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Seeds of Tomorrow

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A sequel to Flowers in the Attic (Reboot) and a condensed version of the Lifetime films Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday inspired by the prequel Flowers in the Attic th...

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Christopher felt guilty for using Heather the way he did. After all she had no family to speak of, no children, she was all alone. So after her demise he went back to being a doctor and with his newfound wealth came the opportunity of a lifetime. He surprises Corrine at the sanitarium, outpatient clinic or whatever it's called CORRINE: Is it really you or am I hallucinating? CHRISTOPHER: Yes! I'm his ghost here to set you on a righteous path. CORRINE: What? CHRISTOPHER: I'm sorry! I'm kidding! It really is me I didn't die. CORRINE: How is this possible? CHRISTOPHER: We have a lot to talk about. Oh! Christopher! I thought I'd lost you. You can't get rid of me that easy. They finally fall into each others arms like star-crossed lovers do. Waiting to Exhale.


Corrine is now back with Christopher and they move next door to Chris and Cathy. Then we're introduced to the new John Amos named Jonathan who was an associate of Malcolm's who is deeply religious and disturbed. He ends up teaching in Bart Jr's school and tries to start a cult. He manipulates Bart and tells him that his whole family are sinners and that they should all be punished. So with his followers they try to kill everyone. But Bart finally comes to his senses and calls the police.


Everyone has settled back into Foxworth Hall as one big very dysfunctional family. Firstly both Christopher's are working alongside each other in the hospital. Cathy is back teaching ballet and with Christopher's guidance Corrine is actually a lot nicer to the household staff and doesn't treat them like servants. Meanwhile Jory and Melodie are having a little hiccup in their relationship so in order to spice things up Melodie decides that they should have a threesome. What she neglects to tell Jory is that it's his brother Bart who would be joining them. Jory reluctantly agrees coz he loves Melodie, or so he thought. You can imagine Jory's shock at seeing his brother Bart wholeheartedly agreeing to this. Melodie asks the boys to begin kissing each other. Again Jory cannot believe what is happening. Bart just goes for it without any hesitation, which turns Melodie on. Jory realizes Bart has issues but this is twisted. He could have said no but for some inexplicable reason the word could not escape him Then again he did agree to it. When it was all over, as he watched Melodie curl up next to Bart, he then realized that he had made a colossal mistake. Jory had a moment of clarity and he pondered the question 'Is this the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with?' And out came a resounding NO! The next morning Jory takes Melodie aside and has a heart to heart, he apologizes to her. And Melodie asks, for what? He politely asks her to pack all her things. Where are we going? Not we, you your leaving Foxworth Hall. Were through! Goodbye. With Melodie gone Bart's eyes begin to wander towards his stepsister Cindy. Bart by the way is not the same religious fanatic he was in SOY. Jory's grandmother, Marisha (from POTW and ITBT) unfortunately loses her house and her beloved dance studio. So strapped for cash she decides to visit her now very wealthy grandson. As the Foxworth's are having another grand party. Marisha makes her grand entrance, to the surprise of everyone. Corrine's response 'Who the hell is she?' Marisha introduces herself and has the audacity to tell them that she will be staying with them for the time being. CORRINE: Like hell you are! Marisha looks at Corrine then Christopher and makes a snide comment: My, you two look so much alike if I didn't know any better you could be brother and sister. Then proceeds to stare at Cathy and Christopher. Cathy tells her mother that Marisha is family and that they'd be delighted to have her. Cathy soon fills her Mom and Dad in on Marisha. Next up the new John Amos breaks out of prison. I imagined him like Charles Manson and his flock. Since this new John Amos is inspired by the old JA I decided what if he were secretly related to JA and doesn't know it, yet. I'm thinking of calling him Jonathan. So Jonathan who knows all about the Foxworth's decides to spill the beans to a local newspaper. The rumor mill spreads like wildfire. Corrine extinguishes the flames by paying off a handful of people. Everyone then suspects Marisha so they lock her up in the attic. Jonathan then goes to the mansion next to Foxworth Hall and is greeted by none other than Olivia who faked her own death. Now this Olivia is not the same invalid from POTW. She's spry and tough. Olivia as it turns out is responsible for getting Jonathan out of prison and is the mastermind behind his whole ideology and killing her family. She reveals to Jonathan that he is actually John Amos's half brother. And lays out her plans for claiming back Foxworth Hall. But from a distance she overhears a car pulling up to Foxworth. Using a telescope she spies the person coming out of the car. To her shock it's Joel who she presumed to have died with Harry. Her baby is still alive. And in that instance for whatever reason be it divine intervention. Olivia wept for the first time in along while. And looked back with regret for all that she'd done. Locking up those poor children when she could have just welcomed them with open arms. Caring for them and loving them like grandmothers should. As she continued to sob she looked up at Jonathan and wiped off her tears and straightened herself up. She moved towards the table picked something up and approached Jonathan. She tells Jonathan that their arrangement is over and stabs him in the neck with a letter opener. She ultimately realizes that blaming Malcolm was pointless when she herself was truly the curse that destroyed the Foxworth's. Everyone embraces Joel and Harry without malice and welcomes home their brother, uncle and his husband without ever knowing that Olivia is watching them from a distance. You know how Cathy at the end of SOY looks out the window forlornly. Well it's presumed that she dies of a broken heart which is exactly how I pictured Olivia peering out the window at Foxworth Hall. And since this is different from SOY Jory doesn't get paralyzed but Melodie still gets pregnant with twins. She dumps the babies at Foxworth Hall. Now the question is are the babies Jory's, Bart's or both? Jory never meets the caretaker/nurse but finds another Melodie in the ballet world named Harmony who also happens to be a licensed nurse. So when they call the agency for a nanny Jory is surprised to see a familiar face. Bart is most definitely not a televangelist instead he's an entomologist and an ophidiophile. Cindy is an actress who lands her big break on a show where she plays a ballerina. Bart gifts her a butterfly pin for luck.


(Who says FITA can't have a happy ending? Just a reminder I'm not a writer. I'm simply an idea maker. This is just a short story, exactly the way I like it. A short breezy read. Not Lord of the Rings long. I don't have time for that. If you didn't care for this then that's fine just pls be more respectful. Thank you!)
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