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The Lord of the Dead

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Welcome to the Lord of the Dead. A deep dive virtual reality zombie survival horror game. Now turned social experiment by the government. I hope you're ready.

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An annoying beeping of a blue steel watch echoed off the wood paneling of a bedroom, waking the sole occupant with a grumble.
The grumble came from a tall boy 14 years of age as he moved about his small-yet-spacious room seeking the material for a hot shower. Once under the nearly too hot water he started cleaning his 5 foot 11 inch frame while the slight stinging woke him a little more. Once his pasty skin was cleaned up the stll-not-awake-enough-to-be-considered-a-thinking-creature teenager got dressed in a thick t-shirt, denim jeans, workboots and a hoodie. His breakfast consisted off a warmed up chocolate muffin with a berry energy drink for that final kick in the ass to get going. As he sat at the counter, his HIDEOUSLY overweight mother waddled into the room.
"Got your project, Tyler?"
"Passed it in yesterday."
She grunted at this as Tyler pulled his packed to bursting backpack on his back.
"WAIT for your SISTER. There's ice on the ground."
He sighed in a tenored bark.
"I DO I miss the bus. Tell her to watch her step."
He walked out the door as his suddenly present stepfather roared.
"watch how you speak to your MOTHER! You are GROUNDED when you get back!"
Tyler just ignored him as he walked down the snow covered steps of his Berlin, new hampshire home. A frigid wind blew through the hillside neighborhood and the snow moved in drifts, but Tyler merely pulled his hoodie up over the winter cap that protected his ears. He walked down the steep hill to the corner bus stop to wait. His breath left clouds of white mist as he breathed.
"All hail Puff, the magic dragon."
He chuckled at his own joke as he waited for the rest of his group. A few minutes later more shapes appeared from the end of the streets that made up the four way intersection and approached the stop. Tyler noting one of them, a girl, and smirked internally. Wonder what Hailey's doin down this stop? The girl in question walked up without a word. She was half a head shorter then Tyler with straight black hair and pasty skin. Her eyes were brown and she had modest cleavege more a result of her pushup bra then actual assets. She was got up in a heavy winter coat and seemed to be freezing as she stood there while Tyler was in a mere hoodie with gloves and wasn't bothered in the slightest.
"Mornin Hailey."
She sighed at his greeting and retorted in a bark.
"Leave me the fuck alone, loser."
"Your HAIR is frozen SOLID."
"That's kinda cool."
Hailey had a new look of irritation.
"WHY are you bothering me?"
He chuckled at her cold shutdown. He was well aware Hailey couldn't stand him for some odd freakin reason, and it was mildly entertaining for the taller boy to poke her. Hailey shivered again and he noted her hands were pair.
"Think fast."
The surprised girl caught the sealed pack of hand warmers he'd taken from his pack.
"Frostbite SUCKS."
She tore them open and held the things with a mild expression.
"School's not losing a finger over."
Hailey smirked a little at that.
"So WHY do YOU have them, Tyler? YOU can't FEEL the cold."
He chuckled.
"I always keep a few packs on me in case I get stuck somewhere cold. Specially since last year."
She sighed as her numbed by the cold hands were warmed by the potent warmers.
"You really ARE a walking wal-mart."
"Good. 5 bucks."
"You wish."
"NOW it's ten."
Hailey had a more fond smile now on her face as the taller boy cracked his usual bad jokes before it died and she put her hands in her jacket pocket as more of their grup arrived. Tyler sighed internally as she took a step further away from him as the group of gus and girls all greeted her. Hailey may hate my guts around them, but when we're ALONE, she's pretty damn cool to hang with. Hailey was now trading salty jabs and counters with her friends as Tyler kept an eye out for the bus at the far end of the street.
"Hey, did ya hear? That new deep dives out."
Tyler perked up at this as one of the guys talked.
"Oh. You mean Lord of the Dead?"
The muscular guy flipped him off.
"FUCK OFF RETARD. we're talking."
"I have that game preordered. And preloaded. Annnd was a beta tester."
They ALL looked at him in mild surprise and Hailey lifted an eyebrow.
"Okay. ALL the gamertags got released. what's yours?"
Tyler smirked.
They blinked. And the guy that had flipped him off had shock on his face.
"BULL. SHIT. There is NO. WAY. YOU are THAT badass. Goreleech is a legend in the LoZ betabase. Loser."
Tyler smirked.
"What's YO tag, David?"
"I'll be sure to add it to the list. See ya in hell, buddy. Hailey?"
She smirked.
"Fuck. Off."
"eh that's fine."
He looked up the street as the rest dismissed him again and spotted the bus approaching. The clanking thing more or less slid to a stop and the group climbed aboard. tyler grabbed a seat in the middle as the rest walked by and Hailey passed. A piece of paper landed on the seat as she passed and he snatched it without looking. The thing had a name on it and he smiled under his pulled down hood at the gamertag. Bostonbitch32. Nice, Hailey. REEEEEEEALLY nice. he slid the paper into a hidden pocket on his hoodie and settled in for the ride to school as the rest of the riders all talked about Lord of the Dead. A new experience in deep dive virtual reality open world survival horror game. The premise was you, the player, were dropped into a postapocolyptic world in random points. According to the developer, Shadownet, a billion players could spawn in a thousand times each and NEVER see the same spot twice. That was because LOZ was the single most ambitious virtual reality project ever undertaken. The goal was to create a life sized, living, breathing continent made of the entire landmass of planet earth inside a gameworld with no loading screens, no lag, no glitches. The sought for goal was to create an entirely new world inside a computer with near perfect mirrors of human conscience in the Nonplayer controlled programs. Shadownet, achieved this goal. As the game was said to be hundreds of thousands of miles of ingame world with every biome, enviornment, level of human habitation, and everything else imaginable. Tyler, along with one million other lucky bastards selected from a bidding pool, had been gifted the honor of beta testing the first 50,000 miles of the game for a period of 18 months. These players' names had been immortalized as the FIRST SURVIVORS ingame on a wall like the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. Tyler's tag, Goreleech666, was one of them and had built a reputation as a HIGHLY skilled zombie killer and scavanger. He'd been the only player in the entire beta tester pool to NOT die the ONCE. That had earned him the title of Unkillable. And paranoid. Tyler smiled as he reflected that. I'll dive when the servers open up....and do some hunting. Show them who I am inside a world where there are NO rules. The bus ride passed without incident and the teenager was among the middle group getting off. He went inside and to his first class and the teacher smiled as he sat in his seat.
"mornin Tyler."
"Morning Mr Butain."
Mr butain was an older man in his late forties that taught social studies and was Tyler's homeroom teacher. Tyler settled in his seat and was leafing through his latest encyclopedia on military hardware as the rest of the class walked in. They all took seats and the class started as Tyler closed the book.
He didn't react as a jeer was thrown at him from the guy behind him while the teacher took attendance. once that was done, MR Butain faced the class.
"Alright everyone. I have news."
Tyler pulled out his book again,
"Berlin Junior highschool along with numerous other schools across the country have been selected to take part in a Social experiement inside a deep dive experience, called Lord of the dead."
Tyler froze at this announcement and the class were also surprised. Then the teenager reacted. he sat up and lifted his hand. which made the teacher lift an eyebrow.
"Well there's a rare sight. Tyler? A QUESTION already?"
" you have any idea what that game ACTUALLY is, MR Butain? Like ASIDE from the adverts?"
The teacher sighed.
"it's another zombie apoloclypse-"
"NO it is NOT."
Tyler's amused disagreement made the class look at him as he talked.
"LoZ is a HELLSCAPE pretending to be a videogame. You FEEL everything. And it hurts like HELL when you get bit. Gunshots, feel like the real thing. For god's sake, the ZOMBIES? HAve VARIENTS like from RESIDENT EVIL and some are freakin MEAN. I shit you not, one a them? Is THIRTY FEET TALL, is MADE FROM A TANK, and throws CONCRETE at you. I hit that thing with a 105mm tank shell....and all it did was make mad. Yeah. What is this social experiement?"
The class were all looking at him mildly surprised by his exacting insight and MR Butin frowned.
"HOw do YOU know so much about it, Tyler? The game JUST dropped."
"I was a tester."
"Oh my god. HOW?"
He shrugged with a smile.
"I got lucky."
"What's your tag?"
Mr Butain sighed.
"okay. NO. YOU are NOT TOUGH ENOUGH to be THAT guy. You will have detention for trying to impersonate him after the conclusion of the test. Try that again and you're NOT taking part."
Tyler pulled his laptop out now.
"If the school got picked for a test like that, MR Butain, something tells me I CAN'T refuse."
He logged into his email using the school WIFI and smirked as he saw a new one.
"I thought so. Sorry, Mr Butain. even if the BOARD said I couldn't, I'd still have to dive. Proof is right here."
Tyler spun the laptop around and the teacher's growing irritation was replaced with mild surprise.
"An invite to join the test by the senater herself? Hm. I got one a those. It proves nothing."
"That's fine. I'll do that myself."
Tyler put the thing away and the teacher refocused the class.
"The total number of participants for the experiement is estimated to be at 100,000,000. Other countries are also taking part and the number is rising as we speak. the test is to be a live simulation of a zombie apocolpyse and how the youth and select adults would survive in such a scenario. Our adventures will be braodcast to the world as a TV show like a nonstop livestream. As per the requirements for the test, all M and above rated materials are engaged with NO FILTERS WHATSOEVER."
Tyler's EXTREME shudder made them ALL look at him again.
"Oh my GOD. Okay. YOU are going to need extreme therapy after this one. Them bastards are NASTY. errr. I STILL have nightmares from that slime thing's harem."
He shivered again and Butain sighed.
"ONE MORE OUTBURST and you are going to the office, Tyler. STOP TRYING TO SCARE US."
Tyler shivered again before he smirked.
"This is gonna be so freakin funny. when are we diving?"
"Tomorrow you will bring in your helmets if you have one. if you DO NOT, one will be provided for you. You will all gather in the gym and be given hospital beds as the point is a nonstop dive meant to last for 3 solid months."
Tyler frowned now and sat back as the news had them ALL blinking. 3 MONTHS for a TEST? Uh-oh. Okay. There is something inside this box and it ain't nice. Tyler raised his hand again and the teacher looked at him tiredly.
"So we'll inside a deep dive for three solid months?"
"Yes. You'll be incoluated as in a hospital."
"Okay. And the NETWORK?"
"Is being upgraded to military level speed and reliabilty."
"Uh-huh. Oh this is gonna be BAD."
Mr. Butain lifted an eyebrow at this as Tyler sank into a VERY thoughtful hunch.
"Tyler. WHAT is going to be BAD?"
He looked at the teacher.
"This DIVE. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up, and I feel like I'm about to jump off a cliff. Be on your guard people. There is something else to this EXPERIEMENT. And it ain't nice. How do I know? I got a bad hunch."
He pulled his laptop now.
"And I need to send up a flare."
They all watched as he opened his email and hit a group name before typing into it.
"Code Demon on the dive exp. Slimer in the dungeon and adjust as needed. The DEMON is on edge."
He hit send and the guy behind him smirked.
"So now you're a freakin LARPER?"
A nearly INSTANT reply came.
"We're ALL on edge, Gore. there is something VERY wrong here. Snake and Spider have eyes up."
The guy behind Tyler blinked.
"GORE? what the hell?"
"Goreleech666 is a bit of a mouthful. Sooo they just call me Gore. alright."
He sat back and typed in a fresh message.
"Deteriorating gasmask in a Bloat nest protocol. Let's NOT get jumped by a freakin Bouncer this time, LOOKIN AT YOU TERMITRON!"
The reply?
"So's a royal flush, but it only has to happen once."
"I fuckin miss yo dark dumbldore sayings, bro. eyes on."
"Fangs out."
Tyler chuckled as he closed the laptop.
"I freakin miss those lunatics."
Behind him the guy had a new look of surprise on his face.
"Yo he called him Goreleech on his EMAIL. wait termitron?"
Tyler chuckled darkly now.
"Why speculate, Max? Tomorrow you'll find out first hand. Just WHO Goreleech really is."
MR Butain rubbed his eyes.
"Okay fine. If you are NOT Goreleech666 in the ingame menu when we dive tomorrow you will be suspended for impersonation. if you ARE we'll apologize."
The class started asking questions as Tyler settled in his chair with his mind running tomorrow's dive over and over as he planned his new playthrough. Once the last question was answered MR Butain smiled.
"The rest of the day is yours to prepare for the dive as it is a full life simulation. The library is open for studying up on anything you think you might need."
Tyler smirked at this news and plugged his laptop into an outlet.
"The one problem i kept running into was I know fuckall about how to build things like generators and connecting them. Thank god for the power of google."
The 6 hour school day was spent with Tyler studying how to build varying machines and maintaining them while the rest of the school aside from a few deligents fucked around with a surprise freeday. The day ended and the teenager headed home still running the information through his head. He walked inside his house and found his parents sitting at the table with a stool by the table. His stepfather nodded to it.
"We heard about the test."
Tyler nodded and sat down.
"Listen to me. there is something VERY wrong with this experiement. I sent up a flare. ALL my crew are feeling the exact same way."
His mother frowned.
"Can you refuse?"
"I don't think I can."
His stepfather, Clark, rubbed his eyes.
"Three months inside a videogame world. and Lord of the Dead no less. That beta ended MONTHS ago and you STILL sometimes wake up screaming."
Tyler nodded.
"ALL ingame content is enabled this time. This one is gonna be bad. I'll put it in perspective. The game I played? was rated M. The version WE'LL be playing? HAS NO rating."
They nodded gravely and his mother looked at him.
"We'll be watching."
Tyler smirked.
"I got this. LoD is MY world."
They smiled at this confidence and Clark looked at him.
"Felicia will be taking part too-"
"She'll die in the first fifteen minutes. NO. I am NOT playing rescue to a beached whale."
"She is your SISTER-"
"No. HALF. SISTER. At best. Anda. Hi? I HATE her. So. NO. Now i got more researchin to do fore the dive tomorrowa. Bye."
He hopped off the stool as his parents went off on him for this. Tyler walked up the stairs to his room as a hurt sniff was heard from his obese sister's room.
"I hate you."
"Good. I'll be sure to put your zombie down like the overweight yet helpless dog you are."
He shut the door as she burst into tears at this hateful remark. Tyler then went over to where his heavily stickered deep dive helmet sat on a stand. the thing resembling a red dragon's head from his favorite anime and he smiled as he patted the thing.
"Tomorrow we'll be goin deep. This time it'll be for real."
The excited teenager sat at his desk for another massive round of research on building and assembling combustion engines from scrap. Dinner was pizza and soda as the parents wouldn't be seeing their kids for the next three months outside a TV screen and Tyler smirked at the nerves on bis overweight sister's face as the meal went on. The teenager went to bed with a smile.
"I am going home tomorrow."


Tyler woke the next morning with an energy born of excitement. Once fed, showered and dressed he went up to pack his custom ordered deep dive helmet into his military grade carrying case that was also plastered in half naked anime girl stickers with the needed cables and wires before he locked the thing with the twin steel keeys he carried around his neck. Happy with his security he headed downstairs where his sister had her pink helmet in hand and was shaking in frightened nerves as she hugged their parents. Tyler merely grabbed an extra energy drink from the fridge.
"Enjoy the show. And I hope you're ready for the nightmares."
He walked out with his case in hand to the bus stop. There he downed the second energy drink before pulling a THIRD from his pack and cracking it open as Hailey walked up with her crew all sporting their own cases. Then they noticed Tyler's.
"Of COURSE he's a disgusting weeb."
"Ugh. wait is that a SNAKELADY?"
"Oh my god there's a centaur!"
Hailey had a new look of disgust on her face at the naked animalgirls and Tyler smiled.
"ALL ny collections, anime, HENTAI, music, PORN and movies are downloaded on my helmet. So, NORMIE TRASH, you will be exposed to PROPER culture. and if any of you have a VADER HELMET, ya got no room to bitch. mainstream trash."
Hailey snorted.
"Okay. EPIC roast. And I feel attacked."
Tyler smirked now.
"Omae wa, oi na shinderiiu."
He smiled knowingly at Hailey's reply and her friends were looking at her with narrowed eyes and David glared at her.
"Are YOU a weeb TOO, Hailey?"
"Oh fuck no. That's just a common meme."
They shrugged and Tyler chuckled.
"It seems there are lots a things they don't need to know."
Hailey smiled knowingly.
David sighed.
"Greeat. NOW they're speaking weeb language."
"BITCH it's otaku."
The bus arrived as tyler's terrified and hideously overweight sister waddled to the stop. The teenager took his seat at the middle and surprisingly Hailey sat beside him. He looked at her curiously and she smiled.
"Nerves. I've heard rumors about LoD."
"The rumors are WRONG. that game is a NIGHTMARE. I did the beta on M rating. ALL features has NO rating. It's like you took the nastiest torture porn, night of the living dead, walking dead, the most disgusting monster hentai, and threw it into a blinder and hit obliterate. You'll see. HOW they got to MAKE this game I will NEVER know."
She nodded with nervos eyes.
"How bad?"
"Keep your pants on and don't turn your back to the zombies. they make a mess every time they getchya."
She shuddered at the unsaid and tyler smirked humorlessly.
"Yeah. And it makes stuff too. Hills have eyes.....the sequal."
"Okay. Stop before I run away screaming."
He chuckled as the bus got rolling.
"This is gonna be good."
The trip to the school was quieter then usual and an atmosphere of excitement, nerves, and uneasiness permeated the students as they approached the suddenly far more ominous school. Like a funeral procession, the buses lined up at the school and the doors opened....with not a student moving this time. aside frowm Tyler.
"Hey, scoot."
Hailey looked at him wide eyed as he got up without hesitating.
Her usually strong, confident bark was now a mere squeak and he chuckled.
"You're kinda cute when you play scared schoolgirl, hailey."
"eh kinda."
"Just get pissed. works wonders for fear when you're pissed off bout something. Come on ya punkrock knock off."
She snorted and followed the taller boy as he stepped of the bus. He walked up the long courtyard that was now lined by reporters with camers eager to get shots of the students entering the school. A long line of cement barricades manned by in-uniform military police led from the buses to the doors and Tyler was the first one walking along it as a reporter leaned over.
"Are you nervous about taking part in the Lord of the Dead experiement? Fox News!"
Tyler smirked as he looked at her.
"Course not. That hellscape is MY playground. MY name. Is GORELEECH666. And I am going home."
He walked into the shool entrance that led right to the now packed gym lined by beds for the divers. The hallway to the gym had more reporters of a higher rank snapping photos and clamoring for predive interviews as tyler walked into the gym. A man with a tablet looked at him.
"Name and gamertag."
"Tyler Naamani. Goreleech666."
The man nodded.
"Bed 6. And make em look stupid, Gore."
The teenager went over to the indicated bed where a nurse was waiting with several cables, tubes and an IV. She smiled as he set his case with the helmet on the bed.
"Nice to meet you, Tyler. I am Clare. I will be overseeing your body while you're inside the game."
He chuckled at this.
"Nice to meetchya, Clare. I can see I'll in VERY good hands here."
The blonde nurse chuckled as he took his sweatshirt off.
"Oh my. A raunchy and cocky teenager. I will be SURE to keep a taser handy."
"Sounds like we already got a spark between us. I LIKE it."
"OOOh you're good."
"I got a few ways."
"On the bed."
"Yes clare."
"Oh jesus."
He chuckled as he watched the rest of the school all gather around their beds and set cases down. Tyler took his other shirt off to go bare chested for the electrotes to be attached as the rest started setting up their helmets and he noted the needed cables were attached to the bed.
"Oh mine are better."
Clare smirked.
"Oh by all means. See if you can hook it up PROPERLY then."
Tyler opened a panel on his case and pulled a set of neon blue cables that would light up when connected to juice and dropped to the floor to replace the stock with his own higher grade. Once the lights were set he pulled the two keys off his neck and set them in the locks as the now curiously looking at him school watched. He turned the keys with a smile and pulled the dragon head from inside. the blood red thing was opened in the front like a medievial helm and was trimmed by gold with the shape of a dragon head. Clare blinked as he hooked the cables to it.
"Okay that thing is AWESOME."
"Custom ordered."
Tyler laid o the bed and pulled the helmet on.
"um, Tyler? You need to wait to dive for the rest."
"I figured Clare. It activated when i pull the visor down. Kinda like iron man....but I'm a dragon Emperor."
She whistled as he got comfy and the IV was implanted. He smiled as reporters were moving from bed to bed getting the divers' faces known. The Diver then turned his attention to his helmet as it lit up with glowing eyes and noted the internet connection. He hit a button on the thing and a projection of the visor was seen he could interact with. He then hit upload and Clare looked at him as a bar apepared.
"Are those cheats?"
"nope. they're my customized antihacking software and a few other bits that'll make my dive more fun. Plus will make sure the network won't fuck with my helmet. it TRIES TO, I'll get a headsup."
A reporter came over with a camera and smiled.
"And here is bed 6. What is your name, Diver?"
Tyler smirked.
"I'm Tyler. But the name you REALLY need to know? is GORELEECH666. That is MY gamertag."
The lady nodded with a smile.
"Are you nervous to dive into the dark world of Lord of the Dead?"
"Oh hell no. I am ESTATIC! I am going home!"
His eyes lit up with a wild light now and the reporter smirked at the intensity.
"LoD is MY WORLD. So please. By all means. ENJOY your MY HELL."
A military bark was heard for the diving to start and Tyler pulled his visor down with a smirk. The red eyes of the dragon head helmet lit up like emeralds now and Tyler settled on the bed as his voice was heard in a new, hard bark.
His vision flickered as that was the passcode for the dive to begin. The way it worked was by using a microscopic needle to pierce the spinal column just under the skull and hijack the brain. The result was a fully immersive 5 senses experience, called Deep dive. Tyler blinked and when he reopened his eyes he was standing inside a white room surrounded by the masses all taking part in the experiment. Before the tall teenagert was a podium he pressed his hand onto with a smile. A sultry, imperious purr was heard as it lit up blood red.
"Welcome Home, Goreleech666. I've been waiting for you."
His ENTIRE class were looking at him in shock as he confirmed he really WAS a legendary gamer. Tyler smiled warmly.
"It's good to be home, Rias. Dark Start."
"My favorite. Show em what my favorite servant can do in a new world."
Tyler was redressed in a tight fitting black tanktop, black jeans and black combat boots with fingerless clothes on his hands. he did a few movements and nodded. Then he looked at the panel that said Lord of the Dead and smirked.
"See ya in hell, everyone. Try not to die in the first ten seconds."
He hit the button for the game and glowed bright red as the seductive voice of the anime devilgirl waifu was heard again.
"Oooh, you'll be dropping in at the same time."
"Alright. HURRY UP PEOPLE, i got shit to do."
He then looked at the podium and hit a button for a scan of his helmet and smiled as all his collections were still there. As well as a new plugin for the broadcasting of his ingame life to the masses. He smirked and pushed on the icon and nodded as he saw he had complete control over it. Good. This is gonna be so fuckin funny. Tyler spent the time waiting for the rest to ready up poking around the podium adjusting various aspects to better enhance his diving when the last player readied up and Rias was heard again.
"Go forth my beloved servent ad show them the true power of the Black Dragon!"
Tyler smiled as the floor opened up underneath him and the entire populace was dropped en mass. Tyler's vision was black as he dropped through the blackened tunnel to his spawn point and the drop only took 30 seconds before he was spit out 4 feet above a grassy field. He landed like Iron Man and rose to his full height inside a blood smeared park surrounded by battered and broken fencing. Bodies, hundreds of them, were strewn about the park with horrific wounds and signs of being eaten or shot or both. The air was full of the scent of burning meat, wood, rubber, smeared blood and far off explosions and screaming. Tyler cracked his neck and looked around for a direction to walk in. The park sat inside a small town surrounded by lush forests and the Diver flicked his wrist to bring up a set of floatng buttons that were his ingame interface. he hit one for messages and his friendslist and nodded as he saw the 1,000,000 names of the beta testers all blinking from offline to LoD. Next he brought up the friend request feature and typed in BostonBitch32 and sent the resguest. Hailey replayed in seconds,
He smiled.
"In rthe mess!"
"Oh thank god. I have no idea where I am! It's some rooftop!"
A screenshot was sent to him and he nodded as he saw the skyline.
"You're in the starter town of Havoc. It's like the ingame tutorial area. Stick to the town and keep your head on a swivel. Lasts ten hours and by the end you'll know exactly how to do this."
"Will you help me?"
"When we link up."
"Oh thank god."
He chuckled and walked towards the fence to his right and vaulted it. He was faced with a bloodspattered mainstreet decorated in mutilated bodies and the survivor walked along the street taking in the carnage with a mildly intrigued smirk. I don't know this town. That's kinda cool. As he walked along the deserted streets the floating buttons of his interface pinged. He opened them and noted it was the videocall feature. Curious, he hit the answer icon and was faced with a miced up woman reporter and she smiled professionally.
"Hello? Goreleech? Can you hear me?"
Tyler immediately turned the volume down.
"TOO loud and clear."
She nodded.
"I am Sarah with Fox News. Can you walk us through your playstyle?"
"Um, NOT in the moment. i can do some interview shit when i hole up for the night or when I feel i'm safe enough."
The anchor nodded with her smile unphased.
"When will you be safe enough, Goreleech? America is curious to see how the best tester of Lord of the dead plays his game."
"No clue when, Sarah. Right now-hm?"
A shadow was seen passing by a broken window and tyler blinked.
"Oh shit. A SHADOW wraith already? fuck. I gotta bail."
He ended the videocall as the shadow was seen again to his right. He sighed as he dropped into a well balanced crouch.
"Ooooh I FUCKING hate these things. Okay, where are you you undead flesh addict?"
He closed his eyes and let out a low breath as he focused on his earing....and heard a slight russel to his right. He did not move as the rustling got louder as a sound of EXTREMELY soft footsteps approached from behind him...and he dove to the side as the thing pounced. It missed and he, still with his eyes closed, pounced onto a solid form, grabbed it by the neck and gave a vicious twist. There was a sickening crunch and he reopened his eyes to reveal a lithe and black skinned figure beging thrown to the ground by the irritated survivor.
"I REALLLY fucking hate these things."
He sighed again and looked at the dead undead. It was basically a slender black man covered in blood with jet black eyes. Tyler flipped it over with a foot and noted the thing hadn't dropped anything so he shrugged and got moving. As he went he got another ping and opened the videocall to find Sarah ready with her interview.
"was that a challenge, Goreleech? And WHY do you hate them so?"
"Okay. I'mma make this one clear. DO NOT BOTHER ME, UNTIL I MAKE CAMP. I need to FOCUS and you are getting in my way. Make a LIST and ASK ME, when i say I am save. do so before, AND I WILL ACTIVATE A KILL PROGRAM THAT WILL FRY YOUR CONNECTOR."
Sarah had a new look of strained professionalism on her face at this.
"You are refusing to give America the glimpse they clamor for into your playstyle?"
"I tried."
He closed the call and hit the block button.
"I will unblock you at the designated time. Until then, sit down, shut up and enjoy the ride."
The teenager then looked around at the street when a large house with smashed windows got his eye. That one looks pretty. He walked over to the two story building and climbed in through an open window. Why the window? Cause the front door is too mainstream. He was inside the laundry room of the home and noted a long rod used to hold towels attached to the wall. Tyler smirked at this as he ripped it off the wall and hefted the now improvised bat. He waited a moment listening to the sounds of the world before he nodded and opened the laundry room door. The next thing he was faced with was a long hallway smeared in blood from the initial panic of the outbreak and went for the kitchen. He opened the fridge and was pleasently surprised to find a still sealed bottle of gatorade inside.
"And it's my favorite flavor too."
The bottle was slid into a pocket and he went to a cupboard....and smirked.
"OOOOH HELLLLO liquor. 150 proof Smirnoff vodka and one of good ole Jim bean bourbon. ALSO 150 proof."
He looked at the bottles.
"I got a molotov cocktail in the vodka...and a DAMN good time in the bean. OOOH i can HEAR the outrage now. Okay next bit."
He went to the living room and found the remains of the homeowner on the floor after being eaten alive by masses of undead. Tyler made a point of crushing the dead man's skull.
"Just to be SURE he's PROPERLY dead."
Tyler then headed up the a low snarl was heard that made him smirk. MUCH better. usual walker prick. Okay. This time I'mma find me a big bible or something and am gonna beat a zombie to death with it. BEHOLD THE POWER OF GOD....MUTHAFUCKA! i kill me. He chuckled at his own stupid sense a humor as he moved along the hallway seeking the source of the snarl...until he found the culprit inside the bathroom by the toliet. whiiiich gave him a NASTY idea. Ooooooh i have always WANTED TO DO THIS TO SOMETHING! Tyler snuck up behind the naked woman zombie, kicked her knee out and slammed her head into the toliet's full bowl to DROWN IT IN A TOLIET. Tyler was laughing hysterically as the thing thrashed to no avail.
"enjoy your swirlie from HELL! Life's a toliet, allow em to FLUSH YOU AWAY! What a SHITTY way to go. WOW. SOMEONE got tanked. Jesus christ, lady, your life was SHIT."
Several REALLY bad puns later, the zombie went limp and he chuckled as he let the drowned thing go.
"Okay. I had a little TOO much fun with that. dammit now i wanna drown Termitron in his own piss again. Poor bastard."
The IMMENSELY satisified teenager next went to the bedroom at the far end of the hall which happened to be the master bedroom. The place had been tossed about in a clear struggle and the window leading onto the roof was broken, indicating a flight. Tyler went to the bed and lifted the matress to reveal a sealed briefcase hidden in the boxspring. He took the heavy leather thing and sat on the bed and looked at the reels for the combonation as he used a small screwdriver to move the things....
"Ah. This number has the LEAST amount of dead skin."
He moved along the reels using the same trick and pushed the buttons t open the thing. Inside was a set of DvDs with titles like the Princess and the witch, fairy and the wife, cheerleader and her stepmom, and other young on MILF porn material. Tyler smirked as he looked at the forty or so disks.
"Not bad, people. SADLY, I already have these. And yes they ARE real. And i do enjoy them from time to time. Normally I charge for shows, soooo I'll start a tab."
He put the porn aside and tore the false bottom of the briefcase out to reveal the REAL prize. Tyler smirked as he saw another set of BURNED DvDs and looked at the first title.
"A good girl, she;s her daughter, all KIDDIE porn now. Ha. Seems THIS lady was a predator. Oooor had a weird taste in hentai. Eh."
He put the case aside and went to a buearu now and opened the still present top reveal a airweight 5 shot revolver with five rounds in the cylinder and an extra 5 bulletsloose in the drawer. Tyler chuckled as he took the tiny revolver out.
".38 special airweight. Usual starter revolver to de max. And next to useless in anything real."
He pushed the safety in and hid the gun inside his pocket before going to the closet. He opened it...and got pounced on by a zombie that had been locked inside it. The 6 foot 6 inch tall, 340 pound behemoth lunged at the teenager...only for Tyler to drop his shoulder step back and kick the knee of the zombie all in the manner of 2 seconds. teh zombie was dropped to the floor and Tyler was on it in a flash with an arm around it's neck. He gave a violent twist and the neck of the thing shattered. The teenager smirked as he stood tall.
"Nice try, asshole."
He looked the zombie over and shrugged as he found no loot before looking into the closet and finding a small blue canvas bag. Tyler took the tiny thing and shrugged as he dropped the liquor bottles and gatorade into the thing.
"eh it's a start."
Next he looked around the closet and shrugged as nothing else was useful. He climbed out the window and noted the sun was rising to the highnoon position and dropped off the first floor porch roof. Tyler walked along the street whistling a tune heading for the center of the small town seeking the town shops which didn't take long as he found the main street of the town and smiled as one shop was an outdoor sportcenter. It was only a one floor corner store, but it was still the best place to loo for survival equipment. Tyler walked through the shattered door to see a group of four zombies shambling along the carpeted floor and Tyler pulled the towel rod. He walked over to the first zombie and slammed the rod into the thing's had with a ferocious force. There was a dull clunk as the metal impacted and the zombie crumpled. The other three zombies' eyes lit up at the noise and gurgled as they moved towards the sound...only for Tyler to NOT be there. as the things reached their dead comrade, the rod slammed into the back of the head of one more and the two remaining turned towards the clunk...and Tyler appeared behind the third with another swing. The last zombie was hit as it faced him and Tyler smiled.
"I am SOOOO glad they are as stupid as always."
They again dropped nothing on death and the scavenger moved through the store to the racks where he found a metal baseball bat with a rubber grip. he smiled as he took two of the metal bats down and left the mangled towel rod behind.
"Batter's up, bitch."
The second bat was tied to the bag as a backup for when the other broke and Tyler went to the glass counter that normally contained handguns and knives. The glass had been shattered and the good looted, but the teenager took some of the larger pieces of broken plexiglass and his bat before tapping the INCREDIBLY strong and sharp shards into the bat to create a truly hellish mace. Tyler nodded once finished.
"And now it's a glass mace. TRUST ME PEOPLE. these HURT like HELL."
The next stop was the backroom of the shop where the safe was kept. Tyler put his ear to the door of the safe and turned the dial listening for the telltale click...and smiled as in under 60 seconds he had the door open. Inside the safe was merely rubberbanded wads of cash and nothing else. Tyler took the cash though. american hundreds burn like you wouldn't freakin believe. So freakin chemicals in em i can use em as wads for the molotovs. OR as a freakin accelerate. Tyler went back out and to the shelves that'd usually be stocked with equipment but were skeleton empty. He shrugged and left the store and went to the gas station across the street. I need a working lighter. The station was empty of zombies and Tyler snagged a few packs of snacks from the shelves before moving to the hardware section where a metal lighter was found still in the wrapping.
"Ask and you shall recieve. Alright."
He looked around the station before noting the masses of cigerates still present behind the counter and snagged a couple cartons of his favorites from the beta. And a pack for himself. The teenager lit a cigerate and chuckled as he walked along the street.
"I can practically HEAR you frowning Mark. Whaddya think I'd do in here?"
Tyler walked out and down the street seeking anything else of use in the town. I'll crash in town for the night and head out along the highway in de morning. Loot won't respawn here for 2 full days. ZOMBIES respawn in 8 hours. On the dot. The survivor walked along a suburb street now seeking an house of interest when a large white home with a garage was spotted. Tyler hefted his glass mace and walked to the closed door. The door was locked but the keen eyed teenager spotted a small panel with a seam that when pushed opened to reveal a hidden pocket. The house keys sat in the pocket and Tyler walked inside and locked the door behind him. The house was rather nice with thickly carpeted floors and a large open kitchen. The wary teenager went to the basement first and found the place to be fully furnished and finished with a futon bed and minibar. Tyler smirked at this as he searched the house from top to bottom.
"Alright. This'll be my hideout for de night."
The house was empty of zombies and Tyler went around pulling blinds and curtains closed while also locking up doors and windows until he was happy and went to the kitchen. He opend the fridge and found a large bottle of ketchup, a two liter of pepsi, and in the freezer was a pair of frozen pizzas. This made him smirk as he turned the stove on...and it beeped to life.
"A gift from the devs. They did the same damned thing the opening day a the beta. Enjoy, cauuuuse it'll be few an far between till you get your base set up."
TYler had his dinner in the oven and brought his supplies to the basement before pulling out the futon, finding it to be a king sized monster with memory foam everything. Tyler retrieved his dinner, sat in the extremely comfy recliner with a table before him and smiled.
"Alright. I'm safe enough for a chat people."
as if they'd been waiting with baited breath for the nod, the ping appeared and Sarah was on the other end of the videocall. Tyler smiled as he waved the two liter at her.
"evenin Merica! In yo FACE!"
Sarah smiled her professional smile.
"Are we safe enough to continue where we left off, Goreleech?"
"It should be quiet fo the next five minutes. So who's up?"
The anchor smiled.
"We will start at the beginning. The Shadow wraith."
Tyler chuckled as he munched.
"I FUCKING hate them things."
"Is because of their COLOR?"
"KINDA. Them things are next to invisible in dimly lit to dark areas, ALWAYS ATTACK FROM BEHIND, and appear when it'd irritate you the most. Plus, if the get the drop on you, they are UNGODLY fast too. A SWARM of them, is a near death sentence if you DO NOT see it coming."
Sarah looked at him.
"A few viewers were wondering if you were a rascist due to the hate portrayed to the colored zombie."
"Ha. I'm an asshole. Good enough."
He munched on his pizza as Sarah moved to the next question.
"There is CHILD PORN inside the game world, Tyler?"
"Oh of course there is. And it's all digitally generated too. NO LIVING PEOPLE, took part in it's creation. But it is as REAL as if it were."
She blinked.
"The material you recovered was created by a computer?"
"Pretty much. And it's IDENTICAL to how it would be out there."
"How disturbing."
"Least it was HUMAN ON HUMAN this time."
"Oh my god."
"Yeah. It gets FUCKED in here."
Sarah shivered.
"A question was submitted by a viewer regarding the airweight pistol. Your thoughts on the quality?"
Tyler shrugged.
"eh. it's not my speed it'll do the job. It's a pure starter and backup revolver in it's entirety."
"what is your current goal?"
Here he crossed his arms.
"For the time being I'll be keeping it stealthy and as quiet as I can. I need supplies, weapons, and gear for long treks. So I'll be roaming alot looking for fresh towns. Once I DO find what i'm looking for, it's on to step two. Pick out a plot and claim it. It'd need to be somewhere with easy access to raw materials like wood, in spitting or less distance of a town or city, and this last one is optional. Is in an easy to defend area. Once I got my plot, it's on to step three. And that is BUILD. I'll build my base and start branching out further and further from it. Step start back at step one and do it all over again."
Sarah nodded.
"Where did you learn to craft the glass mace?"
She chuckled.
"A classic. And now we've reached the portion of the interview where we open up the comments for you to interact with, Goreleech."
A second screen appeared and Tyler noted it as a lifestream panel for him to customize the chat and how the stream worked. He smirked and spent fifteen minutes setting up the stream until he hit the open button. Nearly immediately a mass of comments appeared and the screen was filled. He whistled.
"Slow down people, i can't read that fast. and my jokes DO NOT suck! I am FUCKING hilarious I dunno what you're talkin about."
A comment in gold appeared before his eyes,
"Are you going to kill other players?"
He shrugged.
"eventually, Broncsking555. Playerhunting is a VERY lucrative venture and is HIGHLY entertaining."
A second gold comment appeared,
"What's the most dangerous zombie type you've encountered?"
"Ooooh, good one, Index333. The most dangerous I've encountered would have to be the dragon. It's about the size of an aircraft carrier, is made up of bodies, and does breathe fire. It's a zombie dragon made from the bodies of humans and other zombies. That thing is a GOD. It tanked a NUKE to the FACE. The beta had 1,000,000 players. And it took us ALL to kill it. And we STILL lost more then 75% of our force. I, was among the survivors and was one of the ten that dealt the killing blow. On death, it explodes, and drops 15 TONS of the RAREST loot in the game. It's Blackskull. And it appears at random. Thankfully, it is a peaceful monster that will only attack if provoked, or hungry. 9 times out of ten you see it, it will leave you in peace. And you have to be level 25 for it to consider you food. BUT. Take a SHOT at it, and it WILL react. no matter WHAT level you are."
The chat was quiet for a few minutes as tyler talked and whe he stopped, the teenager pulled the two liter and sighed as he took a swig.
"I don't know HOW or WHY they chose this game to the experiment in. I really DON'T. There is some deep, DARK shit in here. Some of it still gives me nightmares. and i don't even dream most a the time. Zombies aren't the only things in here. NOR are they the most fucked up."
He shivered.
"There are creatures down there. Monsters that haunt the dark places where even I fear to tread. And those monsters are STRONG. Some can tank a direct hit from a bunker buster bomb. the feel of the living. And when they scream. And when they impregnate them. MOSt often against their will. You people had BETTER buckle up. For we are going into the depths of hell. And you will witness the depravity of the demons themselves.....FIRST HAND."
He looked at the still silent chat with haunted eyes.
"It is not the things above ground I fear. It is what I cannot see, in the DARK PLACES, that give me nightmares. I invite you, to come with me on my journey. And look the devil's favorite minions in the eye."
He smirked and let out a dark chuckle.
"I hope you bring enough bullets."
He took a drink from his two liter and the spell was broken as the chat was still for a SOLID ten minutes as the dark speech and story sank in. Then a flood of awed replies and exclamations of fear were seen. Tyler chuckled as he watched the racing messages.
"Like i said. Welcome to hell. Please enjoy your stay."
Sarah appeared witj a distinct look of nerves in the face of Tyler's intense speech.
"THAT was INTENSE, Goreleech. The next interview will be scheduled for tomorrow night?"
He shrugged.
"Or whenever I find a suitable bunker to hole up in, Sarah. LoD can be unpredicatable at the best of times."
The anchor smiled.
"Now a viewer question. What weapon are you MOST looking forward to aquiring?"
Tyler whistled at this one.
"DAMN. okay that's a good one. There's every weapon from every country in this game and all of em are viable for one reason or another. My PARTICULAR favorite is the SPAZ12 12 bore combat shotgun. That thing is MY go to shotty for a zombie apocolypse. Why? CLEVER GIRL. But the gun i'm MOST looking forward to pickin up this time round? I'll say the Kar98K german bolt action rifle from WWII. I found one at the end a the beta and was a LOTTA fun to set up on a rooftop and plink zombies all day."
Sarah smiled.
"An old relic indeed. WHY a NAZI Germany weapon?"
"Cause those bastards knew how to make a damn good gun. And be honest, I seek out weapons from the war. At a BASE they have a higher durability, are simplier to maintain, and hell. I could MAKE a Kar ovef a FIRE with an OAK tree. And since every platform is already tried and tested in an ACTUAL WAR, you know you can rely on them more then most modern day firearms."
He looked at a clock on the wall in the screen.
"I got time for two more fore I gotta crash people. I gotta lotta walkin in the mornin."
sarah smiled.
"What AMERICAN guns are you looking forward to, Tyler?"
"M1 Garand. that FUCKING ping. ONLY reason....and the Browning Automatic Rifle. why? Cause it hits like a truck and I can BEAT zombies to death with it."
She looked at the last question.
"The last question for the night. Are there any celebrities you look to as inspiration?"
TYler smirked.
"Oh plenty. Annnd none of em are real."
She smiled.
"They are not real?"
"I am a loud and proud weeb. Or anime buff. MY icons, are ANIME characters. NO ONE does stories or characters WORTH A DAMN, like Japan does. Why do ya think I use a BAT? Highschool a the Dead, Muthafucka. Takashi is a dingbat."
He chuckled ad sarah nodded.
"I am SURE there will be much to discuss Tyler. For now, this has been Sarah anders, fox news."
Tyler closed the videocall and smiled as he went to the bed.
"Those poor bastards have no idea what's heading their way. And THIS TIME I am NOT going into the Underdark."
He took his shirt off and slid the airweight revolver under the pillow as he laid on the king sized monster with a groan. The teenager smiled as he got comfy.
"Sahh it's good to be home!"


Tyler woke the next morning with a small groan. He sat up in the king sized bed and looked around with a mild frown.
"What in the blue FUCK did I do last night? where-oOOOOH."
Memory returned and he was instantly wide awake as the realization he was back inside Lord of the Dead hit him. He retrieved the airweight pistol and went to the recliner where he shotgunned the gatorade in an attempt to wake himself up. He then looked at his supplies.
"Alright. I need a better pack, and more food for da end a the day."
He slung the small canvas pack on his shoulder and choked down a leftover slice of pizza before he unlocked the basement door and pushed it open. The survivor walked out and looked out the window of the front door. The street was empty and so he walked out with the glass mace in hand like a pacestick as he left his shelter. Tyler looked around at the houses on the street and headed down the road away from the small town. Nothing of use for me there. See what else I can find. He walked along the street whistling a tune peering into different cars and trucks as he passed their wreckages on the road and he left the town far behind. As he walked he got bored and opened his panel.
"Okay. Ladies and rejects, allow me to introduce you to Trip. Innocent of D. Highschool DxD's first opening song."
He hit play and the heavy guitar riffs were heard in the background as he walked. They are going to love some a the fights I'll get into and the soundtrack I'll do em do. The town vanished into the background as the lone survivor walked along the road leading through a small forest. The asphalt smeared here an there in blood from whatever being killed and the occasional pileup of cars was also found. A few hours later Tyler came to a mild surprise at a four way intersection. A small barricade of military trucks wit concrete barriers was seen and he tilted his head at this.
"A military blockade? So soon? Huh."
He hefted the bat and approached the thing with his music still going and it swapped to a new song that made him smirk.
"Undead. Approprieate."
He reached the barricade and saw a group of three zombies in military uniforms shambling about. Tyler hefted the glass mace and rushed the first with a wide swing. There was a solid THACK as the glass mace made contact and the zombie dropped. The other two moaned and turned towards the teenager, only for the return swing to take one in the chops. Tyler smiled as he slammed the metal bat onto the head of the last zombie and it dropped.
"Annnd it's a grand slam."
He looked around at the fur transport deuce an a half trucks now. A single tent was set up in the middle of the barricaded section and he got to work dismantling the green tent.
"I got my shelter for the time being. Since camping IS a large part of LoD."
The tent was dropped and packed away in it's bag before Tyler pulled the door of the first truck open. Only to shrugg as the beds were empty.
"Now THAT makes sense. It'd be too easy if I found military hardware that quickly."
He hopped down and went to the small field kitchen by another truck. There he found a pair of Meal Ready to Eats. Or MREs. He shrugged and tossed the things into his pack before took a shar of glass, put it on the ground, and spun it. The tip pointed to the road leading left and he followed it away from the blockade. Tyler followed the road for a few hours until he came to another town this time set against a large forest. This town even had a water tower as rh approached. The teenage survivor looked the buildings over as he walked in to the town limits when he noted one shop. A hunting shop. I might be able to find a better backpack in there. He walked over as a shadow moved from the corner of his eye. He sighed as he hefted the glass mace.
"I FUCKING hate these."
He whirled around and smalled the bat into the face of the Shadow Wraith as it pounced and it dropped. Tyler then vaulted through the window of the hunting shop and found the place to be empty of zombie life. He went to the clothign section and was pleasently surprised by what he found.
"OH SCORE! Hunter grade travelpack complete with backrack!"
The thing weighed a solid 9 pounds unloaded but Tyler didn't care as he strapped the thing on after reloading the canvas bag's goods into it. The bag itself he tied to the side as an extra bi of storagre and went to the ready meals section where he found 4 of the instant meals. The store was empty then and tyler headed out with his new equipment. Alright. Now I'll just add to the rack. Do it right and I can carry several hundred pounds of equipment and loot. He walked down the street seeking a suitable house to raid when he stopped outside a brick building that made him smile. Town police station. This'll either get me nothing or a better gun or something else entirely. Tyler walked to the shattered front door of the precinct and was treated to a bloodsmeared mess. Makes sense since the police would just treat the infected as insane before they realized it was something else. Tyler had the glass mace up as he walked through the battered steel doors and offices seeking the evidence lock up and the armory. He found the evidence locker first and smirked as the thing was locked up tight.
"Let's see if I still member how to do this."
He dropped to a knee with a slender piece of plexiglass he slid into the lock of the door. He jiggled it a few times and gave a twist. there was a click and the door slid open.
"Open SAYS me."
He walked in and went to where the confiscated firearms were to be stored and shrugged as he found nothing. Next he headed for the basement where the armory was kept. He picked the lock for the weapon's closet and went inside where he ws rewarded for his efforts with a handgun laying in a corner.
"OOOH interesting. A skorpion machinepistol with the 7 round magazine. That thing is weak, unreliable, and you'd need a thirty round mag to make it worth the time. Same time? I am taking it as I can add a fire selector later."
He took the 7 round machinepistol and found an extra magazine of seven 32 ACP rounds behind it. He left the police station and headed down the street with the safely tucked away inside a pocket on the large backpack. Tyler walked along the street of the town when he found the local grocer and smiled as he went inside. A few zombies were beaten down and he looted a supply of cereal, some more liquor, more cigerates, and a refill on butane fuel for his lighter. Tyler lit a cigerate up as he headed out before spotting a house at the end of the block he kinda liked and headed for the two story thing. Again he vaulted through a broken window and found a single zombie in the kitchen he put down with a single shot from the bat. Next he headed to the master bedroom where he locked the door and opened the top drawer of the beauru and smiled.
"Another airweight .38 special revolver and 10 more bullets.""
He took the rounds from the gun and the gun itself before he lifted the bed to find another briefcase. He took it out and picked ghe lock as with the last. He opened it and whistled.
"Wow. Okay THAT'S kinda cool."
Inside was a mass of authentic nazi memorbilia from world war 2. Tyler took the swastika arm band out and whistled.
"Never seen one in person before. Kinda cool. Oh yeah."
He unblocked the reporter and Sarah appeared as if on cue and he smiled.
"I'mma take a few minutes to do minor crafting."
She smiled.
"we're live with Goreleech inside the Lord of the Dead experiment as the player seeks a moment of rest for crafting."
Tyler ignored gthe intro as he looked the nazi material over.
"Goreleech, a question from one of our celebrity viewers."
Tyler smiled.
"On screen, Sarah."
she chuckled at the reference and a second panel appeared to reveal a mountain of a man with red hair and Tyler blinked.
"HOLY. Termitron is going to be so pissed I got the terminator first."
The austrian actor chuckled in his deep boom of a voice.
"I will be sure to blow his mind."
"Her. Termitron's a woman that likes big booms."
"Ha. FAirly warned. Now. MY question pretains to the material you are looking at, Goreleech."
The actor faced him.
"WHY are you so happy to find such relics of intolerance and hate?"
Tyler shrugged as he looked the stuff over.
"Cause I'm a history buff and the second world war one of my favorite periods to learn about. Plus all this is authentic nazi paraphnielia and it's kinda cool seeing it first hand. This is REAL gold and REAL silver. I can use it too. Juuuust not entirely sure HOW yet."
The actor nodded.
"I see. I admit i ws worried we were glorifying a supporter of the third reich."
"Here's a fun fact. Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace price for his work in rebuilding germany in 1938."
The actor smirked.
"I see what you did there."
"Yeah I like fuckin with the media. Google it."
Tyler pulled the next photo out....and blinked.
"HOLY SHIT I know him. eric Hartmen. One of THE most legendary pilots of the entire war. I am keeping this."
He put the photo away and the actor lifted an eyebrow.
"The messerschimt BF109. One of my favorite aircraft of all time. Annnd y top anime of all time has a character based off him."
".....a tribute to an icon and a plane."
"eh pretty much."
"You are an odd one, aren;t you?"
"Yeah. In the beta I once ran around with a cowbay hat an bullwhip for no other reason then to pretend I was Indiana Jones."
The actor chuckled as Tyler felt the briefcase over seeking false bottom,
"I figured."
He poped the bottom out and smirked as he was faced with a small handgun.
"Okay. That is MUCH more like it. Luger PO8 nine millimeter parabellum with ten round magazine and two full extra mags. Okay. I have my proper sidearm."
He put the airweight revolver in the briefcase with the extra rounds and put the luger in it's place. The actor on the screen smiled.
"An icon indeed. I am glad we had this chance to speak, Goreleech."
"Same here, John. Enjoy the show."
The actor left and Sarah returned on the other screen.
"That was John Astaman, America. Now we have some viewer questions, Goreleech. Sally from washington asks what the name of the anime you referenced is."
Tyler smiled.
"Strike Witches. 3 seasons. 1 movie. And fully dubbed. I've seen it ten times and is the only show to contest Highschool DxD for my top favorite anime of all time. All I'll say? Watch it. Seriously."
Tyler set his pack down and pulled two bottles of 150 proof liquor he then stuffed with wads of american hundred dollar bills. Once the accelerate was in place he took the bullets from the airweight to retrieve the gunpowder and brass caps he also poured into the drink to make sure it went off as intended. For a wad he tore a strip from the blanket of the bed he tied into a knot and wedged into the necks of the bottles for an oddly airtight seal. Tyler smiled as he crafted two more such molotov cocktails.
"Alright. I got me some fun here."
The bottles were replaced in side pockets for easy reach and he went to the bathroom seeking the medicine cabinet that yielded a few bottles of pills. These made him smirk as he returned to the bed.
"Alright what i get....Oxycotin, percocet, oh. Melotioin. Cool. I got painkillers and a relaxant. Not sure how I'll use the relaxant yet, but the rest I can DEFINITELY use."
He looked at the pills inside,
"eh. Bout 5 each. Makes sense."
Sarah looked at him from the screen.
"Another question from a doctor this time, Goreleech. Doctor Willard Montgomery of the Surgeon General asks how healthcare functions in game."
Tyler smiled.
"A one to one replica of out there. You get SHOT you have to DIG the bullet out and no detail is spared. I once had to stitch my arm up after i got slashed by a psychopath with a machete. That sucked. the game draws the line at invasive surgery as that's just not something we'd be able to do. But for the most part it's the same."
Sarah looked at the panel beside her for more questions as Tyler used a ziplock baggie to hold the remainder of the gunpowder from the .38 special rounds he'd use as a makeshift inceindary grenade. Sarah smiled.
"Lucy from Los Angeles asks if you have a significant other, Goreleech."
He smirked.
"I'm straight and like girls. I am single FOR THE MOMENT and am actively looking, Lucy."
Sarah's eyes lit up at this and the raunchy teenager saw it.
"Hey don't worry, Sarah. hot MILFS are VERY much welcome in any pile!"
The now caught offguard anchor had to strain to keep her professionalism.
"Appreciate the compliement....but you're too young for me."
"eeeeh it's only illegal if ya get caught...and rules are KINDA different in here!"
"Oh god."
TYler chuckled at her growing discomfort and the survivor let her off the hook,
"enjoy the shows! I usually charge...buuuut I think can make an exception."
She looked at the panel, striving to ignore the raunchy comments.
"Greg from North Carolina asks where you learned to make gunpowder molotov cocktails."
Tyler chuckled as he noted a slight blush on sarah's face now.
"I learned in game. LoD is VERY big on experiamenting and seeing what happens if you do this or that. I learned how to rig a damn good carbomb too. I use em alot in crowded cities since the blast draws every zombie for a solid MILE to it. And KEEPS them there for about two days. Useful for setting up mass killzones or getting yourself a breather."
He looked at Sarah.
"Now I have a question, Sarah."
She refocused and smiled.
"Of course."
"How bad has it been for the rest of the nonbeta tester player base?"
"They are still moving through the game's extensive tutorial level, Goreleech. At the last number, roughly 45% have reached the halfway point of the tutorial."
"Yeah make sure someone tells them that what they're doing is NOT the actual game but the lesson on HOW to PLAY the game? Caaaaause it's KINDA hard to tell otherwise."
"We will do so and do our best to discourage hiding in the safezone."
"Iiiit's not safe, Sarah. The game will step in on it's own once the AI systems detect starting area milking. A horde will attack and they'll be CHASED out. REGARDLESS of where they are in the tutorial. And there is some SERIOUSLY VITAL SHIT in the later tutorial they NEED to know. Like it's the LITERAL fate of their ASS."
Sarah nodded.
"The warning will be passed along."
"Coolzies. I'm done here. I gotta get moving."
"We will watch with baited breath."
HE smirked.
"Try not to have too much fun, Sarah. You'd need to take a shower after a session as I make a MESS of you every time!"
He closed the panel laughing at her new MINDBLOWN expression and the survivor headed down.
"Oh my god is it fun to fuck with the reporters. that's it, I'm doing one naked in a pool or something. Okay i need a MAP."
He walked along the street seeking another store or something when he came to a large brick building that made him smile.
"Fire department. It's another small town, BUUUUT I need a map."
He walked inside te main garage and noted some tanks hanging on pegs for the firefighters. He tapped a knuckle on the oxygen tanks and shrugged.
"eh. empty."
He next went to the chief's office and found it to be empty. Tyler slid down the firepole and left the garage with a shrug.
"Makes sense. Not even a fireaxe."
Tyler eaded for the edge of town as the sun started to sink and he noted this. So he looked at the buildings around him and noted a multistory apartment building that had a roof above the trees. This made him smile as he went behind the place and climbed up the fire escape to the roof. Here he set the tent up in the cover of the entry into the building itself. Then he dropped to the lower floor and pried open a window in an apartment to climb inside. The first thing he did was lock the door and then head to the master bedroom where he loaded the mass of blankets and laid them in the tent on the roof. He did this to every room he could reach and the result was a VERY comfy pad on the secured roof. Then he dropped down the first room again and looked in the drawers and cabienets. This yielded a working metal flashlight, a thick roll of duct tape, numerous chemicals, food, and a pocketknife. He returned to the tent and set the supplies outside it before he went to every room in the fire escape's reach and returned with a surprising mass of materials including a pair of binoculars. He then tore apart a mass of furniture for wood and brought the firewood to the roof where he built a small pyre for his dinner and threw a wad of hundreds onto it. The bonedry wood went up with a woosh and he smiled.
Sarah appeared on the panel with a notepad and he smiled.
"I'm set for the night, sarah."
She did her intro as Tyler took a mass of glass jars with lids over and a mass of the chemicals used in cleaning and sanitizing. The reporter then looked at him.
"what are you attempting to create, Goreleech?"
"Sanitizer grenades. They're effective against slime based mutations and hurt like HELL when you splash people in the eyes. That one there is good ole ammonia and I can make it into a low grade acid. The flashlight I'll craft into a makeshift headlamp for exploring dark houses. And more of the same."
He then climbed onto the roof of the roof access shed with the binoculars and panned around the still light area. He smiled as he saw several towns and cities in the far distance along with radio towers and other such construction.
"Looks like I'm in a northwestern portion of the United States. I need to head SOUTHEAST as this region has VERY intense rainstorms and I am not ready to get caught in an inland hurricane."
He hopped down and got to work crafting his new batch of chemical warfare. Sarah smiled.
"Is there a region in particular you would like to visit, Tyler?"
"Yeah. The Southwestern quadrant. That was where the beta test took place and there's supposed to be a wall commenorating it. I'd like to see what they did."
Sarah smiled.
"As would the world, Goreleech. You say the United states is part of the game world?"
"A fair few places are, Sarah. Italy, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Austrialia, Britain, and many more besides. Those are just the ones we discovered. Remember, the ingame world is supposed to be well over twice the size of all landmass on earth combined into one massive supercontinent. don't ask me how they do it, I've no idea."
She nodded with a chuckle.
"Technology is amazing-"
A low rumble was heard overhead and Tyler went BONE. WHITE.
"It's HERE."
His horrified tone sent shivers down the entire viewing population and he looked up. Flying overhead at a height of two miles, was a gigantic amaglamation of rotting flesh in the shape of a black dragon. The immense creature was well over a thousand meters long with wings 4 thousand meters wide. The thing soared overhead and Tyler was shaking in nervous awe as he beheld the thing with unblinking eyes.
"Skull Dragon. SKALROC. The Lord of the Dead."
The world watched in horrified awe as the immense beast winged it's way through the sky and Tyler noted it's flightpath before sending up a flare to the beta base.
"eyes on Skalroc. Repeat. Skalroc is airbourne."
He send a screenshot of his location atop the roof and the direction the black zombie dragon was headed in.
"ALL clear. None in flightpath."
Tyler breathed a sigh of relief as the dragon was lost to sight.
"Okay. That thing is passive unless provoked."
He returned to his fire and took a spare bottle of whiskey out and took a long pull at the thing to steady his nerves as a white faced Sarah appeared on the screen.
"THAT is the DRAGON YOU FOUGHT, Goreleech?"
He nodded as his nerves recovered.
"Yeah. His name is Skalroc. He is the TRUE Lord of the Dead in this game. And it'd take a million experienced players to kill it using tanks, helicopters, ANTISHIP MISSLES, and a NUKE. And we'd STILL, lose more then half our force. It summones hordes, has steel for skin, and regenerates from kills made. ONE serious gust from the wings can conjure a tornado. TWO, and it's an F5. if he REALLY doesn't like you, he spits on you. And then you are eatne alive from the inside out by microscopic mites. He killed ME like that once. i STILL have nightmares from that fight. But my GOD, do you feel invinicble when you bring him down. we killed him in the beta ONE TIME. And that was it. we've peaked."
Sarah smiled.
"Are there other enemies like skalroc in the game, Goreleech?"
"Probably. For all WE know? Skalroc is a LOW TEIR FODDER BOSS! And that is not a cheery thought."
Sarah nodded as a new sound of rumbling was heard and Tyler sighed.
"Greeeat. A marauder clan."
He walked to the edge of the roof as a steel plated dune buggey was seen drifting around corners with the roaring engine drawing zombies from their dens in the dozen. Tyler smirked as he saw the buggy drift around a corner, slam into a phonepole, and was subsequently overrun by zombies with screams of pain coming from inside.
"Idiots. I'll look your stuff over in the morning."
Tyler returned to the tent and explained to a VERY curious sarah as he sat down.
"Those were Nonplayer controlled, or NPC, characters. Marauders are basically raiders that have some equipment and vehicles. They prey on any they see and do stupid shit like that all the time. They're as smart as most humans and behave exactly like normal humans too. That buggy will be dead by the time I wake up in the morning but that's fine. I'm more interested in their weaponry. A single-"
There was an explosion and Tyler looked to see a minor fireball rising into the sky.
"Scratch that. The buggy exploded. Eh. It'll burn itself out by morning. And there'll be a mess a dead zombies out there too."
He shrugged and set an instant meal on the fire.
"I can expect a rifle or something from their idiocy. Or more bullets at the least."
He fed on the filling instant meal and Sarah smiled.
"It seems action is picking up in Lord of the Dead, ladies and gentlemen of America. Let us now go to the comments from Twitter!"
Tyler was given control of the panel and he chuckled at the thirsty comments from his shirtlessness the previous night.
"Hot ladies only. Not interested in dudes."
He got a mass of amusement and the survivor finished his meal and smirked as he removed his shirt again.
"Alright people. I'll show off more for ya in der mornin."
The panel closed and Tyler settled in the surprisingly comfy tent and laid the luger beside him.
"Night two in the hole. In de mornin, I'll head straight south. See what I can find in a larger town."


