Get that regret and torment out of her heart missy. You a Warrior Princess now. Ya want to cry for someone, cry for the poor bastards that got hurt by them. But not now. If you want to cry, do it in camp. For now, get to work.”
She sniffed and smiled.
“Thanks for that. Warrior Princess eh? I love the way that sounds.”
They looted the dead bandits. Tyler grabbing IDs, Lumia Cards and coin, Lucia arrows.
“Hey. Tyler? What’s this?”
He looked over from his current corpse to see Lucia lifting a sealed tube. He frowned.
“Bring it here. That’s a scroll tube.”
He took it as Lumia came over.
“Let me check it. Sprites have an ability to detect enchantments as a race thing.”
Her hand glowed neon blue and she nodded.
“It’s not enchanted. So, merely a tube.”
The warrior opened it and pulled a scroll out.
“HOLY. This is a magic scroll of Roiling Flames!”
Lumia gasped.
“That is EASILY worth ten gold! What the hell?”
Lucia nodded at the corpse.
“He had it. Here’s his ID.”
Tyler took it and blinked.
“This guy had a bounty on him. Let me see.”
He pulled his ID up and heled it in front of the ID.
“Yup. Mark the Fire thief. Reward for the ID is 90 silver. The scroll itself also has a bounty: 5 gold. Wow. We got a big fish here. Okay. Let’s hurry up then.”
They walked away after dumping the bodies into the river with the scroll, IDs, a few spells that they didn’t like, 4 gold coins, 45 silver and 125 coppers. Tyler looked at the sky.
“We’ll find a good campsite now, girls. We’re crafting and need the daylight.”
They nodded. The area was a small valley on the other side of the river and after a bit of searching Tyler found a spot he liked. It being in another bowl with rocks along the rim with another small cave at the back. Tyler used his light spell and they startled a large rabbit. Lumia got it in the eye before they walked inside the thing. This one going back 10 feet underground. Tyler looked at the stone walls, and got curious.
“I wonder. Prospect.”
Lumia blinked.
“Be careful with mining down here. That entrance caves in we’re dead.”
“Got it. Wow. Some more Copper and tin.”
He dug it out and then cast Night’s watch. The spell now reaching 60 feet as Lucia pitched the tent in the cave while Tyler built a larger fire. He set the 12 pound lump of silver in the fire first.
“Field smelt.”
he got a 4 pound bar of pure silver that gleamed as Lumia took her turn with the fire. She placing the cobaltite in the fire.
“Field smelt.”
The gem was extracted by the fire which she collected with a set of tongs. The deep blue gem was still rough and dull but she had a stone 3 inches across to work with. Tyler next set the ten pounds of tin and copper into the fire.
“Field smelt.”
He got 1 5 pound bar of bronze he set next to the first. Lucia was watching fascinated as the two worked their extremely colorful craft. Lumia put the corundum in the fire now as Tyler put a catch bin underneath.
“Corundum is also a metal.”
the sprite smiled.
“Field smelt.”
The sapphire was 4 inches across unrefined and Lumia used tongs to collect it. Surprisingly enough, there was a rather pretty garnet as well. Tyler smiled at that fine.
They worked their stone until all that was left was glittering metal and unrefined gems. Tyler passed the silver to Lumia as he put the first bar of chrome into the fire.
“Field Smith: mirror.”
Lucia smiled at that as he forged a small hand mirror of the highly reflective metal for her. He then smiled as he took some of the leftover chrome and some stiff hairs from the bear.
“Field smith: Brush.”
She smiled happily as he made her a chrome hairbrush with grizzly bear hair. He got a hug as Lumia worked the gems with hammer and chisel. He took a bar of bronze and smiled.
“Field smith: Spear.”
They laughed as he crafted a 2 foot spear head with a vicious tip and jacket with no less then four pin holes. He looked at the metals and materials left and smiled again.
“I got a goodie.”
He placed the iron in the fire.
“Field smith: haft.”
And made a five foot haft of iron. The thing had holes perfectly placed for the bronze head pin and he made those from the leftover bronze and iron before welding them in place. Lumia looked up from her work,
“That will be hellish to wield.”
“I’m not done.”
He took a strip of Tyrant hide and smiled.
“Field smith: Tyrant hide spear wrapping.”
The girls laughed as he made the rough hide into rather comfortable handholds along the haft of the spear. He smiled at the result.
“I used maybe fifteen pounds of metal to create a five pound iron and bronze spear. Be fun to kill something with it.”
Lucia looked at the weapon.
“My opinion? Maybe 25 silver. It’s a rather nasty spear.”
Tyler set it aside as Lumia passed him the red garnet for inspection. He chuckled at the now gleaming gem.
“Wow, Lumia. I love the color.”
She smiled as she set it on a small cloth of velvet with three others.
“I’m pretty good at crafting gems. Thank you though. These will fetch maybe 65 silvers a piece as Garnets aren’t that valuable.”
“Every copper. I’ll make Lucia a bear cloak now.”
She smiled at that, then frowned.
“I feel useless again. Damn.”
He patted her.
“You’re still learning. Take pride in the fact you did well in the raid today.”
She smiled and shivered after.
“I have blood on my hands and I killed five people today. Yet. For some reason. I feel fine. Like they’re no different from say a deer. Strange that. Father always talked about how the first kill is a pivotal moment in one’s live. That once you cross that line there’s no going back. Yet, I’m not bothered by it. Strange.”
Tyler smiled at this.
“That’s called strength, Lucia. The strength to do what must be done. I have thousands of lives on my hands from the war. Yet I still sleep like a baby. Lumia helps, but not the point.”
He got a smile for that from the beautiful sprite as he set the next billet of bronze into the fire.
“Field smith: greaves.”
Lucia relaxed as he made a set of simple greaves for his forearms with Tyrant hide straps. The leftover bronze made a 4 inch box that he smiled at.
“How are we on arrows?”
The princess perked up.
“I lost the five shafts in the attack. They snapped at the head.”
Lumia looked up from her Spinel.
“I’ve about 44.”
“I’m at 40 myself. Not bad for a bunch of wanderers. I can make some heads, but we need good wood for shafts.”
Lucia looked at the rim of the hollow they were in.
“That tree there. It’s a Sycamore. It’s got really strong branches and makes good bows too.”
Tyler and Lumia looked at her mildly surprised. The now bashful princess blushed.
“I like trees.”
Tyler smiled at her.
“See? You’re NOT useless. Just a blonde.”
Lumia snorted at that as Lucia glared at him.
“You saying I’m stupid?”
He looked at her confused as he went to the nearby tree.
“I just said you’re a blonde, Lucia. I didn’t even use the word. Feeling insecure?”
She went red with a frustrated rage as she saw she was caught in a verbal trap. Lumia smiled as she set the red Spinel aside.
“See Little Lucia? If he didn’t like you, you’d have CALLED you stupid.”
The princess sighed as Tyler took the woodaxe and lopped a few branches from the tree.
Tyler came back with 15 branches three inches thick and set them beside him.
“Thankfully I know how to carve wood.”
Lumia smiled at that, and he felt HER horniness through their link.
“we got time, Lumia.”
She set her gem down and they dove into the tent as Lucia sighed.
“Great. Active lovers. I’ll just look the other way.”
Tyler was inside his lover and they were bucking away as they satisfied their lust on each other. Lumia’s flopping rack made slapping sounds as her Chain loved her heart and soul before her fresh creaming. She moaned in pleasure and they left the tent after she came down from orgasm. Lucia was looking a Spinel curiously as the lovers sat either side of her.
“That’s better.”
Lumia smiled happily.
Lucia just sighed.
“Just don’t wake me up with it, please.”
They agreed and Lumia was back at her current gem as Tyler carved as et of twenty good arrow shafts.
“Shit I need flights.”
He looked at the sky and didn’t see any birds.
Lumia chuckled at his mildly disappointed voice.
“we’ll keep an eye out then. Sooner or later a hawk or eagle will fly overhead.”
The man shrugged.
“Yeah I guess. Least I can make the heads.”
He set the bronze into the fire.
“Field smith: arrowhead.”
The industrious boy made twenty tips of a vicious design. Each head was 2 inches long and one inch wide with a shark took shape. Only there were four blades in the diamond shaped head that made the girls shudder at the sight of.
“Tyler that’s a scary arrowhead.”
Tyler chuckled as he set them aside.
“They’re called ‘cutters’. They’ll cut right through people’s bodies and slice ribs too.”
Lucia gulped as he set the leftover bronze into the fire.
The next set of heads he made were like flying nails 3 inches long. He smiled as he set them aside as well.
“These are piercers. They will punch straight through plate armor at 150 yards. The best made ones 250 and they’ll STILL go right through the man wearing it. These are for big beasts like Tyrants as they’ll poke holes in things ya really don’t want holes poked in.”
Lucia shivered at the imagery.
“You’re a scary smith, Tyler.”
He smiled at that. Since he didn’t have the needed materials he set the heads inside a tin to prevent an accident and took the bear pelt next.
“Craft: bear cloak.”
The thing glowed neon blue and he followed the blue lights to make Lucia a thick black bear fur cloak that hid her golden hair perfectly. She smiled as she wore the thing.
“It’s so comfy! I love it! Thank you!”
He patted her head again before taking the grizzly bear pelt.
“Craft: Grizzly bear fur bedroll.”
They laughed at that as he made ANOTHER mini mattress for their tent. He then did a load check.
“We just dropped close to 90 pounds of goods just from this. Okay. We’ll make a meal of bear, the last of that deer, and the fish. How are we on water?”
Lumia held up her canteen.
“Last full. You have a water spell, right?”
Tyler smiled as he refilled their water canteens from his spell.
“There. I KNEW that was a good idea.”
They laughed at their wily friend’s foresight as he looked at the leftover materials.
“I can make a few more things from the metals I have left. Yet it’s all chrome. Lumia? You’re rocks?”
She placed the last sapphire on the velvet.
“I’m done. There’s about 35 gold in gems alone here. The silver I’ll use to make rings that’ll bump it to maybe 40. Not bad for a three day journey.”
Tyler nodded.
“Right? Plus the Tyrant? We’ll make a few coins in Trost alright. Hey, Lucia. Those permits. Who do I get them from?”
She tilted her head.
“They cost about 10 gold at the mayor’s office. And they last a year before you have to purchase a new one.”
“That works. 10 gold eh? Was expecting it to be higher.”
She sighed.
“That’s the OFFER prince from the crown. Every town is different. I heard one sold them for not a copperless then 50 gold for the year.”
“Yikes. If that’s the price in Trost we just lost all the money we made. That said once we have it we’ll make a killing.”
Lumia snorted at that pun.
“Nice wordplay.”
“I got a few. Is there anything we’re running low on?”
Lucia looked at her pack.
“We got more salt, that’s good. I’d say bread and seasonings. But most grow in the forest anyway.”
Tyler nodded at that.
“See? You’re learning.”
Lumia finished her first ring and they smiled at it. She’d taken a red Spinel and wrapped the silver band around it like a spike.
“Nice ring, Lumia.”
“It reminds me of a weapon I know.”
She set it into a small box with velvet rollers as she worked the Garnets next.
“Thank you. I like making jewelry and selling them. We get to Trost, Tyler, I’ll ask you to set up on a pelt with me to sell them. Since I’m a sprite selling valuables it gets ugly sometimes.”
“Sure. I like scaring people.”
They laughed at that. Tyler took the grate out as Lumia finished her last sapphire ring and closed the box of valuable items. Their packs were now slack compared to when they set up camp as Tyler laid out the last strips of black bear, deer, rabbit and fish to fry. He smiled as he had a thought.
“Hey, in Trost, remind me to pick up some onions. I have a recipe from my home I think you’ll love.”
The now curious girls nodded as Tyler felt the need.
“In my home we had something called ketchup. A red sauce made from tomatoes that was sweetly tangy. I don’t know if you have the item here. Sound familiar?”
Lucia smiled widely.
“It’s call Blood sauce. And is VERY cheap to buy. Plus we have another that’s yellow that’s tangy called Mustard from the seed it comes from.”
“Okay. I’mma say this once: we are getting TWO of each, in Trost. Understood?”
Sensing an extreme gravity they nodded vigorously. Tyler smiled sweetly, with a dark undercurrent in his eyes now.
“Do NOT let me forget. Okay?”
Lumia was utterly shocked by the raging fire in his soul now. The girls nodded and he sighed.
“Okay. Next is a dish called pizza.”
Lucia smiled hungrily as he talked of it.
“It’s called Cheese pie here. But I like pizza better. And yes it’s cheap to buy. But only a few taverns offer it as it’s a foreign dish to Vera.”
“Good to know. Looks like my home has a few carryovers. Cool.”
The meat was finished and he chuckled.
“We should also pick up some bread crumbs as well. I can make some rather crunchy things with good crumbs.”
Lumia chuckled.
“They’re going to think we’re more wandering chefs then adventurers.”
“Oi! Food is a serious business!”
“What he said!”
“Thank you, Lucia! See? She gets it!”
Lumia just busted up laughing at their indignant teamwork.
“You two seemed like brother and sister there it’s scary!”
Tyler and Lucia looked at each other in mild shock.
“It weird”
“I’m suddenly”
Lumia was fighting for breath as the two were talking in sync now. Tyler and Lucia looked at each other again before cracking up laughing at the moment. The food was done and they fed well. Then Lucia yawned and crawled into the tent, leaving the lovers alone. Lumia sat next to Tyler and snuggled under his arm.
“You two seem to like each other.”
He kissed the sprite smiling.
“She’s fun. Plus is learning well.”
She smiled at this as they roasted some nuts on the flames.
“She is nice to have around. And so you know? I like her too.”
He fed her a roasted walnut and smiled.
“She’s like that kid sister that wants to run with her older brother in the woods.”
Lumia smiled as she drank some water.
“I can see that. I think she’s starting to see you NOT as her hero prince, but just her hero she can look up to and travel with.”
“And that’s fine. Long as she pulls her weight and keeps learning she’ll do just fine.”
Lumia kissed him as they relaxed by the crackling flames. Tyler looked at the night sky and nodded.
“Bed time Sprite.”
“I love the way that sounded.”
He kissed her again as they put the fire out and got into the tent. Lucia was cuddling her bear cloak like a teddy bear and he smiled at that.
“That’s kinda cute.”
“So was that.”
The faking sleep princess was red faced as Tyler laid between her and Lumia. The sprite rested her head on his chest and smiled comfortably.
“Good night, Lucia. Good night, Tyler.”
He kissed his sprite.
“Good night, Lumia. You too, Lucia.”
“Great. Now I’m an afterthought.”
They chuckled fondly as they drifted off to sleep.


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia asleep beside him with Lucia still cuddling her cloak. She DID give me permission. He pulled the same stunt and she woke smiling.
“I see you’re a deviant. I like it.”
She was kissed into silence as she orgasmed hard with a fresh cream filling for good measure. The pair left the still sleeping girl and relit the fire. Tyler looked at the ground and blinked.
“wow. Look there.”
Lumia did, and also blinked in mild shock.
“Those belong to the forest breakers. Large armored creatures with a shield around their necks and three horns on their faces.”
Tyler looked in the direction they were headed.
“Well. It’s more roaming then fleeing. I guess since it’s a plant eater my spell didn’t pick it up. Not a threat.”
Lumia smiled at this assessment.
“Just don’t piss it off and you’re good. They have a nasty temper.”
That got a laugh as Lucia came out on her own this morning. Albeit still yawning and rubbing sleep from her eyes.
“Morning you two. Anything to be scared of?”
Tyler jabbed a thumb at the tracks.
“Just a bigger, meaner bull.”
She looked and sighed.
“Of course it’s a breaker. It have a name in your home too?”
Tyler passed her a cup of coffee as he replied.
“Probably. I’d need to see it first to tell you for certain.”
The princess shrugged and ate her breakfast as Tyler looked at then nearby stone wall against the left hand side of the bowl.
“Hey! I wonder!”
They laughed as he placed his hand on the rock.
“Prospect. Let’s see. Hmm. Not bad I guess. Hey. More corundum.”
Lumia smiled as he dug it from the rock.
“Maybe. I’ll know in a minute.”
The camp was taken down with Lucia seeing to the tent with Lumia putting the fire out. Tyler dug the 15 pound rock out and blinked.
“Woah. This thing is GLITTERING. I see Sapphires AND rubies in this one.”
Lumia looked at the find.
“Holy. I can get easily fifteen stones outta that. Of good quality! Scary.”
Tyler put the treasure in his pack and they returned to the road. Lucia seemed rather bemused by something as she easily kept pace with the other two and Tyler noticed.
“You okay? You look like someone that just learned a tomato isn’t a fruit.”
She smiled at that,
“My pack. It feels….empty for some reason. Like I’m not carrying it. Yet I packed it myself before we left.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“See? You’re getting stronger Little Lucia.”
She was now smiling proudly at this.
“I guess I just got used to carrying a horse on my back.”
The friends laughed as Tyler spotted a large eagle on a branch. He took the shot and dropped the bird first shaft.
“Nice one.”
He smiled as he plucked the thing.
“A golden eagle. We won’t need feathers anytime soon.”
They took the beak and talons and off they went. Tyler using the spear he’d made as a walking stick. Lumia was curious as he did so.
“How’s it feel? Heavy?”
He shrugged.
“About 10 pounds I’d say. Not bad though. We should reach Trost tomorrow so I’ll be able to sell it.”
Lucia looked at Lumia.
“Will I have to sit with you when you sell the rings?”
Tyler answered keeping his eyes front.
“You are NOT to go anywhere without us, Lucia. Period. We understand each other?”
She gulped.
“Yes, Tyler.”
“Good. You’re too important to risk in such a stereotypical fashion.”
She nodded as she stepped beside the duo. Tyler looked at the ground,
“we’re still following the big guy. Looks like it wasn’t in any hurry.”
The girls chuckled as they went on. The trio made decent progress that morning and the trail left the road and left a large hole in the forest as it diverged from them. Tyler chuckled as he saw this.
“Later big guy.”
The friends stepped up their pace now that the fear of an encounter with the beast had passed. They spotted for lunch atop a small rise that provided a clean view of the surrounding area for a good ten miles. Tyler had the arrow materials out and was putting their shafts together. Once set he looked at his ID.
“Field smelting hit level 5 last night. Less waste material I guess. And faster melt time. Same with Smithing. Only it says more precise folds. All my crafting skills got upgraded decently.”
Lumia smiled as she ran her own brush through her blue mane.
“I leveled up a few times as well.”
Lucia was also tending to her golden crown of hair.
“I haven’t yet. But I’m close.”
Tyler chuckled as a shadow passed overhead. He looked up and saw an airship drifting by. Lucia knew it.
“That’s the Dragoon. A Line breaker class warship. I guess father stepped up patrols.”
Tyler shrugged as the thing went by.
“Eh. We’re out here and not up there. Not really our problem.”
Lucia blinked then chuckled.
“I guess not. There’s not much we can do about a war out in the wilds is there?”
They laughed as the ship was lost to sight. The break over the trio moved along again. Tyler whistling as they walked when they came to ANOTHER bridge with boulders.
“Here we go again. Lucia. Bow only.”
She nodded as she fit an arrow to it. The trio stepped onto the bridge that spanned another wide river when the predicted ambushed came as usual.
“Women and gold. Hand it over.”
There were only 15 men this time and Tyler sighed as He rushed the front group of 8.
Lucia fired her bow and took out a man holding a staff while behind her Lumia’s axe was causing destruction from her attacks. Tyler used his spear and made short work of the remaining men and so did Lumia. Lucia got four this time and a round of patting from her mentors before the looting took place. The IDs were collected, the red tipped staff, their Cards, and coin. This crew having 45 silver, 88 coppers. Then Tyler looked at the boulders.
“Prospect. Woah. More chromite in this one. I guess it’s common here. Wow. Twenty pounds this time.”
He dug it out and looked up from the pack, to find himself looking into the eyes of a startled Triceratops 30 feet long and 10 tall. Tyler blinked as he looked at the beast while the girls froze. Tyler blinked again.
“We’re mining rocks. Not interested in you.”
The thing had all the features of a triceratops from his world, and it snorted at him through it’s beaks like nose before lumbering off to a large bush and fed on it fifteen feet away. Tyler chuckled as he moved to the next boulder.
“Don’t look it in the eye ladies. It’s not interested in us.”
Lumia just sighed at the sight of the massive creature just utterly ignoring them.
“Smile and nod. Okay.”
Lucia was more awestruck by the large creature, and was just staring at it. Tyler smiled as he placed his hand on his next boulder.
“Prospect. More rock salt, Lumia. Bout ten pounds now.”
“Be right there.”
Tyler used craft and they filled the salt jar with 10 more ounces of the seasoning. The last three boulders yielded more chromite, 5 pounds of corundum with another sapphire in it, some tin and more rock salt. The triceratops rumbled at them like a large cow as they left the area. Tyler was looking the spear over as they walked and smiled.
“Not even scratched.”
They laughed at that as the party went on. Lumia was holding his hand as Lucia hummed a tune as they walked. The sun was touching the horizon as Tyler found a camp beside a river with a small crater with walls of rock around it. Lucia pitched the tent as Lumia lit the fire. Tyler? He cast Night’s watch. Once the fires were burning well, Tyler looked at Lucia.
“Okay toots. Time to learn to fish.”
She came right over smiling.
“I’ll do my best!”
“nice attitude.”
He showed her how to bait the hook and set the line before casting. He waited a few minutes before he got a bite. Lucia watched wide eyed as he pulled a three foot pike from the river.
“Damn. Nice pike here.”
Lumia smiled from her spot at the fire as she worked her gems.
“I like grilled pike.”
“I like you, Lumia.”
She shivered as their link flared up with a wild lust for her. She smiled as the tease ended and Tyler put the rod in Lucia’s hands.
“Now, rotate your hips like this, that’s it, and spring back like that. Well done.”
She line dropped into the water and he patted her.
“Now. We wait. If you get a bite I’ll help you as that pike woulda dragged you in with it.”
She smiled as she waited.
“This is fun. I-oh!”
He line was yanked on and she yanked upwards like he had, and together they dragged another 3 foot pike from the water. The princess was bouncing up and down in joy at her catch.
“I caught a fish! Me! A royal princess!”
Tyler chuckled.
“Now. Let’s see you clean it.”
She went from overjoyed to nervous in a blink.
“Can you help me? The knife scares me still.”
Lumia spoke up.
“I’m done with the stones so I can.”
“Thanks Lumia.”
The duo got to work gutting and flaying the 8 pound fish as they talked.
“How many stones we get Lumia?”
The sprite was holding Lucia’s hand and guiding her cuts as she replied.
“We got ten more Sapphires, 5 rubies, and a rather pretty Garnet. The stones alone now are worth 50 gold. That’s it. Just the stones.”
“Damn. We made a fortune on this run.”
Lucia smiled nervously as she set her portion of fish aside.
“Don’t expect to get that much at the market. 50 gold is the BEST case. Realistically? We’re looking at maybe 35. Still a lot but not as extreme.”
“That’s fair. Do we have to pay any goods tax since we’re selling jewelry?”
Lumia sighed.
“If we make 10 gold, we have to give the market we’re selling in 2 gold. As a fifth or our profits go towards the kingdom and the town.”
Lucia nodded as her catch was laid on the grate to cook.
“In Trost the taxes are lower but still there. Like 1 gold per 10. The tax only applies to things like jewelry or hand-forged weapons and armor. So if that spear goes for 50 silver Tyler, expect to pay the market 10 silver.”
“Sounds about right. Who oversees the taxes in the markets?”
“A royal tax collector will sit with us per transaction. So we’ll have to get set up at the market office before we can sell. Raw materials like Tyrant hide or the meat DON’T have a tax.”
The outworlder chuckled.
“Nifty system in talk. I wonder how it works in practice?”
Lumia grumbled now as she flipped a piece of fish.
“Some tax collectors are bastards. Why we’ll have to watch for cheats.”
“They cheat me I’ll just take it from their hide and be done with it.”
They laughed at that as the food was ready. Once fed Tyler smelted the chrome into a more reasonable pair of five pound bars. The tin was left as rock for the next bit of copper he’d find. Lucia was resting against a sun warmed rock as a set of thuds were heard across the river. Tyler smiled as he felt them,
“Don’t panic. It’s not a Tyrant. Look at the treetops.”
They did and gasped as a head was seen above the 50 foot trees. Tyler smiled as he looked up at the brachiosaurus.
“See? Another plant eater. Nothing really to worry about. Long as you don’t get stepped on.”
The beast gave a high roar that sounded weirdly musical as it took a clump of branches in it’s mouth as Tyler looked back at the girls.
“It’s an awesome sight isn’t it?”
Lumia smiled as more of the creatures was seen on the other side of the wide river.
“it is. Plains makers are a peaceful creature and their presence in a forest or anywhere is a sign of safety. This forest is a safe haven indeed.”
Tyler kissed the sprite as the musical cries of the creatures rang out. Lucia crawled into the tent and so did the couple. The fire out he kissed the sprite to sleep as Lucia cuddled her bear cloak.
“Good night, Lumia.”
“Good night Tyler.”
“Night Lucia.”
They laughed fondly as they drifted off with the sounds of the gentle giants in their ears.


