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Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

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My own take on Jing's biological parents show up and claim her as their daughter. Duncan enlists the help of Yangzi, Bex, and Mia on a journey to bring her back home.

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So? What do all you Duncanville fans like season 3 so far? It's awesome if you ask me! This idea was given to me by my friend TimeLordMaster108. Take a bow! If it weren't for him, I'd have eternal writers block.

Sadly, the ratings for Duncanville have been down. So to show my support for the show, I decided to write this fanfiction. Before I continue on, this fanfiction is loosely based on that South Park episode "It's Christmas In Canada". Sit back, relax and enjoy this fanfiction.
Hope you all like this one!

Duncanville Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

It was Memorial Day weekend in Oakdale. It was a special event because everyone in the neighborhood gathered around for the Harris Family's Block Party. Jack was manning the grill making his famous "Harrisburgs" which was his name for his grilled hamburgers. There was music, dancing, food, bounce houses, and fun for the entire family. Duncan always invited Yangzi, Wolf, and Bex over for the Block Party as well. Kimberly invited her friends like Claire, and they always ended up playing Truth or Dare with each other.

Duncan sighs, "Memorial Day! That one time of year that I am NOT embarrassed by my family!" "You said it, Dawg!" said Yangzi. "Oh look, Mr Mitch is coming!" said Bex. "Yeah, the only teacher who gets invited to this shindig." Wolf speaks flippantly. "Hey, kids! Can't wait to try your Dad's famous Harrisburgs!" says Mr. Mitch.

"Yes, it's just a few steps away, Mr. Mitch!" said Duncan showing Mr. Mitch to the grill Jack was at. "Come on! Gather around! My husband makes the best grilled burgers! Don't forget we have hot dogs, too! Way better than Mapplebee's." Annie announces. Jing was running around the backyard chasing Bradley with a baton. "Come on, Jing. You know my parents won't let me play with metal objects!" said Bradley. "Try it anyway!" said Jing.

As everyone in the neighborhood gathered around to eat Jack's famous Harrisburgs, Annie stands to say a few words, "Greetings, everyone feeling good in the neighborhood!"

Duncan never liked how his mom Annie would always give a speech before everyone ate at the neighborhood block party. "Sheesh! This again! Every year she pulls this." Duncan says. As Annie does her speech, Duncan talks with his friends.

"Just ignore her. Summer is around the corner!" said Bex. "Yeah, dawg! Got any plans yet?" asked Yangzi. "I usually plan for the summer after exams are over." said Duncan. "Awww, shit! I forgot about the end of the year exams!" Wolf says with shock. "I just have my Grandma disguise as me so she can do my exams so I don't have to!" said Bex. "Sounds easier said than done." Wolf says.

When Annie is done with her speech, she and Jack propose a toast, and they kiss as everyone in the neighborhood cheers for them. Kimberly was disgusted by her parents kissing, "And they think I'm disrespectful in public!" "No kidding!" said Claire agreeing with Kimberly. Jack was passing along the hamburgers he grilled (his Harrisburgs) while Annie was passing along some pasta dishes and salads she made.

Jing wasn't at the table yet, "Anybody want to see me do a cartwheel and catch the baton?" Jing asked the crowd. Everyone in Oakdale watches Jing in anticipation. Kimberly scoffed, "She wouldn't be doing this if she had a smart phone!" "Show some support for your little sister!" Annie tells Kimberly. Duncan had a fantasy that Mia showed up to the Block Party.

"MIA!" Duncan says, "Duncan!" said Mia. "I was worried you weren't going to show up!" Duncan tells Mia in his fantasy, "Are you kidding! These burgers, hot dogs, and salads! I would not miss it for the world!" Mia says. "Anything to be with me, hey?" asked Duncan. "Yes, you're the reason why I came for all of this! Let's kiss!" said Mia.

Yangzi taps Duncan on his shoulder, "Still hoping Mia will show up?" "Yeah, then my Memorial Day weekend will be complete!" sighed Duncan. "We know you too well, Duncan!" Wolf says. "She did have to work at Papa Mom's today." said Bex. "Yeah, the whole day." said Wolf. "I'm glad you reminded me! She might as well work at Mystic Pizza!" Duncan says in a cynical sense.

Throwing the baton into the air, Jing did a cartwheel and caught it. Everyone in Oakdale clapped for Jing. Bradley was in complete awe, "And to think she didn't hurt herself. Mom! Dad! You need to get a baton for my birthday!" said Bradley.

