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Modern AU | HHr With COVID, Harry and Hermione haven't seen the Weasleys for over a year. Now, however, they've come for a visit - with their two-month-old son they haven't told anybody about.

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“You know, I really can't wait to see their faces.”
Hermione rolled her eyes at her husband, but smirked anyway, “Oh yes. I'm sure they’ll be really pleased. We haven’t seen them for over a year because of COVID, and now we arrive with a two-month-old son. Shocked, I think, would be the better term.”
Harry laughed, “Well, what did they expect us to do when we were stuck inside all day? Read?”
She smacked him on the arm.
“That was inappropriate, and you know it,” she laughed, before shaking her head and reaching out to knock on the door before them, “Now, come on, let’s get this over with.”

She rapped on the door to the Burrow and waited patiently, bouncing James on her hip while Harry stood comfortingly beside her.

They didn’t wait long. Only a few moments later, Mrs Weasley could be heard through the door.
“Who is it?” she called.
“It’s Harry and Hermione,” Harry replied, smirking.
The door was thrown open not a second later, and the two young parents smiled when they saw Molly Weasley for the first time in over a year. She was beaming at them, her eyes roving up and down as if checking to see that they were alright. She froze in shock, however, when she caught sight of little James held securely in his mother’s arms.
“May we come in?” Harry asked, struggling to hide his amusement at the older woman’s reaction.
“Of course, dear,” Mrs Weasley replied, absent-mindedly, “Just go through into the sitting room. Ron and Ginny were there, last I checked.”

They nodded briefly and did as she’d asked, pausing briefly in the sitting room doorway to glance at each other and share a smirk, before entering.

Ron and Ginny were indeed there, playing chess and, as usual, Ron was winning.

Ginny, however, was the first to notice them.

She glanced up from the board, looking uninterested, but stopped abruptly as she caught sight of them. Ron looked at her in confusion, as he had his back to the door, “Ginny? What is it?”
“Oh my gosh!” the red-headed girl squealed abruptly, jumping up from her seat and racing over to greet them, “You had a baby!”
“A what?!” Ron cried, finally turning around to see what had caused the commotion, eyes widening when he caught sight of his two best friends and the baby nestled between them.

Harry smiled, “Ron, Ginny, we'd like you to meet your godson - James Sirius Potter.”


“I can’t believe you kept the fact that you were having a child a secret from us!”
“We wanted to surprise you!”
“Surprise us?! Shock, more likely!”
“I won’t say ‘I told you so’, but I did.”
“Thanks for the support, love.”
“Oh my gosh! James just said his first word!”
“At least we were here to see it! I mean, seriously, were you planning on keeping us out of the picture forever?”
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