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia asleep on her belly for once. So much for a morning surprise. The original it is. He leaned over and kissed her util she woke from the lust in his soul for her.
“Good morning. And yes please.”
He fit into her slit and they were riding away with gusto as Lucia slumbered right beside the loving couple. Lumia got her cream and orgasm before they left to start the day. Tyler relit the fire as Lumia brewed the coffee as Lucia came out yawning. She sat beside them and looked at them.
“Okay. I have to just get used to it.”
They busted up laughing at her mild blush. Tyler patted the girl fondly.
“We tried.”
“And FAILED. I can feel the damn pelts moving ya know!”
Her mildly embarrassed tone made them laugh again as Lumia passed her coffee.
“Well. Enjoy the shows.”
She blushed that much harder into her drink as they fed on fish, Tyrant, and some deer. Then camp was broken and they were moving again. Tyler and the girls planning as they were to reach Trost by noon.
“So we head for the Guild FIRST. Turn in the IDs and bounty, then the mayor’s office to see just how much a permit costs. If reasonable we’ll buy one then hit the market. Sound good?”
Lumia nodded as she adjusted her pack.
“We’re carrying a good amount of sales goods, so as long as it’s not outrageous we should be fine. All else fails just play Lucia.”
That got a smirk from the girl as Tyler shot it down.
“I’d prefer to NOT have it known we’re roaming with the princess. Seems a good way to bait an unneeded incident.”
They sighed at the reasoning. Tyler still walking with the spear and smiling as he did so.
“Makes a good walking stick this.”
They laughed as they came to a set of boulders.
“Get a new trick.”
Lucia sighed as they were ambushed by a mere ten bandits this time.
“I hate these.”
Tyler used his sword this time as Lucia kept the sale spear with her. The idiots went down without issue and were looted. This time? A mere 35 silver and 50 coppers. The IDs and Cards were collected before Tyler turned his eyes to the boulder’s themselves.
“Prospect. Hmm. More iron, that’s good. A two foot lump of copper that’s good too.”
These boulders yielded iron, tin and copper in a respectable amount. Then they were off leaving the bodies in the ditch. The trio were in good spirits as they walked along the dusty road,
“Okay. How does bathing work Tyler? Are you going to have Lumia with me?”
Lucia’s concerned tone made them laugh as the sprite answered.
“I can’t go far from my Chain, Little Lucia. If we can’t find an inn to accommodate this then I’m afraid we’ll have to wait on the baths.”
Tyler smiled.
“Yeah. Lumia means far too much to risk her live over a mere bath.”
Lucia slumped.
“Great. They BETTER be nice.”
Then she perked up again.
“All three of us in one. Not for debate. But separate beds if it makes you feel better.”
She sighed with relief.
“Thank the gods. I do NOT want to feel the bed bouncing in the morning dammit.”
They laughed at her relieved tone. At about noon they walked around a corner and were faced with Trost township. The town was large with walls of grey stone and throngs of merchants entering and exiting the city. Overhead airships of many sizes and shapes were seen taking off and landing as the trio took a place in line. Tyler smiled as he noted the looks of awe from the nearby women as they looked in his direction, while the men were looking at the beautiful sprite resting her head on his shoulder with open longing and him with envy. Lucia was leered at by passing men as well, but next to Lumia’s number of gazes she was a mere afterthought. Tyler chuckled as the princess scooched closer to the strong man.
“relax Little Lucia. They’re more interested in my Sprite wife then you.”
Lumia sighed with pride at that as he kissed her. Getting more then a few disappointed sighs for his efforts. Lucia just smiled at this.
“It feels weird. Getting ignored.”
“Try it from my end. I’m used to getting ignored. Now I walk up to the gate and every lady’s leering at me.”
The girl laughed as they were next. The plate armored guard conducted the interview.
“Name and business in Trost.”
“I’m Tyler. We’re selling and looking for rest.”
“Lord Wolf? Yes Sir.”
Tyler and the girls were let through without further trouble and they walked for the large building in the center of the town.
“Now THAT is a weird feeling.”
Lucia laughed.
“Try it from my end. I’ve had people on the other side of the world know me on sight. Yet I walked in Veralla once and not a soul knew who I was.”
Tyler kissed Lumia again and got another chorus of disappointed sighs from woman AND man. The town itself was a scene of bustling chaos with leather tents along the road filled with wares of every variety and price. The buildings were of a simple stone construction while the mayor’s manor was of red brick visible from all parts of town. That detail made Tyler frown a little.
“Somehow the fact the manor is able to be seen from every point in town is weirdly ominous to me. Not sure why exactly.”
Lucia shivered.
“everyone says that when they first come to Trost. And it’s ominous alright. Like he can see you no matter WHERE you are in his town.”
“Yeah. Not liking that one. Guards up.”
They nodded as they reached the five story building. Tyler led the way inside and Lucia pointed to a desk with a woman sitting at it. She looked up as Tyler approached.
“Welcome to Trost Clerical office. How may I assist you adventurers?”
Tyler smiled politely.
“I am wondering how much a permit for creatures like Tyrants go, miss.”
“I see. The permits run about 45 gold in Trost. Be ya in good standing with the crown?”
“Last I checked I was.”
Lucia smirked as Tyler continued.
“My name’s Tyler miss.”
She blinked,
“Lord Wolf? I see Sir. I meant no offense.”
“None taken. I like bragging.”
She smiled at that.
“Thank you Lord. Sadly the price still be 45 gold. War leader or not.”
“I understand. Can you point me in the direction of the local guild hall then?”
“Right out the door and to the right Lord.”
Tyler led the girls out and soon as they were out of earshot Lucia burst out laughing at the scene she had just witnessed.
“Be ya in good standing with the crown? With ME standing right next to you? Ha! I can look my father in the eye and say I saw everything.”
Tyler chuckled with the princess.
“I think I nearly gave her a heart attack. We’ll sell the loot that DOESN’T require anything special first.”
They nodded smiling as they walked into the guild. Spotting the booth they walked over to it where a lady with green skin and blue eyes sat. Lumia smiled widely as she saw her.
“That’s another Sprite. Some bastard in here either is a monster or a lucky bastard indeed.”
Tyler kissed her.
“I’m the lucky bastard, Lumia. I got you!”
She smiled as the eavesdropping hall applauded the words as Lucia sighed.
“Lovey dovey bastards. I want a separate tent!”
The hall lost it laughing at her miffed tone as Tyler walked up to the window where the Sprite inside was smiling.
“Welcome Sprite Soul. Yes we can tell. How may I help you?”
Tyler smiled at her.
“Got some IDs to turn in. plus one bountied ID and the Roiling fire scroll.”
“I see. Very well. Place them here.”
Lumia was smiling as the sprite looked at her.
“Did he name you?”
“He did. I’m Lumia.”
The green sprite blinked, then looked at her body closely. Lumia was till the tall, busty beauty that Tyler had woken up beside and her hair was still cloud-like. The green skinned sprite wasn’t as tall or as busty but still beautiful with a more delicate frame as she inspected Lumia’s more athletic build.
“Your Chain is incredible, Lumia. You look even more beautiful than the queen herself! Lumia the water sprite. Even the name sounds beautiful! My Chain named me Erma. Erma the green sprite.”
Tyler looked around at the hall and a man yelled out.
“She’s mine lad!”
“Mine’s better!”
“Oi! Thems fightin words!”
“We all know THEY win here!”
“Well said!”
The hall laughed as Erma looked at the pile of IDs.
“Okay. The IDs alone are worth 4 gold. This one. The Fire thief. His ID is worth 90 silver. The scroll 5 gold. The bands also had bills for them as well. They were not taken, and were 25 silver per. So a further 1 gold 50 silver. That brings your total to 7 gold 15 silver. Sound fair?”
He got paid and updated his ID at the bounty board before they went to sell the pelts and hides the DIDN’T need a permit for. The netted them an extra gold and 25 silver. Seeing they were still short Tyler sighed.
“Market then.”
They returned to the manor and spoke to the same lady again.
“Lord Wolf. How may I assist you?”
“We have goods to sell at the market Miss. I understand we need a royal tax collector with us?”
She nodded.
“Indeed Lord. We have one available. Now, what manner of goods do you intend?”
“Some hand-forged weapons, gems and jewelry.”
“I see. Very well. I shall send for Collector Varius.”
“Thank you miss.”
Tyler was rubbing a cloth on the spear as they waited in the manor. Lumia was looking at her jewel box while Lucia looked at her ID. Tyler peered down the length of the spear and smiled.
“It’s even perfectly straight. I think I’m good at this.”
The girls laughed at that as a man in clean leathers with a clipboard and strongbox appeared with the lady. Tyler smiled as he greeted him.
“Collector Varius I presume?”
The man nodded.
“Aye. I represent the crown in matters of trade. Who is the party leader?”
Tyler chuckled.
“I am. Name’s Tyler Collector.”
“Lord Wolf. I see. I understand you’re goods of weapons, gems and jewelry.”
“It is.”
The collector’s voice was monotone and monotonous.
“I request to see the goods before the market as a presale tally.”
Tyler laid out a small fur and placed the daggers, spear, and Lumia’s gems and jewelry out for inspection. The man wrote the figures on his board.
“I see. At best this is worth 90 gold. No more. We do not cheat buyers here. Understood?”
“Very well. We have an available plot open for your sales. Let us proceed.”
They adventurers loaded up and brought the goods to the spot indicated. Which was right alongside the main road. Tyler laid out the Ghost pelt bedroll as an eyecatcher as Lumia sat on it with her gems and rings. Lucia helped Tyler lay out the weapons and they were open for business. Varius took a stool as Tyler looked at the people in the market.
“watch this. We don’t hit 60 gold I got NO business holding a sword.”
The girls looked at him curiously,
“Hey! Lord Wolf’s selling stuff!”
En mass people turned and looked at the title, and Tyler smiled with his well-known cockiness.
“So. Dagger or spear?”
Lucia just busted up laughing as people came over.
“Nice, Tyler! Ya startin to think like a noble!”
Tyler smiled as a man lifted the spear and inspected it.
“Lad, what this be made of? It’s very fine.”
“The head is bronze. The pins and haft iron. The grip be Tyrant hide.”
The man chuckled as he did a thrust with it.
“Lad ya got a talent making a spear this fine from those. How’s 4 gold sound?”
“Damn. Deal.”
Tyler passed the collector 40 silver. Varius nodded.
“fair deal indeed.”
that made the profit from the spear 3 gold 60 silver. Tyler had a bronze dagger up and was rubbing a cloth on it as a lady came to inspect a ring in Lumia’s box.
“My word Lady Sprite, is that a Garnet?”
“Indeed Miss. Set in silver Smelted by Lord Wolf himself.”
The woman gasped and looked at Tyler, you waved.
The woman looked at the ring anew.
“5 gold.”
Tyler chuckled as she saw the lady take her trophy and walk off after paying.
“I think I can get paid by just saying my name.”
The man passed Varius 1 gold,
“It’s 2-“
“No. It’s 1. You DO know I am? The Wolf?”
The man sighed and took the coin.
“My apologies Lord Wolf.”
“Yeah. You on my shitlist. Next transaction is taxless. Understood?”
He nodded.
“Yes sir. Sorry sir.”
Tyler sighed as he looked at a large man inspecting a ruby Lumia hadn’t used. He looked at the Sprite.
“Pray tell, did you mine this gem?”
“No Sir. He did. I merely worked it.”
The man looked at Tyler who waved.
“Hi! Nice to meetchya!”
“Lord Wolf mines rock?”
Tyler chuckled at his surprised tone.
“I’m an adventurer. First. Plus it’s fun in an odd way, seeing what I can get from hitting rock.”
The man laughed.
“A wise and most agreed sentiment Lord. This be a fine stone. 10 gold.”
“Deal. We have another of similar quality Sir.”
“I see. You have a good eye and skill Lady Wolf. Alas I merely needed the one ruby. I- I say, is that a Sapphire?”
“Indeed it is. All raw materials here including the pelt we’re sitting on was collected by Lord Wolf himself.”
The man looked at the 1 inch stone.
“My word that is a truly beautiful blue. 10 gold as well.”
The collector was forced to watch silently as the duo made twenty gold without having to pay him. Tyler looked at him now.
“Back to the norm. Try that again and the rest of these will be taxless as well. Understood?”
The man nodded in defeat as Tyler did a profit check thus far.
“Okay. We’ve made 27 gold and 60 silver. And we’re not even a quarter done. Nice.”
Lucia looked over.
“What about the arrowheads?”
“Those are ours for now, Lu. I’d like to keep them as we use shafts a lot.”
She tilted her head.
“Okay. Why that one?”
“You’re a sensitive one.”
She nodded at that and Varius was now utterly confused as he sensed a secret meeting had just taken place right in front of him and he had no idea what they were talking About. Tyler looked at the wide dagger as a man in furs walked over.
“That be a fine dagger lad. Did ya make it?”
Tyler passed it for inspection.
“I did indeed. Over a campfire no less.”
That got a chuckle.
“Ya got a talent. Been many a year since I seen bronze this good. How’s 1 gold sound?”
“Fair. Never go wrong with a good dagger.”
The man laughed as he gave the coin.
“Well said!”
Tyler gave ten silver to the man as a pair of ladies walked over to inspect rings made with sapphires. Tyler blinked.
“Hey, Lumia. We still have that Turquoise.”
She blinked now herself.
“You’re right! I completely forgot! Wow. Okay. Next batch I guess.”
They laughed as the ladies looked at the sprite.
“Ten gold for the pair.”
Lumia smiled sweetly.
“Miladies, Lord wolf here mined that stone himself.”
They looked at Tyler as he sold another dagger for 2 gold. Passing 20 silver to the man and making 1 gold 80 silver.
“10 gold per then.”
“Thank you ladies.”
Tyler smiled as he passed 4 gold to the man.
“I guess I AM valuable. Coin check.”
Thus far they’d made 45 gold, 230 silver. Tyler smiled.
“Anything we make now is pure profit. Not bad for a couple tumbleweeds.”
They snorted at that as Tyler sold his last dagger for 3 gold. Him tossing 30 silver to the collector and then taking a seat beside Lumia as Lucia counted the coins. This time a man walked over and leered at Lumia.
“Hey there Sprite. 5 gold for a quick lay.”
“Sorry, pal. She’s MY Sprite. Now unless you’re here for the rings and rocks, move along.”
The man looked at Tyler and smirked.
“Ten gold.”
“It is not wise to throw gold at an angry Wolf.”
The man blinked, then laughed.
“You’re not the Wolf.”
Tyler held his ID up, and he went instant pale.
“My apologies Lord.”
“10 gold as penance and go.”
“Yes Sir!”
The collector fumed at this loophole as Tyler made taxless money. Lumia sighed.
“I get one every time. Sprites are notorious flower girls.”
“Well. You my girl. So. I’ll get ya a flower.”
She laughed as he kissed her lovingly. Lucia smiled as she finished with the count.
“We’re doing pretty well. We got enough for the permit already and we’ll have maybe ten gold leftover. Just from this run alone.”
Tyler chuckled as another man approached.
“See, Lu? I like mining.”
She laughed as the man inspected the leftover garnets.
“Very fine garnets, Miss. How does 5 gold for these 4 stones, and 1 gold for the Spinel ring there sound?”
“The garnets is fair. The Spinel is set in silver Sir.”
He looked closer.
“My word so it is! My apologies miss. 5 gold as well.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
That left four sapphire stones, two rubies and four rings left. Tyler gave the collector 2 gold, 25 silver as the next person walked up. She looked at a ruby and held it to the sun,
“My word. It looks like it’s on fire! 15 gold.”
“Thank you, Miss. See this Sapphire?”
She looked and gasped.
“My word! Your husband is truly wonderful! 15 gold again!”
“Thank you kindly Miss.”
Tyler whistled.
“Damn. We just made 24 gold off that. Nice. Okay ladies, we mine more.”
They laughed as he gave the 6 gold to the collector.
“Lu, where are we for gold?”
She looked at the numbers.
“We just cleared 88 gold 375 silver on that last one.”
Tyler chuckled as another lady walked up to look at a sapphire ring.
“Simply lovely, Miss Sprite. 7 gold?”
The collector looked up now.
“You’ve exceeded the expected profits for this sale.”
Tyler looked at him,
The man looked at the gold.
“The tax will-“
“Again? Seriously? No. yer done here.”
The man blinked, then sighed.
“Damned Wolf.”
Tyler glared at him.
“You can leave. And I WILL be having a word with the mayor about you. Once is acceptable. We all can learn from fast plays. Twice? No. you’re a cheat. Now go.”
“I can’t. I have to be present for these sales or no one will buy from you.”
Tyler looked at Lucia,
“He’s right. Sadly.”
Tyler sighed and looked at the man.
“You are not getting a copper more. Understood?”
The collector just slumped.
Tyler looked over as a lady was inspecting the last sapphire. The woman held it to the sun as well.
“A truly lovely stone, lady sprite. 15 gold.”
“Thank you kindly.”
The collector squirmed in his chair as Tyler once again made taxless money. But he had only his own greed to blame. Tyler looked at Lucia now.
The blonde girl looked.
“right now? We just clear 103 gold. Still 375 silver.”
Tyler tilted his head.
“Okay. 45 gold for the permit. Wow. We’ll have close to 59 gold of pure profit. Nice.”
A man came over to inspect the last two rubies Lumia had to offer. He looked at the fire red stones and nodded.
“20 gold for the pair.”
“Deal. Thank you sir.”
Tyler whistled.
“Okay. I like gems. Something tells me it won’t be that easy going forward.”
Lucia had a thought.
“Can we book a wagon to the next town, please? We have the gold.”
Tyler chuckled at the princess.
“Sadly not, Lu. They attract flies.”
Tyler and Lumia laughed at her disappointed tone. Lumia had one last sapphire ring that caught the eye of a man as he passed. Tyler chuckled at the look in his eye.
“I see a happy lady in the future.”
The man smiled at that.
“Aye lad. My own wife. Ya got yourself a fine one an no mistake.”
Tyler kissed Lumia.
“Aye. She be a fine wife and even better friend.”
The man looked at the stone.
“15 gold.”
The last item sold the trio packed up the pelt and shop before taking the sorry-faced Varius to the mayor’s manner. They were seen by the lady and noted the mournful look on the collector’s face.
“What happened?”
Tyler sighed.
“This guy tried to cheat us. Twice.”
“I see. Mayor Gimor will want to speak to you personally, Lord Wolf. As when a collector is outed as a cheat by one in good standing it be that kind of matter.”
Tyler marched the man up the stairs as Lucia answered the unasked question.
“Gimor is a just man like Rolic. But a bit of an ass.”
“Sounds about right for the leader of a merchant town.”
They laughed at that as Tyler pushed the man into the office where the mayor looked up from his ledgers and numbers to greet them.
“Lord and Lady Wolf. And Lady Lu-“
“Lu is fine Gimor.”
“Of course Miss. How. Why have you brought one of my most respected collectors to me under such hostile tension?”
Tyler pushed the guilty men forward.
“Guy had the balls to try an cheat us. Not once, mind you, but twice.”
Varius didn’t even TRY to defend himself as his leader looked at him over his square framed glasses.
“Varius. Your defense if you have one?”
The man remained silent,
“I see. So you ARE a cheat. Very well. A branding as a cheat and a banishment from Trost.”
“Yes sir.”
Tyler sighed as the man was led away in chains.
“Well. All I needed.”
Gimor smiled.
“A moment Lord Wolf.”
He looked at him curiously. Gimor pulled a scroll from his desk.
“The King sent word you would pass through here. So, the latest from Veralla.”
Tyler took the thing and smiled.
“I see. We shall look it over when safe to do so.”
“Of course sir. And Lu? It works.”
She smiled sweetly as they left the room. Tyler and the girls went to the lady and she smiled.
“I see you fared well with Gimor.”
“For this deal.”
She laughed at that.
“Wise lad. Need anything else?”
He smiled.
“A permit for the creatures.”
“Ah. 45 gold and your IDs please.”
“I’ll ask you to be discrete miss. You’ll see why.”
Now concerned she looked at the three names. Then she understood.
“I see. Very well. The coin?”
Tyler placed the 45 gold on the desk and she put a shape of a Tyrant track on the corner.
“This covers all beasts from drakes and tyrants to royal plants and resources. With it you don’t have to go through the town leadership. Any market will suffice so long as they take the goods.”
“Thankee kindly. Let’s go sell the rest of that Tyrant.”
She laughed.
“Of course Lord Wolf already has Tyrant.”
Lucia did a little math as they walked out.
“we made from the stall after the permit 93 gold 375 silver. That with what we had? We’ve got 121 gold 771 silver and 354 coppers!”
Tyler whistled at the number.
“Damn. Okay. Wagons and airship travel is out and so are horses, Little Lu. But we can get a fancy meal tonight and a good room.”
The princess smiled happily.
“Yay! Trost has some of the BEST places for food in Vera!”
“Let’s sell the Tyrant hide and stuff BEFORE we start blowing coin. Okay?”
She nodded still smiling.
“Okay! Still one room right?”
“Just checking!”
They laughed as the first place they visited was the apothecary. The elven man smiled as they walked in.
“Welcome adventurers. What can I do for you?”
“I’ve got eagle eyes, Tyrant eyes, the heart of the beast and a deer heart for sale.”
“I see, I see. Your Id sir? I trust you’re party leader?”
“I am. Here.”
He looked at it, then blinked.
“Lord Wolf? An honor an no mistake! This is in order. So. I can give you 5 gold for the lot, sir.”
“Deal. Hey, Lumia, see anything useful?”
The sprite was looking through skills and pulled one up.
“This in is called Dangerous Harvest. Useful for poisonous plants.”
“Get a set.”
“On it!”
She shrugged as she was looking at herbs.
“Nothing we can’t find in the wilds.”
“Worth a shot. Three of the skills.”
The elf laughed.
“That will bring it down to 2 gold 50 silver Lord.”
“Still nice.”
Tyler added the skills to his ID and they were off to the smithy. Tyler smiled as he saw the shorter man at the counter.
“A Dwarf at a forge. Show me a better smith.”
That got a hearty laugh from the stocky man.
“Ya said it best boy! Welcome to me smithy! What can I do ya fer?”
Tyler put the hide of the Tyrant on the counter.
“I got some Tyrant hide, teeth and claws to sell.”
The dwarf nodded smiling.
“Yer ID lad. Rules ya know.”
“Ha. Tell me about it.”
The red bearded dwarf laughed again as he saw his name.
“Lord Wolf eh? Well met! I saw the smithing skill there. How’s your metal?”
Tyler pulled an arrowhead he’d made and showed to the dwarf.
“Made that last night. Over a campfire no less.”
The dwarf smiled widely as he saw the bronze.
“Well made lad. Ya got a talent an no mistake. Plus it’s rather distinct too. No one’ll mistake THAT hammer work.”
“That’s the point!”
The dwarf clapped his arm at that.
“Well said! Okay. The hide, teeth and claws. How’s 8 gold sound?”
“Hey Tyler I found another catch bin.”
“Nice find, Lumia. Hey, there’s a thought. Remind me next time to try out a pickaxe.”
She laughed.
“Sure. You thinking another all metal thing?”
The dwarf smiled at that.
“Ya’ll make a great smith lad. The bin be 30 coppers.”
Tyler looked at the skills now as Lucia looked at bows while Lumia was looking at a necklace mold. Tyler found one he liked.
“Waste smith. A complement to Field smelting. Decreases waste ore when smelting over a campfire by ten percent. Upgrades through use. Nice. Hey, Lumia, Lu, got one for ya.”
The dwarf chuckled.
“45 coppers a piece lad. And sound choices. The ladies smith?”
“The Sprite makes fine jewelry. The blonde has yet to start her own practice.”
He nodded sagely.
“So you two be learning the art together. And she has some experience already. A wise way to learn iron I must admit. My advice? Put a stamp of insignia to let the world know they were killed by a Wolf’s weapon.”
Tyler smiled widely.
“I love that idea. And ya can’t beat forge advice from a dwarf.”
“Well said! If I see any of your work in me shop after this WITHOUT an insignia I’ll be sure to engrave one on it.”
“It’s the howling wolf with the wings of a Demon on its back.”
“A most intimidating image. I see you found your style of mace!”
Tyler blinked.
“Oh I can make some EVIL maces and axes with the wolf and Demon themes.”
Lumia smiled as she felt his sudden excitement in his soul as Tyler looked at the shop curiously.
“I wonder. Eh. More fine to mine it. We set ladies?”
They nodded.
“yeah. I have a mold already.”
“Same here.”
Tyler said farewell and they left to go to their next task as the dwarf chuckled.
“So there be a new Outworlder loose in Vera. And a right scary one at that. A dwarf at a forge. Only an outworlder would think like that. True it may be!”

Tyler adjusted the straps on his pack.
“Alright. Now we have supplies to buy.”
Lumia smiled sweetly.
“And Blood sauce, onions and mustard.”
He kissed her right there and the gawkers cheered. Lucia tilted her head.
“We’ll have to get the bottles enchanted against shatter and warming. But something tells me we will.”
They laughed as they headed for a market for foodstuffs. They found their condiments and Tyler got THREE 18oz bottles enchanted to keep fresh and not shatter for 50 silver. The next thing they found were green onions that Tyler smirked at. They got a full jar of ten. That cost them 1 silver. Then they got two full jars of bread crumbs that cost 20 coppers. The girls were curious as to his plans for them, but let it go. They also picked up ten pounds of good butter for a further 30 coppers. Tyler rubbed his chin as he considered what else.
“Ah. I know.”
They followed the boy curiously as he led them into the general store. He was looking at grates and long forks for cooking over a fire when he found one he liked. It having three prongs 1 inch across.
“That works. I’ll make the bits at camp.”
The tool cost 10 copper and he nodded.
“Okay. Bath time ladies.”
Lucia shuddered with longing as they headed for the fancier part of town. Tyler reined her back in though.
“We’re leaving in the morning. And the MAX we’re spending is 400 silver. Got it?”
She nodded as her enthusiasm was lowered to a reasonable level. They walked into a white walled inn and were greeted by a matron.
“Greetings Adventurers. How may I assist you?”
Tyler smiled.
“A bath for the three of us please. My Sprite here can’t go too far and my sister here has severe seperation fear.”
She smiled kindly at the blonde.
“You poor thing. We have a bath with a curtain between the stalls. Will that be acceptable miss?”
The blonde smiled with relief.
“Thank you miss. He may be my brother and married to HER, but’s he still ugly.”
“Ouch. Damn. Well jabbed.”
She smiled sweetly at that as Tyler looked at the lady.
“Plus a room for the night.”
“I see. One bed or two?”
“two please.”
“Very well. We have one available for 40 silver. The bath is 50.”
“Sounds good. And would it be possible to get a lady to help her with her hair? She loves it.”
That got a warm smile from Lucia and a happy one from the miss.
“Of course. How sweet. That is a further 40 silver. Would you like aid miss?”
Tyler smirked.
“That’s MY job. No offense miss.”
That got a look of minor jealousy from the woman as Lumia settled against his shoulder.
“None taken. And Miss? Your husband is truly wonderful. So the total is 1 gold, 90 silver.”
“We’re a little overstocked on silvers. Here.”
She laughed as she got 130 coins.
“I see. Well. The bath is ready.”
“Milord and ladies.”
A maid in black uniform and shoes with stool, towel, and brushes curtsied neatly.
“Please, follow me please.”
Lucia was practically jumping with excitement as Lumia was just smiling happily at her own treat. Their gear was store in magical lockers again for a through deep cleaning and Lucia went with the maid into the curtained off section while Tyler soaked with Lumia. The couple laughed at Lucia’s moan as she got in the hot water.
“We’re doing this every time we visit a town, Tyler.”
“Sure thing Lu.”
The blonde sighed happily as she soaked in her first bath in days as Tyler kissed Lumia. The sprite’s massive rack floating in the water as she rested against her lover.
“Thanks for this, Tyler.”
He kissed her.
“I love you, Lumia.”
She shivered at that.
“I love you too, Tyler.”
She kissed him hard, and again.
“I’ve waited for centuries for you.”
“Sorry I took so damn long.”
She laughed.
“You’re here now. And I love you.”
He hugged her hard as Lucia’s moans were still heard. The he smiled at his Sprite Wife.
“Now then. YOUR treat.”
She laughed and sat in front of him as he ran a comb gently through her long hair as Lucia was heard humming sweetly as the maid did her hair. Lumia was utterly relaxed as her Chain did her hair for her.
She smiled as he dumped a bucket on her and nodded.
“Have a look.”
She looked in a mirror, and gasped.
“I love it!”
Her matted, messy, tangled lockes were now silky smooth and glowing softly in the magical lights of the room. Her deep blue hair looked like she had the sky on her head and not hair at all. Tyler kissed her as she got up to show Lucia and the maid his handiwork leaving him to clean up as well. He smiled at the sounds of awed shock as the girls got a look at his type of spoiling. Lucia was heard.
“That bastard! He does hair better then royal stylists!”
Tyler smirked at that one as Lumia came back and they cleaned the road off their bodies. Then the refreshed trio dressed in their freshly cleaned gear and headed for dinner at the restaurant next door. Lucia’s blonde hair was shing in the late day light while Lumia’s sheer blue tresses were appearing to reflect light like water itself. The trio walked in and a waiter in a black suit greeted them.
“Good evening Lord and ladies. table for three?”
“Please. And in a discrete setting if possible.”
“Of course sir. May I ask how the bill will be paid? We serve all manner of guests, so it’s a policy.”
“I understand. Be hilarious to see if someone tried to pay with fur. Silver will be the coin. And we have enough I assure you.”
The man smiled at the image.
“An interesting scene Lord. Follow me please.”
Tyler nearly burst out laughing at the looks of the other silk and satin clad guests gave the trio of armed and leathered adventurers. Then they went from looks of mild disgust to awe as they saw Lumia’s radiant beauty and Lucia’s golden halo. The waiter gave them a table near the back of the room with a clean line of sight to the door and Tyler gave the man 100 silver, getting a smile for the show of wealth. The princess looked at the menu and smiled.
“The Breaker makes the other meats we had last night seem like mere chicken stock. I assume you’re NOT getting wine?”
“Not when we need our wits, Lu. But this one here? Fizzy pop?”
She smiled widely.
“It’s tasty and goes well with anything.”
Tyler smiled at that one as their server came over. They got three breaker steaks, the fizzy pops, and a desert of chocolate cake. The total cost for the meal? 350 silver. Tyler smiled at the number.
“I know I said 400 silver. But I’ll let it go this once.”
The blonde snorted.
“Hey. It’s okay to have fun every now and then.”
They laughed at that as Lumia got a warm kiss before Tyler pulled out the map. Lucia sighed.
“Never stop eh? Whatever.”
He smiled as he looked at the road ahead.
“Just looking to see what the next town is. Oh. It’s a village called Yali. About four days from here. And beyond that is the major city of Tork. A solid week from Yali.”
He put the map away as Lumia tilted her head.
“Yali? If I recall right it’s a hunting village.”
Lucia nodded.
“It is. They’re a hardier people then most since they live in a rather hostile forest. Monsters live in those trees.”
Tyler looked at her now.
“What kinds?”
She crossed her arms now.
“I only know what I’ve overheard from father, so keep that in mind. But from what I know orcs live there. I guess they play bandit raiders. And there’s lots of them.”
“That’s not good. We’re paying a visit to the guild in the morning for information.”
Lumia nodded in agreement.
“Orcs in Vera are stupid creatures. But they attack in numbers. Like maybe 20 for a good party.”
“we’ll see about enchanted arrow necklaces then.”
The Sprite laughed.
“They’re pathetic archers. A common saying is if an orc can hit it, ANYTHING can.”
Tyler shrugged.
“I’ve not encountered orcs as of yet. Still not sure if I’m lucky or unlucky.”
Lucia chuckled.
“Lucky. They’re everywhere.”
Tyler chuckled at that as the food arrived. He gave the man another 50 silver and got an approving smile as Lumia chuckled.
“I see you’re enjoying the rich lifestyle a little.”
Tyler smiled as he grabbed his knife.
“Like the blondie said. It’s okay to have a little fun every now an then.”
that got a laugh as the friends dug into the meal.
“Holy. Okay we are killing the next one o these we see.”
They laughed as the flaky, tender steak vanished in record time. Tyler smiled as he saw the looks of utter jealousy on the faces of the other guests they could see at the man with the two beauties enjoying a fancy meal together. The food was eaten and the drink drank. Tyler smiled as he gave their waiter another hundred silver before looking at the girls.
“It’s that time ladies.”
They nodded smiling and they headed for the inn. Their room was at the back of the building on the second floor with a lock and bolt. Lucia took her own bed and fell asleep nearly instantly as Tyler cast night’s watch. Then he joined Lumia in the bed where he kissed her lovingly.
“I love you, Lumia.”
She rolled onto her back and mounted her.
“I love you too, Tyler.”
They made love hard for a few hours before collapsing to the bed. The sprite rested her head on his chest as he held her.
“Good night, Lumia.”
“Good night Tyler.”
“Night Lu!”
“Still cute.”


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia asleep on his chest. I love that sprite. He kissed her awake and she rolled onto her back.
“Yes please.”
Tyler fitting into his Sprite wife and they were riding for their morning cream and orgasm. She sighed with joy as she recovered from her pleasure.
“I love you, Tyler.”
He kissed her hard, feeling it in their link.
“I love you too, Lumia.”
They dressed and saw Lucia yawning in her bed.
“At least I didn’t feel anything this time.”
They had a breakfast of eggs, coffee, bacon and toast that cost 45 silver. The fed trio headed to the guild then and went to Erma’s booth. The green sprite smiled as they approached.
“How may I assist the Sprite Soul?”
Tyler smiled.
“Need information on any orcs on the road to Yali.”
“I see. The news is the usual for this time of year, Lord Wolf. The creatures have a few camps along the road, but at last report from a adventurer this morning the largest was a mere 15 creatures.”
“I see. Thanks, Erma.”
Tyler slid her 10 silvers and they were off to look at the King’s words. They found a small alcove nearby and Tyler opened it.
“Okay. Looks like assassins were looking for Lucia again. Too bad they only found a rigged trap. Not bad Rolic. We’ve got a four day lead on them and they have no direction. We got maybe three days before they realize the ploy. Alright. By that point we’ll be further along the road. Since sending an airship outright will be difficult to say the least we can expect horses. So. We got a week before we have to worry about an active hunting party.”
Lumia nodded as Lucia chuckled.
“Good luck trying to outhunt a Wolf.”
Tyler put the scroll in the secret spot in his pack and they headed for the gate. Their packs were nearly empty and Lucia was feeling it.
“I feel weird.”
“We’ll load up soon enough Lu. Never you worry.”
She smiled at that. They left the town and were passing through an area of hills with sparse forests dotted with rocky formations here and there. Tyler looked up as an airship passed and chuckled at the sight.
“still freakin cool.”
They laughed as they lost sight of the town behind them. Tyler was whistling with Lumia’s hand in his with Lucia right beside the lovers as they came upon a set of boulders. He sighed.
“This is an orc one.”
Lumia pulled her axe sighing as well.
Lucia had her bow ready.
They walked at the boulders, only for 5 of the creatures to appear. Tyler tilted his head as he looked at a Vera orc. They being 5 feet tall, with long gangly limbs and sickly green skin. The lead orc snarled in a nasal voice that made Tyler grimace.
“Ya women. Hand em over.”
Tyler shot the first thing in the chest as Lumia rushed as Lucia dropped one herself. Lumia swung her single bladed axe and split one clean in half as the last tow arrows did for the creatures. Tyler patted Lucia as Lumia cleaned her axe.
“Well done.”
She shrugged.
“Against orcs? More expected really. Most novices with a dagger can kill five orcs alone.”
Tyler went to the rocks as Lumia and Lucia looted the dead orcs.
“Prospect. Wow. Hey, Lumia. Got some Tourmaline here.”
“Nice find, Tyler. I’ll work it at camp with the Turquoise.”
“Love you too.”
Lumia smiled as she felt the warm glow pulsate when he said that. Tyler tore more iron, copper, tin, and chromite from the last boulders before kicking the dead orcs into the ditch. Then they were off again. Tyler looked at Lumia,
“Any coin?”
She shook her head.
“Not from that many orcs. They were more a joke than a threat. They don’t really HAVE anything of value besides the kill practice.”
“Makes sense.”
They walked until noon where they broke for lunch beside a small river with a few rock formations around that Tyler went to look at.
“Prospect. More corundum, Lumia.”
“Let’s see what else is in this one. Nickel, some zinc? Huh, nice change of pace. Got more silver!”
He dug into the rock wall and pulled the stones from it. The corundum was 6 pounds, the silver ore 15, 20 pounds of nickel and about 10 of zinc. Tyler added them to his pack as a deer bounded by only for Lucia to drop the heart with a well-aimed arrow.
“Helluva shot Lucia!”
She smiled widely at the fine kill and was taught by Lumia to skin and clean a twelve point buck. Tyler looked at the next wall.
“Hmm, HOLY. Lumia, I got beryl here. There might be emeralds in it.”
“HOLY. A single, well-cut emerald goes for 30 gold! ONE stone!”
“Damn! What else is in here? More copper, tin, iron, good I’ll work steel. Huh? Woah. Malachite.”
He dug the minerals out as Lucia looked over.
“Hey, you said malachite, right?”
“I did.”
“You think I can get a malachite dagger or something? I’ve always loved the color.”
“Sure. I’ll see if I can’t make you a set of greaves.”
He looked at the last face before they left the spot.
“Prospect. More malachite? Nice. Iron, copper, that’s good. Wow, got a thirty pound hunk of quartz. Might get lucky with an amethyst or agate. And the last bit is….Ha. more Chromite. Not bad for a rock collector.”
They laughed and once he’d dug the minerals out they headed on. Tyler looking at the 10 pounds of beryl with Lumia.
“See? There’s DEFINITELY a few good stones in there. Scary.”
“These? Plus the corundum and the other stones? We might just strike it rich out here.”
They nodded in mild shock at just easy accumulation of wealth. The sun was going down as they found a spot in a forest by a river. Tyler set the spell up, happy it was now 70 feet of protection. Lucia pitched the tent as Lumia lit the fire before the princess cast out rod and line while Tyler and Lumia looked at their ores. The princess had three rainbow trout out as Tyler took the copper and tin as he needed coal for steel.
“Field smelt.”
He made three more bars of good bronze and set them aside as Lumia put the 15 pound silver ore in the fire.
“Field smelt.”
Lucia sat beside the blue skinned sprite wife as she worked and cleaned the three fish. Lumia smiled at the 8 pounds of workable metal she got. Tyler next put the malachite hunks in,
“Field smelt.”
He got a five pound bar 6 inches long of the sea green material as Lumia put the beryl into the fire now.
“Field smelt.”
Sure enough. There were four emeralds leftover from the rock. Also, surprisingly, 6 aquamarines as well. That little surprise made them all smile as Lumia took the gems aside to work them as Tyler set the next bit of iron into the fire.
“I wish I’d found some coal. Steel’s good coin.”
Lucia smiled as she set the flays of fish on the grate,
“Hey, I’ll handle the fish this time.”
They watched a little scared as it took the flays and used a small brush to batter it with butter before lightly coating them in bread crumbs. Then he set them to bake on the grate over the cook fire as Lumia put the corundum into the craft fire.
“Field smelt. You better not poison us.”
They got three good rubies and four more sapphires from the 15 pound lump of rock as Tyler flipped the 15 flays in the fire. The girls noting the bread was now a crispy golden brown as he set the zinc into the fire.
“Field smelt.”
He got a dull grey metal and set it aside as he smiled.
“Foods ready ladies.”
He took out the Blood sauce and used a small lid to dip the flays as the girls were highly suspicious as to his creation. Tyler dipped one in the sauce and popped it in his mouth.
“Damn! Perfect! And the sauce tastes even better than the original!”
Lumia put her trust in her Chain and dipped a bit of fish in the sauce and took a tentative bite. Only for her eyes to light up at the pleasant crunch and mix of flavors. She devoured her it in a frenzy as Lucia looked at her,
“So? It safe?”
She nodded vigorously.
“It’s delicious! Try it!”
The princess did, and was instantly hooked.
“Oh my gods, I have never tasted fish like this!”
The flays were devoured and Tyler chuckled.
“I’ve got a few good ones in this thing. Okay.”
He set the chromite into the fire.
“Field Smelt.”
He got another gleaming bar as Lumia put the Tourmaline into the fire.
“Field Smelt.”
She got 9 workable stones from that one. Tyler set his last batch of copper and tin for bronze as Lumia nodded.
“I’ll work the gems now. We don’t really have enough hide for anything for you, though.”
Tyler chuckled at this and put the bars away.
“I was more looking to reduce weight. I’ll make you something when we get good hide, Lucia, okay?”
She smiled.
“Sure, Tyler.”
He looked at the materials he had.
“In the meantime, I DO have enough to make some more daggers. Actually. I’ll wait until tomorrow. See if I can’t snag another deer or say something better for handle wrapping.”
Lumia had her gem box out as she set the first batch of Aquamarines into the velvet. Tyler looked around the area and smiled as he spotted a small slab of rock.
They laughed as he placed his hand on it.
“Prospect. Okay. Wow. Hey, Lumia, got some Lazurite here.”
“Wow. I can make some beautiful bowls and vases with it.”
He dug it out and smelted it for her, getting a 5 foot brick of the decorative stone. Lucia was looking at her ID as Tyler whistled at the glittering gem box.
“I see easily 100 gold int hat thing, Lumia.”
She smiled as she put a newly cut Emerald into a cushion.
“There’s easily 130 gold in that thing. And I haven’t even STARTED making rings yet.”
He watched as she took the turquoise and crafted it into a similar brick to the lapis before closing her gem box. Tyler kissed her and Lucia turned in as she was tired. The fire was put out and they got comfy.
“Good night, Lumia. I love you.”
“I love you too, Tyler.”
“You too, Lucia. Good night.”
“Still an afterthought.”