Tyler woke the next morning on his belly in the tent and sat up with a smile and stretch. He left his tent and found another bright sunny day as he made breakfast shirtless. Once fed he looked over the edge of the roof and noted the dune buggy had indeed burned itself out with piles of dead zombies all around it. That made him nod.
"Town like this only has 2,500 head at best. And most will have died last night."
He packed the tent up and left the blankets to drop down the fire escape. He reached the last layer and smirked as he saw a single zombie in reach of something epic. He leapt off the railing,
"Hiten Mystrugi Style: Ryuotsuitsan!"
And slammed the glass mace into the head of the thing with enough force it nearly SPLIT it in half! Tyler chuckled as he landed lightly and got moving.
"That will ALWAYS be cool, and you cannot convince me otherwise."
He walked out of the alley and went to where the body of the first marauder lay in the street. The marauder was a woman and had been raped before being eaten alive. Tyler noted a crowbar in her hand covered in blood and shrugged as he crushed her skull.
"Sorry. We're not fighting crabs here."
The next maraudar had a 12 inch combat knife in his hand and Tyler took the steel thing before hanging it on his chest. Then he reached the dune buggy itself. The gas tank had exploded and with most of the steel frame in the rear melting under the intense heat. Tyler looked at the storage rack for their supplies and smirked as a few bags were still intact. He took the first duffel bag over and unzipped the thing to reveal a set of tools to repair the buggy. He frowned and took the second, smaller bag over and sighed as he opened it.
"Okay. These were a lone pair seeking supplies. No food, and the buggy was most likely stolen from a larger band. Ugh."
The second bag contained porno DvDs. NOTHING ELSE. Tyler shrugged and left the mess.
"That'd be too easy anyway."
He headed south through the town and left down. Skalroc had flown north and Tyler was not interested in seeing him again ANNNNNNYTIME soon. The lone survivor walked along the road leading through the forest. THe forest was silent save for a few birds and animal calls and Tyler smiled as he enjoyed the peace and quiet. A few hours later he came to a police roadblock utlizing their cruisers. The lone survivor hefted his bat as he approached but found no zombies. He shrugged and picked the locks in the trunks of the cruisers open. Inside he found a pair of first aide kits, a few 12 gauge shotgun shells, and a baton he left behind. Tyler left the cars behind and continued on his solitary march. The sun went down and he made camp behind some trees. Sarah appeared on the screen and he smiled as he made a cold meal of cereal.
"Welcome to Lord of the Dead. Some days are boring as hell. Then others...puts a Micheal Bay film to shame."
She nodded and they went about their usual interviewer shit before Tyler settled down for the night.


Tyler woke the next morning and had cold cereal for breakfast before breaking camp and heading out along the road. The lone survivor was looking the 12 gauge shells over curiously seeking something to use it for when he walked around a corner in the road,
"Wellll, aren't WE the lucky lads!"
And was confronted by a wooden barricade manned by four men aiming bows at him. Tyler chuckled as he looked at them.
"mornin Gents. Lookin for a ticket to hell?"
The four chuckled.
"Kid we can't miss at this range-"
Tyler's hand had been resting by his pocket and now it moved like lightning. The combat knife was flicked and he jumped aside as the arrows were loosed. They missed and the knife took the first man in the heart while his buddies pulled woodaxes and charged the teenager. Tyler had the glass mace up and smirked as they rushed him. Tyler swung the bat and slammed the first axe aside while grabbed the man by the neck and tossing him off balance inot the swing of his friend. He dropped howling from the axe in his side and Tyler smiled as the last man missed his swing from the assault.
The warrior leapt back, took the bat in two hands and slammed the glass mace into the man's face. The man dropped and the lone survivor was shaking as he hefted his own woodaxe and Tyler faced him with a smirk.
"Hit me with your best shot."
The man's nerve failed him and he turned to run....only for the glass mace to slam into his back. He dropped and Tyler crushed his head with a boot.
The wounded man was put down as well and the warrior smiled as he cracked his neck.
"Nothing like a little morning exercise to get yourself going."
He claimed two of the woodaxes and retrieved the quivers and a bow from the dead men as well. The knife was also retreived. On the other side of the barricade he found a makeshift camp with tents, bedrolls, and other supplies. Tyler took the thickest sleeping bag and dusted it off before adding it to his pack and the food supplies of the camp too. He was then surprised to find a 3 inch round compass in the leader's tent he claimed. Then the warrior got moving with his new arsenal. Tyler followed the road through the forest until he came upon another small town with a single main street leading through it. Tyler pulled the glass mace and noted the thing was getting VERY badly bent and the plexiglass embedded inside it had become mostly broken.
"Only got a few more kills in this thing. Alright."
He went to the first house on the road and went in through a window. The house yielded nothing of use and so he went for the town center. There he found a group of 5 zombies all lumbering around. He went to the first and hit it in the head with the glass mace. The zombie dropped and the second was hit.....only for the bat to split clean in half with a dull ting. The broken head of the bat clanked as it bounced off the pavement and Tyler froze. A group of zombies all appeared from houses and allies to follow the bouncing metal piece while he retrieved the second bat without a sound. Tyler then moved up behind the first and started swinging the thing in wide strokes that droped zombies one after another with dull thunks. Tyler smiled as the last one fell.
"I think, I'm a NATRUAL."
He chuckled at the reference and went to where the town sheriff's office sat. The place was empty and he shrugged at the lack of guns. After that headed to the edge of town where he picked the lock of the last house on the left and went in. He locked the door behind him and went upstairs to find no other zombies inside and the place to be immaculate. so he sealed the windows and drew blinds for a night in a proper bed. He turned the stove on....and got nothing.
So he used the enclosed backyard to light a fire for a hot meal. Sarah appeared on the screen and he smiled.
"Today was fun."
She looked to a notepad.
"Were those more NPCs, Goreleech?"
"They were. Nothing crazy."
He ate dinner answering questions and talking with the reporter when he smiled.
"So how close are the others from leaving the tutorial?"
Sarh looked at a paper.
"As of this moment the reminder of the playerbase will be released from the town of Havoc in the morning. They will be placed in random spawn locations with the basic equipment from the tutorial."
"And that's just a backpack, a knife, and a single instant meal. Alright. I'll keep an eye out."
The screen was closed and he settled down in the master bedroom with a smile.
"Be kinda fun scarin the hell outta the newbies"


Tyler woke the next morning with a smirk. He had breakfast on the deck before be packed up and walked out of the house and down the street heading for the larger town in the distance. as he did he got a message from Hailey.
"I'm here."
A saw the image of a town....and tilted his head.
"That's.....a LITTLE freaky."
He turned around and walked back into the town he had just left typing a message.
"Do you see a large white house with broken windows?"
Her reply was in seconds.
"I do?"
"Go inside wait in the master bedroom."
He chuckled at that truth as he walked along the streets where a large white house sat. He smirked as he saw the enshrouded porch.
"I got an idea."
He went to the edge of the roof, and climbed up onto it and snuck around to where a window was looking into the master bedroom. There was Hailey with a small pack looking anxiously at the door holding a small hunting knife in her shaking hands.
"dammit, hurry up."
He opened the window withot a sound, snuck up behind her, and grabebd her.
She SCREAMED! The poor girl screamed so loudly it nearly blew out his eardrums and her knife was dropped as she jumped nearly out of her skin! Tyler was then heard laughing hysterically as he nearly made the poor girl have a HEART ATTACK!
Tyler recovered as Hailey came down from near BLIND MURDEROUS RAGE on a dime. He smiled.
"Sorry, I had to."
"I hate you."
Her attire was a tigh fitting tanktop that stopped at her middle while her pants were good denim jeans and comat boots on her feet. Tyler noted her pack was similar to their usual shoolbag and he smiled."
"So you know what you're doing?"
The brown haired girl sighed.
"Well, I know how to loot, kill zombies, and that's basically about it."
"eh good enough. Come on. I got enough to get us to the next town."
"Thanks Gore. Ingame just call me Hailfyre. I changed my gamertag siiince I don't wanna be called a bitch all the time."
"Hailfyre? Damn. I like it."
He passed her knife back and she smiled.
"And....thanks...for letting me come along."
"Sure. Come on. I'll teach you how I got in."
He led the inexperienced girl out of the window and she chuckled as he jumped to the pavement.
"Okay. Seen this in a movie or three."
She hopped down and he led the way out of the town.
"You been getting nightly interviews too, Gore?"
"Yup. I KINDA went an became a heartthrob."
"Ha. Same here. It's weird."
"MY reporter has a crush."
"No bullshit!"
Hailey chuckled as they walked along the street out of town.
"I forgot that you're some kinda badass in here, Gore."
"I got gud. And. You'll get gud."
They lost sight of the town behind them and Hailey instantly became more nervous. And Tyler smiled.
"Relax, toots we just started."
She let out a low breath and forced herself to relax.
"There. Keep as a cool a head as you possibly can. LOD likes to fuck with you. More wound up you are, the mpre you react when something stupid happens."
"You scared the fuck outta me."
"Ya shoulda sen it coming. My shadow was DANCING on that wall in front a you."
She looked aty him curiously.
"Yup. Some zombies only give themselves away with their shadows. Shadow Wraiths for one. ALl you'll see, is a shadow move when it's not supposed to. Them fuckers are everywhere and tey always attack from behind. see something, ANYTHING, speak up."
"I'll try to. Never done this before."
"dive or extreme attention to detail?"
"The second. I prefer racing games."
He looked at her curiously.
"Deep dive?"
She nodded.
"well. You'll hav e fun then....caaaause mad max is very much a thing."
"I'll find you a tank then."
Hailey's brown eyes lit up at this.
"I've always wanted to drive a tank!"
He chuckled.
"We're gonna have a lotta fun you an me, Hailfyre, cause some enemies can only be taken out by heavy tankfire."
"Wait. WHAT?"
He pulled th video of Skalroc.
"Allow me to introduce you to Skalroc. The lord of thr dead."
Hailey gasped as she saw the immense dragon cruising through Tyler's eyes.
"Oh my god."
"WE killed him."
The awed girl followed the more experienced player along the road and they turned a corner to be faced with another military blockade. This time a full Armored Personal Carrier was blocking the road and Tylerf noted the make.
"Wow. They musta been desperate if they had to use an AAV7 amphibian personal carrier as a roadblock. Come on."
Haily nodded as she readied her knife while Tyler tossed her a woodaxe.
"Still fresh."
She smiled gratefully and hefted the heavy weapon as he led her around the concrete barriers into the pocket created by the tracked carrier and the other trucks making up the roadblock. Inside were four zombies in military gear shambling about and Tyler noted something on one's belt.
"Shit. That one's got a grenade on it's vest. I'll deal with it. You drop those two."
Hailey nodded with a new rush of nerves and he patted her.
"You'll. Be. FINE."
She smiled at this ans the warrior rushed the zombie with the grenade. The bat made impact on the thing's face and it dropped with a grunt. He had the precariously placed grenade safely in hand as Hailey buried her axe in the face of the first zombie and it fell. She blinked at this easy the second lunged at her. Her axe got caught from the way she'd swung it and the thing was about to bite the about to scream girl when the bat slammed onto it's helmet.
"Always swing in an ARC. NEVER a chop."
She deflated from the rescue as Tyler took teh axe.
"Thank you."
"You'll be fine rookie. watch."
He swung the axe in a wide arc at the last zombie and she watched as the blade smashed into the side of the face in a way it cut clean through but didn't get caught. The zombie dropped and tyler passed her the axe back.
"Always aim for the jaw itself. Not for the forehead as a bladed weapon will get stuck. And put enough force into the swing like you want to take it's fucking head off. Caaause you do."
Hailey nodded and smiled.
"I'll do better."
"Sure ya will, Hailey. It's just a practice thing. How do you think I got so damned good?"
"Yyyyou're a raging, bloodhungry psychopath?"
He chuckled and looked at the pocket.
"Alright. Loot em up and let's see what we got."
"I got one."
"I won't touch you."
She deflated.
"Oh thank god. I....need a shower."
"We find a river I'll throw you in."
Tyler looked the grenade over now and smirked.
"An M87 fragmentation grenade. I'll coat the outside in nails and bam. Nail grenade."
He popped the nade into a pocket on his pack as Hailey looked the dead zombies over.
"Huh? hey Gore this guy's got a gun on him."
She pulled the thing out and he shrugged.
"Leave it. It's another airweight pocket revolver. 5 bullet cylinder."
"I need a gun, right?"
"Not that. You'd be better off using the axe if they're THAT close. Keep the bullets though since I can do stuff with em."
"Um. Okay. You're the expert. Any gun is better then nothing?"
"Not if the gun you're using doesn't kill them after five shots."
"Yeah it's weak."
She sighed and he smiled.
"Don;t get greedy, Hailfyre. Soon enough we'll be toting LMGs."
"I'd prefer a PPSh41."
"Oh my apologies. I see you are also of culture. Just know they have a NNNNNASTY recoil."
"I'm more worried about holding the damned thing."
"Eh gotchya covered."
She smiled at this as he went to where a small table had been set up. On it was a pile of bullets that made him smirk.
"9mm parabellums. Nice."
He scooped them up and put them in the luger pocket before Hailey came over.
"So, kinda nothing."
"Yeah good loot's rare, few, and far between."
"Yikes. Food?"
"I got plenty for two people. we'll reach the town easily."
"....sleeping bag?"
"I got one."
"Just.....PLEASE don't be weird?"
"I won't, I promise."
She sighed as they got moving.
"Kinda weird when people are watching."
"ha. they couldn't watch us do stuff if they wanted to. Caaause that'd be child porn."
"HA! Now i kinda wanna walk around topless. See what they do."
"Tch go for it, Hailfyre. We're miles from civilization, I'd enjoy the sight, and you might get a tan."
"IgNORING the last two, I'll fuck with em later."
"The PEOPLE or your BOOBS?"
She smirked with a little redness to her cheeks now.
"MAybe both?"
"Ha. I am erect as a christmas lighthouse you freakin minx. Come on."
The girl smiled as they let the filthy teasing fade out and Tyler sharpened their axes on a rock while they walked. The sun went down and he let her off the road to a better hidden locatio where he pitched the large tent and she lit the fire. Then he set the pack down and Hailey smirked.
Sarah appeared on the videocall and Tyler chuckled at this.
"So what's the golden word, Sarah?"
Hailey chuckled at the half second delay it took her to reply.
"DAMN DUDE, she's got it bad."
Sarah smiled.
"We're live with Goreleech and Hailfyre inside Lord of the Dead. Goreleech, is Hailfyre your new girlfriend?"
Hailey smirked.
"NO he is NOT. Sorry. NOT into blood hungry psychopaths."
Tyler smiled.
"Ya heard it here first folks. I was just rejected. How will my poor heart recover?"
Hailey sniggered at that one as Sarah looked at her notepad.
"And know that, YES the CAMERAS would TURN OFF, if activities were to begin, KIDS."
"Ha. Noted."
"Oh shit. Keep your pants on, Gore."
"YOU can keep em off."
He chuckled at her halfhearted expaseration and looked at Sarah.
"Intial deathtolls?"
She smiled.
"So far only 5,000 players have died in their first day. They were revived by the system and are currently trying again."
"Not bad. I expected it to be MUCH higher."
Sarah looked at Hailey.
"So you will be traveling with Goreleech, Hailfrye?"
Hailey smiled.
"HE knows the game best."
"How did you get Goreleech to agree to teach you his skills?"
The black haired girl smiled sweetly now.
"I asked....nicely."
He snorted.
"Nicely. Yeah. that's ONE way to put it. She makes a sexy schoolgirl when she wants to."
"I will hit you with an axe."
"greeeat. ANOTHER lady with an axe to grind."
She snorted and so didn't Sarah. Tyler chuckled
"See? I am FUCKING funny!"
Sarah refocused with a smile.
Has the addition of Hailfrye effected your plans in a negative manner, Goreleech?"
"Nah. If anything having someone to talk to on the road is a good thing. It gets lonely out there sometimes.""
Hailey smirked.
"NO being weird."
"YEs, Hailfyre."
"Hey! NO! GOD no!"
He chuckled at her new horror and looked at Sarah.
"Now we will go to twitter for the latest comments!"
Tyler smirked as the things were loaded with thirsty comments on seeing him shirtless and he looked at Hailey.
"See? I'm kinda popular."
"NO flashing the camera."
She glared at him as the comments shifted on a dime to begging for her to do so.
"YOU are a PERVERT."
"Oi. I'm a HORNDOG. And I have my hentai collection too."
Tyler smirked.
"My favorite doujin is 177013."
He gave step by step instructions on how to find it and smiled.
"Lemme know whatchya think."
Hailey busted up laughing as the comments were full of pledges.
"You are an EVIL bastard! This is gonna be fun to watch."
He nodded as he passed her an instant meal.
"More reasons then one."
The feeds went dark and Hailey smiled as they ate together.
"Thanks, Gore."
"Sure thing, Hails. I gotchyer back."
Once fed the girl gulped as they went into the tent....and he removed his shirt to settle in the sleeping bag. Hailey blushed as he patted the spot beside him.
"Come on, Hailey. I won;t touch you."
"Um....I sleep topless?"
"So do I."
She sighed and removed her shirt.
"Fuck it. You've done nothing but try to HELP me."
He smiled as her surprisingly large bust was revealed and she settled into the sleeping bag with hm.
"Why ya hide it?"
"So I get left alone somewhat."
"eh, fair."
She settled and he smiled.
"Good night, Hails."
"Night.....Gore. wow."
"I run a degree warmer, remember?"


Tyler woke the next morning to see he'd wrapped an arm around Hailey's back to pull her against him and his other arm was under her head. He blinked at this and found her skin to be VERY soft and warm. She'd gripped his hand in hers like a safety blanket and he smiled as he waited for her to wake up.
"I'm up."
Only for her quiet voice to be heard and he et her go.
"Mornin Hailey."
She rolled over and her face was beat red at their snuggle.
"Never. A. WORD."
She nodded.
"Good. and come on."
The pair got out of gthe sleeping bag and Tyler relit the fire and they had a quiet meal together before they broke camp and got moving. Hailey's redness faded after a few minutes and she sighed.
"And....thanks....for not doing anything with that."
"Every time."
She smiled at this ominous reply.
"Soooo, where ARE we going?"
"I'm heading south. I'd like to see the Beta Memorial so."
He shrugged and Hailey nodded.
"And we'll built a base?"
"Once we reach the south lands we will. I kinda went and memorized a solid 90% of the landscape down there soooo."
"Yeah. there's a reason i was so freakin legendary in the beta."
"Will you regroup?"
"Oh absolutely. Once we've rebuilt our arsenals and our skills in here we'll regroup to start dealing with the bigger threats out there."
"Like Skalroc?"
"He's the last boss we'll go after. There's like hundreds of others before him we can practice on. And we only had access to maybe 5% of the total game in the beta so keep that in mind."
"That's a scary thought. Your bad feeling?"
"Still here. I'm putting my money into we get stuck in here for whatever reason."
"It WOULD fit the trope."
"I'm not TOO worried about it though. if it happens, then the experiment is to see how society would react to a sudden apocolypse."
"Yeah. We'll be fine."
She smiled at this faith as the pair walked. Tyler was looking his luger over and Hailey watched closely as he taught her how to clean and maintain the iconic pistol. After a few hours they came to another small town and Tyler took the lead.
"Keep your head on a swivel and we'll see what we can find."
She nodded and the pair walked into town. Tyler noted the pavement wasn't as covered in blood as the other towns they'd encountered and that made him nod.
"This one's in good shape so we'll be extra thorough. More intact the buildings, the further from the initial panic they were and the less likely to have been looted they'll be. You see a gunstore or a police station with every window intact lemee know."
"Will do. I need a better bag."
"We'll find one sooner or later."
She nodded as the pair moved through the town and the warrior smiled as he saw one.
"That one looks fun."
Hailey followed like a lost puppy as her friend led her through the broken window.
"Hey, Gore?"
"Why the window?"
"Two reasons. Open door means someone's been there before."
"Okay. And the OTHER?"
"Front door's too mainstream."
"OOOh you were SMART until that POINT."
He chuckled as he led her to the master bedroom....and found another zombie in the bathroom. He nudged his friend.
"Watch this."
"Oh shit."
He snuck up behind the zombie, kicked the knee out and shoved her head in the toliet.
"NOW you're in deep shit! Yeesh. Better pissed off then pissed on! How'sat for gettin tanked? YO shit outta luck! I'll wipe that shit eating grin off your face!"
Bad pun after bad pun later, the zombie went limp after being drowned in a toliet. He looked at Hailey with tears of humor and a wide smile on his face....only to find her looking at him with a thousand yard stare.
"Words cannot,"
Her voice was a broken, hollow breath.
"Words cannot express, just HOW MUCH THOSE HURT! YOUR JOKES SUCK. That SUCKED MORE. And my head HURTS."
He patted her.
"There, there, Hailey. YOU just have a shit sense a humor."
"I am going to murder you, if you get toliet water in my HAIR!"
"I DID I'd clean it myself."
She smirked at this.
"YOU'D clean MY hair?"
"As an apology."
"Now THIS I gotta see."
"We'll dig ya up some supply then."
"I WILL remember."
"Good. And it seems we got a LOTTA issues to comb through-OW."
There was a dull thud as Hailey kicked her idiot friend in the dick for his repeated bad puns. He dropped and she looked at him like he was dirt.
"Your. Jokes. SUCK. And your DAD JOKES are torture."
"WORTH IT! And I did mean it bout da hair."
He got off the floor and she sighed at they headed for the bed.
"I have a headache now."
"USe an ice cube and rub it on your temples in soothing circles."
"will do. Why do YOU know that?"
"Me family sucks."
"So true."
He lifted the mattress and was rewarded with a large security case he pulled free. Hailey looked at him curiously.
"HOw'd you know that was there?"
"Ah. Can you get it open?"
He looked at the thing.
"I should be able to."
He went to the dead zombie and padded her down before coming back with a set of keys. He unlocked the case and Hailey looked over curiously as he opened it. Inside was a pile of folders ansd Tyler took the things as Hailey looked the case over. He opened them.....
She looked over at his mild shock.
"Anything good?"
"SHe was an ASSASSIN. A KGB assassin. This is her target dossier and contact list."
She looked at the collection in surprise.
"THAT'S kinda cool."
"I found a case a nazi stuff including gold in one house."
"Yikes. She was an assassin?"
"Yup. And now I wonder."
He went over to the closet.
"Assassins are always stocked with weapons and ammo-ah. I got seam."
Hailey came over with a new excitement as he pointed to a small line in the wall. He followed the line with a finger and outlined a large panel before he saw a fingerhole for the thumb. She he went, chopped the thumb off the hand of the zombie and pressed it to the hole. There was a click and the panel reveal a full weapon's closet with a few boxes of ammo on the floor. Tyler smiled WIDELY as he saw the long rifle hanging from a peg.
"Niiiiiice. Walther WA2000 MILITARY grade sniper rifle. Fully suppressed, ten magazine, .300 winchester varient. And the scope is an 8X magnification."
He took the blocky weapon down and Hailey smiled.
"wow, Gore. You kinda look good with that."
"Thanks Hails. Should see how I make a L96 look. load the boxes and we'll vanish."
The pair loaded Tyler's backpack with the boxes and when it was full, he tied them together and stored them in Hailey's pack. He then led them out of the house to one with most of the windows intact. He pulled the curtains closed and locked the doors before they went to the second floor master bedroom. There he lifted the matress and found a briefcase he picked reveal a mass of shota on MILF hentai that made Hailey blink/
"Yeah this one is the most common find under the bed."
Tyler set the looted firearms on the bed now with the ammop matching it.
"WA2000 military sniper rifle, M870 civilian 12 gauge shotgun, a Smith an Wesson .44 magnum with extended heavy barrel and what looked like the lightweight trigger, and, most out of place in all that, is this."
He pulled a bolt action rifle from the pile.
"Arisaka Type 99 bolt action rifle. Them things are from world war 2 and are rather finnicky."
Hailey looked at the four guns curiously.
"So how we doin this, Gore? I've never handled anything like them before."
He passed her the luger.
"It's small enough you can learn on it and it won't break your hand. I got the .44."
"Deal. The shotgun?"
"12 gauge pump semi-modern. Black stock and kicks like a mule."
He took the WA2000.
"THIS I'll take as I'm the better shot."
She hefted the type 99 curiously.
"I kinda like this."
"Keep it. Shotgun we'll leave for sharing."
"Deal. And the ammo?"
He looked at the bullets inside.
"well. Good news is we got plenty of ammo for our guns. Bad news is we can't take it all. Some of these are for guns we don't have and we'll fill a bucket with the gunpowder. I use it to enhance our grenades."
"Scary. What DO you have for supplies, Gore?"
"I'll show you when we make camp tonight. odds are we'll be in a real bed tonight."
She smiled.
"If we find a pool in one. Sadly running water's a luxury."
"If we DO, um,"
"I'll keep watch."
"Just....don't be weird."
"I won't."
She smiled in relief at the promise and the ammo was divvied. Tyler smiled as he hung the WA2000 on his pack's rack.
"This is gonna be fun to plink with. Say we find a rooftop with a good view into a packed area we'll set up and plink zombies with long guns."
Hailey smiled at the idea.
"Sounds fun."
He chuckled at that one as they packed the ammo up and headed out with plenty of room in their packs again. Tylr had the WA200 on his pack, with the M870 on his other side and .44 on his hip. Hailey had a new relaxed smile as she patted the type 99 on her back.
"Don't get cocky, Hailey."
"I'll try not to. But we got guns and ammo now."
"And a single attack can leave us with nothing."
He smiled at this as he looked around and noted another house with windows intact. The pair walked over and he picked the lock. they walked inside and Hailey shut the door behind them as the warrior looked around. He came back with a chuckle from the basement.
"Hey HAiley. A pool's out....but what about a solar powered hot tub?"
She blinked and he led her into the fully finished basement where a large open air hot tub was set in a waterproofed section. The black haired girl smiled longingly.
"OOOOH yeaaah! Um,"
"I'll keep watch."
She looked at him.
" turn it off?"
"Of course."
He hit a button that turned his feed off and she smiled in relief.
"MIne's off too since I turn it off when I sleep."
"I'll wait upstairs."
She grabbed his arm.
"No. Stay. I....feel better having someone on watch."
"I won't be weird."
Hailey deflated from relief and he set his pack down.
"I'll go lock up."
"I'll...get comfy."
He went throughout the house locking doors, and closing blinds when he looked at th sky and noted a mass of cloud cover. He nodded and headed down to find Hailey already in the water with hef back to him. She smiled shyly with a vivid blush as he walked in.
"Um. Hi?"
"we're staying here tomorrow night too. Nasty thunderstorm heading our way."
She nodded as he went to his pack.
"Okay. Um, you CAN join me if you like? There's plemty of room?"
"You sure?"
Hailey smiled.
" you."
He stripped and hopped over the wall further down to land in the heated water and she blinked at the sight of the hose.
"Ha. WOW yourself."
She blushed a little more happily at his priase for her body as he sat down across from her. The water cleaned the muck of a postapocolyptic world off their bodies as they soaked and Hailey smiled shyly again.
"So a thunderstorm?"
He nodded.
"Rarer breeds of zombies come out during them. And we got plenty of supplies for a three day hole up if need be. So we'll take a break."
"Okay. What'll we do?"
"I got my anime collection and some games from the house."
"NO truth or dare."
She smiled.
"With the feed on."
Once cleaned up they turned the feeds on. Well. Tyler turned his on as he buckled his jeans.
"Oh sorry. I forgot to turn it back on."
hailey laughed as she looked at him.
"You LOVE fucking with them."
"Oh yeah."
"They missed out. Thing's HUGE."
"You're sexy."
"OH VERY sexy."
He chuckled and looked over at their packs.
"I'll teach you how to reload your rifle and that lugar. Then you can do practice reloads."
Hailey nodded as she pulled her shirt down.
"Thanks, Gore. I've never handled guns before."
He took the arisaka type 99 over and taught the girl how to reload the bolt action rifle and cycle the bolt. She fought with the action a few times until she got the rythym and was soon able to reload the thing nearly as effortlessly as Tyler. He passed her the M870 and taught her how to reload the 12 gauge shells. Which made them both smile from the racking of the pump. The luger was more simplistic and Tyler nodded as she had that done.
"Alright. The Wa-wa's simple and the .44 easiest. For now we'll look around."
Hailey followed as he went to the master bedroom.
"Why only the master bedroom, Gore?"
"CAuse the more important loot's usually up here."
"Ah. It makes sense when said out loud. My mom has a loaded colt in her underwear drawer."
"Smart. I'll also teach you how to be maygver too."
"Ya know I never saw that. I was more That 70s Show."
"Fair. I liked it since it was a change a pace from shootin your way through everything. Ya know one time that guy rigged a carbomb with his BOOTLACE and an APPLE?"
Tyler lifted the mattress and was rewarded with another case. But this one made him smile.
"NIIIICE. I know this one."
He took the walnut case out and Hailey looked at him curiously.
"what is it?"
He opened it to reveal a new gun.
"Colt .45 ACP handgun with ebony grip carved in the style of Calico Jack."
He removed the solid black gun and Hailey smiled.
"Nice. I know that one for once."
"I got the luger. Never shot one before, remember?"
"True. I can do a lot with the frame too."
He looked down the sights and noted they were neon green.
"And they added the upgraded sights. Good."
A sound of tires screeching outside was heard and Hailey's hand went to her gun-
And he took her hand. HAiley blushed at this and he went to a nearby window where they saw an offroad truck doing donuts in an intersection with maraudars shooting guns and killing zombies hootin an hollerin. Tyler smirked as he helt the WA2000 in his hands.
"Just some punkass maraudars."
Hailey watched nervously as the truck roared down a street.
"Mad Max is right. Those are NPCs, right?"
"Hmm-hm. they'll crash in a moment."
The truck was seen drifting around a corner and Hailey smirked.
"Oh they'll crash soon as they get outta that drift. I can tell. Driver has NO idea what he's doing."
TYler nodded as the truck swerved along the road by the another intersection in a mess of screeching tires.
"Marauders usually have good loot on them too. Get lucky and you can steal their vehicles."
Hailey smirked.
"Are we?"
"Nope. Not until we can get away safely if it goes sideways."
There was a crash followed by a rattling roar of anger that made Tyler blink.
"Oh HELLo. I know that roar. watch this, this is gonna be messy."
He slid open the window to set the WA2000 on it's integrated bipod as Hailey looked to where the truck was last seen a little nervously.
"Gore? What was that?"
The truck was then seen being thrown through the air and the remains of the maraudarsplastered along it. the truck slammed into a house with a sound of shattering glass and wood before a ten foot tall beast that had once been a gorilla was witnessed lumbering down the street. Tyler smiled.
"It's called a Stregor. Strength Gorilla. They're the results of genetic experimentation in labs that created the zombie infection. Strong as all hell, surprisingly agile, and TOUGH too. same time is not a boss. just an Elite."
Tyler scoped the beast's head as he flicked the safety off.
"And are some of my favorites to fight."
He pulled the trigger and the .300 winchester round took the gorilla in the head. It's head flew back and the thing dropped.
"BOOM. Headshot. ALls it takes is a single shot from a medium calber or above to drop em. wanna be a badass, you get in their face with a SHOTGUN."
TYler panned the rifle around seeking any reaction to the gunshot before he nodded.
"Clear. I'll be right back. You."
He had her take the bipoded rifle into her shoulder.
"Gun'll do most a the work for you. Keep it flush, eye down the scope and put the the red dot on the spot you want the bullet to go. Don't miss."
She nodded wide eyed as the now VERY on edge schoolgirl held the sniper rifle. Tyler vaulted out the window.
"I'll go get us their stuff. YOU watch MY ass."
"You got this, Hails."
She smiled at the faith as he dropped to the street. Tyler chuckled as he trotted to the dead gorilla thing.
"She'll be fine."
The gorilla was covered in rusting barbed wire and was a deep brown color not unlike shit. Tyler reached the dead thing and noted a small duffel bag ws attached to it's barbed wire aparattus. He took it and went to the remains of the trophy truck to retrieve the set of three hiker packs from the chassis. Next was the remains of the maraudars themselves. The three men yielded an extra gun and some bullets but that was all. Tyler returned to the house and Hailey smiled in relief as he climbed through the window.
"Anything good?"
"We will know in a minute."
The window was shut and locked before the pair headed back to the basement. There he took the hiker packs over.
"YOU get an upgrade."
She smiled.
"Oh thank god. I HATE that pack."
He opened the first hiker pack and dumped out a mass of dorito bags, a few Lays bags, a bottle of seltzer water, and a bandana. The next pack had more of the same with the addition of a firestarter brick. The last hiker pack had a folding shovel, hatchet, and a knife sharpener. Tyler smiled.
"Alright we got snacks. That shovel is marine issue. we'll keep it and the hatchet too."
Hailey nodded and the food was put away.
"The duffel bag?"
Tyler took it and dumped it on the floor. a mass of stuff fell out and he chuckled as he laid it out.
"Stregors usually have a duffel bag or something on them that carries good stuff. As far as the elites go they're common enough we can hunt them. And we got some decent stuff."
He took a small holographic sight from the pile.
"Like this for example. Viper holographic sight for a pistol's rails. I can slap that on my colt. oh. Pro tip? Any guns with rails can be used as a bootleg storage unit for attachments."
She smirked.
"Okay. That's kinda clever. This?"
She lifted a 12 inch long tube and he smiled.
"That's a civilain grade suppresser for a 5.56 barrel. we'll sit on it as none of our equipment takes 5.56."
"You can buy suppressers?"
"Oh yeah. Ya gotta know where to GO, but yeah. you can buy a .50 cal machinegun build kit if you really wanted to."
The teenagers chuckled at that as Tyler pulled a scope over.
"Oh. That's interesting. It's a 4.5X to 8X variable zoom scope wiiiiith...eck. Chevron. V sight. I hate those. We'll sit on it since some rifles come bare bones."
Hailey nodded as she pulled a handgun from the pile.
"This one any good, Gore?"
He looked.
"Hm. It's DECENT. A Barretta 92FS. Most popularly known, as either the Cutlass or the Swordfish. Depends if you're a fan of Black Lagoon or not."
He took the military pistol with a smile.
"I, AM a fan of Black Lagoon. which i will show you later. 13 round magazine, 9 milimetr parabellum round, and yeah. You keep it since you need a better option then the luger."
She smiled at the lightweight pistol.
"I kinda like it, Gore."
"I'll be sure to teach you well then."
THe next piece was another barrel and he chuckled.
"This is just an upgraded barrel for an AK74U SMG. We'll toss it since the AK platform is shit."
Hailey blinked.
"But aren't they supposed to be like indestructable?"
"They're nearly completely idiot proof. This is true. But the entire system is just BAD. Uncomfortable to hold, the kick is MEAN, the selector switch is counterintuitive, it's LOW POWERED, and yeah. It's MAIN redeeming quality is it'sd so easy to use. You can pick it up and be just fine. But, for anything SERIOUS, you're better off using a PROPER rifle."
She smirked.
"Like an M16?"
"So lomg as it's a later version. First gen rifle will break apart in your hands when you're running."
"Ha. You know more about guns then my dad. Ad he was a Marine."
TYler chuckled.
"I can outshoot a Delta sniper. I can prove it too. DirtyMiky444, IS Delta. Annnnnnnd I outshoot him all the time. Another beta tester. He was SOOOOOO PISSED when I took the eye out of a running Chaser with my luger first attempt at 200 yards.....and he MISSED with a SCOPED L119. I did it repeatedly for over an hour and the poor bastard just gave up."
Hailey smiled as he talked.
"How DID you get so good with guns, Gore?"
"I do deep dive a lot and play military shooters a lot too. My FAVORITE deep dive is called World War Guns. It's an ULTRA realisitic militay shooter like LoD but is basically world war three. I play that one a lot as the guns are perfect copies of IRL weapons. Same as LoD...but only more extreme. Here, guns degrade when you fire them. In THERE you need to maintain your weapon every fifteen minutes if you're deployed in a desert. I've had guns fall apart in my hands from being to cold on arctic deployments and I even one explode in ,y hand on a western theme raid. Here, you have to abuse your weapon for it to go boom."
Hailey whistled.
"Yeah. It's fun."
"I can streetrace with he best of em as my dives were perfect copies of real world racing physics and car mechanics. I'm kinda unbeaten."
"we'll getchya wheels to show off soon enough, Hails."
She smiled and he tossed the barrel for the 47U aside and looked at the last piece.
"Tactical laser for a handgun. Here."
He took her barretta abd taught her how to install a tactical laser on the rail.
"When you hold the thing it'll turn on. Batteries don;t deplete for stuff like that."
"You can also use it for a halfassed flashlight too since it's so freakin bright."
She nodded and he tied the duffel bag to the bottom of his own hiker pack and te result was more storage while Hailey copied him with her own school bag. The spare hiker pack Tyler crafted into a draw string pack he tied to Hailey's other side.
"Alright. Now we're done for the day."
She nodded and Sarah appeared on the floating panel as if on cue. Tyler chuckled as he looked at her.
"Enjoy the show?"
The blonde reporter smiled as she did her intro before looking at Tyler.
"My first question is how much of a threat are those stregors, Goreleech?"
"Eh. More pain in the ass. Just fill em up with lead and you'll be alright. Oh. 177013. Whaddya think?"
She SHUDDERED and Tyler laughed.
"Welcome to hell! THAT one is REALLY tame compared to some a the ones I've seen!"
Hailey shivered.
"Yes I have em."
"Has LEFT the chat."
Sarah shivered and refocused.
"You will be staying inside the house another day due to a thunderstorm?"
He nodded.
"Yup. LoD storms are merely excuses for the more pain in the ass type zombies to come out. Annnd I don;t feel like dealing with it just yet."
Hailey looked at him curiously now.
"What kinds, Gore?"
He smirked.
"One that shoots electricity from it's hands, one can teleport between puddles, another that's like the stregot but is a frog the size of a tank, a miniboss in the form of a ten foot tall slime thing, and a few others aside."
Sarah looked at him.
"The type you most wish to avoid, Goreleech?"
"The slime thing. It has a harem of captive humans it likes to fuck and they get pregnent from it. If you get caught by it, YOU become it's newest harem member and will be raped and impregnanted by a slime. Only way to kill it is to hit it's core and we'd need armor piercing rounds to do so."
The two ladies shivered and Tyler chuckled as he rested against a wall.
"Yeah. Game's not nice."
Hailey shivered again before smirking.
"We'll be fine."
"Oh yeah. Slimes just need a piercer round and they go pop."
Sarah smiled at that one before the interview concluded. Tyler and Hailey made a dinner of some of the canned goods and the black haired girl blushed as she looked at the large futon.
"I won't touch you."
"I...know. Still....feels weird."
He smiled as they removed shirts and laid in the bed together. The topless girl gulped as they got comfy before he smiled.
"Night Hails."
"night Gore."


