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Chapter 5

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Harry decides to take up Hermione's offer about going into the tent.

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Harry was nervously tapping Hermione's wand against the ground, trying to decide whether he should go in the tent. Hermione obviously offered it to him, and he told her that maybe he would. He knew that Hermione wanted him there. What if it led to something, though?

What if it did? another question popped into his mind. He's already done so much with Hermione, and Ron hadn't come back (not that he had any way to).

Harry took a deep breath. He was going to do it. He stood up, shivering slightly in the cold air. Who gives a shit if they fell into that weird, lustful trance that had NEVER existed between them before the horcrux hunt? It's not like it made Harry feel like shit. Well, it definitely didn't actually feel like that, if we were talking in the physical sense. Ron continuously popped into his mind every time he touched Hermione. He was fighting someone who wasn't even here. Someone who left them. But that was his mate, and surely Ron didn't truly mean all that stuff he said in the tent? He couldn't have. After everything?

Harry pulled up the tent flap, taking in a quiet breath. Like he always did, he reached around his neck for the horcrux, took it off, and placed it on the same table he always put it on. He relished the relieving feeling it always gave him. He placed Hermione's wand on the same table, then headed towards Hermione's cot. This time, Hermione didn't hesitate to make eye-contact with Harry. She turned herself over and met his eyes, smiling.

"Decided to not freeze your arse off?" she joked, making room for him.

"Oh, yes, it was a very hard decision to make, really," Harry played along, taking off his shoes and getting underneath the covers with her. He threw the blankets over both of them, and laid on his side so he was facing her. She did the same.

"Was it now?" Hermione questioned, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah, I comfortable," Harry replied, chuckling. "But...I guess, I'd rather hang out with you, where it's warm."

"Well, much appreciated. I hate to be alone," Hermione said. Her comedic tone seemed to fade as she said the last part. Harry stared into the eyes that seemed to darken just a little bit. Hermione looked sorrow for a second. "Harry, about your wand, I-"

"Hermione, really, I understand," Harry interrupted. He had all that time to think over the destruction of his wand, and he had all that time to rid himself of his anger. He still felt sour about it, as that's as much as the damn locket would allow. "Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't casted that curse?"

"Well, your wand wouldn't be broken," Hermione chuckled sadly.

"And...we could be dead," Harry offered slowly.

"There's that," Hermione nodded, her eyebrows risen. The movement made her hair fall over her eye, something that happened often. Harry's fingers always itched to move it back into place. This time, he decided to give in to it. He reached for her hair, touching it only for a few seconds. He froze when Hermione's breath hitched, thinking that he did something wrong. He pulled his hand away.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"No, it's okay," Hermione assured. Harry thought for a moment, and tried again.

He moved her hair out of her eye, putting it behind her ear. While doing so, he saw the mark on her neck again. Harry's finger slid down the hickey softly, and he saw Hermione's skin break out in goosebumps. He looked up to see that her eyes had closed. Harry's hand caressed her neck for a few more seconds, and then he moved down to her shoulder, then lower, giving her a massage.

"That feels good," Hermione sighed.

"Does it?" Harry said, Hermione giving him a nod in response. She moved to turn away from him, onto her back. Harry would have taken it as a sign for him to stop, but noticed that she specifically went into this position so his hand would slide down to her stomach. His hand was just below her breasts, and Harry took a deep breath, refusing to give in to his desire. His hand moved lower to her stomach, which he just realized was revealed from her sweater, which had slid up. He allowed his hand to travel to her stomach, feeling the soft skin. "What curse did you cast that night?"

"The Blasting Curse," Hermione replied, her voice a bit deeper than usual. "I was adrenaline filled, I can't remember if I casted it towards the snake or...him. I apparated us back and, realized that I broke it. But I saw you bleeding, and snapped out of it."

"What happened then?" Harry asked, caressing her stomach. His hand went down a bit lower, playing with the waistband of her pants.

"Well..." she breathed heavily. "Like I said earlier, I slowed the bleeding with some spells and dittany. The dittany really helped, but I used up almost all of it. I was in such a rush to fix you up, I hadn't realize that I undressed you and..." she took a deep breath. "It was cold, so I set up the tent as quick as I could, rushed you inside. It was difficult."

"Is it really that hard to get me inside?" Harry chuckled, suddenly putting pressure on her stomach, yet he was still gentle.

"W-well, yes, at the time," Hermione whispered, her eyes growing darker and darker.

"At the time..." Harry repeated, playing with her waistband again. Hermione's breath hitched. "Well...thank you for helping me. I would have failed a hundred times over if it weren't for you."

Hermione took a deep breath, then turned over to face Harry again. She seemed closer than before, and was looking straight into his eyes.

"Goodnight," she whispered, then she leaned in, placing a kiss on his lips. Harry's mouth remained slightly open in surprise.

"Goodnight," he whispered back, then leaned in to place his own kiss on her lips. This kiss lasted a bit longer, and then they pulled away.

He pressed his lips to hers again when she didn't pull away. When he pulled away, Hermione followed his lips and kissed him again. They were repeating "goodnight" over and over again, but continued kissing each other. Harry's hand traveled to her cheek, his thumb playing with her bottom lip. Hermione leaned in and kissed him again, this time adding her tongue to the mix. When she pulled away, Harry was in a daze.

"Fucking hell," he sighed in pleasure, connecting their lips again and refusing to let go. It was getting heated now.

Hermione's hands were tangling in Harry's hair, and Harry grabbed her waist, forcing her closer so that their hips were touching. Her lips were ridiculously irresistible, and he wondered why he never thought of kissing her before the hunt. She's so damn beautiful. Harry's touches a few minutes prior seemed to have awoken something in Hermione, since she moved over and crawled onto him. She smashed their lips together, Harry groaning when she ground herself against him. He grabbed onto her thighs to pull her closer.

I'm going to stop it right here bc I need to do lots of school work and I can't save this draft. I'll update soon
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