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Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family

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The Bear have sent in the Smithson family to deal with Crayon and his friends. They want to destroy the romance between Crayon and Colourea.

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Meanwhile at the Bear headquarters Easeion, Tara and Bill were talking with the members of The Bear.

" The romance between Crayon and Colourea must be destroyed " said Easeion.

" It will be great " said Bill.

" We will see Crayon sadder than ever " said Tara.

" When we succeed in destroying the relationship between Crayon and Colourea it will weaken Crayon " said Easeion.

" Crayon will feel hurt, he will understand that I have made sure that he is single "

" Him being single will be great " said Tara.

" Yes, the Bear will love it " said Easeion.

" Anyone who dares to save the relationship must die " said Bill.

" Yeah, this relationship cannot last for the sake of the Bear " said Easeion.

" Artby, Colouruke and Warbler will try to stop us " said Tara.

" They will be easy to defeat " said Easeion. " We cannot be afraid of people, we must be like this "

" If not, then we can forget about taking over "

" True " said Bill.

" There is no fear within us "

" Yes, the Smithsons are not afraid "

" Hahahahaha " said Tara.

" Yeah, we are so scary to them I bet " said Bill.

" Crayon will be one sad motherfucker, when I end the romance " said Easeion. " We will be laughing our asses off, when it happens "

" I will truly enjoy his sorrow, the Bear will all be laughing "

" Hahahahahahaha " said three siblings and every member of The Bear in the area.

" Now it is time to end it all " said Easeion.

" Yeah, we will ruin Crayon "

" He will be extremely hurt, the pain will consume him " said Bill.

" It will be too much for Crayon " said Easeion.

" He cannot handle what we are doing to Colourea "

" What we will do to Colourea is great " said Bill.

" It is " said Tara.

" Now we will go " said Easeion.

Easeion, Tara and Bill left the area.

Meanwhile Blackin, Blackina and Whites were  talking.

" Now it is time for the Smithsons to end the romance " said Blackin.

" I hope it is over, for the time Crayon must be kept alive " said Blackina.

" They should have no problem destroying it, it will do wonders for The Bear " said Whites.

" Crayon will not be as strong if he is suffering " said Blackina.

" We will send it lots of members to find out who they work for " said Blackin.

" Whoever that is must be eliminated as well " said Whites.

" Crayon will be sad and that is what we need " said Blackina.

" Our members should search the bakeries, it will lead us to Artby " said Whites.

" We have tons of members, there will be no problem doing this " said Blackin.

" The takeover of Colourland will be very soon, we will take over as a couple with the romance between Crayon and Colourea and Crayon will be sad " said Blackina.

Blackin laughed, then he gave a kiss to Blackina after.

Meanwhile Easeion and his crew members had left the hideout. Easeion saw a man and demanded to know where Crayon was.

" Where is Crayon ? " said Easeion.

" I don't know where he is " said the man.

" I know the people of Colourland know of him, don't fuck with me " said Easeion.

" You had better not be fucking around " said Bill.

" I am not allowing anyone to do that "

" Same here " said Tara.

" We cannot tolerate any defense of Crayon " said Bill.

" I will not allow anyone to protect him, Crayon must suffer " said Easeion.

" I'm not " said the man.

" You had better " said Bill.

Easeion then reached towards the man,  then took his wallet.

" My money " said the man.

" I don't care what situation you are in moneywise, you are not telling me where Crayon is and that is not acceptable " said Easeion.

" Listen, we are just going to take your stuff and leave you here " said Bill.

" This is how it is "

Easeion then launched the Lightning Blast directly at a man, knocking him out. Tara and Bill then started demanding to know where Crayon is from people.

" Look if nobody tells us where Crayon is, then we will have to rob you " said Bill.

" I won't let you do that " said this man.

Bill used the Sea Punch.

" Would you rather have money or Crayon be with Colourea " said Bill.

" Think about it "

" Crayon being Colourea does nothing for Colourland " said Easeion.

" But I don't know where he is, I did see someone that talks to Crayon around though " said the man.

" Which person is that ? " asked Tara.

" He was in the bakery " said the man.

" Ok " said Bill.

" We should head to the bakery " said one of The Bear members.

"  Yeah " said Easeion.

" He means Artby "

Easeion, Tara and Bill with the Bear members headed to this bakery demanding to know the whereabouts of the person who talks to Crayon.

" Look you had better tell us where this person that knows Crayon is " said Tara.

" You mean Artby ? " asked a baker.

" Well it probably is him " said Easeion.

" He will lead us to Crayon " said Bill.

" What do you want with Crayon exactly ? " asked the baker. " Wait a minute, you have The Bear logo on "

" Yeah we do, and if you want to keep baking bread I suggest you keep quiet about it " said Bill.

" Listen to Bill, be smart here " said Tara.

" True, my brother Bill knows " said Easeion.

" It is important to listen to him "

" Okay " said the man.

" Artby hangs out with Crayon so if we find him, then Crayon won't be too far away " said Bill.

" I'm not sure where Artby is right now but he could be at home " said the man.

" Where do they live ? " asked Easeion.

" I don't know " said the man.

" We will find Crayon " said Bill.

" He will not get away " said Easeion.

" The Smithsons will find him "

Easeion, Tara, Bill and the Bear members then headed out of the bakery and then found this office building.

" It says Challenger on it " said Bill.

" Who's that ? asked Tara.

" I'm not sure but he may know of where Crayon is " said Easeion.

" I will make sure he does " said Bill.

" It's The Bear " said this man.

" Shut your mouth " yelled Bill.

Bill then used the Sea Punch knocking him out. The three siblings then knocked on the door of the office of Challenger.

" Open up in there " said Tara.

Challenger then kept the door locked and was about to jump out the window. Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb which blew open the door, destroying it.

The siblings barged in but Challenger was jumping out the window. Bill, Easeion and Tara then used their Shadow Blasts and tried to hit Challenger but Challenger was able to get away in time.

" He must know something about Crayon for sure said Easeion.

" Let's rob the place " said Bill.

" Haha, I cannot wait " said Easeion.

" Challenger will feel hurt "

" The Bear does want that " said Tara.

Bill, Tara and Easeion took the supplies and money that was there from the office and then Easeion wrote a note in the office. The three siblings left the room, then they had robbed the man they knocked out and took his wallet. They then joined the Bear members outside and they headed towards the hideout.

" Blackin, we have great news " said Bill.

" What is it ? " asked Blackin.

" We have found the office of Challenger, we believe he is linked to Crayon " said Easeion.

" He will experience the downfall of Crayon "

" We stole supplies from there " said Tara.

" Good to see " said Blackin. " We will be sending in members of The Bear to take control of it "

" Glad to see " said Tara.

" Challenger will face his demise " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha "

The siblings headed to their part of the hideout.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler got up, showered and ate.

" We should head to the office of Challenger " said Crayon.

" That is a good idea " said Warbler.

" Let's go " said Colouruke.

They headed to the office of Challenger and notice a man knocked out.

" What happened ? " asked Colouruke.

" The Bear must have found out " said Crayon.

" Damnit, bakers won't like this" said Artby.

" We should head to see Challenger " said Warbler.

" Bakers would want us talking to him, bakers want that " said Artby.

" I love bakers so much, I will do anything for them "

" Let's go " said Crayon.

The five of them noticed that there was a door blown up.

" What the hell happened here " said Colouruke.

" It looks like The Bear got in here " said Colourea.

" The supplies are all gone " said Crayon.

" There is a note " said Warbler.

" I will read it " said Artby.

" Challenger, this building will belong to The Bear very soon, do not try to stop us. " The romance between Crayon and Colourea will be destroyed, if you dare try to save it you can forget about living.

" Crayon and Colourea being together is not worth that, it does nothing for you "

" Think about your life "

" Is dying really worth that ? "

The Bear.

" Challenger must have escaped " said Crayon.

" I'm not sure where he is, but we need to stop them " said Colourea.

" I wonder why they want to destroy Crayon and Colourea being together so much " said Colouruke.

" I'm not sure but maybe they think it will weaken us " sand the romance between Crayon and Colourea " said Colouruke.

" It involved Challenger as well, and we cannot find him " said Crayon.

" This is not good " said the baker.

" It's not but the bravery you have shown baking bread at a time like this " said Artby.

" You are so brave, I love that "

" Uh, thanks " said the baker.

" I love your bravery, I will fight for any brave bakers " said Artby.

The five of them left.

Meanwhile Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler were training. Crayon and Warbler were using their Air techniques, Colouruke's water techniques plus Colourea and Artby were using their Light techniques. They kept using their attacks against each other for a while. They went inside and then headed to bed.

Chapter 11

The Search for Challenger

Challenger was still missing and The Bear and both Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea, Artby and Warbler were searching for him.

Meanwhile Blackin was telling Whites and Blackina about the disappearance of Challenger.

" We must find him " said Blackin.

" It shouldn't be too hard, we know what he looks like so we can send in the Smithsons to find him " said Whites.

" Taking Challenger will lead us to Crayon " said Blackina. " Crayon will lead us to the others, allowing Easeion and his siblings to end the romance "

" Well if it keeps Crayon sad then I am fine with that " said Blackin.

" Crayon must be kept alive for now " said Whites.

" They have the memo, they just need to end the romance but first we need Challenger " said Blackina.

Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Bill and Tara.

" Challenger must be found " said Easeion.

" Exactly " said Bill.

" Blackin wants him, so we will find him " said Tara.

" Yes " said Easeion.

" He cannot hide from me "

An announcement on the intercom in the hideout told all the members to search for Challenger, we must bring him to the hideout. The members left the hideout and headed in these giant vans, some on helicopters and in small planes as well. The members found a place outside of Colourland to park and they headed on foot into the main area.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler went outside and were looking for Challenger all over Colourland. They then ran into a Bear member.

The member then started talking to them.

" Challenger will be found " said the man.

" That is true, by us " said Colouruke.

" The Bear will find him, Easeion scared him away " said the man.

" Easeion went inside his office ? " asked Crayon.

" With his siblings " said the man.

" We won't let The Bear take him " said Colourea.

" Easeion is not the type of man to allow that " said the man.

" He doesn't scare me " said Artby. " We are just too heroic for him ".

" Easeion will destroy all five of you himself " said the man.

" He is so powerful "

" Challenger will return and The Bear won't take him " said Crayon.

The man left.

The five of them saw Bear members who then were on the streets.

The Bear members then headed down this street and they saw this building which they entered.

They were looking for Challenger inside the building, the five fighters followed them in the building. The five fighters then saw Challenger while they exited the building, the Bear members chased them.

" Challenger is ours " said one of the members.

" No, he's not " said Crayon.

" Easeion will speak to him " said another member.

" We won't let him do that " said Artby.