Tyler opened his eyes to see the roof of the tent. He looked beside him to see Lumia asleep on her back. Early morning surprise it is! He pulled the morning rape on her and she smiled as she felt him.
“I love you too.”
She got her morning cream and orgasm before leaving the tent. Tyler relit the fire as the Sprite laid out some deer and coffee. Lucia came out and sat beside the fire.
“Morning. Just don’t get any on me.”
They laughed as they ate breakfast. The camp was taken down and off they went. The Wolf smiling as he held the hand of his Sprite while the Princess was looking at the trees curiously while they walked. The trio came across some more boulders along the road and Tyler chuckled.
“That’s a first. These are natural.”
He walked up to the first.
“Prospect. Bingo. Thirty pounds of coal. Nice.”
Lumia smiled at the find.
“Coal fetches good coin. But it’s the steel where the true wealth lay.”
Tyler smiled as he dug it out as Lucia was looking at a tree curiously.
“Hey, Tyler.”
He looked over.
“What up, goldilocks?”
She tapped the tree with a knuckle.
“This be a good blood oak here. They make really fine hafts and handles from it.”
“Nice find. I’ll see what we can get from it.”
The first boulder mined he went for the next,
“Prospect. Ha. Iron, copper and tin. Nice.”
Lumia was looking at plant life on the side of the trail.
“Hey Tyler I got some juniper berries here.”
“Nice one Lumia. How much?”
The blue skinned beauty looked at the bush.
“Maybe six pounds. I’ll gather them.”
“Love you too.”
Lucia was looking at more trees on the fringe as Tyler moved to the last one.
“Oh come on. Got more corundum and wow. Hornblende. That’s a new one.”
Lumia smiled as he dug the five pound hunk of corundum out.
“We just might ruin the markets. They’re supposed to be rare!”
Tyler shrugged as he added the 4 pounds hornblende to the pack.
“I guess they’re more common then we thought. So, Lucia. You say you got wood?”
The princess blushed at his two-statement as Lumia laughed. She tapped a hand on the 5 inch tree trunk.
“This here. It’s called blood oak and is a much sought after wood for handles and hafts as it’s a deep red and very strong.”
Tyler pulled the wood axe and chopped the 12 foot tree down. Then he cut the wood into various lengths for crafting before wrapping the lengths into manageable bundles he tied to their packs. Lucia chuckled now.
“Now I feel like I have a pack on my back.”
They laughed and kept moving. Tyler passed the Hornblende to Lucia.
“This worth anything?”
She looked at the white and black mineral.
“Maybe 30 silver at the mayor’s manor as it’s a minor airship fuel. It’s got value but I’d say not enough to warrant a place in our packs.”
“we’ll keep it for a traveling merchant caravan trade then.”
The princess tilted her head.
“Actually that’s not a bad idea. The mayor would give us 30 silver. But if we sell it to say the general store we might get 45 as most people go to the general store for these types of things.”
Tyler put the rock back in his pack.
“Weird place Vera. Wealth can be found so easily by hitting a rock on the side of the road!”
They laughed as they came to a bridge leading across a forty foot river. Tyler could plainly see the 15 or so orcs waiting on the other side without trying.
“Damned idiots. Come on.”
The trio pulled bows and fit arrows. Lumia smiled as she proved her race’s affinity for the bow by fitting four shafts at once. The orcs were brought down with arrows as they tried to rush over the bridge only to get shot to hell. Tyler shook his head at this.
“Damned idiots. Okay. You know the drill.”
The three friends got to it, Tyler searching for coin, Lucia looking for potions or poisons and Lumia keeping watch. Finding nothing worth taking they threw the carcasses into the water. Then they moved on. They stopped for lunch amid a set of five fallen logs that made a natural shelter. Tyler smiled as he spotted a pillar of stone poking up from the ground ten feet from them.
“Prospect. Wow. That’s a rare one. Neptunite. About ten pounds too.”
Lumia looked as he dug the mineral out.
“Wow. Nice find, Tyler.”
“It useful?”
The jeweler nodded.
“Yeah. It’s a minor gem worth about 50 silver. Like a lesser jet. I can use the nickel to make a ring about 1 gold.”
“Not a bad find then. Nifty.”
They fed on the juniper berries and water as another airship passed by. Then the trio were off and moving. The road now wound it’s way through hills and valleys with plains of green grass that rippled in the light breeze as Tyler looked at the greenery.
“It feels like early spring, yet is oddly warm.”
Lumia smiled, well aware he was an outworlder.
“It’s the height of spring actually. Summer is about two months out.”
“Really? Cool.”
Lucia chuckled.
“What? You didn’t even know that?”
He smiled ruefully.
“I did say I was a rookie too. I wasn’t sure if the seasons in this part of the world was like my old home.”
Lucia tilted her head now.
“What IS the weather like in your old home, Tyler?”
He shivered.
“Near constant cold, Lucia. We have four season in total. They’re Winter, lesser winter, warmer winter, and getting to winter. Yeah. We got snow all year round.”
BOTH natives were shivering at that image as Lucia commented.
“You sound like you come from an entirely different world!”
Tyler chuckled.
“Compared to Vera? I kinda feel like I did.”
The princess laughed as they kept moving, though Lumia looked at Tyler curious as to why he didn’t tell her. So, he made his link with her that Lucia COULDN’T feel or detect get a more nervous, cautioned feel with a guarded under tone. The Sprite nodded, understanding the silent admittance of caution and nerves at giving Lucia even MORE hero worship fuel. The party walked along as Tyler spotted something on the top of a hill.
“Oh hello. Track.”
The prints of a Frilled appeared. The girls smiled as they too pulled bows and followed the hunting boy. They crested the hill to see about five of the six foot tall reptiles resting on a sunned rock. Tyler and the girls fitted arrows to bows and took aim, dropped three of the five with ease. They screeched in a curious rattling fashion as the survivors tried to do something, only to get hit as well. They smiled as they got knives out as Lumia looked at the green-red hides of the animals.
“These will make for splendid wraps and grips.”
Tyler was pulling the hide off the biggest as he replied.
“Why I went right after them. Is the meat any good?”
Lucia answered from arm deep in her kill as she fished for the heart.
“It’s like a bigger chicken really. The flavor and uses for it are identical.”
“Oh I am SOOO making another favorite from my home for you ladies then.”
They got excited at his declaration as they took close to 60 pounds of the meat that was split between each person. Then Tyler put his hand on the stone.
“Prospect. Hmmm. More coal, that’s nice, Wow. Got some Rhodolite, Lumia. Might score a few garnets.”
“Wow, STILL more. Huh. Weird. I got like ten pounds of Aurichalcite.”
Lucia frowned.
“What the hell is that?”
“I got no freakin clue. What popped up in my sight with prospect. I’ll just dig it out and we’ll get a look at it. Copper, iron and tin. Eh. Nice I guess.”
He dug the 60 pounds of minerals out and there was a new ten foot crater as he took the weirdly named one out for inspection. Lucia tilted her head as she saw the blue green rock.
“Oh. It’s called Sea rock here. Mainly a decorative stone used like say jade. I guess prospect uses the ancient name or something.”
Tyler shrugged as he passed the Rhodolite to Lumia.
“I guess. Makes zero sense, but whatever.”
The sprite nodded as she saw the five pound rock.
“I can get a good 9 stones from this. Nice find.”
“We are going to make a fortune.”
They left the butchered animals next to the crater as they moved on. Lucia adjusting her shoulder straps on her pack as they did so.
“Now it feels like it did the first time. I guess I did get stronger.”
Tyler chuckled as they went.
“mine still feels weirdly light. Not sure why.”
Lumia shrugged.
“I’m still set. I guess we’re more used to this kinda thing.”
Lucia grumbled.
“You two are not normal.”
They laughed at that as they walked along the road. They made an early camp beside another river with several thirty foot boulders around that Tyler smiled at. He set Night’s watch and found them to be close to twenty feet at the furthest from Lumia’s spot by the fire. The sprite was putting her rocks in the fire and getting the gems out as Lucia watched after having pitched the tent. The ever searching adventurer put his hand on the first one.
“Prospect. Hmm. More iron and copper. Good.”
He reduced the boulder to rubble and moved to the next.
“Prospect. More Tourmaline Lumia!”
“Nice! Bring it here when you’re done! I got like 9 from that last one!”
He smiled as he kept looking.
“Okay. The gems, Annnd, Woah. A good bit of Stibnite.”
Lucia looked over at the odd name.
“That one is?”
“No clue. It’s a metal of some kind, but no clue.”
She sighed as he made the boulder rubble.
“Your people and your freakin weird names.”
They laughed as he looked to the second to last boulder.
“Prospect. More Spinel, Lumia!”
“Love you too!”
“Next is…wow. Got topaz here!”
“Damn we’re a little too good at this.”
“And about thirty pounds of rock salt. Not bad.”
He dug them out and went to the last one.
“Prospect. Holy. Thirty pounds of silver!”
“Gods! What the hell? Tyler what god did you bribe?”
“No clue! What else? Oh hell. Thirty pounds of Chrysoberyl. We might get some more emeralds from that.”
He brought the haul over and set the stones with gems beside Lumia and he took the metal working ore to his side. He made the thirty pounds of rock salt into 30 ounces of table which filled their salt tin. Lumia’s gem box was FILLED with glittering stones as she set the silver into the fire. That netted her close to 15 pounds of workable silver as Tyler put the coal and iron into the fire. Lucia watching fascinated as the craftsmen plied their trades.
“Field smelt.”
He got a 5 pound bar of workable steel which he set next to his other bars of chrome, malachite and bronze. Lumia put the tourmaline into the fire.
“Field smelt.”
She got a further nine gems. Tyler set the next batch of copper and tin into the fire.
“Field smelt.”
Another 5 pound bar of bronze. Lumia set the Chrysoberyl into the flames.
“Field smelt.”
She got cats-eye, a single emerald, few morganites and 3 more aquamarines. Tyler shook his head at the number of uncut gems that still needed to be worked.
“We have over 300 gold just sitting there.”
Lucia sighed at this assessment.
“Which means we’ll get moved to the merchant caravan tax bracket. The tax is half the total profit. Since we make so much the kingdom takes that much more. Why caravans move in such numbers with wagons.”
Tyler sighed.
“Still though. 150 gold is NOT to be laughed at.”
She shrugged.
“I guess. We mostly deal in gems and weapons so we make a lot to begin with. It’s mainly the smaller caravans that deal in lesser goods that suffer. But to your point? Hit a rock.”
He chuckled as he set the next stone in the fire.
“Field smelt. I guess not everyone bothers to look in the first place.”
He got another bar of good steel as Lumia started cutting her mound of gems. The sprite smiled as she set an emerald into her box.
“These will fetch a good price. What are you gonna make?”
He smiled as he took a bar of steel, a length of blood oak and some twine.
“Field smith: Spatula.”
The girls looked at him curiously as he made a billed implement before taking some of the meat from the Frilleds and battering them in butter before coating in bread crumbs. Next he set them on the grate over the fire. The girls looked at each other concerned as he took two bits of bread and buttered one side before putting them on the grate as well.
“Lumia? I’m scared.”
The sprite could only nod in agreement at her friend’s voice.
“I am too, Lu. Very scared.”
Tyler chuckled as he took the toasted buns off the grate and flipped the set of three 6oz patties.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”
The girls gulped as he took the mustard sauce and blood sauce, made a light spiral on the bottom bun and set each crispy patty on the thing before putting the other on top and passing it to the ladies.
Lumia once again trusted her Chain and took the first bite.
“Good gods! What the hell?”
The thing vanished in seconds as the hungry sprite loved the crispy breaded meat combined with the toasted bread and mixed sauces. Lucia took the chance next,
“Why? Why does this taste SOOOO good?”
Tyler smiled as he ate his sandwich as well.
“This is called a chicken patty. But, Frilled burger works better.”
They nodded vigorously as Tyler set another three on the fire. Lucia was smiling widely from the new meal.
“I have never known simple breadcrumbs can make even simple meat taste so good!”
Tyler chuckled at her.
“Should see what I can get from a good bit of beef.”
Lumia smiled widely now.
“That breaker? It’s basically beef but better.”
“I love you, Lumia.”
She sighed as she felt it and heard it.
“I love you too.”
The next set were devoured like the first and the girls were yawning as their full bellies made them sleepy. The fire was doused and they went into the tent after cleaning up from the smelting. Tyler had Lumia on his chest this time as Lucia was cuddling her cloak.
“Goodnight, Lumia. I love you.”
She kissed him.
“I love you too, Tyler.”
“Night Lucia!”


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia draped across his chest like a blanket. Hello beauty! He kissed her awake and she mounted him.
“I want to ride YOU this time!”
He grabbed her hips as she fitted his spear into her shaft.
“I love you, Lumia. Have fun!”
She was bouncing away with a pleasured expression on her face as she got her morning cream and orgasm before they left the tent. He relit the fire as the contented sprite brewed the coffee.
“That was fun, Tyler. Beware if I wake before you now.”
He smiled as Lucia came out yawning.
“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”
The princess just sighed.
“Just don’t get any on me.”
The lovers laughed as they broke camp and readied to leave. Tyler spotted one last boulder in the other direction and smiled.
“Be RIGHT back!”
The girls laughed as he put his hand on it.
“Prospect. You DO know I don’t really need a luck boost, right? Appreciated as it is.”
He got a look inside the boulder and saw in his prospect vision inside the thing a note.
“We didn’t give you anything besides that knife and these notes. Ya just that kinda lucky bastard. Oh. And the goods are a LOT more common than people think. And NO. you are NOT going back. Not when you suffered like you did there. Besides. It’s fun having you in Vera! Sooo, enjoy!”
He chuckled as the lines of blue vanished.
“Duly noted. Let’s see. Okay. What the? Hey, Lumia. I got an ore called Blue iron.”
The sprite laughed.
“That’s more like it. That’s actually the next step above steel in terms of metal strength. Good find.”
He took the 10 pounds and they were off. Talking as they walked along the dusty trail.
“How are we for arrows?”
“I’ve got maybe 39. I’ve kinda been rough on my shafts.”
“You DO know you don’t have to set me up for jokes, right Lucia?”
“Depraved bastard. But yeah. 39.”
“I’ve got maybe 40? We DO use them a lot.”
“I’m at 34. Not sure if it was because the wood was weak though. Well. When we stop for lunch I still got eagle feathers left.”
“Hey. I see some strawberries there.”
Lucia pointed at a bush just off the trail and they stopped to gather the sweet fruit. Tyler spotted another blood oak of 5 feet in height and Lumia found a rather thick bush of oregano. The travelers gathered the resources eagerly. Tyler added the good wood to his own bundle as he was the strongest while the girls got the fruit and herbs. Then they were off. Tyler keeping one eye on the trail ahead as he looked along the bank to the left as the road wound its way around a rather steep cliffside.
“Keep your heads on, ladies. I do NOT like this area.”
Lucia looked at him curiously.
“This is actually one of the safest roads in Vera in terms of terrain.”
He looked at the raised wall of grass and dirt. Then he spotted what he was worried about.
“See that there, Lucia? By that large red oak?”
She looked at the tree in question, but didn’t see anything suspicious.
“I just see a fine tree?”
He pointed at the roots where a large amount of earth had been washed away by rain water.
“See the small gap there? That hole about my fist? I want you to look again and see just how many you can spot in thirty seconds. Go.”
Now knowing what to look for she did, and when the time was up,
“I spotted maybe thirty?”
“That means the hillside is unstable. And is ripe for a nasty landslide. That hill has ONE good rainstorm left before it goes. I’m from a more mountainous area, little Lucia. One landslide killed close to 300 people. And stopped at MY house that was near the bottom of the hill. The investigation into WHY it went revealed close to TWENTY such holes appeared around the larger trees in the area that went. That one has thirty. At least. Come on.”
Lucia gulped as she now looked at the far more ominous hillside as they moved at a bit of hurry to get away from the treacherous landform.
“We’ll tell the mayor of Yali about it so he can warn the surrounding towns and villages.”
Tyler nodded.
“Sure, Lucia.”
The blonde smiled in relief.
“I was worried you’d say leave em.”
The man chuckled at that.
“I’d only say leave em if we had to go back. Like I told Rolic. I helped because I was able to. I’m just one man, Lucia. So, I can’t help everyone.”
She smiled ruefully now.
“I understand. I guess I just kept seeing how strong you are.”
He ruffled her hair fondly and got a death glare for his efforts.
“And now I hate you. Stop screwing with my hair!”
Lumia laughed at her indignant anger as he let her go. Then she felt a worrying feeling of mischief in her link with him. She looked at him with huge red eyes as he smiled at her.
“Please don’t do anything with my hair. Okay?”
He kissed her.
“Sure. I got more pranks I can play. Hey, Lucia, what’s that behind you?”
She rounded in a fright at the thing behind her. Only to see the open road. Tyler chuckled.
She kicked him in the shin for that.
“Bastard! I nearly had a heart attack!”
Tyler let them off the hook nursing a bruised shin as they got moving.
“Those are the type of pranks I pull.”
Lumia sighed with relief as she ran her brush through her hair.
“Thank the gods. Just that is fine.”
Tyler chuckled as he spotted a set of thick bushes on the side of the road.
“Oh COME on. Damned idiots.”
Lucia snorted as she pulled her bow.
“Orcs are stupid.”
Lumia smiled.
“set the bushes on fire, Tyler. They’re a magical illusion anyway.”
He targeted the third one in the line, and set no fewer than ten orcs alight as a party of 40 attacked them. Well. Thirty now.
The trio’s spells roasted, and drowned, close to 15 orcs as they were that closely packed together as their arrows dropped the still charging creatures to 10. Then Tyler had his sword out and Lumia her axe as Lucia cast another bolt.
The remaining eight orcs were killed and that was that. Tyler sighed as he looked at Lucia.
“I’ll teach you the sword next.”
She nodded with huge blue eyes.
“Okay. I’ll do my best.”
“We’ll start with blanks I’ll make at camp. NO edges.”
she sighed with relief at this mercy as they got to work looting the dead idiots. Only to walk away with a single copper. That’s it. Just ONE copper coin out of forty creatures. Tyler chuckled as they rolled the dead things off the cliff.
“Damned idiots.”
The ambush clear they moved on. They left the cliffside road behind and were now in a more level area with small hills dotting the area with gentle valleys. Tyler looked at the sky and smiled as he saw more airships just drifting by on their way to somewhere. Then they came to a fork in the road. The friends claimed a small hilltop nearby to see which way to take and to have lunch. Tyler had the map open and traced a finger from Trost.
“So, we’re about ¾ the way to Yalik. I guess us stopping to gather everything we see came back to haunt us. Eh. That actually works in our favor. If They think us father along then we are, then WE’RE chasing them. And when they realize that HEY! We’re behind them, we’ll be ahead of them as they try and figure out how far behind we are. Not bad I guess.”
Lucia shrugged as she made some strawberry jam for her Frilled sandwich.
“I guess. You think they’re chasing us yet?”
“Not yet. They’re last assassination failed. So unless they got survivors back, all they know is you’re still in the capital. Plus, I bet Rolic has a body double filling the gap.”
She smiled at that.
“Most likely. Her name’s Lucina. And she’s my twin in looks and personality. Only think that tells us apart is our hair. Her’s shines like bright brass in sunlight whereas mine glows like polished gold. A subtle difference, but an important one.”
Tyler looked at her gold closely.
“I’d say more wet gold. Your hair reminds me of when gold shimmers.”
She blushed at that and smiled.
“Thanks. Lumia’s reminds me of the sky.”
Tyler kissed the sprite.
“I love her hair, Lucia. It reminds me of a happy sky.”
The sprite was glowing under the praise as her Chain took the fletching kit out and set to refilling their arrows. He used the last of his crafted arrowheads and they were back to a full 50 shafts per. He looked around and spotted a large slab of stone set into a hillside. The girls laughed as they walked over and he put his hand on it.
He smiled as he saw the minerals.
“Okay. Let’s see. Wow. That’s new. Lazulite. About ten pounds.”
Lumia smiled.
“it’s a lesser decorative stone that is mostly bought by less well off people. I can make some good plates with it.”
he dug it out, and looked at the hole.
“Oh HELL. I got a fucking coffin.”
They looked mildly alarmed at the word coffin. Sure enough. Inside lay a 6 foot stone coffin within a stone room of polished marble and granite. Tyler just looked at the ominous find.
“Nope. Not happening. We out.”
Lucia grabbed his arm trembling.
“We have to. We found it and broke the seal. If we DON’T challenge it, then it’ll rise and hunt us down. We don’t have a choice.”
Tyler put his pack on the ground.
“Shoot arrows from here.”
They nodded as he walked inside the tomb.
“Who DARES challenge the might of the past?”
The room rang with a two-toned shout that made Tyler sigh.
“I do. Hurry up.”
The coffin lid was thrown aside and a rotting corpse sat up. Tyler sighed as he got his first look at a Vera undead. It having rotted flash with molding leather armor. The boy didn’t wait for it. Soon as he saw the thing’s head he swung his malachite sword with all his strength at it’s neck. He got a direct hit and cut the head clean off before stomping on the skull and flattening it. He looked and saw it was STILL moving.
“Plan B.”
The thing was sitting on the lip of the coffin as Tyler stabbed it from behind through the ribs, and through the heart. It screamed in agony before falling into a pile of dust outside the coffin. Tyler tilted his head at this.
“Wait. That’s it?”
There was an admiring tone as the voice was heard again.
“Well done, Outworlder. May my blade serve you well on your journey.”
Tyler slumped at this blatant outing of his secret.
“Damn it.”
Lucia was utterly confused.
“Outworlder? Huh? He’s not an outworlder? Are you?”
Tyler looked at the princess.
“Okay. Cat’s out. Yup. I’m an outworlder, Lucia.”
She looked at Lumia’s nervous face as well.
“You knew? And you didn’t tell me?”
“Hold up, Lucia.”
Tyler cut her hurt tone off and she looked at him with tears in her blue eyes.
“Why? I thought we were friends?”
He sighed.
“Lucia. NO one knows. Only Lumia. PERIOD. I have been TRYING to keep that fact a secret because I didn’t know people would react.”
Lucia sniffed, as more tears fell.
“What about me? Do you think so little of me that you’d think I’d treat you differently or be afraid of you? Do you not trust me?”
Tyler sat on the lip of the coffin.
“Lucia. I’m sorry.”
She blinked at his heartfelt apology and Lumia smiled.
“That’s the first time I’ve heard him apologize at all.”
Tyler continued.
“I didn’t tell you or Rolic or Roxy or anyone other then Lumia. As a means to protect myself. I come from a world of evil. Plus if word gets out that there’s an outworlder loose in the world, and running with YOU the princess no less? Vera would have a target painted on it’s back and so would I. ALL our lives depend on NO one finding out.”
She sniffed again.
“So to protect us you’re hiding your true identity?”
“I guess that’s the reason. The other? I didn’t really have a reason to tell you. Far as I care? I was born in Vera and got REALLY lost. I DO trust you, Lucia. I just wanted to distance myself from my old world. And to avoid getting dissected.”
She blinked at that.
“Why would you be dissected?”
Tyler rubbed his hair.
“In my world, if say YOU, Lucia played the outworlder card in front of people. They’d outright panic. You’d get captured and dragged to labs where the only thing you could look forward to was experimentation as in their eyes? You’re not a person. Just an alien. And as such anything they do to you is fair game. So, hourly experiments into your body’s very function, rape once they found out you can reproduce, then having to watch from a table as they do the same to the children you JUST gave birth to.”
She and Lumia were shaking at the tale. Then Tyler shuddered.
“And that’s just ONE possibility. The other? Well. Lucia. In our schools. If you stand out in any way you get tortured by your fellow students and the very teachers for making them feel inferior. I know. Because I got the same label. And let me tell you the things I have suffered make the worst things the creatures of this world can do look like a joke.”
Lumia kissed him as she could feel the pain from the memories and it receded. Lucia was shaking in horror.
“Your world was that evil? What made you stand out, if you don’t mind telling me?”
He smiled.
“I was taller, a bit smarter, and I guess good looking too. That’s it.”
She hugged him hard now.
“Okay. I understand.”
He patted her hair.
“Still give good hugs.”
She let him go smiling.
“Ya know something? It makes sense! Your name, the things you say, the weird names for random things and creatures, your CLOTHES, hell even the way you fight all SCREAM outworlder. Yet I never thought of it till that voice said it. I guess you just fit the role of foreign castaway. I’ll keep this secret, Tyler. I promise. And am I the only other that knows?”
He chuckled.
“Well, you, Lumia and the dragon I met.”
She AND Lumia blinked.
“You’ve met a dragon? And lived?”
Tyler shrugged.
“A big red dragon met me on the hilltop about a day from Veralla. Said it wanted to see the new outworlder the gods set loose due to some duel that I got suckered with. So yeah. I’ve met a dragon.”
The girls looked at each other then to him with a new awe in their eyes.
“He really just might BE a hero of legend.”
“Wow. My closest friend is an outworlder that met a dragon!”
“Hey! He’s MY chain! I win!”
“Pff. I’m the princess he’s guarding. I win.”
Tyler just looked at the coffin, as the argument between ladies got underway. He spotted a sword and scabbard and leaned in to grab it.
“We have sex EVERY DAY! Sometimes multiple times a day!”
“So do we!”
He froze at Lucia’s retort. And Lumia froze as well. The now stunned boy looked over at the blonde haired princess as she glared at Lumia’s shocked, AND hurt expression. Tyler glared at the blonde now.
“No. WE HAVEN’T. No. No. NO!”
Lumia felt the truth like a hit from a hammer, AND how angry he was at the girl. Lucia looked at him with huge blue eyes as he stood across from her with a fury in his eyes.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-“
He back handed her across the face with a nasty force.
“This you ONLY warning Lucia Veralla. Do NOT ever, okay? EVER say anything like that to me or Lumia again. She means FAR too much to me for me to risk what we have over a little girl’s crush. I’m married to HER. Not you. Accept it.”
Lucia just hung her head with a welt growing on her cheek.
“I’m sorry, Tyler. It will never happen again.”
“One more time, Lucia. Just one. And I will leave you in the ditch. I WOULD have, if not for the fact you have been making good progress thus far and have yet to hinder us in a major manner. Do not expect such mercy again.”
She nodded in shame as Tyler looked at a shocked Lumia.
“I will NEVER betray your trust and heart, Lumia. I promise you that.”
She felt the pain in his soul and nodded.
“I understand. And I love you too.”
Tyler went back to the coffin and reached in again as Lucia just stood out of the way by the wall. Lumia let the girl be as she needed to internalize the harsh lesson to not get attached to another woman’s husband. Tyler lifted a sword from the coffin and tilted his head.
“The hell? It weighs about as much as me vest.”
Lumia looked as he unsheathed the narrow longsword.
“What’s the metal?”
Tyler looked at the blued metal.
“It’s blue. With flecks of white in the metal. No clue though.”
He shrugged and put it on his hip for later inspection. He looked in the coffin and found it empty.
“Guess all it had was the sword. Let’s go, Lumia. You.”
Lucia winced at the ice in his voice as he spoke of her, utterly devoid of his former warmth and affection she’d come to like. They walked out of the tomb and back into the light where he pulled the sword for a better inspection. It was 4 feet long with a 5 inch wide blade that tapered to a needle-like point. The metal was a deep blue with flecks of white dotting the beautiful weapon. the crosspiece was a simple X with the handle a strict one handed thing with tan leather and a sapphire pommel stone. Tyler shrugged as he hefted the weapon.
“It feels light. I’m not sure I like it.”
Lumia was also stumped.
“I have no idea what that’s made of. Lucia?”
Tyler just offered the blade and she had a tear fall at the ice.
“I don’t know either. Maybe ask a dwarf next time we see one. They have a race ability to tell about metals and rock.”
Tyler nodded.
She just hung her head at his utter revert to their first day on the trail. He placed the weapon over his left shoulder above his steel bastard sword and they were moving again. Though now whenever Lucia spoke, all she got from the man was a cold reply or harshly toned snap. Lumia could feel the war going on inside his soul as he sought to rein in the evil in his soul that Lucia had unknowingly set loose with her retort at Lumia. It had SCARED him so badly he’d felt the need to release the evil to keep the one person in Vera that he could NOT stand to see hurt. So, the Sprite le them be. They made an early camp as they would have reached Yali after dark and Tyler didn’t like the idea. So, they set up in a small hollow with a stream flowing through it with an overhang of stone that had a ten foot pocket in the back. Tyler built the fire and sighed as Lucia sat on the opposite side of the flames from him. Lumia between the two.
“Okay. Lucia. Let me say this once.”
She looked at him sadly.
He rubbed his eyes.
“I NEVER lie to hurt my friends. Period. I only use a vile, low, evil tactic like that on people I DON’T like. That was just cruel what you said. And it hurt ME as well as I felt her fear that I had lied to her. And it cut me like a knife and scared me to death. I will apologize for the slap so long as you swear by your royal blood to NEVER do such a thing to someone you see as a friend again. Okay?”
She nodded.
“I swear it. That was beneath me. I’m sorry.”
He walked over and hugged the girl.
“Alright. We’ll let this die.”
She smiled happily as the warmth was back as he sat back across the fire. Then he took out the anvil, malachite, Frilled hide and some blood wood. He looked at the blonde watching him curiously,
“I’ll need measurements on your arms if ya want greaves, Lucia.”
She smiled happily as she sat next to him and let him wrap a piece of twine over her round arms. Lumia smiled happily as she felt the evil leave his soul and be replaced with the usual warm cold that he was. Tyler set the bar of malachite into the fire.
“Field Smith: greaves.”
He molded the metal into thin plates with his smith insignia upon them. The howling Wolf with Demon wings half raised on it’s back. He next took a rabbit pelt they’d been sitting on for the inside of the greave and the Frilled hide for the straps.
“Craft: straps. Lining.”
Lucia watched as he made them and put the pieces together before looking at the finished product. They would reach up to her elbow but would NOT hamper her movement at all. They were a light green color that glistened wetly in the firelight and she found that when she put them on her arms that not only did they fit perfectly, they were extremely comfy and light. They stopped at her wrist and again, she didn’t even know they were there. She hugged him hard.
“Thank you! They look beautiful!”
He patted her and she sat down as he gathered the leftovers and made them into more useable material. Then he looked at Lumia and she smiled.
“If you like.”
He didn’t need to measure her arms as he knew her body well. Her set were slightly thicker with a deeper green, but functioned the same. She kissed him as she put them on.
“I love them.”
“I love you.”
They clashed well with her blue skin and he smiled,
“I have enough malachite from that bar for either a dagger, or about 10 arrowheads.”
Lumia answered.
“Dagger. That bronze would make for a more practical head.”
“Alright then. I’ll use Blood wood for then handle and make a dirk.”
He set the green material in the fire and used the skill.
“Field smith: dagger.”
He made the blade of the long, 9 inch knife with a inch bar at the bottom with holes for pins he’d use the blue iron for. Once the blade was ready he took the red wood and used craft.
“Craft: Blood oak.”
He made the handle oval with a flare in the end to keep thing in hand with holes that lined up perfectly. Next he took the blue iron,
“Hail! Campfire! Be ya friend or foe?”
Tyler looked up at the sound of the voice.
“We be friend if ya be friend!”
The voice had a relieved tone as it approached.
“I be friend! May we join?”
“Aye! Just don’t get any ideas!”
A group of six adventurers came into view, and Tyler busted up laughing at the sight of them.
“Well will ya look what the wind blew in? Ha! How ya been?”
The same party he’d followed into Term came into view laughing at the sight of Tyler. Including one familiar looking lad.
“Lark ya bastard! Need me to kick yer ass again?”
The young men clasped arms as Lumia and Lucia waited to be introduced. Tyler then nodded at the fire.
“Lumia, Lucy. These are friends, kinda, from Term. That guy there is Lark. And that’s all I know. Ladies. and him. That Sprite is My wife, Lumia. Yeah. In yo face.”
He got clapped by the men for that one,
“The blonde there is Lucy. She’s our apprentice. Sadly.”
“You really wanna make a joke like that? To me? In front of a fire?”
They laughed at that as Lark introduced the party.
“That big guy with the greatsword is Greg. The lady with the bow is Glade. The red robed girl that looks like she’s seen a ghost is Ruby our mage, that one with the narrow face is Dark. The party rogue. The lady with the sword and shield is Ermi. They’re the Warlock party. I myself only joined up about two days after you left for the capital.”
Greg was a mountain of a man with kindly smiling blue eyes and fur armor. Tyler chuckled as he looked at him.
“I see YOU’RE the party pack mule.”
He laughed as he sat by the younger man.
“Sadly it be the way of the bigger men. I see you got the duty of horse.”
Tyler chuckled at that.
“Sadly. I got Night’s Watch up and it’s good for seventy feet, so pretend to relax.”
They laughed as they gathered around the fire. Lark was still the taller lanky guy he’d met in the hall. His eyes were brown and so was his hair while his equipment was still the thin longsword and mail. The man took a seat by Lucia and the girl smiled politely.
“I see you met Tyler before I did. I’m curious.”
The man snorted.
“Tyler? Pff. I’ve met rocks that change more an he.”
Tyler kissed Lumia and the men laughed.
“Oh she’s got HIM by the heart!”
Then the one known as Dark noticed the tools and materials.
“I see you’re also camp smith. And a good one at that if the knife there is a judge.”
Dark was a darker skinned man wi9th red eyes and slightly tipped ears. His outfit being merely tight fitted leather with daggers in easy reach. His hair was blood red and short as Tyler chuckled.
“I like making things. Ladies? show off please.”
They showed the guests their greaves and they nodded.
“That be good malachite. Ya got a talent, lad.”
Tyler then noted Ruby. She having lowered her hood in the fire and he found her to be a beautiful girl with pale skin, red eyes and black hair. Her red robes appeared to be made of velvet and her staff was a white wood tipped with a large red stone. He tilted his head,
“Ruby, right?”
She blushed as she nodded.
“Yes, sir.”
Her voice was high and nervous as he chuckled.
“First off, relax. Second, my name’s Tyler. Third? Are you a fire mage?”
She blushed the deeper as Greg answered for her.
“Aye lad. That she be. Ruby of the Red flame. Even if she be a right shy gal.”
Tyler tilted his head now.
“Anything good?”
They blinked, then sensed an opportunity for trade. Ruby gulped now.
“I have a few fire spells. A Firebolt, a Roiling flames,”
“Holy. We found a scroll off a bandit a few days back but since it was bountied we couldn’t keep it or read it. What’s it do?”
She was shaking slightly as she answered.
“It casts a small ring upon the ground and sets anything inside it on fire.”
“Woah. That’s a nasty trick. I love it.”
She blushed at this and went on.
“The other pure fire I have is Flame Shot. It’s the bigger brother to firebolt. It works the same, but can be coated to arrows.”
Tyler looked at the lady with the bow, Glade. She being a tall, elegant beauty with a modest rack and fair skin and green eyes. She smiled.
“Oh it’s nasty.”
“I like it.”
Ruby smiled again and asked her own question.
“What do you have for Cards, Tyler?”
“Me? Well. I got Firebolt, Waterbolt, Night’s watch, Day’s peace, And Healing Touch. We all have the same set of Cards.”
Greg blinked.
“That’s a wily move. I see your party is more geared towards everyone helps out. We like to have a specific role filled well by one person.”
Tyler shrugged.
“You have the people for it. We’re a mere three. Plus I guess it’s the question of which do you prefer? I like having overlapping skills so no one gets saddled with more than is fair. Plus it lowers the chance of us losing some crucial member and throwing us off. Then again? That’s a me thing.”
Greg nodded sagely.
“We all see the world differently, lad. And that is not a bad thing.”
Tyler looked at the last member, Ermi. She was a tall, muscular woman with purple hair and piercing blue eyes. Her skin was fair, but he could see lines of scars from a hard life and she chuckled.
“You know. I can tell.”
He nodded.
“People suck.”
They laughed at that heartfelt truth. Then he looked back at the tools.
“Well. If ya got a tent, get cozy. We ain’t got room in that one!”
Lark eyed the Sprite.
“Aye lad. Something tells me it’s a loud one too.”
Lumia smiled sweetly, and hugged him in a way her marvelous rack bounced.
“He’s a VERY eager Sprite filler!”
The men laughed as Lucia grumbled.
“Lovey dovey BASTARDS. I’m joining Ruby!”
They lost it at Ruby’s sudden fearful outburst and her expression of dumbfounded shock. Tyler chuckled as the other party got to setting their own tent and camp with theirs. Lumia leaned in now.
“Is it safe letting them stay?”
Tyler smiled as he dug out the blue iron.
“Sure. They’re good people. Besides, have they noticed?”
Lucia smiled at that.
“They looked right at me and didn’t see. That’s usually how it is for me really.”
Tyler set the blue iron into the fire,
“Field smith: pins.”
he got a set of three pins as the red mage Ruby came over nervously.
“Mind if I watch? The colors are pretty.”
Tyler smiled as he set the pieces on the anvil.
“Sure, Ruby.”
She sat next to Lucia and smiled.
“Thanks, Tyler.”
He took the wood and pins before doing the next step.
“Field Smith: dagger.”
He set the blade in the handle and tapped the pins into place before putting the edges on. Ten minutes later he nodded.
He'd carved his insignia into the lower end of the blade and balanced it on a finger as Ruby blinked.
“That’s a truly beautiful knife, Tyler. The insignia though. I’ve heard only Lord wolf uses it.”
Tyler chuckled and showed her his ID. She gasped at the champion title.
“YOU’RE Lord Wolf?”
The rest of her party looked over at her gasp and she looked at them in outright stunned.
“HE’S Lord Wolf! The War leader and advisor to the king!”
They dropped the 6 man tent they were pitching together in shock. Tyler chuckled as he set the dagger aside and took out the next bar of malachite.
“I’ve been busy.”
The party just looked at him before Lucia sniggered.
“I had the same reaction! But hey. He’s fun”
They snapped out of it and got their tent ready before rejoining their friend at the fire. Tyler laid the malachite on the anvil and pulled some Frilled hide as he looked at Lucia.
“I wonder. Okay. I’ll make us a set of bracers next.”
Lumia smiled at that one as Greg asked the question.
“You’re Lord Wolf?”
Tyler nodded smiling.
“Yup. I left Term, get to the capital, and somehow got roped into the war. In a week.”
They looked at each other then to him.
“Um. How?”
Tyler looked at Lucia and she shrugged.
“Rolic won the war. So. Feel free to brag.”
Tyler set the metal in the fire.
“I’ll work and talk. We kinda need these.”
So as he forged the armor he told the tale of the letter and his resulting finds and adventures. Though as he talked he saw Ruby gazing at him with open awe and admiration along with some rather intense feelings he couldn’t identify. He could tell through his link with Lumia she saw it too, if the feelings of warning and watchfulness were anything to go by. He was looking the 1 foot shin guards over as he finished.
“So yeah. Now we’re headed in this direction. Here, Ladies. try em on.”
The girls nodded smiling as they strapped the green armor to their limbs. Lucia smiled as she did some walking in them.
“They’re so light I can’t feel them.”
Lumia was in the same boat.
“Same here. Thank you.”
They sat back down as he pooled the leftover malachite and looked at the girls again, seeking something else to make for them as the others digested the tale. Then Ruby broke the silence.
“So, you’re a Hero?”
Tyler chuckled at her tone of awe.
“More right place right time bastard. All I set out to do was deliver a damned letter! And look what happened!”
That got a laugh from the adventurers as Tyler looked at the river.
“How’s the road ahead?”
Dark answered.
“Clear as we passed it. Some Tyrant tracks headed north. But that’s all.”
“Tyrant eh? How far apart were the tracks?”
He rubbed his chin.
“Odd detail. But by my estimate maybe 9 feet.”
“So a Roaming Tyrant. It were hunting you wouldn’t be here.”
They blinked at that assessment as Ruby nodded.
“We usually need a full day’s preparation to hunt a Tyrant. And even then we’d need to lure it into a trap.”
Tyler pulled the 7 inch tooth from his pack.
“Or get lucky.”
They shook their heads as Glade asked it.
“What happened?”
“Two Tyrants were fighting over territory. One didn’t last long.”
They laughed at that.
“Aye, lad. Lucky one indeed!”
Tyler put the trophy back as a low roar was heard off in the distance. He held a hand up as the others made to flee.
“It’s a territory bellow. Listen for the reply.”
There was a loud roar that exploded from maybe a hundred feet from them, followed by the earth shaking slightly as the Tyrant raced to either defend or attack. The others looked at Tyler now. And he chuckled.
“Tyrants only hunt when they’re hungry. Fact we JUST found out it was there means it was fully satisfied.”
Ruby smiled.
“I guess Tyrants are your creature.”
The bellows and roars of fighting tyrants was heard then, and Tyler listened intently.
“They’re about…..1 hour out from us. If one gets hurt enough it’ll make for the road. Oh. That reminds me.”
He pulled his map as the sounds of combat wore on. He ran a finger along the section due for a landslide.
“Be warned, but this entire section of road is on the verge of a nasty landslide. Next thunderstorm it’ll go.”
Greg took his own map and wrote the warning down.
“Thankee kindly lad. We’ll warn the guild and Trost as it be a main route for caravans.”
The sounds of Tyrants dueling ended and a loud bellow of victory was heard. Tyler chuckled.
“Looks like our guy won. From the sound of that roar he’s not too badly hurt. He’ll probably hunt the other Tyrant now. Or come back to the nest here. It’ll be too tired to hunt and we’ll be gone before it wakes in the morning.”
They nodded at that knowledge as he looked at the people around them.
“Soooo, ya brought your own food, right?”
They busted up laughing at that as they laid out meat and bread. Lucia and Lumia looked at him expectantly and he chuckled.
“Fine. I’ll make more.”
They smiled happily as he made their new favorite meal of breaded Frilled burger. The others laughed as the ladies devoured the meal with gusto.
“I see you’re the camp cook!”
Tyler chuckled as he made one for each of the guests.
“For a few things.”
Ruby had stars in her eyes as she tasted the thing.
“I love it! Best Frilled anything I’ve ever had!”
He smiled as he got similar glowing reviews and felt the need.
“Sorry, folks. I can’t let this one get out. It be my party’s treat.”
They nodded sadly as Lark chuckled.
“Aye, Tyler. We understand.”
Ruby got VERY nervous and shifty out of nowhere and Tyler looked at Lumia with mild concern in his eyes as to the implications. I do NOT like the way she’s looking at us. I HOPE she’s not going to ask to join us. He looked around seeking something fresh, when he saw the sword,
“Hey. Do any of this is made of?”
He passed the longsword around, and Dark gasped.
“Rune? How?”
Tyler pulled the map out again. He tapped the spot.
“Here. Saw a rock wall and got curious. Well. There was a damned tomb in the hill. I killed the guardian and that was inside the coffin. Rune ya say?”
Ruby blinked at this claim.
“Tyler? Pull up the bestiary on you ID please.”
He looked at her mildly shocked.
“There’s a bestiary?”
They laughed at that as he did indeed take it out. The mage smiled shyly as she pointed to a skull icon in a corner.
“Press that and swipe downward.”
He did and a list of kills he had preformed was seen.
“Neat. Okay. Bandits, assassins, bunnies, elder draugr? That’s what that was?”
Greg looked and there it was.
“By the gods. He killed an Elder draugr. It usually takes ten to kill one. And most times half die.”
Tyler shrugged.
“I just cut it’s head off and stabbed it in the heart as it tried to rise from the coffin. Thing’s are helpless until they get out.”
They slumped and Lumia sighed.
“That’s Tyler at the core everyone. Finding ways to make even the most difficult tasks look easy.”
Tyler smiled.
“I married YOU, Lumia. Hardest task yet.”
They laughed at that as he got a kiss for the gallantry. Ruby was looking at him with a VERY dreamy expression on her pretty face as Tyler looked at the sky and listened to the night.
“Hey. Something big’s coming.”
It was true. The ground was shaking slightly as something walked nearby. Tyler smiled as he felt the rocking.
“Oh. It’s the loser. He’s at the road. And half dead already. We SHOULD feel it fall now.”
A rumble was felt followed by a low grunt. Then the sounds continued as it walked.
“It’ll be too weak to fight by morning. Alright. Lumia, Lucy. Shall we?”
The two girls smiled as the fire was put out and the VERY nervous party went to their tent as Tyler went into his with the girls. He laid on the pelts as Lucia cuddled her cloak and Lumia her Chain.
“Ruby wants to go with us. I’d bet gold on it.”
They both sighed at that. Lucia settled her head on her wolf fur pillow.
“I think she’s also infatuated with the legend of Lord Wolf. The way she was staring? Yeah. She’s got it bad.”
Tyler sighed.
“She looked at me that way when WE MET.”
They chuckled at that as Lumia kissed him.
“I guess she fell hard at first sight! How romantic!”
Tyler stroked the sprite’s soft hair.
“And did you see how unfazed by my repeated saying you being my wife she was?”
She sighed as she snuggled.
“She’s a girl with a crush. Let her be.”
“I love you, Lumia.”
“I love you too, Tyler.”
“Good night, Lumia, Lucy.”
“I kinda like that one.”


