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GuP responses to, "I love you"

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basically just what girls und panzer waifus would say to you confessing. If you want to see pictures of the original just search up on google: Girls und Panzer: Trying to confess on funnyjunk lol.

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Yukari Akiyama: "This is my first time talking to a boy, I look forward to your help in becoming a good girl..."

Saori Takebe: "Good golly! You say you want to eat my cooking everyday...? So this is a conffession then! You see, im a maiden full of love in search for a boyfriend! Though I can't possibly get married until after I graduate! M-maybe we can get engaged! Okay! We'll get engaged!

Orange Pekoe: "That's very forward of you...Well...Not that I hate it...I guess.."

Miho Nishizumi: "Wha~? No... It's just that...uh...I'm happy and all, but am I really okay? Ah...Okay! Please be gentle with me then!!"

Shiho Nishizumi: "It's no wonder she approves of you then!"

Mikko: "Huh...I don't quite get it but sure! Seems like there'd be a lot of nice things to eat with you round!"

Darjeeling: "I...See...What should I say...? How about...No, not that...Aah...umm...For now would you like to have some tea with me?"

Hana Isuzu: "I'm happy to accept, but im the type to take down both love and tanks with a single shot...So are you prepared to carry across the threshold of your house?"

Caesar: "Then just for now, I'm no longer Caesar...Call me taka-chan."

Gotou Moyoko: "Mingling with the opposite sex disturbs public morals...Ah...But if it's a wholdesom relationship...."

Mako Reizei: You pick her up "About what you just said...Before going on a date in the evening, you have to get to know my granny first...After that, you can absolutely not die for me."

Rosehip: "Um...are you serious? Ah, no, Im just a bit surprised...Just what do you find attractive about me?"

Naomi: "Say that again..."

Oryou: "In the fields of Oorai he was completely forgotten...I still retain the love of my heart ze yo."

Noriko Isobe: I got it! with a knuckle serve from the sideline...To a double clock...and then...We'll do a short distance spike! All we need is guts!"

Assam: "How dare you...I thought you might try this kind of confession...It will cause some problems if I accept but..."

Alisa: She flops to the gound in shock "Hahhahah...sorry...About what I heard just now...please don't be another Takashi.."

Carpaccio: "Please don't scare me too much ok?"

Katyusha: "C-close your eyes...Just do it!! Then I'll properly answer you! Just crouch down a little more...Don't open your eyes got it?"

Koume Akaboshi: "Umm...If we were seen doing this here, I'd be embarrassed, so...would you mind if we went somewhere quieter first..?"

Nakajima: It starts to rain "Confessing to me under the rain, your a pretty weird fellow too aren't ya? But I like the rain. Since the traction isn't that strong, doing a 4-wheel drift with some oversteering feels really good. In other words, I like you for choosing the rain, by the way, do you prefer ff or fr."

Nekonyaa: "I...You've seen my face is no good...But...I'll do my best...I'll become stronger so you'll want to look t me nya..."

Saki Maruyama: "...Pick me up."

Rukuriri: "...Uhm, Really?"

Yuzu Koyama: "W-will you keep this from the student council president...?"

Anchovy: "Having a women confess to you, you should be ashamed! Ah...But you should also be slightly happy! Of course, your answer is Si right? I won't forgive you! ...Or rather, I'll cry!

Maho Nishizumi: "No...I'm not a student from Oorai, but...Well...I'll properly answer you after I return home to kumamoto."

Yuuki Utsugi: "Really...No matter how much I talk about tanks...You won't hate me, right?"

Shinobu Kawanishi: "Well then, make sure to watch me properly, alright?"

Aya Oono: "Hold it! If you say anymore...My glasses will crack..."

Anzu Kadotani: "That's fine! Then please take care of me, ah, be sure to stock up on dried potatoes! Also, I have a food bill from the hotel over there..."

Nonna: You look up at her "Are you uhm, sure? Im awfully big for a girl...and uhm, my chest..."

Kay: She wipes a tear from her eye "You're a funny one! I like the cut of your jib! You seem a bit flaky, but I'll welcome you warmly!"

Pepperoni: "Oh! You have someone you like! Then I'll play along, who's the one you like?"

Erika Itsumi: your on the ground "Huh, when did I permit you to be so familiar with me, you piece of flith?"

Nina: "Hyaaa! uh-uhm, I've been wanting to go on a date to Harajuku...Starbucks...? I've wanted to go there too...But aren't you embarrassed to be seen walking with me? I've never been fashionable or anything before."

Megumi: "Hmm...Surprisingly gutsy aren't you?"

Hosomi: "I..!! I am a total incompetent who does not know the proper manners of a secret rendezvous, But...! If you are all right with persimmon tree like this...Please, if you would...Get up into it..."

Erwin: "This is a big deal..." Uhm, want to go to the library to read some historical classics...or do some training in the Stug..?"

Aki: "Sheesh...You think I'll fall for that? Huh...You're serious? Really? So it's okay to be hopeful?

Klara: She's on the ground quivering from shock "хорошо...Very well, I'll go out with you but...You are aware you'll be second to Katyusha aren't you?"

Kinuyo Nishi: She has a smug look on her face "Sorry but...I couldn't hear you. Could you say that again?"

Anchovy (Again): "Uwaaaaa!! You said "Love" Again! Assuming I'll rejoice when you say it!"

Mikka: "...I know."

Saemon: "That is...I feel like serving the toyotomi clan..."

Momogaa: "Hyaaa...Momo's embarrassed..."

Nozomi Konparu: "Do you want to come to my house? Just kidding..."

Taeko Kondou: She's panting after the volleyball game" "Does that reply from earlier...hah* mean that you maybe like me even more!"

Azuu Sawa: "Don't just advance the story like that out of the blue! There's...A lot of things I wanted to say...I had wanted to say them before this..."

Midoroki Sono: Wh-what did you just say right now!? I'm already on the public morals committee! To the one person you could have...! There's no way..I..I could..."

This took me a whole week to write and my hands hurt. Credits to the original posts on Funnyjunk. I was a fan of the dialogue so I posted it on here so people can be introduced to Girls und Panzer!
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