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The Bubble Racers of Roruujaa

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This is an original story that I wrote when I was 15 years old, but it has been heavily edited.

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Roruujaa is an arid planet dominated by a desert with occasional small oceans and oases. Roruujaa orbits a yellow dwarf star and has a single moon, and it is also home to the humanoid Roruujii people.

In the village of Rowiigu, near an oasis, is a garage. In the garage is a shirtless young male who wears green short shorts and brown sandals. He straps a black wristband onto his left wrist and presses a button on it. A bluish, iridescent, and transparent force bubble surrounds him, which hovers a foot off the ground. With a slight body movement, he turns the bubble to face the opening of the garage. He then thrusts his body into a hunched position. As he rides in his bubble, it blows sand in its wake.

"With this much practice, I am sure that I will win the Grand Amateur Race!" he thinks to himself.

Ahead of him is the oasis; he smiles, as he likes to race on water. The bubble rides onto the water and sprays water in its wake. There is also a wooden boat in the middle of the water; in the boat is a young female. She wears a one-strapped brown top, a short brown skirt, and brown sandals. She sees the bubble and smiles. The young male sees her boat, so he loosens his hunched position, decelerates, and stops.

"Hello, Jaalaa, while I realize that you are practicing for the Grand Amateur Race, why not join me and relax, eh?" the female wonders, and the male, Jaalaa, looks into her beautiful, sparkling green eyes.

"All right," Jaalaa pushes a button on his wristband; the bubble disappears; and he plunges into the water.

Jaalaa swims to the boat, and after he boards it, he says, "Hello, Jukolu, you look lovely today."

"Thanks," Jukolu blushes. "So, Jaalaa, it recently occurred to me that we have been friends for a very long time."

"Yes, that we have," Jaalaa agrees.

Jukolu looks Jaalaa directly in the eyes, "Jaalaa Kiiembru, I want you to be my mate."

"Excuse me?"

"I want you to be my mate," Jukolu repeats.

"Your mate? This is sudden."

Jukolu stammers, "I am sorry—" Jaalaa puts his left index finger to her lips.

"I would be honored," Jaalaa says softly, and they kiss.

When they finish kissing, Jukolu chuckles softly, "I love you, Jaalaa."

"I love you, too, Jukolu."

"Anyway, the Grand Amateur Race is in five days; do you intend to win the champion's medal?"

"Yes, but if I lose, I trust that you will not call the marriage off."

"Come now, Jaalaa, you mean more to me than a race. Whether you win or lose, we will marry, and I will always love you," Jukolu and Jaalaa smile at each other affectionately and begin kissing again.

Three days before the Grand Amateur Race, Jaalaa and Jukolu are having a picnic with Mekunii, a young female who wears only a tan skirt, and her fiancé Uuoku, a young male who, like Jaalaa, wishes to win the champion's medal. Uuoku is nude.

"The Grand Amateur Race is in three days, and I, Uuoku Jiiolu, am winning the champion's medal!" Uuoku boasts.

"I think that I, Jaalaa Kiiembru, will be winning the medal," Jaalaa responds.

Uuoku grabs what looks like a fried lizard from a basket on the picnic blanket. "Who fried these tiingu?" Uuoku wonders. "They are very good."

"That would be me," Mekunii answers.

"While Jukolu does not really like to cook, she prepares very good dodonaa," Jaalaa says.

Jukolu giggles, "Thanks, Jaalaa," kissing him on the cheek. "Anyway, how was your day, Mekunii?"

"Tiring, Uuoku broke his wristband yesterday. I am still fixing it."

"You broke your wristband, Uuoku? How?" Jaalaa wonders.

"I was practicing one day, minding my own business, when a dirty racer shoved me into a rock. My bubble collapsed, and I hit the ground."

"Oh!" Jukolu shudders. "Were you hurt?"

"Not badly," Uuoku answers. Suddenly, two racers rush by, blowing sand everywhere.

"Hey! Do you not have the courtesy to look where you are going!?" Uuoku yells.

To their surprise, one of the bubbles returns. The bubble's pilot is six feet tall. They press a button on their wristband and the bubble disappears. Jaalaa subsequently stands up, seeing something familiar about them. The pilot is female with lovely tanned skin, piercing blue eyes, and beautiful red-orange hair that is medium in length and wavy.

"Hello, I am sorry about—wait, is that you, Kiiembru?"

"Aguthu? Aguthu, it is you! It is so great to see you again!" they embrace.

"How are you!?" Aguthu inquires.