Tyler woke the next morning to the dull boom of thunder and the sound of rain pounding on the roof. He opened his eyes to see Hailey had latched onto him like a lifering with her face in his side and his arm around her back. He smiled at this as he patted the tough girl's back. Her brown eyes opened with a snap and blushed a DEEP crimson.
"Never. A. word?"
Her voice was soft and nervous and he smiled as he patted her.
"Still a cute schoolgirl, Hails."
"I hate you."
"Come on."
She smiled and the pair got out of the bed to pull shirts on and the warrior went upstairs to peer out a window.
"Yup. Not going anywhere today."
He went back down to find Hailey in the hot tub and she smiled sheepishly as he chuckled.
"I like hot tubs."
"Me too. And we're not going anywhere. It's raining sideways out there."
He jumped into the pool on the other side and she smiled with a blush but it wasn't as intense as before. He noted her spot was shaven and she smirked as she caught him.
"NEVER mention this again and I will let you live."
"Yes Hails."
"UGh. And damn. You're still heavily armed."
The pair enjoyed a soak before getting dressed and sitting on the couch. Sarah appeared and Tyler smiled.
"Yeah we're not going anywhere. It's rainin sideways."
Sarah smiled.
"we will take this opportunity to do some fan interviews then, Goreleech."
He settled down as the screen flickered and he was presented with an image of a pretty girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She smiled as he looked at her.
"Ohmygod! You are like SOOOOOO hot, Gore! I'm Ashley!"
"Never go wrong with a sexy blonde, Ashley. What's the question?"
"Are you, like, a virgin?"
He smirked.
"NO I am NOT. I been a few places and lemme tell ya. Sexy blondes are a STAPLE."
She smiled.
"I am a VERY sexy blonde...CAMGIRL!"
"Ha. I thought you looked familar. Angeldoll."
"Yup! Any requests?"
"Yeah. More vids with that busty MILF a yours. Schoolgirls and their hot teachers are kinda mah jam."
Hailey glared at him.
"Don't you go thre you sick sonuvabitch."
ashley chuckled.
"I DO take requests for girls too, Hailfyre!"
"I am NOT a lesbian!"
TYler chuckled at her new redfaced outrage.
"didn't say you WERE."
"Shut up."
Ashley chuckled and the meeting ended before another one came up. This time a guy and the buff guy smirked.
"So, Hailfyre, you have a crush on Goreleech?"
TYler noted her new horror and redness and smiled without a word as the burly guy chuckled knowingly before it went out. The next one was a girl and she looked at Hailey.
"Do you watch hentai, Hailfyre?"
Hailey blushed.
"what's your genre?"
Hailey blushed harder and her voice was smaller.
"Shota and Onii-San."
Tyler whistled.
"wow, Hails. I like it."
She sank down as the next girl looked at Tyler.
"What's the most fucked up thing you've seen in LoD Goreleech?"
He thought for a moment.
"Has to be that slime monster in the Underdark that had a harem of little boys. And they shit out more slimes. Yeah that was not a fun day."
A new guy appeared.
"Yo Gore, most hated zombie aside from the Shadow Wraiths?"
"Oh that'd be the Gremlins. Little kid zombies. Thet run faster and can climb like monkeys. Bastards are common and are PURRRRE nightmare fuel. The ones that stick widchya though are the Sallys. Or little girl zombies. They wear little white dresses and all you'll hear is an out of place giggle before you're faced with a girl out of nowhere. You see her, shoot her with a shotgun. Try to run and she teleports in front of you. Approach and she pounces on you like a vampire.....and fucks you to death with a steel dick. while nibbling on your flesh. Yeah. They are MESSED. UP."
Hailey shuddered.
"That's a little much."
"They drop good stuff though."
The pair did fan interviews and meet an greets for a few hours until they reached the limit and the panel closed. Once it did Hailey slumped from the drain of dealing with fans and Tyler patted her with a smile.
"It'll only get worse the more we do."
"Oh come on. LIke you're not loving the attention."
"BeSIDES the freakin point!"
He chuckled at that one before Hailey looked around at the sealed room
"Sooo, now what?"
"Sleep, soak, practice your reloads, I dunno."
He laid flat on the couch now without a shirt on and Hailey blushed as she saw this. Tyler smiled as he settled.
"JUst don't leave the basement, Hails."
She looked around at the room as Tyler dozed on the large couch before she settled on the other side. The pair dozed for a while on the couch before Tyler sat up and smiled as he saw Hailey had fallen fast asleep. Like a shadow he drapped a blanket over her and she smiled in hr sleep before going deeper in. The warrior sat on the couch with the stories he'd been working on the real world pulled up on an interface and worked on them. Hailey woke up a few hurs later with a yawn and he smiled at her.
"Mornin Hails."
"Mornin. Anything good?"
"Not really."
She nodded sleepily and he tossed her a drink. The black haired girl smiled gratefully as she snuggled under the blanket.
"Kinda feels like we're relaxing in our own house."
He smiled at that.
"I kinda like it."
She blushed with a smile.
"Me too."
He smiled and she noted the panel ws open.
"Whatchya doin?"
"workin on my stories."
"Oh. I forgot you write."
"I got copies if you're bored?"
"Sure. Always was kinda curious."
She got her copies and the girl rolled on her back still under the blanket to read. TYler was stretched full out and he smiled as she stretched out too...and her feet were resting on his legs. She smiled shyly at the comfy position and he looked at her.
"I got plenty a room on this side."
Hailey flipped around to settle between the taller warrior's legs and he drapped a larger blanket over them, making her blush with a smile.
He hugged her and she rested her head against hs chest as she looked at the list of well over 200 titles.
"Soo, which one's actually finished?"
"This one here. Tale of the Outcast Warrior. 1,549 pages."
"HOLY SHIT, longest?"
"Tale of the Demon. 2,000."
"Okay uou have WAAAY too much free time on your hands, Gore."
He smiled as he patted her belly, making her blush and smile.
"It's a hobby."
She picked outcast warrior and settled for a day's reading as Tyler rested his hands on her narrow waist in a comfy and warm embrace that had her blushing. It faded as she got absorbed into the story and he chuckled as the scrolling increased in speed. Then she smirked.
"egotrip much?"
"And therapy session."
"So true. Kaori reminds me of Marrisa."
"I kinda based her off her....with a few added traits."
"I can see that. MArrisa isn't tough nor is she as nice."
He nodded and Hailey remembered where his hand was.
"NOwhere else."
"Yes Hails."
"I will elbow you in the dick....and I can feel it."
"I like this."
" too."
He smiled at her soft voice and hugged her tightly for a moment and she had a smile at the affection as he rubbed her belly sothingly. She giggled.
"That tickles!"
He rubbed her belly again and she giggled like a little girl again before she smirked.
"Don't get TOO cocky, Gore. I MIGHT end up hitting you depending on where you touch."
"Sounds sexy."
She smirked thinner as his roaming hand went a LITTLE higher.
"I'm not wearing a bra."
"Sexier and sexier."
Hailey chuckled at that mildly intrigued tone.
"Feed's off, right?"
"Oh yeah."
She settled against him....and a hand was slid along a bulge.
"Yes you are."
His hand went to her surprisingly large bust and she shivered at the gentle yet inquisitive squeeze.
"wow, Hails."
"I know."
She slid a hand down his jeans and he shivered as she got a handful.
THe black haired girl smiled with a blush as she felt the length of steel and her lovely rack was fondled adoringly before a hand slid down her frame. she gasped as they probed at her waistband and smiled excitedly.
"Go on."
He looked at her and she looked at him and the pair leaned into each other with hands holding sensitive places. Tyler could feel her soft breath on his face as he went to kiss a gunshot was heard outside the house and they both jumped. The gunshot shattered the sexually charged atmosphere and the now flustered Hailey was quick to scramble away.
"We should check that out!"
Tyler sighed at this sound advice.
"We should. I was enjoying that too."
She blushed harder.....and didn't answer. She got off the still hard boy and sat against the other side of the couch as he went for the M870. Hailey now wore a new look of conflicted emotions on her face as he loaded the shotgun then he smiled at her.
"Load up."
Hailey nodded and the last of the sexual tension faded out.
"I'll use the couch tonight. I don't think sharing a bed's a good idea."
"Sure. even if you're warm."
She glared at him.
"I am NOT interested in sleeping with you."
"Ugh. That's all you have to say? Just ALRIGHT?"
He looked at her with a lifted eyebrow.
"Do you want me to say i want you as my girlfriend? That I want to hold you and NEVER let go?"
She went red in the face.
"No! I am NOT attracted to you!"
"well. I am to you."
"ew. Gross."
He chuckled at the wall she put up now and passed her the Type99.
"Come on Hails, we'll see who's out there."
THe pair went up the stairs and the warrior peered through a crack in the door to see a pair of people outside the front door holding rifles looking at a dead stregor. He smirked and looked at her.
"Anyone we know?"
"Nope. 4 total."
She nodded and he looked out the small crack in the door and took the semi automatic WA2000 and set the barrel to the thing as the two other players looked att he front door of the house.
"They back yet?"
"Not yet. That house is huge. You REALLY think there's somebody in there, Drakin?"
"Oh yeah. Door was locked, curtains are pulled, CLASSIC beta tricks."
"There's another dead gorilla thing out there."
"Another mark of a beta. They;ll have good shit."
Tyler swapped for the shotgun now and backed away from the door with the 12 gauge aimed at the door. Hailey backed down to the ground floor as a sound of footsteps were heard and a girl's voice was heard outside the basement door.
"They looted the master bedroom. found the case. Annnnd left it behind."
"The case or the loot?"
"Case. whoever this beta bitch is, they're blatant."
"A pro?"
"Probably. I don't think they're still here. Sorry this smacks of a decoy hideout."
Tyler aimed the shotgun at the door as the voice was heard from directly outside it. The rest of the raiders were heard walking to the door.
"What about the basement?"
"it's worth looking into, same time if they ARE here they're down there."
"well we looked in the window. Nothing."
Tyler smirked and pulled the trigger. The buckshot tore through the door and hit the first boy in the face. He dropped and the warrior exploded out of the basement with the gun bellowing into the chest of another player at pointblank range. He dropped with a soccer ball taken from him.
"I got em!"
The third blast was fired over Tyler's shoulder and the last boy dropped. The girl player was last and she fumbled with her holster as the M870 was shoved in her face.
She froze at this and Hailey whistled as she came out.
"Damn, Gore. How'd you do that?"
"There's a REASON I'm a legend, Hails."
"In the horror!"
The girl under the barrel gulped.
"Um. Sorry!"
"So the betas are being hunted like animals?"
"KINDA? They're good so,"
"Ha. Now what to do to you?"
She smiled.
"I'm Angelstar555. I'm....kinda a fan?"
"Ha. Hilarious."
He lowered the shotgun and she sighed in minor relief.
"Phew. Sorry. I kinda like the stuff I got."
Angelstar555 was a VERY pretty girl with lower back length golden blonde hair and piercing green eyes set into a tear drop shaped face. Her features were delicate and her bust was massive under her croptop of blue. Her skin was light brown and her frame was slender. On her waist she wore a pair of booty shorts and on her feet were a pair of hightop cowgirl boots. Her voice was a sot breath as she lowered her own luger. Tyler chuckled as he reloaded the shotgun.
"So the curtains are a mark of a beta, huh?"
Angelstar555 nodded.
"Yeah. Only betas take that kinda time to secure a hideout. and it's KINDA how we tracked you."
"I'm not exactly subtle. So THESE guys?"
"Oh just some randos I teamed up with. I'mma better shot then all a em."
"They find that out the hard way?"
"They've tried to rape me twice so. Yeah."
Hailey jumped and Angelstar555 chuckled.
"Relax. They're nerds. I flashed em and I shit you not they froze. Seems they had no idea what to do next."
Here the blue eyed blonde smirked at the still barechested Tyler.
"I HOPE you know better."
"Wanna go find out?"
Hailey gasped at this instant retort and glared daggers at him as Angelstar555 chuckled.
"Later. I'm not horny enough for a proper fuck. Annnd, mind if i tag along? I...kinda HATE being alone."
"Sure. we could use another pack mule."
"fuck you tough guy."
"Sure. Drop em and turn around."
She snorted at that bold faced order.
"I'm a flirt. Not a whore."
"Ha. You guys got a camp?"
"NOPE. All we had we have."
"Alright. Loot em up and I'll deal with te trash."
The trio looted the dead players of their gear and Tyler tossed the bodies onto the battered trophy truck outside in a way it seemed THEY'D been driving and the warrior returned to find Angelstar555 enjoying the hot tub pool while Hailey glared at the bustier girl as she flaunted her assets. Tyler relocked the doors and left the basement door as is with it's new hole and Hailey glared at him the entire time.
"I hate you."
"Ooookay. The reason THIS time?"
She just sat on the recliner across the room at his mildly curious tone. Tyler shrugged at this turn of events and dumped the three medium backpacks out. Angelstar555 got out of the water and he smirked at the bouncing and noted her spot was also shaven. The blonde smirked as she pulled a G-string on.
"wow you are NOT shy. I like it."
"I am not afraid to get a piece."
"THANK GOD. Gore?"
"Sure. Angel?"
"Or Star. Her?"
Hailey just sighed.
"Yeah she picked a metal tag. I call her Hails."
"I'll call her Frye."
"Greeeat. TWO names to remember."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the spread of supplies and noted some ammounition.
"Wow. You guys found .50 cal ammo?"
Angel nodded as she sat across from him without a shirt or bra on, flaunting her double Ds as she took the half inch thick bullet.
"We found a battered humvee half a click to the west. Turret was shit but we were able to scavange a few bullets. There were easily several hundred but the gun was useless so we only took a few for the novelty."
TYler chuckled.
"I can rework these into makeshift grenades. Gunpowder in em is kinda scary."
"Nasty. I'm decent at these kinda games, but never anything THIS hardcore."
"Good you learn from the best."
She chuckled and he took the airweight revolver over and she passed a pile of .38 special ammo over.
"I know it sucks. But we found a lot of em."
"I'll make em into something we can use."
He then noted the amount of food and drink Angel's former crew had and chuckled.
"we're well stocked on food so there's that."
She passed him the rifle one of her friends had used.
"Here. Not sure if it's decent or not."
TYler took it.
"Eh. Remington 30-30 boplt action rifle. Decent and you can count on it more an ya think. Not bad for civi grade."
Angel looked around at Tyler and Hailey's armory and chuckled as she saw the WA2000 and Type99.
"Nice pieces."
"Thanks. We found an assassin for te KGB's armory."
"Lucky bastard."
Tyler unloaded the hunting rifle and set the rounds aside and Angel smiled.
"Nah. Preventing an accident."
"OOH smart."
"we got a resupply on food and weapons. We're set for the time being and can focus on other things. Like medical since we don't even have any bandages."
Hailey looked over.
"I think I saw a pharmacy on the corner, Gore. Near where the truck got hit the first time."
"Good eyes, Hails. we'll take a look in der mornin."
She nodded and returned to the silent treatment. Angel smirked at this and looked at the warrior as he repacked their stuff.
"Uh-oh. Someone having problems with his girlfriend?"
"I'm NOT his girlfriend."
Tyler smirked internally at Hailey's cold shutdown as he shrugged.
"Hails an I are friends IRL an she's always been kinda cold."
"I ain't your friend either, loser."
"Whatever, Hails."
"Bostonbitch222. Take your pick."
"I hate you."
"Annnd we're back to square one. Those idiots aren't around so you don't have to pretend to be so damn mean, Hails."
"I am NOT pretending."
"Ugh. whatever. I don't get paid enough for this shit."
Angel watched the interaction with a lifted eyebrow.
"Wow. There be some history here. NOT interested."
"Sure thing, Shadow."
"I love golden retrievers, I HATE the insinuation."
The goods were packed away and Tyler sat back on the couch as Angel flopped on the other end with plenty of bouncing breast physics. Tyler chuckled as he settled down.
"Okay. They did a damn good job on the jiggle physics."
Angel smirked as she lounged across from him.
He chuckled at her smug as he relaxed again. Hailey was alone on the recliner as Angel fell asleep on the couch with an arm over her face. Tyler took the opportunity to sneak over to where Hailey was crying silently on the recliner...and he patted her on the back.
"So we're at THIS trope huh?"
She jumped at the pat and hasilty tried to hide her tears,
"Go away."
"Hails, be honest with yourself. Do yuo like me or hate me?"
"Why the fuck do you care?"
"Ugh. Cause you were here FIRST."
Hailey just loked away and curled into a tighter ball on the recliner. Tyler covered the sulking girl in a blanket and she shivered at the warmth.
"Thanks....I guess."
He patted her.
"Still my best friend in this damn game."
"JUST your best friend?"
"Wanna be my girlfriend?"
She jumped at the fearless ask and looked at him in shock before recovering.
"No! Oh my god no! You're a disgusting loser! All you do is dive in this FUCKED up games-"
He shrugged at the rejection and walked away.
"I tried."
She blinked at the dismissal and Tyler flopped on the couch and got comfy. Hailey just looked at him as he pulled the story he'd been working on. THe black haired girl was left very confused but sighed as she settled on the recliner to sulk some more. Tyler lost himself inside his world for a few hours as Angel lurched bolt upright wide eyed and frantic. Tyler chuckled as he watched her deflate from the realization she was back in reality....sort of.
"I know THAT look. Flashback or nightmare?"
she shivered.
"I THOUGHT I'd been asleep longer then I was."
"OOOH this suck."
"With a PASSION."
"You good?"
She nodded as her nerves recovered.
"Yeah. Am now. I miss anything?"
"eh nothing good."
THe blonde nodded and stretched her back with a sound of cracking.
"OH that felt good."
TYler smiled as he looked at her.
"We're heading south to see the beta memoerial. want in?"
She smiled.
"Sure. I was heading south too. I'm from a northern region of Russia so I'm kinda tired a the cold."
"New Hampshire."
"OOH not bad rookie."
"Why don't you have the accent, Angel?"
She shrugged.
"Cause I'm on a trip in America and a sexy, busty, BLONDE HAIRED BLUE EYED RUSSIAN girl is just asking for problems from the boys in school."
"Fair. Hey."
She looked over curiously and caught the bottle of Smirnoff vodka.
"No PROPER RUSSIAN is without a bottle a vodka! it be the RUSSIAN way!"
She busted up laughing at his pisspoor Russian accent and the stereotype.
"Oh my GOD you are HILARIOUS! I DO drink vodka! Only on special occasions though. And when i am NOT carrying a firearm."
"Smart. You dive a lot?"
She shrugged.
"eh sometimes. My games are survival games like Ark or Minecraft."
"Hey. That's FUNNY."
He chuckled as she put the gifted bottle in her pack before layign flat with a soft thud.
"Soooo, what IS the point of this experiement, Gore?"
"No clue. I had to guess it's to see how humanity's younger generations would react to a sudden postapocolyptic lifestyle."
"Weird thing to test."
"Me an the beta guys got a hunch we're not gonna be let out."
"Yikes. Sword Art Online?"
"PRETTY much."
"Scary. I'm in."
"ALL. The. WAY."
She chuckled and rested her long legs on his own.
"Good. i got a footstool."
Angel was half a head shorter then him so was kinda tall. Tyler looked out the door and noted the darkness.
"We'll do our interview bullshit and crash ladies. We gotta lotta walkin in der mornin."
Sarah appeared like clockwork and the reporter smiled.
"We're live with the Goreleech Camp."
Tyler was still shirtless as the intro was done and then Sarah looked at him.
"You have taken AngelStar555 into your party, Goreleech?"
"Yup. We got another packmule."
"I will hit you."
"Don't break a nail now princess."
She slugged him and Hailey poked her head up with a glare.
"As a girl, Gore? I HATE you."
"You sure?"
"Yes I am SURE I hate you."
Angel sighed.
"I will KICK YOU next time."
Sarah smiled before she looked at a paper.
"Those three players tried to rape you, Angelstar555?"
The blonde russian nodded with a smirk. Still topless.
"Several times. Problem was....well...tey were cowards. They'd drop their pants....and freeze. It turned into a game. I'd flash em and they'd lock up like a dead rabbit. Hilarious for me, HUMILATING for them."
Tyler chuckled.
"They'll have respawned naked a few miles from us. It'll be fuckin funny to see what they do."
Angel shrugged as Sarah looked at Tyler.
"Are you and Hailfyre having problems, Goreleech?"
He shrugged.
"eh not really. Hails' just not interested."
The girl on the recliner shot a glare at him and he ignored her as the interview went on. When ot ended the trio made a meal of chips and some water before TYler laid on the bed. Angel took the couch and Hailey was still in the recliner. The warrior smiled as he got comfy.
"Night ladies."
"fuck you."
"Night, Gore."


Tyler woke the next morning to see Hailey asleep in his arms. The topless girl had snuck into his bed and he'd wrapped her in his arms to hold her tightly. He sighed at this flipflop and stroked her long black hair. Her brown eyes opened and froze like a board as she saw Tyler had woken up before her. He looked at her exasperatedly.
"Okay. Cut the shit with the flipflopping. Are we FRIENDS, FUCKBUDDIES, BOYFRIEND-GIRLFRIEND, or SNUGGLEBUDDIES, Hails?"
She glared at him/
"And JUST picking one is that simple?"
"You could all of em."
"Again. it's THAT fucking simple for you?"
"Yup. I want something I go for it."
He looked her in the eye.
"What do YOU want?"
"I WANT you to let me go."
"I'm not touching you."
She realized he'd let her go after she woke up and the girl slithered away from him in the bed.
"So we're just friends. Alright."
"Hey i didn't say anything-"
"didn't have to."
"It is not that simple!"
"Why not?"
" just isn't!"
Tyler rubbed his eyes at the redfaced in fury girl as he sat up.
"I am not doing this emotionally drama bullshit, Hails. either yo0u LIKE ME or HATE ME. SAY WHICH ONE IT IS."
"I can't!"
Hailey slumped at this question. She looked at him with troubled brown eyes.
"Cause I just can't. Okay?"
"That's fine, Hails. You're just afraid of what your so called friends would think."
She jumped!
"No I am NOT-"
"Yes you are. We've played the same game for years, Hails. We'd meet up at the stop, trade jokes and have a decent time. Soon as the OTHERS appeared though, you turn into a HATEFUL BITCH. for NO good reason other then popularity. Anytime we're alone, we're golden. we have a damn good time. As SOON as someone ELSE enters the picture, doesn't matter who it is, you backpedal so fucking hard as if being a GOOD PERSON IS A BAD THING. and having FUN with a FRIEND is a bad thing."
She snapped at him.
"You're a LOSER and get PICKED on by every buddy! WHY would I put myself through THAT kinda shit....JUST because we're friends?"
"Sooo you'd rather keep your head down and just go with whatever they're doing?"
"Rather that then getting bullied every day."
"Yut. we're not friends. i HATE people like you. Always SAYING they care and want to be friends and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, but when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is you back down. why? Cause it'd be HARD. So go on. Take the easy way out, Hails. It's okay."
He got out of the bed.
"And DON'T sneak into my bed again. That's kinda desperate."
"You're just mad I have the balls to stick to my guns no matter what. I'd rather be alone and hated, then sell out who I am."
She had tears of hurt and hate at this condemnation as Tyler pulled his shirt on.
"You just have an answer for everything. And everything is so fucking simple to you. Life is NOT THAT SIMPLE!"
"sure it is. YOU just gotta have the SPINE to KEEP it simple. I want to be friends. we're friends. I LIKE you. I'll tell ya to your face. I DON'T like you. I'll do the same. To your face. Anyway. We gotta a lotta walkin a head a us. So come on."
"And if I refuse?"
"I just take off. I don;t HAVE to help you, Hails. I am DOING it because I WANT to."
She glared at hom hatefully now as Angel sat up with a yawn.
"Mornin you two."
"Mornin Angel. Storm's clear."
Tyler looked at Hailey as she sat o the bed.
"Ya comin?"
She didn't answer and just pulled her shirt on. Angel chuckled as she pulled her croptop on.
"This is going to be interesting."
The Survivor led them out of the basement and they ate breakfast as they walked through the silent town. The sky above was clear and there were birds chirping as the trio walked. Tyler had the WA2000 on his back and Angel looked at him curiously.
"So do you guys use guns a lot?"
"Nah. Good rule of thumb is guns for people. Melee for zombies."
"I...need a melee weapon."
He passed her his extra fireaxe.
"Still fresh. I got a bat and Hails has her own fireaxe."
"well aren't YOU prepared?"
"well I AM a pro."
She chuckled as Hails glared at them from her new spot at the back. Tyler looked ahead with a smile.
"You handle guns, Star?"
"I've some experience. only Russian style though."
"Aks suck."
"They do. I admit this. I prefer the SVT41."
"Not bad for a world war 2 semi. MINE is the BAR."
"A classic. Shotgun?"
"Clever girl."
He rounded on her in perfect step to walk backwards.
"Shall we discuss sexism in survival situations?"
Angel smirked.
"I'm more tenacious then you know."
"Let's NOT dig through big piles of shit."
"I'm sure life will find a way."
"You're GOOD."
"I have them."
"I can write all kinds of things on this check, doctor Grant. Tell me. What's it gonna take?"
He smirked.
"We'll discuss THAT tonight."
"Oh good. I like snuggles. And other things."
"I like busty russian beauties."
Angel chuckled at this and the deal was made for a movie binge. Hails had a new look of jealous hate on her face as the pair flirted in front of her. Tyler spun around with a now excited smirk to look ahead. The town vanished behind them and for a few hours they were alone on the road with the ever vigilant Tyler keeping watch and the girls keeping pace. Angel looked at him as they rounded another corner in the road.
"SOoooo, question."
"How far do you guys usually go?"
He shrugged.
"Till we find something interesting or the sun goes down. Why? Wanna stop?"
"Kind BORED really."
"I hear that. Sadly, this is what LoD turns into most of the time. Just a lonely road and a LOOOOOTTA walkin."
She sighed.
"I miss my bike right now."
"Ha. Relax, princess, we'll get ya a golden carraige soon enough."
"fuck you I am not a princess."
"Oh. I'm sorry. Czar?"
"Still a royal-"
"Say it and I'll hit you in the balls while you're sleeping with the butt a that shotgun."
"You can beat my meat anytime, Angel!"
"Wow. I REALLY am going to kill you."
He chuckled at her smirking hate as Hails was more or less ignored. The trio turned another corner and were faced by a sign that read REST STOP and Tyler smiled.
"There. exciting enough for ya Angel?"
"Ugh. Patronizing jackass."
The rest stop turned out to be a roadside motel with a gas pump, convienance store, and about 20 rooms on two floors. Tyler smiled as he noted the windows were intact.
"Cool. we'll be able to get some good stuff here. And yes we'll crash here tonight ladies. We keep going we'll be out after dark....and NOT without headlamps or nightvision for the three of us."
Hailey glared at him.
"I want my OWN room."
"That's fine. Just remember. Further away you are, the longer it'd take us to reach you if you needed help."
She gritted her teeth at this truth as they approached the place. Tyler had his bat out to drop the first of 5 zombies milling about the courtyard. Angel swung her fireaxe in a wide arc that saw zombies being beheaded and Hailey did the same on her side. Then they moved to investigate the various rooms in the event some zombies were holed up inside. Tyler led the way through the various rooms with no hits until the reached the last room on the far enough of the motel and he picked the lock....and a little girl's giggle was heard from inside. He froze and so didn't the girls. He let the handle of the door go like it was a live handgrenade and backed away slowly. Hailey was shaking and Angel was reaching for the shotgun. Tyler held a hand up.
"I got it."
He reached into a pocket and pulled their handgrenade and the girls smirked at the appropreiateness. Tyler snuck back to the door and leaned up against it as the giggle came again. He opened the door without a sound to reveal a 3 foot little girl giggling at a blank TV in a white dress. The girl stopped giggling to turn her head all the way around like from a famous horror movie.
"Big brother?"
The girl's face was like a plastic doll's face and Tyler tore the pin out of the grenade,
"Here catch!"
she giggled as she caught the grenade and he slammed the door.
The three hit the deck as the grenade exploded and blew out the door and the glass in the apartment. Tyler was up with the shotgun locked and loaded before the glass had stopped falling. The room had a large hole in the floor where the girl had been and the remains of her body were plastered all over the walls with a white duffal bag on the floor by the TV. The shooter went in through the busted window panning the shotgun around and retreived the duffel bag before he backed out slowly.
"FUCK them things with a passion."
Angel poked her head up.
"Is it safe?!"
Her ears were ringing, hence the shout. Tyler nodded as he lowered the shotgun.
"Sally's dead. But they'll be more."
Hailey shuddered.
"That was FREAKY!"
"Come on. We'll hole up in another room. THAT one looks like a gas main blew."
They went to the room on the opposite side of the motel and Tyler used a knife to pry open the window enough to set the WA2000 barrel into the thing with a clean sightline at the destroyed room. He set the white duffel bag on one of the twin beds. Tyler wedged a chair against the door and looked at the girls.
"Sadly, no pool this time ladies."
Angel chuckled as she sat on the bed.
"I'm used to dry spells. We're in a forest. Shouldn't be too hard to find a river if we really needed to."
Hailey nodded uncormfortably.
Tyler unzipped the duffel bag.
"Now you know what a Sally looks like. They're FREAKY. Next time I'll pop it in the face with the shotgun."
Angel shivered.
"I saw the Exorcist."
"Never gonna see that now are you?"
He dumped the bag out and looked at the spread of loot. Then smiled.
"We got a full on first aide kit here girls. And a police grade one too. That'll last us for a good while."
Angel took a long tube curiously.
"What's this?"
"Oh sick. A higher quality barrel for the M870. It'll tighten the pellet spread, increase range, and will last longer. I'll teach you to install it later."
Hailey pulled a long knife from the pile.
"Got a knife, Gore."
"That's a bayonet attachment for an M1 Garand, Hails. We can use it as a makeshift bowie knife till we get the gun itself."
Angel smirked as she saw something.
"We got a hotplate. BATTERY operated."
Tyler smiled.
"i'll take that. I can rewire it to be solar powered."
"Neat trick. I want a hot meal for once."
The Survivor shrugged as he tied the white duffel bag to the top of Hailey's hiker pack.
"We'll be able to eat hot meals once we build our base. Problem is we need the right place. Once with easy access to cities and resources."
Hailey looked at him.
"will we build in the same place YOU did for the beta?"
"I'd like to. problem is the place I built is KINDA hard to reach. For ME."
They blinked and Angel looked at him curiously.
"Where DID you build, Gore? We've all seen the video tours of that fortress you created, but you never ONCE revealed where it was."
He smirked.
"Cause it's INSIDE a skyscraper. I hollowed out a the middle of the Hell Zone."
They blinked and Hailey looked at him in shock.
"But the Hell Zone is supposed to be irridated! Right?"
"It is. Lethally so. BUT. The exposure does NOT enter buildings....NOR go underground. I went though the subway and boared up every window on the first fifteen floors. THEN the radiation fades out and bam. You got yourself a base in the single most unreachable in the game."
Angel smiled.
"I wanna see it."
"Cool. Caaaause I got a secret."
He turned the feeds off. And smirked.
"I got an email while back about how MY base made the cut to be KEPT IN GAME."
The girls blinked and Hailey looked at him wide eyed.
"You mean, we can SEE it?"
"And if I kill the boss that LIVES in there now, I can reclaim my house. There was a contest the other betas knew about and made a gentlemen's agreement to never speak of, for the best base in the game. I won because of everything I did. My ULTIMATE goal, is to reach the Tower and reclaim my hellhole."
Angel smiled.
"I am IN. I wanna to see the lair of Goreleech himself!"
HAiley nodded with her own smile.
"Me too."
The survivor fistbumped them both.
"Let's go to hell together."
They smiled and he put the loot away before he looked out the window.
"No signs of life or unlife. Wanna watch an anime?"
Angel smiled.
"Sure. when we're not outside a blastzone."
"eh fair. Hails?"
"Your loss."
The group made dinner from canned beans and some bottled water before Sarah appeared on the screen. Tyler waved.
"So whaddya think fo Sally?"
The lady smiled.
"Truly terrifying. Now the question of the night: Is for you, Hailfyre."
Hailey sighed.
"Why are you in denial for your feelings about Goreleech?"
Tyler grabbed her by the mouth and put a finger to his lips.
She glared at him balefully and he let her go.
"I hate you."
She looked at the screen.
"I am NOT in denial. I hate that disgusting loser."
Sarah smiled.
"Oh this oughta be good."
The reporter looked at the paper.
"Do YOU have a crush on Goreleech?"
THe blonde shrugged.
"eh kinda. Always had a fetish for the tough guy that isn't afraid to step up."
"well damn. Wa-"
"TOO soon."
Hailey glared at them for their blatantness and Angel smirked at the survivor.
"And WE still need to negotiate for a binge."
"Good thing that bed is a queen size."
"It so is."
Sarah was a little red in the face at the flirting and Tyler chuckled.
"So what's the word in the herd?"
She shook out of her arrousal.
"As of this report, the deathtoll has increased to 15,000 revived."
"Seems about right."
The interview went by without issue and once it ended Angel smirked.
"Alone at last."
"Turn the feeds off."
The trio did turn their feeds of and Tyler climbed into the bed beside the sexy Angel and she snuggled right up against him.
"Now then."
He stroked her long blonde hair and she smiled.
"Okay. i like that."
"we'll binge the series the next rainy day."
"Deal. And in the MEAN time."
She grabbed a handful of te bulge...
"Damn dude."
He looked at her and she smirked.
"Oh you ASK? Go on."
He kissed her and the pair got into a hot and heavy makeout session that had the sexy blonde topless and her lovely rack plundered.
"Damn dude!"
"Says the sexy busty blonde."
She smirked as he kissed her large nipple.
"Alright! Let's see whatchya got!"
The pair stripped down and she moaned as he slid into her.
"HOLY Angel."
"I'll take THAT outta your ass."
"OHHHH I LOVE it in the ass!"
The duo played around for a few hours with the busty blonde getting ridden in all three holes until they dropped. He landing face first in her large rack and her utterly spent from the good sex. Hailey had a look of awestruck anger on her face asd the warrior smiled and kissed the busty blonde he was still inside of.
"DAMN angel. You're AMAZING."
She smiled proudly as he pulled out of her.
"THAT was great. Best sex in GOD knows how long. And my god did we BOTH need that."
He snuggled up beside her and she smiled asd he took her hands.
"Aww! And you cuddle after too? How cute!"
He kissed her lovingly.
"Night, Angel."
"Night, Gore. Night Fyre!"
"Night Hails."
"You're disgusting."


Tyler woke to the sight of Angel asleep on his chest and Hailey asleep in a ball in her own bed. The warrior smiled as he still felt the previous night's sex and liked how it felt as he kissed the naked Angel beside him awake. she woke with a sigh.
"You taste great."
She chuckled.
"Sorry tough guy. I don't fuck first thing in the morning. OR so often I go loose. Sooo not today!"
He chuckled as he sat up.
"Makes sense. Next time I'll put up some a my porn."
"Got any futa hentai?"
"Good. we'll do a futa fucknight."
He kissed her and the deal was made as Hailey sat up.
"YOU two are pigs. I want a different room next time."
Angel smirked.
"Yeeet you were jerking off to the show?"
Hailey went red in the face.
"I was NOT."
"Yes you were. I was watching when he had me face down. My ass hurts so you know."
He patted her heart shaped ass adoringly.
"Best ass I've had."
"I run alot so."
"It shows."
The pair got dressed and Hailey just glared at them as they pulled some cereal from their packs. She joined them once the bowls were passed around and TYler looked out the window.
"Looks clear."
The group left the motel and Tyler noted the broke window was still broken and no signs of life were seen inside as they walked by. Angel was limping a little and he looked at her in mild concern and she smiled.
"I'mm okay. Just my ass is sore. I like it."
"Alright. Just makin sure I didn't hurt you and not notice."
"Oh you're so cute! I LIKE it rough in the ass! Oh are the feeds on?"
"We turned them on after breakfast."
Tyler busted up laughing at her smug smirk and brag. Hailey had a dark glare of jealousy on her face at the brag and the survivor kissed the sexy blonde Angel.
"Are we boyfriend-girlfriend, Angel?"
"Not after one night. I was more horny then anything. But, keep fucking me like that and we'll see."
"Every night!"
"We been over this."
"every OTHER??"
"OH fine. Addict."
"I'm addicted to YOU. Can you REALLY blame me?"
"NO I cannot."
He chuckled as they walked along the road towards the far off city. Hailey just kept to the rear as they walked and Tyler had his music going which made the day go by quicker. The sun went down and found the three friends deep in the woods. Tyler and Hailey built the fire while Angel pitched the large tent and unrolled the pile of mats and bedrolls. The survivor smiled as he sat by the fire after camp had been set...and Sarah appeared on the screen with a strained blush and Angel sat on her still tender ass.
"was like fucking a pipe."
The reporter dry swallowed at this news and did her intro before looking at the first question.
"Goreleech, this question is for you. Are there sexuall transmitted diseases inside LoD?"
"Oh yeah. but you get them from surviving rape by the zombies and other things. People the most you need to worry about is smells and soreness."
Angel smirked.
"I splashed water in me. Feels nice."
"Good. You'll get a drink next time."
"Dirty fuck. I love it."
Hailey just sat there with a red face and glower.
"You're disgusting."
Tyler chuckled as sarah recovered and looked at the list.
"I have a question for you, Angelstar. Was that your first time?"
The blonde chuckled.
"NOPE. MY first was a busty girl back in my homeland."
Tyler chuckled at that one as he had a thought and looked at Sarah.
"Hey sarah. There any celebs in here?"
She smiled.
"As a matter of fact there is not, Goreleech. But there WILL be celebrity guest appearances once the bases are reetablished. Are you interested in meeting anyone in particular?"
"A fair few. And YES that IS an open door for negotiations people. This game is going to get VERY interesting and somedays.....will put D Day to shame for gunfire and action. Others.....will put a documentary on bicycles narriated by Alan Rickman to shame for how hard to sit through they are."
Angel looked at him sharply.
"YOU got a problem with SNAPE pal?"
"HA. Character or the person?"
"Character. Person is a damn good actor."
"Ha. Harry Potter's my magic fetish."
Tyler shrugged.
"I write my own magic fetish."
Sarah looked up sharply at this bombshell.
"Goreleech, you are a writer?"
Tyler smirked.
"I am. And have over 250 stories in my archive with two finished, one with a sequal well on the way."
"Are they posted or published anywhere?"
"Oh they're posted in a few places, Sarah. Here."
He wrote a few websites down and held them up for the world to see.
"These are step by step instructions on to find them as the sites are KINDA obscure. Fair warning. most are fanfictions from mt favorite anime. And I have two Harry Potter fanfics in the works."
Angel cracked her knuckles.
"Nothing. Here. what if Harry had a twin brotha seperated at birth and Voldermort summoned a demon to aid in his attack on the Potters? what if the spell Lily cast destroyed the demon....and merged it with the soul of Harry's brother? His brother is sent to america and raised by a town of evil. HORRIFICALLY abused and tortured all his life, and yet is a TRAINED AND HIGHLY SKILLED SOLDIER. Who is ALSO a WIZARD that gets sent to Hogwarts with his longlost brother? And a dragon as a friend? THAT is a DEMON MEETS WIZARDS."
Angel whistled.
"Damn. Okay that sounds intense. The OTHER?"
"The Punisher meets John wick goes to Hogwarts with his blonde haired green eyed girlfriend Courtney..and finds out he's the son of the Valkery Queen. Harry's bullshit's just a sideplot to the Valkery King."
Hailey looked at him in mild shock.
"Dude. where the FUCK did you come up with that one?"
He shrugged.
"It's not THAT much of a stretch for the lore. The Valkery are nordic legends and so isn't the region in the north."
Angel chuckled.
"The main guy's american innit he?"
"And brings his collections of american firearms to school...including a freaking M60."
They chuckled and Sarah smiled.
"What is the name of one that is finished, Goreleech?"
"The Tale of the Outcast Warrior. 1,549 pages. It's about a badly bullied and tortured soul and his class getting summoned to another world as Warriors that fight off waves of monsters every three months. He gets summoned with his best friend, Kaori. Beautiful blonde haired green eyed childhood friend. They get to the new world, annnd learn it's a mess. Kaori's good looks are sought after by EVERYONE...whether she likes it or not. But, her bodyguard says no....and learns that an Outcast can do the job better then anyone else. Outcasts now. Outcasts then. OUTCASTS FOREVER."
The trio of girls shivered at that speech and Tyler chuckled.
"I got like WAAAAY into that one. ALL 8 parts are up on da site. And YES i WANT REVIEWS people. no more an a hundred per day in the review section I can still access. I WANT TO READ THEM all. Annnd yeah. My ULTIMATE dream was to get my stories made into an actual anime series but I can't draw worth a damn."
Angel smiled sweetly.
"I can. I am a DAMN good artist."
"We will negotiate, Angel."
"YES we WILL."
Sarah smiled.
"I am most interested in your writtings, goreleech. Now for the comments."
Tyler watched and chuckled at the masses of thirsty comments about his fling with Angel before the feed went dead. Hailey was at a distance from the pair as they sat by the fire and after a meal of heated canned meat they went into the tent. Tyler smiled as Angel snuggled up with him and Hailey was alone at a distance.
"night, Angel. Night Hails."
"Night Gore."
"Fuck you."


Tyler woke the next mornign with Angel asleep on his chest and Hailey curled into a ball in her own blanket. The Survivor smiled as he stroked the soft golden hair of his blonde friend and she woke with a smirk.
"YOU are a ROMANTIC bastard and i love it."
"Me too."
She kissed him and the pair had a morning romp before they left the tent sated and Tyler smiling.
"Nothing is quite like a busty, blonde, RUSSIAN ANGEL."
She smirked proudly.
"NO there is NOT."
He kissed her again and the pair looked to see Hailey coming down from her own intense orgasm after masterbating to the show and she froze as the pair looked at her. Tyler chuckled.
"Mornin, Hails. We're headin out in a few."
Her voice was small and full of nerves at getting caught and the pair chuckled. Tyler looked down the road and the trio got moving. He had the 870 out and was teaching the ladies how to replace the barrel with the upgraded version.
"Best part about this one is the spread will be tighter, it won't weigh as much, and it has rails. So just slide it into here, twist, and bam. Back in business."
Hailey looked at the length of metal that was the other barrel.
"what'll we do with the other barrel, Gore?"
"Sit on it case we find another with a shittier barrel, Hails. Barrels are universal."
Angel looked down the road....
He looked and blinked as a bear covered in barbed wire was seen looking at them.
"Skalbear. Get back. BOTH a you."
Tyler slung the shotgun into his hands and pumped the thing as the zombie bear roared at them before rearing 12 feet tall. Tyler rushed the thing and as the bear charged the warrior poured buckshot into its face. the bear yelped and slapped at the warrior as he skidded around the bear emptying the tube into it's flank before he pulled the Skorpion from a holster and opened up with the 9mm rounds. The bear roared in pain as the 7 rounds pierced the hide and the second clip was in the instant the first was emptied. Once empty the colt 45 was out and Tyler was moving towards the now limping bear and he pulled his ruger.
"Bye, Yogi."
The trigger was pulled the beast dropped with a slam. Tyler smirked and looked at the girls.
"Bear's done."
Hailey had awe in her eyes at this and Angel whistled.
"Damn dude. Be a badass."
Tyler collected the guns and Hailey blinked.
"wait. YOU have an SMG?"
"I wouldn't go THAT far, Hails."
He lifted the Skorpion and Angel chuckled.
"NOPE. It's a Skorpion, Fyre. It's just BARELY a machinepistol. Nice surprise, gore."
He chuckled as he reloaded the last magazine into the thing.
"It's kinda my backup plan since it's only got 7 rounds to a mag."
He looked at the dead bear and spotted another duffel bag.
"And we got loot. Skalbears are harder to bring down then Stregors but are less common."
Hails glared at him as she walekd over.
"So any OTHER secrets you been hiding from me, Gore?"
"I know you have that switchblade in your jeans by your crotch."
She went red at this and Angel chuckled.
"Neat trick. The pelt of the bear?"
"Is in the bag."
They got moving and Tyler opened the duffel bag.
"Another gun, ammo for the Skorpion, a tac laser, annnd OH! Score! Tac light! Battery operated flashlight you attach to a gun!"
He took our his colt and attached the light to it as Hailey glared at him.
"So why do YOU get it by default, Gore?"
"I'm the best shooter, more experienced, and the one that HAS to be able to see."
"Hails, if you're just gonna be nasty? Leave. If you're so fucking miserable, leave."
she drew in a sharp breath at this ultimatium.
"LEAVE? So you DO want me to go-"
"I am NOT playing this emotional drama shit, Hails. You KNOW I hate this shit whit a PASSION. So either be nice like you WERE...or LEAVE."
Angel just looked her own guns over now rather then get involved and Hailey glard at her.
"what? YOU got nothin to say?"
"NOT her problem. This is between YOU and ME. For FUCKS sake, Hails, GET OVER IT. I LIKE. YOU. A LOT. I'd be MORE then happy to have you as MY girlfriend over HER. HAnds DOWN."
Hailey went red at this.
"Ew! Oh my god that is disgusting! I think I'm gonna throw up."
Angel sighed.
"I hate girls like you, Frye. Ya got a guy here YOU FREAKIN ADORE spilling his guts to you and BASICALLY CONFESSING HE'S IN LOVE WITH YOU annnd you'd rather play the cold bitch. How was she BEFORE I showed up, Gore?"
"She;s like REALLY sweet and just FUN to BE around when we're alone. YOU walk in...and yeah."
He shrugged and looked at a now tearing up in frustation Hailey.
"Make a choice, Hails. either ADMIT IT...and we can be the very BEST OF FRIENDS OR MORE again, or we turn around and walk away."
Hailey had tears of conflicted emotions in her eyes and Tyler sat down.
"Say it dammit."
"DO IT. Fucking SAY it!"
She dropped to her knees with tears falling from her eyes.
"Because I don't want to be like you. And have everyone hate me."
"ugh. That's fine. I love you, Hails."
She jumped at this and gritted her teeth as Tyler merely shrugged.
"That's fine. YOU would be popular and liked by everyone and be MISERABLE...then happy. It's okay. I figured. we'll get ya to the next town...annd good life to ya. Come on. we out."
He turned around and walked away as Hailey followed at the rear as Angel sighed.
"I hate girls like you. Guy may not be james dean, but-"
"He was gay."
Tyler chuckled at the now pissed girls.
"James Dean was a closet gay. Marilin Monroe was a closet lesbian. Judy Garland was a closet lesbian. And yeah."
Angel looked at him in awe.
"I am LOVING that imagery. Wow."
Hailey nodded, Tyler's weird archive of knowledge distracting her from the ultimatium.
"Me too. Like....huh. Mom loves Marilyn Monroe."
Tyler chuckled and Hailey looked at the duffel bag.
"what's the gun, Gore?"
"So we're friends again?"
"No! fuck no!"
"Okay. Then you don't need to know. This is a FRIENDS. ONLY. Clan."
Tyler rounded on Hailey with a smile as she snapped.
"There's a straight answer I was looking for! YOU hate me. Okay. GOOD. Progress. Now fucking own it."
"I hate you. Happy?"
"I am. I WISH we were friends, Hails. You're amazing and so FREAKIN fun to be around when you drop that bitch routine. But that's fine. we'll drop you at the next town and you can go find the ones you want to be friends with."
She huffed.
"I will damn you. THEY I can tolerate."
He shrugged and looked ahead and Angel xhrugged.
"that sucks."
"Eh not really. Hails' friends are idiots. And assholes too. We find em...odds are I'mma have to kill em."
"Yeah. She'll go RUNNING to em too."
"Eh/ Not mah problem."
He looked over his shoulder at the glowerign Hailey.
"Why would I go out of my way to rescue someone that hates me?"
She looked away with a snort and tyler looked back up the road...and blinked.
"Well. THAT didn't take long."
A pair of headlights were approaching from the road and tyler loaded the shotgun as the loaded jeep slowed to a stop beside them and they were faced by a group of guys and girls all looking at them. They saw tyler,
"Hey it's the loser!"
"YOU'RE NOT-oh shit."
His gamertag was noticed and Tyler chuckled as the group went white.
"I warned ya."
The driver was MR Butain. The freakin teacher and he whistled as he saw the legendary tag.
"Jesus. I am sorry i doubted you, Gore. Oh hey Hailfyre."
The girl leapt up into the back of the truck.
"I'll go with you/"
"eh that's fine."
Tyler smirked.
"How's the road ahead?"
One of the guys looked at him.
"Clean last we passed. Hey it cool I go with you, Gore? These guys are weird."
"Sure. You any good in here?"
"Decent. I prefer hunting games though."
"Least you can hit stuff."
He hopped down and Hailey smiled in relief as she looked at her friends.
"Oh thank god you guys. he's an ASS."
"HAil, that's GORELEECH!"
"He's like, SUUUUPER awesome!"
"I wanna fuck em!"
Tyler chuckled.
"I got five minutes, Mousey."
Tyler plowed her over the hood of the jeep and the players all laughed at the show before he tossed the spent girl into the bed of the jeep.
"See ya next time!"
"You cocky prick! YES you WILL!"
The jeep sped away and Tyler looked the new guy. He was the same height as him with a well cut frame and sandy hair. His eyes were brown and he had a full hiker pack on his back while speaking in a hard bark.
"Tag's Kora444."
"Kora. This is Angel."
Angel smirked as the other guy looked at her.
"Sup? They were weird?"
Kora nodded.
"All they do is have orgies and that teacher is REALLY freakin creepy. He was fuckin his own students and they not even 16. I'm 17 so you know."
Tyler shrugged.
"15. Angel's 16."
"Looks like Hails picked the wrong crew. Sad to say, nothin I can do for her."
They got moving down the road and Kora noted the guns.
"I AM the best at this!"
They chuckled at that one as tyler looked at their new member.
"Any luck with a map or anything?"
"Not yet. Word is they lowered the chance one spawns in."
"There's a lotta bugs they fixed from the beta."
Tyler then sighed as he picked up on something.
The pair looked at him and he turned around....just in time to see Hailey SPRINTING for her life as the jeep chased her down with the laughing teacher driving.
"Pay up! You wanna a free ride drop em! I'mm fuck you in the ass like you always liked!"
Tyler sighed as he took Angel's Type 99 Arisaka.
"I seriously, DO NOT get paid enough for this."
He took aim as Hailey saw him...
He pulled the trigger and the bullet slammed into the steering wheel where Butaine was holding and the man recoiled in pain with the jeep flipping full over from the sudden yank on the wheel. The thing slammed on it's side and Angel had a sobbing in relief hailet in her hug as Tyler pulled a molotov cocktail from his pack, lit it and slammed it into the window of the jeep. He then shot the gas tank and walked away as the jeep exploded, killing everyone inside. Hailey looked at him with tears in her eyes as he approached.
"Thank you."
"Hails. Be honest, okay? Please? i WANT you to come with us. I WANT TO SHOW YOU MY FUCKING HIDEOUT. So for the love of god please stop these fucking games. Come on. Their loot was destroyed in the blast."
Kora whistled as they got moving.
"Note. To. SELF. DO NOT piss him off."
Angel chuckled as she had Hailey in a hug.
"Gore's kinda scary sometimes."
Hailey shivered.
"They wanted to fuck me as soon as you were out of sight. I said no thinking they were kiddingf around. Then they pulled over and tried to hold me down. I used some of the tricks I saw Gore use and it got me free. I ran and they chased me."
Tyler patted her and she snuggled under his arm.
"Are we friends?"
"Best friends, Gore. I....I'm sorry. Don't do that to me again."
He smiled at her small, frightened voice.
"wanna be my girlfriend, Hails?"
"No. I wanna fuck you but no."
"Okay. This is better. Sorry it took that much. Just for god's stop with the games."
She nodded and he patted her fondly.
"I'll look after you, Hails."
"Kay. I have my gun back?"
She smiled as the 99 was passed back. Kora smiled as Tyler looked at him.
"I warned ya."
"And YOU?"
"I am a VERY happy gay."
"I am not."
"Happy or gay?"
"Gay. I am not gay."
"Okay. I'll be sure to make it REALLY weird then."
"Greaat. A bundle a sticks."
Kora glared at him.
"I got that you fucking asshole."
"Isn't that YOUR gimmick?"
"I just met you, and I already hate you. Respect."
"You got any guns?"
"eh just a ruger. They found the jeep and were more focused on joy riding then looting."
"eh makes sense."
Hailey smiled at him shyly.
"Can...we snuggle again?"
"Sure thing, Hails."
The friends walked along the road when they came to an odd find. A large gate blocking the road with a small shed and the draw bar shattered. Kora nodded at it.
"It's a border crossing."
Tyler smirked as he looked at it.
"It is. And it's ALSO a military post."
He hefted the glass mace, Hailey and Angel their fireaxes and Kora went for his ruger.
"USe a bat or something for zombies. Guns for tougher zombies and people."
"I will find one."
He lifted a thick stick.
"Good enough."
Tyler led the way to the small building that would have served the border guard as housing. Tyler looked inside a window....
"Annnd there's a stregor inside. And I am out of molotovs. Okay. Oh!"
He took the WA2000 now and set the barrel on the windowsill looking in as the gorilla elite stood still. Tyler smirked as he took aim and pulled the trigger. The .300 round slammed into the gorilla's head ad it dropped as a small mob of about 15 zombies appeared from around the building and Tyler hefted his glass mace.
"Alright drop em."
Kora gulped as the two ladies followed their friend into the attack.
"These guys are hardcore."
The zombies were beaten to death with bats and sticks without issue and Tyler led them into the barracks. The stregor lay in a pool of blood and tyler retrieved the duffel bag from it's back before looking around at the place. He went to a set of locked lockers and within a few seconds picked them with a pin and knife. They got lucky with a few more MREs, and a large backpack that made Tyler smile.
"A medic backpack for in combat dressings. Loaded with equipment. Alright."
He passed it to Angel and she smiled.
"I was getting kinda nervous."
Kora smiled.
"I'm actually in medical school to be an EMT, Gore."
"Are you really?"
"Yup. Dad's a CSAR vet."
"Damn dude. that's badass. Here."
Kora smiled as he shouldered the medic pack.
"I'm not gonna screw you guys over."
"Appreciate the sentiment....buuut you'd never get close."
"And that is reason number one. YOU scare the FUCK outta me Gore."
Tyler opened the last locker.....
"NIIIICE. Military grade M1014 combat shotgun. 12 gauge pump with tact rails and adjustable stock. It's got a helluva kick and the tube will need to be replaced. 5 round tube. Same a FUCKING laser."
He passed it to Angel and she hefted the thing.
"Yeah. Hails is more M77."
The black haired girl looked at him curiously,
"Vietnam era pump."
Tyler went to the commander's office and opened the door....only for the zombie to leap onto him from inside the room. Tyler was taken to the floor as he shoved the extra barrel for the 870 into it's mouth to prevent a bite and the thing fought to reach a thud was heard and Tyler saw Kora slammed the steel butt of the arisaka into the head of the zombie. the thing died and Tyler chuckled.
"Good one, kora."
"I lost a buddy to a cougar the last time I just stood here."
"Yeah. Northern idaho."
Tyler got off the floor.
"Northern New Hampshire."
Angel and Hailey sighed.
"we're useless."
Tyler looked at the dead zombie.
"Ha. Dead captain."
They went inside and tyler cracked the safe in a few turns. Kora looked at him.
"How'd you do that?"
"Shotgun was the key 1014. 1-1-14. Three numbers."
They looked at him as he opened the door and Angel looked at Hailey.
"Frye, is he a genius....or we just stupid?"
"Why are you asking ME?"
"As the one that;s known him longest, I'd thought you'd know."
Tyler chuckled as he pulled a few boxes of ammo out.
"Two boxes of 48 twelve guage shells. Three boxes of 9mm hollowpoints, 60 rounds per box, and a box of 28 .300 shells for the WA2000."
The bullets were placed in packs and Tyler looked at the office....
"Score. Map."
And tore the map from the wall before the friends got moving. Tyler was lookign the M1014 shotgun over wirh Angel as Kora kept watch on the rear. Hailey was in the middle still a little shaken by her close call. Tyler smiled as he peered down the sights of the military shotgun.
"Solid choice once I upgrade the tube to hold more shells."
Angel tilted her head.
"WHY only five at a time though?"
"No clue. My guess is it's a police shotgun made for their beanbag shells."
Kora shivered.
"From experience. THOSE. SUCK."
They chuckled at that one and Tyler passed him the shotty.
"You need a long gun, Kora."
"Thanks, Gore. I'm better with a bolt action remington."
"OOH. Those are everywhere."
"Ha. I been findin clips for a browning 30-30 everywhere and kept em so. just need the gun."
Tyler smirked.
"That one's kinda rare since you can put sniper scopes on it. But findable."
Angel looked around now.
"Soo, Gore, tent's getting kinda cramped."
"We'll figure it out, Angel. Hails?"
The black haired girl looked at him.
"I'm good. And still here."
He patted her and she shivered.
"Makin sure."
Kora looked around,
"Hm? Yo Gore, shadow moved."
"oh for FUCK'S sake. Shadow Wraith. I FUCKING hate these things."
Tyler took his glass mace with a tired sigh...
He pivoted and swung the bat with a vicious force near where Hailey was and there was a deep clunk from the metal bat slamming into the head of a nearly invisible zombie. the thing dropped and Kora whistled as he saw the thing.
"YEah I hate them things."
Tyler looked at the dead zombie and shrugged.
"Annnnd we're movin people."
They chuckled and Hailey did too. Angel noted this and smiled as she walked beside Tyler.
"Guess she got over it."
"No. She's just frightened of being alone."
Angel blinked at this and sighed.
"Sooo she's faking it?"
"Hmm-hm. Her friends turned on her...and we were in yelling range."
"Yup. She'll bail the second she sees her other set of friends."
"Well. We tried."
"Yup. we did ."
Tyler shrugged as they looked at the road ahead.
"I'm alright, Angel. I kinda got over it when she hopped on their jeep."
The busty blonde smiled.
"I'm glad you're not one a those clingy types."
"I am, but only to my girlfriend."
"That can be cute. How bad?"
"Well, I like snuggling so."
"Okay. YOU are ADORABLE!"
He hugged her and she smiled at the affection.
"Sounds heavenly."
"Ugh. NO chessy pickup lines."
"Yes, Angel."
"OOOh I like that. do it more."
"Yes Mistress?"
"err. Now it's weird."
He looked ahead and noted something moving on the road ahead. So he took the WA2000 out to scope in on it.
"Ugh. we got a crawler."
Angel looked at him as the other two tensed up.
"Zombie that crawls. Usually...missig the bottom half."
"Has LEFT the chat. I got it."
He took aim and fired. The .300 round spattered it's head like a melon hit by a cannonball and the zombie went down. Tyler chuckled as he replaced the spent magazine with a fresh.
"Annnd down it goes. I hate them too."
Kora smirked.
"They nearly bite you in the ass?"
"THAT....and Termitron thought it'd be fuckin funny to put one in my TENT when i wasn't looking. It scared the HELL outta me....and I DROWNED that muthafucka in his own piss that day."
The group chuckled at the imagery as Hailey merely smiled. The friends continued for a time until the survivor found a suitable camp site hidden behind some boulders. They set the camp up and Kora noted the tent.
"It'll be tight, Gore."
"We'll figure it out, Kora. we got a map now so I'll be able to better plan our looting."
"I'm decent."
"Cool. Hey, Hails, pass me that compass please?"
She passed it and he smiled.
"Thanks Hails."
She smiled smally and Angel threw the match on their fire. Now with light, Tyler unrolled the large map of the area. Then nodded.
"This is a military tac map. Part of a set too. we find all 48 parts we can create a map of the world. every section has 480,000 square miles."
They whistled and Tyler chuckled.
"Rest is UNCHARTED."
Kora chuckled.
"I loved those games."
"I was more Jak An Daxter."
"Another classic. Rachet an Clank?"
"Ha. Rachet is freakin hilarious."
The guys chuckled and the Survivor looked at the map. Then he tapped a spot by a road.
"We're here."
Tyler used a bullet as a pointer to tap a nearby cluster of buildings.
"THIS is a campground. We'll hit it in the morning and see about a better tent or at least another. we'll be able to get some survival gear too. afterwards,"
He tapped a massive city in the middle of the map.
"This will be our last destination before we leave the region. The grand city of-"
A massive rumble was heard overhead and Tyler looked up to see Skalroc the dragon flying by. The three newcomers gaped at the immense beast while Tyler took a screen shot of it's direction.
"eyes on Skalroc. Repeat. Lord of the Dead spotted. Direction northeast."
He sent the warning to the beta base and got a reply.
"Acknowledged. All sectors clear. No contact in predicted range."
Tyler nodded and looked at the shaken group.
"THAT is SKALROC. The TRUE Lord of the dead. And the ULTIMATE boss in this game we know of."
Hailey shivered.
"And you expect us to fight it?"
"Ha! Good joke, Hails. THAT is OUR fight. The beta base. WE'LL fight it again once we're back up to snuff."
Kora smiled widely now.
"I want in."
"Ha. Keep up then rookie. won't be for a while."
"I saw the video of the war to kill him the first time. Dude. YOU are NOT human."
"I work at it. Anyway."
Tyler tapped the city o the map.
"The city will be our final objective once we're confident of our skills and strength. We'll find everything we need for a trip south to the Beta wall. Food, medical, guns, ammo, transport, you name it."
Angel nodded as she looked at the rest of the region.
"Once you got your base, Gore?"
"we'll explore the regions. And see what ELSE this game has."
Kora smirked.
"I'm in. "
"welcome to hell."
Hailey smiled.
"What's the Underdark, Gore?"
"The subway and sewer systems, Hails."
"Yeeeah. We are NOT going down there. Caaaause t freaks me the fuck out. That's coming from ME guys."
They chuckled at that caviat. Tyler rolled the map up.
"we'll hit the campground in der morning. Odds are there'll be another skalbear or something there so yeah. Bring a good pair a pants."
Sarah appeared on the screen for the interview and she smiled.
"Good afternoon, Goreleech. We have a few questions tonight."
She looked at the list.
"First question retains to your problems with Hailfyre. Are they resolved?"
Hailey smiled.
"They are. Gore's an asshole and is DISGUSTING. But at I don't have to worry about him raping me or even TOUCHING me if i don't want him to."
Tyler chuckled.
"At least you're being honest with yourself, Hails."
Sarah looked at Kora.
"We have a new face in the Goreleech camp. Your name is...Kora, right?"
The sandy haired guy nodded.
"You are a homosexual?"
"I'm gay. Deal with it."
Sarah looked at Tyler.
"Are you comfortable with an open gay in your party, Goreleech?"
"Long as he don't try to hit on me? I do not care."
Kora chuckled.
"Not my type. I prefer bears."
"Weird image bro. WEEEEEIRD image."
"NO. we've been over this."
"I hate this already."
Hailey nodded with a sigh.
"He does that. And my GOD is infuriating. He doesn't stop either. not even when you TELL him to."
Angel lifted an eyebrow.
"Fyre? He's being FUNNY. even i can tell he's not serious."
Kora looked at the black haired girl now.
"Anda, HI? He's not ONCE crossed a line. even IF that bundle a sticks joke was a dick move."
Tyler smirked.
"I...can call you Twiggy?"
"Bro I will shoot yo bitch ass."
Kora sighed and Hailey rubbed her eyes.
"Annnd that's why I can't stand him. He just DOES NOT, SHUT. UP."
Tyler smirked and looked at a disbelieving Angel.
"I do believe I've made my point."
"Yeah. That's just not cool."
Sarah smiled.
"So you will be looting a campground in the morning, Goreleech?"
"we will. Kinda need a bigger tent going forward. Or at least a backup tent for when that one's damaged."
Kora looked at the green thing.
"You got that from a military post, right Gore?"
"I did. It was a checkpoint though."
"we should be able to make it last a bit longer. Things are surprisingly tough."
"we'll act like it's about to shatter in the morning."
"Fair. My hunting deep dives had similar mechanics."
"We find any deer, you're up."
Sarah looked at her list and smiled.
"You discovered a berniliia M1014 shotgun Goreleech?"
"we did. Right here."
He lifted the shotty and the reporter smiled.
"We have a question from a representative of the Bernilli company on your opinion of the shotgun."
Tyler chuckled as he hefted the thing.
"it's a solid bit a kit. My favorite shotgun is the Spaz12 since I was a HUUUUUGE fan of Jurrassic Park. But the M1014 has nothing against it. The 5 shell tube is a blow against it, but that's the game's fault. Comfy to hold, fun to use, and it come sin either pump or semiautomatic. All in all....a solid shoty for when you need to drop a buncha zombies."
sarah looked at the next question.
"And what is your opinion of the WA2000 sniper rifle you've been using Goreleech?"
"It's not bad for a police sniper. It's blocky and at times weird to hold, but that's the tradeoff. Stopping power is where I need it and the accuracy is solid as well. My favorite semiauto sniper is the Barret 50 cal....since ya know 50 cal sniper but the Wa-wa is solid."
Sarah smiled at this verdict as she moved to the next section.
"The incident with the jeep party. You know the players involved?"
"Yeah the driver? The older man? Is my math teacher. He's like thirty and tried to rape Hails. His 15 year old student. And has been sleeping with his students since he got in here."
Sarah blinked at this.
"Oh my god."
"That is just heinous."
"That's how society is once the fancy rules are removed."
Sarah sighed at that one before moving on.
"Skalroc has been sighted again?"
"He has. And this time is heading northeast. we're still heading south. So he won't pop in as much."
Angel laid flat beside the fire and Tyler chuckled as her large bust bounced and she smirked.
"Hurry. UP."
"That's all folks!"
Kora snorted as the pair went into the tent...and it started moaning.
"Oh he a playa. I need to step up."
Hailey had a disturbed expression now as she sat beside Kora.
"They do that all the time."
"It's disgusting. WEe have to sleep on that."
"He'll clean up. Guy'll do that much."
"You SURE?"
"It's commn decency."
"Gore doesn't HAVE decency."
"He didn't he wouldn't a saved you, Hailfyre. He'dda just turned around and walked away."
Hailey went red at this rebuff.
"He RESCUED ME...because he's OBSESSED."
"Girl you need help. Like PROFESSIONAL help. Gore's not the monster you seem to think he is."
"I know him better."
"And he risked his life to save your ass. Shut up. I don't care. Guy might be a MONSTER in here...yet all he's done since we met is try to help us and teach us how to play. Go play two timing bitch somewhere else, Hails,"
"Yeesh. YOU got serious issues."
The tent was filled with an orgasmic moan before going silent. Tyler and Angel came out without a drop on them and Angel limping slightly.
"Oh my GOD I needed that."
Tyler smiled at her sexy-low voice and kissed her.
"I'll be sure to keep you happy, Angel."
"Ha. I like this. I got me a badass that just LOVES to fawn over me."
"well since you're an arrogant blonde I felt it best I complete that stereotype."
"I...fuck. I lost."
The friends chuckled at her mild irritation as they looked back at the still present screen where Sarah was beet red in the face. Tyler smiled.
"That'll be a hundred bucks for the show!"
The camp, including Hailey, laughed at the cocky joke. Then Sarah recovered.
"Now i have a bit of news for you as well, Goreleech, Angel, Hailfyre and Kora."
"Yo why am I last?"
"Cause you just got here."
"Insecurity. You won't get far with that."
Tyler fistbumped the sandy haired guy and Kora chuckled.
"I get it."
"real to real."
"Tru dat."
Tyler looked at the reporter.
"what's the damage, Sarah?"
She smiled.
"The livestreams of your ingame lives have gained immense popularity and as such have started gaining revenue accordingly. As you are now successful streamers you will be assigned managers to aid in your real world affairs. Settig up interviews, managing your accounts, suggesting ingame microtransactions, and other such assistence."
Tyler smirked.
"LoD is NOT a pay to win game everyone. You can buy tokens that increase the chance of finding rare loot, but it only works once a month. Cosmetics like clothes and skins for weapons are what you can expect. Some a them are fuckin GNARLY."
Kora smiled.
"Hit me."
"I saw one design for an MG42 got up like a BF109. The gun was decorated like a Messerschimct BF109 from the war."
".....tell me this Gore."
"YES you can find and rebuild a plane...and FLY it."
Kora smiled.
"I have a pilot's license."
"Ha. MY base had a runway."
"I saw. AND I saw that B17 you had."
"Ole Bessy. I miss her. We'll rebuild her."
"Damn straight."
Sarah blinked.
"There are...PLANES inside Lod?"
"Oh yeah. Tanks, SHIPS, any form of vehicle you can imagine is in here. Up to YOU to get em moving, but you can. One time in the beta we restored a world war 2 battleship and spent the day firing shells at a city. And yes. We CAN level cities. They rebuild themselves overtime though. OR whenever an update is released."
Angel smiled.
"Gore? I wanna fly in a spitfire."
"A lady of culture. My favorite plane from the war is the P51 Mustang. Favorite BOMBER is the B24 Liberator."
Kora chuckled.
"NOT the B17?"
"That one's up there. But I used a B24 a lot in my world war 2 dives and yeah."
"I hear that. Tank?"
"Panzer IV."
"Huh. Nice. I'm more Sherman."
Sarah chuckled as the guys talked.
"It seems we have much to look forward to Goreleech. But the managers."
The group refocused and Tyler looked at her.
"will we be their boss?"
The reporter nodded.
"You will be their contract holder while any profits are locked inside a secure account to be used for your ingame adventures."
"When do we meet them?"
"You will meet with your managers in the morning. Preferably before you leave camp."
Tyler smiled.
"This'll be fun. Alright, Sarah. Anything else?"
The reporter nodded.
"The first ingame update will be released in 7 days. This will resolve several bugs and glitches within the game including the invisible zombie head glitch and the locked spawn bug."
Tyler sighed.
"It'll be sad to see the headless zombies go. They were FREAKIN hilarious when you encountered em. Oh shit that's missing a head! Guess he's aHEAD a the game! Ha. The heads are rollin now! Annnd it's a noheader-OW."
A dull thud was followed by Tyler's grunt of pain from Kora slugging him in the ribs.
"dude. NO."
Angel chuckled.
"Hit or miss."
Hailey sighed as Tyler rubbed his sore ribs.
"I hate that guy so fucking much."
The Survivor chuckled at the exchange and looked at the tired Sarah.
"The locked spawn was a pain in the ass so glad that's gone. Any word on new loot?"
She looked.
"There IS new items and weapons being added to the loot pool. But so far we're in the dark on what they are."
"enemy types?"
"are coming. Along with events."
"Halloween is going to be FUCKING awesome this year."
Kora gulped!
"I heard they gonna send the Predator after the higher skilled players."
"Oh SHIT man! I want popcorn."
"Ha. I'll need a bigger gun."
Angel smirked.
"I wanna see you take on Micheal Myers barehanded."
"Sure. Hell. I'll fight Jason Voorhees barehanded for ya Angel."
"Please do. I wanna see what happens when icons of Goreleech."
They chuckled at that one and Sarah did her outro. Once the screen was gone Tyler looked at Hailey and she lifted an eyebrow.
"YOU are a HORRIBLE actress."
He looked at Angel and she smiled.
"Tomorrow'll be fun."
"Oh yeah. Kinda curious how they'll do the shop for LoD."
Kora smiled.
"That'd be kinda cool. So long as tyhe drops can't be STOLEN."
"Yeeeah that'd suck."
The friends roasted some cans of beans over the fire and Tyler grimaced as he dug in.
"Alright. we'll go on a strict food raid in the campground once the place is secure. KINDA depressing."
They nodded in agreement and went into the tent. Angel wasting no time in snuggling up with the Survivor while Hailey settled by the entrance. Kora? He was against the wall. Tyler smiled as he kissed the blonde Angel in his arms.
"Night Angel."
"Night Gore."
He leaned in her ear.
"So you know. I tied our packs to the tent frame."
She blinked and her voice was but a whisper.
"You don't seriously think she'd rob us?"
"Yeah I do."
"She does....well."
"Yeah. Aw well."
He kissed her again and she smiled.
"Good night, Gore. Best snuggle buddy."
"Night, Angel. BEst everything."


