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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.

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A more au courant version of the beloved Hanna-Barbera characters with the emphasis on style. With huge mansions, lavish parties and glamorous locales; the Scooby gang never looked more tres chic!

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Fred Herman Jones was voted "Best Looking" in school and he also likes to write during his spare time. Fred has many interests such as his obsession with traps, martial arts, wrestling, and weightlifting. Freddie works as an exterminator catching wild animals for a living. He even constructed the traps himself. Fred has been on his own ever since he left home. When he was younger his parents joined this supposed motivational, inspirational, therapeutic couples retreat/relaxation spa/self help group mumbo jumbo but clearly was some kind of cult and they encouraged Fred to join them. But even as a kid he always preferred working alone. So he eventually ran away without even saying goodbye, but left a note. With his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, chiseled countenance and herculean physique plus a huge bulge, Fred Jones is most certainly a sight for sore eyes. While working out a sweat in the gym, wearing a muscle tee and cycling shorts with running shoes, he spies thru the window a ravishing redhead, with shiny shampoo commercial locks blowing in the wind, with cat green eyes, an angelic face and voluptuous figure, wearing an iridescent pleated long skirt, gingham trench coat and lace up boots. Getting picked up by her douchey friends. For a moment there he actually thought he felt something but dismissed it at once. Girls like that are just frivolous flights of fancy who are completely oblivious to the plights of the less fortunate.

Daphne Blake is a successful freelance journalist and an ingenuous fashionista, she even has a black belt in martial arts and shopping. Daphne of course comes from a very wealthy and respected family. She seems like the very picture of perfection, beauty, brains and all the money in the world. But tragedy soon finds the Blake's. Daphne's four very successful sisters were all lost at sea during a yacht party. Daphne's parents, George and Elizabeth Blake, the very personification of the upper crust, where all eyes were always on them. Behaved like royalty and seemed stoic and composed even after everything that transpired. With their heads held high they simply bid adieu to their guests and to their beloved daughters like everything was just dandy. Ever since that harrowing day the Blake's were always busy doing something. Whether it be fundraisers, galas or traveling the globe. Daphne rarely saw them anymore and felt empty and alone even with her myriad friends.

Velma Daisy Dinkley was born chubby and highly intelligent for a very young girl with an interest in the sciences. Her parents pushed her from an early age to excel in her studies, resulting in hundreds of awards for outstanding achievement. The Dinkley's actually used to live right next door to the Blake's. They owned the local museum and Dale Dinkley, Velma's dad, was a very successful stockbroker. Daphne and Velma actually used to be BFFs but had a falling out. Flashback to a very lavish party surrounded by the cream of the crop. When suddenly the FEDS barge in and arrest Mr. Dinkley for fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion. Everyone then stares at young Velma and she begins to cry but is comforted by her mom Angie. The Dinkley's are banished by the social hierarchy and seek refuge in the only property they have left. A dingy old dusty bookstore. When we first meet grownup Velma she is in a vulnerable spot. She's curled up naked in bed pulling the blanket close to her. Her then boyfriend/arm candy is in a rush to get the hell outta there. So he makes up some lame excuse and leaves without even kissing her goodbye. Velma's newspaper dress is crumpled on the floor and stepped on like discarded piece of trash. Velma's face is that of a fragile child with the look of melancholy. Velma as a child realized that most boys were intimidated and felt indifferent towards her. So when she finally came into her looks she decided to just play coy and dumb. And it worked to some extent but had it's pitfalls.

Fred walks in one day, wearing ripped jeans, a fitted shirt and rubber shoes, and checks out a book and immediately notices the stunning Velma, wearing leopard print leggings, a ruffled blouse, leather clogs and a beret. So he asks her out on a date and she giddily accepts. During the date they bump into Daphne in a lilac flowery dress and high heels, accompanied by her consort. Daphne apologizes for never corresponding back. Daphne and Velma in a poofy mini dress and ballerina flats, then hug it out and make up. Just like that. Daphne of course notices Fred in a smoking jacket sans tie and looking smoking hot and pretty soon it turns into a love triangle. The consort feels dejected and soon storms off making a harrumph. Then Shaggy arrives in typical fashion, wearing an art deco tank top, baggy faded slacks, slim leather belt with huge buckle, bomber jacket, combat boots and a beanie. Shaggy is being reckless and accidentally crashes thru the window, high as a kite. Shaggy is capable of impressive feats of athleticism when he is scared. Shaggy occasionally smokes pot to alleviate anxiety. He's incredibly insecure, socially awkward and sometimes even suffers from panic attacks but is actually very witty and articulate. He even used to run track and was a former gymnast. Norville is one of those hipster types complete with a goatee but looks like one of those male models trying to look nerdy but everyone knows is hot. Daphne takes care of everything using her trusty credit cards. And the gangs all here. Little do they know that their actually more connected to each other than they think. No their not related! Their parents are actually all part of a clandestine conglomerate. Think Marvels Runaways. That includes blood rituals, sacrifices and maybe even aliens? And so the Mystery Begins!

Norville "Shaggy" Rogers has a characteristic speech pattern, marked by his frequent use of the filler word "like". Shaggy also has a high metabolism and a sometime vegan. He also has a penchant for collecting decorator belt buckles. Shaggy claims to have the largest collection of decorator belt buckles in the world and currently owns six hundred and fifty-three. He also wears a different belt buckle everyday. His parents' names are Colton and Paula Rogers and appear to be quite well off, living in a mansion. And of course he never leaves home without his trusty sidekick Scooby-Doo!

A male Great Dane approaches the gang wearing an off-yellow, diamond-shaped-tagged blue collar with an "SD" on it. D: Oh! Whose this cutie? S: That's like my Scooby-Doo! Scooby barks. D: We should really get you to the hospital. S: No need like I'm fine. Then Shag collapses to the floor. D: Well my rides gone. Is your car big enough to fit all of us? F: Yep! Fred carries Shaggy to his red sportvan with the words Fred The Exterminator emblazoned on it and Fred is built like a tantalizing Terminator. D: Your an exterminator? F: Why you got a problem with that? D: No! No! Of course not F: Come on everyone get in! Daphne hesitates. F: Is your highness too dainty for my wagon? D: No! Everyone settles in including Scoob. D: Is this cat hair? EW! F: No I believe it's skunk. D: Creepers! Gross! S: Will you two like shut it some people are like trying to sleep... Snores! V: You two kinda remind me of my mom and dad. And dad's still in prison. D: I'm so sorry V. F: I'm sorry too. S: Me three! Scooby too! Scooby barks.