"I am great!" Jaalaa replies. Jukolu steps beside him. "Oh! Aguthu, meet my fiancée, Jukolu Jiiym."

"Jaalaa, you never told me that you knew the legendary Aguthu Byonu of Iiokaalaa," Jukolu says.

"Legendary?" Aguthu chuckles. "I do not know about that. Kiiembru and I used to date each other. He is quite the kisser."

Jukolu looks at Jaalaa with a twinkle in her eye, "That he is."

Jaalaa blushes, "Anyway, these are our friends, Mekunii Dywrju and Uuoku Jiiolu."

Mekunii walks up to Aguthu, "Are you really Aguthu Byonu, the Aguthu?"


"Of Iiokaalaa?"

"The same," Aguthu confirms.

"Wow! I have always wanted to meet you! I am Mekunii Dywrju! They say you have manufactured a wristband that forms a hybrid bubble made up of the vrutaaru gases doraag and gastum!"

"That is right," Aguthu confirms.

"I am a mechanic and a vrutaarii; your hybrid bubbles for the professional racers are remarkable! I admire your work!"

"Thanks," Aguthu chuckles bashfully.

"I have a shop in Rowiigu called 'Dywrju Racing Supplies'. Our slogan is 'For the Amateur and Professional Racers of Tomorrow'. If you can, stop by sometime."

"I will," Aguthu promises.

"Forgive me, but what about our picnic?" Uuoku interrupts.

"Oh, to make it up to you all, I invite you to have dinner at my home in Iiokaalaa," Aguthu says.

"I will go," Jukolu says.

"Having dinner with one of the greatest vrutaarii on Roruujaa is a great opportunity!"

"I would love to have dinner with you again, Aguthu," Jaalaa smiles. Everyone then looks at Uuoku.

"I will go," Uuoku shrugs.

That night at Dywrju Racing Supplies, Mekunii stands at a worktable. She is working on Uuoku's wristband, and she is thinking of dinner at Aguthu's house.

"Hello, Mekunii!" Bymun Dywrju, Mekunii's father, says as he enters the shop. "How are you?"

"I am well, Father. How are you?"

"I cannot complain," Bymun answers. "What is my great mechanic and vrutaarii daughter doing tonight?"

"I am working on my fiancé's wristband, which was broken after he was brutally shoved into a rock."

Bymun nods.

"Father, you will never guess who I met today."

"Who did you meet?"

"I met Aguthu Byonu herself! Apparently, Jaalaa used to date her!"

"You are joking!"

"No, she even invited us to dinner at her home tonight!"

"Wow! You must go!" Mekunii's father insists.

"I intend to! On another subject, how is Mother?" Mekunii asks.

"Kalpoiku, your mother, is with child, and there is one more month to go before the birth of your baby brother!" Bymun responds.

"That is good news!" Mekunii says.

"It is indeed!" Bymun smiles.

At Aguthu's house, dinner is underway.

"Everyone, meet Bruuno Skul, my cousin. You may know him. He will be competing in the Grand Amateur Race with me."

"And I will be winning the champion's medal!"

"Of course, Bruuno," Aguthu rolls her eyes.

"Hey, Aguthu, did I mention how I shoved someone into a rock yesterday? I think that it may have even been Ykaa Raan of Kokono. It was most satisfying!" Bruuno boasts.

"Wait, I was shoved into a rock yesterday, and it had to be you, for only you would be so crass!"

Bruuno chuckles mockingly, "Oh, well."

"Whatever. Anyway, how is everyone tonight?" Aguthu wonders.

"I am well," Jaalaa says.

"Me, too," Jukolu says.

"Considering that I am dining with someone I greatly admire, I feel wonderful!" Mekunii enthuses.

Jaalaa grabs some worms and eats them, "These dodonaa are delicious as always. You have not lost your touch, Aguthu."


"So, Bruuno, about Ykaa Raan: is she not the heiress of a fortune?" Jaalaa wonders.

"She is! She is also my archrival," Bruuno confirms.

"Yeah, but attempting to sabotage her is underhanded!" Aguthu opines.

"Aguthu, you forget the purpose of racing, which is to win. The best way to win is to sabotage your opponents, so that they are unable to compete. You are just uncompetitive," Bruuno rebuffs. Aguthu rolls her eyes, shakes her head, and sighs in frustration.

Two days before the Grand Amateur Race, Mekunii finally finishes fixing Uuoku's wristband. Suddenly, a knock comes at the open door. Mekunii looks in that direction to see a little girl. Mekunii kneels down to the girl's level of height.