" Challenger belongs to The Bear, Easeion has questions for him " said a third member.

" If you don't let him go to us, then a fight is happening " said a fourth member.

" I'll take those chances " said Artby.

" Bakers want Challenger eating bread, it is good for the baker "

" This is not about that, time to fight " said the fourth member.

The men then rushed the five fighters with their Shadow Strikes but Artby used the Super Light Bomb, knocking them down. The men got up and grabbed Colouruke and all kicked him.

Colouruke got up and used the Sea Punch on one of the men, defeating him. The other three then used their Shadow Bombs on Crayon while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs on them. A huge explosion happened, but the men were defeated. Crayon and Warbler got up. Challenger then headed with the six fighters and they headed back to Challenger's office where they saw Bear members.

" This place belongs to us, Challenger " said the woman.

" Challenger, Easeion has questions for you said the man.

" Questions ? " asked Crayon.

" We know of what you represent " said the second man.

We know of what you represent for Challenger " said a third member.

" Easeion is willing to spare you " said a fourth member.

" Spare Challenger from what " said Colouruke.

" If you help us end the romance, he will not kill you " said a fifth member.

" End the romance ? " asked Colouruke. " Why does Easeion want to end it so badly anyways "

" He knows that by removing it, it will weaken you Crayon " said the first member.

" We won't let him do that " said Artby.

" The bakers want him in good shape so he can eat bread "

" I wouldn't recommend that, Easeion is letting you not be dead by helping end it " said the second member.

" Easeion believes that ending the romance will weaken me ? " asked Crayon.

" He knows that it will, he perceives you as the biggest threat to him and our organization " said the third member.

" Therefore by ending the romance, it will do wonders for The Bear " said the fourth member.

" Artby, you must allow us to do this " said the fifth member. " Do you want to be going to the bakeries or be dead "

" Well the bread is great, but harming Colourea is not something I want to do " said Artby.

" Colourea joins us in the bakery, so I won't go against that "

" That's not the way we will accept " said the first member. " Just like Easeion, we gave you this opportunity to live but you have chosen to do this shit so we will fight.

" Bring it on " said Colouruke.

" Prepare for your demise " said the first member.

The members then fired their Shadow Bombs at Colourea but Crayon and Warbler used their Air Kicks while Colouruke used his Sea Kick to attempt to weaken the bombs. Challenger then kicked one of the men while Artby punched another.

The men and the woman got up and they then used their Shadow Strikes while Crayon and Warbler used the Air Blasts to knock them down but the woman was able to get through and hit Crayon. The men got up and then launched their Shadow Bombs, while Colouruke and Colourea launched their Light Bombs, creating an explosion.

The men were defeated, while the woman then used the Double Shadow Strike which hit Colourea. Colourea punched her. The woman then used the Darkness Blast while Crayon used the Air Blast, the woman was defeated. The five fighters joined Challenger and then left the building.

Easeion had learned about the defeat and the fact that his idea for sparing Colouruke, Warbler and Artby was refused.

" I'll have no problem seeing my siblings kill them " said Easeion.

" They will never cross me and make it, not a chance "

" I will never let anyone interfere "

" It will be simple, the romance will be destroyed  " said Bill.

" Yeah, Crayon will be so sad " said Easeion.

" My talent guarantees his sorrow, there is no chance for him "

" They will regret this " said Tara.

" I will have you two fight them first, not that I would need to " said Easeion. " I've got talent "

" Making Crayon sad will be simple " said Bill.

" He will be sad forever after this " said Easeion.

" I would like that " said Tara.

" As a family, there is nothing than stop us " said Bill.

" Exactly " said Easeion. " We are just too fucking good for them "

" Colourland will belong to us, I cannot wait to see the sad look on his face when Colourea is no more " said Bill.

" The Bear will love it as well, Blackin can be the new ruler after all this " said Tara.

" It will be good for Blackina as well " said Easeion.

" It sure will " said Tara.

" The Bear will have everything, there is no stopping the Smithsons " said Bill.

" I love being a Smithson "

" It is great, I love it " said Easeion.

" Hahahahahahaha " all three of them said.

Meanwhile Blackin, Blackina and Whites were talking.

" Bill and Tara should finish them off easily " said Blackin.

" The Smithsons will end Colourea " said Blackina.

" We need Crayon sad " said Whites.

" It will truly terrify him and we will love it " said Blackin.

" Why would we not " said Whites. " How could the Bear not enjoy him like that "

" I will be the new ruler with Blackina " said Blackin.

" Blackina is the love of my life, I will love being in control of Colourland with her "

" It will be wonderful " said Blackina.

" How could it not be " said Blackin.

" The Bear will have everything, Challenger must be finished as well " said Whites.

" There is a connection with Challenger to those five, I don't know what it is but it must be removed " said Blackin.

" He was willing to protect those five, for that he must pay " said Blackina.

" The bakeries will be targeted next " said Whites. " We know that Artby goes to them all the time "

" Bakers will be destroyed if they interfere "

" Therefore Colourea will not be too far away " said Blackina.

" Yeah, Colourea hangs out with him so it will be simple " said Whites.

Blackin and Blackina headed to a separate area upstairs.

Chapter 12

The Smithsons Plan

Easeion, Tara and Bill headed out of the hideout and then they headed to Colourland with lots of members.

" Whites wants the bakeries targeted " said Easeion.

" Good idea from him " said Bill.

" It will eventually bring Artby out in the open " said Tara.

" Any bakers who dare defend him must be destroyed " said Bill.

" Bakers can never mess with us "

" We cannot have that happen " said Easeion.

" No Bear member will let him be defended ever "

" The Bear is too great "

" Yeah, we are a great organization " said Bill.

" There is no stopping us " said Tara.

" Nothing gets in our way "

" Let"s go " said Easeion.

Easeion entered a bakery and then fired the Lightning Blast at a baker knocking him out.

A baker then tried to stop Easeion but Bill punched him.

" Why are you doing this ? " asked a baker.

" We will bring out Artby this way " said Tara.

" I suggest you get him here or this will continue " said Easeion.

" We are not messing around here "

Bill then attacked a customer with the Super Sea Punch.

Tara took his wallet. Tara then used the Iron Kick on a baker.

" Stop this " said the baker. Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb while Bill used the Oceanic Kick on the baker defeating him.

" Yeah like we are going to do that " said Tara.

" This will bring out Artby " said Bill.

" It will for sure " said Easeion.

" We know how he is about bread "

" I will take advantage of that "

" Every Smithson will " said Bill.

The three of them then robbed the baker and left.

They then went to another bakery and aimed their Shadow Blasts directly at hit the bakers scaring them.

Easeion then tripped a baker and stole his wallet. Bill then used the Sea Punch on a baker which knocked him out. They then took his stuff also.

After taking stuff from bakers and citizens they then headed back to Whites.

" Artby will be terrified " said Whites.

" Artby will come for a fight " said Easeion.

" The Bear will enjoy the terror within him, thanks to our abilities "

" We are ready for him " said Bill.

" Hahahaha " said Tara.

" Great to see " said Whites.

" I can create terror within so many people " said Easeion.

" The Bear needs this terror "

" Yes, it is good " said Whites.

" Keep up the good work "

" Thanks, we will keep doing what we do " said Tara.

" I have to see Blackin and Blackina " said Whites.

Crayon then currently kissed Colourea on the lips. Artby, Colouruke and Warbler were talking and they were outside.

" I'm glad Crayon is so happy with Colourea " said Artby.

" It is good " said Colouruke.

" The bakers want them to be happy " said Artby. " Bread has helped Crayon so much "

" Bread has helped him be happy with Colourea ? " asked Warbler.

" The flour just doesn't make us heroic in the fights, it  can help outside them as well " said Artby.

" Flour can do all that ? " asked Colouruke.

" The bakers have a special way of using it, I do not know how the flour makes us heroic but it does " said Artby. " I have trusted in bakers, thanked bakers for all of what they have done for us "

" Trusted in bakers ? " asked Warbler.

" How could one not trust in bakers, they allow people to make friends, feed us, help us fight and they can help save Colourland from The Bear " said Artby.

" We have fought well against The Bear, but trusting in bakers ? " asked Colouruke. " Bread is great with a lot of different foods I will say that "

" That's why Colourland trusts in bakers and bread " said Artby.

" Well we should get back inside, Crayon and Colourea are probably up by now " said Warbler.

The five of them ate breakfast and then headed outside where they ran into Bear members.

" Crayon, we have found you " said one member.

" You won't succeed in this " said Crayon.

" We will take over Colourland, our leader will be the new ruler " said the second member.

" We are ready " said Colouruke.

" With the bread we have eaten, there's no fucking way that I'll go down " said Artby. " The bakers will never forgive us if we let them down "

" Bakers or not his girlfriend will join our leader as the new rulers " said the third member.

" His girlfriend ? " asked Colouruke.

" Our leader is with the strongest woman you will ever face " said the first member.

" Strongest woman ever ? " asked Warbler.

" Stronger than Colourea and Alice ? " asked Artby.

" Way stronger, even tougher than the Smithsons " said the second member.

" The Smithsons are better than Alice, so that means that she is even stronger than Easeion " said the third member. " Give up now, when the two of them are together there is no stopping The Bear "

" The Bear is beatable " said Colouruke.

" The members you faced are nothing before our leader and his lover " said the first member. " Even if the members you defeated, decided to join you five it would not be enough "

" The Smithsons roughed up the bakers, what is that all about ? " asked Artby.

" We know you care about the bakers and you eat bread all the time so they were sent in to cause harm " said the second member.

" We won't let them do it again " said Artby.

" Hahahaha, you'll do nothing against them " said the third member.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

The fight started.

The three of them charged their Shadow Bombs while Crayon and Warbler used their Air Bombs, creating an explosion.

The three men then used their Shadow Strikes but Crayon used the Air Kick while Colourea used the Light Kick.

The three men got up and all punched Colouruke. Colouruke got up and then kicked one of the men while Artby punched another. Those two men were defeated but the man grabbed Colourea. The man then tripped Colourea into Crayon, knocking them down. Colouruke then punched the man while Warbler used the Sky Kick on him which defeated him.

After the fight, Crayon contacted Challenger about the information that he had received.

" Challenger, their leader appears to have this girlfriend that is the strongest woman in the world according to The Bear " said Crayon.

" Strongest in the world ? " Stronger than Tara, curious who she is " said Challenger.

" I'm not sure but their leader seems to want to be ruling Colourland with her " said Crayon.

" We will need to keep fighting and finding out more information " said Challenger.

" This is true " said Crayon.

" See you later " said Challenger.

Blackin and Blackina were talking.

" So Bill and Tara fight tomorrow " said Blackina.

" They will do what we want " said Blackin.