The Neighborhood Block Party was in full swing. Kimberly, Claire, and some of her friends from her soccer team were singing lyrics from boy bands they like, Duncan, Yangzi, Bex, and Wolf were playing around. Jing and Bradley were in the bounce house. "Hey, Kimberly! Room for one more?" Jing calls out to Kimberly. "No! Remember what I told you!" Kimberly says to Jing. "I know. Never invite you to a bounce house when you're singing BTS lyrics with your friends." stated Jing. "Good glad you remember." Kimberly said. After everyone finished and was about to go home. Jack and Annie hear the doorbell ring. "I'll get it." said Jack.

Annie follows Jack to the door, on the other end of the door. It was a Chinese couple who resembled Jing. "Uhhh, hello?" asked Jack. "Can we help you?" asked Annie.

"Uh, yeah hi!" said the man whose name was Ting Tow. "We used to live here!" said the woman whose name was Yig Zing. "We just got done having a barbecue Come on back!" Jack invites the mysterious Chinese couple.

"JACK! ARE YOU THAT DUMB AND NAIVE?!" Annie shrieks at her husband. "They seem friendly enough." said Jack. "We have no idea who these people are! Or what they want!" Annie says.

Duncan tells his friends, "Another cool thing about Memorial Day weekend...." "The Indy 500?" asked Bex. "Nope, it's like every year the four of us have an adventure!" said Duncan. "Oh yeah! Like when we went Ziplining!" Yangzi recalled. "What kind of Memorial Day Adventure should we have this year?" Duncan asks. "Guess it will have to find us, dude!" Wolf answers.

In the living room of the Harris house, Annie demands that Ting Tow and Yig Zing sit down to tell them what their agenda is. "So, Mr. Ting and Mrs Yig. Don't tell me. You guys are bit actors from Jackie Chan's Police Story? Am I right?" asked Jack.

"Actually, we came all the way from San Francisco." said Ting Tow. "Okay, your point?" Annie asked in suspicion. "If you must know, we are Jing's biological parents." Yig Zing informed them.

"But when we adopted Jing, it was a closed adoption." said Annie. "I never knew Jing was from Frisco." Jack says. "No that's not it at all. We are Chinese who immigrated to San Francisco from Bejing." explains Yig Zing. "You see, we gave up Jing for adoption because we were too poor at the time to take care of her. Now look at us. We are rich businessmen!" said Ting Tow.

"You're not going to take her from us." warns Annie. "Oh really? We got a paper from our mayor in Frisco who just passed a law that we have a right to take Jing back with us!" said Ting Tow.

Ting Tow and Yig Zing show Jack and Annie the papers as proof that they have the legal right to take Jing back with them. Ting Tow and Yig Zing even saw a plaque with Jing's adoption papers and took it with them.

"WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!" yelled Annie at Ting Tow and Yig Zing.

"We're fucked there, Annie." said Jack. "I'm not one to admit defeat but I think you're right, Jack." Annie says. Ting Tow and Yig Zing walk over to the backyard to look for Jing. Once they found her, they see she was playing with Bradley.

"Want to play tomorrow?" asked Jing to Bradley. "Oh sure. As long as it's safe." said Bradley. "okay bye!" Jing and Bradley say. Ting Tow and Yig Zing walk up to Jing. She turned around, "WHO ARE YOU GUYS!"

"We're fun people!" said Ting Tow. "You're going to love us!" said Yig Zing. "I WILL?" Jing says. "Absolutely! Come with us and we'll take you to this magical place called San Francisco!" said Ting Tow. "Cool! I'm there! As Duncan always says!" Jing agrees to go with her real parents.

"NO JING DON'T! DON'T GO WITH THEM!" Jack and Annie both scream as they warn her. Before they knew it, Ting Tow and Yig Zing took Jing into their car.

Duncan says goodbye to his friends, and Kimberly does too. Then Duncan and Kimberly see Jing being taken away by Ting Tow and Yig Zing.

"Jing! What the hell do you think you're doing!" said Duncan. "Didn't anyone tell you not to accept rides from strangers!" Kimberly shouted out. It was already too late to do anything. The Harris family were forced to see Jing depart with her real parents.

"We're going to get her back, right?" asked Jack. "I'm afraid not." said Annie who then says, "Unless! We'll talk to Mayor Helen Diggins about it! She'll know what to do!"

"Yeah. Good thinking Mom! Write to a congressman!" said Duncan. "You mean a mayor you dumb shit." said Kimberly. "If you use profane words like that again, Kimberly, your allowance is going in the swear jar!" Annie yelled at her daughter. "HEEK! Sorry!" Kimberly says with her voice shaking. The Harris family were on their way to city hall to talk to Helen Diggins about what happened with Jing.


