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On Annie's Broken Knee

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Annie breaks her knee then feels useless. Until Jack invites her to take over the plumbing company.

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This fanfiction is loosely based on the Family Guy episode Business Guy. With a Duncanville twist. I had three days off from work, so that's how I was able to get this fanfiction done faster!

Duncanville Presents

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On Annie's Broken Knee

In Oakdale High, it was report card day. It was for Junior High too. Now at home from school. Duncan lays on his bed feeling very proud of himself. Before school got out, Duncan learned that he has all Bs on his report card. "Wow! I believe it! All Bs! This calls for a fun weekend with my friends!" Duncan says to himself. Going into his fantasies, Duncan imagines himself in a horse race against Mia.

Riding on a horse with Mia by his side, Duncan tells Mia, "Check me out, Mia! I'm Hidalgo!" "Oh yeah, watch this, I'm National Velvet!" Mia challenges him. Then the fantasy ends when Duncan and Mia race each other into the sunset. Now all Duncan had to do was wait for Mr. Mitch to call Annie to tell him the good news.

Kimberly got her report card which was Bs and Cs. Jing got hers as well which was all As. Both sisters walk into Duncan's room. "Hey, Duncan! What did you get on your report card?" asked Kimberly in a taunting sense. "All Bs!" Duncan announces. "That sounds like a foregin language coming from you, Duncan!" Jing added on.

"Once Mr. Mitch calls Mom, we just might celebrate! Preferably with my friends." Duncan tells his sisters. "Why do you need to wait for Mr. Mitch to call Mom about her report card?" asked Kimberly. "Because in the past, everytime I showed Mom my report card, she never believed me. So I made a deal with Mr Mitch to call my Mom about it." explains Duncan. The phone rang, and Annie went to get it.

"There's the phone call now!" Duncan said. "Don't get your hopes up too high, it could be one of those political robo-calls. Been getting those a lot lately on my cell for some reason." Kimberly says.

Annie answers the phone, "Hello?" On the other end it was Mr. Mitch. "Oh hey, Mr. Mitch! How's it been?" The phone call goes on, Annie learns from Mr. Mitch that Duncan got all Bs on his report card. "Wow! That's the best news ever! OKay thanks! We are very proud for sure! OKay, bye!" Annie says hanging up the phone.

"All right! She got the phone call. Now she can't accuse me of lying!" Duncan says happily. Annie said to herself, "My Dunkie got all Bs! I believe him now! Time to give him the benefit of the doubt!"

As Annie was about to run into Duncan's bedroom to tell him about the phone call she got from Mr. Mitch, Annie didn't look where she was going. Her foot got caught under a rug which caused her to fall flat on the floor. "BBBBAAAAAAHHHHH!" Annie screams in pain.

"Did you hear that, she cheered! She's happy for me!" Duncan said with excitement. "I know that sound, it's a scream a cheerleader makes when she injures herself." Kimberly said.

"Nah, it's a scream of happiness for me!" Duncan said with denial. "I wouldn't say that, Duncan. Kimberly is right, that is a scream of pain." Jing tells her older brother.

Duncan got off his bed fast and he, Kimberly, and Jing all ran to see Annie. Their mother was on the floor. "Help me you guys! Please help!" Annie begged. Jing, Kimberly, and Duncan all helped Annie get up from the floor. "Put me on the couch!" Annie ordered. Duncan and Kimberly place Annie on the couch. Kimberly pulls up Annie's pant leg and she has a huge bruise surrounding her knee.

"Aww, shit Mom! That was a shiner!" Kimberly says. "Kimberly you're 12! You're too young to swear!" Annie cries out. "What do you want us to do Mommy?" asked Jing.

"I'm afraid my knee could be broken, so one of you will get me an ice pack!" Annie tells her kids. "Are you hurt anyplace else?" asked Jing. "No, just my knee!" Annie stated. Kimberly got an ice pack and placed it on Annie's knee. "Is that better, Mom?" asked Kimberly.

"A little. Ooooh! I'm in so much pain." Annie cried. "Dad will be home soon, he'll know what to do." Duncan assures his mom. Duncan looked at Annie with guilt. "This is all my fault."

"Why do you always blame yourself when something bad happens to me?" asked Annie. "I know for one thing you got a call from Mr. Mitch regarding my report card. I told him to call you just so you won't think I'm lying for forging my grades anymore." Duncan says.

