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Unfamiliar Feelings

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Jack experiences unfamiliar feelings when he sees Y/N talking with somebody from their past.

Category: Supernatural - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2022-07-09 - 598 words - Complete

Requested on Tumblr
Pairing: Jack Kline x reader

Seeing Jack jealous was rather a new thing for you. You had only been together for a few months and you could tell that he was still getting to grips with the new feelings that he was experiencing. But the one feeling he was beginning to get accustomed to was happiness.

His smile always beamed whenever you walked into a room, holding his arms open ready to pull you into a hug. He loved the feeling of holding you close to him and he could feel the fondness he felt for you begin to grow. But when he spotted you talking with an old friend of yours whilst out shopping for groceries, something strange bubbled up inside him.

Jack’s eyes narrowed at the old friend as he watched them touch your shoulder. Anger, or something of that sort, began to grow inside him. Your laughter rang through the store as your friend edged closer towards you, moving his hand up and down your arm. That was the last straw. Something inside Jack snapped and he stormed over to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and marching you out of the store, leaving the groceries behind.

You shrugged out of his grasp, clearly annoyed. “What was that, Jack?!” He stood in front of you, head hung low in shame as he shuffled his feet. “I don’t know what happened, a strange feeling came over me and I just acted, I’m so sorry.” You stood in confusion for a moment until a thought finally struck you.

You closed the gap between you both and lifted your hand to his cheek, running the pad of your thumb over his cheekbone. “Hey, it’s alright. I know that all the human emotions are hard for you to grasp.” Jack looked back up at you, a small smile pulling at the edge of his lips. He lifted his hands to your sides and placed a kiss to your forehead.

“Thank you for understanding. I know being with me can be frustrating but I am trying.” “I know you are. I’m very lucky to be able to call you mine.” You dropped your hand to your side and entwined your fingers with Jacks, kissing each one of his knuckles. “If you want to know what that feeling was, it’s called jealousy. It’s what happens when you care for someone very much and you don’t like seeing anyone else with them.”

Jack nodded his head in understanding. “I’ll try and not feel like that again. I really didn’t like it.” You chuckled and pecked his cheek. “You can’t turn off your feelings, Jack, but I promise I’ll help you to control them.” You turned around and headed back into the store, holding out your hand. “Starting now. Do you think you can go back in there with me to get the groceries?”

Jack’s eyes flashed yellow, remembering the jealousy that he felt earlier. He slowly closed his eyes and opened them again, his eyes returning to their original colour. “Yes.” He took your hand and you walked back into the store, seeing the friend once again.

Jack’s shoulders tensed but he took a deep breath. He smiled at your friend as you both walk past, earning a nod back. “See, it’s not so bad when you can control it, is it?” He looked down at you and smiled, placing a kiss to your lips. “How did I get so lucky with you?”
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