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The Man Inside the Monster

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When Y/N stumbles upon a mysterious building in the middle of nowhere, she finds the Hulk living there. She manages to break through the Hulk’s exterior and meets the man inside the monster.

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Requested on Quotev
Pairing: Bruce Banner x fem!reader
A/N: This is a Beauty and the Beast themed imagine per the request.

You had no idea how on earth you had ended up in the middle of a forest in the dead of night. But what you did know was that you were lost. Completely and utterly lost. You have seemed to have walked for miles but there was no clearing or building in sight. That was, though, until you stumbled across an abandoned building.

The curiosity was burning inside you. Your heart was saying that you had to go and see what was in there, but your head was telling you to leave it alone. Standing just outside the building, you wrestled with yourself until you let out a squeal and turned the knob on the door.

The building seemed to have been abandoned for a while. The wallpaper was peeling away from the walls, the picture frames were breaking apart and the floorboards were starting to come up. You gently closed the door and began to explore the many rooms of the building.

You were standing outside the last door of the building and, strangely, you could hear low mumbles on the other side. Curiosity taking over your body, you opened the door and walked inside, gasping when you seen a very large body in the corner of the room.

Taking slow steps you edged closer towards the body and uneasiness began to creep into your body. You stepped onto a creaky floorboard and the body moved so quickly, you didn’t have enough time to react when whatever it was grasped you in his hand and brought you up to its face.

“Hulk stay here. No other people. Get out.” You squinted your eyes and seen sadness in the dark orbs of the Hulk. You could sense that it was more that a monster, that there was a human inside. Even though your heart was beating rapidly against your chest, you managed to wriggle your arm out of his grasp and bring it up to his face.

“You don’t need to be scared of me, I’m not going to hurt you.” For a second, the Hulk leaned into the warmth of your touch and a small tear fell down his face. He looked into your eyes and smiled, slowly and gently putting you back down on the floor.

“Hulk friend?” You nodded your head. “Yeah, I’m Hulk’s friend.” He sat down on the floor and you sat beside him. Sitting in a comfortable silence for a while, a thought had dawned on you. “How did you end up here, Hulk?” Once again, sadness overcame his features and he closed his eyes. “Hulk bad. Hulk killed people. Trying to save them.”

You placed your small hands over his large one. “I’m sure it was an accident. You’re not bad, Hulk, not at all. If anything, you’re good for trying to save them people.” You leaned up as far as you could and placed a small kiss on his cheek.

It seemed as though he had been lacking in human touch and intimacy as the Hulk’s body suddenly began to change. You stepped back and watched in awe as the Hulk transformed right before your eyes. Where the large body of the Hulk once was, there was now a small man with wild black hair and a pair of spectacles; completely naked.

Shielding your eyes, you quickly took off your jacket and threw it over to the man who tied it around his waist to cover up. He looked at you and smiled when he covered up. “I never thought I would be able to be back here again. Feel my feet on the floor or see the details of the world again. And it’s all thanks to you.”

In one moment, the man walked across the room in three strides and kissed you, his fingers tangling in your hair. The kiss took you by surprise and you pushed him away. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone and I guess the emotion of it all got to me.”

You shook your head and smiled before pulling him back in for a kiss, your fingers nipping at the hairs on the nape of his neck. His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you in even closer.

You both broke apart and went into a fit of giggles. “I’m sorry, I never caught your name.” You giggled and held your hand out. “I’m Y/N L/N. I know your counterparts name but I want to know yours.” He took your hand and shook it. “I’m Bruce. Bruce Banner.”

“Well Bruce Banner, let’s get out of here and go and find somewhere else to stay for the night. You can tell me how on earth you ended up with something else living inside you, and I’ll tell you how I stumbled upon you in this forest.”
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