On their way to the Mayor Diggins office in city hall. Jack and Annie explain to Duncan and Kimberly what went down with Jing. "...and that's the whole story. They showed us a paper that had a law that it's all legit that they get Jing." said Jack. "Hopefully, Mayor Diggins will come through for us." said Annie with hope.

"That's so terrible." said Duncan. "Putting her in with complete strangers. It's just all wrong." Kimberly agreed. "You bet your asses it's wrong! We're all Jing knows!" said Annie. "I've always assumed Jing was an orphan and her real parents were long dead." Duncan says.

"Okay, kids, we're here." Jack says parking the car at city hall. Getting out of the car. Annie, Jack, Duncan, and Kimberly climbed the steps to Mayor Diggins office. "If all else fails, we can fight city hall to get her back!" said Duncan.

Duncan has a fantasy that he was Rambo. Coming up through the water. Then a bunch of people from the Child and Family Services come charging at Duncan all the while having Jing in their arms. "DUNCAN! DUNCAN! HELP ME!" "You can't have her back!" "She needs to be with her real family!" Getting out a machine gun, Duncan shoots up all the Child and Family Service members and rescues Jing. Making their way into the Mayor Diggins office, she greets them.

"It's Annie and The Harris family. What can I do for you today?" asked Mayor Diggins. "Yes, some Chinese immigrants from San Francisco came to our door and they took Jing away from us." Jack explains everything.

"Apparently, there's a law in San Francisco that people who give their kids up for adoption have the right to bring them back." Annie tells the Mayor. "If this law is in San Francisco. I'm afraid there's not much I can do." Mayor Diggins says hopelessly.

"But there's gotta be some way! What would Neil Bremmer from Mr. Mayor do?" Duncan asked. "Mr. Mayor is a good show, but I think there is something I can do." Mayor Diggins says. "Please tell us! We're willing to try anything!" Kimberly talks.

"How about I make a fundraiser? After all, I am only able to do stuff here in Oakdale and my powers are useless out in San Francisco." said Mayor Diggins. "Okay, what's the fundraiser going to do?" asked Jack.

"I have people pitch in some money for all of you to go to San Francisco and bring Jing back yourselves." said Mayor Diggins. "Good call!" said Annie. "But Mom, what if we can't get enough money?" Duncan asks.

Momentarily, Mayor Diggins gives a speech to the people of Oakdale. "On this Holiday Memorial Day weekend, we all ask that you pitch in some money to help the Harris family go to Frisco and get their adopted daughter back."

Mr Mitch agrees, "You know, it never hurts to help people no matter what holiday it is." Some people in the crowd were talking, "Yeah, that's true." "Besides, travel is very congested this time of year...." Some kids in the crowd ask about their travel plans to see relatives and the kids begin to cry when the parents say they're not going. As soon as Duncan heard that, he began to have a thought to try to get his friends to help him. Running to the trailer, with his arms flailing, Jack and Annie were worried.

"Duncan! Where are you going?" asked Jack. "Oh, my poor Dunkie! He's really taking this too hard." Annie said. Kimberly looks through her smart phone, all the flights to San Francisco are all booked up."

"Thanks for trying to help out, Kimberly." Jack tells his daughter. "We don't have the money yet." Annie tells Kimberly. Kimberly added, "Just trying to think ahead here." When Duncan meets his friends in the trailer, he tells them everything. Mia was there. "Hey, Duncan. My shift at Papa Mom's is over." "You look like you have something on your mind, dawg." said Yangzi.

"I have a situation. Jing got taken away by her real parents!" Duncan exclaims. "No fucking shit! Never thought I'd see the day!" said Bex. "Jing's real parents are from China who moved to San Francisco. As it turned out they were poor and could not afford to keep Jing and that's why they gave her up. Here's where it really gets shitty, Jing'a real parents are now rich businessmen. To add insult to injury, there's a law in San Francisco that says any parent who gives their kid up for adoption can have the right to bring them back."

"I heard the Mayor talk about that on the local news. You guys are going to need a bunch of money to get her back." Wolf says. "I don't care if the money from the fundraiser is going to take a while, we need to find a way to bring my sister back now!" said Duncan. "Yes, you're right, Duncan. Without spending money. But that's impossible!" said Mia.

"I think I might know a way." said Bex. "Please tell me! I'd do anything"! said Duncan. "I did tell you guys that my Grandma was a Vietnam vet, right? Well, she was in the Air Force and was a bomber pilot. Every year on Memorial Day weekend, she files her plane to San Francisco!" Bex announces.

