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Colourland Part 4: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple Part 2

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Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle. Blackin wants to marry Blackina.

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Chapter 23

Blackin's Desire for Blackina

Crayon and his friends then ate breakfast and they headed to train.

" We need to be ready for those two " said Crayon.

" Our abilities need to be stronger " said Colourea.

" We cannot fail to give them the best asskicking possible so let's train " said Artby.

" Bakers want that from their customers, they love having a customer that can fight "

" Let's start " said Colouruke.

Artby then charged up the Light Implosion while Colouruke then charged up the Sea Implosion. Crayon then was able to use the Sky Implosion while Warbler used the Air Implosion. The attacks hit with power that they were not able to hit with before.

Colourea then was using the Quadruple Light Strike while Colouruke used the Quadruple Sea Strike. Crayon was able to use the Ultimate Sky Bomb while Warbler used the Ultimate Air Bomb. All the attacks were getting stronger.

" This is what we need to stop those two " said Colouruke.

" We have a chance " said Warbler. " We must use it perfectly, if we do not succeed then Blackin will take over with Blackina "

" The bakeries have been robbed so much now " said Artby. " I'll never let the bakers down, bakers have been baking bread that has made us heroic "

" We should contact Challenger about the new techniques " said Colourea.

" Yeah, that is a good idea " said Crayon.

They contacted Challenger.

" Challenger, we have been able to use new moves " said Crayon.

" Excellent to see " said Challenger.

" We have been able to use the Quadruple Strikes and a new implosion " said Colourea.

" You five will need it " said Challenger.

" Bakers are counting on us, they have baked so much tasty bread " said Artby. " I can only imagine what will happen with Blackin and Blackina in complete control of here "

" I know you five can win but you will have to be absolutely perfect " said Challenger.

" Challenger, have you been eating the bread a lot recently ? " asked Artby.

" I have had some bread " said Challenger. " Why ? "

" I am glad to see, bakers have made us so heroic now " said Artby.

"I have heard about King Bobby " said Colouruke.

" He is the king of Bird's Isle " said Challenger. " You will probably meet him at some point "

" You know a lot about him, Challenger ? " asked Crayon.

" He is a king who has a council of advisors, he is a king with a lot of money " said Challenger. " Other than that and some Colourlandish idolizing him, I don't know too much "

" For now, we should focus on Blackin and his girlfriend Blackina, they are the ones trying to take over Colourland " said Colouruke.

" Sounds like a plan to me " said Challenger.

" We will keep eating great bread and fight like we usually do " said Artby.

" Anyways I have to get going so see you later " said Challenger.

" Bye " everyone said.

Blackin and Blackina then headed for Colourland, they then found a man.

" You there " said Blackin.

" What do you want ? " asked the man.

" Crayon and his friends " said Blackina.

" Why them ? " asked the man.

" They must truly be killed, if you want to not be robbed then you will tell me where they are " said Blackin.

" They are in the streets of Colourland not too far " said the man.

" They had better be there, if they are not then you will truly fucking regret it " said Blackina.

" We will not keep you alive if you lie to us " said Blackin.

" This is very serious to us "

Blackin and Blackina then kept moving on and they surrounded more people and they then demanded Crayon and his friends.

" Crayon and his friends must be revealed now " said Blackina. "

" Their elimination from Colourland will happen, they cannot hide forever " said Blackin.

" I do not know where they are " said the man.

Blackin picked the man up and then threw him down.

Blackina then took his wallet and other belongings and the two of them then left.

" We are taking over and the wedding is happening no matter how many people die " said Blackina.

" Exactly, my desire for you is too strong " said Blackin.

" I love you a lot "

" Same here " said Blackina.

Blackin and Blackina then went through the streets and continued searching for them but did not see them.

Bear members were heading to Colourland, to make sure that Blackin and Blackina's wedding would be guaranteed.

They eventually arrived and people were starting to freak out.

Bear members then started tripping people and they then stole some wallets. A man tried to get up but a Bear member then used the Shadow Blast and knocked him out.

" Blackin's desire for Blackina will lead him to victory " said a Bear member.

" The power they have is out of this world "said another Bear member.

Bear members then continued using their Double Shadow Strikes and they kept knocking people out and they contacted Blackin.

" Blackin, we are all here " said the Bear member.

" Good, if you see any of those fighters stall them " said Blackin.

" We want to be able to end their lives together " said Blackina.

" Then our wedding will happen " said Blackin. " If any people dare try to save them you must knock them out "

" We will keep it up " said the Bear member. " We will steal anything on them and succeed "

" Yes, it would be better that way " said Blackina.

" Spread out through Colourland and station yourselves so that finding them is much easier " said Blackin.

" We will do that, Colourland will belong to us " said the member.

" It sure will " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahaha "

"It will be great as lovers for us to have everything " said Blackina.

" It will be nice "

" Yes, it will " said Blackin.

" We are lovers not like any others " said Blackina.

Crayon and his friends went outside where a Bear member saw them and contacted Blackin. Bear members then surrounded them and then fired their Shadow Bombs at them while Crayon used his Ultimate Wind Blast to counter. The attacks collided and nobody was defeated.

