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Carlos: Spawn of de Vil

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Only scion son of notorious fashion maven Cruella de Vil and an homage to the actor who portrayed him Cameron Boyce who sadly passed away.

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Carlos never knew that his mother was the infamous fashion magnate Cruella de Vil. He grew up in an orphanage not far from London. He was boisterous, cool and cunning. He was a very gifted young lad. Studious and skilled in a lot of ways. He knew parkour, he could skateboard and ride a bike. He could knit and sew and was very adept at anything technological. Needless to say he was in fact a genius. He also had his mothers very distinctive hair caused by poliosis, a disease that causes a decrease or absence of melanin in head hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, or any other hairy area. Unlike some people, Carlos was never teased for it. In fact everyone thought it was pretty cool! But never having even step foot in a college was not cool. No one took him seriously. The child prodigy had to make ends meet. By working retail.

In a fancy department store he sold shoes and clothes. Measuring feet for a living wasn't exactly what Carlos had in mind for work. But he made peace with it. It was only temporary until he found something better. Better late than never soon arrived in the form of a talent scout. Carlos was just dancing around in his footwear, passing the time when someone eyes him. He introduces himself and hands him his card. "My name is Charlie Fletcher, I work for Bunk'd Entertainment". He tells Carlos to go to this audition to be in the next boyband. Carlos at first is a little skeptical. He's received looks like that before from strange men. Offering some kind of job. But turns out to be a scam. Carlos knew he was cute, of a reasonable height and immensely gifted. But more often than not he usually ends up with the weirdos. He checked the card that was handed to him, as soon as the guy left, and fact checked to make sure he was legit. It was, so off he went, without speaking with his boss at the department store.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands of potential applicants. They all seemed capable. With looks, charisma and swagger. But Carlos was undoubtedly the most talented of the bunch. So it came as no surprise when he got called back. They narrowed them down to five. Then finally four. Harry hooked his way to peoples hearts, Chad charmed the crowd and Jay jived. Harry, Chad and Jay, together with Carlos were selected as the newest members of the group. They couldn't decide on a name for the band. Then Chad who saw a tiny puppy in the street thought. Why not RUNT! Carlos: Do you realize that that could also mean an undersized or weak person. But the producers loved it so they just went with it. So Runt was soon doing mall showings, opening acts and eventually touring the country. But like most boybands the group would soon fizzle out. But not without its merits. Cocky Chad was the first one to leave, citing a solo career and dating a popstar named Audrey. Handsome Harry soon followed suit, signing with another record label called 'Ally of Uma'. But jocky Jay was Carlos' staunchest supporter. The two bonded like brothers. Jay was clearly the bigger dude. He had the muscles to prove it. Jay was skilled at parkour as well. And a martial arts expert due to his dad who taught him everything he knew. Sadly Jay lost his dad and his mom was an emotional wreck. She just closed herself off and Jay couldn't get her to open up. He decided to leave the nest and branch out on his own. He's been living by himself all these years. Now he finally has a little brother to talk to.

During one of their luncheons with potential clients, Carlos accidentally bumps into a very lovely girl with blue hair. Her name is Evelyn or Evie. Evie is an aspiring fashion designer. She and her mom used to be in the inner circle. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous. But suffered a falling out when Evie's dad was arrested for fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion. They soon fled to the slums where no one would recognize them. Evie found her best friend in these very corners. Another equally pretty girl named Mallorie or Mal with purple hair. Mal's mother was schizophrenic and incarcerated. And her dad abandoned them when she was little. Like Jay, Mal's been doing things on her own. Evie found Mal spray painting her art on a wall. Mal was a naturally gifted artiste. And soon her creations would be hanging up in walls in prestigious art galleries. This is where Mal finds her future boyfriend Benjamin or Ben. Ben is an art connoisseur and comes from old money. His parents Adam and Belle are the cream of the crop of high society. And together they would all make a band of brothers and sisters.