"You could be onto something there, Bex!" said Mia. "Wait, hold up, dawgs. I don't want to seem conceited here, but Memorial Day is tomorrow!" said Yangzi. "Where are you getting at here, Yangzi?" asked Wolf. "What if we don't come back in time to have a Memorial Day adventure like we usually do?" asked Yangzi.

"First up, you are not being selfish, and second, maybe helping Duncan bring Jing back home can be our Memorial Day adventure." Mia says. "Thanks for that, Mia! You're awesome! I lov....oh never mind." said Duncan. "It's settled, but wait a minute, wouldn't your parents notice you're gone, Duncan?" asked Yangzi.

"I can stay behind and pretend to be Duncan." offers Wolf. "Excellent! You'll need to disguise yourself as me though." Duncan tells Wolf. "I know all your mannerisms, so I think I can pull it off." said Wolf. "You're fine with this? You will miss out on our yearly Memorial Day adventure!" said Bex. "My parents are never home, and I don't really like to travel, remember that ordeal with that son of a bitch from Twitch!" said Wolf. "Oh yes. Zachary." Yangzi says rolling his eyes.

Duncan gets a disguise and Mia helps out too to try to make Wolf look like Duncan. As soon as they were done dressing up Wolf like Duncan. Mia and Duncan were impressed.

"Awesome! You can totally pass for Duncan!" said Mia. "It's like your Duncan's long lost twin!" laughs Bex. A half hour later, Wolf was at Duncan's house pretending to be Duncan. Jack and Annie were pacing around Jing's bedroom. "Hey, Mom and Dad! It's my Duncan! Going to be doing some Duncan things now" Wolf said. "Let's face it, it'll take forever to get Jing back." said Jack. "Hate to agree with you, here. Airlines are always crowded during this time of year." Annie joins the conversation.

In the backyard of Bex's house, her grandmother was getting ready to fly her mini airplane. "San Francisco here I come." she says.


Running to Bex's backyard to catch up with her grandmother. Duncan, Yangzi, Bex, and Mia all stop. "GRANDMA WAIT!" yells Bex. "What is it, sweetie?" asked Bex's grandmother.

"My friends and I want to come to San Francisco with you for Memorial Day weekend." said Bex. "Okay, I can take all of you! Come on in!" said Bex's grandmother. "See? This is so much better than waiting in line for commercial airlines." said Mia. "Oh God Yes." said Duncan. "How are we going to know where to find Jing, dawg?" asked Yangzi.

Duncan sees Yangzi fix up his smart phone, "Did you just download an app to help us find Jing?" Duncan asks. "No I was setting my smart phone to tell me when it's Memorial Day so we can go back home and have an adventure once we find your sister." said Yangzi.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Duncan. "THIS! THIS! THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE! It is our Memorial Day adventure!" Bex informs Yangzi. "Oh yes, that's right. I forgot. Hopefully we'll have some fun along the way." said Yangzi. Duncan laughs, "That's our Yangzi! Always looking for a good time!" Yangzi then undid the beeper on his smartphone and downloaded a Taxi Pay App. "Okay, dawg I'll download a useful app instead." implied Yangzi.

Bex's grandmother pushes the controls and flies the plane into the sky. While in the sky flying to San Francisco, Duncan has a fantasy that was like Adam Sandler's character Robbie Hart in the Wedding Singer. Mia was about to be married to Bobby Bastille, the plumber who was Jack's rival at one time. In the airplane, Billy Idol says over a microphone, "Good afternoon, everyone. We're flying at 260000 feet. We got clear skies all the way to Las Vegas. For right now we're bringing you some in-flight entertainment. One of our first class passengers would like to sing a song inspired by one of our coach passengers."

Mia was reading a magazine in the fantasy while Bobby Bastille was sleeping, when suddenly. Mia hears Duncan's voice singing, "Oh I'll make you smile. Whenever you're sad. Carry you around when your arthritis is bad! All I want to do is Grow Old With You!"

Duncan then reveals himself coming out of first class and singing the song, "I'll give you medicine when your tummy aches...." Duncan is then interrupted by Yangzi.

"Two more hours to go dawg! Then we'll land!" Yangzi tells Duncan. "Thank you. Hang in there Jing! Big Brother is going to bring you home!" "In case you didn't know, I downloaded an Airplane Landings app! Along with a Taxi Pay app too!" said Yangzi. In San Francisco, Ting Tow and Yig Zing show Jing her new home. "Look at all this stuff!" "Way better than what you had in Oakdale!"

Jing begins to realize something, "Did you people kidnap me?" "Oh of course not!" said Ting Tow. "We're your real parents!" said Yig Zing. "Will I ever see the Harris's again?" asked Jing.