They got up and then aimed with their Shadow Strikes towards Artby who then used his Super Light Bomb to knock them down. The Bear members had taken damage but were able to get up.

" Hahahahahahaha " they said.

" Blackin is going to be here very soon with Blackina"

" We will make it through this " said Colouruke.

" No you won't " they said.

" Let's fight " said Colouruke.

" Prepare to be finished " said a Bear member.

Colouruke used his Ultimate Sea Punch while half of them used their Super Shadow Bombs and the other half used their Shadow Strikes. Crayon then fired his Ultimate Light Blast. The attacks then hit their respective targets.

The Bear members were struggling, but Blackin and Blackina were getting closer to the area that Crayon and his friends were fighting in.

The Bear members then started to talk about Crayon.

" Crayon is going to be finished against Blackin and his lover Blackina " said the first member.

" He's going to die " said the second member. " Blackin's desire for Blackina is too much, his ability too strong " said the third member.

" We'll see about that " said Artby. " Bakers have been baking so much bread, they have done so much "

" Blackin just loves Blackina too much, no fucking baker is going to stop them " said the fourth member.

" Bakers have allowed me to fight better " said Artby. " The bread they bake, the flour they use and the ovens have done wonders "

" The flour has an effect on fights "

" The ovens ? " asked Colourea.

" The baking that they do in the ovens have done so much for me when I fight, bakers are some of the most brave people I have seen " said Artby.

" Blackin's desire is just too much you will see it very soon " said the first member.

" You have no chance "

" Bakers say I have one " said Artby.

" They are confident in me "

" Confident ? " asked a Bear member.

" Yes, bakers are confident in me " said Artby.

" They believe in a customer that can fight "

" Bakers appreciate a customer who can fight "

" It matters not to us " said a Bear member.

" We will remain fighting "

The Bear members got up and then they used their Double Shadow Strikes and they aimed towards Warbler, while Warbler used the Ultimate Air Kick while Crayon used the Ultimate Wind Kick. The kicks landed directly and the Bear members were defeated.

" Time for us to leave here " said Colouruke.

" Good idea, let's go " said Crayon.

They left, Blackin and Blackina arrived but just barely missed them but they sensed people just barely and they rushed.

Blackin and Blackina were chasing the five fighters but could just barely see them.

They kept running and they turned a corner then kept hurrying through. A Bear member then saw them and pushed Crayon into Colouruke. The Bear member left but Blackin and Blackina were able to catch up to them.

Blackin and Blackina saw them and they were about to speak to them.

" So we officially meet " said Blackin.

" It is quite a moment "

" Yeah " said Crayon.

" Me and my friends faced your strongest members "

" Yes " said Blackin.

" I never would have expected you five to win against them "

" It is clear you have all been training "

" Crayon, you and your friends will not stop us" said Blackina.

" Our love for each other and our power knows no limits "

" It is so powerful "

" I will give you all credit for beating our members but you will not win " said Blackin.

" You have to deal with the two best Bear members at the same time "

" That will be too much "

" Yes, our love for each other and our power has no limits " said Blackina.

" My feelings for Blackin are so strong "

" Bakers are counting on me here " said Artby.

" Baking cannot end "

" We need baking "

" Bakers are not our main target " said Blackin.

" We will take everything "

" It is time for our battle " said Blackina.

" I am ready " said Crayon.

" Bakers have made Crayon extremely ready " said Artby.

" Baking can do that "

" As customers we are ready "

" Customers ? " asked Blackin.

" My love for Blackina and power will make that do nothing "

" We are a poweful couple " said Blackina.

" I will show you how baking has helped " said Artby.

" Bakers have done so much "

" Time to fight " said Blackin.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

The fight started.

Chapter 24

Crayon and His Friends vs Blackin and Blackina

Artby then used the Ultimate Light Blast while Colourea used the Ultimate Light Bomb and Colouruke used the Quadruple Sea Strike. All these attacks were aiming for Blackin while Blackina then used her Ultimate Shadow Blast to stop the attack from hitting Blackin but Blackina took damage.

" Not good enough " said Blackina.

" Hahaha " said Blackin.

" Our love is so strong " said Blackina.

" We will be together forever "

" Yes, our love will never end " said Blackin.

Blackina and Blackin then started charging their Shadow Implosions and they combined into a stronger implosion called the Bear Implosion.

" This is the Bear Implosion " said Blackin. " You have never seen anything like it "

" It will destroy you " said Blackina. " We will be married very soon now "

" Our wedding is more important than anyone Crayon tries to protect " said Blackin.

" Crayon will be taken down "

" Well, let's continue fighting " said Warbler.

" Yes, let's do so " said Blackina.

Crayon and Warbler then used their respective Wind Implosions while Colouruke then fired the Sea Implosion which all combined into an extremely powerful attack.

These attacks collided, but Crayon and his friends took more damage than Blackin and Blackina.

Blackin then charged up for a different technique called the Tenfold Shadow Strike.