They finally get to the hospital but there doesn't seem to be any doctors available. Daphne looks around and spots her parents talking to someone. D: What are they doing here? Their supposed to be in the Caribbean's. Daphne investigates and Fred and Velma follow her leaving Shaggy behind. S: Oh! Like don't worry about me, I'll be fine! Right Scoob! Scooby barks. D: Mom! Dad! Mrs. B: Dahling! What on earth are you doing here? D: I could ask you the same thing. Mr. B: It's none of your business dear now run along and let the grown ups talk. Daphne runs away in tears with Velma and Fred right by her tail. V: I'm sorry D. D: Daddy's never spoken to me like that, ever! F: Who do you think their talking to? V: He sort of looks familiar though but I'll have to check. Velma scans the room and finds some dork with a laptop. V: Excuse me could I possibly use your PC? It's kind of an emergency. I'll only take a few minutes promise. Dork sizes her up. "Sure!" V: Thank You! After just a few clicks she finds his profile. So he's a big time Hollywood producer and one of those sleazy types. D: Of course! V: It looks like he's throwing his annual party at his home in Beverly Hills. D: It looks like that's were I'll be going. V: Don't you mean us. D: But this is my problem, not yours. V: We're all in this together. F: Once we know, That we are, We're all stars, And we see that... Both Velma and Daphne stare at Fred. F: Sorry! I guess we have a party to attend. So they all go back and check up on Shaggy. Shaggy has been treated and everything is fine. V: By the way we never asked you your name. S: It's Shaggy well actually it's Norville but like everyone calls me Shaggy. So where are we off to? D: Are you sure you wanna tag along with us? We hardly even know each other. S: Well then let's try and get to know each other better. By like buying me some dinner! Scooby barks. And Scooby-Doo!

So the gang get more acquainted with each other at the local diner while Shaggy gorges himself while feeding Scoob. Much to the delight of the others. Fred lays out his plan for tomorrow but Velma stops him. "I forgot to mention that the producer is a closeted homosexual and all the invited guests are probably going to be all male". D: But we could still all go, right! V: You'll probably won't get far with your investigation. I think it's best if Fred did this on his own. F: Are you nuts! I can't go there all by myself. V: Why not? F: The gays can be quite aggressive. Believe me I know. I've been groped one too many times before. I'm gonna need Shaggy. S: What! No! Why me! F: If we pretend to be boyfriends then they'd leave us alone and I'd be able to get closer to the producer. Whose name by the way is Harvey. V: If you guys are gonna pretend then you have to look convincing. Maybe try practicing kissing each other first. S: Zoinks! Like I don't think so! F: Actors do it all the time. Just imagine your kissing a pretty girl. D: And Freddie here is very pretty. Velma does a side glance. Fred has no qualms kissing dudes but has always been attracted to women. Shaggy is cringing as they practice and eventually seems to get the hang of it. Scooby is pondering.

At the Beverly Hills home of Harvey, Fred and Shaggy arrive arm in arm, fashionably late and dressed to the nines in designer duds and matching feather bowties. All eyes were on them. Fred was in a traditional tux and cleats while Shaggy was more avant garde. Wearing a sparkly, silver studded metallic suit with flower shaped pocket square. And a hauberk or chainmail vest over a linen tunic, topped off with a plaid driver cap and glittery feathered derby. But Fred only had his eyes on the prize. So when he spotted his target off he went. Flirting excessively until he got him all alone. While in Harvey's enormous room Fred then pulls out some ropes and ties him up. Pretending it's a game. And eventually manages to get intel. So Fred bolts from the scene carrying Shaggy on his back with him. S: But I was having like some caviar! He goes straight to his van parked not far from the mansion where the girls were waiting inside. F: You will not believe what I just discovered... But is interrupted by Shaggy. S: You know like we never even needed to practice making out. Everyone at that party was quite civil. I mean yes there were a bunch of naked dudes by the pool possibly having sex. I didn't peek. But other than than it was all swell. I mean all we did was kiss on the cheek. Now I can't stop thinking about Fred's soft, moist, luscious lips pressing against mine. F: Are you done? S: Yes! F: Thank you! Scooby-Doo felt dejected. Daphne was wearing a bolero shrug and little black dress with crepe de Chine and kitten heels. D: Wow! Sounds like it was an amazing kiss. Maybe I should try it sometime. Fred blushes and Velma feels awkward wearing an asymmetrical top and corduroy pants with wedges. F: As I was saying before I got interrupted... Then the cops and several news vans all start showing up. D: What is going on? V: Jinkies! I think it's best if we get outta here. S: Agreed! So as they slowly depart they turn on the radio and are shocked to discover that Harvey was found dead. Apparently he hanged himself. D: What did you guys do? F: Nothing! I just tied him up in his chair. That's all I swear! There's no way he would have gotten loose from my knots and hanged himself. Someone clearly made it look like a suicide. V: But who? F: That's what I was getting at. These people all seem to be involved in some kind of conspiracy or secret society. Called Creationex or something. It keeps changing. Your parents Daphne are members! D: What! Creepers! No! There's no way! Wait! Actually I take that back. Their on the board of every major Corporation I can think of. So what does that mean? F: I think it means that their capable of just about anything.