"Oh, Dunkie. That's all water under the bridge. I know you've stopped lying to me about your report cards ages ago." Annie tells Duncan. "Should we call 911?" Jing asks.

"No, just wait for Dad to come home. To take me to the hospital." Annie says. Kimberly looks up the knee injury Annie got, "Yep, it does require a hospital visit. Says right here it could be a hairline fracture." Kimberly says.

"It's nobody's fault. Probably mine, because I was so happy for you, Duncan I didn't look where I was going. The fact of the matter is. You're all good kids. Don't even think anything different! Sure, you kids did some crazy and wacky stuff, but you guys are still good kids." Annie tells them. Jack comes home. "Annie, Duncan, Kimberly, Jing! I'm home! Announcing myself like Fred Flintstone and....."

Jack sees Annie on the couch with an ice pack on her knee. "Son of a bitch! Annie! What the hell happened to you?" "I tripped over a rug after I got a phone call from Mr. Mitch about Duncan's report card." Annie says. "Duncan, you're not lying or forging like you did in the past?" Jack asks his son.

"The past! Sounds to me like Dad is stuck in the past." Kimberly says. "I'm afraid Jack you'll have to take me to the hospital for an X Ray." Annie tells her husband. "Okay, I will. But first, can we listen to this Aerosmith album on the way there?" Jack asks.

"Maybe on the way back if my knee isn't fractured." Annie says. Jack takes Annie to the hospital. While Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing stay behind to wait. The hospital visit took three long hours. Full of concern. Duncan, Kimberly and Jing were waiting to hear if Annie's knee injury was going to be serious or not. The three of them were so bored they were watching American Ninja Warrior, which causes Duncan to have a fantasy.

Duncan imagines himself on American Ninja Warrior, the announcer says, "Here we have someone who joins us all the way from Oakdale, Massachuettes. At only 15 years old. Duncan Harris!" Duncan then goes around the obstacle course, he says to the camera, "Hi, Mom! I'm going to raise money to help fix your broken knee!" "What a caring and loving son!" "His parents raised him right!" bragged the announcers. The audience cheers for Duncan going through the course. As Duncan was about to reach the end of the obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior, the phone rings.

Jing snaps Duncan out of his fantasy, "Duncan! The phone!" "Right!" Duncan says getting up from the couch and answering the phone, "Hello!" Jack was on the other end. "Duncan! Your Mom has a broken knee. The X Ray results came back." "Oh okay. Anything I can do to help?" asked Duncan. "She needs to rest for six weeks, and we're going to help her with anything she may need." Jack says.

"OKay, Dad. Thanks, bye." Duncan said hanging up the phone. "What's going on with Mom?" asked Kimberly. "Her knee is broken." Duncan sadly informed. "It's like our family is cursed! Each and every time we get good news, one of us gets injured!" Kimberly says. "I know, why don't you use some of your black magic to help Mom's knee feel better?" Jing suggested.

"Yeah I know. This time I can't fight with you on that one." Duncan tells Kimberly. "Last time we got good news, Dad got his finger stuck in the garden hose." recalls Kimberly.

"It's taking so long for Mommy and Daddy to come home. We've never been so far away from them, whatever shall we do?" asked Jing. "How about we go to bed, and then we'll all help her once we hear Dad's car pull up." said Duncan. "Sounds like a plan." agrees Kimberly.

An hour and a half later, Kimberly, Duncan, and Jing all waited in their bedrooms for Jack and Annie to come home. Once they finally did, Duncan, Kimberly, Jing, and Jack all helped Annie get into bed and helped her with anything she needed.

"Thank you guys. You're the best family a Mom can ever ask for." Annie sighs with sadness. "We'll even help you to the bathroom if you need it." offers Kimberly. "That's my job." Jack laughed. Annie had some pain killers for her broken knee.


For the whole week. Annie had Jack, Jing, Duncan, and Kimberly take a week off from work and school so they can help Annie get back on her feet. Duncan gets Annie some ice water and an ice pack. "So Mom, how long are you going to have that broken knee?" he asked. "I can't go back to work for three weeks." Annie answered. Although Annie was in pain, she took her painkillers, however she was only allowed to take one a day.

Jack tells Duncan, "The doctor says it'll heal in six weeks." Kimberly and Jing both enter Annie's bedroom with desserts. "Hey, Mom. I made you your favorite. Lime Jell-o with whipped cream." Kimberly says. "No, I made Mommy's favorite! Custard Pudding! I learned to make it in Kindergarten!" Jing says.

