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Girls Und Panzer x Reader

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Justa fanfic I made for GuP lol

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Just some senarios if these GuP characters were your gfs imao

When they get Jelous

Miho: She's just glad you're socializing with people, but when someone gets too flirty with you, she'll just slowly grab your hand and introduce herself. Once the flirty person leaves, she'll invite you to sit next to her or just socialize with you. After all, you are her lover.

Kei: She'll become defensive. She will proudly walk in between conversation that she thinks is going to end up with her being dumped and hug you very very tight. Showing her love while showing you she's a little upset. She then gives the other person a glare, once they leave, she'll probably try and keep hugging you for a little longer, making sure you can breath but not too much.

Maho: If glares can kill, you and the person you're with will most definetly die. The other girl will nervously leave from the area, and having nightmares at night that you will share too. She'll be mad, and a very high chance of either slapping you and/or grab your hand very very tight. She'll get over it, but will still hold a grudge against the girl who tried taking someone important from her.

Katyusha: Once she see's you with another person, be prepared to see light blue eyes spying on you everywhere. She then will pretend she doesn't know what you mean of her spying on you. When you explain to her that you don't like the other person, she'll say she wasn't spying on you in the first place. But deep down, she's relieved that her lover truly does love her.

Anchovy: When it comes to thinking her lover is cheating on her, she'll become very loud and hot-blooded. When holding her hand as she's pissed will inevitably result in either you explaining to her that you and the person were friends/co-workers or your hand hurting for a couple of days. She'll run in to the middle of the conversation and grab your hand, running with away with you from the other person. Besides, for her, your better than any Pizza or Italian dish.
When you walk in on them while changing

Miho: When you walk in, her face will turn red as she covers herself with bedsheets. when you apologize, she'll smile sweetly and tell you it's alright while you leave. When she's done, you can barely look at her anymore. She'll give you a little kiss on the cheek and walk away blshing from what just happened.

Kei: You rush in the room with exciting news only to realize she's changing. You cover your eyes but she continues changing, and once she's done, she walks over and acts like nothing happened. She rubs your red cheeks and asks whats the matter. when you tell her, she just laughs it off telling you how she's alright with it since she's comfortable around you.

Maho: You open the door without knocking and see her changing. You immediatly close the door and sat down, thinking of what you just saw was real or not. When the door opens again, you see the same serious Maho you know and love in front of you with a menacing glare. She pulls you up and starts giving you a lecture of why you should knock on the door, which then ends with her putting a sign that says knock first on her door. Well, at least she wasn't harsh on you.

Katyusha: You open her door telling her of a new tank that just arrived. When she doesn't reply, you look up and see her frozen in shock. Your face grows red as you realize she has no clothes on. She picks up multiple things and throws them at you as you try to leave, calling you a lecher and pervert. Once thats over, she'll ignore you for couple of days, and blushes around you.

Anchovy: Just be prepared for a whole lotta yelling and multiple heavy objects thrown at you.
Your first kiss

Maho: You saw that she's stressing over a match. You try to comfort her by telling her to just do her best and give it her all. Even after that, she still points out what could go wrong, so, you just did what you thought of doing first ever since you met her. You kissed her on the lips, which turned her face a strawberry red. Once the match begun, you can't help but notice she's taking out more tanks than usual.

Kei: You two were just having some fun in a carnival with her team, when you realized she put her jacket in your bag instead of her's. While she was sleeping on the bench, you try to put it on her but misplaced you stepping, landing on her face. When you opened your eyes, she was wide awake, with your lips touching hers... Instead of pulling away, she instead decided to hold it for a little longer, only then to stop because of her teamates were getting jealous.

Maho: You were arguing with her about a plan to win the annihilation match, she kept saying how the enemy had more tanks and so on. You couldn't take it anymore, so you decided to grabe the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. She was surprised and lost her signature serious composure. She was turning red from head to toe but didn't pull away. Instead, she just closed her eyes, and just rested against your chest.

Katyusha: You were walking to Katyusha's room for her surprise she told you about. When you got there, you noticed she was already red, especialy her cheeks. She told you to get to her hight and close your eyes. You did, not really knowing what was going to happen. You felt a little feeling on your lips, curiousity got the best of you so you opened your eyes, and right there in front of you, was Katyusha's closed eyes. Her lips were puckered as she kissed you. You were glad she doesn't know you had your eyes open.

Anchovy: She had this good idea of going for a romantic date in a tank themed Italian restaurant, you try to tell her it's hard to call it romantic when war movies are playing on the TVs. She grabbed your head and pulled it down to her eye level. She gave you a long kiss on the lips, making your heart beat and turn redder than a cherry. She then stopped and explained how home didn't feel like the correct place to do that. Well hey, guess you should start agreeing with her more often.
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