" Tenfold Shadow Strike ? " asked Colouruke.

" It is a new variation of the Shadow Strike charged with way more power " said Blackin. " Our members do not have the energy to use it "

" Even the mighty Whites can only use the Quintuple Shadow Strike " said Blackina.

" You five will see the real power of the Bear " said Blackin.

" Hahahaha "

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

Blackina then used the Shadow Implosion while Blackin was using the Tenfold Shadow Strike. Crayon then charged up the Light Implosion while Artby and Colourea then used their Light Implosions creating an insane attack.

The new attack which then was so powerful that it was enough to rival even the special technique that Blackin used. The attacks all hit but Blackin and Blackina took 1 percent more damage.

" Now it is time for this technique " said Blackin.

" The power is insane " said Blackina.

" Yes, it is so strong " said Blackin.

" Bear Implosion " said Blackin. Blackin and Blackina combined their Shadow Implosions together again while Warbler used the Sky Implosion and Colouruke used the Sea Implosion. The implosions combined into this hurricane like attack and the attacks collided.

Everyone was attacked and Artby was starting to slightly struggle.

Blackin then used the Tenfold Shadow Strike while Blackina then used the Ultimate Shadow Blast which were aimed towards Artby. Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Light Bombs. The bombs then went off, creating massive damage but Blackin and Blackina's attacks also did a lot as well.

Artby was struggling.

" This is for every baker who has baked me bread and for the bakeries " said Artby. " I will never let a baker down, forget a baker for what every baker has done for me.

" I fight for bakeries "

" As a customer, I will never let down the bakery "

" Bakeries ? " asked Blackin.

" Yes, he talks about bakeries and baking often " said Blackina.

" Well he will be finished for good " said Blackin.

" That is true " said Blackina.

" I will fight " said Artby.

" Bakers want me to fight "

" Bakers like a customer that can fight "

" Let's continue " said Crayon.

Artby used the Light Implosion and he hit Blackina but Blackin grabbed him.

Blackin and Blackina both used their Tenfold Shadow Strikes, combining together for an insane strike called the Times Twenty Strike which went towards Artby. Crayon and Colourea then charged their Ultimate Light Blasts, the attacks hit and they all were hit.

Artby was seriously struggling, Colouruke and Warbler were starting to slightly struggle.

" Now it is time for your death Artby " said Blackin. "

" I will not die " said Artby.

" I promised bakers, that I would not die at all "

" I'm not dying "

" I don't believe any of this " said Blackin.

" Same here " said Blackina.

" I'm not going to die " said Artby.

" I am not convinced " said Blackina.

" I'm not dying, I promised a baker " said Artby.

" The baker will be let down " said Blackin.

" Very true " said Blackina.

" Bakers cannot be let down " said Artby.

" I will do a lot for them "

" I don't see that all " said Blackina.

" Same here " said Blackin.

" Let's continue this fight " said Crayon.

Blackin started charging up for the Shadow Implosion while Blackina used the Tenfold Shadow Strike. Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Light Bombs while Artby used the Light Implosion. The attacks collided, the attacks of those five fighters were stronger but Artby looked like he was unable to fight.

" Now, it is time for the rest of you to face the same fate that Artby has faced " said Blackina.

My love for Blackina has no bounds just like our combined attacks " said Blackin.

" I love when you say that " said Blackina.

" Blackina, when I am with you nobody can be as happy as me " said Blackin.

" Thanks, you do so much " said Blackina.

" I love you so much "

" I am glad that you are showing me the love " said Blackin.

" It is not over yet, four of us are standing " said Crayon.

" You four just happened to last a bit longer, the end is very near " said Blackin. " The desire for Blackina I have is like nothing ever seen before "

" Never seen before ? " asked Crayon.

" My desire for Blackina is on a level that nobody has seen, the robberies that have been done by our organization are for her " said Blackin. " You notice how happy Blackina looks, how Blackina feels "

" Look at Blackina right now "

" She looks so happy, I have done this "

" I have done this "

" It is truly amazing "

" You are right that Blackina does look happy but a lot of people have been so hurt " said Crayon. " I do love Colourea but this has gone too far "

" Blackina's great " said Blackin. " You may love Colourea but my desire for Blackina is still unmatchable Crayon "

" Blackina is so amazing, women like Blackina are truly one of a kind "

" I'm not robbing all these people for Colourea " said Crayon.

" That is your choice Crayon, but I am going to make Blackina my queen whether you fucking like it or not " said Blackin. " It just shows how much desire I have for Blackina "

" Blackina means so much so it makes sense that I would do this "

" I have shown my love for Blackina so many times "

" He loves me " said Blackina.

" A lot, he does like always "

" I make sure to always return the favour, it must be done "

" Well we should continue the fight " said Blackin. " I am going to make Blackina my queen "

" My love for Blackina knows no bounds for sure "

" That is for sure "

" He loves me so much " said Blackina.

" Let's resume fighting " said Warbler.

Blackin and Blackina were charging their Ultimate Shadow Bombs which combined into an attack called the Bear Bomb. The power of it was insane, Colouruke used the Ultimate Sea Bomb while Warbler used the Ultimate Wind Bomb. The bombs collided and a giant explosion happened.