Annie begins to hang her head in shame. "What's wrong, Mom? Aren't we doing enough?" Duncan asked. "For good measure I even watched that Michael Keaton classic Mr Mom so I can get tips to take over your jobs that you do." said Jack.

"You guys don't get it, do you?" Annie tells her family. "No I guess we don't." said Kimberly. "What is it we don't get?" asked Jing. "This past week you've all been doing things for me. Which I do appreciate. No doubt about that. The thing is....I feel so useless. I feel like I lost my sense of doing things I normally do." Annie tells her family.

"So you think you feel like a burden?" asked Duncan. "But you're not." Jack says. "Let's face it. I am! Look at me. You guys are giving me stuff. Helping me with things! It's like I'm a fucking invalid!" Annie whines.

"But you're not! You're still our tough but fair, take charge mom!" Jing said. "Doesn't seem like I am. I just want to be doing something! I don't care if I have to rest for 3-6 weeks! Dammit! I want to give people parking tickets again! I'll go on crutches if I have to!" Annie protested.

"I think I know a way!" Jack tells Annie. "What idea could you have?" asked Annie. "At my plumbing business, my boss is out sick. Some of the other plumbers besides me of course are all just slacking around and doing what they want to." Jack explained to Annie.

"I'm listening." said Annie. "So while my boss is out sick how would you like to take over the Plumbers Business for a while!" said Jack. "Sure. I'll do it! First thing tomorrow!" Annie says full of hope.

"Yeah Mom! You'd be good at that. You can be like David Harkin in Horrible Bosses!" Duncan says. "Hey, kids. Maybe you guys can work there too!" said Jack. "Yeah, you kids can be interns!" said Annie.

Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing all agree to go and work at the Oakdale Plumbing Service. With Annie temporarily in charge. "Go to bed early kids! We all got to work tomorrow!" Jack tells them all. Annie however wonders who took her place giving people parking tickets.

"Hmmm, wonder who replaced me." Annie thought to herself. A short scene of Helen Diggins putting parking tickets on people's cars. However, it wasn't parking tickets it was post it notes with her phone number on them.

"Call me!" Helen says to herself seeing all the post it notes she stuck to the cars.


The Harris family were soon inside the Oakdale Plumbing Company. Jack was leading Annie with Jing, Kimberly, and Duncan following. Annie took her painkillers on the way inside and was on crutches. "Here we are Annie. You can be the boss here." said Jack. "Wow Thank you Jack! I like giving to people, instead of people giving to me!" Annie says. The main room was an office cubicle place where plumbers working on computers and where the boss is has a bean bag chair. Annie goes to sit down.

"That's the spirit! The Annie we all know and love!" said Jack. The plumbers Jack worked with were all playing around. Until Annie gets their attention. "Okay Plumbers! Listen up!" Annie tells the plumbers who then stop.

"Until such a time until your original boss comes back, me, Annie Harris is going to be in charge of you all until then!" Annie tells the plumbers who all then get themselves together.

"Wow Mom! You really put them in their place!" Duncan laughs. "Okay! So it's settled." said Jack. "You going to give us jobs, Mom?" asked Jing. "Yes I will. Kimberly since you love talking on the telephone, you will be handling phone calls." Annie tells Kimberly.

"Cool!" Kimberly says running off. "Duncan, you'll be in the cafeteria serving lunch." Annie tells Duncan. "All right! Of all the times I got shit lunches at school, I'll give shit lunches to these plumbers!" Duncan says with glee.

Going into another one of his fantasies, Duncan imagines himself as a male version of the cafeteria worker in Billy Madison. Serving the plumber sloppy joes. "That's right! Come and get your sloppy joes, plumbers! I know how you like them sloppy!"

Duncan laughs to himself as he goes into the cafeteria. Jing asks, "Hey, Duncan and Kimberly get jobs. What about me?" "You can be a janitor!" Annie tells Jing.

"Oh boy! The best job of all!" Jing said. Jack leads Jing to the janitors closet. In no time at all, the plumbers were on their computers taking calls and going to houses and companies that needed to have their plumbing fixed.

Annie was impressed with what she had started. "Wow! My first day and already I feel like a corporate bigwig!" Duncan was enjoying his cafeteria duties, "Lunch is on me plumbers!"