Tyler woke the next morning to see Angel on her side and her back pressed into his chest. He had his arms around her waist and she was still sound asleep as he leaned in her ear.
"YOU are AMAZING, Angel."
She woke with a shiver and smiled.
"YOU romantic bastard. I am glowing and soaked....and oh my got my heart is pounding."
He smiled as he held her.
"Still too soon. I ADORE the flattery and all, I really do. Just...didn't end well last time."
She smiled and snuggled more into his collarbone.
"But the casual sex i can do. A LOT."
"Good. roll over."
"Ha! Ya forgit? I don't fuck first thing in the morning...or back to back."
"dammit. I wanna go to heaven again."
"OOh you're good."
The pair sat up and tyler noted Hailey was gone. And so was HIS pack. Hailey's pack was still present but his was gone. Kora was asleep by his side and Tyler chuckled.
"That sneaky BITCH. Kora, we got robbed."
The guy sat up straight and saw.
"It's okay. I can track her. she won't have gotten far."
The friends broke camp and tyler hefted the type 99 Arisaka as he noted a set of tracks heading for the road.
"She'll have gone running for the town....with the map."
They followed the treacherous girl's tracks through the woodland and Tyler nodded as he looked at them.
"She was RUNNING. And in the dark too. some NASSSTY breeds come out at night."
They reached the road and Tyler smiled as he noted a spent shell from the 870 shotgun in the road.
"She took a shot at something and then cut an ran this way."
Kora whistled as Tyler led them off the asphalt.
"Damn dude. I hunt and I'm not this good."
"I got the advantage of knowing Hails longer and this being my game."
"True, we find her?"
"Oh yeah. Yeah she can't get far."
Angel looked at him.
"What'll you do bout her, Gore?"
"Well get our stuff back. After that? Dunno."
He shrugged as they followed the trail through the forest. A gunshot rang out a few minutes later and Tyler chuckled.
"That's the WA2000."
They broke into a run before a lake was seen in the distance with a set of cabins around one side. Tyler smirked as he spotted Hailey trying to reload the sniper rifle while a group of zombies lumbered towards her.
"We'll save her...and get our stuff back."
They hefted melee weapons and Hailey slumped in relief as the friends dove into the fray.
"Oh thank god. They came outta nowhere."
Tyler smirked as he looked at the relieved girl.
"Sooo, you have my pack."
Hailey froze as she remembered she'd robbed them that morning. Tyler took the WA2000 from her limp grasp and looked at it.
"Wow. You nearly broke it. It's okay. I can fix it."
He took his pack and chuckled.
"Half the shotgun shells are gone, the food's gone, the map is RUINED from WATER being dumped on it. Okay. YOU ruined our supplies."
Tyler put the pack down...and slugged Hailey in the stomach with a ferocious force.
"I have done nothing but try to help you. YOU BEGGED me to help you. I have saved your ass HOW MANY TIMES? Ah. Don't answer. WE'RE DONE."
He pulled a pair of handcuffs from his pocket.
"Been saving these for Termitron. But. You deserve it more."
He handcuffed the screeching girl and Angel looked at him curiously.
"Whatchya gonna do?"
"She's gonna drown in the lake."
"Ha. Yeah. She ESCAPES...well, good for her."
Hailey had tears falling down her face as she was dragged along the beach.
"You're lying. You always lie, Hailfyre. You just don't want to admit I'm right. And yet? I were to drop these two and it were us ALONE? You'd go RIGHT back to the sweethearted girl I fell for. But no longer. I HATE YOU. And you will suffer the consquences of betraying us."
The survivor dragged the kicking and screaming girl to the end of a long jetty in the lake and she looked at Kora and Angel.
"HELP ME! PLEASE! I don't wanna drown! I'll do anything!"
Tyler threw her into the water and she sank nearly instantly before kicking to the surface. she smirked smugly as the treading water girl looked at him.
"I can SWIM jackass."
"Yeah? Cool."
He pulled his ruger and put a .357 round into her hip. She screamed and found she couldn't move her leg.
"Try it now. we out. we need to find another map."
Lily looked the soaking wet tac map over as Hailey screamed and begged for help as her now useless leg dragged her under.
"I think it'll be find. it's laminated and has a waterproof mark, Gore."
"does it really? Cool. she dumped a water bottle into my pack. But it's okay. I can salvage most of the stuff and all the bullets."
Kora looked at the now silent lake,
"Hey, Gore?"
"she'll respawn on she got washed up on the beach."
"Yeah. we'll actually run into her on our way back."
Angel looked at him.
"And then?"
He shrugged.
"We leave her. Up to her to survive now."
"I am so glad you're not the clingy type."
"Ha. Me too."
The trio walked along the beach as a waterlogged shape was seen dragging herself out of the lake and dropped panting like an overheated dog. Tyler, Angel and Kora ignored her as they walked by and Hailey looked at the taller Survivor with tears in her eyes.
"You left me to die."
They ignored her and Hailey just broke down crying as it sank in.
"ehh you did it to yourself, Hails. ALL ya had to do...was be like you were when we were alone. But you couldn't even do that. Bah bye."
Tyler's condemnation was followed by him tossing her pack to her with her gun. Then they walked into the forest as Hailey sobbed in self-pity.
The trio returned to their campsite and the survivor smiled as he relit the fire.
"Only thing we really lost was a few bits of food and a few bullets. And even then they're common enough it don't matter."
Angel nodded.
"You okay?"
"I'm good. Hails was just too damn uptight."
Kora nodded as they roasted some apples over the flames.
"I hate people like them. She had a guy like you going out of your way to help her and she just played the two faced routine. HOw many times you save her?"
"Several times."
"Point made."
Once fed the friends got moving and Sarah appeared on the floating screen. Tyler smiled.
"Mormin Sarah."
She smiled.
"Good morning Goreleech. Hailfyre was removed from your party?"
"She robbed us this morning and tried to ruin our supplies."
"Is this a permanent split?"
"Oh yeah. I don't grant second chances like that."
Sarah nodded and smiled.
"Your managers are currently reviewing your playstyles and profiles. When they are finished they will reach out."
"Thanks sarah. we'll be hitting that campground as planned."
She nodded and the screen went out. Kora chuckled as he kept watch on the forest around them.
"Upside is we got more space in the tent now."
"Tru dat."
Angel smirked.
"Great. A hot girl and two guys. Not liking these numbers."
They chuckled at that one as the friends left the woods for a dirt road and Tyler led the way towards the camping ground. The place was a collection of cabins and mobile homes but Tyler noted a fair few tents laid out everywhere. He smiled at this and Kora did too.
"that blue one there has room for ten Gore."
"Nice. we'll take it."
Angel looked at the other tents.
"It make sense to take two, Gore?"
"Can't hurt. want one to yourself?"
"No. Just in case."
The trio walked into the camp and Tyler chuckled at the number of zombies in corderoy jeans and plate shirts.
"Bats out."
The zombies were beaten to death and Tyler dropped the blue tent with Kora's help while Angel kept watch. The blonde Russian then sighed as she noted something.
"She;s following us, Gore."
"I figured. Leave her."
The larger tent was stored in Kora's pack and they went to the first cabin which was indeed a log cabin. Tyler turned the knob and threw the door open with Kora at the ready. No reaction. So the trio moved inside. The more experienced Tyler then noted something on the floor.
"Heads up wr got a cellar."
Kora and Angel ooked and Tyler pointed out the seam in the floorboards. Angel frowned.
"MIGHT be a good idea to have a shotgun out, Gore."
"I got the sawed off ready. Kora."
Angel threw the door and they were faced with an underground cellar. Tyler and the trio dropped inside and shut the door. The survivor smirked as he lifted a finger to his lips. The rest nodded and sure enough a few minutes later Hailey was seen poking her head around the door jamb...and slumping as she saw the empty cabin.
"How the FUCK did they see me? More IMPORTANTLY where the fuck did they go?"
she had her arisaka in hand while looking the cabin over before she sighed.
"dammit. I don't be alone out here. Okay, Hails, calm down. Gore's not that complex. where would he go once he realized he was being followed.....he'd sneak out the back."
Tyler smirked as Hailey did indeed go out the back.
"She don't know me as well as she thinks she does."
The other two chuckled and Kora looked around.
Tyler looked at the collection of barrels.
"Most likely. We'll see if there's any empty canteens or anything in the ground."
They nodded and left the rootcellar. Tyler went to the cabin kitchen where he found a few boxes of cereal, a small carton of orange juice, and a few packets of instant juice. Kora looked over from a bunk he was searching.
"yo Gore, I got some matches and a headlamp here."
"NICE. Angel get's the headlamp, Kora."
"Yup. And she's been with me the longest."
Angel perked up from the sitting area.
"I got a few poker sets, Gore."
"Grab em. We kinda need something to do on a rainy day, Angel."
"On it."
The cabin was cleared and they headed to a mobile home now. Kora went to look the engine over while Tyler checked for keys. Angel looted. The trio gathered in the small kitchen area and Kora smiled.
"Good news is the engine is in great shape. Plus oil and sparkplugs are all fresh."
Tyler tossed the keys.
"we got the keys. Gas?"
"ALL four tanks are full. Wanna try it?"
Tyler shrugged.
"Might as well. we KINDA do need a mobile command center."
Angel looked the 100 foot mobile home over curiously.
"Can you drive this, Gore?"
"Long as I got eyes in my blindspots. I actually had a set of trailers from Lost World in the beta."
Kora smirked as Tyler took the driver's seat.
"How'd you find em?"
"In a garage buried under a landslide. I had to dig it out."
He turned the key and the mobile home fired right up. Tyler smiled as he looked at the gauges.
"Alright. we got transport. We'll finish up looting the campground and head out."
They nodded and Angel smiled.
"We can store stuff onboard right?"
"Yup. There's bunks too."
"we'll argue THAT once we're safe."
The friends locked up the mobile home and Tyler went to the maintaince shed of the ground while Kora and Angel looked the cabins over. The shed was torn open and a straggler zombie beaten to death with the glass mace. Tyler looked inside the shed with the colt tac light and smiled.
"FOUR JERRY CANS? Nice. Few rolls a duct tape, a chainsaw, a HANDSAW, some nails, and yeah."
Tyler took everything back to the mobile home where he found Angel unloading her pack of food into the active fridge and Kora setting kerosine and solar lamps on pegs. Tyler set the tools out and Kora smiled.
"We'll learn how to syphon."
"Already do."
Angel smiled.
"Fridge is stocked. How just the cuboards."
"Alright. Last push before we roll out."
The friends went around the cabins and Tyler noted a shadow darting around towards the mobile home and sighed as he saw Hailey's black hair at the door. He dropped into a crouch and snuck over to the girl as she depserately tried to get inside the locked mobile home.
"Come on, come on! Don't leave me here! Please!"
"YOU need professional fucking help, Hails."
The business end of Tyler's sawed off inspired the girl to freeze as she yanked on the door.
"Please don't leave me here, Tyler. Please!"
He sighed at her pitiful sobbing and she grabbed him in a hug.
"I'm sorry! Please! I don't want to be alone!"
He looked her in the eye.
"Hailey. WHY do you play these games?"
She pressed her head to his chest as her tears fell like rain.
"Because I'm scared. what will my friends think? My mom hates you and my dad does too. EVERYONE in school hates you and every friend you make gets dragged down with you. I FUCKING LOVE YOU okay? I love you and want to be your girlfriend...but I don't want to have the entire sschool coming after me like they do you."
"Angel and Kora aren't in our school, HAils."
She sniffed.
"Ugh. NICE TRY. I believed you up until that point."
She dropped to her knees sobbing at this and Tyler picked her up and set her aside.
"Hails. Face it. You're a COWARD. I WANTED you with us. Hell, I STILL do. But my GOD is it not worth it."
Angel and Kora came back laden with loot and the blonde sighed as she saw Hailey sobbing in a terrified ball on the ground.
"Yup. Anything food?"
Kora nodded to a rifle on his back.
"I found a hunting rifle. Nothing special though. Remington 35-70. Bolt action. I got about 10 bullets for it."
"Decent. Alright. load in."
The trio climbed into the mobile home and Hailey looked at Tyler as he went to shut the door.
"Please, Tyler. I'm sorry! don't leave me alone out here! I don't wanna be raped by a zombie or by my damn class! I'll do anything...just PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME OUT HERE!"
He went to slam the door and Angel sighed.
"It'd bother you wouldn't it?"
Kora sighed awkwardly now too.
"Yeah. I DID already drown her in a lake. Sooooo, i am too kindhearted for this shit."
"Yes you are. But that's okay."
Tyler looked at the weeping girl on the ground out th window of the shut door.
"She;s getting there."
Angel smiled.
"You really freakin like her, Gore."
"Yeah. Yeeeeah. She's....I...dunno what to say here."
The friends chuckled and tyler opened the door.
The girl jerked and looked up at the exasperated call of the survivor.
"I'll say this once. Try that shit ONE MORE TIME...and I'll drop you in the Underdark NAKED AND TIED UP LIKE A HOG. We clear?"
Her face broke out into such a relieved smile it nearly split her face.
"Crystal. I am so sorry."
"Come on."
She wiped her face and climbed up the carpeted stairs...only for him to hold an arm out.
"Make it clear. THEY asked for this. I was all for just leaving you here. As far as I'm concerned, you're still dead."
He walked to the steering wheel as Hailey had a new heartbroken look on her face.
"Up to you to try an fix it."
She smiled.
"I will....I'm sorry."
"well alright."
Angel dragged her into the back for a VERY intense reaming while Kora sat in the passenger seat as Tyler released the airbrakes.
"Childhood friend trope?"
"eh kinda sorta."
"Ha. You DO know it won't work out right?"
"Yeah i know. she'll do something stupid and I really WILL drop her into the Underdark."
"What's down there?"
"The more...RAPY....zombies."
"YIKES. It lethal?"
"It is....after a few solid days."
"JESUS. respawn?"
"well. You DO spawn topside. Near an opening. Ya got about....30 seconds to bolt? Yeah. Cauuuse they'll chase you."
"I like sleep. enough. Loot?"
"ULTRA HIGH TIER. I went down there on a foray...and came up with an LMG. Still have nightmares from that raid."
"He pissed in that hole....and yeah."
Angel came over then.
"She HATES herself right now, Gore. seems that drowning did something. She'll get there."
"Thanks Angel. We set?"
"Yup. Locked and ready to roll."
The mobile home was rolled out onto the road out of the camp and Kora smiled as he hung out the window.
"Alright. we can do stuff to these ya know."
"We mounted an MG42 on the roof once. And an M2 browning."
"Dude that's AWESOME! I wanna do that."
"we'll need a proper yard but sure."
The mobile home was 100 feet and about 15 wide and 10 tall. Inside it had a queen sized master bedroom and about 3 sets of twin bunkbeds, carpeted floors, couch, kitchenette, and fully functional shower. Tyler smiled as he plied the large steering wheel to get the bus on the asphalt road. Hailey was seen curled up on the couch shaking from her drowning and Tyler smiled as he had the bus crusing at a steady 25 miles an hour. Kora was looking his new rifle over at the table, and Angel was in the passenger seat beside Tyler. the busty blonde had her bare feet on the dash and he smiled.
"NOw this fun."
She chuckled.
"we still need to meet with our managers."
"They'll pop in once we stop for a bit. Hey, Hails, mind openin that map?"
She spoke in a small voice as the tramuatized firl unfolded the map and hung it on a section of wall. Angel looked.
"So the next town is on the side of a lake, Gore."
"We'll use the RV as a mobile looter then. we'll stop at the town and hit the hardware and gas stations. we got four jerry cans and the tanks will go through a lot."
Kora looked up from his rifle.
"How will upgrades work, Gore?"
"we'll need a welder to make it happen the way we want, but we knew that. On our own we can do simple stuff. Bars on windows, extra tires, I'm a decent enough crafter I can mount a battering ram on the front. Bullbars is the other term."
"And the glass?"
"We'll put steel grates over the windows. ugly as hell, but will hold till we find bullet proof glass."
Hailey sniffed and looked at him.
"what about a trailer?"
"In the works, Hails. Thing's got a hitch so we'll just need to find the right fit."
She smiled as he listened to her and settled back on the couch in her ball. Angel looked out the windshield of the RV and noted nothing ahead of them but road and Tyler smiled.
"I'll teach you to drive it."
"Thanks. will we add more players to our little camp?"
"Most likely. All a matter of chemistry and looks."
They snorted at that one and Kora sighed as he slotted the bullets into his gun.
"Greeat. NO action for ME."
They laughed at that one. Tyler drove for a few hours until he got hungry and he swapped out for Angel after teaching her how to drive an RV. The survivor grabbed a granola bar and sat down to work on his own guns. He ran a cloth over the WA2000's parts before putting it back together. Tyler smiled as he looked his guns over.
"All told the damage was merely getting wet. Nothing permanent."
Hailey had humilation in her voice as she spoke.
"I...pissed on it."
Everyone looked at her in surprise and Tyler shrugged.
"Well...I cleaned it. And threw out the ruined food. Annnnd yeah. My sleeping bag is okay. Nothing is going to smell. DO NOT. DO THAT. AGAIN."
"I won't. I promise."
Kora whistled.
Tyler had a mild look of disbelief as he lounged on the couch now.
"Yeeeah. Movin on."
They chuckled at that one. Angel drove for a few hours until Tyler smiled and had her pull off for lunch. The RV was parked and they went to the stove for a proper meal. Which turned out to be deep baked chicken nuggets, ketchup, and some cold soda. Tyler laughed as they enjoyed the luxury.
"Almost like we're a buncha teenagers on a roadtrip, innit it?"
Angel chuckled as she munched.
"Only with better company and more guns."
"The AMERICAN dream!"
That got a chuckle as a set of screens appeared before them. Tyler was faced with a woman in her 30s with brown hair and bright blue eyes set into a brown skinned face as she smiled. Her voice a neat high clip.
"Nice to meet you, Goreleech. I am Melissa. I am to be your manager for your stream, interviews and other aspects of your time in Lod. You have the time for a talk?"
He went to the cab and sat in the driver's seat.
"we're set for the moment. But be warned it might change on a dime."
"I am. Okay."
She pulled up a folder and looked at the first page.
"The first thing I need is safe times to contact you. Are there safezones in game?"
"Nope. But the usual is morning at breakfast, lunch, and when we eat dinner. That's USUALLY when we're safest."
She nodded.
"Your stream is quite popular and I will be scheduling meet and greets for fans and celebrities alike. what would you need from me to better accomidate them?"
"As much heads up as you can get me. If you appear and say a fan wants to drop in while we're hanging out in a basement, sure. Send em in. Say we're walking down the street in a new town? Nope. Not safe enough."
"I'll be sure to get dates and times nailed down then. The ingame store is set to come online in a week. As a beta and LoD experiementer, you'll be expected to purchase them. Is that okay?"
"So long as I can CHOOSE what I blow my money on and not have to buy everything I see."
"That is not a problem. Some stuff is meant for girls."
He chuckled at that as Melissa looked at the next piece.
"Now. Merchendise. You need a catchphrase or something the people can associate with your character."
"My phrase is let's go to hell together."
"OOOh dark. I like it. Your motto?"
He smirked and his eyes turned dark.
"It is better to be feared then loved, if one cannot be both."
"Macheiveilli. This is gonna be fun. Your inspiration?"
"I am SORRY?"
"I'm like a HUUUUUGE anime fan. And manga fan. And write my own stories."
Mylissa smiled widely now.
"I heard you write. I will be sure to have them funneled to the right people. Are you still working on them?"
"Oh absolutely. I-hm?"
a flash of light got Tyler's eyes out the windshield and he noted the thing.
"we got a car comin!"
The RV loaded guns and Tyler looked at his manager,
"We'll be right back, after this rampage."
"I am keeping that."
Tyler loaded his WA2000 as the car approached...and it turned out to be a FREAKIN prius of all things. This made him snort as the car slowed to a stop with the four inside eyeing the RV on th side of the road curiously. Angel watched as the prius pulled off the road and the four players came out with loaded guns.
"Hm. One's got a level action rifle, Gore."
Tyler swapped for the M1014 shotgun now as the players approached the door. As the players reached for the door...Tyler booted it open.
"whaddya want?"
He was faced by four guns and Tyler smirked as his friends got clean shots.
"Put the guns down. OR die."
Their leader smirked as she hefted her own Skorpion.
"We'd kill you-"
The trigger was pulled and the four were dropped from perfect shots. Tyler chuckled as he went to the bleeding out leader and put the shotgun to her head.
"See ya in hell."
He pulled the trigger and her head exploded. Hailey chuckled as she cycled her Arisaka.
"Yup. they got killcounts on their guns. Alright, loot up ladies and Kora."
The prius was indeed looted with the gas syphoned into a jerry can, the trunk emptied, the packs of the other players tossed into the RV, and Tyler locked the door as they got moving. Mylissa smiled as he sat back at the wheel.
"Nice one liner."
"I got a few. I also have a large selection of music too."
"Any recognized artists?"
"Here's a copy."
She looked at the list and whistled.
"There is so much publicity here it's scary. Alright. Your idea of merch for your character?"
"figurines, replica guns I've used in game, airsoft guns of the same, stuff like that."
"Wow. We're gonna make a fortune if i spin you the right way."
Tyler smiled as they drove.
"I'm te Unkillable of the LoD betabase."
Mylissa chuckled.
"Nice flex."
"It's an actual title."
"No shit?"
He opened up his panel and tapped the section for ingame titles and tapped the unkillable.
"Awarded to the single player in the beta to NOT DIE A SINGLE TIME in the entire beta population."
She smirked at this.
"I will ask to see your title screen to time Gore."
"Oh yeah. i love bragging."
Angel smirked from her spot in the back.
"And WHEN were you going to tell us that, Gore?"
"When I had something to show you."
"Eh fair."
Mylissia moved to the next bit.
"You are a sexually active teenager?"
"Oh yeah. Angel an i play a lot."
"Is she your girlfriend?"
Angel answered with a smile.
"Not yet. Last guy was kind of an ass. But, maybe."
Tyler chuckled as Mylissia smirked at the new draw.
"This one is going to be fun, Gore. Alright. Anything you want from ME?"
"The accounts for the money. My FAMILY can't touch it can they?"
"It IS in your name. If you want me to set it like that I can."
"Do so, please. otherwise they'll LITERALLY drain it every time a deposit is made."
"will do. And am I to understand you have family problems?"
Hailey answered with her insider information.
"Gore's family is a town wide cringe. I live a few blocks from him and some nights we can hear the screaming. His sister is a hideous whale and his stepfather an asshole. His MOTHER is a HEARTLESS bitch. He's come to school with bruises before. And a LOT of them too."
Kora looked up now.
"Main problem, gore?"
The teenager shrugged.
"I'm not afraid to say no. OR get in your face when i think you're wrong."
"Ha. I hear that."
Mylissa nodded.
"I'll seal the accounts then. AND put the spin on a cruel family too. His sister, Hailfyre?"
The black haired girl sighed.
"I'll explain it like this. She once tired to stomp a kitten to death because it would snuggle her like she was me. She weighs 400 pounds and is 4 feet tall. The kitten's okay thank god as I was able to stop her. Was the LAST TIME she was ever in my house."
Tyler shrugged as he kept his eyes on the road.
"Me family's a mess. I know."
Angel shrugged from her spot in the passengar seat.
"ALL our familys suck. Least we're in here."
She got a fistbump.
"Damn straight homegirl."
Tyler smiled as he pulled off the road half an hour later. Mylissa nodded as she looked at her notes.
"I'll get to work, Gore. You keep giving me material to work WITH."
"Sure thing, Mylissa."
The screen went dark and tyler smiled as he locked the door.
"Well, alone again."
Angrel smirked as he looked at her.
"Been over this."
"Good. Everyone loves a sexy snuggleangel."
Hailey had a new look of crush at this and Tyler went to the couch for a rest. Hailey came over with a look of nerves and he siddled aside to give her room. She smiled at the silent permission and laid beside the guy on the couch. He wrapped her in an arm as he laid on his back and she smiled.
"I missed this."
"Me too, Hails."
She rested her head on his chest.
"I'm sorry."
He didn't answer...and she went to plunge a knife from her belt into his chest. Only for the lightning fast reflexes of the Survivor to serve him well. He grabbed her hand like lightning as the tip of the knife rested over his heart and he looked at the white faced girl.
Angel and Kora had looks of horror at this surprise and Tyler sighed as he let Hailey's shaking hand go. he lifted his shirt and tapped hia chest.
"Alright. since you FUCKING hate me so much....go on."
He looked her in the eye as she held the knife up to stab him....and just started shaking severely as Tyler looked her in the eye. He smiled as he looked at the shaking girl and she lowered the knife in humiliation and hung her head as massive tears fell from her eyes at her latest failure. Tyler just laid there with his shirt up and Hailey gripped the thing as her emotions went from self-pity to hate...and she looked up with rage in her eyes as she lifted the knife.
"How are you so damn calm all the time? I just tried to STAB YOU and here you are acting like it's NOTHING? Who the hell do you think you are? You ALWAYS act like you're some hotshot BADASS and yet get your ass kicked in the first few seconds. You're not as smart as you think you are, not handsome, you smell like bottom shelf bodywash, you dress like a streetbum, your family sucks, YOU SUCK, you're not popular, you're not strong,"
Tyler just laid there listening to Hailey as she ranted about his flaws until she slammed the knife down and pressed her head to his chest.
She shivered from that question and Tyler smiled at her.
"Why do you, Hails?"
She looked at him with torment on her face.
"I don't know. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU makes me want to puke....and yet I get all fidgety and on edge when you walk in the room. You smirk and I wet myself. Like WHY IS IT YOU that sets me on fire like this? I HATE YOU!"
He shrugged.
"I dunno. Don't need to know."
She sighed and went limp on his chest and he hugged her.
"I hate you."
"I know you do, Hails. I know."
She sniffed.
"Thanks for saving me."
"You might hate my guts. But you are STILL my best friend in this game."
She smiled and he held her tightly.
"And can you stop trying to kill me?"
"THAT was for drowning me in a LAKE you dick."
"YOU pissed in my bag."
"YOU let me go with those freaks in the jeep."
"YOU hopped INTO that jeep."
"YOU slept with Angel the first night you met. When I was right there."
"I offered you her spot, Hails. You refused."
She looked at him.
"So replacing me is THAT easy? You're just happy with ANY OLD cocksheath for the night? is that it?"
"Hails. if I could replace you, you wouldn't be here right now. If you WANT TO just say so. And NO ONE can replace MY best friend."
She smiled at this and hugged him.
"THAT. THAT'S all I wanted to hear, Tyler. I'm sorry. for a lot."
"Me too. Kinda sorta."
"Pff. You're not sorry."
"Niether are you."
"Eh fair. Are we done?"
He hugged her tightly.
"We're done with killing each other."
She smiled and Angel whistled.
"Sooo your idea of a CONFESSION is trying to KILL HIM, Fyre?"
Hailey smiled sheepishly.
"I...knew I couldn't hurt him?"
"Wow. You're kinky aren;t you?"
"Well, um."
She blushed.
"I DO like to scream. And scratch....yeah i'm kinky."
Tyler whistled at this little revelation.
"WOW Hails. NOW I'm curious."
She smiled sheepishly and he patted her.
"There she is."
"Yeah. I....yeah. YOU are MINE. She can fight for the leftovers."
"HA! So we're boyfriend-girlfriend?"
Hailey nodded.
"We are."
He hugged her and Hailey deflated from a breath she did not know she was holding.
"Jesus FUCKING christ do I feel better. Like OHMYGOD it should not have been that hard."
Angel chuckled.
"Looks like you got claimed, Gore."
"Yup. Sorry, Angel."
"Oh no. It's cool. Spin the bottle and truth or dare was created for this kinda things."
Hailey smirked.
"Ha. He;s MY boytoy. Get your own."
"I'll just be here when you try to kill him again."
"I'll just sit here quietly with popcorn."
The RV laughed at Kora's entertained voice. Tyler chuckled as Hailey snuggled into his side with a bright smile.
"Now that the emotional bullshit is out of the way,"
"fuck you."
"Sure, drop em.'
"God dammit. NOT FIRST DATE."
"eh we'll see."
He smiled as he hugged her and Hailey smiled as she enjoyed the snuggle. Angel looked outside and noted the sun was going down.
"we're done for the day, Gore?"
"Yup. In the morning we'll hit the next town."
Tyler thrw a frozen pizza into the oven and the friends enjoyed a little luxury before Sarah appeared for her nightly interview. She smiled as she saw Hailey snuggled under Tyler's arm.
"Hailfyre, you and Goreleech are dating?"
She smiled.
"We are."
"Goreleech? How were you able to reconcile?"
"Well. she tried to stab me."
Sarah blinked at this and Hailey smiled sheepishly.
"He's....THAT frustrating?"
They chuckled and the reporter smiled.
"Goreleech. You have met with your Manager, have you not?"
"I have. She's cool."
The interview ended with the reporter signing off and Tyler opened up his livestream and looked at the comments....
"Ha. Hails's idea of a love confession is a knife. Makes me wonder indeed, Karliah333."
A bloodsmeared comment appeared and he read it.
"HAils reminds me of the tsundere from anime. Hates you to your face, LOVES YOU TO DEATH when you're not looking. Eh pretty much. I'dda pegged her a yandere."
Hailey glared at him.
"I know what those mean you jackass."
Another bloodsmeared comment appeared and Tyler smiled.
"who's got the better rack, Angel or Hails? well,"
"Don;t you DARE grope me on camera you cocky fuck."
"That's to be decided."
"I still that knife. Do you want me to castrate you?"
The comments were full of jokes as Hailey's dry death thtreat and Tyler patted her with a smile.
"She's a feisty one."
Hailey glared daggers at him for this patronization.
"I will GET you for this."
He chuckled at her dark voice before smiling as a fresh comment came up.
"Oh hell yeah. We'll DEFINTELY do a bombing run on a city at some point, Hanaberg420. I had a B17 in my base for no other reason then random bombinb runs with the betabase. I shit you not we once did a firebombinb run on the ingame version of Seattle. That fire burned for TWO WEEKS. TWO REAL WORLD WEEKS. Before it was put out by a dev produced hurricane. We did a test and found that yeah. You CAN burn an entire city to the ground. It takes some doing. But you can do it."
Another smeared comment appeared and tyler smiled.
"Turn the RV into a landcased gunship? That's BASICALLY what I'mma do."
The comments ran on for a few minutes with some chatting bout the state of the game and Tyler smiled as he watched....when he noted an argument break out between two people over who was hotter, Angel, or Hailey. Tyler smirked.
"If you people aren't going to discuss this as gentlemen, I WILL see you banned and blocked from the stream. discussions are fine. But DO NOT drag that racist and toxic shit into MY lair. Are we clear?"
The chat was full of nods and Tyler nodded.
"Good. That was your one."
He closed the stream and Kora smirked.
"You ever see that movie tremors?"
The sudden question made them frown and Kora nodded, sensing something was coming.
"I did."
"What was the name a the worm thing that fired stuff at people?"
Kora's eyes narrowed.
"The assblaster-FUCK YOU."
"We're cool."
"fuck you man. Hilarious but fuck you."
"You're fun to fuck with, Kora."
"Oooh my head."
Tyler chuckled and Angel chuckled.
"Nothing for lesbians?"
"Not really. Hey what;s the other name for a dam?"
"A dyke-FUCK YOU!"
The friends laugheed at the setup and Hailey smirked.
"enough being a prick. I'm tired."
"Yes hails."
"GOOD boy."
The tired teens went to their bunks with Tyler and Hailey taking the master bedroom queenbed. They snuggled up with each other and Tyler smiled as he held her tightly.
"night, Hailey. I'm glad you're done with the shit."
She smiled as he held her tightly.
"Good night, Tyler. Sorry I tried to kill you."
"Sorry I DID kill you."