"Can I help you, Keiko?" Mekunii asks.

"Yes, Ms. Dywrju," Keiko confirms.

"What do you need?"

"I crashed today, Ms. Dywrju, and I broke my wristband. Could you fix it for me, please?" Keiko hands Mekunii her wristband.

"Oh, that is unfortunate; did you hurt yourself?" Mekunii asks.

"No, I am fine, Ms. Dywrju; do not worry."

"Well, I will fix your wristband; I should have it fixed in a day or two," Mekunii estimates.

"Thanks, Ms. Dywrju."

"You are welcome."

Keiko leaves.

"Here we go again," Mekunii thinks to herself, smiling, and she starts working on the wristband immediately.

From outside the building, Keiko's voice can be heard, "Hello, Mr. Dywrju."

"Hello, Keiko, how are you?" a voice responds that sounds like that of Bymun.

"I am well," Keiko answers.

Bymun enters the building and grabs Mekunii, and then he sits her on the couch behind them, and he sits beside her.

Mekunii giggles, "Hello, Father."

"Greetings, Mekunii," Bymun chuckles.

"What is the news?" Mekunii asks.

"There is not much to tell. What is new with you?"

"I watched Jaalaa and Uuoku race today. Uuoku won. He jumped up and down, cheering; his skin glowed in the sunlight; his brown eyes twinkled . . ." Mekunii drifts off into a reverie.

Bymun waves his hand in front of Mekunii's eyes.

"What!?" Mekunii asks, snapping from her reverie.

"You left Roruujaa for a little bit," Bymun responds, chuckling.

"Well, Uuoku is a handsome male," Mekunii giggles.

"Well, Kalpoiku is a beautiful female," Bymun chuckles again.

"I have more news, Father."

"What is that, Mekunii?"

"Keiko broke her wristband today."

"That is not good."

"No, it is not. First, I fix Uuoku's wristband; now I must fix another."

"I can fix it if you want."

"No, I want to fix it; she asked me to do it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Mekunii confirms as a knock comes at the open door. "Ah, a customer!"

Mekunii walks to the counter and the customer enters. She is a female with tapered brown eyes, black hair, and brownish skin. On her torso is only a small, dark blue vest, which barely covers her breasts and a pair of dark blue short-shorts. She also wears white, high-top shoes with green-and-white knee socks, and her hair is in pigtails, which are secured by green-and-white hair-bands.

"Welcome to Dywrju Racing Supplies, 'For the Amateur and Professional Racers of Tomorrow'; may I help you?" Mekunii asks.

"Yes, I need an adum booster for my bubble," the customer answers.

"I am sorry; can you tell me your name, ma'am?"

"I am Chiiko Wii of Nipu."

Mekunii looks up from her notepad, "Of Nipu?"


"And you say that you need an adum booster?"


"A Nipii, eh? Nipii almost always use adum bubbles, which are terrible to race with," Mekunii thinks to herself. Then she says aloud, "I am sorry, ma'am, but we do not supply adum or adum boosters. We do supply gastum and sobtraak, but those are for professional racers."

"No adum, eh? That figures," Chiiko says.

"Well, as you may or may not be aware, adum is very rare. Most people who use it are Nipii. We once supplied it, but since so few Nipii ever visit, we stopped. That and we think adum bubbles are terrible to race with, as they tend to have poor acceleration and understeer terribly," Mekunii responds.

"I understand. Might I know your name?"

"Oh, forgive me, I am Mekunii Dywrju, manager, chief mechanic, and chief vrutaarii of Dywrju Racing Supplies; over there on the sofa is my father."

Chiiko looks in that direction, "Oh, hello."

"Greetings, I am Bymun Dywrju, owner and chief executive officer of Dywrju Racing Supplies. It is nice to meet you Ms. Wii. We are sorry that we cannot help you."

"No worries. Well, since you do not supply adum boosters or adum at all, I guess I will go. Are there any other shops in the area?"

"No, we are the only one in Rowiigu; we are sorry again, Ms. Wii." Mekunii apologizes.

"Please, it is all right. Since the Grand Amateur Race is only in two days, I guess that I will go to Iiokaalaa, and see if they have adum boosters. Thanks."

"You are welcome, Ms. Wii. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, and wish me luck in the Grand Amateur Race!" Chiiko requests.

"All right, good luck!" Mekunii says, and Chiiko leaves.

Once Chiiko is out of hearing range, Mekunii says, "Wow, there has not been a Nipii here in two years!"

"I know, and the previous one that entered the Grand Amateur Race placed last," Bymun reminisces.