"YUCK! NOT THIS CRAP AGAIN!" protested one of the plumbers.

Kimberly was making phone calls, "Okay, I'll move you on line two! What?! Don't you see I'm busy. I got six callers ahead of me already!" Jing was running around with a mop cleaning whatever she could find. "Who says a janitor's job is degrading!" Jing said.

Jack and all the other plumbers he was working with were all going to find people who had issues with their plumbing. As the day goes by, Annie even held meetings in the discussion room.

"Okay, men. I need ideas. How can we make this plumbing business better than before?" Annie asks the plumbers. All of the plumbers look at her in a clueless oblivious way. "Well, come on! Come on!" The plumbers just mumbled to each other. "Fine, guess I'll have to get things rolling here." Annie says.

The plumbers then hear Annie say, "Okay, I'm going to do an exercise I like to call the 'Idea Ball.' Whoever catches it gives me the best idea you got. Kind of like Hot Potato. Then you pass the ball to the next person and so on."

The plumbers mumble in agreement. Annie finds a rubber band ball and throws it to one of the plumbers who catches it. "Okay, sir. What do you have." asked Annie. "We could make our own set of plumbing supplies." suggested the plumber. Annie sighs with disapprovement.

"What to know what I am hearing, gentlemen? I am hearing is lots of yesterday talk. This isn't the way we're going to do things under my leadership. We're going to turn this company around." Annie demanded. One of the plumbers tells Annie, "But ma'am we're doing fine under your leadership so far." "Yeah, we don't need to turn things around." "I admit we goofed off back before you came along and..."

"I don't care what your original boss would've done. We need to take risks! We need a complete overhaul!" Annie says, "Plumbers! You're all going to work overtime!" Annie started to get pain back in her knee. "oooooohhhh!"

The plumbers gasp. "What?" asked one of them. "From now on instead of working 9-5. You're all going to work 7-6!" Annie says. The plumbers had no choice but to agree with Annie's new terms and conditions. Annie in secret took another painkiller just for the hell of it.


The next day. At Oakdale Plumbing Services. Jack confronts Annie about her new rules. "Annie? What's going on? Why are all the plumbers I'm working for having to work overtime now?" asked Jack. "Does that include us?" asked Duncan. What Jack didn't know was Annie had taken even more painkillers than usual which was causing her to run the plumbing company the way she did.

"Yeah, so? I thought the places needed more structure!" Annie says. "Are you out of your mind?" Jack asked his wife. "Keep it up, Jack I just might fire you!" Annie warns him. "You wouldn't dare." Jack says.

"Why are you guys ignoring me?" asked Duncan. "Having a 9-5 shift is what the employees at my company are used to. If this keeps before my real boss comes back, my fellow plumbers could probably strike against you." Jack says. "Well, I thought maybe I could..." Annie tells Jack who then cuts her off. "Look, Annie. I know you have a broken knee and you are not the 'lay around the do nothing' type. But please don't disturb the natural order of things." Jack tells his wife.

"Okay, back on the 9-5 shift it is." Annie reluctantly recants her decision. Feeling knee pain again, Annie took more pills.

Back in the discussion room, all the plumbers were present to hear what Annie has to say. But only this time, Jack, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing were in the discussion room now.

"You guys are a team of plumbers I can trust..." Annie started. "Uhh, Mom. What are we doing here in the discussion room?" asked Duncan.

"I promoted you to plumber status!" Annie tells Duncan. "None of us knows the first thing about plumbing." Kimberly protests. "Well, Jack is going to be your mentor on that!" Annie tells her kids.

Duncan sighs, "There goes my fun in the cafeteria."

Kimberly sighs, "There goes my fun with the telephones."

"Oh quit your yapping! I figured as long as we're here, we can all be plumbers as a family!" Annie says cheerfully.

"What is the first thing you want us to do, Mommy?" asked Jing. "You guys are going to be my creative team! You guys. My family are going to help make this plumbing company even better than before!" Annie tells them.

Duncan asks, "What's the game plan here?" "What I aim to do is possibly make this plumbing business into a Fortune 500 company!!" Anne exclaims. "You mean like corrupt corporate business people? Mr Mitch warned us about those types. He showed us some episodes of Succession." Duncan says uneasily.