Tyler woke to see Lumia asleep on her back again. So. He gave his sexy sprite her morning surprise and she loved it as usual. She got her cream and orgasm before they relit the fire. Tyler looked over at the other tent and chuckled.
“I wonder if they heard?”
Lumia kissed him with a purple flush to her face.”
“They say anything charge em ten silver.”
“Yes, Lumia.”
She smiled as Lucia came out next.
“well. Hi.”
They chuckled as Ruby came out yawning from the other tent. She came over and set her own pot of coffee to brew as the group woke properly. Though, Tyler caught the mage stealing longing glances in his direction as she did so.
“Morning Ruby. Sleep well?”
“Wow. She’s cuter then Lucy when she does that.”
Lumia patted the now indignant blonde reassuringly as Ruby just blushed at his question and tease.
“I slept well. There was another bang from further up the road so we’re going to see if the Tyrant fell.”
“We’re headed in that direction as well. We’ll split it.”
Tyler smiled at her cheer at traveling with them a little longer. The others came out and they ate breakfast before tearing down the camp. Tyler led the way as Tyrants were his area of expertise. Though as they started moving the other adventurers blinked at the intense pace Tyler set.
“Lad? You in a hurry?”
Lucia looked at them with a sigh.
“No. this is just his NORMAL pace.”
they slumped as they followed the trail of tracks leading towards Yali. Tyler smiled as he saw the way they were.
“Oh this guy got his ass handed to him. See that dark spot on the rock, Lucy? Blood. It’s hurt bad. Plus the way it’s feet are digging into the dirt? That’s exhaustion kicking in. here’s where it fell.”
They looked at the forty foot crater and Tyler spotted a broken tooth in the front.
“See this? It’s from the front of the jaw. By the size I’d say it’s a young buck.”
Greg shook his head at the lad’s deep understanding of the beast.
“I see they be plentiful where you come from lad.”
Tyler put the tooth in his pack as they walked.
“Sadly. I’d never looked one in the eye before coming to Vera. Here we go. See here, Lucy? It’s leaving more drag marks per step. It was at the end of it’s rope here.”
The blonde smiled as her friends knowledge was put on display. They heard the breathing not long after and Tyler pulled his malachite sword.
“Guards up people. Soon as that thing dies we’re on the clock.”
They nodded and moved quickly. This one wasn’t as long as the last one Tyler had seen, but was no less impressive. Tyler chuckled as he saw the extensive wounds on the body.
“Oh wow he had no chance.”
The neck was bitten to hell with an arm missing with massive chunks torn from the body over all. Tyler walked over to the missing arm and got a growl for his presence. He gestured to Greg.
“See this spot here? It’s the lungs. That spot here is the heart.”
he stabbed it in the lungs and it died. He smiled now.
“Let’s get to work people. We got fifteen minutes before the other tyrant comes for breakfast!”
They laughed and got to it. They splitting the animal right down the middle with each party getting a flank to work on. Tyler took the one with out the arm in exchange for the largest tooth from their side and the carving was underway. Lucia was smiling eagerly as they stripped close to 60 pounds of high quality meat from the frame.
“Yes, Lucy. I’ll make the new one the next time we make camp.”
He sighed as they laughed. The teeth, claws and meat were collected as more thuds were felt.
“That’s the bell!”
They ran as the winner of the bout appeared and Tyler smiled as he saw it roar at them as they ran.
“It just told us to stay out!”
They laughed at that assessment. Tyler had them run for about half an hour before pulling off the trail for a breather. The other party were panting as Lumia, Lucia and Tyler weren’t even breathing hard. He chuckled.
“wait three hours then it should be safe. Most light predators and scavengers will flock to the carcass for the next few days so we’ll be fine.”
They nodded as the man spotted a rock monolith juttin from the ground.
“I wonder what’ll be in that one?”
Lucia and Lumia laughed as they followed to the ten foot tall rock. Tyler placed his hand on it.
“Prospect. Let’s see. Wow. Hey, Lumia, more corundum.”
“Of course. How much?”
“Hmm, woah. 15 pounds! Damn. We also got more chromite and some good quartz as well. More coal that’s always good. Annnd that last is…Beryl. Another fifteen pounds. Wow.”
He dug the ore out as the other party looked at each other before looking at them. Lark asked the question.
“You mine a lot?”
“All the time. Seriously? Get prospect, mine and a pickaxe. Look at every rock of size you find and you WILL make a lot of gold. Why I leapt at them in the shop.”
Ruby smiled at this.
“I see you work hard, Tyler. How’s loot work in your camp?”
He tilted his head.
“Loot? Well. Lumia here’s a jeweler so any stones or precious metals get filtered to her. Since we wander so freakin much we sell most everything we find.”
She gripped her staff tightly.
“If you want to keep it?”
“Just be aware of your pack. That’s all.”
She was white knuckling her staff now.
He sighed at that one.
“Ruby. You have something to say?”
She was shaking BADLY now as Tyler collapsed the monolith of stone into worthless rubble. He looked to see Glade give the girl an encouraging nudge. Lady don’t encourage her. She’s just going to get her heart broken. Ruby seemed to draw strength from her friend.
“I’d like to join your party.”
He sighed.
“Is it to wander? Or?”
She gulped.
“Both. I like the Warlocks and Term. But I’d like to travel with Lord Wolf. With a legend.”
Tyler rubbed his eyes as Lucia spoke up.
“We’re not a normal group of adventurers, Ruby. Okay? We go to some high places and have to do some high level tasks for people in many places. You come with us you may NEVER see your home for the next few years. If ever. Are you sure of this?”
She nodded fervently.
“I’ve wanted to travel with him since I saw him in the hall, but he left before I could ask.”
Lumia spoke now.
“Sweet thing. He can’t give you what you seek.”
Ruby smiled briefly at this.
“You’re a Sprite, Lumia. Not to be mean, but you’re basically his slave.”
“No! No! and No! she is NOT my slave.”
Ruby jumped at the sudden anger in his voice as Lumia placed a hand on his shoulder in a calming manner.
“Sadly? She’s kinda right. Without the daily filling I die. Plus, well, you DO have that type of control over me. I never told you as I know how you hate oppressors of all sorts.”
He sighed at this.
“I’ll just call you my wife and end it there. Or I’ll just go insane. You are NOT my slave.”
She smiled at that before looking at Ruby.
“I am NOT his slave, Ruby. Understand THAT first.”
She nodded again with huge red eyes.
“I’m sorry, Tyler. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
He smiled.
“Don’t say it again.”
She nodded.
“I won’t. My point was Lumia is a Sprite. So. Since she’s NOT human, you’re able to marry a human woman as well.”
Tyler, Lucia AND Lumia were utterly shocked by this statement and the others laughed at their expressions of mind go boom. Ruby was smiling shyly as well while letting them recover. Tyler got his mind back first.
“Okay. Let’s get this over with. What. The. HELL?”
Lumia and Lucia had also recovered as Ruby smiled happily.
“In Vera culture, if a human man makes a marriage pact with say a Sprite, according to custom as she’s not a human, love her though you do, she isn’t a human wife. It’s not an insult to her or you, Tyler. It’s just custom. Some married to sprites have upwards of five different wives depending on the culture. Vera the norm is usually two. A human man, an elf or dwarf or sprite or what have you, and one human woman. Some cultures out there are fond of the haram and so the men sometimes have upwards of ten. But they’re the extreme case.”
Tyler just looked at Lucia who nodded.
“She’s right actually. Not sure why I forgot that. Father had mother and was happy with her.”
Lumia laughed as she felt the utter FEAR in his soul now.
“Oh come on, Tyler. I know you love me. And I know you know I love you. She’s right. It’s mainly a question of what YOU want. One wife or many?”
He blinked and nodded.
“Somehow the idea of a haram doesn’t sit well with me. I have Lumia. That’s plenty for my heart.”
The men in the other party nodded at this.
“A lucky lady indeed.”
Ruby sighed.
“You’re not even willing to consider it?”
“Sorry, Ruby. Lumia means too much to risk her heart over something like this.”
Lucia nodded sheepishly.
“He’s a staunch one alright.”
The women gave her a sympathetic look as Ruby looked at him.
“I still want to travel with you, Tyler. So. Please?”
He crossed his arms. Lumia and Lucia looked at him.
“You want her to come?”
“Not really. We’re a decent team already. That said. Eh. Fuck it. More friends the better. But let me be clear, Ruby.”
She gulped.
“One. The marriage thing? NO. we’re friends. Period. You play ANY games, and it’ll hurt. Ask Lucy.”
She showed them the welt that was on her face.
“I made the mistake of saying he cheated on her with me and he reacted. Do NOT try to drive a wedge between them. I got lucky. YOU might not.”
The men and women nodded sagely.
“A real man an no mistake.”
“I hope you learned your lesson little lady. Such things are not to be said.”
The blonde nodded.
“I did. Tyler doesn’t let me make the same mistake twice. I do I get ditched.”
They nodded at that strictness as Tyler looked at Ruby.
“Two. We have a few secrets due to know I am and work for. Keep them or hell awaits you.”
She nodded at that as Lark laughed.
“Workin for the king? Ha. Yeah. Yah get to hear a few things ya might not wanna.”
Tyler blinked then looked at them.
“We met in Trost. and we headed east. Clear?”
Greg rubbed his chin.
“east? Ha. You’re headed for Avantium. The land of the Fey. Not a bad place for a journey.”
Lumia smiled.
“The land of the Fairies. Sad thing? People will so buy that Lord Wolf wanted to see the home of the OTHER most sexual race on the continent.”
Tyler snorted.
“Mu first title WAS a sex based one. Typical. Third. Ruby. We will work you. Hard.”
Lucia slumped.
“Feel my pack.”
The mage tried to lift it and gasped.
“I can’t even MOVE it! Greg you try!”
“Oi. Big guy try MINE.”
The bigger guy did, and got it off the ground,
“What the? That thing is easily 200 pounds!”
“Eh, closer to three.”
He swung the pack onto his back with ease and the man busted up laughing.
“we did this wrong.”
Tyler looked at the now wide eyed with concern Ruby.
“Ya got a pack?”
She shook her head.
“No. Greg carries our gear.”
“well. I got some leftover Frilled hide. I’ll make you one and we’ll go from there.”
Lucia smiled with relief.
“I can unload some o this.”
“Still cute.”
Tyler looked at the mage.
“So, Ruby. You sure you want to come with us?”
She gulped. Then nodded.
“I do.”
He looked at Lumia and she nodded, then they looked at Lucia, and she nodded. Then Tyler looked at Ruby.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
She was smiling with stars in her eyes at this and hugged her friends as Tyler crafted her pack in a similar fashion to his own. The mage came over as her friends all waved.
“We’ll say that you got picked up by the Wolf, Ruby!”
“Take care of her!”
Ruby waved at her friends without a single tear.
“Thanks for everything! It was awesome! I’ll miss you!”
Then she looked to Tyler, who placed the pack on her back. Immediately she was fighting the weight.
“How much is here?”
“Half Lucia’s pack.”
She looked at the princess as she adjusted her straps.
“Just HALF?”
She shrugged.
“You get used to it.”
Tyler smiled and looked at the mage.
She passed her ID.
He tilted his head.
“Okay. Cook, Skin, Track, flay, and night sight. Mot bad. All you need for our camp is mine, prospect, field smelting and field smithing. Hrm? Potion making? You make potions?”
She was fighting to stand upright as she nodded.
“I do. I’m good at it.”
“We all have harvest, inspect and dangerous harvest. So looks like we’ll funnel the flowers to our new girl.”
She blushed at that one.
“Just so long as that’s just a joke.”
“Sure. Let’s go. We’ll reach Yali in about two hours.”
She stumped along under the weight of her pack. Tyler chuckled at the sight.
“She bring back memories Lucy?”
She laughed.
“And here I thought you were an ass!”
They walked at the usual pace as Ruby fought to keep up with the scorching pace set by the Wolf. They stopped after when in sight of the gate and Tyler pulled Lucia’s cloak out.
“Here, Lucia.”
ruby was panting from the weight of her pack, and Tyler put a finger to his lips.
“I promise you, Ruby we will tell you in the camp tonight. But please. For the safety of us all let it go.”
Sensing a grave secret she nodded.
“I promise. Are we staying in Yali?”
“No. We’re unloading a few things and moving on.”
“Oh thank the gods.”
“Not form your pack. From mine.”
She had a look of despair as they walked into the town with Lucia in her cloak disguising her blonde hair. Tyler went for the longer house that was the town leader’s and walked in. The man was sitting at his desk and smiled at the visitors.
“Welcome to Yali, adventurers. I trust this isn’t serious?”
Tyler rolled out the map and tapped the spot.
“Be warned. This part of the road is unstable. You got ONE more thunderstorm and it’ll go. My best estimate? Here. To here will just let go.”
He pointed to two spots close to three hundred yards apart. Then man nodded gravely.
“I appreciate the warning. We shall send word to the guilds and crown for an urgent intervention. We lose that road we get a week added to the travel time to the capital. I-is she okay?”
Tyler looked at Ruby as she was panting under the weight and chuckled.
“Newbie. She’s just joined up and her pack’s a bit heavy.”
The man chuckled.
“I see. No offense meant.”
“None taken. Well. All we needed was to warn you on the road.”
“And I thankee kindly. Here, 1 gold for your service to the country.”
“Thanks. Not needed, but appreciated. And heads up? A tyrant bout was fought about here, and the loser died here. So the corpse is still in the road.”
“We’ll dispatch hunters to collect what we can. Thank you again.”
They left one gold richer and headed for the small town store. There they made 2 gold from selling the minerals they couldn’t use and were off to the local guild. Or, the booth that represented the guild. They found it in the tavern and the Sprite inside smiled as she saw them.
“Welcome Sprite Soul. How may I help you?”
Lumia smiled as she saw the red skinned lady.
“I sense the Sprite Soul in you as well. Good for you?”
“Ember. Ember the fire sprite.”
She was a slender framed lady with shoulder length hair and a massive rack. Tyler chuckled.
“Some bastard out there is a lucky one indeed. Now. I was wondering of the road to Tork.”
She nodded and passed him a map of the area ahead.
“This be what we know.”
He flipped her a gold.
“Thanks Ember.”
She smiled as they walked off. Ruby now using her staff as a stick to walk as they left the town behind. Tyler chuckled at the sight.
“I’m amazed, Ruby. You’re stronger then you look. We’ll rest at lunch.”
She smiled weakly from her nearly hunched over posture as they moved along for the next three hours before he called a halt atop a hill looking over the area. Ruby dropped flat panting from the strain as the friends chuckled at her. She looked up to glare at them.
“Laugh it up. You know not all of us have a damned pack mule in their family tree.”
Lucia snorted.
“Look, if I can handle this YOU can. You’ll understand why I say that when we’re safer.”
Tyler nodded as he looked around.
“We got a couple things to tell you.”
Ruby got her lunch of Frilled meat and bread as Tyler spotted a running creature.
She smiled.
“It’s called a longleg. They’re a solitary running animal like say the frilled.”
Tyler had his bow up and was aiming as it ran towards them. He fired and took it in the eye. The girls applauded the kill as he dragged the loner Gallimimus to the group for skinning. Lucia smiled.
“That’s the same meat as a good beef cow.”
“Okay. Burgers it is.”
That made them smile as Ruby blinked.
“We’ll show ya later.”
She sighed at that.
“Okay. I hate getting left out.”
The thing yielded an extra thirty pounds of meat, it’s hide which would make good wraps, the eyes and heart. Tyler then spotted a large rock like a sail in the grass and smiled as he placed a hand on it.
“Prospect. Got more Silver, Lumia.”
“Silver, copper, tin, iron, hmm, what the hell are you? Sylvite? That’s new.”
Ruby looked as he dug the minerals out.
“He’s adding MORE? He’ll kill himself!”
Lumia laughed.
“Not at all, Sweet Ruby. His pack isn’t even half full. He’s easily the strongest on our team and can handle the weight. Plus it’s how we get stronger.”
Lucia nodded at this.
“I can carry about three times what you have, Ruby. BEFORE it becomes heavy. I still can’t even move hers yet.”
Tyler came back with the odd one and Lumia smiled.
“You found some Rock Glass. I’ll take it as we use it for decorative things like statues.”
Tyler passed the rock over.
“Break’s over. Let’s go.”
Ruby groaned in abject misery as they got walking again.
“How am I to fight in this?”
“YOU just adjust to your pack, Ruby. We’ll handle the blood.”
She nodded at this as they moved on. Tyler smiling as they made good progress as the sun started to set.
“We’re having another early night to work our crafts more.”
They nodded as he looked at the area. Then smiled as he led them off the road into the forest on the right hand side. They found a natural bowl of stone with high rock walls all around them with a bubbling river in easy view. Tyler smiled as Ruby dropped again from strain.
“Night’s Watch.”
The spell set, Lucia saw to the tent as Lumia lit the fires. Ruby was getting to her feet as a loud whine was heard with shaking in the earth. Tyler looked up and smiled as he saw more plains makers walking along on the other side of the river. The girls relaxed as they saw the massive animals.
“I guess this is a safe spot indeed.”
Tyler chuckled at that.
“Makes sense, since not many creatures can handle such large prey.”
Ruby sat at the fire and looked at the small tent.
“Will I fit in there?”
Tyler smiled.
“Sure. Me and Lumia get pretty tangled up, and Lucia here likes to cuddle her cloak.”
The princess blushed with embarrassment as Ruby smiled.
“I like to cuddle at night too. I think we’ll be okay, Lucy?”
Tyler sighed now.
“Her name is Lucia.”
Ruby looked at him.
“Lucia? Why call her Lucy?”
“What’s the name of the crown princess, Ruby?”
The black haired girl blinked.
“Lucia Veralla.”
The blonde passed her ID over. Soon as she saw it she gasped.
“Princess Lucia? Here?”
Tyler put a finger to his lips,
“Quiet dammit.”
She nodded sheepishly and passed the thing back.
“Why is she here?”
Tyler crossed his arms.
“what I am about to tell you is a Vera secret, Ruby. Once I do and you decide to leave you will not be able to until our task is accomplished. Do we understand each other?”
She gulped.
“We do.”
“We’re on a mission to get her to Merillia to see Meral and get her aid for Vera in the coming war.”
Ruby sat back at this bombshell.
“You’re escorting the royal princess to the Sea Capital without horses or an airship?”
Tyler sighed.
“It’s that kinda deal, Ruby. Vera is up shits creek without a paddle. We won the war with Alfheim, but now the bigger brother Ingelheim wants a piece. Rolic has ME, The Wolf, doing this instead of manning the war table. Let that sink in.”
She did, and started shaking.
“By the gods. I see why you called her Lucy.”
“Lucy? Her name’s Lucile.”
She blinked, then smiled.
“A wily ploy. I like it. Anything else?”
Tyler rubbed his hair.
“This one is even MORE dangerous, Ruby. Not a single soul beyond this campfire knows this. Well, except big red but you get the point.”
She gulped again and her red eyes were huge.
“What is it?”
“I’m an Outworlder.”
She fell over from shock at that one. Her face looking at him like he just outed himself as a god. She had to take a good five minutes to recover.
“You’re…an Outworlder? Truly?”
“I am.”
She was hyperventilating at this news and Lumia smacked her back to keep her from outright losing herself. The sprite got a grateful smile before she looked at Tyler.
“I see now. It explains so much. And fits so freakin well. Okay. There’s a new Outworlder loose in the world and it’s Lord Wolf. We’re on a mission to deliver a princess and save a kingdom.”
“Again. This will be the THIRD time.”
His exasperated tone made them laugh as Lumia patted his leg.
“Makes sense.”
Then Ruby blinked.
“But, if you’re an Outworlder, then you’re immortal like the elves.”
Lucia blinked at this as well. Then she became sad.
“So, I’ll die and not see him again.”
Tyler sighed.
“Another reason I didn’t want it known.”
The mage sniffed at this sad fate. Then she blinked.
“Wait. If you’re an Outworlder, and WE’RE you’re friends, then, don’t we get that boon from the gods?”
Lumia tilted her head herself.
“The Outworlder’s Trust? I think it’s just a legend, Sweet Ruby.”
Tyler shrugged.
“I think it is as well. Getting eternity for just being my friend? That just seems a little TOO good a deal to be honest.”
A breeze came through the camp and a note got plastered into Tyler’s face. He sighed.
“You know you really need to find a better way to contact me.”
The girls looked at him as he read the words.
“The boon is called Outworlder’s heart. It’s granted when the Outworlder in question loves you deeply enough to WANT you with him for eternity. Lucia has Outworlder blood in her veins and as she’s in MY party it was activated. So. She has an elven lifespan now. Ruby of the Red Flame does NOT have this boon as she just got here. Lumia of the goddess’s envy, Ha. In yo faces. Was given the Outworlder’s Soul boon. He cannot live, nor would he, live without her. And we know this is a pathetic contact method, but your reactions are hilarious.”
“Bastards. Ya gotta PAY for that kinda comedy!”
Another note slapped him in the face.
“There. Paid in full.”
“Fuck you guys.”
He put the notes aside as the girls looked at him and he shrugged.
“The god that tripped me sends me notes explaining things. Guess they feel bad for my other life.”
A THIRD note slapped him in the face.
“Aw COME on!”
This said,
“Nah. We’re bored and you’re fun. That’s all.”
He put that one away too. He looked at the sky.
“No more in the face please!”
The girls just gaped at him as another note smacked into his chest.
It read.
“See? It’s fun messing with you.”
He just shook his head.
“Yeah, yeah. So yeah. I guess the gods up there like me for some odd reason.”
Lumia kissed him as the others just slumped. Then he looked at Ruby.
“Last one is just coin. We got a lot so don’t go talking about it.”
She nodded.
“That one’s pretty common actually. But so I’m in the know, what do we have for party coin?”
“Last count was 130 gold, 55 silver and 170 coppers. Not including the gems we’re looking to sell.”
Ruby nodded.
“That sounds about right for a hard working party looking in the right places. Can I ask what the long term plan for the gold is? Like horses or a house or the like?”
“Sadly horses and things like that are out of the question due to 1, I can’t ride worth a damn. 2. Since we have a high profile task we need to stay as low profile as we can. 3. I haven’t the foggiest idea about horses so we are all but promised to get cheated.”
Ruby nodded at this as well.
“When you’re escorting a princess. Yeah. House?”
“Not in the foreseeable future I’m afraid. Watch. As soon as we get to Meral, she’ll ask us to help her deal with some threat or something to her homeland BEFORE she can help Vera. Then we’ll have to trek back with the update for Rolic.”
Lucia nodded.
“I’m staying in this party, Tyler. I like this life. Until my day to rule comes I’m an adventurer.”
He patted her fondly.
“Sounds about right.”
Ruby rubbed her chin.
“Outta curiosity, how many gems we talking?”
Lumina showed her the gem box and she blinked.
“Wow. Okay I understand why you pushed the mining thing so much.”
“Reminds me. We got ores to smelt.”
Ruby watched as Lumia put the corundum in the fire and got five Sapphires and four rubies. She smiled.
“I guess you just know what to look for. Hey, Tyler. If I need something made or bought I go to you for the coin?”
“I’d prefer us to stay together as much as possible, Ruby. So, yes.”
She nodded again.
“That’s fair. Greg said to just ask him for our coin and off we’d go. Is there a seperation between party coin and our coin?”
He frowned.
“I don’t think I follow you.”
Lucia smiled.
“She means do we split coin between camp needs and our needs.”
He got it then.
“Ah. No. We need something we just make it or get it. Remember space is limited. And that’s the only rule for buying I have. I only have this sword here, and two Tyrant teeth as keepsakes.”
She smiled as she saw the hilt.
“You bought that with the gold you won off Mark. I bet you’ll find it funny he got arrested for cheating a man out of 5 gold after that one.”
“I KNEW he was a cheat. What was his thing?”
“He had NO gold coins under the cups and all silver where a gold had been seen. He was outed them.”
“Sounds right. I guess my eagle eyes made him decide against trying it on me.”
She smiled and looked at the fire.
“I’d like something made from Blue iron, please.”
“Sure. Whaddya need?”
She lifted her robe and showed a bit of chainmail.
“My mail is getting rusty and it scratches.”
Tyler frowned now.
“Okay. I’ll have Lumia and Lucia get your measurements and give it a try. Be warned I haven’t made mail yet.”
She smiled with relief.
“That’s fine. And thank you for the other bit.”
“Sure. Ladies?”
They went into the tent as he took the hunk of leftover blue iron and malachite. Chainmail eh? Alright. I like a challenge. He heard the girls giggling as they measured the shy Ruby before they came back out. Lumia passed him a note and he nodded as Ruby blushed as she retook her seat.
“I’ll take a crack at it.”
He put the two materials into the fire.
“Field smith: chainmail.”
He found the metals were then lit up with neon blue rings and he found them oddly easy to both manipulate and weld together. He placed the note with the numbers beside the anvil as he knitted with metal a shirt of rings that were a beautiful blue-green as every other ring was malachite or blue iron. It took him close to two hours of work, but he smiled as the last ring was closed.
“I think I got it.”
He lifted the shirt up and it shimmered like fish scales in light. The girls gasped at the beauty of the piece and Ruby smiled hard as she saw his insignia was made from the pattern of rings on both the front and back. He passed it to her,
“Let me know how it feels, please.”
She went into the tent and put it under her clothes. Then she came out smiling with her older mail.
“I can’t feel it at all. Thank you, it looks beautiful!”
He took her rusty mail and put it in the fire.
“Field smelt. We’ll see how it works, Ruby. Sadly, looks are secondary with armor.”
She nodded as he got a 2 pound bar of useable steel before collecting the leftover malachite and blue iron. This getting him one pound of each as Lucia looked at her gear. Ruby was smiling as her new armor tickled her body. Lumia was cutting her gems and putting the glittering items into her box as Tyler took the runner hide, the leftover blue iron and malachite, and a Tyrant tooth. The girls watched curiously as he put the metal in the fire.
“Field smith: hatchet.”
The girls watched as he made a small 6 inch single bladed axe head with his insignia on the head of the blue-green alloy with the Tyrant tooth jutting from the top of the thing. He then took a 1 foot bit of Blood wood and used the leftover material to pin the head in place on the haft. Then he took the light red hide of the runner and made the hand grip after carving the wood into another oval shape. Once that was done he added the edge to the 1 foot tool. Then he presented it for inspection. Ruby smiling widely as she saw the thing.
“I know a few rangers that would pay 15 gold for that. Just for looks alone.”
Tyler smiled as he added it to the pelt he kept the sale weapons in.
“I have a few things I can make look good. Lumia is still the best though.”
She kissed him as he took out the bronze and iron. He placed the bronze in the fire.
“Field smith: battle axe.”
He saw he needed two more bars for the head he wanted and added them before hammering out a 2 foot wide double headed battle axe. The girls blinked as the insignia was the shape. The wings of the Demon were one blade while the howling Wolf was on the backdrop of a moon for the circular other head. Tyler was smiling as he used the chisel to carve the intricate scene of the Wolf with a Demon’s Wings on a river howling at a moon into the head. He took the iron and placed it into the fire to make a haft four feet long he welded to the bronze head before putting pins of steel to KEEP the thing together. Next he pulled the Frilled hides over and wrapped the thing in the blackish grey hide for grip and shock absorption. Then the edges were put on. The entire piece taking three full hours and ate up close to twenty pounds of raw materials to create an axe that weighed 9 pounds. He passed it to Lumia the axe expert and she swung it a few times.
“I love this Axe Tyler! It’s lighter then it looks, but hits hard! We can easily sell this for 5 gold!”
He put it into the pile as Lucia made dinner that night.
“Plus it made a dent in our crafting materials. I got enough left in me tonight for one more good one. And in know just the thing.”
He took the leftover bronze and iron and put them into the fire.
“Field smelt: shield.”
Lumia smiled at that as he made a round shield four feet across. The lip of the thing was soft iron, while the center boss was bronze. The same scene was carved into the boss and the straps were made from Tyrant hide. The thing took thirty pounds of materials and dropped them into a 10 pound shield that was also easily transported. Tyler smiled at the finished product.
“Nice. I’d say maybe 6 gold.”
Ruby frowned.
“I think 4 is the better ask. It IS mere iron and bronze after all.”
“Eh. I guess. We spent nothing to get it so we make a profit regardless if it’s a single copper.”
He set the thing aside as the meal of fried Frilled and runner was had with some water. Tyler smiled as he tied the sales weapon bundle to his pack.
“The next town is Tork. We’ll make for the markets and see about unloading most of this. Since by that point most of it will be gone, worked and ready to sell.”
They doused the fire and went into the tent still discussing it.
“Tork has higher taxes as it’s a more out there city. So if we sell something for 10 gold the collector gets 6. Since it’s also a military garrison the buy prices for weapons are higher”
Tyler laid on the pelt with Lumia in his arms as Ruby cuddled with Lucia.
“I wonder if I have to worry about a contract? Since it IS a time of war.”
The princess shrugged.
“I doubt it. You ARE a mere novice after all. Talent or not. It’s most the well know smiths that get contracted for the military. Most you can expect is a military collector asking you to ‘donate’ a weapon or piece of armor to the fight as a military tax.”
“That’s fair actually. Hey, Ruby, the mail feel good?”
She blushed in the dark.
“It does. Even in the bed.”
“I’ll see about making more then. I kinda liked the way it shimmered like scales. Good night Lumia. I love you.”
“I love you too, Tyler.”
“Good night girls.”