"No! You don't need them you need us!" said Ting Tow. "The first thing we want you to do is play the trombone for 4 fours!" Yig Zing says as she leads Jing into a room. "I don't want to play the trombone!" protests Jing, "My old family never made me do that!"

"You're not a Harris anymore!" Ting Tow said. "Now play the trombone!" said Yig Zing. Jing soon was all alone in a big room with nothing but a trombone. "Wait a minute. Why do you want me to play this thing?" she asked. Yig Zing and Ting Tow turn back to Jing and tell her, "So you can get into a good music school like Julliard. Then you will play in an orchestra and play for famous people and sporting events like The Olympics." said Yig Zing.

"Yes. After you graduate from Julliard, we take you around the world and you will play in London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid! Then we take you back to our hometown in Beijing and show you off to all our relatives!" Ting Tow announced. "I want to go home! You guys are NOT my family!" Jing shouted out. "Okay, we leave now so you can practice! For the next four hours we don't want to hear anything from you except beautiful trombone music!" Yig Zing says.

Jing begins to cry, "I want my Harris family back! I miss Oakdale, I miss Bradley! I want to be back with Duncan and Kimberly! I miss my mommy and daddy known as Jack and Annie!"


Back in the airplane in which Bex's grandmother was flying, Mia looks through her cellphone to do some research on the law in San Francisco that was recently passed.

"According to this, The law known as 'Bio Parents Law' was passed by none other than London Breed." Mia reads from her cellphone. "She must be the mayor of San Francisco then, right?" asked Duncan. "Precisely. We learned about her in US Geography." said Mia. "Here's the plan, once we land in San Francisco, we will find London Breed and try to convince her to give Jing back to us! Are we in?" asked Duncan.

"We're in!" Bex, Yangzi, and Mia all said together. "We're about to arrive in Frisco very shortly so no time for an in flight movie!" Bex grandmother announced. "Wonder how my family is doing?" wondered Duncan to himself. At the Harris house, Wolf as Duncan along with Kimberly entered the living room. Jack and Annie were in a deep depression.

"I'm so sad about losing Jing, I can't even listen to my classic rock anymore." said Jack with sadness. "I'm even thinking about reconsidering going to a detective school." sighs Annie. "All I've been listening to is Rod Stewart's You're In The Heart! Jing was the 'heart' of this family." Jack sighs with sadness.

"Uhh, hey Mr. and Mrs Harris, I mean uh..... Mom and Dad." Wolf called out. "Dunkie, what is it?" Annie asks. "We got a hold of the donation box." Kimberly says holding the box.

"How much is in it?" asked Jack. "Only $12 so far." Wolf says as Duncan. "Ooooh, shit! At this rate we'll never get Jing back." cried Annie. "Hope we get her back soon, my friends are treating me like I'm a charity case! It's almost as if they think I'm Jake Gyllenhaal from Bubble Boy!" Kimberly complains.

In San Francisco, Jing was trying hard to play the trombone. "Oh! I can't do this. Way too big for me!" implies Jing. Ting Tow and Yig Zing enter the room, "Very good so far." complements Ting Tow. "It's too big for me!" Jing cries out. "You'll grow into it!" Yig Zing tells Jing. Ting Tow now has another assignment for Jing, "Music lesson is over. Now it's time for a history lesson!" Ting Tow tells Jing.

"History? My big brother Duncan back home says it's the hardest subject in school." Jing says. "Duncan is not here right now, is he!" Yig Zing shouted. "Oh dear! You guys have been cruel and unusual to me. It's like you are both punishing me for being born!" Jing says.

"No, we are not punishing you, dear!" Ting Tow says. "We're preparing you to get the best education ever. Not only education. The best of everything! Because we're so rich!" Yig Zing says.

Ting Tow and Yig Zing take Jing out of the room, "Today's history lesson is World War 2! You will read everything there is to know about World War 2!" Ting Tow demands.

Jing says, "You're what my mommy Annie calls a 'Tiger Mom'!" "Wow! She caught onto that really quick!" laughed Yig Zing! "I know right, she's Chinese like we are. So it'll be very easy for her to excel and learn everything we want her to learn!" Ting Tow replied.


Bex's grandmother landed the plane in San Francisco. "We need to find the mayor's office." Mia says. "Don't worry, dawgs I got a City Hall tracker App! We'll find London Breed in no time!" Yangzi says.

Looking all around, Duncan says, "If my Dad knew I was here, he'd be so jealous!" "Why do you say that?" asked Bex. "This was the city where the Summer of Love took place so to speak." said Duncan.