"Yeah Mom. What are you thinking? We don't know anything more than you do about turning a plumbing company into that whatever that magazine is called." Kimberly implied. "When can I do my fun janitor job?" asked Jing.

The painkillers were wearing off and Annie sneaks some more for herself. "Were those chocolates?" asked Jack. "No, no, no. Never mind what you saw." Annie retorted.

"Wish I could be back in school with my friends." Duncan implies. Yangzi was outside the Oakdale Plumbing Services building. "YO DAWGS! DUNCAN GAVE ME A TEXT AND SAID HE WAS IN HERE! WHY HASN'T HE BEEN IN SCHOOL LATELY? ARE YOU COMING BACK, DUNCAN DAWG?"

Annie heard Yangzi's pleas, "Don't listen to him. This is what's important now." Annie clearly stated to Duncan. "When you came here to work and made us your employees I had to hire Iggy Nutmeg to take my place in school, Mom!" Duncan says. "Iggy Netmeg? That kid from Heathcliff? I never knew he even existed!" Jack says.

Right next to Yangzi, Iggy Netmeg was now outside the Oakdale Plumbing Services Building. "CAN I GO BACK TO HEATHCLIFF AND MY GRANDPARENTS NOW?"

"What do you want us to do, Annie?" asked Jack. "This company is going to thrive on MY ideas!" Annie says. Using her crutches to move herself over to an easel, "Here are some plans I hope to accomplish during the fiscal year." Turning a page on the easel the picture shows a plumber working at a desk. "From now on all the other plumbers here are going to be answering phones and taking calls." Annie announces and then says, "Also, some plumbers will work in the cafeteria! And make healthy meals!"

"With all these plumbers working different jobs, who's going to be the plumbers now?" Jing asked with concern.

"Like I told you before, you are all going to be fixing the plumbing in the houses or companies that may need it." Annie says. "I don't know how to fix a pipe!" Duncan says. "Your father can give you on the job training!" Annie told Duncan.

"Yeah, just watch and learn from the pros, kids!" Jack says. Overtime, Annie got calls that people's plumbing was broken, so she sent Jack, Duncan, Jing, and Kimberly to go fix it all.

Getting around on her crutches, Annie sees all the plumbers actually excel at their office cubicle jobs. Annie then gets a sharp pain in her knee. "Time for my Valley Of The Dolls!" Annie giggles as she swallows them, then walking around and observing Annie says to herself, "It's so good to see all these plumbers adapting to their new jobs. Walking into the cafeteria, Annie says, "That plumber sure knows how to cook healthy foods! That way it's good for them and they can do their job better!"

The plumber at the cafeteria was actually taking away the food from the employees, "NO SOUP FOR YOU! NO SOUP FOR YOU! NO SOUP FOR YOU! NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

Annie laughs, "That'll teach them to be freeloaders!" At a random house, Jack was fixing some broken pipes as Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing stood by.

"How is this being Mom's Creative Team I wonder?" Duncan asks off the cuff. "Oh you know how your Mom is. She works in Mysterious Ways. Just like that U2 song says." Jack laughs.

Annie struts on her crutches to go back into the discussion room. She looks at herself in a mirror. Then one of the plumbers walks in and says, "Mrs. Harris. There's a phone call waiting for you in the front lobby." Annie says, "Thanks Johnny. I'll be right over. OKay, Annie! Time to turn this company into a Million Dollar Empire!" While Annie is looking at herself in a mirror, she sees a reflection of a younger version of herself. Dressed as a 1980s Valley Girl.

The younger Annie in the mirror says, "Like, gag me with a spoon! What the fuck happened to you?" Annie says to her younger self, "I grew up that's what!"
"Can I have some money?" asked the younger Annie in the mirror. "Get out of here you bum!" Annie tells her younger self as her younger self runs off.


The day after. Jack was going inside the Oakdale Plumbing Company to report for work. All the while, Annie was in the discussion room. Still getting around on crutches. Talking to herself she says, "Well you made it Annie! You're a big shot! In charge of a whole bunch of people!" Once again, Annie's knee begins to hurt again. Then she reaches for her pills. Jack enters the room whilst on his cellphone. "Really? Is that so? Oh that's right! Thank you! I'll look forward to seeing you again! Thanks! Bye!" Hanging up the phone.

"Good news, Annie! My boss is getting better from his illness." Jack says. "That's wonderful." Annie answers. "So that means you have to step down soon." Jack tells her. "What? No! I like being the boss around here." Annie says.