Colouruke and Warbler were struggling, but they got up.

Blackin then rushed with the Ultimate Shadow Bomb and aimed it towards Colouruke. Crayon then hit him down with the Quintuple Light Strike, both of them collided with each other.

Blackina then rushed for Warbler and grabbed him, Blackin used the Tenfol d Shadow Strike on him and knocked him down. Blackin then used the Ultimate Shadow Blast while Blackina used it as well which caused a new technique called the Ultimate Bear Blast which aimed for the five fighters.

Crayon and Colourea then used their Light Implosions to counter, the attacks collided with each other and everyone took damage. Warbler was defeated, while Colouruke was seriously struggling.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin. " We are getting closer to this great wedding

" It is not over " said Colouruke.

" You can barely move, my love for Blackina is too much " said Blackin.

" We gave you a chance but now because of this we have to end it " said Blackina.

" You ruined your chances of living by going against us "

" We can't let you stop our happiness " said Blackin. " Blackina needs to be the happiest woman in the world, just like me being the happiest man "

" We are so perfect together "

" Happiest man ? " asked Crayon.

" When Blackina is with me, married to me then she will be happier than any woman has ever been " said Blackin. " We are perfect for each other "

" It is true, Crayon " said Blackina.

" Blackina is a perfect match for me " said Blackin.

" We are so happy together " said Blackina.

" Whether it is or not let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

" Yes, let's do so " said Blackina.

Crayon then charged for his Ultimate Light Bomb and aimed it towards Blackina while Colouruke used the Sea Implosion. The implosion was full of water and light energy and it blew up knocking Blackina down.

" Now it is time " said Colourea. Colourea then used the Light Implosion while Colouruke then used the Quintuple Sea Strike. Blackin used the Tenfold Shadow Strike. The strikes hit each other while the implosion hit Blackina.

Now it is time " said Colourea. Colourea then used the Light Implosion while Colouruke then used the Quintuple Sea Strike. Blackin used the Tenfold Shadow Strike. The strikes hit each other while the implosion hit Blackina.

Colouruke was struggling to insane degree and had a hard time getting up.

" Fuck " said Colouruke. " I will use my last bit of energy for an attack "

" Colouruke needs all the help right now " said Crayon.

" We will be able to help him " said Colourea.

" Yes, we will do what is necessary " said Crayon.

Crayon and Colourea used their Light Implosions and struck directly for Blackina while Colouruke then used his Sea Implosion.

" Now " said the three fighters at the same time.

The implosion was insanely strong, Blackin and Blackina combined their Shadow Implosions to use the Bear Implosion. The attacks had such insane power and all of them took damage.

" Colouruke, no " said Crayon.

" Colouruke " said Colourea.

" Colouruke fought hard, he probably has surpassed the Smithsons by now " said Blackin. " But that is not enough against a happy couple like us "

" Hahahahahahaha " Blackin and Blackina said together.

" We are the perfect couple " said  Blackina.

" Yes, we truly are " said Blackin.

" Our feelings for each other are so strong " said Blackina.

" We will not stop loving each other "

Chapter 25

Fight With Blackin and Blackina Part II: The Couples Fight

" Now it is down to a match of the couples " said Blackin.

" Our wedding is getting sooner and sooner " said Blackina.

" The Bear will love every second of this wedding "

" It will be a great Bear ceremony like no other " said Blackin.

" Bear members will remember this "

" They cannot forget our love " said Blackina.

"Bear ceremony ? asked Colourea.

" Our members stole so much, so Bear members will be giving different stolen goods that Blackina would like to Blackina, while the stolen goods that Blackin likes will go to Blackin " said Blackina.

" It represents the love that I have for Blackin and that Blackin has for me "

" Our love is so strong "

" It is a real shame that you refused to join the Bear " said Blackin. " You could have one day been the type of couple we are "

" It would be a great sight to see "

" Yes, it would be amazing " said Blackina.

" Stealing all this and harming so many people " said Crayon.

" I couldn't do that "

" Crayon, you must have the confidence " said Blackin. " I would never put those people over Blackina, Blackina loves me while they do not "

" Blackina has done way more "

" I am with her, not these people that are getting harmed "

" Crayon, Blackin is right " said Blackina. " The gifts I am getting because of this are great "

" What the organization is doing is so wonderful "

" These gifts make this worth it "

" Yes, great gifts Blackina is getting because of this " said Blackin.

" She will be so happy "

" I am very happy because of these gifts " said Blackina.

" The fact that Blackin is having Bear members steal items that can be used as gifts shows how much he loves me "

" Gifts ? " asked Colourea. " I understand wanting this life but harming all of Colourland for gifts ?

" Yes " said Blackina.

" These gifts are worth it "

" It is very meaningful to receive gifts like these gifts I am getting it "

" If Crayon wants to keep refusing to do these types of things for Colourea that is fine but this is the life that Blackina has chosen " said Blackin.