"Oh I get it. It's because he's a huge classic rock fan!" laughed Bex. "Yes, that's true. Didn't David Bowie used to have an apartment here?" pondered Mia.

"You know this is kind of fun," exclaimed Duncan. "Really how so?" asked Mia. "We are four friends on a quest! I feel like we are the Scooby Doo gang!" Duncan speaks. "Yeah, you're right, dawg! Guess that makes me Fred!" Yangzi says. Duncan goes into a fantasy where he imagines he and his friends as the characters from Scooby Doo. Duncan was Shaggy, Yangzi was Fred, Bex was Velma, and Mia was Daphne. They were all in a forest.

"Scooby went missing and it's our job to find him!" said Duncan as Shaggy. "On my tracker app, Scooby is just one mile away from here!" said Yangzi as Fred.

"My gosh I hope Scooby is okay! The sooner Scooby Doo is found the better!" said Mia as Daphne. "Jinkies! I think I see Scooby up ahead! However, we need to get past all these ghosts!" said Bex as Velma.

Duncan as Shaggy jumps into the air and screams, "ZOINKS! AH GHO-GHO-GHO-GHO-GHO-GHO-GHOST!" The fantasy ends as Yangzi was able to find the San Francisco city hall. "Here it is!" Yangzi points out. "Yes! We're one step closer away! London Breed, we're coming for you!" Duncan says. Yangzi, Mia, Bex, and Duncan all run up to the San Francisco city hall building. "Looks like the White House!" Duncan says looking at the City Hall.

Opening the doors, Duncan goes in first. What they see is a secretary at a desk giving herself a manicure. "How may I help you?" asks the secretary as she sees Duncan, Yanzgi, Bex, and Mia.

"We need to see London Breed!" said Duncan. "Yes, she passed that Bio Parents Law. We need to talk to her about that!" Mia says.

"Sorry, come back after Memorial Day. We're closed for now." the secretary says. Now it seemed all was lost for the Harris family. With the help of his friends, Duncan feels like a failure coming up empty handed.

"My sister. We're never going to get her back." said Duncan sorrowfully.

"She's going to be stuck in Frisco forever, and never see your family again." said Yangzi.

"Call it female intuition. However, something extremely weird is going on here that we don't know about!" said Mia.

"You're right, so we can't give up now!" Bex says. A car pulled up in front of the San Francisco City Hall building. Duncan and Yangzi listen to the people come out of their car.

"London Breed will be so proud." said one of the men going inside the City Hall building.

"If the Scooby Doo gang never gave up, neither will we!" Duncan speaks out!

"Of course, dawg! We'll just follow those dudes who are going to meet with London Breed!"
announces Yangzi.

Full of hope that he will get Jing back, Duncan, Yangzi, Bex, and Mia decide to follow the men going to see London Breed. Bex whispers, "They kind of look like Ghostbusters."

"They're tech control people." replied Yangzi. "Come on," said Duncan. "We'll go see what they're up to!" Mia agreed.


The tech control people were talking to London Breed. One of the tech people says, "Your plan is working perfectly!" "Thank you for that! It's all a part of my plot for revenge!" said London Breed. "Why revenge?" asked the other tech person.

"You see, I passed this law after a memory I had that a white woman stole my fun away from me. Once I found out this white woman and her husband adopted a Chinese kid. That's when I decided to have you two build those robots to pose as this Chinese girls' real parents!" said London Breed.

Listening in, Duncan says, "Did you hear that?" "I did! London Breed made robots to take Jing away from you family!" Mia said. "All we have to do now is find out where these robots are keeping Jing." Yangzi says.

London Breed says, "That way NO whites should adopt children of different races and colors Children of different races should be with their own kind. Or else they'll get corrupted and even worse. Indoctrinated by whites and their white privilege!" The tech people left and drove away. Duncan decides to call a cab. "You could've just used an Uber!" said Yangzi. "I like this way better!" said Duncan.

"Like my grandma always says, whatever floats your inside your moat." Bex says. Calling a taxi, Duncan, Yangzi, Bex, and Mia all get inside.

"We are so close! Driver, follow those tech men!" Duncan orders the Taxi Driver.

The Taxi Driver follows the tech men in their car. "I gotta say, this is the best Memorial Day adventure ever!" Yangzi spoke. "Helping out your fellow friends is the most fun you can ever have!" said Mia.

"Question is, what did my Mom ever do to London Breed that was so bad?" wonders Duncan.

The car with the tech people inside drove up to a neighborhood with a steep hill. Then got out of the car. Seeing the steep hill Duncan imagines himself, Mia, Bex, and Yangzi as the Subway Surfers.