" Colourea will be history " said Blackina.

" Their relationship will be no more " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha " said Blackina.

" I love you so much " said Blackin.

" We are perfect together " said Blackina.

" We really are " said Blackin.

" Being with you means everything " said Blackina.

" Thanks " said Blackin.

" We are a couple not like others "

Chapter 13

Fighting The Smithsons

It was getting near nighttime, Crayon and Colourea got ready for bed.

Artby, Warbler and Colouruke were talking.

" Hoping that Crayon will be so happy said Artby. " He will be more likely to buy me bread "

" Buy you bread ? " asked Warbler.

" Crayon is happy with Colourea now, he is so happy now " said Artby. " I wonder if the bakers know "

" The bakers ? " asked Colouruke.

" The bakers have helped him so much, which will make him so happy so he will buy me bread " said Artby.

" Bakers love Crayon, they think about him "

"  The bakers helped him  ? asked Colouruke. " How can bakers do that "

" With the flour that helps with heroism, it can help with what he needs " said Artby.

" Flour helps with that ? " asked Warbler. " Never heard of anything like that "

" It does, it has helped Crayon  in ways, when he gets really happy then we can talk to the bakers about it " said Artby.

" Bakers ? " asked Warbler.

" Yeah, bakers have made him so happy everywhere, Colourea notices it " said Artby. " You can hear how happy he is"

" What the fuck, Artby " said Colouruke.

" Flour helps us " said Artby. " Crayon's so happy, Colouruke "

" I am lost " said Warbler. " Anyways we should get to bed "

" Same here " said Colouruke.

" I will go to bed as well, I love bakers " said Artby.

" Baking helps Crayon, bakers have so much love for the man "

" His presence in the bakery is loved by every baker "

Blackin was talking to the Smithsons.

" You three need to find them and soon as possible " said Blackin.

" We will make Crayon one extremely sad motherfucker " said Easeion.

" When Colourea is finished off it will be great " said Bill.

" It will be wonderful for The Bear " said Tara.

" Good " said Blackin.

" I will truly enjoy the sorrow within Crayon " said Easeion.

" It is good "

" We need him to feel like that, we need his friends dead, I need to take over Colourland " said Blackin.

" Understood " said Easeion.

" He must suffer for the sake of the organization " said Blackin.

" It is time for Bill and Tara to go to Colourland "

" You can join them on the way but you will return here "

" Yeah, sounds good to me " said Easeion.

" We will make Crayon single " said Tara.

" The way we want him " said Easeion.

" Yes, time to go " said Bill.

" I will see you all soon " said Blackin.

" Yes for sure " said Tara.

" You will see us again " said Bill.

" That is a guarantee " said Blackin.

The Smithsons headed to Colourland, Easeion headed back to the hideout.

The five of them got up, Artby asked Crayon to buy him bread at the bakery.

Artby then was talking to a baker while Crayon was buying him bread.

" Thanks for helping Crayon out " said Artby.

" Helping him out ? " asked the baker.

" The flour has helped Crayon  " said Artby.

" Flour has helped Crayon ? " asked the baker.

" Part of flour has made him heroic and the other part of it helps Crayon out when and where he needs " said Artby.

" Well I'm glad you enjoy our bread so much, I don't really think that bread can help Crayon with what he does to be honest " said the baker.

" Bakers love the man " said Artby.

" Uh, well we do enjoy the purchases and he has been here before " said a baker.

" Yeah, Crayon's the man " said Artby.

" Bread does so much "

" I love bread "

Artby joined up with Crayon after he had bought him bread.

" Thanks, Crayon " said Artby.

" Your welcome " said Crayon.

The five of them ate breakfast and then they headed out where they saw the Smithsons.

" That's them " said Artby quietly.

" They are extremely powerful " said Colouruke quietly.

" We must be ready for them, they are all stronger than Alice " said Crayon quietly.

Bill and Tara saw the five fighters.

" You five " said Tara.

" It is us " said Artby.

" With the bread I ate, I am stronger "

" Bread won't save you here " said Tara.

" This is it " said Bill. " Crayon prepare to be sadder than ever "

" With the bread we ate, there will be just happiness, no sorrow within Crayon " said Artby.

" I highly doubt that, The Bear will take over " said Bill.

" Our brother Easeion knows that he wouldn't need to waste his time when his great siblings can finish you off " said Tara.

" That is true " said Bill.

" We are great Smithsons "

" Easeion will need to fight " said Crayon.

" That is true " said Colouruke.

" Crayon, we are willing to spare you for the time being " said Bill. " If you refrain from getting involved, then we do not have to attack you "

" It is a good decision to make " said Tara.

" The other four will fall before us "

" Think about it " said Bill.

" I'm going to fight " said Crayon. " I won't let you do this "

" You will regret those words, Crayon " said Tara.

" We will enjoy ending the love you have for Colourea " said Bill.

" You will be single, the Bear wants you to be "

" The bakers will not put up with this " said Artby.

" Bakers want Colourea to eat bread "

" I don't give a fuck about bakers " said Bill. " We roughed up lots of bakers and we will continue to do that "

" Bakers are great people " said Artby.

" They help me out "

" Well, we will hurt them then " said Tara.

" They cannot interfere "

" Now we are going to end the romance between Crayon and Colourea just like our great brother Easeion wants " said Bill. " He will be delighted seeing it over, hahahaha "

" It is time to fight " said Tara.

" Baking will help me here " said Artby.

" Bakers have never let me down "

" It matters not " said Bill.

" You will be history, Artby "

" I will not " said Artby.

" Baking does so much for me "

" Nothing against me " said Bill.

" It will not change this fight " said Tara.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

" You are all going down " said Bill.

The fight began.

Bill rushed for Colouruke with his Super Sea Punch while Colouruke used his. Both attacks hit, Tara then fired off the Super Darkness Bomb on Artby while Crayon used the Super Air Blast. Tara was able to avoid the attack but Crayon was hit.

Colourea and Colouruke then used their Super Light Bombs while Bill used the Super Sea Bomb.

" Sea Bomb ? " asked Crayon.

" It is a new technique " said Bill.

" Prepare to fall "

The attacks hit. Bill then used the Shadow Implosion while Tara used the Super Shadow Bomb while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs while Artby used the Super Light Bomb creating an insane explosion which everyone was hit by.

Everyone got up. Bill then used the Quadruple Shadow Strike while Tara used the Super Shadow Bomb, Colourea and Artby launched their Super Light Bombs while Crayon used the Super Air Kick, the attacks hit. Colouruke then charged his Sea Blast towards Bill but Bill was able to avoid it and then he started to use the Shadow Implosion while Tara used the Quadruple Shadow Strike.

After the attacks hit, Crayon got up and then fired his Super Air Blast towards Bill while Tara used her Shadow Implosion on the other four, the attacks hit.

Artby was starting to slightly struggle. Bill then rushed for Colourea with his Super Sea Punch while Colouruke used his to try to defend Colourea. The attacks hit each other. Artby used his Super Light Bomb but was hit back by the Super Darkness Bomb by Tara.

" Artby, your time is over " said Bill.

" So much for those bakers " said Tara.

" The bakeries have done nothing besides allow us to rob the bakers of their wallets " said Bill.

" Bakers do so much for me and for everyone " said Artby.

" The Smithsons are too tough for you Artby " said Tara.

" No, I'm not giving up " said Artby. " The bakers would never forgive me "

" Bakers are so important to me "

" They sell bread, they are not going to care about that " said Bill.

" Bakers aren't going to see you again if you keep interfering with us "

" The bakers have done wonders for Colourland " said Artby.

" They have saved us so many times "

" It's Crayon, not bakers " said Tara.

" Crayon is strong enough to win those fights, all the bakers care about is the money they are making off you, Artby " said Bill.

" The money " said Artby.

" It isn't just the money, bakers care so much "

" Bakers care about me in the bakeries a lot "

" That's what they care about besides baking bread, if you really think that you are winning against a family as great as the Smithsons because of bakers then you have lost it completely " said Bill.

" The bakers could bake the tastiest bread in history and it wouldn't be enough against the Smithsons " said Tara.

" I'll keep fighting " said Artby.

" I still believe in myself, bakers and bread "

" Bakers will help me out like usual "

" Let's continue this fight " said Warbler.

Artby then used the Super Light Bomb while Warbler used the Super Air Blast to create an explosion full of light and wind energy while Tara used the Shadow Implosion. Crayon and Colourea then fired their Super Light Bombs while Bill used the Supreme Oceanic Blast.

" Supreme Oceanic Blast ? " asked Colouruke.

" It's the strongest Water attack you have seen " said Bill.

" You will be taken down here "

" Baking will help me here " said Artby.

The attacks all hit, Artby was struggling while Colouruke was slightly struggling.

" Hahahahahahaha " said Bill.

" Easeion will truly be proud of us " said Tara.

" We will support a brother like him by doing this " said Bill.

" Support a brother like him ? " asked Crayon.

" He is our older brother, and he trusts us " said Bill.

" That's why he's not here " said Tara.

" We will always support Easeion, he has done so much for us " said Bill.

" So much ? " asked Colouruke. " What kind of things ?

" He has hurt people who have tried to fuck with me, that's what being a brother is about " said Bill.

" It means a lot "

" He is a great brother "

" He has robbed a lot of people too " said Tara.

" Hurting people makes you a great brother ? " asked Crayon. " Never heard anyone say that before "

" Easeion will continue to keep stealing and harming people in his way and you five will never stop him as a brother " said Bill.

" I will stop him " said Crayon. " I don't understand what hurting people has to do with being a brother honestly "

" He will not end what I have with Colourea either "

" The people fucked with me " said Bill. " They had to suffer, it is what being a brother is about "

" Easeion is not the brother who allows that, he never will be "

" He promised me that "

" Easeion will never allow anyone to try anything against me "

" Crayon, you should understand this " said Tara.

" It is a shame he did not " said Bill.

" Well, he will watch the end of Colourea which the Bear wants " said Tara.

" Crayon will pay for this "

" Colourea will be gone " said Bill.

" Good, he will be hurt " said Tara.

" I will keep fighting for baking, bakers and all of us " said Artby.

" It matters not " said Bill.

" Crayon will no longer be with Colourea after we are done "

The fight resumed and Bill rushed for Warbler with his Super Sea Bomb while Warbler used the Super Air Bomb, the attacks hit. Warbler was starting to slightly struggle.

Colourea then used the Super Light Blast while Tara then used the Shadow Implosion. Colourea was starting to slightly struggle. Bill then started to use the Supreme Oceanic Blast which hit down Colouruke and Artby. Artby could barely get up, Colouruke was struggling.

" Now time to finish you two " said Tara.

" Bakers will want me to keep going, I am a customer they want " said Artby.