At a lavish soiree, Ben makes a speech and calls on Mal. Before you know it Ben is down on one knee proposing to Mal. Mal gleefully accepts. Evie is already busy sketching her potential wedding gowns. The wedding quickly commences and all is in attendance. Minus Mal's parents. But Ben surprises his bride with the sudden appearance of her dad. Mal valiantly tries not to smudge her makeup. But Evie made certain that it was smudge proof. Mal's dad walks her down the isle. And Mal at that moment looking at her dad and staring up at her future husband, never again felt lost. Cut to the reception where everyone is having a gay ole time. Everyone except Carlos that is. As the newlyweds begin the dance, everyone then follows suit. Jay surprisingly dances with an equally attractive person. A dude named Gil. Who knew? Carlos wanted to ask Evie to dance but she was preoccupied with this guy named Doug who simply would not leave her alone. Doug is Evie's assistant of sorts. I don't know the exact term for it. SIMP! Doug for lack of a better word is just a big, giant DORK! A pretty, perky and plump young girl named Jane, asks Carlos if he'd like to dance. "What do I have to lose?" So Carlos and Jane are dancing the night away but something still feels amiss. For Carlos couldn't help but keep looking back at Evie. Soon Carlos wouldn't be missing a beat. He would feel the beat.

Fortune was on Carlos' side. For another strange man approached him. But this wasn't for a job offer. He was offering something else. An inheritance! "My name is Jessie Cameron. Are you by any chance Carlos Boyce?" The name came from Carlos' foster parents who went missing in the ocean. Carlos always felt that they may have just faked their own disappearance to avoid returning to him. When Carlos came of age he left the orphanage to pursue his dream. His dream though was unclear. C: Uh yes! That's me. Who's asking? J: I work for a law firm. I'm here to bequeath a request from your birth mother. Cruella de Vil. If you'll just sign some papers in my office then you can get back to whatever it is you were doing. Carlos tries to process this information. My mother is Cruella de Vil! Even Carlos knew who that was. Without having any prior knowledge or interest in the world of fashion. Cruella had left Carlos the bulk of her entire fortune. Including her home, Hell Hall. Which was home to her vast collection of fur coats, her beloved car, a custom black and white 1974 Panther De Ville Saloon and assorted vehicles stored in the enormous garage like a 1930s Bugatti Royale which was a car too expensive and exclusive for some members of royal families. And of course her famous fashion house, House of DeVil. As Carlos signed away, he felt like he was signing in his own blood. Making a pact with the DeVil.

The biggest revelation was finding out who his real father was. He was a huge Rock & Roll legend. He was in a band called Paradise City. They sold countless albums worldwide. He was found dead in his home, apparently he had overdosed. Rumor was it that he had attempted to reconcile with her to no avail. Hence the OD. But before leaving this world he left a legacy of music. His final opus was a hit single that rose to the top of the charts. Alluding to Cruella. Describing her as a complex, cold, cruel, complicated, conceited, callous, calculated, conniving, cun... In other words Cruella was a Bitch! And she very well knew it, and just ran with it like a badge of honor, and so did everyone else. Just ask the Dalmatians. But she wore them wonderfully well.