Getting out of the taxi, Yangzi used the Taxi Pay app to pay for the ride.

Sneaking inside and following the tech people, Duncan, Mia, Bex, and Yangzi go inside the house. Sure enough, the tech people were giving upgrades to Ting Tow and Yig Zing who were indeed robots and not people.

"Oh my gosh! Those aren't people, they're robots!" said Bex. "London Breed be feel ashamed of herself. I'm all for diversity myself, but not to a point where I hate whites." said Mia.

"That's the best way to be." said Duncan. As soon as the tech people leave, Duncan, Mia, Bex, and Yangzi all go inside. Ting Tow and Yig Zing were going over to Jing. "Shit! That's Jing!" Duncan says.

Yangzi sees a plaque on the wall that was Jing's adoption papers, "They stole the adoption papers, too!"

"Let's make our move! We'll break in like SWAT Under Siege!" Duncan says. All four of them were kicking down the door, until it opened. Jing heard it and came running.

Once Jing sees it's Duncan and her friends, she was very happy to see them. "DUNCAN! You're my knight and shining armor!" Jing says. "We're here to save you! Just for the record, you never tell your brother he's your knight and shining armor!" said Duncan.

"We just found out from the Mayor London Breed that those people who took you are actually robots!" Yangzi told Jing. "Yeah, I thought there was something off about them!" said Jing.

"We need to dismantle them somehow." suggests Bex. "What better way than to use water!" said Mia.

Tow Ting and Yig Zing see Duncan, Jing, Bex, Mia, and Yangzi. "STOP IT RIGHT THERE!" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH OUR REAL DAUGHTER!"

Mia turns on a nozzle that had water come out of sprinklers on the ceiling. "THIS!"

The water from the ceiling sprinklers poured down on Tow Ting and Yig Zing that made their circuits malfunction. Yangzi gets the plaque with Jing's adoption papers on the wall. Duncan carries Jing as he, Yangzi, Bex, and Mia all run out of the house. The malfunction on the robot circuits causes the whole house to explode.

Jing says, "YAY! They blew up! Goodbye forever!" "Well, Jing. We came all this way. Do you want to go home?" asks Duncan. "More than anything else in the world!" said Jing. "I got the adoption papers, dawgs. We'll give them back to your parents!" Yangzi says.

"This mission was a complete success. Let's go find my Grandma and have her get us out of here!" said Bex. A limo drives up to Duncan, Jing, Yangzi, Mia and Bex.

"We got company." said Mia in a sing song voice. Out of the limo came London Breed. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!" she demands.

Soon afterwards, firetrucks and police cars. Then cars and vans from the local news stations in San Francisco came to see what the buzz was about. "Oh shit in a bucket! Now Mom's going to find out we snuck off to Frisco to get Jing back! She'll ground me until the year 2525!" said Duncan.

"Don't worry, Wolf is back home pretending to be you." said Yangzi. "Oh yes that's right." said Duncan. In Oakdale at the Harris house. Kimberly notices there's something off about 'Duncan'.

"You don't seem to be very Duncan-y to me lately?" says Kimberly. Then a wig of red hair fell off 'Duncan' who was really Wolf in disguise.

"WOLF! I KNEW IT! THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!" Kimberly cheers. Wolf hushes her, "I dressed as your brother because I wanted to pull a Mrs Doubtfire thing on your parents." Wolf explains. Thankfully for Kimberly and Wolf, Jack and Annie did not hear Kimberly cry out in happiness to see Wolf.

"Fear not, I won't reveal your secret. Anyway, where is the real Duncan?" asked Kimberly. "He's in San Francisco trying to get Jing back." said Wolf. "That does sound like something he would do." said Kimberly. "Better enjoy my company while you still can." said Wolf.

"I'll keep Duncan's secret too. I owe him that." Kimberly said.


In San Francisco, the house explosion became a media circus. Afraid that they will be exposed on the national news, Duncan dresses up like a news reporter. He advises Yangzi, Bex, Jing, and Mia to stay out of sight.

"Good luck Duncan! Don't get exposed." said Mia. Back in Oakdale, Jack and Annie were watching NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt who was on the scene in San Francisco.

Jack and Annie were watching back home, "Our story begins tonight at a house explosion in San Francisco. Involving Robots...." Lester Holt explains. Duncan now dressed as a news reporter tells Lester Holt, "Will it be okay if I interview London Breed?" he asked. "Yes, go ahead. Kier Simmons!" Lester Holt tells Duncan.