"I've been wanting to ask. Since you made me, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing your so-called creative team. How did you want us to do that fixing people's plumbing?" asked Jack. "Well, the reason is maybe you and the kids can find some ways to make plumbing easier. Also, the kids can learn a thing for two as well when they take over the company." Annie informs her husband.

"Plumbing easy? It's supposed to be hard work. Anyway, you're going to have to leave when my boss comes back." Jack reminds her. Then Jack sees Annie take a bunch of painkillers. "A-ha! That's your secret to running this company? You're addicted to those pain killers for your broken knee!"

"Yeah, so what? It's been helping me feel better too. Besides, this place is running much better now that it's a family owned business!" Annie tells her husband. "Couldn't you have just watched The Secret To My Success with Michael J. Fox? You were supposed to take those pills in moderation!" Jack reminds Annie.

"I can quit anytime I want...." Annie implies. "How about now?" Jack asked. "Oh speaking of family owned business. You won't believe who else I hired!" Annie announced.

Pressing a buzzer Annie says, "Bring him in, please!" Entering the door to the discussion room there was Uncle Stan. "Uncle Stan?! Seriously!" Jack said with shock.

"Yeah, why not!" Annie says. "My sister says this will help me climb the corporate ladder. Whatever that means." Uncle Stan says. "What are you going to make him do?" asked Jack.

"He needs to start from the ground up, so I made him a janitor!" Annie says. "Where do I begin?" asked Uncle Stan? "RIGHT NOW, LITTLE BROTHER!" Annie yelled at Uncle Stan.

"Don't you see what those painkillers are doing to you?" asked Jack. "I like running this place. It's better than it ever was since I took charge! What am I supposed to do? Lay around in my bed and get all fat and depressed? That's not me!" Annie tells Jack.

The phone rings and Annie answers it, "Hello? Oh Helen Diggins? Do you need your pipes fixed? Sure I can send my husband and kids right away!" Annie hangs up the phone and tells Jack, "You got a job to do! Get to it!"

Jack hangs his head and walks out of the Oakdale Plumbing Services Building. Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing were in the car waiting. "Took you long enough!" Kimberly says with impatience.

"What did Mom say?" asked Duncan. "Looks like she's not going to give up her status anytime soon." Jack says. "I heard everything. She gave Uncle Stan my janitor job!" Jing says.

"How do you know what's going on?" asked Duncan to Jing. "I got a Spy Ear!" answers Jing. "So where to next, Dad?" asked Kimberly. "Helen Diggins now has a problem with her pipes." Jack says.

On the way to Helen Diggins' place, Jack tells Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing, "Your Mom is addicted and being controlled by those pain killers. That's why she's been running the company the way she has."

After Jack, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing got their job done. Going back home, Kimberly decides to do some investigating on the painkillers Annie has been taking. "You guys I found out about those pain killers! Come see!" Kimberly announces.

"What is the name of those pills?" asked Duncan. "It doesn't have a name, it's just simply called Painkillers." Kimberly says. "What are the side effects?" asked Jack.

Kimberly reads the side effects, "Taking over a company, making people work for you in jobs that they don't want, and most of all, wanting to stay in a position of power!"

"That sounds like Mom in a nutshell!" Duncan exclaims. "No wonder she took away my janitor job." Jing says. "Good work,Kimberly! You take after Annie! Well come on. We are not going to take your Mom's shit anymore! Come along kids! We must take your mother down!" Jack says.

"Maybe the first thing we can do is take away those pills of hers!" Duncan says. "It won't be easy, but we will stop her!" Jack said.

The day goes by, Annie is in the discussion room. She has her brother Uncle Stan doing janitor work. "This is unacceptable big sister! For the past 5 hours or so you've been barking orders at me to clean! What gives you the right to treat me like this!" Uncle Stan yells.

Annie begins, "You've been running around, living your life the way that you want to for 20 years, little brother! I'm just trying to help you turn your life around and learn how to be a decent human being!"

Getting up from her desk, Annie falls down, then takes more painkillers. "PICK ME UP!"

In the office cubicles where the other plumbers now were working. Annie shows Uncle Stan around. "As your boss I demand you to plan a viewing party for tonight's episode of Station 19!" Annie tells her younger brother.