" Customers that can fight is so helpful for them "

" It doesn't matter " said Tara.

" Tara, baking does so much " said Artby.

" Baking has changed me "

" Baking has changed me into someone who understands the baker "

" Well, we are going to end your chances of protecting the romance between Crayon and Colourea " said Tara.

" We know what you are trying to do here and we will not allow it to continue "

" I will fight for bakers " said Artby.

" Bakers love Colourea "

" They love having her in the bakery "

" Well, the bakers won't be seeing her there " said Tara.

" We are going to succeed "

The fight continued.

Tara then fired the Shadow Implosion while Bill used the Supreme Oceanic Blast.

The two attacks combined with an insane force of power while Crayon and Colourea used the Super Light Bombs while Warbler used the Super Air Blast, the attacks hit creating an insane explosion. Colouruke and Artby were defeated, Warbler was struggling.

" Now you have seen the power of the Smithsons, Colourland will belong to The Bear soon " said Bill.

" Easeion will be proud " said Tara.

" It is not over " said Crayon.

" We shall see about that, Crayon " said Bill.

" Let's resume this fight " said Warbler.

" Yes, that is a great idea " said Tara.

Bill then rushed for Colourea with the Super Sea Punch while Crayon countered with the Super Air Kick, Warbler used the Super Air Bomb on Tara while she used the Quadruple Shadow Strike. Warbler was struggling a lot, Colourea was starting to struggle.

Bill and Tara then used their Quadruple Shadow Strikes while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Bombs. The attacks hit, and it looked like Warbler was almost defeated.

Tara reached for a kick on Warbler but Colourea knocked her down, preventing her from defeating him. Warbler then launched the Super Air Blast while Crayon used the Super Light Blast.

The blasts were aimed at Tara while she used the Shadow Implosion and Bill used his own. Colourea then launched the Super Light Bomb. The attacks all hit, Warbler was defeated. Tara was starting to mildly struggle.

" It's time to end the romance " yelled Bill. Bill then used the Shadow Implosion while Tara kept using the Shadow Bomb attack to distract Crayon and Colourea.

" We can't let Bill do this " said Colourea.

" You are not been given a choice " said Tara.

" Easeion will be thrilled when it ends

" Bill will succeed in this, he has made the Shadow Implosion even stronger " said Tara.

Before Bill used the attack called Super Shadow Implosion he then yelled this:

" Crayon enjoy being single, we have waited for this a long time now "

" Hahahahahahahahaha "

" Easeion wants you single, it must happen "

The attack was about to hit Colourea but Crayon then got in the way and used the Light Implosion to defend Colourea.

" Crayon, you will regret this " said Bill.

" I will not " said Crayon.

" The extra minute with Colourea will do nothing " said Tara.

" You cannot save her "

" You are just delaying the demise of Colourea and you will end up taking too much damage to win this fight " said Bill.

" I am not defeated, I will give it everything " said Crayon.

" Easeion will love this " said Tara.

" How could he not love it, he wanted the romance destroyed for a while now " said Bill. " With it gone, then our leader and his girlfriend will take over easily

" Who is his girlfriend ? asked Colourea.

" A woman named Blackina " said Bill. " Blackina is the most dangerous woman anyone has ever seen, you will be dead if you were to ever anger her "

" It matters not Crayon " said Tara.

" She will be new queen of Colourland " said Bill.

"  Queen of Colourland ? " asked Crayon. " We will fight against that "

" If you are going to keep taking these hits for Colourea you won't beat either of us, let alone me " said Bill.

" Either the relationship with Colourea ends or you will be powerless "

" You will not be able to fight and win if you protect Colourea " said Tara.

" There's one thing I don't understand here, why does Easeion want to end what I have so bad with Colourea so much ? " asked Crayon.

" I don't understand "

" He knows by keeping you sad, it will keep you down " said Bill. " He knows by making you single it will crush you in the inside and that what he wants "

" So why doesn't he fight then " said Colourea.

" He knows that we can end the romance ourselves, he trusts in us and that is what being a brother is all about " said Bill.

" He knows we are strong enough " said Tara.

" He is right, it is just you and Colourea who is struggling a lot " said Bill. " I'll make Easeion proud as a brother by ending it right now "

" He will smile and he will laugh when we succeed "

" He has demanded the end of this romance, as Smithsons we cannot let him down " said Tara.

" Let's continue " said Crayon.

" It is going to be great for Easeion when he sees that you are single " said Bill.

" Yeah, Easeion will get what he wants for sure " said Tara.

" There is no stopping that, Easeion must get his wish "

The fight continued, Tara rushed for Crayon but Crayon was able to avoid it and then he used the Super Air Blast.

Tara was starting to mildly struggle but she got up and then fired the Quadruple Shadow Strike while Crayon used the Light Implosion which hit each other. Tara was struggling while Crayon was mildly struggling.

Bill then charged the Sea Implosion which he fired right at Colourea.

" It's time for you to be single, hahahahahahaha " yelled Bill.

" Crayon I dare you to get in the way of this "

Crayon fired the Super Air Bomb to get in the way of the attack.

" It's not enough, Crayon " said Bill. " Enjoy the single life now from now on "

" Haha, the Bear has made you single which is what the organization wants "

" Easeion will be so happy to see you single "

Bill succeeded in defeating Colourea but Tara was struggling.

" It is just you against us " said Tara.

" I had a feeling it would go like this " said Bill.

" Now it is time to attack Colourea " said Tara.

" Attack her ? " asked Crayon.

" She is completely passed out now "

" Easeion wants it this way, you know this by now " said Bill.

" If you want to survive you will have to let us attack Colourea "

" Attacking Colourea is mandatory for us "

" You must understand "

" It's either you sacrifice Colourea or yourself Crayon " said Tara.

" Colourea will be gone "

" Think of what is happening to your body right now "

" You are trying to trick me " said Crayon.

" You took a serious hit of damage from doing that, you might have been able to win the fight but your feelings for Colourea got in the way " said Bill. " She will die for nothing now "

" Hahaha, you will have to deal with this for the rest of your life "

" Isn't that great "

" I don't think so, let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Yes, prepare to be taken down " said Bill.

Bill then rushed for Colourea with the Sea Implosion while Crayon used the Light Implosion. Tara then rushed to attack Colourea with the Quadruple Shadow Strike. The attacks all hit, creating an explosion.

Colourea was not dead but was hurt more but Tara was seriously struggling while Bill was slightly struggling.

" I will end Colourea now " said Tara.

" Good, Easeion will be proud " said Bill. " I will keep attacking Crayon for the time being.

" Colourea will be no more, Crayon will not be able to deal with this "

Tara grabbed Colourea and was about to throw her down but Crayon then hit her with the Air Kick which made her almost defeated. Crayon then used the Light Implosion towards Tara while she used the Shadow Implosion, Tara was defeated but Crayon was struggling.

" So you have beaten Tara " said Bill.

" I am shocked honestly "

" We have harmed Colourea more than anyone else "

" Colourea is not dead, and she will not die " said Crayon.

For now, Easeion will be happy to see me succeed like this " said Bill.

" Colourea is dying "

"  It's not over " said Crayon.

" My attacks will guarantee you are single hahaha " said Bill.

" The Bear knows what will happen when you are single "

" What is that ? " asked Crayon.

" The organization knows of what Colourea means to you " said Bill.

" They want you single for a reason "

" The Bear will not get to find out " said Crayon.

" Let's continue fighting " said Bill.

" Crayon, you are going to be single hahaha "

" You will not go against that "

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

Bill then used the Sea Implosion while Crayon countered with his Light Implosion and the attacks hit. They both were knocked to the ground, severely struggling to get back up.

Bill got up first and then picked up Colourea's body and then started charging for the Super Shadow Bomb.

" This is the permanent demise of Colourea, Colourea will no longer exist " said Bill. " Easeion will be thrilled as a brother when he sees this hahahaha "

Crayon then struggled severely to get up but he was able to move Colourea out of the way just in time before the bomb exploded.

Bill then attempted to grab Colourea again and kicked the body of Colourea. He then punched her before Crayon could reach her body.

" I have punched and kicked Colourea after she has been defeated, her death will be imminent " said Bill.

" Colourea is so close to dying "

" Easeion will be so happy "

" You won't kill her " said Crayon.

" I'm succeeding right now Crayon, enjoy the last minute of seeing her body not being dead because that's all you will ever see " said Bill.

" You will be single right now "

" Hahaha, your single life starts now "

" I dare you to stop me and prove me wrong "

" I will stop you from doing this " said Crayon.

" Colourea will survive "

" Time to continue this fight " said Bill.

" Colourea will not make it "

" I will make you single "

" The Bear has insisted on you being single "

" The Bear can insist on me being single, let's continue this fight " said Crayon.

" They are going to get what they want " said Bill.

Crayon then launched his Light Implosion while Bill used the Shadow Implosion. Bill aimed his attack towards Colourea. Crayon was struggling to keep Colourea from dying but he was able to succeed after the attack.

Colourea took a tiny amount of damage but not enough to kill her. Bill and Crayon were struggling to an intense degree.

" I don't believe this " said Bill.

" At least I can make sure Colourea still dies "

" Colourea dying is worth that much to the organization ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes, her dying means everything " said Bill.

Eventually Bill tried to get up but he was looking like he was unable to keep fighting so he rolled towards Colourea's body but Crayon then got up and shook him off Colourea and then kicked him. Crayon then was able to launch the Super Light Bomb and defeated him. Crayon was happy to win but was so weakened that he could not contact anyone for a few minutes.

After he got up, he called Challenger and the hospital. Challenger arrived, and the ambulance took them to the hospital.

" Colourea's condition is extremely bad " said Challenger. " All of you look beaten up really bad, did you stop Tara and Bill? " he asked.

" I just barely beat Bill, Tara was defeated earlier on in the fight " said Crayon. " Bill attacked Colourea while she was defeated and tried to kill her and he said that Easeion would be happy as a brother seeing her dead "

" Easeion is extremely ruthless, he wanted to end the romance so badly so this is why " said Challenger.   

"Easeion is said to be a lot stronger than Bill "

" He is extremely dangerous "

" We will need to train hard and get stronger " said Crayon. " Easeion will be out for revenge for his siblings I would imagine, I hope that The Bear does not find us here "

" My guess is that they believe in Bill enough that they will not search the hospitals, at least I hope not " said Challenger.

" I hope Colourea can make it after what Bill did " said Crayon.

" I hope so too, but I think we will have to stay here longer than usual " said Challenger.

" Yeah, sounds like a good idea " said Crayon.

" Glad you agree " said Challenger.

Chapter 14

Easeion Takes Control

Blackin, Blackina and Whites were talking.

" I hope that the romance between Crayon and Colourea is over " said Blackin.