Hell Hall, formerly known as Hellman Hall was situated in Suffolk, England. As Carlos ventured into his new inner sanctum, he felt a cold shiver down his spine. The place was massive and he pondered just maybe selling it. It was just too much for little ole Carlos. But then Carlos saw all the oil paintings of his ancestors with their distinctive two tone hair. This was not just simply Cruella's abode, it used to belong to his ancestors as well. When Carlos was done scouring and surveying the manor like his personal man-cave he couldn't help but feel like Batman, so he went for a joy ride in The Batmobile i.e. his mums car. And stumbled upon the House of DeVil. As he entered the former reigning house of style, he couldn't help but notice the emptiness in the halls. Fewer people were being employed and even fewer clientele. Carlos needed to revitalize this declining company. But how? Using his wits and savvy. First he hired Evie as the new head designer. Then Carlos needed to market these babies. Evie quickly sketched nonstop for a future collection. The fashion house catered mostly to older wealthy matrons. Evie tried to change all that by using men as well as women. And merchandising affordable ready-to-wear fashions and accessories. Soon it was time for the big reveal. The culmination of all their hard work. The showcasing of the new and improved collection. They needed to wow the crowd. And they didn't disappoint. Everyone cheered for the sublime. Evie was about to embark onstage, when Carlos halted her. He then sauntered onto the catwalk instead and shocked the fashionistas present by sporting a gorgeous long sleek black authentic fur coat. The crowd quickly rose to their feet in applause. As Carlos bathe in the glow of darkness. A dark and ferocious, furry of frenzy. A fluffy of fashion. Carlos became the new face of fierce fashion. As Evie looked on in concern. As the crowd goes wild. Carlos was slowly morphing into some kind of wild bestial animal. As he laughed maniacally. He was after all the spawn of de Vil.

Carlos' face was plastered everywhere. The headlines read: KILLER FASHION! and DARK PRINCE OF DeVIL! He fanned the flames and ignited furore in animal rights. Which only led to his ever growing popularity. As sales rocketed to the stratosphere. He modeled his own clothes, wearing his mothers old furs and even sporting a long cigarette holder. Carlos never smoked but wanted to create the illusion of nicotine use. He was ready to take over the world. Or at least that's what it felt like. Paparazzi would often catch him drunk and disorderly. Carlos was a clever CEO and would soon lose hearts with his cool couture, classic car and by being a cad. But it was all a carefully, constructed lie. The illusion of superficial excess living. It was all working on his behalf.

As Carlos' business grew so did his ego. Jane persistently tried to get ahold of him through calls and texts. But Carlos couldn't be bothered so he just blocked her altogether. Doug had grown weary of Evie. He was starting to feel like a manservant and no longer a confidant. During a night out while having a few drinks by himself, he encounters Jane sitting by her lonesome. So he decides to join her and they quickly bond over their similarities. It was like the stars were aligned. And pretty soon Carlos and Evie would inevitably find each other.

Carlos had grown distant to his so called friends. And his staff were frightened of him. As he gazed upon himself in the mirror, all he saw was a sad and lonely boy, seeking the approval of others. He had turned into his mother unconsciously. He had to find a way to fix things. In the workplace and with his cronies. House of DeVil needed a complete overhaul. Starting with a healthier, happier, non toxic working environment. Carlos got to know each and every member of his company. They held company outings and competitive games and just plain fun activities. In short they were making progress in loosening up and becoming less stressful. And pretty soon people were warming up to him and productivity was at an all time high. Next up was mending his friendships.

Carlos tended to fly solo while working. But opted to get his buddies involved as well. He called up Jay and asked him for a favor. Jay jokingly obliged. It was always his dream to become an underwear model. And Jay was perfect for their new men's undergarment line. Carlos then politely asked Evie if she could model her own designs together with Mal of course. She concurred. Then eventually Ben was getting in on the act. Modeling high fashion gear. And pretty soon Jay's boyfriend Gil wanted a piece of the action. He joined Jay in some pretty provocative ad campaigns. Which only made Carlos even richer. Now that all that was settled. It was time to finally make his move. He was going to ensnare the beautiful and brilliant princess. By simply being himself. C: Evie! Would you maybe like to go out sometime? E: Like on a date. C: Aha! Something like that. E: Carlos! I'm flattered but I can't. C: Why not? E: I just... Evie just runs away. Carlos tries to catch up to her but she vanishes. He tries contacting her but nothing. He calls everyone who might know where she is but still nothing. He even tries looking for her at the airport. Nada! Evie went home to her mom. Her mom's real name was Regina. Regina tries consoling her only daughter. R: What's the matter dear? E: It's Carlos. He wants to go out with me. R: And! E: I'm just not ready to be in a relationship. I'm too focused on my career. People don't even realize that I design most of the clothes. I'm just this ghost designer. Carlos takes all the credit. R: I'm sure that's not true. People in the know must have heard of you. That's why you need to talk to Carlos. Tell him what's really bothering you. Open up sweetheart. Don't just bottle it all up. E: I don't know. I'm just scared, I guess. R: Scared! Nonsense! He's your friend isn't he. He's the one who offered you this job in the first place. You just tell it to him straight. That you want to be taken seriously. You want the credit that you rightfully deserve. Now just stop your sniveling and go take that leap of faith. Listen to your mother. Just go! Shoo! E: All right mom. I'm going. Thanks for the advice. R: That's what I'm here for. Now scram! E: Bye mom. Love ya! R: Love you to sweetie! Kiss kiss. Buh bye!