Daphne fuming demands answers. So she storms thru their mansion in a fiery red jumpsuit with ankle strap heels and confronts her parents. Elizabeth Maxwell-Blake is at a loss for words but her husband George Robert Nedley Blake insists that Daphne forget about everything she uncovered. D: I will not! Mr. B: Well then that leaves me no choice. I'm freezing all of your accounts. If you wish to continue on with this nonsense then your not getting any financial support. You are officially cut off! Do you hear me! D: Loud and clear Daddy. Mrs. B: Daphne my dahling you have no idea who your messing with. There's no stopping them. Mr. B: You either get on board or suffer the consequences. D: I'll take my chances. You don't mind if I change and grab a few things first. Wearing a Boucle Chanel suit and a string of pearls with a faux fur overcoat with matching hat and cone heels with her LV luggage in tow she drove back to the gang. Since Fred's place was cramped with all kinds of cages and traps and the bookstore hardly had any space. They all chose to seek out Shaggy's flat. Velma was wearing a turtleneck with exposed shoulders and slacks with ankle booties. V: So this must be what they call a bachelor pad. And I've never seen so many belt buckles in my life. Remind me what you do again. Shaggy was in a flannel shirt with suspenders, sleeves rolled up neatly, snug jeans, loafers and a fedora. S: Mostly online gaming. Like you could actually make a lot of coin just from playing games. V: But what do you do for work? S: Well I used to deliver food but I just couldn't resist nibbling on the merch so I got fired. D: Aside from the trash and the ick factor it's actually quite roomy. How can you afford this place? S: OnlyFans! Everyone including Fred in his usual sporty attire: Seriously! S: I'm joking! Sheesh. My family's money. D: Well if were going to continue on with this investigation were going to need some serious money. And since I've been cut off I don't know how were going to do that. V: We'll make do. D: Were talking about going against some of the richest and slimiest people in the entire world. We can't just do. Although, I almost forgot that I have a separate account. It's only in case of emergencies. But I mean it's only got a couple hundred million in it so I don't know how long that's gonna last. Everyone just glares at Daphne including Scooby. But then luck was in their corner. Shaggy's phone rings... S: So my Uncle Albert apparently passed away and that was his lawyer on the phone and like basically he wants me to show up for the reading of the will. D: I hope you at least get a decent condo. And condolences. So as luck would have it Albert names Shaggy as his sole heir for an inheritance, including his mansion. Dr. Albert Shaggleford was beyond rich and he was also a genius inventor. And created the most realistic humanoid robot yet. He modeled it after screen legend Marilyn Monroe. And used her as his butler.

When the gang arrives at Albert's sprawling mansion they are greeted by none other than the butler named S1mone in a beautifully sculpted cream colored bodice dress and stilettos. "Welcome! My name is S1mone. I will be your butler for the entire duration of your stay. I will be glad to assist you in whatever you need". Velma was in a formal onesie and spool heels. V: Is she supposed to be a robot? Shaggy was in a button down shirt with a trendy tee underneath, a scarf, skinny jeans, desert boots and shutter shades with the ultimate accessory Scooby-Doo! S: Yep! The first of it's kind. Daphne was in a magenta tracksuit and pumps. D: She looks so real though. Fred was in a Plain Oversized T shirt and Sweatpants with canvas shoes. F: I wonder how real. Daphne smacks him on the head. "OW!" S1mone gives them the grand tour and even shows them the secret lab. They all get their own separate suites. And ready themselves for their next mission. World renowned fashion designer Gianni Giorgio is showcasing his next collection at the Palace of Versailles. Gianni is one of the primo members of the secret society which would all come to be known as the Consortium. The gang then all board a plane to France. First class of course. They all look and dressed like the fashion Elite. Surprisingly they all get booked to be models for the show except for Fred who was deemed too big/muscular. Much to Fred's disappointment. Shaggy unfortunately was told to get rid of the goatee and his dog. So Shaggy hid Scooby someplace safe. S: But like I've had this since infancy like Scooby. V: You've had a goatee since you were a baby? S: I mean like yeah, sure. V: Oh Norville, that's a little premature and immature of you, it's just facial hair it'll grow back you know. S: You don't know that. Plus it's my signature. V: Here I'll help you. Just close your eyes and I'll shave it off. Velma grabs a little too much shaving cream and it falls on Shaggy's vintage shirt. V: Oops! I'm so sorry! S: It's fine. Shaggy proceeds to take off his shirt. Velma is aghast at how fit Shaggy is. With perfect pecs, abs, biceps, triceps and you don't wanna know what else. Immediately after the distraction Velma applies the cream and begins shaving off Shaggy's goatee. Velma revels at the new Norville and rests her hand on his cheek a little longer than expected. Their eyes lock and are lost in the moment which felt like a lifetime. But then... "Places everyone the show will begin soon! I want everyone in hair and makeup stat! Ready wardrobe!" Then begins speaking in French and Italian. It was very chaotic. Velma in a catsuit and brogue shoes felt nervous walking infront of all those people on the catwalk. Daphne tried to relax her wearing only a silk robe and block heel shoes but was a no go. So Shaggy chipped in and told her the difference between how men and women walk down the runway. S: So this is how the men strut their stuff but the women walk like this. Shaggy mimics the female supermodels crossing his legs in front of each other and swinging his hips sideways. Which made Velma giggle and eventually calmed her down. V: Thanks Shaggy I needed that. Shaggy didn't let on that he knew more about the fashion world. Daphne eyed them cautiously. Meanwhile Fred in leisure wear and a sleeveless sheepskin jacket with espadrilles was looking around when suddenly gets noticed by Gianni Giorgio. "You there!" F: Yes! Me! Gianni examines Fred. "You don't look quite right for my collection but is perfect for my new underwear line. Do you accept?" F: Um, of course! Sure! Why not. G: Go see my assistant Donatella and she tell you the details. F: OK Thank You! I will. Fred could barely contain his gleeful excitement.

The fashion show began and the models started sashaying down the runway. Daphne opened the show with a mauve slinky gown cut all the way up to her navel and slingback heels. Then Shaggy resplendent in a sea green and smokey topaz suit and oxford shoes. The rest of the models strutted down the Hall of Mirrors but the showstopping piece de resistance was a wedding gown unlike any other worn surprisingly by Velma holding a bouquet of chrysanthemums. In a glowing chiffon and tulle ball gown with hues of atomic tangerine complete with a very long crinoline train, peep toe heels and bright red lips. Everyone rose to their feet and applauded "Brava!" And Gianni Giorgio took a bow. With all the painstaking time it took to create and showcase Gianni Giorgio's magnificent collection it was all over in a span of only a few minutes. Fred joined the gang and spilled all about his good news. S: Are you sure he wasn't just hitting on ya. F: I'll be going to his Villa in Tuscany for the shoot. S: Hmm! Seems awfully sus to me. Posing in your undies in Italy! What they couldn't just shoot infront of a green screen! V: This is just perfect whether it's the real deal or not you get to ingratiate yourself with Giorgio and hopefully find more clues. F: Exactly! Shaggy! Shaggy makes his parting retort: Great! While were at it, why don't we just pimp out Fred every chance we get. Scooby concurs with a bark. Fred just makes a face. So Fred is off to Florence, Italy.

