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Origin: A WTP Story

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The We The People prologue. (It is STRONGLY recommended you read this before reading the main series.)

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April 12, 2002

"C'mon! Let's hear it for the Three Heroes!" A loud cheer broke out all across Main Street. There they were, the three saviors who had saved both the Light and Dark world from destruction from the dreaded Angel's Heaven. A human, a monster, and a prince from the dark. Kris and Susie waved to the adoring crowd (with the latter mouthing "Yo, Mom and Dad!"), heavily and deservingly satisfied after such a dangerous trek. They'd been starved, injured, imprisioned and even totured. But boy was it worth it...

Unfortunately, the third hero was not in the mood for celebrating. He had sat backstage with his arms crossed for the whole party, with a look of unrestrained contempt on his face. He was, of course, Ralsei, the mentioned prince from the dark. Throughout the entire journey, his kindness and patience had been tried to the limit. It had all boiled over during the final trek, after Lancer had called him "fluffy sheep" back in Castle Town. He hadn't been in a good mood then, so unsurprisingly Ralsei erupted with rage and grabbed Lancer by the collar. He then screamed into his face a profanity filled speech about decency and respect, not caring about Kris and Susie's shocked faces, or anyone else's, and then subsequently thrown him to the ground. The goat boy chuckled to himself as memories of what he said came floating back...


Heh... the bastard got what was coming. he thought.


"What do you want?"

Susie poked her head out of the curtains. "Kris wants to know if you wanted some cake".

"No, I'm good".

Susie was a little surprised by this, but she chose not to question it.
As the seconds ticked by, Ralsei's anger slowly increased. This time, not because of what happened, but something a little more political.

This town looks deplorable... who the fuck is running it? he thought, staring at the graffiti covered buildings the stage was set next to.
As if God had answered his question, a dirty old election poster landed by the goat boy's feet. He picked it up, and what he saw made his blood freeze.
There was Asriel, his childhood bully and arch enemy.

TO BRIGHTEN EACH DAY! read the campaign poster.

Ralsei's fists clenched, crumpling the poster. He slowly stood up. His teeth were bared, as rage once again took over his body. He glared at the creased poster, growling silently.

So you're the fucker who's driving this place into the ground, yet you still think you're fit to run for mayor. he muttered.
Looks like someone new needs pacifying... after all, two can play at this game...
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