Tyler woke the next morning to the impact of a knife in his chest. He opened his eyes to see Hailey wirh a dark eyed look in her brown eyes as she plunged the knife to the hilt.
"YOU left me to die. Now DIE you monster."
Tyler lifted an eyebrow as he felt the knife miss ALL his vital organs and the girl go for the window out the back.
She froze as he sat up with the knife protruding from his chest. She turned and looked as Tyler got out of bed in a way the blood didn't spill onto the covers or the mattress.
"What are you?"
"experienced. YOU missed the heart and lungs by a mile. All you hit was a body cavity. okay. I tried."
He grabbed the screeching girl and dragged her by the hair out of the room. The other two came out with knives...only to go WHITE as they saw tyler with the knife poking from his chest and him dragging Hailey by the hair. He threw her off thre bus, threw her pack at her but no weapons and locked the door. He looked at Kora as he grabbed his medical bag.
"Body cavity. Just stitch it up and bam. NEw scar."
"Jesus. i gotchya."
Angel had hate on her face as she dumped a chemical on the blood trail while Hailey pounded on the door begging to be let back in. Tyler laid on the couch as the medical student stitched him up.
"I'd do this myself, but high skill does come into play."
Kora chuckled as he finished the knot.
"I hear that. Set. It'll be a cool scar."
"Not the first time I've been stabbed in my sleep. Hey pass me her weapons."
Tyler opened the door, shot Hailey in the face with the Arisaka and tossed her weapons onto her corpse. He shut the door and drove off. Angel smiled as she sat beside him.
"I'mma come out and say, Gore? You shoulda done that LONG ago."
"Yeah. I know."
"I get it. You good?"
"Yeah. I THOUGHT she'd get over it. But NOPE."
Kora nodded as he rolled a towel over the blood trail, pulling the red mess off the carpet.
"I'm surprised she didn't pull the rape card on you, Gore."
"she will. we slept together so she'll cry rape to any and all that'll listen."
Angel looked ut the back of the RV and noted Hailey was nowhere to be seen and smiled.
"MUCH better. Sorry Gore."
"Thanks Angel. someone mind firing up the stove? We'll put some distance between us and go from there."
They nodded and Kora looked at him.
"So her respawn?"
"Will put her 100 feet from her previous body buckassed naked. She'll have to retrieve her kit or risk starting over naked."
"Yeah. welcome to loD."
Sarah appeared on the screen and noted the RV was moving.
"ood morning, Goreleech."
"Mornin Sarah."
"Where's Hailfyre?"
"She stabbed me awake this morning. I got a long ass rope. But I am NOT some fucking punching bag. She got thrown off the RV and we're moving."
Angel passed him a coffee.
"Thanks, Angel."
He took a deep drink as he pulled the RV over for the morning interview and planning. Sarah looked to her paper.
"So you have broken up with your toxic girlfriend, Goreleech?"
"I did. Hailfyre has some SEVERE emotional and pyschological issues she needs to work out. But I am not letting her back on my RV."
He got a ping and found it was a message from Hailey.
"Help me! Please! I'm being chased!"
He merely wrote back one line.
"I tried to help you. All that did was get me stabbed. YOU are on your OWN you miserable bitch."
He hit send and blocked her. He sighed and Angel patted him on the back.
"Don't go crawling back."
"Yeah I know. Still. Goes against the grain. She WAS my best friend you know."
Kora smiled.
"And you say I'M too kindhearted for this shit."
"Ha. And this is coming from the legendary goreleech."
"MAkes sense you got a heart o gold man."
angel hugged him and Tyler hugged her warmly before he looked to the screen. Sarah smiled.
"You heard it here first. Goreleech and Hailfyre's relationship has come to a bitter end."
The outro was completed and Tyler sat at the table with the duo and Kora noted him look out the window.
"I'll drive for a bit, Gore."
"Thanks Kora. Yeah. I'mma miss her."
Angel smiled.
"You really DID fall in love. OUCH."
"Yeah. I'mma go sulk for a while."
They chuckled at the trope and he went into the back and looked out the rear window at the road as the RV got moving and he sighed.
"Why Hails? I did everything I could to help you. I WANT you with us. And yet you'd rather be a MISERABLE BITCH."
He sighed and watched the road retreating into the background and shivered as he missed his friend. He looked the bed over and the rest of the room using his CSI level thoroughness incase Hailey had left anything and found nothing. So he dusted his blanket off, snapped it and remade the bed. Afterwards he laid on the thing for half an hour before the ache in his heart dulled...then faded...and went away entirely. I did nothing but try to help you, Hailey. I loved you. I really did. And yet you got so FUCKING mean when Angel walked in. I OFFERED you SO MANY TIMES to by may girl and every time you played the bitch routine. And when I took your rejection and turned to Angel suddenly I'M the bad guy? fuck you. I AM gonna miss her though. He sighed again and shrugged as he let the minor heartbreak go. He got up and went out of the room to find Angel and Kora in the cab of RV. Kora driving and Angel with her feet on the dash. The pair smiled as tyler walked up behind them and Kora looked ahead.
"feelin better, boss?"
Tyler chuckled.
"Yeah. I'm alright. Hails was just too damn toxic. I did EVERYTHING I could for her."
Angel passed him a beer.
"Here. No heartache is complete without beer."
"I'dda said vodka."
"THAT too!"
They laughed as he chugged the thing and put the can aside. Kora smirked.
"Pretty much."
"Ha. Classic."
Tyler looked out the windshield.
"How we looking?"
Angel shrugged.
"we passed a few wrecked cars but nothing worth lookin into. Priuses."
"Alright. we need bullets, food and water. we got storage and plenty of it. My guess is we're about two hours from the next town."
Kora smiled.
"Wanna swap out?"
"I will when we get eyes on the town. Then we take up guard posts. One at the rear, the other in the windows."
They nodded and Tyler smiled.
"And Angel?"
"we're back on."
He hugged her.
"Thanks guys."
They fistbumped him and Kora chuckled.
"we gotchya back, Gore."
Angel nodded.
"what he said."
Tyler went to the back and sat at the table with the map open and he noted a military base nearby. that made him tilt his head.
Angel's amused voice was heard.
"we'll plan raids the right way, Gore. Make a list an we'll talk it over."
"Sure Angel. YOU two have any friends lookin to help out?"
Kora chuckled as he slowed down to negotiate a long turn.
"Nah. Since I'm a VERY proud gay, most people avoid me unless they're the same direction."
"Ha. Nice diss."
"I work at it. i hate those guys too....even IF some a their songs are fire."
Angel shrugged.
"My friends aren't really team players. And we're not really the gamer friends type."
"Makes sense."
Tyler then smirked.
"Ya know what I just realized?"
"You ARE gay?"
"NO. And NO."
They laughed at that one and Tyler chuckled.
"we don't have a pen. Or a pencil. Or a marker."
Angel smirked.
"And we are now FUCKED because of it, right?"
"eh kinda. we'll find one later. Kinda hard to plan a raid without notes."
They chuckled at that one as the Survivor went back to the front of the RV and watched the world approach for a while.
"How's the tanks?"
"About 3/4s of the first."
"We got four jerry cans. So we'll see about an actual barrel too."
Angel looked ahead.
"Town's approaching."
The next town was a small one with maby 40 buildings. Tyler and Kora swapped with the hunter taking the Browning 30-30 to the rear and Angel pulled the M1014. Tyler tossed her the WA2000 and she smiled.
"we need more rifles."
"We'll see what we can find."
Tyler brought rhe RV from 25 miles to a measly 10 as they entered the town. The road was covered in battered corpses with not a one in sight walking. As he rolled the Rv through the town he noted a shadow move in a house.
"Movement on the right."
The RV stopped and they locked it up tight as Tyler took his 870. He looked at Kora.
"You keep watch on the RV, Kora. we'll to swapping raids."
"Gotchya. I get a colt?"
Tyler passed him the handgun and a few mags while Angel watched the street. Then the pair went to the house in question. it being a victorian style manor with two floors and high ceilings. Tyler wne to the front door with the 6 shell twenty gauge 870 shotgun in his arms. Angel opened the door and he swung inside. The place was like straight out of the haunting in conneticut with a set of stairs leading to the second floor and an number of rooms. Angel frowned as she saw this.
"Odds are we found it. Guard up. Basement."
"And we wasted our ONE grenade."
"eh for this I wish i had a flamethrower."
"SO true."
"Eyes on the basement door."
The pair moved to the basement door under the stairs and Angel took the knob. He nodded and she tore it open to reveal a narrow stairway into the darkness. Tyler took the tac light from his colt and slapped it onto the 870's barrel and the Survivor led the way down the steps with Angel following behind him. The stairs turned a corner and Tyler swung his shotgun around...only to be faced with a wide open basement like one would find in a funeral home. He sighed.
Angel nodded with a new look of nerves on her face.
"Yup. we got enough shells?"
"I got 40. And the Skorpion with about 30 20 round mags."
"I got the M1014 and 15 shells. Plus the Glock18 an I think 15 mags."
"We should be fine. Try not to get cornered. And all else fails....set something on fire."
"I can do that."
"Let's start this shitshow."
Tyler went into the basement with the gun at the ready and Angel right beside him as he approached the back of the room. A large gurney was seen with a sheet covering a still form and Tyler lifted an eyebrow.
"If you're a player trying to hide, for the love of GOD tell us now. Or we will shoot you."
The sheet didn't move and Angel smirked.
"Guess not."
Tyler pulled a knife from his belt and hefted it. he flung the thing and a screech of pain was heard from a now floating corpse as a healthbar appeared over it's head.
"BANSHEE! drop it!"
The shotguns opened up and the healthbar dropped in large chunks until it ran out and the thing dropped to the gurney. Tyler slammed 4 extra shells at a time into his shotgun.
"Clear! what the hell?"
"Banshee. Lower tier miniboss-type elite enemy. They LOVE to scream yet if you shoot them in the face with a shotgun at near pointblank range their ability is rendered useless. Their face is their HUGE weakpoint with every hit dealin 10X damage."
"Oh yeah. A few enemies have them. we'll get some good stuff from it though."
Angel noted a large backpack on the floor and took it.
"The house?"
"Worth looking into. Banshees are a reactionary type enemy. It reacts when attacked. It IS entirely possible to loot the entire room with it here and it NOT MOVE so long as you don't touch it."
Tyler looked around the embalming room now.
"Fact this IS a miniboss arena means there should be some good loot here."
"On it."
the friends searched the place and came up with a few medical kits that made tyler smile.
"Not bad. These we'll give to kora."
They walked upstairs and went to the large kitchen where they found a mass of food and drink they stuffed into their packs. Angel smiled.
"You go unload. i got 50 pounds left."
"Appreciate the trust."
She headed to the Rv and Tyler went for the second floor now. His shotgun at the ready as he climbed the stairs and turned the corner. The upper floor was empty of the living or unliving as Tyler reached the landing. He went to the firest room and pushed the door open....only to see a little girl looking at the wall giggling to herself. He lifted the shotgun and buried the shell into the sally's head. It exploded and Tyler swung the gun around as another sally came skipping down the hall with bared fangs. she too ate a shotgun shell and he dropped to slot the missing two shells in the tube as Angel came running up the stairs with her 10114.
"You good?"
"TWO fucking sallys!"
"Yeah we got a regular house a horrors. But we're gettin stuff."
"Kora says the kits are the standard for ambulances."
"Makes sense. Alright. Appreciate you comin back, angel."
She smiled.
"Sure thing, Gore."
The Survivor went into the first room to retrieve the duffelbag the sally had dropped. Angel retrieved the last bag and the pair went to the master bedroom att he far end of the hall. Tyler pushed it open with the barrel of the gun to reveal a grand bed enshrouded in curtains and he noted a shape inside it.
No response.
"Shame. Light em up."
The gunfire boomed and the thing on the bed screamed and leapt at them...only for Tyler Tyler to slam a shoulder into the thing's misshapen torso and Angel shove the barrel of her shotgun into it;s mouth.
She pulled the trigger and the insect head of the thing exploded as Tyler bodyslammed it to the floor. Angel shuddered as she saw the insect-like body of the creature.
"What the FUCK is this, Gore?"
He kicked it again.
"A FUCKING clicker. Insect zombie. They like to leap. In close quarters they're fuckin lethal. Basically a mutated cockroach. ONE shot to the jaw from medium an above will kill it outright. I HATE these things cause they're fucking everywhere. ugh. They drop stuff."
"I got the shopping bag. I...need a shower."
"TRUST ME SISTER, we BOTH do. do it right."
The pair went around the room and Tyler lifted the mattress of the grandbed...
"I got a freakin rifle case."
She whistled as he pulled the thing out.
"wow. Keys?"
"probably in the drawer."
They found the keys and Tyler looked at the closet and went over. Angel smirked.
"Need new pants tough guy?"
"Kinda. Been wearing the same ones for a week."
"EW. NOW I need new panties."
"Just don't wear panties, Angel. Problem solved."
"Ha. fine. I'll go commando for your raunchy ass. And i love a good bikini day."
"I am erect as a lighthouse."
"I'll break it later."
"Thank the LORD for sexy russian blondes."
She laughed at that heartfelt prayer as tyler found a few pairs of denim jeans in his size and in Kora's size. The scavengers returned to the RV and found Kora waiting with the Browning 30-30 at the ready. The sandy haired guy smiled as the friends returned.
"Anything good, Gore?"
"Yeah. a fucking banshee and clicker. One played a freakin Conneticut and the other was a big bad wolf. Clicker's an insect zombie."
"Yup. No sleep for me tonight."
"7 foot tall undead cockraoch that like to jump on you."
"Okay. NIGHTMARES for a WEEK. Thanks Gore."
They chuckled and tyler set the loot bags on the table.
"Alright. We gt a LOT."
He unlocked the rifle case and opened the thing to reveal a new rifle with chestnut furniture, clean metal reciever and a rather iconic look that made Tyler smiled.
"Niiiiice. Kar98K form world war 2. 40 bullets. 8 stripper clips. And it's got a 6x scope."
The pair whistled as he lifted the rifle from the case. Angel smirked.
"we got our mainstay rile, Gore."
"And my new rifle. This thing is a lotta fun to fiddle with in here."
The case was put aside with the Kar hung on a peg as the shopping bag from the Clicker next. Tyler dumped it onto the table and nodded at the pile of stuff.
"Mostly food and some extra shells for the 870. That's usual clicker loot."
Next was the duffel bag from a sally and Tyler dumped it out. A gun came out and he tilted his head.
"weird. Mauser C/96 broomhandle. 10 round magazine....and looks like the semiautomatic varient. That's kinda cool seeing since it came out in 1896. But yeah. Novelty."
Kora took it.
"I need a sidearm anyway."
Tyler looked at the remaining loot when he noticed a small tube with a pin on it.
"Flashbang. That's kinda cool."
Angel smirked as he took the grenade.
"Don't miss."
"I won't."
The last sally duffel bag was dumped out and tyler smirked as he saw the longer gun in the pile.
"12 gauge stumpy police shotgun. Secondary sidearm."
Angel took it.
"I need a better sidearm really."
And last was the backpack from the Banshee. Tyler dumped it on the floor and they got a pile of stuff including a pair of long guns and several boxes of ammunition. Tyler took the first rifle.
"HEre's another fucking relic. M1 Garand. 15 clips of 8 30-06 rounds. I am KEEPING this."
Kora smirked.
"So long as I get that Grewehr 43 there."
Angel lifted a pistol.
"I got dips on this model 27 revolver."
The heads nodded and Tyler smiled as he set their new rifles aside.
"And we got a mass of ammo, food, and supplies for the RV. No attachments which makes sense. Alright. Secure the rifles and we'll get moving."
They nodded and the loot put up in the empty closet. Tyler set his new rifles in a cabinet with the garand and Kar staying in easy reach. He returned to the steering wheel and Kora had his new Greweher in hand as Tyler brought the RV to 10 miles an hour.
"So what else was in there, Gore?"
"Two sallys and a replica of the haunting in conneticut house."
"I...only got half a that."
"A sally is a little girl zombie. Like from the ring or Bioshock."
"PREty much. Sallys are fuckin creepy man."
Tyler looked ahead as they rolled through the town.
"oh. Gas station on the right. we got walkers."
Angel smiled as she came over.
"My turn to watch the RV?"
"Yup. I'll park her by a pump. Think should still be working."
There was 5 five zombies walking around the station pumps and the friends dropped them with bats before Tyler parked the RV beside one of the gaspumps. Kora went to check the thing and smiled.
"I got pressure Gore."
"Alright. We'll fill the Jerry cans too."
"On it."
Angel was on watch as the two boys filled the tanks and jerry cans from the gas station pump. Once that was done she went into the RV itself and locked the door as the two boys went to the station itself. Tyler went in through the garage and smiled as he spotted a portable generator on a bench.
"I got a geny,"
"I got four more gas cans, Gore. we can fill the tanks over again with that."
"BAg em."
"ON it."
The two brought the loot to the RV and Angel tilted her head at the portable generator.
"Seems redundant Gore?"
"They're kinda hard to come by, Angel."
The next trip saw Tyler going for the extra batteries and kora the food. Then the pair both went to the back office and Tyler pushed the door reveal a zombie hanging from a rope. Kora chuckled at the sight.
"Nice try jackass."
Tyler chuckled as he stabbed the thing.
"These are surprisingly common. Nine times outta ten there's a gun in the safe. One time I found a grenade."
"That makes no sense."
Tyler put his ear to the safe and in a few turns had the thing open. Kora chuckled.
"Of course."
"Oh we got American hundreds. These burn REAAALLY freakin well."
"cool. Anything good?"
Tyler pulled a folded stick AK74U submachine gun from the safe.
"depends what you call good."
That got a smirk.
"Niiiiice. Extra mags?"
"Nope. Just the one in the chamber."
"Thinks indestructable."
"I guess. I hate the platform though."
"My dad said the same thing when I said that."
"It's only merit is it's idiot proof."
"again! His line exactly!"
"Gimme a good ole M14 anyday."
"Get out of my head."
"Or ya know, M16."
"dude you are freakin me out with this telepath shit."
Tyler laughed at Kora's gulp.
"Its called cold reading. i learned it to fuck with people"
"Greeeat. a mind reader."
"Wanna fuck with the mindreaders?"
"Hentai. Plaster your mind with THE most depraved shit you can think of. works like a charm EVERY time."
"Deep dive?"
"Yup. ONE guy I hit with the monkai hentai."
The Survivor laughed as he walked out with the loot....and found another car in the station with a group of five players looking at the RV curiously. Angel was inside with her shotgun out of sight and Tyler hefted his M1 Garand and Kora his Grewher. Tyler led the guy to the side of the group as they discussed what to do with the RV...when Tyler blew a whistle. They froze and Angel popped up in the window with her shotgun. The group of five saw they were caught and the leader lowered his rifle.
Tyler chuckled as he lowered his rifle.
"Damn the French."
Kora chuckled.
"Not Pkers?"
"Nah. Parlay is the ingame term for don't shoot mah ass."
Tyler walked over to the group and they all gasped as they saw his tag. The leader of the group, a tall, athletic woman with bright copper hair smiled as she spoke in a warm tone.
"The famous Goreleech? Yeah we don't stand a chance. we're not Pkers. Roaming nomads. I'm Dublin67654. Duby to my friends."
Tyler smiled.
"Gore. Nice wheels."
Duby smiled as he nodded to their Tahoe.
"Thanks. Where'd ya get an Rv?"
"OOOOf course. we will find one. Anything good?"
Tyler shrugged.
"There's a tribute house to the haunting in conneticute down that way. Victorian thing. and if you keep going on that road you might run into Hailfyre"
Duby nodded.
"We like horror. And we'll look out for her. we heard."
"Miniboss. in the house"
"We like a fight."
Tyler added her and her friends to his friendslist and Angel poked her head out.
"Anything to trade?"
The group smiled and Duby chuckled.
"we got a small pile of liquor bottles we haven't done anything with."
Tyler smiled.
"We got a few handguns and bullets we can let go."
They swapped the rugers and bullets for em for a few bottles of 150 proof liquor and Tyler waved as they got moving. Then he looked to his own friends.
"And that was how the betabase was. We didn't have to ask if you were pkers. NO ONE was. I mean they were but not with any evil intent."
Kora smiled as they got back into the RV.
"I'm kinda sad I missed out on it."
"Yeah. it was a fun experience. The nightmares aside."
Angel looked at him as they got rolling.
"why'd you tell them about Hailfyre?"
The friends moved along the road seeking new places to loot before they reached the other side and Tyler smiled.
"YES I grabbed a few pens and markers and a whiteboard."
They chuckled at that one. The friends put a few miles between them and the town before Tyler pulled over and unrolled the map. He tapped the nearby military base.
"My next goal is to loot the military base. It'll be crawling in zombies, several elites, and armored zombies. That said? It is nothing but worth it. we can roll ut of there with anything from guns and ammo to MREs and medical equipment to freakin tanks."
Kora crossed his arms.
"Can three of us raid it alone, Gore?"
"Sure. i raid military bases alone a lot."
"Dude. You're YOU."
"Okay? I'm not some knda god."
Angel chuckled.
"No. But you're ARE really good at this."
"I learned. You guys'll be fine. Pick your targets, stay calm, DON'T. MISS. And you're golden."
Angel smiled and the busry blonde nodded.
"alright. How long to get there?"
"Bout 2 days drive. We'll pass through here."
He tapped another town.
"It'll be a military family town so we can expect military grade equipment and loot. we'll stopover here at this rest stop and refill the tanks and continue on to the base. ONE good raid in the base and we can move on to this."
He tapped the main city in the center of the map.
"The city of Sanberna. we'll stick to the outskirts as we cut clean through. Zombies in the MILLIONS and elites in the same. Once on the other side we'll continue south."
They nodded and Kora smiled.
"We're gonna need extra tires."
They chuckled at that one and Tyler retook the wheel.
"We got a lotta driving ahead a us."
Angel sat beside him and Kora flopped on the couch. The group pulled out of the gas station heading along the main street of the town and Tyler kept the RV at a steady 5 miles an hour in the event a house or shop seemed interesting. It did not take long.
"Heads up. Got a police station on the right."
The pair looked and Kora smiled as he saw the precinct.
"And a sheriff's office too. They might have more shotguns."
Angel smiled as she loaded her M1014.
"Let's go take a look."
She pumped it and the guys whistled.
"Damn, Angel. That was kinda sexy."
"I'm gay and even I gotta agree."
The friends chuckled as Tyler loaded up his 870. Angel smiled as she stacked up behind Tyler atthe RV door.
"This is fun."
He smirked at tha truth as the pair headed out while kora locked the RV down. Tyler led the way right to the front door of the police station and found the door to be unlocked. An gel smirked as he led her in first.
"Such a gentlemen."
"well I AM the romantic type."
"Ya got yer ways."
Tyler smirked as he went to the next door and spotted a zombie on the otherside of the bullet proof glass as Angel looked at the same glass curiously as Tyler snuck up behind the zombie and snapped it's neck.
"We can't take the glass can we?"
"we could. I'd need some tools though but we could."
"Mark the place and when we find the stuff we need we'll come back and collect it."
She nodded and the pair moved through the precinct dropping zombies without a sound. The pair came to a steel door and Tyler took the handle as Angel readied her shotgun. He pushed it open....just to be faced with a 8 foot tall stregor in full riot gear on the other side. Angel's blue eyes went wide at this nightmare scenario but to her credit didn't make a sound or move as Tyler looked at the unmoving beast. He nodded and pulled a knife from his belt before he dropped into a low crouch. angel looked at him incredulously as the Survivor snuck over to the gorilla in body armor...and pounced on the thing from behind. The beast huffed and went to roar in fury....only for the 7 inch knife to carve a new smile across it's throat. it dropped with a thud and Tyler smirked as he sheathed the knife with a twirl.
"And STAY down."
"I am fucking you into unconsciousness tonight, Gore. and I THINK I might have just fallen in love."
He chuckled at Angel's awe-filled confession.
"Thanks Angel. I'll teach ya how I did that."
"YOU are a BADASS."
"Ha. Come on."
She smiled as he put the fresh duffel bag of loot on his back. The room the stregor had been found in turned out to be a secure evidence lockup. Tyler walked along the lines of shelves containing banned items until he came to a large green brick that made him smirk.
"Got 4 pounds a weed, Angel."
"Nice. I got a gun."
"On you."
She smirked at that as the expert walked over and she hefted the thing.
"Dunno what it is."
He looked....and blew a long, slow whistle.
"SOMEONE had a FUCKING hookup. caaause that is NOT something you can buy at a store. That's a fucking LMG! A STONER M63 LIGHT MACHINEGUN. There is NO. REASON. that should be here. Take it. OH MY GOD we are taking that."
Angel whistled as she held the beefy machinegun.
"Damn dude. Hardcore?"
"Oh yeah. 5.56 caliber and the hundred round box magazine. That thing is now our general purpose machinegun. Come on. We need to see what else this place has. Odds are, it's a BUGGED site."
She nodded and the gun was loaded onto Tyler's pack as well as the weed. Tyler led the searching now along the evidence locker and came upon more weed, a few boxes of Russian 7.62 rounds, and a pair of brassknuckles Angel claimed.
"For when you piss me off, Gore."
"Great. A Russian with an iron fist."
She chuckled.
"I got a few. The armory oughta be hardcore but we got a backup plan."
The friends headed for the police armory now and Tyler smiled as he found the lockup and picked said lock.
"I wouldn't be surprised if we found another Wa-Wa."
They walked into the onsite firing range and Tyler looked down said range....only to spot a hunched over creature with slate grey skin.
"Angel get out of the cage and lock it. NOW."
She reacted on reflex and Tyler pulled the Stoner with a dark look on his face.
"NOT this time you sick sonuvabitch. Angel, DO NOT get seen by it."
"what is it?"
Tyler slammed the charging handle back with authority.
"A Grey Mounter. It fucks it's prey and uses them as breeders. Underdark monster. I got captured by a clan once in the beta. I escaped but not until a few rounds. I'mma kill this fuckin thing."
He walked up and noted four more such shapes in the range and he cracked his neck. Then he aimed the M63...and pulled the trigger. The first of the beasts lowed like an ox from the sudden barrage of bullets before it dropped. Tyler swung the rifle around and poured lead into the now dashing creatures and the beefy 5.56 machinegun tore them to shreds before they dropped. Tyler slapped the tac light from the colt onto the rail of the MG and found a hole in the rear wall of the armory. He nodded.
"Angel, loot the armory for EVERYTHING. THAT'S an entrance into the Underdark. Load up an we're gettin the fuck outta here. MOVE."
"On it!"
The blonde raced around the room with Tyler guarding the entrance with the MG and she emptied everything she found into her bag. Tyler looted the dead beasts himself as Angel was heard.
The pair left the range and Tyler used a carabiner to lock the range off entirely before he followed. Angel shuddered at the story he'd told her as the pair returned to the RV.
"So you were raped by them, Gore?"
"Yeah. I NEARLY died. That was my ONE foray into the Underdark and I was kitted out to the nines in nightvision and guns. I got out by tearing the thing's throat out and gunning them down with an MG42 I found with a 500 round belt. The betabase then made a mutal agreement to NEVER go down there EVER. So in essence there's an entire half of the beta we just refused to explore from just how fucked up it is."
"Jesus CHRIST."
"Hmm-hm. Rumor has it at the bottom of the Underdark is the TRUE ultimate boss of Lord of the Dead but no one's got the ass to try it."
The pair returned to the RV and Kora whistled as he saw the M63.
"Jesus. what the hell?"
"We are leaving the station and pretending it doesn't exist. it's got an entrance into the Underdark down there."
Tyler took a screenshot of the station and put up a warning message.
"Underdark entrance discovered. Grey Mounter nest confirmed."
The reply?
"Quaratine established. Building and block marked for bombing run in future."
Kora and Angel whistled as Tyler took the wheel.
"GORELEECH is shaken by them things. Weeeee don't stand a fucking chance."
"I was down there 15 minutes. BEFORE I got caught."
The trio pulled away from the station as the betabase sent up general warnings to the entire player base to avoid the Underdark at all costs for the creatures that lived down there. Tyler pulled a bottle of IBC rootbeer and flipped the cap off with a thumb for a deep swig. Angel chuckled as she sat beside him.
"I work at it. Anything good?"
"Didn't look. Like five guns though."
"we'll take a look in a bit."
"Sure. You good?"
"I'm alright. I can let stuff that happens to me ingame go a lot easier since It's not happening to me IRL if that makes sense."
Kora chuckled as he looked over from the MG.
"Makes total sense. Explains why you didn't freak out with a KABAR buried to the hilt in your chest."
"I did something like that for a week straight in the beta. Freaked Termitron the FUCK out when I walked outta the bathroom. heeeey Termi? I THINK I fucked up. Poor bastard was everybody's bitch to fuck with in the beta. I miss that guy."
Kora chuckled.
"He gulable?"
"Yeaaah. And a DAMN good guy to hang with. Just like SUPPPPER gullable."
They left the town and once they were a few miles from it Tyler pulled off the road. Then the friends gathered the loot from the police station and Angel smiled as the guns were unloaded.
"I got every last bullet too."
"Thanks Angel. Alright."
The guns were laid out and Tyler crossed his arms as he looked to the first.
"THERE'S freakin relic. Krag-jorgensan bolt action rifle. It's a solid marksmen rifle from the first world war with a five round side mounted magazine. 7.62s work in it since it'd be a right bitch to gnerate bullets for every single gun in the world."
Kora took it.
"I loved it in other games."
Tyler looked at the next gun and smirked.
"And here's an icon on police walls. MP5 Submachinegun. 9mm parabellum and it's the MP5K version with foregrip. Nice."
Angel took the thing with a smirk.
"I always liked the 5K."
The third gun made tyler shrug.
"eh. Standard M99 over under double barrel 12 gauge. Take it or leave it."
Kora took it with a fond smile.
"My dad has one with a carved chestnut stock. Got a freakin wolf on it."
"I approve."
The forth gun made him smirk.
"There's a stereotype. Colt new service revolver. .38 special. we'll set it to trade as we got better options."
And the last gun was another M1014 which made Tyler chuckle.
"THIS one has the extended tube for 8 shells. The other'll be a trader or backup gun. And we got a thousand rounds in all from the station armory. Any 5.56?"
Angel passed him a small crate of 300.
"Here, Gore."
"I'll reload the Stoner, Kora feel like drivin?"
"Sure. So i saw the weed."
"NO getting high behind the wheel."
"Yes dad."
"Good boy. Get goin."
"Okay. i regret my choice. Errrrrr."
Tyler and Angel laughed at his cringe as Kora took the wheel. The Survivor and Angel put the new guns in the closet that served as the RV weapon's locker and the ammo in Tyler's room at the rear. Once the goods were put up Tyler made sure to put the weed in a cupboard in his room.
"Drugs and guns don't mix."
He went out and found Angel relaxing in a tanktop and booty shorts on the couch with her long legs crossed alluringly on the rear of the couch. The busty blonde smirked as Tyler leered at her.
"I know. I'm gorgeous."
"drop DEAD gorgeous."
"I'm game."
Kora sighed as the pair went to the back room.
"Greeeat. I'm their taxi driver. I'm not jealous. Nope. NOOOOOT AT ALLLLLL."
Tyler and Angel went a few rounds in teh sheets before dropping. Tyler smiling as he fell into her large bust and Angel smiling as he held her tightly after.
"I admit. I freakin love this."
"ME too, Angel."
She smiled and he kissed her lovingly.
The blonde snuggled into his chest.
"well. I ADORE the love and attention you shower me in, the sex is fan-FUCKING-tastic, and you're my best friend in this game. You're so sweet....yeah. I think we're better at fuckbuddies."
He smiled warmly.
"I figured. Your type?"
"Well....I DO like girls too. I like getting fucked in the ass by a girl with a strapon then a guy with a real dick. As FUCKING amazing as it is."
Tyler shrugged at this one and kissed her.
"I gotchyer back, Angel."
"Thanks Gore. And we'll keep fuckin around as I HATE dry spells."
"Sure thing, Angel. I'd ask your real name, but ya know."
She smiled and her blue eyes were warm.
"I know. If I WERE to fall? I'll let you know."
"Same here."
The pair cleaned up in the shower and went out. Tyler sat by Kora and the guy fistbumped him.
"Dead on arrival?"
Tyler nodded with a smile.
"Yeah. Sadly. Girls are just that much better."
"fair. You good?"
"Oh yeah. i knew the first night. Kept the door open an all but yeah."
"KINDA scared who'll ACTUALLY say yes."
"NOT you."
"OOH honey, don't be like that! I'm nice!"
"Ya know the last time I heard that line? it came from the mouth of an ugly bastard with a KID fetish."
"JESUS. fuck man."
"Yup. It's okay. He got hit by a bus."
Kora shivered and Angel leaned in over their seats with a smirk.
"Gore's awesome in bed and sweet, but gimme a busty redheaded girl with a strapon ANNNNYday."
"I am LOVING that image. Not bad, Angel."
"I got class."
"I guess that you the class act."
The friends chuckled at that one and she smiled.
"How we looking?"
Tyler opened the map.
"Kora bang a"
"Got it. so we're heading for the military base."
"Yup. Goal is bullets, attachments, and more modern weaponry. world war kit will get us outta LOOOTTA problems but we can't really DO anything to em."
Kora nodded as he manuvered the bus around the tight turn.
"I'd say we need more medical. But we always need more medical. Trailer?"
"We'll see what we can find. odds are we'd need to raid another campground to find one."
"Makes sense. Think you could rework this thing into the Lost World trailers, Gore?"
"Oh definitely. just a question of resources and a proper yard."
Angel crossed her arms.
"Will we set up somewhere temporalily, Gore? we'd be able to do a lot with a set area to work with."
That made him frown and he sat back in his seat.
" not a bad idea, Angel. with a few days in a set area we could EASILY crank out a few upgrades on the RV. Problem is the right area. it'd need the right mix of mats and access to rarer mats for such a thing."
Kora looked at him.
"That town by the base could work."
"It could. huh. We'll scout the town and see if it'll do for a temporay base of operations as we upgrade the RV. It IS we'll carve out a base."
They nodded and Kora smiled.
"It'll be fun to see the master basebuilder at work."
Tyler chuckled.
"And it'll be fun putting you two to work building a base."
"Don't let it go to your head."
"Don't let it go to your head."
The friends chuckled at the unison shutdown as the sun went down and they pulled off the road. Sarah appeared on the screen and she smiled.
"Good evening, Goreleech. Kora, Angel."
They waved and the reporter looked at Tyler.
"You and Angelstar are not getting together, Goreleech?"
"Wee're better off as best friends and even better fuckbuddies Sarah."
Angel nodded with a smile.
"Gore's great an all...but i like girls just that much more."
Sarah nodded with a smile.
"Your relationship status is still open and seeking, Goreleech?"
The survivor nodded.
"Yup. Kinda curious who'll be the one."
They chuckled and Sarah looked at her paper.
"The beta players have been establishing quaratine zones and sites across the game world, Goreleech. Could yoi explain to us whaty they are?"
"Sure. They're places that are too fucking dangerous to explore withouy EXTREME support. And some are forbidden to solo raids due to the hellscape it is. If you were to go TOO deep in the Underdark and die, you DON'T respawn topside and instead respawn naked down there. Andf then you will NEVER get out unless you're rescued. And even then you'll NEVER be the same person you were going in. I am flatout REFUSING to go down there. Me. Goreleech666."
He shivered and that spoke volumes before Sarah looked to the next question.
"You discovered a tribute to the Haunting in Conneticut. Were you a fan of the movie?"
"I never saw it actually. i saw the documentary A Haunting did on it. I'm a paranormal buff as well so I dabble in stuff like ghost hunting from time to time."
Angel smiled.
"We'll chat then."
"I got my collections of shows."
"We'll get popcorn then. And chat."
"Sure thing Angel."
Kora shrugged.
"I'mma disbeliever. i want something to come up and slap me in the face. There. It's real."
"I can respect that."
Tyler looked back at Sarah and she smiled.
"Are you religious in any way Goreleech?"
"NOPE. I am a HAPPY athiest."
Angel whistled.
"Me too. YOUR thing?"
"God knows all. And god never makes mistakes, right?"
"You are."
"God created everything, right?"
"Again, you are."
Tyler smirked.
"Sooooo WHY did he create Lucifer KNOWING he would betray hum...KNOWING he'd create evil? if god is so good....WHY DID HE CREATE SUFFERING AT ALL?"
Angel and Kora chuckled.
"THAT is a good one."
"Yeah. Damn. I'm caught. "
Sarah nodded with a slightly smaller smile now.
"Yu are an atheist."
"I am."
"do you OPPOSE religion?"
Tyler crossed his arms.
"I am wholeheartedly against living a life entirely centered around religion. THAT is as toxic as it gets. An example. The Mother from the Stephen King Novel Carrie. People like her are nothing but MONSTERS that hde behind their texts and commit EVILS all in the name of righteousness. If you live like that, I condemn you. As you are MISERABLE and the people you live around SUFFER your presence."
Kora smirked.
"Yeeeah. My town hates you now. They are VERY Christain."
"To Quote Roger Smith. Christainty. My favorite deadbeat dad story. Check it. God creates this kid then leaves him. Later, when the kid becomes famous, God wants him to go live with him."
Angel and Kora laughed at that one and Sarah lifted an eyebrow.
" disturbing."
Tyler smiled as he looked at the mainstream reporter.
"Religion is fine. Being prouf of it is fine. But don't whip it out in public and force it down people's throats like you think you know better. You don't."
Kora smirked.
"weird image."
"I got it off a bilboard. And the first line?"
"Hit me."
"Religion is like a penis."
"Oh my god that's fucked up but it's funny."
Tyler looked at Sarah and the reporter sighed.
"That is all the time we have. Good night, Goreleech."
The screen went out and Angel smirked.
"That was Fox right?"
"Ha! Way to fuck with the system!"
"Yeah. it's fun to fuck with the reporters. Wanna bet the next reporter is some kinda evanglist?"
The teenagers laughed at that possibility as Mylissa, Tyler's manager appeared on the screen. She smirked as he looked at her.
"I know EXACTLY I'mma spin you."
"Rebel without a care?"
"Rebel without a damn. YOU don't fucking who you offend and will GLADLY call someone out if you think they're wrong. I love it."
"How's the pop charts?"
"Holding steady. That fight with the Banshee was a highpoint. Think you can a phrase or something when you go into a fight like that?"
"Sure. I can try out different oneliners. i'd LIKE to think i got a flair for it."
Mylissa nodded.
"And you haven't been playing music a lot. There a reason for it?"
"KINDA forgot it was there."
"I'll ask you to include some of it in your activities. It'd go a long way to get attention."
"Sure. Zombies can't hear it so. Anything i oughta know bout now?"
The manager looked at a paper.
"Just a mass of loveletters from every girl your own age not in the game. Some are.....raunchy."
"Upload em and I'll take a look."
"HA! All I got. Interviews and meet and greets are coming but not yet. You need a POP of some kind for it."
"We're raiding a military base."
"That'll do it. Alright, Gore, all I got."
The screen went out and Kora looked at him curiously.
"Whatchyu got for tunes, Gore?"
"A lot. Whaddya in the mood fer?"
"Something DARK."
Tyler smirked and went to his collection.
"LAdies and whatever the fuck the rest of you are, I present to you, Confess, Divide music's tribute to Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate."
He hit play and Angel smirked as the opening riffs were heard.
"Damn. i wanna kill stuff to this."
"we will get our chance, Angel. we will get our chance."
Kora nodded as the heavy guitar was heard.
"Damn dude. I like it."
Tyler chuckled at that and the RV was secured for the night. dinner was made from leftover pizza and Tyler settled into his large queen sized bed alone for once. Once comfy he looked at the empty spot beside him....and chuckled quietly to himself.
"First time in a week or so I sleep alone and it feels weird. That's kinda cool."


Tyler woke the next morning alone in hs bed. He got out of bed and walked out of the room to find Angel asleep on her back in her bed with her blanket around her thighs with a lovely view of her body. He smiled as he pulled it back up over her and she smiled.
"And I FUCKING adore this too."
"Mornin Angel."
"Mornin Gore."
Kora was sitting up in his bunk too.
"Morning. I guess."
They chuckled and Tyler went to the cab, Kora the kitchen, and Angel her gun. The friends had breakfast together and did their morning interview before they got moving. Tyler looked at the gas gauge.
"3 quarters of the first tank. Alright. Shes lighter on fuel an I feared."
Angel was running a file over her fingernails as she looked at him.
"What'd you use in the beta, Gore?"
"A long nose V16 chopper."
"Why'd I even bother? Ghost rider?"
"Just minus the flames."
Kora chuckled as he cleaned his Krag.
"And as for fucking usual it just fits you, Gore."
"I work at it."
The friends rolled along the road at a steady speed of 25 miles an hour and Tyler smiled as the town came into view in the distance.
"Sack up. Town in sight."
The two riders loaded guns and pulled pants on as tyler brought speed from 25 to 10 miles fr a cautious approach. Tyler had the RV rolling up the center of the road as he entered the city and nearly instantly he noted something.
"eyes wide you two. There's players in here."
His keen and experienced eye had spotted shell casing in the dozen littering the ground with piles of dead zombies here and there. Tyler slowed the RV even more as he looked at the carnage.
"Noobs with guns and plenty of ammo. Hey Angel, think you can snag me a few shell casings?"
"On it."
Kora had his Greweher at the ready as the blonde retreived a handful of shells. Tyler took one look at the .45 ACP rounds,
"Someone with a thompson. I'd peg the model as the M1928. or Gangster model."
Kora whistled.
"That thing is an icon."
"I want one."
Tyler chuckled at that as he looked at the casings.
"Thompson's solid, Angel. And a damn good gun. Even IF that recoil is fucking mean."
The friends kept careful watch as they rolled the RV through the town and Tyler noted the casings and bodies of zombies thinned out after a bit and as they rolled along a line of houses, he noted a curtain move.
"Movement second floor red house."
"Got em, Boss. What do we do?"
Tyler stopped the RV.
"Kora on the V, Angel an I'll see what's up."
"I hate how you said that."
"I do too. But sure."
Tyler loaded the 8 shell M1014 shotgun and Angel put a magazine in the MP5K with a powerslap.
He pumped his shotgun with one hand and a smirk.
"Let's knock."
Kora and Angel whistled.
"HeLLLO mister badass."
"What he said."
"Thanks i work at it."
The duo left the RV and Tyler had the long shotgun at the ready as he looked at he large house.
"Hm. well it's not a victorian."
Angel chuckled as they went for the front door.
"HOPEFULLY there's no sallys in there."
"I for one don't want to find another clicker."
"UGH those SUCK."
"I am so glad you stopped there."
"Be kinda weird calling the girl I like sleeping with sister."
"VERY weird. And also NO."
"Yes Angel."
"GOOD boy,"
He chuckled as he reached the front door and she opened it. he swung the gun in on a pivot and she went the oppositte direction. The house had a single stairway leading up and Tyler smiled as he took it and Angel followed.
"I never get tired a this."
"KInda feels like we're action stars."
"Only with a hotter blonde."
"Damn fucking right."
He chuckled at that as they went up the stairs guns first. The survivor had the tac light on his gun and he smirked as the light engulfed the entire hall.
"Cool bit is we can change the lights om these for different colors."
Angel smirked as she watched their rear.
"I want-"
"Hot pink?"
"I will shoot you in the ASS. I WANT A BLACKLIGHT."
"As COOL as that would BE, Angel? Blood glows under a blacklight."
"Think about the type a game we're in. You walk into some'd light it up like a disco."
"Yeah. And not to mention the OTHER bodily fluids highlighted by a blacklight."
"EEEEEW. Okay. NOW I regret my choice. YOUR choice?"
"Either blue or red."
Tyler chuckled at that one as he reached the last door along the hallway.
"This is the master."
He turned the knob and shoved it open. They were faced by a lavish master bedroom with a canopy bed and large closet door that was shut but the window was wide open. Tyler chuckled as he saw this.
"They're in the closet."
Tyler looked at the door to said closet as Angel closed te door.
"Look. we're no Pkers. Come on out."
There was a low gasp from the closet and Tyler smiled.
"Come on out. We wanted to you'd be dead already."
The sliding door was cracked open a smidge and someone peeked out and Tyler waved.
"Hiya! Mind comin outta the closet?"
Angel sighed.
"If ONLY Kora had been here."
The friends laughed at the far off voice of their friend. The closet door opened more and a girl poked her head out.
"Gore? LIke...GoreLEECH?"
Tyler waved.
"In the MESS!"
The girl gasped and the door was pushed open to revea another beauty. She was a head shorter then Tyler with ankle length hair the color of chocolate while her skin was lightly browned. her eyes were bright green and had a slight slant to them that added an exotic look to her face. Her bust was large in her pink blouse while her frame over all was slender. She had capri jeans on with sneakers on her feet as she looked at Goreleech in shock. Her voice a soft, airy soprano.
"Goreleech? LIke THE Goreleech? The one that's supposed to be unkillable and the legend of the betabase?"
"Yup. Nice to meetchya."
The girl had stars appear in her green eyes and she looked to the closet.
Another shape came out now and this time it was a guy. He stood at 6 feet tall even with the same green eyes and brown skin as the girl while his hair was dirty blonde. His frame was muscular like he spent more time in the gym then anything and his voice was a hard snap as he looked at the shorter Goreleech.
"YOU'RE Goreleech? wow. I expected a 6 foot monster. Benson6667. Ben."
"Nice to meet you two. This is Angel."
The blonde waved and Ben whistled.
"Oh I KNOW."
Ben fistbumped Tyler with a smirk.
"She yours?"
"At times. Likes it from a girl more."
"Dude I am LOVING that image."
"Me too bro. MEEEE TOO. So who're you?"
The green eyed girl smiled sweetly.
"I'm Tulip6845! Tulip to my friends!"
Ben chuckled as he ruffled the beauty's hair, making her bawl.
"She;s my younger sister."
"Nice. So you guys runnin together?"
Ben nodded and looked out the window.
"we've been laying low in town since a gang of Pkers came through last night. Lit up everything in sight with fucking tommyguns like it was the 20s. Tul an i just laid low since she IS fucking gorgeous."
"NO arguements here. You see which way they went?"
"Headed north. But that road is one way."
Tyler smirked.
"wanna lay a trap?"
Ben smirked.
"I'm in bootcamp to be a Marine. Whaddya you think?"
"we need more grenades?"
"HA! Damn straight. it cool if we stay with you, Gore? Tul's KINDA.....yeah."
"Sure. Angel would a cuddleflower."
"Hey.....I like a cuddleangel."
They chuckled at Tulip's squeak and Tyler looked at Ben.
"You guys got kit?"
The bigger man shrugged.
"Few guns and some bullets. noting too crazy."
"We'll head to the RV. See bout an ambush."
They nodded and the Survivor lifted the mattress of the grandbed....
"I figured. I got another rifle case."
Angel pulled a set of keys from a drawer.
"I got the keys."
"Let's move people."
Tulip pulled a tiny little luger and Benson hefted a sawed off pumpaction shotgun that Tyler smirked at.
"Nice bastard."
"Thanks. I found an old M77. Needed a touchup."
"Marine Engineer."
"I like where this is going."
The group headed for the RV and Kora was waiting with his Karg.
"Gore I got headlights on that hill up ahead."
"I got you your bear."
Ben slugged him.
"I know that means you prick."
Kora chuckled as Tyler rubbed a sore jaw.
"He does that. Kora."
" ever stop?"
"Not really. He TRIES to be funny."
"Hit or miss. USUALLY a miss."
Tyler had opened his mouth and then both guys spoke in unison. The Survivor chuckled.
"Nice sync up."
They slumped as Tulip and Angel went to the weapons locker. The blonde looked at the more experienced player.
"So, Gore, how we playin this?"
"Kora get the RV off the main street. Ben, catch."
He tossed him the AK74U and the big man smirked.
Tyler lifted the Stoner.
"I hate you."
"we got lucky. POLICE STATION."
"Yeah. Hey, Tulip."
He passed her the Kar98K and she smiled.
"I know how to use this."
He patted her and she smiled.
"You're super nice for being a monster!"
"Ha. i'm only a monster to zombies, Tulip."
Ben chuckled.
"You're KINDA her hero. Why, I got no idea. She watched the livestream of the beta....and yeah. Remember that fight with the Tyrannataur?"
"That was one of my best fights."
"She's got it recorded....and watches it a lot. she's 15...and yeah. Obsessed."
Tyler smiled as he patted the brown haired beauty.
"I'll teach ya how I do it, Tulip."
She smiled widely.
Angel smiled as she took the girl.
"I'll keep YOU close."
"Yay! Sexy blonde angel!"
"she is so fucking cute."
Ben smirked as he hefted the 74U.
"She's ALSO a proud lesbian, Angel...."
"Alright. I got a rager that is KILLING me now....and we got people to kill. Moving on."
The RV was moved off the mainstreet and Tyler opened the map on the table. He tapped the military base.
"This is the only thing of interest up there. Odds are the attacked it....and are now running for their lives. if they pissed off the wrong thing, it's STILL chasin their bitchasses even if they're on bikes. The road leads right passed us. Since they're showoffs, they'll stick to the straight away."
Kora smirked.
"what EXACTLY are we after, Gore?"
"Their stuff. I want that gun."
"Ha. Zombie roadblock?"
"On a blindturn."
Ben whistled.
"Scary. Alright where do yuo want me?"
"If you climb onto the RV,"
Tyler passed him the WA2000.
"That's got a 6.5X scope on it. You'll JUST poke over the roof in a perfect scouting location. Tulip'll be with us as we build the roadblock."
"On it."
"Count on me, Gore."
"Alright let's get this done."
The friends moved with a will. Ben climbed onto the roof with the police sniper rifle to keep overwatch while Tyler, Kora and the girls piled bodies in a barricade across a sharp turn before the main straight away of the town. Tulip proving her good looks weren't her only traits as she carried bodies of grown zombies like a pro. The barricade stretched across the road and rose to a solid 4 feet high and Tyler smiled as he looked at it.
"Alright. Now we set one up behind the RV in a way they can't sneak up on us."
Kora chuckled as the roadblock was set up.
"I can't help but feel like we've seen this somewhere before in a movie or something. Dunno. Just a feeling."
They smiled at that one before Ben was heard.
"I got riders entering the town, Gore!"
"Alright. Load the other rifle and we'll see what happens."
Ben vaulted off the roof and Tyler pulled his M1014 as the sound of gunfire and roaring bike engines were heard. The Survivor smirked as he leaned on a wall.
"I know those engines. Typical police bikes."
The roar and gunfire was followed by a screech of tires before the riders slammed directly into the wall of zombies with their riders getting thrown off onto the asphalt. Tyler chuckled as he pumped the gun.
"Alright. We got em."
The 5 friends moved to the execution of the 6 player gang. The stunned other players saw them approaching and pulled guns to fight back...but were far too woozy from the crash to do anything as they were pinned by gunpoint. Tyler smiled as he walked up to a rugged chick in a leather croptop jacket and put the gun in her face.
"YOU the leader here?"
She smirked and spoke in a warm yet hard breath.
"Yup. Ya got us."
"Ha. You Pkers?"
"At times. YOU suck. Ya know how long it'll take us to fix those bikes?"
"I'm Goreleech."
"Explains it. Alexisflare668. Alexis to my crew."
Tyler lowered the gun and Alexis dusted her top off.
"So you're not Pkers?"
"we are if you take a shot at us. USUALLY don't miss."
"fair. Your bikes are fine. Just a few dents."
"Cool. So."
She pulled a model 27 revolver.
"we doin this....or are we done with he pissing contest?"
Tyler chuckled.
"we're good. was told you were Pkers."
Ben sighed as the gang looked at him.
"My bad."
Tulip smiled sweetly.
"Alexis intimidated him.....and he don't like that from a hot girl!"
They laughed at that one as Tyler looked at Alexis. She was a VERY hot girl. She stood his height with long, silky smooth black hair the dropped toher lower back in a curtain while her frame was well cut from whatever she did for fun. Her skin was pale and her bust was large in her croptop. Her eyes were grey and rather pretty while her frame was slender overall. Her attire was a croptop leather jacket, croptop undershirt with booty shorts and sneakers. She smirked as Tyler looked at her.
"I see that."
"Always DID like the tougher girls."
"I do boxing."
"Nice. Pick your bikes up, we'll chat."
"Oh no WAY we turnin that down."
Alexis and her friends collected their bikes and stood them up by the RV and Tyler smiled as they all gathered around the table.
"Together we have 11 players. That many we secure this town and establish a tempeoray base."
Alexis sat back.
"Ultimate goal?"
"Can you all keep a secret?"
They nodded and the feeds were turned off to prove it. Tyler smiled.
"MY base from the beta, is STILL IN GAME. And CAN be reclaimed. MY ultimate goal is to do so."
Outside Kora and Angel, everyone blinked and then wide smiles broke out on their faces. Alexis looked at him with lit up grey eyes.
"Your BOMBER?"
"THAT I DON'T know. It's a SOLID maybe, Alexis. if NOT....we simply rebuild it."
"I wanna fly in a B17. My Clan will join yours for that promise."
"I'll do ya one better. Wanna drop the Fat Man from a B29 on Seattle?"
EVERYONE'S eyes lit up like lights and Alexis looked at him with STARS in her eyes.
"I think i love you. YES I DO."
"Welcome to the Clan. Cause I was ALMOST done rebuilding that B29."
The feeds were turned back on and Alexis smiled.
"we're in."
Her friends nodded with smiles and Tyler added them to his Clan.
"we need a Clan Name now. we have over ten players so are recognized as a nomad clan now."
Angel smiled.
"YOU pick it, Gore."
He thought for a moment. The smirked.
"We're the Ghosts."
He got a near en mass panning for that one and he shrugged.
"Oh fine. We'll be the Wolves?"
They shrugged and Alexis smiled.
"GOOD enough. So the town."
Tyler nodded.
"We'll upgrade the RV with armor and weaponry. Build a trailer for your bikes and a means to reach em from inside the RV."
"Okay. And military base? We raided it....annnnd were nearly wiped out. They got this HUUUGE fucking thing with a damn TANK CANNON for an arm."
Tyler blinked.
"Someone got a screenshot?"
One of the bikers passed him the image and he slumped.
"Oh FUCK man. A Zombotron. Legit what it's called. It's basically Megatron as a zombie. 15 feet tall, is a mutated zombie tank and we'd need antitank weapons to crack it. Same time. It's one of the minibosses of the game and once it spawns in it doesn't despawn until SOMETHING kills it. We'd be able to take that tank arm though. I used the one I killed for the defensive cannon on the base. 120mmm howitzer."
Kora whistled.
"So how DO we kill it, Gore?"
"for NOW we DON'T. Not unless I can find some materials and craft an antitank rifle. Or some hydrochlor."
Ben looked at him.
"Demo charges?"
"You'd need to make em sticky."
"I found some raw explosives in a handware store downtown. Bout 30 pounds too."
Tyler smirked.
"Still got it?"
"Oh yeah."
"I can craft it into C4. ALL we'd need to do is PRY open the chest. It's weakpoint is the heart. It takes a bullet to the heart it drops. Tungsten piercers drop it in one hit. and if the rumor is TRUE you get the title Tank Piercer."
Alexis smiled.
"So THIS is what it's what it's like to hang with a pro? Ha. we're in. So whaddya we do first, Gore?"
"Build the base. We'll set the town up and go from there. House by house and room by rookm search for zombies. Kill em all in a set town and then they won;t respawn and instead WANDER back in. Once the last one is dead we'll take EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. OF. LOOT. In the town and stack it in our chosen house for the time being. Loot will keep respawning inside a town we claim but it does so once per week. Same time the entire town is loot. So we'll use a lot of recycling and repurposing."
Angel smirked.
"This is gonna be fun, Gore. Mount a tank turret on the RV?"
"Oh absolutely."
The group smiled and Tyler looked at Alexis.
"We'll get to it. we gotta a LOTTA work ahead a us."
She nodded with a smile.
"We DAMN sure do. Let's get it done."
Tyler looked at the group of leather jacket clad bikers.
"Anyone here good wirh tools or skilled with a blowtorch?"
Alexis smirked.
"HarryDaBest222 is in our school's automotive club, Rnggirl555 there is in our wood shop class, my dad's a mechanic, and yeah."
Ben smirked.
"MArine engineer trainee on the verge of completion."
TYler nodded.
"Alright. I'll take Angel and Kora and we'll start clearing houses. Tulip and Ben team up with that other cutie there and start looting in our wake. Alexis, pick two more and use the dead zombies to wall off these streets leading in."
He puleld a pen and drew small Vs on the roads of the tac map.
"This shape. Do it right and it'll make it seem the walls are further ahead then they are to anything approaching. The RV we'll park in the gas station lot for the project."
The heads nodded and the Survivor smiled.
"Let's get started. Break."
The group emptied out their packs in teh RV for maximum space and Tyler smiled as he, Kora and Angel headed off with their weapons for the sanitizing of the town. Kora smirked as the RV was parked in the town gas station lot by the garage.
"Gore, you sure bout them?"
"Oh yeah, Kora. I can tell bout other players since I KINDA need to know who to shoot and who to drown in a lake."
They chuckled at the reference and Angel smirked.
"I gpt a message from her. BEGGING me to get you to unblock her and I told her no. You wasted FAR too many chances."
TYler smiled at this.
"I DO miss her an all. But yeah. Not getting stabbed to death over emotional instability."
Kora nodded as he smashed a zombie over the head in a garage with his bat.
"Tru dat. I HATE girls that play those kinda games. My brother was nearly arrested when his girlfriend's best friend cried rape on a sleepover while his girl went to the bathroom. Thank GOD she;d forgotten to turn her little brother's nannycam off or he WOULDA been arrested."
Tyler shrugged as he snapped another zombie's neck.
"Girls suck, guys suck, people suck. We know."
The friends chuckled at that truth as they explored a nearby grocery store. Tyler smiled as he spotted Tulip, Ben and another girl moving behind them loading packs and bags with anything that could be stuffed in there before they unloaded the stuff in the RV's building lot for further use. Tyler and his two friends made good progress through the town clearing zombies before they eturned to the RV as the sun went down. There they found a pile of loot with the more organized members of the newly forged clan sorting it into pile types with a clipboard carrying Alexis writting everything down. The tough biker smiled as Tyler walked up.
"How we lookin Alexis?"
She passed the clipboard over.
"Pretty freakin good actually. Food and medical are stored on the RV while anything crafting wise is being loaded into the garage. we're staying in a house, right?"
He nodded as he noted the cans of propane and kerosine.
"That's the plan. We've got sleeping bags to turn a fully finished basement into a rather cozy snugglefest."
"NO truth or dare or spin the bottle first night."
"Agreed. You single, Alexis?"
She smiled.
"I'm not actually. I got me a boyfriend. He's with his own crew and we message to make sure we're astill alive an all."
The girl chuckled as he smiled.
"I can SEE that, Gore."
"I'm not lonely. Just JEALOUS I'm missing out on the hot biker chick sex and snuggles."
She chuckled at the halftruth before he looked at the RV.
"we'll say a two week job. The Zombotron won't leave the base unless something else attacks it and kills it."
"And we'll-hm?"
A sound of whirring was heard overhead and the group looked up to see an Osprey tilted rotor assault carrier flying overhead. Tyler chuckled as he saw it and the others looked at him curiously.
"That's one of the scout birds that'll fly over from time to time. If you shoot em down you can loot em for a MASS of REALLY good freakn loot. If you DON'T down it in one hit it'll come about for an attack run. and tey are HEAVILY armored in the front and sides. we'd need to take out one of the rotars before it flew off and that's a bitch."
Ben smirked as he looked at the bird.
"Actually, Gore?? Just put a medium caliber round into the airintake and it'll wreak HAVOC on the internals. Are they tougher ingame?"
Tyler blinked.
"No. It's SUPPOSED to be a one to one replica of the real world. Ben?"
"Bird in the engine."
"Jesus. Okay. YOU just taught ME something. we'll try it."
They nodded and Tyler took the WA2000 as the Osprey was gaining altitude to clear a building....and he pulled the trigger. The .300 round slammed into the paneling of the Osprey and it was seen to veer off firing flares and Ben smiled.
"Deploy flares in case of missle, ascertain direction of fire, and retaliate. It's coming about."
"Use the Kar."
"On it."
The two snipers took aim and Tyler smirked.
"Be ready to bolt.....FIRE."
The snipers fired and they put both rounds into the air intake of the jet engine of the left wing....and there was an IMMEDIATE sparking as they made impact. Tyler smirked as the Osprey lurched and they emptied their magazines into the thing. The engine exploded into a fireball and the thing started dropping into a tailspin.
everyone dropped to the ground as the bird slammed into a large manor and into the cement with an explosion heard for miles. Tyler was standing in front of it as the bird skidded aross the grount towards him and he smirked as he held the Stoner.
"I said....STOP."
The bird stopped skidding and he chuckled.
"Welcome to earth. Clear!"
Angel looked at him with a smirk.
"Dude. YOU are TOO freakin badass for your own good."
The friends chuckled and Tyler smirked.
"wanna know somethin cool?"
They looked at him.
"We COULD fix it."
They blinked and Ben smiled widely.
"Let's do that, Gore. Use it to assault the base. It takes usual fuel right?"
"Yup. Since again, making individual fuel types ofor every vehicle is just not possible. So we can fill her tanks from that pump there. We'll loot it ad go from there. Nicely done, Ben. Ya taught ME something new on the game."
"WOW do I feel fulfilled."
The friends went to the access ramp in the back of the downed twin rotor osprey and Tyler smirked as he saw it had come open in the crash.
"All crates in the light people."
They nodded and got to work unloading the warbird of it's cargo until all fifteen crates were lined up in the yard of the gas station. Tyler took a crowbar and tore the lid off the first and looked inside.
"JESUS. i got a Javelin-7 Lockon Missle launcher."
Ben whistled as he took the thing out.
"Now THAT'S gnarly. How many rockets?"
"That makes sense."
"We'll use em on the Zombotron and other Ospreys."
The next crate was torn open.
"Wow. MREs, people. A full pallate. Sooo several hundred."
Angel nodded as she wrote it on the clipboard.
"we're set on food."
The next crate.
"Ammo. Several hundred thousand rounds of 5.56, 7.62 NATO, 12-gauge, and 9mm parabellum rounds."
Ben nodded.
"Standard US issue ammunition."
The crate after that was opened and Tyler smiled.
"Medic packs. FULL backpacks issued to the CSAR teams. I am LOVING this spread right now."
Kora took charge of the crate.
"dad's CSAR and I'm in training to be an EMT."
The next crate was opened and Tyler chuckled.
"THAT'S more like it. M16A1s. About 20 of them. we got our new main battle rifles."
The rifles were issued and Ben chuckled as he hefted his.
"MUCH better."
The friends smiled as Tyler went to the next crate and tore it open.
"BOOM. M2 browning buildkit. we got a 50. heavy machinegun to place everyone."
Angel whistled.
"ONe osprey....and we got all this?"
Kora and Ben chuckled.
"It was a single bird. so makes sense."
"This were a PROPER convoy you'd expect everything from bullets and knives, to food to medical, to resupply MISSILES for FIGHTER JETS."
Tyler tore open the next crate.....
"Oh damn. We got FULL harnesses for spec ops loadouts. JESUS."
The next three crates were ammo and then Tyler reached the last one and tore it open.
"Ha. M60E3. 6 of them with about 20 boxes of 7.62 NATO rounds. Wow. We gotta LOOOOTTA bullets."
They chuckled at that as the hardware was secured inside the gas station before reconvening aboard the RV. They sat at the table with a rootbeer apiece for a new planning meeting. Tyler tapped the miitary base.
"We're still hitting the military base. we can get upgrades and attachments form a good raid. Nothing has changed even though we're better equipped then most units today."
They nodded and Angel looked at him.
"How well equipped were YOU when you went into the Underdark, Gore?"
He sighed,
"I had upgraded a Pancor Jackhammer with a 30 round drum of dragon's breath fire shotgun shells, an M249 SAW with tungsten piercers, a pair of deagles kitted to the nines, NIGHTVISION, SLIENCED BOOTS, ALL MY SKILLS, and like forty grenades. I didn't last two hours."
They shivered and Angel frowned...and turned her feed off. The rest saw this and turned their feeds off as well and the blonde looked at him.
"The Underdark is the subway system right?"
He nodded, confused.
"It is."
"Sooo HOW did you get into the iradiated zone, Gore? You said you went through the subway....yeeet. The UNDERDARK is the SUBWAY."
Tyler chuckled.
"I am amazed you caught that Angel. I LIED. Remember who was with us?"
She frowned hard....then blinked.
"Yup. THAT base is MY lair. NO ONE elses. Hails knows this. So. if she plays evil rat.....well. A LOTTA people are gonna get hurt. MY base? ISN'T IN THE IRRADIATED ZONE. It's somewhere else entirely. I was GOING to show you what I meant when we added the offroad tires to the RV. I DO have a base in the irradiated zone but it's a mere outpost for forays into it."
Tyler smiled.
"MY built onto the side of a mountain facing the city of Seattle. Like I built a sideways skyscraper up the side of the mountain."
They whistled and Kora looked at their tac map.
"So....where are we then. Gore?"
"We're in a sectio of California. The main city here, San Bereno, is spanish. California."
They chuckled and Angel frowned.
"But....the BETA was in the SOUTH...RIGHT?"
"It was. and was a custom game world."
"OOOOH. Oh I see how they did it. They built a small crosscut of the entire world and made it the betabase level."
"Pretty much. it was still the size of Alaska but yeah."
He shrugged and the group chuckled at that one before they turned the feeds back on. Then the friends switched to planning the raid on the base. Alexis placed an upside down whiskey glass on the spot.
"That zombotron is the de facto leader of the base. Aside from the big fucker there's the usual spattering of regular walkers, stregors, these insect lookin fucks that scare the shit outta me, and a bunch otherwise. Rnggirl has a few screenshots, Gore."
The girl in question had the same appearance as Samara from the ring as she climbed out of the well but with longer, healthier and thicker black hair while her skin was briht white. Her eyes were bright blue and her bust was massive inside her white gown. She passed Tyler a bunch of screenshots of the base as she spoke in her soft breath.
"we scouted the base best we could from the front gate before we raided it. Didn't end well."
Tyler nodded as he looked at the images.
"Stregors, a few banshees, a mass of clickers, several hundred walkers, some armored hulks."
He passed the image of 8 foot tall masses of muscle covered in thick body armor.
"Armored Hulks. Basically think Hulk but black, a zombie, covered in military body armor....and it likes to throw concrete at you. FAce is it's only weakness and you need a large caliber to drop it in one hit. Thinks are less common eiltes and are REAL freakin pains in the ass."
Ben noted the armor.
"Set it on fire?"
"Is the other accepted method to bring it down. It's TERRIFIED of flames for some odd freakin reason."
Angel crossed her arms thoughtfully as she looked at him.
"How many people would it take to man that Osprey the right way, Gore?"
He sat back.
"About 6. Since we'd mount machinegunners in the rear and could use it to transport supplies. You have an idea?"
"We COULD always call up Dublin and her crew to help raid the base. She's got 10 with her. And we WOULD need the extra hands to carry everything and shoot guns."
TYler frowned.
"Hails would be with her, Angel."
"True. Same time she's not with US."
He sighed.
"No she would not. Just seems a good way to open an unneeded can of worms. And screaming drama is NOT something we need right now."
Kora smiled.
"Man's got a point, Angel. A good idea an all. But yeah. Hailfyre is just bad news."
Alexis smirked as she looked at Tyler.
"My thought is to bring her in. Let her see you're doin just fine without her and if she tries or starts anything we can ditch her somewhere. Plus I kinda wanna put a face to the name of GORELEECH'S flame."
That got a few chuckles and Tyler sighed with a smile.
"I guess, we kinda DO need the extra shooters. Alright Angel. Call up yo girl."
The busty blonde got right on calling up her girl and Tyler looked at the location of the base as Ben looked at him.
"My thought?"
"Funny. Repair the Osprey before we do the RV. We can use the bird to scout the base properly and then launch our assault from the air. the zombotron doesn't have antiair capabilities does it?"
Tyler smirked.
"It DOES...but only in the form of that smoothbore 120mm abrams cannon on it's arm. 7 foot long barrel."
"The muzzle velocity on them things is surprisingly atrocious. They're more used for indirect fire depending on the configuration of the tank it came from. Going off the picture, I'd say it was a self-propelled gun platform rather then a main battle tank."
Tyler smirked.
"And those are lobers. NOT snipers."
Ben chuckled as Angel got a reply.
"She and her crew'll be here in the morning. They scored a large hummer."
"NICE. How many crew?"
"About...8. Hailfyre too. She's.....been rough to have around apparently."
"Makes sense."
Tyler sat back on the couch now as Sarah appeared on the floatmng screen.
"we're live with camp Goreleech as they discuss the upcoming raid on the military base. Goreleech, how are discussions progressing?"
Tyler smiled.
"we're at the preperation phase, Sarah. In the morning we'll be securing the town as our HQ for the sector and the repair work on the Osprey and the RV. Once they're set we'll be scouting out the base."
The reporter nodded.
"You have extended a line to Dublin's Clan?"
"We need shooters and hands for the project. We'd have about 19 people we can hit this with. And the base will have a LOT of good loot."
Sarah smiled.
"Are you excited to see Hailfyre again, Goreleech?"
"NOT really."
He shrugged and the reporter wisely took the hint. The rest of the party got their interview before his manager, Mylissa, appeared when with a smirk.
"So I got something for you, Gore."
"Hit me."
"I got a call from the U.S. Army after you downed the Osprey as you're right. They ARE one to one representations of the real thing. The General that contacted me asked how many of them you've shot down in your carreer."
"Oh I hunt them since you're GARANTEED mass amounts of ammo and good loot. So I've dropped several dozen."
She nodded.
"They want you to hunt them down now and test out the same trick with different caliber weapons. Pistols, antiair guns, shotguns, you get the idea. Seems they think you found an achillies heel in the engine design."
"Sure. How much?"
"About 250,000 per bird."
"Wow. They're rare so it won';t be often."
"I figured. And my GOD did you look like a badass with the Stoner and the sliding bird. Okay. I have a sponserhip propesition from Colt Firearms manufacturer. They'll pay you 50,000 a week for a 2 week ad campaign for ther firearms. YOU'D be required to use Colt Made weaponry during this time."
Tyler sat back.
"Hm. Oh. Ha. We got M16A1s. And my go to sidearms are Colt M1911s. My ENTIRE preferred loadout for heavy long range assaults are colt weapons. Sure."
He looked at Mylissia.
"Sure. I'll take it since we'll be using M16s a lot now."
"excellent! Those are the A1s, right?"
"Yup. Pretty decent and will provide the stopping power we'll ned for the range. Though we get backed into a corner I will be using shotguns and other such stuff."
"They understand. Since if you die it'd make them look bad for backing you. The next piece is the first set of bundles from the Zombie Store."
He got a set of imagery for the upcoming bundles and he smirked.
"An Ash Cambell pack? Ha. Bye-bye mister nastyface."
She chuckled.
"You'll have a field day with the quips. The bundle includes the outfit, a chainsaw skin, a set of quips you can say in Ash's voice, and a deadite keychain."
"Ha. Next?"
The next bundle was put up and Tyler shrugged.
"Half Life. Never played it and wasn't all that interested in it. Heard great things about it though."
Mylssia smirked as she passed the next bundle over.
"I don't think you'll go for this."
He looked at it
"An Elly pack from the Last of Us? Hm. Switchblade skin, Barrette F92S skin, her outfit, backpack, hm."
He smiled warmly.
"Can we GIFT bundles, Mylssia?"
She nodded.
"You can."
"I'll pick it up and have it sent to Hails....descretely. She LOVED Elly in the Last of Us."
The manager smiled warmly.
"You are such a SUCKER for her it's ADORABLE. I'll do that."
Angel smirked.
"I THOUGHT you weren't clingy?"
"I'm NOT. I DO want my friend back though and once she gets OVER this drama'd LOVE her."
"Ha. He is SO fucking hung up on her it's CUTE."
Alexis chuckled at that.
"I wish MY boyfriend was so freakin fixated. She tries to STAB him and yet he is STILL trying to get her to be nice. Lucky girl."
Mylissa passed the next bundle over....
Tyler's mild surprise made Mylissa chuckle.
"Same gimmick....but ya know. Heavenly."
"OOOh slick! will do!"
Angel smirked.
"I missed that and think you're talking about me. Speak up."
Tyler looked at the bundles and Mylssia smiled.
"No celebrity requests yet so you're still smalltime."
"I can fix that in one raid."
"Do so. We need to get the eyes of the bigger names."
He nodded and smiled.
"I'll get on it, Mylissa."
"So will I."
The screen went out and Tyler looked at the group.
"Alright we got a lotta work to do and the time to do it right. The osprey we'll start with since we need to empty the fuel tanks fore it explodes."
The friends nodded.
"Good. Break."
Kora and Angel took Ben and Alexis to finish looting and securing the town, Tyler and the rest syphoned the fuel out of the downed bird's engines before the survivor swapped out for Ben on the town wide hunt while the Marine Engineer helped with securing the RV and Osprey to prevent a spark. The efficient friends worked hard for a few hours before they gathered back in the RV and Tyler nodded.
"Not bad for a two hour clean up. In the morning we hit it like we give a fuck. We got room for you all in here....soooo Tulip?"
The pretty burnette squeaked at the sudden callout and looked over with HUGE pink eyes.
He patted her.
"Enjoy the snuggleangel."
"I will!"
Angel sighed as the group chuckled.
"Damned cocky idiot. I'll enjoy the cuddleflower too but dammit."
TYler chuckled at that. The friends made some pizzas in the oven before they all claimed their flopspots for the night. Tyler was in his room, Alexis was snuggled up with one of her girls, Ben and Kora shared the futon couch, Angel and Tulip were playing around in the busty blonde's bunk, and the rest had split between the different spots. Tyler sighed as he settled into his large bed and looked at the ceiling.
"Yeah. I miss you, Hails."