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia on her back. So, she got her morning surprise. The Sprite got her daily cream and orgasm and they looked to see Ruby watching them love wide eyed. Lucia was heard grumbling.
“You get used to it. Bastards.”
They laughed and relit the fire and made breakfast as a still wide eyed Ruby came out.
“I know she’s your Sprite Soul. But do you do that EVERY morning?”
Lucia was still grumbling as she took her morning joe.
“Every morning I get woken by her pleasure. Every. Morning.”
Ruby slumped.
“Just don’t get anything on me.”
“Same here.”
They laughed and ate breakfast. Then they broke camp and were moving on. Tyler had the shield on the back of his pack covering the sale bundle and he could still reach his weapons with ease. Ruby was fighting with her pack again, but not as badly as yesterday as the party moved. They made great time until more boulders on the side of the road were seen. Tyler sighed.
“Bandits. About 15. Ruby just hit the dirt. That pack’s your enemy for the time being.”
She nodded.
“Agreed. Just be careful.”
“Just cause you asked me to.”
He pulled the Rune one handed sword and blinked.
“Oh yeah. I forgot to ask what was so special about Rune.”
Ruby smiled.
“It’s a legendarily strong metal. It’s rare to the point of not existing and takes days to forge. It’s one of the strongest metals in Vera.”
“Is the world called Vera or the country?”
“Both. The full name for the world is Verallamonia. The Kingdom of Vera is just a country named after it. They get used interchangeably all the time.”
“Neat. Let’s kill some bandits.”
The party walked forward and the group of fifteen appeared.
“Alright kids. 10 gold and the Sprite’s fuck.”
Tyler smiled as the Sprite split him in half with her malachite axe through the groin FIRST. Lucia was firing arrows as Ruby dropped flat. Tyler swung the Rune sword and cut a man clean in half without feeling any resistance at all. So he smiled.
“New toy. I like it.”
He had his other hand as a counter balance as he danced in his heavy pack around Lumia’s axe sweeps and Lucia’s arrows. The men were killed with ease and Ruby got off the dirt dusting her red robes off.
“Well. You’re a scary party. Able to fight with all that on your backs.”
Tyler chuckled.
“Get to looting Ruby.”
She nodded smiling.
“You have a way for this?”
“IDs, Cards, coin and anything we can sell really.”
“Just asking since some parties get picky.”
Tyler walked up to the first boulder.
“Prospect. Hmm. More malachite that’s good. Wow. Red iron.”
“Same as Blue. Just red.”
“Love you too, Lumia.”
He dug the ten pounds of each mineral and moved to the next.
“Let’s see. Prospect. More Turquoise!”
“I’ll work my end tonight!”
“As will I.”
Tyler smiled.
“Nice to hear my ladies got skills. I got more copper, tin, wow. Some more Entite. Been a while since I saw that.”
He dug them out and was onto the next.
“Coal. Good. More red iron, more blue iron, and huh? Wow. More silver!”
“Love you too!”
Ruby just shook her head at that.
“He just found some true treasures in boulders that bandits used to set up an ambush. I feel inadequate now.”
Tyler was at the last boulder on that side.
“wow. More topaz. More gems we have the better. Okay. More beryl!”
He finished that rock and moved to the next set,
“Copper, coal, regular iron, and tin.”
He got more of the same until the ten boulders were rubble. They walked away from the ambush 35 silver richer and were on their merry way after rolling the bodies into the ditch. Tyler smiled as he saw Ruby nearly upright as they stopped for lunch near a small bridge that was clear for once. He looked at Lumia.
“How many gems does that box hold?”
She smiled as she sprinkled a little salt onto her Frilled sandwich.
“About 150 gems. I’m at maybe 65. Plus that will drop when I make a few mulitstone rings and a few necklaces.”
“Nice. I think you should get an extra as we’ll most likely have a longer amount between towns before we hit the coast.”
Lucia frowned.
“After Tork, what’s the next town?”
He pulled the map out and looked.
“Hmm. Looks like a place called Yark. About three days out. And after that is the port city of Lamia. And from the look of it, it’s a five day sail to the port of Marilla and about six days to the Sea Capital. WITHOUT issues. And we’re about five days from Tork. So, we got a lotta walkin ahead us.”
Lumia looked at her bare feet.
“I’m gonna need new feet.”
Tyler kissed her.
“I’ll use a trick from my world on you tonight.”
She blinked, then smiled at this.
“Now I’m curious what else from your world you’d like to try on me.”
He smiled and she felt a flare of lust.
“Oh we got a few games I think you’ll like, Lumia.”
She shivered at the feelings.
“I love you too.”
Tyler smiled when he spotted an odd sight.
“What the? That tree is blue!”
Lucia looked over and smiled.
“That’s a Blue Willow. They’re really rare and highly prized for hafts and poles for spears or axes. Plus they grow simply divine fruit and the leaves make a tea that is also really good.”
They got to cutting the ten foot tree down. Lucia and Ruby collected nearly every leaf that didn’t blow away as Tyler and Lumia added the wood to their bundles. The fruit was an odd blueberry the size of an apple that Tyler found was just a larger blueberry that grew in a tree. He chuckled at that as they walked on.
“I kinda like this place. It’s freakin weird.”
They laughed as a shadow passed overhead. Tyler looked up,
“Woah. Hey! Big red! What’s up?!”
The massive red dragon he’d met prior was drifting by above them. The girls were awestruck by the legendary creature and were floored by Tyler’s greeting. Though his response just made it the worse,
“ha! If it ain’t the little outworlder?”
It turned on a wing and landed in front of them to look at Tyler with a 5 foot eye. Tyler smiled as he saw the beast.
“Nice to see ya. Hey, check this out.”
He drew the rune sword and the dragon blinked.
“Dragon’s Bane? Boy where did you get that?”
Tyler gulped now and pulled the map.
“Here. I found a tomb and it was inside the coffin after I killed the guardian.”
The dragon laughed, and the girls noticed the temperature had risen by a few degrees.
“An ancient weapon indeed. In the hands of another Outworlder no less. Interesting. Very interesting. So. Lord wolf?”
Tyler snorted.
“I guess I’m a Wolf to them.”
The dragon growled now.
“And when the Wolf hunts a Dragon,”
Tyler grinned a dark grin and Lumia shuddered.
“It will spread it’s Demon wings to take the fight to you. Ya been warned.”
The girls were white as he THREATENED a dragon to it’s face! Then the majestic beast laughed heartedly.
“That’s the fire we’ve missed! You are the first to threaten a dragon to it’s face! And with such fire in your eyes too! AND you wield the sword of a dragonslayer as well? This world just became fun again!”
Tyler adjusted the pack on his back.
“What’s the point of life without fun?”
The dragon blew smoke as it snorted.
“Agreed. The wars the grounded wage are amusing, but only the war that just ended was entertaining. Lord Wolf. That’s a title. Your ID, Human.”
Tyler presented it, and the dragon placed a claw the size of a sword poked it. His ID glowed and a title slot was filled with the Dragon forged title of Lord Wolf. It increased strength and was now visible beside his name. Tyler smiled.
“Thank you, Dragon. Was wondering how titles were made.”
The thing chuckled
“You. Sprite. Lady Wolf. Yours too.”
The sprite gulped, and placed hers next to his. She got the title Lady Wolf and their two titles had an extra effect from the chain. It made so they could feel the other’s souls better and more clearly even when silent. Tyler smiled at this as the dragon looked at a spot between them. Tyler looked up as the beast reached a claw towards the spot,
“The Chain?”
The dragon looked at him.
“Do you not trust me after the titles?”
Tyler placed hand on the rune sword.
“Titles are one thing, Dragon. The only person in this world I CANNOT live without? No.”
The dragon glared at him with all the force of an angry dragon, and Tyler had the sword out and nearly toughing it’s eye.
“You don’t scare me. I told you that already. Tread carefully because you and I know I CAN TAKE YOU DOWN.”
The Dragon locked eyes with the Wolf as his friends backed away from the battle of wills. Then Tyler smiled widely, and Lumia shuddered hard as the evil in his soul was released in full. His eyes turned ice cold, and all that was left within them was the promise of a painful death as Tyler’s gaze became the stare of one that has never seen the light and thrived in the dark. The Dragon shuddered at that dark light. Then looked away. Tyler chuckled at this.
“See? Now, what were you going to do?”
The Dragon looked back at him with laughter in it’s eyes.
“You just made a dragon back down. With a stare. Well done. I was curious how strong the chain was between you two and made to poke it. Dragons can see the chain as a physical object and I have never seen such a golden example before. Your chain is gold. So of course I was curious.”
Tyler still had the sword out.
The thing poked the spot on the ground and blinked.
“Lad. The chain’s unbreakable. The distance limit is still there, but not even a god can break that chain. It will never rust either as the bonds are that strong.”
Tyler sheathed the dragonkiller as the dragon withdrew his claw. The beast nodded approvingly.
“Fangs out when danger is scented. Yet relax once the scent is lost. You embody the Wolf. I’ve seen your progress and find it terrifying.”
“Outta curiosity, but what is YOUR name?”
The dragon rumbled.
“A Dragon’s name is a precious gift, Outworlder. And as such is not given out as yours are.”
Tyler shrugged.
“That’s fair. I THINK I can guess it, but that’s fine.”
The dragon blinked.
“You THINK you can guess the name of a dragon? Okay. You do and I’ll give you four diamonds. You CAN’T, we fight.”
“Okay. Igneel.”
The dragon blinked. And was silent for a anxiety inducing ten minutes before it reacted.
“Correct. How? I shall honor my word, but HOW?”
Tyler chuckled.
“You’re a red dragon. The FIRST red dragon I met in a new world. What else would you be named? Huh. Ten diamonds say you’re father was called Ignatia.”
That got him a glare.
“You’re scaring me. And I DO NOT LIKE IT. STOP. You’re right. Again. Ten diamonds as well.”
Tyler got the goods and smiled as he gave the gems to Lumia. He chuckled.
“Sure. Well. Now what?”
The dragon snorted.
“You get back to it. I as well.”
The dragon flew off and Tyler looked at the girls.
“So yeah. That’s a dragon.”
Ruby just looked at him.
“I saw a dragon up close and didn’t die. You SCARED a dragon. And lived to tell the tale. Okay. I’ve seen it all.”
Tyler smiled as he looked at Lucia.
“You good?”
She smiled.
“Just a little shocked. You told me about him but seeing him another thing.”
Lumia kissed him.
“I’m okay. Let’s go.”
They left the spot and got back to their own travels. They walked for the rest of the day and made camp in a small bowl of stone by a river. Tyler set Night’s Watch, Lucia the tent, Lumia the fire. Ruby looked around and saw how she didn’t have a clear task and Tyler smiled.
“Lay out the meal for the camp.”
She smiled gratefully and laid out Tyrant slabs, breading, and some of the strawberries. Lucia smiled as she saw the spread.
Tyler smiled as he laid the forge materials beside him with Lumia on the other side of the fire. He took the bronze, steel, wood, malachite and chrome with the hides as Lumia had her silver alongside her with her gem box. He placed the bronze in first.
“Field Smith: Battle axe.”
The metal glowed a neon blue as he started molding a 3 foot head this time. Only this was a more vicious design. The wings of the howling Wolf would be the blades while the wolf would be the mount to the haft. Lumia smiled as she took out her necklace mold and took out a set of four sapphires and three garnets. Lucia was looking at her ID as he used the chisel to carve the more intricate details in the head.
“This one will be a monster.”
He took some of the green malachite and added the edge to the blades for a contrast of the golden bronze and the green of the malachite. The haft was blood haft. Lumia was using some of the lighter tan Tyrant hide for her necklace string as Tyler blinked.
“Hey. Wanna use some of the malachite for the sapphire chain?”
She blinked.
“That would lo0ok beautiful! Thank you!”
He smiled as the smith apprentice took the red wood for the haft and once again carved it into an oval shape for ease of use. Ruby was watching the man work with awe at the bright colors of blue and pink as Tyler made the pins from steel. He fixed the axe together and smiled at the finished product. The Demon wing axe had his smith insignia carved into haft of the weapon as he next wrapped it with some Longleg hide which would ensure a true grip. He hefted the large weapon and smiled.
“Nice. Thirty pounds of materials for a ten pound axe. I think maybe I can get 3 gold for it.”
Ruby tilted her head at that.
“I’d say 5. The malachite alone will be a major draw.”
He shrugged.
“We got the materials for free, so even ONE copper is a profit. We’ll see what we CAN get and go from there. Here Lumina. The leftover malachite.”
The sprite smiled as she took the green metal.
The sexy sprite took out a ruby, a few bits of aquamarine and a topaz for her next piece as Tyler placed the lumps of red iron and blue iron in the fire.
“Field Smelt.”
The metals produced a red bar of metal with flecks of dark grey while the blue had the same mottled pattern. Ruby was looking at her spells while Lucia was resting on the ground next to Tyler.
“Hey. Whaddya think?”
He looked up at Lumia’s voice. She had her second necklace and he blinked. It was made from pure silver with the light green malachite around the pendant with a three inch sapphire in the center with a garnet at the four cardinal directions around the blue gem. The china was an interwoven band of silver and malachite and in the firelight it gleamed. The girls gasped.
“Lumia! It’s beautiful!”
“Thank you, Lucia. I’m thinking 10 gold.”
Tyler smiled at that.
“A fair price to be sure. I kinda wanna find outright gold now.”
Ruby smiled as she looked over.
“It’s rare. But that said? You will eventually.”
He chuckled at that as he took the red iron.
“Field smith: short sword.”
The girls all became curious as he made a blade three feet long with a leaf shape to the profile. The piece had a one foot bar on the end for the grip he’d flatten to keep the handle attached to the blade. He smiled as the thing took shape.
“I’m half-tempted to make this a dual wielder set.”
Ruby frowned.
“Not many Veran can dual wield, Tyler. It’s more a foreign technique.”
He shrugged as he took blood oak wood for the handle.
“Sounds about right.”
This he carved in a manner for a comfortable grip in any angle of holding. Next he made the pins from more of the red metal and once the wood was in place he flattened the metal extending from the wooden grip for a cap. Next he took some Longleg hide and wrapped it tightly and added the razor edge that made it a weapon. Lucia smiled widely as she held the thing.
“It’s so light! I feel like I’m holding a dagger!”
He chuckled as he put his insignia on the center of the blade on both sides. He next made a scabbard from the same metal with a wide mouth with a howling Wolf a with demon wings on its back around the opening. He nodded happily.
“This cost us maybe 15 pounds of metal and five pounds of other stuff for a 6 pound sword and maybe 10 pounds for the 5 pound scabbard. I’ll say 90 silver.”
Ruby nodded.
“Another fair deal. It’s a beautiful weapon.”
“Thanks. Next up is….hmm.”
He looked at the metals he had available and looked at Lucia.
“How’s your mail?”
She lifted her tunic edge and smiled.
“Still clean. It think it’s malachite so it’s good for a while.”
“Nice. Mine’s good. Lumia?”
Tyler nodded and looked at the metals.
“Hmm. Fuck it. Field smith dagger.”
They laughed as he made another dagger of pure red iron with Frilled hide as a handle. Then he took the Chrome.
“Hmmm. Eh. Field Smelt mirror.”
Lucia laughed at that as he made another chrome mirror with red iron interwoven with the highly reflective metal. He made four and all the chrome was used up before setting them aside. He smiled as he looked at the finished mirrors.
“70 silvers a pop?”
Lucia smiled.
“That’s fair. Lumia should sell it as she’ll get the better offer price.”
Tyler nodded as he passed the things to the sprite.
“Sounds about right. Lumia can handle the selling of the accessories, I’ll handle the weapons and armor, plus scaring people. Lucia can be our assistant and Ruby there can sell potions. We’re more a merchant party now. Great.”
The ladies laughed at that one as Tyler looked at the sky, and saw it was dark
“Let’s get some food.”
They were in agreement as the sales and crafting goods were put away. Ruby blinking as she saw the amount reduced.
“We just went through close to a third of all our weight! The hell?”
Tyler chuckled as he molded some tyrant meat into disks about 3 inches across and 2 thick.
“Why we collect so much, Sweet Ruby. We’ll reload tomorrow never you worry.”
She blushed at the pet title as he used some onions to glaze the meat before putting the 8 patties on the grate over the fire, getting a succulent hiss as he looked at Lumia.
“Before we sleep I’ll show you a trick from my world.”
She sensed the warmth and smiled.
“I’ll look forward to it.”
Tyler smiled as he flipped the patties as the girls’ mouths were watering at the smell as he toasted some bread in the fire before making another thing swirl of the blood sauce and mustard.
“Ladies. the Tyrant burger. Enjoy.”
They took their first bite,
“Oh my gods.”
“I lived food wrong people.”
Tyler chuckled as he dug into his own.
“Am I good? Oh just okay?”
They laughed at that as they feasted on the meaty goodness. The weapons were added to the sale bundle and Tyler looked at Lumia.
“Shell I?”
The friends went into the tent and he smiled at his sprite wife.
“Lay on you belly.”
She did as instructed and he lifted her leg as Lucia and Ruby watched curiously. Tyler started rubbing and Lumia was groaning as the tension was massages away by her skilled lover. Lucia and Ruby looked at each other mildly concerned as Lumia seemed to be moaning in pain as she squirmed from the touches.
“What the hell is he doing to her?”
“How should in know Lucia? I can’t tell if he’s helping her or torturing her.”
Tyler smiled as he massaged the last knot from his Sprite’s foot and moved to her other and did the same motions before she moaned in relief and kissed him.
“I have never felt such a thing before, Tyler. My feet feel wonderful. Thank you.”
He kissed her warmly.
“Happy to help. I got a few tricks for your back as well. But we need a bed for them to work properly.”
She smiled happily.
“Will we be staying in Tork?”
“Depends on the market. If we stay the night I’ll do it to you.”
She kissed him again and they laid on the pelts in the other’s arms.
“I’ll look forward to it. I love you, Tyler.”
“I love you Lumia.”
Lucia and Ruby were cuddled up together as Tyler settled.
“Goodnight girls.”
“Just don’t wake us up with it.”


