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Flowers in the Attic (Reboot)

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A reimagined version of Flowers in the Attic inspired by the prequel Flowers in the Attic the Origin.

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Corrine is devastated to learn that her husband has passed. Little does she know that Christopher is one of the John Does in the infirmary. Christopher was just minding his own business when out of nowhere a thug beats him up and smashes his head on the wall. The hooligan steals all his belongings including his car, and in his haste accidentally crashes into a gasoline station and is engulfed in flames. When the cops show up they find Christopher's ID and mistake the thief for Christopher. When Corrine arrives to identify the body she cannot because it's been burned to a crisp.

Christopher suffers a concussion and falls into a deep sleep. He eventually wakes up from his coma after several years with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. All he knows is that his surroundings feel like a prison and so he escapes it's confines. While strolling through the streets a beautiful older woman notices him and is captivated. Excuse me, you there hello! Are you lost? Maybe I can help you. The young man is befuddled. I don't know! Well, are you hungry? Maybe I can buy you some lunch. Would you like that? Christopher nods and enters her chauffer driven car.

Mrs. Heather Desmond who was married three times was known for her exquisite beauty but alas time moves on and looks start to fade. With her strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and petite figure. She still resembles the regal beauty she once was.

After a hefty lunch Heather pounces on that Christopher may need a place to rest and since he has no recollection of anything prior she insists that he stay at her palatial mansion. The mansion almost seems to rival that of Foxworth Hall but seems empty with hardly anyone present except for her trusty old butler Max. Max gives the young man a tour of the mansion while Madam changes into her usual flamboyant attire. At this point Heather has decided to call him Callum after her second husband who died at war. Christopher/Callum just goes along with it.

During one hot afternoon while Heather is making some calls out by the pool on her lounge chair in her sarong, sunglasses and big brimmed hat out of the corner of her eye she spies Callum in his swimming trunks ready for a plunge. He then proceeds to pull down his trunks revealing his glorious toned body and massive schlong. Heather is captivated by this glorious figure in front of her. Eyeing him hungrily as he rises from the pool dripping wet with the tiny droplets trickling down his sinewy physique. Callum then approaches her slowly and lays next to her, resting his beautiful countenance on her bosom. He lays there like a lost child with no clue of the world around him.

The night of the big gala is fast approaching so Heather makes certain that all is perfect. She makes sure her gown is ready and has Callum fitted for the blessed occasion. The drive to Foxworth Hall felt interminable but when they finally did arrive all seemed well. Olivia greets her guests and when she finally inches her way next to Heather she is a little perturbed by the sudden appearance of a very familiar face. Heather's date is a spitting image of Christopher who she is very well aware of and his vehicular accident that leads to his untimely demise. But Heather informs Olivia that he is her Callum, the love of her life. Olivia is somewhat surprised by this proclamation. After all typically older men where seen canoodling with younger women. But a matriarch with her younger paramour is quite unusual. Olivia shakes of the thought and sees Christopher's doppelganger as nothing more than a coincidence. After making the rounds and having a few drinks and dance the odd couple make their way towards Corrine Foxworth. Heather introduces Corrine to her date and Corrine is aghast! Why Corrine dahling it looks as if you've seen a ghost. I think maybe I've had a little too much to drink, that's all. Callum my dahling would you be so kind and escort Miss Foxworth out on the veranda for some fresh air while I grab her a glass of water. Of course. While outside Callum begins to have flashes of images running through his head while staring at the lovely Corrine. What could this all mean? What is happening to me? Is this real or am I hallucinating? Corrine responds: Christopher? Please tell me it's you. Christopher stares at her ring. She is now engaged to Bart Winslow, her fathers lawyer. And as soon as the memories come flooding back like a tidal wave he soon realizes what he has to do. As much as it pains him he knows that being with Corrine would only cause heartache. He is after all her half brother and once upon a time her uncle. I'm so sorry miss you must have me mistaken for someone else. My name is Callum and I'm in love with Ms. Desmond. I actually bought a ring and am planning on proposing to her real soon. Corrine faints from this confession and Christopher then carries her to the nearby bench. After this eventful evening Christopher decides that maybe it's time to leave all this and start anew.

Anew unfortunately meant going along with his lie and actually proposing to Heather much to her delight. He hadn't really purchased a ring and had Heather select and pay for one herself.

The wedding was very small and quick. Heather had no other family members to speak of and the only ones left refused to even attend. They were disgusted by the thought of her marrying a much younger man.

The honeymoon though had lasted for days. They traveled all around the world and made love in the most unusual spots. But Heather felt homesick so they flew right home and made some more memories in her enormous Swan bed. Christopher felt like a ghoul or zombie he simply felt no joy being with Heather and every time they had sex he could only picture Corrine in his head. Like a robot he did the same thing day in and night and wished he could escape from this sordid affair.

Heather slowly started to notice cracks in their relationship. She would notice his dour demeanor and ask him what's wrong but Christopher would just shrug it off as usual. The next day Heather decides to surprise him with an expensive gift but couldn't seem to find him. She searches in his room but sees no sign of him but notices a picture of Miss Corrine Foxworth that seemed to have fallen on the floor. She rifles through his things and finds more pictures and clippings of Corrine and is livid. Christopher/Callum comes home after running some errands and is surprised to see his door wide open so he goes inside and spots Heather furious. Why the hell do you have pictures of her?! Answer me! Callum divulges all and tells her his real name is Christopher. Heather is speechless and leaves his room.

The next morning Christopher carrying a tray full of breakfast, greets Heather in her room but finds that she has locked herself in her bathroom. Chris bangs on the door. Heather open up! I'm serious your scaring me. So he finally breaks through and finds Heather lifeless in the tub. She had taken some pills and drowned. Christopher is distraught. What have I done. And starts to sob.

Christopher took care of the funeral and like Jay Gatsby's funeral no one even came. During the reading of the will Christopher knew what to expect. Heather left everything to Christopher but he felt solemn and stoic. Christopher's biological father Garland apparently left half of his fortune to Chris but greedy Malcolm felt it all belonged to him. So now finally Christopher has the upper hand but felt no bitterness towards his half brother especially at his current fragile state. All he could think of was winning over and getting his beautiful Corrine back.

Foworth Hall interior the attic. The Dollanganger children are feeling the effects of the poison unbeknownst to them. Cory has taken deathly ill and Olivia suggests Corrine take him to the hospital. While carrying little Cory Olivia tells Corrine that she would take care of it. What do you mean by that mother? Hand me the boy! What why? I said give him to me! Corrine hands over Cory and Olivia disappears. The next day she informs Corrine of the terrible news and Corrine falls to the floor in anguish. She then relays the message to her kids.

Olivia is seen stuffing Cory in an air tight luggage.

Flash forward to the end when the kids try to make their escape from the attic and Foxworth Hall. Olivia while suffering from claustrophobia in the attic tells the kids that it was their Mother Corrine who poisoned them and not me! But as it turns out that was all a lie, she purposely poisoned them to eradicate what she felt was an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

Chris, Cathy and Carrie all make it to the train and finally leave this nightmare behind or so they thought.


(Clearly my fave character was Christopher. He looked like a Ken doll and their Corrine looked like Barbie. They were too perfect for words. Kismet! There was no way they were gonna kill off Chris so I brought him back in the most plausible scenario. Just a reminder I am not a writer. I am an idea maker. If I were to write a book I would probably hire a ghostwriter to flesh out more of my crazy ideas. I'm more akin to a fashion editor who stands around all day observing fashion shoots but doesn't actually do anything but simply give feedback. If you hated this pls be more kind. Thank you!)
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