Tyler woke the next morning alone in his bed and he sighed at this.
"Weird. Once upon a time I slept alone 366 days a year. Now i sleep along twice in two weeks...and it bothers me. Weird."
He sat up with a shrug and went to check on the RV. The first bunk he found made him smile as he saw Tulip comfortably snuggled into Angel's heavenly bosom with the blankets around their waists. Tyler smiled as he noted Tulip was a natrual brunette with VERY perky nips indeed as he pulled the blanket up over them and Angel smiled.
"Every morning."
Tulip giggled.
"He's so cute! and sweet!"
Tyler smiled as he patted the naked cutie.
"I gotta look after the girls, don't I?"
"Yup! And your Angel!"
The trio chuckled at that cuteness and Angel smiled.
"She's Bi as well."
"I think we can make that work."
The trio made breakfast for the RV and Tyler smirked at the sight of Ben snuggled up with Kora. He looked at Angel as she tied her long bonde hair up and Tulip scowled.
"don't be a dick."
Angel smiled and she hugged the man at the stove.
"I know you're lonely, Gore."
He smiled at her quiet whisper.
"Kinda. And that's weird in it's own right."
"Not really. just shows you're ALIVE. And snuggles ARE nice."
"Thanks Angel."
She snuggled into him with a smile.
"And Tulip has a crush."
"Both of you tonight?"
"Uh YEAH!"
"Alright. I'm glad we tried to kill each other, Angel."
"Me too."
Tulip giggled and wriggled between them for a hug.
"I'm glad he's freaking nosy!"
The friends laughed at her unending sweetness as the english muffins and coffee was readied. The rest of the friends came to life with Kora wincing as he sat up.
"damn dude. My ass hurts. We're getting lube next time."
Ben was seen to chuckled.
"I warned you."
Tyler smirked and Kora pulled a gun.
"Say ONE joke you fuckin asshole....SHIT. I can't win!"
The friends laughed at the trap and Tyler merely smirked.
"Just be sure to clean the mess."
"I hate you so fucking much, Gore."
The food was readied and the showers taken before Tyler and the group all sat at the table. The survivor nodded out the window to the Osprey.
"That thing's landing gear SHOULD still be intact. I'd like us to get it resting on it's wheels before we try to repair the damage. I saw a forklift in a hardware store backlot."
Ben sipped his coffee.
"I'll take a few and see if I can find a proper crane. Forklift'll just tip right over."
Kora looked at him.
"Block and tackle, Ben?"
"we'd need something hardcore to mount it to and some good chain."
"The roof of the gas station? We could make it into a giant winch."
"Huh. We'd need to be VERY cause a the tension but you knew that. we'll do both."
Tyler looked at Alexis.
"I'll take you an Angel were we left off killing and continue our circuit. Dublin's crew should arrive by noon and we'll go from there."
The black haired biker chivk smirked as she looked at him.
"Sure. And nice."
"Ha. Tulip. You build a party and loot behind us. Basically doing exactly what we did Minus the Osprey since they're kinda rare."
Ben looked at him.
"Anything else like that, Gore?"
"Oh yeah. We shot down a C-5 Super Galaxy in the beta and that was where we got our nukes for the fight with Skalroc from. And my GOD was that a pain in the ass to do. We had to first find a fighter jet that could reach the C-5's height, rebuild it. arm it. FUEL IT. PRACTICE on it. And yeah. we did it. And yeah. Got TEN nuclear warheads from it."
Ben and Kora whistled at that one and Tyler sat back.
"we shot down a C-47 skytrain and got a mass of world war 2 weapons and ammo. THAT was a cool find. Um. Once we took out a chinook transport chopper and got a supply of grenades and other throwables, a Boeing 747 netted us clothes, and yeah. anything that's used as a transport in the real world can be found flying around in here. Still no clue on who's doing the flying but if you see something in the sky call it out. Odds are it'll give something good."
Kora crossed his arms.
"We saw ONE in the beta. we TRIED to shoot it down using SAMS and a fighter jet, but then we got attacked by a Skorca. Sky. ORCA. An UNDEAD orca. Why they are up there I DO NOT know. But my GPD did we shit ourselves!"
Tulip giggled.
"Like in that one anime! Spirited Away?"
"I know the one you mean and I adore you a lot more, Tulip."
Tyler chuckled as he patted her and the pretty girl beamed at the affection before he looked at the group.
"Any other questions?"
They shook heads and Sarah appeared on the screen now.
"We're live with the Goreleech camp and this morning we have a special treat for you, ladies and gentlemen."
Tyler frowned now and Sarah smiled.
"We have an exclusive intervieiw with Goreleech of the Lord of the Dead experiement and Archbishop Cartigan Lindedorn of the Roman Catholic church."
Tyler smirked and he looked at a laughing Angel.
"This one is gonna be funny."
"Do it, Gore. Oh my GOD do it!"
Alexis looked at her friend beside her.
"Hey Rng, mind throwing in a few bags of popcorn?"
"Ha. Sure."
An older man in a black robe trimmed by red appeared and looked at Tyler as he spoke in a wizened voice.
"The blessings of God upon you, Goreleech."
"YES we removed all the little boys from the premises."
Tyler's cheery yet cautionary tone made his friends laugh and the Archbishop sigh.
"I see. Your remarks regarding Almighty God have left many a member in the Church concerned. Are you saying there is no God?"
"That is EXACTLY what i am saying. Not in this world."
"where is your proof?"
"HOW many times has your organization been GUTTED over child molesting and sex abuse? FIVE times? That I've been alive for? BONe cancer in kids, humanity's MISERY, ahh lessee what's another good one...the Holocaust, the fact some peoples in the world have to LITERALLY use fire heated stones to destroy their breasts to prevent rape, hmm, crime, I mentioned misery, I can keep going if you really want me to."
Ben smirked as he munched on the popcorn.
"This is fun."
The Archbishop sighed.
"Your remarks are offensive. and inflamatory."
"Okay? I should care WHY?"
The man looked at him.
"If you do not hold yourself to God...who DO you hold yourself accountable to?"
Angel smirked.
"Oh shit. Here we go."
Tyler smiled.
"Are you asking who i worship?"
"I merely asked who you hold your-"
"Yes or NO."
"NO I-"
"Good. I hold myself accountable to Hestia. The goddess of Hearth and Home and anime goddess of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Danmachi. And I am not kidding. That's legit what it's called. THAT goddess may be a human creation...but she has taught me more lessons then your evil and sadistic bastard of a god could ever. YOUR god is a freakin contradiction. SHE merely preaches a family we can be a part of and be PROUD we can be a part of it. Her sect is NOT a'd FAMILIA. or HER FAMILY. And ANY religion that allows so many of it's members to abuse the weakest of us all so LIBERALLY...has NO PLACE in GORELEECH'S WORLD."
This stance made the man huff.
"God is NOT a contradicition. I dare you to prove it."
"Okay. God is all knowing right? He knows EVERYTHING?"
"He does. He knows past, present, and future."
"Okay. God CREATED, everything, right?"
"He did. everything we could ever imagine, God created."
"Okay. God, NEVER makes mistakes, right?"
"exactly. God is perfect. He DOES not make mistakes."
Tyler smiled and Angel nudged a very curious Tulip beside her.
"watch this."
"Kay! Yummmy popcorn!"
they chuckled and Tyler looked at the Archbishop.
"Sooo, going off your reasoning, God WILLINGLY created Lucifer, KNOWING he was going to betray him, KNOWING h7e was going to start a war, KNOWING he was going to create evil. So, by extension, GOD, a BEING OF GOOD, created EVIL....WILLFULLY. is THAT what I am to understand?"
The archbishop went red in the FACE at this logical question and Tyler pressed him.
"God WILLINGLY created suffering and is WATCHING his so-called BELOVED children go through horrors every day...all the while being the REASON they are suffering in the first place? If he never makes mistakes...doesn't this make him a sadistic dictator?"
The archbishop ended the interview without replying and Tyler busted up laughing as Sarah was left scrambling.
"Yeah that;s fine. Run away to avoid your problems. RUN AWAY FROM THE TRUTH. It's still here."
Angel busted up laughing as Tulip rubbed her head/
"That bastard talked him into a cage! Ha!"
Sarah smiled professionally.
"This was Goreleech of the Lord of the Dead experiment."
She faded out and a smirking Mylissia appeared now.
"Gore that was fucking brillant. People are PISSED and yet are watching regardless. They WANT to see you fail now."
Tyler chuckled.
"And all I did was ask a SIMPLE question."
"And that question locked him a freakin logical box. Okay. You got a spike in views but no more then the usual streamer when they do something stupid. Now I have a fresh sponsership I think you'll appreciate."
He smiled.
"Hit me."
"I have a sponsership from Cougar. The brand of Mobile Home designers your current RV is from. They want you to keep your current RV and use it in your travels while cutting promos and the like. Your upgrades can't obscure the Cougar logo. Other then that, only stip. Pay is 250,000 for the two week campaign."
Tyler smiled.
"Sure. Sign the line."
"Will do. I have one for YOU now, Angel."
The blonde blinked and Mylissa smiled.
"I have a sponsership from London Girl for you. They want you to do a few promos with their makeup as a model and do stuff WEARING it."
Angel smiled.
"I'mma model now?"
"MAKEUP model but yup. Pay would be 275,000 for the two weeks."
"Sure! I don't HAVE any of their makeup though."
Tyler smiled.
"There's a pharmacy down the street, Angel. Should be able to find SOMETHING of theirs you can use."
"Ooooh I'll be a model!"
"With a VERY scary bodyguard."
"Thanks Gore."
Mylissia smiled and Kora was next to be looked at.
"Yo no shit?"
"Since you're Gore's friends you've gotten you own following. YOU have a sponsership from Nike, Kora."
"......I feel stereotyped and I do not like it."
The friends laughed at the guy's irritation as he signed the deal. Tyler then looked at Mylissa.
"So the bundles."
"They come online day after tomorrow and from what I understand will be delivered via airdrop you'll get a special code to use. You cannot steal other player's crates as that'd be considered IRL robbery."
Angel got a message.
"Dublin's rolling up the hill, Gore. half an hour."
"Let's get to it ladies and rejects."
The friends split with Tyler, Alexis, and Angel heading to the pharmacy for the blonde's new carreer and she had a new excitement to her as she bounced along the aisle.
"Me! a model! ME!"
Tyler patted her and she blushed.
"Rein in it Angel. Okay?"
"don't let it go to your head? Please?"
She smiled sheepishly at that.
"Sorry. I got it."
Alexis chuckled as she looked at the options.
"So we're best friends with a makeup model. I like this game."
Tyler chuckled as he spotted some London Girl nail polish.
"Hey Angel. Got some polish here."
"I got some eyeliner."
The friends gathered a healthy supply and Alexis helped the busty blonde apply some color to her eyes and Tyler ran a comb through her hair, making them smile. Once done Angel smirked as she looked in a mirror. Her beautiful blue eyes had been lined by a light shadow that gave her eyes more pop and her lips were now a striking blood red. Her nails had been painted a bright blue with the middle finger a neon yellow that made Tyler chuckle as her hair hung in thick waves.
"Thanks guys."
They hugged their friend.
"I gotchyer back, Angel."
"What he said."
The trio then got moving on their hunt to clear out the houses and Angel made sure to sport her new look and Tyler had his Colt M1911 out per his sponsership and was moving towards a larger house with a tall front gate of steel and Tyler smirked as he pushed it open...getting a long creak of rusting hinges.
"Great. here we go again."
He put the M1911 up and pulled his M870 as Angel and Alexis swapped to shotguns as well. Tyler pumped the shotgun onehandedly.
"Let's go to hell together."
The ladies smirked at the catchphrase as Tyler walked up to the front door of the house and hefted the gun. Angel readied at the door and Alexis backed him up. The door was pushed open and the group moved in with guns up...only to be faced with an open concept home that made Tyler smirked.
"This is the house from The Ring. The first one when she came out of the TV."
The door slammed shut behind them and Tyler sighed as a sound of TV static was heard.
"Annnnd fuck. Alright."
The trio moved to the living room that had the well from the iconic movie appearing and disappearing and Tyler rubbed his eyes.
"Alright. aim for the torso this time. You'll NEVER hit her in the head. Likes to leap and is UNGODLY fast. it's a sally's bigger sister. Called a Samara. Yes THAT samara. GET OUT HERE toots. we got shit to do."
A girl appeared from the well and Tyler held his hand up.
"We can't touch her till she crawls outta the TV. Soon as she DOES blast her."
Angel nodded as she hefted her gun as the white skinned undead girl walked towards the screen.
"Those movies always did freak me out."
Alexis shrugged as she aimmed her shotgun.
"I was more Exorcist."
"SAME! Ugh."
"THAT actually happened you know."
The two girls looked at him in horror and he smirked as he hefted his gun.
Angel and Alexis looked at each other in shock.
"I am now terrified of sleeping."
"We'll barge in on him. BAm. Safety blanket enough."
The girls smiled as they took aim at the crawling out of the TV zombie girl.
"Sister I LOVE the way you think. For now...BLAST ER!"
The three shotguns opened up and the girl took the blasts right in the chest as she screeched in pain and Tyler smirked.
His last blast took her in the face and her head exploded. The girl dropped to the floor with a sound of a hollow drum before being sucked screeching back into the TV and back into the well as she clawed at the ground and Tv in a desperate attempt to prevent such a horror. The lid slammed shut and the TV went out. Angel frowned as the TV shattered.
"Noooow I kinda feel bad."
"We CAN save her, Angel. we just need to find the original videotape and throw into THAT well. She'd appear and someone would have to crawl inside to toss the tape into the well and close the thing. THEN escape BEFORE the TV went out. Don't make're stuck in there until you do. Annnnd yeah it's a pain in the ass. SUCCEED and Samera is cured of her undead affliction and is restored to normal life as an NPC you can then take with you as an ingame companion."
They looked at him in shock and Tyler smiled as he took the duffel bag of loot.
"Remember that girl everyone thought was my girlfriend in the beta?"
Alexis smirked.
"YOU fucked Samera?"
"A LOT. She is like...REALLLLLY good in bed once you break her curse. And yeah. Should try her you'd love her."
"ONCE we break her curse."
The friends chuckled at that as they searched the house and came out with another rifle case. Tyler opened it...and smiled.
"M14 bitch. 7.62 varient with modern raider chassis and semi-auto only. But for what I want it for? That's okay. We got the 20 round magazines and bout 4 of them. we got plenty of 7.62s for it so that's a plus."
The friends returned to the RV to unload and update the group on the discovery of the new enemy type. Tyler was then pleasently surprised to see the Osprey resting on it's landing gear on an undamaged section of the station's parkinglot while the engine was being worked on by Ben and Kora. Alexis whistled.
"The hull isn't too badly damaged, Gore."
He nodded as he saw the lack of real damage to the nose even though it's collided with a house and slammed into concrete.
"Yeah. That frame is a lot tougher then I thought. hey Ben! How bad?"
The burly guy chuckled as the raiders returned.
"Like a bird hit her in the engine, Gore. It's okay. I can fix it. She took a LOT less damage then I thought."
"Yeah. They SUPPOSED to be that tough?"
"Well kinda. It only dropped from like...30 feet. And that house was wood. Hell the CEMENT did more damage then the bullets.'
"Huh. Weird."
"Eh go with it, Gore. We've seen weirder."
"Oh shit."
"Yeeeah we found something."
Kora smirked.
"The Ring. We just shot Samera to death with a SHOTGUN."
"Jesus CHRIST."
"Has LEFT the chat."
They shivered and Tyler smiled as he looked at the RV.
Ben answered as he had a wrench in the engine.
"IS still looting. Dublin's crew arrived and are currently split among the raiders and looters."
Kora sighed.
"Hailfyre's with em, Gore. And....she's fine. Not hurt. And apparantly had been running her mouth saying you raped her when you two slept together. And THAT was why she stabbed you. We have firmly her NO. That is NOT what happened. Dublin was NOT happy."
Tyler shrugged and Alexis looked at him.
"Gore? I like...REEEEEALLLY wanna meet this chick now."
"Sure. Where they at, Kora?"
"West side bro."
"I never saw that movie. Not a fan a musicals."
He shrugged and the group chuckled as they followed the Survivor. Angel smirked.
"Not a fan eh? Is that true or a gay jab?"
"True. Never got the point."
"Ha. Fair."
"I don't JUST roast the guy."
Alexis chuckled as she looked her shotgun over.
"So this Hailfyre, Gore. what's the history?"
"Childhoon friend."
He told the tale and the black haired biker nodded.
"And you're STILL hung up on her."
"I....THOUGHT I'd gotten over her. But....guess not."
"do you love her?"
"I love her to death."
The girls smiled at the reflex reply. Angel looked at Alexis with a smile.
"He's confessed to her several times....and she still stabbed him."
"I'm jealous. Girl has a guy pining for her even after she tries to KILL him....and he STILL believes she's a good person."
"She IS a good person, Alexis. Just...I dunno WHAT her problem is. I love her dearly and I've told her. I dunno WHY she fights it so freakin much since she loves me too."
"wow. Ha. You SURE not in a romcom?"
"Oh I sincerely fuckin hope not. This be a pretty fuckin weird romcom with rapy zombies and an undead dragon."
The friends chuckled at that one as a gunshot rang out from a house up the street. Angel sighed.
"Type99 Arisaka. Guess she DID get her gear back."
A group of people was then seen fleeing from a house up the street before a 8 foot tall creature in full riot gear was seen exploding from the same house like king kong! Tyler sighed as he saw it and pulled the WA2000.
"Seriously? There was an Armored Hulk in there? i got em."
He took aim and fired the powerful .300 sniper rifle. The round took the roaring beast in the eye and it's bellow of fury was cut off before it dropped to the ground with a slam and Tyler snorted.
Dublin came trotting up with a smirk.
"Helluva way to make an entrance, Gore."
"Ha. Nice to see ya agin, Dubby. How ya been?"
The copper haired lady chuckled as she fistbumped the sniper.
"Been good, Gore. we found this sick humvee with 28 inch wheels. Thing is a MONSTER."
"Ha. Nice. Ya know you can mount MACHINEGUNS on the ROOF?"
"I do now. And we will."
Tyler chuckled before looking at the Armored Hulk.
"So where'd big guy come from?"
Dublin sighed.
"An underground lab in that house. Was a METHLAB with dead riot police everywhere."
"We'll take a look. odds are there's more to it."
"You da expert."
Tyler then spotted a familar burnette at the back of the group clutching her Arisaka type 99 in a shaking grasp and Dublin sighed.
"We found her."
The girl jumped and looked over.
"Glad you're okay."
She glared at him.
"YOU raped me-"
"NO. I DIDN'T. Why'd I even bother? I LOVE YOU. DEAL with it. Come on. i wanna check out that lab."
Angel nodded and Alexis looked the shaking Hailey over with a lifted eyebrow.
"really? YOU? YOU'RE the one THAT guy is PINING for? Oh he could do SO much better."
Hailey shivered.
"He's a disgusting freak. Did you know he jerks off to MONSTERGIRL RAPE HENTAI?"
Tyler smirked.
"How did YOU know about that, Hails? I never ONCE told nor showed my collections."
Alexis chuckled.
"MY particular flavor is oni-san on Shota."
"OOoh a lady of culture."
Hailey was red in the face as Tyler looked at her now.
"Your sister was yelling it in the hall."
"NO. She was yelling about my LESBIAN MOTHER DAUGHTER fetish. She doesn't know about my hentai. NO ONE does. Hails. HOW DID YOU KNOW?"
She gulped.
"I...looked through your screen while you were sleeping?"
He opened his screen and went to his collections and found they were indeed still present.
"even IF you had deleted everything, Hails, i still have backups in my gauntlets."
"I wasn't going to delete them...was curious what you had."
He noted something in the collection.
"Date accessed is....the nights we spent together. Hails? Just come on. enough. Please. we do this all the time."
Hailey slumped.
"I try to KILL YOU...and you're STILL no giving up?"
"I'll never give up on my best friend, Hails. Until the day you stop with this nasty act and let that loveable firecracker I ADORE out, I'll keep poking you. and I REALLY wanna see your rally racer skills."
The brunette jumped/
"You still remember that?"
"Course I do. Sadly, I haven't found any rally cars or anything you could actually DO anything with."
She smiled smally at this news and Tyler walked over and hugged her.
"I haven't forgotten."
She shivered at the hug.
"Let me go."
He let her go and she sighed.
"Now go away."
"I'll keep coming back, Hails."
"I don't want you to."
"Look me in the eye and say that."
Hailey looked him in the eye and opened her mouth,
"I want to stay with you."
Only for the impulse confession to come out instead. She went red in the face with humilation and Tyler smiled.
"Why is that so bad?"
"I've told you why. I HATE YOU! I hate everything about you. And yet....."
She slumped over her rifle and He patted her.
"I want you with me too, Hails. But you'd HAVE to stop this flipflop and commit."
The girl was shaking violently as he let her go and the Survivor smiled.
"I'll unblock you."
She jumped and watched in shock as he did unblock her....and he got a mass of messages ranging from begging for help and forgiveness to love confessions and pleading for him to forgive her for the murder attempt. He smiled.
"Why can't you be as sweet NOW as you are in these letters, Hails? Why is so freakin hard to BE HAPPY?"
"I WANT TO! It' family."
"Are they contacting you?"
She nodded at his sudden question.
"They've told me they'll pull my plug if I keep seeing you."
Hailey jumped at his mild tone and looked to see him opening his screen.
"what are you doing?"
"Calling in a favor."
Mylissia appeared with a smirk.
"A FAVOR huh?"
"Yeah. Get Hailfyre under YOUR preview. Seems SOMEONE is interfering in an EXPERIEMENTAL DIVE. and UNLESS i am MISTAKEN...that's a felony."
"I'll get right on that....2 hours tops."
"Thanks, Mylissia."
The screen went out and Tyler looked t a VERY confused Hailey.
"We'll go look then house over properly and go from there."
The still confused girl nodded.
Tyler led the way to the busted up house and swept the Armored Hulk's duffel bag onto his back as Angel fell in by Hailey.
"So you know? He's been MOPING the entire time you've been gone."
"Tch. And HOW much have you two slept together?"
"Not ONCE since you been gone. And he's LONELY now."
"He's always alone."
Alexis came over now and Hailey looked at the tough girl with a lifted eyebrow.
"Who're you?"
"I'm the other girl he tried to kill. YOU are one lucky lady, Hailfyre. That guy has you on a pedestal....even in the face of MY crew. Some of which ARE cheerleaders that make HER look bad."
Hailfrye sighed.
"Why do you care? He's not YOUR kid."
Alexis grabbed her by the colar now.
"I CARE because he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. And one of the COOLEST too. annda...HI? He told me everything on how you BEGGED him to help you. He has been helping ALL OF US play this game to the best of his ability. All of us. And ya know something? It's AWESOME."
Tyler looked into the house as the girls ranted and he noted something in the basement.
"Hey i got a weapons locker here people."
Dublin came over and Tyler pointed to a large steel cage in the back of the basement.
"Oh we didn't open it. Didn't know how."
"I do. I'll get it open if you all wanna cover me."
Tyler dropped to the battered basement that had indeed once been a methlab and went to the locker with the rest all watching as he set a knife to the thing and picked the lock in thirty seconds. A feat that made Alexis smirk.
"NO I WON'T break into your stuff."
"Thank you. weird toolbox."
"I play a lotta games."
She chuckled as he opened the locker....and whistled.
He hefted a lone rifle with a smirk.
"RPK-74 with 45 round magazine. 5.45 russian rounds. It's a support AK-47 and basically the same."
He passed the weapon to Angel and she chuckled.
"Thing is MEAN I like it."
"Well yo gonna love this."
He pulled a beefy, 12 gauge shotgun form the case with a long smirk on his face.
"Allow me to introduce my old friend. SPAZ12 combat shotgun. folding stock, extended 12 slug tube and most's got the folding stock."
Tyler smiled as he looked at the girls...and pumped it.
"Clever Girl."
Even HAILEY whistled at the image he cut with the imposing shotgun.
"DAMN dude."
"Hails who was the biggest Jurrassic park buff you knew?"
"THAT is a VERY good point. I want my own PPSH41."
"I know. Come on."
The locker had nothing else and so the friends returned to the RV where Tyler led the conflicted Hailey into the thing and to the weapons' cabinet.
"We've had luck since you been gone. I shit you not we found a tunnel into the Underdark inside a police station."
"I secured it and sent up a quarantine alert. It'll be leveled when we got the means."
"Still JESUS."
He pulled a sub machinegun from the cabinet and passed Hailey the iconic weapon in question.
"I found this. Here."
She just looked at the weapon with huge tears in her eyes.
"I got the Elly bundle."
"I see her switchblade."
"I love you, Hails."
He smiled.
"Because you're sweet, kind, FUN TO BE AROUND, GORGEOUS, tough as nails, and is one of the strongest chicks I know. You don't NEED anyone to protect you and are just...amazing to me. I dunno what else to say. I love you and love just how freakin....MUCH you are."
Hailey sniffed as the tears fell from her eyes like bullets and hung her head in the face of the awe-filled gushing. Mylissa appeared then with a smirk.
"Well. It's official. Hailfyre is now undr my purview. seems her family had been abusing the chat feature that allowed them to send typed messages over her vision that we couldn't see. They were arrested for tampering with Diver Equipment and Hailfyre's body was locked inside a better hospital."
Hailey looked at the manager in shock.
"The messages...will STOP?"
"Oh yeah. The features were RIPPED outta your helmet."
She deflated from relief.
"Oh thank god. They were trying to boost my ratings with bullshit...and I listened."
Tyler smiled.
"Hails? Come home. Please."
She shivered and put the SMG on the table....before she pounced on the survivor for a VERY intense kiss that saw her nearly THROTTELING him as they got into a WILD makeout session with Hailey wearing a new smile of ecstatic relief before they came up for air.
"I'm sorry! I love you, Tyler!"
"I love you too, Hailey!"
She smiled and he held her tightly.
"They started when Angel tried to kill us."
"Makes sense. And...are we REALLY done playing this game, Hails?"
She sniffed.
"Yes dammit. I am sorry."
She broke down crying and he held her tightly as the girl snuggled into his chest bawling her eyes out and repeating her apology over and over again while he stroked her soft brown hair soothingly. She sobbed for an hour before her sobs faded to saddened whimpers and then she smiled.
"So a dryspell?"
"Why is the knife on my neck, Hails?"
She froze. Tyler looked at her curiously as the marine KABAR was pressed on the back of his neck with her hand holding it and she looked up wide eyed....and the knife was withdrawn.
"I was stab you again?"
"Before or after Mylissa called?"
"'re unkillable and you're infuriating sometimes?"
He just looked at her as she blushed like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
"So your to STAB me?"
"Well I stabbed you in the chest and it didn't do anything. So yeah kinda. I mean we ARE inside a videogame so."
"Hails that freakin hurt."
"Wait really?"
"How would you feel if I shoved a 6 inch knife into your CHEST?"
She looked at him in shock.
" didn't even BLINK! HOW could it have hurt like that...and you just NOT BLINK?"
"Beeecauuuuse I have an INSANE PAIN TOLERANCE. Remember?"
".....Jesus Christ. I am so sorry."
She gave him the knife and he put it in the cabinet.
"I...sorry. You looked like Captain America to me."
He kissed her and she sighed at the contact and he smiled in relief.
"Oh thank god. Yeah there's no way to fake THAT kinda smile. I have my girlfriend back."
"......wait we DIDN'T break up?"
"Oh god no. I KNEW I'd get through to you, Hails. Just a matter of keep trying."
She smiled and hugged him.
"I'm sorry."
"I know."
"....You're not gonna apologize are you?"
"Nope. I AM sorry I drowned you in a lake. THAT was a MITE extreme."
"....I have NIGHTMARES because of that now you dick. And it WAS realistic."
"Your body is still out there."
"I KNOW. Same with the one you shot. THAT was FUCKING WEIRD man. And then it chased me down the street as a zombie I then had to shoot. Ya MIGHTVE told me that."
"I coulda...but surprise."
She slugged him in the chest with a hard thunk.
"Love you too, Hails."
She smiled and he looked at her.
"Are we good?"
She kissed him.
"NOw we are. And my GOD do i feel better."
They got off the floor and she put her SMG in his bedroom and he hugged her.
"Hey Hails"
He smiled.
"Welcome home."
She smiled.
"Thanks Gore. Anything interesting since I been gone? YES I know the reference."
"We killed the Ring girl and found the haunting in connecticut house."
"Jesus I am GLAD I didn;t come."
"Ha. ya will now."
She smiled.
"Kissing and screwing around is one thing. Sex is not. NOT so easily."
"Oh fine. I'll romance you out of your panties then."
"I will kick you in the dick you raunchy fuck."
"Love you too, Hails."
Hailey smiled.
"I love you too, Gore."
He held her tightly and smiled as she hugged him back.
"Come on, Hails. we got a lotta work to do."
"Sure....and do you mind telling HOW THE FUCK you got into the irradiated zone? The Underdark is a hellscape."
"I'll show you."
"....god dammit."
The Survivor chuckled at the slump before the pair walked out of the RV hand in hand and Angel smirked as they came out.
"Okay. YOU. The GIRLS. NOW."
Hailey was dragged away by the camp girls as Kora and Ben came up to Tyler. Ben chuckled.
"You DO know it's not gonna end well, right?"
Tyler sighed as he leaned on the RV.
"Most likely, Ben."
Kora slapped him on the back.
"YOU are a HOPLESS romantic, Gore. And the girls will tear her apart for this."
"Thanks guys. How we lookin?"
Ben chuckled.
"It'll be a few days fore I can get the Osprey in the air. Town's halfway cleared and looted nd we're looking good for supplies."
Tyler nodded and Kora looked at him.
"So what'll you do the next time she tries to fuck us over?"
He sighed.
"Her family got thrown out, Kora. If she STILL tries to fuck me over even NOW.....I dunno what'll do but it won't be pretty."
Ben smiled.
"Be careful."
"Will do, Ben."
Angel came back wih the girls and the busty blonde sighed as she walked up to him.
"So you know? She just said you forced her to kiss you in the RV."
Tyler blinked.
"She did WHAT now?"
Alexis nodded as she came over.
"Yup. And said you tried to rape her again inside the RV at knife point. Gore? She's a lost cause."
The survivor sighed and looked over to where the brunette in question was walking over all smiles.
"Hails? Seriously?"
She blinked and Angel looked at her.
"We told him."
Alexis glared at her for this shocked outrage.
"Because he deserves better then YOU."
Hailey looked at Tyler with desperation in her eyes.
"What did they tell you?"
"That I forced you to kiss me and tried to rape you at knifepoint."
"Jesus. NO! I didn't say that! i SAID I tried to stab you as a JOKE....and you shut it down."
Alexis pulled her Screen up and hit play on a recording taken not even 15 minutes prior.
"So you guys know? Gore just tried to rape me at knifepoint. And he stole my first kiss too."
HAiley's voice was heard on the playback and Tyler looked at her.
"Your defense?"
Hailey's hand flew to her hip where a luger was strapped and Tyler watched as she gripped the thing with a shaking hand. Then she released it with a forceful slowness and hung her head.
"I'm sorry."
"Hails? what the hell?"
She walked over and hugged the taller guy and he held her tightly.
"I'm sorry."
He smiled at her heartbroken sob.
"Just CUT the shit. And you'll LOVE this game."
She sniffed and smiled smally.
"It's....a habit."
"Yeah I kinda figured when you pulled the knife on me midhug. You always WERE bad with your habits, Hails. And it was always a task of the gods to get you to kick habits. I gotchya."
She smiled happily at this and Angel sighed.
"So she has a HABIT of trying to fuck you over, Gore?"
"eh pretty much. She's a hardcore Tsundere-Yandere mix."
Alexis whistled as Hailey smiled sheepishly.
"Damn girl. I see it now."
"Yeeeeeah. I'm....working on it."
Tyler patted her and she smirked.
"I STILL have a knife you jackass."
"Love you too, Hails. Alright."
He looked at the group.
"Where'd we leave off?"
Dublin smiled.
"Hulk's house is empty. we're still workin on the rest of the town."
"Alright, let's get to it. Hails with me."
The black haired scrapper smiled as the pair headed off to a fresh part of the town. Once the others were out of sight Hailey looked at him.
"Sooo, mind explaining to me WHY you were so freakin hung up on me, Tyler? Sorry I don't buy the whole I'm in love thing."
He chuckled as he looked at her.
"Well with my family I couldn't really go around hittin on chicks, now could I?"
"...You have a point. So how long has that been a thing?"
"2 years."
"YIKES. Ha. This is the WIERDEST romcom I've EVER seen. deepdive videogame, rapy zombies, more guns then a military flex, and an undead dragon."
Tyler chuckled at that fact.
"A horror story's leading man and the angry tsundere-yandere from your usual slice of life romcom anime. Yeah. SOMEONE has issues."
Hailey chuckled and snuggled under his arm.
"I'm sorry, Tyler."
He held her tightly.
"I'm sorry too. For a lot. And I am DAMN glad I have my girlfriend back."
She smiled and he kissed her. The pair got into a makeout session in the street and the girl smirked as she got her lips back.
"We have WORK to do you idiot."
"Love you too, Hails."
She beamed nd they went into one of the fresh houses. The place was home to a Sally-type zombie Tyler gunned down with his M16A1. Hailey shivered as she saw the little girl zombie.
"Yup. Those things STILL freak me out."
The house was searched and then they were moving on to the next house. And the next after that. For the next few hours Tyler and Hailey cleared several dozen houses between them of zombies while Tulip's retrieval team collected loot for the gas station. The pair returned to the station and Tyler smiled as he saw the Osprey's busted engine taking shape while the fuselage was already looking good. Once the group had regrouped inside the RV Ben smiled.
"The engine will be ready for testing in the morning, Gore. wasn't too bad all things considered."
The Survivor nodded as Hailey snuggled under his arm like a bird.
"Good. I know how to fly it actually. spent a good portion of time aboard them since we'd use em for raiding warships at sea. Say an aircraft carrier we couldn't reach with a boat we'd fly an Osprey up to it and bam. Top deck invasion."
Angel looked at him.
"So we'll be scouting the base?"
Tyler nodded and he slid the picture of the Zombotron over.
"Yup. We HAVE to figure out if there's only ONE of these or MORE. I've encountered bases that had up to five at one time. ONE is enouh to wipe us all, INCLUDING ME, if we go in underprepared. So we'll do four full orbits around the entire base. since the Zombotron is a passive enemy it doesn't attack on sight. The lower tier zombies DO however so we'll be able to see just how many of them there are since the rotorwash will drag everyone of them out."
Kora looked at him.
"If there's more then one Zombotron?"
"Two we can handle. It'd be a SLOG but we can. Three or more we turn around and pretend we didn;t see anything. Two Zombotrons have a firing intervial due to the reload of the single shot cannons. THREE never stop firing due to the oddly syncronized reloads they do. Like a well-trained artillery unit but the size of mighty joe young."
Hailey chuckled.
"THERE'S a name I haven't heard in a few years."
The friends chuckled at that truth and Tyler settled in his seat.
"Thankfully we got the bullets and rockets to pull this off. We'll need to get the Javelin in position for a lockon but that's no biggee."
Ben nodded.
"I'll do that, Gore. I've used the Javelin-7 in training."
"Good. All we need is to get the chest cavity blown open on the Zombotron. we do THAT it's heart is exposed and a single shotgun blast will drop it."
Alexis chuckled.
"This'll either be HIDEOUSLY easy....oooor we're gonna die horribly."
Hailey nodded sagely.
"With Gore's ideas and plans, Alexis? Always plan for a horrible death. that way you can act surprised for him when it works. Guy likes to be the big badass in the room."
Tulip giggled.
"did ya FORGIT, Hails? He IS the big badass in the room!"
They chuckled at her cute squeak and Hailey sighed.
"FINE. You can call me that too."
"Yay! Hails is CUTE when she's being nice!"
Tyler kissed his girlfriend with a smile.
"She can be like REAAAALLLY freakin adorable when she wants to be, Tulip."
"I will be sleeping with you Gore. Do you REALLY want me to destroy your precious balls?"
"Love you too, Hails."
"Yeah, yeah. Still an infuriating prick. Love you too."
Angel chuckled at that sigh.
"So THAT'S her when she's being real? I kinda like it."
Tyler smiled.
"Told ya."
Hailey jabbed him with a fork.
"DON'T get smug."
"Yes, Hails."
"GOOD. Keep doing that."
Sarah appeared on the screen now with a lesser smile then usual and Hailey smirked.
"So you know, Gore? I saw that interview with the bishop. Alls I'll say? NICE ONE."
"You know how I love fuckin with religion."
Sarah sighed as she looked at Goreleech.
"Goreleech, have you gotten back with your toxic girlfriend, Hailfyre?"
"Hails had some personal stuff to see to."
"How are you handling the fact she has been accusing you of assaulting her and other such heinous crimes?"
Hailey glared at her.
"I LIED. I am SORRY I said those things. And I love this idiot."
Tyler smiled as he held her.
"Handlin it JUST fine, Sarah."
Sarah looked at her paper.
"Your recent inflammatory remarks regarding the Catholic church has resulted in a petition to have you removed from the streaming services of Twitch and Discord. How do you respond to this motion?"
"Deal with it. I'm American. I am ALLOWED to disagree. I am ALLOWED to trash your religion. and I am ALLOWED to point out flaws. First amendment people....or are you being...UNAMERICAN?"
The group snorted at that one and Ben smirked.
"Dude you are having a field day fucking with these people! And I love it!"
Hailey chuckled.
"It weird I can suddenly see Gore as that idiot on a streetcorner with a megaphone screaming about how the government is corrupt and how god is evil?"
Alexis smirked as she lit a cigerate.
"I can too actually. Idiot."
Sarah looked at her paper.
"You are an outspoken anti-catholic, Goreleech, yet-"
"I am NOT anti-catholic.I am ANTI-CHILD MOLESTER. And if hating child molesters is the same as hating an entire religion....then that religion has SERIOUS issues. if the first thing that comes to mind is abusing kids when you hear the word, catholic, then SOMETHING is VERY wrong here. Equating the two pieces like that ALSO raises some VERY serious concerns. Is FOX now ADVOCATING for those that sexually abuse children, Sarah? is that it?"
Sarah closed the window and the group busted up laughing at the reaction. Hailey just kissed her boyfriend.
"my GOD this shouldn't be as entertaining as it is watching you DESTROY these people!"
"I can't wait for some dumbass feminist to come on the air and call me sexist!"
Kora busted up laughing.
"Bro you'd have a field day tearin em a new asshole! Or some homophobe?"
"HA. I'mma have some fun with this."
Mylissa appeared with a smirk.
"YOU market yourself VERY well, Gore. i am adverting you as a rebel with a shotgun...and an open trigger policy. It is WORKING. People HATE YOU and ADORE you too! Okay. So....why ARE you lasering the catholic faith so much?"
"Low hanging fruit."
she lost it. Like lost it to the point the friends were worried she'd laugh herself to death. Hailey sighed as she panted.
"Wasn;t that funny."
TYler patted her fondly.
"Mylissa has a very....SIMPLE...sense of humor, Hails."
"eh go with it."
"What I do."
The manager chuckled as she recovered.
"Low hanging fruit. Oh my god that is funny. Do that when they ask what your problem with catholics is."
"Will do."
"Alright. I got a weird one for you, Gore."
"Hit me."
The manager smiled.
"You've been approached to tune into Monday Night Raw of the WWE company."
Tyler smirked.
"With live commentary?"
She nodded.
"Pretty much. Like your feed will be put up on a second jumbotron. Seems ole Vince wants to open a door for us."
"Hm. what's today?"
She looked.
"Today is Sunday and we can plug you in on the drop of a hat."
Tyler smiled and looked at his friends.
"Tomorrow we can take a break in that mansion over there and have an easy night."
The friends smiled at this and Angel chuckled.
"So long as we stock up on the good stuff, Gore."
"Ice cream, brownies, pizza, soda, and we can't forget cake."
The heads nodded and Tulip sighed longingly.
"Ahhhh, ICE CREAM!"
They chuckled at her longful sigh and the brown haired cutie got many a pat for her cuteness, makng her smile. Tyler smiled.
"We'll tune in."
Mylissa smiled.
"Good. They'll give you a heads up an hour prior to prevent them tuning in....annnd fid you being attacked by a horde or something."
Angel smirked.
"OR fuckin his new girlfriend."
Hailey jumped at that one as the room laughed and Tyler patted her reasurringly.
"Your pace, Hails."
"Phew. I forgot you're not the monster everyone thinks you are. well. To PEOPLE you're not."
He smiled and then Mylissa looked at her paper.
"The bundles will be arriving physically ingame tomorrow. So try not to get crushed by the crate?"
TYler looked at Hailey and she smiled.
"I found an ingame replica of the room you first meet Elly. her knife was stuck in a wall."
The group blinked and Tyler smiled.
"You can either BUY it outright get lucky with a find. THAT is how you do microtransactions. NOw you got two, Hails."
"Alright! Thank you!"
He kissed her and she smiled warmly before resting her head on his chest. Mylissa smiled.
"That'll be very cute to watch. especially since the teen viewers are finding this especially engrossing."
"They do love their star-crossed lovers bullshit."
"They do indeed."
The screen faded out and Tyler looked at the group.
"Tomorrow we'll put in a few hours loot around town before we set the RV up for a night's relaxing. Since it DOES have a working stove and oven an yeah."
Tulip smiled.
"we have plenty of good food, Gore. And that geny you found. we can hook up more grills to some propane tanks for a bar-be-cue."
The Survivor chuckled.
"Atta girl, Tulip! NOW you're thinkin the LoD way! we'll figure it out. we got the room in here for it. Just a matter of setup."
The heads nodded and they made frozen nuggets and patties for dinner sent down with some good chocolate milk Tulip had found. Tyler and Hailey went to the back room and she smiled as he shut the door.
"I bet you looked all over for a hidden letter too."
"I'm not that tropey."
HE kissed her and held her tightly.
"Are you really done with these games, Hailey?"
She shivered at that plea and nodded as she held him.
"I am. I promise you I am."
"Okay. I love you."
"I love you too."
They laid in bed and the Survivor smiled as she snuggled right up to him.
"I dream about that time in the house."
She smiled with a blush in the dark."
"I jerk off to it."
He kissed her.
"I wanna."
"I do too. We'll do it right."
"And with a bed that WON'T bounce the entire trailer?"
She kissed him again.
"Good night, Gore."
"Good night, Hails. I love you."
"I love you too."