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia asleep beside him. He smiled as he kissed her awake.
“No morning surprise?”
He mounted her kissing her.
“I like it when you here too.”
She smiled as she got her morning cream and orgasm before they relit the fire and made coffee for the camp. Lucia and Ruby came out not long after and the fire mage was blushing again as she looked at the pair, getting a laugh from them. The breakfast was eaten and camp was torn down before they set off down the road. Tyler smiling as he saw Ruby was standing upright for once as she went.
“I see you got used to your pack, Ruby.”
She smiled happily at this feat.
“It’s still heavy, but I can manage.”
Tyler chuckled as he heard this.
“Good. Good. Lucia.”
The princess sighed as she shifted her pack.
“That means you’re getting MORE weight now.”
The mage slumped in despair as the other three chuckled at their friend’s misery. The party were now passing through a more flat area of the country and Tyler frowned as he saw this.
“Heads on a swivel. This be prime horse country. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bandits use horses here.”
Ruby sighed at that.
“They do. And it’s annoying.”
Tyler tilted his head now.
“Hey, Ruby. Where WERE you guys coming from?”
She blinked at the sudden question, then chuckled.
“we escorted a caravan from Term to Tork three days after you left town. we decided to walk to Trost and du some looting along the way.”
Lumia tilted her head.
“What route did you take? There’s only like three and we’ve been on this one.”
Ruby tilted her head.
“The caravan took a more out of the way route to avoid the usual taxes. At least, that’s what they told us. They paid us 3 gold each both at join up and completion.”
Tyler stopped at that.
“For six people? That’s 36 gold. That’s not normal. Ruby, come here a sec.”
Now scared she came over as he pulled the map out.
“Show the route you took.”
She looked and pointed to the one.
“Here. We loaded up in Term and moved along this path here.”
The mage traced a meandering route with her finger. Right along the borders of Alfheim and Vera. Seeing this he frowned.
“Okay. What did they talk about?”
She rubbed her chin.
“Mostly the war and how Vera suddenly got smart. That and how they had to be at Tork in three days or they’d have hell to pay. We mostly kept to ourselves as they did the same.”
Tyler asked one last question.
“Did you see the cargo?”
She nodded.
“A little. They had it under a trap in the wagons so we didn’t really get to see what it was. But I peeked and all they had were weapons and armor. Quite a lot actually.”
Tyler slumped.
“Tork’s got un underground Alfheim loyalist movement. That caravan was a smuggler run to ARM them. Okay. We can NOT set foot in that city with the princess. Period. We do we ruin the plan.”
The party pulled to the side of the road for a proper meeting to discuss their options. Tyler tapped the city.
“It’s a deathtrap. That’s obvious. We walk in there with Lucia even hooded and we’re just asking for an incident.”
They nodded as the blonde sighed.
“We HAVE to go through the city as there’s no way around it. Not unless we break from the road and traverse the wilds themselves. And Tyler? I’m just not ready for that.”
He smiled at her.
“The fact you can see that yourself is a good sign, Lucia. You’re coming along fine.”
She smiled proudly at that as he looked at the spot again. He sighed.
“Okay. We’ll just go right through. We do NOT lose sight of each other PERIOD. Lucia holds my hand the way through. Lumia?”
The sprite nodded as Lucia blushed.
“Agreed. We lose her we lose the war.”
“Before it even began as it would break Rolic’s spirit and ruin my reputation and position in the court and remove my mind from the war table. Okay. I’ll craft her a mask as well and say she has a horrible scar. Actually. I got a better one. She’s got a nasty skin condition that renders her weak to sunlight. So she has to go around in a hooded cloak. Ruby. You think you can make a potion to mimic such symptoms?”
She smiled.
“Easily. Sun rash is quite common in the fairer skinned people in Vera.”
Lucia looked at Tyler’s fair skin curiously.
“Do you ever get Sun pain, Tyler? You’re skin is almost as pale as mine.”
He chuckled as he held out his arms.
“In my world a race of people called native Americans lived in my town’s region. I have their blood in my veins and am more resistant to the sun because of it. We could walk through a desert and I won’t burn.”
Lucia smiled as she saw one arm was darker then the other.
“I see what you mean. Why is one arm darker?”
“My seat in school was next to the window.”
He looked at the map.
“We have three options here. One. Go around. We put Lucia to the test on a deep wilds trek around the city and link up with the road here. Two. We put the hood and potion on her to walk in walk out the city in ONE day. We can play the whole relative is dying in Lamia. Actually. We’ll say Yark. That way we can throw off the trailers. Third? We play ballsy and pick the fight with the loyalists as a favor to the city and kingdom. We do that we out ourselves to the world while helping the war effort by removing some potential sleepers from play.”
Lucia looked up at the term.
“Laxus at the table was a sleeper. Agents of an enemy power planted in a position of either import or use to disrupt the activities of the host nation.”
“I see.”
He sat back as Lumia threw her opinion out.
“The first option is just out of our skill range, Tyler. Lucia is just too green to suddenly test her as harshly as that. I think the second option is best. Medium risk, high reward.”
Ruby nodded.
“I’m with Lumia on this one, Tyler. With the potion not even her own father would recognize her in broad daylight. So, the second.”
Lucia nodded as well.
“If it goes bad we refer to the third. You’re Lord Wolf, so if YOU get attacked in a town period people will want to know WHY they attacked you in the first place.”
Tyler sighed.
“Alright. We play the hoodwink. Ruby. What do you need for potion ingredients?”
She smiled.
“A skunk heart, nightshade, some of the Blue Willow berries, a fire, and the eyes of a barred owl.”
Lucia bawled.
“A skunk? Ew.”
Tyler chuckled as he patted her.
“I’ll hunt the skunk, Little Lucia. I know how to kill it without it spraying.”
She breathed a sigh of relief and the meeting was adjourned. Tyler used his skill.
“Track: Skunk.”
The small prints lit up and he chuckled.
“Skunk fur is actually really comfy so bonus.”
They laughed as they dragged the small animal to a small clearing where Tyler dropped the 2 foot creature with a well-aimed arrow to the eye. The girls stayed back as he cleaned the carcass WITHOUT getting a single whiff of the thing’s stench. The girls were wary of him as he set the scent glands into a tin and then they breathed easy. The pelt Tyler smiled at as he had an idea.
“I can use this for some good arm warmers. Here, Lucia. Feel it.”
She did, albeit nervously, only to gasp.
“Wow, it’s so soft!”
He chuckled as he put it away and gave Ruby the heart.
“Skunk is actually really good fur. No one thinks so due to the smell. Come on. The barred owl is the next one.”
Lumia looked at a nearby tree.
“I saw a nest about ten minutes ago.”
The 2 foot bird was found and collected which made Tyler happy as the grey-white plumage also made good flights for arrows. The friends next find was deadly nightshade and Lumia harvested the poisonous bulbs for the mage. Tyler nodded approvingly.
“Alright. We got they ingredients needed. Let’s keep at it.”
They walked along the road for the next few hours as Ruby hummed happily as her pack didn’t feel like it was going to cripple her now. They broke for lunch beside the road covered by a crater in the ground Tyler thought was made from some kind of blast. The man was looking at the map and nodded.
“We’ll have another early night as we’ll reach Tork early in the morning. I want to have to turn around to see it by noon.”
They nodded at that as Lucia blushed at the thought of holding his hand.
“IS it okay, Lumia?”
The kind sprite hugged her friend.
“It is, Little Lucia. Sometimes the shy, nervous sister has to draw strength from the brother. Right?”
Tyler patted the smiling blonde.
“Yeah. You’ve always been scared of people due to your condition, Lucien. I’ll look after you.”
She hugged him warmly as Ruby chuckled.
“That’s STILL a clever trick.”
Lumia smiled at that.
“He’s The Wolf.”
That got a laugh as they moved on after a lunch of nuts, water, berries, and some bread. Tyler adjusted his pack as they moved.
“How’s everyone’s canteens?”
Lucia answered first.
“I need a refill on two.”
Ruby nodded.
“Same here. I only have on sadly.”
“I also need a refill.”
Tyler smiled as he used Waterbolt and got a laugh from Ruby.
“Scary. Not many know the water in water spells is the purest form of the liquid in the world.”
Tyler chuckled as he had a thought.
“That’s a thing. I’ll see about an ice spell for the crew as well.”
Ruby just shook her head smiling as they went.
“And yet ANOTHER thing most never stop to consider.”
They laughed as a set of shapes appeared in front of the team. Tyler blinked.
“Wow. NOT using the boulder trick. Refreshing.”
However they’re demand sent them in another direction entirely.
“hand the princess over Wolf. Or you will ALL die.”
Tyler blinked and looked at his party.
“We got a princess here?”
Lucia was also dumbfounded.
“Why you looking at me? Lumia?”
The sprite shrugged.
“I’m not a princess. Though the sprite queen DID try to pass it on to me at one point.”
That little detail got a blink and they looked at her.
“Okay. Tell me later. Ruby?”
She laughed.
“I WAS called the Princess of fire in my home village. Maybe me?”
The twenty men snorted as she said this.
“Nice try kids. Tyler the Wolf.”
“Okay. I like that one too.”
That got a smirk from the leader.
“It has a certain ring to it I’ll admit. We know you have the princess. Hand her over peacefully and we won’t hurt the others in your party. All we want is the princess.”
Ruby made as if to walk over,
He pointed at Lucia. Who blinked.
The man was fast losing his patience as he spoke.
“Yes! YOU! Princess Lucia Veralla. Come with us.”
She blinked in utter confusion.
“My name’s Lukin. Thank you for the flattery though.”
The man sighed at this.
“Look. You can’t fool us. We know what you look like, and we can prove your identity.”
Tyler tilted his head curiously.
“really? How?”
The man lifted a crystal into the air and smiled.
“This resonates with the royal bloodline as it has Outworlder blood. Any with outworlder blood will glow with the color most associated with their soul.”
Tyler blinked at that claim.
“Oh this oughta be fun. Go on, use it.”
The man did and Lucia AND Tyler lit up. He lighting up a neon blue while her color was a light pink he smirked at. The men however, had a more horrified reaction as Tyler pulled his rune sword and smiled at them.
“I’m not from around here.”
The party moved them to attack as the enemy force scrambled to react to the shock of Tyler being outed as an outworlder. The first man was cut clean in half by the legendary metal in the rune one-handed sword as Tyler carved along with a smile while Lumia’s axe making blood rain with hefty, sweeping arcs while Lucia fired arrows from beside Ruby as the two girls used their long range abilities to aid the melee fighters.
“Roiling flames!” Ten feet of the trail just caught fire as the fire mage proved her power of the element of the road just caught fire as Ruby’s red eyes glowed like the fire she cast. There had been twenty men to begin with and by the time they were3 done, only the leader still lived. Tyler smiled as he grabbed the bleeding man and looked him in the eye.
“Talk and it’ll be a painless one.”
The man gulped and glared.
“Outworlder scum. You don’t belong here. And you’ll never beak me. Ingelheim will bring the proper direction to these Veran dogs. You WILL know order!”
Tyler chuckled and pulled his knife as Lumia shuddered at the release of the evil in his soul.
“Well. A fighter. How cute. Okay. I got ten minutes.”
The boy stabbed the man in the knee just above the cap and smiled as the man screamed in pain before twisting it with excruciating slowness as a low crunching was heard before it popped clean off and the man nearly blacked out from the pain.
“Healing touch.”
Lumia was shaking as the evil roiled and flowed inside her lover’s soul while screams and sound the two girls were hugging each other from the sounds and screams as Tyler smiled. The wound was healed and the man gaped in horror as Tyler smiled with the knife raised for another stab.
“Look. I can do this all day. Answer questions and you’ll die quicker.”
The man gave up.
“You’re a monster.”
“Nope. I’m a Wolf with the Shadow of a Demon. The crystal. Where’d you get it?”
The man sighed.
“A tool given to us by our superior to hunt the princess. We had no idea there was an outworlder escorting her.”
“How did you find us?”
“we had the lone survivor of the assassination attempt on the palace. He said the one there was a fake and we realized the plan quickly once it was learned the Wolf had left the capital.”
Tyler rubbed his eyes.
“And that kids, is why you never spare anyone. Okay. Tork. Does it house a loyalist faction to Alfheim or Ingelheim?”
“It does and both. It was our launch station after we booked the Warlocks for escort to the city under the guise of a merchant caravan. They had no idea who we were.”
“Course not. Were you it?”
“More will come for you. But yes. Tork is empty of our presence.”
Tyler nodded.
“Alright. That’s all for this one.”
The man snapped the neck and looked at the girls.
“I promise to never turn my knife or torture skills on you. Now. Loot them, and we’ll lure a Tyrant for quick disposal of them.”
They nodded as Lumia kissed him to help reseal the evil, and shivered as the warmth engulfed her.
“Sorry about that.”
She smiled as they looted the men.
“I understand.”
They took their Ids and stripped them of clothes as Tyler made a curious instrument in a small fire he’d built for his smithing skill. It resembling a horn but made from wood and iron. Once the bodies were piled in a ditch on the side of the road Tyler looked at them.
“we run as soon as we hear the return bellow, okay?”
They nodded as he put the thing to his lips. The sound was identical to the territory bellow of a hunting Tyrant. They only had to wait a mere ten seconds as a return bellow was heard behind them.
They ran as the thuds were felt and the thing was seen exiting the woods onto the road. It looked at the fleeing travelers, then noticed the corpses in the ditch. It snorted and accepted the free meal as the friends ran hard for the next few hours as they sought to put as much distance between themselves and the massive predator. They ran until Tyler was satisfied with their distance.
“Okay. It’s feeding and isn’t going to move for a while.”
They halted gratefully and took a spot on the side of the road to catch their breath as Tyler looked at the crystal curiously. Lucia sighed as she saw it.
“An Oracle shard. Great.”
Tyler looked at her.
“It lights up outworlder blood?”
She nodded.
“Yup. And is used to hunt those of royal blood since we ALL have the blood in our veins. Why we’re the royal family to begin with as the outworlders founded our homeland back in the past.”
Tyler destroyed the stone and sighed.
“Great. Not even MY bullshit can get passed that.”
Ruby sighed as well.
“We’ll have to be more vigilant entering towns as the tested glow white if they DON’T have the blood. If we see someone glow white at Tork we leave.”
“Agreed. I could try my Lord Wolf thing, but I doubt it’ll work.”
Lucia nodded.
“If they’re testing people with a crystal, it means that a worlders hunt is on as a new outworlder has arrived and the leaders of the countries in the world want them under their wings. As the Outworlders usually bring knowledge, stories, unusual skills and abilities with them. And more often then not are here for some great task or feat.”
Tyler sighed.
“I am NOT interested in that bullshit. All I wanted was to live in Term and be an adventurer. Not decide the fate of the world or countries in it.”
Ruby sighed sympathetically.
"That's how it is for adventurers sometimes, Tyler. sometimes we get roped into something far more then we'd intended and with far more implcations for somethimg worse. sometimes we'll head out on a journey and wind up as heroes to people we've never met before."
Tyler sighed as they kept moving.
“Well. At least our lives won’t be boring. I guess.”
They chuckled at that one. The friends moved along for the next few hours before breaking for lunch in the shadow of a large tree with roots 6 feet thick forming a large bowl-like depression ten feet across. Tyler was looking at the dead men’s IDs as Lucia was resting against the tree trunk and Lumia was rubbing her feet. Ruby smiled as she looked at her spell card.
“Roiling flames upgraded. The area’s now 12 feet and the flames burn hotter.”
Tyler chuckled again.
“Nice. More firepower we got the better. You okay, Lumia?”
She smiled as she let her foot go.
“Yeah. I’m fine.”
He kissed her and she smiled happily.
“I’ll do it to you again in camp tonight.”
“I’ll look forward to it.”
The other two just sighed.
“Lovey dovey bastards.”
“I STILL want a different tent!”
They laughed at that as Tyler nodded.
“Break’s over. Let’s get going.”
The friends chuckled and got back on the road. The Wolf whistling as they walked along the now winding road that made it’s way up hills and into valleys of grassy fields and rolling plains as the sky above was light blue with the light of afternoon daytime. Tyler noted movement on the right, and was faced with a large moose that made him smile.
“Wow. Been a while.”
He dropped the massive animal and the party got to collecting. Tyler looked at the brown antlers and chuckled.
“I can make a few good handles with this. Nice.”
The others laughed and took close to 90 pounds of the meat they spilt between the four of them and off they went. Tyler smiled as Ruby was once again fighting with her pack’s weight. The black haired mage was sweating again and using her staff as a walking stick as they came over a hill and were looking at the military town of Tork. Tyler frowned as he saw the tall white buildings built in a staggered fashion with the ones nearest the wall level with said wall, while the further back you went into the city the higher the buildings got with overlapping fields of fire on both the streets and other rooftops. He sighed as he saw this design.
“That’s not a city. That’s a damn fortress.”
Lucia sighed as she hefted her pack.
“It has never fallen in battle. And has never been captured.”
Tyler sighed as he looked at the construct.
"I can see that. Alright. We'll make camp and rest before we handle that place as i do NOT trust the word of a spy."
The friends nodded and searched for a suitable campsite as they left the road. Though they got quite the surprise when they came over a hill and were faced with a large creature feeding on a shrub. Tyler blinked as he saw the crest jutting from the back of it's head.
"Wow. A parasolophus. Neat."
Lumia chuckled as she told him the Vera name.
"It's called a Plains eater here."
"I like that better. How's the meat?"
Ruby smiled.
"Think a better turkey."
"Neat. alright then."
He shot the thing with an arrow in the heart and it dropped with a dull honk of surprise. The industrious friends got right to work havesting the ting with Tyler loving the way it's blue-green hide looked.
"I can make some really nifty things with that color scheme."
The four foot crest was also taken as Lucia explained,
"It's used to make bows for whatever reason."
They stripped close to a hundred pounds of meat off the thing and spilt it four ways before moving on to a copse of trees a ways off from the road with a clean sightline to the city of Tork. Once inside the trees Tyler chuckled as he saw the crater.
"I'd that anywhere. Looks like airship cannons impact sites make good campsites."
It was true. the bowl was ten feet deep, with an elongated teardrop shape that let AWAY from Tork with boulders and small rocks visible. The party made camp in the bowl as Tyler set night's Watch while Lucia pitched the tent, Lumi lit the fire and Ruby laid the meal of Eater meat, bread, some Blue Willow berries and the tea from the leaves. Once the camp was situated Tyler took out his pickaxe and Lumia her gems and precious metals for more crating as Ruby looked at Lucia.
"Can you help me look for plants? I don't have inspect or harvest."
Happy to have something the contribute the princess got right to it as Tyler placed a hand on the first boulder.
"Prospect. Hmm. Got more rock salt, Arsenic? That's new. Next is....huh. Cobaltite. Hey, Lumia, got more cobaltite."
"Love you too."
"And looks like that's all for this boulder."
He dug the minerals out and brought them to the fire where he held the arsenic up.
"Is this any use in Vera?"
She shrugged.
"It's used in alchemy to help refine gold. We can sell it to the apothecary."
TYler shrugged as he set the 5 pound stone aside.
"It worth much?"
"Maybe 90 coppers. It's pretty common really. It's the type of resource that rookie adventurers collect to make a quick silver."
Tyler chuckled as he went to the next slab of rock.
"Well. this point we don't NEED coppers so I'll leave it for the next guy. Lucia? Ruby? how oyu making out?"
The girls blushed as they pictured something else entirely, and Ruby replied.
"Got some good marigold, colt's foot, rhubbarb, and even some good burdock root."
"Wow. Nice flowers girls."
Ruby sighd at that as Lucia snorted.
Tyler chuckled as he placed his hand on the solid slab.
"Prospect. Woah. i got some white granite."
Lumia smiled.
"Nice find. We can sell it fifty silver per ten pounds at the mason yards."
"I'll leave it then as we'd need a wagon for it to be worth taking with us."
He looekd again.
"Iron, tin, more zinc, eh. Good enough i guess."
He dug the metals out as Lucia and Ruby brewed the first batch of potions over the fire. The next was more a wall then a slab and he pressed his hand to it.
"Prospect: Coal, what the? Silverite? Ladies?"
Lumia smiled as she set the latest ring into her box.
"It's a silvery metal like steel. Only it has magical properties which make it effective against undead. It's reported to add the effect to any weapon it's forged with and as such is quite expensive to buy. a sword like your rune costs 20 gold."
"Nice. We'll encounter more undead eventually. I got maybe five pounds."
Lucia chuckled.
"That's about right for a Silverite deposit. it takes ten for a good sword though."
"Of course it does."
He looked again.
"Well. I got some actual silver as well."
"Love you."
"Silver, Black steel?"
Ruby smiled.
"It's also known as Ebony in other parts of the world. it's stronger then malachite but harder to work as well. Plus rarer ant costs more as well. a dagger costs 5 gold."
Yikes. i got ten pounds."
"Not bad."
He dug the minerals out and looked.
"Great. ANOTHER tomb."
The girls were right beside him as he sighed.
"I should've known. Stay here."
He set his pack down and pulled his rune sword as he walked over to the coffin.
"Who DARES challenge the might of the past?"
"I do. can we hurry this up?"
The lid of the stone sarcophagus was thrown, and Tyler stabbed the thing in the heart, getting a scream of pain as it burst into flames and turned to dust. Ruby blinked.
"Okay. i see what we were doing wrong. Everyone else LET it get out before attacking."
Tyler laughed.
"That's a common mistake really. how many think to LOOK?"
He looked inside the coffin and pulled a black axe from inside the thing. Lumia blinked, then smiled.
"That's a Black Steel axe."
He passed it to the sprite and she hefted it.
"It's lighter then my own axe is. Thank you."
Tyler kissed her warmly as they left the tomb. The new axe was the same length with a single blade and a curious white strand of metal snaking it's way from the tip of the dragon wing shaped blade down to the end of the black wrapped haft which made Lumia shake her head.
"It's infused with Silverite. watch. hit an undead with it and it'll burn."
Tyler smiled as the beautiful sprite placed the thing over her back next to her first axe.
"Looks like you got ANOTHER axe to grind."
She smiled at that one as he walked over to another slab.
"Prospect. Hmmm. Blue iron, red iron, and Phenakite? the hell?"
He dug it out and brought it over to the sprite who smiled at the mineral.
"It's a gem. Known as Glass Diamond. It's not as expensive nor as attractive as the ture diamonds, but if i use the left over chrome i can get maybe 5 gold for the ring."
Tyler then smelted his ores while Lucia and Ruby came back with more herbs. The mage was shaking her head as she set to work.
"This is a good place. I got more marigold, some more juniper berries, burdock root, some thyme, here, Lucia."
"Thank you."
"Some chestnuts, a rather large root of ginseng, and even some snowdrops."
Tyler took the ginseng root and looked it over.
"In my world, a root this size would fetch a hefty price."
The red eyed fire mage smiled as she took it.
"In Vera it's used with Marigold to craft potent healing potions. Think the ones you all half but stronger."
"We paid 25 silver per."
"This is worth 50 silver per."
He looked at Lucia.
"Is there a tax on potions?"
She sighed now.
"Yup. and it's steep as potions be a magical item. if we make 10 gold, the tax is 7 gold, 50 silver as it be considered a 'dangerous' goods tax. if we sell in Tork, we'd have to give 2 potions per ten to the military as a war donation."
Tyler nodded.
"Then we do a mass sale in Marilla. We'll make close to 400 gold off this run."
Lucia did some math.
"With all the taxes we'd have to pay? I'd say closer to 150."
Tyler shrugged as he put the black steel in the fire.
"Field Smelt. I can see that. How much will it cost to get a ship to The Sea capital?"
Ruby and Lucia looked at each other.
"I'd say an even 90. We'd have to pay the crew as well."
The blonde looked at him.
"90 gold. It's expensive to travel by sea nowadays. it'll probably be higher due to the war."
Tyler rubbed his chin.
"We can also try the marine thing. we ARE good archers, and we have a fire mage as well."
Ruby smiled.
"I like that. Plus we can get paid too."
Lucia disagreed.
"It's not as simple as you'd think to get hired as a marine crew by a captain. they'd ask to see our IDs, and even then it's a chance as we're a purely landbased party with no sea experience."
Tyler tilted his head.
"I've spent time aboard a ship before, plus well, THE WOLF. I think most captains would love having my mind aboard ships. but then again, you're right. Let's see what it looks like in Marilla. Worst case we pay a 100 gold and call it good deal. Best we fight pirates. which I REALLY want to do."
They laughed at that as a twig broke behind them. they looked to see a massive brown bear with paws the size of dinner plates. Tyler blinked at the sight of the massive teddy, and noticed it was inside the perimeter of the spell.
"Nature spirit. I'll handle this."
The bear growled at Tyler as he stood to face the beast.
"We only want the single night here."
He tossed a hunk of Tyrant over to the beast and it huffed, before devouring the offering and lumbering over and looking at the rubble around the hollow.
"I mined the rocks."
It looked at the leader and tilted it's head.
"I We got some good stuff from it! Plus is kinda fun."
It shrugged as if to say humans.
The thing looked at the plants on the ground in front of the white faced Ruby.
"Potions and seasonings. Nothing gets wasted in my camp."
An approving nod before it looked at the fire.
"No sparks either."
It nodded approvingly before curling up beside the flames and resting it's head in a manner it could see them as he sat at the fire again. he smiled at the girls.
"Relax. The bear is here to make sure we respect it's home. Long as we do that we got nothing to fear."
It snorted.
"Well. nothing more then the usual."
Lucia just sighed.
"Smile and nod."
Ruby shook her head as she got back to potion making as Lumia put the latest necklace into her box as Tyler put the silverite into the fire. the black steel had given him a solid black bar that weighed five pounds to work with. The silverite was a beautiful metal that yeilded a 3 pound bar of a bluish-silver that he smiled at.
"I want to make something from this, but I'd like it to be a sword or something like that."
He smelted the rest of the ores and took the hides out again as Lucia unrolled the sales pelt. He thought about what he wanted to make this time.
"Eh. the classic."
He puled the bronze over and put three bars into the fire.
"Field smith: breast plate."
Lucia smiled as she watched him mold a torso plate that left the arms free at the shoulders.
"That's a good breastplate. I'd better lighter then it looks as well."
Tyler smiled as he put his insignia on the chest after carving a metal six-pack of abs on the front.
"This was worn by a race of warriors in the distant past of my world. Three hundred of them held off an army of more then a million for three days and nights before a betrayal did for them."
Lucia blinked at the numbers.
"They held a pass that was the only way to enter their homeland. the pass was only wide enough for five men to stand side by side."
She shook her head at that.
"An ingenious position to be sure. I take it not a one survived?"
"Dead to the last man. but they paved the way to hell with the bodies of close to 350,000 of their enemies."
They whistled in respect for the mighty warriors as Tyler lined the plate with some leftover deer fur and passed it to Lucia for inspection.
"wow. It's sturdy."
Ruby took the thing and nodded.
"Plus it LOOKS intimidating. i know a few adventurers that would pay maybe 2 gold for it."
"Not bad for pure bronze. it weighs maybe 10 pounds and cost me 30 to make."
He set the armor o0n the palte and took the red iron and blue rion.
"Field smith: chain mail."
The girls laughed as he made the mail an interowven mesh of red and blue. Tyler smiled as he used Ruby's measurements for the sizing which made her blush a little but smile as well. Once done the thing rippled like a gentle stream, but also seemed to be on fire. The insignia was also visible on the fornt and back of the shirt and seemed to move when the rings were moved. Tyler chuckled.
"I'll ask 5 gold for it."
Ruby had a better one.
"Ask 10. Blue iron and red iron is actually rather expensive,"
He set the new addition aside as Lumia put the last ring into the box.
"I'm out of silver now. and the gems are ready to be sold."
"I've got a few more bars to work and everything weill be ready for the markets."
Ruby smiled as she put the stopper in her last potion.
"same here. I'm keeping on high potion per person in the party if that's alright."
"Good call, Ruby. Hey. just a thought, but I'd like you to make some antidotes in case of poisoning."
She smiled happily.
"Sure. I'd need some more nightshade, the liver of a Longleg, and some lime wart."
"We'll keep an eye out then."
He set some steel into the fire.
"Field Smith: dagger."
He made a simple 9 inch dagger with a 4 inch handle in the shape of a spear head. once happy with the profile he made the handle blue willow wrapped in eater hide and pinned with more steel. Then he nodded.
"We just dropped another 60 pounds to maybe 30. not bad."
He made more of the burgers and fed one to the still present bear, getting him a heart nudge for the taste.
"Glad you like it."
The food eaten they retired to the tent where Lumia was attacked with his foot trick and Lucia and Ruby had to endure her moans and groans of plasured relaxation before they cuddled up together.
"Good night Lumia. I love you."
"Good night, Tyler. I love you too."
"Good night girls."


Tyler opened his eyes to see Lumia on her back again. Can't let her get off every time!he pulled the morning surprise and she moaned as she felt the feeling.
"There it is."
He kissed her as she got her cream and orgasim before they left the tent. The bear was still there asleep as they relit the fire and made coffee and bacon for them and the bear. Lucia and Ruby came out and the mage just smiled at the two.
"Not as bad this time."
Lucia sighed.
"No. you're getting used to it."
She sighed as well at that. then Tyler looked at her.
"How long does that potion last?"
She thought about it.
"I'd say six hours. and takes thirty seconds to take effect. and NO, Lucia, it does NOT hurt."
She breathed a sigh of relief at that one as Tyler looked at the bear.
"We'll clean up. Thanks for the rest."
He got another huff as the camp was torn down, leaving nothing but rubble, a single scorch mark, and some shavings from the ore they worked that Tyler had been unable to reuse any further. They walked onto the road and made they're way towards the city.
"Lucrutia. Put the cloak on please."
She smiled as she did so.
"Lucrutia? I like that one too. It's pretty."
She pulled her hood up and he took her hand, making her blush.
"Drink the potion when we get to the line."
She nodded as Lumia sighed.
"I'll make you moan later."
She kissed him.
They walked along with Lucia hanging her head to both hide her blush, and her face as they passed by several people on horses and in wagons. T^yler noted more wagons of weapons and armor were streaming into the city then food or other goods and frowned at that.
"That's not a good sign. if they care more about weapons and armor then food or nessicities then the leader's an idiot."
ruby frowned.
"Tork is a nearly impregnaeble fortress. Stock the larders enough and they can hold off a seige for YEARS."
Tyler looked at one such weapon merchant.
"hail. be the markets good here for weapons?"
The man laughed.
"I see yer a wandering merchant. They be, lad. It seems that ole Mel wants the armories filled FIRST. He's a canny one ole Mel is."
Tyler tilted his head now.
"What of the larders?"
He laughed again.
"I see your a newcomer to this region! Tork's got enclosed farmland inside the wall. About twice what is needed to support the town. and it be enclosed against arrows and bombarbment."
Tyler blinked.
"wow. That IS a neat trick. Thankee kindly."
The man tipped his hat as Lucia made her low report.
"I drank the potion as you were talking."
"Smart lass."
She smiled at this as they approached the gate and were met bty a guard.
"Name and goods?"
"Tyler. and We intended to sell in Yark."
"The Wolf? the mayor said that if we encounter you to send you to him."
"Crap. Okay."
They were pointed at the tall tower in the center of the town and they were moving. Tyler looekd at Lucia.
"We have six hours. We are NOT staying in this town."
They nodded as they moved towards the tower in the center of the town. Tyler noted the preparations the city was undergoing from hawkers selling weapons and armor to the ballista being mounted on rooftops.
"well. Looks like they have a clue."
That got a laugh as they reached the tall white tower. Tyler had Lucia's hand as the party walked in and went to the desk with a lady behind it. She smiled at them,
"Welcome adventurers to the Unreachable Tower. How may i help you?"
Tyler slid his ID onto the desk.
"I see. Lord Mel is awaiting you. His office is over there."
She pointed to a door and they moved to it. Tyler placed his hand on the doorknob, and his danger meter flared.
They nodded as Lucia took a step back as he threw the door open and had a crossbow bolt bounce off his chaimmail. The woman at the desk saw the entire attack and screamed for the guards as Tyler pulled his rune sword as the now shaking man fought to reload his bow. Tyler cut the thing clean in half and held the sword to his throat.
"Seriously? get a new book."
The captain of the guard came in as Lucia was holding Lumia's hand looking down at the ground as Tyler got the talking down.
"what is the meaning of this?"
Tyler didn't move as he held his ID up. The gaurd gasped.
"Lord wolf?"
"This man is a traitor captain. Are you?"
The captain pulled a necklace with a dragon pendent that got a chuckle from Ruby.
"That's a Vera Honot seal. It essentially means he has the right to walk into the king's office at will. So, he's as loyal as a man can get."
Tyler nodded.
"odd how I haven't gotten one. Eh. no biggee. Your name?"
The man was a red haired specimen with a polished breastplate as he banged a fist on his mail.
"I be called martland, lord Wolf. His charge is traitor. Proof?"
The woman from the desk came forward with the crossbow bolt."
"I witnessed this bolt get fired into the Lord's chest."
Tyler's eyes hadn't left the other man's face as he passed the IDs of the hit squad over.
"I have it from their leader of the loyalist faction to Alfheim and ingelheim in this city. He shot the bolt into my chest. Thank the gods for the Wolf's hide."
He lifted his tunic and showed mail. That got an approving chuckle from the men as Mel was clapped in irons and gagged before getting dragged for an interrogation as Tyler looked at the captain.
"I was headed north."
The man blinked, then smiled.
"To the land of the Sprites. I can see that."
The party left the tower andmade for the gate in a mild hurry. They left the city and once were out of sight ofn the guard took off running fast as they could go. Tyler keeping one eye behind them as they went.
"They is NO way we don't get a party after us now. Watch. That was the second attempt in two days."
Lucia was in agreement.
"Mel has been acting odd of late. Guess we know why."
Ruby was righrt beside them with Lumia still holding Lucia's hand.
"That was intense. that bolt scared me half to death."
They laughed as they ran for the rest of the day where Tyler made them go a little further off the trail a well hidden spot they found next to another river with a cave in the back of a small hollow. Tyler threw his light spell up and they startled a large plians hunter which made Tyler smiled as he dropped the thing with an arrow.
"I love good wolf fur."
The girls laughed as they skinned the beast. Tyler and Lumia then dragged the carcass outside the perimeter of Night's Watch before returning to the now blazing fire. Lucia took her cloak off and they found the potion had wore off and she was back to her smooth skinned form. Tyler smiled at this and they made a meal of deer, longleg and the plains eater thing. Tyler sighed after the meal.
"Great. The cities were infiltrated by loyalists."
Lucia tossed an extra twig on the fire.
"Looks like it. What do we do? if Marilla is also comprmised i mean?"
Tyler pulled the map out and looked at the port cities.
"If that's the case, we go here. Quail. It's the next port city up the coast. Worst case? we play pirate. I know enough about ships to get us across the ocean. It will SUCK, but I can do it."
They sighed at that one. Then he rubbed his hair.
"We'll head to the port and see what it's like. It's a sea trader town so it SHOULD be able to be trusted."
Lucia nodded.
"If the mayor is a woman called Seal, then we're set. She's an old friend of father and is a former marine captain. So, her loyalty cannot be bought for any price."
Tyler sighed now.
"Everyone has a price, Lucia. Everyone. Just a question of what."
Ruby and Lumia nodded sadly at that dark wisdom as Lucia sighed as well.
"Still scary. You think we were followed?"
"Most likely. But. We're safe in here."
Lumia blinked.
"And HOW are you so sure?"
He smiled as he threw a log on the fire.
"This is a Tyrant home. i saw the old tracks everywhere. Fact we haven't been attacked or heard a peep means the beast is fully satisfied. That wolf carcass will also feed it over us. Since any predator will always take the easier meal. See?"
The telltale footsteps of a Tyrant were felt as the beast was seen moving to the carcass. The thing was easily seen as it ate the thing and looked at the camp. Tyler tilted his head as the beast rumbled in their direction.
"Scratch that. THAT is a nature spirit. And that is freakin awesome."
The beast walked over and the girls were shaking hard as the 25 foot tall T-rex approached their camp to peer closely at Tyler. the clear leader. he smiled fearlessly.
"We will be gone in the morning. And not a spark or any sign of our presence besides rthe barest of minimums will be left."
it growled and settled down around the camp with it's 6 foot head aimed right at them. Tyler chuckled again as the girls looked at him in shock.
"See? If they follow us in here, then we got a problem."
The thing rumbled and it made him grin.
"We're on a high level mission from the king. So. There's a chance a few idiots are chasing us."
The beast rose to it's feet and took in a breath and bellowed at the late day light. Tyler smiled widely at the sound of power before it settled down again.
"There is nothing in nature like the roar of a T-rex."
He got a snort from the beast as he looked at the girls.
"They set foot in here they piss off the rex. Now I kinda wanna see em do it."
Lumia just hung her head as her Chain made friends with a Tyrant Spirit. The girls sighed and sat around the fire and he crafted the wolf pelt into a cloak for HIM now. With the wolf's head the hood. Ruby got his bear skin cloak as Lucia amiled.
"Lord Wolf in his cloak of Wolf. Nice."
The Tyrant Spirit lifted it's head at this as if shocked. Tyler looked at it curiously.
"You know me?"
The beast looked at him and rumbled. Then bared it's teeth before chomping them with a snap. Tyler tilted his head.
"Is that good?"
It sighed and flicked his pocket it's tail. He took his ID out from the pocket and found he'd gained a third title.
"Wow. Spirit's trust. Says here that since we've respected the homes of three different nature spirits, we can now take shelter on the homes of ANY spirit we find and that spirit will provide protection for a single night so long as we continue to honor it's home. Nice."
The girls got the same title and Tyler looekd at the predator.
"Thank you."
It rumbled at this, but it had a more affectionate tone now. Thne Tyler got an idea.
"Oh my gods. I got an idea."
The beast blinked and was suddenly VERY nervous as Tyler smiled at it. and so were his friends. Tyler looked at the beast's back and it rested it's head on the dirt in pain as it realized what his idea was.
"Tyler? I love you. But. You're insane."
He busted up laughing at the tone of utter pain in Lumia's voice as she too, realized his scheme. The idiot let his idea go and looked at the confused Lucia and Ruby.
"I was tempted to see if I couldn't get a ride on that thing's back."
They both blinked at this statement. Then just laid flat as the strain of their friend was just that type of burden. Tyler just relaxed by the fire as the girls recovered from him. Then he looked at the dark sky and smiled.
She sighed and smiled. They went into the tent and so followed the other two girls as the man fit into the slit of his sprite soul and they made love for a few hours as Ruby and Lucia went to sleep beside the couple. Tyler kissed Lumia warmly on her soft lips as they settled down.
"Good night, Lumia. I love you."
She smiled as she set her head on his chest.
"Good night Tyler. I love you too."
"Good night girls."
They muttered in their spot.
"Night Spirit!"
They got the flaps to the tent blown in by it's snorting breath as they drifted off/


Tyler was wakened by the sound of a Tyrnat's bellow of rage from nearby. The entire camp was. The friends raced out to see a man come flying through the air missing his legs as the sounds of a Tyrant killing a small party of men were heard outside the range of Night'a watch. Tyler laughed as he kicked the dead man.
The Tyrnat came back with one survivor and dumped the terrified man in front of the Wolf. Tyler chuckled as he looked him in the eye.
"Alfheim or Ingelheim?"
The man gulped.
"How many of you are there?"
"Tork was our only stronghold. We got kicked out and this was to be our last duty in the restraint of unchecked freedom."
"Or it was your last. Fuckin idiots. You didn't think this one through, did you?"
Tyler looked at the Spirit.
"We'd appreciate it if we can remove their IDs and anything of note before you make them disappear."
He got a nod as the man sobbed.
"Mercy, please! Don't feed me to that beast!"
Tyler chuckled as he removed his ID and other useful items.
"if you wanted mercy from ME? ya shouldn't a come here. he's yours."
The man screamed as he tried to run, only for the Tyrant Spirit grabbed him in it's jaws and he screamed again before the crunch and swallow. Tyler clapped.
"Even BETTER in person. I'll fill my sprite and we'll get right on it."
Ruby and Lucia shuddered at the sound of the Tyrant's kill, while Lucia just smiled as she felt the flare of lust as they returned to the tent for her morning cream and orgasm. Then the satisfied duo found the remians of the men and collected their IDs and some coin. About 1 gold coin. Tyler then romoved their clothes and left the corpses to feed the hungry Rex spirit as the party ate breakfast. The camp was torn down and they left not a trace beyond a few scorch marks from the fire. Tyler looked at the beast,
"Can you show me where the other spirits are?"
It shook it's head.
"I guess that'd be too easy. Thanks though."
The thing walked them out and they headed out the road as the beast roared in farewell. Tyler smiled as he waved at the apex predator.
"That is my favorite spirit thus far."
The girls sighed as they moved a step faster then they had been before now that they knew they had hunters after them. Tyler looked at the sky and frowned.
"Cloaks ready, ladies. We're looking at a thunderstorm by lunch."
Lucia groaned at this prediction and they pulled cloaks. Ruby looked at the dark grey cloud cover.
"I'd say a few hours. Are our packs water proof?"
"EVERYTHING is waterproof. Even the bundle that holds the sales weapons. Lumia? You okay barefoot in the rain?"
She smiled at this.
"I love it actually. The mud feels really good underfoot."
He kissed her.
"I love you."
She sighed happily as they kept moving. The sky opened up an hour later and they grumbled as the ground became a squalching mess of mud and water. Tyler and Lumia didn't break stride to avoid puddles as they were used to the hardship while Lucia and Ruby danced around the puddles before Tyler sighed.
"Your boots are waterproof too, ladies. Plus you're wasting energy."
The princess slumped at this as Ruby sighed hard and they went along right through puddles and mud. Tyler looking ahead as bad weather and problems was a trope for a reason.
"Boulders. Looks like bandits. I'd say twenty."
Ruby sighed as she pulled a bow.
"Fire magic doesn't work in the rain. And water magic is three times as potent. Lightning is outright suicidal as EVERYTHING gets hit."
She shivered.
"We'd freeze to death as the ground and rain would freeze solid."
"Yikes. Ruby, you get a pass this fight until we get you some more spells."
"I'm sorry."
"It's fine. Tork screwed us."
Tyler pulled his malachite bastard sword and they walked ahead. The group of twenty bandits came out and one pionted a spear at the party.
"Yer women."
Tyler cast his water spell, and the result made him blink as ALL of the men were cut in half by the attack. Tyler looked at the girls.
"I see now."
They laughed at his surprised tone as they looted 30 silver off their bodies plus their IDs and a few spell cards. Tyler looked them over.
"Hmm. Wailing Pain. Makes the target suffer the last wound it felt anew. Useful for interrogations. Nifty i think. Pleasurer's touch? Increases the sensations given during sex."
He looked at the guy he'd gotten it from mildly impressed, mildly disgusted.
"Wow, dude. Lumia."
She smiled sweetly.
"I'LL take that one thank you very much. If I, a sprite, casts it, well, best sex ever."
He gave it to her smiling as Ruby and Lucia pretended to NOT hear anything. He looked at the next one.
"Flaming kiss. Shoots out a flame at a single target in the shape best associated with the caster's soul."
Ruby smiled at that.
"I'd like that please. I collect the fire spells and don't have that one."
He passed the fire spell to the fire mage and he looked at the last one.
"Ocean's tear. Costs fifteen mana andn coats a single weapon in a sheath of water. Improves cutting and piercing power. Wow. A pure support spell. I'll take that."
The last was put in a Wallet of cards to be sold or traded. Tyler went to the boulders.
"Prospect. Huh. Another lump of silver, Lumia."
"Love you too."
"More turquoise too. Plus Woah. I got a hunk of something called Black Silver."
Lucia blinked.
"It's a rare silver that was corrupted for whatever reason by an undead's touch. It's easily worth 75 gold for every ten pounds. Weapons and armor made from it repel undead as a whole. Plus is a sough after resource by most temples and sects as they use it in the uniforms of their undead fighters."
Tyler dug it out and whistled.
"We got 20 pounds of it here, Lucia. I think I'll craft it into something for us and sell the rest."
Lumia spoke up.
"I'll do that, Tyler. Silver anything is my specialty."
He moved to the next boulder.
"Prospect. Well. I got more beryl. Only it feels lesser for some odd reason."
He dug it out and nodded.
"Just more aquamarines, Lumia"
"Pretty though."
"I guess."
The rest of the boulders yielded more copper, tin, coal, and iron. The bodies were rolled off into the ditch and off they went in the heavy rainstorm. Tyler and Lumia were walking with heads high while the two girls were bowed against the storm in misery as they trooped along the road. Tyler smiling as he saw the way the raindrops bounced off the ground while the thunder boomed and lightining flashed. The friends walked far that day. With the thunder and rains as witnesses to the efforts put forth by the travelers as they made headway. They made camp under the cover of some trees but it was a miserable night indeed as the party couldn't make a fire in the wet conditions. Tyler sighed as they powered down for an early rest.
"We made decent distance today. It takes, what? A week to get to Marilla?"
Lucia was sweating in the tent,
"Let's actually put in effort tomorrow, Tyler. I feel really gross."
"A full day's run. got it."
They slept badly that night due to the mugginess and wetness.


Tyler woke and looked at Lumia and smiled as she was on her back. She got her morning surprise and the girls were awake at the climax. The leader looked at them as the rain still fell.
"We're making tracks today. Ruby. You should be able to keep up with us at a run for the day."
She nodded as they made a meager breakfast of cold meat and water. The tent was taken down and they planted their feet on the road. Tyler smiled as he looked ahead.
"Annnnd. Go."
They exploded into motion actually putting effort into their movements and Ruby and Lucia was stunned.
"I didn't know I could run this fast!"
Tyler smiled as they moved along at a breakneck speed without losing any clarity and finding they were still as agile at speed as walking.
"See why i push the heavy packs so much?"
They smiled hard as they tore along the trail as if Demons were after their screams. Tyler in the clear lead with Lumia at his right, Lucia behind him and Ruby right beside her.
"Hey, check this out."
They watched as Tyler jumped, turned sideways and slide along the soaked surface of the road like an icerink for about thirty yards before jumping again and landing it in stride.
"That was awesome!"
"What they said!"
Tyler smiled as they neared some boulders.
The party rushed the group of fifteen bandits and cut them to pieces before they knew what hit them! The looting was done as Tyler was filled with a rush for action as the boulders yielded copper, tin, coal and chromite. Then they were racing at their ridiculous speed again. Tyler smiling as they tore out of the forest area and into a more rocky area as the party ran till dark. Ruby was panting as they stopped for the night, but had held her own remarkably well. Lucia was merely breathing hard as they stopped. It was still raining and miserable though. Dinner was more cold preserves and sleep hellish.


Tyler gave Lumia her cream and orgasm as breakfast was eaten. Then they were back to running hard as the friends sought to outun the storm. The leader looked at the sky and saw how much lighter it was ahead.
"we move like we mean it we might reach the end of the storm in a few hours."
Ruby smiled at this.
"Let's hurry then."
So, the mud was kicked up as the party lengthened their strides and off they went. Tyler was smiling as he loved the thrill of speed as Ruby was neck and neck with Lucia while Lumia was beside Tyler step for step. The team ran hard and by noon were seeing breaks in the clouds that inspired then to make an even harder push so done with the misery that was the rain they were. They party cheered as they broke out of a heavier section of rain and into the light of the late day sun. Tyler smiled as he saw the storm's edge.
"It's HEADED in that direction. Nice."
The winded friends pulled over to the side of the road for a breather and so Lumia could poke the mud from her feet. Tyler used a water spell to clean the dried mud off their bodies and Lumia's feet and they were off walking this time. Tyler took the map out and looked around.
"Holy. We just cut four days from the trip with that stunt! Nice."
The girls looked at the map in disbelief.
"Holy. We can make that trip in ONE if we keep this pace!"
"That's just scary."
TYler looked at the girls.
They grinned hard.
The laughing friends ran hard for the rest of the day and that night made a fire they were all too eager to relax around. Tyler looking at the map and shaking his head.
"We'll reach the port town and have a massive sale."
Lumia was looking at her gems and jewelry.
"Not even dusty."
"Same with the weapons. We'll make a fortune."
The girls had another thought that Ruby voiced.
"Soooo, we ARE getting a bath in Marilla, right?"
Tyler smiled.
"Before we hit the markets. IF it's safe to do so. and We'll get tubs close together as Lumia can't go far from me and Lucia can't go ANYWHERE period."
She nodded.
"Well. Two beds."
Ruby blushed.
"That's fine. Lucia is cuddly."
The blonde blushed as well now.
"Ruby's warm."
"She's a fire mage. Makes sense."
They laughed at that logic as they ate a hearty meal of the last of the Tyrant and Longleg. Then they slept hard during the most comfortable night in two days.