"That should be easy." Uncle Stan says. "You need to go from cubicle to cubicle to invite people." Annie informs Uncle Stan. "Oh please! I'm not good with rejection." Uncle Stan said.

"Not only am I your sister, I'm your boss and I say DO IT!" Annie tells Uncle Stan. Walking in pity, Uncle Stan goes from cubicle to cubicle to invite people to the TV Party.

"Uhhh, excuse me, sir. I was going to catch Station 19 tonight. And I want to know if you'd like to come over and watch it." Uncle Stan tells the plumber.

"Station what?" asked the plumber. "It's a drama on ABC about firemen. I was wondering if....." Uncle Stan stammers. "No I don't want to watch that! The only good show about firemen is Tacoma FD! Fuck off!" the plumber yells at Uncle Stan.

"See Annie. I told you. Nobody wants to come." Uncle Stan tells Annie.

"You're not off the hook, you still gotta have that party!" Annie says to Uncle Stan.

"I live in my car! How am I going to have a party in my car?" asked Uncle Stan. "That's your problem, not mine." Annie says walking off on crutches.


When Uncle Stan's working shift was over. He was sobbing to Jack. Duncan and Kimberly try to comfort him. "It's not really Mom, Uncle Stan." Duncan says to his uncle. "We learned she's under the influence of pain killers." said Kimberly. "She broke her knee and didn't want to sit around." Jing said. "To top that off Dad's boss is coming back soon and she refuses to step down!" Duncan adds on.

"Is all that true?" asks Uncle Stan. "Yes it is. Now tell us, Stan. What did Annie do to you?" Jack says. Uncle Stan sobs, "She made me clean out the fridge in the cafeteria. Then the plumbers got mad at me because I threw out food that they still wanted it. I don't know what to do! She's my sister and I love her and I have never seen her this way before." Uncle Stan cries.

"Well, that's it! Time to put my foot down on this one!" Jack says. "Mom is slowly becoming out of control!" said Kimberly. "All because of those pain killers, she thinks she can order us around like we're in the army!" Duncan says. "How do we stop Mommy?" Jing asks.

"How do we do that?" asked Uncle Stan. "In order to get Annie to stop running the plumbing business. We need to think like her." Jack says. "Exactly. What is her weakness?" Duncan wondered.

"I just remembered something." Kimberly stands up. "What is it?" asked Jack. "During her childhood, Mom told me a story about a gangster who was terrorizing her neighborhood when she was growing up. Also, this gangster story she told inspired her to want to be a detective one day." said Kimberly.

"By golly, Kimberly you're onto something!" Uncle Stan says. "Do you know about this gangster, Uncle Stan?" asked Kimberly. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. His name was Babyface Nelson!" Uncle Stan remembers.

"Perfect! One of us is going to dress as Babyface Nelson. Then scare my wife straight. She'll have to give up her pain killers and step down from Oakdale Plumbing Servies!" Jack says.

"Hey, Duncan. Perhaps you can dress like Babyface Nelson!" suggested Jing. "You're right I can! I woudn't mind being a gangster!" Duncan says.

Going into one of his fantasies, Duncan imagines himself as Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs. "WHY AM I MR. PINK!" Duncan yells at Joseph Joe Cabot. "It's either my way or the highway!" shouted Joseph Joe Cabot. Then Duncan shoots up the Joseph Joe Cabot in his fantasy. Getting back to reality Duncan asks, "What does Babyface Nelson look like?"

"Leave that to me!" Jack says. So, Uncle Stan, Jack, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing all put their plan into action.

That very night, Annie was signing papers and was down to her last painkillers. "Oh shit! Hey wait! I got refills on these! I'll just call it in later. Annie says. Jack comes into the discussion room.

"Jack! What are you doing here?" asked Annie.

"Oh, just wanting to make sure everything is cool." Jack said coolly. "Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?" asked Annie. "Well, you know, are you familiar with a gangster from your childhood?" Jack asks.

Annie gasps with fear, "You mean Babyface Nelson?" "Yes, him. There's a news report that he's back in Oakdale and he's after women who run companies." Jack tells Annie straight.

"Eeek! I'm a woman who runs a company!" Annie shrieks with fear. Then Jack and Annie hear the sound of a baby crying. "Holy shit! It's him! He imitates a baby's cry when he's about to commit crimes against innocent people!" Annie says. "There is something we can do." Jack said.