Tyler woke the next morning with Hailey firmly enshrouded in his arms and her sound asleep in his chest. He smiled as he saw this and held her tightly as he leaned in her ear.
"I love you, Hailey. I am SO happy you're back. Don't do that again? PLease?"
She woke with a shiver and a smile.
"I love you too, Tyler. I SWEAR I won't. And I'm happy to BE back too."
He held her tighter and she smiled as she held him too....before she smirked.
"Don't do it."
"I was GOING to kiss you. what the hell did you THINK I was gonna do?"
"Oooh you sexy teasing minx. C'MERE."
She laughed as the bigger boy kissed her and they got into a hot and heavy makeout-wrestling session that had her straddling his chest and his hands in her hair while the bulge below decks was pressed into her panty-guarded core. Hailey smiled as she felt it.
"I remember."
"Me too."
She kissed him and he smiled as he ran a hand along her silky smooth thigh...and she shivered.
"Okay. Come on. NOT gonna seduce me that easily. OR first thing in the morning."
"Yes Hails."
"GOOD BOY....even IF I DO want to."
He kissed her lovingly.
"We'll figure it out."
"Yeah. And I'm hungry."
The pair left the room and Hailey smiled as he pulled the blankets up over Tulip, Angel and Alexis' snuggle since all three girls had been half naked under the covers.
"Aww! How cute!"
He chuckled as they turned the stove on.
"They do it every time."
Kora and Ben were snuggled up on the futon couch and Hailey noted this.
"Soooo...they DO clean the mess...right?"
"That was NOT called for."
TYler busted up laughing at the VERY pissed off responses of the two now WIDE awake cuddlers and Hailey's mildly asked question. The Survivor kissed his smiling sweetly girlfriend as Kora and Ben grumbled.
"Why am I not surprised, bro?"
"His GIRLFRIEND roasts too. Ouch."
"we DO clean the mess thank you very much."
"Oh thank god. Sorry i don't wanna sit on a load."
"Jesus FUCKING Christ."
Tyler fistbumped his girl.
"I fucking love you Hails."
She smirked.
"NO peeking."
"I'd rather just join you."
"I know.....NEXT TIME."
"As you wish."
She sighed with a smile and went into the shower as Tulip came bouncing over in a cute little nightgown of pink for a hug.
"Morning, Gore!"
He patted her fondly.
"Morning, Flowerpot."
"Yup! I wanna snuggle you an HAils!"
Hailey's chuckle was heard from inside the bathroom.
"Sure. Since it's TULIP."
"Yay! HOT snugglefest!"
Angel appeared with a smirk.
"Hey that's not comin from me."
"God dammit."
They chuckled and breakfast was waffles with milk before the friends gathered at the table. Sarah appeared with a strictly professional smile now and did her intro before she looked at Tyler.
"Goreleech. What is your plans for the day?"
He shrugged.
"We'll be putting more work into the osprey and the town before we set up for a well-earned break."
The reporter nodded and looked at her paper.
"How do you respond to the alligations of sexual misconduct with your sistr, Goreleech?"
HAiley snorted.
"They're bullshit. ALl of em. His sister is kinda famous in our town for that kinda shit. She once accused a gay teacher of touching her...when he had been seen making out with his husband."
Tyler shrugged.
"Pretty much. The allegations are false. End of story."
Sarah looked at him.
"Do you support gay marriage Goreleech?"
"Sure. What makes us so freakin entitled we can say who can and can't get married?"
Sarah had a new strain to her at this.
"even if some view it as unnatural?"
"Unnatural is sending your gay children to a camp to be 'CORRECTED'. I'm sorry. Didn't HITLER do something similar with the...."
He tilted his head and looked at Hailey.
"Hey Hails, is it Hebrew or jew?"
He looked at Sarah as she fumed.
"Didn't Hitler do something similiar with HIS camps for the Jewish People? Ya know. There were a mistake and he sent them to be corrected? How is sending your gay child to a correction camp ANNNNNY different? Just curious."
She closed the window and Kora busted up laughing.
"Dude you need to get paid for these!"
Mylissa appeared with a smirk.
"I completely agree. THAT ONE hit HARD. Caaause SOME people don't knwo they exist."
Ben chuckled.
"I got sent to one a them. They are FUCKED UP man. I lasted two days before I just packed my shit and joined the military. The messed up part is they have LEGIT COPS to chase you down and DRAG you back. ONE kid got hit with a taser."
Mylissa nodded.
"I'll be sure to put that one out there, Ben. Alright. Tonight is the Raw popin, Gore. So be sure to at least TRY to be presentable....for a zombie apocolypse."
The screen faded and the friends ate together before they got to work on the town and their projects. Tyler, Hailey, and Angel headed around killing zombies, Kora was with Ben and the more mechanically inclined working on the Osprey, Dublin and Alexis were with Tulip and a few others collecting loot. The work progressed like clockwork for a few hours before they convened for lunch. Tyler looked at Tulip as they munched on peanutbutter sandwiches.
"How we lookin for loot?"
The cutie smiled.
"We got a LOT, Gore. And it's stored in the gas station freezers since we figured out how to jury rig the power to a nearby car engine."
"Nice. Alright. Anything-"
A rumble was heard overhead and Tyler walked out to see Skalroc flying overhead. He noted the direction the massive undead dragon was flying in and sent the flare up.
"Skalroc sighted. Flight direction south. ALL callsigns respond."
"Direction confirmed. Target locked. No callsigns in projected flightpath."
Tyler nodded as the black zombie dragon was seen soaring south and Hailey came over.
"So WHY do you send up a flare every time you see that thing?"
Tyler smiled as he watched the thing flying.
"Make sure we keep track of his whereabouts, Hails. It was how we tracked him to his den for our war. That thing likes to set up shop around set areas at a time before moving on. If-"
A tracer round was seen flying up atn the dragon from the ground and Tyler Skalroc turned his head.
The group moved like lightning as Tyler opened a recording screen as a mass of heav machinegun fire was seen flying through the air at the now hovering dragon. The gas station roof providing a clear view of the onesided fight and Tyler explained as Skalroc merely looked at the group of 50 people firing at him.
"Skalroc's amused. They're not even SCRATCHING his scales and he knows it. watch. They'll piuss through ALL their rounds and THEN he'll react. He's an asshole like that."
Angel whistled as a rocket was fired from an RPG-7 and Skalroc's massive eye was seen to narrow.
"I think they pissed him off."
Tyler smirked.
"Kinda. Big guy HATES rockets. Reason is one got stuck in his ass and when it exploded....he couldn't shit right for a weak. Yes that actually happened. He has his own form of AI since he IS a god kinda sorta. So he REMEMBERS. If I were to wave and he's lookin right at me? He'd attack me on sight since I DID kill him last time. Annnnd he holds a grudge."
The dragon was then witnessed drawing his head back and Tyler chuckled.
"Oh he's using THAT? Oof. Poor bastards. This is gonna hurt. A LOT."
Skalroc's head was flung he LITERALLY VOMITED on the masses of players. The dragon's PUTIRDLY disgusting noises were heard for well over a mile away as it horked up nothing but BLACK SPEW on the now FREAKING OUT players and Tyler chuckled.
"Skalroc's way of saying FUCK YOU. He pukes on you....and then it eats you alive from the outside in. The pain is EXCURIATING and PARALYZING. And so opens the door for his more sadistic attack. Nobody move. we can't help them."
Skalroc snorted then and it sounded like a thunderclap as the faint, agonized screaming of the players was heard. Tyler smirked.
"That SNORT summons UNDERDARK Zombies.....and they'll attack them with ALLLLL their depravity. THAT is what will kill them. Being FUCKED to death by an undead horde...while Skalroc jerks off to the spectiacle."
Angel shuddered as the masses of creatures appeared from the ground for the rape and attack with fresh screams of horror and agony on the air.
"Jesus CHRIST."
"Yeah. Thankfully the things'll go back underground once they're done. Skalroc'll fly off and we can loot the remains."
Kora whistled as the dragon was seen to grasp a massive dick in a hand to LITERALLY jerk off to the rape of the living below.
"THAT is fucked up."
"Oh fuck. What?"
Tyler smirked.
"Skalroc's cum? It's POTENT. And he DOES sometimes take a mount....whether she can fit or not."
"I do not want that image..."
"Yes she'd become pregnant...and give birth to a Skaldrone. The birth is lethal and the Skaldrone is a mini Skalroc. It's FAR weaker but STILL has access to all big guy's tricks. Was how we trained for the big battle in the beta."
Hailey looked at him in horror.
"YOU had girls get RAPED by that thing as TRAINING?"
"No. we'd offer it captured mararuders."
"Oh. Okay. Still fucked up but yeah."
The screams died after a while and Skalroc was seen to spew a mass of foul smelling cream on a mountainside with a rumble of satisfaction. The spew hissed like acid while the side of the mountain LITERALLY started melting from the toxicity and then the sated dragon flew off while the Underdark creatures crawled back into their holes and they closed up. Skalroc was then seen to flip the dead players off before flying off with a smugness to him and Tyler nodded a she hit safe on the recording.
"Yup. That's Skalroc alright. Smug as the blonde haired blue eyed daughter of big time oil baron in a public school."
He sent the video to the beta base and they all held a moment of silence for the suicidal idiots. Then Tyler looked at Kora.
"Alright. we'll head down there and see what we can scavange."
The sandy haired guy nodded.
"On it. And JESUS."
"Yeah. Skalroc's attacks are VICIOUS and downright cruel. He was just fucking around there. He got serious this entire area would be a crater."
Alexis whistled.
"And you killed him."
"We BASICALLY killed a dragongod. Come on. we'll use Dubby's humvee."
They nodded and Tyler took the wheel of the massive vehicle. Sarah appeared on the screen with a wide eyed expression as Tyler andhis looters got moving.
"We're live after Skalroc the Lord of the Dead finally makes his presence felt. Goreleech, what can you tell us about that DEPRAVED spectecle?"
"Tyler chuckled as he drove.
"That was just him fuckin around. Skalroc's an asshole. That was what he does when he's BORED and you POKE him."
"And the RAPE?"
"He does that too. Why the betabase keeps such CLOSE fuckin tabs om where he goes. He WILL attack you if he's bored enough. And since his A.I. was carried over from the beta....he's carring a grudge."
The reporter shivered.
"That thing is evil."
"And is BASICALLY GOD. It is THAT powerful in here. It can shrug off direct hits from nukes. we killed it in he beta by SHEER WEIGHT OF NUMBERS ALONE. we had TEN nukes...and that fucker tanked em all. we blew a wing off and that was when we REEEEALLLY pissed him off. Like bodyslams, breath attacks, summoning legions of Underdarkers to attack us, and much more in a near BLIND RAGE. we WON by the SKIN of our TEETH! And this time we're gonna go in with 30 nukes and 10,000,000 soldiers."
She smiled.
"We eagerly await the day Goreleech meets Skalroc in pitched battle."
The feed closed and the friends reached the remains of the player force fifteen minutes later. Tyler sighed as he saw the mutilated corpses and raped to death girls of the force.
Hailey shivered as she hefted her Arisaka.
"They WILL respawn, right?"
"Yeah. But since they were killed by Skalroc they'll have respawned where they started when they first dived. Naked."
They whistled and Ben looked at the dead bodies.
"Yeeeah. Skalroc does that INTENTIONALLY. JUST to fuck with you that much more. He IS the Lord of the Dead."
Kora looked at the arms on the ground.
"Well their stuff's in good condition."
Ben then went over to the set of vehicles they'd used.
"They mounted M2 brownings on trucks for technicles, Gore. we got a LOTTA stuff here."
"TAke it all."
"On it."
"Hey Gore."
Hailey's voice was heard by the rear of an intact Soviet era BTR-50 Armored Personell Carrier. Tyler walked over to her and the black haired girl nodded to it.
"I THINK someone's in there."
Tyler looked at the thing.
"Probably. If they ducked inside before Skalroc saw em, they'd have been forgotten entirely by his attacks as he relies on his eyes to aim. I'll take a look."
The more experienced player pulled his sawed off shotgun before he vaulted over the side of the APC and was faced with a cowering girl under the armored roof of the APC. She had terrified tears running down her face as Tyler appeared and her high, breathy voice was full of fear as she looked at him.
"Don't hurt me! Please! I'll do anything!"
Tyler smiled.
"We got a survivor! we gotchya. I'm Goreleech."
She gasped at this and her shaking stopped.
"GORELEECH? The Unkillable from the BETA?"
"In the horror! we'll getchya outta here."
The girl nodded wide eyed and Tyler helped her from the APC. She was a strikingly beautiful girl with knee length scarlet hair that shimmered like rubies in the midday sun while her skin was pale and her frame slender. she was half a head shorter then Tyler with a massive bust on her narrow chest that made her tac vest bulge to the point of exploding and she had a well toned frame from an active lifestyle. On her legs she wore tight fitting black pants that showed her curvaceous ass off quite well and on her feet were a pair of heeled boots. Her eyes were sapphire blue and she smiled as she looked at Tyler.
"I'm RiasGremory7777. Rias to my friends."
Tyler smiled.
"Is the name indicative?"
"Oh I can QUOTE DxD to you."
"Good answer. we will wage this war later."
Rias smiled at this and hugged him.
"Thank you for saving me."
"Sure thing, toots. Alright. we'll loot your stuff and get goin."
"Hey! I KEEP my stuff. Take the dead guy's."
"Atta girl. What were you thinking? Attacking Skalroc like that?"
The redhead sighed as the group got to work moving the collection of vehicles to the town.
"That was HANKWALL'S fucking brillant idea. he said we had like ten 50 cal machineguns and over 40 rockets. we could do it....annnd look what happened. I TOLD him it wasn't gonna be that easy. Fuck that thing nearly killed YOU Gore! Point made!"
Tyler chuckled as he patted her,
"Appreciate the fandom, Rias. YOU okay?"
She smiled with a suddenly shy blush.
"Yeah. I was able to remain unseen the entire time."
"We gotchya."
She smiled shyly and with a slight blush as the bigger gy smiled at her before Kora came up.
"Yo Gore. we got their RPG tube."
"Good. Rockets?"
"bout 4 left. Their M2s are in good shape though."
"Good. we can use em to assault the base. The BTR?"
"Loaded with gas. YOU got a plan?"
"Ha. Rolling fist."
"Niiice. Ben's got it rolling. These guys sucked. Their small arms are merely hunting rifles from the sporting store!"
"Makes sense. Overconfidence will get you killed. Or worse in LoD."
Rias was watching him talk with STARS in her eyes and Kora noted it and her new smile.
"Wow dude."
"Yeeeeah this is gonna be a mess."
"And you JUST got her to LIKE you again."
"Yup. I am going to be STABBED again."
"we got popcorn."
That got a chuckle before he looked at Rias.
"YOU too. We'll get this done and head back to town."
"Kay! where do ya want me?"
"See her?"
He gestured to a smirking Angel. Rias smiled.
The busty redhead bounced off with plenty of bounce and Tyler just shook his head with a whistle.
"Okay. NOW we got a mirror of Rias Gremory with Asia's personality. What's next?"
Hailey came over with a dark look and he looked at her curiously.
"Oh there you are, Hails. We got a newbie."
She lifted an eyebrow.
"Do we?"
"Ugh. YOU'RE my girlfriend, Hails."
"Yeeet she looks like RIAS?"
"A VERY weird coincidence i am just going with."
He kissed her and she squeaked at the sudden attack.
She smiled and kissed him.
"Now i am."
"Don't get jealous."
"Don't get cozy with that busty redhead."
"I won't."
"I won't."
He held her tightly and Ben chuckled as he came by carrying a mass of ammo boxes.
"Hey beFORE you go off into your own little world? Can you help us get this done? Like PLEASE?"
The couple chuckled at that one and the dead players' stuff was looted and brought back to the town. Their collection of vehicles were parked beside the RV and Rias was taken by Angel and Alexis for a VERY thorough shower that saw moans and groans of relief from inside. Tyler smirked as he looked at the group once they gathered around the table.
"Their idioicy actually helped us a lot. we got heavy machineguns we can repurpose and that BTR we can use to upgrade the RV."
Ben smirked.
"Use it's armor to upgrade the RV."
"Exactly. we did something similar in the beta with a tank graveyard and our own collection of wheels."
Rias perked up from her spot by Angel. the busty redhead's ruby mane sparkling like the gem from her shower as her airy and happy voice was heard.
"So can i stay?"
Tyler smiled.
"Sure, Rias."
"Yay! I get to stay with Goreleech! This is AWESOME!"
They chuckled at her cheer and Tyler patted Tulip beside him.
"She's almost as cute as YOU are when she does that!"
"Hey! I'M the camp cutie! NOT HER!"
That indignant outburst made them all bust up laughing before Tyler patted her and she beamed.
"BETTER! And YES i AM still snuggling you two."
Hailey sighed with a smile.
"Oh FINE, Tulip."
Rias pouted.
"Boo. I WANNA snuggle the HERO!"
TYler just looked at Hailey beside him and she looked at him with a similar lifted eyebrow.
"And I JUST got you to LIKE me again."
She smiled sweetly.
"Don't do anything stupid!"
Tulip looked at her curiously.
"How stupid could he be, Hails? YOU only stabbed him with a knife."
"....She's got a point."
Tyler kissed her with a smile.
"Love you too, Hails."
She smiled and Rias sighed longingly.
"OOoh I want him for MYSELF! It is ON!"
"Oh FUCK. Sorry, Rias. I have my girl. You're amazing...but yeah. Hails has my heart."
Rias smiled sweetly.
"Which is WHY it'll be fun! I want my own hero!"
Hailey sighed.
"Nope. Sorry, Rias."
"It's okay. we just met. You'll get there."
Angel smirked at that and looked at alexis beside her.
"THIS is gonna be very fun to watch."
The black haired biker nodded sagely.
"VERY fun. And I think we might finally see the day GORELEECH is killed. ONe of them has already drawn blood."
Ben looked at Kora.
"Aren;t you glad we're the only two gay guys in the group right now?"
Kora looked at Ben.
"NOW that you've said that, watch. An ENTIRE bus of gay studs will come over that hill...annnd we'll have that war to wage."
"Yeah. The idiot writing this fucked up story is a dick. Looking at YOU bro!"
The friends laughed as Kora looked at the ceiling of the RV with his exasperated glare and Tyler chuckled.
"Maybe the idiot writtin this hellhole...has a thing for making us suffer?"
Angel just sighed.
"I have a headache. Cut the shit."
The friends refocused and Tyler smiled.
"We're ahead of schedule and oversupplied for the time being. So we can enjoy our wrestling night."
They smiled and Rias was brought up to speed by Dublin beside her and the beautiful redhead nodded.
"So Gore's famous out there too. Good. I'll be sure to help my to-be husband get more famous and rich."
everyone looked at her in mild shock and Rias smiled.
"Yup! He'll be MY husband!"
"Hey don't I get a say in this, Rias?"
She thought about it for a moment.
"Oh yeah. we just met. It's fine. You WILL belong to me, Gore. You just need to fall first!"
Tyler looked at Hailey in shock.
"Sooo we went and picked up a Yandere. FUCK."
"Yup. And she looks like Rias. THIS...just became a nightmare."
Tulip shrugged.
"Let's just get ready for the show."
The friends chuckled at her sound idea before the friends got to work prepping the RV for the sponsered wrestling night. The floor and couches were drapped in extremely thick blankets, the guns were locked up, the RV parked inside a hidden alley with the rest of the vehicles hidden around the town before the friends made a mass of fingerfood for the show. Tyler smiled as Hailey snuggled up with him on the couch in a thin shirt and shorts while he was shirtless. Rias was glaring at the snuggling couple with an incredibly cute pout and Hailey sighed as she rested her head on Tyler's chest.
"we'll be fine."
"Yeah. I know."
He kissed her and Hailey smiled warmly as the group got comfy around them...and then Tulip snuggled right up beside the pair in her adorable pink nightgown. Hailey chuckled as the invading cutie settled on the open piece of couch beside the Survivor.
"Oh FINE. Tulip can stay."
Tyler just patted her as Mylissa appeared on the screen.
"Hour till the official show starts. But you can watch the preperations and dark matches if you like."
"On-screen, Mylissia."
The friends chuckled at the reference and they were treated to a large screen view of the ring inside a large arena Tyler tilted his head at.
"Hey that's Madisen Square. It's ingame actually."
Hailey smirked.
"Actually yes. THere was a zombotron inside it when we found it. Took us half an hour to kill it and it killed like 30 of our 40 men assault force."
They whistled at this and Ben chuckled as he had Kora in hus arms."
"Every time I see that place I think of the lame ass Godzilla movie that had the nest."
Alexis shrugged as she snuggled with Angel in bed bikinies by Tyler and Hailey.
"I've been to the Garden a few times. It feels WEIRD seeing it first hand."
Angel smirked.
"Interesting image."
Alexis chuckled at that one as Rias sat by Tyler on the couch and the redhead smiled as she was in her own bed bikini that was on the verge of exploding from her massive melons. Tyler smirked as an untelevised match started up with two of the lady stars.
"Paige versus Bailey in a no DQ huh? Oughta be inneresting."
Hailey smirked as the gothic Paige was seen on screen.
"Lemme guess. HOW many introsongs do you have, Gore?"
"A lot."
"Ugh. I forgot you found this entertaining."
"It's a lotta fun watching people pretend to BEAT each other to a pulp for our amusement."
The group chuckled at the dark assessment. The match started and Tyler stroked Hailey's hair as the back and forth fight went on and Alexis chuckled as Paige dropped Bailey with a striaght right.
"That is so fake. A good right like that shoulda DROPPED her."
Tyler chuckled as a kendo stick came out and was slammed into Paige's back.
"And that kendostick shoulda broken a few vertebra. I used one for a while in the beta and yeah. They build them things tough. I killed a stregor with one on a dare once."
They whistled at that one and Tulip looked at him.
"Why did you do something so stupid, Gore?"
"Termitron said I couldn' i did. I won 100 bucks off that one."
The friends groaned and chuckled in equal measure from that one. Paige got the win with her signiture move, RamPaige, and Tyler shrugged.
"Eh. Sallright."
The group smirked and Hailey looked at him.
"Woulda been better as a bra and panties match?"
"well DUH."
"Ugh. Love you too."
They chuckled as a man with black hair and a projected voice was heard.
"Hello, Goreleech company? Can you hear me? Michole Cole checkin in."
Tyler chuckled.
"I can hear ya loud an clear, Cole. You hear us?"
The man chuckled.
"Loud and terrifying. We'll be doing the intro in 5."
"I'll be sure to load my shotgun."
The girls sighed and Hailey looked at him.
"NO shooting our RV, GORE."
"Blanks, Hails."
"Love you too."
She sighed and Rias passed him a box of 12 gauge blanks he loaded into his Spaz12. The fans filtered into the stands and many of them gasped as they saw Tyler on the massive jombotron looking at them and the Survivor waved.
A mass of cheers were heard as they realized they could hear him and Tyler looked at Hailey.
"I'mma have a field day with this one."
"Oh SHIT."
The people lost it laughin at Tulip's squeak and Angel sighed.
"NO I will NOT flash them, Gore."
"Ha. I'm not touching that, Angel."
Rias smiled.
"I will if you tell me too, Gore!"
"Rias? Come on. Dignity."
"Oh. Sorry."
Hailey sighed dejectedly at her slump.
"Welll SHIT. She's.....yeeeeah."
The song ended and the pryotechnics for the opening went off and Tyler smirked.
"Weak. MY pyrotechnics are MUCH better!"
He got some chuckles and as the fireworks died down and Cole did his intro,
"Tonight we have a special here for you! Goreleech of the Lord of the tuning from inside the hellscape of LoD. Goreleech, can you hear me?"
The spaz12 went off and the crowd jumped at the sudden gunshot.
"Oh shit. Sorry. Forgot this thing was on."
Tyler's amused chuckle got a few smirks from those that knew and the survivor looked at the crowd.
"I can hear ya loud an clear, Cole. So, who's getting PLANTED first?"
The man chuckled.
"First up is the renewal of the bitter rivially between Roman Reigns....and Bray Wyat! In a NO DQ match."
Tyler smirked at this one.
"Let's go to hell together."
Hailey sighed as he dropped the catchphrase.
"I am DATING a Hollywood famewhore now. GREEAT."
"When'd the Miz get here?"
The crowd busted up laughing at that one and so didn't the RV from Tyler's mild question. Kora smirked.
"I can HEAR his bitching now."
"Odds are he will later. all that guy seems to do is bitch."
The heavy slamming intro song for Reigns exploded now and Dublin shrugged as he strode to the ring.
"eh. I'm more old school."
Tyler nodded sagely as he fed Hailey some popcorn chicken.
"They don't make em like they used to, that's for damn sure. I saw that match where Undertaker threw Mic Foley off that cage. Ha. Try doin that nowadays."
Ben nodded as Reigns completed his intro.
"Or an ACTUAL FIGHT? Hey Gore, where you around for ECW at it;s prime?"
"Like the barbed wire ropes?"
"Jesus that was a messed up era. But hey it was REAL."
"Ha. I for one, miss the bra an panties matches. That one with Trish Stratus and Milina was good."
The guys chuckled at that one and Reigns had a microphone. Tyler saw this.
"Oh this oughta be good."
Reigns smirked as he confronted the Survivor.
"So YOU'RE the Lord of the Dead, eh Gore?"
"Nope. THAT title belongs to Skalroc. Me? I'm just Unkillable."
"Is that so?"
"Put a helmet on, an I'd be MORE an to drop yo bitchass Roman. In HERE...we ACTUALLY hit you. And my GOD would it hurt."
Roman chuckled.
"Ya know something? That's a great idea. I put a helmet on...and see who is the better fighter. ME or YOU."
"I'm in. Get a helmet. I'm right here bro."
HAiley looked at Kora in shock.
"Are they seriously gonna do this?"
The sand haired guy looked at her in an also shocked expression as the crowd went nuts on the screen.
"If they DO it'd be fucking amazing."
Tyler was smiling as Roman looked at him.
"I'll get in touch with that manager of yours, GORELEECH. See who's the bigger man."
"Don't you DARE."
"Yes hails."
".....Yes Hails."
The Rv slumped at Tyler's slump and the crowd just luaghed before a sound of yelling was heard that announced the arrival of Bray. Tyler watched as the arena went dark and the lantern wielding lunatic was seen.
"There's actually a creature like that in here. Lantern an all. We call em Reapers. And my GOD are those bastards tough. They BEAT ya to death with their lantern and the ONLY to gun em down is to set em on fire. They're a lower tier boss and are KINDA rare. was one reason I started packing a flamethrower wherever I went."
The eerie intro ended and Bray took the microphone now and Tyler chuckled.
"Oh. Madman with a microphone. watch yourself people."
Bray chuckled his unsettling chuckle.
"How amusing. Goreleech thinks he knows what Sister Abigail is like."
"Actually? I do. There's a Sister Abigail creature in here too. Annnd they are PURE nightmare fuel. Basically a grown up Sally in a wedding gown that haunts lonely highways. If you see her...yeeeah you only have like three seconds to drop a grenade and run. Caaaause she's an upper tier boss with claws that slice through tank armor and she eats people. And is abut 6 feet tall. I encountered one in the beta while searching for a place to build my base...and that was my first near death experience. I used a knife as she tanked all my bullets and yeah. was NOT a good day. She dropped a good amount of stuff too, so it came out to about even."
Tyler shrugged and Kora sighed.
"Greeeat. Sally and her mom."
"Don't make it weird."
They chuckled at that one and Bray smirked.
"Amusing. Do you, FOLLOW. THE BUZZARDS?"
Tyler chuckled.
"I'mma a fan. But the last time I followed buzzards anywhere? I got attacked by an undead tree monster. WHY it was a TREE I will NEVER know."
They sighed as the match started and Mylissa appeared on a second panel.
"Soo have I got an opportunity for you, Gore."
"Beating up superstars?"
She smirked as the match went on.
"Beating up superstars and meeting them too."
"I can do that. So long as they're aware I DO have a reputation to keep."
"Oh they are. Vince wants to make a point that his stars ARE in fact as tough as they claim to be. So your matches will be LOD streetfights. To the death."
"YIKES. So he wants to be beat the kids' icons to death with my bare hands."
"Pretty much."
"And the ladywrestling?"
She smirked.
"Will be meeting up for a different reason. Meet'n'greets."
"Ha. That'll be fun."
Hailey sighed.
"NO trying to seduce them."
"why? It'd be FUNNY to see who goes for it."
"Love you too, Hails."
She beamed and Tyler looked at the match as Roman nearly split Bray in half with a spear tackle.
The match ended and Roman looked at the survivor with a smirk.
"You think you can handle that?"
"Roman. I strangled a Stregor on a dare. Okay? I STRANGLED, an UNDEAD GORILLA...JUST to prove I could. I think the more important question?"
Tyler's eyes lit up with a dark fire.
"Are YOU ready to come to MY WORLD? If so? You know what to do. To ANYONE that thinks you can beat me in a fistfight, I INVITE you to try. Come to me. And LET'S GO TO HELL TOGETHER."
The crowd cheered that dark invite and Mylissa laughed.
"YES! That is exactly what I needed! YOU will be getting MANY fights now, Gore! Aside from your progressing the game. YOU are NOW a prizefighter. And you are not ALLOWED to lose."
"I won't. I fight undead monsters for fun. THEM? THEY'LL be a cakewalk for me."
The next match was Paige versus Bailey in a no DQ match. The black haired goth did her intro and too the mic with a smirk as she spoke in her Irish accent.
"So. The UNKILLABLE wants a meet'n'greet. Okay. Always nice to meet a fan!"
Tyler cracked his neck with a chuckle.
"And it is ALWAYS fun to go runnin with a hot goth screamer."
She laughed an Tulip looked at him.
"Gore? You're an idiot."
"I know. Why it's FUN."
He hugged her and Hailey sighed.
Paige recovered and smirked.
"I'll be sure to thank you properly for those words, raunchy kid."
"I like REEEEALLLY wanna make a paid for it joke....buuuut I have way too many FAR HOTTER girls looking at me with loaded guns.....REAL. LOADED GUNS."
The crowd oooooh'd at the jab as Angel sighed.
"Greeeat. He IS having a field day fucking with them."
The girls chuckled at that one and Paige smirked as the crowd went quiet.
"I'll be sure to prove you wrong on lots a things, Goreleech. And in there I CAN AND WILL hit you."
TYler shrugged.
"Don't break a nail now princess!"
The RV smirked at that one as the fabs laughed and Paige had a VERY irritated expression now.
"I'll see you when I dive."
"I'll be sure to pack sunblock."
That got another ooooooh from the crowd and Kora chuckled as Bailey appeared on screen.
"dude you are HILARIOUS and an ASSHOLE. She is gon kill you."
The exurberant Bailey took the mic now and Tulip popped up.
That got a mass of chuckles from the watchers and Bailey.
"I'll be sure to give you one."
"Yay! YOU be NICE."
"Yes Tulip."
"GOOD. or I'll shoot ya!"
"wow. She a VIOLENT flower."
Rias smiled.
"Every Tulip has her thorns right?"
"OOh good one."
The group chuckled as rthe match started and Tyler fingerfed Hailey more popcorn chicken and she smirked.
"HOw romantic."
He smiled.
"I got ways, Hails."
She smiled and Kora smirked. Ben saw this.
"Bro we been over this. NOT in front of a people."
"Ew. Big Brother I do not want to see you take it in the ass."
Tulip's disgusted mew had them all laughing as the match ended in Paige winning. Tyler clapped as well and she flipped him off.
"Sorry, toots, already claimed."
The crowd chuckled at that one before the stars left the stage and Paige appeared on a second screen with a smirk,
"You are a dick. and we'll do a promo together."
Tyler smiled.
"Sure. Just see Mylissa and we'll go from there."
"Sure....and I want a hug too, cutie!""
"Yay! Hot got tiddies!"
Tyler was then fixed with a myriad of angry stares and he sighed.
"Ya know now EVERYTHING she says comes from ME right?"
Angel smirked.
"We blame YOU by default."
Ben chuckled.
"Tulip's always......been like that. Gore is just making it worse."
The chocolate haired cutie giggled as she got a hug from the survivor and Tyler sighed.
"eh fine."
They chuckled and they watched as The Miz appeared on screen now. Tyler smirked.
"Oh shit. Here we go. whaddya want?"
The star smirked.
"We're live with the most must-see talkshow in-"
Tyler tuned his longwinded intro out to hug Tulip and kiss Hailey before the superstar looked at him.
"So, GORELEECH, i heard what you said."
"which part?"
The Miz smirked into his mic.
"About me being a famewhore."
"He admits it. FINALLY."
Hailey smirked.
"Oh this is gonna be a fun one. TWO arrogant pricks."
"weird image, Hails."
"Ugh get it out of my head."
"Bro not cool."
Tyler chuckled at the shiver in his friends and Miz merely lifted a white belt.
"I have the most intercontinental championship reigns AND THE LONGEST TOO! I'm an A-list Hollywood star and what are YOU? Some kid in a videogame?"
TYler smiled.
"I'm the Unkillable. Sooo you've LOST the belt more times then anyone else? IS that what I'm hearing?"
The crowd oooooh'd and Miz tore his cheap glasses off.
"I'm the Miz and i work my ass off-"
"Bitching and complaining once again. Bro. Get over yourself. You're just the pisspoor imitation of everyone's favorite whiner, Chris Jericho in his prime. You're no A-lister. Bill MURRAY is. TOM HANKS IS. EMMA WATSON IS. YOU are just some punkass with a greased up hairdo that's paid to bitch. And run away. Me? I'm famous for planting my feet and WINNING. EVERY TIME. I have the title of Unkillable. Cause I can't be killed. YOU have the title of HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST BITCH. So please. By all means. AMUSE ME, PEASANT! I will SO enjoy the checks YO ASS is writing me!"
The crowd oooooh'd hard at this one while the Miz was on the verge of a RAGE while Tyler's friends all chuckled and Kora smirked.
"Damn dude. Grudge much?"
Tyler shrugged with a chuckle.
"I got a particular hatred for slimey bitches that would rather run from their problems then face them head on."
Hailey chuckled.
"Explains a lot."
Rias siddled closer and rested her head against Tyler's leg with a smile. Tulip looked at her.
"Rias? You're in the way of my footstool."
Tyler sighed as the laughing redhead moved.
"Greeeat. i upgraded form footstool. YIPPEE."
They chuckled....
"what the fuck do you mean by that?"
Only for what he said to fully process and Tyler was then fixed with a mass of irritated stares. Hailey smirked.
"my FIST is in PERFECT position to destroy your beloved balls, Gore. DO NOT, piss me off too much."
"Love you too, Hails."
She smiled and settled down as the next match was set up. dublin smirked.
"Becky Lynch versus Charlotte. Ha."
Tyler shrugged.
"eh. More a Charlotte then Becky."
Angel smirked.
"Cause she's a hot blonde?"
"Cause the things she can do with her spine are not natural. Sorry. A human being is not meant to bend like that."
That got a few chuckles as the blonde star did her intro before taking rhe microphone and Tyler chuckled. Charlotte had a stone face as she looked at the screen.
"So I'm UNNATURAL, is THAT what you're saying?"
"Lady you can bend your spine into a figure 8. Okay?"
She chuckled.
"I WORK at it."
"Seems you're trying a little too hard."
Angel smacked him.
"NO. NOT cool. I KNOW where you're going with that."
Charlotte nodded approvingly.
"Good. I want to hit him too."
Tyler'd sudden callout made the RV jump and the crowd laugh before Charlotte smirked.
"So you KNOW I'm a Natural."
Hailey slugged him.
"ENOUGH with the bad jokes you idiot. YOUR. JOKES. SUCK. Accept it."
Tulip looked at Rias as the crowd laughed.
"I think he's funny."
"I think he's hilarious."
"Do we suck is he funny?"
"He's funny. I am AWESOME!"
That got a chuckle from the group and the next one becky as she did her intro. Then the redhead got herself a mic and spoke in her heavy irish accent.
"so ya be the one called Goreleech. How old are you?"
THAT one made a few heads turn and Charlotte whistled.
"He's fiften? Damn."
"Whhhy THANK YOU!"
"sorry already claimed. You're gorgeous but yeah."
She sighed.
Tyler chuckled at that as Hailey just sighed.
"Can you like STOP hitting on them? Like PLEASE?"
He kissed her.
"YOU win, Hails."
"Yeah how so?"
"I came for YOU."
She shivered at that and smiled at the truth before he held her tightly.
"And THIS TIME you're not going anywhere."
"NO I am NOT. I love you, Gore."
"I love you too, Hails."
The match started and Tyler smiled as he snuggled with Hailey on his chest and Charlotte won. The survivor looked at Kora.
"What's the main event?"
"I think Braun versus The great Khali."
Tyler looked at the screen.
"I could drop em both."
The group chuckled as the Monster among men strode out like a angry bull and grab a microphone and Tyler smirked.
"What bullman?"
The massive star smirked.
The crowd roared at the catchphrase and Tyler's eyes turned to ice and his grin sadistic while a feeling of utter EVIL exploded off his frame as he looked at the now on edge bigger man.
"Are you face....The DEMON? There is a REASON I AM CALLED A MONSTER. And I INVITE YOU, to find out why. COME WITH ME. LET;S GO TO HELL TOGETHER!"
EVERYONE shuddered from the raspy, lifeless tone in Tyler's voice. The Survivor chuckled as he sat back.
"THAT is how you scare someone."
The match started and Hailey looked at him.
He shrugged.
"That's how I scare people in other games, Hails. I legit make people piss themselves."
The friends shrugged at this as the ring was destroyed by a suplexing of the Great Khali. The episode ended and Tyler chuckled as the after air matches played out and he looked at Hailey.
"eh. Was alright."
She chuckled at that verdict.
"Your commentary was the more entertaining."
Mylissa appeared on her screen with a smile.
"Gore you could npt have adverted yourself better. Arrogant, raunchy, all too willing to pick a fight, cocky, and above all? fucking entertaining to watch. Vince saw the ratings of the episode already and they fucking LOVED it. You'll be facing superstars in there now."
Tyler nodded.
"And to protect my title of Unkillable I can't lose a single fight."
"Nope. You'll need to be undefeated the entire time."
"My kinda game."
The manager chuckled and looked at her paper.
"You've been requested to appear on Smackdown next."
"Sure. It's kinda fun trashin superstars."
That got a chuckle as the screens went ut and the friends cleaned up the mess. Tulip bounced to the room with Tyler and Hailey chuckled at her eagerness before they all settled in the bed together. Tulip wasting no time in snuggling up to Tyler's chest with Hailey holding the cutie too. Tyler smiled as he kissed Hailey.
"Good night, Hails. I love you."
"Good night, Gore. I love you too."
"Night Tulip!"


Tyler woke the next morning on his belly with a warm weight curled into a ball on his back and Hailey asleep beside him in his bed. He smiled as he felt Tulip was the warm weight curled into a ball on his back. Hailey smiled as she opened her eyes.
Tyler chuckled at this fact as the brown haired cutie blushed in her sleep.
"She's like the better version of a cat. I like it."
Tulip woke with a squeaking yawn and Tyler smiled.
"Morning Flowerpot. Sleep well?"
She giggled and snuggled back on his back.
"Yup! You're a great bed Gore!"
"Cute. Come on we got work to do."
"OOH boo."
"I know. Come on."
Tulip sighed and hopped off his back and Tyler kissed Hailey.
"Morning Hails. I love you."
She smiled.
"Good morning, Gore. I love you too. She is too freakin cute."
"So true."
The pair got dressed and walked out for find Tulip sniggering to herself as she poked at Angel's exposed rack while she and Alexis snuggled. Tyler sighed with a smile and pulled the blanket up.
"Not cool, Tulip."
"Her boobs are so squishy! I like em!"
"Me too but come on."
Hailey's mild smirk made him chuckle.
"I've felt hers remember?"
"Oh yeah. Sorry! NOT gonna be that easy!"
"Love you too, Hails."
She went with Tulip into the shower while Tyler took the stove. He looked up and chuckled at the sight of Kora asleep ontop of Ben with both dudes facedown. The Survivor chuckled as he considered the best joke to make in that situation and Alexis came out with a smirk.
"Don't be a dick."
"Yes Alexis."
The bikerchick chuckled at that one and Tyler smiled as they got breakfast going. Tulip came out with Hailey and Alexis went in with a smirking Angel and Hailey smiled as she got another kiss.
"Wow. Their asses are gonna hurt like hell today."
Tulip had noticed Kora and Ben's position and her cutely voiced comment had Tyler losing his mind at her cuteness. Hailey slumped and a groan was heard from the couch.
"Bro we just got ROASTED by yo little sister."
"Yeah...and I heard GORE say that. we're fucked."
"Yup.....don't say it."
Tyler chuckled as the two sore dudes cleaned up. Once the group were people again and gathered around the table he crossed his arms.
"Alright. I want the Osprey airworthy by the end of the day and the RV started on as well. I'll be helping out on the work since we NEED to raid that I am getting tired of this area."
They nodded and Hailey looked at him.
"We'll get it done."
"Good. Break."
The refreshed friends threw themselves into their work with a passion. Tyler and the mechanics worked the Osprey over while everyone else funneled loot to them and killed zombies. The day passed in a blurr for the friends and as the sun went down the Osprey was declared airworthy and the RV had sheets of plater steel from the various armored vehicles welded on. Tyler smiled as they reconvened in the Rv.
"Alright. Osprey is ready for deployment. In the morning I'll take a crew on a scouting run of the base. Goal is to figure out just WHAT is inside that base."
They nodded and Mylissa appeared. Tyler looked at her.
"Sarah's off schedule."
She smirked.
"Fox has refused to air your interveiws due to your nonstop attacks and offensive remarks. So CNN is taking them."
"Nice. And the bundles?"
"Are online now. I'll purchase them and have them ready for delivery in the morning."
HE nodded.
"Alrighty. we got a lotta work in der morning."
The friends nodded and Hailey smiled as Tyler snuggled with her in their bed.
"MUCH better."
He kissed her.
"I love you too, Hailey."
"Night, Gore. I love you too."


Tyler woke the next morning with Hailey on his chest and her arms around his neck. He smiled at this and kissed her awake. her brown eyes were full of sparkles as they opened and he kissed her again. The pair got into a makeout session that had Hailey pinned to the bed this time and he smiled as her shirt had hiked up over her cleavage while her light blue panties were on full display. Hailey smiled with a blush at her exposure.
"Not like this."
He kissed her lovingly and she sighed.
"I WANT to. Just....kinda scary."
"I get it."
She smiled and held her boyfriend tightly as they enjoyed a morning cuddle. Then Hailey smiled.
"I'm hungry."
"As you wish, Hails."
She shivered at that attack and the pair went out. Tulip was found snuggled into Angel and Alexis' busts and the tiny cutie was firmly entrenched by their hugs while the pair cleaned up and made breakfast. Kora was on his face this time and Tyler looked at Hailey.
"we might wanna see about a curtain or something. Kinda tired a seeing Kora with his ass in the air."
"Gore you are a prick....but that IS a good idea."
The grumble made them chuckle before the group gathered around the table for the daily briefing. Tyler tapped the military base.
"Okay. I'll be taking a crew up to the base for a scouting op. It'll be me, Hails, Angel, Ben, and Kora. Alexis, you're in charge while we're gone. You're to keep working on the Rv and town."
She nodded.
Rias perked up.
"Can I go, Gore?"
He smiled at the eager redhead.
"When you have more experience in our crew you can, Rias. Sadly this is a job for the most experienced."
"Dammit. Fine. I'll just snuggle the cutie."
"Yay! Devilgirl snuggle!"
They laughed at that one before the floating screen appeared and a man was seen.
"Good morning America, I am Bruce Kenna. CNN. We're live with Goreleech's camp inside,"
Tyler waited patiently as he did his intro before the man looked at him.
"Goreleech. Are you a Christain?"
"Nope. Atheist. we've been over this."
"Your views on the Catholic faith are quite offensive. What do you view Christains as?"
"They have their own camps for gays. If you believe forcing such bullshit down people's throats is a good idea, I condemn you. So the question is, DO YOU?"
The man turned the screen off and Kora whistled.
"45 seconds on the dot. Nicely done."
"Ha. It's too easy to piss off reporters. nothing they to is real so."
Mylissa appeared with a smirk.
"Nice. Okay. The bundles are inbound and will arrive in an airdrop. Code's in your messages."
Tyler nodded.
"HOw am I doing for views?"
"VERY well. Up in the 250,000 range DAILY."
"Can I do a raid?"
Mylissa smiled widely.
"Absolutely. Who is it?"
"HA! The oppressed youtube couple."
"And my favorites. I haven't watched their stuff in a while since ya know, LOD, but yeah."
Mylissa chuckled.
"She's streaming tonight. And I'll make it an unannounced raid too. and MXR?"
"HIM I got an idea for. Livestream intervew."
"Wow. Using your platform to promote their own. I can use that. alright. I'll reach out."
A whrring sound was heard outside before a set of steel crates with keypads were seen falling from the sky. Tyler chuckled as he saw this.
"Nice. Let's gear up."
The friends collected their bundles from the crate and Tyler smirked as he took the Jurrassic Park skinned SPAZ12, M16A1 emblazoned with the Colt logo, and his backpack from the Last Of Us. The crate shattered like glass once the last bundle was claimed and Hailey smiled as she pulled her new shirt on.
"Okay. THIS is kinda cool."
"Tyler chuckled as he loaded his new M16A1.
"Best part is they take no space in our storage and can always be found in any container we own."
Kora smiled as he got his Nike flights for his sponsership.
"So what's the next gimmick, Gore? Scouting?"
Tyler smirked and looked at Tulip.
"We find any working videocameras, Tulip?"
The cutie nodded.
"Yup. Like thirty."
"We'll take a high quality one. Way we scout is we use actual recorders and the screen recording too for better analisys to make absolutely certain we get EVERY detail we can. Two will fly the bird, two on defense, and two will take screen shots, recordings, and the like of everything we see. Four orbits of the base and then we touch down. We'll review the data, and adjust accordingly. Then tomorrow we'll do another op in the event more are appearing. If they ARE that means there's a nest in there. Nests spawn zombies like spores and are EXTREMELY tough to kill. If the nest is spawns in an extra 200 walkers for an intial defense. Piss it OFF....and it'll summon a goddamned Tyrannataur as a fuck you. And for those of you that DON'T KNOW? A tyrannataur is a ZOMBIE. T-REX. An undead T-rex."
Kora whistled and looked at Ben.
"It wrong I just made a little mud in my pants?"
The marine engineer trainee smirked.
"I just saw my life before my eyes at that one. so no. No it is not."
Rias smiled dreamily.
"And YOU killed one! Myyyy HERO!"
Tyler and the rest whistled at THAT creepy stalker sigh and the Survivor looked at his smirking girlfriend.
"Yup. I'm fucked."
Hailey smirked at that one.
"I DO still have a knife, Gore."
"Love you too, Hails."
She smiled happily and the survivor looked at ben.
"How soon can we spin up?"
The marine engineer smirked.
"10 minutes."
"Coolip. Let's...OH. we got any M2s leftover?"
Kora smirked.
"we do. Two of em."
Tyler smiled.
"Mount em on the drop ramp. we can use em for defense."
The group smirked and the friends got to it. Tyler helped Ben and Kora moun t the M2 browning 50 caliber machineguns on the drop ramp of the tilt engine Osprey while Tulip[ passed Hailey and angel their cameras. Once the preperations were completed Tyler, Kora, Ben, Angel, Hailey, and Alexis climbed aboard. Kora and Ben would fly the Osprey, Tyler and Alexis would defend the bird on the guns, while Angel and Hailey recorded the entire flight. Tyler smiled as he pulled the charging handle on his M2 back.
"Let's go to hell, together."
The group chuckled at that one as Ben flipped the startup switches.
"Hold onto your butts."
"Dammit. He had the better one."
That got a laugh as Dublin took charge of the group to continue working on the RV and town while the Osprey lifted into the sky. Tyler smiled as the ramp stayed open.
"Ben, max altitude."
"Roger. Acending."
Angel and Hailey were smiling at their first military bir ride while Alexis kept watch out of the rear with Tyler.
"Hey, Gore, any other fliers up here?"
The Survivor smirked as he lit a cigerate.
"we got undead crows that like to roam n swarms like from Resident Evil, a few undead dinosaurs, the Skorcas, Skalroc, his drones, annnnd a VERY angry flying penguin."
The group looked at him and he chuckled.
"There's an undead penguin up here somewhere that's a miniboss. And it is a VERY angry bird. It'll come up to you and BITCH slap you like an idiot kid in a slapping contest. It's TOUGH too and yeah. Undead penguin. Only one of it's kind...and it SPITS on you and SWEARS at you too."
Angel busted up laughing at the image.
"So a VERY salty penguin? That is such a fucking troll boss it's HILARIOUS!"
"There's an undead fungus in here that when killed explodes into the shape of a iddle finger. Like you kill it, and it flips you off. Ya feel proud a yaself? Ya shot a mushroom with a shotgun."
Hailey snorted.
"Did YOU come up with that one, Gore?"
"Nope. I WISH I had though. For the stoner in everyone."
They chuckled before Ben was heard.
"Base in sight."
"Alright. Cameras ready?"
Angel nodded as she came up with her high powered camcorder.
"Your balls thank you for the way you said that. and we are."
"Good. HAils?"
Tyler nodded as he took the the handles of the M2.
"Alright. eyes peel people."
They flew over the base and the girls had their cameras recording every visible angle while Tyler looked at the layout of the base. In shape and style it was your usual airforce base with a long runway of four lanes and parking lots for said birds with fifteen massive hangers storing bombers. On the far side of the base were the barracks for the standing troops and their commanders. The open ground was covered in HUNDREDS of lumbering zombies ranging from your usual walking corpses in full military equipment to stregors in riot gear, Armored Hulks, Banshees in flight jackets, crawling zombies missing half their bodies, a few skalbears for no good reason, and a 15 foot foot tall amalgamation of flesh and metal in the exact center of the base. Tyler smirked.
"eyes on Zombotron."
Hails came over with her camcorder.
"Got it....JESUS CHRIST, Gore."
"Yeeah it's a scary thing to find in a dark alley."
The Zombotron was 15 feet tall and about 7 feet wide at the shoulder. It appearance it resembled a famous jet-based transformer with the flesh of a human around the metalic parts and a 120mm smoothbore tank cannon for a right arm while on the back was the turret itself. The chest was covered in slabs of cement and steel plating while the legs were rotted human legs covered in electronics and steel. The head was a mix of a flesh and blood human and the helmet of a robot. The left arm was a 7 foot long jagged spike of metal crusted int he blood of it's previous victims and the thing moved like an actual person when it stepped. Tyler had a smirk as he looked the thing over.
"Looks like a standard zombotron. They come in breeds and yeah. That one seems like the most common breed since that cannonarm is green."
Hailey nodded as she swung the camera.
"Eyes on something else, Gore. 11 o clock low."
Tyler swung the barrel of the M2 around and noted the curled up mass of black flesh on the tarmac.
"Oh. That's rare. It's an undead giant tiger. we called them Diagor. Diablo Tiger. It's a rarer form of miniboss that acts like a normal tiger. Nice. I only saw one a those in the beta."
Angel smiled as she looked out a porthole in the Osprey.
"It;s not looking too difficult, Gore. all we really need to do is kill the Zombotron and make sure we got enough bullets."
Tyler smiled as they did their third circuit.
"And we got the rockets to do it. I deal with the Zombotron and the Diagor while the rest of you use machineguns to light up the fodder."
Ben smiled.
"Pass 4."
"Alright. Once we're done here we'll RTB and review what we know."
The heads nodded and Tyler noted the masses of normal zombies were following the sound of the Osprey's engines but the base was walled in on all sides aside form the mainentry way. Which Angel panned her camera around at.
"Hey Gore what the hell is that?"
She pointed out a large creature at the main entrance and Tyler looked closer through the camcorder.
"Hm? oooh SHIT. Ugh. A Defender. Basically it's another breed of Zombotron with a 40 foot shield made of bone and flesh. It's BULLET PROOF, and can tank tankshells. It defends while the Cannoneer shoots. Ugh. I HATED fighting them things in the beta. Alright we got what we need."
"breaking off."
The crew moved off and Tyler rlowered the M2. The flight back to town was uneventful and Tyler tapped the image of the Defender once they were back in the RV.
"That thing is the biggest pain in the ass as it's a coward. It takes ANY damage it puts it's ass to the wall and SITS there firing off machinegun ammo. We'll have to use the Javelin-7's top down style impact to kill it."
Ben chuckled.
"Did you REALLY expect it to be easy, Gore?"
"Nope. I'dda been VERY concered if it WAS smooth sailing. Alright. we got 4 rockets for the Javelin-7 and 5 for the RPG-7. The RPG we'll use on the Zombotron and the Javelin the Defender."
Rias smiled.
"The Nest?"
"No hits yet, Rias. we'll check again tomorrow though since they DO roam a bit. It's like a mass of flesh that shits out zombies in the shape of a mud pile."
They shivered from the imagery and Dublin crossed her arms.
"It's still doable. It'll be a PAIN in the ASS but we can do it."
Tyler nodded.
"Two more days scouting, one full day's prep, and we launch on the third day. It'll be a combined assault air-ground. I'll be in the Osprey with Ben, Kora, Hails, angel, Alexis,"
Rias perked up.
"Me too! I'm a good sniper!"
He sighed and smiled.
"And Rias. we DO need to get more people train on our skills. Alexis will lead the ground force using the techinicals to mow down zombies while the air brigade deals with the big guys."
They nodded and Hailey frowned.
"Skalroc won't say hi will he?"
Tyler chuckled.
"He MIGHT. Which is another reason we keep such fucking close tabs on him. He DOES....I'll draw him off as he HATES me. Like to the point of ignoring you. I've evaded him before and I can do it agan. DURING this period, YOU all HIDE. Once he loses sight of me he'll get VERY pissy and yeah. Once he flies off...we're safe."
They nodded and Tyler did a watch check.
"Po's stream's about to start. You know what to do."
They chuckled and the RV was readied for another relaxer on the couches. Once comfy Mylissa appeared with a smile.
"Alright. Everyone's here. Ready, Gore?"
Another floating screen appeared with a rather pretty lady with black hair doing her lifestream intro while setting up another game. She had a distinct look of shock as Tyler's face appeared.
Tyler smiled.
"SUUURPRISE! Get her lads an lasses!"
The streamer had a look of utter shock as the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Goreleech's followers and watchers POURED into her stream and the poor girl seemed about to cry from the unexpected fame.
"Oh my god."
Tyler chuckled as the chat exploded.
"Always been on mah bucket list to raid one a yo streams, Pandaqueen."
The girl called her boyfriend and the lanky guy came in.
"HOLY shit. Really?"
Tyler smiled as MXR appeared.
"Yo bro. Did ya favorite panda a favor. Oh don't worry. I got BIG plans for YOU."
MXR smirked.
"NOw I'm scared."
"Don't worry. It'll be...IMMERSIVE."
"Oh shit."
Tyler chuckled at his justified fear as PotasticP now had to contend with the fact her stream had hit 500k in the matter of thirty seconds...and was still increasing. The Survivor smiled as he looked at the game being streamed.
"I play that too. Not OFTEN but I do."
The friends hung out with the pair o their stream for a good few hours and Potastic wound up hitting 1mil viewers and Tyler smiled as the thing wound down and ended.
"Okay we need to do that more."
Mylissia appeared with her own smile.
"YES we DO, Gore. that poor girl was about to CRY from the surprise. we'll do it."
"Jeanie and Henry are freakin gems. He's a raunchy smartass and she's a sweethearted pandaqueen. we'll surprise em again."
"And they'll never see it coming. Tomorrow is the Smackdown tunein. I...have an offer for you, Gore."
Tyler smirked.
"Live tuneins for the show?"
She nodded.
"Yup. You'd be required to make every episode of Raw and Smackdown plus other events and provide your own commentary KINDA were a HIT."
"Sure, Mylissa. So long as we're SAFE that is."
"Absolutely. Tomorrow you'll tune into Smackdown and then it'll be raw as the next big PPV event is....ha. Elimination Chamber."
Tyler nodded and Kora smirked.
"It'll be fun trashing them and getting paid to do it."
Mylissa looked at her paper.
"The next bit is you've been asked to review the upcoming Fast & Furious movie, a fight with you and Roman as the dropin matches were approved, and yeah."
"Ha. This'll be fun. We'll be busy."
The screen went out and the friends cleaned up before Tyler and Hailey went to their room. The black haired girl smiled as he kissed her.
"I love you too, Tyler."
They got into another intense makeout session that saw her on top this time and him stroking her slender legs lovingly before she smiled.
"Not yet."
He kissed her lovingly.
"I love you too, Hails."
She smiled and rested her head on his chest as he pulled the blanket up over her.
"Wow. This IS freakin comfy."
"Ha. Happy to support you."
"I love you, Tyler."
"I love you too Hails."