Tyler opened his eyes to bright sunlight. He smiled as he gave Lumia her morning surprise and the girls just looked the other way. The breakfast was eater bacon and some blue willow tea. Tyler smiled as he saw the map.
"we'll reach marilla by noon. Smell that?"
They sniffed the breeze and looked at him quzzically.
"I don't smell anything."
Tyler smiled as he told them,
"The air tastes fresher with just a hint of saltyness to it. The ocean isn't far off."
They trusted him and nodded. The camp was taken down and they were off running again. Just not AS fast as the last two days. Tyler smiled as the scent of sea air became prevalent/
"I smell it now!"
He chuckled.
"I guess I just notice it more as I come from a landlocked region."
The girls shrugged as they crested a hill and were faced with the sight of the open seas. Tyler smiled as he saw the waves of blue green. Lucia and Ruby were also smiling widely as they saw the ocean while Lumia just basked in the feelings of respectful awe in her Chain's soul as they neared the waters of the ocean. Tyler slowing his pace to a light trot and tossing the cloak to Lucia who donned it.
"Feel good Lue?"
She smiled.
"Yup. I like that on too."
They spotted the limestone walls of Marilla an hour later and walked up to join the line of people headed into town. A seagull happened to drift by, and Tyler glared at it.
"Oi. Fuck OFF, ya flying rat."
It sqwacked in offense and did just that as Lumia looekd at him amused.
"Such hatred for a mere sea bird! What the hell did that thing do to you?"
He had a mildly angered tone as he explained.
"Fuckers robbed me of my hotdog! I'll make one later. Plus in my town they'd swarm in the thousands every winter. So. Yeah. FUCK those things, with a passion."
The girls laughed at their bizarre friend as they were next in line. The guard barked at the boy.
"Name and Business."
"Tyler and looking for a damned bath."
The man snorted.
"Lord Wolf. The Lady Seal wants you to see her in her manor."
"Nice pun."
The man sighed as they walked into the city. The princess holding his hand again as Tyler eyed the ships in port.
"Wow. See that one's wide shape, Lue? That's called a man-o-war. Nasty defensive ship with even meaner attacks. Yeesh. That Ship-o-the-line be a mean one too. Oh. See that one with the battered sides? That's a pirate ship."
That got a small gasp of shock from the girl.
"But why would a pirate crew dock here?"
Tyler chuckled as he looked the vessel over.
"well, Lue. On the briny it's the law of the waves out there. On land, long as they follow the land's rules they have nothing to fear. It's the system of frenemies. Sometimes the pirates are hired by a company to attack the ship of a rival company. Or they need more men before the mast. Long as they keep the cannons in check, gold is gold."
She looekd at the vessel and shrugged.
"Seems kinda wrong to just let the bad guys go like that. But that's just a me thing."
He patted the princess fondly and she blushed a little.
"I don't get it either."
They found the manor easily enough and walked right in. The secrtary looked up and Tyler smiled as he saw she was a sprite as well. Albiet a pink one this time. Then Lumia walked over and hugged her hard.
"I'm sorry."
He knew then. The Sprite Soul walked over and hugged the saddened woman and she looked at him sadly.
"No. There's nothing you can do for me. Other then kill me."
Tyler pulled his sword and was about to stab her in the heart when,
"Hey! The hell you think you doing?!"
A large man in a black suit came hurrying over as the pink sprite looked at Tyler.
Tyler looked the man dead in the eye, and stabbed the sprite in the heart. She had such an expression of relief it made the others seeing it shed a tear as her body faded into a light pink hue as the man dropped clutching his heart. Tyler walked over and raisedthe sword high above his head,
"What's going on here?"
Tyler brought the sword down without pasuing and the man died in two pieces as Lumia looked at the newcomer.
"He raped that Sprite that was the secratery. and so was an unwilling bond. He released her from her torment."
Tyler was still smashing his sword into the man's corpse with a terrifying look of calm as he then set the body on fire. Lumia was then aware of a vast rage and nearly incorherent need to make the man vanish. She walkedover and kissed the man and he blinked.
"What the hell? Lumia?"
He looekd around and the girls blinked in shock.
"Did he just lose it?"
Tyler looked at the burning body of tne monster and blinked.
"Oh. Now i remember."
He put the fire out and looekd at the desk. There was a single pink rose he took and gave to Lumia.
"Any poor sprites we find we set free. There are fates worse then death."
She nodded as she placed the flower to her chest.
"We'll deliver this to the sprite queen. It's the Sprite's Tear flower. We'll plant it at the Tree and her soul will know peace. It will keep till then."
Tyler then rounded on the lady that had dared speak out.
"Did you know?"
She blinked at his cold tone.
"No. I had he'd have been killed long ago."
He snorted.
"You suck at your job then. How often did you see her? Pff."
That got a glare from the woman, then a look of utter sadness.
"You know."
"Too well. You do as well."
She looked at the empty desk.
"Fair game. and a mercy."
The guard left the manor as the tall, black haired lady with the red eyes led him to her office. She sat in her chair and slumped.
"How? How did I miss it? She was miserable and I never noticed."
TYler snorted again,
"You didn't even bother to LOOK."
She had a single tear fall.
"No. No I didn't. and now I feel ashamed. Okay. there are a few Sprites in town."
Tyler's fist cracked.
"Where are they?"
She shuddered and worte the names and places down and he walked out with the party following them. Lucia looekd at Lumia concerned.
The sprite placed a hand on her heart as she explained.
"Tyler knows what I feel. What I feel every day. So. Since he knows their pain first hand, he's enraged by their suffering. No one came for him. So he'll go for them."
She lowered her head as the first place they visited was the guild where the Sprite was in the booth. The black skinned sprite looked up and gasped.
"Sprite Soul? I see."
Lumia placed a hand on his shoulder.
"She was a willing one."
"Every town we visit we check the sprites. That hell will not happen on my watch. I don't care if I have to fight the entire town."
The men in the guild gulped at his tone of ice as he left the hall to see the next sprite. Soon as he was gone, the Sprite in the booth smiled happily.
"We have a new champion. and he WILLINGLY took the title. The Queen needs to be informed."
The next place that had a sprite was a tavern for the marines of the shipping companies. They walked in to see the small Sprite delivering drinks with a mildly disgusted expression on her face. Lumia blinked.
"An Unchained? here?"
Tyler walked over and the purple skinned girl looked up.
"wha-oh. A Sprite Soul. Need me?"
Lumia heled up the flower and she nodded.
"I see. I'm fine. These idiots wish. and NO. I do NOT wish to be filled by YOU. No offense, your not my type."
He snorted at that one and passed her a malachite dagger.
"Just so ya know."
She saw the insignia and nodded.
"I understand."
They left as a captain looked at the girl.
"Care explaining what that was Fear?"
She grinned as she placed her new weapon in her belt.
"That, captain Garrick. Was the Sprite Champion hunting the monsters of Sprites. I were you men I'd be a lot nicer. He's not a merciful one."
The next place was an inn. The lady at the podium was the sprite in question and she had red skin. Soon as she saw him she stepped to face him.
"help me, please."
The owner of the inn came running as Tyler stabbed the Sprite in the heart and her flower was given to Lumia. the man was also put to death before they moved to the last one in town. The white skinned sprite was looking dejected as the small girl sat on a barrel in an alley. She looked up at Tyler with ise blue eyes that contrasted perfectly with her pure white skin and white hair.
"Have you come to try an rape me too?"
Tyler just walked over and hugged her tightly. Lumia did as well.
"No, Unchained. we'rehere to help you."
The girl had tears of blue in her eyes at this.
"Please, Sir. Fill me. I don't want to live like this anymore!"
He looked at Lumia.
"Is it possible to have MULTIPLE Chains?"
She nodded with rpide in her heart.
"You can have as many as your soul can handle. YOUR soul is so strong the number is easily over a hundred."
He looked at the white skinned sprite.
"Okay. You're coming with us, Miss. I don't need to know your placeholder. I got the perfect name for you."
She laid back on her barrel as the girls kept watch.
"Just be gentle, please. It's my first after all."
He smiled kindly as he entered the sprite softly and gently.
"Oh, just like that. Please, don't force it."
He went slow until she was filled. She was panting as she looked at him.
"I can feel it already. Thank you."
He hugged her hard as she got her cream.
"You're safe now."
She had tears as her nightmares ended.
"I know."
He felt the same twisting and attaching feeling and she gasped hard.
"It's so warm! yet cold. I love this feeling."
He stroked her long silky hair. Lumia smiled kindly at her new sprite sister.
"In the morning you'll look like me."
She blinked and looked at the busty lady.
"Oh. Oh."
She looked at her own form. She having the same child's form that Lumia had when she was Unchained. She looked up at Tyler and hugged him as he buckled his pants.
"Thank you."
He smiled with relief.
"I hope you like your new body, Azura."
She blinked.
"Azura? I love it!"
She hopped down from her barrel as Lumia shivered.
"Check your ID, Tyler."
He did, and blinked.
"Sprite's Hope?"
The two gasped then hugged him again. Lumia explained.
"A Sprite's Hope is someone we can go to either be released from the hell, or be filled and freed forever. The chains become unbreakable and we feed off the lust in your soul. So you don't HAVE to feed us every day. Or ever again."
"Still happening."
"It won't be THAT easy, Lue."
Tyler looked at Azura and smiled.
"I'll make us a TWO person tent now."
They laughed as they left the alley. Though Tyler got a lot of looks of mild envy from every man as they saw he had TWO sprites with him. They returned to the manor where a woman was sobbing to the mayor.
"And he just walked in, killed Embry and my husband!"
"Your husband RAPED that Sprite lady. and raped her every day. I granted her peace. Him, hell."
She rounded on him in a fury.
"And how do YOU know!? Who do you think you are, boy? Saying who-"
"Shut. UP. You knew. You watched. You listend to her plead for him not ot do that to her. She looekd right at you, with tears in her eyes as she begged you to help her. Yet all you did was pleasure yourself to her screams of misery and suffering. YOU KNEW."
She was shaking in horror as Tyler spoke. Then he leaned in close.
"You were the one that LURED that poor sprite to her hell. YOU set that poor woman up for hell itself. I pray the gods curse you with a fate befitting such a vile hearted woman. A curse upon you and your line. Until one be born of it that be WORTHY of a smile again. Until then may you never know a night's peace, never a satisfying meal, never a moment's happiness."
There was a low gust of wind as Tyler finished speaking and he walked away from the white faced lady to approach the shaking leader while his friedns just followed silently.
"Let's talk up there."
The woman reacted on autopilot as Azura looked at Lumia.
"He cursed her. I felt the evil touch that vile woman."
She nodded as they walked up the stairs.
"Tyler has made a few friends in his run. We'll tell you in full later, Azura. But that lady's line is well and truly cursed now. if the gods DON'T ensure her misery, HE WILL."
The door was shut and the woman slumped in her chair.
"Tyler. What did you do? That wind was was evil."
Tyler grinned.
"The gods of this world noticed her."
She shuddered at the evil feeling in that simple sentence.
"Okay. She's condemned. I'm Seal."
Tyler nodded.
"we've got goods to sell, we need a bath, and a ship to Merala."
She nodded and passed a scroll to him.
"Agreed. The Markets are in full swing. I have a tax collector on hand. and the ship? Well. It's a pricey trip."
"I understand. and make sure you warn that collector to NOT try to cheat me. I'll know."
She nodded.
"Agreed. What's the goods?"
"Weapons, armor, gems and jewelry."
"I see. In Marilla, if the profit of a weapon or armor piece is 10 gold, we ask 5 in tax as we be a port town and have a higher upkeep. Does this sound fair?"
"Indeed. To be hoesnt we got this stuff for free so even if we make a copper we get a profit."
"A wise attitude. For a gemstone by itself, if you make 10 gold, the tax be 4. Jewelry as a whole is 5 per ten."
"7. as they be a more high level commodity. Are you intending to sell them?"
"We are."
She nodded.
"I see. Then I'm afriad you need a permit to sell magical goods from a temple. Sadly I do not know the price as it varies temple to temple. We have a Seacaller temple in the city that offers the service. Shall I wait until you get back to summon the collector?"
"That would be wise. We might not even have enough!"
She smiled and they left to see the temple as Azura looked at her new Chain.
"You're a merchant party?"
They laughed.
"Adventurer. But we do sell alot."
She smiled happily.
"I'm a good crafter of clothes and hide armores. I also like smithing."
"Neat. You're with me on the smithing gimmick. hey. What's YOUR weapon of hoice, Azura?"
She grinned.
"Me? Well. I like the greatsword. Like the defender of say the claymore."
He looked at her, mildly amazed.
"Oh you're a scary one. I love it."
She smiled sweetly.
He looekd at Lumia and she laughed.
"Every Sprite's different. Azura seems to be a more wildhearted girl."
"That tent is going to be a fun one in the morning."
Azura looked at the First Sprite.
"Morning fillings?"
"And whenever the mood takes us. he's a very happy Sprite Lover."
She sighed happily.
"I got the BEST Chain!"
"You did, Sprite Sister. We BOTH did."
They walked up the steps of the shell shaped temple steps where Tyler looked around for a rep as Azura smiled.
"They're not like other temples that make you wait outside, Tyler. They like visitors."
"well alright then."
The party walked inside and Tyler blinked. The inside of the temple had an entirely different vibe then just outside the door. Tyler felt his ears pop from some unfelt pressure and he smiled.
"I know this feeling."
The inside of the temple shimmered like water in a cave with men and women of various races all praying to statues of a tall naked woman standing atop a clam. Tyler knew her.
"Leviathan. The Lady of the seas and Ruler of the storm."
"Half right, Land Son, but a well intended misidentification."
Tyler looked over at the sultry voice to see a blue skinned woman with scales on her body and sea green hair approaching the party. Tyler blinked as he looked at her face, as she had vertically blinking eyelids, golden eyes with black irises, and no nose. Her bust was massive and she wore nothing but a starfish over her groin and starfish over her breasts. Tyler immediately wanted to see Lumia in a bikini. The odd lady walked up barefoot and he noted the webbing, and that's when it clicked.
She smiled and revealed sharp, needle-like teeth.
"A very flattering guess, Land Son, but alas I am not a member of the Sea ladies. I am But a Sea Nymph."
"Ah. That was my second Guess."
She chuckled.
"A most amusing visitor indeed. But, to your first miss? Her name is indeed lady Leviathan and she DOES rule the waves. But not the storms as you think. She does control them, but only over her waves."
"Wow. I need a book."
His friends laughed.
"So do we."
The Nymph smiled again.
"I am Seacaller Aqua. What brings the Wolf to the waves today?"
"Looking for a permit to sell magical items like potions."
"I see. The price is an offering to the Lady of the seas. What the offering is will be left to you."
Tyler smiled widely.
"Oh. I got a goodie. Lumia, you got any spare Aquamarines?"
Aqua smiled widely.
"A wise choice indeed!"
Lumia looked.
"I've got about thirty."
"25 please."
She shook her head at the stunt.
"We ARE looking to take a trip across the ocean."
Aqua gestured to a pool.
"Place your offering into her water and a few words so she may hear your voice."
Tyler placed the gems into the waters.
"There is no force in this world more powerful the the waters of the seas. Piss it off and you will NOT live to tell the tale."
The waers glowed and the permit appeared and he took it. Then a note rose from the waters and he chuckled.
"This one I DON'T mind."
He took it and it said.
"YOU I like."
"Oh shit."
Lumia busted up laughing at his sudden fear as another note rose up. He took it nerovusly.
"Not like that."
He deflated from relief as Aqua blinked.
"The Sea Lady sent you TWO messages? You have her favor indeed!"
Tyler put the two notes in his pack as the permit glowed and added a lightning bolt to their IDs.
"You can never REALLY have the favor of the oceans, Aqua. Only her momentary calm. For to try and lay claim to such disrespect will only invite them to remind us all WHAT truly rules this world. it's not the land we need to fear but the ocean that surrounds it on all sides."
The Seacaller pressed her hands to her chest in prayer.
"well said. And I offer praise to the Sea Mistress for this lesson. Thank you, Milady."
Tyler walked out and Lucia looked at him.
"You sounded like a damn preacher in there, Tyler. I'm impressed."
He smiled as he looked out to the sea.
"The ocean is the only thing I can say that truly intimidates me, Lue. Not even a dragon scares me, but the waters oft he oceans? Well. It's the single foe that is truly invincible. Every living thing could just vanish, but they will still be here."
A light breeze came from the ocean then and he shivered.
"Come on."
They headed for the manor as Azura looked at Lumia.
"Is he like a god? Or their champion or something?"
The blue skinned sprite patted her.
"we got a few secrets you'll need to be told, Second. but it's just not safe right now."
She nodded.
"Understood. I guess you're the First?"
"Indeed. Lue is his sister and Ruby here a friend."
The white sprite smiled.
"I guess he's the more focused lover."
Lumia smiled at her fellow Sprite.
"Tyler refused them BOTH, Azura. BOTH. For me. Let that sink in."
She did and felt an immense pride now.
"He offered his soul to help me."
Lucia smiled,
"He knows the pain of fear well, Azura. Even more then you. He helped you because no one helped HIM when he needed it."
She felt a jab of pain in her link with the tall boy and was sad.
"I see. I'm sorry."
He smiled at her.
"I'm not. I got stronger from the pain. So. I won."
They walked in and seal was waiting.
"Did you get your permit?"
"Yup. I'm like 99% sure Aqua thinks I'm a prophit now, but we got it."
"Alright then. I'll sent for Balance."
"And that's as cliche a name for a tax collector as it can get.”
Seal laughed at that.
“She gets that all the time.”
The woman walked away and Tyler looked the party goods again. He laid out the ghost pelt and Azura blinked.
"Umm. That's ghost fur."
Lucia smiled as she laid out the Demon battleaxe.
"Tyler's bedrolls are better then most beds, Azura. Trust me.
Ruby smiled as she looked at her potions.
"Best bed EVER."
The white sprite was mildly taken aback by that statment.
"Now I want to see."
Tyler smiled as he nodded at the gear.
"This looks good. My guess is close to 400 gold for the lot."
"I'll be the judge of that."
He looked over to see a tall, purple skinned lady walking over with a strongbox and clipboard. Her eyes were black and her hair purple. Lumia blinked.
"A member of the race of Druids?"
Tyler blinked as the woman reached them.
"I am Collector Balance. I will oversee this sale. Your IDs please."
Tyler nodded.
"I will give you mine, Collector. TYhat will be enough."
She frowned.
"We need proof of-"
"Lady. Just look."
she saw his ID and nodded.
"Lord Wolf. I see."
She handed it back to him.
"I see. Very well. As a member of the Druids I am more aware of the world than most. Now. The goods?"
He gestured to the pelt.
"This be the lot."
Her eyes glowed yellow then nodded.
"You said 400 correct?"
"Best guess."
"You're not far off. It be worth at a maximum of 525 gold. Should you exceed the expected profit in Marillia it be taxless as a rule with the exception of weapons and potions. They be taxed regardless. Do we understand each other?"
"We do. And I'll give you the same line I gave the last guy: you cheat us the next transaction is taxless. that's one. Try it twice then you watch and not a get a copper further. Understood?"
She nodded.
"We are. Wolf indeed. We have a plot availible for your sale."
"Load up."
The goods were packed up and brought to the spot. It being on a stone slab near the port lined in both directions with stalls and pelts with salesmen. Tyler usedt he ghost pelt again as Balance took a seat on a chair as the goods were lined out. Once set he looked at Azura.
"I'd like your help with the weapons and armor. Lue counts coin, Ruby is on Lumia's other side and we watch out for idiots."
They nodded and he looked at the mass of people.
"Hey! Lord Wolf's selling stuff!"
Azura and Ruby laughed as the people turned en mass to look and he smiled cockily.
"So. Dagger or axe?"
Lucia shook her head as people started walking over.
"I'm starting to think he IS a noble."
Tyler smiled as he had a thought and looked at Balance.
"Okay. The potions are 7 for every ten. What about the event we sell a potion for LESS then the tax?"
She nodded.
"Then it be a 7th of the profits."
"I hate math."
Lucia smiled as she laid paper and ink out.
"I'm pretty good at it. I'll tell you if you're not sure."
Tyler chuckled at that one as Lumia had a man walk up and notice an emerald ring.
"My word, lady sprite. is that an emerald?"
She smiled.
"Indeed it is, sir. Set in silver mined by Lord Wolf."
He pulled a lens and was looking closely at the many faceted gem.
"You milady have a gift. 45 gold."
"Thank you."
Tyler tilted his head as Lumia got the disks.
"5 per ten. So, 23?"
Balance blinked.
"That's more then the half."
He smiled.
"I hate hate math."
She bit her lip at this then sighed.
"It be an unfair tax, but agreed."
Lucia nodded.
"That left us 22 gold."
Tyler had a taker as he lifted the howling wolf battlaxe. He blinked.
"Lad this axe is terrifying. 10 gold."
He got the money and Lucia did the math as he hannded balance 6.
"We're at 26 gold thus far."
HE shrugged.
"we'll say 100 for the hiring alone, 50 for supplies and maybe another 100 for the return trip with another 50. so. 300 gold for the entire trip. Anything above that is pure profit."
Azura sighed.
"We'll tell you when safe to do so, Azura."
She smiled as Ruby had a lady in a red and white robe look at a blue potion.
"Is this a mana potion?"
"Indeed. It restores 50% of your pool."
"That much? Interesting. 1 gold?"
ruby smiled at that and Tyler passed 70 silver to Balance as Lucia wrote 30 silvers on the board for later adding up. Tyler next had a lady spot the shimmering mail vest and gasp as she lifted it.
"My word lad. It's lighter then my own vest! And i love the pattern of red and blue! 15 gold!"
"Wow. Okay I like armor."
He took the gold and passed to Balance who squirmed at this again unfair tax as Lucia wrote 7 in the gold column as a man walked by and spotted the bronze breastplate. He laughed as he looekd it over.
"This be fine bronze, lad. Very fine. I'll give you 1 gold."
The druid smiled as she got a fair payment this time as Lucia wrote 50 silvers in the column as Tyler looked at the purple skinned lady.
"I've not met your people before, Balance."
Lumia smiled as she explained.
"Druids as a race prefer order and logic like dwarves do. Though whereas the dwarves lok at the world as a puzzle to understand, they look at it as a picture with a secret pattern that must be understood to properly live. It's a racial thing to always seek a pattern or reason for WHY something happened so as to better understand the aftermath. As such they oten hold positions as investigators or collectors of tax as they always be true in their quires. While as collectors they're way of life as a whole allows them to see the markets more clearly then most everyone else. A common saying is if a Druid says to NOT visit a market due to whatever thing about to happen, it'll happen."
Balance smiled with pride as the Sprite spoke.
"You know my people well. Lady Sprite."
Lumia smiled as she was approached by a lady as she spotted a sea glass set of plates.
"My word, Those are beautiful. 50 silver."
"Thank you."
The Wolf looked at the Druid and she smiled.
"For goods such as plates and those mirrors they're be no tax as they be low value goods."
he looked back to see a man looking at the shield. He chuckled.
"Lad I love how this feels. 10 gold."
"Damn. Deal."
He gave the 5 to Balance as Ruby had a trio of ladies approach her.
"How many healing potions do you have miss?"
The red eyed girl pulled the five she had.
"Five, ladies."
The trio did a little meeting then nodded.
"How does 2 gold for the five sound?"
ruby smiled as she nodded.
"Good. Thank you."
Tyler frowned hard now.
"Does 1gold 82 silver sound right?"
Balance frowned.
"It would be closer to 1 gold 50."
"That works. That was a hard one."
They nodded in agreement as a large man spotted the turquiose set.
"My word what a lovely blue lady Sprite. 10 gold for the lot."
She smiled widely as she got the disks.
"Thank you sir."
Tyler looked at Lucia.
"What we at Lue?"
She added the thus far amount.
" 49 gold 180 silver. And we just started."
Azura was sitting beside the Wolf looking at his hammer work with approval.
"You have a talent."
A younger adventurer walked by and spotted the short sword and blinked. He drew the thing and did a few swings.
"Odd. I know I'm holding it, yet it doesn't feel like I am. How does 7 gold sound?"
The happy advenuturer ran off as Tyler looked at Lucia. She frowned hard.
Balance nodded.
They gave her the rest as an elven lady in leather armor walked by and spotted the hatchet.
"By the ear is that malachite?"
Tyler nodded smiled as she took it up.
"Indeed with a blue willow haft and tyrant hide wrap."
"30 gold."
He smiled at that as he passed 15 to Balance. She wrote the figure in her column as Lumia was approached.
"My word, lady sprite, this necklace is excusite! 50 gold!"
They all blinked at that until Tyler saw the ruby and sapphire set in malachite. He smiled.
"Deal. Thank you very much."
Balance blinked.
"That was merely worth 40 gold."
He chuckled.
"Yet some lucky lady out there is easily worth far more."
She understood then.
"I see. Lucky indeed."
She got 25 as Azura was looking at one of the daggers Tyler had made. He smiled.
"Like it?"
She chuckled as she set it down.
"More looking at your hammerwork. Not bad, and is extremely promising for a novice. Look at my smithing when you get the chance."
Ruby smiled as she had another group approach her.
"Is that a magic booster?"
"It is. it boosts for 25%."
"And how many do you have?"
"I have two."
"5 gold for the pair."
She nodded smiling as Tyler tossed 7 gold, 50 silvers at Balance. Then a man noticed Azura as she was looking at the other battleaxe.
"Ahh. THERE tyou are! You won't get away this time!"
She looked up and froze as Tyler felt the utter fear in her soul as the man walked over. Without hesitating he pulled his dagger and flicked it between his eyes. he dropped dead and the market was at a standstill as he stood tall.
"I'll only say this ONCE. Leave. The Sprites. ALONE. I do not show mercy. I do not ask questions. I do not care. On the word of Lord Wolf, LEAVE. THEM. ALONE."
Lumia and Azura shuddered and the ladies in the crowd smiled.
"They have a champion."
The dead man was looted and Tyler got his Cards.
"Ugh. Pleasurer's touch, Willing esctacy, and paraliyze. A rapist's toolkit."
Azura hugged him as Lumia took the sex spells.
"Thank you."
"How many?"
She shuddered.
"Many. And I'll point them out."
"Never again, Azura."
She nodded smiling.
"Thank you for being my Chain."
"Thank you for WANTING to chain to me."
She shivered as she felt the joy in his soul. The white sprite sat beside him as Balance smiled.
"On behalf of women of every race: We need more like you, Tyler the Hunting Wolf."
"Oh I love the Wolf name."
That got a chuckle as Tyler looked at lucia.
"Coin check."
The blonde smiled as she looked at the total profits.
"So far we've made 101 gold 255 silver. And we're not halfway yet."
Tyler smiled at the number as a man was looking at a set of four aquamarine rings set in silver.
"These are beautiful Lady Sprite. 25 gold for the set of four."
Lumia smiled.
"Thank you. Lord Wolf mined them himself."
He blinked as Tyler sold another dagger for 4 gold, giving Balance 2.
"30 gold."
The friends chuckled at that as Balance got an even fifteen that time. Tyler smiled as he looked at the white skinned Azura.
"You said you make armor."
The newly chained sprite smiled proudly as she talked.
"I prefer working things like plate and chainmail, but I'm a pretty good tanner too."
He nodded as Ruby got approached for her last set of boosters.
"25 gold for the three."
She tilted her head.
"Even 35?"
The group of three talked amongst themselves for a moment, then nodded.
Tyler chuckled as he saw the fire mage work her hustle.
Balance smiled as she 28 gold. Lucia wrote 7 gold in the profit column as a small girl with her mother walked by and she spotted a chrome mirror.
"Mommy! look! It's pretty!"
The taller woman looked and smiled as she saw it.
"Oh it is sweetie! Miss, how much?"
Lumia smiled kindly.
"70 coppers."
"two please."
Tyler smiled as well.
The girl looked at him and gasped.
"Lord wolf? HERE?"
The Mother was alsp shocked and it only got worse as he showed them his smith insignia on the back of the mirrors. The girl was now looking at the reflective item like it was made from gold as her mother paid the 1 silver, 40 coppers for the newfound treasures. Tyler smiled as he gave the smaller girl a warm hug.
"Take care now."
The mother smiled happily as they left and Azura chuckled.
"She will have a tale to tell now for the rest of her years. Plus that mirror will most likely be an heirloom now."
Tyler msiled as he looked at his remaining weapons.
"It's kinda an odd feeling, having even little girls know me on sight."
Lumia kissed him warmly and Azura kissed him right after.
"And that's an awesome feeling."
The friends laughed at that one as a larger man came over to inspect three leftover emeralds in Lumia's gem box.
"Exquisite gems Lady Sprite. 100 gold for the three."
"Thank you sir. Lord Wolf mined them himself."
He smiled widely at that.
"120 then."
Balance blinked as she got 60.
"It is rather scary how much the name of Lord Wolf is worth in such a short amount of time."
The man chuckled as he had a taker for a long bladed dagger.
"5 gold."
Lucia tilted her head.
"We've hit 187 gold, 281 silver, 40 coppers. And Lumia's gem box isn't even a quarter empty."
The blue skinned sprite smiled at this.
"I'll pick up another box."
Tyler smiled at that as a lady in furs spotted the sapphire malachite necklace.
"My word I love that color! 120 gold Milady Spr- Lord Wolf?"
Tyler chuckled at the awe in her voice.
"In the legend. I gathered the gems and metals meself."
She blinked at that declaration.
"May I ask why such a distinguished hero works rock?"
He shrugged.
"I'm an adventurer first Miss. Plus it's fun."
She just shoook her head smiling.
"A humble Hero. We need more."
The lady looked at the box anew.
"150 for the necklace, is that an emerald?"
Lumia smiled.
"indeed it is."
"80 for the stone and that ruby sapphire ring? 110 gold."
Tyler blinked at the numbers.
She laughed.
"I'm the owner of a few shipping companies in Marillia."
He chuckled as they got their coins.
"Alright. Not gonna ask twice."
Balance chuckled now herself as she got 170 gold.
"That was Lady Islindia. She's the wealthiest woman in town. Plus her family is a well respected adventurer line. I'm amazed she went that low!"
The friends laughed at that one as Lucia did a fresh coin check.
"We just hit 357 gold, 281 silver, 40 coppers."
Tyler smiled now.
"Then everything we make now is pure profit. Not bad ladies."
Lumia looked at the box.
"We're close to half empty now. I've got four sapphires, 5 rubies, and three emeralds left. Rest are lesser gems."
Tyler shrugged as a man in a batter coat and sea boots walked up to eye a pair of daggers.
"Ya got a fine set o throat cutters here lad. 5 gold for the pair."
Azura blinked as he gave Balance 2 gold, 50 silver.
"That was a pirate."
Tyler chuckled.
"I know. His gold's good though."
That got a snort as a younger girl came by and spotted the last chrome mirror. She gasped as she saw it.
"That's beautiful! How much?"
The sexy sprite smiled.
"For you? 50 coppers."
The girl smiled happily as she paid for it and Tyler nodded at it.
"See the insignia."
Curious, the girl did as requested, only to gasp even harder as her eyes went wide.
"Lord Wolf made this?"
He patted her fondly.
"I guess i did a good job."
She ran off to show her mother her new treasure as Ruby's last potion got the eye of another mage.
"7 gold."
Balance got a single coin as Lucia stood to stretch her back.
"How long we been at this?"
Azura shrugged as she looekd at the princess.
"About two hours Lue. And i think we're almost done too."
A pair of ladies came up to the blue skinned sprite and eyed a matching pair of sapphire rings.
"100 gold for the pair."
Tyler smiled as he watched the ladies put the rings on each other's fingers before giving Balance 50. Ruby the fire mage was now sitting beside Lucia helping with her math as a man came swaggering up to the sexy Lumia.
"20 gold for a blow Sprite."
"Nope. Run along now."
Tyler's smiling retort made the man raise an eye.
"Oh she's yours eh? Ha. 3000 gold for the sprite."
Azura shuddered and she looked at Tyler.
"Him too."
Tyler flicked a dagger and the man was dead before he hit the ground. Balance dropped her quill.
"That was-"
"I do not care."
A guard came running over with a white face and Tyler looked at him.
"That was Lord-"
"He tried to rape my Sprite here. I will NOT repeat myself."
Hes et the body on fire with a spell as Azura hugged him tightly.
"I've got you, Azura. Never again."
She sniffed at the vehement vow in his soul as Lumia watched the body get dragged away with a grim satisfaction.
"I have never been more proud to have him for my Chain then I am right now."
Tyler kissed the two Sprites and they hugged him warmly as Seal came over white faced with about ten guards. Tyler smiled widely as the shop was packed up.
"Got a problem?"
He was still sitting as the mayor gulped.
"You killed the owner of a major shipping company."
"I made this perfectly clear, Seal. LEAVE. Them. ALONE. I don't care who you are. Got a problem, pff. I'm sure a plot can accomadate you."
She gulped again and he blinked at the utter fear in her eyes.
"Oh shit. I get it now."
He rose to his feet as a spell was cast at him from behind the group of ten guard. Tyler snorted as the paralyze spell had utterly NO effect on him as he drew his sword.
"You're a fucking puppet. I shoulda known. No fucking WONDER you let the sprites get raped in your town. You knew, but looked the other way."
Balance sensed this had just become a dangerous situation and wisely moved back as the now ready for war party drew weapons and readied spells. Tyler smiled and the enforcerxs shuddered as he looked at the quivering Seal.
"Well. You got two choices Seal: One. Step aside and leave us alone, or two, watch your town burn."
A thunderclap was heard over head and the ocean waves suddenly became choppy and restless. Azura blinked in utter shock at the sudden shift in the weather and so did the sailors in attendence.
"Oh he's got Leviathan on his side!"
"Lads, we need to go pray!"
"He's friendly with the sea mistress!"
Tyler's grin widened.
"The sea knows what you've done, SEAL, and she is NOT happy."
There was another, more ferocious clap of thunder and a fork of lightning as the waves became more violent as Balance was heard gulping in terror.
"The Sea goddess is known to be particularly fond of the Sprite race as a whole as they remind her of her own Nymph race."
Tyler looked at the ocean now.
"I love my Sprites, Lady Leviathan. And I will NOT let them suffer as I did."
Now a warm, gentle breeze blew around the two sprites and they6 smiled at this as the Wolf looked at Seal.
"What is your choice, Seal?"
The woman was shaking in utter terror, but made the choice.
"I'm more scared of the ones that pay for my town's lifeblood than of you, Lord Wolf. Take them."
Tyler busted up laughing at this choice.
"Oh you idiot. It's NOT people that pays for your town's lifeblood you fucking idiot."
A cry was heard from the shoreline.
"High WAVE!"
Tyler's eyes were ice cold as Seal just dropped to the ground as a 100 foot wall of ocean water was seen rushing at the town. Lucia hurriedly put the Ghost fur pelt in her pack as the wall of water reflected in Tyler's brown eyes.
"The one that ALLOWS you to exist on her border is the lady of Oceans herself. You fucking idiot. People are mere guests on her shore and annoying ants on her cloak of blue. If you forgot that most basic of truths of living next to her power, then let the waters of her wash over you with all their might and remind you just WHO truly rules this town."
Seal just looked at the man in utter terror as the wall of water slammed into the town with all the force of an avalanch. Tyler and his friends watched as the tsunami utterly ignored everything but a few certain buldings and people until it slammed into Seal's body headon. The women was thne seen being dragged through the town by the receeding waters pleading for mercy as the oceans reminded them all who they must also seek to appease. Tyler and the others followed the water to see Seal get dumped on the beach just short of the edge of the waves. The woman looked at the waters in terror as Tyler walked up beside her.
"You made this choice."
The waters rippled along the shore and Seal just groveled as she begged for mercy.
"Please lady Sea! Forgive me! please! Spare me!"
Azura and Lumia looked at each other.
"You feel that too, right?"
"I do, Sprite sister."
Tyler looked at them then to the sea.
"Oh damn."
There was a laugh as the top of a woman's head poked out of the ocean to her eyes. Tyler blinked as he saw the sea green skinned head with long flowing lockes of hair fanning out behind the lady while her eyes were sapphire blue. Lumia and azura were awestruck by the appearence.
"Lady Leviathan!"
Tyler blinked as the woman rose from the water like she was being raised by a platform. He looked at her curiously as her face was warm and kind but with an icy feel about the eyes. Her rack though made him blink as they were easily outright Gs contained by starfish while her groin was covered by a clam. Other then that she was naked with sea green skin, hair that was longer then she was tall that floated under her power. She was his height with the body type of a runner and soft hands and delicta feet as she stood on the rippling waves of the ocean she ruled. Tyler tilted his head as the girls were now wondering whether to bow or kneel as the goddess began a sultry walk across the waves towards the group. Seal was groveling in a nearly incoherent manner while Tyler just eyed his first goddess curiously as she approached them. The ocean goddess stopped just before touching the sand and Tyler could see she was still standing on the waters of the sea and she looked at him.
her voice was like a warm breeze at sea, gentle, kind, warm, but with a power that none could truly fathom.
"It seems you're what the fuss is all about."
Tyler chuckled.
"I guess I'm popular, Lady Sea."
She smiled at this.
"It seems so, Lord Wolf."
Lumia and the other natives were shaking in fear as the goddess looked at them.
"Peace children. I am no threat to you so long as you remember the truth."
They nodded nervously and did relax slightly as Leviathan looked at Tyler again.
"Now. I know you intend to make a voyage."
He nodded.
"That was the plan."
She smiled at this.
"Oh I know. And that respect and fear for my world is why I've bothered to do this in person, Mortal Wolf. When you cross my plane, it is to be treated like the homes of those nature spirits you've met."
She then looked at Lumia and the sprite gulped.
"HER I like."
Tyler blinked at that as Lumia grabbed his arm in fear. Leviathan smiled disarmingly.
"Relax Spritling. I won't kidnap you. More admiring the body that makes even the pleasure goddesses jealous."
Lumia's red eyes were huge as she gulped.
"Thank you, Lady sea. Do you intend to bed me?"
That got her a leer.
"Maybe. If he is agreeable."
Tyler looked at Lumia in mild shock. And she smiled nervously.
"Long as HE and HER join, lady sea."
That got a smirk.
"No. HIM I want alone. As for her? It is good to see you're doing better now Azura."
The white skinned sprite smiled at this.
"I'm so happy he's my Chain Leviathan. His soul is warm."
The goddess extended her arms and Azura walked right over for a warm hug from the taller goddess.
"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you as much as I wished."
Azura smiled as she was cradled in the goddess's bust.
"I know, Leviathan. I understand. Will we play aboard ship?"
She got a warm kiss from the sea goddess.
"As much as you can handle this time, Azura. it's a week long sail for them, so we'll play a lot. Once I've had my lust for them sated that is."
She kissed the goddess again and snuggled into her cleavage.
"I've missed you."
Tyler l;ooked at Lumia and she smiled.
"I'll allow it as she's a goddess. As long as I'm in the same cabin or room. With Azura."
The friends laughed at that as Leviathan kissed the smaller sprite again before looked at her chain.
"Another gilded Chain? I see."
She looked at Tyler.
"We'll use whatever cabin aboard ship or I'll just appear in your room should you be staying the night."
Lucia and Ruby slumped.
"Just try not to get any on us."
That got a laugh from all but seal, who was desperately trying to avoid notice on the sand as the flirting went on. Then the goddess sighed.
"Pleasure aside, there is one other reason I came here."
Tyler looked at the mayor as Leviathan looked at her now.
"Seal. You have insulted the oceans and brought harm to the ones I care for. The Sprites are among my favorite races and are good friends to the sea. And betrayed my trust and affection in siding with the walkers of land over the love of the oceans that granted you your name of Seal. Why?"
The woman was trembling in terror as she replied.
"My town needs the supplies from the land more then the ones from the oceans nowadays, Lady Sea! I'm sorry!"
Tyler sighed at that.
"No. You got bought."
That got a saddened look on the goddess's face now as her eyes glowed.
"You sold yourself out to the shipping companies? Just to make a little more coin to retire on? Seal, You're better then that! How could you?"
The hurt tone in the goddess's voice made Tyler blink and she saw it.
"She was my Mortal Lover. Or, my mortal Wife. I loved her and THOUGHT she loved me."
Tyler walled right over and hugged the now heartnorken goddess.
"I'm sorry she's a snake."
The ocean goddess amile warmly as she hugged the outworlder.
"As am I. I wonder."
Lumia blinked.
The sea goddess smiled as she let him go.
"Peace Sprite, Goddesses and gods are held seperate when they take a mortal lover. It's mainly to ease our loneliness and sate our lusts as well as a bit of fun."
The blue skinned sprite smiled nervously.
"I see, Lady Sea. Just, we're roamers. We won't be by the sea for very long."
That got a chuckle.
"As long as you carry so much as a clam or even a small swallow of sea water Lady Wolf, I can appear before you in this shell even in the midst of a desert thousands of miles from any saltwater."
Tyler stayed silent as the ladies dicussed the matter as he did not wish to die that day. Lumia looked at Azura who shrugged.
"I don't mind it if it's Leviathan. We're lovers too so it'd be nice to spend time with her more."
Tyler blinked at that.
"I thought you were unchained when we met?"
She smiled as she explained.
"Sprites can only be chained to men as without the chain we can't reproduce. As such Sprites are quite active lady lovers too."
Lumia smiled at that.
"That elf in the magic shop in Veralla? She's fun."
Tyler looked at the Sprites with a look of mild bemusement and slight curiosity now. Though, the two Sprites just laughed as they felt the flare of horniness in his soul as he pictured something in his head. Leviathan saw it too.
"I like this one."
Lumia and Azura smiled and nodded.
"I'll allow it."
"Just Leviathan. Okay, Tyler?"
He looked at Lucia and Ruby now and they busted up laughing, though the Sprites and Goddess smiled as they felt the sudden concern for their hearts well up in his soul as he was now choosing others while they where they were rejected. Lucia walked over and hugged him.
"I know you're worried. And so you know?"
The blonde got a determined look on her face now.
"You can still have a human wife. And it WILL be me."
Ruby snorted at that claim.
"Oh you poor, sweet, deluted girl. I saw him first. It'll be me!"
Tyler just sighed at this.
"Alright. this point it would just be cruel to say no. You two can work it out. As only 1 will be my human wife. Understood?"
They nodded vigourously. Then Lucia and Ruby shook on the duel.
"I'll win, Ruby."
"We'll see Lue."
Tyler just looked at Lumia and she felt the apology in his soul that made her smile.
"I know."
he kissed her like the first time and looked at Leviathan.
"Soooo, what do I do?"
She smirked.
"Claim something from the ocean and it will be my portal to your side."
"Okay. Shark tooth it is."
She busted up laughing at that.
"And I assume you wish to fish it yourself?"
He smiled as he looked at the ocean.
"I HAVE always wanted to catch a great white."
That got a grin from the goddess now.
"In Vera, they're known as the Sea Kings. And they are very plentiful."
"Plus I understand them quite well. I think we'll load up on shark materials like teeth and hides as I can make some good grips with the skin."
That got a laugh from all before the goddess looked back at the now shame faced Seal.
"I strip you of my titles and blessings. Yucia."
"I like that name."
Leviathan smiled.
"It is pretty. Now, the sea can have you."
The disgraced woman tried to run as the tenticles of an octopus exploded from the sea to grab her by the legs and drag her screaming into the waters. Tyler looked at the goddess curiously.
"What's gonna happen to her? Just a drowning?"
She grinned wickedly.
"She'll be violated by all manner of sea life for the rest of eternity. The octopi gets first pass. I sense your curiousity."
She placed her hand on his eyes and he saw as Seal was dragged to the den of the 20 foot wide creature and found he coul hear her screaming quite clearly as the sea monster tore her tunic and other clothing from her body with an unnatural amount of knowhow before a long, tubelike tenticle extended from the side of the thing's head and shot into her groin as she screamed in regret and horror as the octopus' semen was pumped into her. Tyler chuckled as he was released from the sight.
She grinned again.
"Your Id please."
He passed it to her and the sea goddess pressed her thumb into an ability slot.
"I think you'll enjoy this one."
Curious he looked.
"Ocean's torment?"
"It allows you to view the punishment of those that have commited crimes against the sea. Seal is just the most recent. Her next partner is to be a dolphin."
"Wow. Neat trick."
Lumia and Azura shuddered at the new feelings of depravity coming from his soul. He smiled at them.
"I forgot to warn you, but I'm a little fucked up."
They looked at him in mild horror.
"We know."
"And for the love of the gods do NOT tell us a thing."
HE chuckled at that as Leviathan leaned in and kissed him hard. He blinked and kissed her right back, loving how her mouth tasted of fresh air blowing across the sea and how soft her lips were. She pulled back smiling and took his ID again and kissed it.
"I name YOU, Tyler the Wolf, as my Mortal Lover."
HE saw the title of Ocean's Lover was added under the second Sprite Soul and smiled at that.
"I'll find a tooth for you to come with us, Leviathan."
She smiled at that and leered at the two sprites.
"YOU two are going to be a lot of fun."
That got a laugh as Tyler pulled the torment of Seal back up to watch as she was now fully stuffed by various tenticles in her holes by the clearly enjoying itself octopus. He let it die as he looked at the sea goddess curiously.
"She can't drown right?"
She got another wicked smile.
"No. Nor will the acts preformed upon her kill her either. not even getting stuffed by the whale further down the line."
He shrugged.
"Eh. Nifty."
Then he had an idea.
"Is there an ability that allows for ocean viewing while on land?"
She frowned.
"By viewing, what do you mean?"
He smiled.
"Like the torment view but say around a coral reef or something similar. Say we're in a desert and want to watch sea life we use the ability and bam, looking under the waters."
She blinked.
"I love that idea. I'll need to see your ID again."
"Them too."
That got a laugh from the girls as they all got the new ability of Sea View that did just that. Once satisfied the Sea goddess looked at the Sea Caller temple.
"I'll have to pick a new mayor for the town. Aqua has served well."
She looked back at the group.
"I understand you were in the middle of a market sale when Seal's cruelty was made apperant."
He nodded.
"We were about 3/4 quarters done too."
She smiled.
"Place the goods into the waters as an apology on behalf of the waves."
Lumia and Tyler did as requested and the things were absorbed before a pile of coin appeared.
"254 gold and 243 silver is the payment."
Tyler smiled as they filled their coin pouch.
"Thank you, Leviathan. We'll see about a good ship to take us across the waves."
"I'll handle my end. I look forward to our life together, Love."
She sank into the waves and was gone. Tyler looked at the girls now.
"Okay. I need a drink."
They laughed at that mindset as Lucia glared at him.
"Bath FIRST."
That made them have a hard time breathing from her petulantly miffed voice. Tyler patted her head fondly as he looked at them.
"Coin check first."
Lucia smiled as the gold was counted.
"We've just hit 800 gold, 629 silver and 260 coppers!"
He whistled at the number.
"so 500 gold after the charter. not bad. Alright. let's get cleaned up and fed. We'll see about a crew tomorrow as we need to rest after this mess."
They nodded vehmently as Azura led the way to a high end inn near the Sea caller temple. The town having recovered rather quickly from the sudden fury of Leviathan and were cleaning the minor mess as the buildings owned by Seal's buyers had been targeted for utter washing away. The party walked in to find another Sea Nymph running the place. She smiled as the adventurers entered.
"Welcome Lord Wolf. How may we serve you?"
He smiled.
"We need a bath. The Sprites can't go far, and sadly my sister here has severe seperation fear while her friend there is her protector."
She smiled kindly as Lucia gripped Tyler's arm in a nervous mannor.
"We have a room for such parties, Lord wolf. It be 1 gold to use it."
He smiled at that.
"I'd appreciate it if another lady could help with her and her friend's hair."
That got a happy smile from the girls as Lumia leaned in to whisper in azura's ear.
"He'll do ours himself."
The sea Nymph nodded,
"That will be 2 gold for the service."
He nodded.
"A room for us as well please. Two beds."
Lucia and Ruby sighed with relief at that.
"We have one available, 10 gold a night."
She did the math.
"That brings the total to 13 gold."
He placed the money on the counter and she smiled as two more Nymphes appeared in maid outfits.
"This way Lord and Ladies."
The party went into the back of the inn and stripped before putting their gear in the magically sealed lockers. Once happy they went to the curtained bath house were Lucia and Ruby were maoning from the hot water touching their travel stained skin. Tyler smiled as he took the pool on the other side with Lumia and Azura relaxing either side of him as mud, blood, and sweat were washed away by the water.
"We NEEDED this."
They laughed as the sexy Lumia kissed her Soul.
"I love you."
HE smiled at that as Azura got a kiss of her own.
"I love you too."
The Wolf halped his sprite wives with their hair while Azura smirked.
"I'm empty."
That got a return smirk from the pair.
"Well. Load up."
The White skinned sprite fit his spear into her and was bouncing as Lumia made out with him as she waited her turn as Lucia and Ruby sighed to the two giggling Nymphs.
"Just don't get it on us."
Azura and Lumia got a fresh creaming and orgasm a piece before getting cleaned up properly. Azura's white hair looking like she had gleaming snow on her head while Lumia's was again like water. Once they were clean they went for the nearby resturante and Tyler smiled.
"We'll eat well."
That got a happy smile from the ladies as they walked to the podium where another druid stood. She smiled.
"Welcome Lord Wolf. How may we help?"
"a table for us in a discrete setting please."
"I see. Coin?"
"Silvers. we've plenty I assure you."
She smiled polietly
"I'm sure you do. Very well."
She led the party to an upstairs portion with a beautiful view of the glistening sea and to a table hidden from view of the rest of the place. Tyler taking the spot where he could see both the ocean and the door as they got menus. Azura played expert this time.
"The Sea King flays are heavenly. And pair it with the Ocean cordial."
Tyler smiled at that.
"Alright. Have fun."
The waitor took the orders and the price came out for the meal alone to 500 silver. Tyler tipped him an extra 50 and he chuckled as he left. Lucia smirked.
"Looks like you'll need to break some gold."
He shrugged.
"We can have fun every once in a while Lue."
Azura smiled at that as she looked at the blonde.
"So are you going to tell me about the party?"
Tyler frowned.
"Not yet, Azura. Still not safe enough."
She blinked at that.
"You're that cautious? I understand."
He patted her fondly as Ruby looked to the ships in port.
"What ship are we going for, Tyler?"
He looked at the ones in the harbor.
"I'd prefer to get one that's both fast and sturdy. Like maybe that Ship-of-the-line there. Or that Caravelle there."
Azura smiled at that.
"There's a few good crews in town you'll like. Where're we going again?"
He smiled at her.
"The Sea Captial."
She blinked at that.
"Okay. I need to get brought up to speed."
They chuckled at that as the meal was brought out. Tyler gave him another 50 silver as they party dug in. The friends ate well and Tyler smiled as he looked at the darkening sky. The waitor got 1 gold, 20 silver for a tip and laughed at the number as the party went to their room at the inn. Tyler cast Night's Watch as Ruby and Lucia readied for bed. Once set Tyler took Azura to the larger bed and nodded.
"Alright. Listen well."
The party closed in as Azura gulped. The Wolf leaned in close to whisper into her ear.
"We're headed to see Merla to get aid for vera in the coming war."
Lucia presnted her ID and Azura gasped.
"Lue? Oh that is clever."
She smiled as Tyler looked the Sprite in the eye now.
"This last secret not a soul outside my party, big red, or the gods know of. I hate the fact I have as much power over the Chained as i do Azura, but I order you to NEVER tell a soul what I am about to tell you. Understood?"
She nodded.
"Yes Soul."
He got closer.
"I'm an Outworlder."
She jumped at that beofre looking at him in utter awe.
He nodded and she broke out into such a proud smile that Tyler chuckled on reflex.
"My Chain is a legend made real. And i could not be happier."
The secrets told Tyler looked at the window facing the sea.
"I wonder if Leviathan will join us tonight?"
Azura smiled as she too looked at the ocean.
"She's going to be a little busy with Aqua tonight as the mayor of the town has to share a night with the Sea Goddess the night they take the position."
Tyler shrugged at that.
"I just hope she has fun."
That got a laugh from the ladies as he next looked at Azura.
Lumia smiled as Tyler mounted the new Sprite for the last piece of the Chaining ritual as she watched with love. Azura got her cream and orgasm before cuddling naked with the taller outworlder with a satisfied smile on her face.
"I've longed for this, Tyler."
Lumia rested her head besdie the new Sprite.
"We have forever to bask in it Azura."
Tyler just smiled as he wrapped the two in his arms.
"Good night, Lumia. I love you. Good night, Azura. I love you."
"Good night, Tyler. I love you too."
"Night girls!"
They sighed.
"Afterthoughts suck."


