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Hot tea and brigadeiros

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Story wrote for the 90-minute gift challenge hosted by the KakaIru discord server. This story is a gift for itskamala! The main theme is "Food is a love language" and the food of choices is briga...

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Iruka,Kakashi - Published: 2021-11-26 - 743 words - Complete

“You should stay in bed! Doctor's orders, I'm not the one who makes the rules! If you really want to blame someone, blame Dr. Senju or your hard head! " Iruka's voice wasn't angry, more resigned than anything else.

A few days earlier he and Kakashi, his partner, had gone out on what should have been a trip to the mountains, but which had instead quickly turned into a trip to the emergency room.

Kakashi hadn't been feeling very well for a few days now, but he was unfortunately too good at hiding it. They had scheduled that trip, days before, well in advance so as not to have problems with work and he was too keen to give it up just because of a little fever. Too bad that the fever in question had done nothing but worsen to the point of making him pass out.

Iruka then found himself looking for help, on top of an isolated mountain completely unaware of what was really happening to his boyfriend.
Once the emergency passed and with it the fright, Iruka felt right to be a little angry with Kakashi. It was difficult to look after someone who prevents you from doing so by any means by pretending not to be sick, even at the cost of getting even worse.

However, there was a method to make this extremely difficult work a little simpler.

"I promise you that if you stay in bed and rest, as soon as you wake up I will come to bring you Brigadeiro and hot tea!" Upon hearing that promise, Kakashi returned defeated to their bed to rest. Iruka was not sure what that food really meant to him, but he had discovered some time before that it was an excellent bargaining chip when he wanted to get something from him.

Fortunately for Iruka, there was a pastry shop near their apartment, where they prepared the Brigadeiro exactly the way Kakashi liked it. It would have been very easy to order some and have them delivered to his home while he waited for Kakashi to rest properly. All he needed to do was prepare everything he needed to prepare the Tea and go and check that the fever did not get worse while Kakashi rested.

It often made him worry that way. Kakashi hadn't had an easy life as a child and often still forgot that he could afford moments of weakness. Now he had many people around who loved him and who would protect him at all costs. Habits, unfortunately, die hard and Iruka spent a lot of time reminding him that he no longer needed to pretend to be invincible when he wasn't.

At times he seemed to have understood this, at other times he seemed to return to his younger self. That child that Iruka had never known, but that he could see in his eyes at the worst moments when waking up from a nightmare or returning from a stressful day from work.

The same he saw now in that sleeping Kakashi, his face writhing sometimes in a little grimace of pain, his jaw set as well as his fists clenched next to his face. Someone who had to fight at all costs for his life.

She hurt him to see him like this, and to think that there were very few people willing to be on his side when he was little.

It was late afternoon when Kakashi awoke, next to him was Iruka, who had been watching over him while he rested.

"Hey, Ruka ..." The words came out hard, hoarse, that voice didn't even sound like him. Iruka didn't like that voice. It was the voice he always had when in a dream he remembered his past.

“Hey, Kakashi! How do you feel? " his voice was sweet, the words little more than a whisper, but they had a power that overwhelmed him every time. Simple words, spoken by the person Kakashi considered to be his whole world.

"Maa ... Better! You know what would make me feel even better ?! Hot tea and brigadeiros! A promise is a promise Ruka!" This was his way of reacting. He always did that...

"I know! I know! And you- you know very well, that I'm not the type to not keep a promise! " he said so, and it was true. That was one of the things Kakashi liked about Iruka the most. “Hot tea and brigadeiros on their way!"
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