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Dark Web Exploration: A Supernatural Fanfic

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Vincent Williams was once a normal, cheerful boy who lived in the city of Boulder Pines. But this all changes on December 16th, when he decides to record a video for YouTube on the dark web, only f...

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Chapter 1: First time?

Our story begins in a town called Boulder Pines. Boulder Pines is stuck on the edge of America, right in the middle of Death Valley and the Deserted town of Las Vegas. Most of the Boulder Pines residents actually come from the Las Vegas area. And one of those people is Vincent Williams. A 16, going on 17-year-old boy who wishes to become a big YouTube personality and Paranormal Investigator, planning on proving that Ghosts and Spirits are real! But his first-ever series was the "Dark Web Exploration" Series. Of which ended almost abruptly on the first-ever episode. But, that didn't happen. At least in this Alternate Universe of Boulder Pines...

2:46AM, December 16th, 2021

Footage is turned on with a small crackle of a old camera. The small sounds of someone breathing was heard for around 3 seconds of the 30 minute long YouTube video. You raise an eyebrow in response to the breathing before the camera is turned around to see the lit up face of Vincent Williams. A boy missing from home just today. Right after this video was uploaded. "Hey Guys! Kuuldud76 here! or you can just call me Vincent! Today is my first video, and I'm so excited to show you guys this new series I have thought up! "Dark Web Exploration"! Now, I'm sorryfor the bad quality... I need money to buy a better camera!" He explains. You, the viewer, of said video feel nostalgia about your childhood. But you forgot that you were supposed to be investigating this new channel on YT. Not getting distracted.

The camera moves and shakes a bit before being pointed at the small computer screen of Vincent. He smiles on the other side of the camera before placing it down in front of him. You get a below view of his face, a small smile on the entire time before he begins to talk again, looking at the camera and typing at the same time. "So, the Dark Web is just a bunch of websites that are too... Exotic, for the public. So I'll have to move the camera away from the screen or try and use some editing software to censor it..." He would sigh, grabbing the mouse and clicking a few links before ending up in a chatroom. He grabs the camera, putting it onto his shoulder and strapping it to his shoulder before starting to chat.

[Kuuldud76: Hey! Anyone on here??] He sends to the chat room. The sign that multiple people begin to type is put on the screen and the conversation begins.
[Natashalulu; Hey there Kuuldud, Yeah. I'm here!]
[BruvBruv:Yeah! I'm here too!]
[Druggy: Hey... Wanna buy some drugs?] The chatroom goes silent for a bit... The he suddenly gets kicked from the room. Druggy is officially gone. [Kuuldud76: Nice. He's gone. I'm recording a YT Video btw, so thanks Natasha] [Natashalulu: No prob Kuul. He was getting annoying anyways] The converation continued. You wanted to know what would make this boy go missing. Thaz is until he is flared by someone. [ChristmasSpirit: Marry Christmas!! @Kuuldud76!!] "Oh! That's nice! Even if it is a bit early!" He would say to himself, Bruv and Natasha started to type as well.
[BruvBruv; Yeah! Merry Christmas Kuul!] [Natashalulu: Yeh! Merry Chrima!] He would smile softly at this, wiping his face as he loved this so much... [Kuuldud76: Thanks guys!] He would send the message, wiping tears that fell from his face. No one really said Merry Christmas to him. Only his parents did. He felt that warmth once again. These events would create a long lasting friendship between Vincent, Natasha, and Bruv. But suddenly the chatroom goes quiet... Everyone goes offline except for Vincent. He was super confused, that is before he saw the CS started to type... [ChristmasSpirit: I see you...~] "Huh?" You were also confused. He would grab his camera, holding it up as he looked out the window. He soon sees a woman dressed in black and white clothes with black hair that flowed down to her butt and with black steel-toed boots. She giggles, and you could see it on her face. "AH!" He screams in surprise, falling back onto his chair as he lets his blinds close. He breaths in and out, calming himself down before he walks over to the blinds and opens them again... She's gone. He would sigh in relief, sitting down as he suddenly hears hard breathing... "Behind you.." He heard a girly voice speak in a whisper. He twirls around, a massive pair of breasts in his face, and the breathing only getting harder. He looks up slowly, seeing the blushing pale face of the so Called Christmas Spirit..! "Merry Christmas... And I'm your gift..~" She grabs him, throwing him to the bed and sending the camera across the room. It hits the wall and turns off for a second, the sound of a zipper unzipping before the video ends abruptly.

You are confused, and want to see what happens next... So you scroll down to the description, seeing a link to Pornhub for part two.. You narrow your eyes, confused.. Why would part two be on a porn streaming website..? You shrug your shoulders and click the link.

To be continued..
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