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Genshin Waifu's x Reader

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Just how Genshin characters would react in certain situations if you were their Bfs lol Give me some character requests or situation requests. (I will not write about smut or lemon)

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When you're Arguing

Ganyu: She'll stay back from you for a while, and feel sorry if she is at fault of the argument. If you're at fault, she won't talk to you untill you admit it. Once everything is resolved, she'll talk to you again, but will hold back from you for a couple of days, or just take a nap. She knows you like it when she sleeps on your lap, so she uses that to help ease the tense air after the argument is settled.

Yun Jin: She'll stop writing songs for a while or until the argument is either forgotten about, or settled. During that time, she'll try and cheer you up by singing you your favorite song, if you don't want that, she'lle abide and leave you alone untill you calm down.

Lisa: She'll be pissed at you, but, as you love about her. flirtatious. She'll be with you, albeit the fact she'll shock you physically by the amount of electro-charged air around you. If you keep avoiding her, she'll be in the library trying to cast a spell to forget your anger and forget the argument. Though, you usally catch her and forgive her once she tells you what she's doing.

Keqing: As a tsundere, she'll pretend she doesn't care about the result of the argument and calling you some, uh, "mean names." At the end of the argument, she'll apologize of the names she just called you and try to make you happy by getting you your favorite things.

Hu Tao: When you think her jokes or her personality start to get annoying, she becomes quiet. She'll give you alone time when you need it the most, and leave little preents at the door of your room. When you two settle the argument and you apologize, she slowly starts becoming more of her cheerful, happy go self.

Amber: 4 words, "GO GO BARON BUNNY."

Welp, thats it, if this does well I'll continue it since im too lazy.
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