" Blackina wants to be with a man who does what I am doing with her "

" Not someone who puts these people over who they are with "

" I am the right guy for Blackina "

" It is good that Blackin is doing what he is " said Blackina.

" Colourea doesn't need me to harm people for her " said Crayon.

" Like I said that is your choice Crayon, but since you insist on stopping our dream wedding you cannot be alive anymore " said Blackin.

" Our wedding is so meaningful "

" Bear members will see us kiss "

" You five refused our offer to the wedding, you decided to fight us instead " said Blackina. " I just love Blackin too much "

" Offer to the wedding ? " asked Crayon. " You are planning to take over Colourland it looks like "

" The Bear does plan to take over Colourland, after our great wedding we will have decisions to make about Challenger " said Blackin.

" There is something you should know about  Challenger" said Blackina.

" What is that ? " asked Crayon.

" Challenger will have to experience having you all dead" said Blackina.

" I know that she believes that I can save Colourland but there is nothing more than that " said Crayon.

" I am with Colourea "

" It matters not " said Blackin. " Once Crayon dies, none of this will be an issue anymore "

" Let's continue the fight, I am itching be the bride that Blackin has always wanted me to be " said Blackina.

" I will be a great groom and the type of groom that you truly deserve " said Blackin.

" I will be a great bride " said Blackina.

" Yes, you will be amazing " said Blackin.

Blackin and Blackina then used the Bear Implosion while Crayon and Colourea used their Ultimate Light Bombs. The attacks collided with each other. Blackin then used the Tenfold Shadow Strike

while Blackina used the Ultimate Shadow Blast. Crayon used the Ultimate Light Blast while Colourea used the Ultimate Light Bomb. A huge explosion happened, everyone got up.

Blackin then started charging for his Ultimate Shadow Blast while Blackina used the Tenfold Shadow Strike, Crayon and Colourea launched their Ultimate Light Bombs. The attacks hit, and Colourea was slightly struggling.

Blackin and Blackina used the Bear Implosion while Crayon and Colourea used their Light Implosions to counter the attack. Colourea was struggling.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin.

" Now this is the time to end Colourea " said Blackina.

" When we face Crayon by himself, our victory is imminent " said Blackin. " I will be a great groom for Blackina, just like Blackina will be a great bride for me "

" The fight is still on " said Crayon.

" It's time " said Blackina.

" Colourea will be done, it is over " said Blackin.

" We will take everything from Colourland soon " said Blackina.

Blackin was charging his Ultimate Shadow Bomb while Blackina was using the Ultimate Shadow Blast, Crayon used the Air Implosion while Colourea used the Light Implosion. The combined attack was super powerful, the attacks hit their respective targets and everyone was knocked down.

Colourea was seriously struggling and could barely move, Blackina was slightly struggling.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin.

" Now Crayon is time for you to be alone in this fight "

" Colourea has more " said Crayon.

" I do have a little more left " said Colourea.

" It will be a wedding in the true fashion of the Bear " said Blackina.

" It is a shame that neither my cousin Whites nor you will get to see it, but my love for Blackina is so strong " said Blackin.

" It can never be matched "

" Our love is not like other love "

" It cannot " said Blackina.

" Blackin has such a great desire for me "

" I love Blackina so much, life around Blackina is truly amazing " said Blackin.

" I will still give it my all " said Colourea.

" Now, I will use a combined attack with Blackina and it will be over " said Blackin.

" When we combine together like this, we cannot fucking be stopped " said Blackina.

" Hahahahahaha " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahahaha " said Blackina.

" Time to resume this fight " said Crayon.

Blackin and Blackina used their combined Bear Implosion attack while Crayon and Colourea used their combined Light Implosions together. Both sides were charging as much energy as they could.

" It's no use " said Blackin. " We have not taken as much damage as you two "

" Crayon, your alone time starts right now " said Blackina.

The attacks then collided with each other. Crayon took more of the damage than Colourea. It was not clear yet if Colourea had been defeated yet.

" Crayon, take a look at Colourea " said Blackin.

" Colourea, no " said Crayon. " Get up, I know you can do it "

" We have a decision to make after Crayon is defeated " said Blackina.

" For the time being we must continue fighting " said Blackin.

" Exactly " said Blackina.

" Colourea is pretty much finished off, if she was still alive it would be smart for her to not act like it " said Blackin.

" We will see if she does that " said Blackina. " At this point, it is just us and Crayon "

" I believe that Colourea is not dead " said Crayon.

" Crayon, I know of your love for Colourea " said Blackin. " I know that you feel for her but since you five refused to join us or stay out of it so we cannot have you be together anymore "

" We cannot take the risk "

" I love Blackin so much, his plan that our great members did was brilliant " said Blackina. " We cannot allow our lives to not be perfect, the gifts are so good "

" Blackina has always shown that she loves me, all these robberies show that " said Blackin. " She looks so happy, look at her right now Crayon "

" I see that she looks happy Blackin, but I cannot let you two do this " said Crayon.