At Albert's estate Velma and Shaggy are having a little fun in the Lab discussing enzymes and microbes. Scooby-Doo is outside the halls looking disgruntled. Velma is wearing a PVC dress and block heel shoes. V: You seem to know an awful lot about this stuff. Shaggy was in a ratty shirt and leather pants with birkenstocks. S: Well that's coz I read a whole lot or at least I used to until I got introduced to the wonderful world of gaming. It pretty much just eats up most of my free time. What Shaggy neglected to tell Velma was that he used to also be a chemist but got kicked out of University for undisclosed reasons. V: What kind of books did you used to read? S: Practically anything I could devour like an encyclopedia or comic books and everything in between. V: What about Mystery? S: Nah! I mean like I'd read a few of those but by a few chapters in I could already deduce who the real culprit is, so I'd skip right to the very end and check to see if I was right and 90% of the time I'm usually right. V: Wow! Me too! I just couldn't resist knowing also and I'd check the end. But even if I was right I'd still re-read the whole thing. I just love Mystery novels ever since my dad gave me my first Sherlock Holmes book. I've been obsessed ever since. So Norville I never got the chance to properly thank you for helping me out during the fashion show. If it weren't for you I doubt I would never have even been chosen for the finale. Daphne was really disappointed she didn't get picked. S: I know! V: But she was happy for me in her own way. Thank God I brought my contacts. So how'd you know all about the catwalk? S: I don't really like talking about it so much. It just dredges up a lot of unsavory memories. V: Oh God! Were you harassed?! S: No no! It's nothing like that. It's just that my mom used to be a seamstress for those big fashion houses. So I used to sit around watching all those fashion shows over and over. Honestly I was bored out of my mind. And sometimes I even got used as a mannequin. For even at a young age Norville was always the lankiest. When he got discovered by an agent Mrs. Rogers was elated. He only modeled to please his mom who loved it and Shaggy despised it. When Mrs. Rogers was found dead of mysterious circumstances, it was simply ruled an accident but Shaggy knew better. When he tried to tell his dad, Mr. Rogers simply wouldn't hear of it. Shaggy at this point had had enough of his controlling dad and his strict rules and finally decided to leave the nest. Ever since his beloved wife died Mr. Rogers started acting like less of a dad and more of a drill sergeant. Velma couldn't help but feel sorry for him so she gives him a hug. And Shaggy started welling up in tears. S: I miss my mom so much. I'd even go back to modeling if it meant having my mom back. She just loved that world so much. I was always a weird kid and no one ever got me. But I soon found out that people in the fashion industry were even weirder than me, much weirder! All I saw were these pretty young things who got used and abused and then tossed aside for the next prettier young thing. It was always about how good you looked and nothing else mattered. My mom was never the prettiest but in my eyes she was the fairest of them all. She was kind, caring and considerate. The complete opposite of those vapid soulless leeches. Velma wiped off his tears with her thumbs and planted a kiss on his lips. Scooby can be heard barking hysterically...

In Giorgio's gorgeous palatial Villa in Tuscany, poolside, Fred is having his photoshoot but is experiencing some slight difficulty. "No no no no! Not like that! Do it this way... It's just not working. Have you never done this before?" F: Of course I have! I'm just out of practice, is all. As Fred lied thru his teeth. The Photographer walked off steaming. Fred could overhear whispers that he might get canned. Giorgio slowly started to approach him and began relaying the bad news. F: No wait! I can fix this. I promise just give me a sec. Fred swiftly runs towards his jacket pocket and grabs something out. He then ties it around his neck. "Voila!" Everyone just stares at him speechless. Giorgio: Meraviglioso! Superbo! Lo Adoro! F: Si! The ascot actually brought him luck. He posed in several different very provocative and daring artsy euro style pictorials. Gianni Giorgio was so impressed with his sudden burst of confidence, which showed in the pictures, that he decided to book him for the whole week. He was to be the sole model in all the shoots. Aside from the international ad campaigns, Fred would also be doing a special artistic spread strictly for a more mature clientele in very raunchy poses for a planned coffee table book. Which meant longer man hours and extensive, extended, superfluous, strenuous and a tedious work load. But on the plus side Fred got to enjoy himself with the very best that only Italians could provide. He was spoiled with the best hot spots and cuisine. Not to mention the babes that were constantly flirting. Fred got sidetracked and momentarily forgot all about the mission. The whole reason why he was even there to begin with. But reality slowly kicked in when he realized that despite all the scintillating sights, sounds and taste he couldn't help but feel a little bitter. He felt more like a cheap stripper than a high paid model in next to nothing apparel and nothing at all. I guess that's what constitutes art which could also be an acronym for Anything Really Test and Fred is A Reluctant Test subject, or it could simply just be Arouse & Titillate. I mean he liked showing off his best assets like a bodybuilder but it was all so weird and sleazy. Everything seemed so glamorous on the outside but it was all a ruse. A Facade! A carefully constructed, cleverly concealed cloud of deception, deceit and deplorable dread of darkness. Covered in rainbows and sunshine so saccharine. But Fred was a trooper and smiled his way through it all. It sort of resembled those old Abercrombie and Fitch catalogs by Bruce Weber or even Herb Ritts but in color. It started out tame but then quickly turned wild. Like simply lifting up a simple shirt showing off his terrific tubular torso with orange belted blue shorts...

Meanwhile back at the Lab. Velma pulls away from Shaggy. "I'm sorry! I didn't know what came over me". S: No no no! it's fine. It's just that I've never kissed a girl before. V: Really! S: Yeah! Like I've never kissed anyone. That is until Fred and then now you. So I'm feeling really good. Thank you for making me feel a whole lot better. I think I really needed that. V: Your welcome. S: Truth be told I've never really had any real friends before. I've just always been alone and I was used to it. Like I meet all sorts of peeps online but it's just not the same as interface for real. You know! V: I know what you mean. I used to be alone too. When I was younger kids used to tease me cause I was chunky and smarter than everyone. But I was tough and I wasn't gonna take any of their BS. S: I wish I had your courage. I get called pretty boy often. V: Wow! That's terrible! S: I know it doesn't sound like much of an insult but hearing it repeatedly. You start to think is this all people see me as. Just another pretty face with not much else to offer society but just like always starving like those hungry models. V: I'm sorry Shag. I'm pretty sure you have much to offer. Like Daphne coming along and actually befriending me. So for the very first time I felt like I finally had a sister. But then you know the rest and I felt even more alone. So I decided to just pretend to play dumb and I actually had guys talk to me, finally! S: Didn't anyone tell you it's better to just be yourself. D: Well my response to that is it doesn't apply to everyone. What if you were talking to a serial killer or rapist, terrorist, pedophile, arsonist... S: I get the point! V: Sometimes a little change can be a good thing. S: But you, your perfect just the way you are. You don't have to pretend around me or any of the gang. Were like family. Fred's like this annoying older brother. Daphne is Daphne and then there's you. Velma blushes. S: So what was Daphne like as a kid? V: Shorter! She wore an awful lot of purple. I mean it was ridiculous how many shades of purple she got away with. I'm more partial to orange. S: Any colors fine with me as long as it hides those pesky stains. Then Daphne wearing a fuchsia fringed short dress and Cinderella slippers, hair in a chignon, barges in with Scooby. "Is Frederick back yet? What's taking him so long? I'm starting to get worried". S: Fred's a big boy he can take care of himself. Before you know it he'll be home in a jiffy. Scooby runs up to his Shaggy.