Walking up to London Breed, Duncan as a news reporter says, "Now, London Breed. You're the mayor of this city, what do you think about this explosion?" "It's terrible." said London Breed. "Okay okay. Is there anything you'd like to say about it." asked Duncan.

Watching back home, Jack says, "Kier Simmons looks really different." "That is him. Why wouldn't it be? Let's just hope Jing wasn't killed in that explosion." said Annie who also had her eye on London Breed. "Hmm, why do I feel some strange connection with that mayor..."

"Well I really don't know too much about it and..." London Breed goes on, and then she sighs and takes a deep breath. "Actually. I want to confess something. There were robots inside. You see, I wanted to get back at this white couple from the NXIUM cult named Jack and Annie Harris who took over a nightclub that I was dancing in. It was 1996..I was in college...." London Breed says.

A flashback is shown. Inside a nightclub in San Francisco. A young London Breed was dancing on a table top. The jukebox was playing "C'Mon And Ride It". A bunch of her fellow college students were cheering her on. That was until an airhorn was heard. Jack and Annie enter the nightclub in their NXIUM shirts shouting, "THIS IS JACK AND ANNIE HARRIS SPEAKING! GET OUT! EVERYBODY GET OUT NOW! We're THE NXIUM CULT! We're taking over now!" Jack and Annie scream at London Breed and her fellow college students.

Before London Breed runs out of the nightclub, she eyes Jack and Annie, "YOU WHITES JUST HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING! ONE DAY I WILL GET MY REVENGE ON YOU WHITES!"

The flashback ends.

Jack moans, "I knew our time in that cult would catch up to us one way or another." "The past always has ways of sneaking up on us." Annie agreed.

"So I had some tech men build these robots so they can pose as biological parents of a Chinese girl they adopted. That is when my idea for the Bio Parents Law came to fruition. Jack and Annie Harris if you're out there listening to this, I am so sorry. You can have your Chinese daughter back. I'll never try to get back at white people again! I've been such a bad liberal....please forgive me." London Breed sobs.

After London Breed owned up to what she did to Jack and Annie. She was on suspension for a month before she could go back to being the mayor again. Jing was happy to be coming back home to the Harris family. Bex's grandmother flew Mia, Jing, Duncan, Yangzi, and Bex back to Oakdale. The Bio Parents Law was erased and forgotten. Wolf went back home and he never got caught mascarading as Duncan.

Now that Jing was back with the Harris family, Bex's Grandmother decided to tell that she acted alone to get Jing back so that way, Duncan won't get in trouble and get grounded for who knows how long. Jack and Annie thanked Bex's Grandmother for her good deed. Jing was telling Kimberly, Duncan, Jack, and Annie about her experience with her 'bio parents'.

"They were not nice to me. Harsh if you will. They made me play a trombone, and made me watch World War 2 stuff like Victory At Sea. I will never get that music from Beneath The Southern Cross out of my head." Jing explains.

"Well, worry no more. Now that you're back with us, you won't have to play a trombone or learn about World War 2 until you're in high school." Jack says. "Now that we got Jing back, let's celebrate." said Annie.

"We'll let Jing pick the place." Duncan says. "Roller Rink!" said Jing. "Awesome! Roller Rink it is!" said Kimberly. Once more, Duncan had gotten away with sneaking off to a different place without Jack and Annie finding out. The Harris Family had a fun time at the local roller rink. Duncan even invited Yangzi, Wolf, Mia, and Bex to the roller rink.

"I think this will go down in history as the best Memorial Day ever!" said Duncan. "Cheers Dawgs!" said Yangzi who had a bunch of wine coolers. Annie saw it right away, and took away the wine colors, "Not until you all turn 21." she says.

Duncan then bought a round of ice cream floats for his friends, "I'm glad Bex's grandma offered to cover for us. I'd rather have my Mom be mad at that than us going to Frisco to get Jing back." said Duncan. "Going to Frisco, getting your sister back, was a more fun adventure than Ziplining!" jokes Mia. "Remember we did that last year!" laughs Bex.

"You said it, dawg!" said Yangzi! "Let's take some selfies!" said Bex. "Yeah, and we can put it on my Instagram!" said Mia. "Wait, your Dad lets you have an Instagram account?" asked Duncan. "As long as I use it responsibly, he's okay with it." said Mia.

The Harris family could not be happier. Having Jing back in their lives, partying at the Roller Rink, and taking selfies. This was perhaps the best Memorial Day weekend Duncan, his family, and his friends could ever have hoped for.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy Production!

End Note: The reason why I wrote in that Victory At Sea reference was because I recall my class and I had to watch it in a required history class in high school. What did everyone think of the fanfiction. Comments and criticisms are welcome!

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