" I know that you two are much in love but all this suffering is too much, I know what you will do to Challenger as well "

" I will continue fighting "

" Challenger is going to join us or he will not be kept alive " said Blackina. " Challenger will come to his senses unlike you which is unfortunate "

" Challenger will not join " said Crayon.

" He has no choice, he has to or he dies " said Blackin.

" Challenger must do what the organization demands here "

" We are not giving him a choice "

" He won't " said Crayon.

" Then he can be dead " said Blackina.

" That is not a decision we will allow from him "

" The Bear will not allow him to go against us " said Blackin.

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

" Yes, we will make sure that we are married with you out of our way " said Blackina.

" It will be a wedding which the Bear will remember always "

" The Bear knows that our love will be on display "

" Every Bear member will be happy to see it " said Blackin.

Crayon then charged up his Air Implosion while Blackin and Blackina then were charging up their Ultimate Shadow Blasts, then used the combined Ultimate Bear Blast. The attacks collided and they hit their respective targets.

Blackina was struggling. Blackina then rushed for Crayon with the Shadow Implosion while Crayon countered with the Ultimate Light Blast. The attacks hit. Blackina then used the Tenfold Shadow Strike while Blackin used the Ultimate Shadow Blast and the attacks aimed for Crayon. Crayon used the Light Implosion. Blackina was starting to seriously struggle while Crayon was slightly struggling.

" How could this be " said Blackin.

" Blackina cannot go down like this "

" She is too strong "

" I have more " said Blackina.

" It seems like you have underestimated me " said Crayon.

" My love for Blackina will never die, I am not going to allow this " said Blackin.

" Blackin's desire for me will keep me alive " said Blackina.

" It is a desire that cannot be matched ever " said Blackin.

" Trying to do so would be pointless "

" Yes, we love each other so much " said Blackina.

" Our love will not stop "

" It cannot, it cannot end " said Blackin.

" Let's keep fighting " said Crayon.

" Yes, we must " said Blackin.

" Our love will never end " said Blackina.

Blackin and Blackina then charged for the Bear Implosion charged with tons of power and aimed it towards Crayon. Crayon then used his Air Implosion, the attacks were about to meet. The attacks then hit, Blackin took the most damage allowing Blackina to still be able to fight. Blackina was getting very close to the end.

" Blackina is still here " said Blackin. " My love for Blackina will last forever

" It sure will, Crayon has taken a lot of damage " said Blackina.

" It is a love that cannot be matched ever " said Blackin.

" This romance will never end "

" Our members are still around " said Blackina. " They will be approaching here quite soon "

" Approaching here ? " asked Crayon.

" They are coming here with the gifts, Crayon " said Blackin. " There are tons of them coming to celebrate the romance between me and Blackina "

" These gifts resemble how much our relationship means "

" Crayon you may be strong but it is not enough " said Blackina.

" These gifts are amazing "

" Our love and our power is too strong " said Blackin.

" Hahahahahahaha "

" Yes, it is too much for Crayon to handle for sure " said Blackina.

" Our love will never end " said Blackin.

" I will keep fighting " said Crayon.

" You will not stop us " said Blackina.

" Hahahaha " said Blackin.

" Our ability and love for each other is strong " said Blackina.

" Nothing will stop this "

Blackin and Blackina then used their combined attack the Bear Bomb and charged it with a ton of power and aimed it towards Crayon while Crayon then used the Light Implosion. The attacks were hitting with such intense power, Blackina was knocked down to the ground and looked to be defeated.

" Blackina " yelled Blackin.

" Noooooooooo "

" This cannot be truly happening "

" Blackina will get up, she has not died "

" Blackina will live "

" Our love means everything "

" As lovers, it can never end "

" She has not died but she cannot fight anymore " said Crayon.

" I am ready for this 1 vs 1 fight "

" Blackina's the greatest woman ever " said Blackin. " She knows of the desire that I have for her and she will make it "

" She knows of everything our members have risked for us, my love for her is stronger than anyone could love "

" Nobody could love more than me no matter how hard they try "

" Anyone could love ? " asked Crayon.

" I am not so sure "

" Yes, Crayon " said Blackin. " Blackina returns the favour just as well, she loves me too much "

" Nobody has a relationship like ours, it is so wonderful and unique "

" Our love cannot end "

" Our love is so special, no relationship like ours has ever existed "

" Ever existed ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes, our relationship is so strong, powerful and unique " said Blackin.

" Well we will continue the fight " said Crayon.

" Yes, we will " said Blackin.

" Blackina is counting on me, so there is no way I will lose "

Blackin then used his Shadow Implosion while Crayon used his Light Implosion. The implosions then hit each other and both fighters were knocked down.

They both got up, Blackin used his Ultimate Shadow Bomb against Crayon's Ultimate Light Bomb. The bombs hit their respective targets and Blackin was starting to slightly struggle but Crayon was struggling.

" When I win this fight, Blackina will wake up soon after " said Blackin.

" Blackina will get to see me again, it will be wonderful "

" The way she looks at me is special "

" You haven't won yet " said Crayon.

" My love for Blackina never dies, Blackina's love for me never dies and the Bear never dies " said Blackin.