[WARNING: SKIP THIS PART IF YOU CAN"T TAKE THE HEAT!] ...Diving into the pool in the ascot and white briefs. Coming out of the pool dripping wet with nothing on but the ascot and undergarment gripped by his teeth, looking like a big sexy wet dog with a big bone and an even bigger boner. Rubbing oil on his silky smooth skin and soft supple suckables in latex briefs and condom cap. Sunbathing by the pool with only a fully open diaphanous vest, sunglasses and a huge wristwatch, with one foot in the water and Fred's thick thigh raised up to cover the essentials. Dressed as a merman complete with fishtails a fishnet top and holding a giant trident while eating a wiener attached to the big fork with his fissure in deep water surrounded by fishes blowing bubbles up his crack. Encased in a giant seashell smiling with his pearly whites in a shiny top while his shiny white pearl ornaments are resting on the smiling shells elongated tongue, clamoring, corralling, cajoling for some caressing. Hosing himself down fully clothed with his long hose spilling out. Admiring his reflection in the fountain in a gladiator skirt and sandals while getting peed on by the cherub. Coming out of a well, drenched, holding a bucket of water with his man hole dripping wet. As a sailor on a sailboat penetrating a canal in a hat, the ascot, shirt and shorts opened up to sea his mucus member mainmast unwavering in the blowing wind and soaked in semen sham. Lounging in a large lifesaver and lubing his lightsaber. Strolling by the fields while eating grapes in a see through unitard. Picking eggplants from the vegetable garden and testing which ones are ripe in only a hat, the ascot and jockstrap with his testis enclosed and his anus exposed. Bareback on a stallion with only the ascot and the horses tail appearing to whip his big, beautiful and bountiful behind. 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But the money shot was of him just simply standing tall and proud inside the mansion with the ascot, looking like a buff and blonde underwear clad Ken Doll... After a few more clicks and a few more semi-nudes and homoerotic art the shoot was finally over. Fred hurriedly scanned the mansion for any signs of clues. He went inside Giorgio's enormous living quarters and found what he thought could be the missing link, a red flashdrive hidden in a secret compartment. He tried to test the drive but heard footsteps and quickly tucked it in his boxer briefs. Fred by the way didn't have time to change and is still wearing undergarments. Giorgio steps in and is surprised to see Fred. G: What are you doing in here? F: Oh! I was just looking around and admiring the view from here. This place is incredible. I hope I could own a place like this someday. G: You could if you work with the right people. Like me. Giorgio inches his way closer to Fred and places his hands on his hips. F: Um, that sounds great and all... but I'm beat and am feeling really homesick right now. So maybe next time.... I'll give you a ring. So addio! Ciao! Fred scrambles outta there and takes the fastest flight home.

Fred finally comes home in a striped tee and meggings with chelsea boots. "So what happened?" "I found this flash drive and tested it on my way back. It's got so much in here, you guys gotta check it out". "This is insane look at all these names". Velma was in a tube top and pencil skirt with lace ups. V: Oh my God! Daphne was in a short-sleeved emerald green, scoop neck dress with ruching and platform heels. D: What?! V: Dale and Angie Dinkley my parents! Their members of the group. I can't believe it! Velma then storms off. D: V where are you going? V: To find answers. Fred scans most of the names then stops at Skip and Peggy Jones. Shaggy would you come here? Shaggy was in denim and crinkle cotton, acid wash cigarette pants and flip flops. S: Why? F: Just get over here! S: But I'm eating with Scoob. F: Norville would you get your butt over here now! S: Jeez Fred relax I'm coming. What? F: Just scroll thru the names and see if you find anyone familiar. S: But there's so many. F: Shaggy! S: Fine! Colton Rogers, Uncle Beauregard and Uncle Albert. My dad and a couple of my relatives are all here. What are the odds that all are parents names are all here. I think it's kismet. Were supposed to solve this case. Scooby shakes his head "No!" F: You guys all have money except the Joneses. What could be the connection? I'm talking to my parents.

Velma goes and visits her dad in prison. When they came face to face Mr. Dinkley refused to talk about it. "You always had an inquisitive mind. But I oblige you to stop it". "But dad I just want to know why. I'm sorry but I just can't!" So Velma came to her mom instead. Mrs. D: I just wanted my Madelyn Back. V: Who's Madelyn? Mrs. D: Your sister! V: What sister I'm an only child. Mrs. D: That's because we never told you about her. She was in her late teens and mysteriously vanished from thin air. No one could explain it. But this nameless group actually had some answers. And my prayers were finally answered. But it came with a price. We had to help them and in turn they would help us. Your sister was taken by the light in the sky. V: Are you talking about aliens. That's ridiculous! Mrs. D: Is it though. They showed us your sister in some kind of cocoon. In order to show the image and communicate with the beings we had to perform some kind of ritual, blood oath, sacrifice. It's all very complicated. V: Can't they just use science to communicate. Mrs. D: It's not always as simple like in the movies. So anyway I had had enough. I realized we weren't getting Madelyn back no matter how many times they told us they could. She was gone. I just had to accept it and move on. So I did and I left. But there was no leaving once you've been indoctrinated. So they took everything from us. V: Does that mean daddy's innocent? Mrs. D: No! He's guilty. Just before you arrived I received a call. Dale hanged himself. V: Jinkies! NO! Mrs. D: You see there is only a dead end. If you continue on this path you yourself might just end up dead like your father. I beseech you just forget all about it. Velma didn't say it out load but it was a "HELL NO!"