Yet another person knocks at the open door. Mekunii looks in that direction, "Aguthu! You are here! How are you?"

"I am well, Ms. Dywrju," Aguthu answers. "But I cannot wait until the day after tomorrow, I will be racing against seven other racers, and I have confidence that I, Aguthu Byonu, will win the champion's medal," Aguthu leans on the counter with her left forearm and elbow.

"And if you do not?"

"Then I do not. Will I be disappointed? Yes, but I will not let it deter me from my love of racing," Aguthu stands upright as she looks around, seeing Bymun on the sofa.

"Hello, who are you, sir?" Aguthu asks.

"I am the father of Mekunii; my name is Bymun Dywrju."

"Oh," Aguthu goes over to the sofa and Bymun stands, "You are the father of this beautiful young female here?"

"Yes, and you are Aguthu Byonu, if I am not mistaken."

"That is correct," Aguthu confirms and walks back to the counter.

"Anyway, I hear that you, Mekunii, are a very good vrutaarii," Aguthu says.

"Indeed I am, Ms. Byonu. I hear that you are also a capable vrutaarii. Am I mistaken?"

"I would say no," Aguthu once again leans on the counter.

"May I help you find anything in particular?"

"May I browse?"

"Of course, Ms. Byonu," Mekunii confirms. Aguthu begins walking the aisles.

It is the day of the Rowiigu Grand Amateur Race. Jaalaa and Uuoku are in the racer preparation room with five other racers, waiting for Aguthu to get there. While they wait, they socialize with the other racers. On one of the benches in the room, Jaalaa sits beside a nude chubby female.

"Greetings," Jaalaa says.

"Hello," the female answers slowly in a somewhat deep voice.

"Do you know Bruuno Skul of Iiokaalaa?" Jaalaa inquires.

"Indeed, he is my mutual archrival."

"I see."

"Do you know of Skul?"

"I do."

"Well, I warn you that he tends to attack other racers to disqualify them. What is your name?"

"Jaalaa Kiiembru of Rowiigu."

"That is a nice name."

"You are Ykaa Raan of Kokono?"

"I am indeed Ykaa Raan of Kokono: heiress of the fortune of Rokeiwiliim Raan of Kokono, my father."

"What is it like being the heiress of a fortune?"

"It has its negatives and positives. While affluence has its privileges, I sometimes envy the lives of simpler folk."

Meanwhile, Uuoku converses with Chiiko Wii.

"You are from Nipu?" Uuoku asks Chiiko.

"Yes, I am from Nipu."

"I see," Uuoku says. "Do you use an adum bubble?"

"Yes, I like my adum bubble because it is challenging to control," Chiiko answers.

"Hello everyone!" Aguthu says as she comes in. She wears a yellow top that only partially covers her breasts, dark orange short shorts, and brown sandals.

"Hello, Aguthu," Jaalaa greets.

"What took you?" Uuoku wonders.

"I was having breakfast. You cannot race on an empty stomach," Aguthu flexes her muscles and sits on the bench with Chiiko Wii.

"Are you Aguthu Byonu of Iiokaalaa, the Aguthu Byonu?" Chiiko asks.

"That is me!"

"Wow, I am a big fan of yours!"

"Thanks! Are you excited about the race?"

"Yes, and I, Chiiko Wii of Nipu, will win the champion's medal!"

"That is a good goal to have."

Outside the racer preparation room, crowds on the grandstands cheer, ready for the race to begin.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants!" the announcer begins. "Starting in first place is Chiiko Wii of Nipu!" Chiiko runs out of the racer preparation room and waves, taking her position at the start/finish line.

"In second place is Iieimz Mygaagnu of Iiuurujei!" A young male runs out of the racer preparation room, waves, and takes his position.

"In third place is 'Darkness' of Doaakaagaa!" A female comes out of the racer preparation room, wearing just a black mask. She bows and takes her position.

"In fourth place is Bruuno Skul of Iiokaalaa!" Bruuno runs out, does a little dance, and takes his position while most of the spectators boo him.

"In fifth place is the heiress of the fortune of Rokeiwiliim Raan of Kokono: Ykaa Raan!" Ykaa runs out, waves, and takes her position.

"In sixth place is Uuoku Jiiolu of Rowiigu!" Uuoku runs out, waves, and takes his position.

"In seventh place is Jaalaa Kiiembru of Rowiigu!" Jaalaa runs out, waves, and takes his position.