"Okay, at this point, I'll try anything!" Annie says. Babyface Nelson broke into the discussion room. Babyface Nelson looked like a gangster with a suit and a baby mask that someone would see on Halloween.



"Quick, Annie! All you need to do is step down from being the boss of this company!" Jack said. "Okay all right! I'm done. I don't want to do this anymore!" Annie cries.

Then Babyface Nelson takes Annie's pain pills. "HEY! I just said I wasn't going to be the boss here anymore! Stay away from my pills you bastard! I need those!" Annie tells Babyface Nelson.

"OH A PILL ADDICT ARE WE! NOW I'M REALLY GOING TO GET YOU, ANNIE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Babyface Nelson laughs out loud. Jack picks up Annie, "Don't worry Annie. I'll get you to safety!" Jack says.

Carrying Annie, Jack was running around now found himself being chased by Babyface Nelson. Yakity Sax plays as Jack was running from door to door to avoid Babyface Nelson. Everytime he tried to get away, Babyface Nelson always found ways to catch up to Jack and Annie.

Jack then ran though the cafeteria, and Babyface Nelson appeared rising up from the desserts. Jack carrying around Annie tried the office cubicles and Babyface Nelson was snuck up behind them. Then Jack carries Annie into the car and drives away, with Babyface Nelson still chasing them and screaming profanity.

In Jack's car, he drives Annie home. "Thank you Jack! You really saved my life out there." said Annie. "Hey, I'm your husband. It's my job to rescue you from danger." said Jack. "Only when I need it." Annie laughs.

Babyface Nelson was at the door, taking off his clothes Babyface Nelson was really Duncan in disguise. "I never want to disguise myself again." Duncan says with disgust and out of breath. Uncle Stan says, "Glad you aggreed to do this. The important thing is that Annie is finally off her power kick!" "You're telling me". Duncan says.


Five days later. Jack's boss was back at his job feeling better from his sickness. The Oakdale Plumbing Services building was now back to normal. At the Harris house. Annie was sitting on the couch. With Uncle Stan, Jack, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing by her side.

"Thank heavens we got away from Babyface Nelson." Annie sighs with relief. "That was awful how he took away your painkillers." Uncle Stan added. "The doctor gave me a lower dose so I won't get addicted." Annie says.

"So glad everything is back to normal." Jack said. "Except for my knee." Annie reminded them all. "We got some good news from the doctor Mom, your knee will be better in a week." Duncan says giving Annie a letter.

"Yes this is great! Soon I'll be back to doing what I am meant to do! Parking Tickets." Annie says.

"We'd rather have you do that than run a plumbing company!" Kimberly laughs. "Until then, you need to rest up. Don't want to speed up the recovery process." Jack tells his wife. "Oh I owe you all an apology. I had no idea those pain pills were controlling me like that." Annie says with sadness.

"Don't beat yourself up. We already forgive you, right Stan!" Jack said.

"I already forgotten how you pushed me around. Well, anyway. See you everybody. I just found an investment opportunity!" Uncle Stan says as he departs.

Everyone said their goodbyes to Uncle Stan. "Whatever happened to Babyface Nelson anyway?" asked Kimberly. "Who knows and who cares!" Duncan says.

"Hey did you all forget we all got good grades on our report cards?" Jing reminds her family. "Yes you're right. Duncan got all Bs! Is that right?" asked Jack.

"The proof is in the pudding!" Duncan says handing Jack his report card. "It's Friday so how about we order a pizza!" Kimberly suggested. "Terrific idea! Say, Annie. You can go and get the pizza if you want." Jack says.

"Nope, for the next week or so I want to relax. I just realized something...." Annie began. "What is it Mommy?" Jing asks. "When I first broke my knee I felt useless and made you guys do everything for me. Then when I began to work at Oakdale Plumbing Services, I got addicted to those pills. Then I became exactly what I hated again. Making everyone else do things for me. And I admit I took it too far." Annie extends her apologizes.

"It's okay. It wasn't you. It was the pills talking." said Duncan. "That's what our Health Teacher says about alcoholics!" Kimberly says. From that moment on, Annie decides to rest until her knee is properly healed. Whenever she needed someting, instead of reling on Jack, Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing, she did it herself. Annie also made a vow to never get addicted to pain killers and just use them in moderation.

The Harris family had a fun pizza dinner celebrating good grades on Duncan's, Kimberly's, and Jing's report cards in the comfort of their own home.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy Production!
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