" It will keep Crayon sad, which is what we want " sad  Blackina.

" With all the talk about the Smithson family from Easeion, then Bill and Tara should be able to succeed " said Whites.

" They are both stronger than Alice " said Blackin.

" If they were to somehow fail, then Easeion needs to take action " said Blackina.

" Easeion will want the romance destroyed, but if Crayon really is strong enough to beat them then maybe we need to kill Crayon " said Whites.

" It is something that we must consider, we must be able to take over as a couple " said Blackin. " I understand that Easeion wants to see Crayon sad but we cannot allow Crayon to be kept alive if Bill and Tara were not able to win "

" We have not heard from them " said Blackina.

" We need to talk to Easeion, maybe they have contacted him most likely " said Whites.

" I hope so " said Blackin.

Easeion was contacted and he told Whites that he had not heard from his siblings.

" They have not arrived back yet " said Whites.

" Knowing the way they do things as a family, they likely lost the fight " said Blackina.

" That is not good for any of us "

" Lost the fight ? " asked Blackin. " Easeion said that the Smithsons were the greatest family ever "

" He talked about their talent a lot "

" Easeion will be extremely angry if that happens "

" Easeion said a lot of great things about the Smithsons, but perhaps he didn't count on the training that Crayon may have done " said Whites.

" We now have to assume that Bill and Tara lost to Crayon "

" Hopefully they were at least able to end the romance " said Blackina.

" We cannot have that since Crayon will be weaker that way "

" I hope so " said Blackin.

" The Bear wants it gone "

" Yes, Crayon must feel misery " said Whites.

" We have all agreed that this must happen "

Easeion had learned that Tara and Bill had lost the fight and he was absolutely infuriated.

" How the fuck could this happen, the Smithsons are great " said Easeion.

" I wanted Crayon sad, I wanted the romance destroyed, I wanted the motherfucker sad "

" Bill and Tara not being with me right now pisses me off "

" As a brother, I wanted their success so much "

" Now, I have to destroy it myself, I will make sure that Crayon is single  "

" He will never see any love with Colourea again after I'm done with him, hahahahahaha "

" I will get my revenge for Bill and Tara, as a brother I will never allow their sacrifices to mean nothing "

" If I were to allow that bullshit, then what would that show me "

" I am too great a brother, too great a fighter, I have killed people who messed with Bill and I'll do the same again "

" Hahahahahahaha "

" My talent is legendary, Crayon will not have a chance and he never will "

" Crayon will no longer love Colourea, no more of this "

" I will be happy to see the end of that "

" Crayon's sadness is what we need in the organization "

" He will be sad, I must guarantee this "

" Bear members will want him this way so it must happen "

" The Bear will bring him down "

" Crayon will be single, I will not allow him to not be "

Easeion then sent Bear members to search for the five fighters.

At the hospital, Crayon was hoping to see his buddies wake up. He first saw Warbler and Colouruke get up.

" Glad to see you guys are here " said Crayon.

" You win the fight ? " asked Colouruke.

" I did " said Crayon. " Unfortunately they kept attacking Colourea while she was defeated but I think they failed to kill her which is good "

" The Smithsons really are ruthless " said Warbler. " Easeion is going to be infuriated when he finds out about his siblings "

" We will need to heal up great for him " said Crayon.

" We will also need to train a lot " said Colouruke.

" Easeion is tough but if we can get stronger, we should be able to beat him " said Crayon.

" Hoping Artby and Colourea will be okay " said Warbler.

" Same here " said Crayon.

The Bear members arrived in Colourland and demanded the whereabouts of Crayon.

" Where is he " said the first member.

" I don't know where Crayon is " said the man.

" If you protect Crayon you will truly regret it " said the second member. The two Bear members then attacked the man, both kicked him.

Bear members were roughing people up and they continued to demand the whereabouts of Crayon again. They then all launched their Shadow Bombs towards the square, knocking out several people and taking their wallets.

After that, they then contacted Easeion.

" Easeion, we got a lot of wallets " said the first member.

" Glad to see, what I want is the whereabouts of those five fighters as well " said Easeion. " Still, it is great to see the panic of those fighters "

" They all claimed to not know where Crayon is " said the member.

" I have a sense they are lying " said Easeion. " My siblings have always wanted the romance to be over so we must continue regardless of people protecting Crayon "

" Crayon cannot be protected "

" We will make Crayon single " said the member.

" For the time being just keep looking for those fighters, anyone that dares to protect them will truly suffer " said Easeion.

" Mercy cannot be shown to anyone protecting them "

" Crayon will regret crossing me "

" Indeed " said the member.

" The Bear will not allow people to protect Crayon or any friends of his "

" Anyways, I have to head out into Colourland and find them as well " said Easeion.

" Crayon will be taken down "

" He has no chance against me "

" I am too talented "

Meanwhile, all five of the fighters besides Colourea had waken up and then after that Colourea had waken up.

" Glad to see that you have waken up " said Crayon.

" It is good to be back " said Colourea.

" It is great, we should head to the bakery after it is okay " said Artby.

" The bakers love having us around "

" We can be the customers that the bakers have wanted "

" Yeah, we could go there " said Warbler.

After they were cleared to leave the hospital, they did and they went to the bakery.

Artby was glad to see bakers again.

" Glad to see you bakers again, Crayon has gotten so heroic now " said Artby.

" So heroic now ? " asked the baker.

" He sure has, the baking has truly saved us " said Artby. " I am so proud of you as a baker "

" Uh, thanks Artby " said the baker. " Getting any bread today ?

" We are getting a lot of bread " said Artby.

" Bread is so tasty "

" I love baking so much "

Artby got the bread, he thanked every baker for their heroism and how heroic Crayon has gotten.

After that, the five of them headed home and heard about the attacks and then contacted Challenger.

" They are attacking Colourland again " said Crayon.

" I had a feeling " said Challenger.

" We will keep training " said Colouruke.

" Glad to see that all five of you are okay " said Challenger. " Easeion is insanely tough so you five need to be stronger "

" We will keep going to the bakeries " said Artby. " We need to stay heroic "

" Bakeries help with that "

" Stay heroic ? " asked Challenger.

" We must always be heroic, heroism has stopped the Smithsons " said Artby.  " If we do not stay heroic we cannot stop Easeion "

" We will defeat him, we just need the time " said Warbler.

" We will keep training hard and tell you more information " said Colourea.

" Exactly, just keep fighting and see you five later " said Challenger.

" Bye " they all said.

They ate their breakfast which they enjoyed.

Meanwhile they then headed to train, Crayon was practicing his Light Implosion attack and Colourea was able to use it.

Warbler was practicing his Wind attacks and he was able to use the Wind Implosion attack. Artby was practicing his Bomb attacks while Colouruke then was practicing his Sea attacks, after a while of training they headed home.

Bear members led by Easeion then surrounded a man demanding about Crayon.

" Where is Crayon " demanded Easeion.

" I'm not sure " said the man.

You Colourlandish see him as a hero, don't lie " said Easeion.

" I know this for a fact, don't you dare go against the organization like that "

" If you protect Crayon, you will die " said a Bear member.

" Crayon will be brought down, just like his friends "

" He sometimes goes to the bakeries " said the man. " We know about the bakeries from our siblings in the past " said Easeion. " If we find out anyone in Colourland is protecting Crayon they will not be spared in our takeover "

" Takeover " said the man.

" Yes, Colourland will belong to us very soon " said Easeion.

" Nothing you do will stop us "

" We are too dangerous for you "

" Do not mess with us "

Easeion and the members then fired their Shadow Bombs at a building and then broke inside demanding the whereabouts involving Crayon.

" Where is Crayon ? " asked the member.

" I don't know where he is " said a woman.

Easeion then charged his Lightning Edge technique and attacked a man.

" The sooner we know where Crayon lives, the less people get hurt " said Easeion.

" I don't know his address " said the man.

" We will find out where he lives, all of The Bear will end those five fighters for good and Colourland will be ruled by us " said a member.

Easeion and the members left and they kept going through Colourland.

" We will return to Challenger's office, we will force him to bring us Crayon " said Easeion.

" There will be no way out of this "

" Yeah, it is over for them " said a Bear member.

They then headed to the office, Easeion then fired the Lightning Edge at someone and knocked them down, people were panicking. Bear members then used their Shadow Strikes and hit down more people. They then headed towards Challenger's office but he was not there.

Easeion then wrote a note there. He then wrote another note and put it in the building outside the room. The members then found a man and threw him to the ground.

They took his wallet and they entered a different room. Easeion then saw a different man and then hit him with the Quadruple Shadow Strike.

Easeion had taken supplies from that room and wrote another note in there, he then stole his wallet and eventually he and the Bear members left the building. Easeion then used one of the notes he had stolen and put it outside the building.

They headed back to the hideout and showed the stolen stuff to Blackin. Blackin was happy to see that so many people were robbed.

" Good to see " said Blackin.

" We put two notes in there " said Easeion.

" Hopefully Challenger will reveal Crayon to us " said Blackin.

" Yes, finding Crayon will allow my goal to happen " said Easeion.

" Haha, he will be so sad "

" Just the way the Bear wants him "

" Yes, the demise of Crayon is very important to the organization " said Blackin.

" His demise will happen " said Easeion.

" I am too skilled for this to fail "

" Crayon be sadder than ever "

Blackina and Whites entered the room.

" Challenger will be given a choice, the romance between Crayon and Colourea or him " said Blackina.

" He will save himself " said Whites.

" He may try to save both " said Easeion.

" You will kill him if he dares " said Blackin. " If he manages to keep quiet and allow us to end the romance then he can be spared "

" He will join The Bear " said Blackina. " He will not be given a choice and we take over Colourland "

" What will we force Challenger to do here ? " asked Easeion.

" We must end the romance, and take over first " said Whites. " Focus on making Crayon single and lonely first "

" I will make him the saddest motherfucker ever, he will never be happy again " said Easeion.

" He will be in intense pain from this " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha " said Easeion.

" Hahahahahaha " they all said.

Blackin went to this room upstairs separately with Blackina.

Chapter 15

Easeion: Last Smithson Standing

Challenger heard about the attack and was talking to Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler.

" The office has been attacked again and people have gotten hurt " said Challenger. The notes they have left say this:

Challenger, we know that you are protecting Crayon. The Bear intends to make him single, and take over Colourland. If you keep protecting Crayon, then you must be killed. The choice is simple Challenger, your life or the romance between Crayon and Colourea.

The Bear.

The second notice then said:

We will take over as a couple when Crayon is no longer with Colourea, there will be many important decisions to be made involving yourself. Crayon being with Colourea is not worth sacrificing yourself for, you must realize this by now.