Fred visits his parents only to find his childhood home in ruins. Fred asks around and apparently during a party the gas went off and lit the entire house in flames together with his parents and a few guests. Fred tried to process everything and composed himself but decided to just look for clues instead. Fred found a cleverly concealed trap door beneath the shed. He broke it open and found what appeared to be more like a dungeon with shackles and cages. He also found a couple of fake IDs belonging to his parents with names like Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves and found a note that just said 'Need More Meat'. "Were they secretly cannibals? Who were these people? What did their cult make them do?"

Shaggy surprised his dad back at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Colton Rogers was the undisputed resident Local Sheriff in town and was never challenged with all his millions. After his wife died he sold the mansion they once inhabited. He saw no reason for living in such luxury and opted for a more utilitarian abode. S: Hi dad. Mr. R: What are you doing back here? S: Nice to see you too dad. I just wanna know, is it true? Did they kill mom? Mr. R: What the hell are you talking about! S: I know all about you and Uncle Beauregard and Uncle Albert and the rest belonging to this no name secret group. Mr. R: Your Uncles are all dead! S: Exactly did they do it? Mr. R: I swear Norville if you don't shut the hell up with all of this nonsense I'm going to do it for you! Mister Rogers clenches his fist. S: I thought so. Goodbye dad for good this time. Scooby-Doo is waiting outside to console his pal. As Shaggy leaves Mr. Rogers face is a mixture of remorse and anguish.

The gang reconvene at Uncle Albert's sumptuous reception area. They all talk amongst themselves. V: How on earth are we supposed to stop these people with just the four of us. S: And Scooby! V: And Scooby. I don't wanna lose any of you guys. Your like the only real family I have left. Everyone rallies around Velma. S: Come to think of it where is Scoob? Scooby-Doo Where are you? Scooby then marches on up holding a sheet of papers in his mouth. S: What are these boy? Shaggy scans them. Their encrypted. S1mone? S1mone emerges wearing a silk jersey, pop art onesie and responds "Yes Shaggy!" S: Can you decode these? S1: I'd be happy too. S: Thank you! S1: Your welcome Shaggy. S1mone then projects a hologram of Uncle Albert who sends a transmission to Shaggy from an undisclosed location revealing that he has been working undercover for the clandestine, nameless corporation he has taken to calling 'The Consortium'. He requests that Shaggy obtain the DNA of Dr. Phineas Phibes and locate the hidden Gem which is a metaphor for a retrograde military software and spy laptop. "Use the DNA to unlock the vault which hides the gem and retrieve it. With the use of my nano technology you can transform any vehicle to suit your missions. Good Luck Shaggy I'm counting on you". And with that the gangs optimism level shot to 100. They all hurried to the newly refurbished computer station. And Velma checked the database and located their intended target. V: It seems that Dr. Phineas is having a pool party tomorrow. Ladies only! D: Well then it looks like you and I are gonna catch the perv. F: What are you girls gonna wear? D: That's for us to know and for you to find out. Wink!

The next morning the girls are ready to leave but not before teasing the boys. Their both dressed in identical robe dresses but with different hues. D: Bye boys. Try not to have too much fun while were gone. Fred is in a vest, shorts and crocs. F: Can't we at least get a sneak peek. V: Nope! Buh bye. D: See ya Fredward. And they soon drive off in style in a pink stretch limousine. Shaggy was in a plaid outfit and blucher. S: Fredward? F: It's from Twilight. We were watching it last night. You know Edward the vampire. That movies actually not half bad. S: Right! So you two have been getting a little cozy. F: I mean were just chilling. I'm not quite ready to get tied down just yet. I wanna play the fields a little. If you know what I mean. S: You dog! Fred ever so lightly punches him in the midsection. Ouch! Shaggy falls flat on the floor. Scooby barks and then licks Shaggy's face. With the help of S1mone they find Albert's nano tech. S: So which car should we use in the garage. Albert just happens to also be a connoisseur of classic cars. F: How bout that one? S: Nope!... Nah!... I don't think so! These are all vintage automobiles. Their like priceless works of art. We need some rundown dilapidated piece of junk. Like your van. F: No way! I bought that junk myself and fixed it. Plus some of us actually have to work for a living. S: Ha ha very funny. How much do you want for it. I'll right you a check. F: Fine! Do your thing. Shaggy then releases the nano bots onto the van and slowly transforms it ever so slightly. S: S1mone can you tell it to take the shape of those old 60s vans that hippies use. F: No no we have to look inconspicuous. Black and boring that's what were going for. S: Yeah like those black SUVs aren't sus. F: I dub thee 'The Mystery Machine'. S: Sure Sherlock!

Meanwhile at the pool party. Daphne and Velma arrive and quickly scan the area spotting Dr. Phineas surrounded by scantily clad women. They both disrobe and reveal teeny tiny string bikinis with matching heeled sandals. Daphne tops it off with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses while Velma is wearing a scarf headdress. They both proceed to lock lips with a lot of tongue action and make loud moaning sounds. Caressing and squeezing each others taut bodies while undulating surrounded by big beach balls and topless silicone breasts. Which of course steals the show from all the other bodacious bootylicious babes. Dr. Phineas invites them both to his bedchamber. Whilst there they spike his drink with truth serum and get what they came for. Easy peasy!

The intended location is a highly fortified, impregnable fortress with round the clock armed guards and the vault is highly secure complete with security cameras, lasers, pressure sensitive floors and a case sensitive timer lock. If you've seen any of those heist movies then you know what to expect. How on earth are they supposed to get through all that? Simple, it's Scooby-Doo and they always Do doo! The Mystery Machine smashes thru the gates and creates a commotion and distraction. It whizzes around which causes confusion. The guards all scramble to intercept it, shooting at the target. But the Mystery Machine just spits out all the bullets. Meanwhile S1mone in a leather leotard has managed to shut off all the security from the vault and with ease retrieves the gem. Then very ladylike steps into the van with the rest of the gang in all black and camo. Shaggy with his outstretched hand helps S1mone slide in with Scooby barking and then they quickly drive off. Back in the mansion they uncover all of the Consortiums dirty little secrets all thanks to the gem. And everyone is in a celebratory mood.