Tyler woke to find Hailey still firmly perched on his chest and his arms around her back holding her there. She had her arms around is neck and the result was a rather comfy snuggle. He smiled as he saw her on his chest and he kissed her lovingly.
"Good morning, my beloved Fyre."
She woke with a shiver and a sigh.
"Oh you ROMANTIC bastard I love you too! C'mere!"
She kissed him and they got into a rolling makeout session that ended with them sitting up and her locking her legs around his waist while he held her like a lifering at sea. She smiled with her face pressed into his collar bone.
"I'm sorry for the shit, Tyler."
"I'm happy you're here, Hails."
"Me too."
He smiled as he held her tighter and she shivered at the feeling and the rod she was sitting on.
"And we KINDA need some fun."
"we can fuck around tonight."
"Lock the door and turn the feed off."
"You too."
"I will."
"I do."
She gasped at that and looked at him in shock at the feeling in it. he smiled.
"I WANT you, Hails. FOREVER."
She started shaking at that confession and he smiled as he pressed her back into her snuggle.
"THIS is my world."
"Not like that."
He chuckled at her breathless plea.
"Oh god no. I'll do it MY way."
"I love you."
"I love you too, Hailey. I will NEVER. Let you go."
"I will NEVER let you go either."
He smiled and kissed her again. Only this time there was a new tenderness and utter passion to their lips it could be FELT five feet away. Then she smiled.
"And....I'm hungry."
"Ha. Love you too, Hails."
The pair headed out where Angel grabbed Hailey by the collar of her shirt and DRAGGED her into her bunk where a group of the girls were waiting with smirks. Tyler chuckled as the curtain was slammed shut with a certain fierceness.
"Annnd there she goes. Poor Hails NEVER stoof a chance."
Kora and Ben chuckled as they sat up on the couch.
"So you're at THAT stage already, Gore?"
"She is MINE."
Ben chuckled.
"Bro you are FUCKED. And good for you. So long as she doesn't STAB YOU."
"She'll be as a JOKE or a RUNNING GAG."
They chuckled at that one as breakfast was made. Hailey wa released half an hour later with a tired expression and Tyler chuckled.
"Looks like they took YOU for a ride, Hails."
"Shut up."
"Yes Hails."
She beamed at that one as Tulip came bouncing out of the bunk and hugged the taller boy.
"I will be the flower girl. GOT IT?"
"Yes Tulip."
"GOOD! And you SUCK."
"Yes Tulip."
She smiled happily and bounced off humming a tune. Tyler shook his head as he sat at the table.
"That freakin girl."
The friends gathered around the table and Rias nodded firmly in a way her larger bust b ounced.
"So it'll be a HAREM. Okay. I can live with this. Hailfyre is the favorite. I'll be the primary. It's a plan!"
"Hey Rias, who're you talking to? Just curious."
The redhead smiled.
"I'm making my plan! And it'll work! YOU WILL be mine!"
Tyler whistled and he looked at a also amazed Hailey.
" going to be a rocky one."
Tyler sighed as he saw his impendign death in Rias' blue eyes before he looked at the group.
"Alright. So the plan for the day is another scouting run on the base. Once that's done we'll see what else we can find int eh town."
Ben crossed his arms.
"So we have a few bows and some quivers of ARROWS, Gore. What's to stop us taking a few shots with the arrows?"
TYler sat back now with a thoughtful expression.
"Hm. a VERY good idea, Ben. Arrows are silent so even if we hit the zombotron long as we're out of immediate sight it'll not attack us. Plus the arrow WILL kill most fodder style zombies in one hit."
Rias looked over.
"we'd need to get within range of the bows, Gore. otherwise the arrow won;t have the penetrating power we'd need. Hell. Depending on the tip? We'd need to be withing 50 feet."
EVERYONE looked at the surprisingly knowledgable redhead and Tyler looked at her.
"You know archery, Rias?"
She nodded with an uncharacteristicly serious expression.
"I do. I do archery as a sport for my school's statelevel competitive team. I've won gold medals at comps for it too."
"You come too. we MIGHT be able to put a few shafts in the horde. They're so densely packed it's next to IMPOSSIBLE to miss."
"I'll look our bows over. See what I can do."
Tyler smiled.
"Good call. And I like THIS version of you better, Rias. Obsessed stalker just does not work for you."
She smiled.
"Thanks. i'll keep that in mind."
Hailey smirked.
"DON'T get too cozy."
He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and snuggled her into him.
"NOW I am."
The friends chuckled at that one before Tyler smiled.
"Alright. Let's get to it."
The friends scattered with the Osprey firing up with the archers loaded in. Rias had one of the larger recurve bows in hand while Tyler manned the M2 browning.
"These are longbows, Gore. we got the range we need."
"Good. YOU put arrows into the horde while we scout. AVOID anything bigger then a walker. As it won;t kill it, it'll just piss it off."
"Will do. I NEVER miss."
Hailey chuckled
"When you're not being an obsessed stalker Rias you're really freakin cool."
"Thanks, Hailfyre. I'll be sure to keep that in mind."
Tyler smirked then and he looked at the busty redhead.
"YOU'RE not the RIAS WE KNOW, are you?"
The redhead chuckled.
"No. I'm not. I am SURPRISED yuo figured it out that quick. I have split personalities. Two in fact. That DITZY idiot that IS obsessed with you, and THIS badass you see before you. her name is Ria. I am RIAS. And YOU'RE my kinda badass, Gore. don't worry. I'll fight fair."
Tyler smirked and Hailey saw it.
"Okay bare with me."
He smiled.
"So if you're dating a chick with split personalities....are you TECHNICIALLY cheating on her...WITH her? since there's two different people inside her head?"
"where th FUCK did that come from?"
"Oh my god my head hurts. FUCK you!"
"What the FUCK is wrong with you?"
Tyler busted up laughing at the sudden mass of splitting headaches and Hailey looked at him with PAIN in her eyes.
"I hate you.....but DAMMIT that's a good one!"
The poor redhead now had to suffer with twice the pain as her two personalities considered the idea. Tyler chuckled.
"THAT. Is how you PROPERLY mindfuck someone."
"I will SHOOT you with a SHOTGUN. Let it go."
The Survivor chuckled as they approached the base for the first orbit. Rias stepped up with the longbow and a quiver of arrows on her back. Tyler smiled at the iamge she cut with her long, blood red hair flutterimg out behind her in the breeze from the open ramp and her ice blue eyes full of a calculating coldness while she drew her first arrow with a slow, ddeliberate methodicalness. Tyler kept watch as the sexy redhead fired her arrow into the wind at a zombie...and scored a perfect headshot in the eye as the osprey flew by. Tyler whistled.
"Nice shot."
"Thank you. I can do it for hours."
"Nice. we can use that for clearing out a rooftop on a skyscraper we DON'T wanna touchdown on."
Hailey smirked.
"I'm right."
"You're GUSHING."
"Okay? I gush about YOU more."
"Good. KEEP doing it."
".....Yes Hails."
Angel chuckled as she looked over from a porthole.
"Wow, Hails. Crack that whip."
"I will. a lot."
The friends laughed at that one as the third orbit was complete and Rias putting arrow after arrow into the heads of the zombies on the ground. The redhead smiled as she emptied her quiver of 75 shafts while they headed for the town.
"Not bad. Always kinda fun sniping idiots with a bow."
Tyler smiled.
"we'll keep a quiver on hand now. Be AMAZED how often a good archer is needed over silencers."
She smiled proudly at this as tey landed back in town. Hailey smirked and took the idiot aside where she pinned him to the wall for a kiss.
"So you DO like her."
Tyler smiled as he flipped the script to pin his girlfriend to the wall.
"Course i do, Hails. She's fun to be around."
Hailey kissed him knowingly.
"Like TULIP fun or ANGEL fun?"
"Bit a both actually."
"Well. She DOES have a split."
"Which makes it kinda cool. Never met anyone with split personalities before."
"Your sister."
"She is just a pathelogical MESS."
"Oooh nice one."
"YES you ARE."
She smiled and he kissed her again before they got into another makeout session that had Haily LIFTED ff the ground and PINNED to the wall with her slender legs locked around his waist.
He smiled and let the nervously smiling girl down. She let out a small breath of relief.
"Phew. was KINDA scary there since I was off the ground."
"I guess THAT stereotype isn't for you."
"Nope. it WAS exciting though. Soo there's that."
He hugged her.
"we'll try out other stuff."
"We can have some fun later."
"Since last time we got interrupted."
"Oh we so did."
They looked over to see Angel smirking and tapping her foot.
"NOT in the OPEN you two freaks. And come on. we got a review to do."
"Yes Angel."
"Okay Angel."
"GOOD. Ugh. Lovey dovey bastards."
The friends busted up laughing at the VERY odd rehash as the trio headed to the RV. There Rias smiled sweetly.
"I had fun! I wanna go again!"
Tyler chuckled as he noted a fresh sparkle in her blue eye.
"Sure thing, Ria."
She giggled and Tulip hugged her.
"YOU are MINE tonight!"
"Kay! You're like a hotter teddybear, Tulip!"
"And you're a sexy devilgirl, Ria! I win!"
They laughed at that one before they reviewed the data from the new scouting OP. Tyler smiled as he looked the footage over.
"Good news is there doesn't seem to be a nest or anything inside the base. Numbers are exactly the same and the Defender didn't move at all. That means it's a passive enemy too. The Zombotron was moving so it'll react first when we attack."
Hailey rested her head on his shoulder and he stroked her soft black hair while the friends reviewed. Tulip perked up afterwards.
"we killed the last zombie in the town limits, Gore. All loot is secure inside the gas station."
Tyler nodded.
"The RV's coming along well too. When we're done at the base we'll have enough to finish upgrading it."
Ben looked at him.
"What'll we do with the Osprey, Gore? Leave it behind?"
"Nope. we'll build a trailer for it behind the RV. and it'll be flown behind us while we drive."
"Nice. we'll have some nasty hardware then."
TYler nodded.
"I saw a few birds we'll want to look over at the base. Namely that Huey on that pad. I didn't see ANY damage on it's frame."
Ben pulled the recording of the iconic chopper up now.
"Yeah. I'm not seeing anything either, Gore. Damn."
Kora whistled.
"It me or is it a little TOO clean?"
They blinked at that and Tyler smiled as he brought up the footage from the day prior.
"And THAT'S why we take mulitple."
Angel nodded as she did the playback.
"Gore you are too damn smart sometimes. Okay. I took"
The same helipad was shown WITHOUT the Huey and Tyler smirked.
"It didn't spawn there and we'dda heard them rotors last night. Alright. we got company."
Hailey looked at him.
"Any idea?"
"Probably the ingame version of the military. Like the Maraudars. only THESE guys are military. They ARE in here and they DO pop in. Probably a stealth Huey variant too."
Tyler kept a close eye on the edges of the footage now before he smirked.
He pointed to a group of armed men watching the Osprey doing the CLEAR scouting orbit around the base. Ben nodded.
"Marine recon. Surprised they didn't fire at us."
Tyler chuckled.
"They DID the ENTIRE base would of attacked them. A PURE stealth op is NOT equipped for an all out assault like that. WE WERE. Odds are they're after the higher tier loot-"
A distant sound of thunder was heard then and it cut off their meeting. The friends rushed to the top of the gas station where binoculars were pulled and Tyler smirked as the thunder was heard again.
"That's the cannonarm on the Zombotron. They were either noticed or some idiot took a shot at it."
Ben looked at him as the thunder continued.
"Fire up the Osprey?"
"Don't bother. It'd be over by the time we got there."
"True we can see the aftermath."
"TRUE. Alright. Load up. Rias."
The redhead's eyes went glassy before the more serious and dependable personality took over.
"I am here."
"Grab a quiver. Second assault."
"On it."
"Hails, Angel, load long rifles. we're going for a sniper brigade."
They nodded and the friends were airbourne in five minutes. Tyler loaded a magazine into his Kar98K and Rias smirked as she fitted arrow to bow.
"So when Goreleech goes sniping he uses an outdated rifle. Weird choice."
"Ha. I know EXACTLY where EVERY bullet will go. This one is MY baby."
Alexis slammed the charging handle back on her M2 with a smirk.
"So who we gunnin fo, Gore?"
Tyler smiled as he looked out the ramp.
"we'll see how the fight's going. And WHO is doing the fighting. Some faction in here ARE evil and some are good. We'll get a look at the unis before we decide."
"Approaching the base! Max altitude!"
"Roger, Ben. Distance 500 and maintain orbit."
"'re having fun with that aren't you?"
Tyler chuckled as they approached the base.
"Kinda. Alright we got eyes on."
A force of soldiers were firing on the masses of zombies in the base with the Defender running defense for the Zombotron and Tyler used his kar to zoom in on the shooters.
"Ha. I know them. The Black Brigade. They're of the ingame totalitatarian regime that took over after the outbreak. drop em. they're assholes."
Rias took aim with her bow, Angel, and Hailey lifted their rifles, and Alexis kept watch on her M2. Tyler smirked as he saw the soldier's Heuy was undefended.
"Coming down. I read your mind."
The Osprey was lowered by a empty spot on the base and tyler dropped in with his M16A1 and a tactical flashlight before he ran for the spinning up Huey while the Osprey took up defense overhead. Tyler reached the Heuy and the pilot pulled his Glock...only for Tyler to flash him in the eyes with the highpowered taclight. the result was him yelling and being pulled from the chopper and stabbed. His gear was looted and Tyler was inside the cockpit of the Heuy the next instant. The signiture sound of the rotors was heard and Tyler smiled as he threw the stick forward to have the little bird EXPLODE from the pad in a carving climb as the soldiers just started shooting themselves as they saw their escape vanish. Tyler smiled as he pulled the mic on.
"Heartbreak 1 to Seahawk 1. Copy?"
Ben's chuckle was heard.
"Loud an clear Heartbreak 1. I see you."
"Rog. Alright. Their loot'll still be there when we got to raid the place and that zombotron's busy. RTB. we got what we came for."
"Roger, SIR."
"Good boy."
Tyler had the Heuy flying by the larger Osprey and Hailey's voice was heard with a smirk.
"We'll go flying later, Hails."
"Yes we WILL. And I wanna learn to fly a helicopter."
"Sure thing, Hails. Hey Kora."
"Thing the roof of the overhang'll hold her?"
The sandy haired guy was heard frowning.
"I don't think so Gore. Heuy's light an all...but yeah that's a bit much. We'll peg out a pad for you."
"Cool. i got a full tank. idiots were a looter-killer squad. And Kora?"
"Bro. You have GOT to fly this thing. Like flying a ferrari."
"Niiiice. Blackhawk?"
"Hmm, 88 camero."
"Dude. I want one. BOTH. Little Bird?"
"You're on a crotchrocket and it don't like you. But GOD do you feel like a badass when you get her zippin. MY favorite? that Apache. I felt like a god when I brought that fucker in on an attack run."
"There are so many things I am going to fly in here. P51?"
"You're having sex with the sky...and it's your wetdream."
"Damn. Okay. F22?"
"THAT I DIDN'T get to fly. Sadly. we found a base of em....buuut the beta ended before we could fix em up. I DID get to fly an F16 Falcon. You do not know flying...until you sit in that cockpit and go on a gunrun."
"Same problem as the F22. We did get one airworthy and we used it when we attacked Seattle the first time, but I wasn't the lucky bastard that got to fly it. That honor was given to THE best pilot in the entire fucking betabase. Her name's Starfighter44. YOU know her as Star The Sky goddess."
Kora whistled.
"Damn. I know her."
Hails was heard.
"You sleep with her?"
"Ha. She's a strict lesbian Hails. And is HAPPILY married to her hot supermodel goth wife."
"She nice?"
"Not really. She warms up after a while. But. Only to first name terms. She actually taught ME how to fly up here."
The friends chuckled at that qualifier as the Osprey was landed and Tyler brought the heuy to a hover over the station as Ben and Kora pegged out a helipad in the parking lot next door for him to land. Ben smiled as Tyler touched down smooth as butter.
"How she feel, Gore?"
Tyler hopped out.
"A LITTLE tight on the left yaw. Pitch is good, throttle is good, and all controls responsive. Rudder's probably dented."
"I'll take a look, Gore."
"Thanks Ben. sorry we keep dumping this shit on you."
"Oh it's fine. It's LITTERALLY my job to maintain aircraft and shit. Preciate it though."
Tyler fistbumped him before they regrouped in the RV. Mylissa appeared with a smirk once everyone got comfy.
"Okay. I got like THIRTY fucking phonecalls for you to gave a rating to different aircraft now, Gore. NICELY done."
"Thanks Mylissa. So which one first?"
She looked.
"Well. We've got requests from Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Fairchild, Northop, North American Arms, even a few from other countries."
Tyler smiled.
"Slap an as I find them on it, Mylissia. I gotta FIND the damned things fore I can fly em."
"Sure. Some are rare even out here. I DO have a question from Bell regarding your plans for the Huey though."
The Survivor smiled.
"We're gonna mount the M2s on it as door guns and make it into a gunship/recon bird. Since we got three pilots for it we can kit it how we need."
"Alright. seems they were curious why you leapt on it like you did. And you'll be tuning into Smackdown."
"In a few hours."
"All i had. Kid we are making money and it is AMAZING."
Tyler smirked.
"Any new bundles out yet?"
"Nothing you haven't seen yet. Looking for something?"
"Yeah. Lemme know when vehicle skins go into effect. We'll get one for the choppers."
"Sure. all I had."
The screen went out and Tyler smiled as he looked at his friends.
"Alright. You know the drill."
They chuckled and the hangout session was setup. Kora had an excitement about him as they got comfy and Angel noted it as Tulip got comfy against her.
"Smackdown you're think, Kora?"
The sandy haired guy chuckled as he snuggled with his boyfriend.
"AJ Styles is on Smackdown and a few others I like are."
Tyler chuckled as he kissed Hailey, making her smile.
"Isn't Cena still on Smackdown?"
"Tch. that guy only pops in for the freakin paycheck nowadays."
"NOW I kinda wanna pick a fight with Stone-cold."
They laughed at that one as the screen fired up for the dark matches. The intro for Sasha Banks fired up and Tyler looked at Hails.
"Did ya know she's I heard she's Snoop dog's cousin."
"No shit?"
"Yeah. The Usos are related to the Rock too."
Ben snorted as he cracked open a bud.
"ALL the somians are related to each other, Gore. It's one a THOSE kinda families."
They chuckled as the music for Lana broke out and Angel smirked.
"She is SUCH a fake Russain."
Tyler smiled at his Russian friend.
"Her music has a it for me. Dunno."
Rias shrugged.
"Eh. Chairdance is take it or leave it."
Dublin chuckled.
"And can we agree CArmella is a knockoff of every streetchick with respect?"
They chuckled as the match ended with Sasha winning. Cole was seen then.
"Loud an clear, Cole. This is fun."
"Ha. we're live in 5."
Tyler looked at Hailey and she smiled.
"Still here."
"Making sure."
She snuggled more into his chest and Alexis smirked from her spot on the other end of the couch.
"Awww! And to THINK they started out with a KNIFE!"
Hailey smiled sheepishly and with a REALLY cute blush.
"I guess.....he DID get the point."
Tyler busted up laughing while the rest looked at her like she was hurt. Tulip patted her.
"It's okay, Hails. He hurts us too."
Tyler just hugged his girlfriend with a smile.
"I fucking love you, Hails. I really do."
She smiled as she hugged him back.
"I love you too, Gore. Sorry for the knife."
He kissed her.
"There. All better."
Tulip looked at angel.
"Wow. i didn't know Gore did cute too."
The blonde Angel shrugged helplessly.
"I didn't either. Go with it."
"That's what I usually do when big brother does something cute. Shrug and say he still takes it in the ass. Then I get a candybar! There. Allll better!"
The room laughed at Tulip's sweetness while Ben sighed.
"Annnnd I get ROASTED once again. Thanks Sis."
Tyler chuckled as he looked at the screen and noted the fans were filling in....and he loaded his spaz12 with blanks again and Hailey smirked.
"Whaddya gonna do?"
"I'mma shove the gun in their face."
"HA! Niiiiiice!"
The fans got comfy before the pyrotechnics started and Tyler smiled as his face appeared at the finale....with the gun aimed at them. He pulled the trigger and the gunshot made a few jump as he smirked.
"Let's go to HELL, together!"
They laughed at the VERY cheesy line and Tyler chuckled as he unloaded the gun and relaoded the LIVE slugs in.
"Alright. Who's on first."
Cole did his intro with his usual zeal while Tyler ran a cloth over his Colt M1911 and the man looked at him.
"Any words Goreleech before we get started?"
"And now a word from Colt. The worlds best weapons for a Zombie apocolypse. Need a gun you can trust no matter WHAT the hell you do to it or what the hell the world throws at it? Use the Colt M1911. Been in service for over a hundred years for a REASON. Colt. The gun you need most, when the world shits itself."
The gun went off and Hailey whistled at his formal yet smug tone.
"Damn dude. Nice."
"I know right?"
Angel smirked.
"Wanna BET Mylissa's losing her ming over that little shoutout?"
"Ha. I see an opportunity I'mma take it dammit."
Cole was heard next.
"Are you ready for the first match of the night? Dean Ambroise versus....Fin Balor for the United States Championship!"
Tyler and Ben looked at eachother.
"Title match out the gate?"
"This ought be good."
Kora smirked.
"And the US title no less? Ha. I think they got a plan guys."
Alexis nodded as the guitar riff was heard.
"I THINK we're gonna need more popcorn chicken."
A scraggly looking guy was seed striding to the ring and Tyler chuckled.
"I have that T-shirt."
Hailey chuckled.
"Course you like the Lunatic."
"I AM one. I'm only paid to BEAT people to death!"
They laughed at that one as Dean took the mic and looked at the Survivor.
"So YOUR the Unkillable huh?"
Tyler chuckled.
"Pretty much. How's it hangin?"
"Little to the left. So I be lookin for a fight."
The chuckle turned into a smirk and Tyler looked at the now smirking Lunatic.
"If you wanna know what virtual ASPHALT tastes like, by all means put a helmet on. Wanna go on a tear with barbed wire baseball bats beating the hell outta every zombie we see, i can do that too. YOU may run your Asylum, Dean, but I SET IT ON FIRE."
"Ha. I'll be sure to take you up on that."
"Barbred wire's FUN."
"OH yeah."
The next set of music played and Hailey chuckled as she looked at Tyler.
"It'll be fun watching you beat the hell outta them, Gore."
"Yeah roman's up first. THAT'LL be a fun fight. I MIGHT dust a few of my skills."
The group smirked and Angel sighed.
"DON'T butcher him alive on live TV?"
"I wasn't. Was gonna drop him with a Stunner. Or. I dunno. Powerbomb him onto a fire hydrant."
Kora whistled.
"Yeah. long as there's no sewer cap we'll be fine. I DON'T think they'll appreciate me tramuatizing their superstars by sending them to the Underdark."
They chuckled at that one before Fin was seen with the micraphone.
"So ya think to challenge me, eh?"
Tyler smirked.
His eyes turned to darkness.
"On MY DEMON SOUL. By all means, COME DOWN TO HELL. Or I will DRAG you to it!"
The man chuckled as he shivered.
"You a scary one, KID, I'll be sure to give you the Cue de gra."
"Dude. I got like a hundred pounds on you....annnnd can STILL out fly your best cruiserweights in here. why? CAUSE I'M THE UNKILLABLE ONE!"
The match got underway and Mylissa appeared on her screen with a wide smile.
"Gore? Colt LOVES YOU."
Tyler chuckled.
"I had an IDEA."
"Cute. Custom guns, based of MY THEME."
She whistled.
"A line of merch with YOUR name on it, from your SPONSERED gun manufacturer. I LOVE the way you think. Okay. What are you thinking?"
"A barebones M16 with MY catchphrase on the barrel, and it be a deep red in color."
"OOH. Simple. i like it. And the M1911?"
"Barebones again with a red weathered finish like it's been used in my hell. Together it's the Unkillable's go-tos."
"I will submit that immediately. And you'll expect it as an ingame bundle?"
"Absolutely. I'll be doing a few anime shoutouts later too."
"Good. More mediums you show interest in the better."
Tyler looked back at the match as a mass of boos were heard from intereference from another star, Kevin Owens. Tyler smirked as the star ruined the match at the finish for no real good reason and he took the microphone and looked at the Unkillable.
"Happy? I made your PATHETIC little egotrip better. This is NOW. The KEVIN. OWENS. SHOW!"
Tyler looked at him quizzically.
"Hey, bowlling ball, you ever realize you look like a chipmunk when you puff your cheeks out?"
The crowd laughed and so didn't Tyler's friends as Kevin was seen to go red in the face at the double wammy.
"Hey. Bullfrog. I'll be SURE to roll you into the Underdark. Cause I. HATE. YOU. See ya in hell."
Tyler sat back from his smirk as the crowd laughed and cheered while Kevin's thunder was stolen ENTIRELY by the quick witted Survivor. He left and Tyler patted Tulip, making her bawl happily and Angel chuckled.
TYler looked at the screen with a smile...when he smirked.
He patted Hailey and she got up curiously and Tyler went to the door of the RV with a halfsmirk and barechested.
"You need to learn how to KNOCK."
He kicked the door open to be faced with none other then Roman in full ring attire. The crowd on the screen was going apeshit at this as Tyler walked out onto the asphalt where Roman was cracking his knuckles.
"I'm here."
Tyler cracked his knuckles.
"Let's go to hell. Together....and now i don't like it as much."
The Survivor rushed the larger man and Roman deflected the first jab with a hand...only for the ungodly fast teenager to drop into a cartwheel that planted a foot in Roman's face and Tyler completed his one handed cartwheel with a smirk.
"Bring it."
Roman retaliated with a wiold right Tyler grabbed, sidestepped, and tugged downwards. Roman was flipped CLEAN onto his back with a thud and Tyler smiled.
"O lay!"
The bigger man was up and Tyler had a smile of amusement as he traded blows with the bigger fighter for a few trades before Tyler smirked. He started hopping backward,
"Hop, hop, hop, DING."
Only to plant his feet and slam a fist from a leg-bourne lunge into Roman's tac vest and the bigger man smirked as he grabbed Tyler and lifted him up into a sudden Somoan drop that had the Survivor grnt and something was heard snapping. Roman got up with a chuckle.
"Where;s your arrogance now?"
"right here."
Tyler kipped up from a prone positon in a rather unsettling way and he looked at his broken arm with a smile.
"Been a while since I broke a bone in here. Impressive."
He flicked his arm and there was a sickening crunch before he lifted the now fixed arm.
"But you're gonna need a lot more an THAT to drop ME."
Tyler rushed the man now and as Roman dodged the teenager leapt up onto a trashcan, leapt onto a wall and leapt off into a frontflip that saw him slam a doublefisted blow on Roman's own block. Then Tyler, quick as lightning, grabbed Roman's hands as he dropped and pulled the man into a rolling flip that saw him launched into a stone wall while Tyler used the momentum to land cleanly on his feet like some minda superhero. Tyler rose with a smile and was on the rising Roman like a ravening wolf as he swung a fist.
"Mastery of the Five Layers. SHATTERSHOT!"
Roman dodged and Tyler's fist slammed into the brick wall of a bank...and close to 15 feet of bricks turned to powder from the force of the blow. Roman grabbed him and dropped into another slam which Tyler bounced rright out of and like lighting planted a boot in Roman's waist, grabbed him by the waist, lifted him up...
"Time to put you in the trash!"
And powerbombed him into a dumpster with a FEROCIOUS force. Roman was heard grunting and Tyler closed the lid and tapped it.
"Order up!"
The crowd laughed as Roman was seen climbing out of the dumpster badly hurt but smirking.
"Okay. THIS is a FIGHT."
"You're ALIVE? Wow. Alright. fire hydrant it'll be."
The man hit Tyler with his iconic spear and there was another sound of something cracking and this time Tyler spit out a mouthful of blood onto the pavement as Roman was also bleeding from his own wounds. Then the Survivor smirked.
"Been a long time since I seen mah own blood. Okay. NOW I'M PISSED."
Roman came marching over and Tyler walked at him with a smile and as Roman through a fist...Tyler ducked under it, clapped him over the ears, grabbed him by the tac vest and threw him into the wall with force. Then he grabbed him again and threw him through a window as the weakening superstar was slow on the escape. Tyler grabbed him by the hair and dragged the battered star out of the store and lifted him up on his shoulders by a fire hydrant.
Roman was impaled on the hydrant and Tyler cracked his neck as a floating 1 icon appeared over his head. Then he looked at the roaring crowd on the screen at the BRUTAL brawl, and smirked.
"Alright. WHO'S NEXT?"
Annnd the crowd went WILD! Tyler returned to the RV where he got a mass of applause from the amazed group and he bowed.
"Whyyy thank you!"
Ben whistled as he tossed him a medipack.
"Dude that was the best fight with Roman I've ever seen. And...YOU are REALLY freakin rusty."
"Tch you don't need to tell ME that. I DON'T usually do hand to hand. So yeah. I MIGHT have to try out a few tactics now."
Hailey chuckled as he sat down with some tape on his ribs.
"was like watching a higher tier fight movie. Nice."
Roman appeared on a screen with a tired smirk.
"I'll get you next time."
"Ha. You're a few years too early to drop ME in a streetfight, Roman. But by all means. Try. I'll drown you in a toliet next time."
That got a laugh from the crowd as the next match was set to start and Mylissa appeared.
"Gore? That fight.....was AMAZING. I haven't seen a match that brutal since ECW back in the day. Ratings for that SINGLE MATCH....SHIT on the last YEAR of everything. And it'll be a thing now."
"Surprises or not."
"PreTTY much."
Tyler looked at the crowd with a smile as they roared for the intense fight.
"Alright. Next up is.....seriously, who's next?"
They chuckled as the music for Sasha Banks fired up and Hailey smirked.
"NOW I wanna see you fight Triple H out there."
The Survivor chuckld as he looked at her.
"Most likely will, Hails. HIM I think I'd Pedigree onto the top of a tank or something. Dunno."
He shrugged as the woman on the screen took the mic. Tyler looked at her curiously and she smirked.
"I want my OWN fight, Goreleech."
"Sure. I'm an equal opportunity asskicker, Sasha."
The crowd chuckled at that one and Lana's music fired up before the blonde russian appeared with her own mic and Tyler smiled.
"MY Russian's better. just sayin."
Angel smirked.
"Damn straight."
"You're a LITERAL ANGEL. Makes sense."
Lana smirked and pointed her finger at him.
"You will not be so cocky when Rusef comes to CRUSH you, UNKILLABLE."
TYler chuckled an unsettling chuckle.
"Whenver he rediscovers his balls, toots, I'll be here to turn him into a humab pretzel. Sasha? Wooould you kindly take out the trash please?"
The girls in the RV smirked at the layered commenyt and Tulip looked at him.
"You already put that other guy in the dumpster, Gore. What else did we have for trash?"
The crowd lost it at her cutely curious squeak and Tyler patted her fondly, making her giggle.
"Tulip? I freakin love you."
The friends chuckled as the match got underway and Tyler watched with a minor amusement as Sasha won with her submission move.
"So our match I'll ber sure to use similar tricks on you, Sasha."
Hailey looked at him.
"NO grappling just to be a fucking creep, Gore."
"Yes Hails."
"GOOD....but yuou CAN unnerve the fuck outta her."
"I can do that at the drop of a hat."
The match ended and TYler pulled a small bottle of pills from his pack and Hailey looked at him as he popped a few.
"Painkillers. Since...ya know. Random dropins."
"Just don't go overboard."
"I won't. Been there too remember?"
She smiled at that a loud bell toll was heard and Tyler, Kora, and Ben jumped.
"No fucking way."
"That's....NOT who I THINK ir is, right?"
"Gore? I THINK tou might be over your head now."
TYler sat up straight as the eerie yet ionic funeral music announced thr arrival of the Undertaker on smackdown while the crowd lost their freakin minds. Tyler had a halfsmile on his face as the deadman walked to the ring and took the mic.
"N ow THAT is a FIGHT I would PAY to pick."
Undertaker looked at him.
"You claim to be....UNKILLABLE?"
Tyler smirked with a new excitment in his eyes.
"I AM unkillable. Put the helmet on Taker. And YOU will be the one that RESTS. IN. PEACE. I DARE you! GET IN HERE!"
There was an edge of excitrment and a fire in Tyler's eyes as he locked glares with the legend himself and Taker smirked as a dark light appeared in his own.
"I have risen from my rest to PUT. YOU. DOWN. Goreleech. I. AM. COMING FOR YOU."
"I'll be waiting."
The unsettlign man left and Tyler looked at the appearing Mylissa.
"THAT is a fight I'd PAY to pick, Mylissa."
She smirked.
"I will be sure to make it a big one then, Gore. That ONE FUCKING INTERVIEW has people losing their minds and my GOD do I want to d something with it."
An explosion was heard then and Tyler lopoked to see a towering man in red striding to the ring and he smirked.
"Oh my fucking god. I am going to ENJOY this one."
KAne took the mic and Tyler smiled as he faced him.
"You think, to be the monster of monsters, Goreleech? I will be seeing YOU VERY SOON!"
Tyler cracked his neck with a smirk.
"YOU may be the Devil's favorite demon, Kane. But I am the DEMON HELL ITSELF, fears MOST. And I will HAPPILY show you WHY."
The big man's match was with a lesser carded star that was merely butchered on live TV before he walked out. Kora looked at Tyler.
"BeFORE you kick their asses, Gore, I am getting an autograph."
"Ha. Sure thing, Kora. Ben?"
"Dude. Same!"
Tyler looked at the screen as Ria had STARS in her blue eyes from the sheer badassery on displa by the Survivor while Hailey merely rested on his chest.
"So now I am dating an addicted streefighter. YIPPEE."
"LIke you aren't loving the show, Hails."
"BeSIDES the freakin point. Ugh. I want my own autographs too."
He kissed her lovingly.
"I'll be sure to get you some then."
She smiled as the music for the Big Show appeared and the world's largest athlete was seen striding to the ring and Tyler shrugged.
"Eh. Usual beatdown."
That got a chuckle as the match for the big man was with Randy Orton. That one made Tyler lift an eyebrow.
"OOH that's a good one."
Ben nodded.
"Yeah. Orton's always fun to watch."
"Even IF he's on his way out."
"True. Guy hasn't seen a hard run in some time now."
"Kevin oewns is a lower tier replacement for him."
"Dude. Yes. Oh I got one."
"Dream match?"
"Dream match."
"Andre the Giant versus Braun strowman."
They whistled at that one and Kora looked at as the match got underway.
"I'd pay to see that. Chicks?"
"Ha. Trish stratus in her prime versus Charlotte un a bra and panties match."
"Why'd I even bother asking?"
Tyler chuckled as he cracked open a rootbeer.
"War of the Legs, am I right?"
They chuckled and Tulip giggled.
"Sting versus Bray!"
The group looked at the cutie and Ben chuckled.
"She was raised on the icons."
"I approve."
The heads nodded at that sage wisdom as the match ended with Orton and the RKO. Tyler smirked at this.
"It'd take a HELLUVA lot more an ONE RKO to drop ME Orton. And I am USED to fighting snakes. Oh. Annnd ya MIGHT wanna be careful with the sneak attacks in case I happen to just shoot yo ass or I have a knife on me. Don't think they'd appreciate me disemboweling you."
They chuckled and Orton smirked into his microphone.
"I'll be sure to remember that."
Angel stretched and Tyler smiled.
"Eh. Kinda. Matches aren't as intense as they used to be."
"That's fair. They're merely getting the potential fights with in the people's minds."
Kora shrugged as he rested against his boyfriend.
"WWE is more a soap opera now then an actual sport. Hasn't really been the same since like 2015."
TYler shrugged as he ran his hand along Hailey's hair.
"The movement to TV14 killed it. That and the bullshit like the woman's revolution that's BASICALLY made it impossible to enjoy a proper woman's match. Sorry. They're supposed to be good looking AND beat the hell outta each other on live TV."
Ben chuckled.
"Remember Chyna? Yeah. THAT'LL never happen again."
"God forbid one of the ladies takes a hard fall nowadays or it'll be called abuse."
Kora chuckled.
"Or the mixed matches. Girl V guy an all that. They wanna be equal? They SHOULD get the same matches as the rest of the locker room."
"Dude remember the Raw wars when they'd invade the locker rooms with bats and shit?"
"Rif Flair brought a FUCKING CAR DOOR to a match once and USED IT. Point made."
They chuckled at that one and Hailey smiled.
"When was the last time you saw a sledgehammer?"
The friends whistled at that solid point and Tyler looked at her.
"Or a streetfight? Or, tch, hell, when was the last time you saw a first blood match?"
The friends nodded at that one and Ben smiled.
"WWE sure isn't what it used to be. That's for damn sure. Shame too. Like for real, Gore. Them bastards from ECW prime as YOUR opponentd?"
All eyes returned to the screen as a locker room fight broke out between two tag teams and Tyler smirked.
"Prime example. Back in the day, a locker room brawl USUALLY saw someone getting thrown into the circuit breaker"
"OR stuffed into a limo."
"That one time Orton stuffed Kane into a limo and sent the thing speeding into a semi?"
"Yo that was FUCKED!"
Tyler chuckled.
"I saw it live. Or the time Triple H slammed a sledgehammer into Big Show's hand and he used the cast as a freakin club?"
"Legends. They'll never return.""
The RV and the crowd sighed at this point as the brawl was broken up byb a mass of refs and stars after a mess was made and Tyler smirked.
"Wanna know the worst piece of that fight, Kora?"
"Hit me."
"They ruined that pizza."
The friends laughed and Ben nodded sagely.
"The murder of a pizza should be an arrestable offense."
Tyler chuckled at that one as the last match of the night was prepped for as it was a no DQ match between tagteams. Tyler hugged hailey tightly and she smiled at the affection as Tulip yawned a squeaking yawn.
"HURRY UP! I wanna snuggle a hot devil!"
They laughed at her cuteness and Ria hugged her.
"All better!"
"Yay! Devilish tiddies!"
Tyler got smacked by Hailey and he sighed.
Angel chuckled at that one.
"You deserve it."
"Yeah, yeah."
THe music started for Nia Jacks and Tyler shrugged. Kora looked at him.
"Not into big girls, Gore?"
"So long as they're TALL or MUSCULAR it's fine."
Ben chuckled.
"I can HEAR the outrage now."
"Ha. don't wanna know mah thought don't ask."
They chuckled at that before the poor lower card sacrifice was let out and the match ended in seconds. Tyler shrugged.
"Lame. if ya gonna do a DQ match, do it RIGHT. Please? Like ya used to."
The heads nodded and the show ended before Mylissa appeared.
"Kid we got so much fuckin publicity and I got that many more phonecalls for you to do whatever it's scary. And yes there is an interview in the morning with MSNBC about that fatcrack."
"I'll be sure to pack the butter."
They snorted at that one before the screen vanished and the group cleaned up. Tyler and Hailey went to their room and she smiled as they snuggled up in the bed.
"Kinda tired."
He kissed her lovingly.
"I know. Me too."
She smiled as he wrapped her up in his arms.
"We'll fuck around at SOME point."
"Could always just take a day."
"Let's save THAT ONE for ANOTHER occasion."
"As you wish my beloved Hailious beauty."
"DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! My panties are SOAKED, my heart is on FIRE and I LOVE YOU!"
He kissed her lovingly and she smiled.
"I love you."
"I love you too, Hails."
"....An I'mma just take these off."
Her panties were tossed aside and she giggled at the new feeling.
"MUCH better!"
"You look tense."
She giggled again as he kissed her.
"Well, allow me to help my sexy girlfriend relax."
She smiled with a red blush as her slender legs were opened.
"You PINCH i WILl stab you."
"Yes Hails."
She laid back with a he felt her slit.
"OOOh that feels good."
He kissed her into silence as he massaged her until her back arched from the force of her orgasm and he smiled as she came down with a pant.
"OOOh I NEEDED that!"
He licked his fingers clean and she blushed.
"Oh DAMN. You are a dirty bastard. i forgot."
"You're delicious. Would love a taste from the source."
"OOoh SORRY! Diner's closed!"
"Well allow me to kiss the cook."
She laughed as he did indeed kiss her before they settled for the night.
"Good night, Hailey. I love you."
"Good night, Tyler. I love you too....and I am so sorry for the mess."
"Get over it. I did."


Tyler woke the next morning to an odd gyrating feeling on his waist. He opened his eyes to see Hailey dryhumping his leg sound asleep and moaning.
"Oh yes. Like that.Just like that, Tyler. it feels so FUCING good....YYYYEEES!"
She moaned through an intense orgasm and he kissed her awake as she came down and her eyes snapped open.
She went red in teh face as she felt the post-orgasm effects on her body.
"I loved it. Relax."
She smiled sheepishly.
"I like it in the ass."
"I'll give it to you in the ass."
She smiled nervously now and he hugged her to him.
"I'll LOVE you."
"Me too."
She smiled and he hugged her tightly. The pair enjoyed a quick snuggle before they got ready for the day and walked out to find Ria asleep with Tulip pinned between her and Angel. That one made Ttyler chuckled as he pulled their blanket back up.
"Heaven and hell in one snuggle. Kinda jealous there, Tulip."
Hailey chuckled.
"THAT I don;t blame you for fo some reason."
"Yeah cause YOU'RE my cuddle. I win every time."
She smiled.
"And here I used to say cringey lines like that SUCKED. and yet? They're making me glow."
"Hails. You're YOU. You're AWAYS glowing."
He smiled as the faking sleep ladies all awww'd while kora smirked from under his boyfriend.
"Okay. He's SLICK. we KNOW."
Tyler chuckled and once they were people again the group gathered at the table and he tapped the military base.
"Tomorrow we're raiding the military base. Today is battleprep and mounting the M2s on the Heuy. I'll take her up for a last minute recon run since that thing is a lightning bolt compared to the Osprey and I can put her down for a rapid retrieval too."
He looked at Kora.
"You'll be copilot this time. Hails, you're door gunner and will watch how we work the controls. Ben. YOU I want to take the humvee and mount some slabs on for a battering ram."
"On it boss."
"Angel, you pick a crew and load ammo on the Osprey. Alexis. You pick a crew and do a patrol of the town. Dubby will be working the RV over. Rias, you I want to practice your archery with Alexis."
The dependable personality nodded.
"will do."
Tyler smiled.
"Alright. Break."
The friends got moving and the large 50 caliber machineguns were mounted to the heuy's sides with Hailey manning one while the rotors fired up. Kora chuckled as he closed the cockpit door.
"I have ALWAYS wanted to fly one a these."
"My base has it's own runway, helipad, garage, and yeah. 10 of em."
"I like where this is going."
Tyler smiled and opened his music.
"Ladies and tagalongs, I give you Are you Ready by T-swift. Approprieate don't you think?"
The chopper took off and Tyler smiled as Hailey yanked the charging handle back on her 50 cal.
She smirked.
"Guys, not while we're in the air and GORE is controlling the bird? Please? I don't wanna die like that."
They chuckled at that one and Tyler looked ahead as he tilted the bird forward.
"I'll bring er in fast. It's a dusting run. Mark anything that looks interesting and we'll do four passes."
They nodded and Tyler smiled as he had the helicopter in a tilted orbit of the base and Hailey chuckled.
"No changes and the Defender is still at the gate."
"Makes sense. Zombotron?"
"Is by the rear hanger."
Tyler nodded as he brought the agile chopper around and had them on the return. Kora had a smile on his face as they headed for the base.
"dude. Dream come true."
The bird touched down without issue and Tyler joined the friends as they worked on the various pieces of their riad efore they broke for lunch. As they got comfy in the RV the screen apepared with Sarah again and Tyler waved.
"oh hey, sarah. Nice to see ya again."
She smiled professionally.
"We're live with Goreleech."
Tyler sipped his soda as he waited for the intro to be done and sarah looked at him.
"We have an exclusive interview between Goreleech and the rights for obese advocate-"
Tyler yawned now and Angel chuckled.
"You are SUCH a dick."
"I try."
A hugely overweight woman appeared and Tyler looked at her with boredom in his eyes as she glared at him.
"I heard your remark on the big boned, Goreleech."
"You're not big boned. you're fat."
"How DARE you? And YOU would prefer us all look like RUNWAYS models?"
"Oh sure. it's called PRIDE. Ya MIGHT wanna get some. If you can't even walk five steps without huffing anf puffing like an old dog, you have a problem."
She closed the window at that and sarah appeared with a smile.
"Are you against showing respect for those less fortunate, Goreleech?"
"Less fortunate? Lady. My UNCLE tried to RPAE ME TWICE. I have had to fight off assaults from BOTH uncles, deal with a sister with a raging superiority complex that liked to to suckerpunch me in my sleep, and I've been poisoned twice. I am AGAINST those that USE their fatness as a CRUTCH and think they are entitled to special treatment because they weigh over 300 pounds. NO you DON'T. YOU are ENTITLED to a DIET. And a CARROT. If you are overweight and out of're disgusting. and need to do something bout it. if you're a bodybuilder....OR TALL or something else like that? All the power to ya. But I WILL NOT, condone willful obesity or those that thing that just cause they're fat they're special. You're not."
The screen was closed at that rant and Angel whistled.
"Did that really freakin happen, Gore?"
Hailey nodded sadly.
"Yeah. Gore's family is a....well know mess. His aunt on his father's side's been arrested for being a hooker twice, his MIOTHER weighs over 500 pounds, UNCLES have been arrested for that kind shit twice, his SISTER'S father is a child molester, yeah. His family is a mess. We try to avoid them like the plague."
Kora fistbumped him.
"I'm good at these kinda games for a reason, Kora."
"I hear that."
Mylissa appeared with a sigh.
"Well. it's official. People HATE you. And yet? They ADORE you too. You're unfiltered and utterly BLATANT opinions are REALLY pissing people off that advocate political correctness and other stuff like it. You have a feminist interview next, Gore."
"THAT one's gonna be fun."
They chuckled and Mylissa smiled.
"So you have a few days left in your Colt sponsership. I think they'll reup your contract though sniiice sales and orders have SKYROCKETED."
"Nice. Any other weapon companies?"
"well. Smith&wesson for one."
"Cool. That'd give me a excuse to use a revolver."
He smirked now.
"I got an idea."
Mylissa smirked now.
"Hit me."
"I have a pair of barretta 92Fs. Black Lagoon anyone?"
She chuckled.
"Do it. I'll be able to use it to open the door for the anime adverts."
"Sure. Annnnnd I am kinda tired of my catchphrase."
"Yeah. It HAS run it's course. What's the new one?"
TYler sat back and looked at her.
"I'll try out a few different ones. See if any stick."
"Alright. I'll go laugh at the fires you're setting."
The scren went out and Tulip pked him.
"What's up?"
She smiled.
"I want my own Swordfish please! Revy is AWESOME!"
He fistbumped her.
"Atta girl."
He hugged her warmly and the brunette blushed at the attack before Tyler looked at his friends.
"Alright. Where are we for prep work?"
Alexis smirked.
"The Osprey is fueled and ready to soar. The Humvee and ground vehicles are ready as well."
Ben nodded.
"The rockets are ready. How we doing the attack, Gore?"
Tyler set the photo of the Defender out.
"That thing has to go first. So I'll use the Javelin-7 on a flyby launch since it flings the rocket out THEN it launches. It'd be clear of the tail and free to soar. The Zombotron will react to the explosion and we'll swing around behind it for RPG fire. The Javelin is only for the defender since it's missles are kinda rare. the RPG will blow open the zombotron's chest and then the ground force will roll in. They'll deal with he fodder using the heavy machine guns while we kill the Zombotron."
The heads nodded and Tyler smiled.
"Once the last zombie is dead we'll put the Osprey down on the tarmac and start loading loot. Ultimate goal is the stripmining of the base down to the last bullet. we can do supply runs to and from the town as we'll be moving from the town TO the base since it'll be secure. I saw a few APCs we can scavange for armor on the RV and rework into a trailer. when we leave we'll be fully equipped for the trip to San bureno."
Another round of nods and Hailey looked at him.
"Are we ALL going, Gore?"
"we are. All hands on deck for this one."
Kora frowned.
"So we'll be abandoning the town once we're done with the base?"
TYler nodded.
"We will. And yes I know it basically means everything we did was wasted effort....but that's how it goes in LoD. Until you start buildin your own base it is ALWAYS wasted effort."
Angel looked at him now.
"When do we spin up in the morning?"
Tyler thought for a moment.
"We'll head out once we're people again and do the daily interviews. The battle has been kinda building the entire time so we'll make it go without a hitch."
Ria was heard giggling.
"This'll be so much fun! He WILL be mine!"
everyone looked at her for that supervillian cackle and the busty redhead smiled sweetly.
Tulip looked at Tyler.
They laughed at her cute observation and Tyler patted the brown haired cutie.
"Thanks for CLEARIN that up, Tulip."
"Sure! What to I do?"
"YOU reload guns."
"Kay! I LIKE big guns!"
"She is a SCARY cutie."
She giggled with a blush and Ben patted her with a sigh.
"A TERRIFYING, cutie."
"At least I don't.....dammit I DO take it in the ass. Shit."
Tyler looked at her for this unlooked for admission and Dubby smiled.
"YOU are with ME tonight."
"Yay! Dubbed cuddles!"
Tyler laughed at that one and so did the friends.
"She's got a good one! Alright. Tomorrow it's raid day. All goes according to plan we'll be wrapped up in 3 hours."
They nodded and the Survivor smiled.
"Rest a the day is yours. Sooo Kora? Moderation."
"Bro i will stuff a grenade in your room and lock the door. NOT. COOL."
They laughed at his fury as the group split. Tyler and Hailey went to their room and the black haired girlfriend smiled as she hugged him.
"Ria is kinda creepin me out."
He kissed her lovingly and she smiled.
"Yeah. Rias is the one we're keeping around."
"I like her."
"She's like really intense."
Hailey smirked as he rubbed her back through her tight shirt
"Nah uh. Not yet tough guy."
"Ahhh but I love you, Hailey!"
"Cute whine.....but NOPE!"
"If you're waiting for it to be in my base, Hails, hate to disappoint you? But we have no idea how long that'll be."
"oh god no. Not that long. I just want ti to be FUN."
He smiled at that one and hugged her warmly.
"It'll be AMAZING.'
"She smiled warmly at that promise as she hugged her boyfriend.
"I know it will. I love you too, Tyler."
He kissed her again and the pair got into another makeout session that saw the girl pinned to a wall midkiss and she smiled as she wrapped her long legs around him.
"OOOH I love you."
"I love you too."
She smiled at that nd Tyler kissed her again before the Survivor went on a last round around the staging ground for the raid. Kora came over with an M14 he'd found and mounted a 3X optic on it's rail.
"We're set, Gore. Every gun and bullet is loaded onto the RV, Huey, Osprey, and the Hummer."
Tyler nodded as he looked at the motorpool.
"Good. This'll either be a messecre or just a mass slaughter or both. Alright."
The boys fistbumped and the suvivor returned to the RV were he found Hailey enjoying a cuddle wih Tulip on the couch. The taller brunette tickling the adorable cutie on her belly and the poor girl was giggling up a storm.
Tyler kissed his girlfriend and sat at the table looking at the map and looked to the south. The city of San Bureno, which was their ultimate direction, made him smirk as the place was well over 400 miles across. That place'll be fun to roll through......wait. How the FUCK are we gonna transport a FUCKING bird the size a the osprey? He slumped at this logical cunnnadrum and Hailey smiled.
"The engines detach from the wings and they fold for transport Gore."
he blinked and looked at his suddenly telepathic girlfriend...and she smirked.
"I know you too, dammit.'
"Oh. So THAT'S what that feels like? Love you too, Hails."
She beamed as Tulip squealed.
"Hails! your hand feels weird on my ass! I like it!"
"HAils, no molesting the cutie."
They chuckled at her now redfaced embarrassment as Rias appeared from the bedroom in the back all smiles and with a flushed face.
"OOH that was amazing!"
Tyler and Hailey looked at the flushed redhead curiously.
"Yeeeees my eternail love?"
"what did you do in there?"
She smiled sweetly.
"I christened our lovenest with my nector. It will be AMAZING when I give my virginity so I set it up!"
Tyler and Hailey looked at each other and went into their bedroom as Rias took a shower. The Survivor sniffed the air as they found the bed neatly made and Hailey lifted an eyebrow.
"Did she jerk off in side our BED, Tyler?"
He lifted the blanket and a sweet scent wafted from the sheets.
"Looks like it. Jesus."
"That girl is startin to freak me out. Like for REALS."
"Yeeeeah. Upside is tha'ts kinda cool. Never had a girl THAT gorgeous THIS obsessed with me before ya know?"
Hailey smirked as a spare set of sheets were retreived from a closet.
"and the fact she looks like Rias Gremory just makes it BETTER, right?"
"Pretty much. It's new and I like it."
"Don't do it."
He kissed her.
"There. I did it. Now what do we do?"
She chuckled at that pettiness before the pair headed out for dinner with the crew. Tulip hopped onto Tyler's lap.
"I'm with you. Enjoy."
They chuckled at her forceful cuteness and Tyler patted her fondly, making her beam before he looked atthe friends over their plates of pizza.
"Alright. Anyone got any questions on the battle tomorrow?"
Ben crossed his arms.
"Backup plan?"
"Drop everything and run."
"I'm good."
They chuckled at that one and Tyler smiled.
"The beta had a code. F.E.A.R. when it gets tough remember FEAR. Fuck Everything And Run. Your gear can be replaced. The SCARS last a lifetime."
Kora chuckled.
"We'll be fine."
"Oh yeah. I'm not expecting this to be a problem. Not with the amount a times we've scouted and the fact I put boots on the ground."
Angel frowned.
"Gore? Those are famous last words."
"Yeah I know. we'll be fine."
Tulip looked at him.
"no fucking our luck just for fun, big brother. YOU do, I'll shove a rocket up your ass and pulled the trigger."
"Yes Tulip."
"GOOD. Yummy pizza!"
Tyler chuckled at her sweetness before the friends fed well on the cheesy goodness. Then he carried the adorable Tulip to the room like a princess and Hailey chuckled as he tossed the giggling cutie onto the bed.
"Oh. Surprise."
He chuckled at that as they readied for bed and he snuggled up with Hailey while Tulip climbed on his chest. Hailey smiled as she saw Tulip was in one of HER shirts for the night.
"Somethin to say, Tulip?"
"Teehee! i wanna fuck you too, Hails!"
"Oh god....."
Tyler kissed his girlfriend lovingly.
"Good night Hails. I love you."
"Good night, Gore. I love you too."
"Night, Tulip! love you too!"
"Yay! Love you too, Big Brother!"


Tyler woke the next morning to find Tulip curled on a ball on his chest and Hailey wrapped around his body like a snake. He smiled at this as he stroked Tulip's soft brown hair affectionately, making her smile.
"Big brother."
"I gotchya, Sparkles."
She sighed and went in deeper as he kissed Hailey awake.
"Morning to you too....and my GOD is she sweet."
"Yeah. And REALLY freakin warm too."
Hailey smiled as she petted the sleeping girl now herself, making her giggle.
"Your hands are nice, Hails!"
"Aww you're so nice!"
Tyler hugged the two girls warmly before he smirked.
"Alright. Let's get this done."
The trio walked out of the room and Tyler smirked as he pulled Angel and Alexis' blankets up over their naked bodies while Rias was snuggled on Alexis' other side. Tulip saw the naked redhead and giggled.
"Her boobs are ROCK. HARD. Big brother! And she is SUUUUUPER warm!"
Tyler chuckled as he patted her and looked to where Kora and Ben were asleep on the couch. Ben was on the bottom for once and Tulip saw this.
"See? He DOES take it in the ass, big brother. I just hope he didn't hurt himself this time...he's a BIT of a tightass."
Tyler and Hailey busted up laughing at Tulip's sweetly voiced roast as Ben and Kora sighed.
"We're the camp bitches."
"Yup. Yo sista is HARSH bro."
"Yeeeah. She's TRYING to be funny and YEEEEEAH."
Tyler chuckled and the guys glared at him.
"Don';t have to. SHE did for me."
"I hate you."
Tulip was sitting with Hailey at the table giggling as her hair was brushed and Tyler smiled.
Hailey smiled sheepishly as she brushed the girl's hair.
"Kinda nice having a little sister."
"It's a staple for anime for a REASON."
"errr. Now it's weird."
The friends gathered around the table as the breakfast was passed out and Tyler smirked.
"Alright. we're raiding the military base. The Osprey and Huey will lead the assault from two different directions once the rocket from the javelin hits the Defender. The Zombotron will fire at the rocketeer, and then Heuy will fire RPGs from the door. The walkers will split in two masses to go after the two birds. Once that happens Alexis and her ground force will barrel in through the front door to mow down the walkers. The Diagor will fall easily enough from a mass of 50 ammo in the chest as it behaves exactly like a tiger only bigger and a zombie."
The heads nodded and Tyler smiled as he opened his screen and went to a playlist.
"we'll be doing this to MY custom boss playlist. So don't be afraid to go ham."
They nodded and Mylissia appeared on his screen with an excited smile.
"So you're raiding the military base, Gore?"
He nodded.
"We are."
She shivered.
"If this goes off without a hitch you'll get the bump you kinda need at the moment to send you into the next tier of views. ifr it DOES go sideways....and you STILL pull it off you'll get even more. going to be a big one."
Tyler chuckled as he cracked his knuckles.
"We'll be sure to put on a show."
The screen went out and the Survivor looked at them.
"I got the Huey. Ben, you're on the Osprey. Alexis is the ground crew. I'm taking Hails, Rias, and Angel with Kora my pilot."
They nodded and the more dependable personality of Rias took over the busty redhead's body.
"I am here."
Tyler drained his coffee mug and set it down with authority.
"Alright. Let's get this done. Demons. BREAK."
The group split to their tasks. Kora spun the Huey up while Ben had the Osprey humming. The shooters loaded guns and rockets and Angel smirked as she hefted the Javelin-7.
"Oh yeah."
They chuckled and Tyler smiled as he stood in the small hold of the Heuy.
"Alright people. LAst call. Triple check your arms and legs, and Kora make sure you don;t shit yourself."
"Ha. NNOOOOOO promises."
"Makes sense. Alright. Demons....LIFT OFF."
"What the fuck do you mean it makes SENSE?"
The two birds lifted off for the flight as Alexis had her crew in the RV and Humvee ready for the ground insertion. Tyler smiled as he hit the play button.
"LAdies and whatever the rest of you pretend to be, I give you Rage Against the MAchine. Killing in the name of."
Kora smirked at the flight stick.
"Nice. I respect you more."
"It's a spattering of anime metal, japanese deathmetal, AMERICAN metal, and there's a pokemon into in there somewhere."
"That last one makes no fucking sense and yet? which one is it?"
"I wanna be the VERY best."
The friends chuckled at that nostalgia. Tyler took the Javelin-7 from Angel and loaded a rocket into the rear before he hefted the lockon Gotta Catch Em All came on. The friends smiled and Tyler chuckled as he put the sights of thre rocket to his eye.
"You kids don't know what good anime is anymore. And I DARE you to convince me otherwise. Pokemon. GREATEST of em all."
TYler smiled as the rocket's lockon was placed on the Defender in thr distance.
"Lockon confirmed! Ready up people! Once the rocket impacts we are NOT retreating!"
Ben's voice was heard on the radio.
"Locked and loaded! Start it!"
The rocket was catapulated out of the delayed ignition system and Tyler had the second rocket in the tube as the thing soared off.
The Defender didn't move as the two rockets screamed through the before pivoting to drop clean onto it's head. The metal and flesh head exploded from the two rockets and the thing dropped to the ground with a slam.
The zombotron roared as the base came to life with a rattling moan from the loss of the Defender. The 120mm cannon that made up it's arm was brought to bare before the Defender was seen shivering. Tyler smirked as he saw this.
"Defender's a mutant. Drop another rocket on it."
Angel smiled as their third was a boom was heard that singaled the launch of a shell from the Zombotron. Only for it to miss the friends entirely due to the linar flight path. The shell screeched harmlessly passed to impact on a hill in the distance as the Defender rose from the ground bellowing in fury....before the third rocket slammed into it. The thing went limp and dropped to the ground with a slam. Tyler smiled as he had his M14 out plinking heads off zombies.
"And STAY down!"
They chuckled as the Osprey was firing RPG rounds at the Zombotron and dodging returning tank shells. Tyler nodded as he saw the horde of walkers split down the middle....
"ALEXIS. Send em in! Send em in!"
The Rv and Humvee was seen tearing into the base with heavy lines of fire exploding from the vehicles and zombies dropping droves. Tyler nodded as he reloaded a spent magazine.
"That zombotron is UTTERLY outgunned here. Rias, I'll take the fifty."
He aimed the powerful machinegun at the massive robot zombie as the rockets chipped away at it's armored chest.
"They musta buffed it's armor on the chest from the beta. Makes sense. Fire and swap to high caliber."
Tyler emptied the box of 50 BMG ammo into the chest of the zombotron and nodded as he saw the chips of cement and metal.
"The chest was reinforced with solid concrete. That;uns gonna be a bitch to kill."
He slotted a fresh box and tore the handle back to keep firing. Hailey smiled as she sniped with her Typer99.
"This is kinda fun, Gore. Just sitting in a chopper plinkin zombies."
"Ha. It's a lot MORE fun in a gunship. We rebuilt a Battlehawk and would do routine gunruns in Seattle plinking everything that moved."
Kora chuckled.
"You got a grudge or something against the city of Seattle, Gore? NUking it, carpet bombinb, warship shelling, and now random fun gunruns? What the hell did that poor town DO?"
"ehhh was the only major city we had access to in the beta. We had other cities don't get me wrong. But Seattle was the BIG one."
"Ah. You tip that needle over?"
"Once. then I took it over. I rigged a zipline from the top of the needle to over the bay...and it ended with you getting LAUNCHED into said bay. Almost miles from the drop point."
The force whistled as the battle continued and Hailey tilted her head.
"Where the hell did you get that kinda TIME, Gore? And how long was the BETA?"
"Well. When i'd get home I'd put the helmet on an dive. And the beta was a year and a half that got extended to 20 full years."
They nodded at that as Rias was firing her chosen M16 on semi at zombies.
"Teehee! This is FUN!"
Tyler chuckled as he emptied another ammo box into the chest of the now limping zombotron.
Ben's chuckle was heard on the radio.
"we're still at 3 quarters supply."
Alexis was heard from the ground.
"Same. That big guy can't aim worth a damn."
"Alright. Bring it down."
"The diagor's down, Gore."
"Good kill, Rias."
She giggled at the praise as Tyler looked at the zombotron as it dropped to it's knees now.
"It's going down people. Kill it."
Rias' giggle made them a knife was plunged into Tyler's back to the hilt. The Survivor grunted at the impact and he looked down to see the knife sticking out from his he got PUSHED out the open door of the chopper.
Tyler looked up as he fell and saw Hailey leaning out of the door with a FRANTIC expression on her face as Rias looked at her in horror. Tyler gritted his teeth as he fell from close to 500 feet in the air. God dammit. Not again.....
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