If not then it will be over for you, be smart here. Crayon being with Colourea will no longer happen, our organization will guarantee this. Do not interfere with this, don't you dare.

The Bear.

" Damn " said Colouruke.

" This will not work " said Warbler.

" They want me to not support Crayon anymore " said Challenger.

" We will have to head around the office and fight " said Artby.

" Bakers would not want this to happen at all "

" We have no choice " said Colourea.

" I won't let them end it like this " said Crayon.

" We have been training hard, we can stop this couple that leads their organization " said Warbler.

" Easeion must be their right hand man, when we stop him then it should lead us to this couple " said Crayon.

" We'll just keep fighting, eating bread and giving great asskickings " said Artby. " The bakers have allowed us to give such great asskickings, bread awakens great heroism and keeps us heroic "

" Just keep training " said Challenger.

" We will " said Crayon.

" Gotta go, see you five later " said Challenger.

The five of them were then approached by five Bear members.

" You five are going down " said the first member.

" The bakers have told me otherwise " said Artby.

" Bakers ? " said the second member.

" Hahahahaha " said the third member.

" Baking has me more ready " said Artby.

" Time to fight " said Colouruke.

" Easeion will get his way as a brother " said the fourth member.

" He will not allow the sacrifices of Bill and Tara to mean nothing " said the fifth member.

" Easeion will not succeed " said Crayon.

Two of them used their Shadow Strikes towards Crayon while, the other three grabbed Colourea.

Crayon was able to use the Super Light Bomb while Warbler used the Sky Kick which kicked the bomb with more power which severely damaged two of the members but they got up. They then used their Shadow Strikes while a third member then kicked Colouruke. Artby used his Light Kick while Warbler and Crayon used their Air Kick techniques.

The men got up but were struggling, they then fired their Shadow Bombs while Crayon and Warbler used their Sky Kicks, while Artby used his Super Light Bomb which then completely blasted them.

The other two then started talking about Easeion.

" As a brother, Easeion will not accept what happened " said the first member.

" He is not known to be forgiving "

" He will get his revenge "

" Easeion will not allow their sacrifices to mean nothing, he will want the romance destroyed even more now " said the second member.

" We stopped Bill and Tara " said Colouruke.

" That is true " said Warbler.

" By the skin of your teeth, Easeion is way stronger than either of them " said the first member.

" Colourea almost died, you got so lucky " said the second member.

" You will not make it against Easeion "

" I will tell you something about The Bear " said the first member.

" What about The Bear exactly ? " said Warbler.

" You probably know by now about our leader and his girlfriend by now  " said the second member.

" But he has a cousin, who is a insanely strong fighter " said the first member.

" A cousin ? " asked Crayon.

" His name is Whites " said the second member.

" He is incredibly powerful "

" Now, time for more fighting "

The two members then launched their Double Shadow Strikes against Crayon while Colouruke used his Super Sea Blast and Artby used his Super Light Bomb to counter and it worked. The members then were able to get up.

They then used their Shadow Bombs while Crayon, Warbler and Colourea used their Super Light Bombs allowing them to win the fight.

They then headed to meet Challenger and contacted him.

" Challenger, we have fought more Bear members and the leader has a cousin " said Crayon.

" So there are three members tougher than Easeion " said Challenger. " You five are going to have to train to an insane degree "

" We will do that " said Warbler.

" With the bread we have eaten and the skills we will have by then we will be fine " said Artby.

" The Bear won't take over here " said Colouruke.

" The bakers would never allow it, we cannot ever forget bakers and the sacrifices they have made for us " said Artby.

" Sacrifices ? " asked Challenger.

" The bread they keep baking despite the Smithsons " said Artby. " Bakers have sacrificed so much for us, and we cannot ever forget what they have done "

" I'm glad that you enjoy their baking " said Warbler.

" We will just keep training like we have been it should be fine for us " said Crayon.

" Good luck against Easeion " said Challenger.

" Thanks, Challenger " said Artby.

" Bakers have wanted you to wish me luck "

" Good for them " said Challenger.

" Bakers love Challenger " said Artby.

" Baking does a lot for him, I love baking so much "

" Uh, yeah " said Challenger a bit confused.

Easeion then entered the room with Whites.

" Easeion, it is your time " said Whites.

" I know everything you have done is for this moment "

" Crayon will no longer be with Colourea after I succeed " said Easeion. " There will be no Colourea and we will take over Colourland

" Keep in mind that Blackin very much wants Crayon to not be with Colourea a lot, you cannot let my great cousin down " said Whites. " His plan for Colourland is brilliant and if Crayon was to still be with Colourea it will never be possible "

" I will succeed where Bill and Tara did not, my lightning techniques will kill Colourea, I am ready to make her die " said Easeion. " He will be able to take over Colourland with Blackina "

" Blackina will be very upset if Blackin was not to take over, if Colourea remains alive you are aware of what could happen I hope " said Whites.

" Blackina is not someone you want to piss off "

" When that happens it will be a disaster, it cannot happen "

" I know what would happen and it won't " said Easeion. " Blackina would get very angry to see Blackin not be able to take over Colourland, and she would never forgive any of this shit "

" So you are aware of what Blackina would do if this plan was to fail " said Whites.

" I cannot wait to kill Colourea and end this romance with Crayon, and allow The Bear to take over Colourland " said Easeion.

" Blackina would be upset if that did not happen, how could she not "

" Colourea is dying "

" Hahahahahaha " said Whites. " The death of Colourea will be a great one "

" I will take credit for the killing here " said Easeion.

" I am too talented for her to not die "

" I will make sure of this "

" Good, every Bear member is counting on you " said Whites.

" Blackin and Blackina want Crayon and his friends out of the way, they cannot interfere anymore "

Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other in the bedroom on the other side of the hideout.

Chapter 16

Fighting Easeion Smithson

After the kissing between Blackin and Blackina and they went to bed.

It is time for the end of Colourea " said Blackin.

" Crayon must be kept single and Easeion is the man to do it " said Blackina.

" The Bear wants him single "

" If he fails, which I would be stunned then my great cousin will have to kill all of them " said Blackin.

" Crayon is good, but not great " said Blackina. " Easeion is much stronger, ruthless and experienced than Bill and Tara " said Blackin.

" His Lightning techniques are out of this world, he will end the romance and we will take over Colourland as a couple " said Blackina.

" It will be wonderful " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin and Blackina together.

Easeion then saw Whites in the hideout before he left towards the main area of Colourland.

" Easeion, Crayon will be made single instantly I am expecting " said Whites.

" Colourea must die, for the good of The Bear " said Easeion.

" Now it is time, see you back in the next four days " said Whites.

" Blackina will be thrilled to see it " said Easeion.

" I will not let the Bear down, the end of Colourea is a guarantee "

" The Bear must have this happen, good luck " said Whites.

" Yes, I will be off now " said Easeion.

" I will see you soon " said Whites.

" I won't let you down, Crayon's going to be single " said Easeion.

" There will be no more Colourea "

" Hahahaha "

" The lack of Colourea will be great " said Easeion.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler got up. They ate breakfast and then headed out.

Easeion had arrived in Colourland and he then started to attack people hoping to attract the five fighters. He then charged his Lightning Edge attack towards a man and knocked him out.

Easeion then left the area and fired his Shadow Bomb at the air in the front creating an explosion, causing people to panic. He then rushed a man with the Quadruple Shadow Strike which knocked the man out. He headed into an alleyway.

Meanwhile Crayon saw people running in the streets.

" I wonder if The Bear is responsible " said Crayon.

" We must find out if Easeion is around " said Colouruke.

" We'll give him the right kind of asskicking " said Artby. " Let's go "

" We will give him one for bakers "

" Bakers do want customers like that going to bakeries "

They headed towards the area where they saw a bunch of knocked out people. They then saw Easeion who then arrived.

" Hahahahaha, I have been waiting for this for a long time as a Smithson " said Easeion.

" This moment is so awesome "

" I am great, no Colourlandish will ever take me down "

" I don't think so " said Warbler.

" Not a fucking thing you can do about this, The Bear  will take over Colourland " said Easeion.

" As a brother, I will succeed in avenging Bill and Tara "

" I have done so much as a brother for them, my victory is happening "

" As a brother ? " asked Colouruke.

" My siblings were great just like all of us, the Smithsons are such a great family " said Easeion.

" The Smithsons mean everything "

" I love being a Smithson "

" If they are so great, then why did I win the fight and there are three members in The Bear that are ahead of you " said Crayon.

" Our leader, his girlfriend and his cousin Whites are unstoppable " said Easeion. " You just barely won and I am much tougher than Bill and Tara "

" You are all not good enough to win "

" We will see about that " said Colourea.

" The bread and the training has done wonders for us " said Artby. " As good as the Smithsons are, bread has outmatched them "

" Bakers have helped tremendously "

" Nothing you eat will allow you to defeat me " said Easeion. " Even if you did, the trio you have mentioned will absolutely steamroll you ".

" I will stop you " said Artby. " The bakers have allowed me to a special heroic type of asskicking " said Artby.

" Baking will change things here "

" Baking is so heroic nowadays, it does so much for me "

" Heroic asskicking? " asked Warbler.

" The bakers allow us to do better asskickings and the flour inside the bread makes us more heroic " said Artby.

" There will be none of that and our leader will take over with his girlfriend as a couple " said Easeion.

" They will stop at nothing to make sure they will get what they want "

" Their takeover is a guarantee "

" Curious who this boss is " said Crayon. " I keep hearing a lot about the love he has for his girlfriend "

" You will find out soon enough " said Easeion. " She is the strongest woman in the Bear and probably in the world "

" Colourea's quite strong as well " said Colouruke.

" Her and Tara together could not defeat her " said Easeion. " Tara has gotten better but our leader's girlfriend is way stronger ".

" We will be able to see this girlfriend for ourselves " said Crayon.

" We just have to keep fighting " said Colourea.

" She will do anything for our leader, she will not care about how many people die " said Easeion. " The relationship they have cannot be stopped no matter what "

" Hahahaha "

" It is time to fight " said Crayon.

" It is time for you to be single Crayon, and I will show that I am the great brother that the Smithson family has wanted me to be " said Easeion.

" Baking will allow us to win this fight easier " said Artby.

" Bakers have amazing minds "

" They do so much, I have felt so strong thanks to their bread "

" Well, since you feel that way let's fight right now " said Easeion.

" My power will overwhelm you "

Easeion then rushed with his Quadruple Shadow Strike and then aimed it right at Colourea. Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts but the attack was strong enough to get through but Artby then kicked Easeion. After that, Easeion then used the Super Shadow Bomb while Artby countered with the Super Light Bomb.

The bombs hit each other, the attacks hit but Easeion's attack did more damage. Easeion then started using the Shadow Implosion while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts and Colourea used the Super Light Bomb. A giant explosion happened.

