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The story of a crimson warrior whose name is Red.

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Long ago, in a cottage by the sea, there lived a witch. At least, she said she was a witch. Many agreed with this, providing proof using her prophecies. Others said that she was a madwoman. Still, modern scientists did think it peculiar that she predicted the sinking of the Titanic. The destruction of the Civil War. The rampage of Adolf Hitler.

Modern day aside, there was one particular prophecy that everyone thought to be the mutterings of insanity. The witch was quite old by this time and most thought she had lost her mind. Every day, she was out by the sea, muttering about drowning. However, late one night, the fisher who rowed by every day found her sky clad and apparently praying.

Coming closer, he listened carefully to the words she spoke. The witch only got like this during a prediction. As he listened, she chanted.

"A birth. A babe. A girl with eyes as red as blood. Not a demon, but a hero. Not a curse, but a blessing. Hated by her family, feared by her people. Given a gift uncontrollable and a stubborn streak uncontainable, she will live and love. She will be a warrior. A crimson warrior."

The fisher, fearing of the tale the witch was weaving, ran to the village to spread the word. The words were inscribed into a library that was full of prophecies given by her and her family for ages. There, it was forgotten as time moved on.

The witch died and the village grew. Sometimes, a prophecy would come true and the librarian would patiently remove the scroll and give to to a trusted scientist for research. He refused to remove a scroll that has not occurred. Imagine his surprise when his wife bore a child with golden locks and beautiful skin. And red eyes.

And so her name was Red.

A/N: I apologize for such a short chapter. This is the prologue and was really meant as a stepping stone. The chapters will grow in length after this. I do not own anything you recognize. The witch is my own creation, as is Red. Please do not copy this as I worked especially hard. Thank you!
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