" The Bear will never stop existing "

" The members remaining will be stopped " said Crayon.

" All of your major members have lost "

" There are lots of them left " said Blackin.

" They will be fine "

" I believe this organization "

" They cannot hide for much longer " said Crayon.

" Blackina will get up and she will ensure that nothing will happen to them " said Blackin.

" That is just the type of woman she is "

" She will not give up "

" We shall see about that " said Crayon.

" Blackina is just too amazing " said Blackin. " She is one of a kind "

" Anyways I will end this "

" Time to continue fighting " said Crayon.

Blackin then used the Ultimate Shadow Blast while Crayon used the Ultimate Light Blast. The blasts hit and both of them were knocked to the ground. They both got up, Blackin used the Tenfold Shadow Strike against Crayon's Ultimate Wind Blast. The blasts hit and collided with each other.

Blackin then got up and then he approached Crayon and he said this.

" Crayon it is officially over, Blackina will wake up " said Blackin.

" Crayon you cannot fight anymore, you fought well for a non Bear member "

" My love and desire with my combined abilites were too much, Bear members will be arriving here soon "

" Blackina, my love for you is never going anywhere

" Blackina, I want you on a level that cannot be matched and because of this love I cannot let Crayon live "

" This love is unique "

" I will keep fighting " said Crayon.

" I have more to give "

" Yes, we must fight to the end " said Blackin.

" This battle has been great "

" It has " said Crayon.

Blackin then started charging up his Tenfold Shadow Strike and the attacks was about to hit Crayon but Crayon was able to trip him and Crayon was about to use the Ultimate Light Blast and it hit Blackin. Both of them were very close near the end.

" I cannot let you stop the wedding " said Blackin. " My love for Blackina, the dream marriage must happen "

" It won't happen today " said Crayon.

" You must find a way without taking over Colourland "

" I do understand loving someone but takeovers are not needed "

" I must do this "

" The gifts are great " said Blackin. " Blackina is so happy with all of it "

" These takeovers are necessary "

" Our wedding is better this way "

" This wedding must be perfect "

" The Bear demands that happen "

" I know what you two have planned, I will not allow it " said Crayon.

" I know you plan to hurt Challenger "

" Challenger is not going to die " said Blackin.

" We need him with us "

" You will be finished off due to refusal to support the Bear "

" Challenger is important "

" I won't support the Bear " said Crayon.

" Challenger won't either "

" Then your death must happen for the sake of the organization " said Blackin.

" The Bear cannot have what you have done "

" The Bear will not be stopped "

" I am proud to lead the Bear "

Blackin then charged up his Shadow Implosion while Crayon was charging up his Wind Implosion. The implosions were about to hit their targets.

" For Blackina " said Blackin.

" I must take over so this dream wedding must happen "

" I love her so much "

" Our relationship will never stop "

" For Challenger " said Crayon.

" Also all of Colourland "

" This will be it " said Blackin.

" My marriage to Blackina is extremely important "

" Here I go "

" Your death is here "

" Bring it on " said Crayon.

The attacks hit their targets and they look to be both knocked out.

After about ten minutes or so, Crayon got up and he checked on his friends. Crayon then had a feeling that him and his friends needed to leave so he called the hospital service. Crayon won the fight.

Before they got there, he called Challenger.

Final Chapter

The Celebration

" Challenger we won the fight " said Crayon.

" Amazing, you stopped the Bear " said Challenger.

" We took an insane toll, we fought so hard " said Crayon.

" You five need to rest up though " said Challenger.

" I imagine that you all must be very hurt from fighting the best of the Bear "

" They are all alive, I don't know about Blackin and Blackina " said Crayon.

" I called the hospital, an ambulance should be here soon "

" Great idea, I'm not sure about their regular members though " said Challenger.

" They will probably find out and they will probably flee " said Crayon.

" All their special fighters are not ready so they will not be able to do much " said Challenger. " We should plan something when we are all in good condition "

" Sounds like a good idea " said Crayon. " Anyways I see the ambulance so I have to get going.

The five of them were on the ambulance and headed to the hospital.

They checked into the hospital and got a lot of rest. While that was happening, the Bear members saw Blackin and Blackina completely knocked out and they put them in the van. The Bear members then brought them back to the hideout.

At the hideout, the members were talking with each other.

" This cannot be " said the first member.

" How the fuck could this happen, we stole all these gifts " said the second member.

" There will be no wedding now, I am not happy at all "

" Blackin and Blackina are an amazing couple, so strong " said the third member.

" This cannot end like this "

" Their love means a lot "

" If they stopped him, what is going to happen now with no leader " said the fourth member.

" I cannot imagine this "

" We will have to hide here " said the fifth member.

" We should check the bodies of our fighters " said the first member.

" Yeah, that is a good idea " said the second member.

The Bear members did that and they found that none of them had woken up yet.

" Nooooooo " they said.

" This cannot be it "

" The Bear is so good "

" I love the Bear, how could this happen ? "

Meanwhile a man had arrived that looked like a Smithson but older.