After that, the fighters got up. Easeion took less damage than the five fighters and got up and used his Lightning Edge attack.

" Hahahahaha " said Easeion.

" You see my talent right now "

" I am extremely talented, you all are so screwed "

" I am not going to be " said Artby.

Easeion then started then charging for the Super Darkness Bomb but Colouruke kicked him which made a weakened bomb hit the side. Crayon was able to use his Sky Kick and hit him down.

" Now it is time " said Warbler.

Warbler then charged his Air Implosion while Colourea charged a Light Bomb which then combined into a giant bomb which then was heading down for Easeion but Easeion then used the Shadow Implosion and then the attacks hit each other and then everyone was hit by it equally.

Artby got up but Easeion then punched him down to the ground. Colouruke tried to stop Easeion but he then was knocked down. Easeion then charged the Quadruple Shadow Strike and it hit Artby.

Crayon then used his Super Air Blast while Colourea used her Super Light Blast but Easeion then used the Lightning Edge to deflect the blast right towards Artby.

Colouruke got up and then used his Super Sea Punch on the attack which aimed it towards Easeion but he was able to grab Warbler in time and they both took the attack.

Easeion then attacked Artby with his Lightning Edge, Artby was starting to slightly struggle.

" Now it is time to avenge Bill and Tara " said Easeion. " As a brother, I will continue to fight on "

" It's nowhere near over " said Artby. " Bakers have counted on us so many times, and they will never be let down "

" My siblings will be avenged, I am too great a brother to allow any of this " said Easeion.

" You will never succeed with all this happening "

" Hahaha "

" I will succeed " said Artby.

" Let's continue " said Warbler.

Easeion then charged up his Super Lightning Blast and was about to hit Artby with his attack but Crayon then used the Super Wind Blast. The attacks hit. Crayon, Artby and Easeion took damage. They got up, Artby was struggling.

Easeion then blasted his Super Shadow Bomb, Colouruke used the Super Sea Kick to deflect it a bit while Colourea used her Super Light Bomb which then made an explosion with the bombs. Everyone was damaged by it. Artby was seriously struggling.

" Artby, you will no longer protect the romance between Crayon and Colourea anymore " said Easeion.

" You won't end it " said Artby.

" Crayon will keep loving Colourea "

" You can barely move, it would be better for you to stay down " said Easeion.

" This is something you must deal with now "

" I will keep fighting " said Artby.

" Bakers cannot be let down "

" Well if you want to die, so be it " said Easeion. " Originally I was just planning to have Colourea die, but since you have decided this I won't mind this "

" I will not die " said Artby. "

" Look at you, your body " said Easeion.  " You think you can protect her in your condition.

" We all will " said Artby.

" I'm not dying "

" Baking has made me stronger and more ready for fighting "

" The other four will be fighting, you will die if you go on " said Easeion. " Your body is in no condition for fighting against the condition I am in "

" I am not going to quit, I never quit when I know bakers are counting on me " said Artby.

" Our great leader and his girlfriend will take over as a couple " said Easeion. " They will rule this country "

" I personally believe that Artby is not going to make it "

" We won't let them " said Colouruke.

" You think you can make a difference against them " said Easeion. " If you had the talent to do that, you would have beaten me by now. " You haven't got close to doing that so you'll never stop our leader hahahahahaha"

" We stopped your siblings Bill and Tara " said Artby.

" I am not throwing in the towel "

" Crayon stopped them pretty much, and most of the small amount of  damage I have taken is from him " said Easeion.

" They are far weaker than me, Crayon will be single soon whether you like it or not "

" Crayon fought great but we got hits on them, which weakened them " said Colourea.

" Well if you really do believe that it isn't just him, then show me the talent " said Easeion. "

" Bakers know what talent there is, the flour has helped us " said Artby.

" Baking is amazing "

" At the end of the day, baking will not do anything " said Easeion.

" Bakers will not stop me from finishing you off "

" Bakers help a lot " said Artby.

" They have done nothing in this fight, Artby " said Easeion.

" If they did help, I would not be dominating like this "

" So, they are not helping "

" Now prepare to truly be history "

" Time to continue this fight " said Warbler.

Easeion then got ready with his Shadow Implosion, while Crayon and Warbler used their Super Air Blasts and Artby used his Super Light Bomb.

The attacks all end up hitting but Colourea blocked Artby allowing him to stay in the fight. Warbler then used the Sky Kick while Crayon used the Air Kick. Easeion used the Lightning Edge to deflect one of the kicks towards Artby, which knocked him out but the other kick hit Easeion. Artby was defeated.

" Artby you will no longer fight " said Easeion. " Now it truly is time for your end for you four "

" You cannot expect me to not force Crayon to be single "

" This is what Bill and Tara need "

" You won't succeed " said Colouruke.

" Yes, I will " said Easeion.

" There is no stopping what the Bear needs "

" I don't see how the Bear needs Crayon to not be with Colourea to be honest " said Colouruke.

" I don't see how that has anything to do with taking over Colourland "

" You are not understanding the organization, Colouruke " said Easeion.

" Thanks to me, the Bear wants Crayon single "

" I believe that I do " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, you have not proven that in any way " said Easeion.

" Time for you to be taken down "

" Let's continue " said Colourea.

Easeion then charged up for a stronger version of the Lightning Edge, the Super Lightning Edge. The energy coming from the attack was insanely strong, Crayon then used the Light Implosion while Colouruke used the Super Sea Blast and Warbler used the Super Air Blast.

The attack that the heroes used was this giant bright beam of light with water and wind energy inside it. The attacks clashed, Warbler and Colouruke were starting to slightly struggle.

Easeion then was charging up his Super Lightning Edge, Warbler and Crayon then launched their Super Wind Blasts while Colourea used the Super Light Bomb. The attacks hit. Colouruke and Warbler were struggling.

Easeion got up first and then started charging his Shadow Implosion and then he started to attack Colouruke and Warbler. Crayon got up and he used the Light Implosion, Warbler then used the Sky Kick to launch the implosion.

The attacks collided, the powered up implosion was slightly stronger and hit Easeion but a bit of the attack of Easeion's hit Colouruke.

" Colouruke it's time for your end " said Easeion.

" You will never get in my way again "

Easeion then rushed quick for Colouruke but Crayon then hit him with the Super Light Blast. Warbler then was charging his Sky Blast and aimed it towards Easeion.

Easeion then got out of the way and used the Quadruple Shadow Strike and rammed through Colouruke and Warbler but Crayon then kicked him.

Colouruke and Warbler were seriously struggling and were looking near the end.

Easeion then launched a new technique called the The Super Bear Bomb.

" Bear Bomb ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes " said Easeion. " It will bring you to your demise "

" I have so many great attacks "

" My talent is rarely matched "

" Time to continue this fight " said Colourea.

The attack then directly hit Colouruke and Warbler, defeating them.

" Hahahahahahahaha " said Easeion. " You have truly seen what it means to fight a Smithson "

" The two of us remain " said Crayon.

" I will be very successful as a brother to Bill and Tara, my revenge is imminent " said Easeion. " I'm great, Whites will be thrilled "

" This means a lot as a Smithson "

" We shall see " said Colourea.

" We have a lot more " said Crayon.

Chapter 17

Crayon and Colourea vs Easeion

" Our leader will be able to take over with his girlfriend " said Easeion.

" They will reign over Colourland as this new super couple "

" Super couple ? " asked Colourea.

" They sure are one and our leader will show himself to you Crayon " said Easeion.

" We will find out his identity, that is true " said Crayon.

" You will be made single first, it's what me and my superiors all want " said Easeion. " I will also be able to show what a legendary brother I am for what I have done for Bill and Tara "

" Legendary ? " asked Crayon. " There are two of us left, there is a lot more fighting here "

" Not as much fighting as you think, Crayon " said Easeion. " You know of how much of a legend I am out here, and you will be seeing the single life in Colourland very soon hahahaha "

" Let's continue the fight " said Crayon. " Let's see how much of a supposed legend you claim to be "

" I am, time to fight " said Easeion.

" Crayon, you will be finished "

" Hahahaha "

Easeion started charging his Super Lightning Edge and aimed it towards Colourea while Crayon used his Super Light Bomb which Colourea used the Super Light Kick on the bomb to add more force to it and the attacks hit but Easeion's was stronger.

Easeion got up and then used the Shadow Implosion  while Crayon then used the Light Implosion. Both of them took damage from the attack but Colourea took more. Easeion then rushed towards Colourea with the Quadruple Shadow Strike and he hit down Colourea to the ground.

" Hahahahahahahahahahaha " said Easeion.

" Now I will do what my siblings did not and my revenge will be amazing "

" Crayon, you will be single "

" Why does the Bear want me single so much " said Crayon.

" My siblings originally wanted this and now the rest of the organization now realized what a great idea it is " said Easeion. " Our leader demands that I destroy the love between you and Colourea because of the threat that you are to The Bear, since even my great siblings Bill and Tara even could not end it "

" I understand The Bear wants me out of the way, but why end the romance instead of killing me " said Crayon.

" We know how sad it will make you and our leader wants the romance eliminated so that he can take over with his girlfriend " said Easeion. " He knows I can avenge Bill and Tara while making you single

at the same time, he feels he cannot take over with you being with Colourea still.

" What does me dating Colourea have to do with then taking over Colourland ? " asked Crayon.

" Our leader wants it to be perfect with her, when they take over as a couple " said Easeion. " I will show what a legendary brother I am when I end the life of Colourea and avenge Bill and Tara in a great way "

" Legendary brother ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes, I am such a great brother to Bill and Tara " said Easeion.

" I am a Smithson, Smithsons forever "

" The Smithsons are a family that is so unique "

" There is no stopping a Smithson "

" Let us continue the fight " said Crayon.

" Time for you to be single " said Easeion.

Easeion then started using the Thunderstorm technique. The clouds around the area got very dark gray and then lightning started to strike towards Colourea but Crayon charged his Super Air Blast towards it which created a bunch of wind and electric energy together which blew Easeion and Crayon to the ground.

Colourea got up, she was slightly struggling. Then an extremely loud thunder sound hit and the ground started shaking while Easeion then was charging up for an attack.

The Super Lightning Edge then aimed towards Colourea, Colourea then used the Super Light Blast while Crayon used the Super Air Blast. The blasts and the Lightning Edge hit and all three fighters were hit.

Easeion then got up first and he then used a new technique named the Lightning Implosion which was stronger than the Dark Implosion. Tons of lightning energy was being charged by him, Crayon then used his Light Implosion while Colourea used a new Bomb technique called the Ultimate Light Bomb. These extremely powerful attacks then all met up and then all three of them were hit very severely.

