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Another one of the most popular skills among RuneScape players

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When cooking food, you stand a chances of burning it . The greater your cooking level is higher, the less chance you have. Also, the cooking range could reduce the risk of food being burned by up to 5%. To maximize experience gains while leveling player should prepare food that he does not burn anymore. This will make amount of food needed for stage lower and will also lower the costs of gaining experience.

At the start of your journey to learn all the skills in RuneScape it's worth doing quests that reward experience in the skill you're planning to train. As you reach level 1, you'll be burning the majority of the food you cook, it's a major time-waster. There are two extremely short quests that will get you past level 10 in cooking, Gertrude's Cat, Cook's Assistant. If you complete them, it will make a huge difference in your time.

If you'd like to start building up your level while cooking food, it's possible but it's slow than completing these quests. Between levels 1-20 we will cook Sardines which you must cook around 120 (without burning) until you get to the level of 20. Sardines are a great substitute for Shrimps. Start by filling your inventory with Sardines. click on the fish you want to cook and put it on the grill and cooking will start automatically for each fish that is to be cooked.

In this gap of level, the most suitable fish to cook is the Trout. They can be caught by flying fishing at Barbarian Village in Varrock or close to Lumbridge Castle. If you are a new player and you don't have the funds, you could go there with an axe and the tinderbox.

Near the fishing spot players are likely to drop raw Trout in the process of Speedleveling Fishing. The best way to get it is to take it in the area, ignite the fire and cook them at the same time. If you're cash-strapped, it's easier to buy the Trouts at Grand Exchange and cook Trout at Rogue's Den or Hosidius House. There will be around 130 Trouts to attain the level 30.

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