" You look like an older Easeion " said a Bear member.

" My name is Brett Smithson " said the man. " I am the father of the Smithson family you know of "

" Are you here for their bodies " said a Bear member.

" I am here for their bodies, I hate to tell you this but Blackin and Blackina will not be returning most likely " said Brett.

" This is very unfortunate "

" I hate to have to tell you this "

" What " said the Bear member.

" I cannot believe this "

" Easeion will make it, the siblings will " said Brett. " I was contacted and it does not look good to be honest "

" It is disappointing "

" I can't give up on them " said the member. " What about Whites ? " the member asked.

" It is hard to say " said Brett. " We must head out of here at some point "

" I don't want us going to jail "

" To where ? " asked the Bear member.

" I know a place " said Brett. " Alert the members "

" We must head there immediately "

" We cannot stay here any longer "

" I understand " said the Bear member.

" Good " said Brett.

" I am glad you understand "

The Bear member then alerted the members and then they took everything that had been stolen or had value with them and then they headed to meet Brett.

Brett and the members with all the bodies flew away from the hideout.

Time passed, Crayon and his friends were in good enough shape to leave the hospital.

They then went into the bakery which Artby was happy to see the bakers.

" Love you bakers so much " said Artby. " I have missed your baking so much "

" Bakers are so amazing "

" Your baking means so much to me "

They got their bread, Artby thanked every baker for their baking.

They headed home and ate. They got a message from Challenger.

Whenever you are ready to celebrate let me know, everyone in Colourland is so proud of what you five have done. There are a lot less robberies and dangerous incidents now. Colourland is so much safer thanks to you five.

Can't wait to see you five,


The five of them headed to meet Challenger.

The six of them then saw him and they had champagne to celebrate.

" This truly is awesome " said Challenger.

" I am extremely proud of all of you "

" It is truly amazing how good you five can fight "

" We have done it " said Crayon.

" It really is great "

" Yeah, we have came so far " said Colouruke.

" I am excited to see what is to come for the future " said Colourea.

" Baking and fighting " said Artby.

" This is so likely for me "

" Yeah, I can see that " said Warbler.

" Same here " said Colourea.

After all the celebrations, King Bobby the leader of Bird's Isle had a statement which said this:

Crayon, you and your friends have shown something truly amazing. We want you to come to Bird's Isle, we have discussed this a lot as well. Bird's Isle is a great place, we have this special group of advisors that we want you to meet. Challenger is invited as well, it will be truly great. You will leave tomorrow night at 10pm on the flight. I want you to get everything ready as soon as possible.

It will be great for us to be together and we can truly discuss so much since there is a lot to talk about.

All the best,

King Bobby

Crayon, Challenger, Colouruke, Colourea, Artby and Warbler read the statement.

" Bird's Isle, sounds great " said Artby.

" Would love to see what bakeries they have there "

" Sounds like a plan to me " said Colouruke.

" I really want to know what the king is like " said Challenger.

" Same here " said Crayon. " It sounds like it could be a great place, besides Warbler is from there "

" It is true " said Warbler. " You will get to meet some people I know pretty well "

" Sounds great to me " said Colourea.

" People you know ? asked Colouruke.

" Yeah, you will meet them there " said Warbler.

" Grackle and Dove are there "

" Sounds good to me, maybe they know the bakeries there " said Artby. "I'm curious what the bakers are like "

" Well we should get a good night's sleep and then prepare for our trip " said Challenger.

" Bakers would want that " said Artby.

" Bakers want us in great condition "

They headed back home went to bed, before bed Crayon kissed Colourea.

They got up and got things ready, they packed everything and made sure it was all ready.

King Bobby has invited Challenger, Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler to Bird's Isle.

Meanwhile King Bobby was talking with Queen Starling and Blackburnian who is the lead advisor.

" So you have invited the six of them ? " asked Queen Starling.

" Yes, I have done so " said King Bobby.

" I want to meet these fighters "

" Warbler must have done a lot in these fights " said Blackburnian.

" He is my brother, so I know he can fight "

" He has potential to be insanely strong "

" Yes, he is quite the fighter " said King Bobby.

" The other four must have met him soon when he left for Colourland "

" It will be great for him to be home "

" That is true " said Queen Starling.

" All the advisors have met him before " said Blackburnian.

" Yes " said King Bobby.

" We must contact the other advisors about them arriving "

Time passed and Crayon, Challenger, Warbler, Artby, Colouruke and Colourea headed to the airport.

The plane arrived, they all got on it. The pilot announced that it would arrive in Bird's Isle in 3 hours. On the plane they were talking.

" This view is awesome " said Colouruke.

" Yeah " said Colourea.

" I cannot wait for bakers " said Artby.

" New bakers will be awesome "

" It will be nice seeing them "

" Yeah, we can go to the bakeries " said Warbler.

" There will be a lot of people to meet "

" It will be fun to meet them " said Artby.

The time zone in Bird's Isle was said to be 1 hour behind the current time so they were scheduled to be in Bird's Isle at midnight at their time.

This is the end of the first series of Colourland, the Bear series.
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