Colourea was seriously struggling. Easeion and Crayon were trying to prevent each other from getting up, but Easeion happened to get up and he was about to charge for his Super Lightning Edge and then aimed for Colourea.

" Hahahahahaha, I will now end the romance just watch me " said Easeion.      " My legacy of being the great brother to Bill and Tara starts here "

" I won't let you end it " said Crayon.

" I will do it, you will start the single life in Colourland " said Easeion.

" The Bear wants it this way "

" I will never let down a great organization like the Bear "

Crayon rushed for Easeion and was able to trip him which prevented him from defeating Colourea.

Colourea was able to get up and kicked Easeion while Crayon then used his Super Air Blast and aimed it towards Easeion, Easeion rushed towards Colourea with his Lightning Edge and he directly hit Colourea while Crayon's attack hit him down to the ground.

Easeion got up and then he was very proud of himself.

" Hahahahahahaha " said Easeion. " I am such a legend as a brother "

" Bill and Tara have wanted you single, I have done what they wanted "

" Colourea, no " said Crayon. " It's not over yet "

" Look at her, it is over " said Easeion. " You are single now, have you thought about what it is like to be single here in Colourland, Crayon ?

" I have made you single which is what the Bear wants "

" Colourea is not dead " said Crayon.

" I am still with her "

" You must admit to the truth " said Easeion. " I have done what The Bear wanted and you are going to have to accept being single whether you fucking like it or not "

" The single life for you begins now, let's resume this fight "

" Let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Yes, I will make sure that you are single because the Bear demands this " said Easeion.

Easeion then started getting his Thunderstorm attack ready.

" Now it is time Crayon " said Easeion. " This will not only attack you but it will Strike Colourea as well.

" I won't allow Colourea to die " said Crayon.

" I will end her life and succeed in doing so " said Easeion. " Whites will be happy I murdered Colourea, hahahahaha "

" The Bear needs this to happen, for the sake of the organization "

" Whites won't get the satisfaction " said Crayon.

" He's getting it, Crayon " said Easeion. " It just shows how great The Bear is "

" The Bear cannot be stopped, you will never succeed "

" We will take over "

" Let's continue " said Crayon.

The attack then started to strike, Crayon then used the the Super Air Blast to try stop the attack, Crayon and Easeion took some damage but Colourea did not die. Crayon then then hit Easeion with the Ultimate Light Bomb and Easeion took some serious damage.

Easeion got up. He then started to rush for Crayon with his Super Lightning Edge while Crayon used his Light Implosion. The attacks hit, and both fighters took damage. Crayon was slightly struggling and Easeion was close to slightly struggling. Easeion then aimed to grab Colourea's body and then he was charging energy for his Thunderstorm technique, to attempt to finish her life off for good.

" Now, I will succeed in this murder " said Easeion. " When this murder succeeds, you will now truly see what it means to fight a Smithson "

" I won't let you do this " said Crayon.

" Colourea's going to die " said Easeion.

" Hahaha, I am so thrilled about what is going on now "

Crayon rushed to kick Easeion to stop his attack but Easeion was able to get out of the way in time but the attack failed. Easeion then rushed for Crayon with his Super Lightning Edge, Crayon used the Light Implosion.

The attacks charged with intense energy causing a very bright electric explosion and both fighters were knocked to the ground. Crayon was struggling, while Easeion was starting to slightly struggle.

" Now, Crayon you must know something right now " said Easeion.

" What is it ? " asked Crayon.

" If you leave here right now and let me do what I need to do, I will spare you for the time being " said Easeion.

" I am giving you a very special opportunity for living "

" You're going to end Colourea's life here " said Crayon.

" That is what the higher ups in The Bear all want, Whites insisted on me killing Colourea like I said earlier " said Easeion. " You will have to make an important decision here Crayon, either you die or Colourea dies and you look elsewhere in Colourland "

" Colourea is not worth this "

" I can't do that for Colourea " said Crayon.

" You can do it, Crayon " said Easeion. " I have confidence in you with your life outside of Colourea "

" The Bear also believes in this "

" The Bear is giving you a chance, think about what the organization is doing here "

" My life outside of Colourea " said Crayon. " I cannot let you do that to her "

" You want her to die "

" We also will have Challenger brought to us for questioning " said Easeion. " Would you want to not see Challenger again, Crayon ?

" You must think about Challenger "

" I do want to see him again, I just won't let you kill Colourea " said Crayon.

" You work for Challenger " said Easeion. " This is a sacrifice you must make for him "

" Challenger would love this type of sacrifice "

" Challenger would side with me fighting to keep Colourea alive " said Crayon.

" Challenger wants you not to die, Crayon " said Easeion. " The Bear needs you to stay alive with Challenger, for this special questioning "

" You wouldn't go against Challenger I assume "

" I will stay alive, but Colourea will not die " said Crayon.

" Challenger is against what the Bear is doing "

" You are struggling a lot, you cannot prevent her from dying and yourself Crayon " said Easeion.

You will have to make a decision on what is worth it "

" I will be able to stop Colourea from dying " said Crayon.

" Forget about Colourea " said Easeion.

" Think about us "

" You will be finding someone else "

" I love Colourea, I cannot do this " said Crayon.

" Why would I think about you after what you have said and done ? "

" You will regret this " said Easeion.

" I believed that you could have done it, such a shame "

" You could have forgotten about Colourea "

" This will end bad for you "

" Hahaha, you will not save Colourea "

" I will stop this " said Crayon.

" Nope, Colourea will be gone for good and Whites will be thrilled " said Easeion.

" Colourea is dying "

" I am killing her, hahahahaha "

Crayon then got up and Easeion then rushed towards him and grabbed him. Easeion then punched him while Crayon kicked him. Crayon then charged up the Super Air Blast while Easeion used the Quadruple Shadow Strike and the attacks hit. Easeion then got up and then started charging up the Thunderstorm technique and then a shock of lightning was about to hit Colourea.

" The relationship you have with Colourea will be no more, the love no more, it is time for a different life for you Crayon " said Easeion.

" Hahahahahahahaha, this is so awesome "

" I have been perfect at this "

" Don't be sure " said Crayon.

" I am extremely sure, how could I not be honestly " said Easeion.

" The Bear will take over Colourland "

" I am so confident "

Crayon rushed to block the attack with the Super Light Blast, a small portion of the attack hit Colourea and the rest hit Crayon.

" You will regret that Crayon " said Easeion. " I'll keep attacking to kill and she'll die whether you like it or not "

" My siblings want this "

" I will never ever let them down "

" Let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Prepare for the end " said Easeion.

Easeion then got up and headed towards Colourea but Crayon then blocked him and knocked him down and then hit him directly with the Super Light Bomb. Both Easeion and Crayon were struggling.

Easeion then started to use the Dark Implosion while  Crayon used the Light Implosion. The attacks collided and both Easeion and Crayon were getting to the point of seriously struggling. Easeion got up first and then got to Colourea's body.

Easeion then attacked Colourea by punching her body. He then went to hit her with the Super Darkness Bomb but Crayon was able to get there in time and use the Super Light Bomb which knocked Easeion down. Both of them were barely able to move.

" Crayon, this is it " said Easeion. " It is now over for the romance "

" A truly great day for the organization "

" I'm not seeing that " said Crayon.

" I will end it, no matter what " said Easeion. " Whites may not forgive me if I do not do this successfully "

" Regardless of Whites, I will still stop this murder " said Crayon.

" Whites is a great man, I will end Colourea right now " said Easeion.

" The Bear will not stand for her staying alive "

" The organization needs her dead "

" It must be this way "

" Why, I do not understand " said Crayon.

" We must continue this fight "

" Yes, your love for Colourea will be history " said Easeion.

" I am so happy to do this "

" Your relationship will be no more, my victory is imminent "

" If you are that sure then let's keep this up " said Crayon.

" I am, you being with Colourea is a relationship gone forever " said Easeion.

" Whites wants this a lot "

" Colourea's death will be great "

" She won't die, you have not won yet " said Crayon.

" The Bear has depended on me to end this relationship " said Easeion.

" Crayon, every last member is demanding me succeed here "

" I have convinced every Bear member to want this "

" You will never go against this, Crayon "

" Your organization can hate Colourea as much as you want but you will not end her life " said Crayon.

" The Bear will succeed " said Easeion.

" Hahahaha, Colourea is dying "

" Colourea will be gone forever, Whites will be thrilled "

" Let's just see about that " said Crayon.

Easeion and Crayon fought with their last bits of energy and Easeion launched his Super Lightning Edge while Crayon used the Light Implosion. The attacks hit, both of them looked to be knocked out.

For a while, neither person had got up but eventually Crayon was the one to get up.

Crayon then went towards the bodies of Colouruke, Colourea, Artby and Warbler. After that he went to bring them to safety and before he contacted Challenger he called the hospital.

" Challenger, Easeion is no more " said Crayon.

" Excellent, you five are on another level " said Challenger.

" We have been training a lot " said Crayon.

" Great to see " said Challenger.

" We are going to go to the hospital " said Crayon.

" Good idea, after all that fighting " said Challenger.

The ambulance took them to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Whites and Blackina were talking about Easeion.

" This is taking way too long " said Whites.

" I am puzzled "

" I do not understand this " said Blackina.

" Easeion has too much skill for it to take this long for him to return " said Whites.

" Either he is coming back in the next few minutes or he is done "

" Bill and Tara lost and now possibly Easeion " said Blackina. " It is time for action "

" We cannot let Crayon get away with this, we must take over "

" His friends are also a problem "

" I will deal with them " said Whites.

" I will destroy them if Easeion did not succeed, and Blackin will make me the queen of Colourland " said Blackina. " I cannot fucking wait "

" We must focus on taking over Colourland now, destroying the romance is no longer our focus since Easeion is likely finished " said Whites.

" He was the original Bear member to demand its destruction "

" Blackin will take over easily, the three of us are unstoppable " said Blackina. " Blackin will make me his queen like he has said before and The Bear will rule supreme "

" Our time is now " said Whites.

" Hahaha, we will not be stopped "

Blackina then headed to meet Blackin.

" Blackin, we are going to take over Colourland " said Blackina.

" It will be simple to take over " said Blackin.

" We will be the new rulers of Colourland " said Blackina.

" We will not focus on the romance between Crayon and Colourea anymore and we will just destroy anyone that gets in the way " said Blackin. " I will eliminate anyone who stops me from making Blackina my queen, hahahahahahaha "

" Hahahahahahahaha " said Blackina.

" Hahahahahahahaha " said Blackin.

" I love you so much " said Blackina.

" We will always be together " said Blackin.

" Our love is so strong " said  Blackina.

They then kissed each other and headed upstairs into their room.

Crayon and his friends stayed the night at the hospital.
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