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Node.js is a blessing for programmers and plays an important role in the technology stack

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Javascript is the most common programming language used by many startups and large enterprises for software development. It is used as a client-side development tool. NodeJS is the most popular technology in the world. Users want to interact with each other in real time. Chat, games, constant social media updates, collaboration tools, e-commerce websites, real-time tracking applications, marketplace - each of these functions requires real-time communication between users, clients, and servers over the Internet. Creating a real-time application is challenging because it happens on a huge scale, supporting hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users. Real-time communication between client and server requires fast and constant I/O. NodeJS is best suited for such applications. The synchronization process with NodeJS is fast and organized because events manage the architecture serving both client and server sides. The event loop through the web socket protocol handles the multiuser function. It runs in TCP and avoids HTTP overload. NodeJS also makes RTA lightweight, scalable, maintainable and software-friendly. No matter what language you use for the backend, you'll still need JavaScript for the frontend, so instead of spending time learning a server-side language like Php, Java or Ruby on Rails, you can spend all your effort learning and mastering JS in it. Javascript of the same language can be used on the client side as well as on the server side. Thus, a developer who knows JS can act as a full stack developer without learning additional languages. The interface and backend are also easier to keep in sync because of the uniform use of the language on both sides. For startups, this is one of the big advantages of getting your work done quickly with fewer developers. There is no need to split the team into two sides. This provides better performance and the ability to share or re-purpose code, and within the team provides a seamless exchange of knowledge. Like an array in data structures, threads are a set of data and require first-class input/output processing methods to handle that data. Node.Js comes to the rescue because it handles this I/O process well, allowing users to simultaneously transcode media files as they're loaded. This takes less time than other processing methods to process the data. Node.js streams greatly simplify I/O tasks. Node.js is a blessing for programmers and plays an important role in the technology stack. It is the first and best choice for creating interactive games, chat programs, collaboration tools, instant messaging, and more.
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