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Just A Mistake

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Maria and Carlos find a way to pass the time.

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He laid her down, trailing small kisses from the edge of her mouth to the curve of her throat. Maria's pulse skipped and she tilted her head, allowing better access. Carlos paused long enough to tug off his shirt before settling back down to claim her mouth. He teased the lips open, tangling his tongue with hers. She moaned beneath him and started to tug down his jeans. He allowed her to get them off before he rolled off of her and to his feet. She looked exquisite, spread out on the white sheets.

Red hair splayed out and down her, covering up one ivory breast. The other showed that she was completely aroused. A smile had worked it's way on her red lips and one of her hands was stretched down and cupping herself. He grinned and tugged down his boxers, letting his straining erection get free. Settling on her once again, he cupped one breast and, brushing the hair off of it, laid his lips on the other. Maria arched below him, her moans piercing the air.

He captured her nipple, biting down hard. Maria let loose a little scream and he bit down harder. Moving his other hand from her breast, he stroked down, removing her hand from herself and delighted in finding her warm and damp. Sliding one finger gently into her, he removed his mouth from her breast, wanting to see her as she responded to this new stimulation.

She stared at him, open-mouthed, and clearly enjoying it. He slid in another finger and she gasped, thrusting her hips up as if to swallow his hands. Moving down her body, her started playing with on of her lips with sliding in another finger. Suddenly, he yanked out the three fingers and plunged them in again, smiling widely as she came, thrusting her hips up and screaming so loudly, he wondered if someone would come to check on them. No one did.

When she was done, he moved back up her body, coming to a stop at her mouth. Leaning down, he whispered quietly. "Suck me. Suck me. Suck me."

She followed his instructions, taking the head of his shaft into his mouth. He reached behind himself, grasping a nipple, and every time she ran her tongue over the tip of his cock, he squeezed. Taking him deeper in her mouth, she moaned around it as she felt her breasts being fondled. Aching, aching, she took him fully into her mouth. It was truly a mighty feat, for he was very big and very rigid.

Touching the back of her throat with his dick turned out to be the last straw. He came hard and fast, ejaculating straight into her mouth. She lapped it up eagerly and only reluctantly let go of him when he finished.

Startling, it took only a touch from her to start him up again and he plunged into her pussy, no longer caring if he hurt her or not. This was too much, too little. The orgasm struck and he rode it happily, licking her breast as the both came.

When it was over, he leaned down and plunged his tongue into her, eager to pick up the remains of the come and wasn't the least bit surprised when she came once more. They continued this cycle over and over again until Carlos tired of it. He flipped her over, yanked her hips up, and plunged himself into her ass. As he came, she screamed and he squeezed her nipples once more.

Hours later, the euphoric sensation faded and he sat up. Maria was still sleeping and he grinned as he rolled onto her, burying his face in between her breasts once more. He could keep this up all night, he decided. And would. Maria was his slut now.
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