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Unconventional, Unconditional

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20 things you didn't know about Gracia/Maes/Roy/Riza.

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1. Maes and Roy think they talked Gracia and Riza into their arrangement. Gracia and Riza let them think it, but they both know they didn't need convincing.

2. Maes likes to joke, sometimes, about telling Elicia that she has two mommies and two daddies. Gracia always rolls her eyes at him and Riza just acts as if she hasn't heard, but the real reason he does it is to see the way Roy's face instantly drains of color. Gracia smacks him for his gleeful masochism every time, but he figures it's worth it.

3. Gracia is unfailingly amused by how much she and Riza can get away with in public simply because no one suspects the real reason they share a dressing room when they go shopping.

4. The four of them like to do silly things together. Once, they even went on a picnic and flew kites. Maes and Roy, competitive as always, spent nearly an hour seeing whose kite could fly higher. Nobody knows who actually won, because somewhere in the middle, their strings got tangled, and when they tried to get the strings unknotted, they got twisted up together instead. Gracia and Riza dragged them over to the picnic blanket, and they were all very happy they'd thought to pick a very secluded spot for their date.

5. Roy loves flirting. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have three lovers who are all very talented at it.

6. Maes and Riza have an inside joke, one that they couldn't explain in detail if they had to because even they don't remember the details anymore. All they know is that when one of them looks at the other with that certain quirk of the eyebrow, it means Roy is going to get teamed up on, and the two of them join forces to make his life a living hell. He's still trying to convince Gracia to be his ally just so he'll have someone on his side at times like this, but it won't do him much good for the days they decide to take it out on him at the office. It's payback for something Mustang did once, but he's sure it wasn't worth this level of revenge. Of course, if he could remember what he'd done, he might be able to convince them of that. Or not. There are, he decides, certain drawbacks to sleeping with one's coworkers.

7. Maes has a special photo album filled with pictures he doesn't show anyone except Gracia, Roy, and Riza. Putting it in a cabinet out of Elicia's reach was Gracia's idea. The lock on the cabinet was Roy's. He was never really fond of the idea of his best friend's daughter stumbling across a picture of him with her mother's breast in his mouth, even if it is one of Maes' favorite photos.

8. Gracia doesn't have a favorite picture from that album -- she likes them all. But if pressed, she will admit to a certain fondness for a shot of Riza with her hair down and her head thrown back, her eyes unfocused with impending orgasm but looking straight at the camera. Gracia can't remember who made her look that way, but she always thinks Riza never looked more beautiful.

9. Maes and Gracia had only five days together as newlyweds before they decided they wanted company on their honeymoon. There are four pages of pictures in the photo album from the sixth and seventh days of their marriage.

10. The first time after his wedding that Maes called Roy telling him he needed to get a wife, Roy's voice bore a deep undercurrent of woundedness when he told Maes to shut up and hung up the phone. Maes knew Roy couldn't marry the woman he wanted to, and Roy resented the reminder. In less than two minutes, Maes called back with an apology and an invitation to dinner to "make it up to you." Before he hung up again, he added, "Gracia wanted to make sure Hawkeye knows she's invited, too." After that, Roy didn't mind those phone calls so much.

11. Riza's favorite sound is the bright clink of wine glasses being gathered out of a cabinet. For her it will always evoke images of an affectionate tangle of limbs and rambling conversations by the fire that leave her feeling as sated emotionally as the sex does physically.

12. Some of their best moments together have nothing to do with sex, and they think this is the reason the sex is so good.

13. Gracia is the reigning champion of tickle fights. This is because, while Maes knows everyone's vulnerable spots just as well as she does, she is his vulnerable spot and exploits this fact to her advantage.

14. Roy is too easily manipulated to win at tickle fights. One smoldering look from Maes and he forgets he's supposed to be resisting the hands on his sides.

15. Riza has been observing everyone carefully, and she's pretty sure she could take Gracia's Tickle Fighting Champion title from her, but she likes Gracia too much to try.

16. On a few rare, blissful occasions, Roy and Riza get to stay the night at the Hugheses'. The mornings-after are glorious in their own way: they split up into pairs (who pairs off with whom varies from time to time) and two of them will go cook pancakes while the other two wallow in the bed a little while longer.

17. The mornings-after when Roy is paired with Riza, he gets a sweet ache in his chest and thinks that this is the way he'd like things to be forever, if they could. And despite the fact that they share everything -- even lovers -- this is the only time Roy is ever jealous of Maes.

18. Maes and Roy are more than lovers, they're best friends. As such, they still like to have their Guys' Night Out once in a while. Riza and Gracia have no problem with this -- they cheerfully take advantage of their Girls' Night In.

19. Sometimes, in quiet moments, when Maes stops to think about everything he has, he almost can't breathe and he thinks he might die of utter happiness. That's usually when he grabs whoever is nearest to him and kisses them breathless.

20. There are different levels of connection between them, of course. Different shades of love. But one thing is true for all of them: none of them can imagine living without the others -- and none of them want to try.
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