"And finally, in last place, is the one, the only, Aguthu Byonu of Iiokaalaa!" the crowd's cheers intensify as Aguthu runs out, waves, and flexes her muscles. She takes her position.

"Racers, activate your bubbles!" the announcer commands, and the racers do so, with each one lifting its respective occupant a foot off the ground.

The Grand Amateur Race consists of 80 laps. The course is a "bent oval" with six turns, raced in a clockwise direction. Turn one is just after the start/finish line; turns two and three are on the water of the oasis, which makes up a portion of the course. Turn four leads onto the backstretch, and turns five and six are the final ones before the start/finish line. The average time it takes to complete one lap is roughly 90 seconds, and the average speed of a bubble is about 70 miles per hour.

"Ready? Go!" and the racers thrust themselves into hunched positions, as the race begins! Chiiko falls to last almost instantly. Ykaa battles Bruuno for third place, and Aguthu moves up to first. Bruuno now battles both Jaalaa and Ykaa, trying to get to second place and stay out of fourth place.

Up ahead is the oasis, which has small buoys in the water to mark turns two and three. Aguthu smiles, for, like Jaalaa, she likes to race on water. Behind her, Jaalaa smiles as well and edges up to first place.

Bruuno still fights for second, but ends up in third, as Ykaa passes him with elegant driving ability. Chiiko gets up to fifth place, surprising Iieimz, Darkness, and Uuoku. Chiiko struggles somewhat with her bubble. Iieimz swerves left and right in an attempt to pass Chiiko, but to no avail, and Chiiko's body aches from all the pressure she is putting on it.

Jaalaa and Aguthu race onto the water. Jaalaa gains first place and Aguthu attempts to regain her former position. Bruuno still fights for third, but Ykaa passes Aguthu, making Bruuno's plans for disqualifying Ykaa more difficult. Chiiko passes Bruuno, which distracts him, and he runs off the course into a tree, where his bubble collapses. He falls into the water and is disqualified.

With Bruuno out, there are only seven racers left. Chiiko clenches her teeth as she sweats. Ykaa gets beside Jaalaa as they get onto the backstretch. The racers turn the final two corners of the course before the start/finish line. Ykaa is the first racer to get to lap two.

It is now lap 78, and Jaalaa is in first place. Chiiko, Ykaa, Uuoku, Darkness, Aguthu, and Iieimz are in their respective places. The racers are again making the final turns before the start/finish line. Jaalaa and Chiiko are out in front; Ykaa is struggling to catch up; and Jaalaa is the first to cross the start/finish line and reach lap 79.

Ykaa finally catches up to Jaalaa and Chiiko, but she still has to struggle. She swerves from side to side, trying to gain enough speed to pass Chiiko, but to no avail. Chiiko edges up to Jaalaa, and she is on the edge of first place. Ykaa sweats and she becomes slightly frustrated. Aguthu passes Darkness, gaining fifth place.

Darkness growls in frustration, "I must regain my position; I must win for my clan!" and Darkness violently bumps Aguthu, who nearly loses control of her bubble, but she recovers. Darkness attempts to bump Aguthu again, but Aguthu pulls forward, which causes Darkness to miss her. Darkness runs off course and into a rock, causing her bubble to collapse and for her to become disqualified.

"No! I failed my clan! No!" Darkness screams.

Aguthu laughs as she looks behind her shoulder, "That is what you get for shoving me!"

There are now only six racers left. Uuoku and Aguthu pass Ykaa, who sweats as she turns the last corner before the start/finish line. Chiiko is the first to get to lap 80: the final lap. Iieimz is the last to reach the ultimate lap.

Jaalaa passes Chiiko. Ykaa struggles for fourth, but Aguthu just accelerates and passes Uuoku. Ykaa's face turns red, and the sweat just pours. Ykaa tries swerving, but she gives up, just trying to stay in fifth.

Uuoku passes Aguthu just before the oasis. At the oasis itself, Chiiko passes Jaalaa by using a special water-drifting technique, spraying water in Jaalaa's face, and nearly blinding him. Jaalaa hunches as tightly as he can, as the racers reach the backstretch. Chiiko's bubble understeers at the final corners, and she has to decelerate to compensate. Jaalaa sees the perfect opportunity to use a drifting technique, and he slides through the corners, blowing sand in his wake, but to his surprise, Chiiko passes him! Jaalaa sweats and pants, and so does Chiiko.

"Come on! Come on!" Jaalaa says through clenched teeth.

"I am going to win!" Chiiko thinks to herself, but Jaalaa passes her, and by the skin of his teeth, he wins the Grand Amateur Race!

The End
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