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Auri, daughter of the prestigious Colonel Chester Phillips, wants nothing more than to join the army. However, with Bucky going missing, girlfriends running amok, Steve becoming super, and her fath...

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Aurora Phillips felt she was very grown up.

After all, she could speak four different languages. She could take down a man bigger than herself. She could assume a different identity, complete with a new sense of style and accent, within five minutes. And she was sixteen. Yet her mother wouldn't let her go to the festival. In fact, not just the festival; The Festival. This was to celebrate her father, a prestigious soldier. He was well on his way to becoming a Colonel. And Auri had to stay home.

She complained. She whined. She pestered. Nothing would change her mother's opinion. And it was aggravating Auri to no end. Why couldn't she go? She was sixteen! She'd become a woman in the eyes of some cultures! She was dating, for heaven's sake. And that had been an argument that had spanned several years. But now, when she felt she was on the cusp of womanhood, she couldn't go to a festival celebrating her dad.

Auri frowned at her ceiling, her gloominess affecting her dog as well. The Alaskan Husky had been very expensive and very worth it. She rolled over and stared into his clear blue eyes and frowned harder. Maybe, she thought, if she was gloomy enough, her mother would change her mind. Auri was bored within a sixty seconds. "Why can't I go, Bert?" she asked the husky. The dog liked her nose and whined.

Auri sat up and glanced around her room. The walls were painted a light shade of pink. A picture of her father sat on her desk along with this weeks math assignments. Each one was perfectly done in a handwriting that saints praised. Auri glanced at the door and, biting her lower lip in a nervous gesture, she pulled a key from a necklace she wore. She got up and made her way to the desk, fitting the key into one of the drawers. And she pulled out the papers within.

Auri didn't want to go to the festival because of the pretty lights or fancy shoes. Not because of the boys or the dancing. Not even because of her father. She wanted to go because there was a rumor out, in the lower segments of Brooklyn, that Hydra officials would be there. She sorted through the papers she'd pulled out. They were a hodgepodge of articles assembled with some of her own notes.

One read -

Strange symbol spotted again! Does Hitler have a new mark?

Next to it was a picture of what seemed to be a Hydra head. Another said-

Efforts made to find Hitler base. Nothing but Hydra.

Another -

What Is Hydra? Everything You Need To Know.

None of the information was free to the general public. Auri only had it because she was well known in Brooklyn's black market. There, of course, she had a different name. Naetaro. The Roman god of lost things. Auri would buy anything you wanted to sell and would ensure it disappeared. Afterwards, she took payment through secrets, Hydra information, and discounts on other black market materials.

Auri glanced to the right. Her window. The idea lit and Auri jumped up. She locked her bedroom door and headed for the closet. Within three minutes, she was in front of the mirror, looking herself over.

She was wearing a dark blue dress that skimmed her shin. It was set off with a dark blue hat, dramatically tilted over her golden curls. Light blue eyes were dusted lightly with the barest of silver color. Her lips were coated in a pale pink layer of lipstick and she was off. Auri checked the door and then opened her window, climbing out carefully. She beckoned Bert, who jumped out and looked up at her eagerly. She smiled and waved for him to follow before she set off for the festival. Little did she know, this was how it began.
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