Tyler woke to see Lumia sound asleep on her back and smiled. Morning surprise it is! He looked to his left and saw Azura had grown in the night for her Chain. She was now the same height as Lumia with her skin still snow white while her hair was also snow white. Her rack had grown to the double Ds that made the blankets on Lumia's chest balloon and her face was now the same elegant feel and look. The eager Sprite Soul mounted the blue skinned beauty and she came awake with a moan.
"I love these."
She got her creamand orgasm before they moved together to the still sleeping Azura. The white skinned Sprite was on her back sound asleep and Lumia pinned her with a kiss as he fit into her also tightened groove for her morning cream. She came awake in a mild panic at the attack only to laugh into Lumia's kiss.
"So morning rape?"
They laughed as the sprites got more cream and orgasms before the lovers were happy. Azura sighed happily as she saw her appearence in a mirror.
"I love it."
Her hair hung to her feet while her arms and legs were toned like Lumia's. They were essentially clones with different skin colors and hair colors. Her eyes were a deeper shade of ice blue and pierced your heart like a knife when you looked into them. Lucia and Ruby threw the blankets off their bed with a grumble.
"Great. twice as much. Great."
They laughed at the princess's miffed tone before they grabbed a bath. Tyler loving the looks of jealousy he and the sprites were getting from all around them for their good looks. Lucia and Ruby were on the other side of the curtain and once cleaned up he looked att he white sprite.
"Let's get you kitted out azura."
She smiled at that.
The friends went to the smithy first and Tyler chuckled as he saw a dwarf running it.
"ho, ho! Welcome Lord Wolf! What can I do ya for?"
Tyler nodded at Azura.
"Looking to get me Sprite kitted out right. Chainmail vest, a greatsword, greaves and bracers. Plus bow and arrows."
The barrel chested dwarf looked at the Sprite and clapped the man in respect.
"Well done Lad. I see ya got two. Bastard. I've got black Steel, malachite, silverite, and the usual steel."
Tyler rubbed his chin as he thought it over.
"The mail from balck steel, how much?"
The dwarf chuckled.
"100 gold and it takes about 6 hours to make."
"Okay. A vest from black steel. What about a defender from malachite and silverite?"
He laughed.
"I see you think ahead. 150 gold."
He frowned at that.
"We need 300 for a trip. And we got 787. Let me do a little math,"
"Lucia perked up.
"We'd still have 387 after the lot."
"Thanks Luki!"
He loked at the dwarf.
"One defender."
He nodded.
"That takes the same amount of time."
"The greaves and bracers from malachite,"
"25 gold for the set."
"what have you got for bow materials?"
He grumbled.
"I hate making bows. I've got blood oak, blue willow, black silver, and lich bone."
"Lich bone?"
The dwarf chuckled now.
"Aye lad. The bones of a high lich make for extremely strong bows and handles. That said you have to have them purified at a temple before you can work them."
"I will have to keep an eye out then."
Azura smiled.
"Sprites are immune to the undead curse. It's a racial thing."
"Nice. We find another tomb we'll see about the bones."
The white skinned sprite and dwarf blinked.
"Ahh, another?"
He pulled his ID out.
"I like bragging."
There was an elder draugr and lesser draugr on the bestiary. The dwarf looked at him in awe.
"Pray tell, what did they have?"
Lumia lifted her black steel axe and the dwarf smiled.
"A fine axe an no mistake Lady wolf."
Tyler reached up and drew the rune sword. Soon as the dwarf saw it he gasped.
"rune. By my beard I've seen living rune."
The warrior chuckled as he sheathed it.
"I'm a special kinda lucky I guess."
That got a snort as the Wolf looked at the bow materials.
"How much for a black silver bow?"
"100 gold on the nose. And it takes merely four hours. Strings I've got tyrant sinew, twine, and some good steel twine."
"Tyrant sinew."
Azura smiled.
"That's next to unbreakable."
The dwarf nodded.
"The arrows?"
"Usual steel."
"The total be 375 gold, 50 silver."
Tyler placed 376 on the counter.
"fresh outta silver."
The dwarf laughed.
"They'll be ready by dinner."
"We'll get to it then."
The next place they visited was the general store where Azura got her pack and supplies for one gold coin. Then Tyler looked at the docks.
"Now we need a ship an crew."
Azura smiled.
"I know the place."
Lucia and Ruby were right behind the trio as they moved to a large building that served as the captain's tavern. The place resembled a guild hall with the captains of the ships all relaxing after a trip at sea. Azura and Lumia's appearence in the hall made the place go quiet as the men gaped in awe as the goddesses of beauty looked around. Tyler smiled.
"we're looking for a ship an crew to get the four os us to marilla."
There was a silence as a tall woman in a red jacket and black pants was heard laughing.
"That ain't no meager trip laddee. How much you offering?"
"300 gold."
The woman walked right over. She was a beautiful lady with back length blqack hair, brightly shining red eyes and fair skin. Her arms and legs were muscled from life aboard ship and her bust was large. Nearly as large as Lumia's. Tyler noted her weapon of choice appeared to be a cutlass as she looked him in the eye.
"300 gold? One way or round trip?"
"round trip. we need to get back too."
She nodded at an empty table.
"Let's discuss this there lad. I know that face."
Lucia was entrenched between Tyler nad Lumia as they sat across from the woman as she looked att he princess.
"So. Lord wolf. Must be serious."
Tyler nodded.
"Friad I can't tell you the exacting details?"
She grinned.
"Captain Glacier of the Lineship Leviathan."
"Wow. Here. Brag."
He showed the Ocean lover title on his ID and she busted up laughing.
"Oh this is gonna be fun! Ole Levi loves visitin me craft. Always has a good time."
Tyler smiled at the implications before getting serious.
"We'll pay upfront for the trip. 150 each way."
She rubbed her chin with a gloved hand.
"That be a most fair payment indeed as the trip usually costs us 125 gold one way. Yet 50 gold profit isn't enough incentive for my crew."
"Okay. What WOULD be a good incentive?"
She smirked.
"100 gold be a mighty incentive."
She blinked.
"Ummm. No bartering? Haggling?"
He shrugged.
"Nope. We need to get there. That said, we are also offering aid from pirates and other such bastards aboard ship."
She nodded.
"I see. that knocks it to 75 gold. One way mind you. if you seek a return trip you'll need to add 75 to the total charter."
"That's fair. We're pretty good at making money."
That got a laugh from the captain.
"Okay. So 225 gold one way. and 225 the return trip. How long you intending to stay in Marallia?"
"We're headed to the Sea Capital actually."
She nodded again.
"I see. That is a week's walk one way again. My crew will have ample opportunity to both rest and make extra coin in the harbor. They love that place. When do you intend to leave?"
He crossed his arms now.
"We'll say first light in the morning as we've an order att he smithy."
"Sounds about right. Since you're Levi's newest Lover we won't really have to worry about storms or rough seas. Long as she's entertained that is."
Tyler chuckled at that.
"I'm good at what i do"
Glacier pulled a scroll from a jacket pocket.
"we'll need the 50 gold for supplies upfront and the 100 upon boarding."
"Agreed. What ship be yours?"
She grinned proudly.
"Did you by chance see the black ship-of-the-line out there?"
He blinked.
"That's YOUR vessel? Damn. She's mean."
That got a laugh from the eavesdroppers as Glacier wrote the terms oft he charter with a magic pen down. She then passed it to him.
"Just sign the line and use your ID to stamp it."
Tyler read the fine print over and she chuckled.
"Wise one indeed."
Lucia smiled.
"He IS Lord Wolf!"
She laughed at that.
"Indeed he is Little blonde. And me crew will be most impressed."
Tyler made the deal and she smiled.
"Alright. I'll get the girls moving."
He slid the 50 over and they shook on it before going to their tasks. Tyler did a coin check as they headed to the apothecary next.
"We're down to 112 gold, 9 silver, 260 coppers."
Ruby smiled.
"About right for chartering a ship like that, Tyler. It's not cheap."
The party walked into the apothecary and were faced with an odd lady with black skin, razor tipped ears and glowing red eyes. She smiled to reveal pointed teeth like a crocodile while her rack was MASSIVE. Even bigger than Lumia's globes.
"Welcome adventurers. How may I please you?"
Tyler blinked at the seductive breath that was her voice as Azura smiled.
"That's Jet. She's a member of the Wraith race. Think a vampire but they don't need blood to survive. They do drink blood, but it's purely for pleasure and looks."
The wraith laughed as Tyler shrugged.
"eh. Neat."
He walked over and she leered at him.
"Lord Wolf. I wonder how YOUR blood tastes?"
He laughed at that as Lumia and Azura sighed atthe sudden flare of curiousity in his soul.
"Go on. Let her find out."
He looked at the exasperated Lumia.
"A drink ya dumbass."
"Yes Lumia."
She shivered att hat as he looked att he laughing Wraith.
"It won't turn me, will it?"
She grinned eagerly.
"Not at all. It'll just feel really good."
He offered his neck and she took the invitation to sink her longer fangs into it. He blinked as it felt like he was getting kissed by Lumia as the wraith drank deep of his veins with a distinct flush on her jet black face. She drank her fill and let him go with a lewd pop.
"NEver have I tasted such delicious blood before, Lord Wolf. I've lived for close to 2000 years and I've never experienced such heat and flavor. Nor such power."
He smiled as he saw the two puncture holes become small scars to indicate a Wraith bite.
"Happy to fill you."
She shivered as her meal was disgested.
"I love it. I want more!"
He blinked.
Lumia and Azura busted up laughing att he sudden fear in his soul as he thought he got ANOTHER after him. Jet smiled reassuringly.
"Relax. I'm not after you lay. Just your blood. Look at your ID please."
He did and saw another title was added.
"Bloodied Wine?"
Azura busted up laughing.
"It means she's addicted to your blood. She can't drink another's blood or it won't satisfy her. Think a chain but Blood addiction. She now lives off your blood."
He blinked.
"I don't want a damned harem! I have Lumia and Azura! That's all I want. Gods dammit."
The girls laughed at his mildly infuriated tone as Lumia kissed her soul reassuringly.
"It's okay. I love you. And I feel how much you love me."
He hugged her tightly.
"I feel like I'm cheating though. And I hate that feeling."
She smiled as Azura hugged him too.
"That's just your past talking. In Vera? it's the norm. As long as there's a distinct hierarchy among us that is."
He looked at them and the sprites felt the war raging in his soul over wanting to trust them but NOT wanting to see them hurt. The Sprites just smiled at that.
"We found the perfect Chain."
"We did Sprite Sister. We really did."
Tyler looked at the smiling Jet, and she chuckled.
"I've never met a man, let alone a young one of 15 years that was so conflicted over having so many women wanting him before. It's reassuring to hear there be a ture man left in Vera."
The Wolf just looked around as he sought to find something to halp his raging soul clam down as a note slapped him in the face.
"Oh COME ON. I thought we were passed this!"
The note's appearnce made Jet blink as he readthe thing.
"It's a Vera perk to have multiple lovers. Fact is most adventurers have several lovers in different towns so they're never alone when they visit. And it's really cute seeing you struggle to accept this!"
"Fuck you guys."
"Plus the note is hilarous."
"And Leviathan is in FULL lovergirl mode. So enjoy."
HE sighed as he put the latest note away. He went to say something to Jet when another, larger one plastered itself on his face.
He just slumped as the girls except Jet busted up laughing.
"I hate you fucks so much right now."
He sighed again and looked at Jet.
"Alright. Let's make this clear: LUMIA is the number 1. Azura 2. YOU 3."
Lucia smiled.
"Me 4!"
Ruby balked,
"I'm the forth!"
"Pff, don't lie to yourself. I'm the better looking."
"I got bigger boobs!"
Tyler sighed as the two girls argued as he looked at Jet.
"Any issues?"
She smiled.
"None Master. What DID you come in here for by the way?"
He chuckled as Ruby and Lucia were still hotly arguing.
"Potions and some skills for Azura here."
"Ah. How many?"
"four. And the skills dangerous harvest, harvest, and inspect."
Teh Wraith nodded.
"That's 3 silver."
"we're going on a trip to Marilla in the morning."
She blinked.
"I see Master. This shop belongs to a friend so I'll tell her I'm going with my new Wine."
The new owner of a harem sighed.
"Weapon of choice?"
She grinned widely.
"I like the sword and shield."
"Oh damn. You have gear?"
She walked into the back of her shop as he looked to where Lucia and Ruby were now glaring at each other as the war of words devolved into a glaring match."
"Somehow i feel like this is going to be a mess."
Lumia hugged him.
"Relax. It's to be expected really. Lord Wolf an all."
HE hugged her and sighed only she could hear.
"I don't want you to get hurt, Lumia. I love you. Dearly. And you were all I needed."
She smiled at that.
"I know and so do they. Azura was an act of utter mercy. And we love you for it. So please, relax."
He skissed her again and they embraced like that until Jet came back. Tyler blinked as he saw her set up. Her massive rack was covered by a half chest plate that stopped at her flat stomach while her hips and ass were clad in a plate skirt while she wore njow pants or shoes. Her gear was all black steel and it blended into her skin to the point she seemed naked. Her shield was 4 feet across and was a round shield while her sword was a one handed thing 3 feet long with a leaf shape and jet pommel stone. He whistled.
"Damn. I like it."
She smiled widely.
"Thank you Master."
"Why are you calling me that?"
Lumia blinked.
"You're her wraith Wine. And I know you're gonna hate this, but it means she's your new personal slave. Like the hold your blood has on her is that extreme to where you could order her to set herself on fire and she would without hesitating."
HE slumped.
"I enslaved that poor girl just for a mild curiosity."
Lumia and Azura were quick to hug him as they now felt the waves of guilt and self-loathing in his soul.
"It's a bond of trust! Like our Chains."
Jet smiled kindly.
"And his heart works too? A rare prize indeed! Let me assure you it's not what you think, Tyler. I knew what happens when i drink the blood I like. And if you're still bothered by it, look at it this way. I'm just another Sprite you have."
He sighed and the feelings left his soul.
"Alright. I'll be more careful in the future."
The Sprites relaxed as the warmth returned. He looked at the wraith.
"Alright. My name is Tyler."
She smiled kindly.
"I understand. What's the next move?"
"Ya got a pack?"
That got a grin as she showed a pack the same size as his own.
"I gained strength from the drink."
He looked her over anew now. Noting her massive rack that made even Lumia look small. She was his hieght with jet black skin and red eyes while her black hair hung to her hips. Her arms and legs were also toned and he saw her toes had pointed nails like claws.
"Juat don't kick me at night."
They laughed at that one beofre he nodded.
"Alright. Let's grab lunch."
The group walked out as a tall elf with black hair came walking over. Jet smiled as she kissed the lady.
"I've got my Wine, Rose."
She smiled happily.
"Enjoy life, Jet. Just please visit?"
"I will."
The team went to the tavern with the unchained sprite and got a meal. Jet smiling as she explained in more detail her Wine.
"It basically means your blood keeps me alive now. If I stop drinking it I die. I also eat normal foods but I need to drink my Wine to restore my lifeforce once a day."
He nodded as he drank some ale.
"Sounds like my mornings are getting full."
Ruby and Lucia sighed.
"MORE morning sex."
They laughed at that as Azura looked at the Wraith.
"Plus a wraith's lust is extremely potent. We're going to have a LOT of fun, Tyler."
He sighed at that.
"My poor sword."
The girls all busted up laughing at that one as they got their meal. Tyler looked at the wraith.
"We'll have to tell Glacier we picked up a fifth."
Jet smiled, baring her pointed teeth.
"She'll be fine. Her blood's tasty too."
Tyler shrugged.
"This point I'll just go with it."
The meal cost them 5 full silvers. Once fed the group went to outfit jet with the same skills as the rest of the party and that set them back a further three silvers.
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