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summer Back scenes island

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it's about the lives of celebrities on their vacation island

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Everyone is in the private airplane and sitting down and The Twins(christan-Tristan) sit down next to dom and Xavier, they start a youtube video
Christan- hi and welcome back LOVERS
Tristan- We are on the flight to island DOCUBA
Christan-Stay in touch for the tour
they end their video and sit back
Xavier- So you're the LOVERBOY twins?
Tristan- yes and who are you because I don't know you.
Xavier- I'm a rock star.
Tristan- whatever.
........They land and get into their hotel, Everyone is randomly paired..............
MR. Vincent- so the pairs are: Xavier and Tristan, Max and Andrew, Christan and Dom, Dylan and Conner, Charlie and kaila, Olivia and Darla, Leo and Shane, Jade and Morgan, Zack and Caleb
Morgan- Woah Woah why do I have to get stuck with this Weirdo
Shane- good luck sis.
Jade- whatever I can handle her.
Tristan- Wait I get stuck with the smelly dude from the plane?!
Mr.vincent-anyone with a problem can leave now.
Morgan- could me and he share
morgan looks over to Tristan and Tristan winks at her
Ms.Warren- everyone unpack and meet up at the common area in 10.
.......Everyone heads to their rooms and unpacks clothes and sets up their Room how they like and head to the Common area as asked on the way Shane and Xavier bump into each other...
Shane- sorry
Xavier rolls his eyes and begins to walk away but Shane stops him and says
Shane- are you that stuck up you bumped into me too.
Xavier- watch it noobie.
Shane- bastard.
Xavier- loser.
Xavier walks into the common area and finds his seat and soon the other celebrities join
Ms.warren- find a seat.
Charlie walks up to Jade
Charlie- is this seat taken?
Shane- yes it is
Shane takes the seat and Charlie walks to the other side and sits down, Caleb runs in and runs towards a seat and Christan trips him and everyone begins to laugh except Dom and Xavier and Kaila and they go and help him up and help him to a seat next to them
Kaila- you alright?
Caleb- embarrassed.
Ms.warren- so everyone is here to connect and have free time Later tonight were having a little party everyone has to come good luck
Ms.warren leaves and an argument happens immediately
Caleb- you tripped me on purpose.
Christan- I think your fine
Dom- apologize.
christan- what.
Dom- you heard me.
christan- No so go fuck yourself
christan pushes dom and dom punches him onto the floor
Dom- don't put your body on anyone.
Dom leaves and Shane, Jade, and Xavier follow's
Charlie helps christan up
Christan- he's dead.
charlie- let's make sure you're okay first
Tristan- maybe you shouldn't have done that everyone loves a good laugh but that was cruel.
christan- shut up stupid
everyone heads to the lunchroom and gets a table
Morgan- I love this already
Kaila- find any guy you like
Morgan- christan, he's handsome and a famous 30 million Subscription YouTuber.
Charlie walks up to jade's table
Charlie- hey I think you're really pretty
Jade looks through Instagram
Charlie- you're an awesome player but you're probably dating that guy you're always in photos with Blake worth?
Blake- surprise Jade!!!
Jade- I told you to continue on tour.
Blake- I missed my best Mate.
Blake- who is this sour puss?
Jade- no one
Charlie- So would you wanna go on a date with me?
Charlie- ill keep trying
charlie walks to another table and sits next to christan
Christan- whos the guy outside?
Charlie- Pro Skater Luka Clark.
christan- he's cute
Christan goes outside and charlie follows and they walk up to Luka
Luka- hey.
Shane- they're here for a collab.
Luka- no thanks guys I'm here for vacation.
Christan- call me Chris and I just wanna be friends
Luka- sure
Luka continues to skateboard and does a couple of tricks and Shane smokes a cigar and the sun goes down and everyone gets ready for the beach dance and goes there
Ms.warren- be careful and have fun the collaborations will begin tomorrow
ms. warren leaves and everyone drinks and parties everyone's drunk some are heading back to their rooms others to the beach
Morgan kisses charlie and pulls him to her room
jade- dammit I don't wanna sleep in my room
Kaila- you can sleep in my room since your roomie is using yours
Jade- thanks.
Jade follows Kaila back to her room
Kaila- we can share my bed I don't want Morgan to freak out.
Jade- okay
Dom- hey drunk kid let me help you to you're room
Shane- I'm f-fine
Dom picks Shane up and carries him to his room and lays him on his bed
Shane- Stay with me dude
Dom takes his shoes and Shane's shoes off and lays next to Shane
jade- so what are you?
Kaila- a singer
Jade- soccer player
they stare at each other in silence Kaila leans in and kisses jade
Dom takes his shirt off and lays back down
Dom- get some sleep
Shane- Okay handsome
Shane cuddles Dom to sleep
Christan walks past the room and takes a photo and posts it on The WWW
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