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Elfy's Story

by SoniaBibi

Time for Elvein to spill some beans. At least a part of them

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Accompanied by the fire cracking and cold wind's wheeze behind the window, Elvein started her story:

"During the four wizards championship, I met someone from Bulgaria."

"A student?"

Elvein's cheeks went red. "No."

"How much older, then?" Draco did not know why it mattered so much.

"He was seven years older than me." Elvein looked down.

"And how old were you? Fifteen?" Draco looked incredulous.


Draco cursed loudly. "Fine. Continue. "

"He was so wise, handsome, and strong. I had feelings I had never experienced before. I thought I was in love. "

"In love with a grown man you knew nothing about, Right? "

Elfy's sad eyes were still looking down. She continued, "Now I realize how naive and stupid I was. But at that time, I just did not want to think about it. Now... now I have experienced true love, but not towards him. I did not know how to act. At first, I was confused. Then I started avoiding him, stopped seeing him, and stopped answering his letters. I thought it would end with this. I was wrong. He approached me and demanded an explanation. I tried to reason with him, but he was impregnable. His reaction was vicious, and he-"

The glass shattered in Draco's hand. Pictures of violence with Elvein and the faceless man sat deep in his mind. He stood up and started pacing.


"I confessed at home. No one patted me on the head but instead tried to understand me. Though, in the end, I had to leave school."

"Have Aurors gone extinct? Was the Ministry of Magic non-existent? Or were you ashamed so profoundly that you did not inform anyone? Let him rape others as well. "

"I have not said I was raped!" Elvein's nostrils flared with anger. She breathed out, calmed herself, and sipped wine. After a quick "reparo," Draco followed her example and gulped down a generous amount of the drink. Elvein continued:

"You must understand, he is a mighty wizard. He may be stronger than anyone I have ever met, even Dumbledore. We did inform the ministry. At first, no one paid any attention to me. Minister Fudge did not want to hear anything. Then the new minister came, and this time they listened to me. But there were higher priority things to be done. Voldemort, death eaters, war... I understood. They advised us to hide. So did we. Finally, we have asked for Dumbledore's help. He gave me some advice but did not manage to help much before he died."

Draco nodded, though anger was choking him. "Then why did you return in the middle of the battle?"

"It was the right thing to do. I knew it was a crucial battle between good and evil. I had to do my part. "

Malfoy sat quietly, trying to absorb everything that was said. In his ears still resonated Elvein's screams while the faceless man was violating her. The fire was crackling, and the night was dropping snowflakes on their windows. Suddenly, the girl started.

"If I had been late to owlery, would you have jumped?"

"I don't know," Draco answered sincerely.

"You promised never to do that, right?"

"Would that have made you sad?"

"Of course." Elvein looked up with tear-filled eyes.

"I promise."
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