Shaggy even tries to be romantic by buying Velma a bouquet of flowers. Wearing a tuxedo shirt and trousers with moccasins. But spots both Velma and Fred in a moonlit night embracing each other in a dance under the gazebo with those stringy little lights on like at the end of the first Twilight film which then ends with a kiss. Shaggy is livid and tosses the bouquet in the bushes. Then sparks up a doobie with his canine Scooby. Shaggy is hunched over on a railing with his roll looking more like those cool riders in those old cigarette commercials. Then Daphne arrives wearing a sheer tie-front cardigan and grey jeans with ballet flats. "Why do you keep smoking those?" S: It's for my anxiety, it keeps me chill and mellow plus it helps me hear Scooby speak. D: Really! What does he say? S: "Ruh-roh, Raggy!" D: Excuse Me! S: That's what he sounds like. D: OK! Just for the record I don't condone this sort of thing but I'll give it a shot. Hand it over! S: Are you sure about this? D: I'll be fine! A few minutes later their both laughing hysterically and cavorting. The next thing you know Daphne falls on top of Shaggy and kisses him. Scooby: Reep rour rands rof ry Raggy! Ritch!

The next morning Daphne finds herself in Shaggy's bed in her lace underwear next to a nearly naked Shaggy. D: Shaggy wake up! What happened last night? S: What? D: What did we do? S: Nothing we just fell asleep. D: Then why am I in my undies? S: You did a little striptease and hopped in bed with me. D: You could have at least worn a shirt. S: Hey! Just be thankful I even wore boxers. I actually like sleeping in the nude. D: EW! You could have carried me to my room. Like a gentleman. Fred would. S: Well your room happens to be at the far side of the mansion. At least Velma's is only right next door. And I'm not Fred! D: If you tell V and Frederick what happened I will... not like you anymore! S: They may find it amusing. D: I don't! S: Fine! My lips are sealed. Now would you please get out of my room. D: Gladly! I'm feeling lightheaded. S: Would you like me to escort you to your boudoir? D: I'll manage thank you. As Daphne leaves with her clothes Shaggy enjoys the view from behind. Scooby just goes back to sleep.

Thanks to the gem most of the higher up members of the Consortium were arrested. As the gang watches the news. Shaggy races into the study panting with Scoob in tow. Wearing a pleather jacket, fishnet shirt, motorcycle chaps, leather cap, snakeskin boots with matching belt and fingerless gloves. Everyone is concerned. Velma in a single sleeve top and frilly skirt with mules. V: What is it Shaggy? Shaggy pulls out a magazine and opens it up to reveal an ad with Fred in underwear with the logo GG. Kinda like the Chanel logo but with the letters facing inward. Daphne was wearing a beaded, sequined mini dress and heels. D: What the... Oh my! Freddie look at you. Fred as usual was in athletic wear. F: Okaay funs over hand me the mag. S: You know there are giant billboards of you hanging everywhere. I couldn't take my eyes off of your huge crotch. Did they stuff socks in there and what idiot thought of putting you in a stupid ascot? F: Actually that was me. I'm the stupid idiot. S: I'm sorry Fred. What made you decide. F: I was having a hard time during the shoot and thought of putting on the ascot for luck and it worked. It used to belong to a friend of mine named Casey. Casey came to my shop one day asking for a job. I wasn't really looking to hire, I was perfectly content on my own. But thought what the heck. I guess I could use some help. Casey always wore that orange ascot even when some people would criticize it. He just wore it proudly. I never knew he was gay until he kissed me one time. He apologized profusely but It really never bothered me. I was honestly quite flattered. But then the next morning he never showed up for work and I started to think that maybe it had something to do with me. The next thing I know I hear on the news that some thugs had beat him up and left him for dead near the side of the road all bloodied and bruised. During his funeral his parents wanted me to keep his ascot and I've held onto that thing for dear life. I like to think that he had something to do with my luck during the shoot. Like he's watching over me like some kind of guardian angel. Fred begins to weep and the gang all surround him hands over each other like a loving family including Scooby.

S1mone requests that everyone adjourn to the computer station. Whilst there Uncle Albert appears on the giant monitor. "Congratulations everyone with your help we were able to take down the root of the problem but there's still so much work to be done. I have decided to remain as board of director for the time being to hopefully keep things on the right track until such time as I am no longer needed. We have made progress with the extraterrestrials and have reached an agreement". Velma was punk rock chic in a bustier and short fringe jacket, sheen trousers and spiky platforms, complete with spiky faux mohawk. V: What kind of agreement? A: That's confidential. The less you know the better. It's for your own safety. Shaggy was preppy chic in a V-neck sweater and chino shorts and chukkas. S: Sounds ominous. A: But this is an auspicious occasion. Soon it will be all over the news. You'll see. S: What is it Uncle? A: Just be patient my boy and all will be revealed in due time. Eventually it was all over the news worldwide. It was all people were talking about. A very bright light that shot from the heavens appeared to have returned all of the missing men, women and children. They all looked exactly the same as they were when they were abducted years ago. Madelyn was finally reunited with her mother and younger sister Velma who looked considerably older than her supposed older sister. The Blake's were on cloud nine when all of their beloved daughters had returned. Daisy, Dawn, Dorothy and Delilah. Not least of all was Daphne looking boho chic in a long maxi dress and gladiator sandals was welcomed back into the fold. Shaggy had no idea that his long lost sister Maggie Rogers and her husband Wilfred had been taken by the aliens. He just presumed they had died. So with their sudden return meant that they were able to mend the broken relationship between father and son. At long last Shaggy felt his father's embrace with neverending tears in their eyes. "I love you son!" "I love you too dad!" Scooby-Doo kept on barking. Unfortunately Fred was an only child and never felt more alone in this world. In rugged wear looking all worn out. His parents were gone and there was no reconciling with them knowing what he soon found out about them. They were responsible for providing the human sacrifices needed for the rituals. He could never shake off the feeling of being sick to his stomach. It was revolting. But luckily Fred had found his new family.