Carlos was worried. Did he just drive her further away? "What am I going to do?" Just then Evie walks right into Carlos' enormous office and demands that she get her due. Carlos laughs. Evie is shocked. "Is that a diss?" C: No no no! I was already planning on giving you full credit. I only hesitated because I didn't want my competitors snagging you away from me. I want you all to myself. I know that's pretty selfish of me. But if you choose to leave then I respect that. This time Evie is the one who laughs. C: What is that supposed to mean? E: I'm not going anywhere dummy! I'm staying right here. C: Oh thank God! Carlos unexpectedly kisses her. Oh! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have done that. I, I..... E: That's perfectly alright. I remember kissing a dog, I mean Doug! C: Don't tell me I remind you of him. E: Quite the contrary! What I was about to say was, while kissing Doug, I felt nothing. Whereas with you. I felt something. C: You felt sparks fly. E: Yes! Exactly! C: Does this mean what I think it means. E: I would love to go out on a date with you. C: Finally! Sorry! Thank you! Can we go right now? E: Um, Okay. Sure why not! And everything worked itself out in the end.

Mal meanwhile visited her mom in the sanitarium. Gil introduced Jay to his dad and his third wife. Gil's dad was a boorish Frenchman named Gaston who gave Jay a big bear hug. G: Welcome to the family! There's just nothing better than being welcomed with open arms and accepted regardless of your race or sexuality. Evie was busy doing interviews. And Carlos visited his dad's grave. Then it was time for another fashion extravaganza. During another runway show where models paraded down the catwalk wearing Evie's fabulous creations. Jay and Gil strutted down holding hands. Mal and Ben sashayed their way next. Doug and Jane were not on stage but seating comfortably as guests. So were Ben's parents, Regina, Mal's dad, Gaston and wife#3. As well as Carlos' former bandmates Chad with his on/off publicity hungry GF Audrey. And Harry with his tough as nails boss Uma. Harry is grinning like the Cheshire Cat in a pirate hat and guyliner. Even Jay's ex Lonnie came to support. The showstopper was Evie in a stunning royal blue wedding gown accompanied by Carlos, resplendent in his black and white with a hint of red tuxedo. They looked like the perfect bride and groom. And so Carlos had the bright idea to make it official by going down on one knee and proposing. Much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Of course she says yes! And Carlos grabs his bride-to-be and plants a spellbinding true loves kiss. Awakening the senses like the hills are alive with the sound of music. And a magical fairy dust sprinkled, wonderful world of Disney, fairytale happy ending. Captured by the cameras and seen everywhere... A strikingly, overdressed woman in a veiled hat looks intently at the couple. Eyeing them suspiciously with long sharp nailed gloves and four inch spiked heels....

(This is my tribute to Cameron Boyce who was taken from us way too soon. I wanted a more realistic setting instead of a fairytale world. But still felt magical in the world of haute couture. Not really a writer just a clueless imaginative dreamer! I hope Cameron appreciates this.)
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