Over by the pool the gang were having fun laughing and smiling. Velma in a bare midriff/crop top, micro mini and thigh high boots with hair blowing in the wind, tells everyone about Shaggy being a former model. Fred in a tank top and cargo shorts and sneakers with a baseball cap looking so much like John Cena. "What! Why didn't you tell me you could have given me pointers. They kept telling me to smize and so I kept smiling". Shaggy in a mesh shirt and short shorts with suede slip ons. "It means smile with only your eyes". F: I found that out the hard way. They kept whispering what is wrong with this dude. I didn't know that's what that meant... I just had a bright idea, we could make this into a legit business and call it 'Mystery Inc.' S: Sounds copyrighted. Daphne in a short, off the shoulder polka dot dress with a giant see-thru bow in front and matching pumps with her hair in an updo. "I just can't believe it's finally over". V: Evil never truly dies! S: Your right and we still have those aliens to contend with. Am I the only one worried about an invasion! F: I'm hopeful they got what they came for and flew right back home. S: Unless their planets been destroyed! F: When push comes to shove at least we'll always have each other to lean on. V: That's right! Shaggy pulled Velma aside and asked her if she still had feelings for Fred. V: Fred is beautiful but ever since that chat we had in the Lab I've never felt more connected to anyone. Were more alike than you might think. You make stupid jokes so no one notices how clever you really are. Your insecurity sometimes gets the better of you. But I know the real you and I love it. Can we start over. Hi I'm Velma. S: Hi I'm Shaggy and I think I'm in love with you. They both express their devotion to each with a kiss in front of Fred and Daphne. Fred is happy for Shaggy. Daphne however is feeling very insecure. Fred just seems like a player. D: Freddie do you care about me? F: Of course! Why wouldn't I. D: I really, really like you Fred but you don't seem all that interested in anything serious. F: But were still young and there's so many wonderful opportunities to explore. Daphne defeated just walks off. F: Daphne wait! I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was I wanna explore these said opportunities with you. Together as maybe a couple. If your interested. But I guess not. Fred walks away and Daphne jumps on his back and does a sleeper hold. F: Okay! Ok I'm sorry! And soon they too find each others lips. Everyone is momentarily distracted by the sudden appearance of S1mone carrying a tray full of refreshments and the infamous coffee table book in a very revealing outfit. A very low cut rayon dress with a huge slit at the side, held together with safety pins. With nothing underneath. Nothing is left to the imagination. I mean nothing when a gust of wind blew by. The boys are agog as the girls quickly shield their eyes from the hooha. S1mone is an anatomically correct and very well endowed fembot. S1: I thought you might need some refreshments. S: I sure do. I'm parched. Shaggy licks his lips while staring at S1mone and gets a slap on the arm from Velma. Ouch! What was that for? V: I thought we were progressing. S: What I can't look now? V: Of course you can. I don't wanna be that kind of girlfriend. S: Well you sure are acting like one! F: Thank you S1mone. S1: Your welcome Fred. This also came in today. S1mone places the package onto the table and Daphne quickly opens it. "OMG! V come and take a look at this". The girls peruse the book giggling like naughty schoolchildren. Eyes ablaze. Shaggy just covers his eyes taking a few quick glances. "I knew you were hung Fred but this is too much. I feel inferior and emasculated. It's incredibly intimidating not to mention painful. What did they make you do?" F: I thought Gianni Giorgio getting locked up meant that those pictures would never see the light of day. I guess I was wrong. S: Like they still gotta make money and feed the starving perverts of the world. That doesn't look right. That's nasty. How on earth did you fit that whole thing in your mouth? That looks dangerous. That ones not so bad. That's very bad. That's an awful lot of nips, tips and dips! It's just too naughty. I've practically seen every inch of you Fred. I can't unsee any of this. My eyes can't take it no more. The girls are too busy salivating over Fred's nakedness. S: Is this supposed to be art or porn? Either way I'm getting a ton more copies of this book. F: Just stop it Shag! I'm embarrassed enough as it is. You don't have to humiliate me like this. S: I'm serious your like a local celebrity. You should sign this book. Who knows you could be like the next Kardashian. And you have nothing to be ashamed of. Models do this sort of thing all the time. I should know, although I never actually posed in my skivvies or done any nude pictorials. Anyway the point is this all might seem vulgar but to the trained eye it's actually artistic. It takes a lot of guts to do what you did. Besides the human body is truly a work of art. And yours is superbly spectacular. I am not worthy to stand in your presence. And I'm honestly really proud of you. Your beauty transcends and feeds my soul, giving joy and life, taking me to new heights, lifting my spirits high soaring thru the sky sending shockwaves to my limp love handle and jolting it into a vertical frenzy. Fred punches Shaggy. V: What about me? S: Like ditto! Your my big, brave, bold and bodacious best bud. F: You really mean all that Shag? S: I most certainly do. D: Are you two gonna suck each others faces again? They pretend kiss with their tongues out. Then they just hug it out with Shaggy squeezing Fred's bum. "Hey! Cut it out". S: What I just wanted to sample the goods. Fred playfully wrestles Shaggy to the ground. D: You two look like your shagging. S: That is my name and that's what I do. V: I thought you were a virgin. S: That was supposed to remain confidential! V: Sorry! Jinkies! F: Seriously! We gotta pop that cherry. Fred starts simulating sex on Shaggy, pumping and grinding hard, but then out of nowhere Scooby-Doo comes to the rescue hopping on top of Fred barking loudly. Scooby just wanted to protect his master and best friend. S: It's okay Scoob we were just playing. Scooby growls at Fred and Fred recoils. And they all soon share a hearty laugh, a few drinks and canoodle by the glorious sunshine. Scooby-Doo can be heard barking from a distance clamoring for attention. All seems bright and cheerful. That is until... A precariously perched parrot, observes the gang intently with wide eyes.

A ginormous spacecraft is looming high above the planets atmosphere. Undetected by human technology. A holographic monitor displays the Scooby gang. Inside the ship an alien hand reaches for a large button and presses it... Reboot!

(I found it very difficult to find Velma's voice, the genius with a more refined behavior and a new and improved Shaggy with brains to match. I just couldn't find the right vocab to express how these two would communicate with each other. Being a complete dumbass myself. I hope the reader could imagine how these 2 would talk esp when they start having feelings for each other. Just a reminder I'm not really a writer. I'm simply an idea maker. If you didn't like this pls be more kind and not attack me thank you. This is all just for fun. I was sorta inspired by the fanmade pilot Mystery Incorporated and the news of an R-rated version of Scooby-Doo where Velma was written as a lesbian, Shaggy was a stoner and Fred was originally gay hence the ascot tie. So I took a little bit of all that and put my own glamorous sexy spin on it.)
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